Congressman Bartlett: “Every Citizen Should Develop an Individual Emergency Plan to Prepare for the Absence of Government Assistance for Extended Periods”

by | Aug 21, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 153 comments

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    In the documentary Urban Danger, Maryland’s Congressional Representative Roscoe Bartlett warned those who can to move their families out of major cities.

    Outspoken in his belief that each individual American should prepare for a crisis where the government would be unable to provide for the basic needs of the national population, Bartlett has himself created a hideaway deep in the West Virginia forest. His cabin runs on independent power, he has put away food and canning equipment, stockpiled supplies for the long-term, and is ready for a worst-case scenario should it ever come to pass.

    “We don’t really think of those today, because it’s so convenient to go to the supermarket,” he cautions. “But you know, you’re planning because the supermarket may not always be there.”

    The electrical grid could fail tomorrow, he frequently warns. Food would disappear from the shelves. Water would no longer flow from the pipes. Money might become worthless. People could turn on each other, and millions would die.

    Bartlett’s biggest concern, the vulnerability of our national power grid, is justified through extensive research by private organizations and the US government alike. A 2010 report by the Center for Security Policy estimated that 9 out of 10 Americans would die within one year should a catastrophic emergency take down the national power grid and restrict access to key just-in-time delivery systems like food, gas and utilities.

    Sitting down with officials and experts at a conference in Washington D.C., Bartlett has been working to pass legislation that would promote individual preparedness on a national level.

    Bartlett recently sat around a Capitol Hill conference room table with a group of like-minded experts to unveil legislation that calls for “every citizen to develop an individual emergency plan to prepare for the absence of government assistance for extended periods” and for communities to become capable of providing 20 percent of their own power, food and water if necessary.

    The electric grid, everyone agreed, is vulnerable to natural disasters and terrorist attacks. “This is possibly the most serious threat the United States faces right now, because we are so utterly unprepared for it,” said Richard Andres, a senior fellow at National Defense University.

    The grid could be crippled at least four different ways, Bartlett says: terrorist assaults on power substations, a cyberattack, a massive solar storm and an electromagnetic pulse attack.

    Bartlett has for decades warned of the harm of an EMP attack — a nuclear detonation in the atmosphere that could fry computers and anything with an electric circuit — in his writings, in legislation and in late-night speeches on the House floor, though experts differ on the seriousness of the threat. Some agree the dangers are real, while others say such an attack is unlikely and the potential effects remain uncertain.

    “Whatever level you’re concentrating on, being as self-sufficient as you can, as quickly as you can, is going to be the right thing to do,” he says.

    In “America’s Cities,” a separate documentary with similar themes, Bartlett approvingly cites the financial adviser and author Howard Ruff — an influential figure among survivalists — who counseled that “the most important investment you can make” is to have a year’s supply of food for your family, and “the second-most important investment” is a thousand-dollar stash of silver coins and jewelry to bargain with in an emergency.

    “This is great advice for anybody,” Bartlett says. “And maybe you can’t buy a year’s supply of food. All the Lord expects you to do is what you can do.”

    Source: The Washington Post

    An EMP, a massive natural disaster, or a widespread currency collapse that threatens global payment systems could make it impossible for any the exchange of goods across the globe to take place. This means that food and energy supplies would simply stop flowing, and it would leave 320 million Americans without any ability to acquire even the most basic necessities for life.

    The US Government has been actively preparing for natural and man-made emergencies by stockpiling emergency foods, equipment, self defense arms and ammunition, backup shelters, and creating contingency plans to deal with the chaos that would follow such an event.

    They themselves, however, have noted that should a truly large-scale disaster come to pass they would simply not have the resources available to help everyone. FEMA recommends that every American household have at least a two week supply of food, water and critical supplies ready for an emergency. At last count, only about 3 million Americans prepare, about 1% of the population, suggesting that any far from equilibrium shock to the system as we know it would lead to outright panic and chaos as those without reserve supplies would stop at nothing to get their hands on them.

    The government is preparing to deal with it when it happens.

    Are you?


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      1. Excellent advice! I wish more would listen and make preparations.

        • I have been considering a pedal power electric heater. I live in the N.E. and the winters are cold. In the event the grid goes down I at least want to be able to pedal a generator to power an electric heater. The heater would be a separate purchase as far as I know. I have looked at some of these on-line and they appear substandard.

          Does anyone have one of these or have some knowledge about it. Thank you.

          • Think about how much heat comes out of a small 1500 watt heater.

            Now, a profession bike racer can put out ~6 watts/kg. Lance Armstrong could hold 450 watts for an hour. Eddie Mercx did 510.

            So, yes, you’d need three pro cyclists to run your heater.

            You can build a bike powered generator to assist solar in charging batteries though. Get a “bike trainer,” a small stand that mounts to the rear axle and holds the rear wheel up. Build bracketry to hold an auto alternator behind the wheel and drive it with a belt around the bike’s back wheel. Spin at about 90-100 rpm (comfortable but quick spin) in the bike’s biggest gear to achieve proper output voltage.

            Alternator charges batteries, batteries power inverter, inverter powers heater.

            • I agree completely. A heating pad (for sore muscles), however, is only about 65 watts and I spent an entire winter with one under the fitted sheet on my bed because I had no heat. It kept me surprisingly warm all night.

              Fortunately, I have a couple old ones because the new ones have built in shut-off timers. If you cannot find an old one then rewire a newer model to circumvent the switch.

            • remember you can boil water or heat it high and put large towels in there with multiple lawyers and can be used to treat sore lower backs. I wanted to let you guys know that I have lower degenerative discs from doing so many squats in my 20’s throwing around tons of logs and laying hardwood flooring at a insane rate. I heard on Dr oz and never believe crap on tv that castor oil is used for constipation etc. Well if you run a thick layer on your sore sports sure crap it works. it works better than ibuprofin or vicoden to that area! it seems to work for about 12 hours but really takes pain away, tried on lower back and shoulder and it does work!! bought some cheap stuff at walmart next to pharmacy for 3 bucks. its messy but store in a sandwich bag. then I tried organic more expensive stuff from india. I think the stuff they sell at walmart for 3 bucks works better than the 9 dollar organic stuff. I had my mom use it and it worked on her hand joints. then tried with my father and he said it didnt do crap. So give it a try if you got an extra 3 bucks. make sure you put a good thick layer on. then you can put a heat pad on over too. Remember tendons dont heal for crap is that there is no arteries near the bone, so it takes forever to heal. Its like peeling the chicken away from the bone there are few capillaries near the bone so dont heal fast. but muscles and pain near the surface have more blood flow so they heal faster. So just wanted to let you know it really works, I have tried everything for pain. Another tip that I learned in some pre-med courses in college. YOu can drink a pint of 80 proof alcohol which is 40 percent alcohol and the liver will re-generate without any damage or little. So the liver is capable of fixing itself. so a pint of hard liquor is the average that will take. Think of this if you take a knife and cut your hand lightly it will heal and not leave a scar. if you do it deeper it will heal but leave a minor scar. so the body heals. My point is that if you cut the same spot over and over before it heals it creates a scar tissue and the more you do it the deeper the scar tissue and then the capillaries and veins cant get blood to that dead scartissue and that part of the injury does not heal and dies. So my point as long as you don’t drink hard every single day your body will heal but if you don’t give it a break the scar tissue in the liver creates and then part of that liver dies so its not as efficent. I just wanted to leave a couple helpul hints. I would still like for Chef N to tell me how to pack rice and beans etc and not pay for the big totes of high cost food.

            • I do not know how Chef does it, but I buy my 5 gallon buckets at Tractor Supply. We called the corporate office and they claim they are food grade which makes since as they are used for animal feed. I’m not that concerned anyway because I line them all with Mylar bags that I bought specifically for 5 gallon buckets with oxygen absorbers on Amazon. After filling the lined buckets I shake them for a while so they settle then put in an oxygen absorber and seal up all but a small hole with a regular clothing iron. Then I toss in a sliver of dry and let that melt so the carbon dioxide pushes out the oxygen. Wait for the dry ice to melt completely before sealing the last hole or it will blow up like a balloon. I got this method from ‘How To Survive the End of the World As You Know It’ by Rawles.

              If I recall you are in Pittsburgh so here are some local places where you can get supplies you need. 50 pound bags of grains and other stuff are available at Frankferd Farms in Saxonburg ( Beans, oats, and other stuff is available in bulk at Restaurant Depot on 32nd Street in Pittsburgh. You need to know someone with a business to get in. I used the church info. See their web site at for info. Dry Ice is available at Kelly Dry Ice on Jacks Run Road in Bellevue.

            • Prepared pastor- Yes i am in pittsburgh and have a home in the midewest. (iowa) Thanks for the info on locations and thanks for the info on how you prep food into long storage. thank you.

            • So funny… well he will get warm pedaling and wont need the heater.

            • @clinthospo! What’s up ,bud! I posted how I do my food storage on the link we were sharing yesterday. Mac shared emails so ill send you an email soon!

          • Don’t know about the specific heater you are talking about, but anyone that tells you that you can produce enough wattage from a bicycle powered generator or solar panels or a wind turbine to electrically heat your home is not being honest. Amps x volts= watts if you have that info plug it in. Remember how small a 1500 watt heater is? That won’t heat a normal room.

          • Reconsider.
            Even if you could generate enough electricity what happens if you get hurt? Even if you live in an apartment, an M-1941 stove heater can be vented through a window even in an apartment using a sheet metal space inserted in a window like an air conditioner. They will burn wood, coal, and oil.

            • Thank you all for your input. The idea was not for a whole house, just a room. Kind of like a worst case scenario. What if it’s the dead of winter? What if the power grid goes down? What if it’s for weeks? We may need a way to survive the cold. I wondered if pedal power would work. Many of us taking turns recharging the batteries to run the heater. Wood stove and solar is not an option for us.

              What is the answer? Thank you to all.

            • I have one of these in my attic–if all else fails, and my 500 gallon propane is out, I’m broke, or no deliveries are coming, would I hook this up in the garage and run the pipe out the window???
              Does a bear poop in the woods??
              Damn straight!!!

            • Alright folks, time to sharpen up, as far as prepping goes. If you live in a climate whereby there is even a remote chance that the temperature will get below freezing; make damn sure you have a backup wood heater and plenty of firewood to fuel it. Newspaper and cardboard will knock off the chill but you would need a mountain of it to keep warm just one night. If I couldn’t feasibly have a woodstove and firewood; my first priority is buying the best mummy style sleeping bag/down filled waterproof coat and polar fleece full-face head wear that I could afford. Don’t forget the waterproof insulated gloves.

              I hate being cold. Me, my younger brother and little sister grew up being cold. We lived in a cold non-insulated house with a piece-o-shit oil heater in the living room. The floors were hardwood with an open dirt basement underneath. Our Dad was the stingiest/most greedy bastard around. He never bought us quality warm clothes or coats. His idea of a coat is what most people consider fall/spring wear. We suffered. Sometimes we got lucky and a relative would outgrow a good coat and it was handed down, but very seldom.

              People, please prepare for the children and elderly. Don’t let them suffer bone chilling cold or worse, freeze to death. I had rather starve to death than freeze to death. Did I mention I hate being cold.

            • Don’t Tread, my heart aches for the little boy you once were. I remember seeing the kids at school with the thin coats, or the kids getting on the bus coming from the thin houses. Our church has an “angel tree” every christmas, and I always make a point of picking out the snuggest, cutest coats or boots or woolens for the kids in the family.

            • Another option for heat in winter, at least for a room,
              is to try the Jupiter model Rail road lantern from Lehmans catalog. They say it puts out enough BTU’s to heat a green house. I plan on purchasing one soon along with their clean burning lamp oil. When It comes to sealing off a room, I will resort to just stapleing blankets to the wall with a good stapler gun.
              Also there are portable power batteries on the market, you know the ones that can pump up a tire or jump start a car?
              I have two. The new one actually has a solar charging panel built in. They can also charge off of a house outlet or a cars cigarette lighter. I make sure mine stay fully charged. If one always keeps their car mostly full of gas and you have gas stored you can run your car, listen to the radio, read a book and charge your battery!
              Take it inside and I have an electric energy efficient Vornado heater that doesn’t take much juice and heats a room in a fast hurry!

          • Don’t know about the bike/heater stuff but I try to heat with a wood stove and have found that it is very helpful to close off part of the house. Try an expansion curtain rod accross a hallway. Hang a sheet accross it. The sheet should touch the wall and floor but does not need to go all the way up to the ceiling. It is like closeing a window. It cuts off all the cold air from the rest of the house and keeps in the warm air. Huge difference.
            Has anyone used a rocket stove mass heater? How much exhaust do the produce and how well do they heat?

            • I have experience with the Rocker Stove Thermal Mass Heater having attended the course at Cob Cottage. For it to work you must run the exhaust horizontal through your thermal mass. Therefore your couch, bed etc are solid thermal mass (Cob)with a mattress on top of your thermal mass bed and pillows on top of your thermal mass couch. The heaters work great but you pretty much have to design your house around it. Check out the book “Rocker Stove Thermal Mass Heaters” The cover will paint the picture for you.

          • 1.5 KW is roughly 5000 BTUs assuming you could power it by hand which you cannot.

            Get a wood stove.

          • Heater would require an army of willing pedal pushers, but maybe if you set up a bunch of passive solar collectors around one super-insulated room, then used the bicycle to generator method to power a little fan to circulate the warmer air? Granted I’m in the PNW where it only snows a few inches, but even on cloudy/rainy days a heat sink does warm up more than the outside air. Just a thought.

            We tend to think in terms of substituting for things that plug in, maybe we better start thinking in terms of what is possible to do with human and animal power. We may not be able to actually substitute for all the things we’re accustomed to. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction with your preparations, just hard to adapt them to limited energy sources. Our ancestors were a lot more weather-hardened than us.

          • Pedal Power Anything is a hard way to go and little better than novelty. Ya burn too many calories doing it.

            Go Solar
            Go Wind Power

            Go Look At for very detailed step by step instruction on how to do these things including ‘Pedal Power’.

          • @ siverfox I notoced that you states solar and wood stove are not an option. I will assume you can not do it because you are in an apartment or can not afford these options. I also have thought about what to do because if mass zombies are walking around smole billowin through the air during the winter is just an invitation for them to come on in. So depending on how cold it gets in your area and how many people are with you this is a very good option. Have a tent set up in the living room, cover it with some blankets and or quilts, alot on the floor too for ectra “insulation” and a fwq warm bodies inb there you should be more than fine for keeping warm even in some pretty cold weather. Make sure you are covered with blankets too of course. the warmth of your body and breath will build up sp tp speak in a small area and build up heat enough to keep you comfy. Just a thought I wanted to give to ya becuase sometimes you may not be able to do all the solar stuff and you have to get creative. I think sometimes you really gotta think outta the box. Again if shtf in the dead of winter you will not want smoke or genreator noise etc, even a windnill may be a beacon for thugs ans solar panel unlee=ss well hid are an open invite for scumbags. LAY LOW. I am in rural area in a small community that ill more than likely pull resources BUAT I keep low, and will look hungary tired, sick, cold, smell bad etc to fit in. I will camp in my liv room until it settles a litte bit. I hope that this help ya.

          • I hear that burning wood puts off some nice heat…

          • Get wool blankets and forget your idea of driving an electric heater by pedaling, you will last 20 min on your bike…

        • Oh dear

          Roscoe Bartlett is not going to last long is he? Someone somewhere will decide that him recommending such common sense advice means he might spill a few secrets, the secrets that made him give the advice in the first place !

          Poor man is bound to have an accident soon, he’s trying to help people survive and the rest of them are trying to depopulate.

          Take care

          • Burt the Brit: Bartlett has been around for some time and has also been warning folks on the dangers of various energy shortages such as oil and gas. Out of the 535 members of our Congress, 100 Sentaors and 435 Respresentatives, only about 30 have degrees in the various sciences, engineering, and medicine, the rest are either business people, or worse, attornies. That’s just under 6% of our elected representatives who have a real grasp of the various dangers facing our modern society. If I’m not mistaken, Bartlett has a PhD. in one of the life sciences. His scientific training has given him the ability to analyze things and draw sound conclusions in a logical manner, unlike most of the folks on Capitol Hill who there to pander to their supporters and campaign contributors. But you’re right, no one up there on the Hill likes someone who’s this honest. If someone as rational as Bartlett is worried, the country should be very frightened.

          • Don’t worry about Roscoe, he’ll shoot back. He’s been saying this kind of stuff for some time as the article notes its not a new statement.

            I’m not really a big Romney fan as much as I am not an obama fan; but having a Mormon in the White House might be a good this for this nation if they can’t kick the can down the road 4 more years….seriously the Mormon’s as a “society” are the best prepared. Can’t hurt to have one in charge for hard times.

          • Burt—that is the FIRST thing I thought too— slippin’ in de tub accident on its way!!

            • No! it will be the Famous Airplane Propeller kinda fell Off while hes In Flight!….I believe that already was tried on another senator….A Guy from Oklahoma perhaps?
              I think it was Jim Inhoff lost propeller on single engine plane he owns. Was low enough to safely land it in a field if I recall correct. Jimmie didnt believe it was an accidnt. I dont neither!

              Elsewise it will be a Klintoncide! Like the 200 dead bodys list for klintons enemys who shot themselves in the Back of the Head with a remington Mod 700 Bolt action rifle!…And acording to navy hospital doctors, it was a definate suicide when the guy shot himself 4 times! In back of Head with 30.06 Rifle! Had to work the bolt action each time to fire it again!

              Yep always a suicide I rekon!

              I saved the best klinton enemys list suicide for last…..Seems a independant investigative reporter guy, ready to reveal it all and destroy bubba and hilerys scams etc, decides to commit suicide one nite beforehand!

              Official reports says guy cut his Own Head clean Off! with a 10 inch kitchen butcher knife!

              Is it even remotely posible to do that?…Actually cut own entire head Off?!!!

              If you never read that entrie list of aprox 200 dead suicides and accidents on the Klintons dead body list?…Go find and read it!…You Will be amazed I promice it!

              • It’s called the “Clinton Chronicles”. It’s on video too. If a person is subject to temper flares, you may not want to read it.

          • Burt the brit-sorry I didnt know that you were a female until someone told me so. you dont have to comment I just didnt know. take care and get that permit!

        • I agree with everyone that this is great advise. Why cant there be more people out there that are prepared. I personally have prepared for my family. I think the hardest part of a bad situation like this will be dealing with friends, neighbors, distant family, and just other people who are in need and not being able to help them. Because at some point you are going to have to draw a line on how much you can support others in a collapse situation because you have to look out for you and your close family. I just hope this never happens and comes down to the fact i am going to have to turn people i know away in there time of need. I keep my preps secret from everyone but my wife but it would still kill me inside not to be able to help others after a certain point.
          Anyone else feel the same way or is it just me?

          • I feel the same way Azam. I live amongst some family and not one of them are preparing that I know of. I do plan on taking care of my 83 year old mother who is still in good health/mind. She taught me everything about gardening, canning, etc. The others will have to work to eat if even that. You DO have to draw the line somewhere. None of them know that we prepare.

          • My wife and I fretted over this for years. We did everything to wake up family and friends. Our consciences are clear. We have agreed to feed the kids, but parents can take a hike. As I’ve posted before, we did without so many things in life, so that we’d be prepared for hard times. I’m retired now, and never owned a new truck or car. (I came close once, I bought a truck that was only 6 years old.) Anyway, enough is enough. I can get stone cold when the times dictate that it must be so.

        • Consider purchasing or building a wood stove. I live in the mountains in ID in a 22 ft. tin can RV. I built a wood stove out of a 10 gallon propane bottle to heat the unit instead of using propane.

          If I put too much wood in it, or the hotter burning wood(tamarack, red fir), I have to open the door and all the windows during January just to keep the tin can from burning down.

          I can cook on this stove, and it heats my tin can too well. I love it LOL!

          • Wondering if you could share how you converted the propane tank to a wood burining stove? You state you can cook on it also, so that is what makes me ask the question. I just cannot seem to get a handle on the layout to do that. Sounds like a capital set up.

        • I’m new and I’m listening…..thx all.

      2. What do they think WE have been doing?

        • eppe, my exact thoughts. Yet on the one hand we prepare then on the other hand we’re called terrorist. Appreciate Bartlett speaking up, maybe this will alert some of the 97-99% that haven’t prepped.

          • @DRD5508,,,,I have no problem being called a terrorist. That’s mild dish soap compared to the names I was called in Marine boot camp and other places along the way. DHS has to dig deeper than that to offend this old goat. Stinking amateurs.

          • I’m with you on the “some of the 97-99% waking up”. I hope and pray they do before it’s too late.

            They will probably be like the 99.9% of all my extended family; they won’t wake up to prepping until S has already HTF. Then it will be a mad dash and scramble to gather every dime and head to Super Wally with the big SUV and “prepared” to stock her full.

            The only problem is everyone else didn’t prepare while the prepping was easy and now the shelves are bare. Wally ain’t gettin’ another shipment overnight and the grocery stores are in the same boat, “or” they are all in lockdown mode because of martial law. The law and the elite will have first dibs and nothing anybody can do about it. Time to take lower leg and fling backwards with swift kicks. Kicking their “own ass” all the way back to the poor house. If it ain’t poor just yet, after a few days/weeks it will be. Just sayin’.

            • Every time this subject comes up (trying to alert folks to get with the program), I just find myself in stunned disbelief.
              Friends who tell me on one hand that I am one of the most ingenious people they know, glaze over when I advise them what may happen. They just refuse to even look at material that may give them a clue.
              I am friends with a married couple. He is a manager with Morgan Stanley. A financial adviser. No freakin’ clue.Their “excuse” for not stocking some food; no room in the house. I give up. Right now, if your not on board, your on your own. And come up my driveway, and you will be treated with no special distinctions.

              ” I’ll just come to your house” No sir, you will not.
              ( your dumb ass will most likely be out of gas or dead anyhow)

              And while risking opsec, Roscoe Bartlett is one of the best we ever had. Especially in this pinko commie state.

        • Can someone recommend a fuel stabilizer for diesel?
          Brand name and best place to purchase on the web would also be helpful.

          Thank you!
          KY Mom

          • PRI-D

            • I second that PP, also put in an algicide with the PRI-D

          • Diesel 911 but if you can get a non bio blend and keep it out of light like a 55 gallon drum will last for years.

          • Diesel doesn’t need a stabilizer. Diesel ignites by compression, not a spark to octane. Buy it, store it, forget about it!

          • seafoam. part number sf-16. about nine bucks treats 2o gallons. six years on gas. personal experince. double treated. if it works on gas it will do diesel. made of 25% naptha,25% marvel mystery oil. the rep wouldn’t tell me what the other half secret lol.

          • As much as you google crap, you should be able to come up with somthin .

          • Rick:) Now’s the time to keep quiet. You’ve done all that can be asked and anything more may just draw unwanted attention to yourself at this late stage in the game. I’m tired of telling folks anything because WTSHTF some of them will remember my warnings and come looking for a handout. I won’t even answer the door, in fact I’m hiding a lot of my stuff in case they come back with “friends” who think that I should now ‘share the wealth’. Just remember the fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper and the one about the Little Red Hen. If you’re not working now, don’t come by and expect me to take care of you later.

        • WE are the exception. The power went off here for three hours today so me and the toddler went for a walk. I heard more complaining than I expected. All the business had to close because nobody knows how to make change anymore. Even Little Caesars Pizza which cooks its food in advance could not sell any of it to all the people who could not cook their own lunch.

          I see I have some company as Bartlett also has an off-grid retreat in West Virginia. Maybe we’re neighbors. I’ll have to check the property tax records.

      3. Wow, one of the elite gets it and actually has the guts to come out and say it. If you didnt believe the government is worried about the state of things, this should be a wake up call.

        • Mistake to lump Mr.Bartlett in with the other a-holes.

      4. We need more lawmakers like him. At least he knows what’s really going down and what we’ll be facing in the future. Too bad too many are either too dense or have been dumbed down by American Idol and Monday Night Football to give a crap. Sucks to be them when the SHTF.

      5. I thought our government was already ABSENT! 😉 I am being a smart **s. 🙂

        Good article and keep prepping!

      6. “Every Citizen Should Develop an Individual Emergency Plan to Prepare for the Absence of Government Assistance for Extended Periods”

        How about secession !!!!!!! permeant absence and better off for it !

        Stars and Bars !

        • @ TR-

          Or perhaps just a single ‘LONE STAR’???? The Texas Nationalist Movement has been headed in this direction for years.

          Just a thought.

          • Or how’s about we remove the fucking parasites who have soiled the glorious stars and stripes for years now? THEY are most definitely NOT America. They are a cancer on my country that needs to be burnt out, down to the very last one

          • I know of and support that one ! I hope Texas does it , they could make good on their own , they have a port , oil and a hell of a lot of land . Others will follow fairly quickly if they do .

      7. We watched the Urban Danger documentary awhile back. It was excellent!

      8. really, who woulda thought. We get it Prepare…

      9. …but don’t forget to pay taxes

      10. Poor Congressman Bartlett’s district was just redrawn in Maryland – making it almost impossible for him to be re-elected. They moved him into a heavily democrat district.

        I can hear it now in the meeting leading up to this. “Stupid Sheeple, don’t they know we can’t have a patriot in office telling them to get prepared for the coming onslaught of disaster we have created? How can we get his butt voted out of office”.

        I watched Urban Danger a few years ago – probably need to pull it up & watch it again!

        • Well in my view, that WAS better than a slippin’ in de tub accident.

      11. Roscoe Bartlett has been a longtime congressman of my home state, Maryland. Unfortunately, they are redrawing the district lines and it is unlikely that he will remain in office after this year. He seems to be the only congressman that understands the importance of self-sufficiency. He understands the importance of preparedness too. It will be a sad day if he goes this year. WTSHTF he’ll be ready, but the rest of our government won’t. Funny prepper tshirt:

        • Haha. Cool shirt and funny site. I may have to get one of those shirts you have.

        • Our tax dollars have amply provided for deluxe preparations for our corruptly placed body politic. That is one reason that many of them could care less about whether we do or not. They seem to have forgotten that the lost masses Will find them some how some way. I know that I shouldn’t, but I find great comfort in knowing this.

      12. ok i have to say they are contradicting them selves i mean i saw a report that said that if you had more than 7 days of food stored in your house you were a person of interest?

        I will admit that information is about 5 months old or more but now its ok to have 2 weeks ?

        • Spark–I like your report better than the one I just received via email–we, who have more than 3 months stored food for our families, will be carted off to a FEMA camp–who gets this chit started circulating???
          I mean who can determine how many I prep for–my family may come from another state/city!! Geeze!!! I may be preparing for a church, or the whole neighborhood.

        • whenever my so-called “betters” start blathering nonsense, I stop taking them seriously. I believe that TPTB will see ANYBODY as a person of interest that stands up for their right and becomes more self reliant

      13. Here is what I find interesting. All of the things Congressman Bartlett is advising people to do, will put you on the DHS watchlist.

        Does anyone else see the irony in that the things that are being recommended (things I wholeheartedly support) are also things that identify us as “lone wolf terrorists” and members of “militias” and “domestic terror threats”?

        • within a year everyone on this planet will be on that list, the ones who arnt will be the first to perish

          screw thier f-ing “list” I got my own problems to worry about, i aint afraid of no list, and no one else should worry about it either.
          when the SHTF, ther wont be anyone to read the dam thing anyways

          on another thought, maybe we should be making a public list of whos listing who and why, and F-ing POST IT!

          Ive brought this up before, even sent an e-mail to Mac….crickets

          • I love the idea of listing the listers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            And those on the list of listers should be the first people tried in court for treason!

            • then you would have to list the lister of the list of listers…

            • love the idea too!

            • Yeah…Tried in Cowboy Courts!…As I see it all, if you are a Traitor like so many of “Them” are?…You Lost all/any prior bor rights to jury of peers or day in court etc. It goes back to like wyat earps days…Everyone knows its wrong to steal a horse. If you are found with a stolen horse?…You get Hanged and Pronto fast like!

              When They say the us const dont count no more…They got zero rights or leagle methods to do anything they did prior. Either we ALL obey law or NOBODY need do so. Cant have it any other way.

              Just wait till 200 million More folks in the usa realize all this stuf!!!…..Each of “Them” Must get ALL 2000+ of “Us”…..Only One of “Us” needs get Lucky eh!!

              No more Free Wacos!…No More Free Ruby Ridges!!…Everybody has to pay a price for every damn thing right. Freebeez is closed!

              Instead of singing Bringin in the Sheeves…Switch to Uprootin all them Weeds!…Like in parable of “wheat & Tares”…Tares=weeds that looks same as wheat Untill time for the Harvest!…When its real easy to tell the difference so no collateral dammage occures to even a single stalk of wheat(thats Us the wheats!) its Gods childrens VS. Satans childrens aka Seeds of the Serpant!

              • That is when the NDAA “indefinite detention” clause will catch up to them.

      14. The only contingency plans the corp gov will be making is to lock down the population while they run for their hidey holes. They have no use for the common man except as debt slaves. “Continuity of Government”. Any Congressman who does not call for the end of the Federal Reserve and the end of Empire building is part of the problem no matter what he says.

        • JRS ~

          Google DUMB, for Deep Underground Military Bunkers to see some of the really neat and very expensive underground “hidey holes” that the taxpayers have bought for the preservation of parasitic assholes, (high level members of government).

          Somehow or another, I very much doubt that anyone who posts here will be getting an invitation ‘inside’ one of these underground cities during times of trouble.

          • Wouldn’t want to live in a spider hole with the demons anyway. I’ve got a better home waitin’ on the other side. It’s just a shout (shot) away!

            • I’ll be right behind ya dt.

      15. Google Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience and enjoy the read.

      16. meanwhile
        Wilson Elementary in Oklahoma City violates Young Cooper Bartons Civil Rights

        Young Cooper Barton wore his favorite Michigan shirt to Wilson Elementary in Oklahoma City and was told it violated the Oklahoma City Public Schools dress code and was asked to turn the shirt inside out. According to the dress code, students are only allowed to wear Oklahoma, Oklahoma State or apparel from another Oklahoma-state school. Everything else is a violation (especially Texas).

        dont sue the school…sue the person who did the violation of this youngsters civil rights..dont take it out on the tax payers, they didnt do it..a person did it..sue that person and shut this shit down

        Use this to look up the story

        Oklahoma youngster forced to turn his Michigan shirt inside out at school

        • @VRF,,,where are the Parents? I’d have been at the school in minutes. Kids can be intimidated, but it’s a waste of time trying it with me.

          • probably at work trying to keep their heads above water..oh im sure by the time they found out they were pissed, but it was too late, the kids civil rights were already violated by some bootliking commie public shool stiff

          • AMEN SWIFT! They HATED me at my duahgters school!We moved south from up north and my daughter was very differnet than the kids here. add to it that she is an artsy type and it spelled nightmare. she was being picked on for wearing blck clothes and one day a girl hit her in the face so my daughter got into a fight. I of course went to the schoold to discuss what happened. this is where it gets good. The principal there told me how my daughter hung out with other kids that wore hoodies and she was part of the hoodie ganf ( seatshirts with a hood in the fall) I was like OK. Please not my kid is honor roll and works with autistic kids but part of a hoodie gang( ia alnmost laughed) she than told me she was gay. I asked her how she knew that. Principal responded the kids in the hall told her. I told the prpincipal my daughter is not gay, questioned her gossiping with kids in the halls and there were discrimination laws against that ( SHe mede it clear gays were not good) Then she told me when in Rome do as teh Romans do and she then called me a Yankee. Needless to say I asked her if that would be to bake a pie and fry some chicken…she got angry threw a chair turned over a table and stomped off. SHe left her job shortly after that and now I have becoma a legend to middle school kids( recently heard a person telling this story and giggled cuz it was me) I have much nore respect now that I stood up for my child and the schoold no longer messed qwith her. I have a toddler that may be attending these schools and I have no doubt it will be much different for her becasue they go waaaaayyyy out of their way to accomodate me now! STAND UP FPR YOUR KIDS

        • i agree, but it was the school policy that forced the person to violate the students rights,i dont think the tax payers should pay either, so where does that leave us, just wondering

      17. Scratch cyber attack from that list for a power station failure. They are not connected to the Internet and therefore can not be ‘hacked’. If someone claims a hacker did it you must look to an insider to blame. That is such an overplayed reason for a grid failure.

      18. So now we are the 1%. Harrr!

        • love it!!

      19. I’M ON IT !

        Doubled my stockpile on ammo last week, got ups on the way with 2 months worth of stored food and order in on stun guns for me and the mrs for when walking around with a six shooter is frowned upon.

        Next week, generator shopping !

        • Nice present for the Mrs, but, I don’t want them that close.

        • @lee,,,why a stun gun? Why not make the “fix” premanent the first time?

      20. guess I’m a terrorist, I’ve got 6 days of food on hand and an air rifle to protect myself. Am I being unpatriotic buy catching rain water to drink. I’m a baaaaad person.

      21. Good luck to all that have been given the knowledge to prepare. This is not going to be a pleasant time for anybody. We all can survive if we remember to help one another.Protect you and yours and then be a help to those who need it. They may just be a help to you when you need it. Remember, Laugh at life or life will laugh at us. Good Luck

      22. I guess he figures he doesn’t have a room in the “Continuity of Government Hotel.”

      23. Daisy, you made a very interesting point on the lists. i may already be on someone’s list but i don’t care. Nobody tells me how much of ANYTHING i can have in my home. It’s scary hearing even ONE politician tell it like it is. I’m still prepping, getting everything I possibly can right up until the last minute. i hope everyone else is still doing the same. Screw DHS and their “lists”. When they were first set up after 9/11, I just knew it would be another federal agency with evil intentions towards the people. Everything they’ve done since 9/11 has proven me to be right. Fedgov is just an organized criminal enterprise with dishonorable intentions towards the people. The day of reckoning is coming. Live free or die. Take care and keep prepping.

      24. I know ya’ll preppers know that calling 911 is a joke,, but here is some reinforcement for those feelings

        Woman found murdered two days after calling 911 for help

        Police in Dallas are conducting an internal investigation after discovering that a 32-year-old woman who was found murdered on Sunday had called 911 two days before.

        The woman, Deanna (Cook) Patrick, was “found deceased in the bathtub of her residence,” police said. Delvecchio Patrick, her 35-year-old ex-husband, was arrested and charged with murder.

        People you are responsible for your own protection,, even if its from your own dam family or spouse! or Ex- spouse in this case

      25. Last winter hubby bought a down comforter that kept us warm all winter.

        This past spring, I picked up a “Like New” feather mattress for $5 at a garage sale. Boy was it comfortable and warm. It was like a nest. So if the electricity goes out, the feather mattress and down comforter will keep us both warm even in the harshest of winters.

        I have been canning up fruit and pickles for the past month. I will be getting into salsa, bruchetta and tomato sauce soon. I will get the pears canned in septembe. I am getting ready for my fall garden and cleaning out the green house for my winter greens.

        The chickens are laying eggs. I have pickled some of them and plan on pickling more. It is a great protein source to replace meat.

        Only one of the 3 baby geese made it through childhood. So next year I will get 2 more females and 2 more males and hope to start raising geese for down, fat, eggs and meat. Love having Bubbles to talk to as I do morning chores.

        When as many professional people warn the American Citizens to start prepping, you know it is getting serious.

      26. I just bought a 65 gal. rain barrel. I have a water purifier. Got a lot of food but doubt its enough. Bought another gas can and filled. Have a generator, but its old. Live in the south but I still get cold in winter.

      27. yeah….. prepping bullets

      28. I am slowly working towards being more prepared. Every day gets me a little closer to having more breathing room. When I hit every goal I get a smile on my face. I really hope he inspires more people to prep, a least something. Even a small amount of time and money can help. But, this poor man is looked at like he is crazy, just as we are. Lets who see who have the last laugh. I know that’s mean, but I wish people would take good advice.

      29. Boy is he on some RED LIST some where. TPTB will deal with him shortly.

      30. Z.O.G. fear it or be Indefinitely Detained.

        AmeriKa is a Tax Debt goyim Slave Plantation State of Z.O.G.

        Zionist Occupation (shadow) Government

        Your Resistance to the Power of NWO Z.O.G. UN AGENDA 21 is Futile AmeriKan Tax Debt Slaves.




        AMERIKA IS A LIE !!!

        NONE OF YOU ARE FREE !!!



        Note: Z.O.G. – Zionist Occupation Government or Zionist Occupied Government (abbreviated as ZOG) is a theory which holds that Zionist Jews secretly control a given country – AmeriKa. While the formal government is a puppet regime.

        • Ruby Ridge Documentary

          *** a must watch if you want to know the truth of Ruby Ridge id.FBI Sniper Massacre Slaughter of a illegal corrupt criminal FBI entrapment operation against a innocent Freedom Loving American Family gone bad.

          • Bill Maher laughing at the murder of an innocent mother and her son and vow to never watch his show again. The Weaver family held some controversial views on race, Zionism, religion and the New World Order. Does that really justify their murder? Does disagreeing with the government or media condemn you to death? The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written to protect everyone, and especially those, like the Weavers, the Branch Davidians, and others who hold minority views. At Underground Documentaries we don’t normally take specific positions on issues, but Maher’s reaction is absolutely appalling. Boycott Bill Maher:


        • Ruby Ridge – Just got done watching this movie about THE FBI RUBY RIDGE MASSACRE … i admit i’m a little shocked at same of the white supremacy ignorance beliefs practices of some whites and their zeal shown in the film … but over all a very good film and factually based on what really happened on RUBY RIDGE IDAHO.

          Every one should see this movie its real , it really happened and due to simple ignorance it will happen again – History Repeats itself over and over again , due to people an governments refusing to teach it as it truly happened!

          Recorded History of the world is very one sided tainted and full of falsities as it is usually written by the conquerer not the conquered – the bloodiest more viscous of humanity are the recorders of humanities history.

          THERE WILL BE MORE fedgov z.o.g. massacres RUBY RIDGES , WACO BURNINGS , 9/11’S etc etc due to shear ignorance of the goyim population and the false half-truths taught to the children in churches and schools of Occupied AmeriKa.


          • The Siege at Ruby Ridge (1996) Laura Dern


            With Laura Dern, Dennis Quaid and a very young Kirsten Dunst (then only 14).

            True story of the controversial 1992 attack by federal agents on an Idaho sect
            family. The incident caused major public outcry against the FBI and U.S.

            This film changes angles several times. In the beginning, we may suspect
            Christian fundamentalist propaganda until we understand that the purpose is to
            disclose such fanaticism. Then our sympathy starts to build up for this family
            whose members just want to live in peace according to their own doomsday faith –
            until their Armageddon is manifested by the FBI. The court hearing at the end is
            simply fabulous.

            *** “In Life we all build our own cages !!!”


      31. “Borrowed” a .45 yesterday and shot wet phonebooks with the Hornady Zombie Max rounds. Unbelievable what these things look like after hitting something. Canned Salsa and peaches, bought and filled 7 more buckets, bought a freezer at Sears and started loading it. Been a busy weekend but can’t help but feel a little better. Wife is on full time with me. I seem to see more signs pointed at an unfavorable future now than ever. Wishing luck to all.

        • I have a couple hundred rounds or so just of those rounds so im curious too on how they do. they are the same as the regular hornady red ones, they just fill it with green color. but thanks for sharing and saying what happened. Tell you what I shot hornady into a 1 inch steel plate at 15 yards away and 3 went thru and 2 mushroomed out the metal out a whole inch but didnt go thru. that was with hornady 250 grain .338 laupa rounds!! Next is to shoot some slugs into a few thinner metal plates to see the damage.

          • hospo, you ever worry about a ricochet?

          • Wow! You can afford $4.00 a round for .338 Lapua? I must not be living right.

      32. QUOTE: “All the Lord expects you to do is what you can do.”

        Amen; nothing is more plain than that.

      33. I know a hell of a lot of things and other things I don’t like preserving food and canning. that’s what I’m working on now. I just wonder do these politicians know something the reason he is saying to start prepping and this is a hint to us, or is this just his own beliefs or hobby. I’m just wondering are they secretly telling their friends and family that something bad is comming and to start prepping and he is jut a caring leader and letting us know or what. Have any of you heard any word of this that they(politicians) need to start prepping etc.?

        • @clint hospo,,,this is a little off topic, but I watch for signs among local pols bailing out. I also have made a firm resolution that even after the dust settles, no politicians who was in office at the time TSHTF, shall be allowed to serve again. Why? Because I resent being treated like a mushroom.

          • I like that!

      34. I attended a meeting with our returning senators and representatives yesterday. One representative, who I ordinarily don’t have much use for, spoke the only true words of the discussion. He said: “Only a very small percentage of people know how bad things are. And no matter how bad you think it is, it’s worse.”

        The rest of the crap was the normal “We are Americans and we can make this work” horseshit. Had one lady lobbyist invited to the panel say that “We need $5 trillion in spending cuts over the next ten years…” I’m sorry, but if we’re borrowing a trillion USD/year, how are cuts of HALF that going to save us??? And there was not one word of cutting back on military/police/prisons spending, getting us out of our current wars (including the bogus “drug war”), or investing in national infrastructure.

        Not only are these supposed representatives lying to all of us, they’re treating us all like idiots. The gig is up, and they only need to obfuscate for a little while longer. Then the SHTF.

        • The U.S. federal government spent over $15 billion in 2010 on the War on Drugs, a rate of about $500 per second.
          That’s 300 million per state abusal of our tax dollars..but our schools still send kids door to door selling cookies.
          Yes, I bought.

          • Jay Jay: Thats alot of cash no doubt. But when compared to the aprox $350 BILLION per year spent for all types of costs relatee to Illeagles imigrants….It Pales! Nearly One Billion per Day every day year round spent to offset costs of illeagles!….And we been Gaining aprox 2 Million More every year!

            Meanwhile MSM news and polititions Keep telling us we have aprox 10-11 million illeagles here!…More like 30-40 Million since they used that 10 mil figure 12 yrs ago huh!

            And the same multicult mainia we have is xact same in ALL white/western nations…And ONLY in White nations!

            I’ve yet to hear even one time Any liberal multicult promotors cry for More blacks go into china! or Japan! or Mexico!….All I see is massive crys to invade ONLY white nations to dilute the white race.

            Anyone yet heard calls from libs for More whites to go into africa?…Me neither!

            While we all wait for SHTF to occure?…A Real factual Race War has already begun on every single white nation. Instagted and run/managed by barely 1 and 1/2 of One percent of americas population(the tribe).

            If you think the New Improved Black Panthers and fellow travlers wont soon carry out their open threats?…WAKE UP!….Its too bad that the Bad 95% makes the rest look bad too eh.

        • if you’ve ever really listened to some of these politicians
          you realize that most of them just aren’t that smart

          one of my Senators was recently replaced by a potted plant
          and so far no one has noticed the difference

        • You brought up an interesting point that I hadn’t really thought about since there are no major prisons near our city. What if the system becomes bankrupt/collapsed and there are no funds to pay prison guards and supervisors. The kitchen staff says f… this and leaves. The guards say f… this and leaves. The supervisors say f… this and leaves. The one ole fart that has been doing laundry for 40 years says f… this and on his way out opens the cell blocks.

          My advice to anyone living near a major/maximum security prison is to say f… this and leave. Imagine what a couple hundred mean-ass, buffed out, lifers could do to a small town in just a few hours/days.

          • I have wondered about that as well if prisions or money is cut. what do they do just let them go and they go to the closest home and invade it. or maybe they know things are out of hand with illegals and they can’t stop them its too late and they need a major accident to cut back a major population control. I don’t see how things can go on much longer with food prices soaring gas etc.

            • Clint: Remember the Stephen King novel, probably the best one he has ever written, titled ‘The Stand’? They made a TV mini-series out of it that starred Gary Sinese that was also pretty good, although I would have preferred to see the novel turned into a full length, maybe 2 or 3 part, big screen motion picture.

              Anyway, an actor named Jamey Sheridan played the role of the ‘Darkman’ – who was a metaphorical substitute for the Devil and I was very impressed with his acting ability. One of those rare occasions where the perfect actor was picked to play a character and Sheridan did an outstanding and convincing job that was in almost perfect sync with the book.

              There is a scene in the movie where the Darkman character is going into a prison where hundreds of dangerous criminals are still behind bars, trapped, without food or water – because all of the prison guards are dead from the Super Flu virus. The Darkman offers these prisoners a chance at life and that he’ll set them free, if they swear allegiance to him and agree to become part of his evil army and help him destroy the forces of good. Guess what choice they made?

              “My Life for You” became their mantra, as he set them free and unleashed them upon the handful of Super Flu immune survivors that were lead by Gary Sinese.

              That is exactly how things will unfold, when Obongo, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the rest of these Cultural Marxist Communists get a second term and decide to make Kamau Kambon’s dream of exterminating all White people become a reality. Here is the video of Kambon explaining what sort of future he envisions for White European Americans:


              Don’t take my word for any of this. Watch the video and hear their own words. Oh, and if you can stomach it – try to watch the upcoming kill-whitey movie by Quentin Tarantino, Udango Unchained – due to be released on Christmas Day, 2012.

          • In the 1918 Russian revolt One of the honchos(lennin or trotsky probly) opened up all prisons and allowed all prison inmates to simply escape and run wild. Not certain but they likely went along with the soviet kommies and joined em all.

        • Mind telling us which state you live in? Who was the rep. who spoke the truth?

      35. It is really too bad that the other 434 members of congress are not advising the people the same thing. To most individuals though, the masses, prepping has become some sort of evil thing that foretells of their “happy” little lives coming to change for the worse. I have watched these TV commercials and they are incredible. Like it never even happened one. In which after any disaster it can be fully recovered, just give someone a call. You like these little lanterns that they are selling and that quote, survive any diaster with this. Oh my God, how many of the people actually believe this crap? I would say about 99% of them.

        A maverick in government that prepares, wow. A maverick in government that actually tells everyone else they should do the same, double wow. A maverick in government that just might have the same freedom cherishing thoughts and views as people on this site, triple wow.

        • I just think the only way they can stop this is for mass death and people killing each other until things are contained again. chaos is going to errupt anytime I believe and the smart ones will live and the thugs will just kill each other. could I be wrong or is this possible.

      36. Mac,

        What other media source has provided this info for the people of America? Not too many I’m sure.

        Hell, tell them what is happening, let the people empty the shelves of stores 2,3,4,5 times before it (SHTF)really happens. Give the people the opportunity to stock up!!!!!

        I talked to three people today that DO NOT HAVE ANY WATER OR FOOD FOR BACKUP.

        In each case I asked some questions – if they had any children. They all did, with NO WAY to provide them with WATER AND FOOD for three days, SAD.

        Y’all Beware!

        • I just keep saying, God didn’t take Noah out of the flood; He took Noah through the flood.
          Peace..God have mercy on those not stocking supplies, food, and water. jayjay

      37. Considering they added preppers and survivalists to the watch list…is he essentially telling us to break the law ^_^?

        • they are watching you so they know who has what they may need in the future.

      38. i have always prepared for natural disasters from living on the gulf of mexico to tornado alley it has become a way of life. just finished resupply for the winter and working on adding another 500 gal water tank to my solar pumping system robinsin solar makes a great solar well pump. any way nice to see some government officials advocating prepping.

      39. If more were prepared, we would not be in this situation. If More paid attention to the events and numerous signs
        (Ever seen the movie “Bruce Almighty”)

        Americans for quite some time, have been sloppily driving their BMW down the road to Hades, Tokin a Joint, Pattin their Canabis card, sayin Life is Beautiful….

        Lets Get real people, If The SHTF in a big way, It is gonna get Ugly in a big way. Congress and the Prez are going to be useless to the people. In fact they may come for the food we saved in preparation, to redistribute it to the fools.

        I believe in natural selection, the fools perish, it is sad. “The people perish for lack of knowledge” – i think that was Jesus that said that but I could be wrong.

        It is the boy scouts motto to be prepared, government tells us to keep supplies to get through natural disasters such as Hurricanes and earthquakes, yet the DHS classify s anyone that has more than three days of food in their house or a Generator as a possible Terrorist Threat!

        So, Keep in mind, The State tells us to be prepared, We do need to be prepared, we do need to be Vigilant. In Doing So, We may become an Enemy Of The State.

        Irony 101

        the Watcher

      40. One last comment for today
        Remember how many people have been shot for an Iphone or PS3, or the Newest Nike, or Air Jordan’s…

        What do you think the fools will do when they need FOOD…

        Real Ugly, UUUUGGGly…

        the Watcher

      41. I wish there was the terror watchlist online of all the people to see who they are tracking. that would be nice to know who they think are dangerous people who want to make a meal to eat for a family for many people. So i guess if you make pork chops or pancakes your a bad person and a terrorist and must be punised. IF you make lasaugna your really a trouble maker. and if you dare to make a sandwich for a group of people ah oh! We are comming to get you. But better yet if you have donuts and bacon your a friend of ours. jesus give me a break. lol

        • kind of like the sex offenders site you will see a bunch of little red dots next to your house. Lol

      42. over 60% of Californians not prepared for an earthquake

        are you freaking kidding me ???

        guess they expect that FEMA truck is gonna roll up in their driveway that now leads to their collapsed house,with a hot meal an hour or two after the big one

        its real hard to be sympathetic towards people who don’t even try and help themselves or that are so unaware of the threats they face

        • @ Satori and everyone. You have got to try this on a globe. Get a tape measurer or other flat piece of string or something and start at the 8.6 mega horizontal earthquake off the coast of Indonesia that occurred a few months ago and place the tape measurer as flat as possible and follow it up to the Sea of Okhotsk where the deep focus earthquake of 7.7 just occurred last week. Text books say deep focus earthquakes don’t reach over 6.9 this deep. Continue to follow the tape measurer as flat and following the curve of the planet and you end right at the Salton Sea, the southern San Andreas that has not broken here since around 1700. 312+ years of pressure built up.

          I don’t know why I did not do this last week, stupid of me to overlook something like this. The break is following the curve of the planet right to Southern California. I don’t feel this is a coincidence as I have seen how breaks in anything follow a pattern. Seriously everybody try this on a globe, it really shows something is coming to the southern San Andreas.

          • Be Informed: Are you the guy that does the 2 min news on youtube?

      43. Greeting Everyone!
        Things are getting to the place where it’s gonna be a truly massive FUBAR moment.One out of 100(or perhaps a 1000?)will make the year mark.I hope everyone here comes thru.It’s what TPTB have planned beyond that I wonder about.They make their nefarious plans well beyond the 5-10 year mark to “control” future events.God is watching all this as well,and you can bet your ticket to Paradise HE’S getting pissed!
        Just a few thoughts,
        Best to All

      44. By the way, diesel fuel (and kerosene) do in fact need a stabilizer. Ask any diesel operator who has tried running on degraded fuel. Injectors and fuel systems will foul up, and engines will expire quickly enough. The PRI-D product heretofore mentioned is industrial grade, used in emergency diesel generator fuel supplies at nuclear power plants, ocean going ships, IP providers, public utilities et al. Product is manufactured by Power Research Inc., Houston, TX. They also make a gasoline stabilizer, much stronger than the stuff at Wally Mart.

        That said, while having a supply of diesel on hand for the short term (gas too for chainsaws) is a good thing, long term is another story. Solar is fine for small appliances, but what about a wood-fired steam engine? Some kits and plans are out there on the internet. I’d be interested in any post from folks who have gone this route.

      45. Satori,

        Good one – replacing Senator with potted plant!!!!

        Y’all Beware! Thanks

      46. My 82-year old mother is now on board and she sent me the link to the WashPo article and remarked on how the Congressman really understands how fragile our system is.

        She has listened and is cashing in all of her stocks. She’s taken cash out of the bank and is now warning some of her friends. And she is contacting her doctor for an additional prescription so that she can get her medication stocked up. And to think, it wasn’t but 3 months ago that I had given up on her. But I kept emailing articles about economic indicators and basic data. Somehow, it all clicked with the big power outage on the East coast. And as someone who voted for Obama, she now says Obama-Is-A-Socialist. Who says old dogs can’t be re-trained?!

      47. Better yet ,the absense of the entire grade school administration ,,,, Go on and git . we have an engine to build

      48. I worry about the gooberment taxing bullion at some point. On a totally unrelated topic, by wife has been on the receiving end of quite a bit of 14K gold jewelry for the past four years or so. She hasn’t complained yet.

      49. I found a bit of GOLD at a yard sale- in the way of 4 Boy Scout Merit Badge series books. Printed in 1939, these little soft covers are a gold mine of information-
        What a serendipitous and timely find!!

      50. The government can only record those who have REALLY sloppy OPSEC. I’m a lot more optimistic than many on this board re the % of preppers in the general population. (I compare it to the number of openly out and proud gays in the 1950s’ lol!)

        I’m personally convinced that more people are “prepping” than official figures suggest. They are quitely getting on with their lives & putting a little aside without banging any drums. I just don’t think they call it prepping.

        I’m in the UK and many non- West european immigrants or those from E.Europe prep – they just call it “old skool living”, or keeping up their family traditions. many of UK origin are beginning grow a veg garden, or swapping a bank savings account for a little gold or silver hidden in the house etc. As the recession deepends, so does the black economy. What’s happened to the Greeks has jolted quite a few from their complacency I think.

        An example – the elderly Somali widow who lives underneath me has a “larder” full of rice & bean sacks. She fled across her war torn homeland with 3 small kids in tow, with nought but her brain to help her a/ reach saftey & b/learn a new language and settle in a foreign land. Think she’s forgotten those hard won lessons and failed to pass them onto her kids? (Hint – she’s swapped LOTs of recipes with me for foods that emit minimal smell and take minimal fuel to prep). She hasn’t forgotten how to tend goats either iykwim. Recently she’s been showing my son and her grandkids how to filter water in a myriad of ways without a flash berkely filter.

        My Mum was a child during WW2 – she gets twitchy if she visits and doesn’t see some tinned meat and dried milk in my cupboard. We have a whippet – you’d be suprised how many people go rabbiting at the weekends even in London. Ex-military are unlikely not to have considered how to provide for their families in the event of emergency. Anyone of Russian or Jewsih descent is likely to have an escape plan in case another Stalin or Hitler ever appears. The list of groups quietly prepping goes on, the huge rise in firearms purchases over the last few years gives me hope.

        Then you get to the religious groups – Islamic and Christian who never succumbed to the temptation of usery and the credit card and still believe in make do and mend and saving for a rainy day.

        Prepping has become a degrogatory term in some sections of the media, but to many it’s just returning to their roots or how Grandma used to live. Here in the UK the government can’t even tell us how big the population is (slack immigration policing) how on earth can they seperate out the “preppers”. With all the issues the US has on it’s southern border I suspect the story is the same for you guys.

      51. There is something that made the news, only briefly, but is VERY serious. I’m a systems engineer and administrator. I’m not going to brag, it made simple sense, but my co-worker Ben and I called this at least 5 years ago. When IBM, CISCO and other major computer hardware manufacturers started farming out to China, we both were worried about how easily the Chinese could put hardware back doors right in the chips themselves, at the hardware layer. Something a simple command delivered via a number of avenues would simply shut down the board. Remember, ONE component on that little circuit board fails, and the whole system is down. Imagine, EVERY router and switch (Key components in all networks worldwide), EVERY desktop, EVERY notebook, you name it, having a back door. Well, it was recently reported by national news low on the radar, that it was found Cisco routers that were in Federal and State agencies had JUST THAT, hardware back doors! My buddy and I both just dropped our jaws. Now, that report fell off the radar VERY quickly, but it’s alarming, how far does that go? Just how far did the Chinese go in putting hardware backdoors in ALL our computer hardware? Was any of that hardware used in, comm sats, for example? Yeah, think about THAT! This is a HUGE deal, and no one is talking about it, it’s a HUGE security breach on a national level. Isn’t that technically tantamount to an act of war? Be ready my friends, be ready.

      52. To Oly, in WI
        Hey! good memory, friend. Don’t forget, Prob’ly 90% of our military hardware , pooters etc. are all made by China. Everything from combat boots to jet aircraft. Hmmm, wonder why all our newest multi-billion dollar war machines seem to be falling out of the sky, or suffocating the crew, “unexplicably”
        “They” plan decades in advance, how the next war will be faught. At this point, they don’t even have to fight us, just the flick of a few switches….

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