Collapse Investing: Money and Wealth Preservation During Times of Uncertainty and Instability

by | May 14, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 215 comments

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    Editor’s Note:

    The following article was a contribution to Tess Pennington’s 52 Weeks to Preparedness weekly newsletter.

    With some 403,000 Americans losing their jobless benefits in just the last few weeks, considering some alternative investment strategies may be in order. While traditional stock, bond and cash investments still have a place in today’s economy, so too do strategies that your financial adviser would not only never recommend, but never even contemplate as “investments.” For those who have lost their jobs and unemployment benefits to boot, the S has already hit the fan. The safety net on which millions have come to depend, for all intents and purposes, is progressively being torn to shreds. Unemployment assistance is no longer sufficient because there are no jobs to make up for those that have been lost, so eventually everyone will run out of these benefits and be left to fend for themselves. That’s tens of millions of people that will have no way of paying their mortgage, their credit card payments, car loans, students loans, monthly utility bills and, most importantly, food (because let’s be honest, $400 in nutritional assistance per month just isn’t going to cut it).

    We hate to say it, but had those individuals taken preventative investment and preparedness measures several years ago, when we first recommended our physical commodity investment strategy, they would at least have been able to alleviate some of the pain they are experiencing today – especially the pain in their bellies.

    In the following article we touch on this strategy, as well as several others that, while not a silver bullet, can at least provide some insulation in case the worst comes to pass. While we certainly want to make every effort to prepare for the mass collapse of a paradigm that is simply unsustainable, the most likely scenario we’ll face is one that may not necessarily affect the entire nation all at once, but rather, crushes individuals one at a time through the elimination of their income, rising prices and the ability to maintain a decent standard of living. 

    We can pretend, as President Obama suggested in last year’s State of the Union, that we have avoided a Great Depression and boom times are dead ahead, or we can look around, see what’s actually happening, and understand that none of us are immune from the economic destruction to come. The consequences for not preparing will be brutal.

    Collapse Investing: Money and Wealth Preservation During Times of Uncertainty and Instability

    We could spend a significant portion of our time outlining the various reasons for why the world’s economic, financial and political systems sit on the brink of an unprecedented paradigm shift that promises to change the landscape of the entire system as it exists today.

    I could try to convince you that it’s a good idea to prepare for what’s coming, but the fact that you are reading this article via Tess’ Ready Nutrition newsletter means that you’re already in action planning and execution mode. If you’ve been following the 52 Weeks to Preparedness from the beginning, then you’ve spent the last 44 weeks establishing an emergency and disaster response plan that would probably make FEMA jealous.

    Like Tess and I, you’ve probably done your research and spent months or years gathering as much information as you can about the many possibilities that could significantly impact your life and the lives of your family members and close friends, and you’ve actively involved yourself in making sure that you’re as insulated as possible from whatever may befall us.

    My initial inclination when Tess asked me to contribute some thoughts on wealth preservation during times of uncertainty was to point out the fundamental economic problems and fraud facing the system. I realized after delving into this topic that, while the ramifications of an economic or currency collapse are life alteringly severe, my family’s personal preparedness plans have always been focused on ensuring we’re ready for anything that gets thrown our way – not just an economic crisis.

    The strategy that we try to employ is well rounded and considers as many variables as possible.

    • Natural Disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, flood, solar flare
    • Man-made calamities like currency hyperinflation, cyber attack, EMP detonation, nuclear fallout or global conflict
    • Personal emergencies like a job loss, injury or over-extension of credit

    With this idea in mind, when we look at the concept of investing and wealth preservation for uncertain times, we want to employ a strategy that will provide as much coverage as possible so that if we are hit out of the blue with something totally unexpected, we’ll at least have the basic necessities to survive.

    While I’ll stop short of advising you to sell all of the stocks and bonds in your 401(k) account and investing all of your proceeds into ‘preps’, a little diversification could mean the difference between surviving a disaster, or succumbing to it.

    Keep your 401(k), IRA or other investment accounts, but consider expanding your horizons with a new 401(Prep) strategy as well.

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      1. Mac, any update on the chat forum yet?

        • Days away my friend.. mere days! I just got back into town from a Collapse Retreat hunting trip, so I am finally stabilizing. We’re close now!

          • “””While traditional stock, bond and cash investments still have a place in today’s economy,”””

            Mac, what did you smoke at that retreat? There is no place for fraudulent paper, ever. I suppose you assume that there is still some good paper out there?


            We can not begin to rebuild until AFTER “the traditional stock, bond and cash investments” frauds are removed.

            I’m sure with further thought, you will conclude that there is no real place for the old traditions in the new financial world that will be controlled by the People.

            I’m sure we agree in principle, but I wanted to correct that sentence. Anybody still in paper that keeps it there past today is an idiot that deserves what they get for being so blind and afraid.

            I wish you would have said that instead. People probably put a little more stock in what you say than what I say. Better to use that position to help nudge them out of the corp rather than saying it’s paper is still OK.

            It’s NOT OK.

            • GC: You gonna continue with the Corp is crap bullshit? You are a fucking idiot. Really, you are.

              The “corp” is the reality that WE all must deal with everyday. It is not going to go away without OUR political action. It will not disappear by ignoring it.

              You might live in near poverty, looking over your shoulder, and hiding from the corp, but most of US live normally with mortgages and investments; salaries and wages.

              WE are the corp you fucking dumbshit!

            • GC what you may not realize is that “corporate paper” or “fraudulent paper” is what most of the companies selling preparedness are taking in return for gold, food, guns, water products, etc. In fact its rather hard for someone to prepare without those “fraudulent” papers.

            • DK, I need say nothing about you. Your own words display your intelligence, or lack thereof, for all to see. Many are already aware of it anyway.

              Macs article, and my response to it, concerned INVESTING in corp paper. While we may be stuck using FRN’s for exchange in many cases, that has nothing to do with the article or my response.

              I live just fine, thank you, and never look over my shoulder. I feel no need to hide, although everyone should protect their privacy and property which requires that private information remain that way, and those who would place it at risk are lead astray.

              That most of YOU live as discontented slaves is not of my concern. There is a way out when you find the courage to use it.

              Yes, DK, YOU are the corp and a “fucking dumbshit”, and apparently happy to remain that way while throwing insults at those who are blazing the path for People who are ready to make their escape.

            • Jim, as I said to DK, the article and my comment regarded INVESTING in corporate paper,not the current use of FRN’s as an exchange medium.

            • DK, you surprise and disappoint me! The corp is a false reality that YOU in your blinded state (and MANY others) choose to accept and follow because of your ignorance. Calling people “fucking idiots” because of your lack of understanding and ignorance makes you look like a fool of fools. I realize, it is not your fault. Everyone has been brainwashed to viciously attack and criticise those who don’t follow the sheople path. You’ve lost most of your sheoplistic tendencies. I’ve seen it in your posts. All that is left is the core. The corp is a reality, its just not the only one, contrary to what it wants you to think. Imaginary chains attach those shackles on your wrists to the wall. Imaginary chains.

              Do a little reading and a little study before you run people down about what the facts are.

              It all stared with the Act of 1871. The government you see (the de facto government) is not the pre-civil war government reworked. It is an animal of a totally different breed. …and it was bred to enslave you.

              I know you’re not a idiot. Your anger is typical of a man standing at the crossroads. One way is to take the sheople path and bury your head in the sand while vociferously ridiculing those that do understand. The other way is to pull the curtain back and to look at the man behind the curtain.

              Your vitriol toward GC is indicative of your internal conflict. Please let us help you through it. Ask a question, don’t call names.

              Both of the following sites will help you understand.


              We are the corp? Really? You almost sound like you’re proud of it!

            • NR: Don’t be disappointed. I understand that the “corp” is a fraud. It is a template that the NWO has placed over the American civilization to bend and shape it to their desires.

              It is a cancer that needs to be cut out, irradiated, or dissolved by diet and massive amounts of antioxidents; which are themselves proteins and hormones to correct the body chemistry because cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment.

              That is what WE must do as a nation of Patriots.

              The Corp cannot be defeated by violence (Gunsmith)or by sticking your head in the sand (or up your ass in the case of GC) and ignore it, hoping it will go away.

              It must be addressed. Confronted and defeated politically, because that is its ONLY vulnerability.

              WE are the Corp because 300 million plus or minus Americans are busy with the activities of life in America, and the Corp cannot be avoided by them.

              WE have mortgages, car payments, grocery bills, rent, insurance, tuition, utilities, fuel bills, cable and internet fees, and taxes. WE must meet payrolls, and pay assorted fees for Little League, for dance classes, and a host of other expenses; all of which are processed through the Corp, in OUR pursuit of happiness and individual expression.

              The Corp IS, for now, whether WE like it or not, everywhere present for the vast, vast, vast majority of Americans.

              Even those very few who SAY they have escaped the Corp have not been overlooked by the Corp, they have only been ignored while there are bigger fish to fry.

              When GC spews that escape the Corp BULLSHIT it pisses me off because it expresses a LOSING attitude, not a victorious spirit of engagement. It is NOT a rational choice for the vast, vast, vast numbers of Americans and their families.

              GC can claim a wonderful life if he wants. I call BULLSHIT on that. It’s not realistic to believe that he can do anything but generate a survival level lifestyle without the Corp. It permeates everything. It cannot be avoided indefinitely. The longer it is ignored the stronger it will get.


            • GC,
              I must first say, “I am not ready to snatch the avocado seed from your hand.
              I cannot deny the reality that I live in, although I would like to.
              I always appreciate and respect your approach to the “system”.
              The question that we all ask is “when” does the dollar collapse?
              As preppers, I have come to believe we are often too far ahead of the curve for our own good.
              A blessing and a curse if you will.
              I cannot abandon the dollar until it is post mortom… But I can prepare.
              As for DK,
              I know, he can be abrasive, and he usually dosen’t sink to calling someone a dumbshit
              That early in the day (it’s usually after his 3rd Cohiba, and half a bottle of Single Malt Scotch
              That he hits that level “my own visualization mind you”).
              DK, may womanize, he may make outrageous claims like, he invented the diagram on
              The back of things that tell you which way to put batteries in ( none of which I’ve ever seen him post). ,’but he is one of the smartest guys in the room if not the smartest, when it comes to matters of finance and the system.
              He has been right on so many predictions.
              He has been a voice of reason in so many instances.
              And the day I see DK, drop his shit and start running, I will be right behind him!
              I dredd the day he becomes” financially spooked” he is a well studied financial barometer.

            • DK,

              It is very telling that those of us who are escaping the corp piss you off.

              “””When GC spews that escape the Corp BULLSHIT it pisses me off because it expresses a LOSING attitude, not a victorious spirit of engagement.”

              To say the corp must be defeated from within is ridiculous. That is like saying in order to kill a bear you must first be swallowed by it. I disagree. You must first escape the clutches of the bear, assess the situation from a distance, then act in the way that best defeats the bear.

              The corps ONLY weapon is your CONSENT, your choice to stay within the bears grasp. Your ONLY weapon is withdrawal of your consent, escaping the bear. It will only be defeated once enough of the people have withdrawn their consent AND their monetary support to the extent possible.

              “””GC can claim a wonderful life if he wants. I call BULLSHIT on that. It’s not realistic to believe that he can do anything but generate a survival level lifestyle without the Corp. It permeates everything. It cannot be avoided indefinitely. The longer it is ignored the stronger it will get.”””

              Yes, I can build and claim my own life and freedom, even if it pisses you off. Your call of Bullshit does not diminish the quality of my life on bit. My life is good because it is the life I choose, not one thrust upon me by another. No matter what happens, the good Lord always seems to provide what I need when I need it. That’s probably because of where I look for help and guidance when it is needed.

              I generate profits on my own, without corp approval or permission. I do not seek either, nor do I recognize them as a requirement for ME. I do it as a local businessman, and on the internet. I keep 100% of the “money” I make in these businesses. They are run honestly by a Man in the Common Law under his Natural Rights.

              I do not worry about a “job”. If I need to get more FR credits, I can put in more time. I spent my first 35 years believing the corp line. I, as I was repeatedly told, felt like I was good for nothing but working for some corporation. To go into my own business required too much money, too much education, too much of too many things I really didn’t need after all. But that is what I was trained to believe and came to rely on.

              As I later found out, all you have to do to go into business is make an offer to the world. It can be on a web page, or on a local paper advertisement. When someone accepts your offer, you are in business. You don’t need a license or permission. You don’t need others working for you. And you don’t need to pay for the privilege of existing. You succeed or fail based on your own efforts and skills.

              That is the essence of freedom and a free market. You are dependent on your wage slave status within the corp for the quality of your life. It is of no consequence to me if you VOLUNTARILY give half of your earnings or more to some legal fiction that claims you have no right to exist without garnering it’s approval.

              Until you escape the bear, you will not know how things are for those of us who have escaped its clutches. We are assessing the bear from a distance, going about our business until it decides to attack, or turns and goes away.

              Your self defeating attitude that it can not be done will prove fatal to any hope of freedom for you and your family. It is doing it now, as you continue to give away the fruits of your labor to any number of legal fictions that claim a right to it. It will do it after the collapse because you will be unable to identify your value without the corp.

              As long as you believe there is no escape, you will be doomed to the slavery you have chosen and beholden to your masters.

              That is fine for you, but I refuse to accept it or consent to it. When there are enough like me, we will be able to overcome the likes of you.

            • John Q,Slick, GC, and Net; great input concerning the corp and even better illustrations. Trully enjoyed you alls dialog with DK. Hopefully he’ll learn from you all.
              DK, there is a right way and a wrong way to present your arguements. Name calling? As intelligent as you appear, you can’t help yourself, in refraining from the names/adjectives you give to others, but you want others to listen to you and then take you serious?
              To you we are all part of the corp? Then lets agree to disagree agreeable and as respecting adults. Almost every long winded blogger has provided valuable info and above all, has (I not the only one) made many do their own research. I, like others , have learned alot and been enriched with additional knowledge and insight in areas that were void in my life. Even you have provided some great inputs, don’t ruin it with your adjectives of others. Hopefully you have learned from others also.

            • ~DK~

              To begin with…I will concur w/ “Slick’s” assessment of your economic/financial analytical prowess! Ditto, for your obvious high IQ…

              …that said, our disagreement per “the solution to the problem(s)”, is the only bone of contention!

              Your advocating of a pure political engagement/strategy only…& expecting victory from said tactics, here in the 21st century is stillborn…& approx 100 years too late…due to the lack of sufficient/remaining…TIME!!!

              If the American public had employed/adopted/utilized your ideas back in…say 1913…success would have been assured!
              The Fed would’ve died a quick death & the (non)ratification of the 16th amendment…a non-starter also.


              Fast forward to 2012!

              Most folks accept that TPTB have a death-grip on economies via their supporting/underlining banking foundation…hence they control govts(faux-political parties) & +95% of all media, as well…

              …thus by extension, they control the production/printing, distribution & the volume of….money…& we all know what money does to politics/politicians & political parties nowadays!!!


              To clarify once & for all……..

              In defense of my position/opinion, one cannot ignore the intentions/designs of TPTB being diametrically opposite to liberty/personal property & “individual” GOD given rights! -(note emphasis on the word individual)-
              Their game is absolute…CONTROL…POWER…by any means necessary!

              …in my book, that’s a pretty good description of…TYRANNY!!!!!!!!!

              Tyranny has a nasty habit of being capable of extreme brutality…& is definitely not shy of its application when it suits/furthers its nefarious agenda!
              An unbiased analysis of the global economic/financial/social & military/political situation…is proof positive…of tyranny advancing amok…in its latest/modern guise!

              …thus IMO, to confront such a fearsome entity, based on a purely political strategy/modus operandii…is ludicrous because…it defies the Laws Of Thermodynamics…

              …as such a tactic by necessity, requires equal results/outcomes from unequal causes/resources!!!


              My support/references to violence are based upon the truths of past human history. I seek to remind folks that what is coming…is real ugly & they’d best be prepared confront said evil w/ violence when necessary…& that righteous violence is not a bad thing, per say! Fight fire w/ fire, as the old cliche’ goes…..

              Its very late in the game, DK.

              …you know & I know, that tyranny/TPTB “are” gonna make the first move…they’re gonna be the first to employ violence preemptively & its application will be widespread & massive…per their current Doctrine of Shock & Awe!!!

              …the much conjectured upon FEMA camp roundups…will merely be the mopping up phase!

              Their game plan incorporates a huge dose of “induced fear”…designed to demoralize/terrorize their opposition…(i.e. us/true patriots)!

              …many will fall for this gambit, never realizing that the numbers/math involved…resides in our camp & for all the gizmo warfare capabilities TPTB possess…their victory is NOT a foregone conclusion…if sufficient courage remains in the hearts of the American people!!!

            • GS: I’ll give you a short response. I have to run some errands. The Corp beckons! 🙂

              It is not time for armed resistance to the Corp.

              Armed resistance would only generate a legitimate excuse for further draconian measures from the Corp and the repeal of more of OUR liberties. So that is the wrong course of action. Patriots cannot defeat the corp militarily.

              To ignore the corp as GC promotes, is to also invite the continued erosion of OUR liberties as complacency is kin to appeasement and appeasement always encourages more aggression.
              That is a basic psychological principle.

              The only course of action for Patriots is engagement. The Corp only fears loss of political power. This is its vulnerability that Patriots ought to exploit.

              The PTB fear US.

              They fear OUR collective political power. It is OUR collective political power that can strip them of their positions of power (that belong to US)reverse their gains, and hold them legally responsible for their treason.


            • GC: No, I am not pissed off that you are “leaving” the corp. (You mean you haven’t escaped the corp yet? 🙂 Why not?)

              I am pissed off that you spread a propaganda that will get people arrested and thrown in jail.

              I am pissed off that you suggest that WE can just leave the corp and it will not follow US.

              I am pissed off that you encourage others to avoid the corp in the hope that it will go away, rather than encourage them to engage the corp, defeat it, and restore the principles of personal liberties that you champion, yet will not defend.

              Dropping out is a copout. Engage.

            • Slick: Me? Abrasive? That’s just part of my charm. 🙂

            • Gold Leader: I do not advocate playing the game within the system. Read my many posts on the matter. I advocate changing the system.


              90 million gun owners can change the direction of this nation without firing a single shot.

              90 million gun owners enlisted in a third party, in a Patriot Party dedicated to restoring the US Constitution as the basic for all law in America, is a viable option.

              90 million gun owners donating a mere 100 dollars each could create a Patriot Fund to organize a grass roots patriot movement.

              An organized patriot movement: not a collection of Alt Media Bloggers bewailing the state of the nation, but a cohesive political force engaged in vetting and funding candidates for office all across the country.

              Any member candidate accepting contributions for campaigns would be required to sign a contract supporting the party platform to restore the US Constitution.

              Failure to do so would open up any elected official who accepted funds from the patriot party to civil and potential criminal charges for malfeasance.

              No more empty promises. No more treason.

            • DK Says

              ”’GC: No, I am not pissed off that you are “leaving” the corp. (You mean you haven’t escaped the corp yet? Why not?)””””

              Leaving the corp is your word. I have escaped to the extent possible. I must still engage in commerce just as people have for thousands of years, but I do so on my own accord under Natural Law, or through corp fictions NOT bearing my NAME, created for the purpose under the Laws of Necessity.


              “I am pissed off that you spread a propaganda that will get people arrested and thrown in jail.”

              Th truth and Law is propaganda? Boy, they really do have you completely indoctrinated. Let’s see, you believe that government propaganda is truth and law, yet the REAL truth and Law from the People are propaganda?

              I suggest that People understand the law and live by it. I suggest that People take their rights from God rather than privilege from the state. I suggest that people accept and enforce Natural Law.

              It only becomes objectionable to you if people determine that corp law is for corps and not for the People. And it really seems to get you when they choose to be People instead of corp fictions, most likely because you are afraid to make the choice.

              You would have no problem with what I said if I told everyone that they are legal fictions under statute, yet that is NOT truthful. If I can only be liked as a liar, let me be hated in the truth.


              “””I am pissed off that you suggest that WE can just leave the corp and it will not follow US.”””

              It can only follow what you attach to it’s numbers. Quit using them and it has nothing to follow. There are ways to engage in commerce without sacrificing your rights or privacy. You should learn them and use them to free your self. In the eyes of the corp, which can only see numbers, my “person” owns nothing, does not work, has no income, has no drivers license, no registered vehicles.

              There is nothing for it to take from me, or through me, except for my body in the Common Law. Let the corp follow you into the Common Law. It is only from there that it can be defeated using the People’s Law.


              “I am pissed off that you encourage others to avoid the corp in the hope that it will go away, rather than encourage them to engage the corp, defeat it, and restore the principles of personal liberties that you champion, yet will not defend.”

              I do nothing of the sort. I encourage people to be free. To stop asking permission they do not need. I encourage them to join the Men and Women of the Common Law, and to fight all of their battles with the corp in that jurisdiction instead of administratively as a fiction.

              The corp must be engaged, but not in the fictional world of statute. it must be defeated by the Law of the People, Natural Law and the Constitutions, none of which apply within the administrative jurisdiction of the corp.

              Apparently you can not even conceive of the proper battlefield, much less a strategy to win the battle.


              Dropping out is a copout. Engage.

              Dropping out is a RIGHT, not a cop out. Engage them with YOUR Law, not theirs. Engage them on your land, not in their fictional plane.

              Some have implied you were intelligent and possibly have a high IQ. I am in the top 1% in IQ scores. Big deal. That does not make me smart. It makes me able to assess seemingly complex problems in the simplest way possible, and quickly reach what is the proper conclusion the 99% of the time.

              Given enough time, an average man and a genius will reach the same conclusions using the same methods and ideas. So long as your methods and ideas are based on lies and fiction, your conclusions will be errant and imbecilic for those of us who have already arrived at the truth of the matter.

              You may ridicule us if you like. That is the weak mans way of building himself up in his own eyes. It does nothing to my own standing in the eyes of God.

              Sooner or later, YOUR truth will be thrust upon you. The corp will come and get you because you remain it’s property, and accept that status. you will have no say, nor deserve it. You will have nothing to protect because nothing is yours.

              The corp may come for the free people as well. But at least we will have the truth and the Law, the acknowledgement of our own freedom, to fight for and protect.

              You are a real life example of how twisted the average Man has become at the hands of “representatives” of legal fictions who profit from the ignorance they build.

              And you seem to lack a desire to investigate and understand the truth when it is placed in front of you.

              I must tip my hat to the corp for it’s total success in your indoctrination. You are more than it could have hoped for.

          • An excellent comment following the article Living in the Banksters Paradise, :

            Good article, but sadly there still seems to be many people who think that everything was perfectly fine up till WWII, and only since WWII have the problems of the international banking cabals become an issue.

            Those people should heed the words of then British Prime Minister Lloyd George from 1919/1920 when referring to the Treaty of Versailles and the Treaty of St. Germain that officially ended WWI and established the plans to dismantle Germany in every possible way –

            “The international bankers swept statesmen, politicians, journalists and jurists all to one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs.”

            And who helped bring the National Socialist German Workers Party to power and build up the “evil” 3rd Reich after completely demolishing Germany during the 1920’s?

            “After World War 1, Germany fell into the hands of German international bankers. Those bankers bought her, and now they own her, lock, stock, and barrel. They have purchased her industries, they have mortgages on her soil, they control her production, they control all her public utilities. The international German bankers have subsidized the present government of Germany, and they have also supplied every dollar of the money Adolph Hitler has used in his lavish campaign to build up a threat to the government of Bruening. When Bruening fails to obey the orders of German international bankers, Hitler is brought forth to scare the Germans into submission…

            Through the Federal Reserve Board over $30 Billion (1930’s) of American money has been paid into Germany… You have all heard of the spending that has taken place in Germany… modernistic dwellings, her great planetariums, her gymnasiums, her swimming pools, her fine public highways, her perfect factories. All this was done on our money. All this was given to Germany through the Federal Reserve Board.”

            “The Federal Reserve has pumped so many billions of dollars into Germany, that they dare not name the [true] total.”

            – Congressman Louis T. McFadden in remarks before Congress, 1934 – shortly before attempts to assassinate him.

            The National Socialist German 3rd Reich, the Bolsheviks in the U.S.S.R, the Americans and Canadians and British, etc. were ALL OWNED and controlled by the same international bankers at the time of WWII.

            The Communists and Capitalists were serving the same banker interests throughout the Cold War.

            Nothing we are taught about “official” history of the last century is true, the bits and pieces that are true are “spun” in as many ways as they need to generate the desired public opinion to accomplish their goals.

            This isn’t just about money or power, it’s about restructuring the entire planet and human civilization to prepare it for a future they envision of new scientific, social, political and economic paradigms few today can comprehend.

            That is not to say I agree with their visions or think it is in any way justified, but one must at least try to understand their perspective if they are too adequately fight against them.

            Even much of the alternative/activist scene is unwittingly playing into their agenda in many ways – for example the Green Charter movement and Venus Project.

            Globalization is the goal and as that infamous PNAC document makes clear “even if it brings revolutionary change” it will still suit their agenda of uniting humanity behind a single cause.

            • When the Federal Reserve Note dies, the NWO and our occupied government dies. Legitimate citizen legislators can then fill the vacuum.

            • durango kidd…. I respect some of your views, but I’m shocked. The very idea that ‘political action’ within the confines of the game will somehow get us out of this mess is ludicrous. The game is rigged. When the rules of the game favor, exclusively, the suits at the top of the pyramid who mathematically need an exponentially growing number of serfs at the bottom, then it’s time to change the rules entirely.

              The whole economy is a pyramid scheme that must be taken apart, not gambled through to see who can win. Two party ‘political action’ and fiat currency is the cancer that must be extracted completely, without so much as a trace left behind. Playing the game is only treating the symptoms. If your game is to play to win, then we’re all doomed. That’s the game they want us to play. They got you by the balls. That’s why we’re all here.

              The Constitution, for example, was designed to prevent all this shit, but it’s been ‘political action’-ed to death to feed the cancerous puppet masters at the top; feeding until it eventually consumes the host as well, thus killing itself.

              Ron Paul, on the other hand, is the only ‘political’ candidate supporting a return to localized economies, personal liberty, and the destruction of the cancer at the top…. basically getting out of this political game. So that’s one ‘political action’ I can stand behind. All of the others in the House, Senate, state Legislatures, many city and town halls, and ALL international bodies and banking cartels = the cancer.

              Hold that light up as high as we can effing hold it…. so we can all see the illusion that is: fiat currency, two party fascism, lack of consciousness, and infinite growth on a finite planet.

              The light at end of the tunnel is, indeed, an oncoming train….until we realize that the train is just an illusion.

              Gold Leader standing by.

            • “””Globalization is the goal and as that infamous PNAC document makes clear “even if it brings revolutionary change” it will still suit their agenda of uniting humanity behind a single cause.”””

              Humanity must be united in a single cause, to destroy the banksters. Without that unity, there is no hope for defeating them.

              That is what drives what they do and scares the hell out of them at the same time. If the People unite, it will be a short and sweet war that has the potential of liberating the world and ending all of the problem caused by the corps manipulation.

              If the banksters win, Man loses.

          • Good to know… looking forward to all the hard work you put in for us. Hope the retreat was refreshing, renewing and a blessing for you.

          • While a prepper at heart and didn’t even know it – go figure ~ strange folks brought up on the knees of those who “remember’d”. I guess I’ll never forget bringing my granny (who lived on the outskirts of Dallas) a pick-up pizza. She was astounded in between bites of yum. Recent reminder at a junk… ahem… antique shop at the sight of wringer washer she was still using in early 1980 on the very day I served up Pizza Hut. Well… that was a mini-trip down memory lane.
            Anyway, I was going to say I finally read ‘One Second After’. Slow, but very efficient is my motto… so with a Loud, very loud sigh is all I can say about this week’s reading enjoyment.
            Chasin’ after ‘stuff’, ‘IRA’, ‘401K’ has become a vague thought I very recently was over-preoccupied with. (retirement – what a day-dream). One must really keep priorities straight or you’ll lose your few remaining brain cells. Don’t be distracted by bread and circus.

          • Mac forget the chat how did the hunting go?

          • Fascinating. All those Presidential Dollars I collected are worth about $.06 (six cents) each…

            • use it to buy ammo. it is leagle currency at this time

      2. From all I’ve been reading, I don’t think we have 52 weeks for Preparedness.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Just for the F of it, thought I’d post this near the top. You might be ready for SHTF, but are your unborn children…?

        • I agree were watching the collapse in real time and in high definition!.Grab what you can While supplies last!

        • I just don’t see it that soon. I think TPTB can kick the can down the road a little further. I don’t think that “everything” is quite in place yet to trigger the event. I know that’s weird to say, especially with the state of the world as it is, but I think you’re going to see this level of uncertainty for a little longer yet.

          The public is still being conditioned. I know it’s depressing and scary but yes, more people can get on welfare. The numbers are high, but I just don’t see them high enough for TPTB to say “ok, now is the time”.

          Like many of you, the big question we want to know is “when”. I have my reasons, but I’m looking towards 2015. That’s only two years away and enough time for all this necessary posturing to take place.

          Still, it means keep on prepping.

          • Timing is the big question. From what I understand, December of this year is when three USA government obligations come due. The first is military expenditures. A second is related the general welfare. The third is retirement and medicare indebtedness.

            Regardless, there’s not sufficient funds or, more importantly, not sufficient credit or willing lenders. When “we” run out of lenders, there’ll be trouble. Coupled with the printing of money during the past couple of years and the big bills coming due, the “green back” will be a figment of value.

            My personal prepping is to have silver coins. Sure, food and water may be good, but the immediate crisis this year is having currency which people recognize.

            • Covering just one aspect of your needs is an invitation to personal disaster; not just for yourself, but for your entire family unit also. Try to cover as many ‘bases’ as possible in the time that we have left with the resources that you have at hand. Food, water, medical supplies, silver & perhaps gold coins, ammo, etc. are all important. Having just 30 days of food ahead means that you are better prepared than 90%+ of your neighbors

              I am probably not going to be trading you any food for your silver coins if food isn’t readily available from other sources.

      3. My opinion of this article; lots of words to say very little.

        • My thoughts exactly. Sure would learn alot more in a chat forum environment.

      4. “had those individuals taken preventative investment and preparedness measures several years ago, when we first recommended our physical commodity investment strategy, they would at least have been able to alleviate some of the pain they are experiencing today”

        Ding! Ding! Ding! BINGO!

        Failure to prepare results in Failure. Too many Americans have counted on Sugar Daddy Government to be there for them. Sugar Daddy is broke – he is going bankrupt.

        Moral of the story? Prepare for yourself because no one else is going to take care of you.

        I know, I know, I’m preaching to the choir here. We need to reach the 75-80% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck and who are still taking on massive debt in these perilous times. Crazies.

      5. After watching current events unfold over the past 4 years, I’ve come to the conclusion there is no real paper safe haven that can’t be manipulated by those who would profit from stealing your wealth.
        The To-Big-To-Fail bailouts and the theft of $ Billions by MF Global suggest things will only get worse before they get better.
        A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
        Gear Up & Good Luck

        • Wheedle, I agree with you 100%. When the markets collapsed, at first I rationalized the following actions away, like most sheeple, with the thought in the back of my head, “man, people are really going to be crucified for this.” I even felt sorry for the CEOs who had the labor-organized tour buses coming into their neighborhoods and pointing out their homes. I woke up pretty quickly after no one actually went to jail, and the MF Global hijinks confirmed my suspicion and have pretty much set it in stone.

          Although we won’t be moving out of our big-old-farmhouse-in-the-city, we have been looking at land and I will likely be “diversifying” my retirement savings in order to buy it outright. We have found 11 acres of mature woodland (actually 1 acre is pasture)out in an area that is 90% Amish. No plans to build, but as I have mentioned before, I would like to put in apple trees, for pies, cider (hard and sweet), storage, and, as Giurza recommended, vinegar. Interestingly, I know several people who have had a compelling urge to buy land and put in apple trees. Weird.

          At any rate, we will see if we can get this deal to work. It is extremely nervewracking to take this big of a chunk of money out of my retirement savings but…I’m in my 30s, and I have the strong feeling it’s just not going to be there, but the land will be. The Bernank can’t print any more dirt. And again, it is just a form of diversifying my portfolio beyond paper, we can enjoy the land, and thought I will have to pay some in penalties, I can lose more than that with one day’s market swing. Hey, it’s just FRNs–can’t believe anyone would trade good land for those.

          Speaking of tangibles, I was apparently a very good Mama Bear over the past year, as my mother’s day gift was a lovely, gleaming, walnut-stocked Henry .22 (the Frontier model with the octagonal barrel). I killed me a few cans yesterday. 🙂

          • You do that girl! I will hold thumbs for you! oh and if you will go for those apple trees for vinegar and cider, make sure to get right variety. I must now say that I have no idea what varieties you do have in USA so bear with me. There are summer, autumn and winter varieties here.
            summer apples are for eating, they come early and are not good for anything else. they don’t hold for long time, their juice ain’t fit for caning, and they surely ain’t fit for vinegar or cider
            autumn breeds are very varying. so no comments there. there are ones for eating, for juice and for pies, canning jelly etc. respectively. some are even good for vinegar and cider, but you must make sure they have a sufficient amount of sugar in their juice. check the description of those breeds and also have a hydrometer (or whatever it is called) for checking the sugar amount.
            and finally we have winter breeds, those usually have high sugar percentage in ’em. don’t be fooled, many of them are quite sour, but that doesn’t mean they ain’t sweet 😉
            winter breeds are called so because they are suitable to be stored for winter without any processing, that’s the only (almost) difference between them and autumn ones. otherwise autumn and winter breeds mature almost at the same time. truth to be told winter breed tend to remain on the tree even after first frosts, and if you going for vinegar (don’t know about cider) then it is a good thing because sugar content will rise after frosts.
            there is lots and lots of stuff to write about apple and all the things you can do with it, so go out there Mama Bear and plant those trees! it’s lots of fun and lots of satisfaction after you get your first batch of successful vinegar, cider, apple cheese, jam, apple pies (yes I do them to occasionally, I don’t however like baking pies, I’m more into hard food – meats, soups etc)
            and post those experiences, good luck Mama!

            • Way to go Mama…One way to possibly offset the cost of your land is to sell the mature timber on it. Of course, if the Amish didn’t buy it by now for the timber,it may not have any mature on it. lol

            • Thank you for all the good wishes, everyone. JRS, it has a substantial amount of mature timber on it, but we would never log it off unless we were truly desperate….we would like to put in a cool little cabin or treehouse, and lightly manage it as a woodlot. Or, I am a huge fan of Airstream trailers, but they are crazy expensive.

              Giurza, thanks for the tips. I would like to get a Lodi (summer apple) and some Goldrush and Granny Smiths (sour winter keeper apples for our root cellar) and then I will research good cider apples. We live in Johnny Appleseed’s old stomping grounds (yes, he was for real; have you heard of him in Lituania?). He got the “appleseed” name because he insisted on planting seeds rather than grafting, and he would establish orchards ahead of the waves of settlers, so they could more quickly get their cider orchards established. But, alas, first we must take the plunge and actually buy the land. Nerve.Wracking.

            • oh, here is a very precious tip for you Mama… one needs not a root cellar for apples!
              save that cellar space for beetroots, carrots, cabbages and the like. completely off topic – when putting beetroots and carrots for winter keeping, layer them in a big bag together with damp sand or dirt!
              as for keeping apples, the only thing you will need is snow during winter (if you have no snow during winter, then to the cellar they must go) and also you will need apple tree leaves. now find a spot where there will be lots of snow and put a thick layer of leaves, then spread the apples on the leaves, make sure that outermost apples are 20 cm or more away from the leaves’ layer’s edge. also make sure that apples are lying so that their butts (the part facing branch when on tree) are facing upward – this is important! after that cover the whole pile with more leaves, put as much as you can but no less than that they form a layer of 30 cm when pressed with hands. you can also mix in some dry grass if you are low on leaves, but don’t overdo with grass, leaves are much better. when winter comes, make sure to cover the pile with all the first snow so the frost doesn’t pry into your pile.
              I do it every year since 2006 when I first tried it. saves a lot of space in a cellar and also, apples keep much better, there is less spoilage. in one good year (don’t remember which it was 2008 or ’09) I was able to eat those late year’s apples in April of the next year!

          • Mama Bear,

            You are one Mama Bear that no one is going to mess with.
            Land, apple trees, perhaps a little motorhome sitting on your land for weekend visits. Life can be good.

          • Good luck, Mama Bear – that sounds fantastic!!!! I think many of us have decided it’s time to throttle up our prepping significantly.

            Keep us posted – I can’t wait to hear if you got it!!!

          • God is not making more land….just more people

          • I keep thinking that all of these little pushes could be orchestrated to get us to cash in our IRA’s and 401’s early and paying the penalty just to help the crisis this year. A way to get the public to help kick the can. I know I took a vicious hit with my taxes this year and I can’t help thinking it might be intentional.

          • Kudos to you mama bear. “You’ll do to ride the river with”. Great gun purchase, BTW.

        • Very true, Wheedle. Our financial system of crony-capitalism and kleptocracy compares to a free market like rape compares to making love.

          • Way to go, Mama! I LOVE my Mother’s Day Henry too, btw. 🙂

            One thing I wanted to mention about the land surrounded by the Amish– my FIL called earlier today and told me that his good friend (an Amishman named Yoder up in OH) was robbed at gunpoint in his home. Mr. Yoder is quite successful, and now people are starting to prey on the Amish because they are pacifists and tend to do well financially. Just a bit of fyi.

            Good luck to you. I took everything that I owned out of the market earlier this year, too. (I’m in my mid 30s and have NO illusion that I will have a retirement.) Husband and I are investing in ourselves for retirement– land, skills, homesteading. That’s our plan. It’s encouraging to know that there are other forward thinking women out there. My neighbor a few miles down the road stopped by and asked me to teach her to can and make cheese. Our babies are the same age, and she said that she wants to learn skills to take care of him and not be reliant on anyone. Maybe people are starting to get it, one at a time. If nothing else, I’ve been seeing women interested in learning to take care of their children. This is truly a step in the right direction.

            Good luck to you, Mama! I hope things fall into place for you.

            • Are we forward thinking, Tarheel? ‘Cause I kind of feel like I am turning into my great-grandmother. 🙂 I’ve been canning for a couple of years, making sour kraut and real pickles in a crock on the counter, root cellaring, and just this past year learned to crochet.

              Maybe we can crochet matching stock cozies for our Henrys–LOL!

          • +1

            • MB, I’m starting to think that backward (great-grandma) is the new forward!!! I wish that I had my grandmother around (she died when I was 16). She canned, made clothes, etc. I had to teach myself these things, and while I can do it, it would be nice to have her around to show me a thing or two. My next project is to learn to sew using a treadle machine. I quilt, but making clothes is totally beyond me. No time like the present to learn though, right?

              If you’re ever down East, I’d be happy to sip some sweet tea, munch on a few biscuits, and knit/crochet with ya. (I’m crochet disabled, for some reason.) We could plink at a few cans with those Henrys while we’re at it. 🙂

              Like Dave Ramsey says, if people are laughing at what you’re doing, you must be doing something right.

              Be easy out there, and know that every woman in America isn’t obsessed with Dancing with the Morons or the Bachelor. Some of us have better things to do.


      6. The only investment one need to concern themselves with is food. If you belly is full, everything else will be a lot more tolerable.

        The return on your FRN investment will be greater than anything Wall Street has ever dreamed of.

        • Food storage will only last you so long.

          You need a method for growing it & raising it as well. Store seeds. Buy chickens & rabbits. Buy a piece of land with a pond on it.

          I saw a site the other day where someone gets 6000 pounds of fruits & vegetables off 1/10th of an acre each year. 65-70% of America could do that if they needed to.

          • Mr. Blutarsky,

            Well said! 🙂

            Also, add a method to preserve your fruits, vegetables and meat and the means to defend it if necessary.

          • Mr.B; the 1/10th acre would have to be producing year round to produce 3 tons of food. Then they’d need to replenish the soil. Not trying to argue, it only seems odd for that much food to be produced in that short of space. Possible? Maybe, most homes are on 1/5 acre or smaller.

            Mac, excellant article and whole heartedly agree in 401(prep) accounts.

            • And let me chime in here…I’m in Ky, and this acre is not gonna grow anything—I am lucky to have a few tomatoes and that’s with bought humus from chinamart. My acre is on rocks. Geeze, I can’t even grow grass.
              I can’t see the huge investment to grow a little garden…when the nursery right across the road has produce and we have a farmer’s market.
              Tractor/tiller, rich soil, fertilizer, fencing…you people assume everyone has these or can afford them.
              Well, we don’t.

              Again, a garden will require 24/7 guarding and that’s not possible here. Trees with fruit???
              Let’s see; people are fricking starving and I have fruit trees!!!
              Yeah, no guard needed there!!!

            • JayJay,

              Sorry to hear you can’t grow a garden, but most of us can and do. I can’t afford gold but I sure don’t tell folks to not talk about. So might I suggest you just pass by the garden comments.Or you might wanna think about creating a container garden out of anything that holds dirt, remember where there is a will, there is always a way.


              PS 95 % of my seedlings were started in 1 gal milk jugs, It makes a great mini green house.

          • I know what that guy claims, but I am skeptical that a CLOSED (self-sustaining) system can generate 6,000# output on 1/4-1/10th acre. That accomplishment would require MASSIVE input from offsite.

            • raised beds, and vertical gardens can produce a whole lot more than most people think and in a lot less land then a you might think possible…been there, done that and still doing it…raising your own gardens of food items is not for sissies or wimps.

            • Being well-experienced, I do not dispute the production, but do dispute that it can be done on such little acreage UNLESS there is MASSIVE input from OFFSITE.

            • I read about those people – thought they were really cool, until SUDDENLY they tried to trademark the phrase “Urban Homestead” and began suing the pants off of people who referred to their own properties that way.

              Once they became litigious I completely lost interest in them.

            • DRD5508, You can grow year round by greenhouse. You can also grow cold crops in the winter without heating the greenhouse, but it would be easier with the heat.

              “The Winter Harvest Handbook”-Eliot Coleman

              BTW, you also have to protect it from raiders.

          • 6000 pounds from 4500 square feet is going to require intensive labor and soil, water, and crop management, something a family of four would be hard put to perform in a year, given other required activities such as security, food preparation, etc. Need I mention outstanding soil and water supplies would be also required?

        • “The only investment one need to concern themselves with is food.”

          Isn’t that the truth, my kids and I are eating cans of name brand ravioli that I purchased on sale a couple years ago for 59 cents a can, they are now on sale for 99 cents a can, and regularly 1.09 or 1.19 per can. That is one heck of a return on an investment

          /And I still have plenty two years later, stacked deep and cheap…

          • canned ravioli an investment? only if your desired dividend is a stuffed up metabolism. Put in a bloody garden and grow your own meat.

            • Stop the garden crap talk—read the above!!!
              Everybody hasn’t the means or soil for it!!
              Geeze, what’s wrong with you people??
              I have ? years of food; why do I need a garden?? If this nation doesn’t get back to operational in ? years, we’ve more to worry about than a garden for some starving people to raid.

            • Stop whining Jay Jay. My granpa cleared 6 acres back in the 30’s with a mule and a lot of desire. Many of us have been there where you are. The problem with way too many folks is laziness, I have a neighbor who claimed he couldn’t grow a garden in his backyard, so I went over tilled his yard several times, added some topsoil, planted the thing for him and even watered it till it came up. He was impressed. Everything came up, but most of it died and produced very little because he was too lazy to work it. I have 3 gardens at present and if that isn’t enough, I’ll plant more when shtf even if I have to remove rocks by hand.

            • I am a huge fan of Wendell Berry, the poet and agrarian philosopher who farms with mules in Kentucky…the hill folks definitely have to be scrappers to drag crops out of that ground. Or think of the Irish, who grew their potatoes on solid rock, with the help of numerous loads of seaweed and the family milk cow to build the soil. My grandparents retired to the Ozarks and grew a lovely garden on some of the most horrible soil I have ever seen. The secret ingredients were love, labor, leafmold, and lots of bullish!t, if you know what I mean. All of them free.

              I think our nation would be in far better shape if everyone had a garden, and a little taste of the rewards that come from some good manual labor, patience and stewardship. This country has lost its soul, much of it, because people were driven off the land and abdicated their responsibilities for stewardship.

        • Tell me about it. Six days out of the week every scrap of green monopoly money I get my hands on goes to the local wholesale store for mountains of chicken, salmon, rice, cocoa, sugar, powdered milk, and coffee. On the 7th day I buy ammo, hard goods, and tools.

      7. What happens when something really bad happens and you cant make your house payment.I only have 5 yrs to go till its payed off.

        • Kelly; I asked the same question a couple years ago, and depending on the crisis and also your how you view what bad is.

          If the the shtf in a worst case scenario.., you paying of your house is not going to matter much if the banking system collapses.

          By know means that I am an expert.., but I would recommend googling your question like I did and find the answers for yourself. Also, maybe some of the crew on here can help you too..

          Best wishes.. 🙂

          • Kelly… Let me say this. My grandparents had 4 young children and had a nice 3 bedroom house in Kansas when the hardest of the Great Depression hit. During this time, like so many others, work was scarce. Yet, my grandpa was a scraper. And it did him no good. They had ONE more payment left (and were behind but I don’t know by how much) and the bank TOOK IT! One more payment!! They had dealt with that bank for years and years, yet, it simply didn’t matter in the end. They told my grandparents that it was not up to them anymore, times had changed.

            Not a glorifying example I know. But a true story. TPTB don’t care about you or me. In the end… you better have a secondary place to go to be it a friend, family or whatever. ‘Cause you just never know.

        • Kelly, I’d urge you not to be fooled by the group of people (and they are out there) that think once the SHTF they get a free house/car. That’s not how it works. The US (if that’s where you are) would have to suffer a catastrophic crippling event. Even with an economic collapse, after it passes, whatever is put in place, someone, somewhere will recognize that you owe money on a mortgage. You probably won’t pay the same bank, but someone will own the deed – maybe Uncle Sam. Now, that said, you may get some “free months” while things transition, but that’s about it. The other thing to keep in mind is that it takes quite a while for a house to be foreclosed. I’ve read articles about people living in their house for over a year while negotiation / litigation takes place.

          Short of full blown global nuclear war or pandemic, we’ll all be required to pay our bills.

          • Even if you do pay of the mortgage – the tax man comes along and demands a monthy chunk of cash here in the UK. I’m assuming it’s the same elsewhere.

            As gubbermints get more desperate the tax burden will increase.

            You’ll still need savings/cash income to satisfy the ever increasing greed of the taxman lest your land confiscated in lieu of payment : (

            • Lone capital gains is only payable on the home you sell if you do not purchase another one within a given time, it used to be five years but I am not sure if that has changed with Camerloon and his big society crap

              Take care

            • Anon – What you think is a secure well-protected position today could be altered in an instant if the ptb want your assets.

        • I expect to pick up some great deals on foreclosures when the economy collapses. Maybe big banks won’t bother foreclosing, but desperate for cash they will at least sell the loan to someone who will. My advice would be to tap into that equity and buy a less expensive place free and clear. You can rent out the new place if necessary until you can no longer make your house payments and still maintain a locked shed there which your tenants will keep an eye on if you choose them wisely.

        • DO NOT let anyone get close enough to your property to ask for a payment. In a financial collapse, everything is going to be chaos. Assume that anyone you don’t know, to be the enemy. Ratchet off a few rounds in the vicinity of their skull and they’ll get the idea that demanding payment is not an option. WTSHTF, having a bad Credit Score will be the least of your worries.

          • Any property that is not paid for belongs to the lender. Remaining in it without paying for it is stealing and where today the Sheriff comes out and politely escorts trespassers off the property, in a WROL situation the private armies that replace them will not be so kind, but instead exterminate the squatters within.

            Sure, they will have to burn down a few of their occupied homes to encourage others to meet their contractual obligations, but they will still have the land and no one will be returning to get even for the consequences of refusing to leave someone else’s home.

      8. My investment plan is ABCD.
        Anything Bernanke Cannot Destroy.

        • I tell everyone that …it was the only thing I got from that article,PP. Thanks.

        • He can’t destroy much when he is locked in an 8×8 cell. If a guard slips him a cell phone, that guard gets put to death.

      9. 6.2 earthquake in Chile. Protesters arrested at Obama Campaign HQ in Chicago. JPM throws one of the bigshots under the bus over that $2Billion loss. And a snake bites a man in an Idaho Wal-Mart. Wow! The news is getting interestinger by the day. I was gonna make up a few silly stories, but heck, I know when I’m beat.

        *Note: ‘interestinger’ may not be a real word, but it should be. Sort of like ‘curiouser and curiouser’ from Alice in Wonderland. I’m going to skip the news and go back to reading nothing but fiction. Reality is getting too weird.

      10. I still fail to understand people who live on credit cards in good times in order to support a lifestyle they can’t really afford. Many of them may well have a 401k or IRA earning them 3% interest but at the same time they have credit card balances exceeding the size of their retirement account and are paying 15% interest on them! However, instead of paying down the balance on their credit cards, they will instead put money into their retirement, netting them a massive net negative interest. While you should put cash away even while getting out of debt to act as a cushion, getting out of debt needs to always be priority number one.

        • What’s to understand? Ever go to Las Vegas and watch the gamblers?

          • Yeah, I’ve been there 3 times. I wound up losing all I gambled with-almost $20 between them! Worst place I ever let myself be talked into going. I never spent so much money to be so bored at any other time in my life. I don’t drink, smoke, use recreational pharmaceuticals, gamble or womanize so I failed to see why people think it’s so much fun. Maybe it’s just me…

            • You need a hobby

            • @Rick:): What… playing with antique radiation detection equipment, gardening, and building things out of scavenged garbage to be powered by the engines from discarded lawn mowers isn’t a hobby? How about building cars out of junkyard bits calculated and sim’d on some rudimentary engineering programs to get maximum fuel mileage? Believe me-I have so many hobbies right now that my house looks like a mixture of Sanford and Son and Mother Earth News! Some people look at my life and think I lack down time. However, I am bored if I am not building or designing something so the things “normal” people do for fun just aren’t stimulating enough for me. So long as I have tools in my hands and materials to use them on I am content.

        • Winston; most those people I would suspect live in the NOW and are unable to see into the future.

          The people on SHTFplan can see into the future and prepare. 🙂

        • To be in debt is to be a slave. In these times no ones job is safe. (Not even a CEO of a major bank, hehehe) You want a real SHTF event? Lose your job with a first and second mortgage, two car payments and 30K in credit card debt.

          Sheeple buy things they don’t want, with money they don’t have, to impress the other sheeple they don’t like.

      11. If you are not convinced to cash out your retirement and pay the penalties and taxes, see if you can borrow against it. I did that a few years ago and bought silver which even with the recent dip is still way up and interest rate and monthly payment on a retirement loan is minimal.

        • To: the G Man

          Good for you I got my parents and grand parents to do the same and they could not be happier!

          F**k The Government!!!

      12. It is so simple.. Cut up those credit cards!! Never keep more money in the bank (aka Credit union) then you can afford to lose ($27.89 for me) Use cash and pay off everything. I did this around 8 yrs ago and love it.. No House Payment, No Car of truck Payments, No Bike Payments, No Credit card Payments. The hardest part for me is to used any cash I have stashed back. If you want a great return on your money buy food, it pays a damn sight better then any 401k or C.D. out there..


        • It may be hard to cash some of the old 20s I have in. I’ve heard that the counterfiet pens don’t work on the old FRNs. I seem to recall people getting arrested for using old bills until they got verified. That would certainly fuck up my day.

        • Haha that’s my policy, don’t keep any money in a bank/credit union I can’t afford to lose. People learned this, and came up with the saying, in the 1930s.

          Ammo’s a good investment, properly stored, it lasts decades. I’d also consider, What things do you find yourself using all the time? Nails? Screws? Hose clamps? Those might be good things to store up.

          for food, being able to grow your own is very good. We’re prepped better than most self-proclaimed preppers, but it’s still going to be an interesting year or two actually living on, rather than supplementing with, the stuff we grow and raise.

          • DomesticTerrorist,

            Yes sir ammo is a great investment, as I mention before the family I did work for awhile back gave me a bunch of ammo for a job well done, along with a few other items for those really hard times. And since I’m a contractor my screws and nails come from every job we do,I’m not sure but I figure around 300 lbs of screws,nail,hingles and assorted fastners. Not to mention so much caulking and paint that I have a hard time storing it.

            Have a Good one,


          • My 1942 lend-lease .45ACP never fails to fire. My 1950’s communist cartridges are getting worse year after year however. Make sure that ammo is made in the good old US of A… or is at least modern (80s and 90s) foreign military surplus.

            • TMFC,

              All the ammo that was giving to me are reloads made by a man that takes the time to weigh every load. He also gave me a lesson on reloading while I was there, and as I watched him I have no doubt there every round will fire. At 250 yrds I keep a 3 inch grouping and for me thats not to bad.


        • This actually caused me a problem in getting a mortgage. The bank looked at my accounts and said you don’t have enough to back this loan. My response was, I don’t keep all my money in the bank and they were astounded. They claimed that was the loaning requirement – verification of funds. So I went to the bank, made a few large deposits, had them verify, got the mortgage and withdrew it all back out. Work the system.

      13. Just 1 more thing, if you have not taking the time to read 52 weeks to preparedness I urge you to do so. I have printed out all 44 weeks and it makes a great read on cool rainy days like today..

        Keep prepping


      14. I suspect we will have full kick-out in the autumn. It is worth noting the financial cycles and how long things take to happen. Basically, Europe is going mucho-shitzo right now. This means governments will take yet more massively fiscally expansionary emergency measures to keep the train on the track.

        All this stuff will get us through the summer. Summer is also when things slowdown in the decision-making cycle. But September is when everything comes back online. And that is when people will make their big moves and when the sh#t will buckle.

        Expect a tsunami of change and mayhem throughout autumn 2012. Things will then go quiet again beginning 2013 before erupting in the summer 2013. Note the cycles.

        • I actually think the sheeple will continued to be fooled & lied to until after the November elections.

          The media, the entertainment industry, many of the bankers, the unions and the politicians are all working together to get obama back in office. They will LIE to us until the end.

          If obama is elected, he’ll blame the Republicans for the collapse. If Romney is elected, he’ll get all the blame. 100% of it.

          • I think you have a bit longer even. This can will be kicked on into 2015, I predict. I think you’ll see QE 3, 4, 7, 9? And I think we’ll continue to let our Constitution be undermined and erode our liberties. I even think you’ll see an event (false flag or no) that will drawn us in to conflict and by then China and Russia will have established so many alternatives to trade that we’ll be fighting for our very place at the world table.

            Maybe I’m wrong, but this can is tough. It can take a little more abuse.

            • Barring outside intervention (or major false flag event), the capacity of Americans to swallow “mass quantities” of baloney will be the major factor. As long as the masses have internet porn, Monday Night Football, and a check in the mail, it will be fleece-the-goyim crime as usual.

          • Oh No! If the entertainment industry wants Obama back in office, does that mean My Little Pony is brainwashing me? That’s awful!

      15. I’d divide the disasters into short-term and long-term. I’d also consider a solar flare to be not much different than an EMP.

      16. Speak truth in humility to all people.
        Only then can you be a true man. (Sioux)

        Many of us are beyond the 401K, we are living our final years in a world that is embroiled in chaos and horror. We know how to prepare and we do as much as we can, but we worry about our Children, grandchildren, and the future generation. The man leading our country, lies to us everyday, he manipulates the weak and encourages the elite. With the economy in the shambles that is, the moral decadence that is seeping into the minds of many, through the media, and the total lack of conscience, we are beyond fixing if there is not a rude awakening.

        Yes, prepare, speak the truth as it is, do not manipulate, simply live a good clean life and pray often. Remember, the sky is still blue, the wild animals, birds, and insects, go on each day as if it were their last. They can never relax and have a lazy day, they must eat, find shelter, and survive because they do not know what the night will bring. We can learn much from them.

      17. Even with all the negative news and whatever is happening that isn’t being reported (I guess there could be a lot of that), notice that all the numbers we use to gauge the economy are hovering just above the lines used by technical investors to predict the trend. Sort of like keeping the boat bailed to just below the leak. Even if the water rises to the leak point, if there are enough bailers aboard, it will stay afloat a bit longer.

        So, we still have a market. There are buyers, as well as sellers. How many of those of each are sovereign funds or cronies, is hard to tell. But if those 401(k) contributions are being made each month or even if $100 in preps is being stockpiled, then economies are functioning.

        Hope springs eternal, everywhere. Everyone is expecting a bailout from someone else. It is a game of hot potato. Mac has a point about not cashing everything all at once.
        The dollar is about as strong as it’s been in 3 1/2 years. The Euro is holding 1.285+, which isn’t bad, considering. Gold and silver are down, but not catastrophically, unless someone bought a the top. Some commodities up, some down, as usual, especially in May with 4 months to go ’til harvest and the start of the annual slowdown in equity investing. Oil down, gas staying the same and if gas declines it is a good time to add 10 gallons to your stores. If it goes up, you have cheaper gas to fill your vehicle.

        Mac is also really pragmatic about the investment value of everyday necessities, farm land and skills. Can’t argue with him at all.

        As for debt, it depends on 1) your revenue stream/cash flow and interest rate vs. 2) whether or not you are buying something essential at a really good value. If you are purchasing something that will increase in value while maintaining an income and the cost of debt is 10% while the projected savings are 30%, why not go into debt, short term? You come out ahead, in the end, especially if you already have a survival stash and an income.

        It is really hard on the human organism and psyche to try and respond to every little bump in numbers that may not even be accurate, let alone real. Also, context matters and a few cents either way in some commodities or currencies is not really a huge signal.

        Everyone here is prepared to some degree. We could have years before it all crashes and it may never crash, fully, to the extent some predict. I know most don’t want to hear a moderate POV, but many are going to experience prepper exhaustion if they don’t just take
        it easy. One of the reasons so few want to listen to various predictions is that the resources of this world are still really vast. Many regions can survive just on accumulated capital. The example of the ones who are already bankrupt will not sway those who still have resources and skills. Barring the Apocalypse, we need to just get used to this being the state of things. As long as I see the crops being planted and growing, the productive folks going to work and producing, the marketplace operating,individuals starting new enterprises, we need to just try and enjoy the day, the week, the month and so on. Bad times will find someone, no matter what and others will keep on keeping on, also no matter what.

        • What a great comment. +1

      18. I’ve been concerned for a long time now……I’m diversified but portfolios keep taking hits.One can oly do so much to bulletproof it. In a sense retrenching, I can’t pay off my house, but I’ve got well over a year’s worth of supplies, water, filters, meds, seeds, generators, along with guns, ammo and such. So far five hundred and sixty-five ounces of silver and counting…..
        Thank God I live in a small town, population forty-eight hundred. Your known connections and trust prove of enormous value. Many folks see it as I do, canning, we would look after each other, all doing what they can. We have all weathered personal tragedies together, such as the death of my wife from cancer. me now grateful she won’t have to live through this sick.

        • @Kent
          Sorry hear of your loss. I hope you and your little town survive.

        • Shit!

        • I’m in mourning. 🙁

          • ditto.

        • it is a sad day for the World! we are pretty much f!@#$ed now…
          with Ron Paul retiring from race, even the theoretical hope vanished… there is nothing now between us and the endgame…

          • Giurza

            I know right even though he has not stepped out all the way we all know the end result. And BTW thanks for the write up on the apples trees, i found it to be very interesting. Myself I was late getting my garden started this yr due to being out of town for 6 weeks working. Its now in high gear after bringing in 1 cubic yd of compost for a buddies place.

            have a good one,

            • you’re welcome DPS! and brace for impact in a very near future. I read your other post that RP was not out of the race, but just as you put it here – it’s the end, voters [sheeple part] will go “hey he’s out”
              even with my overwhelming pessimism I had some hope getting RP, but now… there is no doubt…
              get back to planting those apple trees damn ya! 😉

            • “I hope all supporters of Liberty will remain deeply involved – become delegates, win office, and take leadership positions.I will be right there with you.In the coming days, my campaign leadership will lay out to you our delegate strategy and what you can do to help, so please stay tuned,” says the congressman….Ron Paul

        • Quoted from Road to Roota

          Many people have forwarded me newspaper announcements that Ron Paul has backed out of the GOP race. His actual announcement was that he will stop spending money on new states and WILL concentrate on gaining delegates……

          SPECIAL REPORT: The Good Guy Election Strategy

          As far as where we are in this strategy – I would say that “Round One” is just about over and the Good Guys are ready to transition into “Round Two”. Read again what I said about Round Two

          “Round Two: Some time in the very near future (Late Spring/Early Summer?) we will have the long predicted mother of all banking crashes. It will be like nothing seen before in the history of mankind. A true “Creative Destruction” event and the blame will be placed squarely on the banking cabal and the fiat monetary system. This event will have ramifications on the election process like no event has in our past. Ron Paul predicted it! Ron Paul has told you why! And Ron Paul has your solution America! Overnight Ron Paul will become the most important person in the world and a “Shoe In” for President.”

          So that’s where I think the Good Guys strategy stands…we’re primed for THE MOTHER OF ALL FINANCIAL CRASHES!

          It makes sense that Ron Paul takes a half a step back in pushing his agenda at this moment in time. It is better if the people of the United States come forward to ask him for his help instead of them feeling like his “agenda” is being forced upon them.

          But make no mistake…we need him now more than ever before.

          So don’t give up faith.

          Ron will be walking with us down the RIGHT ROAD in the end!

          Bix Weir
          RoadtoRoota dot com

          • The bad part is, that 99% of the general public probably doesn’t even realize what a delegate is or how they are supposed to work. If RP were to capture the needed delegates for the nomination, I think Romney’s handlers would cry foul, leading to a main stream media circus about “how the numbers just don’t add up”. This would be regurgitated by the masses to the point where even IF RP would get the nod, the public backing, along with the media would incite protests galore.

        • “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.”

        • I like Ron Paul. Voted for him; campaigned for him. But, never for a second did I believe he could turn this ship of state around. The Republic is finished. Destroyed by greedy bankers and immoral politicians in the bankers pocket. The evil is evident everywhere: federal, state and local levels. For decades I organized rallies, protests and fought wrong wherever I saw it, only to realize my biggest enemy was an apathetic public. I supported Ron Paul only because it was the right thing to do; not because I’m a “true believer”. I’m not.

        • I believe Ron Paul may be legally installed as President after the mass arrests of bankers and politicians take place. My best guess for the coup, architected and led by civilians and backed by the military and federal marshalls is this July.

          Mass arrests and trials have begun just about everywhere outside the U.S. When they occur here, and mark my words they are surely coming, they will be so swift and stunning that you won’t believe your eyes. No apocalypse, no microchipped cashless society, no nukes, no TEOTWAWKI… just a turbulent but manageable state of emergency, the return of legitimate currency, and a whole lot of treasonous trash placed into the FEMA camps. Yes, the camps are going to be used on them… not us.

          • I hope to God you are right…. but to be honest, I don’t buy into the Ben Fulford / Drake crap. Bring on the Ninjas

        • sucks the big egg

        • Depressing but he is still going to have my vote in our primary today. 🙁

      19. O/T , but not..look up this story

        Beaumont, California Woman Monica Hernandez Blinded With Pepper Spray for “Contempt of Cop”

        here is the last paragraph….says a lot,,, doesnt it?

        “”It should be remembered that any time someone calls for police “assistance,” he’s inviting the intervention of people who consider themselves licensed to inflict potentially lethal violence as punishment for non-compliance. It should be assumed that if the police get involved, somebody is going to injured or killed – generally without just cause.””

      20. I love all the articles of prepping, it’s just as important as knowing what’s going on around us. There WILL be a crisis during your lifetime, just whether it’s natural or economical is the only “I don’t KNow” factor.

        I agree with selling your stocks and bonds and buying gold and silver. Just like everything else it’s a risk, but if you’ve read the news in the last 24 hours, let alone the last 48 months, we are heading for very hard times.

        Good luck everyone and keep prepping!!!!

      21. Wealth preservation these days is simple and goes something like, hmmm… Do I invest in a jar of creamy or the chunky? Strawberry or grape? Cramer would be proud that I am diversified.

        • Chunky, always. And Strawberry.

          • You forgot to add “Kramer is a worthless douche bag “.
            Your selections are spot on!

        • Noooooooo… ground or whole bean.

        • I only bought creamy.

      22. DPS, Ron Paul did NOT end his campaign. As usual,the MSM is releasing a BS story. READ IT. He is merely no longer seeking votes in states that have not yet voted, for financial reasons. Of course, everyone will believe he quit now. Job done (worked on you). An old lady at work told me “I thought he quit a long time ago…”

        • an,

          I never said that he quit…. I said it was a sad day for americans, We all know that if you pull ads from any campaign you will soon be out of the race. I merely pointed out the article’s.
          And I really don’t listen to much kissenger has to say..

          Have a good day

      23. ps, did you see where Kissinger told China Jeb Bush will be our new pres? Ron Paul will hopelessly deadlock the R. Primary and Jeb Bush will “miraculously” be nominated…of course TPTB already know about it…

      24. Mac: (or anyone else that may know)

        When I clicked on the link for the extended article, under “Commodity Investing With Zero Counter Party Risk” the following statement was in paragraph 4, “The following food storage calculator can help you to determine how much inventory you may need and allows you to break your purchases into weekly shopping trips so you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars up front.”

        Where would I find that “food storage calculator”?


      25. Mitchell Guist of ‘Swamp People’ Dies

        “Swampers through and through, Glenn and Mitchell Guist were born and raised on the bayou and live entirely off the land. These brothers are always up to something, whether it’s hunting for their dinner or making use of everything nature has to offer.”

        true survivalists…RIP Mitchell

      26. Y’all must realize what Ron Paul has done for us as citizens and what he stands for as an American.

        His commitment to the United States of America is wonderful.

        Y’all Beware!

      27. Why has GOLD price collapsed?
        In times of crises it is supposed to be safer than currency!

        • IF the markets go, gold will go too, as investors sell everything they can to get out of the markets – including paper gold contracts and ETFs. However, I believe that, as we saw in the 1930’s (and the 1970’s), the broader stock markets will decouple from the precious metals markets as central bank buyers step in and investors who know the currency gig is up turn to the remaining safehaven asset. Gold will no doubt reach bubble hysteria before this is all said and done. Bottom line: look to history and you’ll note that in times of crisis gold was the asset of choice. I rarely check the price of gold these days, as my investment horizon for PM related assets is not hours, day or months …. it’s years, and I am not so much interested in making a profit as I am in preserving what little wealth I have and being in possession of a monetary instrument I can use if paper assets crumble.

          • I bought 250 oz. Last May just after the price fell to back to 35. Watching the price everyday can make you crazy. When I bought it, the dealer told me to just put it away and don’t even look at it. You’ll know when the time is right to pull it out and use it.

            It was either that or put the money in a CD at 1%.

        • kev

          “Why has GOLD price collapsed?”

          The viability of the USD as a safe haven still drawls many investors in times of crisis. The thought of the US falling is so frightening that it’s considered impossible by many. EUROS get sold and they buy the USD in an attempt to preserve wealth. The USD then has more purchasing power and therefore the cost of crude oil and gold drops. Some of this is logic and some is a herd mentality that tags along, “for the ride”.

          I can only assume that gold is by-passed because the crisis of the moment is not considered to be of doomsday intensity.

          If one is follows geo political events and wishes to gamble a relatively small amount there is short term money to be made that can finance more prepping.

          Boo Coo investment advisors look exclusively at companies as opposed to those geo-political events and forces that move the market. Beware of any investment advisor that “Worships the Sphere” at the the expense of following current political events. The people on these blogs have the tools and desire to understand the potential relationship of cause and effect of geo-politics upon markets far better then most “professional” advisors.

          We’re all a couple of steps ahead of the typical investor.

          • K2: Gold is dropping in price for the same reason that oil is dropping in price: its being manipulate down so that the money interests can back up the truck before both commodities spike when Israel strikes Iran.

            Maybe next month.

            Back up the truck if you can. When the price spikes, sell your basis and bury the remaindeer in the backyard.

            • durango kidd

              Actually it’s the cause and effect of the EURO; USD up gold and oil down.

              I agree it’s soon time to accumulate.

      28. Communists are now in control of your government AmeriKa

        May 19th Communist Organization

        The May 19th Communist Organization (also variously referred to as the May 19 Coalition, May 19 Communist Coalition, and various alternatives of M19CO), was a US-based, self-described revolutionary organization formed by members of the Weather Underground Organization. The group was originally known as the New York chapter of the Prairie Fire Organizing Committee (PFOC), an organization devoted to legally promoting the causes of the Weather Underground. This was part of Prairie Fire Manifesto change in Weather Underground Organization strategy, which demanded both aboveground mass and clandestine organizations. The role of the clandestine organization would be to build the “consciousness of action” and prepare the way for the development of a people’s militia. Concurrently, the role of the mass movement (i.e., above ground Prairie Fire Collective) would include support for, and encouragement of, armed action. Such an alliance would, according to Weather, “help create the ‘sea’ for the guerrillas to swim in.” [1] The M19CO name was derived from the birthdays of Ho Chi Minh and Malcolm X. The May 19 Communist Organization was active from 1978 to 1985. M19CO was a combination of the Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground. It also included members of the Black Panthers and the Republic of New Africa (RNA).

        I Puckin Hate Commies!!!

      29. Barn Cat says:
        May 14, 2012 at 1:30 pm
        “I’d divide the disasters into short-term and long-term. I’d also consider a solar flare to be not much different than an EMP.”

        And so the solar flares that just happened a moment ago cooked your computer, your car, your house and your vibrator?

        Y’all Beware! Barn Cat, help yourself and do some Research!!

        • yep, that’s why the harley is a kick start!

        • You just made my point for me. A solar flare is the same as an EMP.

      30. Wealth = freedom, peace of mind & security. Moving back to midwest this week medicine man.

      31. I am not one with alot of extra income. I only started to prep about a year ago. I was unable to sell my house to go running to the hills and I have about an acre of land. I am prepping with my brains. I am frugal as can be. I have learned alot by other preppers on this site and youtube videos. I hope that I will have tome to prepare mot=re but I can only do what I can. I am thinking of ways that I can bring in extra income as my hubby may have to leave town for work and due to no child care I will be unable to keep my lil part time job. I have a small pond( man made I put in years ago to be prettyin my yard, but now I see it a a fishy pond. I am thinking of a bees to keep for honey. I am trying to become more self sufficient. I realize how little time we may have before the bottom falls out from under. I am trying to work with what I have and am seeing things alot different than I did even 6 months ago. with little expendable income I am unable to get alot of what is needed. I have networked with two friends that are very much like family to me and they have things that I do not and we will pull recourses if needed. I am greatful for that as I can not afford to cover all bases. I thank God my location is rural. I have enough land for a garden, chikens, rabbits and my lil pond. I have to look at what I have and not what else I need. I can not think that bonds etc will be of much use in a shtf scenerio. I believe trading food, seeds, canning jars, water, fire wood that is cured will be worth more than any metal or currency. I think clothing, shoes cloth diapers, baby bottles,things of need, will be the market not paying for things with an actual currency. Maybe I am a foolish girl but when it goes down it will be a very long time before people will be thinking of a money system. It will be survival period for a few years. making a life from rubble. I would like to have piles of gold but in reality when I try to keep it simple ( I can over think anything) I have to say food food water water, for yourself and others will be the way to go. as long as you have shelter, food, water and seeds for yourself and trade you will be ok. just MHO

        • Don’t beat yourself up. You are only responsible for what you can do. Do not worry about precious metals until the basics are covered. I prioritize my preparations in the following general order:
          God…Grub…Guns…Ground…Gold (I prefer silver)

          Some ideas on how to get ready on the cheap:
          1. Yard sales yield a multitude of preparedness needs
          2. Canning jars and pressure cookers free on Freecycle or cheap on Craigslist (good source for rabbits too)
          3. Calcium Hypochlorite (pools shock) will purify 10,000 gallons of water for $7
          4. Monolithic brand Berkey clone water filter kit for $30
          5. Standing dead and cut and left timber does not have to cure. It is free for the taking in the fringe area of our city park.

          If you have to quit your job, maybe you could solve someone’s childcare problem to replace your lost income.

          • Does anyone know where you can purchase those monolithic filters in the UK/Europe? Online store would be ideal.

            I want to get at least a dozen, some for myself here in the UK and a couple to take to the ex-MIL in Romania this summer.

            Farmland in the UK is rising in price v. fast. If the situation is similar in the US don’t delay purchase.

        • @justincase:

          If you have a network of friends, then you could likely manage some work time while they watch your little ones and you can return the favor.

          Look around: are there elderly or disabled who would pay or trade with you for cleaning or cooking or yard work? Are there folks who need inside painting done? Can you sew, can you trade around for a sewing machine or borrow one? Can you bake in return for something else you need/want or for pay? Weed a garden? Can you team up with one of your friends to do these things while the 3rd watches children?

          There are families where both parents work and while they may have childcare covered, they may have elderly parents/other relatives who need a companion and be willing to pay you for that and for getting them to appointments or to the store.

          Nothing has totally collapsed, yet. There are still folks with some money who need labor and don’t have the time to do all they need to do.

          Don’t panic. Brainstorm with your friends. Likely the three of you know most of the folks around your area. Everyone needs help at times and maybe you can be the one to provide it. You are blessed to have friends. Let folks know you are available to do whatever needs doing and let the word get around. You could end up making more than you realize.

          • very good advise….i have been out of work for over three years now and still i prep…i use the skills i have to make a little extra money as well with sewing and quilting and making other like items…i garden and forage for berries and nuts in the woods nearby… if i need water i have a water barrel system and two ponds in nearby pastures i could use if needed…i can and preserve just about everything. i save seed.. i wear my “tin hat” proudly, and just go about prepping no matter what others think of me or what i do… i have discovered that a person can do just about anything if they are determined.

      32. When someone becomes unemployed the money that they depend on each week, each two weeks or even monthly in some cases dries up it is horrible. If a person has stored up what they need so they don’t have to spend the money that they have left or are obtaining through unemployment or whatever, they might be able to scrap by until they can become re-employed. Not having to store, which is always a big expense and growing, means that someone might have enough to make that mortgage payment, utility payment, car insurance, even be able to put gas into the car.

        Living off what someone has stored up in a personal terrible disaster or a widespread disaster that affects millions is a wonderful feeling to have it there. People don’t realize how terrible it is to lose a steady job that someone was reliant on and thought that someone was going to retire doing. There is an awful dumbfounded look on people’s faces when they are laid off suddenly and unexpectedly. People though continue to live in denial and think “it just can’t happen to me”.

        Imagine also if you have a nice stash of precious metals how relieved you will feel to be able to go somewhere and sell it and have that money you need to prevent the bank from throwing you out of your home for awhile. Even stored up money under the mattress or somewhere safe away from a bank can be a literal life saver. Like a squirrel putting away what they will use somewhere safe for when they need it.

        Another reason to that people should consider putting away food and other supplies is that when the bill collectors come, they are after money related sources, not cans of food and other things like toilet paper. What’s the old saying, you can’t get blood out of a turnip. At least if you are completely dead broke and don’t even have a cent to spend, you won’t go hungry with stored up food, and if you have toilet paper stored up, you won’t have to go take toilet paper from public bathrooms so you can wipe your backside.

        • lol, i have forgone storing any more toilet paper…it takes up space that could be used for other things we might need…i have stored plenty of washcloths that will do the job much better than tp and can be washed and reused. sounds gross but sure makes a whole lot more sense to me.

          • yes its a good alternative..or fall back..

            but…water is a precious comodity, and you will need to use it to wash out your shit wipe rag.

            as a back up plan..ok

            but i would still try to have some TP around at least for a few months, until you get things sorted out on the water thing

          • @ Carynverell. I found a really good way of storing toilet paper. If you put the toilet paper into those fruit boxes that the grocery stores just throws away you can stack these quite high into any corner or the side of a wall. No one knows what is in those boxes, they just look like boxes of junk in them. That not a bad idea with wash cloths, like yesteryear with clothe diapers, if you have the water to do it and it is not too cold to wash them. Toilet paper is one of the top barter items, might be worth it to find a little more space if you can. 🙂

            You ever see that King of the Hill cartoon which was totally anti-preparation? It was the year 2000 and the Main character started to prep like no tomorrow, then he “wised up” (boy what a load of crap that was), and he then torched a mountain of toilet paper that they had stocked up on. This was a sickening example of how even in the entertainment field how they make bad humor of people that put away for their future. I can’t watch that cartoon again after this, it made preppers look like total fools as one of the other characters that was into prepping they really made look like a total whack job. Terrible cartoon.

      33. The collapse is ongoing. Down the street….the mcMansion that My kid gave me shit for not buying her is on the block. Yep kid…we live in an apt. and I get rent that covers the mort.

        What many will need to understand is that you might be driving home and some social event might cause some pretty angry folks. So….don’t get out of your car.
        The shtf will be happening for many and you will encounter them on the way home from work. I keep a pair of these under by seat…nice SKULL CRACKERS…

        Also, check out the self defense pen by smith and wesson…sorry no link…you can see it on youtube.

        Lastly…the unbreakable umbrella…see youtube for it…is great.

        Nice to have daily weapons around.

        I will say this…the coming collapse will be the greatest opportunity for many if you
        look it as such.

        • Dont bring a knife or flashlight to a gun fight..unless you want both of them shoved into some orifice as you lay half dead or worse

          im not saying this to you to be a prick..but weapons like that against something that can throw 230 grains of lead at you at 1000 feet per second ..weapons like bats , big flashlights and pen knifes have no place in a gun fight and thats what you face “out there”.

          to have a bat or knife as a secondary tool is fine, but it would never be my only option

          if you are from a country that has made you a subject, than Im sorry.those weapons than maybe your only choice.

          word to those who think we dont need our second amendment..this is what your choices would be or could be if the PAB could take away your right to bear arms.

          it must never happen in The United States of America

          • VRF,

            Yep you got that right we must never ever allow our 2nd amendment rights to be taking away from us, use everything you have to stop the assualt on these rights, meaning write everyone of these SOBS, CSMFers that try to take them from us. Join up with NRA,GOA and The Oath Keepers. Remember I have the right to keep(meaning own) and to bear arms( meaning I have 1 on me right now)


            • exactly

              and just to make you feel sitting at my table with 4 of them….right now!


              its cleaning time after the range 🙂

            • While we are talking guns, can anybody suggest a good red dot sight for a AR15?


              PS,And that doesn’t make me jealous VRF it just makes me sad…LOL

          • I prefer between 1 and 1 3/8 ounces of lead at 1300 fps or better.

            • right on!
              Ive got that covered too.

              just dindnt take that out to play was an indoor range

      34. from his own lips

        “JPMorgan is one of the best managed banks there is,” Obama said during a taped interview that will air on ABC’s The View. “Jamie Dimon, the head of it, is one of the smartest bankers we got, and they still lost $2 billion and counting.”

        if that doesnt tell you how fucked we are..there is no getting thru to you than

        • when obama gives a business lots of accolades you know it is time to RUN! as far away from whatever he is trying to sell ya.

      35. “And when we needed advice on the economy, we turned to Jon Corzine.” Not exactly sure of the quote, but obama said it last year.

          • Thanks for the clarification Mac. And yet the sheeple still defend this administration.

      36. New to posting here…but read daily. Anyone read The Harbinger? I believe 2015 will be the next major event. First there was 9-11, then seven years later the 2008 bust. Seven year cycles show up many times.

        • welcome

          and i agree with your schedule of events..or cycle as you put it

        • YES…7 year cycles are even mentioned in the Bible

      37. DPS says:
        May 14, 2012 at 4:14 pm


        I never said that he quit…. I said it was a sad day for americans, We all know that if you pull ads from any campaign you will soon be out of the race. I merely pointed out the article’s.
        And I really don’t listen to much kissenger has to say..

        Have a good day

        Backattcha DPS, I always like what you post, no offense intended.

      38. SHTF Gang you know I was reading up today on some old prep stuff and found out that I created my shtf fav folder Sunday, January 30, 2011, 12:59:42 PM wow is all I can say, that and thank you gang for all the great info I have gained from this site.


        • What’s up DPS. Are you still racing once in a while? Getting a bit more rain than last year?

          • Morning Mike,

            Nope think my racing days are over,got to old to keep up with those young farts. And rain hell yes it rained all day yesterday and on sunday. It looks like almost 3 inches at my place. Sorry I havn’t e-mailed you I have lost my e-mail pass word but I will find it this week.


            • Harsh reality to face. I hit the end of my shelf life riding bulls at age 30. Was in the best shape of my life just couldn’t heal as fast as an 18yr old. Those kids can get folded in half and jump up. I also started showing signs of hessitation and fear. No room for that.

            • DPS: Talked to a friend that is an AR guy. I don’t shoot them very often and don’t know about alot of the newer stuff for them. He was telling me that if you are on a tight budget check out Bushnell trs-25 on cheaper then dirt. It is under a $100.

              Otherwise you can spend as much as you can pry out of the wallet on them.
              Hope this helps

      39. Mac:
        Nice to see you back from your vacation.
        Good article!
        I agree.
        My Grandfather said(and he was nobody’s fool!)A bag of Gold for the TEOTWAWKI type event’s.Two bags of Silver to get you by if it’s bad but NOT quite that bad.And he also fed his family of 10 on a “relatively” small piece of land.And he also had or acquired the skills to supplant said property.He also “trusted” the local banker(grandfather to one of the JPM “Trustworthy and well-educated men of finance”,no doubt).But not too far.When the banker assured him that his savings were fine,he was still ready “just in case”.J.I.C. happened the day after.Grandfather took a severe hit from it,but had his “prepps” in place anyway.Kept the house,fed the wife and kids and still “put something aside” for the less fortunate of his neighbors.And when he died,he had enough assets for the kids to fight over.I hope I can do as well as he.Times are more dangerous now than then,so I guess I’ll be doing things a little differently.I have read about twenty years ago that we’ve been way overdue for a financial “collapse”.I suspect that the JPM and GLM-Saks are trying to squeeze the last ounce of profit out of everyone else and then “disappear”.
        Jus’ Saying
        Hope All the Best to you and yours

      40. I’ve been adding some quality booze to my preps… not to drink myself into a stupor after TEOTWAWKI, but to drink myself into a stupor after the mass arrests take place and we are all set free from this unconstitutional political-financial charade. I’m expecting serious disruptions and limited violence to accompany the looming mass arrests and the coup… followed by a very bright future for mankind.

        • Not much different than being in a crowded room and someone tosses a live grenade in and closes the door.

      41. WE see (five) little worms you are not hidden to us. Mac do you see them too?

        they are watching

      42. I know this sounds gross,but I have taken the time to explore the nature of humans and I have found interesting things about other humans no matter what race they are.Eating from gardens and killing food are really great skills,but explore other foods as well as foraging and eating insects that will be packed with protien(even though some will taste like shit),but it will save most of peoples lives.I HAVE TRIED THIS METHOD AND IT WORKS…………………

      43. I know that most people will not understand it is what MOTHER NATURE has provided for animal and humans to scavage off the land,so try it and let me know what you guys think.Start with worms and grasshoppers first.ASIAN PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO COOK.

        • Fry these two tasty treats and see if you can handle it,witch if you can I will call you a GHANGE OF HUMANITY.

      44. “In a recent conversation with an official at the Internal Revenue Service, I was amazed when he told me that ‘If the taxpayers of this country ever discover that the IRS operates on 90% bluff the entire system will collapse.'”
        Henry Bellmon
        Senator (1969)

        • Just try being on the 10% side. They can get away with anything.

      45. My next investment will be a veteran car. Something that can go on wood gas as well if things go really bad. My granduncle in Denmark had a T-ford in his barn in perfect shape. When he died in 1980 his children sold the car for quiet a large amount of money.

      46. Truly educational… and it only supports my belief that mass arrests of the treasonous scum in the U.S. is just around the corner.

      47. communist barry soetoro supports weather underground communist terrorists with u.s. justice department federal grant of $400,000.00

        can none of you see what is truly happening???

      48. Earth man

        This is what happens when you allow kids free reign on the menu & the internet

        Personally I prefer rabbit & chicken

      49. barry soetoro aka osama barack obama is a known weather underground communist cia agent puppet talking head , bisexual . muslim , murderer of 3 ex-lovers chicago black american gay whistle blowers and 7 known out spoken anti commie zionist fascist globalist agenda whistle blowers deaths , he has given ameriKa too the communists social control internally and globalists banker financial control internationally and is killing All americans who pose a threat to his Illuminati handlers goals!!!

        where is the RAGE AMERICA???

      50. Here is my strategy for financial future.

        Currently I hold no investments that are paper, unless you consider my paycheck which is fleeting and rapidly gets exchanged to other things.

        I may hold metal of differnet varietys. I would say firearms are a good investment, but I sold them all as I will not need them anymore, nor the absolute minimum of 500 rounds per caliber, prefferably 1000. Some may say more for certain ones.

        We put up dry goods, canned goods, preserved food, all that is required for good nutrition, for our “retirement” place. We put up seeds. We garden. We preserve what we grow. I try to stock up on medicines and keep a full blown trauma kit up country as we never know what accident may befall me when I bow-hunt. Not a $20 first aid kit. I’ll be adding oxygen to the mix soon.

        I ahve made plans to produce my own fuel in the form of ethanol and can do it easily to 94%-95% and with a “mole” sieve I am designing will bring purity to 99%.
        Of course that will cover all future needs for ANITSEPTIC.

        The best possible hedge against what may come, I’m a design engineer in my day job, is a skill or skills that I can hone to be useful in a changed future, if shtf. So what I’ve done in the paragraph previous is hone some skills, developed a product for barter, (fuel, beverage and antiseptic) and have the ability to build certain things for other people making them capable of having similar attributes, if they so choose.

        I try to be as independent as possible, especially for the future and family. If that is not the greatest way to preserve wealth, which the greatest wealth IS the love of family and friends, I don’t know what else could be.

        Yes, maybe silver, gold, everything shiny, but when I go, I’d rather go knowing I did my best for those that I love, possibly leaving something behind for them and maybe, just maybe having givem them the ways and means to be independent as well.

        Terry W. Reed

        • nice post Terry

          may I ask why you feel or think “you will not need them any more”

          firearms that is

          • In a seperate post last week, I explained how I had decided to get rid of my firearms as with the future looking so bright, I will not need them.

            Now coming from a guy who spent his youth in a wilderness area and with uncertainty in the coming times…I write some things for the sake of…whomever.

        • Terry,

          Sounds like you got it all handled, thats great.


      51. OOOOOOOo just buy some silver have some cash, a years worth of freeze dried food some guns an ammo, hide them in the attic! Stop worrying nothings going to happen! Wal-Mart will be open all night for your shopping pleasure!!!!

        Pretty Amazing!

        world’s largest army… America’s hunters!

        I had never thought about this…

        A blogger
        added up the deer license sales
        in just a
        handful of states and
        arrived at a striking

        were over 600,000 hunters
        this season
        in the state of Wisconsin .

        Allow me to restate that number:
        Over the last
        several months,
        Wisconsin’s hunters
        became the eighth largest army in
        the world.

        men under arms than in Iran.

        More than
        France and Germany combined.

        These men
        deployed to
        the woods of a single American state,
        to hunt with
        firearms, and
        no one was killed.

        number pales in comparison to the 750,000
        who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania and

        700,000 hunters,
        all of whom
        have now returned home safely.

        Toss in a quarter million hunters
        in West Virginia
        and it literally establishes
        the fact
        that the
        hunters of those four states alone
        comprise the largest army in the world.

        And then add
        in the total number of hunters
        in the other
        46 states.

        It’s millions more.

        The point?

        America will forever be safe
        from foreign invasion
        with that
        kind of

        it’s not just
        a way to fill the freezer..

        It’s a matter

        That’s why all enemies
        want to see us

        Food for thought,
        the next time we
        consider gun control.

        Overall it’s true!
        Even if we
        disregard some assumptions
        that hunters
        don’t possess the same skills as soldiers…

        The question
        would still remain…

        What army of
        2 million
        would want
        to face
        30, 40 or
        50 million armed citizens?

        I’m not sayin’…I’m just sayin’………

      53. Just a reminder, it’s not our government anymore. Hasn’t been for a long time. May 13th 60 minutes was supposed to run a clip about a CIA boss who was to speak out against the US goverment using Al-Qeada terrorists against Syria. The CIA guy was on but the part about Syria was edited out. No surprise.

      54. So you are prepared for anything?
        How much did THAT COST?
        The government want people to live in FEAR & for people like you to stock up & spend lots of money!

      55. I consider myself to be one of the least on this site in the area of critical thinking and brain power. However discernment is an ability I have often been gifted with, and as I said on here last year, anyone still in the politics and thinking our.problems can be.solved by voting (rigged) the right politicians of either party, is an ignorant fool.

        Oil is down cause, very quietly 80 to 90 million barrels was released to flood the market from bryan mound in order to drop gas prices to help administration in election year.

        I just got for my first semi auto handgun Springfield armory xdm 9mm…… it

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