Books to Survive By: Preppers Need “Physical Copies Of Information”

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Emergency Preparedness | 110 comments

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    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at The Organic Prepper.

    Editor’s Comment: Keeping up-to-date on relevant information, and keeping mentally alert and prepared are very important aspects of prepping, and readying yourself for survival during an emergency, or how to handle a long and drawn-out collapse.

    If you know this stuff, use it. If you don’t, catch up and learn – pay the information forward and teach these skills to friends, allies and the next generation. Armed with enough knowledge, itself a form of power, we could take back our country and lives.

    25 Books Every Prepared Family Should Own

    by Daisy Luther

    Preppers tend to be relatively old-fashioned, and one thing that most of us have in common is a yen to own physical copies of information that we find valuable.

    While ebooks are popular, inexpensive (sometimes even free), and take up zero space, every person who preps knows that those tomes of information might not be available in a down-grid situation. Your library will only be accessible until your Kindle dies. But when you have all of those books on the shelf, you can access the information over and over, for as long as your emergency lasts. (Plus, I just really prefer physical books.)

    There are tons of other great books out there, so if your favorite isn’t included on the list, that doesn’t mean that I found anything wrong with it. The following list is of the books that I personally own and have found to be valuable.

    (Note: Due to shameless self-promotion, my own books are on the list and marked with a *.)

    Here are the 25 preparedness books that I recommend that you all have in your personal libraries.

    General Preparedness





    Home and Personal Defense

    What books would you add to the list?

    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at The Organic Prepper.


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      1. The more I go through life, the more I understand that the basis of socialism and the left is, at its very base, just ***physical and moral laziness.**

        As Vince Lombardi once said, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Or as Eric Hoffer noted, “The greatest weariness comes from work not done”

        • If you are storing Antibiotics, the best book to have on hand is the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy. Lots of good charts showing what antibiotics to use for what symptoms, illness and injuries.

          • Thanks Red. You can get it for .99 cents or about 3.50 with free shipping on ebay. A few years old but still good.

            • Mine is an older one as well. It has everything that we need for the type of antibiotics that we can obtain.

              Another good one to have is the Mereck Manual. It is like a doctor in a box. You can get older ones for a good price. I would also suggest a copy of Tabers Medical Dictionary so you can understand the medical terms used in the book.

              My friend who is a doctor, told me that he still uses the Mereck Manual sometimes and he has been a doctor for 30 years.

        • Dare to Prepare.

      2. Holy Bible

        • Menzo

          Gideon checked out.
          And he left it, no doubt.
          To help with poor Rocky’s revival.
          Oh, yeah, yeah.

          • I hope history records in many books the crimes and treasonous actions by the fake president of our country. The scum muslim obama.

            • How bout just plain old experience.
              Stay quiet Be smart

              • Experience is good and so is learning from history. The German people have stayed quiet now twice at least and look where it has brought them. These evil people need calling out and when they come for you kill everyone sent or at least by-God try. Cowards do nothing.

                • Menzo, when I end my post, stay quiet is in part what’s at the end. I’ve been told several times about the “dangers” of staying quiet. So I’ll tell you the same as the rest. I thought of that saying during a certain training school in the army. One of many. But that is simple advice for someone to remember when the shtf. There will come a time when all the hollering and hell raising won’t mean anything, in fact it may be troublesome. Besides, I prefer not to say much, I learn more that way.
                  Stay quiet Be smart

          • The “Bartender’s Guide to Armegeddon”

          • Sadly, Anon, intellectual honesty doesn’t appear to be a strong suit for, unless I miss my mark. The book Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace, former atheist and cold case detective, in CA examines whether Gideon did indeed it correct, and to his shock, he finds it is actually true, and becomes a Christian after examining the **evidence**. And to illustrate the issue is intellectual honesty, not dollars, there is even a FREE YouTube on the topic,

            This is similar to the man who is primarily responsible for what constitutes rules of evidence in the US, Dr. Simon Greeleaf of Harvard, in the 1800s. Greeleaf was a Jew, not a Christian. However, when someone challenged him to examine the evidence for the resurrection, he had the intellectual honesty to do so. The result? He became a Christian, penning the “Testimony of the Evangelists.” Again, this is the man who is perhaps the most important person in the US who decides what is valid evidence in a court of law or not.

            Yeah, yeah… the question is now, do you, and the other atheists who post here, have the intellectual honesty to conduct even rudimentary investigation into the evidence, or do they just remain intellectually dishonest and unwilling to spend even one or two hours out of the 788,400 hours you will live (assuming 90 yrs)?

            • Lee Strobel another one

            • Test

              That was a simply reply from the song “Rocky Raccoon” by the Beatles.

              Taking a mole hill and building a mountain.

              You know what? The Religious Wars just about killed this site. IMHO.

              I’m done here.

        • All of those books but a few are locked in my steel trap called a brain. No paper copy needed. How about gathering real items for survival like fishing gear, traps and snares for procuring protein. Starting in January I am going to start setting up a trap or 2. Catch a racoon and fire up the grill. Know how to remove all the scent glands in a coon to get rid of the game taste? Going to build a dove trap, cage propped up on a stick and a pull string. Put some cracked corn under the cage. All live traps, and I may let them all go. But get your trapping skills down now before SHTF.

          Many of those books are good for beginner pteppers.

          No doubt many need info in black and white cause they have no memory bank, cause the drank too much shine in their lives.

          • Coons are nasty. Too greasy and games. Rabbit is my choice of small game.

            • you’ll starve to death on rabbit no fat!!

          • Zeus is in fantasy world,
            City boys, There will be NO game in SHTF.
            ALL gone in weeks. Nothing. Millions other people after small game too.
            Dogs-cats-squirrels will All be gone.
            *”Rats are best potential long term protein source.”

            All you country boys. Game in hills-forests will be gone quick, few months.
            Then barren.
            Lakes are stocked. They will by emptied fast. No fish.
            *”Ocean-Swamp harvesting are your best potential long term protein source.”

            Food Stores and going into Deep hiding are best option.
            ***Hide for FULL year. Others will have mostly died by then.
            -You need a Four year Food supply to make it long term.
            First garden efforts likely failure or calamity. (Gardening is NOT easy. Everything is out to get you. Pests-sun-heat-cold-too much rain-other plants-rodents-other people.) Plan on efforts to coming to fruition.
            -You also need seeds-seeds-seeds.
            -Everything required to grow-preserve food.
            Then question is. How do you hang on to it? You will be out Gunned and out Manned by hoards of Desperate people willing to do ANYTHING to get what you have. A real mess.

            • Mars lives in a Fantasy world. When he needs food he skips off to the Grocery Store, cause the shelf are always plenty stocked, right Mars?

              I have a neighbor across the lake who’s invited a semi homeless friend over has been fishing the fuck out of the specks in the last few weeks, in the same lake I own half of. He is going home with a full bucket daily.

              I’m about to tell him I don’t want to see him fishing here until next summer. If he refuses, I’m think I’m going to start throwing long branches in the water so his multiple lines get snagged. Jackasses.

              This also is what you will see going on people fighting over the game and fish and territory.

              Any suggestions on how to deal with that? To gets the message across he’s reached his limit this season?

              First ask him nicely, if he refuses, then go more drastic?

              • I think I’d be feeding those fish so they’re too full to bite the bait offered or bother swimming to the other side.

          • What was that? Can you repeat it please lol.

          • Zeus, I’m amazed for your skills, for sure I feel envy for them, but I suggest you also to search for the opposite way. Things don’t go well exactly because people act following common sense, but what is apparently the logical way is in reality conveyed by wide-spreaded ideologies, in your case, american exceptionalism, individualism and isolationism. Try think starting now to organize a revolutionary party. In 15-20 years of hard work you could obtain something very strong, perhaps on time for the day of reckoning. Lenin did it and changed the history of the world. Remember, “United we stand, divided we fall”.

        • I would add the LDS Preparedness Manual.

      3. OK,enuff with amazon links that require to solve captcha to view,fuck that noise.

        John Wisemans SAS survival guide and the book “A Failure Of Civility”(forgot authors at moment are two great books written by special forces types geared towards the average person.Wiseman not only is SAS but taught survival for SAS for seven years in the,you guessed it,SAS,good creds.

        • I agree on having physical books but they weigh a lot. There should be 2 list. The second list should be the couple that would be in your BOB. I have 100’s of books. Nothing compared to Archivist but I am starting to put them on gorilla flash drives. You don’t even need a computer now days, they are everywhere. Carry a couple of your favorites in your pak and a couple of flash drives and you are good to go. A small solar panel or some way to charge the laptop and you have all of your books at your fingertips.

      4. Its not just books but the means to store and disseminate information. If we continue to follow the George Orwell 1984 trend, and it appears its happening unabated, the tracking and stopping of “unacceptable” information may be forthcoming. Typewriters, ribbons and paper for same, carbon paper, old style film and camera are the 100% off the grid news network. The best place to get stuff is yard / estate sales as the depression babies are passing and they saved everything.

        • I have manual typewriters and ink for reinking ribbons.

          • I told you all this was going to go down this way. The supposed Tunisian bus driver who left his ID in the Truck he was alleged to have driven, that ran down and killed 12 German people. What supposed Terrorist Killer leaves his ID in a truck to be found? lol Total BS Patsy set up scam. The shooting in Paris the Gunmen left their Passports in the get away car too, so they could get caught. Another BS patsy set up.

            Well I said he was set p a while ago, they took his ID – drivers license and planted it in the truck. Then they would get a bunch of funding for terrorism, then he be let go, then set up and look like he was caught, and will be killed by gunfire so he couldn’t talk, saying he was set up. Then the cops who miraculously find him by stroke of amazing luck, kill him dead really good, so he can’t talk and the cops all look like heroes.

            – JUST IN:

            World’s most wanted man is dead: Rookie Italian policeman guns down fugitive …
            12-23-2016 •
            Berlin truck terrorist Anis Amri has been shot dead after a gunfight with police in Milan in the early hours of this morning.

            The Tunisian pulled a gun from his backpack, screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ and opened fire on two officers – hitting one in the shoulder – before being shot dead after getting off a train from France.

            Hours later, a suicide video emerged online where Amri pledges allegiance to ISIS and vows to to punish ‘pig-eaters’.

            Amri had been on the run for four days after ploughing a lorry into crowds of revellers enjoying a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday night, killing 12 and maiming dozens of others.

            The 24-year-old ISIS fanatic was stopped by a routine police patrol in the suburb of Sesto San Giovanni in the northern Italian city of Milan at about 3am local time.

            Two officers asked him for ID documents, at which point Amri ‘immediately’ pulled a gun from his backpack and shouted ‘police b******s’ as he shot one in the shoulder.

            A firefight ensued with Amri cowering behind a car as he tried to flee, but the suspect was shot and killed by the second officer – a trainee who had only been in the job a few months.

            ISIS news outlet Amaq today confirmed Amri’s death – and that he carried out the market massacre in Germany.

            Security chiefs believe Amri, who used at least six different aliases with three nationalities, was trying to flee to southern Italy where he had entered Europe illegally in 2011.

            This False Flag Attack BS is getting so predictable as the real perps behind this are getting really sloppy and repeating their same “ID left in the vehicle MO.”


              Zeus says:
              Comment ID: 3645393

              December 22, 2016 at 1:25 pm

              Speaking of False Flag Terror Attack Operations, Guess what?

              Re: Berlin Germany Truck killings

              Berlin market attack: Police searching for Tunisian man after finding ID in truck �” reports
              12-21-2016 • Prison
              German police are now looking for a young Tunisian man whose identity documents were found in the cabin of the truck used in the attack on the Christmas market in Berlin, which killed 12 people and injured 48 others, German media reports.


              WELL HERE IS MY TAKE. Who ever planned this False Flag in Berlin, most likely kidnapped some Tunisian Kid Patsy weeks go, which they still have him held alive in some prison, they stole his ID, and planted it in the vehicle so it would be found. Then some other shill drives the hijacked truck killing people. He gets away, and the patsy’s ID is then found. So the Patsy will be held for a while until the Security Protectors can get some massive budget increase to combat terrorism since this was so aweful. Then after they get their money, they bring this dope up and claim they had to kill him in a gun fight as he had weapons, And sure enough the Body is a fresh killing, then the security people can say what a great job we did in capturing and killing this bad guy patsy. Please fund us more money to stop this bad stuff.

              Far fetched? Not any more if you pay attention to all the similar details of how (((THEY))) carry this false flags out. And all of these attacks occur on the public population and rarely a politician. Where the crowd would cheer in most cases if a pack of politicians were killed.

              • Here is where this Story becomes BS. If this Guy was in Germany killing people with a Truck and left his ID in the Truck in Germany, how did he cross the Border into Italy without his ID? LOL Since he was conveniently killed at 3AM where there would be no witnesses, they get away with this. Oh and he of course yells Allah Akbar before he was shot, said the Italian Rookie Hero Cop who killed him.

                Oh of course he had lots of alias, but left his real ID in the truck back in Berlin.

                I’m calling James Rockford PI, to look into this case of horrific BS proportions.

                • And this quote from the article that the Rookie Cope shot him dead: “The Tunisian pulled a gun from his backpack, screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ and opened fire on two officers – hitting one in the shoulder – before being shot dead after getting off a train from France”

                  This is right out of the Movie Scene Training day with Denzel Washington, Rookie Cop made to be the hero and another Cop take aa bullet to make it all look like a shoot out. They say shot in the shoulder? Probably a small superficial skin graze, nothing life threatening of course and the Cops are all painted as Heroes.

                  This entire story stinks and smells like a trunk load of rotting carp that has been baking in the sun for days. The guy travels fro Germany to France, then to Italy? Huh? With No ID? Any of you guys take your ID out of your wallet and leave it in your truck while you go shopping? Or shooting? Meanwhile Mossad is laughing, and their ZOG Shill News Outlets plaster this fake story across the globe duping the masses.

                • Remember the 3rd suspect in the Boston marathon episode?
                  Caught by an fbi agent and about 10 rounds to the back of the head. Dead men tell no tales.
                  It’s all so obvious.
                  My dream is some day the media gets honest and starts telling the whole truth about false flag attacks.

                  Ask a liberal (or even most people) what a false flag is and watch the dumbfounded expression.

                  • Well if you post threats online, then the LEO’s come and pick you up, hold you, take your ID and plant it in the Truck, commit the crime, you becomes the chief suspect.

                    Then when convenient, push you the patsy into the public shoot you really, really dead, claim you said allah ackbar to reinforce your hate for others. The LEO’s Rookie no less, kills you really dead, and they get to be the Hero and dead men don’t talk. Then present more video of your Jihad online.

                    So watch what you say online, you could be set up to be the next patsy without your knowledge.

                    Fool me once,…..

                    The Boston Marathon was for sure a patsy set up, when the FBI comes on Nat TV within an hour and says, “These are the Only suspects to focus on,” These 2 guys only, no need to look anyplace else. Just these 2 guys.

                    I bet the ZOG was crapping their pants when this Guy was on the loose in Boston, as he knew the facts and they wanted him really, really dead, and even killed the boat he was found in was also shot up really, really dead too riddled with bullet holes. Then they said his throat was injured so he can’t talk right now, then hidden in a Zionist medical facility and poof.. case closed.

                    RE: Boston Marathon, Why did the DHS hire a foreign Israeli security company to run the Domestic security detail on US Soil for a US event with Americans? That’s the conspiracy.

                    That’s the friggin swamp I want to see drained. Including many US Airports TSA is run by the same Israeli Security co. All the Hijackers that flew on 911 came through airports run by an Israeli security co. So these false flags have lots of Zionist support system plants here in the US. And those TSA agents really like to harass good Americans, steal our stuff, and to put the fear into us, to keep us safe, and herd us like a bunch of cattle thgouh the airport, as they giggle watching Xray porn as each passenger passes through the airport Xray machine.

                    There needs to be a Law, that only US security companies run Critical Infrastructure like airports. No dual citizen foreign occupiers running the DHS like Michael Chertoff did. Its a friggin joke! Banana Republic Wackenhut.

                  • Speaking of the Boston Marathon Event – just wait until the new movie “Patriot Day”, comes out. The Sheeple will love it.

                    It will probably be hailed as one of the best “True Life” films for the decade.

                    It was an attempt or a test for the police state, much like Nazi Germany did.

        • Kevin : Don’t forget about thrift stores. You can get so many good books from thrift stores. Medical/nursing, encyclopedias, school books from grade through college, do-it-yourself, etc, etc, etc.

          Happy hunting.

          Everybody have a safe and happy Merry Christmas and new year.

          • fishandmud

            Thrift stores too but here in Florida, home of the aged, so much good stuff is for sale as these people pass on and their kids sell everything. Crown Victorias or its Mercury counterpart, garage kept, 8 or so years old with 70k on the odometer are going for cheap. Walking into these homes is like going into a 1970s museum. Old people had books too, loved reading, they taught that and long hand math in the day.

            • Kevin : I know, I’m in Florida. A little North of you in the old fart capital. I like yard sales but the thrift stores have a lot of the same things. The kids don’t feel like selling or want a right off so they donate to the thrift stores. Books are pennies on the dollar. I scored a cast iron double belt all steel gear heavy-duty sewing machine for $25. Took it to the old ladies guy to get checked out, good to go and can sew garment leather and denim. Where we are their are professional yard-salers. If you don’t get there early, all the good stuff is gone and you can’t hit them all before 0700. Most of the best stuff is gone before the sale anyways. up here the crown vics have 7,000 miles not 70,000.

              • Kevin2 and FishandMud; Yep living in FL here too North of both of you. I went to estate and yard sales for 20+ hear here in FL, I could write a book. The pros that scam, and get there the day before the sale and you get there and the stuff is already picked over. I used to buy a lot of stuff.

                Now I tell people, You spend half your life collecting it and the other half trying to get rid of it. Still have a storage locker full of fine furniture and art work. But yes you can find a lot of good preps at Yard and estate sales for pennies on the dollar. I used to have 500 books and trimmed that down to about 100 books. lol The best books are pre-1910 like 1880’s, and practical books on home remedies etc.

                Anyway, spend you money on preps, like hunting tools and clothing, good boots an gear. No book is going to keep you warm below zero unless you burn it. Saw this joke on another blog.

                2 Hunters:
                The story of the two guys going on a hike in bear country. One is lacing up his hiking boots and the other is putting on running shoes. The guy with the boots tells the runner that his shoes won’t cut it. The shoe guy says we might get chased by a bear. The boot guy says you can’t outrun a bear! The shoe guy says I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you!

          • Merry Christmas to you and yours,,, best wishes

      5. I’m glad this web site has finally started featuring articles that are useful.
        That use to be the norm here. Then things changed for WORSE.
        I’m not sure what happened? But the gloom and doom speculation with damn little substance gets old.

        But articles like this add useful value.

        I’d suggest people get away from the wanna be tactical Tommy BS.
        Gun Nuts won’t last long in a collapse. There will be plenty of battle field pickups.
        A single handgun-rifle-shotgun are still over kill.
        One gun and hell of a lot of ammo is better. Combat eats ammo. If you live?

        You are better off with One gun and more food-food production capacity.
        Starvation is what will get you. Lack of water will get you.

        In parts of Africa, chickens are more valuable, than AK-47. I know at one time an AK traded for 2 chickens.

        People here that talk big will be first to die. Best way to win a fire fight is keep your Ass out of one. Amateurs LOOSE against professionals. That is reality. You will loose.

        Concentrate on:
        -Seeds-plant propagation-seed saving
        -Food processing from garden
        -Small Animal Husbandry chicken-goat-rabbit-red worms
        -Medical care-supplies-how to wound management-Trauma care
        -Mechanical repair-scrounging
        **And most Important WHERE to relocate Outside of North America-Europe.
        -Bomb shelter design.
        These should be your focus.

        Get a group that can work together. Strength in numbers.
        A single family standing alone has small chance.
        You need a practiced Group. Need skills. Coms-Medical-Repair-Food production

        When the dominos fall. You will be on your own. The government will NOT help you. They will be your Biggest Danger and a SEVERE threat to your freedom-supplies-liberty-Life.
        Stay the hell Away from any and All government officials. At ALL times.

        Never ever call Police. They will kill you, kill your dog, or cause YOU some kind of problem. If some one robs you , you will still be the one arrested by the time they leave. My friends home was broken into (likely the Mexican neighbors), his girlfriend called cops. He was arrested for some BS traffic ticket warrant from five years back in another state. Cost them over FIVE thousand dollars. They lost their business. Lost their home. Because they called Police.

        “Police are not your friend Citizens.” NEVER call them. It is like letting Satan come to Sunday dinner. Best to be Avoided.

        I learned this during Katrina. Police-Nat Guard came around and tried to take our guns. They got nothing from our tight neighbor hood.
        “We ain’t got no guns here Sir.” Government Goon threats fell on deaf ears.
        You Playing dumb. Making the Goons feel smart and “in control” works.

        That is why they want you to use a gun safe. Easy for them to take your stuff.

        • Doom and gloom and finger pointing gets real old

          • Agreed. It does get old.
            But the advice given is solid. Get skills. Get a group. Get security. Play it down and stay away from Uncle.
            Thx Storm Survivor

        • “And most Important WHERE to relocate Outside of North America-Europe.”

          Good point….. and yet, you offer no suggestions. For years, I’ve been asking this question, and have yet to get a good answer from anyone.

          Much of the time, people have a pat answer: South America (or Central America). The mere thought of it is absurd — imagine being a ‘gringo’ surrounded by tens of thousands of starving peasants in a South American country, during a global event that causes deprivation and suffering everywhere.

          Even if you were penniless, there would be lots of people desperate to believe that you are really a “rich American” with money and resources hidden away…. and they would eagerly beat you and torture you to find out where. No matter what you gave them, it would never be enough. The torture would continue until you died.

          This is why I believe that Doug Casey’s South American enclave for the wealthy will survive only as long as the local peasants have food. Once the food runs out, the fences will be broken down and those posh polo fields and golf courses will be swarmed by mobs with pitchforks and torches, just like in the movies. Probably the local police will be there as well…. not to protect the gringos, but to grab whatever they can for themselves.

          Storm Survivor (or anyone else) — where would YOU select as an ideal location to survive a global, long-term crisis? Pros and Cons…?

          [Mac ~ IMO, This would be a good topic for an article exploring various options…! ]

      6. Don’t forget. You have eight days left to get your SHTF antibiotic supply before Obama’s new regulation goes into effect that requires a prescription even for pet/fish antibiotics.

        Some prepper sites are discounting them, so they won’t be stuck with inventory they can’t sell after the ban. Get em while you can.

        This new regulation intended to target only the prepping community is an eye opener. One might understand the progressives need to control firearms, but to say you can’t have antibiotics for livestock and fish farming etc is bizarre! An attack on a free society to correct no error or problem is telling about their goals.

        • Plan twice, prep once says:
          “An attack on a free society to correct no error or problem is telling about their goals.”
          They want to Control you.
          They want you Helpless and Dependent upon them.
          They want you Reliant upon them and the system.
          Anyone independent of them is perceived as a threat by them.

          The prescriptions can be used to zero in on “preppers”.
          Shopper loyalty cards have same purpose. Don’t use them.

          I truly believe that main goal of Government is to one day kill people.
          ALL communists regimes resulted in Genocide.
          Obama-Hillary camp are UN-NWO-Communist.
          They have shown their willingness to be violent.

          Why didn’t FBI arrest those that threatened the Electoral College?
          Because you have a TRAITOR currently in the White House.
          With an Anti American agenda.

          • Shopper loyalty cards are fine, just never use your actual identity.

        • Plan,does not cover most of the the stuff in the ornamental fish antibiotics,more the use in animal feeds which increase growth of said critters,research it a bit.

          That said,make colloidal silver,use a lot of garlic/have raw honey ect.I would also if stocked check your “fish antibiotics” for dates ect.,keep it fresh.those fish pills must pass same fda standards(for what that’s worth!).

          Would say talk to Genius and Patriot,they make home made paint stripper that would in small doses kill any disease you have,be careful,might kill you also if mis-dosed!

          • OK that does it! Tarp tent for you buddy!

        • Use the code FISH10 at campingsurvival for an extra 10% off.

          • For anyone that bought antibiotics while it was legal.

            I did a lot of reading on shelf life of antibiotics. Very little official info out there, it seems TPTB don’t want this conversation, or knowledge public.

            It seems antibiotics have a half life, refrigeration doesn’t seem to help very much. They seem to still self destruct.

            Antibiotics have two huge enemies, temperature changes and moisture.

            The best storage method appears to be, put them in a cool dry location in a big mouth thermos with some desiccant to maximimize life. Refrigeration may actually be bad if moisture condensate can get in. The thermos slows temperature changes and is airtight so the desiccant can keep humidity at at a minimum.

      7. I’d add the mother of all books for prepping to that list. The Holy Bible

        • …and other fiction fantasy tales.

          • I have a bible…The Alaskan bootleggers bible 🙂

            • Hey Genius,am looking for a good finish stripper product for a piece of furniture,could ya send me a bottle of your varnish remover please,thanks!

              • Yeeeeep, try using steel wool with gasoline in your tarp tent. Be sure and smoke while you do it too lol.

                • Hmmmm…,maybe Warchild has been too harsh on you and Patriot and your amateur attempts at making booze.Look,there may come a time when gluer is no longer available to huff and thus as a last resort your rotgut is it!

                  You and Patriot should combine your forces,either G&P or P&G distillery,you could have it recomeneded as drink of choice on the label by non other then Kitty Dukkakis!

                  Oh,and keep in mind,you started this a long time ago knocking me favorite,Jack.I have the memory of a elephant(well,at least one that doesn’t drink your bath tub drano)!

                  • Warchild, what do you think of Geo. Dickel #12?
                    Was in the business for a while.
                    Reps told us to put a shot glass of that and Jack in a freezer overnight and check them next day. Said the Jack will have white specks in it; that is the corn starch that didn’t get filtered out. Never tried it.
                    We used to beat Jack in blind taste tests regularly, with bar patrons sampling it against Dickel.
                    They are two of the main brands of Tennessee Whiskey, a class all its own among liquors.

                    • Ketchup,never tried it so can’t make any opinion on it,well,unless I go full blown progressive liberal!

                      Actually,at moment do not drink at all and have not for about 26 months or so,stopped in the middle of a year long death cycle that took 8 of me friends and me dad,way I was boozing to deal would have been another statistic.I did learn to make coffins and cool wood ash urn boxes,only silver lining in that year of hell.

                      I have many qts.of Jack in closet,hits the fan,fuck it,gonna have a few final drinks before the real work and my probable demise

                    • “Oh,and keep in mind,you started this a long time ago knocking me favorite,Jack.I have the memory of a elephant(well,at least one that doesn’t drink your bath tub drano)!”

                      Ya your right I did. OK you can move back in the shed now 🙂

          • There is ZERO atheist in fox hole. Let’s hear what you say in face of death… John 3:16, 36; 1 John 5:12-13.

            • Hey Little Guy, just for the facts and proof, show me one person that has received ever lasting life? John 3:16 You know 400 to 900 years old to show proof of life? Otherwise if you can’t, keep you babble hoax comments within your sheeple herd. Liars are called out on here, when they post with no facts or proof to back up their nonsense.

        • Amen!

      8. Today’s extra credit: Woman reveals she is in love w/ a ROBOT and wants to marry it | Daily Mail Online

        Which bathroom does the robot use? And will it be a hate crime to refuse to cater the flowers or cakes for him/her/it/ze/they/whatever (trying to cover all my bases with the pronouns here, as I don’t’ want the SPLC (Southern Prevaricating Lying Centre) to sue me from its leader, Morris Dee’s zillion dollar home, featured in House Beautiful (I’m in the WRONG biz!! See or just google “Morris Dees house beautiful” for other links

      9. You can get a coil binder for less than $100, and the supplies are inexpensive. You can print out books and bind them yourself. Coil bound books take up less space than books punched and put in three-ring binders.

      10. merck drug handbook.

        • Herbology handbook?

      11. boy scout handbook.

      12. red cross first aid handbook.

      13. The All New Ball Book Of Canning And Preserving

      14. Enough of the freakin ads posing as articles on here, jeez. Write an article, link it all to amazon. Gettin’ real old.

      15. Have three of Daisy’s. Two of Buttcrack’s. And my Bible.

        That is a good list Daisy put up. While I don’t have all hers, I do have many that are comparable to those on her list.

        Lots of gardening how-to on some of the hard stuff like wheat and such.

        One for milking the back yard cow I wish I had.

        One for all things chicken that I do have.

        Sewing books would be good for those who will have to learn how to copy/design a pattern. Braiding rugs from scraps. How to sew on a button-yes they walk among us.

        Of course ALL things food preservation.

        • You can down load 85% of this info online now. Save it on files on your laptop or USB memory drive. I downloaded for free the SAS SURVIVAL Escape n Evade manual. I escaped and evaded having to pay for it. So who’s the brainiac here?

      16. Books are great. But if you dont have the knowledge to implement what they contain, they will just become firestarter.

        • I know for sure one book of lies I would use for fire and brimstone starter.

          • It would be much better for you if you read it.

            No escape and evade from the Lord God.

            • How does it feel to be a slave to a pagan cult? Of course “You” can’t escape. But if you can escape the drummed in clutches of fear, you can relax and let your mind open up like a bouquet of fresh flowers, and you see the light. “Praying is for procrastinators.” Take charge of your life. The only way to predict the future, is to create it.

              • a free slave, my friend. It’s the best.

      17. Anarchist cookbook

        • and the poor man’s james bond series.

          • And firefox series.

            • I was going to add that to the list but you already did. Foxfire series!!!

              • Hustler & Playboy back issues 1970’s 80′ 90′. Internet porn may be gone if the grid fails. Just saying.

      18. Merry Christmas everyone!
        Good list Daisy,

        I would definitely add the Bible to the list as well as “How to survive in a world without antibiotics” by Keith Scott Mumby

        One can prepare themselves all they want with the best gear and knowledge, which is great, but if you don’t prepare your self spiritually it was all for nothing.

        Eternity is a long time!
        Jesus saves!

        SolarGuy out…

      19. I hate to say this, but this list of books are mostly PRE-SHTF. You use them to prep and get ready, but when the events come, you’re not going to need to read up on how to get your pantry filled.

        I didn’t see a single in-depth book on farming, raising livestock, building and operating a forge, running a rudimentary medical facility, leadership, gunsmithing, reloading, conversion of engines and motors to alternate fuels, small unit tactics, area defense, etc., etc.

        • Smokey

          “I didn’t see a single in-depth book on farming, raising livestock, building and operating a forge, running a rudimentary medical facility, leadership, gunsmithing, reloading, conversion of engines and motors to alternate fuels, small unit tactics, area defense, etc., etc.”
          Most of those subjects are out of most people’s comfort zone. Who has the tools or the knowledge how to use them. No mention of Military field manuals so I guess that info went in the round file.

          • Good point

          • Growing a garden is good if you have fertile land. Here in Florida it is sand, and what you grow the critters will scavenge off of it. Its just way too much work for what you get. And you would need to grow at least a half acre to an acre of crops per person to feed yourself all year. And you would need the fuel and rototiller tractor to do that. Hell, deer here an jump an 8 ft fence. I guess if I had noting else to do in life, then maybe I would garden.

            I need more maintenance free crops like tomato plants or fruit trees, orange trees, annuals of avocado or mangos, bananas and pineapples which grow great in FL and the soil. Hearty. I had a hundred pineapple plants at my last property. 100 plants would produce about 18 to 20 pineapples a year. Every other year they produce from offshoots. You can get the tops at the grocery store deli for free, soak the tops in water for a few months till you see roots growing , then plant them in a pot, water them, and within a few months the potted plant is full of roots and plop them in the ground and wait 17 months for a pineapple. Pick it when it is ripened yellow, which is the sweetest taste and the best. I put 1/2 inch wire mesh around the pineapples so the critters would not eat them.

            Make a list of things you want to accomplish this next year, if you complete half of them congrats.

        • Sure you could grow a garden but your Food OPSEC is fully blown. Especially around harvest time, and you go away for the weekend, comeback and its all gone. I cant see my self sitting guarding a garden everyday afraid to leave making sure it gets watered, and the water resource to do that. I don’t want to be a slave to anything right now. Need to stay fluid. Sure raise live stock, or even rabbits you need to be there like a slave to feed and water it daily. Unless you have a boring relationship and want to play farmer daily and sty home a lot, or large family to split up the daily chores so you can take off.

          I am solo here, so my priorities are way different than a lot of these books listed suggest lifestyles. I may want to take off for week to go exploring, and keep a low footprint and be the gray man. Sometimes I don’t leave my property for weeks, no reason to. So neighbors have no idea if I am home or not. That’s a good OPSEC to have. Random Unpredictability. If your neighbor takes off every day like one of mine does at 5:30AM sharp M-Sat for a job, you set yourself up for a burglary, when you are not there. They will wait for you to take off then hit your place. Or seasonal at some remote BOL, you get there and all your preps have been pillaged, they know your vehicle and your habits. OPSEC is Key to Prepping. Did not see that on the list of books.

      20. Doctor’s Desk Top Reference
        Medical Dictionary
        Law Dictionary
        Mariam Webster Dictionary
        Maritime Law
        Astronomy and Navigation
        The History of Science
        World History
        World Geography
        Nautical Terminology
        Veterinary Science
        Where There Is No Doctor
        How To Win Friends And Influence People
        The Philosophers
        Agriculture and Farming
        How to Make A Telescope
        How to Unplug a Toilet
        How to Make Eye Glasses
        How to Prevent Blindness
        Natural Cures
        The Vitamin Bible
        Singer Sewing Book
        How To Knit and Crochet
        Hunting and Archery
        Guns and Rifles
        Trapping, Fishing, Camping
        Mountain Climbing
        Survival in Subzero Weather
        Cooking in the Outdoors
        How to Butcher an Animal
        How to Process Fur
        Bees and Honey
        How To Raise Chickens
        How To Raise Rabbits
        Carpentry And Cabinet Making
        Basic Plumbing and Sprinklers
        Design and Build Your Own Home
        Basic Architecture
        Architectural Design
        Furniture Making
        Emily Post’s Manners
        Math books
        Music Composition
        Mark Twain (3 vol.)
        Painting and Art Instruction
        The Louvre Art Collection
        Lives of the Saints
        Biography of ????? Famous People
        History of The Catholic Church
        Religions of The World
        Koran, Old Testament, New Testament
        Life of Budda and Confucius
        Life of Mohammed
        Presidents of The United States
        The Constitution of the U.S.
        American History
        Book of Jokes
        Children’s Classics
        Classics (adult)
        Shakespeare (in modern English)
        The Elements
        Rules for card games
        Rule Book for Baseball, Basket ball, Football, Soccer, Golf, Shuffleboard, Ping Pong
        Horses. All about Horses
        Full Series of “All About” books
        Writing Composition
        Grammar and spelling
        Infant Care
        Stages of development
        Basic Psychology
        Discipline and Child Rearing
        Dogs breeding and care
        How to farm fish
        How to compost
        How to put in a Well
        How to improve the soil
        Boxing Judo and Martial Arts
        Hiking and Mountain Climbing
        How to build a fire
        How to build a shelter
        Relaxation and Meditation
        Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and Herbs
        Metal working
        Glass blowing
        Making Paper
        Making Dyes
        Making Ink
        Spinning thread
        Weaving Cloth
        Doctor Zhivago

        __? Merry Christmas

        • heeehaahhh heeha heeeehaaaw….that was an awesome list, B, but this jackass noticed you MISSED one
          JOY OF COOKING cookbook….
          there’s going to be a lot of GREAT info in there, especially for the beginners…thanks for the time you spend here contributing!

      21. These seem oriented toward bugging in – so I would add a copy of the US Constitution – because if you survive long enough to use these books you will need to form or become part of some new government. I also have a couple ‘square foot garden’ books – because you will need a stealth garden – maybe even indoors – until things settle.

        If you are bugging out – I would skip most of these books, and just carry some local plant books, a decent first aid book, and a rustic shelter book.

      22. I’m surprised to see that “Resistance to Tyranny” isn’t on the ‘must have’ list of books.

        • I was about to mention that also, good call. This book sits next to my copy of “A Failure of Civility”

      23. Buttcrackofdoom:

        You are welcome. I am familiar with “The Joy Of Cooking” and used it a lot when I was younger. Another which is totally awsome is “The Official Cookbook of the Culinary Institute of America”. The “CIA” costs over one hundred thousand dollars to attend. It is were great professional chefs and the wives of billionaires go to learn the skills all the best chefs must master. Gluten Free Baking, Fermenting, Cheese Making; and you are good to go.

        Merry Christmas

        • the ONLY thing that my 29y/o son has asked me to leave him in my will….joy of cooking…and i started using mine over FIFTY years ago.

      24. It is better to have two “how to” books that you have practiced the techniques contained in them than fifty books that you haven’t. Any book, regardless of how good it is, will be of very limited value if you haven’t used the information. SHTF is a lousy time to read and learn. If you have good books, don’t lend them or anything else that you need in order to survive.

      25. Rumor,might be nor sure yet, but according to the source, Nato and the UN, is massing on the west side of the Texas border, preparing to enter Texas coming in from Colorado.. so this is not looking good, then I went on Hodges and heard what Paul Martin was told from his military looks like we may not be having any type of inaugural or inaguration in a January.. I hope it goes through its just that I believe they the rat bastards are going to pull a stunt either before or after Trump gets in.. it’s matching up to what I heard 2 yrs ago from a retired ranger old fart buddy of mine, in relation to what he was told from the chain of command, coming straight from the local state government, that Texas will be attack led form Mexico, with Chinese soldiers, jihadist, a.d was told that China is a sponsor or terrorism, and terrorist organization, including Iranian terrorist, and keep in mind that they are allies with Iran..listen to latest on David hodges because the info he is getting from Paul Martin is matching up to police sources that I personally talk to..i am telling you guys, something is up?.


      26. Reading books can not replace experience. Apply when you read!

      27. Reading books can not replace experience. Apply what you read!

      28. Awesome advice. Also don’t forget books for reading pleasure and books for children.

      29. Ron Brown has a series of books called “The Non-Electric Lighting Series” where he covers kero, naphtha, lamp oil, & propane lanterns. I’m sure there are many others.

        But there’s lots of good info on-line regarding lamps, lantern, & stoves. Check out Kurt’s ‘Lantern Lab’.

        ht tps://

      30. Sometimes there is no book just trial and error. I’ve figured out stuff with no reference from a book or youtub vids. It is possible to figure shit out on your own. It’s not a crime to fail trying to do something. Everything after shtf isn’t gonna be fatal if you fail and many will fail. Their is no shame in failing if you tried to figure it out on your own. Some people are gonna be knowitalls good for them. If you pull off what you need to do it’s a win in my book. It’s not a death sentence if you don’t have an ar15 despite what the fan boys tell you or your truck is junk if it not 4wd crowd. Can’t stand people who think if you don’t do things their way it’s wrong. Do what works for you.

        • Asshat : I have not failed, I just know 10,000 ways not to do it.

      31. Well,not sure if we are going to get a new article this weekend,so,Merry Christmas to all!You follow a different thing,Happy Kwanzaa/Chunuka/festivas,or,if Pagan/Norse like me happy multi deity day,you get the idea,just have a good time with family/friends ect.!

        • Happy home brew day to you too! I shall leave Santa a jar of wheeesky. Oh and give you some more wood to burn in the shed stove. Cheers!

      32. If I buy every book on that list at once will I get a visit or just get promoted to the red level on maincore?

      33. Leave Santa a jar of whiskey?!

        Ah….!In spirit of holiday must refrain from making comment,eye sight getting blurry/wisp of drool at mouth/heart racing!Dammit!Be nice on the holiday Warchild!

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