It’ll Be Unstoppable, the Speed of It Will Leave Most People Waking Up to the Danger After It Has Already Happened

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    Well known investment adviser and forecaster Doug Casey of Casey Research recently joined International Speculator’s Louis James for an interview about the globe’s goings on. Mr. Casey discusses a variety of different topics, focusing first on the protests in Belarus and then shifting his thoughts to the coming financial and economic catastrophe that will engulf the majority of the world.

    Yesterday we suggested that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has confirmed what some already know: We’re Literally On the Brink of Catastrophic Collapse. Doug Casey tends to agree with our sentiment and provides some of his views on why a complete collapse is unstoppable, what we can expect once it happens and steps to take to protect yourself:

    Doug: You know I’ve been saying for years that the coming crash is going to be even worse than I think it’s going to be. The correction in 2008 was very scary, but minor by comparison. A warmup. Minor trembling in the ground, just before Krakatoa blows.

    That the world financial system will have to face a reckoning day has been pretty much a given since the U.S. took the dollar, the world’s reserve currency, off the gold standard. Since then, decades of profligacy, not just in the U.S., but all around the world, have distorted the global economy to the breaking point. It’s only lasted as long as it has because of the great increases to productivity the computer and other wealth-creating technologies have created, and the fact that many individuals still produce more than they consume and save the difference – even as governments have stepped up their efforts at wealth confiscation.

    I thought things might go over the edge in 1980, but I was early. I underestimated how much wealth there was left in the world for the politicians to plunder. But now, while there is more physical wealth in the world, in the form of factories, homes, powerful technologies, etc., there is also massively more debt. Governments, first-world governments, not just banana republics, are sliding towards default, and in the West most individuals have little or no savings. In the East, many have savings tied up in a deflating gargantuan real estate bubble.

    For all the reasons we’ve discussed in many different ways, the Greater Depression we’re sliding into is going to be catastrophic for the old world order.

    Uneconomic patterns of production and consumption are going to be liquidated – they have to be – and that’s going to smash a lot of people’s rice bowls. In today’s richest societies, people won’t be able to move back to the family farm the way they did in the 1930s; there’s no farm left in most families. There’s not even that much family left in many families – instead of extended families that care for their elders, who educate the young while the able-bodied adults work, we send our elderly to fade away in institutions and our young to be indoctrinated in other institutions, and we barely know what our brothers and sisters are doing, let alone our other relatives. What happens to the huge masses of such people when unemployment benefits can no longer be extended?

    Yes, “It can happen here,” and it’s going to. Maybe not this year, maybe not for several, but when the real crash gets underway, it’ll be unstoppable, and it will destroy the status quo with a speed that will leave most people still waking up to the danger after the harm has already been done.

    Louis: Sounds like a sci-fi horror film!

    Doug: I know, and it’s unsettling to sound the alarm. People dismiss you for being a Chicken Little. But the plain truth is that we’ve already gone beyond the point of no return. There is simply no way the U.S. government can pay all its obligations without defaulting or destroying the dollar – which is just a different kind of default. The same goes for a lot of other governments. There is no way out that does not force a lot of people to make painful adjustments.

    Louis: Are you talking blood in the streets or something more like a chapter 13 bankruptcy, where everything gets sold off to satisfy creditors? Do you see the world of Mad Max ahead, or are we all going to work for the Chinese?

    Doug: Both could happen, but I’m leaning toward the latter. I think most of the world’s wealth will still exist, but it will change hands. Better start learning Mandarin. You’ll need it to do business in the new world after the crash – or to get a job as a houseboy, working for those who do learn to do business in the world after the crash.

    Louis: How else do we prepare, besides learning Mandarin?

    Doug: You know my mantra: liquidate, consolidate, speculate, and create. To which I add and must emphasize again: diversify your political risk. I truly believe that increasingly desperate states will be the greatest risk to your wealth, going forward. The swelling masses of have-nots are going to turn their increasingly hungry eyes on the haves, and the politicians are going to pander to them – and these days, if you have any net worth at all, you’re a have. When the food riots start in New York, LA, London, Paris, etc., I want to be good and far away.

    Source: Lew Rockwell

    If things keep going in the direction they are, with more people dropping off of unemployment insurance benefits monthly, tens of thousands consistently being added to food stamp rolls, and jobs permanently disappearing across the country, then it is only a matter of time before we have riots in the streets.

    While the majority of Americans may not believe that it can happen here, one organization that is preparing a response for a cataclysmic meltdown is our very own US government, which is Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’.

    For those with the ability to do so, get out of the city. If it were up to Doug Casey, he’d suggest getting out of the country altogether. While this is likely not possible for most of our readers for a variety of reasons, there are most certainly things you can do to blunt the impact of financial, economic, political and societal calamity.

    We continue to recommend that you diversify your available assets and get busy preppin’:

    • Get out of the city – the last place you want to be is in the middle of a food riot or dealing with a situation where martial law has been declared because of rampant crime or violence.
    • Store basic needs like food, water, toiletries in the event of a rapid spike in prices
    • If funds are available, you should consider investing in emergency preparedness goods as a hedge against rising prices. Some ideas: bulk wheat, rice, beans, and other foodstuffs.
    • Build up skills that may be useful during a severe depressionary environment. Office cube jobs will be few and far between. Learn to labor with your hands and produce physical goods or meaningful services. Be prepared to take work outside of your current training.
    • Contemplate a home defense and self defense plan. This may include acquiring some SHTF armaments and personal defense skills (e.g. martial arts, krav maga, etc.)
    • Have access to hard currency. In a hyperinflationary meltdown, things like food and ammo will become barterable goods, as will small denomination silver coins (e.g. junk silver pre-1965 half dollars and quarters).
    • Prepare yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically for unexpected occurrences. If the worst were to happen, no one would be spared.
    • Get informed. Read this web site regularly (shameless plug) and pick up some reading material online to give you an idea of the different scenarios that may play out. Some recommendations include Patriots by James Rawles, One Second After by William Forstchen, and preparedness guides like the Top 10 Survival Downloads You should Have (available free).

    Prepare now – or pay the price later.


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      1. Comments….. There’s something that I rarely see mentioned to add to your preps, and that’s sprouting.  For those times where there’s a lack of fresh vegetables, sprouting is a good way to get your veggies and nutrients until your garden starts producing.  The shelf life on the seeds are 5 years if stored in your frig.  The sprouter I have I bought at a thrift store, but there’s various ways to sprout.  If/when we have other people joining us if and when TSHTF I’m going to invest in a couple more sprouters. Here’s a company I’ve dealt with in the past.

        I don’t own stock in this company or affiliated with it in any way.  There’s other sites for purchasing sprouting supplies like sproutman.  This is a valuable asset to add to your preps.

        Thanks Mac another good article/blog.

      2. The sheep are ignornat that and so narcissistic that they will not understand or even see the signs of decaying economy. Thus, because the idiots don’t lose faith in the system it will keep churning. The poor population will grow the people with jobs will make less but the machine will keep pumping. The Keynesians preservere and since the sheeple are too stupid to understand the economy is a sham they keep believing in the dollar and making the chains that enslave them even stronger
        The masses are uneducated don’t  understand fiat vs real wealth.
        This ball of crap we call the American Economy will keep going because the igornorant slaves are too busy playing video games and being focused inwards. I suggest stop bitching about how jacked up things are and start making money off the sheeple. They deserve it

      3. It’s been drummed into my head that it’s coming.  I believe it.  I kind of “know” it although I have never experienced anything like this –

        WHEN?  Is the big question.  When will this all come crashing down?

        HOW BAD?  How bad will it be?

        Will my little bit of silver and my preps be enough to get me through it and things get back to some semblance of “normal” again or is “normal” gone forever – an unsustainable dream we were living in – the golden age of consumerism – it’s going to end – and it feels like soon.

        Web bots predicted something big in the next few days…

        They seem to do better with general trends rather than specific dates…

        Good luck everybody.  I will be adding to my colloidal silver stock because  all the pandemic talk I keep hearing…

        Be well.

      4. “Maybe not this year, maybe not for several” So if when exactly is it going to happen? This guy will probably repeat these comments for years without providing a time line.

      5. Michelle webot is as accurate as the guys who predicts that the Chicago cub will win the world series. Reg many analyst say that the next decade is when we will face this storm. The thing is by 2019 we will pay about $600 billion on debt service. That is almost how much we pay in defense,by the 2020s debt service will exceed defense expenditures. When that happens we will be screwed.  A recent article written  by the Council of Foreign Relation called “American Profligacy and American Power: The Consequences of Fiscal Irresponsibility,” states that the US has until 2015 to fix this problem because if we do not we will pass the Rubicon of no return. “The post-2020 fiscal outlook is downright apocalyptic, for two reasons. First, the aging of the U.S. population will drive sharp increases in health care costs (and at the same time, more Americans will be retired). Second, federal interest expense will rise exponentially, as the Treasury’s borrowing costs grow with the debt. Why is this scenario so dangerous? One reason is that a large amount of federal borrowing would eat up the stock of private capital that is available to finance investment. A higher and higher percentage of personal savings would be diverted to purchasing government debt and away from productivity-enhancing investments in equipment and technology. This would shrink the base of productive capital and flatten GDP and family incomes. As more and more debt piled up, growth would slow and Americans’ standard of living would fall. ” That is what the article states that in the 2020s we will be in bad shape. However the silver lining is we still have time to fix this problem,however there is no political will to do massive cuts in entitlements(welfare,food stamps,unemployment benefits,Medicare,Medicaid,Social Security),defense spending,and useless spending. So the good news is we still have alot of time,the problem is that our so called “representatives,” will not allow heavy austerity to pass.

      6. This is relevant to the article above.
        How Propaganda works:
        Today’s Headline in the New York Times, “Bernanke Expects a ‘Moderately Stronger’ Recovery”
        After reading through most of that B.S. I came to another quote from Mr. Bernanke,
        “It is widely understood that the federal government is on an UNSUSTAINABLE FISCAL PATH,” (emphasis is mine) he said. “Yet, as a nation, we have done little to address this critical threat to our economy. Doing nothing will not be an option indefinitely; the longer we wait to act, the greater the risks and the more wrenching the inevitable changes to the budget will be.”
        WHY wouldn’t the headline be, “Bernanke says, “The Federal Government is on an Unsustainable Fiscal Path!”?
        Now Helicopter Ben is saying it clearly–but the media propagandists are loathe to put it in the headlines.

      7. Its coming soon.

      8. After reading this article, I had to post a dream that I had about 15 years ago.  My daughter was grown (she was about 7 then), and we lived in our house, but there were Chinese Generals and army about, and we worked for them and I no longer had possession of my master bedroom, nor my daughters and we lived in the basement.  I believe we are working for the Chinese now.

      9. After reading this article, I had to post a dream that I had about 15 years ago.  My daughter was grown (she was about 7 then), and we lived in our house, but there were Chinese Generals and army about, and we worked for them and I no longer had possession of my master bedroom, nor my daughters and we lived in the basement.  I believe we are working for the Chinese now.

      10. Tony- its not coming soon.  I thought it was also but soon came to realize  the sheeple are so ignorant and do even have a clue of what is going on. That the only thing keeping the sham going is the ignoramus will not lose faith in the dollar and do not comprehend the severity of the situation. Futhermore, the sheeple have no eakling of a notion that the only thing keep the economy going is the fact consumers keep spending. It damn sure isn’t due to job creation or the management of goverment debt. Yes, any reasonable person would see were screwed but the masses are igornant fools that drowning in thier own narcassitic world failing to reconize the dangers of the current debt situation.

      11. Mac,

        It was announced today that the unemployment rate is around 9,4% in U.S. and that 130.000 new jobs are being added. This is from Bloomberg:
        The funny thing is that those journalists use the news accordingly depending on what their Bosses wnat them to do.
        If they want to show good news for the t.v.  this can be read as follows:
        ” 103.000 new jobs in U.S. and the unemployment rate dropped to 9,4%”
        If they want to show something tragic it can be like:
        ” 103.000 jobs being added which is less than expected, and unemployment unexpectedly rose to 9,4%”
        I think we discusse it in some previous posting, but how are tehy measuring the unemployment?
        For Greece let’s say, the official rate is 12,5% but it counts only the registered unemployed. When the benefits stop, people are being erased from the government lists. So today’s actual rate may exceed 19%, if one counts all long-term unemployed, free lancers, and college graduates who cannot find a job.


      12. NWFisher the media does not want to panic the American people. All they do is dumb them down with non sensible news about “Jersey Shore” or American Idol. Zimbabwe Ben knows what is coming,he even states it that we are on an unsustainable path fiscally. However no one will listen to those quotes.  Like someonse said,in 2008 we had a financial USS Cole,soon very soon we will face a fiscal and fiancial Hiroshima

      13. No one can predict the future.  However almost any human has the basic ability to see things coming.  We don’t know exactly what it will look like or exactly when it will happen or exactly how long it will last.  No one can.  You can ignore the warning signs at your on peril.   If TSHTF do you want to be one of those who NEEDS to go to the grocery store or would you prefer to be able to lay low and not be in NEED of food, water, heat, a way to cook, TP, whatever.  Everyone should prepare regardless of if your belief is this is all BS or not.  There are very real things that could/can happen so prepare for them.  Have a backpack with food, shelter and clothing so thagt if you needed to you could get away from where you are now.  Have a 30 day supply of food and water and a way to cook it if the electric and gas are shut off.  Have a full tank of gas and maybe even 4 five gallon gas cans full as well.  Have a place to go, someplace far enough from where you are that you would be away from whatever trouble hits but close enough so that you can drive/bike/walk to it.  Have a second and even third option in case your primary bug out location is no good.  Consider putting a months supply of food and necessities in 3 or 4 five gallon buckets and bury them someplace where you can find them and others cannot.  Think through some of the likely scenarios and a few of the less likely ones too.   

        But here is what YOU need to know:
        1. It’s later then you think.

        2. Food will be worth more then money in the future.

        3. Someone you know intends to either sponge off you or take what you have when things get tough.

        4. Someone you don’t know intends to either sponge off you or take what you have when things get tough.

        5. By the time it becomes obvious to everyone it will be too late to prepare.

        6. If you don’t prepare then you are the one planning on sponging off someone you know or to take what they have when things get tough.

      14. I’m worried about the spongers. My family knows I have something just because of the comments I have made to them.
        They don’t know exactly what,,, but they know I have something.

        I quit trying to convince friends and family a LONG time ago to prepare. We all know how that goes.


      15. @GWTW … your numbered points put it in crystal focus.

        If someone preps and a family member or friend doesn’t, my ideal would be they wake up and join me. Bringing a useful skill or two and some necessities to contribute to our common survival.

        But if they won’t wake up and have an “I’m hungry, you have supplies. You hafta feed me (or else)” mentality the choice they have made is my survival takes hind teat to theirs.

        It would be prudent to decide exactly what you are prepared to do in that event—in advance.

        Because I care what happens to them I make some effort to educate family and friends. Right up to that point when they show up on my door thinking I”m running a luxury hotel. “Here I am … when’z dinner? I’m tired from all that unaccustomed walking. Show me to my room.”

        That’s time to rack the shotgun. Whether it’s fired depends on what they do next.

      16. I believe it is unstoppable and the only question is when. I have also come to the conclusion that most of my family and friends are Sheeple. I will continue to prepare for my wife and I, and buy as much extra as I can for my family.

        Post collapse I think you may have 48 to 96 hours to get where you need to be. I’m not sure my children, mother, brothers and sister will be able to process the event in that short a time period.

        When they realize they must move, it will be to late. They don’t have the supplies, weapons or skill to survive the highway or even the back roads. I hope, I’m wrong.

        Another point in the article was that we really don’t know our brothers and sisters. I must admit, I really don’t know mine. At 50 something and leaving home when I was 17, I know more about my customers then  my blood. I know I love them, but I don’t really know them. Sad, but true.

        It will be different post collapse, much different. Just 3 years ago if you told me I would be reading, no less commenting on a site like this. I would have thought you were nuts and may be in need of medical help. But here I am and I’m serious.

      17. I have in-laws that live much better, make more money, have heard my direct hints (a few times), given their kids silver dollars/silver certificate dollars multiple times for holidays and still don’t prep.  They have noticed my tri fuel generators, deep freezers, pv panels, grain grinder, gas cook stove, double insulated paid off home, tools, skills, “some” PM’s, guns, diesel truck with 190 gal extra fuel tank, garden, Berky, to name a few.  They are both lawyers, go figure.  They go on vacations twice a year, live in a LARGE home, pay six times more for their monthly electricity, private school for their children, a nanny, a grounds keeper and the best of clothes.  They think they can beat inflation & this will pass in time.  I feel sorry for them.  I would like to hand them a tin foil hat when the knock comes at the door.

      18. Been planning/prepping since the first Arab oil embargoes. Read Howard Ruff and still have his books on the bookshelf.

        This is the first time I have felt like I could wake up in the AM and find everything has gone down the toilet. In the past, it was just a sense of impending doom.

        As far as family and friends showing up on the homestead; they can work to eat.  Refuse to work and go hungry. Threaten me and I guarantee they won’t eat at my table.

        Say, do and believe whatever you want. I have a pretty good idea what will happen to me and mine if I am wrong. When you prepare for the worst, … .

        I’ll be candid. If you advise someone that it won’t be that big of a problem and you’re wrong, it is my sincerest hope that you get to watch your friends and family gutted and tossed on to the barbecue before it is your turn ala “Lucifer’s Hammer.”
        Last thought. In almost every impending emergency, the masses rush to purchase a particular group of supplies. Your best option would be to get them now. When the SHTF, you will be free to avoid exposure to violence prone masses.  Far easier to avoid violence than to extricate yourself from it.

        The gov’t will try to contain and control the violence, but it is a numbers game. Then there will be the Rodney King effect aka the authorities are against us paranoid delusions. The masses will counter-attack and wheeeee, this roller-coaster won’t stop till we are all in hell. Fortunately, death will come quickly for most. I’m reminded of a phrase from a song by “Buckethead.”  I’m not afraid of dying. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

      19. Comments…..Patriot One, I know what you mean about family.  Most of my family still remember me as the immature hippy of the 60’s.  I admit I have grown into the very mature hippy of the 21st century. 

        I still garden, can and store a lot of my own food.  I sew, knit, crochet a lot of my own wearable items.  I am interested in natural healing and try to eat as green as possible.

        I do not believe 1/4 of what the government tells us and even less of what is printed in the newspapers.

        So I am prepping.  I am prepping for my children (who are embarrassed by my mountain mamma lifestyle) in hopes that they will make it up here when our civilization collapses.  I prep for any of my family that can get to me. 

        But as far as leaving my country, America,  I cann’t do that.  I will make my stand here, for my country and for what it was ment to be.

        Keep prepping everyone.  Good Luck!

      20. I am much closer with my wife’s Colombian family than I could ever be with my own. There is only one elderly aunt of mine that I communicate with. The rest of them worthless ‘gringos’ can kiss my a–! There are five families of us Colombians grouped together here in South Florida within about twenty minutes of each other. There isn’t any wellfare, food stamps, medicaid, AFDC or Section 8 housing assistance there in Colombia. Family and friends take care of each other or you can die on your own. Those who are unwilling to help the others out when in need needn’t expect help when they are in need; it’s that simple.

        As previously stated by others, when? not if is the critical question. Maybe Bullwinkle really can pull a rabit out of his hat and keep things going for a while longer ….. but I don’t really see it. I have the feeling that we’re in for a really interesting year in 2011. BOHICA!!!

      21. I feel your pain sittinguy.  Most people we know that will actually admit the US is headed for major trouble can’t seem to take the next step of preparing.  Some of our neighbors have been poking around our home and asking questions (we planted a lot of fruit trees, installed a well and planted a garden within the past year).  I don’t know how much to tell them.  Don’t know if they would be helpful or moochers during the collape.  I try to say as little as possible.  We feel alone at this point.  Wish all us bloggers lived in the same neighborhood! 

      22. I’m right with you, Mona. I have been what used to be called a “homesteader” for many, many years. It is a very normal part of life for me to stock a pantry, and yes, most everyone thinks I’m a little “off”. But I notice that when one of my now adult children would run low on groceries, they used come to me. That has slowed down considerably since I have made it clear that I expect them to work -help on the farm, help my husband with his work, etc. I expect this will become somewhat of a problem when the shtf, since none of them does anything to prepare for anything, that I am aware of.  They were not raised that way, but that is the way it turned out, sadly. We will have some wrenching decisions to have to make if they don’t wake up very soon, ’cause this old lady can’t really grow, buy or store enough to feed 5 adults and 3 little ones, at least by myself, no do I feel like I should, nor do I really want to.

        We do a lot of hands on manual work, in addition to the farm – I expect there will always be a need for bush hogging, brush clearing, fence repair and handyman work, though I expect the currency will not be green.

        A couple of days ago, I read about the normalcy bias, and that is really what is going on. People just cannot mentally get their heads around this, even the ones who are very responsible in every other way. A friend of mine suggested that we – many of us here – are the 2nd wave of preppers – the first being the folks who were serious back in the early 80’s . The 3rd wave will be when every one and their brother figures out that we have a real economic problem, but by then it will be too late for them. It’s almost too late for us.

      23. To those who are worried about “spongers” : any wise prepper doesn’t blab their biz to anyone, to incl certain family members (teens tend to blab stuff) or neighbors, relatives, co workers or even church people.  Keep a low profile, don’t join or support any patriot groups,  as they are ineffective, producing nothing except collecting money.   When things go down, back the Oath Keepers all you can; no need to “join” a damn thing..for over 50 years, patriots have not produced any results, but Oath K may fight against martial law as they say; otherwise live for self/family and network with a small groups of close knit friends.  If people didn’t prep. let ’em starve.

      24. loose lips sink ships

        I got nothin’
        I hate Guns
        Sold my tents
        gave away the pot i used to piss in

        wink wink…Nod nod

        I keep it to myself, Im even getting to the point where im about ready to jump this ship too..
        too dam much information to be used against me.

        stop trusting
        nothing to see here


      26. As always, very direct and to the point commentary. I especially agree that nobody other than “us” gets it. I look around the world and at the state of our debt and wonder how this won’t come down this tear. My money’s on 2011. My hope is it will gradually get worse vs the morning after scenario. But I wouldn’t bet on that either….

      27. OOPS! sorry about that first post.

        Lots of good points on this here tonight!
        I think when it happens we are all gonna know it …it probably will be kinda like when you are out puttin in hay on a hot muggy day and you can “smell” the rain coming,you know you gotta get it done soon!
        It also is kinda like what Jesus said about being able to understand and read the times we live in,he was sorta incredulous towards those people who couldnt read the signs of the times so to speak. We are sorta in the same spot, we read its coming in the signs of the times…we can smell the storm coming,those who cant or refuse too …God help ’em!
        Just be about the job of prepareing,but remember to smell the roses along the way or the stress will kill you,itll happen when most folks least expect it.Thanks!

      28. I hope everything works out for you Mona.  I wish that too Lynne.

      29. Larry Kudlow is an idiot.

      30. Be not concerned with what tomorrow brings for GOD may not let you see it. All is GODS and he is where you should focus your time and energy. Gain this SHIT filled world and lose your soul prepare for hell I’ll love your company.

      31. A couple of days ago, on another post here, someone recommended reading the blog of Ferfal, the guy who survived the meltdown in Argentina. Well, I read his post yesterday, and someone asked him if he thought the US would experience a complete breakdown (similar to what everyone here keeps describing). He said catagorically NOT, that Rawles and everyone else who predict riots, who advocate moving out of the cities, etc., are all wrong. Then I read where he is moving to Texas this year…he even wrote about visiting Ft. Worth. All I can say is, hope he gets a little more familiar with the US before his move, cuz he’s gonna be REAL surprised! The masses here have a much different mentality than the folks in Argentina I guess.
        If I have to put my money on which scenario will happen, well, lets just say I don’t intend to move to a big city any time soon!!!
        My family that live here close to me are mostly all preppers, from my 80 yr old parents to my 20-something niece and nephew. We have coordinated where to go if things get too bad locally. And we are continuing to make plans, obtain skills and knowledge, and have even designated specific duties to specific people based on skills and training (my marine, retired, son will be in charge of OPSEC, for instance). But the rest of my family, scattered across the state, well…
        I try not to get too down thinking about the ones who won’t make it.

        I enjoy reading all of the posts here, I feel like I ‘know’ some of you personally after reading your comments so often! And yeah, I wish you all lived close (or I lived close to you!!??)  (If any of you are in the western half of Texas, well, by our standards, you’re in my neighborhood!)
        I hope and pray we get a little more time, cuz I have several priority things to get or get done, but I’m doing what I can, as I can, every day.
        God bless each of you!

      32. Grannyb, any B-1’s (Bone) still flying rear view mirror low out you way?  Love your country, TX even more.  Tanked a few a/c over your country years ago.  Some of them special.  Always had a good feeling about TX.  First place I seen the ocean down in PI.  Peace to u.

      33. U r a sic bastard using SATAN’s name.  Go fys.

      34. Comments…..   great comments so far.  I have enjoyed reading them. Kristen, you mentioned reading about the “normalcy bias”.   I also believe that this is a big factor being used by the elites to keep sheeple dumbed down.  Most people simply don’t think things can get that bad, because it hasn’t happened in their lifetime.  Ask someone over 80 years old about that one.  My elderly mother has been a source of great, real world factual history of how to survive bad times.  I never question her penny pinching anymore.
              Lara M, great comment about not joining any groups.  I also prefer to be as unnoticeable as possible.  I want to be a fly speck on the wall of society.  I also have quit trying to convince anyone of anything.  I speak openly, but discretely, even to people I know who are doing the same preps.  basically, mums the word.  I also agree with you about “let’m starve.”  I feel as though I have done my Christian duty to spread the word of what is to come. My charity days are over.  I hate to be that way, but I’d rather survive with my family, than die with sheeple.
             I have well rounded preps, but my main belief is that lack of steady food supplies is going to be the real kicker when the trouble gets really going.  We already see giant increases in the cost of  food.   I think there will be a good enough supply in most cases, but people won’t be able to afford it.  With no jobs, no homes, no entitlements, no unemployment checks, no nothing—how long can things stay stable.?   We are rapidly approaching “critical mass”.  I’m not going to venture a guess as to when things will tip, but tip they will.  There is no other sane conclusion that can be reasoned.  You notice the now more frequent admissions by government officials, that we have some problems that aren’t responding to monetary policy?  Ya thinkk? These people know we’re screwed, we know we’re screwed, but we are in a small number.
             Just keep doing what you’re doing, as this is the only sane policy to follow.  I also wish that some of us were in a more geographic closeness so that we could take advantage of that.  I have come to respect the opinions and enjoy seeing the regular posters on this board.  It is nice not to have defend everything you say as far out, or weird.  If saving my family is weird,  I ‘ll take that anyday.  Good luck.

      35. @ Patriot One
        You said, “Post collapse I think you may have 48 to 96 hours to get where you need to be. “  That is what I have been thinking about lately.  It would be easier if the SHTF all at once.  It happens one day, and you are certain that it really did hit.  But, what if it is gradual, like little pings on the metal, and you don’t recognize it or you’re not sure if it hit.  Seems like there will be some trigger within that confirms it all.

        There are days I fully expect to wake up and hear on the news that everything has changed…sort of like 9/11.  But even on 9/11 the S didn’t HTF outside of the immediate vicinity.  There could be a terrorist bombing that you think is the end, but life just goes on as normal.

        The other thing I wonder about is how after the SHTF people might be willing to follow a “leader” who promises recovery, and maybe even delivers the recovery & peace….but who is actually an evil Hitler.  How to recognize that person?  The sheeple will follow, naturally.  But who would you be willing to trust?

      36. Comments….. Make sure to start growing your gardens now and it might be a good idea to learn how to make and shoot a bow for hunting.

        To your survival

      37. Great questions Amber.

        If its any consolation we will all be in the same boat. If anyone tells you they know how to read the signs, run like hell. All any of us will be able to do is watch and pray. Then go with your gut.

        The economies of the world are already flat on there back. The financial markets however are a different story. With the circut breakers the financial markets could take 5 to 15 business days to completely collapse. By that time the gas station and grocery stores are empty. 

        Once people are hungry that’s when the raping and plundering start. Escaping prematurely could make you look like a paranoid fool, to late and it could cost you your life.

        It won’t be easy for anyone. Keep your eyes on the banks and Walmart. Think about time and money you spent to prepare. Then think about the other 98 percent of the population trying to do it in 5 to 15 days without a clue as to where to start.

        Its not going to be pretty. Good luck to all.

      38. Just some thoughts on battery power :

        Portable Emergency AA Battery Charge Extender
        Battery pack comes with the exchangeable tip of your choice to power your phone, MP3 player, GPS,,,,,. Be sure to add Tip-3394-64 to turn that battery pack into a USB charging port for many battery operated devices.

        This site sells a 12 volt power pack that runs off of 8 D batteries.
        This power pack has a 12 volt accessory outlet & a USB charging port.They also sell a 12 volt digital TV.

        This site sells adapter kits to convert AAA batteries to AA, and C batteries to D. And they sell a variety of rechargeable batteries.

        This site sells AA & AAA battery chargers that use an AC or DC power source.

        I purchased a modified sine wave inverter from this site to run a small window air condition in my Florida Room. 

        A breakdown in society may eventually bring power outages to your area. I’ve purchased items from all of these sites to provide some small creature comforts for days when I could really use some. I’m not receiving anything from these sites for mentioning them. Just thought some of you might be interested in some minimalist battery back up options.
        Keep prepping and Good Luck To All.

      39. No manufacturing base, country and it’s people maxed on credit.  Politicians sold us out….I bet there will be some pay back if shtf.  At the extreme….good idea to keep alot of bird shot handy….squirrels and small birds could keep you alive if mad max days are upon us.   I bet all the boomers and their RVs will put their toys to use when their homes are taken.   Thank you Bernie Maddoff…for waking me up and getting me into metals…this crook made me aware it’s all a scam..better to have no interest and dividends and a safe full of metal.  I hope it all collpases.  I’ll be fine…suburban hillbilly will survive.

      40. We live out in the docks, way out in the docks. My wife and I inherited this place, 10 acres 2 wells 3 Gen sets 2 houses 2 large shops loads of reutiable material (steel wood parts hardware ect.) and one other thing, armed to the f**king teeth. We are already detecting a major problem. We are located between two major north/south and east/west interstates. One is six miles to the north and the other one is about a mile and a half to the south of us and we live on old 66.
          If this thing goes critical mass, we figure the first 6 weeks will be the worst around here.
        Los Angelus is about 100 miles west of us and there will be a mass exodus out of LA and area. Kind of like every Friday night when everybody heads for Las Vegas up the 15.  This place is the big pit stop when going to LV. And we have guessed it will be the same thing if thing goes south. Only 24/42days.
          We are just taking just a guess but when desperation sets in, people can get real mean and there will be desperation so thick you will be able to cut it with a knife. We see it here every once in a while, it’s not hard to get stranded out here.
          Another concern is some of the locals here. There are two types, preppers/landowners and the tweekers. Tweekers are a constant concern here. They are constantly looking to burg your house or steal anything they can get their hands on.
          Last October I had 3 of them cutting their way into a shed. I grabbed a black 12 gauge and a flashlight and ran them off. When the deputies showed up he asked, did you shoot at them? No I said, it was to dark and I knew they were running away. He said; I am not going to say this but, if this happens again, make sure you empty that shotgun close to them and they won’t be back. There are two things that scare the shit out of a tweeker, Dogs and a shotgun. Law enforcement out are really Proactive.
          It kind of sucks in a way living way out here, we have 2 other properties down closer to the coast, but if this thing blows up, we will just forget about them altogether and wouldn’t give two hoots in hell about them.
          The kids all know to come here if it gets bad. If this goes it aint going to be pretty.

      41. Magnetic north is on the move..
        big time
        40 miles a year toward Russa
        can this explain the bird and fish deaths?
        this can be a global changer..and be a much bigger problem then any financial woes this world has ever dealt with, could the powers at be know this? is this why there is this money grab? market change?
        are they trying to live it up before the SHTF?
        if the magnetic pole keeps moving at this rate , soon it could flip to the south and that would be a world changer like nothing we have ever seen
        there have been thoughts that this is why some civilizations have just dissapeared off this planet before..
        just throwing it out there to ya..
        good luck ya’ll

        go look into it yourself

      42. Same shit, new day…God, Guns, Groceries and Gold (silver) — if you don’t have them by now you haven’t been paying attention.

      43. I have always perceived that when the SHTF it will be sudden — overnight — a financial 911.

        Don’t expect to be any more forewarned then you have been to present.

      44. There probably won’t be much in the way of advance notice on the day when the S finally does HTF. But let’s say that you do wake up some morning, turn on the Twonkie and hear that the financial markets are behaving  strangely. It’s 10:00 AM and the bleached blonde MSM talking head ‘bimbette’ tells you that our beloved leader, President Barkie Obungle, will be holding a news conference with important news for the nation at 2:00 PM.

        You have a really uneasy feeling; people overseas are dumping T Bills at any loss and trying frantically to get out of the US dollar.

        You have 4 hours to decide what to do and then get it done before you feel that all hell is going to break loose. What do you do? Do you have any sort of a plan for this situation?

        1. Grab the kids out of school and get them home?
        2. Fill the vehicles and the empty gas cans?
        3. Try to grab some cash from the bank?
        4. Get the empty propane tank filled and try to get a couple    more?
        5. Try for one last trip to the grocery store?
        6. Start loading all the magazines?

        Who in your family will be responsible for what task? Most people don’t have any sort of a plan for what to do if we should  be fortunate enough to have have even a couple of hours advance warning.

        Perhaps you should get a plan in place while you still have the chance? I feel that the time to do any serious prepping is almost gone. If you haven’t already started getting any preparations in place, then I don’t know what you can accomplish at this late date.

        God Bless & good luck to all.

      45. Down there MM you probably to move number 6 to number 1.

      46. I see I’ve got Tom to join me who’s next?

      47. Now,  we wait.    If I could just get a grip on when…..I would borrow every dollar from the system I could, and turn it to gold/silver.     Who are you going to pay it back too?

        If all this does go down….there is going to be a lot of gold and silver buried,  and forgotten about.   Remember to tell at least one person you can trust….or tattoo the map on your head.  lol

      48. Patriot One, you have a great point. What took us years to prep for, the sheeple will be trying to do it in a few days. What a mess that will be!

        MadMarkie, That simple list of last minute stuff to do looked pretty good to me. I just hope that we prepers will get all that done a day or two before the panic. We are alot more aware of TSHTF

      49. I have been trying to HELP people for a few years now by letting them know they need to prep. Most people don’t take the advice. They listen but they don’t take the advice. The fact that they listened means they will remember when the time comes. They have no problem spending money on meaningless things but they won’t put any aside for a rainy day.I have had some say ” I know where I going if things get bad.” They will be knocking on your door. They will say I know you have supplies, remember when you warned me, can’t you help me out ? Turn them away. This will be the toughest thing you will ever have to do. If you don’t you will regret it. I plan on asking them : YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU WITH WHAT I’VE BEEN PUTTING AWAY ? HOW MUCH HAVE YOU BEEN SAVING FOR ME IN YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT ? you are better off not letting anyone know that you are prepping.

        January 7th, 2011 at 3:23 pm
        I’m worried about the spongers. My family knows I have something just because of the comments I have made to them.
        They don’t know exactly what,,, but they know I have something.
        I quit trying to convince friends and family a LONG time ago to prepare. We all know how that goes.
        Be careful that your friends, co-workers, church members aren’t playing stupid…I learned after telling one neighbor what a mistake that was and the other neighbor has fights with her husband as he makes fun of me …..tell those far, far away by email, phone, letter.
        Safer that way.
        Non-christian??  I’ll have to deal with that.


        Anonymous, what a perfect ending…
        I would like to hand them a tin foil hat when the knock comes at the door.

        An answer even better than saying hit the road…

        You know the guy who’s your sign??
        Well, “here’s your hat!!”

      52. @ sittinguy –
        You need to make your own list, establish your own priorities and then divide up the various tasks amongst the members of your family according to each individual’s abilities/physical capabilities. Some tasks you may want to assign to two armed family members.
        @ Tom –
        There is ALWAYS at least one magazine loaded and available for the individual weapon to be carried by each family member. One can always stand watch while the others put the finishing touches on last minute preps.
        I have the feeling that when things start to head ‘South’ that we will be lucky to have even 4 hours to run those last minute errands. We always strive to keep every vehicle that we have at least half full of gas; there may not be a chance to top off. We’ll do what we can at the last minute, blow the rest off and rely on what we already have in place.
        I am currently looking at purchasing a quantity of the old Zippo lighters for barter and personal use. Remember the extra flints; put a couple under the top layer of packing in the bottom of the lighter. They will work on almost any combustable liquid.  Just an idea.
        God Bless & good luck to all ….. we’re gonna need all the help that we can get.

      53. Comments…..  We can all think we might know how a meltdown will proceed, but in the end, it’s anybody’s guess.  I’m one of those who think it will happen fairly fast, as we watch economic markets melt down on some average trading day.  The signs would probably begin early, and by later in the day, possibly with trading being stopped.  Also, as millions got on the phone to cash out 401k’s, they would quickly find out that a closed maket means no cashing out.
             Also, by mid-day, most banks would be out of cash, as people left work to visit their local branch and withdraw all they could get.
              Then, people would think of food, and go to the grocery store, and find everyone else had the same idea at the same time.  Also, as the markets crashed, and the computer systems slowed to a crawl, by billions of request to move money around, stores would start requiring cash only. 
             Then, the real panic would be on by late in the day, with speeches by leaders, requesting calm, and the announcement of an emergency QE2, 3, 4, 5, or whatever number they’re on.
            Day 2– Many people skip work, and go straight to the bank, to be greeted by a guard at the door, who has instructions to only let a few people in at a time.  Then, customers will be greeted by a sign that says, $500 max withdrawel each day.  The ATM’s no longer work, stores only accept cash, and the economic markets  continue to fall, one by one. 
               By this time, sheeple are lined up at the local assistance office, wondering when their next handout will come.  Local police will send them home, and tell them, ” you’ll be notified when we’re open again”, which is a total lie.  Then, many idiot sheeple who need money to buy cigarettes and beer, will start to riot. One thing will lead to another, and you can guess the rest of the picture.
               As the following days progress—–yada–yada—yada–. You get the picture. fill in the blanks.   I absolutely believe that one version or another of this story will happen sooner or later. Human nature never changes.  People are the same now that they were a thousand years ago.  take away their means to feed themselves, take away their homes, take away their hope, and you have a control problem.  But the government is way ahead of us. They have their plans already made.  The biggest advantage we as preppers have, is we know what’s coming, we just don’t know when.  Don’t ever let someone change your mind.  Your gut doesn;t lie to you.  Good luck, the circus will start soon, and you have a front row seat.

        I mentioned my friend/neighbor whose husband makes fun of me and won’t let her store food????—my husband just came in with 24 cans of mushrooms, 20 lbs. of rice, 6 huge cans of pork & beans, and 6 boxes of pancake mix….
        I am blessed…and I know it. 

        It does make me feel a little more normal to hear and read that I’m not the only one stared at for stocking.

        For those who do have BOB already, it’s not a bad idea to have a little 2 gallon bucket/w. lid from the deli filled with food like spam, ham, p. butter, crackers, crystal light, cookies, and leave in the cars.

        Just saying!


        And thanks for reminding me–you all probably already do this–have a RALLY LOCATION for all your family members and quiz them often…if you can’t get home, where do you meet??

      57. @  JJ

        The links are online for anyone to access. I, along with many here, realize how tremendous the impact of a SHTF scenario will be to our lives. Many of the links I’ve found in the comment pages on this website have provided a lot of useful stuff, and ideas ! An old analog TV, a 12 volt marine battery, a 12VDC to 120VAC inverter, and an old nintendo with a box full of games might be a great barter package one day. Holidays and birthdays are still going to come and go, and sometimes it’s the little stuff that can cheer you up.   🙂

      58. @ MadMarkie

        Good points!  We need those plans in place because phone services will likely be overwhelmed.  Most cell phone communications are unusable at that time.  I guess Nextel is best in my area.  Still, there needs to be some way to communicate or really have a strong plan of who does what when.  Thankfully, my husband homeschools our son, and when he is at work, I am home.  So we don’t have to worry about picking him up.

      59. Warning to Citizens of the World


        While the infrastructure appears not much different, the technological levels have reached unbelievable levels, and thus the government needs to be HONEST alongside any with supposedly privileged knowledge that they would keep secret to control and suppress free enterprise and ultimately freedom of society and supress equality in man or to suppress those deemed too superior genetically and socially.

        “” There must be accountability and preventive laws as well as counter measures and Technology expositions made to the public as well as apprehension of criminals currently using such technologies to profiteer off ailments or attempts to destroy reputataion and subvert society as well. Make Malaysia a ‘Free Neutral Nation’ or you will find asylum seekers from all corners of the world suffering with no legal recourse from Human Rights Abuses by Psychotonics “”

        Hopefully the handful of free souls left or those who managed to corroborate evidence and experience as I did will be able to create new and protective laws via landmark cases as I now work upon to ensure the freedom of society and freedom of mankind.

        Anwar and Saiful, Rais Yaatim, Prince Saud Abdulaziz Bin Nasir Al Saud, the Catholic Priests overcome with lust for children, I strongly believe that due to your strong religious and family upbringing and even some of us due to our station, political beliefs and political alignments, or threat of presenting too powerful a social or psychological, even psychic competition, or even intelligence, or even failed relationships with people having access to such devices – have been groomed into rape, murder, LGBT or even simulated mental illness specifically to weaken our voice. Let us seek justice and reclaim our reputations.

        (See even Iran has bio-implants already)

      60. Greetings all ~

        Having cash in the bank at this present time makes little or no sense; you aren’t going make enough in interest on your funds at the current 1% interest rate to make it worth while. The banks don’t keep enough cash on hand to service anything more than a ‘normal’ business day, with a slight excess in reserve. Any increase in customers requesting cash will quickly exhaust the amount any branch bank keeps on hand. “Please come back tomorrow, we’re going to have to close for the day now.”

        Credit/debit card transactions are processed over regular phone lines. Any slight ‘uptick’ in call volume  could disrupt the whole system and make credit/debit card transactions impossible. Besides, who/what says that any given merchant would be willing to accept your ‘plastic’ during times of emergency?

        This is why it is important to have cash in hand and available. Don’t keep only large denomination notes either; mix the face value of your notes up. Many merchants WON’T accept $50 or $100 bills even today during so-called  ‘normal times’ due to the high percentage of counterfit bills in circulation. I would recommend at least $1,000.00 cash on hand, if you can manage this amount, more if possible.

        Please don’t let yourself or your loved ones get caught up in any crowds or lines waiting for anything at what you percieve to be necessary at the “last minute”. Blow it off and move on to something else that needs doing. Waiting won’t get you anything and could involve you in a very dangerous situation as the crowd in line grows and their desperation mounts.

        As a side note – I just found what they call a “water-bob” over @ . It is a blader made out of food grade plastic and includes a siphon pump. It goes in a bathtub and will hold 100 gallons of water. Cost is $19.95, much less than two 55 gallon barrels. It stores easily, comes in a very small box. You could easily fix up additional containment enclosures, the same size/shape as a bathtub, out of 3/4″ plywood and 2″ x 4″. Pre cut & predrill the pieces for easy assembly with deck screws and store the components unassembled. Keep the deck screws and a screwdriver attached to the wooden components in a big zip-lock bag so that you aren’t running around looking for them at the last minute.

        Hope to see you all there in “Barter-Town”. You will be able to recognize me easily. I’ll be the tall, old man wearing the tin-foil hat. God Bless & good luck to all.

      61. Comments….. JJ said: It does make me feel a little more normal to hear and read that I’m not the only one stared at for stocking.

        I’m starting to use some of my stash, and restock as I go.  No one has asked me yet why I buy so much, and when they do I tell them it’s for the mission food baskets.  I don’t tell anyone that I’m stocking up. Everytime I find a bargain, I buy.  BigLots has boxes of smoked Salmon for $10.00.  Expiration date is 2016.

      62. I work full time but unfortunately my take home pay doesn’t leave extra money because of bills that are constantly due.   I’m getting nervous about everything so would it be a good idea just to stop paying on my credit cards (which are all at their limits) for a while in order to buy supplies?  I have to prepare to take care of myself, my kids, my pets and elderly parents and need to get started.  Can anyone kindly provide some advice?   Blessings.

      63. @JJ

        Your neighbor sounds as if she has a good heart and is well informed. You might want to form a storage and/or safe haven alliance of sorts with her so she isn’t left out in the cold (maybe literally) when TS-Really-HTF. Her husband doesn’t care, so be it, but I’d hate to see her suffer for it.

      64. the one great lesson of recent events in eastern bosnia and argentina is to tell no one  – absolutely no one  -   about your stash. if you do you are doomed PERIOD. 

      65. One thing to be aware of is the “Big Picture.” There is so much truth to a lot of these comments, but one must know that there is a much bigger agenda that is being unfolded! One book that ties together all the these many threads is: The Epiphany Deception. . The many issues like:  Military, Economics, Politics, Energy, Wars, Spirituality, Celestial, Religion and more, have been well tied together in this novel. Best to you as you wisely prepare!

      66. Good advise.  I never tell anyone about my stash anymore.  If I do they they come over and smoke it up.  

      67. @ Cindy ~

        Most folks in today’s harsh economic times STILL qualify to completely discharge their unsecured debts through bankruptcy.

        You should be able to find a local attorney in your area who specializes in bankruptcy filings who will give you an hour for free to discuss your situation. Get all of your information together before making the appointment; how much you owe and to whom. A simple bankruptcy filing shouldn’t cost you much more than $500.00. You probably pay more than this on your credit card payments monthly.

        Contact your local legal aid office. Sounds like in your situation with kids and elderly parents that you may qualify. They may be able to refer you to an attorney who will do the work for you and then charge off his fees as a charitable deduction. You will still have to pay the court filing fees, but they are minimal when compared to the actual attorneys fees.

        The places in your area that offer the ‘do-it-yourself’ divorce kits, complete with forms and instructions on how to fill them out usially also offer a ‘do-it-yourself’ bankruptcy kit. When I did it many years ago, I paid the attorney fees of $750.00 to get the job done right, but I also owed a real large sum of money to the credit card companys to cover an extended period of unemployment due to illness.

        If you are making payments on a car or a house that you need to keep then you can always reaffirm these debts and as long as you keep making these payments then you keep the property.

        That should free up some money each month for you to start prepping and putting a little aside. Hope this helps. Good luck


        Thanks, GoldenFoxx…


        Hope to see you all there in “Barter-Town”. You will be able to recognize me easily. I’ll be the tall, old man wearing the tin-foil hat.

        ~~~Hey!!!I thought we’d agreed, pass those out to the anti-tin-foil hat patrons coming to our doors to beg>>>LOL…

        January 9th, 2011 at 1:41 pm
        Your neighbor sounds as if she has a good heart and is well informed. You might want to form a storage and/or safe haven alliance of sorts with her so she isn’t left out in the cold (maybe literally) when TS-Really-HTF. Her husband doesn’t care, so be it, but I’d hate to see her suffer for it.
        ~~~Alex, nice thoughts, but can I feed the other 8 families and their families on this street?? And the adjoining street has 5 families…where do I stop??

        Can I store her canned goods in my attic as she requested?? That could start some real fireworks if she thought some missing, or the husband found out…just too much interfering that I am not comfortable with.   While I’m sacrificing to store rice and beans, he continues to invite us to Vegas, or the Metropolis to gamble…naaahhh, I just need to stay out of this situation…only brought up the subject to assure posters here that we all have doubting ostriches with their heads in the sand.

        Most prepper blogs say..once you get the path to your door started, there is no turning back..the neighbor you speak of sadly refuses to even arm themselves.

        Beck had the best answer…..and I don’t agree with him much…it’s our responsibility to warn/caution/alert of what’s coming…and then the ball’s in their court…it’s up to them.

        It’s called ‘personal responsibility’.

        I’m responsible for me and my husband.  And there ARE times I wish I’d NEVER shared my storing/prepping peculiarities with my neighbor.


        January 9th, 2011 at 1:54 pm
        the one great lesson of recent events in eastern bosnia and argentina is to tell no one  – absolutely no one  -   about your stash. if you do you are doomed PERIOD. 
        ~~~~See, Alex, the consensus says keep quiet –only inform those miles from your location…when bad happens, they can’t get to you even if they have your address….not so for neighbors.

      72. @Michael…you should peddle your book elsewhere…the book of Revelation told everyone everything there is to know about what is in store for the planet. You are simply adding a jot and a tittle to the book (and if you’ve read it, you know what is in store for you), and for $14.99 at that!

      73. Comments….. Dear gmafb, I am sorry that you felt that way, you missed my intention. My offering the info about the novel was in response to an request by one of the forgoing responses. Theirs was an honest request for more info on all aspects of preparing. To misunderstand the spiritual dimension about the times in which we all live, is to overstep an important aspect. It may not be to you and that is fine, all though you you seem to have a firm handle on the Revelation, many do not. If the price is offensive or outlandish to you, then I would honestly be willing to send you a copy for your own discernment & review. The days that are coming upon this country necessitate a courage that is much in lack at this hour. Be strong…

      74. Cindy: Your suspicions are correct; you need to spend whatever cash you have stocking up on non-perishables before hyperinflation kicks in. And you don’t need to declare bankruptcy over credit card debt either. Simply stop paying them now and let them chase you for 3 years. After that, they cannot bother you any longer nor, I believe,  report it to rating agencies.

      75. GMAFB,

        WE  WANT IDEAS, NOT S…

      76. America’s main creditor is NOT the Chinese.

        US owes China less than 1 trillion.  America will get that deficit back when the Chinese are forced to buy grain from the USA (10x the cost) because they will be unable to feed their population in a few years due to a coming drought, fresh water and cheap fertilizer shortage.

        International bankers hold the majority of American debt, it shows up as an asset on their balance sheet.

        The American government and people could and should default.  Even with a worldwide default, the international bankers will still be the richest people on the planet. And there is nothing these international bankers can do should the world default, it is all unsecured debt.

        You don’t have to learn Chinese, you just have to learn who really runs the world and have the balls to default them.

      77. Comments….. mushroom

        WE  WANT IDEAS, NOT S…

        Oh WOW!  I finally agree with Mushcroom!

      78. Comments…..@Golden<b>fuxx</b> & musheadroom…if <b><i>you two</b></i> are  the quality of examples found here, I’ll stick with what I know (I’ve forgotten more than you actually display that you do know) and will continue to learn at a site that is filled with quality information that can and will save your life and the lives of those you love: 

        Try it, you may actually astound yourselves at what you <i><b>learn</i></b>…I come here for the laughs — in the meantime — go Goldenfuxx yourself with your #10 cans of crisp $10 FRNs.

        @michael, thank you for the offer, but there is enough <i>novelty</i> here to keep me amused…besides I am a student of <i><b>The Truth</i></b>.

        GMAFB – still no apologies extended or implied…

        Michael and GMAFB…

        Let us not forget the important one:
        II Chronicles 7:14
        If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

        ~~~I happen to live in a state and county that has these signs everywhere; and that’s still okay, for now.~~~

        to JJ…
        That would be a big AMEN!

      81. Comments… @Goldenfoxx & musheadroom … if you two are the shining examples of the quality of information (or should one say plagiarism & sarcastic dis-information?) found at SHTFplan, then may God have mercy on those who actually come here looking for answers and advice.  Most folks who post here have forgotten more than both of you combined as clearly evidenced by the tripe you write, errr…I mean cut & paste.

        I will continue to point those sincerely interested in discovering real solutions to preparing for what is about to occur, to a site (if you’re reading this you’ve already found that is filled with years of high quality information that could save your life and the lives of those you love:

        Quick, click the link! You may actually astound yourselves at what is available there for you to learn. I come here strictly for Mac’s poignant perspective — so in the meantime — Goldenf*xx yourselves hard and often with lots of #10 cans of crisp $10 Fraudulent Reserve Notes.


        @michael — Thank you for your offer.  However, there is sufficient novelty here to keep me thoroughly amused.  It’s not only cheap, it’s free!  Besides, I chose the Author of Truth and His book the KJV Bible long ago.


        @JJ — I this this one more accurately reflects where I’m coming from:

        Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. Rom 16:17


        As I said further up the page – God, Guns, Groceries and Gold (silver) — if you don’t have them by now you haven’t been paying attention.

        GMAFB – No apologies extended or implied…

        For your further amusement:



        Thanks Michelle, I sent to everybody…IF YOU AIN’T SCARED YET, YOU AIN’T PAYING ATTENTION!!!

      83. GMAFB

        there you go again with your ultrasuperiority complex. folks here on this blog want opinions and ideas – not your twisted convoluted wacko impressions of who here is right and who is  wrong.

        folks here are very intelligent and introspective and can make up their own minds without your help. if you want to force your ideas on folks there are plenty of agencies you can join and even get a shiny badge and maybe even a real gun with real bullets.


      84. Comments…..its going to be very ugly when TSHTF, lol my wife never understood why that ive been literally buying all the gun/ammo availible to me, silver rounds/bars non parishibles and other “survival stuff” kinda started thinking i was crazy, untill i showed her a few things on the NIA website, she was like shit no wonder they…..  and thats why they…..(refering to our elected dicator and company)  now shes learning to can fruits and veg, she picked up knitting and yesterday she called why i was at work and informed me that she got 4 brita pitchers and an entire case of filter cartrigesim glad that she took it that well and just stepped up instead of acting as if i were losing it

      85. I need some assistance as I am new to this board and don’t know my way around.

        Where can I post survivalist related questions?



      86. Dan, thanks for your comment. We’ll have a forum available, hopefully within the next seven days, that will allow you to post questions, answers and threads about pretty much any topic you choose.

        I sincerely appreciate all of the great comments.


        I read the comments both pro and con. Howevr, I get the biggest kick out of the folks out there who write and say this is just a joke. My question is, why can you not see the writing on the wall(s)? The economy is crumbling, the dollar is beginning to slide, food cost are going out the ceiling, the avg gal of gas is now 3.04, jobs are getting scarce as hens teeth, retirement funds are being withered away, states are going bankrupt.  
        Other world economies are faltering, crime is running amoke(literally) in the streets, our leaders are being gunned down in  the streets,, politicians are currupt… my goodness, what is it that you cannot put you grips on?

        As for me and my family, we are preparing the very best we can. No I doubt if we will be 100% ready when it does come, but I will do my best to keep it going until, hopefully things MAY level off.

        We live in the hills of Virginia, even though I have 30 acres with barns and outbuilding and places to plant and harvest and it’s paid for, it doesen’t mean I am safe.

        Folks, many of you save for retirement, many of you put moneis away for a rainy day, many of us have health care insurance and many have life insurance, so why whould you not insure you and your family in preparing for something that is almost a sure bet that is going to take place?

        If you fail to prepare for this unslaught of problems which are about to manifest themselves upon our country, then you my friend are a fool.

      88. Noticed the tail end of this message string dribbled into the “religious” spectrum…(which is where it should be IMO).

        With that said, thought I’d offer up an Old Testament Prophet who seems to have hit the nail on the head regarding recent (strange) events with Birds & fish dying in mass all over the globe.   As Hosea says, “Our Land Mourns.”

        -Hear the word of the LORD, O people of Israel, for the LORD has a grievance against the inhabitants of the land: there is no fidelity, no mercy, no knowledge of God in the land. False swearing, lying, murder, stealing and adultery! In their lawlessness, bloodshed follows bloodshed. Therefore the land mourns, and everything that dwells in it languishes: The beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and even the fish of the sea perish. (Hosea 4:1-3)

        No Fidelty
        No Mercy
        No Knowledge of God
        False Swearing/Lying
        Bloodshed follows bloodshed..

        Kinda reads like the front page of any local newspaper the world over…Hosea might have been on to something.

      89. I could sum that up in two words yd:  No character.  I agree.

      90. I lived and worked through the economic turmoil and collapse of the post-communist period in the 1990s, so I know what it really feels like and what really happens.

        I also know first-hand how to recover but I am keeping that secret because must people during the past decade of bubble economics have been giant dicks. Most can’t see past the next episode of Strictly Come Dancing: when they run out of food or wealth, they will only have one choice: work for me or piss off.

        If you are a woman, in particular a good-looking woman, then sex will become a major part of your economic survival strategy. In some way, you will trade booty for booty. Guys will fracture along stark lines. Many men will just lose their way, and turn to the bottle (or drugs). They will become violent and abusive and will die young from poor health.

        There will be a small, smart cadre of men who will see the situation as manna from heaven. They will have the pick of the best women and they will have enormous wealth opportunities. Some of this small cadre will be very violent people who use violence to protect their wealth and their ‘big gorrilla’ status. The majority of the small cadre men will pay tribute to these men and will not mess with them and cut them a wide bearth.

        New elites will rise from the ashes and it will very much be about how quickly you adapt to the new circumstances. Nostalgia and crying into your beer will not help you survive. But there is a very positive side to this: if you think into the future and act and behave like a builder, then you will be busy and you will prosper.

        But it is critical you do not get caught up in a) debt, b) the welfare system or any government scheme. Debt will just get you wasting your energies on dealing with the creditors chasing you. Government welfare schemes will buckle under the financial stress and will a) become next to worthless as they devalue in the face of inflation, b) breakdown because of administrative chaos. The poor will be more and more parcelled off into ‘control zones’ to make distributing food easier. You will not want to be in these places because a) they are depressing, b) it is absolutely the wrong atmosphere for improving yourself and circumstances: hanging around losers will turn you into a loser.

        As for families, they will also fracture. One half of my family is amazing and is tight. We always see each other and do things for each other and know what is happening in each other’s lives. Another part of my family is a total waste of time: they stopped doing basic stuff like seeing each other at holidays decades ago. They can twist in the wind for all I care.

        Oh, and you WILL end up working for asians in some way or other. Asians have the right work ethic and personal priorities: they are hard-wired for success. Your choice will be to either do like they do, or get done over as they will be your new boss.

        There are some positive trends with the rise of asians that will hold society together. Asians value law and order and will demand hard crack downs on criminals and the disorderly and useless. I think governments will respond to that in a crisis and take action. I think that will be the dynamic: as systems break down, violence breaks out. But then the asians get on the phone to the politicians and officials and say ‘my business is on fire a-hole! I can’t my goods out of the port! Somebody attacked my daughter!’ And any politician with a survival instinct will know what to do: call the army and call the cops.

      91. @ Frank Williams –

        Yo Frank! Please send me a big baggie of whateve it is that you are smoking ……… it’s obviously of a MUCH higher quality than what I am able to get my hands on here in South Florida!!!

        Also Frank; please take steps to insure that the ladies who post here don’t ever learn where you live. Otherwise, they will probably hunt you down and casterate you with week-whackers!

        Good luck Frank …… with attitudes and opinions such as you hold and express publicly ….. you’re obviously going to need all the luck that you can muster in the very near future.

      92. Oops, sorry, that’s weed-whackers in my above post; me bad.

      93. Look at news from around the world… there are mass riots in Tunisia, Turkey, France, Ireland, etc.  Austerity riots, food riots, tax riots.  Europe is one year ahead of us. Gerald Celente is right… we have a huge student population with not much else to do but go on the offensive.

        I think the US will be slow on the uptake, but once the inflation kicks in above 10%, it will get increasingly scary. People depending on handouts are eventually going to discover that their WIC card will no longer feed them. They will likely riot and burn down their own neighborhoods first, then fan out and begin looting.

        I agree that a lot of people are going to be caught FLAT and won’t know what hit them. I’m doing what I can to educate people, but a lot of them stand there with that glazed look… you can’t save everyone.
        I get the feeling that there will be blood in the streets before the real melt-down; a kind of “survival of the fittest” type thing.


        hmmm, what Frank speaks of was true in the former USSR…. take heed MM

      95. I agree with Patriot One fully!I have read in a Business Journal as of late that it might take only (ONE)1 hour for the World’s financial system to fully collapse.If I recall correctly there was a MASSIVE Sell-off on Wall-Street that only took Milliseconds to occur last year.They couldn’t put the Stops in place fast enough to avoid the worst of it.I think that in the Bible at The Revelation to John it speaks of “in one hour” SHTF for Babylon the Great(which may or not be the financial system of this world).Having said that,Where can one find the stuff(bedding,tents and the like)we need to survive at least for the short to midterm?Food sources I have looked up.Just not too sure what suppliers to trust for the rest.Can you suggest a few?And I too know some latter day Moochers(some are family and only a few others who were so-called friends)I won’t be home for.These people seem to think even now that the gov. MUST care for them(can you say welfare/SSI dependent?)!They never even consider finding something “on the side”.God forfend even looking for a job.I make it a point NEVER to talk about “prepping” around them.EVER.And I never talk to strangers about it either.”Loose lips sink ships” still applies even more so today.I DO talk to people about God’s Kingdom promised by J.C. when they seem to need some uplifting good news.That subject seems to “weed-out”the selfish “me-first types” from the what should/can I do BEFORE the end folks who just some need guidance and hope ahead of when the SHTF day/hour arrives.Just a few thoughts.
        Best to All

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