Anonymous Survival Guide For Citizens in Revolution

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    [This web page has been widened to accommodate the PDF file embedded below]

    The hacker group known as ‘Anonymous’ has released a new guide for those living in countries where the populace may be engaged in civil unrest, rioting or revolution.

    Covering topics that include noticing the first signs that your country is about to descend into chaos, making preparations, storing food and water, general post-collapse strategies and best practices when entering hot zones, the free guide, available below, may provide some insights and ideas you have yet to consider.

    Because the mainstream media, and certainly our government officials, will refuse to tell us anything when things have turned completely south, here are some warning signs that may indicate the shit is about to hit the fan.

    Noticing the First Signs (Excerpt):

    Revolutions don’t just happen instantly over night, they develop over long periods of struggle. So keep your eyes and ears open for signs of a coming uprising, such as:

    • Civil unrest prior to riots in the major cities.
    • Politicians and media blatantly lying about the most obvious developments.
    • Censorship of social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. This may not be entirely obvious at first but when the sites are blocked completely the warnings are clear (with excuses like child pornography).
    • Censorship of old media such as newspapers and television (non-regime critical press).
    • Arrests of political opposition leaders (In Tunisia the leaders of the Pirate Party were rounded up and imprisoned without charge. The prison was subsequently burnt down with many people dying inside).
    • In times of crisis many rumours will spread around and fear mongering is rampant. Be calm, think before you act rashly.
    • The #Hashtag of your country, or name of your political leader is trending worldwide on Twitter.
    • Friends and family members living abroad may try to contact you to check if you are alright.

    Full Anonymous Survival Guide For Citizens in Revolution (v1.0)

    View PDF Version

    Hat tip Mike, Zero Hedge,, scribd


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      1. Am I first?

        • yup

        • Yes, Durango – you are first – congratulations! Wanna pick a fight? Just kidding.

        • dang it.. no bingo for me..

        • why did you change how your handle or screen name appeared?

          • BJ: If you are posting to me it depends upon which browser I use.

            • yeah, I was curious, cause your name used to ALWAYS be with a capitol D and K…..I was wondering if Net and God’s education was finally getting thru to ya

            • BJ: No chance! 🙂

        • THIS IS SPARTAAAA!!!!!

      2. Obviously writeen with a sold European slant…no weapons or other true prtective devices are discussed, other than to avoid their presence.

        • Sorry for the typos…the new puppy in my lap kept bumping my arm and threw off my key strikes…

          Corrected copy: Obviously written with a solid European slant…no weapons or other true protective devices are discussed, other than to avoid their presence.

          • It kinda sounded like you were typing with a European accent. 😆

            ( OT: What kind of puppy? )

            • Cute seven week old confirmed half Rohdesian Ridgeback/half Lab that the pound had. Bright eyes backed up with sharp little teeth, already big shoulders/hips and an appetite/interest for what goes on around her. No bark yet…still somewhat circumspect in that regard. Nice little bugger and she will/will keep her tail. Name of Alice…her new, pre-existing big brother (a true pure mutt) is named appropriately…Ruck.

            • Awww….she sounds adorable. She’s gonna be a big one!

        • either that or Seattle…(be a wuss, hope for the best, and hope they drag your neighbors out instead…)

        • I’m guessing they were trying to go for a larger, more global audience.

          It actually makes more sense that way if you think about it: An ordinary guy in Syria or Prague isn’t going to have weapons, or will have at most maybe a small pistol.

          I also noticed that they’re shooting not for any actual TEOTWAWKI event, but for, well, their stated scenario: revolution or massive civil unrest.

          • Just got done reading the thing cover-to-cover, and not just skimming it.

            Thing is, this book is almost useless for civilization-ending TEOTWAWKI type events. It relies on, in places:

            * foreign journalists
            * ambulances
            * some sort of functioning telecom network

            …not gonna happen.

            It does have some good individual tips in it, but the scope is quite limited at best.

          • Yes, I got the feeling it was written for the parts of the world where this is alreading going on.

      3. Durango, looks like your dead last in terms of youtr comment ratings from other readers. Sucks to be you. Here’s wishing you better luck in 2012 amigo.

        • Hey Paul! Thanks for the good wishes. Its great to be me. 🙂

          I do have a following and that’s “OK”. It doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit.

          I have lived a long time. Studied a lot, and read a lot, then I bring that knowledge, experience, and my perspective here.

          Some folks don’t like it, that’s OK.

          In particular they are silver bugs and do not want to hear that there is actually an over supply of silver available. I pointed out the reality. They didn’t like it.

          Silver dropped 25% two days later. Who knew?

          DK knew.

          • DK knew?

            DK lucky…

            If you can do it 3 times in a row then I’ll say, “DK knew!”

            • NetRanger: How many times have I said “no crash” every time a crisis has gripped the markets and LSM over the past year; while the Preppers here have moved to “Red Alert”?

              How many times have I tried to reassure you people here that there is no hyperinflation coming, only double digit inflation?

              (And that will be bad enough.)

              I am not suggesting that I know everything (as BJ testifies) but I do understand economics and finance to a degree.

              A degree of understanding that exceeds the understanding here by most folks about their financial system. Yet I do not claim to be a financial expert.

              I am an excellent shot, but I am sure you know much more about guns and ammo than I do. Each of US specialize in something.

              I know more than most here about metals because I own a mine. I should know more about metals than most here, but I do not consider myself a mining expert either.

              The call on silver was a no-brainer for someone who studies metals and mining.

              If I pissed off a few people who were trying to promote silver rather than give a clear picture of the status of silver ….

              too bad. They were trying to capitalize on OUR fears.

            • NetRanger, hahaha, I love your sense of humor! Keep posting them.

          • DK,
            Yeah but I hit gold right on the mark at closing $1555. Once again to bad I don’t have any.

            Who knew not me
            Who got lucky me


            • DPS: Gold and silver could go lower if the EU reaches some consensus. I think it will. The GB’s usually do what is in their best interests.

              Collapse is not in their best interest.

              The experts say mid 1400’s, maybe. I think it could drop into the mid 1200’s which would be a steal. If it does back up the truck.

              China will step in somewhere. 1500 was the bottom for them last time. Maybe they will let it float lower. Maybe not.

              Gold will spike when Israel strikes Iran. I believe that will occur sooner rather than later and maybe before the end of the first quarter of 2012.

              Buy gold folks. Sell your basis when it spikes. Keep the balance and bury it in your back yard.

            • DK,
              Well lets see what tomorrow brings. Valentine sets gold at $1529. LOL not sure about them pork belly’s


          • Durango,

            Gold is also dropping (but you, as an owner of a gold mine, know that – I’m not trying to insult you here). Gold’s high was $1,895 on September 6, 2011 and it closed at $1,556 today which is $339 off from its high or an 18% drop, although not a drop as fast as silver; but then, silver has had an unusual run-up this year, so it comes to no surprise that it dropped so fast in just two days.

            Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “silver bugs” on this site. I certainly haven’t noticed any. All I have seen are people who realize silver, just as gold, has its place in a society that may go south of SHTF. As for me (I’ll repeat myself), I have both – gold as a hedge against a value-sinking dollar and inflation – silver as a bartering tool and/or as a median of exchange should SHTF.

            • OK guys, I see everyone fighting over where to put your money and I know I am probably stirring up a hornets nest, but I am really curious. I have a little money for preps. Food, guns and ammo are ok, and I keep working on those. However, I am thinking of some sort of currency when it happens. I have 15 oz of silver for that, and plan on buying more. I am watching the market closely for the silver trend. Where do you guys see it bottoming out? Or am I wasting my money and I should concentrate on another area of preps? I cant afford gold. This is an honest question and I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks gang, I appreciate it

            • Jim (another Jim),

              No one knows where the price of silver or gold is going. No one. For every one that says it will go up, you can find an equal “expert” that will say it is going down.

              My opinion. Just buy the silver – don’t try to time the market. I used to do day trading while at work using a model that I designed and would do most of the work for me. It timed the market – I made a ton of money, only to lose it all.

              After all, you aren’t buying the silver to profit by selling it, right? I’m assuming you want the silver to use as a median of exchange and/or as a bartering tool when SHTF.

            • In reply to Jim (another Jim)…

              Currency during a currency collapse =

              Bic Lighters
              Medical Skills
              Ability to charge electronic equipment 🙂

            • thanks for the responses. that was my sentiment about it also, just have some on hand for bartering. Sometimes all these comments make me doubt my reasoning. be safe all and God bless

          • Who knew? actually 1,000’s (this is a public forum,smart money doesn’t tell the world what they got, or do) The federal government has been manipulating the silver market since atleast the 30’s(ever since .11 of silver in a dime), and in the 60’s johnson admitted they will(are) doing just that. Read his comments from in the white house the morning after the banks/gov stole our silver from our coins(I would like to thank everyone alive then for allowing the fed to do that, including my family! The next 2 generations will hate me(you,us) for allowing this police state to form for the last 20 years.). The mf global fiasco has driven alot of people out of the paper market,(by design?), allowing the banks,crooks, and industry to buy low, and settle their paper games(the feds minions work 7-24). Don’t worry any silver(gold,copper,oil whatever) bugs out there, they will go long,just like they are for gold(central banks have been buying gold like crazy, for years(3-4)). Everything our current form of government does, is to protect the dollar/banks, if it helps the “american people” its a by product(they never call us citizens anymore,just tax payers,consumers, and american people). DK- YOUR generation F^CKED my generation(poke), just like MY generation has F^CKED the next(shame). This is not my(our) grandfathers(Anzio) america anymore, and he(they) look down on me (you,us) with disgust! Grow some balls and admit your generation allowed the destruction of our liberties to happen. I have!

      4. That’s what she said… but she was lying.

      5. Yep you are. Great the hackers are telling the truth more than the lame stream media. Gotta shut down the internet now.

      6. Thanks, Mac – interesting info in that PDF. 🙂

        • yes. interesting info., interesting timing.

        • Seems quite “telling” that I had to wade this far in to find a single comment relevant to the topic. Is anyone reading the articles and attachments anymore, or has it simply become a “rush” to be the “first” irrelevant comment. And exactly what is the “prize” for this “dash” to be first to comment on NOTHING relevant.

          I think I’m losing interest here.

        • Yep.

          Just wish I didn’t have to wade through all that yapping about precious metals markets to get to this comment. 🙂

      7. you are first. when is the riots going to start. Being honest, when do you guys think things are going to get crazy and out of control. How long?

        • 7 months, 18 days, 5 hours, 22 minutes and 14 seconds. Give or take..

          • why then?

          • I gotta reset my clock. I was 4 minutes off!

            • Ahead or behind. My girlfriend sets the clock ahead so she thinks she’s never late.

        • An idiot’s guess? I’m guessing (hoping?) still a couple years of sanity left. Two thirds through Obama’s second term, batton down the hatches. Unless of course the earth falls apart next December.

          • I give it 3-5 years before it gets ugly, and up to 10 if we’re lucky.

            After that, a whole lot of miracles will have to happen, or it all start going down the crapper.

        • TPTB will shell-game, rob Peter to pay Paul, let the weak collapse, pass legislation, increase taxes, increase police powers, maipulate commodities, spread propaganda, start wars, end wars, create todays friends of yesterdays enemies, print money, change currencies, bail-out banks, create tomorrow’s enemies out of today’s friends, etc. to keep the status quo (that makes them rich and holds this hologram of a global economy together) until they literally run out of games to play….eventually it will happen but for now they’ve still got a million tricks up their sleeves to keep the illusion of future prosperity propped up.

        • It will be a gradual process, slow and methodical. The U.S, Canada and Mexico will merge into one economic zone as in Europe. Civil liberties will erode, especially for those who live in large metro areas.

          False flag ops will continue in order to bring independent countries under the control of the UN and world bank. Nuclear and Biological incidents could certainly be in the mix.

          All of this in order to transfer wealth to the international bankers under a global currency. Just take for example the carbon tax that has been imposed in Europe and Australia.

          Chaos is to be orderly and controlled. I don’t know the game plan or the time frame but realize that in order to keep afloat, one must be agile.

          The PDF document touches on “how to be agile” and will be different for each of us. Thanks for the article Mac.

        • ” when is the riots going to start. Being honest, when do you guys think things are going to get crazy and out of control. How long?”

          Somewhere between tomorrow morning, and 5 billion years from now.

          Truth is, I don’t do the prepping thing because I think some scare-mongering specific government action, or some vague global threat might somehow crash us.

          I do it because if something big enough actually does go wrong, it will tear civilization apart in a hurry, and with that action kill a whole lot of people.

          If there is a big enough disruption in technology, a look at agricultural carrying capacity (under primitive farming methods) vs. actual population will see at least 8 out of 10 human beings in the US dead of starvation.

          OTOH, cheer up! Most of Asia will see survival odds even lower – ranging from 1:1000, down to lottery-like odds of 1:10,000 or worse.

          The second reason is that the disaster doesn’t have to be global, national, or even regional… but if it’s personal, I want to be sufficiently prepared so that I can survive for quite awhile on what I have, until things get better.

          • Zulu time or local? I’m still waiting on the DOW to do the phat ten finger or bell caboose crash, wanker Kim Jong Un to suck his thumb,the temple to be rebuilt in Israel and the F-15 production line to start up again.

            • Keep waiting as per the Dow. They put in emergency brakes a long time ago, where the market shuts down for the day if the drop is too steep or too ugly. It’ll have to drop hard for a solid week or two, which gives the MSM plenty of time to spin things enough to sucker fund managers into going ‘bargain hunting’.

      8. Watch it, DK, the natives are restless.

        Maybe they also smell that something just isn’t quite right with Anonymous V. 1.0

        What about security? Guns? Guns and Revolution go hand and hand. It’s not going to work any other way.

        • SD9 124 grain in a crowd? Something a little stronger for the “compound”?

          I agree they do not explicitly mention weapons, but I think it is implied. I am always surprised when people talk about preps and fail to mention security measures other than keeping a low profile, avoiding hot zones etc.

          I know I love having the knowledge and ability to use a gun properly and I think I would feel ‘nekid’ without! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a knife will be a better choice and other times the human body itself.

          • Fed Up… shhhh unless youre fully prepared and atually inviting em to come on at your inconvenice. really ready? NDAA is now law unconstitucional-null and void theyll enforce it anyway on some. we cant use even use invalid ID. mine expired yesterday and now I’m noME’ anymore.

        • You can’t shoot a cop. You’d get the death penalty for that. I think the spray paint idea might work.

          • Of course you can. You just have to be careful and think it out beforehand. I would not shoot a cop at a traffic stop (they have cameras) but if I was stopped at a roadblock I would pass through and then find a place to park out of view on the other side and double back with a rifle and kill one or two from standoff distance. Cops rely on fear and intimidation to do their dirty deeds, but they can bleed just like everyone else. In fact, one of the signs that TSHTF is that deaths of cops will stop being reported. Right now, every cop that is killed is reported far and wide as well as the fate of the killer as an object lesson to any other cop killers. When they are being killed wholesale, the PTB will stop reporting it out of fear that it will embolden more patriots to kill the enforcers of the ruling classes. Mark my words, when TSHTF cops will be the enemies of everyone outside the ruling class. They will be fair game for killing.

            • @ moon is a harsh…

              My husband is a police lieutenant and everything you write about law enforcement bespeaks your utter lack of information about it. My husband does not intimidate, except when he busts drug dealers – which is entirely reasonable. You talk about cop killing as an understandable, if not good, thing. My husband and the entire force he serves on show partiality to NO ONE. There is NO REASON TO ADVOCATE COP KILLING, whether you advocate it directly or tacitly. You don’t know what you are talking about, you are 100% wrong about everything, so why do you bother to post here? You’re just junking up the comments section………….

            • We now live in a Fascist Feudal State (since the passing of S1867). On a practical level that means, the wealthy, elite “Feudal Lords”, i.e. those who have an obscene amount of unlimited funds at their disposal, and who control the entire “Legal” System, can easily afford to hire anyone they choose. Those likely to fill in the order are the hoodlum “have not’s” who were abused as children and see everyone other than their handlers as those who abused them. These vermin whores in uniform get to have their cake and eat it too, i.e. have access to state of the art, high performance weaponry while getting paid quite handsomely in the process. These will be the police we will be dealing with, i.e. just as crooked as the crooks; stoked up on meanness and vengeance, compounded by an altered state infected with steroids, booze and meds. They live to have total control and power over their “victims”with the intent to make your life and mine as miserable as possible. Personally, I would find great satisfaction, even though the thought of “killing” someone conflicts with every fiber in my being, of putting them out of their psychopathic misery if it came down to either them or me. I do advocate always taking the path of least resistance, but even on that path, one has to be prepared for anything.

              There are plenty of psycho’s presently in Service, raised on abuse, junk food, violent tv/video games, Rx and nonRx drugs, steroids, who will fit right in and jump at the opportunity to live out their fantasy of doing whatever they please with me, you and anyone else who appears in their crosshairs. Fascist, Neo Feudalism will reign terror on those who choose not to submit. I tend to agree with the Harshness of the Moon. The guns of Americas Constitutionalists will not be silenced if push comes to shove. I would not want to be in their boots if all hell breaks loose.

            • @ GOP4EVER

              Of course there are good cops. But they are becoming fewer and far between. I don’t know what world you live in, but denial is running hysterically rampant right now. Do a search on “Police Brutality” either youtube and/or google. It’s a plague that’s sweeping the nation and increasing exponentially. Where does your husband stand on the Constitution? Did he take his oath? Will he defend it, his oath, even if it means loosing his job? How far is he willing to go? Who’s side is he on? You have to realize the lines are being drawn. Either your husband supports the Constitution unequivocally and has Moon is a Harsh Mistress (I’m taking the liberty to speak for that person based on an assumption that could be incorrect) and me on his side, or he follows the unconstitutional s1867 and faces the consequences, metaphorically speaking, of him meeting up with some “resistance”.

              Because soon, your hubby can bust down my door and throw me in the slammer, throw away the key, cause I grow organic veggies and have stored food in my possession. What’s that you say? He’d never do that? Well, that’s what this is all about. Get the picture? Make sense?

            • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress says: Of course you can. You just have to be careful and think it out beforehand. I would not shoot a cop at a traffic stop (they have cameras) but if I was stopped at a roadblock I would pass through and then find a place to park out of view on the other side and double back with a rifle and kill one or two from standoff distance. Cops rely on fear and intimidation to do their dirty deeds, but they can bleed just like everyone else. In fact, one of the signs that TSHTF is that deaths of cops will stop being reported. Right now, every cop that is killed is reported far and wide as well as the fate of the killer as an object lesson to any other cop killers. When they are being killed wholesale, the PTB will stop reporting it out of fear that it will embolden more patriots to kill the enforcers of the ruling classes. Mark my words, when TSHTF cops will be the enemies of everyone outside the ruling class. They will be fair game for killing.


            • GOP, you need to be around some of the cops in my area, even when they are off duty, they treat everyone as if they are criminals, and are doing something wrong, chest stuck out, dark glasses, so YES they use intimidation, especially against women!!!….I’m not advocating cop killing, but when SHTF, and they shoot at me or try to take my guns, it’s game on!!!!

            • Don’t sweat it sheepdog, not all of us are that crazy. I have many acquaintances in the local PD that I would bet my life on. Most cops in my neck of the woods are good people.

            • ummmm many of my prepper friends are police officers. They are also veterans and belong to the Oathkeepers and consider them selves three-percenters. I think you should stop all this talk of executing police officers right now because it personally offends me and it makes every prepper look like a future Timothy McVeigh.

            • Might want to tread lightly on the subject of killing a specific group of people Moon. Lots of small town folks are related to, or personally know their LEOs and even the preppers that know the profession is a threat will still disagree with the killing of them. And killing one group of people may put you in a group you don’t want to belong to. Besides, first things first. Kill all the lawyers

            • “Cops rely on fear and intimidation to do their dirty deeds, but they can bleed just like everyone else.”

              They also group together like anyone else when they realize what happened, and come to hunt you down. You might out-run a cop car, but you cannot out-run a Motorola – there’s a lot more of them than there are of you.

              If you want a classic description of what police can really do in a fascist state, look up the NKVD or the Waffen-SS. If you think for one second that you can pick them off at leisure and stay alive for long, you have another thing coming.

          • Apparently you or at least a member of your family is a cop.

            • nope…neither… but the policemen I do know are the higher ranking and career oriented types…not the authority-hungry low-IQ types that piss everybody off.

          • I expected some feedback on this realistic post. There are a lot of people “out there” who have been screwed over by a cop, and most of them have an objective in the back of their minds of “getting even” someday. Depending on how severe the screwing over was determines the mental picture of how the getting even will take place. Personally, I don’t trust a one of them. All, to a person, wanted to be the class bully but knew someone would stomp the SH**T out of them, so they waited and became a cop so they could be protected by a badge. Cops tend to be friendly helpful nice guys in a neighborhood “one on one” off-duty situation, but when three or four get together they turn into hard a** pricks. “I am gonna make that SOB crawl and do as I say” syndrome. My true estimation of the situation as things start to break down is that wearing a uniform or any outward evidence of ever being a cop, or staying in the area where they have screwed over people will be extremely dangerous for them.
            My favorite vision is one of my “friends” strung up by the heels from a tree limb “way down in the woods” with just the tips of his hair touching a Fire Ant mound. Then I am going to stirr up the fire ants with a stick!!

            • Dunno, man.

              Most police officers I’ve known have been pretty cool for the most part. In the smaller towns, you tend to know them by name, know where they live, etc. In the town I graduated High School from (pop. ~3,000), there were exactly two police officers – one for each shift. On two weekdays, they simply stayed home and took calls as their time off. if one took vacation, a county deputy would stand in.

              Hell, the girl I took to senior prom eventually married one of the two town cops. Nice guy overall, great kids, and fun to have a beer with.

              I guess what I’m saying is, unless you have gained some psychopathic desire to kill anything in uniform, I sincerely doubt that attacking someone because of their job is, well, kinda stupid.

      9. This is good information. I would encourage everyone to review this. Download a copy, it might disappear soon.

        • Thanks to P2P, it won’t disappear. Once I’m back on the home network, I’ll see about coughing up the Bittorrent hash for it, which will make it easy to find.

      10. you have a point EA and i think the reason occupy wall street isnt winning is because they refuse to fight back cause otherwise we would have started the second revolutionary

        • Squad: Wait til summer. Armies historically start fighting in the spring.

          • Hey, DK

            Since you own a mine and if it’s in Colorado and if your first name is Franklin, then I know you. Don’t worry, I’ll not post your last name. Is your first name Franklin?

        • I don;t think it’s that they refuse to fight back (they’re taking the same non-violence route that movements have used successfully in the past). I think it’s because even they don’t know quite what they want. No specific goals means no calls for specific actions.

          • wrench turner?

            • misplaced reply?

      11. I think this was written for peaceful revolts and revolutions. My personal opinion is it won’t be quick like the arab spring/summer was. Our gov’t along with many other gov’ts were applying alot of pressure on arab leadership to step down. I don’t think it will work that way over here.

        I did find it interesting that they encourage people to carry their mortgages and personal papers. IF I have to evac I am burying those papers in the back pasture. Last thing I want on me is ID or intel.

        I tend to be a bit paranoid, but I keep an “oh sh^t” bag. It is in case I need to leave immediately. No time for packing up the truck or saddling a horse. It has survival stuff mostly. I don’t see a scenario for me needing it but I feel better anyway.

        • I was thinking something similar… I’d rather carry food or weapons than a bunch of papers that won’t mean much if civilization is truly collapsing.

          OTOH, some papers are worth carrying or keeping around: proof of mortgage or property deed, passport/driver’s-license, things like that. The mortgage/deed paperwork is proof of ownership should any issues arise. The Passport/DL is to prove you are who you say you are.

          • I was printed enough times in the military that if they want to know who I am they can find out. But I also want to be able to tell some young PFC I am any number to people at some checkpoint. If the feds cannot verify my prints that means there has been a complete breakdown of services and my DL or any other ID is simply a piece of plastic. I am curious if my DNA was ever collected during a blood draw, and cataloged in a data base.

            • One bit: I wasn’t referring to “they” as government bureaucrats or the like. I was referring to “they” as a community you stumble across, or as whatever new leadership eventually holds sway over your town or suburb – be it local or national.

              Look at it this way: if you’re a refugee and you stumble across a town that needs an engineer, electrician, or doctor real bad (otherwise you’re going to have to keep walking), and you happen to be one, that little medical license or association card or whatever with your name on it, tied to a D/L with your name on it, can go a hell of a long ways towards getting you in there, instead of being forced to keep walking.

              In my own case, it’s much easier to whip out the EE degree sheepskin than to try and somehow prove that I know what I’m doing around wires. I’m sure that doctors and other medical professionals will find it similarly useful.

              By the way, if you joined the military at any time after 1992 or so, they pretty much have your DNA.

      12. It will not load. Has it been censored already?

        • it worked fine for me, I just clicked the middle of the article and scrolled it down.

      13. If anyone that is planning a revolution hasn’t figured out how you will pay to maintain all the infrastructure programs that our rather corrupt but still functional government has earmarked (water sanitation, disease eradication, infrastructure upkeep, commerce regulation, FDA, USDA etc.) you know…the stuff that keeps America’s living standards higher than Mexico or Somalia…you’d better stand-down or I’m liable to fight you myself.

        FWIW….IMHO I also agree that America’s government and creeping police state both suck to have to live under….but we must also realize that they suck a whole lot less than most other governments and police states in the rest of the world.

        As a prepper, I’m far more concerned about the rabid underclass overrunning my neighborhood when their foodstamps don’t come….or my chump BMW driving neighbor
        who can’t even say hello to me thinking he can come over and take my food when the chips are down. Or getting caught up in a bank branch riot, a food riot, or a deadly confrontation out in public when things are going crazy and thereby not making it home to my wife and kids.

        Let’s not assume that we are going to be fighting our own government, army and police in the streets just yet….lets first consider the more plausable scenario that we don’t want to go out into the melee because we’re already supplied, we don’t want to be prosecuted for acts of violence after things calm down, we don’t want to be caught up in a riot and arrested so we can’t protect our families at home, and that we only want to use violence if the threat comes to our doorstep or at the farthest…our neighborhood.

        If things do get worse than this then those of us who survive the first few evolutions of the worsening of conditions will have our networks and we’ll know what to do.

        But do not assume that ou’re going to overthrow the government itself…at least not until you’ve figured out how you’re going to keep the water clean, the lights on and get the trash collected.

        • I am on board with you Death and Taxes.

          I am also more concerned about the under class knocking at my door than the federal government at this moment in time.
          I am also more concerned about our local governments taking the wrong stance with the regular citizens and forcing their will upon us..
          I just feel that our federal government will eventually collapse quickly and we won’t have to worry about them.., then we will have to deal with warlords. 🙂

          • Don’t worry..they won’t knock.

            • well said. When things get ugly make sure you’ve got your vitals stored somewhere where TPTB cannot seize them.

        • Yep, out of those ashes a Hitler is much more likely to surface then a Thomas Jefferson. Historically ruthless power mad people more often rise to power in a political vacuum. The US is very very rare.

          • Once upon a time the US was very rare, not so much anymore. I hated typing that.

        • ~~~Or getting caught up in a bank branch riot, a food riot; until you’ve figured out how you’re going to keep the water clean, the lights on and get the trash collected.~~~~

          True preppers don’t have money in banks; true preppers have food stored for 1 – 5 years; true preppers don’t get caught with less than than a 3/4 tank of gas and have lots of gas stored; true preppers have water for over a year stored and methods to collect rain water with verifiable water filtration systems; true preppers are ready for discontined electricity with alternative heat and lighting devices; true preppers have disposal units for sewage(yep-poop)and 55 gallon cans for burning trash;

        • “As a prepper, I’m far more concerned about the rabid underclass overrunning my neighborhood when their foodstamps don’t come…”

          The food stamps will flow. So will the welfare checks. If they stop, there will be riots in the streets.

          Do you guys think TPTB are stupid? No, they are ultra corrupt and violently evil but they are not stoopid.

          Here is the plan: Keep the entitlements flowing at any cost. That cost will be inflation. As it rises, the price of everything goes up. So will entitlements but at a much slower pace. When it takes all your foodstamps to buy a loaf of bread, who will you blame? Of course preppers would realize that its a planned mechanism to screw them over (but of course they’re not on any entitlements).

          But, the average public that has, generationally, been on entitlements never looked at prices. All that free money makes it kind of irrelevant. As such, they will suddenly pay attention, and they will see them going up. They won’t say, “Hey! Look! The government is in collusion with the federal reserve and they’ve engineered it so I can’t buy food!” No! What they’ll say is, “These greedy damned grocery stores are ripping us off!”

          One thing the government is good at is deflecting responsibility and their plan is to deflect the responsibility of engineering the reduction of purchasing power by makeing prices go up. The fact is, since they control the means of money production, they don’t care which end they have to manipulate. So, they’ll force prices to go up instead of entitlement payments go down. This will shift the anger onto those who must raise their prices because they themselves are paying higher prices for the products they sell.


          Evil. Corrupt. Violent. Deceptive. …but genious.

          • you’re right on all counts NETRANGER…but if those foodstamps don’t keep up with inflation, or supply if our infrastructure is crumbling or under attack, it will force the underclass to go out and forage….especially if they have doubled and tripled up and their pool of resources can’t feed the entire extended family staying in one section 8 tenament.

            Inflation and currency devaluation and limited supply of needful foodstuffs might be the breaking point between civil unrest and all-out class warfare. In my readings on the subject…(Stalin’s Ukraine famine, the concentration camps) People have less fear of punnishment or death when they’re madly hungry.

          • Sounds about right… though I don’t think it’s quite intentional, and the end result will be the same: Unrest, riots, and eventual breakdown of control.

            I want to point out that you are extremely correct on how the welfare folks view ‘free money’. Watching WIC recipients load up on steak and high-end products for their EBT card, then buying all kinds of pricey goods (including alcohol on occasion) to buy with the cash they ‘saved’ was a bit disconcerting.

            • Had the highest EBT balance I have ever seen come in today, $2931.00!!!!! Blew the old record away from three years ago of $2271.00. Wish I had all that “free” money.

        • @death and taxes written as a true selfish “It’s ALL About Me babyboomer…!” YOU REMIND ME OF MY EX WHORE, ooopps i mean ex wife… so what your sayin’ is we can over throw the zionistjew controlled , facist nwo amrican gov who has taxed an debt enslaved YOU and the rest of america! BUT WE GOTTA KEEP YOU comfortable and happy…

          “sorry kids , we’d love to free you all of the nwo! but @death and taxes has to still be able too flush his toilet and get his gov check every month!”

          TILL WE THE PATRIOTS figure out how to do that and over throw da’ gov… your all just gonna have to grin and bear being ass raped by the nwo dry!

          JUST WALK IT OFF KIDS , it’ll be alright , here’s some new flu shots for you and guardisell shots from bill gates and his nwo super friends…

          ummmmm can we say “SELFISH PRICK!”

          • Most of the babyboomer generation feel entitled, and think they made all their money because how smart they are. The honest people will admit that it was right place, right time, and common sense. The boomer generation has played a big part of the commie take over/take down of america, but the generations that followed are also to blame!! “ass raped” wow! I believe the political correct phrase is anal intruded.

            • Where do you guys get this stuff? I was born in the early 50’s worked all my life and have been raped by the system as much as anyone. However I paid into FICA all those years too. It supported my Grandfather to age 94 and now my father who is 82.The boomers didn’t destroy the system the politicians did.We worked all our lives to pay in to help our elders in their later years. It seems to me young people have no empathy for others

          • ninaorket….although I am a baptized Catholic, racially I’m one of those Jews you are saying control the world and make your life less than it can be. (my father was a 100% Polish Russian Ashkenazi Jew whose immigrant parents spoke Yiddish)True the Rothschilds are a Jewish banking family that has done much to control the world over the last seven or so generations….but that’s just one family you doofus. I, like mose people get by…no conspiracy…no secret bank account or govt. connections.

            Everything you say on these boards is pure idiotic hate and if a Hitler were to arise from the ashes of what’s left of the SHTF United States….YOU would be one of his brownshirts.

            All I said was don’t get yourself imprisoned or killed right away…take care of self, family and neighborhood first. SOunds to me like you don’t have kids, you really want to have an excuse to go out there and kill somebody and get away with it. You soo the entire slow collapse as a master plan rather than an evolving quater to quater survival excercise of the controlling elite as they have to adapt to the collapse on the fly in order to maintain their grip on the system they hatched almost 100 years ago.

            A similar system existed 100 years ago in europe and it took a world war and the spanish flu epidemic to wipe it from existence.

            And I’m too young to be a baby boomer.

            Kiss my circumcised half Jewish choad ……

            • ;0P GET SOME! jewboy! right on… ;0) now apply that passion in the right direction… towards zionistjew controlled washington d.c.! RESPECT! ;0)

      14. QUESTION: With in the article it suggest to wear white / green head bands. Why? ……………………… 🙂

        • Eagle,
          Just my opinion but green and white colors are, how do I say this, ahh colors that we are condition to mean peaceful or ok. Where red and yellow color are caution colors. Ask your self this when giving directions out to somebody do you tell them to turn at the green light? No I’m betting you are like 95% of the people that tell then to turn at the red light.


          • Actually DPS, I tell them to turn at the traffic light. Just saying…

          • Thanks DPS… Happy New Years !!!

        • To make it easier for the government snipers.

      15. I read this entirely and it seems to be written for a European audience. Unless I missed something, no mention of using guns to protect yourself. No advice to purchase lots of ammo. In America we have millions of law-abiding citizens armed to the teeth, so an appropriate survival guide would not be this one from Anonymous. Aside from that, it’s a half-baked guide with no new ideas. The existing prepper has already read this advice, in various forms, hundreds of times.

        • ya-anonymous is a

        • I don’t think this was really written with the prepper in mind. For example, the document suggests that you have a month’s worth of food and water – who among us doesn’t have way more than that? (Yeah, I’m talkin’ terroristic amounts of food!)

          I think this was written with the ignorant in mind – people who are just waking up to the fact that something is very very wrong. It’s a “dumbed down” version of what many of us have been studying for years.

          Personally, I did find the information about being caught in a riot and treating someone sprayed by tear gas to be useful.

          • It hurts when I green thumb you, how was it for you daisey?

            • A little pain builds character, Kev. 🙂

            • Feels good for me! I laugh every time I do it!

      16. Its will be very interesting on how 2012 is going to shake out…

        If our “monkey in a suit” gets his way- with his next MT Everest sized debt proposal that he is trying to slide in.. we WILL become not a 3rd BUT 4th world country!!

        If we are able to take the wheel back away from these idiots.. And put the USA back on the right road to recovery .. Then we will see some what of a break in the weather.. but i dont have high hopes- there are too many people in high office that seem to be set on bankrupting this country.. And selling it off as parts.. For their love of $$..

        All we are living with now in our goverment is a replay of the movie – “Dinner for schmucks”

      17. Oh My….I have seen the “prepping” world from the typical American left wing. No call for gun ownership or the use of firearms with friends or neighbors to protect self and property. In fact looking back over their ‘check list” there is no firearm or ammunition mentioned at all: so typical of the American left wing: FAILURE

        • Jim

          In that event they are prepping for those that have a weapon. It would be, “Thanks for acquiring and storing this stuff for me”.

          I think those that don’t get their stuff taken will very quickly trade some of that “liberal” food for a conservative weapon. There was a phrase that a conservative was a liberal that got mugged.

        • Jim,
          Mention firearms or ammo is inciting a riot. I was very smart to leave that out. everybody knows that firearms are a must.

        • Ha Ha Ha

          tell that to the gun group on the DailyKos

          when you make assumptions…

        • Shotgun – Pistol – Rifle

          Get them.

          Learn to use them.

          Survive to sell them as antiques.

          • or hand them down to your kids and grandkids through an NFA trust…..if you don’t have to use them because the balloon never went up in your lifetime….they will definitely need them.

          • I disagree NetRanger…..I say survive to pass them to the next generation.
            Liberty must be eternally guarded, else it be lost.

      18. I’ll tell you why they just released this. They just hack that think tank in austin folks. That makes perfect sense, what did they find in those computers?????????????


        • dps..I don’t have tv..explain??

          • JJ,

            You did read about anonymous hacking into the Stratfor company? its been all over the internet bud. just do a search for it and it will come up. Then my post will make alot more sense.


            • Oh, that hacking I read about–many cards used for charity!!! thanks folks..the think tank reference threw me.

            • JJ,

              I know right, its hard to put goverment and think tank all in one sentence it just don’t make sense.


        • In politics, nothing happens by chance. Time line: 1-some group says they are going to hack everything, gets alot of press 2-some republican hak think tank gets hacked, gets alot of press 3- move the republican vote counting area to a secret place, hardly no press coverage by msm, and if mentioned, its a good thing. 4______________________________. THINK PEOPLE! WHO INVENTED THE INTERNET!

          • The folks in academia invented the Internet. The first two nodes of it were UC Berkeley and the University of Utah. DARPA only came up with the concept.

            • Al Gore said he invented the internet…..LOL

            • Don’t drink their koolaid to quickly. Al Gore sponsored bill to put Internet in public libraries. That was what he was referring to. WE must stick together and get right information in these times. If it doesn’t sound right check it out yourself.

      19. Great article Mac! Got to be getting close now, don’t ya think??? The eCONomy grows worse each day! Lots of bad shootings. An IHOP, schools, beauty salon, a couple job sites, that really messed up guy who dressed like santa and gunned down half of his family! Seriously. TSA agents, NDAA Bil, FEMA camps, Newt Gingrich, EMP’s, Nukes, Sears and K-Mart closing 100+ stores, Gas 3.50 a gallon, bread 1.50 a loaf! Gotta be the Endgame soon, or so I Would like to think.

        By the way google Ben Bernake and his 11/21/2002 speech. Serious messed up!

        The United states is a system people. That system is our enemy! Look around you, what do you see? Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Business Men. The very minds of the the people we are trying to wake up? These “sheeple” are so dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. (Cops, Military, Nosy neighbors, Well Fare moms, etc.) And that makes them our enemy! Keep on prepping and trust no one!

        • To Shane Vandrell:

          Wait until you have personal knowledge of the facts before you begin to vomit nonsense. I am a doctor. I am an ex Naval commander. My husband is barred (that means he has passed the bar exam in Texas, Oregon and Washington). AND, he is a police lieutenant. AND I CAN CONFIDENTLY TELL YOU YOU ARE FULL OF UNINFORMED, EMOTIONAL BULLSHIT. You have no idea how conservative we are, and I guarantee you we have prepped beyond your wildest WET DREAMS ! Wake up. Doctors, lawyers, military, police are not the left wing government that is sucking the life out of America. We are not your enemies, but you certainly are mine………………

          • Very well said. Over the fence. BUT, how and why can YOU lunp doctors, lawyers, military, or police, into a political/prepped group, While shouting down this guy for doing it. First you insult,then you give your status in life, then you say you are navy(maybe you are, maybe you are not)then insult again, use all the buzz words,then you show hate. You people reading this can look up the report of firefighters in detroit STARTING FIRES to save their jobs, so people WILL do crazy shit to protect their jobs and the system. Only a fool would say all docters are good,remember the nazi docters. Only a fool would say all lawyers are good, (whats the differance between a ran over deer and a lawyer?, skid marks in front of the deer) Only a fool would think all police are good people( another vet was killed for no god dam reason AGAIN, the other day, in my neck of the woods. SHOOT FIRST, thats their policy!! what a way for a country to thank him for his very large sacrifice he made). You sure are gopforever! You got one thing right, the people better wake the f^ck up!

            • Kevin, you must be from my neck of the woods. Where the coroner’s inquests on police shootings has come to a standstill because the police union doesn’t like the proposed new process. Meanwhile, it’s dangerous to be in any police involvement in this town. Yes, I have my eyes wide open about our local law enforcement. I have no doubt which way they will go when told to unarm citizens of their legally owned guns.

            • I have to respond to vprep by responding to my self(no respond button on v prep) There are 1000’s of good cops in this country, who are very good people, if “they” come to take your guns, more of them then you know will be with the 2nd amendment. You only have 1 eye open.

            • I love it when a man gets his hackles up… are the type of man that makes preppers look like inbred rednecks. Read carefully – I did NOT say all doctors/lawyers/military/police are good people. YOU said that to use hyperbole to bolster you case. And get this straight you low IQ’d ass: whether you like it or not, I did serve 11 years as a Naval doctor, and saw the beginning of Desert Storm, serving the military that protects (sorry I forgot, oppresses) you. I served at Balboa Naval Hospital, USS Hector in the western Pacific, at El Toro Marine base in CA, to name a few. So don’t f – ing theorize that “maybe I wasn’t a doctor” unless you have some proof of that. It would be fascinating to see you on Prozac. And I can’t help it that you live where all doctors, police and military are “dirty” and on the take. Try moving out of the slums………..

          • Calm down dude! You’re a doctor? Good for you. I said doctors, carpenters, etc as an example. And you take it personally. It doesn’t matter if you’re a king or an old street sweeper. I’m saying all of you(you know most of America) is asleep. If your a good person and awake and prepping, then again good for you! Don’t take what I say personally.

            • Thank you Kevin!

            • Most politicians are lawyers and look at what a FINE job they have done with the country!!!!!

      20. how come the 1911 and AK platform was left out of the check list, pretty much ver-batum with the standard FEMA and CDC checklist, humm

        • You won’t need them. You should turn over your AK, your 1911, and all your rations to me.

      21. yes yes … protect your family and self from zeds with hugs and kisses.

        • “Zed, is dead babe!”

          • Save the gold watch?

      22. Green and White head band\scarf is synonymous with Hamas. Stratfor is a privately held company which sells information (global intelligence), this was the site taken down The one thing Stratfor failed to do was pay attention to their own web infrastructure and weak security, perhaps now would be a good time for all interesting sites like this one to re-examine their website security and their hosting company’s security, or better yet, host their own. Agent’s provocateurs are most likely those involved with “Anonymous.” Probably funded by George Soros or someone like him. These people cannot function without support money and funding or I wouldn’t think it possible, they have to eat and buy fuel and pay bills unless of course they have hacked the keepers of the almighty credit scores, I am just sayin……..

      23. Alright, I am prejudiced I agree. But this is a bit redundant and lacks Pro-Active solutions. This is a response scenario. Who wants to respond to being beaten up, how to runaway from an APC or avoid out of control cops. Learn how to avoid it here:

        and here:

        and here:

        and if you want the methodology look here:

        • thanks Cyrus, I like this Codger guy!

      24. written by someone in a foreign country, as I know very few americans that call their maglites Torches Common vernacular in europe. also the reason for not mentioning firearms. they don’t have them. also apparently not familiar with Americas propensity for identifying gangbangers by similar clothing or colors. But all in all it is a start if we were to send it out to everyperson in America. at least they would pause to think. which is more than most of them are doing now. I wish you well my friends. Today I went out in the woods and laid out areas to move a few cattle and hogs into and am experimenting with the mortality rate of free range chickens as when the s/h/t/f/ I want to continue to have bacon and eggs for breakfast. So if mr man comes and gets the stuff in the pastures and barns I am covered.

        • lost one. we are all lost, so don’t feel alone! What country are you in? what are food prices like? crime going up? gold/silver prices on the street? what is the word, and vibe on the street????????????????????????

      25. I would never download anything from a group of hackers, what if they put a backdoor into this guide? They just stole a bunch of money fron bank accounts and gave it their favorite charities.

        • tom,
          Your right they did, however they stole that info from a goverment think tank, I ain’t scared I donw loaded it just down load the pdf file. I plan to spread this info around. Just from what I have seen from this group they are after goverment’s. Check out some of their stuff on youtube


          Hell I’m more worried about what they found then anything.

      26. I am in mourning the next 30 seconds for Kem John ill’s funeral beginning now ………………………… The fish stink is subsiding.

        • Me too.. pass the fish sauce please ? Need more stank here..

          • It IS cooked…is’nt it?

        • Unfortunately, I was walking past the tv when that was on. WHY THE HELL did the news even cover that. Did you see people in the back, behind the cryers(I loved airplane movies)? NO EMOTION!! These people were told to cry or die! God, I hope they dont make me do this for obummer!

          • 5 seconds of fame. Looked pretty emotional to me. I had a moment, then a tear. That fish sauce better be 80 proof.

          • It will be tears of joy my friend the Obummer becomes worm food.

          • That is why it was tellevised, a distraction from news that Will ultimately affect you. Just noise and more sensationalism.

            But one thing is clear. There is a regime change in progress.

      27. DNT,

        My thoughts are right with you.

        I think of the past shoppers (Charge of the Sneaker Brigade) transforming to a mob about to bust down my front door. There will be some that eat dirt and there are many that come back and at 3 AM and put a torch to my digs.

        I think we need to start and band together. The only thing I don’t see is how and with whom?

        Do I have to join a state preppers group? I have been here for about three weeks. What do y’all recommend we do to communicate and get together? I guarantee one thing for sure if BO has his way, this site and method of communicating will be history!!!

        I’m getting fired up – Y’all Beware!

        • @ Ya’ll Beware:

          When you figure out how and with whom, let me know. The group’ll need a doctor.

          • doctors are WAY OVER RATED and sellouts to the pharma industry – no better than whores to big pharma… i’ll take a herbalist / paramedic any day of the week over a doctor!

            • Yeah, what does your herbalist use for vancomycin resistant enterococcus? Tea tree oil?

            • @gop4everisafedtroll , this bacteria can be treated with ampicillin and vancomycin…

              or 1 9 oz glass colloidial silver water , baking soda 1 table spoon and 1 tblsp honey every six hours for three days… look for l-lysine take 1500 mg’s of it as well daily with small easily digested low acid meals and lotsa warm green tea to flush out your urinary tract , kidneys and bladder.

              i’ll take the natural way any day… next question pls. ;0P

        • i suggest everyone find ski resorts and amusement parks near their homes as rally points for shtfplan preppers and friends… these will be great location and have the faciities to handle large crowds of preppers… we can coordinate through here for each state anonymously… just state what state you are from and list the resources to bugout too… once you arrive there form governing counsels, security and elect a security/ warchief by silent anonymous ballots!

          it’ll work… ;0)

          And just remember too create a special protected area for the children , young females and disabled with over watches. male / female security teams at all times.

          anyone who violates another or commits a crime and is found guilty and convicted by the whole populations deciding vote is hung!

          • Nina, got to disagree with you dude. The last place I want to go to is an urban area with an amusement park. Nothing like having all of us rounded up in one place. makes us easy pickens.

          • If shtf, the only thing I will be doing is protecting family, because they are asleep and do not understand the evil of man.

          • Well just thought they’d be good rally points to get organized… if anyone needs safe bugout locations check out montana wyoming ski resorts and national park systems… low FALLOUT locations… just be wary of da’ Local’ locals… they play ruff here!

            But MORE , lotsa good christians here as well!

            Me personally I’m heading into Glacier Park!

            Plenty of fireroads to get lost on… and lotsa fresh meat on the hoof!

            Good place too chill out for a year or two…

        • There is a forum, American Preppers Network, that divides into state groups. I can’t personally recommend it because I’m not active on that site, but it does have the breakdown you seek. Google ‘er and check it out – seems like some decent people on there.

          • american preppers network is okay but not great…you would be really amazed at how few people actually are seeking information, etc.. versus sheeple who think we are all nuts. american preppers is not actually bad..but there are whole states of folks who are not there (quite literally). mine being one of them…seems i and a handful in my state are the only souls “at home” and prepping- the rest are in lalaland thinking things are still hunkydory.

      28. Wow.. a left wing prepping manual.. note that they tell the reader to “not steal firefighting equipment IF it is located in a populated area”. To avoid rape, ” make yourself undesirable and unattractive” ( that explains a LOT to me.. Keagan, Napolitano, Reno, Hillary, Michelle, etc… All this time, I just thought most rabidly liberal people were just naturally ugly.. but it appears that it is intentional ).

        • LOL.

        • You forgot Cindy Sheehan.

          • yes.. I did. Thanks for reminding me.. now I have a slight taste of repressed vomit in my mouth..

          • When cindy sheehan was running against pelosi for the house, her offices got ramsacked,paper records went missing,computers stolen,supporters audited by irs and lost city, and county contracts, and cindy got called in for jury duty the week of the election! You just can’t make up this $hit UP. Say what you want about cindy sheehan, but atleast she stays her course. She lost a son, in a war she thinks was unjust, and avoidable. She is not a liberal, she is anti-war!! See how the flow of info works? Before the election of bho, anti-war EVERYWHERE in the news, then NOTHING after the election. Cindy sheehan was used, and then discarded by the medeia/gubmnt.

            • Where is she now and why aren’t we hearing from her with the current conflicts?

            • She’s probably still camping out off of Bush’s ranch house or shacking up with Moore and looking for the center of attention.

            • ARGHHHH…. UUURRRRPPPP !!!!! Jeez, thanks Slim.. Moore and Sheehan bumping uglies… Dang it !! These were new sweats that I just got for Christmas… now covered in last nights pizza..

              Do you think the stain will wash out ?

              Maybe from the cloths; but the stain on my brain created by that mental image will not fade fast… shudder…

            • Sorry about that SnS. I usually just watch two and half men and wait for Charlie to visit his therapist on tv. That helps me through the difficult moments in life.

            • Might have a “little” bit of respect for cindy if we was hearing from her during this administration. I see there are six thumb down votes for people that do not think deeply.

        • Oh, heck, SnotS..I didn’t need those ramen noodles anyhow..just lost all appetite.

        • Best way to deal with robbers is to give them what they want….

          • Yes precious metal….copper plated lead.

            • Give them want they need…….

          • Sheesh – stop thumbs-downing Ben – he was quoting from the manual! Sarcasm, people!

        • Wow… I can’t believe on this site of all of them that there are still liberal this and conservative that. Those are the biggest and most outright lies that they put on us, they seprated us then and we won’t be able to unite until we start correcting our own misunderstandings. It’s the Internaional Banking Cartel versus us, not me versus you, for we are the many, and they are the few.

      29. I’ve been a longtime lurker, 1st time post. I just want to give kudos to those of Anon that are doing what they can to give us information. I just wish they would leave the UN symbology out of this bit of useful information.

      30. Hi Mac,

        You’ve topped yourself with this article…

        One of the best you have ever done…

        Invaluable GREAT info!

        Print it out folks…


      31. Folks, when this type of article is old hat TS has already HTF. I hope that this time around more than 3-5% participate. I get tired of carrying more than my share.
        God bless you all,

        • P.S. US Marines I haven’t heard from you in a few days, I miss your insight.


          • us marines was paid a visit by the nwo fbi man… told to wise up or else and is now cowering in his fox hole too scare to even look at his keyboard!

            so much for siemper fidelous…

            • Sure they got his ip, from another site,no trolls here! Mac would surely break a gag order to inform us, if they got it from him!NOT,NOT, AND NOT!!!!! NO REVOLUTION, NO CHANGE! WE NEED RESTORATION! EXPOSE THE VOTING SYSTEM FRAUD. You can tell when “they” are watching/on a web site. Remember the movie signs? No, “they” cannot be everywhere, but “they” sure as hell are here, and they got alot of unemployed rocket scientists, recently employed now! Hell, you can’t blame them, they gotta make the house payment! Family first.

          • Hopefully he is having a nice Christmas holiday with family!

      32. Gop4ever,
        Thanks for the feedback. I have 1 doctor and 2 nurses on board. Will get more.

        Like the ski resorts idea – higher elevation. Do they have amusement parks in Montana or can we just come to your place? LOL

        I’m looking at the APN site and that of SC.

        Thanks to all for your feedback.

        Y’all Beware!

        • @ya’ll beware ;0) my place will be vacant come shtf, as i’ll be off in da’ woods, chillin in my dugout nice and warm, eatin’ fresh deer steaks… hibernatin’… if you do come to montana go too flathead valley/ lake , POLSON MONTANA and find the CONSTITUTIONAL PREACHER! CHUCK BALDWIN and family! They and his awesome congregation will help you and your family settle in to the area safely!

          • How do you plan to preserve That much meat…a small white tail is good for 40-60 lbs of meat.
            I just canned 2 1/2 cases of pints from one deer and still have 20+ lbs of ground venison in the freezer.
            A mule deer will have twice as much meat. An elk will run 300 lbs or more of boned out meat. Without a means to preserve it you will waste it. How you gona grow veggies and keep the critters from harvesting them before you do?
            I have lots of canned fruit and veggies from my garden.
            What are you gonna do for 2 years worth of toilet paper?
            To even have a chance you have to live the lifestyle now
            Keep in mind the thieves that were hunted down in the dakotas with a predator drone….your fantasy of heading into a national park and hideing there a couple years is just that, a fantasy

      33. @Gop4Ever
        I would gladly stand by you’re and you’re hubbies side. I know dividing lines are being drawn, even inside LEO departments. Many LEO’s are watching the way things are playing out as well and are making plans to keep family safe. Many of the good cops are gone, but many do remain. I know much of what is happening is caused by economic tensions and most certainly conditioning by the “everyone is bad” agency. I think you know who I mean lol. When I see a blatant post such as that above, I would bet $100 dollars, it is a plant to see how many respond in kind. Talking about what you have and how you intend to use it, on an open forum, well, that’s just downright foolish or?? It amazes me to see how many fall for it.

        In the last two years, most LEO’s that lived in the local town here, have sold their houses and moved to the same area in the country, they see what’s coming as well. We all know what’s coming, please pass onto you’re hubby, some of us have NO intentions of inflicting any harm on anyone, just because they are Leo’s, and his efforts ARE most appreciated, at least by some levelheaded folks.

        • Maybe GOP4Ever is a troll

          • Maybe Whatever Says is a bitter, unemployed man vicariously living through others on this site – writing comments at 1312 in the afternoon………..

            • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

        • hi watcher! It is a major problem with the “many of the good cops are gone”. 63 police from my neck of the woods, live in a town 110 miles away in another state, and god knows how many of the ff. There has been some tragic shootings involving leo’s (i prefer keeper of the peace myself) of vets in my area(and like me, people are very,very upset, off his meds sitting in his car). “some” good ones left, are not enough. Come back good ones!

        • @ The Watcher

          Thank you, sir. No doubt the disparaging commentators are left wing plants on this site. Very good point. I appreciate people like yourself. If you were in my prep group, I would make sure you and yours got the unexpired tetanus toxoid………….. “)

      34. Thanks Nina…I’m born and bred Tennessean..transplanted to Kentucky 4 years ago.

        • ;0) no problemo @jj your posts always remind me there are still good people out there in the world… those are both BEAUTIFUL States come springtime… be safe.

      35. Does anyone still believe that “anonymous” is not just a government run entity designed to distract and mislead us?

      36. The young people of today really don’t have a idea.Easyly swayed.I feel on edge.I see a lot of good people and good idea’s.But all so many bad people and bad idea’s.I Want to thank Anonymous for this Guide for citizen’s.I believe it will help me under stand some thing’s better.I am awake and just want truth.Hear my Cry!

      37. @D – Yes I believe Anonymous is CIA or some other agency. How can the US Government find anyone they want to, but with this ‘Anonymous’ group not one person or shred of information is released other than their message. What better way to get a list of preppers than offer them a PDF to download?

      38. Anonymous compiled this for the average person in ANY country. If you live in a place where this type of turmoil is developing, and you know nothing of prepping or survival, this would be invaluable. It appears to me to be more focused on “escape and evade” for the average citizen in a civil unrest scenario. Sure, they should probably have mentioned weapons, but the scenarios addressed seem to be mostly getting out of the danger areas and surviving.

        So much hatefulness and division in comments here. I’ve got as many guns and as much food as y’all, but I’m as worried about surviving this to live with some of you as I am of the SHTF. Propers to those of you who still have kind hearts and aren’t actively praying for the End.

        Trucks suddenly very few on road (nobody will put rig on road in war zone nor insure it even if that war zone is a thousand miles away where it’s produced/sold).
        Sudden shortage of “everything” (it gets to your local store by truck).
        Sudden shortage of gasoline (gets to your local station by truck).
        Price spike (due to transport chaos).

      40. One less Delta IV to be fixed.

      41. Ninaorket,

        Thanks for the welcome and sharing your info, greatly appreciated. Please email me at [email protected] so I can get your opinion on a prepper product.

        Y’all Beware!

      42. Yatta yatta checklist. Yatta yatta “don’t find yourself in the middle of a riot”. Anybody reading this site knows the contents listed in the “Anonymous” document, and they know a whole lot more. I am personally skeptical of the alleged source of the document. Who are the real authors? Why publish such a document labeled prominently “Anonymous”?

        I call bullshit on the document being actually written and published by a hacker organization. It smells more like a fake publication being sold with the name of an “organization” unable to deny the source, a publication that conspicuously omits firearms from the “preparedness” list. Just who, or perhaps better, what would gain from convincing people to “prepare” but don’t bother with guns, hmmm? I wonder.

      43. Yah sjdude,
        Doesn’t matter! You know what to do.

      44. the mongols rested in the summer and attacked in the harsh of winter,just when all the rule followers were relaxing

      45. A true waste of time reading this PDF. Things were so basic, my ten year old grand son would know most of it.
        “Avoid people with guns”?? Really??
        Well, maybe not a true waste of time as I did start mentally inventorying my preparedness.
        Be well.

      46. The UK already ticks all those boxes.

        – riots and unrest the government can’t control – tick
        – collapsing economy and currency – tick
        – lying political figures and statistics – tick
        – media also corrupt and lying – tick

      47. ?what to do about the drones

        • Eliminate them on the ground. Eliminate those that control them or their families. Eliminate those who use the information against you or their families. Interestingly, when your own Government declares war on you and all civilians they have nowhere to hide. They live next door to you. Quite a delima for the Powers trying to enslave a well armed populace.

      48. Fish Wrap. Read The Secret Freedom Fighter by Jefferson Mack. Free on the net…This GARBAGE was obviously written by FEMA. Run, Hide, Do Nothing, Rat out Your Neighbors, We are the all Powerful Oz, Submit to Our Unconstitutional Authority…

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