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    A few months ago I wrote an article for people with few recourses and needed alternative bugout ideas. Many people today have a difficult time paying off credit cards, mortgages and car loans without buying a second home – a run-to place. For many, this concept is so far out of reach that it stretches the imagination to Pluto. Like most people, we live a comfortable existence, but buying a second home while remaining debt-free is somewhere in Crazyville. It is to this group of people we speak.

    When Stan was shown the “ideal” location for us in the U.S. while we still lived in Victoria, Australia, in order to meet this dream-vision, we had to start over financially. Painful? You have no idea. Stan had lived outside of America for 30 years, and Australia’s version of retirement did not transfer to the U.S. Consequently, when we were moved back home in 2001 – 6 months before 9-11 – financially we were like someone in their late teens. While many of our friends were retiring, we ramped up our work hours. Not fun? Believe it! Did we obey Stan’s God-given vision? Absolutely. Since we do not partake of government entitlements, in order to remain “free”, it was incumbent on us to work horrendous hours to earn our way.

    Now fast-forward a decade.

    We’re located in the southern portion of Colorado. We’re newbies to this area. No roots, no high school or university reunions within an arm’s reach. In essence, we are outsiders in every respect. So we understand what it means to live in a “foreign area”.

    As people’s job requirements and personal circumstances dictate, folks will be less “rooted” to a certain locales with less long-stand ties, and more prone to becoming a transplant. That’s where we found ourselves a little over 10 years ago.

    Building Community, which was the name of our newsletter started 15 years ago, its concept is still forefront. Most people will not be able to relocate somewhere else, somewhere out of the reach of gangs, Google’s all-seeing eye, NSA’s ever-watchful satellites and the UN’s globally all-inclusive vision. You – are – on – their – radar.

    Now let me back up a bit.

    Six months ago, we met an Oathkeeper and fellow prepper. He and his wife were in the same position as ourselves and lived about a mile away. We became fast friends, dined at each other’s home, shared prep philosophy and finally, discussed what each of us had done prep-wise. At their request, we gave them an itemized list of our food stocks the next day and waited for them to reciprocate. After this exposure, three weeks went by with no word from them.

    Giving them their just due, the man had undergone minor surgery and we understood that he was in the recovery mode. After he was home home and feeling OK, there was still no communication. We had laid out our cards, but they shared nothing and with a poor excuse as to why. Do we feel dumb or what!

    Now we were totally exposed. Vulnerable. As a result, we’ve had to move ALL of our supplies elsewhere – off-site – because we had mistakenly trusted.

    Are we an anomaly? Hardly. Did we feel stupid for being supposedly well-informed preppers? You bet!

    So here’s a second thought folks….

    We have friends here on our street, in our neighborhood. Maybe we don’t share all common interests. Maybe we don’t get together weekly for dinners. Maybe they aren’t all Christian. BUT – and here’s the real deal – we’ve got each other’s backs. We’ve been to each others kids’ weddings and graduations, funerals, block parties, yakked on the phone about nothing, worried together about this and that, and forged ties that supercede all else. For example…

    Thanksgiving Eve, when people are cosied around their fireplaces, sipping wine and relaxing with family, we got a worried phone call from next door. A neighbor’s new baby dog had gone missing an hour before. Word that a friend was in need spread like wildfire. Without any planning or asking whatsoever, 6 families spread out through the neighborhood, over acres of land in pitch blackness on foot armed with flashlights searching 3 hours for this missing dog. Tragically, we did not find him, but the unspoken bond of helping said more than words convey.

    These folks aren’t necessarily all preppers. In fact, most aren’t. However we share a common bond of friendship of having each other’s back. Maybe in the days to come, in times of us vs. them, of helping those who’ve done nothing yet all pulling together, maybe this is the message we are supposed to consider. It may not be so much of what you’ve personally stored, where you’ve got to go for refuge, but more importantly, it is the essence of community. You never know what others bring to the prep table and it may be just what is needed.

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      1. This is good food for thought. 

        The bottom line is that most preppers live in densely populated urban or suburban areas. Most do not have a secondary bug-out location, so where they are when the SHTF is where they will likely be for the duration of the Crunch and for months or years after. 

        To survive in that environment it will be very difficult to stay completely off the neighborhood radar, and building a trusted community will be an absolutel must to have a chance at making it. 

        Ahead of a catastrophic event we all want to find like minded people, and that involves communicating with others and sharing personal details.

        Prior to heading to ex-urban America, we lived smack-dab in the middle of one of the most populated cities in the country. I made friends with neighbors, enjoyed their company… we barbecued out front, the kids all played together, they all went to school together, and we all interacted like any good neighborly community would. 

        Despite my best efforts, being the opinionated and conversationally-inclined person that I am, things just ‘slip out’ sometimes… When talking about a collapsing economy, for example, I might bring up points like “invest in hard assets” and the conversation would expand from there… I didn’t necessarily tell anyone I had 500 pounds of wheat in my closet, but if someone was paying attention they could have gleaned what my personal strategies and plans MAY have been.

        There is a delicate line between community building and operational security, in my opinion… Sometimes we make mistakes… Hopefully when we do, it is with trustworthy people that won’t broadcast it to the rest of the neighborhood. 

        The fact is, however, that if the ‘S’ does hit the fan, you will NOT be able to survive alone in a single family home in the middle of Suburbia, so whether you like it or not, my personal feeling is that you will end up sharing or trading some of your supplies with neighbors… 

        I think Holly brings up a great point about community building — We should all be getting to know our neighbors. By doing so we can better identify where that delicate line is, who we can depend on in an emergency, and who we want to bring into our inner circle ahead of or after a serious emergency. 


        • I recently met someone and by all accounts my radar tells me they are a prepper. Each time we talk I get small indications that they are prepped. 

          Wonder if they get the same vibe from me?….I hope not

          • Sort of like dating, isn’t it? 😉

            That’s usually how I treat it… it wasn’t until a couple of my neighbors showed me some of their actual preps that I did two things: 

            1) engaged them in conversation and planning to help defend and renovate the neighborhood for post-collapse living, and

            2) told ’em to stop advertising that stuff so much. 🙂

            • Odd Q, Holly, et al:   Even with close friends I wouldn’t give them a list of stuff, even non prep items- so why would anyone ask anyway?  This would raise a red flag..general talk about preps is ok if you can trust the friends, but never reveal  stuff in detail to relatives, co workers or  anyone.   All  Patriot groups  are full of hypocrites and opportunists.  Parents  had   told me stuff  that happened in the ’60’s ’70’s in the JBS to incl people having affairs.   Smooth talkers/trolls, etc; a recent arrest in my area  of nationally known “patriot leader” Tim Turner of Ozark, Al for fraud, tax evasion and even ripping off fellow patriots in this area for several years.  Google him in.    I  don’t attend/join any “group” meetings and haven’t in some years.  Some men go  to pick up women, are married and don’t care.  Several divorces took place after. (League of the So.,etc) I have become somewhat bitter over years  from what I’ve heard and seen.   Cheating spouses and rip offs from others  in these groups. There are sincere people in  these groups  that later quit and become cynical on people in general…older and wiser. With the country trashed at this point, it’s best to keep out of crowds, seminars, etc and meet with close knit friends.

              • Righto, Laura. I would NEVER respond to a request for an itemized list of anything, and would slowly break contact with anyone who asked for one. It is a better idea to throw out red herrings.

              • Speaking as an older person, I do not speak of what I have to anyone….if asked, (by those who care, I might add) I say I have supplies to get me through in the event of a snowstorm, ice storm, tornado….etc….I do not volunteer any additional information.  I am alone and would probably be one of the first to be raided if I let any information be known.  Be aware of wolves in sheep clothing…..


          • @Mac Slavo

            “community building”, reminds me of the phrase, “nation building”, but on a smaller scale.  What do we get for our efforts of nation building?  Scorn, ridicule, trillions in debt, dead people in body bags.  I’m going to side with Tina and say I hope few, if any, know I’m prepped, locked, and loaded.

            • Bingo, Samson…takers…just all takers.

              Sad to say in my community, this describes the village.

              • my village is also fup ,just got a forclosure (freddie mack). in the sticks 3/2 move in cond. on 3 acers & pond (spring feed),for 42k were asking 69K

                • @at the end of the world,

                  Congratulations, and way to go.  In a nice way I’m envious.  KUDOS!!!!!

          • Stop talking about it, any of it, see what their conversations lead to.

        • Mac, that is a great point: community building and the article is right on. That has been happening where I have the relocation property. Believe it or not, we have wittled it down to 3 families. In town I have 4 buddies that have my back and are ready in a split second to relocate with needed preps.

          We have ceased in trying to educate people, it seems to be too dangerous now and more and more people have too much of a defeatest attitude and dependance on the gov’t.

          Thanks for the article.


          • drd5508:  I quit educating others during the Bush admin and most everyone is dumb as a box of rocks…Those in the know are already into it.  I agree with small trusted groups for security reasons.  People in cities have to stay low key if others don’t know/care what’s happening  for their families safety.   Best to pair up with members in the country if possible. 

            • Laura, you are right about being low keyed in cities. Dumb as rocks is still a funny and accurate discription of many. My buds come out to the site once a month to opsec and fire some rounds. Been working with them for the shtf since 2004. Oddly enough, we all found this site within a month.

            • DRD & Laura:  I too have quit attempting to even point out that a majority of society wanting everyone else to pay for their life, is not sustainable in any manner.  To live without consequences is what seemingly every Dem wants. It is not reality.

              Stay below the radar as to what you may have. I do so even among certain family members.

              Besides, the “See something, say something” crowd may be wearing brown shirts in the future.


              • yep, they are almost as bad as the corporate pig sucking neocons. that is why I talk to no one who calls themself a dem or a republican. they simply can’t pass the initial logic test.

            • Think about it. If someone is only interested in what YOU got, they’ll probably be back later to get what they know is there… If I had people around me in a so-called “group”, they’d all be invested in order to be included. There are 3 golden rules I try to live by:

              1. Don’t ask for/expect anything for free.

              2. Don’t give anything for free.

              3. Don’t accept anything for free.

              Like-minded people who live by those 3 rules are more likely to be there when needed and less likely to take from you.

              Just my 2 cents worth…

          • I talked with my postman last week. He smile and proudly said ” we got Obama reelected”. I asked who we is. He said the postal union. I told him, here in Texas you didn’t get him elected. His reponse? 2016 we will.  Then I explained that I can accuse him of voting for communism and of course his response: not in America. In parting I asked him what will he do if he is wrong. The answer (of course): the gov’t will take care of the union. 

            They are everywhere. Our enemy.

            • No wonder the postal service is in debt, I would not worry they will be SOL and out of business by then . Who’s gonna run the mail DHS Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You cant even send money in mail like you used to, they steal it. 80% of their empolyees are hoodrats, and they cant control it cause its union. 

              • I have to agree. I have ordered a few survival items and they have came delivered busted from the post office throwing packages without even taking a look to see if they are fragile. some are good but a lot of the post office people are deadbeats. I would say 60 percent are hard working and the others are thiefs and deadbeats.

                I would never give someone a list of supplies that i had! Never.  Why would they want to know unless you are like 2 peas in a pod with neighbors but that is a shake of your head thought. I would never tell them how much ammo I have either and now going to keep in seperate locations. It seems nowdays that if you get a temper or something stupid they can come in and take your gun stock for “evidence” lol What the fuck do they need that for. Hey DOD stay the fuck out of our lives please! We do not bother anyone. I can’t wait to see these fucking piece of shits on House and Senate and ATF leaders who want to ban shotguns etc.

                I wonder how many people are going to just give them up. I would say a lot of idiots would and it’s like giving up your life, your honor and pride to have what is yours, you worked for, what you protect yourself with all because of some stupid bitch or racist POS who thinks it would be better if we just have them gone. Are they afraid in hard times that we could really do damage to their efforts if when SHTF soon! Be smart people and keep what your god given rights are and I hope people bond together at that point. I dont want anyone hurt but they are taxing us to death, they are stealing and lying and destroying us slowly and nobody is doing a god damn thing about it. Really pisses me off.

                • @clint hospo ” they are stealing and lying and destroying us slowly and nobody is doing a god damn thing about it. “

                  Are you a part of the ‘nobody’ crowd? If so then maybe you should start something?

            • Seems like they already have him running for a third term. That should give us all pause.

              • John W:  Obummer can be in office indefinitely if he becomes a confirmed dictator,  if martial law is declared and the constitution suspended via exec. orders.  Folks:  if the small arms treaty is ratified by the senate soon and Obummer signs it, a civil war will break out when the gov calls in  all guns.  Gestapo troops will go after ones who  won’t comply eventually.  So called “citizens” without guns in other countries are subjects/slaves.  



              Sounds to me like you should recieve all your prepping packages ups or fedx from now on.

              • Survivor, I always have. I’ve known of postal fraud since my military days, remember APO ? Plus, I’ve driven the miles to keep the postal service from being involved, same will ammo-cash or UPS.

              • Nosey FedX made a delivery of one box, then the next day a different driver shows up with with 2 more boxes and made a coment about us recieving a package the day before from the same sender. HMMMM  a damn different driver

                Got my goat so bad that I now only order from those that will ship “discretely”

                Something to keep in mind as to “who” is delievering what where

                • Yep.  You can’t trust anyone that comes around your residence or business.  Well, anyone that you haven’t known for a long time, and even then, they that work for utilities or delivery companies are getting paid to do as they are instructed.

                   In the 1980’s, a friend of mine that used to be involved in… well let’s just say, activities that might get a person arrested; told me about a friend of his on the “inside” that was keeping him informed of certain investigations and surveillance that might be going on with persons that could be linked to his business.   He said the inside person told him the telephone people and the power/electric company was the easiest people to get information from.  Some of the best informants were the people that everday people trusted the most.

                   A person I know works for the telephone company and the LE people also.  He thinks he is so cool and slick by being an informant.  I think he is a sleazy, two faced rat, that would sell out his best friend for a dollar.   I don’t condone illegal activities, but I don’t want a “snoop” coming around my private property either.   Watch out for the utility workers and the sales people coming onto your property.  UPS and Fed-EX is no exception.  Who knows how much they get paid under the table for information.

            • Sorry but your mailman is incorrect in stating obama can be re-elected in 2016…..he may still REIGN in 2016, but it will not be an elected position…..may God help us all…..keep your business YOUR business and thus keep yourself and your family safe…..Prep as if your lives depend upon it……


            • You are right.   I remember, a day or two after the election, I was in one of those Trader Joe’s grocery stores – these particular stores seem, for whatever reason, to be magnets for mostly White people.   You might see an occasional Asian looking shopper, but the vast majority of the people I’ve seen in them are usually White.Anyway, I was standing in line and leaning on my cart, and just looking around at all of the White shoppers who were all around me and this most unnerving thought passed through my mind – I wonder how many of these White people are Obama voters?  White people, or so I have always assumed, were the biggest opponents of, and fiercest fighters against,  Communism – but yet, 30 million White people voted to let a known and documented Communist have another 4 years to finish Communizing America?There are clearly irreconcilable differences between what kind of nation and government minorities prefer and the kind of nation and system of government that the vast majority of White European people prefer – but, when I stopped to think about where the blame should be placed for the death of our Republic, I would have to assign the blame to those 30 million White morons – because they tipped the election to the Communist.

              • @Tucker.   Totally true but sad.  It’s as if there’s this alternate reality, with all these people walking around clueless (since it hasn’t REALLY hit the fan yet) and then there is the group of people who have educated themselves as to what is coming and why it is unavoidable.   If it’s any solace, it wasn’t just stupid white people,  I believe there was an incredible amount of voter fraud in many different permutations.  Machine fraud, registration fraud, felon voting,  you name it, they did it. 

            • Your postman is a moron and why engage anyone in political discussion. Bush Romney carter Clinton Obama are all the exact same. why waste your time. Get to hiding your preps. Also may want to hide yourself. Peeps gonna notice u ain’t skinny.

          • This maybe deviates a little but I would love to hear some of you guy’s thoughts on this.  I also don’t try and wake anyone outside family.  But I do want to take the temperature of local law enforcement when I see them in a fast food locale or somewhere that makes passing conversation easy.  I would love to ask a few of them what they think of some of the laws passed and if they would personally enforce some of them when the time comes.  I think local law enforcement will play a major roll in the break down but am never sure for which side.  In general, will they remember and live the oath they took or break it? … But I haven’t done it even once due to fear of being “reported” on to DHS as a domestic terrorist or put on some watch list… I’m not sure you can be too paranoid but I would like to hear some input. 

            Thanks in advance.

            • I can say for a fact that a group of sergeants from a large city police department in Texas will not enforce any regulations handed down by the current dictator to confiscate weapons.  I’m sure there are others that fill the same, and then there will be the ones that follow the order to the “T”.  

        • This, this, this and this!

          You build up relationships, because that’s the only support you’re going to get when it all goes down.

          On the other hand, and as for the article? Something had me damned curious: Why a demand for an itemized list? Seriously? I’d flat-out say ‘no’ to that, and offer instead to work up a list of items to be shared (with two of everything, or multiples of two, so that it’s equitably shared and there’s no arguments).

          It’s going to be hard enough to keep it quiet, especially if you have kids or a half-hearted spouse… no reason to lay any cards on any table, fer hell’s sake.

          You always, always, always keep your personal stores to yourself. There is zero reason for anyone else to know what your family has, and carries a lot more danger and risk than any conceivable benefit.

          If they’re that worried, then simply state that no, you won’t ask for anything from them save through barter.

          The one and only exception I can think of is if you find someone that you want to literally sleep with, and you then compare inventories after you two get married (when he or she moves in with you or vice-versa), so that you can sort out where to hide and organize the stuff.

          Wow… just, wow. I mean, I get that making a team for mutual support is a beautiful thing, but you need to treat requests for your inventory as personal as a request to perform your favorite sexual acts… and yes, I mean it literally – keep it that private.

          • Show me yours and I’ll show you mine…hahahahahaha

            • Ok, you first!

            • How does it go  ” Loose lips sink ships”  I think everyone should remember that as a rule.

          • A request for a list of ANYTHING specifec should be treated with the utmost in suspicion.  Give a very vague and evasive answer.  When the SHTF there may be enough chaos that any prepper with their head screwed on straight can start giving directions to the sheeple and bring some order to the neighborhood without revealing their supplies.


            Whatever happened to OPSEC?

            • darn it!!! typos compliments of the droid,

              specific, specific, specific, specific, specific,

              • I don’t even notice them unless I disagree with someone.  

            • Mordecai:

              “Whatever happened to OPSEC?”

              You lost it when you posted on this site.

              • True, OPSEC is gone as far as NSA, and other cyber snoops.  However, this article deals with the proverbial, “loose lips sink ships”.  It deals with the conversations we have with coworkers, neighbors, fellow churchgoers, repair men, etc.  And don’t overlook the mailman.  Several months ago an article appeared where a daughter and her boyfriend stole her father’s preps.  One must be careful.  My adult children and significant other are aware of what I am doing, they don’t have a specific itemized list. 

            • Reminds me of a scripture in the OT.


              2 Kings 20:14-15

              14 Then came Isaiah the prophet unto king Hezekiah, and said unto him, What said these men? and from whence came they unto thee? And Hezekiah said, They are come from a far country, even from Babylon.

              15 And he said, What have they seen in thine house? And Hezekiah answered, All the things that are in mine house have they seen: there is nothing among my treasures that I have not shewed them.


              It wasn’t long till he lost everything in his house. Be careful.


            • I hope he did not list all his firearms and ammunition. Most likely these people simply do not have any preps and are embarassed to reply. I doubt that there is any devious motive here.

          • OQ- ‘compare inventories after you get married’,

            Heck ,in Oregon we have community property,sooo

            be careful who you marry 🙂

            • I’d even keep a wife in the dark about some things.  Need to know!  Otherwise, nothing other than the mundane.

            • True ab’t that, Huh? 🙂

              On the other hand, my wife and I have trusted each other with our very lives, and have come through for each other on numerous occasions that fell just shy of that threshold.

              Besides – she actually helps me shop for the stuff now.

        • I guess I’m just screwed.  Oh well, I’ll get credit in heaven.

          • @ Iowa,

                Took a bit….I admit I had to think it through…Good Joke at the End, possibly a little too ‘good’?

            • How anyone can go years without telling others that the sky is about to be rolled up like a scroll and fall is beyond me.  Its not a joke.  I told everyone.

              God told a prophet that if he could save a man’s life with the knowledge given to him by God, he should do it.  Other wise, the man’s life and his sin will fall upon the prophet.

              That is the purpose of and Mac’s calling.  Nothing to joke about.

              May God have mercy on us all.

              • Isn’t that the same excuse the catholic church used to kill millions of women in the middle ages?  If they didn’t kill the “witch” to save her soul then her nonexistent sin would fall on them?  That kind of doctrine has been used in evil hands to kill millions of people.

        • Communities will be best built AFTER whatever it is has placed everyone on the same playing field for some time.

          As long as the corp exists, so will the deeds of it’s members.  Especially if the SHTF.  Even if they seem OK while everything is fine, who knows what they may become when hit hard with reality.

          Build your community with those who have survived it for 60 days.  If they have done that, they are a prepper that thinks like you. 

          • I have read that personality traits often reverse themselves in a real crisis.

        • Trust no one..

          This is war folks..nothing has changed for millennium.

          Keep your preps to yourself..this  “hope and change” amongst preppers is b.s.!!!.. imho..another attempt to let your guard down..we can collectively share our thoughts here yet none of us know one another closely at all..yes share info but never ever let anyone know your stash..

          Human nature has not changed for thousands of years and will not in our lifetime…when the shtf occurs..your supposed closest friends and neighbors who have not prepared will turn you in or come after you..only those you intimately trust beyond all doubt will have your back..period!History has proven this beyond all doubt..keep your friends close and your enemies closer..

          It is  time..




        • Your remark hit home that if someone was paying attention they could probably figure out there’s more in the pantry than Pop Tarts.    I have been especially careful in the last year with what I say.   Some of the people I thought had potential have been a complete disappointment.   Not only do they still not understand what is coming, they are not preparing and they will undoubtably be the first in line knocking at the door looking for someone to take care of them. 

        • Holly, you may think that you and your neighbors have each others backs but wait. When they are hungry and someone has heard you have preps you will find out how much they have your back of how “Christian” they may be.

          One week after food deliveries stop you will see what your neighbors are really like.

      2. I heard ,holly and stan,you had moved to southern colorado,nice to see you in the area,the NWO will hit colorado really hard you know,they know most of the people with brains live here and if theres one thing the nwo don’t want is, anyone smarter then a box of rocks left when its over,hope we meet some day,at this point in time ,america is running on empty,OH, something wild happened to me on friday,we really thought the chinese might hit america,as I was standing in front of my truck a voice came over my shoulder and said,NOT today ,the middle of next week,11-28-12,guess we’ll see,take care,and keep your eyes open…………………………………..

      3. wise i think what you guys did,,but i do think you should ask them about it,,



      4. Right there with you.

        I walked into my dept 4 years ago and it was obvious conservatives would be treated as diseased, so to this day; no one knows i am. no ones knows i went to ohio to stop the high speed train wrecker of the country in the white house. no oneknows i have more food, cash and ammo than i would neeed for months.

        when the SHTF, no one i work with will be following me home because i let out that i think ahead of my next paycheck. sorry for a lot of them, theyre basically good; but the USA chose to speed this up and hit the wall. its not my fault the country doesnt want to be financially realistic.

        • Same story here. I live near a city that is as politically blue as a photo of a blue Hydrangea, shot with a blue filter, against a blue tarp, and taken on a rainy day. Most of the folks I work with live there, and some actually compete (on their own time) to see who is the most “progressive.” 

          When it all goes ‘splat, I’ll either be 80 miles away, or on my way to being 80 miles away, hanging out with neighbors who are not only the polar opposite in political outlook, but tend to have large gun collections.

          • @ O.C: Funny…it sounds like you’re describing a large software company down in Eugene I used to work for. But I’m pretty much in the same boat now regarding the people I work with- I’m just closer to home now! Seriously, in OregonE, if you want a decent job, and can’t handle living around Libtards and other idjuts- you pretty much only have 3 metro areas to chose from.

        • It is a shame the country has gone so far down this path, that you don’t feel comfortable having a conversation. Most folks think this is nutty but if people could have honest exchange of ideas. Maybe there is an extra open mind out there.

             Now days you just can’t talk back and forth. If you don’t tow the mainstream line you’re treated like you have the plague 

          • CLAIMING FELLOWSHIP as a CHRISTIAN ??? JEW ??? CATHOLIC ??? OATHKEEPER ??? PREPPER ??? VETERAN ??? PATRIOT ??? DEMOCRAT ??? REPUBLICAN ??? etc etc … are just CHEAP EASY words to gain Unearned Trust from the Truly Naive .

            “Until your Knee Deep in a World of Sheeit , where the Blade meets the Meat!”


            “You cannot EVER know Truly Who will “Stand by your Side” through thick or thin and Trust !”



            PREDATOR or PREY ? … the choice is yours .

            ~N.O. ;0P


            • NO ~

              Have you noticed that Large Target seems rather “familiar”?  Read some posts, notice the content and syntax.

              ~ D

              • That not me. I am the only one. You all seem to be so tied up in the twilight zone that you can’t tell a real conversation. Oh I forgot blogger are not use to face to face talks.

                And again I am not Southern Boy either.  Remember the new is coming to bring real help to the SHIF community.

              • Evenin Daisy,

                   Just stopped in to deliver the Evening take on solar, not staying tonight though. Good to hear from Burt. Has she been able to get anymore post/E-mail’s through since the last?

          •   Now days you just can’t talk back and forth. If you don’t tow the mainstream line you’re treated like you have the plague .

            That is why people come here at SHTF.   It is the “Great Debate”, where we sometimes help others and sometimes step on cyber toes. It is a chance to see a virtual collapse without consequences. A chance for all of us to think outside the box. Get a feel of the real world. Cut through the bullshit. Being forewarned and to provide security for our loved ones. It is all here, in every conceiveable forum at your fingertips. We know where we have been. We know where we are are now. We search for the future.

            • Hey, Slingshot, my sentiments exactly!  It seems to be one of the few places I can say what is on my mind honestly without having to gauge and pick every word and idea carefully when talking politics, prepping or tactics.  Thank you, everyone for contributing your ideas, opinions and suppport because it really does help you feel less alone during this stressful time where talking openly can be dangerous and leave you open to suspicion, yes, even here in the great, true, northern, socialist mecca of multicultural claptrap that I have had to endure all my adult life. I still love my country and see its great potential as well as all its good points!

          • and that’s EXACTLY the science of it, largetarget. That’s exactly how they created the psychological rifts that keep us divided and isolated. That is exactly how they control the masses and mobilize them as needed. I know it sounds paranoid, but in the world of “psychology”, it makes perfect sense…not to mention that it is working perfectly

            I prefer not being a mass-mkultra candidate, myself. In fact, I’m rather proud to be ‘resistant’ to psychological coercion.

        • If  you post on this site or any similiar site they know. Believe me they know who you are, where you live,your phone number, bank acouts, social security number and anything else they want to find out. Don’t post anything with details.

      5. Don’t tell anyone anything! Keep it to yourself. When the good neighbors are starving and haven’t preped, they will kill you for your food for their children.

        • Good article.  A reminder of a situation many of us will face.

          I think the ‘good neighbors’ will notice those who seem to be ‘well nourished’ and will hit them as targets after the SHTF.

          Also, I am sure some UPS and Fedex drivers will remember which houses they delivered those boxes of freeze dried food.   It is not hard to find out what logos like “Augason Farms” and “Emergency Essentials” stand for.

          If I order more freeze dried/dehydrated food, I plan to take the “ship it to the store and pick it up there” option.  The Sam’s Club (sells Augason Farms emergency food) we shop at about an hours drive from our home.  


          • thats how I got some of our “A.F.” stores,

            ship to store for pick up

          • KY Mom, fortunate that you are within driving distance to do that.  Most of my stuff comes UPS or Purolator and the last time they delivered 2001b of wheat the guy looked pretty p****d that he had to carry the 50lb boxes up twenty steps to the front door!  It was mildly amusing at the time but I bet he remembers me for sure every time his back aches.

          • I’m in an apartment. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, but what is , is.  My opsec is seriously compromised. Management and pest control does bi-monthly inspections. About 3~4 months ago some of my preps were opened during one of these violations.  They were careful not to disturb anything, but I had some alignment dots on the lids of the boxes and containers that were skewed after the inspection.  Only God knows how many people know of “the place to get a free meal” now.

            I’m screwed.

            • You need to assert your rights. Mandatory inspections are about the condition of the APARTMENT –  WALLS, FLOORS and fixtures and nothing more! You ARE NOT required to let them open boxes or get into drawers at any time, whether they disturb anything or not. Please check with your local legal aid, IMMEDIATELY!

              I was an apartment manager for YEARS, and the Landlord and Tenant act forbids that sort of intrusion. Learn your rights and enforce them. They CANNOT evict you because you refuse to let them go through your stuff – that is beyond the scope of those ‘inspections’.

              TRUST ME, check legal aid or an independent lawyer in your area before you get another ‘inspection’, please.

          • Ky Mom and y’all:  You brought up an exc. point about UPS and Fed ex as people also order bulk ammo and tactical gear…OMG  some   use this info and “take notes” and have a journal w/  names and addresses incl the company ordered from..these delivery men could  be informants….  rem the movie/book 1984? people  they thought were trustworthy were informants!

            • If I am not mistaken, UPS and FedEx drivers are union…..

          • I found a store in Waynesville NC, about an hour down I 40 from my home in TN.  The wife and I went on black Friday.  Great selection and it was nice to walk out with boxes of food that will not have to come through the usps or ups.  Socking up will be easy and anonymous.  What amazes me is  how  serious my wife has gotten about stocking up —since Dear Leader took over.

      6. boy will the nwo be surprised when they find out not all the people with brains live in colorado,,,


        • snake eater,

          That’s funny!!!

          • NO it wasnt funny just a response to Arizona`s earlier post,,


        • I’ve got a masters degree, can program computers, cook meals from scratch, grow veggies and shoot guns. I can also keep my mouth shut about my fucking preps from EVERYBODY except my lovely wife, who shares my views. 

          I am NOT, however, from Colorado: too cold, too “blue” and too prone to having people shoot up a place because their neighbor’s dog told ’em they were the AntiChrist

          • SOS

            you said it all brother,,,


      7. As a 30-year survivalist I am fortunate to own a secluded BOL in a lightly populated area. My neighbors there have never NOT heated with wood, gardened, and hunted so we do not have discussions such things.  I have a few friends in the city who have a vague idea of who I am, but they have no idea of our final destination.

        It is easy enough to tell who are prepping in the small city where are main home is located.  Friends either post evidence on Facebook or bring it up in conversation.  Who recently received concealed carry permits or ham radio licenses is public information. It takes very little information to bring up a satellite photo of their homes.

        I work in prison ministry and have witnessed first hand inmates planning their post-release activities.  They can receive several pages a day in the mail and are mapping out who has what in their target area based upon the information above. The first thing most do when the get out is buy a firearm from a private seller.

        For these reasons I have also advised others to store a one year supply for every who knows where to find you. Even if your house is not first on their list, they will eventually check it out when they are desperate enough. I have ten in-laws who live within an hour of the ocean and they could easily turn a two-year supply for my family into a 3-month supply.  That’s why we would not be here should they arrive after a national disaster.

        •  All the felons arming themselves. Obamabots are arming themselves. Our Government is arming up. Zombies everywhere. What are the chances of survival?

          • If you’re reading this  often     i’ld say better than average

          • Remember Good people tend to help each other, bad people tend to prey on each other, that’s your advantage.  Work with it.

      8. I just keep my opsec up, go to work, do the yard work etc..

        I dont talk about any of it, to anyone.

        made a few comments to family (relatives) it seemed to not grow wings so I left it at that.

        It would be nice to have like minded people nearby..but people are un-predictable and generally not trustworthy in high stress situations , and what i mean by that is you tell them something you dont want public info, and watch how soon its public info, or in a bad situation they lay you out to people you never would have


        its just not the smart survival thing to do, you just have to suck it up and know that your existance may be short because you dont have a huge support group, but it sure beats that support group coming to kill you for your shit.

        sometimes you gotta look at it that way until the shit does hit, then go from there.

        • Test your neighbors, and church family…break a few toes, or let your husband have carotid surgery WITH an aneurysm removed.

          That is a ‘real’ test of what lives lurks behind those doors!!! 🙂

          • hahah yeah no doubt, I already know who will be there for me, and who would be there because of me, and thats good enough.

            I have witnessed the integrity of the average person, and Im not about to hang my life or my future existance on what i’ve come to know about the “type” of people we all will be dealing with.

            and when I had to have surgery, I didnt let anyone know except for my immediate family, and my work. you have to almost make it to where you can rely on yourself entirely, no matter how lonely that is.

            All of my neighbors and most of my family is just going to have to guess at who I am, and what I got


        • @VRF

          You get a Gold Star.

          • Well I appreciate that, but im far from perfect.

            If ever asked about it, I might impart some knowledge or wisdom, but Im pretty reserved as of late.

            I kinda look at it like this..

            Where the hell have they been, and how do you go thru life with blinders on, and do I want to be associated with people who are that fuckin thick?

            I dont think so, so I go back to silently doing what I works for me and im quite the lone wolf, kinda been like that my entire life. I dont care to be judged for my gut feelings, even if I am right

        • Yep,  my wife knows I keep some extra bulk food “staples” and that I am getting into hunting.  I’m pretty sure we are good for months and months – so its not a pittance.  No one (except maybe someone who is spying on my computer usage) would have any guess as to why or how I prep. Not my parents, co-workers, neighbors, best friends, pastor, therapist… you name it they don’t know it.

          So even for my wife, its just a way we live, cook, and save money.  Hey, beans, and wheat berry salads are healthy eating.  

          I’m not trying to be deceitful, but every spouse has irrational fears that we worry about and want our families to be safe.  So she checks that the kids are breathing in the middle of the night, and she makes sure all the doors are locked (often), I collect and use weird stuff (pressure cookers, stoves, heaters, shotguns, tools, etc.).  It is all in moderation, in the budget, and nothing need be said.  I don’t have to know about what runs through her mind about our boys breathing, and she doesn’t need to know that I don’t trust this country to continue skating by on borrowed time (actually she does know that I think our national debt is a very real and serious problem).  We might not know all the scenarios, but I believe our family is prepared.

          I figure if S ever does HTF, it will be easy to show you are a valuable asset with valuable assets then – when it is necessary to do so.  But pretty darned hard to make someone forget it if it slipped out earlier.  I have friends with family farms.  I figure if it ever gets that bad we can work out agreements.  I keep you fed “on credit” for next few months, then I work for my food with your land and knowledge after that. Until that time comes, I’ll be keeping up that “OPSEC”.  

      9. SHTF has hit my 20 marriage.  I am the lead prepper of the household BUT,  I am going to have to relocate.  I dont want to go far and, like the article advises,  I want to “beware of your neighbors”.  My relocation is going to be like the “Exodus of Moses”, and I’m no where NEAR as capable as Moses was.  Any advise on what to look for besides water sources,  security and seclusion would be much welcomed.  I have NEVER been on my own before so I am REALLY scared! Thanks guys! 

        • Hi, Mom.  I’m sorry to hear about your situation.  I know from experience how difficult this time can be.

          My suggestion would be to write yourself a wishlist.  Make one section things that are of primary importance and the other section things that would be nice, but are not deal breakers.

          So your primary list might include: a water source, a garden area, a place for chickens, adjoining national forest, fenced in yard, and a woodburning heat source.  (just examples from my own list)

          When you’re house hunting, check off the items on your lists – this way you are comparing apples to apples.  

          When you’ve narrowed it down to a couple of different places, refer to the list – probably you haven’t found a place that has 100% of your primary list.  If you had you would have snapped it up already.  Decide if the items missing from your list are dealbreakers or something you can sacrifice.  

          As an example, for me, the two places I had narrowed it down to were each missing one important thing.  One place had no fireplace or woodstove but had everything else on the list.  The other place didn’t have a fenced yard and I would not be allowed to have chickens.  When I weighed the pros and cons, I figured I could live without livestock before I could live without heat. 

          Be as organized as you can about your search.  Think long and hard about the things that are vital to you.

          You sound like a very bright person and I’m confident you will make an excellent choice for your family.

          Best wishes to you

          ~ D

          • Thanks Mac for the video and Thanks Daisy for the tips!  I will need room for more than just chickens. As my title implies, I have 6 children (ages 23 down to almost 8) and I have animals that cluck, quack, moo, oink, and one very tall pony.! (i.e. the exodus of Moses).  So, as a whole, we are darn near a whole community that needs to relocate. (just minus the husband and… I’m nice, so I wont take his 20 gauge.)

        • mom of 6 … look for stone brick mortar 2 story home with basement root cellar in a small village like community with other families with kids as neighbors 20 miles from the nearest interstate off the villages main-street by at least 5 blocks preferably a cull-de-sack / dead-end road easily blocked at entrance / secured .

          * buy a .22lr  bolt action rifle / .22lr revolver combo immediately – plus 2000 rounds of .22 cci lr hp – learn to use both – keep them locked in easy to reach location – teach your kids gun safety .  

          BEWARE THE SINGLE MALE looking to hook up … Alone around the kids .

          ~N.O. ;0p

          • /Coco – Wonders never cease.  I can’t say that I’ve followed every comment in every post – but I have to say that I’m glad to see the human side of you . I never had a doubt but it was a wonder….  ;= I won’t tell 😉 because I don’t.

            So, @ Mom of 6.  as with others, Coco has given you very excellent advise.  Welcome to the best place in the virtual world.

            @Coco.  I know you are the sort that would shrug off the ‘gosh-dang’ stuff; but I was seriously missing your musings for a few days.  Go figure- this tribe member was fretting – ‘cuz fretting is my talent.

          • CocoPuff CrackHead,

            Good advice for mom of 6, especially the last sentence.

          • ;0P – pssszzt

            No# 1 FreeMan Patriots Rules of Engagement : No Women No Children – Protect Them / Help Them as Best as you Can , without Endangering your Personal Safety .  

            *even bad men like “charlie manson” loved his mum .

            ~N.O. ;0P

            • Charles Manson murdered his prostitute mother and was convicted and served a long sentence for it.

        • Hey Mom..sorry for your “loss”…..I see both Mac and Daisy gave you some real good advise……..also pray HARD on all the moves you make from here on in…..I know for sure things will work out for you……..I know it is easy for me to say, but “this too will pass”…….but for now you really have to focus on making good decisions………..I have been where you are now, (years ago)……..somehow, things really do work out for the best…….Regards, and take care, CC

      10. Wow this is a really interesting, often over looked topic in our community, and like Mac said there is a very fine line to walk. Obviously no one wants to compromise op sec, but at the same time, you will need a community or network of like minded ppl around you when TSHTF.

        I know there are a lot of preppers out there who will absolutly under no circumstances talk to ANYONE about their preps. Thats fine, but consider this…..What if you need to trade or barter when TSHTF. Perhaps you might find yourself in a situation you never thought you would be in and did not prepare for. What if you lose all of your supplies due to an unforseen  natural disaster? It is impossible to prep for every situation as there are just too many shitty things that can happen as we all know. Without a network of people, especially neighbors, you could be sealing your own fate.

        I know a lot pf preppers. Most are nice, personable, hardworking folks who just want to take care of themselves in a SHFT scenario. Others are selfish, egotistical, “told you so” people who want  desperatly to be right and see chaos so they can “tell you so.”  Often times the “told you so group” to me seems like people who cannot hack it in todays society for whatever reason and are looking for something like prepping to put their energy in so they can be different and “not mainstream.” I will warn you right now, those people who cannot contribute positively in todays society will not be worth anything in a SHFT scenario no matter how much supplies they have stockpiled.

        Hey, it’s tough being a prepper, you get a lot of weird looks and some people will downright chastise you about it. But to me I don’t see the point of prepping if I am not willing to try and prepare friends or family member who do not want my advice, but really need it. In a post SHFT scenario we will see atrocities I am sure, to what level, I am not so sure, but be assured of this; Compassion, understanding, mercy, charity, and friendship will be in short supply. Those willing to exibit those qualities to others in a world where most are only concerned about themselves will be the truly rich souls, no matter what the “told you so” preppers say. After all, what is the point of surviving if the world you are living in is devoid of all that makes us human?

        • @ john ina box

              Maybe a, “Walk softly, but carry a big stick”, approach. Good points.

        • You hit a nice nail on the head.  I have a few people that I have met over the years I’d be glad to invite to my bug out; but I always think of them in terms of “what they can bring” not in terms of food, guns, and such but more in the realm of ability.  My bug out is capable of self sustaining 20 or so people and I don’t have nearly that many in my family and some of that family I couldn’t even remotely consider because of their inept abilities to prepare today. 

          It is sad though, what I read above, in the article, that a prepper would ask another for such detail and then go off their radar – very sad.  I think that would make me angry beyond belief.  Should a street gang beat me to bugging out and catch me at home I’d pay them to head their way. 

      11. living in the PDX area (burbs) in this neighborhood there are so many people who come and go, we never know when someone will stay or leave.. we know several preppers and are friends with them, however only 1 family would i trust with my secrets and thats not good.. as far as the the neighborhood most everyone is so reclusive that it becomes hard to get to know any of them except to say hi in passing, providing we know who the person is and that is very hard to do when we never see them…

        Here where we are there is a very non caring attitude towards others. the people here are so busy with their own lives that you never see any visitors at the neighbors house or anyones family, this leads me to believe that these people are living in fear of life itself.. so as a result our neightbors being in their mid 20s to their 50s and 60s , i can see the younger ones going home to mom and dad while the older ones stay and get taken over by the gang bangers and we’re right in the middle of it all and we dont have the resources to start over or to leave..

        i dont mind talking to friends or aquaintances about getting ready for any kind of collapse or breakdown, but i sure dont let it out that we prep, only a few know we do… we as preppers need to be careful that the extent of what we do or what we have is not known…  i think its ok to keep quiet what we have and  remain under the radar

        • Can’t recall which ‘burb you mentioned that you lived in (if you did), but it’s gonna be rough if you live anywhere east of the river (that’s where most of the evening news stories concerning crime pop up).

          I figure most of the gang-banger/mob targets will be in or around Hawthorne, Hollywood (-ish), Alphabet District, Jantzen Beach, Skyline, Beaverton, West Linn, Lake Oswego, Tigard, maybe as far out as Farmington and the better parts of Hillsboro (though Hillsboro and Aloha will likely have enough problem areas that will consume the West side, so…)

          Basically, where all the nicer houses (and stuff) can be located. What makes it worse are two things: a *huge* unarmed population (“hugs, not guns!“), and a population that is either too transient (apartment dwellers) or too stuck-up to really know more about their neighbors than what kind of car they drive, who has the best ‘medicinal’ weed, and whose teenaged girl got knocked-up recently.

          …and that is why I live way outside of the metro. I figure by the time the hordes get done consuming their weaker neighbors in PDX, logistics will make it almost impossible for any large group to get too far out of town.


          • @ OQ

            you got that right, im acually in vancouver… sounds like you know the area well, lets just say im between I5 and 205 and north of 500.. this area has a lot of section 8 apartments, older neightborhoods that the older folk are giving the house to the kids who have no respect for others or care what is right… many of the fenses around here have been tagged and the neightborhood comittee has put the info out on some of the gangs and lunatic fringe inhabiting this area… it will get dangerous within the 1st week and a half if not sooner, so far the worst things that have happened is cars getting broke into, so we have petty theives here….

            • Yep… Vancouver is a post-SHTF bomb waiting to go off (unless you get far enough east or west of it – but then, we’re talking Bonneville or maybe Longview…) 

              Depends on where you work, though. I’m lucky in that I can telecommute, but if you can’t do that, you either have to fight I-5, or worse (as in Hwy 217 during rush-hour worse). OTOH, where you’re at, if you work in Vancouver, you do have some options… you’ll need a fairly fuel-efficient car, though. Good news is you can insulate yourself from PDX by just a few bridges (the I-5 bridge will pretty much block itself, IMO 🙂 ).


              • driving bigrig out of tualatin and having to do overnights leaves me with little options…..

                thanks for your encouragement, take care of your self out there in the coast range

                • Wow. There’s a lot more PNW residents here than I thought. I’ll go so far as to say SW WA for my locale. Smaller town, but too close to the freeway for comfort. I don’t have the $$, and fear that time is also lacking for a re-locate. Gonna have to just hold down the fort or die trying.  I’m rural, but surrounded by liberal, O’bomb-a loving, gov’t trusting sheeple. It will be interesting to be sure.

                  BTW, I don’t buy into the whole “Oathkeeper” thing. They’re all paid, mercenary,  jackbooted thugs. Don’t trust any LEO with ANY info. Ever.

              • After SHTF, one just needs to blow the Lewis river bridge in Woodland and the Newaukum river bridge south of Olympia and things would be a lot better.

                • Quote   “BTW, I don’t buy into the whole “Oathkeeper” thing. They’re all paid, mercenary,  jackbooted thugs.”

                  Obviously you are very misinformed. 



              • I don’t mind Vancouver but I do hate that I work across the bridge.  My next big prep is how to get across the water…All 3 bridges will be useless before I can get close to them.  Of course that assumes I can get the vehicle close enough to the shoreline to deploy a small inflatible something or other that the current won’t drag downstream 5 miles…

                • I would suggest Bonneville Dam, but I-84 will pretty much prevent that, and you’d eat a lot of gas. Similar with trying to use Hwy 30, since everyone else will have the same idea.

                  OTOH, given the distance, if you were to get as close as you could and then walk across one of the bridges (or perhaps even break out a bicycle somehow)? 

                  The whole idea behind getting home isn’t to always get home with your car, but to get as close as you can w/o walking, then park the thing somewhere and start walking with the get-home bag.

                  BTW, I’m not immune to this either. If my way home is blocked/borked/clogged/whatever, I’m either facing the logging roads, or about 3-4 straight days of hard walking if the weather is good.

                • @OC, you sure as hell wanna stay away from Hwy 30w, going thru NoPo would be a disaster in a SHTF…

                • True, but it’ll be jam-packed anyway. 


                  The only safe way to get to Hwy 30 is to take CPR up to it from westside, which should dump you off in St. Helens, or up through Skyline. Both let you avoid the Industrial district handily. 

                  Problem is, Hwy 30 will be a parking lot anyway, no matter which route you take. It’s too small, and too many folks will try using it to get out to Astoria, Long Beach, Vernonia (via the northern route) and suchlike. 


        • @deano, I live almost in Brightwood, I grew up in PDX. ???

          • @sixpack

            sorry been out of town the last couple days, where the heck is brightwood? …  i grew up in the seattle area

            • Brightwood is at the foot of Mt. Hood. It’s about the last grocery store before you start up the mountain.

      12. @ All,


           “Community”, derived from the word “Commune” as in ‘to commune with another or others. Not that idiot ‘hippy-stuff;…look it up. I ‘commune’ with Him daily, as it were. More to follow on this later, the underlying concept is, I think, a part of what we must needs consider in time to come…a part of the answer to the question, ‘Who Are We?” from the precious forum.

             Anywho, more on this later… 🙂

        • rather entertaining you say idiot hippie stuff. There are still a few hippie communes around. Gee living off grid, self sustained, making, creating,  farming what they need. Yep idiots all the way. Hmm when shtf  and if it gets really bad and lasts a long long time …. we all will be living the idiot hippie way 🙂

          • Hi Anon,

              I say, ‘Idiot hippiie stuff’ for one reason, it flat didn’t wotk with all that ‘free love’ …WRONG BASIS……

      13. Some choice! Feed your family for months or the neighborhood for 3 days!!

        • hell, thats an easy choice..

          Post SHTF

          The tuff choice is, kill your dog and eat him, or kill the neighbor and eat him.

          Or..your kid is sick, and your wife is suffering from a dibilitating desease, do you take the kid to get some medical attention knowing your wife will die without you there.., or that if your kid doesnt get some medical helpp soon she will be dead.

          • Those are hardly the difficult decisions.

            Decision #1: Kill the “neighbor” (unprepped looter) and feed him to your dog, thereby saving food you’d otherwise have to give to your dog for yourself. Chances are if you’re keeping a dog as part of your survival strategy, he’s a better friend to you than the people around you. Pharisees who place huge burdens on the backs of others and yet won’t lift a finger to help you aren’t your neighbor.

            Decision #2: Take the kid, as her disease is curable whereas the wife’s (presumably, if it’s that debilitating) is not. As noted on more than one site, everyone’s chances of survival drop to zero in the long run, so do as our ancestors did and preserve the one who has the chance of living longer in the short run.

      14. I told everyone like Noah did.  Hopefully God himself shuts my doors. 

        Would anyone feel bad knowing your neighbor is starving and you didn’t tell them to stock up?  I would, so I told them.  # of people that started prepping because of it, probably zero.

        I’m probably the idiot right now.  I’d like to thank God…

        • I am like you Iowa, not very good opsec. I want everyone around me to prep. I am prepared to be generous with what I have (within reason. . .which is where it is going to get sticky).  I know God has a plan for my life, so while I prep, I also trust Him. I desperately don’t want to become an animal myself while fending off the other animals.

          • iowa and puppyprepper im with you both on this, try an save as many as you can. The again it is easier for me on the opsec, I travel light prepare just enough to get me to where I need to be.  I try  to inform and help those around me, i offer thsoe who want to know more a thumb drive with a shit load of pdfs  on it from basic tool making to tracking down a wild boar  and knowing by the tracks if you are tracking a female or male. I offer to help train those around me in skills they will need to survive, from old native american teachings passed down thru the generations, to some military style training, from my time in the AB Rangers.

                                When I am asked what I did to prepare or what preps I have, I can honestly say I have 2 bobs  with supplies for about 7 days of travel for 2 ppl. An SoG Seal Pup Elite, SoGfari 13″ machete, Sog Hand Axe, and entrenching tool. ( i just like sog other brands work just as well such as gerber and such 🙂 Also a nice sharpener and firestarter combo is good to have. ( other then these items they need not know anything we have as far as rifles ammo and other guns. ) Also pinicle makes a nice self setting tent toss and set. XP3033-4 is the model i use with xtra rain fly over it. ( is nice to have camp set up in less then 5 minutes, from tent up to cooking over a fire. ( 15 minutes for using a fire hole tho 🙂

          • You can do what you have to do, without becoming anything different. To choose to REMAIN when the situation is over, is to become what you loathe.

        •  I did think like that for a few months…even at the church I attended–even had my speech written!! 🙂

          Then after careful consideration and observing, I changed my mind.

          With this neighborhood made up of selfish folks, I would be signing my death certificate.

          Let God sort it out.  

      15. To everyone:   I agree with the need for OPSEC totally.   The people who come to this site are the only people who at least suspect I’m a prepper; nobody in my family and certainly nobody who i work with.   I don’t even try to talk to other people about prepping unless I’m on this site or another one similar to it.   That’s how low a profile I try to maintain.   I don’t even talk to my neighbors; they never seem to show any interest in me anyway, so much the better.   I’m surviving all alone.   I’m very wary of any groups out there and I’m sure they look the same way at me.    i may not last very long without support of some typre, but at least I won’t go down without a fight.  best wishes to all and keep prepping.   braveheart

        • Figuatively..Im with ya boss

        • B’heart:  I agree ,if people  “pull crap”, cheat and steal in good times, (yes, even church goers)  I’d hate to see what they’d do in bad times.  Iowa and others who  warn  people to prep at this late date (unless there is a storm coming), are risking their safety.  Hey, if people don’t have common sense to prep more than for a bad storm, I  assume they are living on the dole,  dumb as rocks, TV zombies, etc.

        • braveheart

          Same here, except I have my wife and I.. and 3 young adult kids all on their own in the area…we all agreed to come home should shtf and they all know my preps..and have been stacking for several years now planning meals .segregating everything for all 5 of us for at least a year & 1/2or so..

          My oldest is a Marine with combat experience(Iraq) and was a squad leader with survival and armaments required weaponry of course.We hit the range at least once a week for developing offensive and defensive tactical opps..We will stick it out as long as we can should it all come tumbling down..and no one in our immediate out of state families nor our neighbors know a damned thing..


      16. Biggest risk to any of us is someone knowing that we have large stocks of food and water. I never use the term prepper or survivalist. Living in Florida, I never let anyone know I have more than a couple of weeks worth of stuff to get me through the next storm. I keep a few items visible in the garage for others to see and hide everything else. No one around here thinks anything of someone having a few cases of bottled water and extra propane bottles to cook with. If things get really bad, we plan to make it appear that we are just as bad off as everyone else.

      17. We had a similar incident when another couple contacted us about learning how to can and dehydrate food.  We live in a subdivision and can on the back porch. Our neighbor does handyman work and got in a conversation while on a job and told the couple that we can and use a dehydrator.  He gave them our email address.  They claimed to be preppers in the email, but after several phone conversations and requests by them to visit our home it became clear  that there was little interest in preserving food and more interest in what preps we had.  We tried to be polite and arrange a meet and greet for lunch in a neutral location, but they were very pushy and wanted to come to our home and see what we had and how we organized our preps. Initially, this all seemed benign and we were wanting meet other like minded people, but our gut instinct was to sever the relationship as the whole thing seemed forced and desperate. OPSEC blown! Ugh…beware of prepper phishing!

      18. Sometimes I hear folks on here say that someone they are planning to pull in with is “nice” or a “good person”  or a “Christian.”  I really don’t believe that is enough to open yourself up to risk in many cases.  

        Before we moved I had been debating the pros and cons of different places to go if we needed to bug out.  One option was my children’s grandparents. They are lovely people and live in a small, close knit town. I truly adore them.

        As I considered it more, though, I realized their very loveliness could be a death sentence.

        I want to say this tactfully, without offending people.  The family is devoutly Christian, which is wonderful…until you add in the point that they have NO CLUE about the things going on in the world.  This instantly turns their belief system into a life-threatening danger.

        If faced with adversity, they invite the adversaries over to pray together to resolve the issue.  They actually once resolved an issue with a family that their son was having problems with this way. In a  pre-chaos world, sure, whatever floats your boat.  If the adversity was a group of people that wanted our supplies, then we’d all be in big trouble.

        They are strong believers in giving charity.  So am I, but only to a degree.  If the Golden Horde was pounding at my door, I wouldn’t be offering them coffee and a sandwich.  My in-laws, however, are incredibly naive and cannot imagine someone biting the hand that feeds them. They would also tend to give all they could, feeling confident that the Lord will provide them with more.

        I’m the eccentric relative.  They all fondly think I’m a whack job conspiracy nut, so I’m quite certain my analysis about the danger of a particular situation would be politely scoffed at and my opinion disregarded.

        Because of these examples, we will not be joining that side of the family.  I regret that we cannot, but in my assessment, we are safer on our own.

        When you are choosing people with whom you intend to build community, consider their grasp on the life and death reality that may face us.  Integrity is simply not enough.  A generous nature is not enough.  

        The ability to assess and accept the dangers of a situation is a characteristic that, when missing, puts the entire group at risk.

        • Remember the Twilight zone episode, The Shelter…?

          We can probably be assured that everyone whom we tried to ‘convert’, will remember us when they are hungry, scared, or in need…

          Except for my sister and her DGI husband, I will give them some rice and bugs, maybe a little salt and an egg, and show them the FEMA camp is … thataway.


          • Piper ~

            I never really told that part of the family about the things we have amassed, thankfully.

            Even if I had, though, I really don’t think they would make it this far. They are much more likely to wait for God to save them.

            They believe that it shows a lack of faith that God will provide if they are prepared. I think it shows true faith to be prepared because it means that you were warned, and you had enough faith to accept the warning and take action.

            ~ D

            PS:  Classic episode!

            • Even my parents are an issue.  I can’t get them to see the storm coming.  I hear a lot about how we avoid bad things by Rapture (that’s a whole other discussion), or how we just have to trust God.  I am a Christian, and I DO trust God.  I trust that He gave me a brain to use and has given me a burden to make sure I take care of my family for every foreseeable circumstance I can.  

              I have used the analogy of a train before: If I am standing on the tracks, and a train is coming, I can get off the tracks, I can try to flag the train down and stop it, I can even blow up the tracks.  I can also pray that God stops the train before it hits me.  He might, but more than likely I’ll be run over.  I’m sure God’s second question will be, “Why didn’t you get off the tracks?”

              Esse Quam Videri

            • Daisy,


              I ask them if God allowed the Cup to pass over, it didn’t.I ask those people if God saved the Apostles… who just knew He would.I ask if He saved the Jews from the Nazi’s, who just ‘knew’ The Messiah would save them.Or those Christian folks overseas, being tortured and killed.

              Although He always pulls a Remnant out of the fire, we never know who that will be, otherwise, we are told a wise man who sees a storm on the horizon, moves his stock into the barn…

              God Bless my lady.

        • Probably a good thing that they think you are a little wacko. Even in today’s “normal” world, none of us need boat anchors. I’m sure you can hamstring yourself well enough on your own, should you feel the need. And probably badmouth yourself less in the process.

      19.  I’m not a prepper, my interest are in a self sufficient life style, natural foods, learning homestead skills, backyard farming and self reliance. My interest and those of preppers run parallel and diverge when it comes to firearms and the reasoning behind the choice of which ones to own as well as what the future holds. I’m not seeing what many of you see. 

          I’ve known enough people throughout my life that are not what they seem. If I was stocking up for long term survival, I sure as the heck wouldn’t let anyone know what type or how much supplies I have. To the trusted friends, I’d loan out tools, help with projects, teach them anything I know. But by giving up your privacy, you’re giving up the control you have over it.

         I can’t argue with building good relations with your neighbors and having a community or multiple communities to participate in and draw comfort from. You can be like an onion and let certain things exist on each layer and only expose what you want.

        • RIO: Read your post. I have news for you. YOU are a Prepper!  LMAO! 🙂

        • You are a prepper, of the best kind… those who make it a lifestyle not a hobby, like me.

          Survivalist, prepper, homesteader, 3 peas in the same pod.


          • preppin’


            it’s not what you do

            it’s who you are 

        • I think you will get a better feel for people during and AFTER a crisis.

      20. This “Great Phase Transition” has always been about one thing; humans learning to live in harmony with fellow human beings, Spiritually speaking. Americans, as a collective, are presently about as far as humanly possible from that concept, considering their remarkable (constitutional) history.


        Preppers who truly understand this concept, “Get It”. Those are the rare ones. They know it’s not about how many skills, or tools or provisions they have. It’s about tapping into the “Unified Field” and getting support from a Higher Collective/Realm. I’m still vacillating with it; from “ME” to “WE” back to me. I don’t think I’m alone here, but I could be wrong.

        • Lots of luck, you go with the unified field and I’ll go with superior fire power.

          • I will go with superior firepower.

            • How about I approach this illusory concept of “Superior Firepower” from the Unified Field angle. (Once in a great while, not often, but occasionally, I somehow am able to sneak into that realm and somewhat grasp it’s meaning.)


              Those who understand the Unified Field from the level of “experience”, not just “theory”, and I can tell by the thumbs up and thumbs down from my original post, there are those who truly “get it”, i.e. realize that the greatest firepower on the planet is achieved by tapping into THAT which governs the Universe, and, if anyone can tap into THAT, surely they have connected to the most powerful field known to all life forms. Not everybody is capable (case in point those who are “heavily influenced by fear and anxiety”) of consciously becoming “one” with those forces of Nature which rule the universe, but those who can, and do, who fearlessly get beyond this relative, ever changing world, they understand that this Greater Creative Intelligence is capable of intimately “guiding” them through the quagmire of entropy enveloping the planet right now. This ability to navigate the stormy seas gives them the opportunity to take “the path of least resistance”. He or she who is able to avoid direct conflict might be considered one who possesses the Greatest Firepower on the planet. It’s called “Victory before War”. 


              So, take your BB guns and hold off the hoards with your superior firepower. I’ll have my .45, 12 ga and .308 as back up (in case my Ego and small self overshadow my “Higher Sense”), but I choose to align myself with That Unifying Force that can Avoid the Danger before it begins. And, if I make a lot of friends (hopefully so) in the process, that’s icing on the cake. And lastly, a Cohesive Community, through unification, has even greater opportunity for superior firepower, as in “strength in numbers”. 


              A side note:

              In this relative world, there is always someone, or some “institution”, with superior firepower. The technology today is so advanced, so sophisticated that those (presently unseen) inventions will make our personal “superior firepower” look like weapons from prehistoric times. And ultimately, that’s what we are up against. Best to stick with the Unified Field.

              • Huh? New-age jibber-bable say what?

              • European American,

                I am pleasantly surprised by the depth of your post. How very Lao Tzu of you. I think once you are able to stay connected to the Universal Intelligence there is no reason for fear and anxiety. The physical being is not the “real you” anyway, it is merely a vehicle for experience in the physical realm. Good for you, I like your thinking.

            • I would say it is about the skills you have and the ability to unify and operate a group. Supirior fire power? just remember while your wep goes bang others have ones that go BOOM. Sugar Dust is a nice home  item that goes BOOM if you know how 🙂 Attached to a xbow bolt shoot, stick, BOOM. Add  lye aerosol and a nice overhead AoE.   Just a quick IE 🙂

              • so does flour dust, which is a lot easier to kick up than sugar dust…

          • I usually don’t play this card, but in your case, I’ll make an exception because your “name” (and it’s your choice to identify with that term) and comment verify and validate my point. Thank You.


            Paranoia [ˌpærəˈnɔɪ.ə] (adjectiveparanoid [ˈpærə.nɔɪd]) is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. (e.g. “Everyone is out to get me.“) Making false accusations and the general distrust of others also frequently accompany paranoia. For example, an incident most people would view as an accident or coincidence, a paranoid person might believe was intentional.

            • Got a little soft, sore spot? I wished you luck with your way, still do,  On the other hand I’m sure everyone on the Titanic was praying, those with lifeboats lived; those with just prayers didn’t


                You are assuming those on the Titanic  were “all praying”. Highly likely but unless you were there, or know of someone who was and told you so or wrote that that was the case, then it’s conjecture. Likewise, I could say “those who were tapped into the Unified Field might not have been on board. Conjecture on my part. But that’s the kind of Unified Field I am referring to. They either sense that something is “off” before hand and don’t board, or, once on board, and once the situation is fully comprehended (the iceberg has done it’s irreversible damage, they might no react with anxiety or fear. Who knows. Not sure the correlation is you are trying to draw from the Titanic to superior firepower.


                • Exactly EA…

                  The Unified Field, or Theory of Everything, is just that,

                  the spirit and material, as One.

                  Sent you a link to my site, so you can study the Global Consciousness project… which shows the collective consciousness ‘feeling’ the future and everything around you, based on hyper quantum entanglement theory …

                  Piper Michael – Global consciousness project


            • Wow One of the best descriptions I heard yet which fully describes the “Tribe” aka them who believes all others are nazis or soon will be and are hiding behind every tre or rock and is out to get em! OyVey!

              All I could add to “Paranoid” is Skitzo-Paranoids! to better describe said tribe.

          • I’ll go with superior fire power.    Can’t use Draco. Darn.

            • Just make sure you stay behind the glass…


              You get it sir… the Unified Field… the collective consciousness. Let the materialists kill each other off, the spiritual remnant of the meek must conquer all.

              The Unified Field of the Piper

              • Alright Piper Michael.

                 I went to your site and it is way over my head. Quantum Mechanics and I’m looking at nuts and bolts.

                 I will stay behind the glass, but watch closely.

                I’m on deck.   

                Batter Up!   Swing away. P.M.

                • Nah, that’s all in your head, you’re a smart guy, you just didn’t get to the part that makes it all easy… the power in the rocks, where God lives… that’s the oldest ‘mysterious phenomena’ in physics… why do big rocks rise above little rocks…

                  Because God lives in the rocks…

                  End of Mystery.


          • If gov’t agents are involved, superior firepower will be out of the question. Especially in the beginning. Fight smarter, not harder.

        • More touchy-feely nonsense.

      21. You have to be careful who you let lie to you..and who you tell the truth to


        human nature will fuck you in a heart beat, im not being pessimistic..this is whats called reality

        • vrf unfortunatly  that is true and is why it will be a machiavellian world at first. No second chances. You steal from another in the group your gone, you do not pull your wieght your gone, A job for everyone and everyone to their job. Do not fuck with other ppls shit will be the LAW.


          • Ah, machiavellian- now there’s a term I understand. Those who will do anything, including kill, to meet their goals, regardless of the consequences to others. The ‘what;s in it for me’ people.

      22. Loose lips sink ships

      23. Unfortunately, anything I want to keep on the lowdown, I have to tell the wife “keep this to yourself”.  She just loves to gossip with her “girls”.

      24. Historical reenactment as a hobby covers up a wide multitude of prepping activities for us while living in the city.  It’s not political & it doesn’t attract the sort that join the Black Friday mobs yet members of the group have a wide range of skills from blacksmithing to spinning thread by hand that will be valuable come shtf time. It doesn’t hurt to be seen as slightly eccentric in a non-prepping sense by the zombie wannabees & isbetter for your long term health than hanging out with the wannabe rambo types.

        It’s a tricky one.  Oddly those I “prep” with wouldn’t call themselves preppers, just sensible iyswim.

        Easy ways to identify the sensible from the silly amongst your neighbours.    

        1. Can the woman of the house scratch cook?

        2.If you invited the person into your home for a cup of tea – would you feel comfortable leaving your wallet on the table while you went to the toilet, or would you pop it out of sight first? If you wouldn’t invite the person to your home in the first place now, in good times, wtf do you think your gut is trying to tell you.

        3. Does the man of the house work? By this I mean has he taken a McJob since being laid off from that posh white collar role or is he content to take the gubberment dole? This tells you if he’s a potential zombie comes D-day or a man of character that would expect to work for his families provisions come shtf.

        4. Part of being an adult is leaving the school yard desire for one upmanship and gossip behind.   I have an innate mistrust of those who desire to get TOO involved in other people’s business, and never answer questions my mother wouldn’t ask me.  Those ladies at the PTA could be your worst nightmare when it all goes down, same with the self-elected residents association leader types. Keep your distance from the office politics coffee cooler player types now.

        5. Does your dog like them? I honestly believe that if you treat your pets well they WILL warn you of an persons with ill intent by way of repayment.  My normally friendly cat attacked a new postman this summer – only a few days ago I learnt he has a few “issues”. Cat has neverdone anything like it before or since.

        6. Back in the day courting took time for dang good reason – don’t rush dating younglings.

        7. What do they do with their kids? Scouts or computer games? House full  of books or TV on constantly? Does they child say thank you after a playdate or just moan cost you don’t have the latest itoy? I have a kid with ASD yet am constantly shocked at the lack of BASIC social skills some of his so-called “normal” friends have.

        Examples – my sister is currently giving birth tonight in a house at the top of a hill in a flood zone.  (WALES – take a look at the BBC news).   She bought a house at the top of the hill cos it’s a family joke that 30 years after my Grandad did the same his village finally flooded, not cos she thinks she’s a prepper. Thanks to the way she was raised she has water stored even though the mains is cut off and a full pantry.  The almost fully kitted out wee caravan is sitting in a neat mountain side road a a few miles away  just in case the waters keep rising.

        It’s not a full SHTF situation but I’m heading down there next week to help out, (providing the cross country roads are open!)   We are relocating close to where she is  living next year, God willing & I’ll clock how the neighbours behave & report back to her.



      25. I talk about guns with some of the guys at work but not about stocking up on food and things like that. Some of the people that have known me for some time know that I’ve got some “stuff” stocked up and that does concern me. I don’t think that they have anything stored at all, I’ll have to ask, but they’ll probably just roll there eyes! If a large CME takes out the grid I hope my truck runs cause I’ll need it to get out of dodge. I don’t have money but  a few years ago I hit hard times and sort of baled out to a rural area to live in a small cabin, no electric, wood for heat, hand pump well and out house. Still got it! Its a few hundred feet off the road and can’t be seen from it which is good. When TSHTF I plan to be there ( hopefully) and when nonpreppers show up at my city home I’ll be gone. I live on the edge of a smallish city and don’t need to travel any freeways to get to my hidey hole. And hide it will be cause most likely it’ll be just me. I’ll hide the driveway so that most will just go on past. Its difficult to find other preppers that can make anysort of plans together, but awhile after a collapse a totally different situation will develope, if your still around. Its a game of watch and try to figure, WHEN IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN!  I get burnt out sometimes and its like I’ve got two plans, one is the head to the retreat just in time plan,  and the other plan, keep on living sort of like I’m in the matrix even though I’m not. I’ve got to be able to afford the prepps which ain’t easy. OPEC?, hell I wonder about posting here!    

        Have a wonderful day.       Stu   out.

        • the older the vehicle, and the less electronic circuits it has, the better chance it will run. An EMP will kill an electronic ignition, whereas in a contact type ignition all it kills is the battery and radio. My dad was the Guru of machinery and he could make an engine run on a pallet on the floor. The older. pre-electronics age items are more likely to make it through.

          • I have read wide disagreement concerning this. Some say all electronics are toast, some say many will survive. Large scale EMP has never happened, so educated guesses abound.

      26. Would you tell anybody you’ve got the winning POWERBALL ticket before you cashed it in guys and gals ??????

        N O T !!!!!

        • Hell, I wouldn’t say anything AFTER I won!

      27. It’s understandable this would happen.  You built up a camaderie, he was an Oath Keeper, a fellow prepper.

        You thought you could trust him, but now you know he was just a traitor.  Possibly going to rip you off in the coming fall.  Kill you and take eveything you got!  Because he wanted inventory I don’t think he was working alone.  You could even be in danger now.

        Yes, you let your guard down,  but as I said that’s understandable.  BUT, let this be a lesson, there is a verse in the Bible that says man cannot be trusted.  Look, even Jesus was betrayed by a Judas.

        Preppers are going to have to recognize no matter how good they feel about the camaderie there will always be a traitor among you.  KEEP THAT IN MIND!  Most of you are all good people and I can tell by the way you write and I wish I was among you. 

        Deyo, Slavo, I could trust you.

        • He may not be a traitor. His situational awareness may be in full alert. Stan and Holly has a website that leans towards the prepper and exposes the inner workings of corrupt government. She is “On the government radar” and anyone associated with the Deyo’s are at risk of being guilty through association. No good in a communist purge. He may have realize it after receiving the list and is fearful of further exposure.

          • Possible, but I like traitor better.

      28. The grim reality is that we will not be able to stand alone to what is coming. Choose your friends carefully and be willing to help others but remain wise. This is a matter of survival with dignity lest we become vicious animales.  Patriots stand together because the enemy wants to devide us,devide and conquer.

      29. My wife and I began prepping about two years ago and it started with a recession proof small business, building an emergency food storage larder, then self defense capabilities.  We never stopped as it has become a lifestyle.   Today I’m working on a backyard solar power plant for the greenhouse/home evaporative cooling system (Southwest Desert) after we finish putting together the chicken coop for the Barred Rocks.  We moved about 20 miles north of the city furthest north so we have a nice 20 mile fence of water free 5% humidity 100º plus inhospitable scorpion and snake filled desert where you can see 1000 yards plus with the Bushnell Scope separating us from the masses.  Problem is the neighborhood we live in now.  The pot dealer across the street (supposedly legal yet is selling to kids) now thinks I am a nark and gives me the stink-eye for my security camers and the neighbor next to him is his best pot smoking ex-methhead multi-felony friend.  I think the lack of eye-contact when I wave to methhead means that he doesn’t like me either.  Not ideal.  Now they really like me because I put up two more cameras and aimed one at his driveway.  Luckily most the folks in our small community are very old and retired or snowbirds.  As for the year-arounders we are putting up a six-foot chain link security fence around the property (to keep the dogs in) that is barbed wire ready.  Neighbors that we could count on would be awesome, but at this point I’d just take ONE I could get along with.  Be it as it is the best case scenario is that the power goes out and water stops flowing from the taps.  I’d be surprise if one of them has any water put away and none of them know about the thousand gallons in my backyard.  I give the majority of them about three or four days without power in the desert heat with no water and the resourceful ones about a month living off of water heaters and toilets.  I hope that the stink covers up my wife’s cooking.   

        You think collapse where you are at will be rough for the zombies in regards to starvation and disease try being in a scorching desert with no water. 


      30. If anyone needs a refresher course in human nature under extreme duress , Go to youtube and watch “the shelter”. Humanity will flee from the kindest of folks if they think they will soon be deprived of their precious “life”

        • You may want to post the link.

          • Might as well just search for “Walmart” and “Black Friday”. Those vids will tell you everything you need to know about the zombie populace and their nature.

      31. Greetings Everyone!

        Just three out of dozen of USAF left “Trails” yesterday…..

        Back to topic,I was thoroughly “schooled” last year about not talking to folks about prepping unless I truly knew them VERY well.To top it off,these were sheep of the “Christian” variety.After getting a “whiff ” of my feelings that good people need to “set something aside”  they nearly had a conniption .The carefully(not carefully enough it turned out)  chosen few I talked to began to question the “quality” of my faith in God and Jesus,and a few weeks later had a congregation-wide  “discussion” about those who didn’t have absolute blind faith that Jesus would take care of them no matter what(I.E. small bug-out bugs good,long-term supplies NOT).As the saying goes:Fool me once,shame on you.Fool me twice,shame on me!”.At least I didn’t “spill the beans” on what I had OR how much.My neighbors and I watch out for each others houses when away and that’s as far as it goes.”Times hard to deal with” as the Scripture says.Just might be a very small number that will make it…..Hope Ya’ll here do.

        Best to All


        • GFG

          those same people will die befor going to the doctor that God provided,,kinda like sometimes we cant see the forest for the trees,,,i have family like this,,,


      32. I’ve told almost all my neighbors to get ready for the “big one” Two have really ran with it, and I mean they went whole. The rest won’t be any threat as they are “professional ” types who are terrified of a violent confrontation. It will be fun to watch as they dance to my fiddle.

      33. I’m recently seperated from my wife and family and on my own now.  She did not subscribe to prepping as I did nor did she see any reason to store up supplies.  I moved to a smaller community several miles out of town in a duplex and have been discussing preps and actions to very few others that are within 10 miles or so away.  We seem to be on the same page.  Others in town that are probably too far away from me know some details but do not know all that I have or strive for.  I am hopeful my wife and kids will head my way if TSHTF but only God knows.  I think keeping it tight lipped is always best and only share with those that share the same beliefs and have skin in the game.  I would want my prep friends to get to my stash and possibly help my family if I were taken out in some way.  It would increase their chances to survive longer or to assist others they deem worthy.

        • Sorry to hear about the separation.  That could be as bad as losing a sibling or parent.  Just stay clear of her and don’t get yourself involved with law enforcement and minimize courts to civil not criminal.  I don’t think it’s uncommon for women to lose it when their man begins to awake from the American Zombie Slumber.  Give her a good few months and maybe she will come around, but in the meantime go out and get some strange.  As bad as you want to DO NOT talk to ANYONE about your preps.  Your wife will be telling enough men about them.

      34. I am very blessed in that:

        1)  DH and I were obviously ‘preppers’ and didn’t even know it; just had to get a lot more organized. 

        2)  Despite being ‘preppers’ I only had to fine-tune my innate tendencies to conform to ‘normal’ middle-class mentality – not a far leap for me.

        3)  I found reliable sites, specifically SHTFplan that leaned to the side of caution and ‘grew me up well’ – serious hat-tip to Mac, et al.

        4) I live in a semi-rural area of Texas (‘nuf said) that everyone is born semi-preppers; even if they don’t know the term or watch TV.

        5)  The 5 significant folks I work with are definitely ‘preppers’.  Do I know this for a fact – nah.  Do they know I am a self sufficient type – nah.  It’s a ‘nod’ thing.  Sort of a ‘got-it’ without saying a thing.  In that  – we have a trust because WHO on the Green Planet of Earth would talk that ‘crazy’ talk out loud 😉

        Example of our blessings:  My neighbor A/C co. owner guy came down to replace our controller… then spent 5 1/2 hours maintenance/repair on the system, charge 2 hrs and DH made him take pay at least for 3.  Turn-about-fair-play.  He has some cracked, old windows that need replacing that need frame work – DH has been meaning get on his schedule (DH is a carpenter).  It all works out with a hay-seed in mouth and barter town in my little community works just fine. 

        Moral:  You don’t have to be up-close and personal.  Trust / common ground might go a long way but it takes a long time… well, at least in a community of Texans who trace their roots back several generations.  I am sad for folks that have to integrate into new surroundings – I would surely die of paranoia.

        • Wee ~  You’re not kidding – integrating is HARD.  

          I moved here from the city and the first week I was here, I got out of my truck and locked the door.  An old fellow on the sidewalk looked at me and said, “You’re not from around here, are ya?”

          Everyone around here trusts everyone else, no one locks their doors and everyone is very open.  Sometimes I think I must look like I’m in the witness protection program or am a criminal on the lam!

          ~ D

      35. Exercise caution with tradesmen like electricians etc. who come to your place to do jobs you can’t do yourself — don’t leave those stacked five gallon pails filled with preps where they can be seen.

        Cover that gun safe with a tarp, boxes, or something else if any non-vetted person has to come into your bug out location/homestead.

        Avoid receiving too many catalogs from prepper-oriented businesses and firearms dealers that will get noticed by the local postal employees who sort your mail.

        If you’re planning to take in family during a SATF, tell one or two adults, but tell ANY young kids NOTHING — they will be told what to do by their parents when the time comes, and cannot blab or brag about your preps to their classmate whose obese sports-watching daddy is a janitor for DHS.

        In keeping with the above principle of OPSEC within the group, tell a sibling but NOT their spouse if you don’t think the marriage is going to last. This requires, obviously, some powers of observation and a degree of psychological insight.

        Don’t plink or target shoot too much on your own homestead or retreat property — go somewhere else. The sound of gunfire carries and communicates to anyone within earshot that firearms are present (which will be a definite boon to thieves on that one day you’re NOT present). Also, if you MUST shoot at home, pick up all those pesky shell casings when you’re done, so they are not laying around your place like a trail of breadcrumbs.

        Finally, keep your cards close to your vest and don’t let casual acquaintances or non-vetted neighbors know what you really think about impending societal collapse, its CAUSES, the CULPRITS and the consequences that will arise from same. Except for a very trusted handful of true FRIENDS — slowly vetted by us over a period of year, as they in turn vetted us — the folks in my town think I’m a fervent George W. Bush/Mittens Romney supporter who likes to keep warm during the winter by shouting “USA! USA! USA!” and who worships all forms of authority and official ideology (those on this site know differently for sure). The cultivation of a faceless veneer of Amerikan coventionality and stupidity is one of the best forms of protective coloration available.

        Caveat: I live in a location in a state to which I am NOT native (my own birthplace is now a multikulti hellhole in NYC from which the indigenous population / community has been scattered to the four winds). Here, the neighbors cannot see one another’s dwellings, so the above recommendations obviously do not and cannot apply to all situations.

        • Ahab ~

          What you described is the very hardest part for me.

          Ahab said “The folks in my town think I’m a fervent George W. Bush/Mittens Romney supporter who likes to keep warm during the winter by shouting “USA! USA! USA!” and who worships all forms of authority and official ideology.”

          I can manage quite easily to keep to myself most of the time, which rules out a lot of privacy issues – but I can’t really “blend in” like you’re describing.  You are an incredibly smart person – how on earth do you manage to “dumb it down” to that extent?

          ~ D

          • @ Daisy —

            It’s easier for the intelligent to act like cattle than it is for cattle to act intelligent. That said, our (my wife and I that is) interaction with that type is kept deliberately VERY brief, so we don’t have to sustain the charade for very long at any one time.

            Another thing that has stuck with me was something I learned when I spent some time behind the Iron Curtain in the 1980’s (in Poland and that wonderful “playground,” East Germany): Everybody had a “public” face and a “private” face. The former was generally very bland, deadpan and compliant with the regime’s party line, while the latter was unrestrained and free, and reserved only for family and those who were PROVEN, real friends. Russians I knew at the time told me it was that way in the “Soviet Paradise” too.

            Here’s one example: I knew two Polish policemen (from the “Milicja,” the national civil police) who had a bust of Lenin in their office “in a place of honor,” and after they got to know me a bit they showed me how the head came neatly off the shoulders — and what a good kick-ball Lenin’s cranium made during that boring “down time” on quiet days. This is something I’ll never forget.

            The parallels between the Amerika of Bush, Chertoff, Lieberman, Obama and Joltin’ Jack Napolitano on the one hand, and the Soviet satellite countries on the other, are definitely getting more noticeable. One difference is that, unlike those countries pre-1989, we ALSO have rampant criminal anarchy and a large population of primitives to deal with — in ADDITION to a repressive regime.

            • Ahab You are one of my heros! besides being Truly wide awakened to the True threat we face, TYKW’s,  Your comment to describe “Joltin Joe Napytono!”…..Was too, too funny! She is one of my favorites to despise immensly.

              • Typo=Joe should read Jack… Joltin Jack Napytono….

            • Wifey grew up in the officially atheist USSR. She knew nobody who was not christened by a priest when they were a baby. The same seemed to hold true for most of the communist party members. Public face/private face. Most people seem to have went along with the party line because that’s how you got better apartments, food, etc.

        • Ahab, you are right on target. 

          I hope it wasn’t interpreted that I was advocating letting folks wander about anyone’s piece of the map.  The A/C guy I spoke of is one we have known for a lifetime.  I ‘trust’ none other than my husband.  I guess it’s difficult for me to be mindfully that not everyone (most) don’t have a life-long (or several) relationship with their community.  Do I really know my A/C guy – nah.  Do I know the cut of cloth he is from – YES.  Do I hold all peeps at an arms length – with no doubt.  But, where does anyone take the notion that folks can’t survive ‘IT’ alone and determining who / what  will determine the different outcome.

          This is the dilemma of all folk for all time; not just the here and now.  A discussion otherwise become a matter of perspective. 

          Again, thanks – it takes many to shine lights on a single thought and give a pause in case a new person went a weeble / woobling off with poor information.

      36. It works like this, or at least it does for an outspoken guy like me, mixed with a little hacker social engineering: “Yeah, I have a few cans of food put back. No, really just a few. (As my inner soul chuckles – Hehe. Yeah, just a few *LESS* than the GROCERY STORE!)  I’m not one of those crazy preppers like they show on the Discover channel. Are you one of those? Oh, you have stuff put back too. Hmm, well, I guess a few extra cans never hurt anybody.”

        …and develop the conversation from there. You can work the conversation around and get them to reveal more information than you can ever imagine.

        I’ve often taken to just dropping it out all at once: “Oh, you’re not one of those crazy preppers are you?”

        If they’re of a prepper of of that mindset the answer will be along the lines of: “Well, we’ve got a few things put back but not enough to qualify as crazy.”

        If they’re NOT of a prepper mindset, the answer will be along the lines of: “Oh, my no! Oh, those people are just nuts.”

        You can then know where you stand. You see, a normal person would never think a prepper would self deprecate themselves and call preppers “crazy preppers”.  Bur, admit it: we’re all crazy until that moment that its needed, then we’re geniuses.

        I’ve been told over and over again that I’m crazy for carrying a firearm where its illegal. Imagine if I had been in the Aurora theatre how things would have turned out differently. For now, I’m crazy. Maybe someday I’ll be a Godsend.

        …so may you, my fellow preppers. Just keep it all rotated.

        • In real life, I am loud, boisterous, flamboyant and known as “marching to the beat of my own drummer”. Wanna know what’s REALLY great about being a bigmouth? No one thinks you can keep any secrets, therefore you can’t possibly have any. 

          They never even look 🙂

        • NETRANGER

          brother that makes two of us,,,i carry every where,,most of the time more than one,,,


      37. BTW.. thank you, Holly.  I’m quite the fan of the site you & Dan provide.  One of my 1st stops in the w.w.w travels.  You guys are a treasure, but I bet you have a little inklin’ of that.

        ~..~ wee wishes for you & yours.

      38. What the hell kind of article leaves you with the thought of a missing puppy? Couldn’t they find a better example? Weird story, weird people writing it, leaves me kind of creepy feeling. I will trust my Family and close friends only, after all when it comes right down to it who else would you die for?

        • LIVE FREE— the article was BULLSHIT… the start out saying they are newbies to the neighborhood, and no one caugh how they are all freindly with ALL the nighbors… but they just moved in. Yeah, ok. BUUUUULLLLLLLSHIT.

          Go back and re read.

      39. Speaking of who we sleep with..this government that we are not stopping is taking lifes without due process or any human rights at all

        Deaths by drone strike:2004-2008: 5442008-2012: 2,681And the latter were ordered by a Nobel Peace Prize winner! kinda ironic eh?

        like I said before, the train is off its tracks already.

        • oh, forgot to add….

          Coming to a neighborhood near you..!

          dont we already have something like 2030 of these in the air over us right now?

          WTF im at a loss for words over the lack of “give a shit” in todays people of this country..2 eyes but fail see, total disconnect from reality.

      40. As a side note to this discussion, always be aware of what you are throwing out in the trash. If you break down the boxes your stores came in, don’t just lay them out for the trash man. This will tell more about what you are doing than anything else you can do. I walk around my neighborhood and am astonished at what people do, especially around the holidays. I walked by a guys house the other night and here is the box from a new 50 inch flat screen laying in his front yard. I told him that he had just told every thief in the area what he had just bought, but I don’t think it really registered.

        • Those idiots WANT their neighbors to know about it. Their way of bragging.

      41. Daisy, what you said in #888008 is all too true, unfortunately.    I’ve always been an eccentric in my family; the odd man out, so to speak.    All these nonpreppers who supposedkly have some character now will totally change immediately after TSHTF.    nobody will ever be the same again and life as we know it now will totally change.   i expect the ones who will be the most dangerous will be people with substance abuse issues and, you can laugh at this one if you want to, also obese people.    i sincerely hope I’m at home when it hits; if not, I may have to fight my way home and anyone who tries to stop me will definitely have their day ruined.  Same goes for anyone coming to my place to try to take anything.   i will try to lay low all i can, but still, something can always happen.   braveheart

        • Amen,

          and the copying machine repairman becomes The General.


        • It would perhaps be good if a few very smart type folks here could devise a swell method for other folks here who reside too close to citys etc, to arange ahead of time to come to where we who are already set up in Rural areas could use some xtra firepower help etc.

          Even maybe some folks who needs to can join us who has some acres they can set up tents or build small cabin on. I bet many here reside not too far away from many others more rural here. Seems like folks here span most of the lower 48 states both city and rural types.

          One good simple system to get with each group in your state as a bugout location could be good for both.

          As for being black sheeps of family or friends I think its a good omen. The Lord says only those who come to Hate the world and Things of the world will be His followers. Then He adds to it and says only those who Hate even their Own Parents, will be able to stay His.

          It don’t mean actual Hatred, rather it means Hate their stupid ways and lack of discernment due to being too much lovers of this world and its material stuf etc.

          I got used to being an ecentric black sheep outcast from friends and family Long ago. And is suits me swell…..I like to be more of a hermit type.

          It took me 40+ yrs to understand what the Lord meant by those statements. At first it never made sense as compared to how most other stuf says Love neighbors and etc….But I know it now and it makes Perfect sense.

          Hate what they do or stand(or do Not stand for if should!) for…..Someday every single one that I tried to awaken the last 40 yrs will Know. Maybe far too late?….But They will know I was correct and the Only smart one amoung em all!

          I no longer get invited for holidays! Thats good too! Cause I Hated going there!……Drive 3 hrs each way for what?……It takes a full Ten minits to chat on how does my truck run?…..How much snow does it get up north?

          Ok now what?….Eat fast, complain of being so tired and so long a drive back home so……See ya later, Thanks for dinner all!

          6hrs round trip is way too much and I for one am so glad they finally stopped inviting me at all!

          For some reason they always said they felt obligated to invite me as I am “family”!……Yeah so Family they All think I am goofy for practicing Critical logical thinking.

          Black Sheeps is Good sheeps!………So is Eccentrics!

      42. not aprepper yet  but to learn from all of you.

        • A couple extra cans of this and that everytime you go grocery shopping, and viola, you’re… a prepper.

          After that its Prepper Lore, I recommend ‘Beyond Collapse’ by our own Odd Questioner… a previous article here on SHTFplan.

          My best advice to all new preppers, that are not vets, or have an interest in becoming extremely proficient in combat arms… learn to hide you and your stuff. Onsite if necessary, pull out some floorboards, and fix up a place in crawl spaces, in walls, seldom searched by roving bands of idiots. I have a room that ‘appears’ as about half the space it actually is, that is accessed by moving a coat, a nail, and sliding a shelf, it used to be just dead space between closets… I removed an internal wall, and dry walled over a walk in closet. A lot of houses have dead areas that can be utilized with a little creativity and a sneaky spirit… 😉




          • thanks piper michael never thought of that. other girls on this site seem very experienced about prepping.daisey . tina and laura thays good to know.


      43. i live between families who almost nightly fight about money or the lack there of. can’t pay for this, stop buying that blah blah blah. 

        they are both young couples with young kids. 

        i don’t even bother to bring up “prepping” or anything of the sort. these people are most likely the majority of the type of people who live in this area.  i just wish when shit does hit the fan, they come to the conclusion that nobody around here has anything to offer and just go off somewhere else and starve to death on the way there. 

        it sounds crass but at the end of the day, we live way under our means while the neighbors buy shit they can’t afford. black friday came and went and i couldn’t even count the empty cardboard boxes in front of homes for their brand new tvs. we kept quiet and bought more food to store and ammo. 

        it’s a tough position to be in when you want to leave but can’t afford to do so. it’s a helpless feeling thinking about after shooting a few people on your doorstep, someone get’s the idea and just sets our home on fire. 

        • @ap … buy yourself 2 tents (3 man stand alone – one slightly smaller than the other so it fits in the bigger tent ) and 3 camo tarps with silver side . a hurricane stove . 5 wool blankets , 0 degree sleeping bag , then find 3 nice retreat locations on a wind sheltered tree’d low hill/ rise in the woods 10 20 30 miles from your home near water and fire wood with natural fortifications .  buy a good long handled steel shovel good for wackin Nosy Grizz’s  ;0P .

          * your situation sounds similar to mine . you best prepare to “bug out” to remote locations . 

          Beware da’ Bears ! ;0)

          ~N.O. ;0P

          • also remember evergreen trees make good temp shelters or a debris hut for longer term use, why have your ass hanging out, natural shelter that gets no unwanted attention ( besides from animals 🙂 also the tree itself will help with dispersing smoke from small fires. ( fire hole works well in debris huts 🙂

      44. My folks know I store food and can, hell I learned it from them. They know I’ve planted fruit trees, berry bushes, tend a large garden, and fill the freezers each fall with venison, rabbits, squirrels, muskrat, ducks and geese. My sister knows as well but the folks and sis are 13 hours away so I can’t help them. I don’t talk anymore about it since my sister told me that what I was doing didn’t interest her. I don’t talk to the neighbors about it but we are cordial with one another. The neighbors pretty much keep to themselves. We do keep an eye out on each others properties for strangers and hang-abouts and we call upon each other when something appears out of kilter. My wife and my son  will be my back up and I have no qualmes that they’ll do right if need be. We did, about a year ago, have a Shelf Reliance party here at the house for some of my wife’s coworkers who came (about a dozen people). It was nice to talk with some like minded people at the gathering and everyone enjoyed it. But all in all I don’t talk to anyone nor show them what I’m doing.When it all sweeps down on us then we’ll get a better assessment. Until then I’ll keep on with what I’m doing.

      45. @Live Free or Die,

        I believed that I could trust family… once.

        My nephew, got ‘the prepping bug’, and asked me to teach him how to shoot…

        He bought an AKM that I was just barely able to zero at 25 yds. What a piece of crap.

        Anyway, time goes on, he wanted to store some silver coins in my safe… since ‘I’ was being ‘trusted’… no problem.. right? Then more time went on, and one day he starts bad mouthing Christ, really vile stuff. I was … flabbergasted and told him to please not do that in my house.

        I immediately became the Enemy. He decided he was moving to Colorado… and went to get his silver, no problem, I was kinda mad at him and didn’t want to see him or talk to him, not thinking… Its always the short lapses in thinking that get you…

        Yeah, he got his silver, plus a gold coin… of mine.

        Nowadays, OPSEC is OPSEC, and it applies to EVERYBODY.

        Even if forming a community, I have left some expired cans and dried beans and rice that got bugs in it, put up long ago, before I knew how to store it properly… this will be given out to the desperate, with claim that if its good enough for me its good enough for you, besides, bugs are protein… 😉

        So my recommendation to those who espouse throwing out old stuff… nah, separate it into the ‘gib mes’ area. My family comes first, charity demands I do something, but this way, OPSEC is enhanced not compromised.

        (btw, the gibs me area is the open rack pantry area… easily seen as a ‘pathetic’ prep area and nobody gets to see my back room, barn.)



      46. The real equation here is just how many people are going to be left whether you will even need to be in some community setting or not.  Competetion is the true problem here, as the higher the percentage of those around that make it, the less of available goods that will be left and the more struggle and desperateness there will be to obtain them.  If you have for example an EMP, the survival rate will be close to 95% as the only fatalities at first will be those elderly and others that are on life support.  Later that total will drop as those with medical needs that are not able to get their life sustaining medication will die.  During this time people will fight and take what is left, which won’t be much.

        Now if you have a catastrophic event such as a air borne super virus that kills Ebola or Marburg level of 75-90%+, then you will have a population left that looks more like Mad Max type world without the violence.  For the first few years there will be plenty to go around and no need to fight over what is left.  This was the case after the Black Death in Europe, people lived well on the dead’s possessions for at least a couple of generations after the die off was complete.

        There are so many different scenarioes in which the population could be almost nothing to almost no difference to the present day.  As cold as this sounds, for the survivalist/prepper the best case is a population decimated, and the worst is a population that remains and fights to the death for the remaining resources.

        I cannot emphanise more to one word that everyone must consider when letting someone into your world, your plans, your survival; TRUST.  As much training as each one of a survivalist/prepper to survive everything from a nuclear war to a supervolcano to a total economic collapse to something beyond the words of horror, it only takes one person that can backstab you that you let into your backyard of your survival group. 

        I think one aspect of training for survival should be the mastering of human behaviour, what to look for in a liar and someone that will turn on you.  People can call such an individual paranoid, but that I use the word caution.  Many times someone can bullsh^& there way into a person’s life by telling them exactly what they want to hear to get what they want out of the person.  Being cynical can save your life.  The second you let that person that is not trustworthy into your world, you open a door to your soft belly where you will have to fight off a threat where you are most vulnerable.  You have a far better chance of survival alone than letting the wrong person in. 

        • EA,

          I call this the Spiritual Evolution, same difference, people feel it… like a great weight on your brain. This is the dark energy compression of the Galactic rift, the Earth and Sun and mind feel it.

          I have a link to the Global Consciousness project at my site, the Unified Field of spirit and material mind that feels the future, proven in physics and measurement at Princeton.

          Piper Michael – Global Consciousness project

          • Sorry BI,

            beginning to wonder about the new comment section having some weirdnesses, this was supposed to go way up top.

      47. The Fed will befriend you, comfort you, talk to you,become your best friend…………then they will betray you, steal from you and kill you.

        enough said!

      48. @ Burt the Brit.  First of all I hope all is well with you.  Next I saw a question about the Canary Islands and all of a sudden I remembered a study done during the Cold War from the Soviets on causing a mega tsunami against “the enemy” using the ice shelfs in the Antarctica or Greenland.  It was thought that the collapse of a massive chunk of ice, larger than the La Palma volcanic area, that a giant tsunami could be aimed at the U.S. or other allies. 

        This idea was scraped because it was determined it would not work.  Why?  Because it happens all the time with areas of ice that collapse into the sea and there is no mega tsunami, no rouge wave, nothing much of anything.  No soliton wave riding unimpeded, nothing.  The wave dispersed in the open ocean.  We are talking about massive pieces of ice that all the time fall into the ocean the size of small states, WAY bigger than 120 cubic miles the worst case scenario of the Canary Islands.  Landslides of solid thousands of year old ice, much more mass, do nothing.  With warmer temperature chunks of ice, huge amounts of ice collapse hundreds of feet, sometime thusands of feet into the Atlantic Ocean, NOTHING, no mega tsunami anywhere.

        True scientists of the militaries of the world know what will work and what won’t.  Much research was done on both sides of the cold war to determine what could be done to harm the enemy as much as possible.  It was determined that collapse of a landslide of material into the ocean would not cause anything but a localized disaster.   I all of a sudden remembered this and immediately connected to the Canary Islands MYTH.  Ice, tremendous amounts that fall all the time into the ocean.  Someone might come up with that ice floats and would not have the same effect as a landslide of volcanic material into the ocean, but icebergs are actually 90% below the water anyway.

        Another study is the impact of asteroids, that are moving far faster than any collapse of land into the ocean.  It would take for example an asteroid moving at a common speed of 17 km per second and the size of a small moon to create a 160 foot tall tsunami at 3500 miles away.   Also in the past there have been huge volcanic masses that have collapsed into the sea and no meg tsunami.  Krakatau in 1883 created a local tsunami, but no mega wide Pacific tsunami. 

        Ice is less dense than volcanic porous rock, but not much.  The mass of these falls are far more than anything in the Canary Islands, and no tsunami is generated from this.  The Canary Islands is a dramatic scenario as the math is tweaked around to try to create a mega disaster that just won’t happen.  Why am I so concerned about this is because I hate false information given to people that are concerned about survival.  People need to be prepared for TRUE dangers, not some fairy tale. 

      49. Do you have kids?  Just a thought, but are they trained to not mention any of your family preparations/ideas? 

        Facebook, twitter, etc is an obsession with teens these days and the casual mention that “my dad has lots of guns too” or “we have a lot of food in the basement too” may pop up on the internet all over the world in reply to another friend’s simple indiscretion.  After all, most teens want to be part of the group and desired and will try to ‘fit in’ whenever possible.

        They may actually be asked by nosy neighbors or teacher at school.  What will they say?

      50. Evening Solar Report,

             Solar activity was moderate-low at an average observed X-Flux  of C-1.1 over the last several hours. Less than 15 minutes prior to the posting of this evenings installment a solar flare  at thre C-6.9 level was observed which peaked at 02:15 UTC. Given the delay in obtaining the EUVI SAM (AIA 195) imaging – roughly 25 minutes on average – same is not yet available such that an accurate determination of the origin of the flare may be certified.

            It is likely that the source of the aforementioned flare was NOAA 11620 inasmuch as 11618 has decayed significantly during the last 24 hours.

            Activity through the day was limited to a multiple of low-grade C-class excursions which were wholly un-notable. This evening’s Penticton Soalr Flux measurement was recorded to be at 119.5 pfu. This value is approximately 20 points lower than the most recent peak vlaue occurring roughly 3 days ago.

            No other regions of interest have emerged onto the face of the solar disk though a new small region is expected to appear on the northeast limb at some point in the next 12 hours.

            The terrestrial magnetic filed has been quiet, not exceeding a k-value of more than 2 since the time of the last report.

            No new GRB’s have been recorded as occurring through the period.

        • @ JustOneGuy.  I have been watching AR1620 and even if it contunes to flare up it will soon no longer be Earth Directed with any CME.  What do you think of  1621, any potential there?  It seems like it is in the building stage like a common thunderstorm here on the planet.  1621 would be Earth directed within about 2 days up until about 6 days.  Do you think it has enough for an X class, or just a M class? 

          • Hi BI,

                Just posted a small ‘Head’s-up’ over in Mac’s latest forum…beleive it or not, we’ve just had a M-class blow out of ol’ 11618 this morning just as it transitted off the visible face….Whod’a thunk it? 11620 remains as the most concerning spot openly visible at this time: It has been growing steadily since it surfaced on the sun some 3 days ago and in NOAA’s latest, daily re-evaluations it has been reassigned status as ‘BGD’, that is ‘Beta-Gamma-Delta’, the most sigificant type of sun spot within that particular classification schema….there are others which I won’t go into here. In any event, we have 11620 on the visible solar face for a few more days before it rotates off….and it IS growing rapidly….

                  11621’s classification is still relatively minor in the greater scheme of things as yet…meaning given it’s current charactersitics we don’t expect a lot of excess activity there… I think  – last I looked – that same was kust at the simple “B” level thus far.

                How’s seismic of late? I haven’t been as near to things as usual, a medical emergency yesterday for my neice had us all scrambling to get her to a hospital, then later to a more advanced hospital …YESTERDAY was a ‘bit’ rough to say the least. I’ll be in and out through the day today…I’ll defrinitely be home in time to get the ‘Evening Solar Report’ out though. Talk to ya later Friend. 🙂

      51. Family rents about 60 apartments, all I can say is no problem with those folks as long as Dominos Delivers, but that’s all.

      52. I changed my entire life. I no longer drink imported scotch and my Captain sails Mya out of the slip without starting up the iron anchor. I’m doing my part and the driver checks the air pressure daily on the tires.

        • Sundays only…..

          • Waiting on you Okie.

      53. THINKING:  I learned so much about prepping.  Doing amazing.  BUT:  Soul searching I realize I’m not going to make it.  Gave this serious thought.  I will never send anyone away. Yes, even the decoy of a starving mom and child(ren). Three months and maybe I’ll change my mind but I see all as equals. How does one ever go from head to heart?  

        I had a child who was being bullied in school because she was an all A student, very pretty and ate mostly organic foods.  This was misunderstood by others her age.  My not so sage words to her were:  Nobody is better than you, but nobody is less than you.  

        I still stick by these words.  Who is better than I?  Who is worse than I?  I think my hard earned preps are to be shared whenever possible.  

        Don’t thumbs down me,  just inform me and help me grasp the possible reality.


        • @ Tishie

                    Soul searching is a good thing, for you get to know who you really are. Life is full of risks and that is what you  take when helping others. Consider they will be back with others for handouts. Hard part about it is, sooner or later you are going to have to square with the Big Guy upstairs for your actions. More to soul searching than just saying the words.

          Keep prepping. You are on a learning curve.

          • Hi slingshot, also tishie,

                Yup, much like the carpenter’s old adage, “Measure twice, cut ONCE.” That’s where I got the notion of, “Think, think, think…then act.” All of us ‘stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us…” that a truth, near onto truth with a captal “T”.

                On a previosu note – at slingshot here – I’ve been dwelling on the whole roll of stuff you and I were bantering back and forth a few days ago. I THINK there’s a way to make some progress – in small – along those lines of thought…I’ve set back a couple of days and begun to ‘formulate’ a few things in that genre. If that’s of interest to you give me a holler’ in Mac’s latest forum and we’ll see what we can ‘whoop-up’. Y’All have a good one…Gee I LUV the ‘Thinkin’ that goes on in this PLACE!!! 🙂

        • Sorry but sounds as if you fell for the liberal mantra of we are all equal except for different skin colors. Sounds swell…..But consider what Christ Himself told folks…..”Think NOT that I came to save the world(people)…..But Rather think That I came as if bearing a Huge Sword, with which to Divide the world(peoples) into TWO halves…..The Sheeps and the Goats(goats=Evil/bad).

          It don’t sound like he thinks everyone is “equal” eh…..Perhaps if you read some scriptures you will see what I mean.

          One says If a man dont work and provide for His Own, feed him NOT!

          Thats not meaning too old to work or the infirm/disabled etc….But if able bodied?…..Yep thats who He means must work or starve!

          And also The Christian groups were told to ONCE try to awaken them lazy types…..If that don’t work?…..Go get Two elders. xplain what the trouble is(lazy refuse to provide for self and family)……Then let the two elders again try xplain it……IF That also fails to awken the idiots?

          Then you are to Toss em Out of the entire comunity!…..And Not allow em back in untill they Seen the Light so to speak!

          Sounds harsh no?….Yes it is…..But tough love is also what its called.

          If you act like TV pastors who say they will pass out cards that say “jesus Loves ya and so does We!!”……While passing out food paks(as You said will do), what do you think will occure when a few UNequal(as in Evil types) decids to Take it all?…..Think them evil types wont rape and kill you too?

          Sorry but the liberal fuzzy feel good stuf aint good reality. And Nothing in the universe is truly “equal”…..Not even two snowflakes or rain drops. Every person and everything has its Own dna or properties even if only slightly different.

          Any here who resided near or amoung ghetto areas types?…..They Know exactly what I am saying. If you aint lived as such?……You need re-think things better is my opinion.  If you are reading at This website, and yes you obviously are, you Really Don’t want to survive only 3 months right!

          But if you follow thru with help all who needs it etc?….You may not last 3hrs!

          Understand theres alot of wicked truly Evil persons in america and all locations. And most can Hide it very well to get close enough to rape or whack you…..Not good eh….It really IS ok to say NO! go elswheres sorry!

          I think alot of todays folks, especially the christian types who attend a church like TV pastor Joel Osteen, largest mega church nationwide, has 60,000 membership weekly!  Will end up in the Goats section…

          But if you listen to Pastor joels weepy, wishy, washy, feelgood about self, get big self esteem at his church sermons crowd……Then take a real good look at the members faces and actions etc…..I bet not one will survive much of anything real!

          Today its either liberal dems, or pastors preaching all equality stuf non stop. And just an hour prior to shtf occures…..You all will get raptured out!

          Or, you don’t need anything cause God or Jesus will provide etc….BS!

          Being Here Reading this stuf IS Gods way to Provide ahead of time for You!

          Wait till mega pastors flock of 60,000 Thats Thousands! Fails to be raptured out! and God or Jesus don’t dump a huge shopping cart of foods stuffs on their poarches!

          Cant wait to see Pastor Joel and wifey fend off that crowd of Pissed off members once they realize colectivly how bad pastor joel Ripped em all off big time and the Only one worth Mega Millions, Tens of mega millions($200 MIllion per yr plus 50 mil books sold!) while his 60,000 sheep flock gets very hungry, and so so tired of roll eyes back in sockets while reaching both hands high to sky(to assist the Lord to repture them! So its eaiser for Lord to reach their hands to lift em away!)…

          That should be some dandy awakening eh!…..Wont like to be Joel and wifey then eh!  “Pastor Joel! We want Refunds of All the Hundreds of Millions of$$$$ we gave you thinking you really was “Anointed”!!!

          ps for them who do not know it….Pastor joel Osteen americasn mega church guy largest flock in usa admited on Larry King Live CNN TV, that hes Never been a real pastor! Rather hes really a trained degreed Phycology grad!

          We will be faced with way too many phony christians in name only I think when shtf, and they may be far more a dangerous mob than bangers tpyes then.  No weapons-No food-No brains!- spent decades in mega churches with Fake preachers aka Wolves in sheeps clothings…Very Greedy wolves too!

          What will they do to survive?…..MOOCH, BEG, then get down right Violent due to no pre concieved plans besides 100% Faith and Trust(Blind Trust) in Fake greedy pastors all over todays america!…..Not good eh.

          Perhaps most will remain at pastor joels crib when they Burn it down to stay warm on cool nites!…..Because I bet Joel wont return all that Loot!

          • I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

            Proverbs 6:6-8 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.

            II Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

            Amen, brother Angelo; nice post.

      54. Hello to fellow PDX preppers deano and OQ.  I’m glad to see there are two other crazy people in the area who see what is coming – I sometimes feel I’m the only one.  I, too, am in the burbs – way south and out in the country so I feel like I have an added layer of safety between myself and what goes on in Portland.  LOL – they’ll never find me out here in these hills.  I have no close neighbors, but the few that are around will be totally worthless when “it” happens so I figure I’m on my own.  Obama stickers on their cars – sheesh – I don’t even mention prepping to them. So it’s just me and my little dog.  I have been prepping for a couple years so I feel I’m in fairly good shape as far as having what I will need to survive until I can grow/harvest a garden and raise a few chickens.  I’m not looking forward to doing this, but believe I can live a no-frills life if it becomes necessary.


        I had a surprise mini test in December 2008.  I was snowed – or I should say iced – in for ten days, four of them without electricity.  I was prepared enough to stay warm, fed and dry, but I sure got tired of Ramen.  I have since then broadened my cooking skills and added more food that can be cooked on top of a wood stove.  Grandma did it so I can, too.   And deano – it is not only OK to keep quiet about what we have it is absolutely mandatory for our survival.  I think it would be a good idea to go around the neighborhood on . oh, say . .day 2 or 3 of SHTF and ask for food.  I wouldn’t think anyone would come to your door after that.

        • I’ve been steadily reading about 25 of the more popular prepping blogs for the past 3 years and if what I read from little hints, etc.(shopping here, doing this over at this place, weather related) that get dropped we have a large amount of preppers in the PNW.

        •       zazzo3                                                                                                                                                                                                  all this time i see ,,what we will do if someone comes knocking,,,looking for food,,you`ll have you own graveyard,,,me i wont be knocking on anyones door looking for food or even asking,,,if i dont know now i dont need to know,,dont come knocking,,,,


      55. I just keep reminding everyone how poor I am and that I live check to check. So, is this true or not?

      56. The big issue is the chemtrail spraying has messed up the weather.

        If we get a few more years like last grow season….we’re screwed.  Think about it..  7 billion…plus all the animals to feed that the humans use for food, not to mention their pets.

        You best bet…  don’t  assume you will be able to grow your own crops.  If things are that bad…your gardens will get raided.

        So…what do do?

        And further, you never know when this will hit.   Or just a good old fashioned trucking strike, maybe getting fired or storm.  

        Have a few cases of MREs for starters.

        Then…  have a few pallets of super pails of beans, grains and rice.  The stuff last for decades.  Some powdered milk.

        Then….read easy.  Cannot afford it?

        1. Stop eating out for a bit.

        2. Cancel TV and read for a few months…get a library card.

        3. Cancel the cell phone.

        I’ll put this in caps.


        And yes, if the govt. came a knocking.. I’d gladly help them out if they asked.

        If they bash down my door….hmmm.

        I think the govt. needs to look at Joe citizen as a “good guy” again and stop with all the terrorist, bring down America crap.  The preppers are the soul of America.

        The Canaries in the coal mine.

        Another point..  if the SHTF did hit…  time to move your stuff.

        A good gig..

        Build a false wall in your basement…  you’d be surprised how much you can pack in a small space..floor to ceiling in drywall buckets.

        And if ww3 hits… and you are near death for lack of food.

        Just put out a big sign…FREE FOOD as a zombie ambush.  ha

        You know I’m joking folks.


      57. BI,  you are so correct; TRUST IS THE KEY WORD HERE!   It’s seemingly impossible to find anyone trustworthy anymore.  That’s only one example of how far gone we have become as a nation.   I fully expect to be struggling to survive all alone in any post-SHTF scenario.   With the exception of my late wife,  I’ve never trusted anyone.  I’ve never depended on anyone but myself.  When my wife was alive, she sold me on the idea of prepping.  We survived numerous hurricanes together.   I’ve even been through a couple of tornadoes,  regular power outages, even been burned out of a moblie home once.   But I had supplies for each and every occasion to see me through BECAUSE I WAS PREPARED.  I TOOK RESPONSIBILITY FOR MYSELF; MY OWN WELL-BEING.  I NEVER WENT CRYING TO UNCLE SCAM OR ANYONE ELSE TO COME SAVE MY BACON BECAUSE I WAS RAISED TO BE SELF-SUFFICIENT IN MY OWN NEEDS AND TAKE CARE OF MYSELF.  I AM A SURVIVOR.  I WAS A PREPPER BEFORE THE WORD WAS EVEN INVENTED.   I continued being a prepper through the 80s, 90s,  Y2K, 9/11, etc.   Now i prep for far more serious things.   I’ve been on my own since i was 18 and I’m still alive so I must be doing something right.    Braveheart

        • @ Braveheart.  You sir are doing everything right, and likely will see tomorrow and the tomorrow after that.  Your wife was a very wise lady to get you into the idea of prepping, very wise indeed. I am sorry she is not with you now.  Trust is something that often takes a lifetime to earn, and trust starts within yourself first.  It is coming, I wish I knew exactly what, but it is coming. 

      58. Like alot of folks ,I talk to myself and sometimes he answers…point is I dont even tell myself some things…there was a reason the scripture said not to let your right hand know what the left is up to…to quote ole Hank Jr “I live back in the woods you see… the woman and the kids and the dogs and me…I gotta shotgun a rifle and a four-wheeldrive and a country boy will survive( mainly by keepin his yap shut 😉


        From a personal point of view…  I’m a pure hard driving, balls to the walls capitalist.    Funny, we just fired a black affirmative action lady who said she was a socialist.  Kumbya.    She was always late, lazy and thought everyone owed her something.  

        Ironic all the white felt justified when she got wacked.    She said she was working from home and was not even logging in.   Stupid.

        Am I a racist?  Not really, I rent part of my house to a nice black gent.  Great gy and a friend of mine.  What I am is sick of busting my ass for decades, then they brought this lady on and they paid her 5 figures more than us all.   WHAT?    The heavy hitters threatened to leave.    JUSTIFED!      She got wacked and I got the 5 figure raise.

        MY POINT…



        What’s wrong with you all…especially you men!  

        From one guy to another…  man up!

      60. I avoid telling anyone anything about my preps or my plans. It is amazing how easy it is to turn someone’s attention by asking a simple, “well, what do you think?”

        Aside from collapse scenarios, I tend to be very cautious in forming bonds to other folks. I was trained to be “nice” as a child and it has taken years of unlearning in order to avoid being taken advantage of.

        I have a few rules that are helpful. I will observe a person for a minimum of six months before trusting them with any major personal details. A psychologist once told me that people can hide their personalities for a few weeks or months but it is rare that they can go six to twelve months without their true natures becoming visible.

        I watch how people treat animals, children, old people and waitresses. That often reveals a lot about their character. Then I will try a few tests. Maybe pay for their lunch and then see if it is reciprocated. Loan a book and see if it is returned. Ask for help when I have a cold. Similar things.

        I also go through my entire life and evaluate everyone in it on a regular basis. I pay attention to who makes me feel tired out after I visit with them and who makes me energized. Who is trustworthy and who is not. Then I boot out the losers and work to build stronger ties to the best choices. By doing this, the quality of my life has steadily improved. (Someone once told me that you are the average of the five people you spend  the most time with. There is some truth in that.) I think if you wait until a crisis to start evaluating folks, you have waited too long. I think I have a reasonable guess about most of the people in my life.

        There are also people who could pose a danger, Many of the people who could be a danger post collapse are also a danger now. For example, I used to have a “friend” that I thought was a nice person. Then I realized that all the people he introduced me to were con men and people looking for handouts. I decided he was just too much of danger to my peace of mind and he is no longer in my life.

        One method I have discovered that is useful in finding out a great deal about people is by playing games. I used to have a group of friends that met weekly to play different types of board games. After a few months, I really knew these folks well. I knew how they would problem solve, how they would treat other people, and how they would react in a tight situation. I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere but I think a gaming group would be a good community builder and a testing ground for finding like minded people.

        • That idea didn’t work out too well for me. However, our games always involved copious amounts of alcohol and 52 cards. The missus didn’t like the yellow puddles in the bathroom or my empty wallet and I always woke up in the dog’s bed.

        • @ Merree,


              “Someone once told me that you are the average of the five people you spend  the most time with. There is some truth in that.”

              A most imteresting thought…I’m adding that to my list of basic ‘dictums’. The ‘board games’ test is a really good one…you get to see just who the ‘dyed-in-the-wool opportunist’ are….THOSE can never be trusted…whatsoever, ‘pirana’ by any other description.


      61. Your not the only one, I have a small home so I’m not able to stock up like most  just enough for a few months and nowhere else to go when the SHTF.  A good friend said he was prepping and that he was stocking up on ammo,when I told him about a sale on freezed dried foods he asked if he could come along, after buying a few cans I asked if he was going to buy any he said why I’m coming over to your house my jaw dropped I said you can’t eat bullets his reply was I got the bullets you got the food, talk about exposed I’m wide open my family, wife’s family, neighbors have no clue, if  I bring up the subject I get the deer in the headlight look.  So this Christmas I’m giving out stun guns and watch the expressions on their faces who knows maybe someone will get the hint


        • respect

          friend just far out will those stun guns reach????a few of mine will reach out a mile ot more,,,


      62. I made a somewhat calculated move about a year ago.  I told the guys I work with about Katrina, etc. and over time moved the conversation to prepping.  We also got there by sharing a few books like ‘2 seconds after’ and what not.  I knew about OPSEC and had followed it but I felt responsible to point out a few things to my guys.  As a result, at least 4 guys have coverage with food and water for their families for a period of time and the last guy is coming along.

        I didn’t like revealing that I prepped and am prepared, but personally couldn’t NOT encourage/guide the fellows I work with.  Hopefully, it won’t come back to bite – I think I’ll use this coming Christmas to talk about OPSEC and our mutual need to keep these things to our little group.  AND diversify the locations of my stores so one problem couldn’t clean me out.

      63. two qoutes come to mind ,loose lips sink ships ,and never loan tools to people who dont have any tools

      64. @  lower40

         Very good rules of thumb (up) to live by.

         In my many years of prepping,first and foremost spiritually and mentally, I have become somewhat of a psycho-analyist (my word) to determine a quick observation of the possible mindset, character, and IQ of the person or persons I’m talking/dealing with.   Years of doing collections for banks/finance companies, sometimes involving  repossessing collateral, you had best know whom you are dealing with firsthand.

         I have some key words or statements that will most always provoke a response by the person i am trying to “size up”, to determine how i will handle the situation/conversation.   Sometimes even the best evaluation of a persons character can be misleading.   I have two neighbors that i have known since they were pre-teens (now in their 50’s) and because of their tendancies towards greed and jealousy, i have never trusted them.  When the little woman met,  and spent a little time around them, she said, “they are such nice people, I don’t see why you would have a problem with trusting them with our prepping commitment”.   Now, almost ten years later;  her comment about them is, “I would “not” trust them any further than I could throw them”.   They are masters at deceit and backstabbing.  On the surface, they can make you think they are the best thing since sliced bread.  They can paint such a pretty picture of themselves that you would swear they are a masterpiece.   Yea, it’s a master of a piece allright, a piece of shit person that would sell you down the river to cover up their, and their families evil doings.

         I hope no one has to have dealings with the likes of these two-faced takers and backstabbers, but beware, they are behind every corner waiting to see who they can take advantage of next.   They think they are getting ahead by getting over on people but it will come back to bite them sooner or later.  Maybe not in this life, but it will happen.

         My point is this.  Please be wary and observant of any “flags” that persons may send up, especially when it comes to taking on buddies/partners/neighbors into your prepping circle.  I have two half-brothers that I would not trust with my dog, much less with my horse or my preps.   Sometimes it comes down to just you and your Heavenly Father.  Think about it!

        • Anything that sounds too good to be true, is.

      65. I never talk specifics with anyone.  I even feel uncomfortable keeping a list on my computer.  I’m fortunate to live in an out lying suburb surrounded by like minded people.  Unfortunately it is an out lying suburb of a large metro area.  Fortunately the mountains are 5 minutes away and we all know the backroads to get there.

        When we get together we talk a lot of generics about SHTF but not about specifics.  But we know we can count on one another.  We also know who in the neighborhood we would have to be leary of.  Most of us have lived here 15+ years and have gone through power outages from storms.  It’s good to see neighbors out checking on one another during those times.

        I would love to have a designated BOL but unfortunately I was a casulty of this recession.  I got layed off after 23 years of solid work.  Computers have taken over my field and I can’t find another position.  I can’t even get a low end part time job because they look at my resume and say there is no way I am going to stay.  Reverse discrimination in employment is also making it hard.

        Regardless, I still keep my preps up and have been stocking up on stuff that the UN and obama would love to ban.  Can’t really afford it but in reality you can’t afford not to. 

        Even though I am surrounded by like minded neighbors I still go the solo route cuz it is hard for me to fully and completely trust others with my preps.  When the SHTF I would imagine this might change but for now I keep specifics to myself.


      66. I’ve come too late – in every way – and won’t be ready in any way for long-term survival. I can make a month if I’m lucky and then it all goes bad. Regretfully, I don’t even have any decent skills besides computers – a fat lot of good that will do me. My wife is an EMT. She’ll do okay.

        With a cold eye on history, most of you won’t make it either. If you prep, I think it only delays the inevitable – if it comes to this. There were plenty of people in Russia and China who fought like hell not to go down – but were overwhelmed. The Reds weren’t better supplied, better led than the Whites – but there were more of them and they were ruthless. I’m sure plenty of farmers in the Ukraine thought they were being smart and tried to store grain – after all – who could imagine an entire country being starved out? Reference The Holodomor to see how that worked for them.

        Could it get that bad? I watch the go up three billion dollars a day and no ‘politician’  cares. One day, sooner rather than later now, and JP Morgan will be told to shut down the EBT cards – something along those lines. The rest of us will go to our ATMS, and discover the gov has shut down all the banks. Our food supply is dependent on truckers making just in time shipments from somewhere else. The city I am in would be in flames very quickly days if food vanished.

        Prepare as best you can, but I wish you all the best of luck. Perhaps you are in the correct location and history will pass you by. And maybe I’m wrong which would be the best scenario.


      67. Wow!  I really thought I would be hammered for my comment.  Everyone was so gracious and informative.  Yes, even if you were not commenting to me directly, I was moved.  So much food for thought that I am taking into account.

        With so many diverse accounts of possibilities, probabilities, and much reality interjected with human nature, whew!  Feeling blessed and still Soul Searching,  but now armed with more info.  Thanks Guys………,Your the Best

      68. Word to the wise.  Tell no one.  Several years ago, I asked a local resident if he was storing any food for an emergency.  He stated that he did not have to as he owned a gun.  I asked him how that resolved anything.  He told me that he would kill his best friend if he had to, in order to feed his kids.



        • the only problem with that theory ,is it usualy winds up with a little pc. of lead behind his ear

      69. Either this article is a complete fabrication, or these people are the dumbest people on earth.

      70. REMEMBER, all of you:  You have NO friends.  Why do you insist on thinking you have any friends at all?  No one is your friend.  The time is coming when your spouse won’t even be your friend, some of you, so get used to it and start behaving like it.  No one is  your friend.

      71. Please read: ” The Way home or face The Fire”.

        Malachi 4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).

      72. People are more detached these days.We dont know who lives our next door. I think we r no more a social being.

      73. I’ve read this article several times and I can’t help but  keep coming back to the same thought. TRUST NO ONE.

        I also find it interesting that the author fails to tell us who the Oathkeeper is. Also they fail to tell us what their lame excuse was for not sharing information with them. Don’t you find that interesting?

        I live in the suburbs of 90 homes in a subdivision. There are 40 members of our group formed as a neighborhood security force. Not a single one of us has shared a list of our preperations with each other. NOT ONE.

        But I can assure you that all 40 are well prepared and so are many of the other 50 homes in the neighborhood. Questions about preparations are always subjects at our occasional shooting meets. But nope, no list. No one even asks.

      74. I have to admit, for the last couple of years, I have been practically begging folks, that I worked with, folks on Youtube, and to get some form of livestock, guns and ammo, and start stocking extra food back for what I know is a coming economic collapse(and possible dictatorship of the current President Obummer), but recently have gone quiet about such plans.

        NOW, only my wife and children know of what I have(and they are not telling).

        Seems, that too MANY, I warned are doing little or nothing to prepare, and I can NOT feed them ALL!

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