Confusing Money for Value

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Do you LOVE America?


    You should have seen us when we wore Rolexes, big diamonds and the latest fashions.  You should have seen our 3000 sq. ft. house that required a full-time housekeeper and gardeners, not to mention the electric, phone and water bills.  You should have seen my long, weekly manicured fingernails and perfectly coiffed hair.  You should have seen the Cadillacs we drove.   It was the image of monetary wealth – unfortunately, all too often confused with real value.

    You wouldn’t have known we were people who could be happy in a 1 bedroom cinderblock house in which we must keep a fire going in order to stay warm.  That is, of course, unless you chose to look under the surface.  All that opulence never impressed us, even though it was never bought on credit but with money we had worked our buns off to make.  It was just a tool we used to get ourselves to our goal – a self-sufficient, off-grid survivalist retreat.

    Our first house in the wilderness was a 16′ by 32′ plywood shack, finished only well enough to be livable, not aesthetically pleasing.  It didn’t take much of our funds and we chose not to put a lot of money into it at the time.  We knew we were going to build another someday (it happened a mere 2 years later).  But that plywood shack had VALUE.  It kept us warm and protected from the weather and gave us the freedom to finish other projects.

    Many people came for a visit to our Shangri-la, to decide if the off-grid life was for them.  Many of them looked at our house and left in terror.  They thought we were just some down-and-out, poor-trash types who were living in the best place they could afford, never having had the experience of living what they understood to be “the good life”.  What they didn’t know and what they couldn’t understand  was that we had lived their ideal of “the good life”, but we were not so taken in by it that we couldn’t shed it for a much better way of life – one that was based on what you could do or what you could figure out, rather than what you could buy.  You see, if you always have to buy what you need, you are trapped in the rat race, always having to make more money as the prices go up and up for that which you are used to having.  So does the $6 you pay for a loaf of bread today have any more VALUE than the $3 you used to pay for that same loaf of bread?  Does your McMansion keep the rain out any better than a tent?

    When you come into contact with people who have less money than you do, do you automatically judge them as lesser beings than you are based on their bank account?  Do you treat people who have more money than you do as your betters?  Try this instead – find out who they are deep inside before you judge them at all.  See if you can ignore their bank balance completely as you learn who they are.  Do they have the milk of human kindness within them, or is their only concern what you can do for them, how you can be used to add to their money pile, their feeling of self-worth?

    Last week, while we were waiting for a few more sales of our book, we ran out of some things and dinners had become rather meager.  So we went into the garden and picked a few green tomatoes and a butternut squash that was not quite ripe yet. We added a yucca fruit and some desert figs (prickly pear berries) from our yard.  We fried them up with pasta we made from a few eggs we collected from the chicken coop, and sat down to a beautiful dinner, cooked with love.  A smile came over our son Jesse’s face as he exclaimed, “Abundance!”  He knows the difference between money and value.

    Don’t assume that because someone has no bank account that they have no value or that or that the reverse is also the case.  We know a family that has virtually no money and no vehicle.  They work hard and listen to classical music much of the day and they have wonderful, intellectual conversations with each other.  Meals are cooked from simple, whole foods and are eaten together.  I know another family that lives in a big suburban house in a gated community. Dad goes off to work every day and is not involved with the children much except to pay for what they see on TV with his 12-14 daily hours of labor.   Dinners are usually eaten separately and consist of whatever was convenient to pick up from a fast-food restaurant on the way home.  Their conversations – rare as they are – revolve around this weekend’s football game and what trouble Lindsay Lohan has gotten into this week.  And each of them is only looking for what they can get for themselves.

    Take away the first family’s money – what little they have – and they still have their brains because they use them in conversation.  They still have their health because they eat nutritious foods they cook themselves.  Take away the later family’s money and there’s not much left.

    We have been programmed for a long time now (since the inception of TV) to go only for the brass ring and not to bother enjoying the ride.  We’ve been programmed to place our self-worth in the hands of consumerism.  And that means our personal value derives from an accounting of our money.  What if there is no more money?  Will you have any value without it?

    The world is primed for a major shake up.  It’s almost tangible.  It’s certainly undeniable at this point.  But the outcome is not certain.  It can be pulled towards the same old lower vibrational paradigm of caring only about yourself and thinking that money is the true measure of value, or it can be pulled towards the higher vibrational paradigm of caring about others, giving of yourself and sharing the best – the most valuable – traits of humanity.  “He who dies with the most toys wins,” is how the bumper sticker of the 80s read.  Let’s create a bumper sticker for the new paradigm – “He who lives with the most love in their heart has already won.”

    Dan & Sheila are the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock, and hosts of the podcast, Still Surviving with Dan & Sheila.  For questions about space in their Intentional Survivalist Community or other survivalist issues, they can be reached at [email protected].


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      1. You mean “Kid cuisine” dinners and MTV is not the way to go? I need to quit stocking up ammo, dry goods, and other survival supplies and start Shack building(too bad I don’t own any land)!! Good article, good points, people sharing this train of thought can help incubate the respectful, insightful and helpful young generation that America used to be home to!

        • Notwithstanding that value and price are not the same thing, with many things you get what you pay for.

          When it comes down to preps, buy the best, which is usually the most costly.

          You can get a cheap propane stove, or spend the extra and get a Coleman. One is made to last, the other is made to be replaced.

          Just never measure your own value in Federal Reserve Notes.

          • We wouldn’t be confused about “value” and “money” if the government had not turned the monetary system over to a private banking cartel. As Ludwig von Mises said “Government is the only institution that can take a valuable commodity like paper and make it worthless by applying ink. About the Coleman stoves….I have an old green “suitcase” Coleman that uses white gas or Coleman fuel. With the price of a gallon somewhere in the $10 range you can use the lowest grade unleaded and mix it or just use it as is to save money.It may clog up your generator faster (or not). I have not had a problem. Coleman Fuel is naptha, which is basically low octane unleaded gas with no additives. In the olden days they sold this low octane fuel (around 50 octane) at the gas stations when cars had low compression.

            • yeah from mars but really from,,new meadows.. Idaho..I am really sorry,, i have afriend that is really pissed,,cuz he was worth 4 million ,,and after the crunch he is now worth less than 2 million,,so he thinks,,,,from miss chainsaw up,, these peeps are solid gold to me….HOW DO I GET THESE GUYS TO UNDERSTAND THIS….

          • Mr. creation,,my property dwellers have used old propane tanks to build wood stoves for them selves and others..there is no profit doing this….all corporate builders will be replaced sooner or later..Coleman does suck,,trust me i know,,,,,they sell the samething the little guy does but you pay out the ass for the name,,,just like dewalt to black and decker,,,screw buying the things you need, if you can build it you will over build it.

          • Do the best that you can with what you have. If you obsess attempting always to buy the best and most expensive you will not be prepared because the average person simply can’t afford to do that.

        • Off topic

          7.4 earthquake hits southwestern Columbia.

          • That makes Columbia,costa rica, Alaska, and gulf do California. 4 …… 7.0 earthquakes. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

            • @ Youdontneedtoknow. This earthquake affects the Caribbean plate a lot, the eastern section is in deep trouble. This earthquake: which was ONLY a 4.7 was an indication of the Columbia earthquake that has ranged from 7.1-7.4 on several sites.

              The 4.7 earthquake was quite small for something later that was this big. Most earthquakes in this tiny ring 55-56.99 degrees south are 5.0+ before a large earthquake. It was strange because I posted a comment on the Government Assistance article that an earthquake was coming in the low 6 range. I sent this at 11:00 Mac’s time, and 31 minutes later a 7 pointer hits. This surprised me the size, not the earthquake, just the size. Watch this narrow ring in the future, especially for earthquakes 5.0+ because almost 80% of the time it means a 6.5+ earthquake is coming.

            • @BI,And another thing I find interesting is that there are volcanoes waking up in these areas that are so active….

            • @ Anonymous. Most people don’t realize the amount of destruction that a good size volcano can do to the economies of the world, especially the agriculture section. When Tambora went off in 1815, it was a VEI of 7 and lead to a 5 degree F drop around the world and to what was know as the year without a summer in 1816. Europe was hit bad and all sorts of famines occurred later. India had massive crop failures also. This was barely a VEI 7 and this is not considered a super volcano. Super volcanoes normally hit the VEI of 8.

              I would be much more worried about a Tambora type of explosion than a super volcano as they are more frequent and there are a lot more areas around the world that could have such an explosion. The Long Valley Caldera in the Sierras is an example of a volcano that could be easily a VEI of 7. In 1980 when Mammouth, california had 4 earthquakes of 6-6.6 many feared that this Caldera was ready to erupt. Such a volcano going off would destroy the food belt of the United States for many years. It is not just Yellowstone, it is the Long Valley Caldera and the Cascade range of volcanoes such as Mt. Rainer, even some of the other semi dormant volcanoes around the west coast that could affect the U.S.

              I don’t know much about volcanoes, but I do know that plate collisions will cause much more pressure to build up and lead to possible volcanic eruptions. A large enough earthquake can also rip open a fissure and let through enough magma to lead to a major eruption. Something all of us such watch for as there has been a sharp increase of mega earthquakes since the after the 9.1 Christmas day earthquake of 2004.

      2. I heard on the radio today of designer iPhones that were gold plated. Price was $43,000.00. I looked at my trusted 130lb German Shepherd then at my old phone, my dog is priceless, the phone is disposable.

        The article is true. Most people know the price of many things. Yet know the value of little.

        While society unravels and decency is becoming rare, many sadly fret over their phones & facebook status. For a culture to have accomplished so much, traveled so far, only to be at the edge of the abyss we struggled from not so long ago, we all ask..WTF happened?

        Everyone watch your six, prep, get active, hug your dog, tell your wife and kids you love them. What is most valuable never started with a price.

        9XR out

        • Niner X-Ray,

          You are 100% correct. Folks in the general population (like prison) have been conditioned from birth to follow directives and are punished for questioning authority. Today more than ever we see the compliance conditioning on full display each time we go to an airport or ride the subway.

          We have to remove our shoes at the airport because of one doped up terrorist with a failed shoe bomb, but how many cell phones have been used to detonate Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) around the world? Hundreds? Thousands? Yet we can buy any cell phone on the market with absolutely no restrictions. None.

          I cannot say why a handful of us are impervious to the dis/misinformation noise propaganda bombarding us each day from elected officials, but when the SHTF in a few short years, problems today will pale in comparison to the naked totalitarian state that may rise up if history repeats itself. Cheers.

          • “I cannot say why a handful of us are impervious to the dis/misinformation noise propaganda bombarding us each day from elected officials…”

            Perhaps because God wired us correctly. We have built-in BS filters. The others? Not so much. 😉

            • 41MagMan, that is entirely possible!

            • 41MagMan, God wired *ALL* of us correctly but society re-wired us through our parents and schooling.

              You can tell a lot about people by what kind of vehicle they use for transportation.

              I pull down $75K a year. I have two main vehicles. Both are more than 15 years old and have over 200K miles on them. Why do I keep them? A) I like them. B) They were paid for the day I handed the guy the 63 $100 frns for the one and the 16 $100 frns for the other.

              I make approximately 5 times what our department secretary makes. She has a vehicle thats just a couple years old. I work with another guy who pulls down $80k. He’s constantly worrying about make payments on this or that, yet, he has nothing to show for it other than a small house and a vehicle that is shiney and fairly new (that just cost him $1100 to get fixed.)

              I invest my excess in junk silver, guns, tools and land.

            • Netranger, excellent point about owning hard assets vs. paper assets. The vast majority of people in the world are completely brainwashed into believing leasing is better than owning. My car is 10 years old, just broke 100k on the odometer and runs great. The only people who have a grasp of hard asset ownership seems to be older people who have faced adversity i.e. Great Depression, folks who somehow managed to unplug themselves from the propaganda rhetoric, and central bankers.

              The bankers may tell the gullible world that paper (or electronic) wealth is the real deal, but they are accumulating gold bullion with both hands as fast as they can. This may sound cliché, but actions really do speak louder than words where wholly owned hard assets are concerned.

            • subtlety and psychology. the two most effective and powerful weapons of the original enemy and the rest of the enemies of God. it sounds all fine and good until you get to the last paragraph which talks about lower and higher vibrational frequencies. those phrases are associated with the new age religions. people changing thier vibration and becoming god-like or little gods. that is exactly how the devil tempted Jesus using scripture but twisted it. truth mixexcd with a lie. i will not read a book by these people or adcvocated by these people because most likely it will have new age agenda undertones. this article is exactly how the devil and his followers work. truth mixed with lies(another agenda, compartmentalisation, subversion and so on. God’s real wired folks which will be few in this time will understand this and see it for what it is. as you read in the bible many who say they are jew(christian) are not. they will run ot Jesus and he we say i never knew you. for ignorance his people will be enslaved and destroyed. even letting in a lil but of this new age stuff can lay ruin to many souls. beware.

            • @NetRanger

              The very concept of depreciation of vehicles escapes most.

            • 41MagMan: They could have them too, they just have to pray and try to follow his commands. You can’t talk on the phone if you never pick it up. You won’t hear God whisper to you if you never listen to Him or try to talk with Him.
              We are of God or of the world. As I get older and see more and learn more about myself, this becomes more and more clear to me.

          • SORRY THIS NATION IS FULL OF PUSSIES. sorry for the caps…the constitution say they can dis arm us if we are in rebellion….oops thats why they are getting armed to the teeth….

        • Need what you’ve got, not what you want.

      3. Good Article- Thanks for waking me up a few years back!

      4. Hubby and I have tried to live a simple life for the past 20 years.

        Our children think we are poor because we live in a old single-wide moble. We have 20 acres and home that is all paid for. We have money in the bank to make improvements on our home without going into debt. Ha! Ha! While our children make home payments of over $1,000 each month.

        We have food that comes from our garden and eggs from the chickens. Hopefully next year we will get a male goose for our female and have baby geese for meat and fat.

        We have no debt other then phone, tv, electrical and gas. Then there are those nasty taxes. But we are wittling all these bills down with each year of simple replacement.

        • @ Mona

          You madam & Daisy + others here…are the epitome of what it means to be real people. Y’all provide a nice counter-balance to hedonism & a materialistic world.
          Thumbs up to you.

      5. I love this article! I am so happy that I ditched city life, the rat race and the full-time job.

        Everyone thinks I’m poor too, because I now physically work hard to keep us warm and fed, whereas before I toiled away in an office and just paid for those items.

        I’d take hard work outdoors any day over dealing with the Sheeple in a customer service environment like I did before – I spent so much time ticked off at people who were not nice! Now I spend my time content and happy, in a teeny little house with an outstanding mountain view out of every window.

        • Daisy, love your comment as well !

          Bad day on the farm is always better than a decent day at work. The traveling, living in motels, rude drivers, dog log attitude from customers, and generally the frustration of being in the rat race.

          This old house and the land offers peace. Enjoy !

        • I am so ready to pull the trigger on a rural property. I can only do it once though, and I just wish I knew more about what I was doing. e.g., It has a nasty little pond (1/8 acre) but I think I can make it bigger in order to stock it. Small stream but definitely no hydro or really much else from it.

          Also, I’m nowhere near retirement (age or $$) so to “call it quits” now could be a costly judgement call. Sigh… so many factors to consider.

          But, I’ve traveled around the world, worked for Fortune 50 companies, and all I really want is peace and quite on a small homestead. Go figure.

          Daisy, I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments though, you have a balance to your approach to everything that is much appreciated.

          • Thank you, Bleako!

            My advice is, just jump! The parachute will catch up. 🙂

            Expect to make mistakes and expect things to go wrong – just learn from them. Some things will be much harder than you expected and other things will make you feel very competent.

            I have absolutely no regrets about making this move despite the “culture shock” of going from a really nice house in the city to a small rather ugly house in the woods. The satisfaction of looking at a humongous woodpile that you stacked until you thought your arms would fall off or turning a bag of crabapples you gathered in the woods into jam is unmatched by promotions, bonuses and all that fancy stuff.

            • Daisy,

              Thanks for sharing your comments, you give me hope! I’ve been prepping for quite a while and am working on my strategy to get away from the rat race. I was sitting in traffic (8 lanes gridlocked both ways) the other day and so disgusted that I still am a slave to the system (in some aspect). Very soon though that will change, the stars are aligning…

              I too used to think wealth and happiness was measured in home square footage and how many German cars (BMW/Mercedes) I had in the garage. What a fool I once was, my how things have changed.

              I would rather work in a field growing crops and pounding in fence posts versus sitting in a corner office pondering waterfall charts on a powerpoint slide.

              I’m very close and working towards that end. The prepping lifestyle has taught me so much and I am trying to spread that knowledge as much as I can.

              Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



            • Awesome !!! I wish I had the balls in my life right now.

            • You jumped out of the plane without a parachute Daisey, but make sure you have the jump suit on.

              Buy as much winter clothing that you can afford. (that is durable and good quality)When you think you got enough, get some more. And dont skimp!!!

              Big war is the closest it been in the last 70 years, and nukes will start it off this time(and finish it).

              Good luck!

          • BleakoE: Paradigm is the perfect word. Our current one has been manufactured for us by Madison Avenue since the end of WWII. Coupled with its insideous partner the televison, these forces have been conditioning the population to be mindless consumers of an endless array of unnecessary junk. Advertisers ‘create’ a need for something that out parents and grandparents did very well without. Advertisers use psychology to create insecurity and envy as motivators to get us to buy their crap. It’s time to kill our televisions and call bullshit on this warped way of life where we are no longer people but just consumers to be fleeced by peddlers of a phony ‘lifestyle’. This might be a good time to learn a manual skill that you can take pride in and use when things get really bad.

            • You condemn the influence of Madison Ave. and television, Greg8, but you are as quick as Pavlov’s dogs to defend the tribe that runs Madison Ave and television (and Wall St and the Federal Reserve Board, etc. etc. etc.).

            • You are right, I have been trying. I have divided prepping into stages, so things like buying a pressure canner and canning from the farmers market, growing herbs in window boxes (I have land that will only grow mushrooms), cooking helpful recipes from scratch (yes, I know what to do with a 5 lb bag of flour – which sets probably everyone here apart from the vast majority), learning to use and purchasing weapons, getting passports & paperwork in order for all, etc.

              There does seem like a lot you can do, even in a poor setting. But buying a rural property is a big step, everyone has conflicting views on what a property “must” have, and it’s hard to trade away savings, retirement, and health plan … hopefully I still have a LONG time left to provide for myself (and at least a decade to do so for my children). So those things do seem desirable.

              I guess it all boils down to … how many scenarios can you optimize your ability to “provide” in? How many SHTF scenarios? How many world stumbles along BAU scenarios? Completely trading off ability to provide in some scenarios for others is difficult, and it’s pretty impossible to cover all.

              Going to look at the property next weekend though…

            • JohnQ: I said nothing in my piece about defending anyone. Since you’re not too bright I’ll spell it out for you and the other dimwits who gave you ‘thumbs up”. When I mentioned Madison Avenue, I was also talking about those who run it which is all of big business and their bankers trying to get us to buy junk we don’t need.. I can’t believe that you’re this dense not to get that, but then being stupid and a paranoid psychotic can be a real handicap to understanding other people . And you talk about Pavlov; you’re the one that starts salavating like a dog whenever you mention your nefarious mythical ‘tribe’. Of course I can see why since you’re obviously in the advanced stages of rabies with all of your insane barking. A well placed bullet can cure that disease of your’s. Let me know if I can help Cujo.

            • Kevin, Buy a winter coat? Make the winter coat. Don’t know how? Learn how.

              What is the use of being prepped if your not preppared?
              We keep asking these quick questions, or I know I do, and I seen a few others from time to time.

              Can we provide for ourselves if we have no preps?
              Can we cloth ourselves if we have no preps?
              Can we feed ourselves without preps?
              Can we feed our children without preps?
              Can we defend ourselves without preps? ( take away your guns ammo and bows and xbows. )

              We have in the past before there ever was a #10 can.
              We have in the past before there ever was a Sewing Machine.
              We have in the past before there was gun powder.
              These things just make life easier. Until you no longer have those things.

            • Life and death issues, body and soul, are at stake here, far bigger concerns than your minimalist “buying stuff we don’t need” dead end. Every time the tribe’s Master Race creed is exposed here by quotes from the rabbis and Israelis themselves, you thrash about with extra energy feigning a pose of knowledge to deny/defend their genocidal, perverse, and swindling creed.

              Your thinly veiled threats expose exactly who you are and what you are about.

        • Remember the Chevy commercial from the 70s? “Half the fun in life is gettin there!” Lots of people are going to freak out when their bank accounts and 401(K)s evaporate.

          I’m going to find a tall building and rent a small office with windows that open–business opportunity.

        • Daisy,

          Your courage and determination to make this move and ‘make it work’ are an inspiration!

          Life can be spent acquiring ‘things’ or spent ‘living it’. We may leave behind a bigger paycheck in city life, but we gain in many other ways. Living in the country we may do more physical work, but I believe we also get to appreciate the fruits of our labor.

          We eat the food we have planted and get to enjoy the warmth of fires from wood we have gathered, cut and stacked.

          Take care!
          KY Mom

        • My question is, when it comes time for the annual female exam, does one brings oneself back down off the beautiful mountain veiw to see the Doc in the shitty rat infested city, or does one “EACH” man hater result in relying on nuts and berries for clinical exams ? just asking .

          • What are you talking about, Buttros?

            • Confucius says :Loose some weight woman, and your food preps will florish !

          • @ BBG

            Damn…are you for real?
            Or are you one of those vaginally obsessed & frequently denied perverted OB/GYN wannabes?
            Where the hell did you get the idea that certain shtfplan ladies are man haters?
            Jeezus dude…seriously, what the eff is wrong with you?

          • Buttros

            Butthead WTF? Get a grip or piss off

            • Hows the Dental business doing in Jolly Old England ? Cheers mate !

          • Buttros

            The only one that seems to be filled with “hate” is YOU.

            There are many women readers and posters here. I am sure our life stories are all different. We have families that we are trying our best to prep for and protect. Our family may include a husband, children, grandchildren, parents, etc. … or a combination thereof.

            Thank you to all the posters here who offer valuable information about gardening, canning food, prepping, etc.

            KY Mom

            • Buttros

              You give yourself away. Bwhahahahahaha you poor pathetic loser, couldn’t you take it? Haven’t you gotton over me telling you to eff off when you tried to solicit me for cyber sex? Does the missus know? Want me to tell her?

              Why being Daisy into it…did you think you could hide behind her? No mate she’s wiser than me, and had you tried it now it wouldn’t work, the ladies and gents on here have taught me well.

              Just for the record it does not pay to try and be too clever, have you realised what gave you away?

              Take no notice Daisy, I can assure you this is not aimed at you…he’s trying to hide behind you, you said something that pissed him off the other day so he’s dragged you in. I can assure you you would be shocked if you knew who he was.

              Take care……you never know who’s watching

          • BBG: class-less and uncalled for.

        • Daisy, we just recently got rid of most of our posessions from a 1500 sq. ft apartment and 10×10 storage unit. We bought an older rv, refurbished it and now live on a fraction of what we used to. We didn’t have to, hubby still has a great job, but the pressure for me to work to make ends meet is gone. I can wholly concentrate on the family. I can totally relate to this article. Friends and family don’t get it, think we’re hiding a job loss and offer their washer or hot showers or to cook meals. Omgosh. I’m tired of explaining to them we keep warm, clean, dry and fed just fine, so I just say thanks and let them think what they will. We are happier, sleep better and are more “free” than we ever were before. When I have to go into the city, it is already feeling like a foriegn country.

          • MLG – that is awesome! Isn’t it a huge relief to know that your bills are low and manageable and that you have what you need?

            I had to go into “the city” last week – and you’re right, it felt really strange. The funniest part is, I moved from an area with about 2 million people, and the local “city” has just over 10,000 people. My daughter and I both breathed a sigh of relief when we were on the road back home!

            Congratulations on the change you and your family have made!

            • Hi Daisy.

              You got 7 months TOPS to get your $hit together!!

              If I was you, I would start pushing turds 90 degrees!!

            • Kev ~ Hi! Hope you’re well

              Sorry to be dense but what do you mean: Pushing turds 90 degrees?

              We’re working on getting it together as fast as possible – I hope you’re right and there are 7 months to spare

            • @Daisy-I guess I meant, get your shit up and goin.

              Push it up, keep it up, and get it up!

              You think splitin wood is hard during the summer.

              Waite till its 2 am, your in a duster and the snow is blowin sideways at -10F.

              Your fun has just started.

              Take advantage of the time you have to practice!

              you are not going to get alot of that time!

            • Gotcha – thank you for the translation, Kev! 🙂 We’re definitely “green”.

              The plan is to have the wood done BEFORE the snow flies – I think I’ve got almost enough to get me through spring – I asked the owners of the place how much was used last year and got 2 more cords than that.

              Got the garden area mapped out and am trying to get it mulched before the snow flies.

              Learning how the mechanical parts of the well function

              Still haven’t quite figured out the whole fishing thing yet but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

              I’ve found neighbors here are way more prepared than the city because we are remote – everyone has a pretty big stockpile. As well, they are way nicer and more willing to help out. I’m amazed at the way everyone pitches in to aid others in the community. For example when we arrived with our moving van, within 15 minutes 4 different neighbors arrived and unloaded it for us. Luckily for me, everyone is happy to answer questions too, so I am benefitting from their experience.

            • @Daisey- I am in there with nino.

              BALLS!! I do not mean that in any bad way.

              Listen to his words.

              I have love for those close to me, and I will kill(millions) to protect.

              I am hitler/stalin to those that would harm them(I do not give a shit about myself), and George Whashington to peaceful patriots.

              He is NOT wrong.

              You miss understood.

              Someone comes to kick you out durring shtf, blast them!

      6. CONSIDER THIS A “REAL WARNING” FROM ONE WHO HAS LIVED ON THE HARD STREETS homeless crippled destitute and hungry .

        Don’t be dumb on shtf day preppers … learn to harden your heart STAND YOUR GROUND and strike fast deadly and with a purpose .

        love is … misplaced hopism for fool’s and the naive , soon to be victimized robbed raped molested killed by neighborhood bully boys , young bands of predators and bad military troops and cops who think martial law is a legal license to terrorize molest and kill john q public and family .

        Come shtf day … you all had best be carrying concealed H E A T and know when to use it how to use it .

        AmeriKa is only three missed meals away from A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE !

        Love is something you hold close protected dear to your heart and only give to your immediate family . Your brains and balls are what you use for everything else ON THE HARD STREET DURING SHTF DAY !


        PREDATOR OR PREY OF THE NWO ZOG … the choice is yours !


        • You’re wrong.

          If you can’t have love in your heart for others, then there is just no point.

          I’m not saying we should not be ready to defend ourselves if needed.

          But viewing the entire world through a veil of suspicion is no way to live. It puts us in insular prison of our own creation, shut off from human interaction that is vital to all of us.

          What kind of world are we going to rebuild if we close the door to everyone outside of family? There’s always room for hope – you just have to temper it with good judgement.

          One day it will be the hopeful optimists who will rebuild and make the world a place worth embracing again.

          • God is Love! When all hope is gone, God is still there.

            When I had to correct my children,and didn’t really want to, I did it anyway because everyone needs correction to a certain point. That is why it’s sometimes called “tough” love.

            Now, I have to sort of agree with you CP C-head. Especially on this statement; “Don’t be dumb on shtf day preppers … learn to harden your heart STAND YOUR GROUND and strike fast deadly and with a purpose.”

            When there is that day of calamity and the gangs/hoardes/gypsies/zombies come towards your little piece of dirt; especially if you have young children there, “you have to stand your ground”. To be weak and let them take and do to any, as they please, is foolish.

            As long as I have a breath left in me, I will show them some “tough love”. It may be with a BB gun or it may be with a two by four. When the “threat” is still there, I go to more serious measures. It may be time for them to meet their maker, and I can do the world a favor and send them on their way, if I have to. God won’t hold that against me.

            People want to preach this “thou shall not kill” ideology. What that means, is referring to murder,homicide,and lying in wait, to preplan. We have become a world of whimps. If a person commits homicide or undeniable rape, such as that of a child; God says: send them to me and I will take care of their punishment; then these things will “cease” among you. When did that change? It didn’t change with God. MAN changed God’s law and look what we have.

            So I plan to keep God’s law as best as I can. If they come with intent to rape and murder, they have just as well commited the sin, ’cause it was already in their heart to do so; I’ll help God out, I’ll send them on their merry way and let the buzzards pick their bones.

            Ya’ll have a nice day now!

            • see waht bible says abotu hardened hearts. no where does Father say to let us be door mats, or not discern and such. but what does he say about hardened hearts? what does Father say about people who base thier salvation off of the law? law=death. stick to Jesus and if you are following him and his example then by proxy you are following the “law”. Jesus fullfilled the law and punishment for the law upon true repentance and belief. subltety and psychology are two most powerful tools of devil. which amounts to compartmentalisation, subversion being domination. there is one way one truth and one way to life, Jesus.

            • Gee Josie, I wish we had time to bury em…Josie: Hell boy…Buzzard got to eat…Same as worms.

              Dont tread! Yes I agree! time for Agents of the Lord, to Send evil types to their reward beyond!

              Or remain wimps and hide behind cherry picked verses or slogans such as “I will Pray and Leave it ALL up to God because Hes in control”!

              While evil persons and Murderers go about town saying “Gee I sure like how God dont step in to Halt My purely evil use of Free Will!”

              One day we shall see many who hid behind verses and got whacked due to ignorance or cowerdice or Both!

        • I pity you Nina. If this is how you spend your life thinking of the world. I can’t even reply. I, for the record I do not believe for one second you every lived hard on the street.

          • @fbp … ;0p yawn

            • Angelo the reason ppl say that is because. It is not our place to judge. Did you read the bible? Who is the ONLY being who may judge? Jesus as you know since you are christian and you stated you read the bible or have, IS the ONLY way into heaven THE ONLY WAY IN IS THRU JESUS.
              Not just saying yes he died for my sins but thru him trying to live up to his ideals NOT OURS. Let us see what JESUS the one who is the ONLY way into heaven says about this?

              Book of mathew start at 5 🙂


              21 “You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘You shall not murder,[a] and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’ 22 But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister[b][c] will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to a brother or sister, ‘Raca,’[d] is answerable to the court. And anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.

              38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’[h] 39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. 40 And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. 41 If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. 42 Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.

              43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[i] and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47 And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

              Does any of that sound anything like what your preaching that god and Jesus is? Seeing this is the new testament and the words of Jesus to ALL of US, and he IS the ONLY way in. Now go and show me in the words of JESUS himself what you were just saying?

              Me I am a sinner I know this I have blood on my hands already. I have hated, and I Have killed many times over on both accounts. I know when the time comes I will again to protect those that I hold close. BUT NOT FOR ONE SECOND do i think Jesus is going to be like well you didn’t have to listen to me then.
              OK and for the sell your cloak and buy a sword thing you will bring up 🙂

              Do not believe Luke 22:36 overturns the many times Jesus urged his followers to practice turning the other cheek and nonresistance when confronted by violence to evil during his Sermon on the Mount and years of ministry. They show when the passage is taken in context (Luke 22:36-38), Jesus is also aware of fulfilling prophecy and makes a surprising statement that two swords are “enough”.[3]

              He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. It is written: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors’; and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment.” The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.” “That’s enough!” he replied.

              —Gospel of Luke 22:36-38, NIV

              Ellul, Yoder and Archie Penner claim that two swords could not possibly have been “enough” to defend Jesus from his pending arrest, trial and execution, so their sole purpose must have been Jesus’ wish to fulfill a prophecy (Isaiah 53:9-12).[3] As Ellul explains:

              The further comment of Jesus explains in part the surprising statement, for he says: “It is necessary that the prophecy be fulfilled according to which I would be put in the ranks of criminals” (Luke 22:36-37). The idea of fighting with just two swords is ridiculous. The swords are enough, however, to justify the accusation that Jesus is the head of a band of brigands. We have to note here that Jesus is consciously fulfilling prophecy. If he were not the saying would make no sense.[4]

          • Ya buncha of “PREPPER POLLYANNA’S” .. And so goes humanity … into extinction … just as did THE DODO BIRD !!!

            Your all in for a very rude awakening real soon …


        • There is a time for the quick draw with 44 magnum and blow them away. There is also a time for a helping hand, a leg up and some compassion and charity.

          You will be surprised how much credit you’ll get if you help people just a little. I know, I’ve done it. I’ve helped people just a little with little consequence to myself. You’ll be surprised what it does to them. EVEN YOUR SUPPOSED ENEMIES! You’ll be shocked the next time you do a face plant and they’re standing there ready to help you back on your feet. There are people out there now that need you help. There are people on my short list that would give me a kidney if they new I needed it. All because I treated them like a human being when no one else did.

          I think Daisy would agree that even dead, she’d be far better off as she is than if she was like you prescribe in your comment.

          The trick is not to have the BIGGEST GUN or to have the BIGGEST HEART. YOU NEED TO HAVE BOTH!

          Our screwed up world and religions have coerced us into believing that you can’t have it both ways. YOU CAN! You shoot when you need to and you hug when you need to. Love them all but don’t be afraid to send them to the judgement seat.

          My prayer is that I will be given the wisdom to know when to use the big gun and when to use the big heart.

          If all we have left is your world, Nina, I don’t want to be a part of it. Daisy, if the word was more like yours, we would not be in this position.

      7. Yup, that is where I want to get to. I waited to long to put my 5500 sq foot house on a golf course on the market. Looks like I can’t find any suckers around here to take on a big mortgage, at least mine is paid off. I want to get out of here and into the country and onto 30-50 acres and build my little 16×28 cabin and become as self sufficient and off the grid as I can become before shtf. I too used to look at the “price” of things and not the value of them. At least for the last half of my life I can live the correct way for me.

      8. * some one is f-ing with my posts ;0P pssszzt

        • m

      9. Excellent article and one I am in total agreement with. I’m now in my mid 50’s and as I have gotten older I have become less materialistic. As the saying goes, “you ain’t taking it with you”. I am self employed and make enough to pay the bills and have a little left over to save. First and foremost is to work to live and not live to work. I see so many chase the money dream and don’t live long enough or in good health to enjoy it. I’ve decided not to go done that road.

        This current economic system of things shows it’s on it’s last legs and we will have to wait to see what’s on the other sideand what will replace it. When it collapses the entire global financial system will come crumbling down.

        There will be many individuals who will be disappointed that all their efforts to chase the pot of gold will find it worthless.

        • I think it does take aging, which brings maturity, to accept the true value of ‘things’.
          I am still ecstatic over my 4 blueberry bushes planted last Saturday.
          I AM NOT a material girl; never have been.
          I am fortunate with great health. That is also true value.

        • “As the saying goes, “you ain’t taking it with you”.”

          That applies to the usual trinkets that some call wealth. The REAL wealth of our lives is measured in the love we share with others, the experiences we learn from, and the memories we have. These are true wealth because we CAN take them with us. 🙂

          • As my 15 year old says…Mom we may not have much money, but we are rich.

      10. 12ga pump = value…22lr rifle = value…50gal rainbarrel = value…knowing that i can protect and feed my family = priceless

        • Bingo….

      11. I agree with the poster on the “love” part. No one is going to be loving all over you just because you were kind to them if it ever really gets as bad as some think, it won’t be pretty drawing the lines in the sand. For those that are not self-employed, just think about the politics at work (and those you thought had your back, thought, and realized later they threw you under the bus for few bucks or promotion, or took credit for your work—no integrity/merit/honesty involved whatsoever) 10x this in a real SHTF situation with those you casually know, or even consider friends. Love is not the answer. I agree with poster above, you WILL be the prey if you let your guard down in a real SHTF situation. I agree with the value v. prices though and downsizing, become more self-sufficient, not judging a book by its cover, etc. But the love part, nah. That is reserved for family and those closest, absolutely.

        • @JustMe ;0) Thank You for the back up support … twas’ my post CocoPuff CrackHead – N.O. … THE website was acting weird like it was being mirrored screened censored … kept changing things not showing as loaded posted .

          @Daisy ;0) as much as I appreciate your kindness and BIG HEART … your childish gullibility and naivety is gonna get some one CLOSE TO YOU physically hurt maybe killed some day … your only PRIMARY DIRECTIVE function is to PROTECT YOUR @PRINCESS TIGER … remember that .

          ;0p pssszzt

          PREDATOR OR PREY @DAISY , the choice is yours on SHTF DAY .


          • RQ ~

            You’re right – sometimes I am gullible. I’ve been known to believe in the wrong person and give the benefit of the doubt one too many times. And try as I might, I’ve been unable to protect my child from every painful thing that life has thrown at her.

            Despite those things, I continue to teach her positivity. I teach her that when life knocks you down, no matter how bad it hurts, you get up, you grit your teeth, you keep going and you find a bright point to fix your gaze on.

            Don’t mistake kindness for weakness. You’re kidding yourself if you think anyone will get past me to hurt my daughter. I may be “naive”, but I am not stupid or defenseless.

          • You are a maniac.

            • No, nina is a DHS troll.

          • That was a different “Justme”.

            I had had a couple posts “snatched”, or deleted lately, also. Not sure if it’s the site, or some middleman…

            • Don’t worry, there are duplicate “me” on here, with other variations of “me”. You would think some come come up with a “unique” moniker. What you say will make the difference, all you have to do is read between the lines.

      12. I’d like to know where in the U.S. can one find an inexpensive acre or two with good soil for growing and a moderate climate. Some place semi rural, affordable on a low fixed income. Does this place exist in todays America?

        • I can only pass on what land costs here and hope that it helps you.
          In the SW corner of Missouri, land can still be found, for what I consider reasonable, as long as you find a property 30 miles from Springfield or Branson, most smaller acreages fall somewhere in the 1500-2000$ an acre range. If you had more money to spend you can still buy some 300 acre farms for about $700-1000/acre(usually with an old farm house or two). If you have enough to build a 1500 sq Ft house you can buy restricted property(sq ft min, yearly $200 maintenance fee) for $1000 an acre around lake of the Ozarks.
          Life still moves pretty slow in any of the smaller communities around here, pretty close to “Mayberry” honestly.
          The smaller the town, the further back in time it seems.
          South Central Mo, costs even less, but be warned….. it’s like living with the Hatfields and McCoys, great people, just hard to become ….”one of them”
          Hope this helps

          • BTW, I would not consider SW MO a moderate climate necessarily, it get’s cold in the winter(not super cold), but is extremely hot a couple months of each year, with humidity enough for a fish.

            • Where I live it gets really, really cold in the winter. At first I thought of it as a problem. But all is not as it seems. With a good investment in insulation, I can heat my house with wood alone. And my house is quite large. There is also the aspect of refrigeration. I can slaughter beef and it will stay frozen all winter long in a room of the house with the window open. Dont need any refrigeration for that. The snow ia also a great source of catchment water as it melts if you are prepared for it. It also keeps the udiserables away.

          • countryboyseein- hey there, i am from the great arcadia valley- yeah, isolated rural mountains and fine people..but you are right..they dont care much for strangers in those parts.

        • Aljamo: Check out Northern Lower penn. of MIch. Near me there are alot of cribs or just properties alone.

          I seen some nice cribs for dirt cheep lately. From lows of $20 Grand for a couple of, or 5, acres With a single wide in good shape. For $30-45 grand theres alot more to choose from. Many with 5 to 10 acres, crib,garage etc,

          I am going by pictures from local real estate booklets. But am certain many are in good shape all around.

          Many say Ready to move in to. Some need TLC, a few require more work prior to being totally good etc.

          I will probobly consider to buy a cheeper dwelling and just walk away from this crib unless I get a fifth wheel and hauler truck as I prefer to do.

          I rather buy Two small properties, one near montana or idaho, and another is Tenn or?? Smokey mts areas for winter living. I am trying to find a travel partner who has Own income and free to travel etc and zero kids.

          Not for any relationships. Just as a travel friend/partner to split fuel etc.

          Try going online websites and check it out. Lots great deals due to economy now. Lots of Land Contracts also!

          If I move again I am paying Cash only or so much down paynts will be a joke.

        • i have seen land as you are describing here in n.e.mississippi but expect to pay 3-5,000 bucks an acre minimum and that aint no scraped off lot-that is rural with a possibility of a water or electric line close enough to tap into if needed. prices go way up when you start talking over five acres…then you might as well keep your overpriced mortgage.

          • I got no problem paying More per acre. Say like $3000 or more IF it is great location and all I need is 1,or 2 acre’s. All I will need mainly is room for a hauler truck and 5th wheel, and maybe few other vehicles to park on.

            Am more concerned with a Well for water, and close elec hookups. I know we may not rely on elec co to supply it after shtf. But Untill such events occures I do want electricty avail. I will have a gen and fuel backup.

            Maybe build a nice well insulated Pole barn to park truck And trailer in. With xtra room to spare. Better to heat it if gets cold and good for security of 5th wheel and Me too!

            Idiots in woods: Gee lets see whats inside that vacant pole barn eh….Ok lets do it!

            Run! Run! theres a crazy member of “Them Guys” inside living in it!….

      13. OFF TOPIC…just sent to me email..interesting

        • I sent this over to some friends in Killeen, TX / Fort Hood for verification… if there’s anything to this we’ll definitely run a report. If this happened 0 – 3 days ago as indicated in this vid we should have already gotten a heads up from them — but it could definitely be on the down low. Thanks jayjay.

          • Well, as playing this for my dh, I had reservations, esp. about ft campbell and marines since that is an ‘army’ base and we live 30 miles from it all our lives..but, ask yourself.
            Have these things, and others, been kept from the public before? I should think so. My brother-in-law died of cancer from experiments at ft. campbell with many of his fellow soldiers. In the 50s, the Navy was stationed there, so why not Marines??
            I am on Red Alert.

            • That one discrepancy in her dialog was rather glaring. Ft.Campbell is an Army base, there may be Marines going to the Army school there, but not 8,000 of them. Her statement leads one to think this is incorrect, people giving her this info should know the difference between Army, and Marines. I think we might have heard about something going on in DC, also. Not saying she is wrong, there is so much going on in the dark background, who knows?

            • Yes, justme–that figure, 8000, just from fort campbell bothered me.
              I’ve been there, taught near and had soldiers’ children in my class in Clarksville, Tn. I do not believe that base can hold that many soldiers.

              Possibly that was the figure of all infantry being called up to go??

            • the base can be used as a pre-deployment gathering point. while this intel (if accurate) can be helpful for us, it is also helpful for the otherside…regardless, thank you for giving us a heads-up. just be aware they know what we know.

            • these guys gotta sleep somewhere. can anyone in the belvoir area confirm or deny housing this many troops? again, tough question coz we need to know but no way to keep it from “them”.

            • jayjay,

              Ft.Campbell does house a division, so it is possible 8,000 troops moved recently from there. But, I would think most of the troops are already deployed to the mid-east, don’t know. Anything is possible, but the story of 8,000 Marines going to DC sounds a bit out there to me. Interesting vid, anyway.

            • Jayjay, I live in the city where Ft. Campbell is so we are pretty close.

          • The big war has been building for the last 15 years(and it is so close now, even the sheep are finally getting it).

            It will be like a thief in the night, and strike without warning. No one will know the hour/day before. Just as many knew SOMETHING was going to happen in the fall of 2001, none knew exactly when/where.

            THEY control the internet, if anybody does not believe that statement, all I can say is that they/you are nieve.

            Brains,balls,preps,love,luck and Gods blessings.

            I got em all, and will need them all.

            Good luck everybody!!

            • Agreed Kevin. Watch your six, man.

        • Jayjay: This is the same nut-bag lady that reported a joint US-Chinese naval force fighting off an unfriendly UFO invasion. Are these the shape-shifting aliens, or the reptilian aliens, that have already infiltrated the heads of world governments and are they in some kind of death struggle with the NWO, or have they also been infiltrated by aliens? Who’s on first here? This is what happens when people go off of their meds!

      14. I started getting ready a year ago because I noticed a lot of things changing. What bothers me is that no one ever really pointed this out to me, no one showed me value, instead they told me to go to college and everything will be fine. Well I just finished, and guess what? No job prospects, no new skills, just a lot of debt. I’ve been coming to this website for the past few months and I can honestly say I’ve learned more value from the articles and comments that have been put on here than anything else I have “learned”. I have been changing the way I live and prep, but there is still one thing that concerns me. I doubt myself; I ask friends and family if they see something coming and they tell me no. I’m starting to think I’m going crazy because I see it. Do you guys really think there is something going to happen. I ask this question with some hopes to get insight and some support.

        • Kollege Kid: Others here can list tens of reasons to prepare for lack of ________ (fill in the blank).
          But no one considers my nightmare.
          Blight for all crops; a really nasty germ destroying all seeds; just one growing season of no food..and where do all the seeds come from following that?
          And how long before there is a profitable growing season?
          One year, two?? Three??
          Isn’t it bad enough to deal with bad climates, earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, but to deal with a seed blight of all plants??

          • jayjay:
            Google Svalbard Global Seed Vault. It is in the Norwegian Arctic. I believe I have read about another Global Seed Vault, as well.

            Nothing wrong with keeping your own supply, but remember that many blights live in the soil and become active with climactic conditions. Blights are one reason to rotate your garden area. A worldwide blight, even an engineered one, would have to be airborne and is unlikely. I have experienced years when my farm was disease free, especially the hybrid tomatoes, while just a few miles down the road, a farm growing heirlooms was wiped out by a late blight. This will happen with grain rusts, as well, with one farm being affected while others in the vicinity are clean. Most of the common blights are fungal. There are all sorts of treatments, from natural to chemical. One easy way to clean limited garden areas is to burn it off in March or at the end of winter. This kills most pathogens.

            The idea of an engineered plant disease that would affect every plant, everywhere and all seed varieties, is a bit out there, IMO. Anyone who would do that on purpose would defoliate the planet. Natural plant diseases are like human or animal diseases: not everyone is affected or are effected to different degrees.

            While the Arctic vault stores heirlooms and people save the open pollinated varieties, it is a good idea to store current year hybrids bred for disease resistance. The type of resistance is usually on the packet. There are standard abbreviations for the various engineered immunities. In the current drought, in my area, farmers who planted drought resistant engineered seeds had a better harvest than those who did not. Dated seeds are usually good for an additional few months after the date on the packet. You will just not get as much germination if you plant year-old seeds.

            • I’ll sleep better. But not about drought resistant seeds,,hmmm; GMO/Monsanto.

            • it is easy to save seed from good planting seasons and you are right on about burning off – we have done that every two years in the fifty years of farming and gardening. crop rotation is a smart thing to do too and using cover crops as well.

            • Jayjay, reply was disabled on your response re: GMO seeds. So I am replying here.

              There are fearmongers everywhere. The engineered drought-resistant seeds saved a lot of farmers this season and, by extension, saved a lot of people from starving or paying even more for food, especially meat.

              No one is forced to purchase anything (except perhaps more than 4 gallons of ethanol-laced gas….haven’t had time to fact-check that one, yet). Blight-resistance, tobacco-mosaic-resistance, drought-resistance, Vitamin A enriched Golden Rice which prevents blindness in children in the Third World and even here, some day: these are not evil things.

              On the one hand, you imagine a world-wide plant epidemic, while on the other hand, you are negative about the people, the scientists, the brilliant ones who figure out how to engineer ways to prevent just that occurrence. I guess you can have it both ways, but it makes little sense.

              It takes over 20 years of education for someone to get to the point where they can begin to experiment to overcome all the problems facing humans who depend on plants. It take billions of dollars in infrastructure, years off peoples’ lives and lots of others working in the field. All this to make life better.

              What horrid harm have you experienced from GMO plant life? You have been eating it for years, as have we all and there are more benefits than harm engendered. I suppose the answer is “the seeds cost money and must be purchased each year”. So, the scientists and the capitalists who built the infrastructure are to work for free while fielding abuse from those who know little to nothing aside from anti-scientific propaganda disseminated by the Greens? And the farmers must just plant whatever they saved from their open pollinated varieties and crop failure be damned?

              Or perhaps, this work should be outlawed so you can continue to lose sleep imagining a world-wide plant epidemic that will cause the entire planet’s food and oxygen supply to cease to exist?

              The very reason these sorts of plants are engineered is that there have been wide-spread crop failures due to climactic and microbial conditions in the past. The unaltered natural world is not benign or free from harm.

              Sorry for the rant, but in my long life, I have seen more good than harm from science. Yes, mistakes have happened, but, overall, IMO, the good outweighs the bad.

            • Many seeds are good for several years. I have planted five year old seed from plants in the cabbage family with good results. Parsnip seeds and those from the onion family on the other hand go rapidly downhill and are really only good for a year maybe two.
              I am more concerned about crazy weather causing famine than a blight. But I share the concern about possible very poor crops.

        • Kollege Kid: You are wiser than you think. 🙂

          I have said many times on The Economic Collapse Blog that our current education system is one of the biggest ponzi schemes ever perpetrated on today’s youth. It’s ALL a lie to keep the Fiat monetary system going.

          I ran into a young lady who told me her and her husband who hoping to become a Dentist are both in debt for 374,000. As you can imagine both are struggling to make ends meet. How about the countless stories of college grads who can’t find a job, hoping to payoff a six figure debt working at Taco Bell. It’s sad really the lies TPTB tell the American Sheeple.

          You are wiser for truly understanding that something isn’t right with the world. You realize that 1+1=2 and your government is hellbent on making you believe 1+1=12.

          As mentioned on this site and others like it, economically, politically, spiritually the world is coming apart at the seams. You have both the insight to realize things are getting too unstable so you took it upon yourself to prepare and I and others here applaud you for it.

          Please understand that it is our government with the dumbing down of America that is hoping you will tune into Monday Night Football or American Idol and not see with your eyes that really bad stuff is heading our way. Greece and Spain are already in meltdown mode. Italy is next and it will spread around the world because the debt bubble can only go on for so long before it burst.

          If no one, be it friends or family wants to listen to you then become a modern day Noah and prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Hopefully one day the light bulb will go off in their heads as well. 🙂

        • You’re in good company.

        • KK, work from the bottom up, prepping. Research shtf and learn and do what you can do now. Waking up is the first step. Think out side the box. Do all that you can, and do not get discouraged…

        • Kollege Kid,

          You are’nt krazy, there are things going on in the background, that most people simply avoid paying attention to. Americans are brainwashed, really. 9 out of 10 people buy into the the mindless-star-spangled-consumerism, that has been foisted upon us, as a way of life.

          Having watched the changes for some years now, I can tell you, I am sad for our country. America has been usurped from within, and her days are numbered unless people shrug off thier programming, and get a grip on reality.

          Civilizations rise, and they fall, or rather, they are brought down. We are at the most crucial juncture in American history. Whether America survives or not will depend on our people facing what they have been told to avoid all thier lives.

          You can only prepare yourself, don’t fret over trying to wake people up. They must wake up and face the truth on thier own. Just prep quietly, and live your life as best you can.

        • Kollege Kid: Yes things are going to happen. Not yet, but eventually. Ok, so you are out of college now and there is no job for you and you have no skills. (?)

          I suggest you reevaluate yourself.

          Everyone has innate gifts and talents. Those innate gifts and talents are oriented toward your interests. If you do not know enough about yourself yet, then go inside and discover yourself. You must have learned SOMETHING in college. Maybe you can’t use it right now, but right now isn’t forever.

          Use the talent(s) that you have and multiply it with the insight that you have gained here. New opportunities and their frontiers are bounded only by your imagination.Think outside the box, now that you know what is inside the box.

          If you have no imagination, pray for guidance. That guidance will lead to a new understanding. Take the inspiration from that new understanding and make new goals.

          Make those goals noble and the universe will smile on you. Smile back.

          • @DK- I have relocated. From my posts, you know where my home base used to be.

            I am now WAY up north,but still in the state that/I love, is my home.

            I am making 1/3rd the money I used to, so that sucks.

            @the gov trolls- I was making $3500 a week, now I am making what you bitchez make!

            How can you sell your country, and your souls out to evil for pennies?

            May you burn in hell!!!

            • 30 pieces of silver bitchez!

      15. Please explain to me why I am still in forced moderation for all posts.

        • Why don’t you write Mac directly? There’s a “contact us” link at the top. 🙂

          • The above suggestion was for FBP ^^^^

          • I have.

            • Try changing your handle. Everyone knows Facebook is just another prying eye for TPTB. Why do TPTB need to do a profile on everyone, hell half of the world has it laid out all over “facebook”. Facebook sucks. I would try changing to something more subtle, like, woodpecker.

              • Changing my handle mean i am running from my older statements. I stand by all i have ever posted. I think ones that use several handle are wimps and in the end have nothing to say

                • its the internet on a random site forum……..what anybody has to say is of no consequence , you will never see them , meet them , they dont know you , they dont know who you really are , neither you or they have any power over the other , the only power they have is what you give them……..and it doesn’t matter . Take what you want , leave the rest , and stir up the pot for those that take it too seriously . just sayin

                • FBP, you’re IP has been cleared in the moderation queue. you should be good to go.

                  • Hey Mac, just want to say hi. God Bless you and your family.


                    @Page.- Relax bro.

                    • Kevin I am in a good place. We have been doing our inventories and all. It nice to look at your hard work once in a while. Lately we have been stepping up the efforts to confirm our stuff. Few extra notes are being left on my windshield lately and some of them have been quite “Disturbing”. As always all could just blow over and 999 out of 1000 do. But it will only take one. Have to go and put a few round down range with my new thermal tonight. See what tomorrow brings.

                      All we have to do is survive it’s death.

                  • hey Mac hope all is well. For some reason I am unable to post, either it just does not post or it will say I am posting too much although I have not posted anything until that point. Hope that you can help. Thanx and as always THANK YOU for the great job here

                    • sorry for any problems you may be having… Not sure what the problem could be here. I’d recommend including an email address when you post (even if fake)…that may pass muster with the automated moderation system. I’ll be doing a system backend upgrade in a few days…hopefully that will resolve any latent issues. Also, I am going to look into adding an Ajax posting system that may resolve some of the issue with the screen resetting and such after each post — so with the new system your post would happen ‘inline’ and not reload the page… Again, my apologies for any difficulty.



                    • @Mac Slavo:

                      You bend over backwards for your site. That’s why it’s one of the best of the best.

                      By the way, I’m going to try the e-mail suggestion even though I’m not too concerned about being moderated. Being able to immediately respond to a post, to keep the flow of it going, would be nice.

                      Great Job!

                    • Used e-mail, still on moderation. No biggie.

                    • The system will soon ID you as “safe” 🙂

                      The computers are in control — I just work here!


                  • Thank You Mac. And I will try very hard to leave Nina alone. I will try to stick to the facts with him only.

        • ALL POSTS have to wait for moderation …….so wait your fucking turn .

          • No they area not they are filter for key words or out side source link. And the only reason i care is it is very hard to have a discussion when you have to wait 10 hours sometimes for your reply to show up.

            • “e-mail address needed for faster moderation” can be fake

        • Please explain to me why you are STILL fallowing ninao around smelling his ASS!

          • @ Kevin

            …because he has a ‘hard-on’ for the eccentric types. Irregardless of whether or not truth is passed on. Typical M.O. of the JBT types.
            Rest assured, his ‘sighting systems’ will be elevated to others soon.
            Comes with the territory. Get used to it.
            Btw, I got your back, dude.

          • Not following he just keeps getting in our way.

        • Facebook, are you entering in an email address? Even a fake one will work, as long as you are consistent every time.

      16. ((+))

      17. All things being equal (velocity) in the economic world if you double the supply of goods at constant a money supply you double value. If you double the supply of money and keep goods constant you half the value.

        The above does not elude The Federal Reserve.

        • I forgot to add. If you don’t get a pay raise and the above happens your standard of living or better said wealth reduces by 50%. Not a dime was taken from you but magically you have half of what you once had.

      18. people like Daisy and Mona are real threats to “the system”
        anyone who has taken the red pill is

        we’re taught from birth
        that the way to happiness is to buy buy buy
        that things will make us “happy”

        it takes a long time and a real struggle to break this programming
        but it can be done

        a small minority of people have awakened
        lets hope this awakening continues
        there is a better way to live our lives

        (Mona and Daisy and others here congrats,your living your REAL lives AND setting a good example for the rest of us)

      19. Most of those posting on this board are of an age to remember how they were raised… and apply the common sense they were raised with to this new ‘wealth depletion’ of the middle class. My family motto growing up? ‘always put in more than you take out’ That means find joy in what you have, give of your time and resources freely to things you care about in your community, teach your children a few values that don’t have anything to do with money. And save up a little for a rainy day or for a friend in need. My community if full of new people who have downsized and are participating in our local farmers markets and garden clubs learning about sustainability. Our schools are full of PTA folks. Our churches are actively doing outreach and food pantries for our less fortunate (and we have lots of those too!).

        • My childhood motto: The scavengers will inherit the earth. It has served me well.
          My grandfather would go for walks and collect cans to sell. He was well off but people would see him collecting cans and offer that “poor old man” a little money, much to his amusement.
          My dad would go to the junkyard and “browse”. It was amazing the things he would find. Too bad everything today is locked in landfills. Those junk excursions were a lot of fun- like a treasure hunt.
          They were great examples for me and gave me a better education that all my years in college.

      20. Plenty of money, or the lack thereof doesn’t cause me to judge a person. The color of a person’s skin doesn’t cause me to judge a person. I need about five or ten minutes to try and determine if this person has enough intelligence to warrant me carrying on further with a converstion. I don’t mean rocket science mentality; just good common sense.

        The saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s Cover”, used to be true in so many ways. Not anymore for me. All I have to do is look around at the idiots in Wally World. If a person is wearing their underwear/nightwear out in public, I don’t need to be seen talking to them. If a person is so fat and nasty they smell and have on dirty clothes, I don’t need to be seen talkin with them. Here is a personal pet peeve. If a person has any part of one or more of their appendages covered in tatoos and pierceings and their hair color is rainbow or flourescent anything, I don’t need to be seen talking to them. If a person has “pants on the ground” with underwear showing, they need to just, Buck off Fuddy.

        The ideaology that “anything goes,” and “it is my right to dress and say whatever I want to in public,” is BS. People need to show some common decency and respect.

        • @ “don’t tread” ….. I totally agree with you on some of the
          Wally World people looking like they just rolled out of bed & into WW all stinky & dirty in their flannel PJ’s sporting fluorescent hair, long, dirty ghetto nails and many with lots of metal in their eyebrows & nose. You’d think they’d be embarrassed. Although, there is no sign of them in the garden dept., is there??!! Time for the gene pool to have a good flush …..

          • @ Dont tread and gardenia, i have a 20 yr old, she’s at wally world at times,rummage sales, anywhere to find a bargain, does tats for side money,knows the value of a dollar and has a few peircings. The kid is bright and does not buy into all the woohoo of spoon fed MSM or any other junk. Kid takes no crap and VERY much a think for herself kinda gal. Her hair is a rainbow of color. Why she looks ODD? I raised her to express herself through clothes etc giving her an outlet instead of drugs and drinking. She was different before it was “the look” I am proud of her. Works goes to college, and has alot of knowledge about prepps. Just found a multi tool on sale and bought 1 for her and I. So when ya see somebody walking around with what I call tackle hanging off the face and a rainbow crowning the head…..well ya just never know what really may be under that look. Never judge a book by its cover, oh yea and she can shoot the balls off a gnat…just letting ya know, PRoud mom of one smart cookie

            • Sounds like she is probably a “one in a million”, “diamond in the rough”, kind of girl. Good for her and hope she finds time for Jesus during her busy days.

        • Hey don’t tread on me, I take offense to your two sided comment. In one statement, you don’t judge people by the color of there skin, and that you need to only talk to them for 5 or 10 min to see if they warrant any further conversation with you. Well I would love to have a nice, intellectual conversation with you. After about 10 minutes I will take my coat off to let you see both of my fully tattooed arms just to show you that you are just a good ol’ hypocrite. I might look like a freak in your eyes but my values are right up there with yours except I truly don’t judge a book by its cover. My grandfather was a WWII navy veteran with both his arms tattooed also. He was a hell of a man, he taught me to work hard for my family, how to hunt fish and live off the land, and to respect any man that deserves it. I just wonder if you would look down at this man because of the tattoos he had on his skin?

          • No, Bobbyt. I want look down on you or anyone else just because of their tats. Never said I “looked down” on anyone with tats. You can have them all the way down and around your begonias and ying-yang for all I care. I just prefer to think of them as “trashy” and as the body/flesh as a temple unto the Lord. I know what is important is what is in your heart. I just think it says that a person is “looking for attention” and I don’t want that kind of attention. It is a choice. I ride a harley and have had friends that rode with and were members of Hell’s Angels. I have friends that have tats all over. My wife has a big flower over her lower back. She doesn’t have to see it. I’m sick of it. Now she wishes she never had it done. One of my friends got a huge eagle on his right shoulder extending to his spine and below his shoulder blade, up and down part of his arm. That was 20 years ago, it was cool then. Now it just looks like a buzzard.

            Bobbyt, you can’t put on “cool”. It has to come from within! Peace!

            • DT ~

              You actually DID imply that you looked down on people that had tattoos, and a myriad other differences in appearance. You said, “I don’t need to be seen talking to them.” That’s hardly a glowing endorsement.

              For every tattoo story you have about someone who regrets their ink, I could find a story about people who love the art on their bodies.

              Many of us use tattoos to commemorate something important and keep it with us always. I certainly don’t regret a drop of ink on my body. If you met me at the store, you’d never know I had them, but that sure doesn’t make me superior to someone with a sleeve, nor does it make you superior to me for not having any.

              If we are all about freedom, why are we judging people by what they look like? I’m not trying to be harsh, but is freedom only important when it’s the freedom to do what you think they should do?

            • @ Daisy
              Yea, it is evident that you aren’t as smart as you think you are, or you try to portray. What I “implied” is called “discernment”; which is a long way from “judging”, or “looking down” on someone. Judging is left up to God. I discern who I associate with. Judgement from God is of the heart not of the skin or what is on it or in it.

              It is my freedom to discern not to be seen talking with people covered in tats and body bling. It’s just me. I think it looks like someone is craving attention and reeks of trashyness.

              Don’t put words in my mouth because you want to jump on the “defend the people with tats, train” and see me as a threat to people’s freedoms.

              I’m just saying, this is my cloud and it’s going to a better place. You can ride your own cloud to wherever you choose and have as many tats/piercings as you want along the way. I just know when i get on the other side, that’s one thing I won’t have to answer for, if it is a problem with God.

              99% of the people with tats and piercings get their feathers ruffled if anything is said negative about them. So be it. Maybe there is a reason. I know people want to live like “it’s my body and I’ll do with it as i please”. That is the same mindset the pro-abortion folks have. Does God see it that way? We’ll all soon enough find out. Peace. Glad to hear you got out of the city rat race,btw.

            • don’t tread,

              I don’t think God is going to have a problem with a tatoo. He may however have a problem with you pretty much putting abortion and tatoos in the same catagory. If you’re sick of looking at your wife’s tatoo then you are probably sick of looking at her, afterall that tatoo is a part of her now. You come across as one of those fake born again christian.

            • @ Tommy Boy

              I’ve read some of your posts and you don’t have a whole lot of room for casting stones. If it makes you feel better about yourself by calling me a “fake christian”; then have a good trip.

              The only ONE I have to defend myself to/for is Christ. Since I’ve already done that, HE will defend me with the Father. If you don’t have a problem with abortion, then maybe you should do some soul searching. I know what God’s laws are, about this matter, and it ain’t sitting well with Him, how people are doing. When SHTF people will open their eyes to a whole new meaning of “putting your trust in the LORD”. Be Free.

            • don’t tread,

              Where did you read that I don’t have a problem with abortion?? Read my post, “He may however have a problem with you pretty much putting abortion and tatoos in the same catagory” In other words, I do not think that God would be as harsh on someone who has a tattoo compared to someone who murders an unborn fetus! As for tattoos, I don’t like them either but I don’t think you will burn in hell for having an eagle on your arm. Then again if it is something evil, that is another catagorie all together.

            • Don’t tread

              I am certain that the tattoo on my right buttock will not prevent God from seeing the person I am.

              Take care

            • don’t tread says:

              I know people want to live like “it’s my body and I’ll do with it as i please”. That is the same mindset the pro-abortion folks have.

              ROTFL – seriously?

              So commemorating my daughter’s births and remembering my deceased father via some well-wrought ink puts me in that category?

              Please. You say you’re not judging but you are. Call it dsicernment if it makes you feel better about yourself.

              And I feel sorry for your wife, the way you just spoke about her – did you ever think she maybe feels bad about the tattoo because you MADE her feel bad?

        • OK. I have one more point to make before I shut this baby down and go to the annual family reunion. You won’t find a bunch of tatooed children and bodies laden with pierceings and bling. Why? Because our families have morals and values that reach beyond such fakeness.

          The trend of using tatoos and pierceings as a way of “acceptance” into “modern society”, is disturbing. When I see children under the age of twelve walking around with tatoos and pierceings, I have to wonder; What are their parents like? This kind of behaviour can’t be good for kids and it very well could be detrimental to them.

          I truly believe there are things we do and actions we take that doesn’t add “value” to our lives, but rather takes it away. There are things, especially when combined, that open the door to demonic spirits to come into people’s lives. It may be subtle at first but it can grow like a cancer if left unchecked. I’m talking from experience.

          I just see the “possibility” of children with tats and body bling as the first step. As harmless as it may seem to parents, there is an element of doing such things that can give a kid the wrong impression. What if, it has been one of the devil’s tools all along, to further warp the minds of the world’s youth? To more easily accept the things that turn out to be evil. I’m just sayin’. Parents have to ask themselves, will I be held accountable for how I let my children present themselves?

          • tread… Don’t be too harsh on the kids. I agree that it is mostly a trend. Kids have been “rebelling” for ages.My oldest used to have hardware all over his face. Now that he’s grown up, it’s gone. 3 kids, property, garden, and wood heat. What you teach the younguns will eventually rise to the top.

          • don’t tread,

            You said, “I know people want to live like “it’s my body and I’ll do with it as i please”. That is the same mindset the pro-abortion folks have.” So if you have a tattoo then you would be OK with abortion? Isn’t that what you said? If two people are in line waiting to get in heaven, one has a tattoo of a heart or the word Mom on their body, and the other one has had an abortion, which one do you think will take the fast track to hell? If the one who had the abortion was truly regretful and sorry for doing it and the other one said yea I can do whatever I want with my body and I think women should be able to have abortions, which one would be on the fast track to hell? See, we are all different

          • And if anyone earth bound has issues with it well they can just kiss my wizard lol

            • Do you have a jpeg link for that tattoo?

        • @ Don’t-tread.

          You sir, are a wise man.
          …& richly deserve the green thumbs.

          • I just know from what I see…and in my family, which is huge, the ones with tattoos and those facial hardware??
            They ain’t exactly working for attorneys and accountants, or doctors.
            They’re the T word…nuff said.
            But, that’s just in my family.
            And IF I needed a doctor, attorney, or accountant, and walked into an office confronted by one with lots of facial hardware and arms covered in tattoos…I’d do business elsewhere.
            But, now that’s just my feelings and hangup.

            • Annonymous

              Luckily for all of you, no. I don’t lol

              Take care

          • One big reason we got like we are today, is that since the 1960’s era, a mindset of thinking “Like” God has permeated most all societies.

            IE: instead of What does Gods Word(the bible) state on the issue?….Often we hear “Well I do not think God will condemn this or that action etc. Kinda like, I do good stuf and Never harm others so I think God will say I am Ok”

            Thats not the way it works though. Humans cant ever have the mind of God. And He will go by His rules Not what we humans think He will or wont do, based on our thoughts on the issues.

            Oh and yes there is a few verses which state that we are to Not have piercings and tats in or on our bodies. Weather or not its a big issue with God?…Time will tell.

            Since the 1960’s Hippies Kommies takeovers, too many folks bought into all the “Freedoms and Liberties” to do Anything as long as Nobody gets harrmed Physically etc.

            Thats causes a massive relinquishing of “Responsibilities” thats always supposed to acompany “Rights” or “Liberties”.

            I think the bible calls it “Licence”…PS I do Not imply this pertains to tatoes so much. I wont get any but if you do its you not me right.

            But I do agree that, Its My body or My rights etc is alot to do with todays “Licence” without responsibilities attitude. Hard to argue america was alot better off prior to progressive era of 1900 eh. Or perhaps I was simply born in wrong century?!

          • Thank You Sir, for the fine comments. However; all the praise and glory should go to my Heavenly Father. It was He that shown the light when I was in despair and darkness. It was He that opened up my eyes and led me to truth in His letter to us. I don’t really look for acceptance and appreciation from man, for I know my reward is waiting.

            I try to call it as I see it and sometimes that really riles people, especially when it comes to issues about their behaviour. Sometimes I’m wrong, but most times I’m right. My wife agrees and tells me so.(Dammit, you’re right again). No, I haven’t tried to make her feel bad about her tat. It’s actually very pretty with colors and all. She admitted she only did it out of “defiance” towards her first husband, and that’s precisely why she wishes it wasn’t there. I wish it wasn’t there because I like everything to be as natural as possible. Not only does she not wear makeup; she doesn’t have too because she is naturally beautiful, with long beautiful hair; but she enjoys bible and prophecy study with me. Our prepping has become an art-form. We just got our last order in to make our preps complete for a two year survival food plan for two(actually three since her 23 yr. old daughter will be coming home from the city when SHTF. Yep, the #10 cans of dried eggs and butter will be put in the retreat stash tomorrow.

            The thing about tatoos and piercings is just a generalization towards the ways of society, but people sometimes just need a reason to vent towards anyone pointing out what may or may not be a flaw in their decision making.

            I will try to be of help to anyone that is sincere. If you are colored green with hot pink polka dots and have a whole tackle box full of bling attached to a full body tatoo, I won’t refuse you help if you are sincere and need nurishment of the body and the soul.

            Just don’t take my help, compassion, and outreach as being a sign of weakness. I can turn on the anger just like Jesus did with the moneychangers in the temple when He scourged them with a whip and ran them off.

      21. one of the best articles I’ve ever read. When TSHTF, people with their high-dollar lifestyles and toys will be in for the biggest shock of their lives. I’m shooping again this weekend for more preps and beyond while these FRNs will still get something. I rent the house I live inand I’m not in debt on anything; I’m literally debt-free. I don’t have any stress with credit card bills or any of that junk. I’m looking on eBay for another truck; I’m in a company truck for now. if i can’t use cash to get something, then I don’t need the item. Take care and keep prepping.

      22. Don’t tread, I’m with you all the way. Nobody has common sense, respect, or decency anymore because they’re not taught any of those values. They don’t even have any respect for themselves. People like them won’t last long in post-SHTF; they don’t have the first clue as to hot to take care of themselves; instead, they’ll be waiting for Uncle Scam to come to the rescue. They’ll really lose it when Uncle Scam doesn’t show up when they expect him to. It’s going to be so horrific, tragic, etc. I dread what’s coming. I also dread when hungry hordes come to my place and what I’m almost certain I’ll have to do. Hoping for the best but still prepping for the worst.

      23. Satori, I’ve never been in any debt trap because I’ve always been denied access to credit. The only thing I ever tried to use credit for was to get a bugout property back in the 90s. My mortgage application was rejected because of my income level being too low. That’s the only regret I’ve ever had about living without credit; aside from that, I’m perfectly happy to not have credit. I’ve never had any repos, foreclosures, bankruptcy, etc. I’m living proof one can live without credit for life.

      24. You should see the number of Cadillac Escalades, BMW’s, Mercedes and SUV’s being driven around the neighborhood where I live. All of this in the midst of foreclosed homes and boarded-up strip malls. I can’t pin it down, but something is seriously wrong here.

        • Strange, is it not? Most of those people are up to thier neck in debt. They struggle to keep the image up. They pop another Prozo, turn thier TVs, which are tuned to the most mindless crap they can watch, up louder so they cannot see or hear the truth. When you point out the the odd discrepancies to them, they turn on you; not because you are wrong, but because they cannot face that they may be.

          I have recently seen entire families on the sides of the road, selling thier belongings, with glazed looks of fear and desperation on thier faces. And, the people driving by in Escalades, BMWs, and SUVs, avoiding them…

        • These are the new sub prime “NINJA” car loans . No money down,7 year payments, bad credit no problem. Due to blow up soon. It is the only way the auto makers can boost sales. Just come in “fog the mirror” and sign on the dotted line.

          • Very true and not only that but people tend to buy cars when they can afford a house. It’s no different when I grew up in the 70’s in the streets of NYC. I watched in amazement at the brotha’s who would pull up in their metallic green superfly Town Cars with a white landau roof.

            Yep those were the days. And before anyone thinks that’s being insensitive, i’m Hispanic. 🙂

          • JRS..for several years my dh and I when still in Tn. wondered how many in the income bracket barely above ours afforded these houses of 3000 sq ft.
            We learned from a loan officer one day—interest only payments for the first few years.
            What happens later??

          • @jrs- I LMAO.

            I think of a commercial years ago(in my home city) that had a little middle eastern guy saying on the tv- (showing some tweeker, with the guy saying ” If I can finnace this guy,in which I will, I can finance you”)

      25. Kollege Kid, welcome aboard. First, I’m sorry you’ve had your dreams shattered after finishing college. Forget about the debt; with what’s coming there’s no way it can be paid off. Because you see what’s coming that means you’re facing reality and your friends and/or family are in denial. Believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself. You’ve done absolutely right to start seeing things and prepping early. Put all the extra money you can into preps; the more you can get before the balloon goes up, the better off you’ll be. best wishes and keep prepping.

      26. “He who lives with the most love in their heart has already won.”

        A nice sentiment. A sentoment, however, not expressed often on this site. This site is dedicated almost wholly to the concept of self-servedness.

        • @JoeinNC….

          Your endless, self-righteous drivel is getting really, really old.

          Are you still in your mommy’s basement?

          Found a girlfriend yet?

        • @ JoeinNC. Anytime someone is in need of advice and help, I have seen countless people come use their own free time on this site to try to aid someone. Try it sometime when you need advice, and even after all the put-downs you have given against the people on this site, they will try to help you. That makes the people on this site all right, it is sad you don’t see this.

        • Like I said before , if it bothers you that much ….dont let the door hit your ass on the way out .

      27. Okay here is a way of judging money. Imagine yourself pre mega SHTF and post mega SHTF. Now imagine yourself in front of a normal common person before the mega collapse. Then imagine the same person after the mega collapse, say 1 or 2 weeks later. Here is where it gets sickening.

        Picture yourself with a one hundred dollar bill in your hand and you are going to offer this common person the one hundred dollar bill to do anything they want to with it. This is before mega SHTF. The person will be gleeful and likely go spend it on something asinine. Now take the same amount of canned food that $100 will purchase and offer it to the person and the individual will likely take a can or two and tell you to go give it away to someone, THEY CAN’T USE IT.

        Then take the same scenario after mega SHTF and offer the same person that $100 bill when it is worthless as the cloth that it is made of and that person will shove it back in your face. Offer that person $100 worth of canned food and that person will bow down to you like you are their saviour.

        This is how totally controlled people are, they ONLY see a piece of cloth or a piece of plastic as the only thing that matters, as thye have no concept of the value of true goods. At least most people don’t. Someone offering free food now will ONLY be appreciated if the person is hungry. The person will not have the insight to see that food can be used, now and in the future. They ONLY see what they can buy and use at the moment. Unless that moment is desperate, then they regard such a gift as more hassle than it is worth.

        This is why the prepper/survivalist has much wisdom to see what has TRUE VALUE. While most non-preppers are caught into a type of blinded idiocy and type of worship of what WILL eventually have no value. This will be a big reason why the person that doesn’t prepare and see what really matters are going to fail and perish when times and society collapse around them.

        • I thought Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs was crap when I first learned it in b-school. Assuming society had stayed as it was at that point, really it would have been. But I now think it’s a helpful taxonomy (for anyone who wants to see a small slice of drivel they teach everyone for a $100,000 price tag).

          What you have just described is moving down on the pyramid. We are mostly at the top where “respect by others” and “creativity” and I suppose such frivolous pursuits as we see most engage in today are important. But given a survival situation, we’re right back down to where the physiological (food, water, sleep, safety, etc.) are primary.

          I guess the point is … given that the basic things are satisfied for most today, people are just operating on a different plane. And people just aren’t generally programmed for long-term planning, especially for contingencies that seem low probability. I can’t think any other way. It worries me greatly.

          I suppose we’ll see who was right, but I’ll never regret any preps.

          • Bleako, throughout history, people have had to focus their energies on the most basic needs (the bottom of Mazlow’s pyramid). It’s only been from our Industrial Revolution and onward that our societal needs and values shifted away from the basics. And the values/needs from our contemporary society is merely perceptual, not actual. The majority of people in today’s modern civilization have substituted needs for wants. They now opt for non-essential trappings, gadgets, gizmos, and debt. And having ‘meaningful’ convo via texts along with a large presence on Facebook or Twitter, instead of spending time with people, demonstrates that the pyramid is now inverted.

            The Reset will shake that pyramid into it’s correct position — it’s Universal Law.

            • Yes, but with each revolution and “age,” things have changed for the better and not returned. If something bad enough happened, there is no guarantee you’ll get the feudal agrarian society you seem to year for (both for yourself and for others). And even then, I personally can’t see how that is desirable.

              I certainly don’t want to have no choice but live out of a cave and wonder if my family will starve during the winter. Or even live through what my grandparents did in the great depression. I very much enjoy being able to listen to a great symphony or partake of fine wine occasionally. And many other things from the higher tiers that you probably also enjoy and don’t realize it. And I don’t wish subsistence living on others just to “show” them.

              I guess my original point is – “value” is contextual. Choosing not to prepare (though ignorance or choice) so that you CAN exist in the lowest tier is folly, but choosing to find value only in the lowest tier of “Mazlow’s Mess” seems just as bad. And MHN helps me, anyway, to see where we are and where we may be like a roadmap.

      28. Depends on what you believe ……if you believe that money is going to tank very soon , then you should buy things now while it still has value …….if you believe that things are eventually going to stabilize , then giving yourself more options like gold and silver to ride it out may be one solution . Be aware … what you think is best …you may or may not be right but thats all you can do , because the bottom line is …we dont KNOW shit ! yeah all the signs are there but actually KNOW what is really going on ……forget about it . just sayin

      29. Moral value trumps monetary value any day. Especially in hard times.

        What’s up with the “You are posting too fast.” notification? Are we limited to one key stroke per second or something?!? Just Kidding. I hit the submit button twice by accident. But it made my post disappear!

        I just got this info about executive orders. I know it is off topic, but relevant to our cause.

        EXECUTIVE ORDERS from Teddy R. to the Imposter in Thief:

        Ted R. – 3

        Others up to FDR – 0

        FDR – 11 in 16 years

        Truman – 5 in 7 years

        Ike – 2 in 8 years

        Kennedy – 4 in 3 years

        LBJ – 4 in 5 years

        Nixon – 1 in 6 years

        Ford – 3 in 2 years

        Carter – 3 in 4 years

        Reagan – 5 in 8 years

        Bush I – 3 in 4 years

        Clinton – 15 in 8 years

        Bush II – 62 in 8 years

        Obama – 923 IN 3 1/2 YEARS!

        This man is clearly usurping Congress, the Senate and the Constitution! If he is re-elected, the U.S. is toast!

        • JT: If the REPUBS take control, I’ll bet not one of the EO are ever overturned. They are all one of the same. So if the REPUBS take over, we are still TOAST!

          • I agree. They sure didn’t hesitate to cancel the most important one Kennedy ever wrote, 10001, which would have BEGUN to end the feds fiat money system by giving value to the dollar in silver.

            I know they are both the same, but it’s so easy to step back into the left-right dem-rep paradigm, even if temporarily. Gotta watch that.

          • I just learned that all the EOs signed had “””10 days””” for congress, the POSs, to reject it!!!!

            Think the bastards know that???

        • isnt it up to congress/senate/supreme court to scream and stop it rather than roll over ? Isnt it up to we the people to DEMAND things ? the Constitution is just a piece of paper if nobody has the nut to defend it . It needs our protection as much as we need its protection .just sayin

        • You forgot George Washingtons E.O.

          Dishes for the white house.

          • @corona:

            Snopes is not the very best verifier of info. They claim Kennedy’s executive orders started at 10990 thru 11921. What about e.o. 10001, which would have eleminated the FED? Why didn’t snopes include this e.o. for Kennedy? Did he write nine hundred more e.o. before 1962 when snopes list started 10990? Doesn’t each President have to re-new previous presidents e.o. or cancel them? LBJ canceled Kennedy’s e.o. 10001. Maybe Obama has just re-newed nearly 900 previous e.o.s and added a few of his own?

            I’m not trying to avoid responsibility for dis-info, but snopes is not exactly the last word on anything.

            • Never said they were the last word — though they are good start on checking wild claims. They link to one list of EO’s, and there are other sources of EO by president, not all of which are identical, but none of which resemble anything like the bogus list you presented.

            • @not likely:

              So, rather than just insulting me for my post, why not respond to what I posted @corona? I “presented” that list for thought. Do you know if most of those e.o.s are just renewing previous e.o.s? Can executive orders from previous presidents just lay around until activated by another president? It looks to me like Obama just went down the list of other e.o.s and renewed all the ones that will help him empliment his marxist agenda.

              So, instead of just posting what a dupe you think I am,(although the list is viral on the net, so I’m not alone in my concern) why don’t you answer my questions with a thoughtful reply, instead of your knee jerk response about snopes?

            • @james

              You calling my responses “knee jerk” is funny, pot.

              The snopes site gives links for additional info — or you can go here:


              to look up EO’s by president and by subject.

              For example, there you can find that the EO 13603 (National defense resource preparedness) is derived from earlier orders from Clinton and Reagan, and even Carter to a small extent.

              Don’t ask me to do your research for you.

            • @not likely:

              I wouldn’t, and didn’t, ask you to do anything for me. You imposed yourself on my post to corona.

              “For example, there you can find that the EO 13603(National defense resource preparedness) is derived from earlier orders from Clinton and Reagan, and even Carter to a small extent.”

              That is what I am talking about. Apparently most of the 923 e.o. by Obama are regurgitated e.o. from previous presidents. He is consolidating these e.o. in order to get his Marxist agenda pushed through.

              I still say both you and snopes are FOS. Not sure what you meant by your pot insult. FOS means full of shit.

              Piss away…

            • @james

              “I still say both you and snopes are FOS. Not sure what you meant by your pot insult. FOS means full of shit.”

              pot … kettle … black …

              You can say FOS about whatever you want. Did you happen to peruse the government archives link I provided? You can see the EO’s by president, and if you can do simple math you can see that Obama’s EO’s numbers (as of aug 10 2012) is 134 — not the 923 that you repeated again. But go ahead and keep spreading falsehoods, even in your replies to posts that provide links that demonstrate your falsehoods. Anyone who can read can see who is FOS.

            • @not likely:

              You didn’t bother to read what I posted, did you?
              I clearly said that MOST of the 923 e.o. were not written by Obama, but were regurgitated e.o. from previous presidents. I said he probably added a few of his own, as you say 134. Can you understand now? I didn’t ask you to provide me anything. I can and have and will do my own research. The list did not originate with me so it is not MY list. Did you not see that I took full responsibility for any dis-info that I MAY have posted? No. You are only interested in a pissing contest. You can’t see that all I was asking YOU, is if you thought maybe most of the 923 e.o. could have been re-newals of previous presidents’ e.o.

              That’s it. I can explain it to you, but I can’t comprehend it for you.

            • @james
              “You can’t see that all I was asking YOU, is if you thought maybe most of the 923 e.o. could have been re-newals of previous presidents’ e.o.”

              Clearly you won’t read, if you had looked at the site for even at the single example I posted you would have seen that EO 13603 comes from earlier EO’s (as I noted) … yet it *is* one of the 134 of Obama’s EO’s — Can you not grasp that the 134 EO’s Obama has signed is *all* the EO’s he has signed. It does not mean he has 134 completely new ones and several hundred renewed ones, it means 134 EO’s as of Aug 2012. Period.

              It’s almost like you are desperate to expend your energy remaining ignorant than just going and reading a little bit. Have a nice day.

      30. OT Humor:

        There are only three kinds of people in the world. Those that can count, and those that can’t!

        Three out of two people have a problem with fractions.

        The French also had a problem with the very wide disparity of wealth, but they came up with a great solution: The guilotine!

        Bill Clinton: “Good going, Barry! I only screwed a white house aid; you screwed the whole country!”

      31. I’m so confused:(

      32. How did Todays America Get this way?..Why is MSM so Phony?

        “Most of the Press in the world is under our Control; let us therefore encourage in a still more violent way the hatred of the world against the Christian Church. Let us intensify our activities in poisoning the morality of the Gentiles. Let us spread the spirit of revolution in the minds of the people.

        “They must be made to despise Patriotism and the love of their family, to consider their faith as a humbug, their obedience to their Christ as a degrading servility, so that they become deaf to the appeal of the Church and blind to her warnings against us. Let us, above all, make it impossible for Christians to be reunited, or for non-Christians to join the Church; otherwise the greatest obstruction to our domination will be strengthened and all our work undone.

        “Our plot will be unveiled, the Gentiles will turn against us, in the spirit of revenge, and our domination over them will never be realized.

        “’Let us remember that as long as there still remain active enemies of the Christian Church, we may hope to become Master of the World …And let us remember always that the future Jewish King will never reign in the world before Christianity is overthrown…’”

        (From a series of speeches at the B’nai B’rith Convention in Paris, published shortly afterwards in the London Catholic Gazette, February, 1936; Paris Le Reveil du Peuple published similar account a little later). (Chronology of The International Conspiracy)

        “‘As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the social order, and until all faith, patriotism, and dignity are uprooted, our reign over the world shall not come…And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier dupes than we expected them to be.

        “One would expect more intelligence and more practical common sense, but they are no better than a herd of sheep. Let them graze in our fields till they become fat enough to be worthy of being immolated to our future King of the World…We have founded many secret associations, which all work for our purpose, under our orders and our direction.

        “We have made it an honor, a great honor, for the Gentiles to join us in our organizations, which are, thanks to our gold, flourishing now more than ever. Yet it remains our secret that those Gentiles who betray their own and most precious interests, by joining us in our plot, should never know that those associations are of our creation, and that they serve our purpose.

        “‘One of the many triumphs of our Freemasonry is that those Gentiles who become members of our Lodges, should never suspect that we are using them to build their own jails, upon whose terraces we shall erect the throne of our Universal King of the Jews; and should never know that we are commanding them to forge the chains of their own servility to our future King of the World…We have induced some of our children to join the Christian Body, with the explicit intimation that they should work in a still more efficient way for the disintegration of the Christian Church, by creating scandals within her.

        “We have thus followed the advice of our Prince of the Jews, who so wisely said: ‘Let some of your children become cannons, so that they may destroy the Church.’

        “Unfortunately, not all among the ‘convert’ Jews have proved faithful to their mission. Many of them have even betrayed us! But, on the other hand, others have kept their promise and honored their word. Thus the counsel of our Elders has proved successful.

        “ ‘We are the Fathers of all Revolutions, even of those which sometimes happen to turn against us. We are the supreme Masters of Peace and War. We can boast of being the Creators of the Reformation!

        “Calvin was one of our children; he was of Jewish descent, and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the reformation (which was to convince Christians it was alright to charge usury and other damnable heresies which are in violation of God’s Laws).

      33. From Obama Has Been Great For Israel

        “The case for Obama’s Israel policy begins with record-high levels of Foreign Military Financing (FMF).

        “The Obama administration has increased security assistance to Israel every single year since the president took office, providing nearly $10 billion in aid — covering roughly a fifth of Israel’s defense budget — over the past three years.

        “To put this in perspective, this is about 20 percent higher than the remaining six dozen recipients of U.S. FMF combined.

        “Historic aid levels have been complemented by other steps to ensure Israel’s unrivaled military advantage in the region, including high-level consultation with Israeli officials on U.S. arms sales to the region, operational cooperation to improve Israel’s conventional military and counterterrorism capabilities, and providing Israel with advanced technology, such as the fifth-generation stealth Joint Strike Fighter, to which no other state in the Middle East has access.”

        SO..All that FOXTV and GLEN BECK Stuf how Isreal gets Shafted by Hobammy etc?…LIES! All LIES!

        More Neocon Warmonger LIES!..Obammy has given isreal MORE U.S.LOOT than ANY others ever has!

      34. Went into the Ford dealer the other day. Had two red top rolls of twenty eagles each. Pez’ed out one and the vulture looked at it closely and said he only takes checks & credit. He’ll remember me, and real damn soon. Gave him Daisy’s number.

        • I carry a couple of rolls of pre 64 dimes when I go to yard sales and our local farmers market to barter. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Never hurts to try to get people ready for barter The fool at the dealership doesn’t know what he missed…lol Peace Clay

        • I use eagles at my ford dealer. When in one roll and drive away ina nice Diesel. To do it you must talk to the owner. Once he saw what I had I couldn’t get rid of him.

      35. There is an evolution that needs to take place within people . We are still stuck in the “neanderthal” paradigm, people over consume and equate material things for status and wealth. This is a cave man mentality, it worked for us thousands of years ago when we didnt know where the next meal was comming from etc. Its time for a gigantic paradigm shift and i hope thats whats coming.I grew up poor and always thought I had to acheive wealth to be somebody or be happy, well I know now that this is wrong, some of my best times in life were when I was broke. However once your caught up in the web of deceit getting out is a troubling thing….wish me luck.

      36. I’m new to this site, I read the new articles everyday for the past month or so, and I have to say thank you to everyone. I have been prepping since March after Obama passed his martial law bull*&%#. I am not a political or a god fearing man. I respect those that deserve it, and I will help any person that needs it.I don’t have much but I have what I need to make my family feel safe and loved. I work hard and lately I have been prepping harder! I’ll be damned if I let this corrupted, sneaky, lying thing called a government take everything that I have worked hard for! Sorry for the short little bio, but I just needed to get involved with other people that don’t think I’ve fallen off the apple cart.

        Love and a .44

        • Welcome, BobbyT ~ just one big happy dysfunctional family here! 🙂

          • @Daisy (and others)…heard this a.m. on MSM Canadians waste billions of $$ on food EVERY YEAR!! Enough to feed some 3rd world countries!! Sorry, way off topic….):

        • Welcome Bobbyt. The fall off the apple cart ain’t so bad. Just remember, loose lips sink ships. I don’t talk about prepping much but people still know and make comments that they would come to my place if SHTF. They aren’t going to like my reception for them. Alaways glad to see another wide-awake Patriot!

        • Welcome BobbyT! When you feel like you have fallin off the apple cart just log on here, you will be with many others who look like we have fallen off the apple cart too.

      37. Be Informed: As always, you make some points that I can NEVER dispute. The scenario you outline is very plausible. Nobody can know for sure how SHTF will start until it happens; there are too many plausible ways for it to happen. One thing is for certain; when TSHTFm life will never be the same for any of us,ever again, prepper and nonprepper alike. In post-SHTF, I will try my utmost to keep myself civilized and hang onto my sense of decency, etc. I truly fear what I may have to do to stay alive when confronted by looters, thugs, etc. but I believe I will win and they will be the losers. Post-SHTF will definitely be a time that will test everyone’s souls. Best wishes and keep prepping.

      38. You are a morron Rich99. She’s waiting on CVN-uss enterprise star trek movie\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

        You moron. She waiting on USS Enter Prize Star Trek to sink in the Gulf.

        • Hey Ted, take a drive off a pier would ya.

          Just dont take a beutiful young women with you this time.

          Oh, and have plenty of scotch!!

          USS Miane- Was NOT blown up by the spanish.
          USS Louisitania- WAS carrying weapons of war.
          USS Arizona- Didnt we/british crack the japs codes?
          USS Liberty-WAS attacked by isreal to blame egypt.
          USS Maddox- You believe in ghosts?

          “The first causualty of war is the truth”

          • …again @ Kevin.

            Yep, that’s why they’re demanding an ‘internet kill switch’.

            • I have been awake along time.

              Thats why “they’ demanded the “Bill Cooper kill switch”.(double tap to the head)

              Willliam Cooper said that he was decieved about the ufo thing, in the early years, and latter(old buddy in navel intel)to destroy his cred on other issues.

              I will never(hate to) talk bad about the dead, but his inituals are BC!!

              When celente got jacked, BC was trippin!!!

              It took me 20 years to see.

              God bless William Cooper(his soul and his family).

          • Screw you kevin.

        • “Omar, we’re sorry to have detained you for so long, against your will. Here’s your, um, vest, back…we reloaded it for you, and a new ak. By the way, there’s a new movie out bad-mouthing your religious hero, made by some guy named Mitt, at the rnc back in America. We’ll give you a ride to the border…”

      39. this is completely off topic but….. what is this I hear about a giant typhoon hitting fukashima?? 150mph+ winds….that can’t be good at all…..the worlds first radiation hurricane i guess…should be intresting to see the aftermath of this…

      40. I can hunt, fish, track, butcher, and work leather. I can do some metalsmithing; not just with wrought iron, but also copper and other soft metals. I have a good knowledge of the local edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants. I’ve been a flintknapper for over 25 years and I can make my own arrows, spears, and atlatl. I know how to make “primitive” glues and cure meat.

        When money no longer has any value, I will become more valuable to others than I am now.

        • Tomahawk, You have excellent skills that are not common!! I really admire flintknapping skill. In our area, we only have shale or limestone. Would you be able to recommend a source? I would love to begin learning.

          • In an area where you have limestone, you can often find flint. The big problem is over the last couple centuries of development, many of the traditional sources of flint and chert have been destroyed.

            Contact your state historical society and ask if there are any Knap-Ins in your area. Even if your locale has no flint, those guys can hook you up.

            • Tomahawk, I’ll try that route. Locally, there have never been any demos or courses (I’ve been a volunteer at area plantations on occasion). Thanks.

      41. “You only need half a mat when you sit. You only need a mat when you sleep”

        I love the implication of this idiom criticizing human’s never ending desire for material.

        It does not require any specific religion like Amish, it must be something like the essential philosophy of Zen.

      42. Bible Quotes

        Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.
        (Matthew 5:5)

        The meek shall eat and be satisfied: they shall praise the LORD that seek him: your heart shall live for ever.
        (Psalm 22:26)
        The meek will he guide in judgement: and the meek will he teach his way.
        (Psalm 26:9)

        But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.
        (Psalm 37:11)

        The LORD lifteth up the meek: he casteth the wicked down to the ground.
        (Psalm 147:6)

        Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly.
        (Proverbs 3:34)

        Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him.
        (Proverbs 26:12)

        Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.
        (Proverbs 27:2)

        But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: …
        (Isaiah 11:4)

        But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
        (Galatians 5:22,23)
        For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.
        (1 Timothy 6:10,11)

        • Bible in Pocket, Gun in Hand.

      43. I want to say something about optimism in response to some comments above.

        Prepping, by nature, is an optimistic pursuit. A lot of folks look at us and consider us pessimists because we are planning for TEOTWAWKI.

        But I think the fact we are planning for the end of the world means that we intend to fight every step of the way to SURVIVE the end of the world. (We are doing all we can to get ready for life on the other side of the disaster that is coming, whether that disaster is natural or deliberately man-made or the expansions of the police state, and ultimately, Revolution.)

        The hope that is in our hearts is a hope for a better world, without all the wars for oil and petro dollars, without “officials” encroaching on and controlling every aspect of our lives, and without Big Brother spying on us and taking away our God-given right to pursue self-suffiency and think freely.

        We are preppers because we believe that we are going to survive all this. Otherwise, what would be the point of preparing?

        I, for one, refuse to allow the evil in the world to take away my humanity. I refuse to allow those oligarchs, politicians and armies who would control me the ultimate control of changing who I am and what I believe in. That is my stand – that is how I Resist.

        Be wise, be cautious, be vigilant of your families. But remember to be optimists because that’s really what prepping is all about.

        • I don’t look at it as “The End Of The World”. It’s a chance to start over in a new and better world.

          • Another thing ……people have been saying its the end of the world because of this and that , the world is going to end on this or that date because… for 2000 years now …..we are still here . just sayin

            • TEOTWAWKI = the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT. This is not claiming that the world will cease to exist. Rather it says that the old familiar ways will not continue. The sacking of Rome pretty much ended the world as those people knew it with Rome at the center of a great empire. It HAS happened before and can happen again.

        • I hear ya ……but the arguments that we are negative pessimists are just as valid . To some, what you just said is full of contradiction . Do what you feel is best but if you look at it ….both you and they are both correct and incorrect . just sayin

        • @ Daisy ..
          I don’t believe I heard anything in your words about fighting for all those things you want and have. Only defensive words such as RESIST. Sounds as if the fighting for what you will have will be done by others. The one’s who feel it’s an obligation to risk their lives for their country and freedom. Just as during the Revolutionary War there will only be a certain percentage..approx. 30% (or less now) I believe will actually fight for freedom while others watch.

          “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” – Winston Churchill

          • Gator ~ I have different ways of fighting the fight. I really have tried to stay under the radar after I began to be harrassed when I was writing my blog.

            Just because I don’t talk about it here doesn’t mean that I have been silenced – my goal is to provide information and help awaken those who are asleep. I’m not a soldier so I use the tools and skills I have to help. There are all sorts of different ways to fight – resistance is one, shedding light is another. These things may not be as heroic as shooting at the enemy but that is something that really is not in my skill set. 🙂

            I very much respect your point and people like you, in my eyes, are the real heroes.

            • Daisy

              Just keep fighting the good fight the best way you are able to..and so far you have done it imo..
              Not every one can defend themselves with weaponry nor will/should everyone has a unique skills and mindsets to survive…

              Hopefully you’ll find and meet some like minded folk who do have the skill-sets you don’t…and cover you if threats ever come close to you..

              Given our correspondence of late…that is another suggestion I hope you pursue..

              Keep in touch with your prepping and homestead project you are currently involved with..

              Take care


          • Gator: Violence is not the answer. In fact, it is the dumbest thing anyone can do because that is EXACTLY what the PTB want.

            With widespread violence the PTB can order the most powerful military force ever assembled to attack the American people, hunt each violent cell down, destroy them, while giving the PTB the justification to tighten the screws on US by passing even more Draconian laws to strip US of OUR freedoms.

            Can you imagine what Patriot Act 7 would look like?

            The only way the Elite PTB and GB’s can be defeated is politically. Americans must engage their employees politically or be enslaved by them.

            100 million gun owners in America hold the future of this nation in their hands. 100 million gun owners in America must repudiate the Republican and Democratic parties. They must form a new political party: a party of New Patriots.

            These Patriots must rally around the true American standard: God, Country, and Constitution. Yes, “all that for a damn flag!” Nothing more, but nothing less. Keep it simple. These Patriots must not be distracted by side issues.

            Patriots must demand that the US Constitution be the basis of American law once again.

            Patriots must form a grassroots party in every state of the Union and they must work to elect Patriots to political office at the Congressional level.

            Imagine if there were 100 Congressmen like Ron Paul; or 20 Senators like Rand Paul. Bankers would be in jail for theft, dual citizen traitors would be sentenced to death, and Presidents would be sentenced to prison for Sedition.

            100 million gun owners hold the future of America in their hand. 100 million American gun owners can change the direction of this nation and the world, without firing a single shot.

            Engage these MF’s or be enslaved by them. Start a “freedom cell” where you live. A political cell. This is how these commies, socialists, and fascists came to power and this is the way they will lose their power.

            Eradicate the G Flu: R1, D1, L1. Engage.

            • need to listen to this…


              AMERICA ON THE PRECIPICE – Greg Evensen – Hagmann & Hagmann Report

              Share this everyone, and if the listeners don’t crap their pants, they are waaay too far gone in lala land and NOT WORTH saving.

            • @durango kidd…That statement wasn’t just for Daisy. Sorry Daisy, no offense sometimes written word sounds harsh and aren’t meant to be. I sometimes like to hear that people intend on fighting if and when the time comes THAT’S ALL. I don’t mean to sound blood thirsty or wanting to “jump the gun”. People read these comments and I think it’s a good idea to have some of their thinking geared toward freedom of this country rather than just prepping.
              Our Founding Fathers made such statements as I just did themselves as to why violence might be necessary in order to defend and or take back and destroy a tyrannical Government. I was referring to the possible last minute when all else has failed such as what is stated in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence that we can put up with some things and keep trying but hey I’ll let it speak for itself …” that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies;”…. I didn’t say there wasn’t a time for trying other means but as you can see so far that hasn’t worked with our Government which currently just runs amok. My comment for Daisy was geared toward after we have tried all other means and we have slavery bearing down on us. Oh violence will be the only answer left and what you and I do will determine if we become slaves. Every other comment on here is geared toward that…that awful day such as the Gov instituting Martial Law etc. I believe something such as that will happen before any ecological catastrophe. Economic Collapse is more likely in my book at this point. I was just reading last night of the dollar decreasing in value just as some said it would. We must all draw a line and I believe that will be mine along with others I know. Trust me I was depending on retiring to a small island paradise in SE Asia just a few years ago which I’ve given up on at this point but don’t get me wrong currently if there’s a chance for that hammock,a cold beer and my toes in the sand…Hey I’m game for waiting!

            • DK: That would be nice but it is way to late to start a new party to matter. Before a new party could get up to speed and start electing people, no way the two powers now will not alow that to happen. Look the two powers(SAME) will end any chance of that to happen in 6-8 months at most, but I feel very soon like 30 days or so. There is only one box left to use and that is a very dark nightmare to have. Thats just me.

            • Gator ~ No offense was taken whatsoever. 🙂 You make a very legitamite point.

              ~ D

            • @ Durango Kidd

              You really buy into that political change stuff, don’t you? Just out of curiosity per your Marine background, did you ever experience…incoming? Have you ever served under an officer that didn’t have a clue? Do you remember taking the oath? Did you take said oath seriously? Do you still?
              Marines are riflemen & likely the best light infantry outfit going, although Army Rangers will arguably dispute that point…I cannot for the life of me, understand why you insist on participating in a politically rigged game. Advising people to form political parties to engage the established behemoths is ridiculous at this stage!
              They have the power, they possess the money, they pay the media, they control the executive, the
              legislative & the judicial branches. They control the state govts, they control the county govts. They will unite to eradicate a serious threat to their hegemony. Its a game to them & they own the board!

              Remember Ross Perot? What happened to his effort?
              Remember more recently, the TEA Party? FYI, the republican stalwarts infiltrated said political endeavor & hijacked their agenda, then mitigated & marginalized its focus! Game, set & match to the GOP.

              I’m gonna give you a 20th century striking example of your oft used word ENGAGE. Real history, actually happened & its was WW-II vets that pulled it off. Its known as the Battle of Athens Tennessee, happened in McMinn County. See link below:


              Should said video fail to give you pause, to think & reconsider your position or your lame advocacy of additional political parties. I have only one thing to say…
              To paraphrase a founding father of this Republic:

              Durango Kidd…if you lack the testosterone to rise up with righteous indignation, load your weapon & attack the purveyors of tyranny & injustice when necessary.
              Please stay at home or go to your gold mine…count your loot & profits & be mindful that the rest of us will forget that…you were ever our fellow countryman!

            • JayJay: I do not have time to listen to them for an hour and a half. What’s your point?

              What’s their point?

            • Copperhead: Connect the dots. Political power is the only viable way for Patriots to take America back from the GB’s. Civil war is not the answer.

              It only gives the PTB a legitimate excuse for dictatorship.

            • Anton: The answer to all of your questions are “yes”.

              I am not suggesting that WE participate in the same rigged game. I am suggesting that WE change the landscape of the game.

              Money? O’bummer himself showed US that WE the People have the money to compete with Big Money interests.

              100 million gun owners contributing $100 could generate $10 billion: enough to fund a grassroots, 50 state organization to become a FORCE to be reckoned with.

              How much is your personal Liberty worth?

              Ross Perot failed because he didn’t have a grassroots organization behind him and chose to run within the current system. If he really wanted to change the system he could have used that $100 billion of his own money to fund a party of Patriots to pursue office at the Federal level other than President.

              Third party political candidates who run for President without a strong organized political base are ego oriented; not goal oriented.

              The Tea Party has not failed, they have made an impact WITHIN the two party system. They are new, but they are a force to be considered. They are useful libertarians, but do not understand that the demon WE face is embodied within the FREE TRADE system, which is the financial source of the “P” in the PTB.

              The Left has toiled relentlessly behind the scenes for a generation to prepare for the power they now possess, but they were dedicated and resolute.

              They didn’t say, LIKE YOU, that it couldn’t be done; that there was too much money and too much power arrayed against them. They just went ahead and did it. That is the excuse of a fucking LOSER!

              They put a publicly gay, Muslim, Marxist, and Kenyan into the Oval Office! And the American people bought it; which shows US how desperate Americans are for new leadership. LMFAO!

              I support a strategy that will work; not give impetus to dictatorship because a few shortsighted fools like YOU want to rise up in “righteous indignation”.

              Big talk. No results. If you are so fucking BAD, why don’t YOU fire the first shot? Well?

              If you want to talk about the Founders, you should understand that it took them more than 12 years to win the war and establish a new nation.

              This second American Revolution is only 4 years old. Once organized, NEW Patriots could control a large enough portion of the House and Senate to effectively control the government once again within another 8 years.

              That is a winning strategy. Yours, sadly, is a prescription for failure that will only exacerbate OUR situation, give more power to the adversaries of Freedom, and legitimize their perverse control over US.

              Next time you write use your head first and not the one in your hand, on the end of your dick! Your “testosterone” is showing! try using your brain instead! 🙂

            • Make that $100 MILLION for Ross Perot.

        • Daisy, I don’t see it as the end of the world; the end of my world as I know it, yeah, that be true.
          Peace and love..jayjay

      44. How does the saying go … “The rich know the price of everything, yet the value of nothing.”

        Excellent post. Thank you.

        • RevJim: Don’t whitewash the “Rich” with one brush. As a group they are smart, educated, and insightful.

          Much more than you know…

      45. 7.4 earthquake in Columbia just a little while ago. I guess that 4.7 in the South Sandwich Islands was the precursor to this. Most have to be 5.0+ to indicate anything this big. This is another jar to the eastern Caribbean plate is so overdue right now. Will give this much study today.

      46. Downgraded that 7.4 earthquake in Columbia to a 7.1. Still a 7.1 is quite large for only a 4.7 precursor in the ring of 55-56.99 degrees south that occurred yesterday. There is a lot of pressure building on the Caribbean plate, would not be surprised to see a break soon on the eastern portion. The eastern part of the Caribbean plate is capable of a 8-9+. Watching this very carefully.

        • Sorry, I posted this above before reading your post. I am always looking for your info. Much appreciated.

      47. I can’t wait to see the comments on here if he ever does a piece on Duty, Honor and Country.

        “The unbelievers will say they are but words, but a slogan, but a flamboyant phrase. Every pedant, every demagogue, every cynic, every hypocrite, every troublemaker, and, I am sorry to say, some others of an entirely different character, will try to downgrade them even to the extent of mockery and ridicule.” -Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

        Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.
        -Sir Winston Churchill,

        • @ GN

          Very well said…salute.

      48. Been reading here for a couple months and learned some new stuff to think on. Never been much interested in keepin up with the Jones. They live in town, I dont. I do watch how they are and even laugh because theyre full of plastic shit and they live a life of lies. Thing is too many folks think their stuff is what they are. Theyre in for a big ass shock when their stuff dont mean shit when theyre in trouble.

        Its gettin harder and harder to get by, but we work to pay the bills. We all gotta stay with the grind for a bit longer and get ready for a harder lifestyle. My job still gives me a paycheck so for now I keep at it.

        Since Ive been readin here, theres more pissed off folks than there was. Sittin back to read and iti aint hard to see when someone blows up or picks a fight. Times are gonna get worse and we gotta get ready for it. Online bullies wantin to jump bones here best find a better way to dump. They need to find a shootin range. Writin mean shit here isnt nothin but a cowardly of dealin. If folks cant handle a comment or two they sure as hell wont handle the shit about to land on ’em.

        Would like to keep readin and learning stuff. Theres been some links I went to and appreciated the read. Thank y’all.

      49. My research today, led me to this.

        1824 prez election

        Andrew Jackson popular vote- 153,363
        John Q. adams- 113,142

        As you can see, the house of reps where corrupt back then.

        prez election 1828

        Look at the A$$ kicking Andrew Jackson gave out.

        Read about the scam of 1824 here, of course its the history channel

        If you dont see what was going on then, you dont see whats happening now.

      50. The pressure in the cooker is building up by the day, one major event will happen, the right country over throws it’s government, a big natural disaster, WW3, the money system go south, or in might be one of TPTB dies, etc. what ever, it’s game over for all. I do not believe that TPTB realize that when it happens they are toast along with us poor folks to. It’s not going to last very much longer(life as we know it), so draw close to the family, prep for the end in the way you deem fit. MAY GOD BE WITH EACH AND EVERYONE OF US.

      51. I am saving every penny I can so that I can afford to take a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) next summer. I hope our society can hang on a while (maybe it can’t. Who knows?). What do you think? Does a PDC gonna help you?

      52. Back to the original question:

        Yes I do have value.

        I am a trained Ranger
        I am a Bee Keeper
        I am an active Chaplain
        I as well as most of you understand what is happening and that puts us in the 1% category.
        I am a small farmer
        I know cattle ranching (knowing cattle compares to knowing a rock. Dumbest annimal in the world)
        I know and understand fire arms
        I read this board!

        Off topic. Anyone know a way to regulate the temp on a wood BBQ? Want to try baking bread but can’t keep the temp regulated and am burning it every time. Have tried using the wifes stone ware but still no good. Little help here please?

        • Use a dutch oven. put a trivet in the bottom then your bread pan. put more coals on top than under about twice as much in fact. relying on direct bottom heat will burn your bread every time.

      53. lately, ive been hearing a good saying, it goes like so:

        have you ever seen a safe follow a hearse,

        and to be honest, it makes alot of sense to me

      54. We can start with a clear definition of “financial criminality”. “The shop lifter goes to jail while the Bankers go free”. I just can’t figure where the line is drawn. Its somewhere between a pack of gum at the store and a million, trillion, quadrillion, at the Fed or MF Global, and on and on. had enough of the reserve banking fiat fiasco. Have you? Want proof? Do with your gold bullion, if you have any, what the bankers do with theirs and you will go to jail for numerous reasons.

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