After The Collapse – Who Will Your Neighbors Be?

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    This article has been contributed by Brandom Smith of Alt Market, an organization that facilitates networking, local community action, and the exchange of knowledge and ideas and promotes decentralization, localism, and the de-globalization of human economic systems.

    Dr. William Stockton celebrates yet another birthday surrounded by family and friends in the midst of a grand suburban paradise. The party is warm, and the evening is filled with joy and merriment. These people singing his praises, laughing and imbibing generous amounts of spirits, are neighbors he’s known for over 20 years. He understands them well, or at least, he thinks he does…

    The good doctor, as his neighbors often point out with a jabbing chuckle, is a prepper; a brand of survivalist who participates in the day to day routine of mundane American life while using his spare time to safeguard against unforeseen disaster. His friends view this behavior as an amusing curiosity, an eccentric hobby, but none take it nearly as seriously as William does. It’s not that he is paranoid; far from it. In fact, William Stockton is a professional, a man of sense, and a man of family. He merely lives in an era of great potential danger, where nuclear war and societal collapse are anything but fantasy. Stockton takes these issues into account as an individual, and acts according to the severity of his environment. Much more than his neighbors, he represents legitimate rationality.

    Unfortunately for the doctor, and for those who live around him, the days of wine and frosted cake are about to abruptly end as a Civil Defense emergency bulletin blares over the wire. The reality that today’s comforts could disappear in the blink of an eye sets into the minds of the frightened listeners. And soon, we begin to witness the TRUE character of those William once held dear.

    This scenario might sound like a familiar consideration to many of us, but for now it remains the stuff of nighttime TV. So begins a rather prophetic and ingenious episode of The Twilight Zone entitled “The Shelter”…

    The fascinating thing about “The Shelter” is that it is one of the few short stories showcased in The Twilight Zone (a science fiction program) which hasn’t a single element of science fiction within it. “The Shelter” is terrifying exactly because it is NOT a product of wild imagination, but a representation of social fact that cuts to the calcium rich bone of our culture, even 50 years after it aired on television.

    The cold hard truth is, much of our country is completely unprepared for a crisis of any considerable proportion. While the 1950’s and 1960’s held the specter of immediate full scale nuclear war, and thus a highly persuasive incentive for preparedness, the new millennium has hardly been anything to sneeze at. Economic collapse is just as destructive to a nation as an atomic bomb, if not more so. The likelihood of social unrest and the long term implosion of our financial system is greater today than it has been in any other era of American history. So much so that even our currency may evaporate along with our standard of living. Those who prep today are acting in as much a logical fashion as those who built shelters during the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    The knee jerk conclusion here by skeptics of the prepper lifestyle will be that the bunker owning citizens of the “red scare” days wasted their time. That obviously, there was no nuclear holocaust, and all their careful planning was for naught. Or why not bring up the media generated hysteria of Y2K, which played on the public’s utter lack of general knowledge concerning computers and U.S. infrastructure to inspire a widespread prepping panic? Did that farce not prove the absurdity of the survivalist mentality?

    The answer is no, not really…

    The eventuality of collapse is not the issue. Though America today has zero room to maneuver as far as inflationary printing and debt based spending are concerned, and economic instability is inevitable according to the fundamentals regardless of any practical or impractical political measures that could be introduced, the crisis is not our focus. Our focus is, and always has been, independence and self reliance regardless of the circumstances. Through national prosperity, or national pain, the key to survival is to never make assumptions. To never count on your environment to remain hospitable. To keep catastrophe in mind, even if others around you do not.

    One vital aspect of survival that often goes unaccounted for by even the most astute preppers, however, is the issue of community. When the last vestiges of normal society crumble, will you be surrounded by friends, or foes? The difference is not always apparent, as Rod Serling noted in the brilliant episode of the Twilight Zone above. The question then arises; how do we know who to work with, who to trust, and when to keep our mouths shut?  When the going gets brutal, who will have the guts to stand firm, who will run, and who will stab us right in the back if they get the chance?

    Being a prepper for some years myself, and working with a myriad of character types, I have found that certain personality signals and quirks should be addressed in those who live around you, or those you plan to associate with. Certain kinds of people can be pure poison for any survivalist or any organization striving for practical solutions to collapse. Look at your neighbors and your associates carefully and with some objectivity. Do they fit any of the below profiles a little too well…?

    The Lemming

    This person lives life to the fullest, which by their definition essentially means working 9 to 5 in a job they despise with co-employees they hate, going home to watch reruns of The Apprentice while drinking away the pain of inadequacy, and bathing in the warm oily coconut butter glow of mainstream news before sinking into their soft feather bed of political ineptitude and dreaming sensible dreams of cult-like consumerist mayhem.

    This kind of neighbor will likely freak at even the most non-invasive philosophies. Mention of voting for third party candidates (or Ron Paul) draws googly eyed expressions of disbelief, as if you just broke wind at their dinner table. Conversations of possible economic collapse inspire in them reactions of either complete dismissal along with skeptical cackling, or shrugged shoulders and passive solutions. They buy into anyone who happens to be in a position of petty authority, and would jump into a septic tank filled with rusty nails if someone in an expensive suit or a white coat told them to.

    In a post collapse situation, this person will immediately look around for the first truck he can find filled with FEMA goodies. If he finds no government handouts are coming and that he is on his own, he will transform from a lackadaisical and humorously obscure human being into a rabid ax wielding (yet still humorously obscure) murdering food stealing two legged weasel.You do NOT want this person knowing who you are and living within 100 miles of you during a time of instability. They WILL show up at your doorstep…

    Commonly spoken phrases include:

    “I just want to have fun and not worry about stuff like that…”

    “If we stay positive, it will all blow over…”

    “That could NEVER happen in this country…”

    The Rambo-Lite

    A real badass…in his own mind. Unfortunately, not all activists make good neighbors for the well grounded prepper. This “survivalist” is all talk and no action. All bark and no bite. His training methods consist solely of You Tube videos, shopping expeditions to Cabelas, and a trip to the shooting rage once every three months. He talks a good game, and may lure you into a cooperative agreement by regaling you with his ability to memorize information from Gun Digest, but when the full fury of a financial firestorm is unleashed, he will let you down in the worst way.

    Rambo-Lite is like most men, in that he seeks opportunities to prove himself, and to one day, he hopes, be looked upon as a kind of hero. There is nothing wrong with this. However, being usually overweight or out of shape, our little friend is too lazy to pursue the skills necessary to fulfill such a destiny. On top of this, he often has extremely overblown delusions of grandeur, and feels no need to heighten his knowledge. Why train when you already know everything? He is the kind of prepper that makes real preppers look bad.

    Rambo-Lite has all kinds of gear, all kinds of advice, but will whine through the night during a cold winter march, never stay on task, never listen to the sage wisdom of those more experienced, and run at the first sign of substantial danger. Ultimately, he is an obstacle, not a comrade. When looking for neighbors who will provide mutual support in hard times, look elsewhere…

    Commonly spoken phrases include:

    “I don’t care about any of that! I just want to shoot blue helmets!”

    “All I need is my hunting rifle and my bowie knife…”

    “I don’t need to store food. I’ll just take other people’s…”

    “I used to be a navy-seal-air-force-ranger-marine-scout-sniper-jiu-jitsu-master…”

    The Cynic On Steroids

    As if things aren’t bad enough, some people have to make them worse by constantly pointing out how unavoidably “doomed” we all are, and that the act of survival is in itself a waste of energy. This neighbor is quite aware of the scale of the dangers we face down the road as a culture, but instead of taking proactive measures to prepare and to help others around him, he does nothing, and revels in the thought of widespread destruction. The warped dynamic of the modern American lifestyle has not been kind to this person. Of course, it has not been kind to most of us. Our Cynic reverts to a childish methodology of nihilism because he believes he has somehow been dealt a worse hand than anyone else, and the only thing that will satisfy him would be a hailstorm of napalm across the face of the planet.

    Rarely leaves his home to organize with other activists, but when he does, the urge for most people to sink a fist into his scowling face is almost irresistible.

    As excited as this guy is to see the world burn, he is actually very afraid of dying. Strangely, like most eugenicists, or members of PETA, in his darkest fantasies, he imagines a future in which nearly everyone meets a horrible gurgling end except himself. Unscathed by the genocide, he skips along his merry way in lush fields of dandelions and bunnies to meet the celebrity woman of his dreams (or any woman who will feel forced to settle because there are so few men left alive).

    It goes without saying, this neighbor is not going to be of much service to anyone. Confronted with very real doom (namely his own), and realizing that his dreamworld musings of a day when he will have the Earth to himself are not going to come true, he will blame the closest and most successful preppers around him for his misfortunes. He won’t ask for food, and he won’t try to take it by force either. Instead, he’ll turn you in to the authorities (if there are any left), or, he’ll attempt to snatch away what he can from those people weaker than him (if there are any left).

    Commonly spoken phrases include:

    “We’re all going to die anyway…”

    “They have tanks and predator drones! You’ll be wiped off the map!”

    “No woman is smart enough to understand me…”

    The Snoop

    Ah yes, my favorite! Every neighborhood in America has one of these dastardly specimens.Every apartment building, every city block, every gated community. The Snoop is like the Lemming in that they almost pride themselves on their unwillingness to listen to reason or consider facts, but the Snoop takes this one step further. Not only will you find them sneering at those of us who express independent or anti-establishment views, but they will also go out of their way to bring trigger happy SWAT teams to our doorsteps. These are the people who actually call Janet Napolitano’s “See Something, Say Something” hotline thinking they are good samaritans.

    The Snoop has been the mainstay of every tyrannical government of the last century, from Mussolini’s Italy, to Franco’s Spain, Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, etc. Today, the Snoop is being tapped by the DHS and the Obama Administration as a resource once again within the borders of America itself.

    Snoops fancy themselves amateur detectives. They will ask odd probing questions that seem out of place in regular conversation. They will form superficial friendships that feel even more fake than many neighborhood relations tend to. Disapproval of your politics will be met not with arguments, but with silence, and increasing distance. Snoops reveal themselves through their addiction to gossip. Eventually, you will discover from other neighbors that they slander you constantly behind your back.

    Under normal circumstances, this is something to be laughed at and ignored. But, post collapse, it is something to be very concerned about. Snoops aren’t looking for advantage, like the Cynic. They are looking for vindication, and approval. They desperately want to be a part of a collective, and revile anyone who displays outward individualism. If turning you in, or organizing others against you, will bring them a pat on the head, they will do it.

    The Snoop is a coward, and will never confront you directly. But, he or she will try to use the force of the state or the community against you if you offend their twisted world view.

    Commonly spoken phrases include:

    “We really need to keep our eyes open for terrorists…”

    “I hear the terrorists are using white people at bus stations now…”

    “Liberty Movement? Isn’t that one of those homegrown terrorist groups?”

    The Idle Enthusiast

    Some people are absolutely gung-ho about supporting activist projects or organizing for mutual aid, until the situation requires patience and effort. Then, they disappear from the scene, never to be heard from again. Most movements, especially grassroots movements, are rife with this behavior. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon after its moving at full speed; they don’t want to have to push it uphill. The same goes for prepping…

    Getting the Idle Enthusiast excited about the prospect of community growth and survival training is not difficult. Getting him to show up to provide needed assistance is another matter. Without fail, this character will make numerous offers to carry a mission forward, and will fail to follow through on almost every single occasion. After a while, you find yourself astonished when they accomplish ANTHING, no matter how small the task.

    Their prepping list is always half finished, their training is always half finished, and their promises are always half finished. The strain of asking them to apply even the most remedial effort becomes so painful that you’ll begin entertaining thoughts of violent pillow smothering and strangulation.

    The Idle Enthusiast is the kind of neighbor who will volunteer for the most arduous projects. At first, they’ll leave you pleasantly surprised, and then, they’ll leave you hanging.

    Commonly spoken phrases include:

    “Don’t worry bro, I got this…”

    “I’ll have that done in no time…”

    “Oh man, I totally got sidetracked…”

    The smart prepper understands well that going it alone is not an option, at least not for the long term. Thus, we are required to build relationships with those who live near us. If we cannot find enough like-minded souls in our immediate vicinity, then we must relocate to a place where this process is more viable (at least, if we want to survive). Staying put, wrapped in a web of tract homes or city dwellings filled with dangerously unaware and unprepared people is not an intelligent post collapse strategy. Retreat planning without proper group support and indigenous support is not only a logistical nightmare but a surefire avenue to discomfort of the terminal variety.

    Think carefully about the kinds of people you want to have around you in the wake of disaster, and the community you plan to participate in after the smoke has cleared. The decisions you make now may be the kind you are stuck with for quite some time through events that will test your endurance and your very spirit. The more friendships we forge today with those who are prepared not just in supply, but in mind, the safer we will all be tomorrow. The company we keep in the days ahead is not a factor to be taken lightly…

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help us help others in relocating, visit Alt Market’s donate page here:


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      1. That’s exactly the unnerving part — who do you confide in and who do you cooperate with in your prepping. I’ve been prepping for several years but I live in a typical tract suburb in San Antonio. No one in my immediate surrounding seems to be preppers but again I don’t think any of my neighbors would think I was either. Fortunately, just in the last few days I’ve make some solid moves with an old high school friend and an ex-co-worker. based on past interaction I was pretty sure they were at least awake. Now we are moving along with some developing plans for a mid to long-term bug out location and examining our collective preps and skills to determine our gaps.

        • 1) confide in no one unless/until you know for certain that they themselves are prepping.

          2) it’s a lot like dating. You have to go slow, take your time, and do it in stages.

          3) You don’t have to reveal your stores to get folks to prepare: Form a neighborhood watch. Encourage folks to stock up for hurricanes/tornadoes/(insert regional disaster here).

          4) It *always* pays to have a few extra stores that you can give as anonymous charity once the SHTF.

          5) a bug-out location is a frickin’ excellent idea, as is some means to get there with your stuff, but without attracting attention.

          In my own situation, I live in an apartment block that I’m moving out of in a few months. Most other folks there are in similar situations, so no one really knows each other beyond the basic pleasantries and the complex pool parties. It’s great for OPSEC, but lousy for a community.

          • I have and continue to keep my mouth shut about what I have in my pantry. I can count on my hands the people who know the exact location of my home, all but two being family.(looks like the situation with the crazy ex paid off, I been quiet about where I live for so long it’s second nature to fib about it)After a major hurricane hit my area a few years ago, I saw first hand exactly how my neighbors would react to chaos. All but two of the neighbors depended soley on the gov for supplies, and qued daily with the rest of the sheep for water and ice. What kind of mother hasn’t even got a gallon of water for her baby in the house, much less a pack of matches and a few candles? Anyway, the point is if these people didn’t learn from the last disaster to keep even basic supplies around , then trying to get them to prep for themselves by revealing my plans just sets me up for a robbery or worse in my opinion. I fully expect all of them to load up their ten kids per family ( there may be more I can’t tell, they run around too much and my guess is my taxes help pay for ALL of them) in the mini van and head for the WalMart parking lot. By the time they get back, the shutters will be on and it’s stealth mode until they mosey on out to the FEMA camp. Now the two that DID have their ducks in a row, I’m freindly with. They both have skills I can use and visa versa. One is a (get this)bear tagger and tracker for the State. The other, an ole ridge runner that can make and/or fix anything and works like a mule because he likes it. Both will do just about anything for homemade cookies or a nice Sunday dinner. Needless to say I stock heavily on baking supplies.For long term, I know there are groups close by with the Alt market people, that I may contact in the future.

            • Jen, you and I should both apply for SSI. Sounds like your back is also broken from carrying these “people”.

              You are spot on about their behavior in a crisis. They would feel perfectly justified in taking from you by whatever means they choose.

              I don’t know if you are old enough to remember t-shirts that said “STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDN’T BREED”, but it has been my observation that those are the ones who breed the most.

            • I’m not sure if this helps or not, but I tend to watch how people react when severe weather, (snow in particular), hits my location. Last year, we had a pretty hard winter that left people with intermittent power loss and limited transportation through the terrain. I was amazed at what I saw. Those that could get out, went out to grocery stores, hardware stores, home improvement centers and completely sold them out on common staple items and generators. It even got to the extent to where the media was covering stories about it. It made me very aware of how unprepared people are and some insight as to how they might react in a more serious situation, such as civil unrest. Just food for thought.

            • I’d like to have a dollar for every time I hear “If things get really bad I’ll head for your house”.

            • We will all be called “unethical hoarders” when the SHTF…

              Ditto about comments from people that say they will “head for your house.” I told my mom (who for right or wrong is relying on God alone in the coming crisis) this: Pretend I’m Noah and here’s your warning from God- if you don’t prepare, don’t come looking to climb on my Ark! She called me a couple days ago, and says she bought a bunch of tuna. LOL

        • Will; I’m due NW from you at the end of Tejas. I’m an 8hr. away neighbor (just so you’d know).
          I’ve got 4 buddies and 2 family members close by that we all share in the belief that the s will htf. We had talked about what to look for in trustworthy people and preppers. One common thread is they listen to talk radio (not always in agreement with the hosts). They aren’t afraid to talk about the tough issues, i.e. politics, religion, the world and to express their own opinions of what everything is leading to.
          I know of physicans, law enforcement people, military,dentists and ministers that talk about what’s happening. They normally bait you with questions that are seeking your opinion on a variety of issues. My own chidren, both out of W Tejas, know that when they get the text “get home”, they know to drop everything and head home.
          Hopefully I have given you some tips and encouragement.
          Stay in His grace.

          • drd5508– i am slightly nw of you in new mexico and pretty much alone in the wilderness here. those that i thought were friends scoff at any type of preparedness. husband and i are pretty much on our own as far as family, daughter off at college has the same “get home” instructions but we are still unsure if she will actually listen and follow instructions. we live in a rural area and though our neighbors are friendly, none are friends. one group that was not mentioned above was the one my parents fall into…they will just lay down and die because they don’t want to go through any more hardships like they did in the depression

            • I’m located in the most south/western part of TEXAS, and have 25 acres, 1 way in and 1 way out with own well etc. Been prepping for several years along with Military exper., Law Enforcement, Border Agency all withing 10 minutes of each other and all working for the future. More prepping as usual so dont keep up with the Jones, just your immediate Family and CLOSE co-workers. All my neighbors are prepping and are ready for the inevitable. So when the S-htf, common trust and preps are for the joint survival for the future.
              Dont forget, media, cd’s, educational, dictionaries etc. This will eventually be the futrue for all our children and thier children to survive and prosper on.

            • I am also in W. Tx and the mind set of family is that we will all come together. Problems arise when you take into the scope of the surrounding neighbors in our location…too many on public dole and very few even know what hard work is. I do not plan on becoming their new hand-out station for food and supplies to make their lives easier. The rest are elderly and will do exactly what you said…lay down and die because they don’t want to face what is ocming and fight.

            • Those in W TX and S NM are invited to come out to the local survival group meetings. Contact is through Anthony Animal Clinic. Give them a call to find out when and where. We discuss a wide variety of topics that broadly impact on survival.

            • I’m in the panhandle of TX. And my neighbors well the kinda are clueless if you get my drift. But like the lady talked about at the bottom of the thread, I’m a biker and most of the neighborhood leave me alone, that and the boys and I go shooting alot and most have seen the pistols that we carry. I’m just wondering how many preppers are in this area? I see lots of people buying ammo, but hey its TX.


            • tsds; I’ve got a bug-out local that is east of elp county, fill free to stay in touch. You can get my e-mail address from Mac (hope he still has it). Was initially looking in southern NM for a place, found too many people had the same idea and was blessed to find a place 56 miles from my home. Also found a lot of isolationists that needed encouragement and the presentation of the Word. The first of each month I’m holding a Sunday service in this county where I have the property. Starting this Friday, will be having councilling sessions on a veriety of issues(mostly spiritual). Just know you’re not alone. Keep the faith.

            • tsds,

              Your post reminded me of concerns for my parents and other elderly. Some may just “give up.” But, my parents and most of the senior citizens I know are aware of what is going on and trying to prepare. They face additional challenges – limited income and more health problems as with advanced age.

              I worry about my parents since they live several states away and are not in the best of health. I send them storable food. I also have concerns that others in the family will take advantage of them.

              We just do what we can do.

              Keep praying and prepping!
              KY Mom

          • We’re in Western Washington, deep blue, kool-aid drinking, liberal, Govt. teat suckling, Air America obliviousness…

            What I wouldn’t give to be able to pack up and move to Idaho!!!

      2. I cannot even get Church members too listen, my neighbour thinks there is something wrong with me, I told her about storing food and maybe a firearm, she said oh, we don’t want a firearm in the house. I give up! I listen to the Sid Roth its supernatural program, with a man who said the economy is going too recover, and we will have our first female president. I don’t God is going to allow this much longer, but then that’s just me.

        • I feel your pain

        • As far as preps, you don’t have to speak doom and gloom… just gently remind her of the last ice storm, power outage, hurricane, tornado, whatever. Remind her that it’s a lot more comfortable to live off of stored goods at home than it is to try and get some sleep at a local school gymnasium.

          • @OQ: Man there was three tornadoes on the ground in my area during the spring, I was listening to my portable handheld noaa weather radio. I went over to tell them, and the response was ok, it won’t hit here. I mean its retarded!

            • That’s why you say nothing—OQ and Copout…three years now and I’ve learned to just keep quiet–I have had several opportunities with the new church…but no way.
              I’ll just keep my secret and they can still think I’m same.

            • The person with the lowest profile will not get the first hit.

            • Sadly most people think “IT” will never happen to them and if it does, well the government or someone will take care of them. They need to talk to people who have actually gone through emergency situations and they might change their tune. But for most, they are comfortable and just don’t want to think about, or do anything for, a possible emergency.

          • The only thing about having your own food/staying home v. staying at the local gym is that people will realize why you are able to stay at your own home: you have food there! And they will then come visit you, either begging for some of your food or breaking in and taking it.

        • PS: As far as church, talk to the pastor/priest/etc. The flock in geeneral isn’t going to care (it’ll either be a “never gonna happen” situation, or a “I’ll just pray here until I die” one).

          OTOH, the pastor/priest/rabbi/whatever tends to think ahead. You’d be amazed at the mount of stored goods they have for charity sometimes. The local parish (Catholic) I go to is tiny, but they stock up enough donated goods to take care of the whole surrounding neighborhood for a few days. In a disaster (or even if a parishioner or his/her family comes up short on groceries), they’d give it all out as needed.

          One denomination, in spite of my distaste for their theology, is hella gung-ho on prepping: The Mormons. Most members are required to keep 2 years’ worth of food stored away, and most houses in Utah are built with a small-but-serviceable concrete room in the basement to store all your goods (I know because I once owned one, asked about it, and that was the real estate agent’s response). Tell you what – if you’re going to prep somewhere, and don’t mind pretending you’re part of the church (else you’re ostracized), Utah (outside of SLC and Ogden) is a frickin’ prepper’s paradise.

          Also, check out talking to the men’s groups and organizations at the church (of any denomination), and start gently bringing up the subject there. Frame it as a community charity thing. I’ve begun doing something similar.

          • @OQ: Its the pastor to whom i speak of, i asked him what would if they came to the door to haul you away, he stated well i dont have anything else to lose. I dont get it , and cannot accetp that mentality. God is not going to do anything for you, that you can do for yourself, this is my take. Help me understand am i wrong or what?

            • C O – your heart is in a good place; but your head is not. Do your best for you and yours.. let God take care of the rest; since they are His.

              I also respectfully disagree with the statement that God doesn’t do for us what we can do for ourselves.. There are lots of things we can do for ourselves but are just too stupid, occupied or distracted to actually do. He knows.. He takes care of things..

              He will take care of those that are His. Relax. Trust in His goodness. Do what YOUR heart tells you to do for you and yours.. that is your part..

            • I’m thinking that maybe you framed it wrong…

              I usually go with the SHTF scenarios where the government just comes apart, not turns into some hyper-efficient fascist state. Having worked with and for the US government in various capacities over the years, I can tell you right now that descriptions like efficient, thorough, and pervasive are not within their collective ability.

            • know what you mean…we had a pastor who was the same way…all my life i had believed that a good pastor was also a good “shepherd”, and his first duty was looking after his flock…oops, did i have a wake up call on that one. there are a few good “shepherds” out there, but they are outnumbered by the ones who care only for getting their sun.sermon finished and counting the take hoping it will be enough to make the new buildings next payment when it comes due. many churches have even quit the food kitchen donations and clothing collections for the poor..nowadays, their primary winter project is putting up an angel tree to collect xmas presents for kids overseas or on the wrong side of the tracks. alot of good presents will do when they are wandering the streets hungry and have no shoes or coats.

            • I don’t bother trying to “wake up” anyone. If they are still asleep, they won’t listen anyway.

              A good analogy is getting off drugs/alcohol/cigarettes. If someone is going to do it for real, it has to come from within.

              I think people can change, but they cannot BE changed.

            • Copout,

              I believe in preparing for the worse while hoping for the best, however there is great solace in a personal relationship with Jesus. I prep, but I’m not afraid of death when it is my time. That doesn’t mean I care to meet it prematurely because of any stupidity on my part.

              “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28

              Even Jesus slipped out of deaths grasp, Luke 4:28-30 , and didn’t accept it until it was His time. The pastor you speak of may be called for another purpose: Mark 13:11

              All men die, it is just a matter of when and how. Doesn’t mean I care to lay my sleeping bag out across the railroad track or fail to prep, but death will eventually visit us all regardless. Should my purpose be for a Mark 13:11 situation, then so be it. Should it be to survive because of my preps and serve another purpose, then so be it.

              “Surely I have composed and quieted my soul;
              Like a weaned child rests against his mother,
              My soul is like a weaned child within me.” Psalm 131:2

              Prepping’s fun, prudent, and useful. If someone doesn’t agree, that is their burden to bear should the consequences of their indiscretion decide to visit them. We do our best with what we have to work with, and let the chips fall where they may.

              May you know inner peace brother!

            • It’s a theological thing. To some christians living is more important than serving God. The ones who value God more isn’t worried about starving to death if it means he will be more effective in ministry…

        • Copout that neighbor will the first to ask for help after SHTF and she’s out of kibble; and she sounds like the “type” that will gladly say “wow you were right” now can I have some of your food. Unless she is a nurse, doctor or has some tangible skills you wan’t I wouldn’t be stocking up for her and when she comes over just say – sorry – don’t have enough to share.

          • You basically have to do that… though like I mentioned before, it does pay to have a few extra rations on hand you can hand over anonymously. Make sure they can carry it with them, and maybe include a cheap map of the area with travel routes drawn out (preferably with routes you’re not going along).

          • Or you could tell you convinced me when you told me nothing would happen, so I stopped preparing, do you have any extra food I could have!

          • The problem with that is that the neighbor will get ticked off, and go rat you out to everyone else…and then you’ll have 30-40 ppl to contend with! It’s the mentality, “If I can’t have it, neither can you’!!! And THAT is why we keep quiet about what we are doing…we have a few friends who are prepping and we are talking to them and that’s it!!

            • SML – that is a very real possibility. If I can’t have it, then no one else will either.

            • I see that mentality in sooo many sheeple. I suspect that at best I would form an uneasy alliance with my close neighbors. Kind if like USA and USSR in WWII.

            • Split your stores. Thats what I am doing. I have talked with several neighbors and they are now prepping, but not everyone has followed through, so I took someones advice and I have a place stocked with about six months supply of food and other items. Even if I get looted, I have a secret stash.

            • This is a good point and the reason why we ALL should have a bug out location. Depending on the scenario, you could quickly have the neighborhood descending on your li’l ol’ house. What are you going to do, open fire on them all? You’re not going to win that one.

              I fear this scenario more than just about any other. Stuck, ratted out and unable to bug out of what’s become a suburban hellhole.


            • Operational security would tend to dictate that if somebody happens across your retreat/property and they know what you have or they get a good idea of what you have, you have to neutralize them, as quietly as possible as well. This is where suppressed weapons come in handy.

        • My experience with these types of people is to stop warning them- you’ve already done your part. The rest is up to them but I fear for most it will be too late. If this occurs, take it as God’s work 🙂 In the end he selects who stays and who goes. Reminds me of this joke:

          A farmer is in Iowa during a flood. The river is overflowing. Water is surrounding the farmer’s home up to his front porch. As he is standing there, a boat comes up. The man in the boat says, “Jump in, and I’ll take you to safety.” The farmer crosses his arms and says stubbornly, “Oh no thanks, I put my trust in God.” The boat goes away.

          The water rises to the second story. Another boat comes up. The man says to the farmer, who is now at the second floor window, “Hurry, jump in. I’ll save you.”
          The farmer again says, “Oh no thanks, I put my trust in God.” The boat goes away.

          Now the water is inching over the roof. As the farmer stands on the roof, a helicopter comes over, and drops a ladder. The pilot yells down to the farmer, “I’ll save you. Climb the ladder.” The farmer yells back, “Oh no thanks, I put my trust in God.” The helicopter goes away.

          The water continues to rise and sweeps the farmer off the roof into the swiftly moving water. Unfortunately, he drowns. The farmer goes to heaven. God sees him and says, “What are you doing here?” The farmer says, “I put my trust in you, and you let me down.” God says, “What do you mean, let you down? I sent you two boats and a helicopter!”

        • Copout, I’m with you, don’t get discouraged. I’m in the ministry and run into the same boneheaded people both in the ministry and the pews.
          Many in the churches act like the people on gov’t handouts; entitlements. That thought is prevailant in the church also: God won’t allow anything to happen to me, God will provide. They have just enough of the bible understanding to make themselves dangerous. As christians, are calling is stewardship not entitlements.
          Too many want the blessings without the sacrifice.
          I got your back, Copout, in prayer; as with many on this site (even you Mac).

          • @BeefCake: Thats been one of my favorite stories, thanks for sharing it!

          • @DRD5508: Thanks, your words do not fall on deaf ears!

        • Hi Copout,

          US Marine here.

          Hope all is well for you and your family.

          Get your shooting dope straight,… the hour glass is almost out of sand!

          As for your comment about trying to warn people,…. Good Lord, I am ASTOUNDED how people REFUSE to acknowledge simple and basic facts!

          Then you try and show them what the only logical outcome is and they say things like,…”Ahh,.. that can’t happen”… or some other idiocey like that.

          So then I run through the facts again, job lose, industry destruction, corruption at every level of government, foreclosures, printing money, etc, etc, etc.

          Then I ask them to give me just ONE way it could “get better”,… and their anwer is always the same,… they can’t give me any scanerio or set of circumstances that can change the possible result,… and even after that,… they still WON’T acknowlege what is coming!

          It’s a complete cognitive dissonance unlike anything I would have thought possible.

          Anyway here is a closing thought:

          This country has been invaded and taken over by the international bankers, who then corrupted every aspect of our government.

          The US Federal Government is NOT an American gov’t. It is an Enemy Force Of Occupation that has comouflaged its overthrow of the US Gov’t.

          As such, the USA is not “America The Free”, it is actually the largest POW Camp in the world, and we are all prisoners and potential disrupters, hence the Dep’t Of Homeland Security, which is actually Homeland Gestapo, has labeled Americans who still think and act like this is the USA, and “resist” the occupation as “terrorists”.

          Since we ARE technically POW’s, then the Law Of War and the Geneva Convention should apply, and one of the principles for ALL POW’S to observe is:

          It is the Duty of all POW’s to RESIST our captures by every means possible.

          To dispurpt there designs and actions by any and all means.

          To REFUSE to cooperate in any way.

          To Refuse any/all special treatment.

          To provide no information expect name, rank, serial number (SS #)

          To create as much difficulty as possilbe to cause the greatest use of personnel and assests so as to reduce their capacity to wage warefare elsewhere on us.


          It is our duty to “defend our country against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic”, and clearly, the enemy of greatest destruction here in the US, are the domestic ones.

          It is time for Americans to recognize that the USA HAS been overthrown by the International Bankers, aided and abetted by corporations, corrupt politians and a judical system that has been wholly bought-off.

          We are not fighting to correct an American Gov’t, We are fighting to eliminate this Enemy called the Federal Government, and PUT an AMERICAN Government Back in power!

          JD – US Marines – Fighting To Restore An American Gov’t.

          • Nothing more need be added. Good job USM.

          • @USMARINES: Hello my brother, i am ready, willing and able, thank you being a Patriot, we need more to get on board. I never served in the military, my father was, and worked on aircraft, his career was with Eastern Airlines. He raised 5 boys and we certainly were raised like we were in the military. I can hear him now, Alright boys lets get out of them racks. The consquences were not an alternative. God Bless you Brother, and thanks for your words of inspiration!

            • Hi Copout,

              Thank you brother.

              We are about to have the most titanic struggle of our existence revealed to us.

              I wish I had you as a neighbor. 1 good American that is awake and prepared, military background or not, is worth more than a million asleep citizens.

              As for inspiration, mine comes from knowing first hand what has been stolen from us, from being beaten and tortured by the very government that is suppose to protect and honor us but protects only its own interests, the way any Enemy Force Of Occupation does!

              Are you located anywhere near central NJ?

              Just curious.

              Thanks again my friend.

              JD – US Marines – Central NJ

          • I kinda love you, JD. Just sayin’. 😉

            • Hi Daisy,

              Thank you…(blushing….) 😉

              I’m a Combat Decorated United States Marine, and simply an American that believes the fundamental rights that Jefferson so carefully considered and enuramated for us, are more valuable than life itself.

              They are our true heritage, our possession of infinite value to nuture and protect, and our legacy to bestow upon the next generation,…but we have gone amiss.

              Not only has the greastest gift that we can pass on been stolen…so has literally, everything else.

              Make heart aches over the theft of our most prized possessions, our Constitutional Rights, and I am filled the rage that gives one United States Marine the strength of 10,000 men!

              I do not ask God to preserve my pitiful possessions,… only that I be given the chance to fight these Treasonous Dogs that have done this to us!

              In the Marines, my specialty was Aircraft and Surface-To-Air Missle Systems, I was a Marksmen Instructor, Trained in communication networks, fireteam tactics and reconnaissance scouting. After being discharged for injuries to my shoulder and lower spine, I went back to college and finished 3 degrees in Engineering, received 2 research grants for a Space Based Powered Satellite System that produced a 98% efficieny, which no other design team in the world has matched yet and could have changed the Oil Problem Equation, for my troubles and hard work, on the day I completed my Research and Academic work, a SWAT team broke into my house, beat and tortured me to open my safes, but soon realized they couldn’t break me physically to do so, they then torturd my 11 month old daughter instead,…it took only seconds of hearing her screams before I gave in.

              You would think that charges of raping someone who didn’t exist would be dropped or easy to fight… you would not be more wrong. They simply made up more and than tacked them onto that one!

              Maybe I could have fought it all the way, but by time I was half way through the “discovery” process, it was clear how much the police had tampered with, and outright manufactured evidence. Having just finished 7 years of college, earning a total of 5 degrees and two research grants, and rebuilt my entire home, I simply didn’t have the $300,000 to $500,000 that was needed to avoid their threat of 26 years in jail (minimum), plus they had already arranged to have my children taken away unless I agreed to what they wanted.

              No Daisy, you don’t need to tell me what a broken, corrupt, criminal government or police force looks like, or why people should cherish the protections that are SUPPOSE to granted to us as US citizens, but have been all but stolen from us right before our eyes.

              I’ve applied my analytical skills to studying this Enemy Governemt, how it become so alien to us, and what role the International Bankers have played in all this, as well as the designs of wealthy, but morally bankrupt elite with the corporate interests and foreign power friends they have.

              By using Systems Theory and not getting caught up the most common mistake of believing its a “political” problem, or a “financial” problem, or a legal, or corruption issue, I have identified the exact problem and its root cause, which is not what anyone else seems to have done, as I can now see, they have not been looking at the problem in the right way, so they keep coming to the wrong conclusions

              By using my military and engineering experience, I know the solutions and methods of application, but the one thing I don’t have yet, is a voice, or a way to communicate it to the very people that need to hear it.

              My disdain for politicians, my distrust of cops and government, my lack of greed, but concern for the well being of others has kept me away from all the parties and people that unfortuanately, part of the solution lies with.

              So, if you know someone that can help, someone that I can sit with, explain the REAL dynamics of the problem to, and show what the solution looks like, I would appreciate the help, for no one person can fix the devastating trauma that our Republic has now suffered.

              Although I have the anger and drive of a thousand ordinary men,… I need help to do this, I need a voice, I need a way to reach those who would be critical to being able to make a difference in the resources that are needed.

              If you should know any such person, I ask you to pass on my email contact. It is a scrub account I set up for just this purpose, and although I have asked for this before in other postings, it has still sadly, not been answered by anyone.

              How can a Republic that is in its final hours, survive if that is the common response?

              I don’t think that it can.

              JD – US Marine – With a heavily heart for our destroyed country.

              Email: [email protected]

            • I’m speechless, JD. Trust me, that is not a common state for me. I hope that you and yours are okay now.

              Keep passing on the word. People WILL eventually hear you.

          • As a lifetime ago is, the SF 7th gp is with you and your thoughts.

          • I think you expressed very well what most people who read this board are thinking. It’s sad, but I think things have come to this, and will only change with a total start over.
            The journey to this new beginning will be treacherous. We are seeing the start now. Things will only get worse. Anyone who can’t see this logical progression of events is living in a dream world.
            Let the games begin.

        • Oh, I do know how you feel Copout! I was trying to get our reverend on track. he’s got his gun license so I figured he’s a like-minded feller. not so. I first talked with him about his pistol collection, it came out that he would not use it on people even in a need… that shook me, but I still wanted to get him, because he is really a very nice person, besides he christened our son…
          then I began speaking about how situation in today’s world is deteriorating rapidly (I kept this talk for some time before I even dared to mention prepping)
          so the day came when I thought that he’s ready. I took him aside during one of our dinners and began edging him about keeping at least a BOB stocked and ready and near-by… his answer was like a quote from Cynic on steroids… after 30 minutes of trying to get him thinking about it as a kind of “insurance” he finally blurted that he would stay with his flock in SHTF scenario.
          that is all peachy I’d say if he would be a bachelor… however he’s got a son too, this year… not even the argument about that managed to budge him…
          that I could not understand… having a son turned my world around, and even if I was a prepper before, I was 10times more prepper after that…

          • Like the Captain of the ship, he go down with it.
            Share with your pastors/ministers etc..: thank God Joseph didn’t think that way; If a man won’t provide for his family, he is worse than a nonbeliever; Jesus told them to flee(Matt.24) and also to buy themselves a sword. But my favorite (John 15:12-15) No greater love has one for another than to lay down his life for another. Veterans know this verse very well.
            Proud of you my brother.

            • thanx DRD

          • @Giurza: Been trying to find work, and not sent you an email recently. I pray all is well!

            • thanx Copout, I’m quite well so far. looking for job too, but not much hope on that front…
              I hope you and yours are well, I think a lot about you all people out there, I wish we were all in one general area, what a wonderful country would that be! alas, it’s not to happen…
              Lithuania is sinking very fast now. we have armed and unarmed robberies going rampant, very brutal beatings, home intrusions. it is so widespread that mainstream media has been publishing the “self defence lessons” all over the place. however, in Lithuania you’ll get in very big doodoo if you kick the bad guy’s a$$… police state all over, just that police is doing mafia’s work, not police’s…
              the govmen are intending to raise land tax so high that people will be forced to sell it on low prices, and then they will be able to buy it up. intention is 200-300% higher land tax, and I supose you all know what that means for the grassroots… now at least we could go by our own produce, not so after that tax… heating is up 30% this winter because of Mr Putkin’s political moves… (thank God it is nothing of my concern since I have wood stove) food is up – fish 20%, meat 15%, milk 10-15% etc… it is bad as hell, and I have no idea how much more we can take it, but apparently lithuanian sheople are quite ok with all that… many peripheral towns and communities are going broke (or hanging just by their toenails)
              it is just like FerFAL said about Argentina – you start to notice that surroundings and people are not what they were before. I mean Lithuania was always in a world of shit, since day 1, but now it seems that every last bit of civilization is going down the drain.
              doctors are fleeing to Germany, public health system is in tatters.
              and even weather is so bad, that agriculture is faltering. I know, because I’m in it! draughts, torrential rains, produce either scarce or going bad because of too much moisture…
              one example, in the old days, we had this one day in May (Day of St Stanislav) that was a day for planting onions. it was common knowledge that onions planted on this day would grow big and healthy. not so anymore… you have to find a much earlier date for it… found out this year 🙁
              and to add salt on the wound, USA is aimed at Iran, and a big badda boom might be coming world way…

        • Copout: Maybe you need a new church. Maybe you need to START a group or a Church (tax benefits) in your area via Craig’s List or something.

          “Prepper Church of The Last Days”.

          You must find like minded people.

          • @ durango kidd: Hello, the truth is i dont go to that church anymore, its apostolic, all the woman wear skirts to the ground and the men always wear jeans, never shorts. I cant live that way, modest dress, but not with all the legalism, I was saved by Grace through Faith not of works. I cant relate to the you gotta God, The price was paid at Calvary, that is not to say i do what i want, it to say, how can i love others like Christ all wrapped around the axle. You thoughts and comments are appreciated. Old Testament (Law) New Testament (Grace)

            • I didnt mean wear shorts to church i meant any other fellowship, work, sports etc. Whats the big deal. My wife is extremely attractive and stopped wearing makeup, why, none of the women do, some need too. An old pastor i knew stated, even new paint on an old barn looks good, i agree!

            • Check out Pastor Judah Smith is one of the mose amazing teachers you’ll ever hear. They videotape them each week, so you can watch them over the internet. This church rocks! Love all the posts, I felt particularly touched by Guiraza from Lithuania. Hang in there girl. I’ll be praying for you.

        • Once the whore in purple finery becomes president, you will know it’s the end.

        • Copout: First of all, people must be discrete- not telling every one else what your doing, your stash, etc. as it will later risk your family’s safety. The (99%)social club churches are gov. entities via 501c3 and most members are zombies and will go along with clergy’s agenda 100%. A friend of mine tried to inform her church to no avail, since they will be raptured anyway. I have given up on most mankind ever waking up, so best to find like minded people for bartering purposes, keeping a close knit circle of those you trust. Loose lips sink ships.

      3. Will, engage your neighbors in simple conversations about current events to see A.) how ‘aware/awake’ they are. B.) If one or two seem to be on the same3 page,i.e; political, social, ethical, and 2nd Amendment beliefs; engage them in a conversation, invite them to the range…etc. Move slowly, even one or two neighbors who you can count on is a good start.

        If none come close, stay calm and quiet about what you are doing. A good percentage will pack up and go away. Either write off the others or bring them into the fold after the fact, but make them work for it.

      4. I wish there was a cave somewhere to just pick up and go to. I can’t handle the news, and watching people zombie like in their everyday activities. I see the same trash running for president, and the people still support the same stuff, I am sick of this crap, sick!

        • Wouldn’t it be easier to just not watch the news?

          I ignore what’s on TV, and get mine online. Much less drama if you’re reading it, as opposed to watching it with overly-dramatic music blaring in the background, spinning, flashy “Breaking News!” graphics, an over-amped scrolling bar thingy, and breathless reporting over even the most mundane celebrity crap.

          • Thanks for clearing up the reason I havent watched any TV in the past 6 years

          • Its amazing as soon as you mention news, its assumed your talking about mainstream, no i am talking about anywhere and everywhere, i dont listen to mainstream news or watch it! You can see and hear the distress everywhere. I guess its the frustration of no job, and wanting to help turn things around, it is depressing nonetheless. There is two dudes that left the Sheriffs office where i used to work and BOTH just got hired back, its the good ole boy syndrome, i wouldnt give two cents for either one of them. One drove by my house the other day, i was out in the yard, do you think he stopped, hey man hows it going are you still working at the P.D. nooooooooooo looked at me and kept on driving, What the hell! Ok i get it, i really do.

            • he’s probly sayin the same of you… ;0P

            • You gotta let go of the Sheriff Office thing and move on. It consumes you.

              The Lord moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. Whatever happened was probably just HIS way of moving out of where he did not want you and move you INTO the place and position where HE does want you.

              Accept that and a new door will open for you. Try the Church of the Good Prepper.

            • Amen to the “letting it go” thing..

              In a multitude of councilors, there is wisdom.

            • Copout, Page AZ is always looking for good cops. PD, Sheriff and DPS. Would be great to get to know you.

          • no, it wouldn’t… and anyway, how will you know that S is about to HTF?? I watch news very closely every day, I scan several news agencies and try to read between the lines as much as I can. it is usually more easy when you go through many news companies at the same time – the mainstream seems to have problems with proper dissemination of lies, so a quick glance through CNN, Fox, BBC, WP, Guardian, Deutsche Welle, NYT and also the alternate news sites on the web will get you somewhere near the truth…
            but you can’t avoid news and still call yourself a prepper… without it, you can’t hope to feel the pulse…

            • Letting go? I agree, it does consume me, it was the career that God opened the door for. Without going into detail, it was an impossiblity for me to ever become that, I did, because he did. I just wanted another chance because they had done me wrong, and i hate to lose! I cant even imagine what there is for me, and i need an open door soon! I am not self centered i am a giver, honest and dont take crap from people, they wanted bendover boys, liars, theives,thats not me!

            • Copout: You really didn’t hear a word I said 🙂 You will. Take some time. Go within. Its over. Its done. Move on.

              For git about it.

              The door IS open for you, and there is a very bright future open to you. You just cannot see it yet, because you cling to the past my friend. The future is about today. And tomorrow. Go about your Father’s business.

              Remember Lot’s wife.

        • @copout – dude you don’t need a badge and a uniform to be that which you desire to be in life! if you want to serve society so strongly and protect people get your p.i. c.c. bonded state permits , start your own security firm… there’s a need and the need will grow as time goes on… remember…

          it’s not the uniform which makes the man…
          but the man that makes the uniform!

          me personally… ;0P society be damned… i did my time serving the man and society. now i only serve myself!

          • Any man who serves only himself has an incompetent butler and an ignorant master.

            • awesome ;0) simply awesome… touchee! I bow to your superior intellect!

              @odd questioner -Insane is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

              I serve myself simply because “I CAN!” “Not all sheeple are meant to be NWO Goyim Debt Slaves!”

              Some men and women see the Truth of Amerika and know Amerika is really a NWO Puppet State of the European Banker Oligarchy and therefore choose ; NOT to serve the very people who will enslave us and kill us!

              If that makes me ignorant and trash… Than I am Gladly the Village Idiot!

              I think freely; therefore I am FREE!

              Threaten this an I will treat it as a Physical Assault Upon my Body and will fight you till death!

              Liberty or Death!?

              I choose to be labeled a Killer Murderer Terrorist than a Goyim Debt Slave!

            • Here’s an idea – how about building up a community committed towards improving itself, instead of simply muttering about this mythical Judaic/EU/whatever-based conspiracy?

              The whole idea behind a post-SHTF society isn’t to just hunker down and watch the world blow itself up. If everyone did that, the result would be a dark age that would last until the few who survive got chucked back into the Stone Age.

              Some of us actually want to see a better society rise up out of the impending mess. In order for that to happen? It will require storing useful knowledge, teaching it to the children, insuring they put it to use, and overall helping to build that better society in the end.

              What it doesn’t mean is wasting time on conspiracy and tinfoil. Even if every millimeter of the standard (and conflicting) conspiracy line were true (seriously? It’s not), the outcome – collapse – will not change. There will be no massive uprising of outraged patriots/freedom-fighters/whatever. States will not secede – they’re *all* too dependent on the Federal Teat now to wean themselves off of it. No dictatorship can handle a country of this size and culture, and would fall apart in very short order, leaving only chaos.

              The whole New World Order crap is even more complex, and thus less able to do half of what folks claim it can do.

              Long story short – unless you have a priority and a set of clear goals, you’re going to be caught up in the garbage until you die of constipation and ulcers.

      5. Maybe this is what collapse has always been pointing to all along; Reacquainting ourselves with Community.

        • No fricking way—I have breached the subject with 3 families of 9.
          There is no way they will EVER be convinced to store food and me…I know now.
          We’re even talking of moving from here if we could sell.

          • Our 500 gallon propane tanked was just delivered…I can hear them now..Oh, our snooty neighbors couldn’t settle for a 250 gallon like everybody else—no, they have to be special and get a BIG tank.
            They don’t get why we switched to a larger tank…see, they don’t get it.

            • how long will 500 gallons last you and what are the things that run off of it? just curious and trying to learn…

            • sounds just like the neighbor to my south..she bitched why I had to build a basement for my home when I was getting it built. My sub is small and built back in the 50’ one has a basement but me..I bought a vacant lot and had my home built on it

              She didnt like the design of my home or the fact that I spent MY money on building a basement in her old neighborhood..fricken nosy assed good for nothing lazy soup for her!

            • VRF – wow… people like that are amazing.. maybe you SHOULD give her some soup.. with extra ingredients of course.. wink wink.. nod nod.

            • JJ – I need to do that.. we have an all electric; but I could easily convert my generator.. do you mind telling how much the tank ( installation and filling ) cost ?

            • Sam/Not sam..

              LOL..yeah too bad im a nice guy eh?

              although her and her husband live in misery..they are both alcoholics, although he is worse off than her, and its probably because of her that he is one..I see his car at the bar down the way all the time, and her car is at home, so he stays there to stay away from her

              people like that are going to be a “first type” problem..when the booze runs out and the withdrawls start, look the F out.
              chances are they wouldnt make it past the 3rd month of a total SHTF situation, so if they drop off its more property for me to set up on..still no soup for her!

            • VRF – you are probably 100% correct.. NO soup 4 you !
              That should be a bumper sticker..

            • I have propane also, I heat with it, a furnace and a non-vented heater which requires no electricity. You can also run other appliances, cook stove, water heater, and clothes dryer. In NC, I use about 400 gallons per winter.
              costs about 2.50 a gallon last purchase I made.

      6. In my old neck of the woods we had The Snoop. New neck of the woods nobody talks to each other unless there’s an emergency. Everyone’s so friendly at the grocery store but
        once they’re at home do not go to the door! I guess in some ways that’s good but when things get bad I really don’t know who my neighbors are. I guess I’ll find out then. I’m afraid if I ask then I’m The Snoop!

      7. Basic confidentiality goes a long way. There was a time when “It’s none of your business” was both command, rebuke, and justification all rolled into one.

        Today, innocuous cover stories might be helpful.

        “Oh he’s just that radio guy with his vacuum tubes and wierd beeps and blurps!”

        “I fresh baked bread so I grind my own flour because it makes better artisan loaves.”

        Guns? No hiding them anymore as TPTB polarized everyone. Out and Proud is about the only way to approach it now. you can’t be blackmailed or extorted for something everyone knows. Of course, the details are …


      8. We live in close quarters with a high military population. I had the idea to hold a a meeting at the meeting house for the 700 plus tenents to open the subject of being prepared. My logic is that the more people that are prepared, the less of a threat they are to us. Hubby is leary, (rightfully so) to have me stand in front of a large group exposing my knowledge and ideas because it would be a given that I am prepared. He is thinking about it and will let me know if I should pt together a “class” or our community. Yes, I am old fashioned like that, I will not proceed without his blessng, especially in a matter of safety and security for our whole family. It’s a hard call. Informing neighbors raises and lowers the threat level at the same time. If only we had that remote cabin in the middle of nowhere….

        • You have a rock-solid idea: The more prepared your neighbors are, the less of a problem they will be when the balloon goes up.

          OTOH, the problem is, as you’ve stated, that if they know you’re prepared but they are not when excrement meets air-handler, they’re all going to come to you. Being military families? You’d better hope they’re not armed if they know about you.

          Thing is, there is a middle ground. You can spread the word anonymously. You can point to certain escalating events, and quietly broach the subject in an offhand way with trusted friends, but give nothing more away than a non-committal “we have a couple weeks’ worth of food,but that’s about it. If that runs low, we’re going to {some relative’s house in another state}”.

          • OQ; good approach. I’ll add that many of the military are hesitant to converse with civies, yet many are prepping (more than most realize).

          • I have been thinking about the anonymous idea, since hubby is taking awhile to mull it over. From experience ths tells me that it is most likely a no-go. I trust his judgement. But printing letters at home and putting them on doors, that would be safer.
            And yes, they’re are lots of arms. Between the military and the general population of Tacoma. Or, as we have come to call it, Ta-Compton. My gut is leaning toward an anonymous flyer. Possibly a newly created email addy to connect with those that are serious and would be of mutual benefit and for those who need to be pointed in the right direction. Maybe I’ll post the new email addy here so I can connect with any others who might be in the Ta-Compton area. We are pretty much alone.

            • Urgh – you live in Tacoma? You’re like surrounded by metro up there!

              (I’m near PDX, and the analog here would be someone who lives in, say, the western part of Gresham, or if you want the same crime rate, call it NE Portland. OTOH, even though I can see countryside from my apartment, I’m still angling to move way the hell out of the area).

            • MLG – While an anonymous letter is better for your personal safety, it also is virtually impossible to convince anyone of anything. If I got an anonymous letter warning me about something I didn’t believe in, it goes in the trash the instant I figure out the message.

              So it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenerio. Half of my interactions with neighbors have been atrocious and the other half have been generally positive. It’s the atrocious ones who loudly state their Plan B is to visit me, those are the ones I worry about. I’m not planning to open the strongly reinforced door for anyone, and have to figure out how to keep them from breakting though the windows. I wish there was a practical way to put 1/4″ steel plate in the window frame. It’s not tricky, just expensive.

            • @Prepper:

              They do build (literal) hurricane shutters that are strong enough to withstand anything short of bullets. Not sure how discreet they can be, but they are available for sale.

              Lacking that, putting in ordinary-style shutters made of a strong but light metal with decorative slits in them is a good idea.

              This is going to sound mean and cruel, but the first of those neighbors to come sniffing around post-SHTF needs to be shot at. The downside is that as soon as you do, you had better be very ready to move the hell out of there with all your goods.

      9. Foes. We live in the L.A. suburbs, I’m white and the Mrs. is Asian, and we’re surrounding by hispanics who don’t have much education. The La Raza separatists who dominate California politics are pretty racist against white people, and they hold great sway over the less educated Latinos. What’s worse, the towns to the east, south, and west of us are swamped by illegals, most of whom have zero respect for this country or the law.

        I remember Yugoslavia and how it broke up along ethnic lines. The Mrs. and I are well-prepped but we’re middle-aged, she has macular degeneration and I have asthma and allergies, as you guys know. We’re heavily armed but even so, there are only two of us and dependable friends are 40 miles away. We’re very badly outnumbered.

        I fear what would happen if tshtf and we’re still here. For this cause I am considering taking a job teaching English in Taiwan, so as to get away and see how thing play out over here.

        I’m sorry to say so but I think the 20-30 million illegals in this country are an extremely dangerous Traojan Horse…

        • Scott, my wife is asian. The asians here (central Texas) are EXTREMELY tight. My wife has already lived through the forthcoming collapse in several countries. Nothing new here.

        • Dude.

          My missus is from LA, and I’ve been there a lot on both business and to visit in-laws. No frickin’ way you could pay me enough to live there.

          Bugging out is almost impossible during the daily rush, even from the sticks (Camarillo/Oxnard, or even Palmdale stands out) – I suspect it’ll go into total gridlock in a disaster.

          The added 40 miles may be a bitch to drive/commute, but you might want to consider moving out towards your friends.

        • Scott – my advice ? Move. Get out.

          This is not an anti hispanic thing.. I have found that most of them are extremely trust worthy.. once you EARN their confidence.

          From your description of both your location and health; you need to be elsewhere.

          I actually have no concern about “normal” illegals ( other than the fact that they are ILLEGAL ). The vast majority are just trying to improve their lot in life. But I am concerned with the “others” that undoubtedly have come across the border.. middle eastern types, Hugo’s minions.. etc. They ARE here.. Mexico very regularly catches dozens of them… if they catch dozens.. many more get through undetected.

        • Scott

          I’d say in your particular case TSHTF ALREADY!

          It maybe sunny and warm, but aside from that, LA is a cesspool of humanity. Has been for a long time. You need to ask yourself “Why am I still here”?

          Why aren’t you making arrangements for packing at this for moment? You should have been out of there the moment you realized you were outnumbered by those who don’t care for you presence and who will take advantage of your situation at the slightest provocation.

          Come on, wake up, get the hell out of there NOW! The longer you wait the harder it will become to move, until you can’t move. If your health is an issue than you might REALLY want to make friends with your neighbors while learning to speak fluent Spanish.

          Sorry if I come on strong, but you should know better. Better you’re annoyed with my frankness and out of there than staying put.

          This is no drill!

          • Best infrastructure investment for L.A. is made by Caterpillar. Push west and don’t stop till you run out of land. Been there many times. Glad I left that job and don’t have to go back.

        • Get out of there.



        • Scott, I grew up in the burbs of LA. Got out of the rat hole in 81. Now it’s even worse than then. I fear in a SHTF scenerio you will be stuck in place. Hell, there is gridlock on the freeways all the way to Vegas on some days, how the hell do you get out when that happens on a normal day? Keep your ears open and eyes on what’s happening. If you have any inclanation that something is going down, hit the road before anyone else gets the drift. Maybe you will be able to beat the crowds. Other than that, be prepared to hunker down big time.

      10. Wow! Most of my neighbors are lemmings just trying to survive and don’t have a clue. Guess I’m lucky, could be worse. I do have a dentist & two doctors that have a clue but they’re not really doing anything about it. I have around 20 five gal. buckets of rice not including corn, wheat, pasta, sugar, coffee, beans, canned goods, cases of Spam, a couple chest freezers of meat, 3 generators, cast iron grinder, 55 gal drums of kerosene, shiny and lead expenders. Do I need more rice Mac? Home & diesel truck paid for. I have to carry every day at work & I believe in God. Am I missing anything. Water is covered too. Not bragging but I walk the talk.

        • You may want to find a way to pressure can your meat in the freezer, in case of no power for an extended period so it will not go to waste. We keep few extra cases of cans for just that eventuality. Seems to me you got your sh1t together!

      11. Put your faith in God, cause man will let you down.
        I think one of each kind of these people live on my street.

        • Mac,

          At just a shade over 4 1/2 hours to get 2 sentences “moderated”.
          Am I on a version of a TSA watch list?

          Do I have a digital smell to me?

          Am on on yours or Santa’s naughty list?

          Come on Coach, let me in!
          I promise not to run the wrong way again!

          Even Rich, and Mushroom are 1st string!

          • Slick, my apologies for the moderation delays…I try to check the queues every couple hours but just don’t have the time to watch them all day… hopefully user accounts will improve all that if we can get that feature working. Thanks for everyones’ patience with this.

          • Slick
            I used to have the same problem you are having. If you put in a e-mail addy you can get past this in a couple of post. Mac told me to try this and now my post are almost instant.


            PS just get a yahoo e-mail addy and add it.

            • Thanks DPS,
              I will give that a try.
              The current wait time coupled with my ADD and i don’t even remember what we were talking about.

      12. My husband and I moved to our bol back in 93′. I have never been sooooo happy and safe since moving here.

        I have done most of the prepping, as my husband is not as big a prepper as I am. But it has been well worth my while.

        It is hard to get other preppers to work together because they fear that their preps will become common knowledge among many. And then their hard earned preps would become at risk during a collapse.

        Howere, I have been able to identify many fellow preppers in our valley and have garnered some support and advise from them on an individual basis, not as a group.

        The location that you make your last stand in and the neighbors that surround you, will be a big factor in how well you survive a collapse situation.

        Of all decisions that you make as a prepper, your bol is one of the top priorities.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

      13. I dont talk about this countries situation to any of my neighbors, I have already scoped them out over the past 15 years. Many of them dont own firearms, many of them dont prep, and 1/2 of them couldnt light a fire if it were the only thing that would save their ass. ( i know this because we are allowed to burn our yard waste, and half the rubes in this hood cant get it done)

        In the many electrical outages that have occured in my area over the past 15 years, some of them very long at times. I know who has left their homes to go stay with friends or relitives or hotels, and who stayed
        Not many stayed.
        Heck even one time we were plowed in, and I had to open up our street with my tractor and snow blower.

        I live in a very Rual area and in a small sub of probably 20 homes on large looked like a grave yard just the past winter when 2 straight days of ice knocked out everything and a bunch of trees down that lasted for 7 days without power, I know of 2 homes that were occupied..mine and one other.

        I dont live in a rich area, the homes are not those 300,000+ dollar track cookie cutter homes that were being built in the mid to late 90’s its an old small sub that went in a corn field in the late 50’s out in the boonies.

        anyways I dont see any of these people sticking around in a SHTF senario, I’ll probably be on my own and I know thats not good. Chances are if I can hold out for a while and gather up the important things , I will be bugging out to a place that is over 200 miles north of me..if I think I can pull it off, but it will be when I have no choice but to bug out. I have many resources near my home., natural food sources, natural water sources, and great farming land, so I will hopefully find like minded individuals that are going to stick it out..if not, time to hit the ground running.
        Family is over 30 miles north of me, and they aint ready , Im probably the only one in my immediate family that is paying close enough attention to this countries problems, so i cant rely on any of them to be watching my back.

        I got plenty of arms and ammo to outfit a good size group, but I fear it will be just me , my wife and our kid, and maybe a close friend or 2.
        although I dont have enough food for more then my immediate we might only be able to stand our ground for a limited time.

        I got one good thing to say about my situation, at least I dont live in a City, and I wont have to worry about any crazy neighbors, or at least I wont have much “house cleaning” to do if it comes to that.

        • You have a close friend or two??? You have most here beat already—start storing cheap rice and ramen noodles..something to help through till better times.
          We wish we had a friend or two–but no way.

          • Well to be honest I we have more than a few close friends, but problem is most of them are too far away and will be dealing with their own issues..the few I mentioned are the ones we know are somewhat prepairing, and are close enough to be a part of our group if it becomes necessary.

            One never really “Knows” how this will play out, or how anyone will react when the S–t really hits the fan, or who you thought you could rely on. So I have to be realistic and say its going to be a lot of work on me and my 2 ladies, because chances are thats all I’ll have

            • I’m pretty much in the same boat. I live on a small cul-de-sac out in the sticks with five other houses, one of which has gone into foreclosure for the second time in three years. The couple that live next to me seem to have a clue as to what’s going on, but I don’t think they’re actively prepping. Two of the other houses are occupied by single, morbidly obese women that depend on the couple next to me to do their chores, like helping to mow the lawn and remove snow in the winter (why do people buy a house if they can’t/won’t do the basic upkeep?!) The house across the street has a rageaholic with his Walmart queen and their three spoiled brats. If we could move, we would’ve done it years ago, however, the house has lost so much value that there is no way we could sell it, and we’re not the type to just up and walk away from our responsibilities. So we just keep a low profile–haul our supplies in after dark so no one can see–but I do worry about what might happen if the S really HTF. No family close by or good people to rely on.

            • brown rice will not store

          • Ramen noodles spoil after a few years, not sure why but don’t buy too many.

            • funny you mention that, I found a single pack of those dam noodles that fell behind my shelf in the pantry while cleaning this past month..they were about 2 years old, Just to look at them you wouldnt want ot ea them unless you had no choice..

              maybe there will be soup for the bitchy neighbor after all


            • ramen noodles have “NO NUTRICIANAL” value at all… buy bulk brown rice , dried oregano, dried tomatoe, dried onion, dried garlic and bulk dried beans/ lentils. ramen noodles will only kill you from mal-nutrician.

            • I heard it is because the noodles are fried, (sooooo bad for you, but great prepper/filler/charity food.) anyhoo, I think the bit of oil in the fried noodles gos rancid.

            • My kids LOVE *uncooked ramen noodles*. It’s the big thing in the lunchroom – you crush up the noodles in the package and sprinkle on the seasoning pack. I think it’s disgusting, personally, but it’s filling and apparently doesn’t have to be cooked.

            • Won’t spoil if you vacumme pack them. Just sayin’

      14. yes this is what scares me most… these nasty little sheeple will be capable of doing alot of harm before they die from the chaos they have created.

      15. Hey, I just found a prepper—-yep, prepper–within 20 or 30 miles of my home.
        She is in my former home county of 57 years—but, guess what??
        When I emailed her and offered my friendship—not one email….and she’s not on the prepper sites now.
        So…was she truly a prepper??
        What cha doin on a prepper site if ya don’t wanta meet other preppers and share/learn??

        • Most come to learn, and no more. These folks are not really interested in sharing much if anything at all.

          • We have one other family to team up with … they can’t afford to prep, but he’s military and true-blue. But that’s still not enough.

            I did go to a prepper site and started emailing another gal prepper through its section that lets you hook up with other preppers through email. We chat through emails at least two to three times a week. We have exchanged lots of tips both ways…it’s been fun and we plan on continuing to chat, though she lives too far down the highway for us to be of use to each other in terms of teaming up if the SHTF.

            I would love to know who else preps in my area and is of like mind.

            • It would help by mentioning what state you’re in.

              I’m near a large metro area (PDX, Oregon), if that helps.

          • OQ:

            Northern Michigan

            • Damn – that’s a good place to start, especially if you’re on the peninsula (well, if you could build a wall around Detroit first… 🙂 )

        • Maybe you scared her.. you scare me too.. sometimes.. 😉

        • jj people don’t want to face the cold hard facts of life man… epecially women who prefer too live in their fake oprah dr phil world! even prepper ladies… even when they are being unloaded at the FEMA Camps they’ll be in denial bro! If ya want company bro get a dog or two… first place I’m hitting on the way to my bug out site is the Dog Pound , I aim to free the dogs all and take 3 of the meanest SOB’s for myself! As camp dogs… get a dog dude… women will only get ya killed in a bug out scenario!

          • No soup 4 you

            • We’re all going to have fun with that phrase. Sam you beat me to it, thanks, it sounded funner coming from someone else. Have a great weekend, it seems every Friday on this site, I find some great humor before I leave work.

            • i’ll make my own outta boiled dog… yum yum ;0P

          • Dogs gotta eat, dude.

            Maybe one small but tough dog as an alarm, but otherwise the idea of having 3 huge, mean dogs that suck down a couple pounds of feed each per day? That ain’t exactly the smartest thing to do.

            • Hell i plan to use em’ for securing my dugout… and will be eating them actually in an emergency, i’ll keep the meanest SOB AS MY CAMP DOG! we have wolves here, and brown bear and puma’s… where i’m going running down deer will be easy w/ dogs.

              THEY’RE A FOOD SOURCE… and where I live there’s plenty of deer to be dropped by just my crossbow.

              The dogs will keep away the bears, guard the camp and help me run game to ground… better than a two legged female any day!

            • Have 6 dogs of various sizes and girth, but I also have several sheep, goats, hens, ducks, bulls, and cows. These will surfice to keep the animals going not to mention the population of 4-20. With the correct preps, any situation can and must be resolved. Especially amoungst the preppers……

            • @TexasRangr: If you have livestock (and therefore an ongoing source of meat), the dogs will probably work out for you.

              @ninaorket: Big dogs as food source has a few problems. First off, dogs are not stupid animals. If you go after one in front of the others, they may all attack you as a pack. Also, assuming you manage to kill one, you have a lot of meat that will quickly go bad in a couple of days (less than that in the summer heat). Finally, it’s going to taste nasty w/o at least something to flavor it.

              As for training a couple of untrained dogs into running down game? Good luck with that.

          • Bite me, Ninaorket.

            Maybe the women just don’t want YOU in their bug out situation. I sure wouldn’t want anyone as batcrap crazy as you around MY precious family.

            • ooooh aaah ummmmm lovely d d d daisy… i’m the guy your family is going to wish they had guarding your front door/ gate at night come golden horde time.

              hate me as you desire… I am as the u s military created me to be and i am not alone!

              take that as a warning… also you and your two precious kids are baggaged… hungry unwanted baggaged!

              i’ll stick with my dogs… ruff ruff ! atleast they know their place! and if they don’t a good wack with a cut off shovel handle will teach em’ some respect! ;0P

              every pack has a alpha leader… i will be alpha!

            • @daisy – i do wish you and yours the best in all situations… as a warning , i mean that… i am not the only veteran who thinks as i do… i’m just the only few who doesn’t care who reads what i’m thinking… the fbi cia fema dhs nsa dea and cops can go phuck themselves.

              their part of the problem, not the solution!

              peace daisy ;0) i do wish you and yours stay safe and i do admire your ummmmmm FIRE AND PASSION! don’t change!

              ;0P pssssszzzzzt

            • Self-styled badasses like nina would probably get whacked by some teenager with a .22 rifle.

            • Actually, no, I wouldn’t wish that you were guarding the door. And it isn’t because I hate you, as you also referenced.

              The reason is because you and I don’t live for the same things. We don’t fight for the same things. We do not value the same things.

              I suspect that somewhere along the way, some wires got crossed, or maybe they were crossed all along. You suggest that the military made you the way that you are. This may be true or you may be full of crap. Doesn’t really matter.

              Get ready, Thumbs-down Entourage, cause you’ll love this.

              You, Ninaorket, value yourself. You value your survival. You never mention anyone or anything that you care about besides yourself and your weapons. You are one of those people who plans to greet TEOTWAWKI with a crazy laugh and a machine gun.

              People with this mindset do not rebuild society – they can’t because they are not civilized. They have no love. A civilized society requires love, responsibility for one’s self and others, and respect. I do not see those things in your posts.

              I’m not an idiot – I don’t plan to welcome the horde into my home to sit down at the family dinner table with my lovely teenage daughters. I don’t plan to be defenseless, either. But I’d rather hide to fight another day than randomly pick people off.

              I don’t really care that you consider us baggage. We don’t rely on someone else because we don’t need to. We are self-sufficient, talented and intelligent. Above that, we are moral and we try our best to follow the will of God. I have utter faith in His protection. Because of that faith, I would rather die doing right than live by doing wrong.

              Nope, I wouldn’t want you guarding my door because you probably wouldn’t be capable of following my instructions.

            • I think Miss Daisy means.. ” NO SOUP 4 YOU “…

            • “You are one of those people who plans to greet TEOTWAWKI with a crazy laugh and a machine gun.”

              …and as mentioned in the article way up there, when shit gets real, he’ll likely be one of the first to either curl into the fetal position and wait for rescue, or decide to check himself out of this mortal coil after offing his family.

          • If I could be so bold as to suggest 2 mean ass dogs and one nice one.
            So when you get lonely from lack of female companionship,
            You can slather your dong up with Jiffy and spend a few minutes of quality time
            with the nice one.
            The nice one will let you put cloths on it and maybe a little lipstick,
            but the mean ones won’t go for that kind of nonsense.
            On a more serious note,
            I think an honerable woman would change your mind.
            They do exist.

            • ;0P pssszzzt ummm @slick Thanks for the Tip! I Think!

              I’ll try it out on @Daisy and let ya know how it works out! Though she has only two legs , she sure as heck reminds me of the four legged kind! So it should work out about the same! ;0P sluuuuurp Here @Daisy Daisy… here gurl… snicker snicker ;0P pssszzzzt

              Dude I bought myself a few extra cases of Ravioli, I hear in a SHTF scenario women are just the same as always… and can be bought just the same as always with some sugar $40.00 = 1 Can of Ravioli in a SHTF!

              Sounds about right? ;0P psssszt I’ll stick with the ravioli and save the peanut butter for my P and J’s @Slick!

              I’ve too much respect for the four legged kind, Dogs are Faithful, as Women are not, they’re always sniffing other mens butts for a better Mr. Goodbar / Master… I’ll stick with my Dogs!

              Ruff Ruff Ruff! ;0)

              RUFF! ;0P pssszzzt

      16. Thumbs up on the Charmin ad Mac. Everybody click on it once!

        • I dont see it

      17. Sometimes I wake up and think that this all a sham and that I’m really Rich 99……….Naaah!

        • OMG, what a nightmare that would be. Imagine waking up to find out you are a BOA kiss butt

      18. Wow!!! As much as I’ve loved The Twilight Zone for decades, this was the very first time I had ever seen “The Shelter”. Such a sobering episode…. and a scary example of a coined phrase Gerald Celente has always declared: “When a person loses every thing and has nothing left to lose — they lose it.” Keep prepping. Love to all….

      19. The only ones I have told about my preps are my sister and brother in law. They live 600 miles away outside a major city. Tried to explain that after about 3-5 days the 1.5 million people in the city will start leaving like cockroaches and will be coming straight towards her house and little village of 700 people. Sad thing is they will be some of the first to go, brother in law is over 300 lbs, diabetic and can not put his own shoes on. Excercise for him is getting up after 3-4 hours in front of the tv to go to the bathroom. He says he has not problem living on beans and rice for as long as it takes. But after a few days without power he will have no insulin and a few meals of beans and rice will likely put him in a diabetic coma. Sister is overweight and arthritic and does ALL the work in the house so she will likely stress and stroke out , 15 year old nephew is typical lazy, video game playing, only think of myself idiot who will make life hell for every one with no tv, phone or video games to nunb his mind. Some people will never try to help themselves even when they know better and this represents a very large maybe even majority of the people in this country.

        • Triage man. You can save yourself or you can all die. Pick one. Soon choices will have real consequences. The piper will be paid.

      20. Good article.. personally, I just don’t talk about my preps to anyone.. If the SHTF, we have identified one family which will be included in our compound or if needed, when we bugout. I’m not looking for anymore.

        I would suggest that those who posted commenting about how people don’t listen, look oddly at you, etc. should learn the lesson. I appreciate your compassion; I feel the same.. but let God be God.. He will move the hearts of those whom He wills to do whatever is good in His eyes.

        In short, mind your own business.. ( this is not intended as a slap or slight.. it is intended as a wake up call ). Don’t invite ridicule.. don’t invite attention.. don’t invite inquiries or busy bodies..

        • @JJ: I personally have no, friends, none there is no one i can even go too if i needed to. I live in a small cowtown, there are two employers, actually three, the prison, sheriffs office, and walmart. Since i lost my job at the S.O. its like you are a lepper or something. My dads words ring true, son the helping hand is at the end of your sleeve! So true!

          • Im your friend C.O.

            • @VRF: Thanks man, i will be loading up the truck and heading for Michigan, i will let you know when i arrive, LOL, you did say Michigan? I will even sell my jap bike!

            • always good to have someone with training to watch my back.. yeah my Harley would appreciate that 🙂

            • Im going out saturday to fall, chop and split wood, its getting cold, and I would like to have 2 years of wood stacked and ready..a few more strong backs would be great

          • I think of you often, Copout – I believe that you are a very kindhearted person and that is what leads to your frustration – you really WANT people to get on board. I bet you have more friends that you suspect. 🙂

            • @Daisy: I speak the truth, people dont want to hear the truth, I have a way of alienating people because my discernment about people is dead on, people sense this and stay away. Fact is i have never at 52 years old have ever had a true friend, its ok i wouldnt know probably anyway. I like this site because there are good people here, there are some here that face to face, well never mind, Thanks Daisy, your cool!

          • Copout, read my ealier post. Jobs out here dude, and it is a nice small town away from the cities. Great bug out location as well. Good luck.

            • @ AZ READY: Hello, hey i used to live in Mesa snd Tempe, out my front door to the right was the superstition mountains, you know the Lost Dutchman Mine. Anyway i ran away from home at the age of 15, i used to love to go out in the desert on a fullmoon, and we would try and call in the coyotes. Squaro and barrel cactus wasnt much fun to run into, but the fullmoon helped. I really liked it there, but was missing the ocean, and came back to Miami, Fla. Now where i live i cant stand it. I will have to check your area out, if you have anymore job releated info. could you please pass it on to me, here is my e-mail address ([email protected]) good to talk with you, and thanks for the thoughts!

            • Copout, check your email

        • @SNS: I appreciate your comments, and sincerity, but if i did what my heart tells me, i would be headed to D.C. with a baseball bat, as far as God goes, what i meant is i could stand in the street and pray all day long for a steak dinner, but until i go out and work and earn it, its not gonna happen, sure good people will come along and try to help, my guess is this is where you are alluding to, he would come in because he does use people to do his good will, be careful who you entertain, you may entertain Angels unaware, i believe thats the correct portion of scripture, Thanks again Sam! Having a bad day, Again.

      21. I’ve been going it alone in prepping (with the sometimes blessing of my better half) for the last five years. My only discussion/reveal has been to family that shares a similiar PoV and does smaller scale prep in their own ways.

        From a tactical, out my front door perspective, I am in a highly iffy situation- the cookie cutter up-scale suburb of the Madison, WI. House bought post-boom for a great low price, so no worries there. but not my first choice- my significant bought it before we were together and in this market we’ve decided to stand pat and deal with this detached, isolated dynamic presented by our neighbors in a development where 20% of the homes are empty with ‘For Sale’ signs posted.

        And of course the only house flying the ‘stars and stripes’ is mine- the next closest house is four blocks away and flown alongside a Marine Corp banner.

        My neighbors are the kind of tools that leave nasty-grams in my mailbox if my dogs wander 1 inch over the property line to relieve themselves, make passive-aggressive comments about the ‘eyesore’ of our tasteful 600 square foot raised bed (very well constructed and stained, imho) organic vegetable and flower gardens in the backyard, and yet are the types of people to screech f-bombs at their school aged children that can be heard from open windows in the warmer months. Most lots are .3-.5 acres in size, running shallow but longer, so the patios/backyards are postage stamps.

        I couldn’t tell you what most of my neighbors names are, what they do (other than their kid’s names, which seem to all be prefaced with ‘f-ing’ or ‘g-d damn it’… ‘f-ing Michael’ or ‘g-d damn it Tony’. (lol) This despite smiles, trying to engage in small talk, and just generally trying to ‘feel out’ people to create some small sense of community. But again, to no real avail other than the ‘gossipy, weepy cat lady’ two blocks away and then the old Chinese guy and his wife that doesnt speak a word of english across the street but smiles and shows me his garden in had gestures. Better than nothing, I reckon.

        But to my point- none of my neighbors give the appearance of self-sufficiency, common sense or the ability to work within a community for a collective good. I walk my dog and I recon the immediate block(s), and I see very few other gardens (a few 8×8 kid gardens with unpicked tomatoes and squash rotting now), no small-scale solar panels or wind turbines, or even indications that any fraction of my neighbors are prepared for the monster snow storms we get this part of the country for six months out of the year.

        My biggest concern as been OpSec should things fall apart. I mean, once all these folks on anti-depressants run out or the closet alcoholics dry run, what that means from an immediate security stand-point. I have three bug out locations that are fully accessible via farmland backroads and within 50-100 miles away that are family members that hunt, can, shoot (like us) and are on private wells. We’d have to transport out our prep to get to those locales, no small feat, but I’ve put together a fairly no-brainer system that is moveable, organized and ‘do-able’ for a bug out scenario.

        My question is: Are there are others out there are in a similar situation? How do you handle the detached / almost adversarial neighbors right now? How do you plan to maintain security/safety in sprawl ‘burbs like this surrounded by what can only be called ‘sheeple’ at best and ‘future lcausalities’ in a collapse?

        • Hey Bones in Madtown!! As another Wisconsinite, I share your frustration with the lack of intelligent planning of so many of our fellow neighbors living in these parts. We live in a climate that demands the ability to heat our homes without electictricity and SO MANY people don’t even have that in hand! It seems the farther north you go, the more likely folks are to have stored food, water, and other essentials (including skills like hunting animals and preparing them for eating as one example).

          If I were you, I’d put on my sheep-suit for the time being and BLEND IN until you can get out. Having lived in a situation similar to yours, I know that is the best strategy. These cocoa-puffers are in no way interested in getting themselves prepared anymore then they are interested in giving up their alcohol binges and dinner n a show at the Edgewater (assuming they could afford it).

          I cannot stress how important OPSEC is in your situation. Having brains and ability has put you in front of the herd you are currently surrounded by, don’t let questionable OPSEC destroy it.

          • Thanks, Fed Up! Yes, I have been playing it cool with all with entire neighhorhood, simply because there seems to be no other recourse. OPSEC has been and will be maintained, with secondary and supplement structural security if the SHTF.

            I grew up way up North in WI and I know what you mean… Up there, all my cousins and such are squared away- wood stoves, hunting kit, canning, smoking meats, and plenty of common damn sense. Most of my fall back positions are that zone.

            Keep the faith and your powder dry. Always great to know I’m not the only prepper in Madison.

        • How do you handle the detached / almost adversarial neighbors right now? you don’t… treat them as hostiles… guard against them and trust them not!

          • Roger that. Thanks for the reply.

        • My next door neighbor works for Chase, so he is positive everything is just peachy. Typical suburbanite obsessed with his “lawn”. He was ecstatic when I told him I would take his fallen leaves for garden mulch. He even chopped them up with his leaf blower/vacuum.

          No sense even trying to talk to him, just hope he turns into a self-propelled sandbag. Tough break for his wife and infant son. They wouldn’t have a chance.

          • Ben Dover,

            Yeah- this obsession with chemically green lawns still mystifies me. It’s a lawn, not the fairway at Augusta. (lol)

            I did the same thing the last three grass cuttings- I ran the push mower and dumped my mulch bag in the gardens until the whole yard was trimmed. Gotta love the leave and grass mulch mix! Such simple things and common sense- its amazing how little people are connected to the food they eat, the life they phsyically inhabit (vs. cyberspace / iphone reality), or any inclination to see beyond the press-titutes’ lulling them to sleep on the news networks. Self-propelled sandbags- totally.

            Be well and thanks for the comments.

        • @Bones:

          As mentioned up top, I live in an apartment complex near Portland. The neighbors are mostly friendly, and with one or two exceptions, mostly quiet. Because of the tech industries, we have lots of folks here are wide variety of nationalities. We have folks who are Indian (as in India), Hispanic (though with a general higher education), and folks from various Asian nations.

          The one thing about apartment living is, most folks are transient in a way… they’re saving up for a house, or will likely rent somewhere else within a year or so. I can count on one hand the number (with fingers to spare) of neighbors who have lived in this complex for more than five years. Same story with the missus and I… when our lease dies off, I intend to move to a potential BOL and live there (my job allows me to telecommute 3x a week, so an hour’s drive or so the other two days is no big deal IMHO).

          I figure I’ll rent something at the BOL first, just to make sure I like the neighbors, and that they get along with me and mine. Since around half the folks in this region happen to be of the same religion as myself, I think that part won’t be a problem like it was in the South growing up. I’ve already identified the local parishes in a few BOL locations, and have attended services at most of them. Folks so far are quite friendly, and pretty much down-to-earth.

          I figure once I move, I can sniff around and get a good sense of community, to see if it’s worth finding and setting up what I hope to be the last and final home I will ever live at (I’ve spent the past 40-some-odd-years, or my entire life, living and moving all over this country… figure it’s time to find a spot to call ‘home’ once and for all).

          If the SHTF before I can get moved out of where I am now, There’s a place the missus and I can trot off to (the in-laws’ property), though it’s a good 4 hour drive away by normal roads, so I figure it will devour a full tank and 8 hours of time by some rather evil back-road mountain routes.

          I’ve also been spending some time giving my bug-out vehicle a good, hard going-over. The wiring is almost completely replaced, and after that I get the brakes a new set of drums and rotors, and a couple bits of rust will need to be taken care of. After that, it’s time for some new tires, and a rack in the back for jerry cans and such.

          • I moved back to the Midwest after twenty years on road; working for in DC finally turned my guts so much I just wanted to flee that whole brokenm idiotic scene.

            It’s been an adjustment, but worth it. More quality of life.

            Bug out vehicle is covered- a well maintained older 4×4, a working knowledge of alternate / farm roads and a farflung large network of cousins and such… As well as solid prep.

            Good luck to you. Sometimes you gotta go full circle in order to find what it is you really need vs what you think you want.

      22. I say very little to the neighbors on either side of me. Both are middle age 50-60 and it husband and wife with no kids. I usually take both neighbors fresh eggs or something out of my garden. On one side is a vietnam vet and the other is a outboard mechanic who has his shop out back of his house. Both neighbors are pleasant people. I have never really broached the subject of prepping but in general terms with the vet who just appeared uninterested. I’ve have never mentioned it again with him nor at all with the other neighbor. They’re on their own. I’ve tried with family members who just give a stupid grin so they’re on their own. The neighbors have never commented on the apple and plum trees as well as the bluberry bushes and blackberry brambles that I’ve planted. If I’m still here come spring, there’s gonna be more fruit trees out back. I plan on dehydrating fruit along with using them to give some of my moonshine a little color.

      23. just an Idea; No way am I interested in people knowing about me. but i’d sure like more people getting ready, So one thing I do do is comment to people in Groc stores etc, (That I don’t know.) is suggesting they stock up, A lot of people know food prices are going up, that things are not well, If all of us try to get the other guys neighber preped, we can all stay under the radar.

        • I do the same thing at the grocery store… It’s interesting- I travel ofen for work and find myself in conversations with strangers that seem to be at in some way prepping. Perhaps its the anonymonity(sp?) of flying with strangers, but damn- the mood is universally dark out there. People FEEL IT in their gut.

      24. If the shtf fan folks… decide bug out or bug in, first off barrickade your houses, post guards, move vehicles up too house/ apt… store as much water as possible, organize scrounging parties while stores still open, top off gas and get all you can before gone… and then dig in… within 3 weeks the killing will start! During this period work on building security and arming up new bug out team members. Always have 24/7 over watch security on roof’s tree’s poles etc with long gun. first secure your house, block, neighborhood, town… in that order.

        And be prepared to kill… at any time… even a neighbor , national guardsman or a cop. They are all just as likely too turn on you as anyone else too SURVIVE! I’ve seen it personally when on the job.

        Trust no one! Show strength where weak! Kindness only weakens you and compromises your security!

        A fool is soon parted from his gold!

        If single… bug in tight… sleep in corners on floor (either dug-in wall of basement or upper floors (Avoid the Ground Floors), board up all ground floor windows and doors, with multiple barriers erected to warn you and protect your from intruders! Buy Lotsa MACE, bee spray, liquid acid etc and Gas Masks! Force Equalizer and have Two fully loaded 12 gauges w/ magazine extensions… ready to Rock and Roll! keep buckets of sand and water , fire extinguishers handy for fires… have a pre planned escape route!

        Be Prepared to Kill to hesitate is to die. Worry about your actions afterwards… just sayin’ where I live in CFALLS Columbia Falls Montana with Local InBreeder White Alchi Methhead White Montana Trash as LOCAL neighbors… I plan on keeping a full 300 yards death perimeter around my place. Nothing but Animals live here! And the Law is a Joke Here! The only thing the LOCALS here respect is Violence , and only Fear of you coming after them for their crimes stop them from Victimizing you here! `Truth!

        Dig In, be prepared to Kill and wait! Within 3 to 4 weeks the killing will start, within just 3 to 7 days armed robbery and home invasions will start!

        People wont be truly desperate till the 3 to 4 weeks!

        after that it’ll be living hell… the only food source after that in plentiful will be humans. ;0P pssszzzt

        In times of great stress human beings always fractionalize into tribes for survival! Only the strong will survive… arm up stock prepare!

        Preditor or Prey the choice is Yours!

        • remember the walls of most homes are made of plaster… thats it… sand bags or bricks, rocks piled in a bin will give you some protection… think of that when getting ready to sleep… best protection is a sleeping hole in the ground two feet deep with grenade sumps!

          `Just sayin’ think safety… think , then do!

          • As Rod Serling said at the end of part 3 of the above Twilight Zone episode

            “For civilization to survive the human race has to remain civilized”


              civilized??? read carrol quigley’s book on the CFR Illuminati they are right now intentionally poisoning you in your food and water , the CIA is shipping in COKE and HEROIN , the us army, marines, pentagon is waging Illegal wars killing enslaving for the IMF and Banker Bilderboybuggers , iSRAELI jEWS the worlds Brown People , WOMEN AND CHILDREN – it’s genocide!

              And You wanna talk of being Civilized!?

              We lost that a LONGGG time ago! There is a war going on right now! And you aren’t winning it! It’s called class warfare Debt Slave – Now Pay Your SLAVE Taxes drink your flouridated water and eat your wood pulp food AND STFU debt SLAVE!

              know your place european american… know your place!

        • Then you think my idea of selling deep fat fried Twinkies for a living won’t work in your area? I’d suggest you get a better set of neighbors

        • It’s called xanax; your doctor will be happy to prescribe it. Get some before you pop a vein in your head.

        • Kindness takes strength and faith, not weakness.

          I’m not saying I wouldn’t fight to defend home and family – if we are threatened someone WILL go down – no surrender.

          However, it takes a stronger person to be kind in an evil world than to just go along with the evil.

          Your philosophy is dead WRONG to me.

          I will not base my behaviour on the bad actions of others.

          • I think he ran out of meds……

            • Do they even HAVE meds for what ails him? 😆

          • knock knock KNOCK KNOCK … BANG BANG BOOOOOM!

            helloooo we’re the GOLDEN HORDE… GOT ANY FOOD? Cause me and my millions of fellow walmart golden horde members are SO HUNGRY we could eat a large doggy! ruff ruff!

            keep the faith d d d Daisy… gawd will hopefully hide you from them who would hurt you and yours!

            me personally … I intend to drop anyone who even comes within 300 yards of my place.

            Nuthin but inbreeder child molestin’ alchi methhead montana white trash literally in cfalls columbia falls , montana! just look it up police blotter… the town is a real sheiithole!

            GAWD WILLS IT! ;0p Pssssszzzzzt

            • @daisy… this is my creed!

              This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than the enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will. My rifle and I know that what counts in war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, or the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit.

              My rifle is human, even as I am human, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strengths, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other.

              Before God I swear this creed. My rifle and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.

              So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy.

              WHAT MAKES THE GRASS GROW???

              BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD!


              We don’t need no Stinkin’ Meds, Ms. Daisy!

            • You will lose.

        • If you intend on spraying somebody with bee spray, why not just go all the way and prepare some sort of chemical agent? I suggest spending a year taking chemistry classes at a local community college (general chem 1, general 2, quantitative analysis, organic chem 1, organic chem 2) so you know how to safely work in a lab setting, then legally acquire the precursors necessary for something along the lines of hydrogen cyanide (fast acting, fast dissipating).

          If you’re not that savvy with chemistry and/or technology or you’re not comfortable with such a thing, just legally acquire/buy CS tear gas canisters.

          Either way, bee spray will be of minimal effectiveness, especially if the person’s eyes are covered by some sort of glasses, tactical goggles, etc.

      25. you forgot the wealthy elitist:

        the person making a ton of worthless dollars, who sold thier gold for a profit, sold thier wifes wedding band to pay to abortion for the maid that he impregnanted. The wealthy elitist who got bailed out for bad investments and put us in the crises to begin with.

        common phrases:

        “I never touched her”

        “I am the 1 percent”

        “Stock markets makes everything okay.”

        my favorite:

        “I smoked but never inhaled.”

      26. Me, I don’t care who is “going” to be our neighbors. The closest home to us is a quarter mile away. One nice thing about living out in the docks. What really concerns me is the Interstate freeway less than a mile from our back door. There is a straight shot to the back of the house. Out here there is a ton of preppers and we all have the same idea. We know most of the people here and we know who doesn’t belong here or at the neighbor’s house. You get to talking to people put here and you soon realize there is a lot of firepower out here. This wouldn’t be a good place to assault. Our kids know and have agreed if anything happens down in their area, get your butts out here. I wouldn’t give a plug nickel to be down in Orange, LA or the surrounding areas. It’s going to be bad down there where you have absolutely no idea who is living around you. When SHTF there is going to be a bunch of people pounding 911 hoping for protection form the cops. It will be seen rather quickly how fragile and impudent law enforcement really is. If this whole thing goes south there is going to be kaos and a lot of good people are going to fall as victims to the chaotic because they just can’t believe it could happen here. Don’t fall victim to your
        >>>>>>>>>NORMALICY BIAS<<<<<<<<<< your life may very well depend on it..

      27. Very good article and thank you for posting it.. 🙂 We live in a military town (navy) although the pop is 38,000 they don’t include the navy families it that #. Unfortunately most of our neighbors we don’t know even though we’ve been here for five yrs now. My biggest concern is I don’t trust any of them except possibly one family however they are a navy family and I’m hesitate to talk to them about prepping because of that fact… 🙁 All my neighbors know I have a garden and the ones i talk to even come help me in it for some of the food. But I know things can drastically change…. We will have to leave this area if anything happends.. I have a few places in mind but we don’t own any land. So it will be difficult for us if we don’t find like minded people soon. And I use the word ‘we’ loosely as my husband is only kinda involved… But he’s coming around slowly…

        • Navy town of 38000…Bremerton by chance?

          • Yes… 🙂

            • Well, I’m not too far from there. I can see the bridge. [email protected]

        • There’s a prepper further up the comment thread who lives in Tacoma… may want to get in touch with her.

          I’m a bit too far off for you on any practical level (I’m down here in PDX), and while I know there are folks in and around the area who are like-minded, I have yet to meet any.

          IIRC, Bremerton is a bit of a rough town, yes?

          • Yes I saw that there is in Tacoma. 🙂 And yes Bremerton can be a bit rough. We dont have many problems but most of my neighbors are afraid of my husband because of the way he looks and he and I both ride motorcycles/trike. And here people assume that if you ride your part of the ruling 1% bike club even though we’re not, so that actually keeps us alittle safer. But between the unemployment and the crack heads it isnt the greatest place. I have a few of our friends that I trust on board and they have begun to prep. And Odd Questioner just knowing we may have friends to the south is enough. 🙂

          • @ Odd Questioner, We are East of Gresham. We have been reading(some would call it lurking)this site for a couple of months now…gleaning a lot from everyone here. But I am afraid we are far behind most…doing what we can we the resources we have. We have some really great neighbors who have a lot of skills, but I don’t think any of them are prepping. There are a few family members that live close (10 minutes) but again not prepping. Our daughter is deep in NE PDX (for school), which terrify’s us on a daily basis. We would probably be alone out here (except two dogs). I know that there is at least one other like-minded person in the PDX area on this site (made mention of Bonneville Dam) but I can’t remember who it was. We haven’t commented or posted here before…a bit leery of internet sites. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we are in the area, if you want to exchange idea’s etc. =)

            • Cool news!

              I’m out on the other side, near B-town. It’s good to see folks from the ‘way on the site. 🙂

            • I’m in Renton 🙂

      28. Off Topic: Did you guys read about the smart meters??

        thesilverbear dot com

        California Recall … Beginning of the End for Smart Meters?

        • JJ: I saw it or something similar. Which only goes to show that when WE DEMAND OUR rights WE can get them.

          Engage your government or be enslaved by it.

          • I hear ya!!

      29. Here’s an idea came up with. I plan on making FEMA signs telling people of food and water ___miles or so ahead. Place a couple in two to three mile radius. Most of the foot traffic and any other traffics will be headed south out of the most populace city to the north of us, so face the signs north. I can see myself sitting out on our porch and telling people “Yeah some Army guys were by two days ago and put them up. Said the camp was in ________, people should move along because they said when they run out of trailers then those who come later sleep in tents.” Just a herding trick I thought of, they are sheeple after all. I Might make a couple health Dept Quarantine signs too!

        • Brilliant..simply brilliant

          might even keep some of the badge wielding, gun confiscation, government goons away too..especially the Quarantine signs

        • Great idea.., thanks!

        • Frigging awesome. The quarantine signs give me ideas……

          • Just look the part, iodine to the face dirt and charcoal as well. Some dark makeup under the eyes. Cough a lot. 1/2 an alka-seltzer in the mouth would be awesome. The main problem may be someone looking to put you out of your misery. “Just yell go away, go away, we’re all sick” from the inside of the door way. It may only buy you time though, as they may be back thinking your dead, later on.

        • I like that – I was thinking of the quarantine signs myself. No one wants to catch some kind of freaky plague, no matter how hungry they are. 🙂

        • On the same note, don’t quarantine signs usually give the reason for the quarantine? You’d want to be realistic. “QUARANTINE: SMALLPOX” for example. What other horrifying and contagious illnesses would you consider likely?

          • Daisy: The G Flu: R1,D1,L1 is a horrible disease. It shrivels the heart and mind. It makes the victim deaf, dumb, and blind.

            It is most commonly found inside the DC Beltway or around state capital buildings.

            It is communicable and can be caught by drinking the kool aid, or close proximity to a bureaucrat, lobbyist, or political stooge.

            Once infected there is NO cure but death!

            • Good one! Maybe offer a “vaccine” for that disease. Put ’em out of your misery.

          • Cholera daisy, it is plain and simple and scary as all heck!

            • Isn’t that basically vomiting and diarhea times a million, Clay? Makes sense, too, especially if there is an issue with sanitation.

            • Yes generally from poor sanitation and very infectious!

          • Daisy:

            Think “anthrax”. Plausible and deadly.

            Your welcome,

            • Lovin’ the anthrax, Mal – that is horrifying! 🙂

        • now i like that idea claymation and i am gonna steal it for one of my own. i live just outside of a national forest in a part of rural america called “isolated rural”. there is a state highway about a 1/4 of a mile from my house that will take you ten miles in any direction to the nearest podunk town..i know exactly where i will put my fema signs and it will be interesting watching the traffic from up in a tree with the binoculars.

          • You didn’t steal it. Just run with it, make it your own and if you think of any variants or other ways to pull it off keep us informed, peace.

        • Good idea. Here’s another. Look at photos from Katrina and the FEMA signs painted on house that were condenmed. Paint these signs on the outside of your house.

        • That’s a pretty slick idea!

          OTOH, if the local national guard catches you doing it, they may take a very dim view of you (and start paying more attention to you, which you probably do not want).

        • In the event of mandatory evacuations I intend to place FEMA style signs on my door (the ones with the 4 sections, each section containing different information) which state that either nobody was found inside, or X number of bodies were found and removed, the search was completed, and the structure may not be safe to re-enter for (reason will vary depending on the nature of the situation causing the mandatory evacuation order).

          Everybody should learn the basics about FEMA signs.

      30. I love the Twilight Zone. I’ve seen that episode before but never connected it to prepping. It’s a good comparison. A lot of people have seen me hauling in jugs of water and groceries every day. We’re armed. After the collapse I won’t be opening the door for anyone. We only have enough for ourselves for one year. I don’t want to have to deal with anyone I know asking me to take in their children. It’s better to pretend that no one is home.

      31. After watching this video, it should be abundantly clear to everyone that you must keep your preps private. Do not trust anyone.

        If you choose to take someone in after everything breaks down, that’s fine. But sleep with one eye open.

        • Like the X-files……

      32. When i started prepping, i always thought my family and i could go it alone. We live in the country and 3 miles from the nearest paved road. However, after reading about Argentina and the gangs that would go into the country to loot and kill the rural folks, and selcos account of people needing to be in large groups (10-20), i am wondering now about small towns (ie 1000-3000 residents). Being in the midwest, most folks have guns and there is a great deal of farm and ranch land surrounding most small towns. any thoughts?

        • Ammo Ammo and more Ammo. Trip wires. Flood lights. A pack of big dogs. Try to make your place the place to go for friends and family. Even if the didn’t prep, there is strength in numbers. Reinforce every window and door. I have concidered the metal roll down window covers for the inside that they use in Italy. Sorry, can’t remember the name. I can’t afford them, so I moved on to reinforced plywood. I am hardly an opsec specialist. Just ‘off the top of my head’ thoughts if it were me.

        • Rainyday: Rawles recommends towns of 500 or less. Personally I think larger towns are ok. Cities are a no-no. Suburbs on the edge of cities are dangerous.

          Smaller towns are close knit and have traditional values. Your location has merit if it is a BOL for other family members too.

          I think a small college town is a good idea as these are intelligent resourceful people with traditional values.

          Everyone should go within to discover where they should be. Then be there when the SHTF. If and when it really goes down, I do not foresee much mobility after the fact.

          You will need to be there to get there.

        • Cut the road, no one will walk three miles to find you if they don’t know you are there. Bury most of your stuff. And be ready to abandon your house for awhile, If it gets that bad gasoline will be gone in week or two gangs won’t last long; a lot of good people in the US shoot wood chucks at 500 yds, My eyes are not as good as they used to be but a bunch of roving murders at 500 yds “POT SHOT”

          • you would be surprised how far a person will walk, dirt road or paved, especially if they really dont have any inkling of where they are at…should emp happen, there will be folks on the march everywhere trying to get somewhere.

            • carynverell: I really don’t think there will be much marching. Hey, most people don’t even walk to the corner store anymore.

              Yes there are a few hikers out there, and I still do some humping of the hills myself, but that is the exception rather than the norm.

              The people in Phoenix are very much outdoors people. Very athletic. Even in the blistering summer they come out at night. But no one is going to walk to Prescott, Payson, Sedona or Flagstaff. And its all uphill.

              No gas, no go.

            • And certainly not Page DK!

        • You’re 3 miles from the nearest paved road. How many people will even know you exist? Still, after it hits the fan you need to have at least one person awake and armed at all times. That’s what we plan to do. Groups of people trying to attack people in a building are going to lose a lot of people quickly. There’s about a 4 to 1 advantage for people defending a building. We plan to keep the blinds drawn and have sheets of plywood in front of the windows to catch possible bullets.

          • Farm Cat

            You might wanna rethink the plywood thing for stopping bullets. I did a few test using a light 150 grain 30-06 at 100 yds 4 pcs 3/4 inch plywood didn’t stop it at all. next was a pc of lamibeam 3 inches thick same result. even doubled at 6 inch it still pass through. it was final was stopeed with 3 pcs at 9 inches. This was a light load for the 30-06 and that was also a soft point Remington core lokt. I didn’t even bother to get the heavy loads out after that test.I will however get the 7mm mag out for the next round of test. New and exciting was to waste some good wood.


          • Increase your advantage with tactical body armor with level IV rifle plates, ballistic helmets, gas masks, and have a box/crate of CS tear gas canisters/grenades. I have hand-deployable CS canisters, but if you can legally acquire launcher deployable canisters/grenades of CS tear gas, then go for it.

            Night vision and/or thermal vision will help give you an advantage.

            A person who has an AR-15 along with level IV body armor, a ballistic helmet, a gas mask, a few CS canisters, and even basic night vision, has a massive advantage over even a dozen attackers who are armed with a mix of shotguns, pistols, etc, who have no body armor, no gas masks, no night vision, etc.

            As for everything I’ve just described, body armor, ballistic helmets, rifle plates, gas masks, CS canisters, I have all of that stuff. The only thing I presently lack is the night vision (it’s high on the priority list but it was bumped down a peg to make way for the suppressors I am in the process of buying).

            Suppressors are another thing, have at least one suppressed rifle in a rifle caliber (I went with a 5.56mm NATO AR-15) and another suppressed weapon in some pistol caliber (I went with a 9mm UZI). At some point I may suppress a 9mm Beretta pistol and/or purchase a suppressed MAC-10 full auto in caliber 45 (but I can think of a lot of better stuff to buy for the $3800 dollars, such as top of the line night vision)

            Even still, two suppressed weapons (one of which is a carbine/rifle) are a must.

        • You wont have to worry about gangs going out to the rural farm areas they are pure cowards outside of the city scape. Just be prepared to killl the first few and the rest will run in fear to an easy target. Ive been a cop way too long I know how they think and act. Big and brave in a group but once they see blood spilled especially out in the back of nowhere and they dont have a alley to hide in they will turn tail and run.

          • Hunger is a very powerful driver Lt. , hunger , fear/ stress/ anger and PTSD will create a driving force , a SHTF MOB Mentality!

            So I disagree… a few rounds wont drive em’ all off… it’ll just piss em’ off and they will just wait till night and BURN you and yours out!

            With enough fuel anything will burn…

          • I agree Lt. Most of them will decimate themselves in the urban jungle killing each other over scraps, eating rats, cats, pets and pidgins after the stores have been emptied.

            They will prey on the suburbs if they can, but if the buses and subways aren’t running they aren’t going anywhere.

            In a true SHTF scenario gas will be rationed if it is available at all to anyone other than the government.

            No gas, no go. “Bloom in place” or be there if you want to get there. Move to the mountains next summer people.

          • Petty street gangs may not be much of a worry, but keep in mind many of these people have been shot/stabbed/beaten/etc. A lot of gang members have been in street-fights, fire-fights, they’ve seen people die, they’ve killed people, and they still stay with their gang and keep “banging” how many regular citizens can say they’ve been stabbed, shot, seen their friends stabbed/shot, killed people, etc.

            Not to mention, the very organized criminal groups that will be a NIGHTMARE for anybody within 20-100 miles of the southern border. I am mainly referring to groups such as Los Zetas (approximately 500-1500 Mexicans, who received training from an elite group of a few dozen Mexican commandos who were educated/trained at the School of the America’s by US Army Special Forces, these several dozen went on to train 500-1500 and they now have about a regiment sized force which is equipped with mortars, anti-tank guided missiles, shoulder-fired surface to air missiles, machine guns, grenade launchers, rocket propelled grenade launchers, landmines, and even a few helicopter gunships). These Los Zetas are trained in aerial assaults, close quarters combat, surveillance, counter-surveillance, interrogation, escape, evasion, and of course all things related to light infantry operations.

            Anybody who lives within “easy distance” (decide for yourself what constitutes “easy distance”) of the border with Mexico should IMMEDIATELY move.

            Imagine you have a ranch in Arizona or Texas that is say 32 miles from the border, and law/order/authority has been gone for 4-5 months. You’ve dealt with the occasional would be burglar/home-invader, you’ve even dispatched a few groups of about 4-6 attackers, but now a motion sensor alarm goes off and with your binoculars you gaze out at 1200 yards and see a force of at least 30 men armed with AK-47s and/or M-16s, all of whom are wearing tactical body armor and ballistic helmets, moving towards your house.

            Not exactly something I want to be faced with.

            Don’t under-estimate the potential of gangs, gangs are one step away from paramilitary forces, if they only realized their potential and took measures to make their potential a reality. A lot of what happened in the former Yugoslavia was perpetrated by gang members/criminals who were organized into irregular military formations. They received varying levels of training and often had heavy equipment (artillery, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, etc).

            In Africa many of the gangs morphed into rebel movements.

            Most gangs in the USA are already organized along racial lines and it wouldn’t take much for them to become full-fledged racial paramilitary organizations, dedicated to ethnic/racial secessionism/nationalism.

            Along the border, Mexican street gangs will be especially dangerous as they will have access to the resources of Mexico, which will include training via the cartels, mercenaries working for the cartels, groups such as Los Zetas, along with more weaponry than most Americans can ever hope to match.

            This is from back in 2010, just across the border in Mexico, hundreds of weapons were seized… Look at what they seized…


            Note they have ham-radios, ballistic helmets, hand grenades, grenade launchers, .50 caliber rifles, RPG launchers, RPG-7 rockets, mountains of loaded magazines, and perhaps more ominous, paramilitary uniforms with patches… My guess would be that they are equipping insurgent groups in the Southwest as part of the “Reconquista” movement to take back all of the land that was ceded to the USA after they lost the Mexican American War, along with the War of Texas Independence, and what we bought and paid for with the Gasden Purchase.

            This brings me to my main question, if the people attacking your ranch/farm/property have hand-grenades, body armor, and RPGs, and are using radios to communicate with other attacking teams, what can you possibly do in such situations? Mind you on ranches along the American/Mexican border, coordinated attacks by platoon sized units with military firearms (and even sometimes jeeps with .50 caliber machine-guns) are not uncommon. In 2003 there were about 118 documented instances of armed and uniformed Mexican soldiers crossing into the USA border, engaging in actions ranging from kidnapping and drug trafficking, to assault, home invasion, and murder.


      33. I live in a very rural area in between two small towns. The only problem I have is that a very major 2 laner I can see from my front porch. If the shtf, the first thing I will do is go to the first intersections to the north and south of me and start dropping trees onto the road, diverting traffic onto smaller roads to go around me. Of course this will be done late at night. Grin. I think the false FEMA signs will be a nice touch, maybe even a detour sign. Maybe I should look into aquiring a few of those.

        • Exactly my thinking people believe anything they read on a sign or see on TV. I already have my trees picked out. Peace and good luck.

          • lol, the “isolated-rural” road i live on is a dead end. at the end is nothing but forest and a dirt mine (very deep)so i will have to remember to take the dead end sign down for a few weeks after shtf or emp..that ought to take pretty good care of anyone who does not want to walk ten miles in any direction for a fema camp.

        • Think Dynamite. If there’s a huge hole in the road and trees down all around it no one is getting through that way except on foot. 😀

          Just my 2 cents.

        • Store up junk mail and old catalogs. After it hits the fan scatter it on your lawn. Add some coke cans and things like that. Put up a note on your door that says, “When you get home come to our house” and sign it, “Uncle Jim” or something like that. Try to make it look like nobody lives there any more. Don’t cut down trees across the road. That will force them into your area. There are lots of houses along any road. You want them to keep going.

      34. I truely think that after a SHTF situation, there wont be many of the type of person listed.. they will end up cannon fodder or die of starvation desease or gun shot wounds

        the people who will survive a situation like that werent listed

      35. Hey Brandon you forgot one … a few actualy …

        _The Ex Con knows the score immediately and does what ever is necessary just as he did in prison to survive for him and his kids.

        _The Ex Military Grunt, trained and experienced in Real World Combat… knows the score, is properly prepped and is prepared to kill at the drop of a hat knowing that to hesitate means his own death. just as it did in vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a Realist and excepts the hard fact he must kill to survive and will do so quietly!

        This article misleads people to a certain extent! Don’t assume folks you are a death dealer minion of the devil just cause you are armed and stocked! There is Always someone Meaner and More Desperate Than You no matter how HARD you are or think you are… always be prepared to run… have a good pair of shoes on your feet even when sleeping!

        • The Ex con I would absolutely be worried about. The Ex Military Grunt man or woman I would take them and theirs in and shelter them. The hard question is telling who from who. Peace

          • this is where “moto tats” come in to play:)

        • And I fear if this country truly collapses, the guards won’t be at the prisons; will they let them out??

          Or will that be where the National Guard will be sent??

          • All the prisoners will be released because governments at all levels will go bankrupt. The National Guard could be used to guard government officials and their homes. They could also be used to maintain control in larger cities or to man checkpoints on interstates. Eventually the federal government or what replaces it will regain control of the country.

      36. Working in heavy industry my entire life I met many contractors that traveled the country for work. One fella from the south had a funny analogy. He worked from NYC through the north east to home in Alabama. He said, ‘The problem is cement”; continuing he said, “In NYC there is a lot of cement and a lot of problems”; “Here there is some cement and some problems”, “back home there is no cement and no problems”.

        Pretty much the above advice was keep away from people.

        You need some people preferably family and very close friends. Beyond that just learn the Nancy Reagan phrase, “Just say no”.

        • K2: Great story! Good advice! 🙂

      37. TBH.. you cannot prepare for the unexpected. I give this country two years tops to become a third world country. Before any of this happens though we will see a lot of changes. Curphews probably, rations, HAARP gone, social security gone, savings gone, banks heading for the hills, and etc. Right now theyre just planning for the collapse making sure they havent missed any minor details until they knock off the first domino. Then power is going to be given to Germany and China. Someone is going to side with the arabs and saudies, just watch. The arabs will then start WW3. Nuff said

        • arabs??? what arabs? wtf! it’s gonna be the israeli jews again… just like always… silly rabbit! This is all planned out already… look up carrol quigley imf cfr bill clinton learn the truth of what is planned and why?

          • yeah, lets blame it on the arabs again…lol…. this is too much… its not even the isralei jew nina…. its these sick zionist luciferian communist , governing freaks who will start the war again…… who knows who there next target will be.. the muslims in antarctica if they have to…. get em!just do it without me please.

            • wrong… it is the Israeli jews… they want to expand their country four times it’s current size and are presently commiting genocide against the Muslims living in the Gaza Strip and other areas around Israel… all in the name of Land and Water… they are doing to the Arabs Muslims just as we Americans did to the American Injuns!

              It’s called GENOCIDE AND ALL You Americans are Accessories to Murder of Women and Children Everytime You Pay Your Taxes! Cause it’s your 60 Billion Dollars a Year and American Arms that is Making this all possible, not to mention the NUKES we gave them!

              The BLOOD is on your hands Debt Slaves!

              MAX BAUCUS of Montana and the US CONGRESS is OWNED by the IsRaeli Jews – Bought and Paid For!

              OPEN YOUR EYE’s !!! See the bigger picture of your Reality as a Debt Slave!

              Dissolve Israel… send the Jews Back to Europe !!! And the World will be a better place for All!

              sigh… ;0P psszzt

      38. Oh and the US is going to be ate up from the inside out, but the sheeple will belive it as a terrorist attack.

        • I once heard that all great nationa commit suicide.

      39. JJ, I’ve been reading and learning off of this site for a while now, but I have never left a comment. If you were to contact me I doubt I would reply as well as I already have my bug out location picked out and am not looking to let anyone know who I am and that I am prepping. Also, no way big brother isn’t watching who is on “these” sites and comments made.

        I just started prepping recently, my wife thinks I’m nuts, but is tolerant for now. I am so far behind the 8 ball on all of this and fear I may be arriving at the end of the dance in time to hear the DJ announce the last song. I also started building a nice house in the suburbs before I was even aware that there was such a thing as a prepper. With my knowledge now, I wish I would have built out in the country a ways.

        Who knows, maybe I will join in the discussion more often, but for now my goal is anonymity.

        Mac, thanks for this site, I think you have way more people than you know reading and learning and you aren’t just reporting, you are saving lives.

        Manos, thanks for the updates periodically. I feel I’m looking in to a magic ball every time I read your updates.

        Mushroom must have enough cash in #10 cans that he doesn’t need to comment anymore.

        Rich, why do you even come on this site to poke at preppers? That’s like going to a PETA convention to tell them that they are dumb that they don’t eat pork. I suggest that you go to life insurance blog sites instead and tell them how they aren’t going to die in the forseeable future and that they are all just wasting their time. Same results for you, nobody will listen.

        To the rest of this community – thanks for the meaningful discussions, comments and education that I’m getting. God bless each one of you.

      40. This ain’t the twilight zone folks… Keep your pants on. It’s fun to read each comment and watch the frenzy…. Your feeding on each other, just like the stupid neighbors. Don’t fall off your rockers!

        • And please don’t bother & come over to my house & use my rocker or eat my food. It will be off limits to sheeple who should know better.

        • NO soup 4 you !!

      41. some people talk like a collapse will be a weekend campimg trip and they will go home where it’s all warm and fuzzy when they get tired of playing pioneer.I have been hungry many times when I was a kid during the depression and I was in the military, most things that people are trying to learn today, I grew up with and learnt how to do it or went hungry.
        Gardening, canning,hunting,fishing,frog gigging,living with no heat,no hot water,driving horses was a way of life,later I operated about every piece of construction eq made.I’ve had a rough life,but a good life, at least I’m in my 70s med free and in better shape than most 50yo’s around here.
        Yrs ago in europe I talked to many people who survived WW2 in differents parts on europe and the stories they told are exactly how things could get here, At the end of the war, refugees were running all over the place,in all the countries, hungry,scared,sick,no home,sleeping where ever they could, little kids with no family,they didn’t trust anyone, really couldn’t trust anyone, people were stripped,robbed,many womem from 8 to 80 were raped.
        I’m well prepped with food,tools and everything to make sure my family will survive for yrs almost anything other than a nuke just like my family done eighty plus yrs ago.I couldn’t care less if the people on either side of me survive,If the local gas stationed up in the village was closed in the morning, they wouldn’t have a coffee, that’s how well prepared they are.They, like most of the people in the area are living life on plastic cards like there’s no tomorrow, a new vehicle every yr, upside down on the bills and mortgage, borrowing money to buy gas and smokes. If the grid was to go down or there was an economic collapse, the safest thing for my neighbors to do is stay where they belong or at least do not come to my place, I’v took care of them too many time during little power outages and snow storms,plowing their driveways, cutting limbs down for them ect, everything, you name it I’ve done it for them over the yrs. I’ve preached to them about prepping for the past ten yrs and they just look at me like some commentators look at Ron Paul.when and if the collapse comes, if they think I’m a hard man now and set in my ways, they haven’t seen anything.

        • You sound like the kind of neighbor I would love to have.

          Nuff said.

      42. I live on a large piece of land (in comparison to most people). About 10 acres. My neighbors all seem to be preppers. We don’t talk about it much, other than the wealthy guy next to me who half-jokes that he has enough ammo to hold off an army for months. He says when SHTF we will work together to secure our land. He has a bring-it-on attitude which is great. I have huge stockpiles of food, pallets and pallets of food, because that is my business (wholesaler).

        Not more than 5 miles away is a huge area of apartments and Somalians and whatever scuzzy poor people that would turn to savages. I am not sure we’ll be safe but my situation is better than most. I really try to keep a low key.

        My family members carry on like there is absolutely not problem with anything. I have brought up the subject of SHTF to them and they say when that happens they are heading straight to my house. Shit.

        • dont worry, by the time they figure out that S hit the fan, it will be too late for them to safely make the journey to your place..not sure if that is comforting or not, but thats more then likely going to be the case

        • what VRFR said, anyone living off the tax payers teat or some other hand outs will stay put waiting for their caregiver, by the time they wake up,the same S that hit the F will be hitting them full force.

      43. I have met all the types mentioned in the article. I have little or nothing to do with most. After years of trying to wake people up, I quit. There are enough people of like mind here in western Pennsylvania, I no longer bother with others. Due to attempts at infiltration by jack-booted thugs, who view survivalists as terrorists, I do not make any new friends. None! I find it extremely ironic that the jack-booted thugs demonize survivalists, while working for a government based on survivalism through Continuity of Government operations. Vast underground cities, huge supplies of food, medicine, clothing and misc. Nothing but the best for the ruling elite. Anyway, if possible, move to a rural area with good water and soil. It’d be nice if you convinced others to buy near you for the purpose of defense and weather out the coming storm.

        • Just as I advised on this blog to stop trying to convince and lay low, the guy repairing my free-standing log heater starts telling me how I should store food, etc.
          He has a well, as well as the guy with him—they are within 4/5 miles of my home.
          They garden, can, and are preppers by my definition.
          He’s looking for 55 gallon drums; gets drywall buckets on the job to store food; I found a prepper.

          • That’s exciting……a good lead on buckets!!!
            I’ve got a good place where I get used buckets myself.
            Making labels today for a wheat order me and the other
            homeschool moms put together…… it!!!

            • Careful with the drywall buckets–If you pick up one that has the lid on tightly and feels like it has a little compound left inside, it may have been “repurposed”.

            • happycountrymom

              Drywall buckets are not good for food storage… If you need buckets I suggest going to a bakery for free buckets. Or better yet Lowes or Home depot sell new buckets for about $3.50, At least that way you know they will be safe. I noticed you live in Texas? If so hit you local grain stores and ask about buying bulk grain. I found 60 lbs of wheat for $12.00. add the 2 buckets and you end up with $17.00. If you worry about any bugs, just freeze the grain for 3 days in a small freezer. Also while at the Lowes or Home depot, look for dented freezer. I picked up a 7 cu ft for 90.00 new with a same dent in the side. It sometime pays to be a cheap ass like me.


            • @ DPS…….I didn’t know drywall buckets were unsafe.Good thing most of mine had syrup in them !!!!
              However, I’m such a tightwad myself, I could find something to do with them.
              My freezer was free. Brought it home after we closed down
              the food pantry when the little church closed it’s doors.
              Are you calling the feed store a grain store??
              Do tell where you got wheat for $12.

            • 1happymom

              yes maam I call it grain store you call it feed store, but hell in TX they are all the same. If they sell ropes and feed its all good.. You might also check out the grain elv. they to will sell you a truck bed full of wheat or corn dirt cheap… Sorry so short tonight but i was invited to a ranch to shoot some deer tomorrow. Gotta pack a few things.


      44. Probably some here have read the Larry Niven / Jerry Pournelle novel “Lucifer’s Hammer”. If not it’s an ingesting good read. At that was 1977.

        • The Old Coach,
          “Lucifer’s Hammer” is a great book about surviving a SHTF scenario.

      45. Hmmm, hit the send button before I was ready !

        Some of the same points about humanity and cooperation are found there. And that was 1977.

      46. There are so many contridictions
        In all these messages we send
        (We keep asking)
        How do I get out of here
        Where do I fit in?
        Though the world is torn and shaken
        Even if your heart is breakin’
        It’s waiting for you to awaken
        And someday you will-
        Learn to be still

        in other words unless you know the people you are dealing with on an intimate level, dont open your self up..learn to be still..smaller target, and no one knows about your preps and vision for where this is headded.

        you wait for them to come to you with their questions , and their fears, than you will know who your dealing with

        It took me a long time after finding this place to open my mouth on here, (im sure a lot of people would wish I would shut up) but I am still thinking I should have just lurked.
        because im not following my own advice

      47. I don’t talk a whole lot about my prepping either. People think I’m some cute little conspiracy theorist, you know, kooky but harmless. Whatever – I’m fine with that.

        I find that as I get to know people now, I assess them very differently than I once would have. I wonder to myself, “How would this person be in a tough situation? Would he or she remain true to their belief system and personal ethics? Would trauma and stress destroy the smiling person that I think I know? Would this person turn into a ruthless monster only out for himself?”

        Sadly, there aren’t very many people that I meet face to face that would make my mental cut.

        • @daisy … Would this person turn into a ruthless monster only out for himself?”

          ninaorket says: Ggrrrrrrr … thats gonna be me daisy ;0P pssssszzzzt ruff ruff ruff …

          cause I’m a Ruff Tuff can’t get Enuff… lil’ green fighten Puff!

          Night Hawks – Guardians of the Night! POST!

          • No soup 4 you.

          • Thank goodness nina is around to dispel the “crazy survivalist” stereotype!

        • You say “kook” as though it’s a BAD thing.

      48. Yep.
        Shople will panic. Hide your stuff when the SHTF. You could always eat the neighbors. Look on the bright side. Plenty of boomers to chew on. ha

      49. Well Dawgies… check out drudgereport.. Jesse Ventura is OUTTA here.. heading down South, Mexico way.

        • I saw that, the thought has certainly crossed my mind too.

          I did find it odd that he also said he might run for president in retaliation.

          • Mr. B. – yes, I noticed that too.. there is a certain amount of showmanship going on there..

            So if he follows through.. I guess I know who my “neighbor” will be.. he reportedly likes the region about 4 hours by car north of my chosen place in Mexico.

            • mexico??? as a escape bugout location??? yeah… sounds perfect … the country is going through a cia dea fbi atf manipulated civil drug war!

              if folks want to escape go to the islands off the coasts by boat… plenty of fish and sea food! you can always boil and eat seaweed!

              you’ll have your pick of boats at the marina in a shtf plan!

              forget mexico… it’s been bought and paid for by the imf / world bank / nafta and it is already forcing NWO controls upon it’s people bio-metrics , gmo foods and other debt slave controls.

              just stay where you are… the evil you know is better than the evil you do not!

              learn to build a DUG OUT and scout out bug out locations in the local national forests… learn to build water wells by hand and natural filtering… buy water hand filters boil your water… best place to bug out too is the federal parks and national game preserves!

              and if you do… watch out for u.n. troops! They’re already in yellow stone and grand tetons federal parks… part of the u.n. international heritage parks program. yes d d d Daisy the u n now controls and owns our major national parks system! ;0P psssszzzzt

      50. yes good point on the snoop. that one drives me nuts!!! If post collapse happens he or she I should say will be the first one I make sure to take out if you know what I mean. I cant stand this type, I really cant. And there are a lot of them.

      51. I guess I’m a Rambo Heavy now. I used to be Navy 31 years ago. Being Elite, fine tuned machine is a young mans game and so is combat. Could I take my gun and knife and head into the woods and survive? I think I could, but at my age that would be the very last resort. The only situation I could think of to make me try that would be to protect my grandchildren.

        There are apocalyptic situations that I don’t even consider trying to survive. If one of those events was to occur I pray it lands right on my head.

        The article gives you some pointers on personality types and traits. I can tell you from experience never judge a book by it’s cover. I’ve seen highly trained Elite forces fail completely when they get in the shit. I’ve also seen an 18 year old untrained wimp become the bravest man I ever met.

        What I can tell you for sure is if you put your faith in man, any man. You will be disappointed. There comes a point when we all fail and break down. Many trained and prepared families or
        groups will perish. Others with nothing and no skill will survive.

        What the article and videos show, is human nature. It’s the will to survive, prepared or not.

      52. family thinks i weird [‘cept dad. he’s proud i’m a prepper. keeps it close too.} church even the two or three guys in the food industry are sheeple. the one neighbor i had to prep and train with passed away in july. i did manage to get his wife and daughter to keep the weapons in the safe for a year; prices being down and all. got two yuppie preppers and a rambo lite. the good news is a nurse,three honest to god ex farm boys, a retired army msgt/am radio elmer. enough? maybe maybe not. but i got a chance! praise the lord and pass the ammunition! BEEN IN WORSE WITH LESS. THE CENTRE MUST HOLD! KEEP PPP[PRAYIN,PREPPEN,POSITIVE] CARE YA’LL

      53. First and foremost..prep your family..heavily!
        I take my sons and daughter to the range weekly for practice.
        I prep constantly and buy everything on sale for long term storage..especially beans and rice..all of us can survive on those 2 items alone along with potable water..and they last indefinitely.

        As far as neighbors..I live on Cape Cod where 99% still think Patti Page is down the street in a small quaint cottage by the sea.It’s beyond the surreal here as I live in a modest 3 bedroom blue collar neighborhood where everyone keeps to themselves and is struggling as the rest of us are..even my closest friends and associates at work are lost in the shadow of never ending supplies at the grocery store and the local fast food mart..they all come home and as I drive home at 8 pm every night..every home is a-glare with the widescreen placating the masses..

      54. Dealing with a zombie family member via email. Exhausting and depressing. I’m walking away.

      55. Off Topic question..

        The Obama WH has apparently refused to comply with a Congressional Subpoena to turn over all documents relating to Solyndra..

        Isn’t that an impeachable offense ? Seriously, anyone know for sure ?

        Anyone who refused a court subpoena is usually found to be in contempt of court and arrested.. is contempt of Congress an impeachable offense ?

        • It could be, but most likely won’t. He will claim executive privilege or national security.

          • It will be just like with Clinton. A lot of bluster, but in the end, they are all in bed together.

            How many times did the Repubics have a chance to nail slick Willie butt cold, just to let him off the hook?

        • Karl Rove was subpoenaed and Bush and his lawyer told him to ignore it.presidents and other high connected people have ignored Congress for decades

      56. If by chance you move to another local act poor and keep your economic situation private. Let everyone think your just a check away from loosing your home. Misery loves company. People are jealous. If it’s believed that you have nothing then nothing will be asked from you and you don’t have to say the dreaded, “No”. Casually let a neighbor know that you been asking your family from far far away for economic help and they won’t help you.

        Avoid being a target with disinformation.

        • That’s been my motto for 50+ years. Learned it living in a city when I was young – (i.e. never look like yer rich or they’ll steal from you). Didn’t work – we got burgled 3-4 times and had cars and motorcycles stolen anyway. Had the store I managed held up at gunpoint twice. Also was mugged, (well, they tried anyway), twice. (I fight!) A young lady who babysat for us was stabbed at a nearby bus stop after she left to go home from our place. I “bugged out” in 1977, when I split with my wife and left that Massachusetts hell-hole forever. Appearances may have some superficial effect, but deep down the looters will steal from anyone they can overpower.

          • Even if you have nothing, they’ll take that, too.

            • My grandmother always said, they’d steel Jesus Christ off the cross if he wasn’t nailed to it.

            • AAhhh “steal”

            • LH, our grannies must be from the same part of the country because mine said that all the time too. 😆 That one is pure Ozark.

        • Kevin2-

          I’d have given you like 5 thumbs up, but well, you know…
          I think that is good advice even if you currently live in a really nice house in a really nice neighborhood and plan to bug out (or bug in!).

          Let it be known to your neighbors (you know, the ones who gossip about everything) that you are really struggling financially due to overextending yourself with credit and you aren’t sure if you are going to be able to keep up with all of your bills.

          Express concern that you might end up having a really small Thanksgiving and Christmas because you just can’t afford much and your folks and siblings aren’t doing any better and can’t help. If you usually host Thanksgiving, say something like, “we are all going to chip in for Thankgiving dinner this year because I just can’t afford to pay for all of it myself”. By putting the word out you are up to your eyeballs in debt and struggling, the neighbors will gossip like mad about how you are going to end up losing your house.

          Disinformation and misdirection are silver bullets in my preps. Glad to see you put that out there!!

        • You should know.. you are the monkeys Uncle..

          • @sam likes anal gerbles

            fe fi fo fum… blow me.

          • NO Soup for YOU !

      57. I think TPTB are more afraid of a sudden, deep SHTF than any of us here, and will do anything they can to prevent/delay it. They know that if a shock id sudden and deep, it will also carry the best chance for them to end up “just a snawgin'”.

      58. prepping is important- however, what is as important is having a ‘will of steel’ and survival instincts- I have survived many years of various life stages like homelessness, starvation, terrorism, torture, and other things- and what got me through was having great survival instincts/will- I don’t have great skills per se- but rather ‘instincts’ and a very strong will not to die. I have had to live in such compromised circumstances that I have learned to psychologically appease other people who are ‘on the streets’- by learning acting skills to impersonate whoever might be an attacker… you’d be surprised how you can modify your personality to fit into a dire situation. I think the people who do not have survival instincts built into them will have a very hard time during a SHTF scenario- but I’m comforted by reading the comments here and realizing there are people out there who are like minded-

      59. At first I was a fool and bragged about my preps. Now…I’m learning to keep my mouth shut. Lately I’m thinking about where I can hid my stuff when the SHTF. It will get bad. When the boomers are out of money and people will not buy their homes and RVs they bought with inherited money, they will soon realize they are screwed. Sad, my father-in-law always laughed at me. He left his wife poor when he died. Now we have to pick up the slack and take care of her as the collapse descends on us.

        A good prep to have is a gas stove. I don’t think we’re going back to mad max days…but
        when the electricity went out for a week..we had all gas appliances.

        For mad max times..I do have a wood stove.

        Millions will riot when they find out the just in time food supply is screwed.
        I did wonder why they built all the FEMA Camps. Now I know. During martial law…that’s where they put you if you screw up. It’s survival time coming folks.

        Don’t make the mistake of packing to many canned goods. Go with very long term stores. has super pails of maylar lined buckets. The stuff last decades. That’s how you prep. They will drag out this collapse for a long time. That’s how you should prep…and also for the fast emergencies… MREs. Don’t forget the surgical kit. Stitches. Bag Balm…could save your life. The dog had a bad infection. I shaved his leg…slathered that on after cleaning it…and he healed up in 5 days. Good stuff to have around.

        I’ll be blunt and I’m not a racist. The ethnic areas will go nuts as their employment and economic resources are poor. So you’d better be armed. Have your stuff locked up. I just turned the basement door into a vault door.

        The latest prep.. I’m buying an old shuttle bus to convert to a bug out RV and for weekend use. Don’t forget the salt block. Put one out for the deer…open the window and let the shotgun fill the cooler.

        Folks, take the coming collapse seriously. Millions will be out of work.
        Also…if you are stuck in 401k land.. I bought a stock called CEF. Allocated silver and gold in Canada. Of course physical is he way to go…but my retirement is locked up in the 401k. They will nationalize this in time and give us all accounts. This is the next coming theft. Fight that one. The safe retirement plans are to buy an old piece of country property…with a field and a tractor for self preservation farming.

        This will all collapse in time. The greatest generation, spawn the worst generation.
        As I type this my folks are in their land yacht, bought with inherited money. They never see their grand kids. They are too busy living the life. There will be nothing left for the grand children. I’m sure their parents are rolling over in their graves. They worked into their 80s. Never took vacations or ate out. I will never plant flowers on the graves of my parents. They suck and are the generation that has destroyed America. They sold out the factories. I’m sure some will debate this and say i’m wrong. Yet I know my grandparents would be very unhappy with this generation.
        The Fourth Turning book calls them the “Silent generation”. They kept things going and lived within the system their folks set up. Now, they are pissing it all away. I love to watch them drop like flies as they are in their 70s and 80s now. Good bye to them. I’m still waiting to see fat Al Gore drop of a heart issue. The same for Fat fag Barney Frank who destroyed our country.

      60. Monsanto to get all countries growing the same food. Then they will spray a fungus that will kill everything. Mass starvation. Elite will be in the bunkers. On that day…we need to weld the doors shut and dump concrete down the air shafts.

        • Monsanto = Satan.

          They don’t have to spray a fungus. Monsanto seeds self-terminate. They just don’t make any more seeds – you cannot propagate from Monsanto.

          • I gues what goes around comes around, we controlled the Indian by taking his food(killing the buffalo) then put him on worthless land and fed him what and when we wanted to.

            • karma is a bitch… ;0P

        • If they actually need their luxury bunkers, the uber-rich have more to fear from their own guards than from us. What are they going to do when the people who actually have the guns decide they really don’t want to be subservient to Mr. arrogant billionaire anymore?

          • The military bases and towns around them will be well fed and their families will be there on base and all those who attempt to even think of a coup will be jailed tried and shot… FED Food and all civilian food will be seized and sent to all the military bases… IT”S all in the PATRIOT ACT!


            MIITARY AND NWO FEDS AND POLICE will have Priority Folks!

            YOU wont get shit!

            Look it up…

            • For the new readers here… you must understand that most stores have only 3 days of food on shelves, most less and water supplies are not dependable at all. In a SHTF scenario plan at a Minimum three months supply of foods, water and meds… have a firearm handy and a spade long oak handle shovel (Good hand Weapon) to have ready plus you’ll need it for your slit trench crapper on the downhill side of your fesh water supply and home… and what ever else supplies you want.

              just the basics for begineer’s!

            • The NWO Federal Government will use Food Water Electricity Fuel as a Weapon against you the “Goyim Debt Slaves!” To CONTROL You!

              To force you into the FEMA Camps and Cities! Where they can weed out the bad rebelious Debt Slaves from the good sheeple Debt Slaves!

              Read about “REX 84” and “Operation Garden Plot”



              and then take Your Xanex @ d d d d Daisy! ;0P pssszzzt

      61. I dropped everything in the city and left. Left the home in the burbs via short sale. Sold the Bimmer for a 4×4 pickup truck. Moved to a very small rural town and have been prepping consistently.

        My town has less than 50 people and most are farmers and ranchers. I have gotten to know most of them and they are good solid red necks and we all have similar views on the SHTF is coming.

        Just a warning. After the SHTF and then you try to move from the urbs and burbs here in your big RVs etc. you will face armed defenses that will drop you in your tracks.

        Just sayin because these small towns are family and they will not put up with the johnny come latelys.

        May I suggest if you still city dwell, that once the SHTF it will be too late to leave. Not because you cant get out, but because the places you’ll want to move to, wont let you in.

        • Very true Tom, We have many several deer camps in our vicinity, at least a few of these families may stand a chance, if they can get here before my neighbors and I start dropping trees in the road 🙂

      62. An island of 500,000, nearest town 10k’s away, one shop, one bar, next closest town 26k’s, nearest city of 20,000 30 k’s up hill. Property is 100 acres, hill, brilliant sight lines to road in, plenty of large trees to block road, neigbours all reasonably self reliant, no need to store meat, snaring the local wildlife is childs play and they are a plague we fence out. My nearest neigbour is 1k, my house is designed to sleep about 40 if it has to, and we are reasonably prepped. There is a core group of 3 families, a outer group of a dozen more that we would invite.
        All this is a fallback strategy to the main game which is doing everything reasonable to engage with the local community and ensure people can fend for themselves. Transition towns group is formed and has engaged with local government. State govt are clown but are centred 4 hours away. Military are not stationed here other than reservists.
        The local school has a farm and an excellent prep minded teacher engaging the students in being able to feed themselves. It is a highly productive rural area with a very healthy smattering of refugees from city life who are basically up market hippies.

        WE made our decisions back in 96, based on predictions made in the late eighties. Priorities were climate, agricultural potential, cohesive community with minimal racial diversity, individual property with suitable terrain, and employment opportunities. My only major headache is water. Living on a hill has its down side, but a windmill made out of 2 50 gallon drums is not hard to build if it gets to that. Either that or a couple of the neighbours horse will earn their keep hauling the sled. Alternatively move garden to water.

        I had one nasty experience with a former member of my crew who blotted his copybook by defaming me to my employer. Unfortunately for him the employer and the foreman were the other two members of the crew and he is now very much on the outer.

        Community is your best defense against SHTF. Without it you are nothing. Get somewhere where it is understood. Join in, contribute and get to know people. The best of it is you will find others of like mind. At the worst you will get to know who the bludgers are and will recognise them coming down the road. I have lived in 6 cities and I know more people living in a rural setting than I knew in total in those 6 cities.

      63. I’ve been reading the posts on this site for several months and have gained validation for my concerns for our freedoms as well as helpful tips on my personal shtf preps. My home is on an small (500ac)island in the Caribbean inhabited by a mix of retired doctors and lawyers and such, snowbirds, middle class and our share of old hippies and a few drunks. Just living here has made preps such as water and alternative fuels easy. We don’t have a public water/sewer system in place. We catch rain water in a cistern. Our electric grid goes down weekly and won’t have power for several days after even the mildest of tropical storms. There is no need for heating or ac. Gardening is possible year round if you avoid cool weather crops. No police. No shoes, no shirt, no problem. Sounds like paradise? It is until something erupts to change the status quo. The stores on the “big island” nearest to us would empty in hours and restocking would take at least a week under normal times. I don’t discuss my preps with anyone here. While I’m fairly confident that we could and would protect our island from those that would do us harm, I’m also confident that many on our island have not prepped and would expect those who have to provide for those that have not. As I’ve not seen my neighbors in a stressed situation, I will take a wait and see attitude towards them. If they are like-minded, I might be interested in banding together. If they are of no use to me, I will act like I am in need and quietly, in the cover of darkness, eat another can of beanie weinies.

      64. anyone from far west texas??

        • East Texas…….

          • In Cleveland area. Former marine, been prepping for awhile but mostly keep quite about it

        • Panhandle of Tx here

      65. Do you smell that?

        • Yes, it smells like 3 earthquakes hit Oklahoma area this morning. Minor as they may have been, they were substantial enough to know stuff off of shelves and peoples walls.

          • I smell economic fear next week and it’s crowning!

      66. Mac,
        why are some of my comments being deleted? i guess we cant escape the zionist curtain even on here, good grief…. when will this gruesome scheme just collapse?

        • Shalom !!! you… yes, YOU.. are the target of the grand world wide Zionist scheme. All Zionist eyes are firmly fixed upon you and only YOU. You are more important that you realize.. so very important in fact; that the Knesset regularly receives updates on your where abouts. The Rothchilds have a GPS receiver / transmitter hidden on your person and regularly receives a chemical analysis of your stool.

          Now you know.. now you are aware.. the secret is out. The Universe truly does revolve around just YOU.

          • sam, i never suggested i was the only target… we all are… you seem to think its a big joke, or maybe even not true. I don’t agree. You should , frankly, be ashamed of yourself, however as time goes on i realize almost everyone thinks they benefit from this nonsense. and hey why should the god damned world revolve around me insiead of evelyn derothschild or barry obama or queen elizabeth…. they , other than their ridiculous zionist scheme are really no different at all from me or you… if every one had amnesia tomorrow , and than we all woke up with a clean slate , they would be NOTHING! TRULY I dont want to be part of your sick, silly scheme. I dont think that is unreasonable. Further, I no longer wish to even try to succeed in a world where new laws and regulations are mounted on us all daily in some sick silly hunting game for these twits. If you are that weak sammy boy… than go grovelling to these scum… my universe does revolve around me anyhow… so the hell with you.. and them… you can go to hell as far as im concerned…

            • ביצעת הבורות שלך מחסה, עיוורון לביתך.

            • why dont you put your statement in english bud… i dont understand your hindi or whatever freak crap you have written here…these symbols mean nothing unless translated…. nice try though.

            • That wasn’t funny. That was damn funny! Both of you are KILLING me! LOL We have more important things to worry about like the name of our next pet.

              You’re it eeder.

            • sam not sam…. i do have a problem with your luciferian religion…. i do have a problem with the luciferians who claim to be catholics or jews , to make it seem like the sick zionist scheme is somehow… not only ok… but it must be implemented for all of our own good…. it is not good for me to have to watch people like you tell me what to do, steal money from me for your silly ponzi scheme where aces come up always for you while im stuck with the joker… your loaded dice always come up snake eyes for me and winner for you…. do you not understand what youi have helped to create and support? do you not understand how vomit inducing this is for someone whos trying to support thmeselves instead of relying on others. ?? i guess you just think its ok, or your right to crap on others so you can have it all… and strangely you still complain its not enough! WELL , your crumbs arent enough for me anymore. i can make my own bread if you let me , believe me i can, but when you have the bakery police (knesset, congress… and all of your other sick agents and agencies of evil) MAKE THIS AN IMPOSSIBLITY…. bakery police says no bread… just crumbs… but theres no crumbs left you stupid ass!

          • the knesset can stuff pork up their ass and the ADL can do the same… you sick pieces of crap… my grandfather actually had his leg blown to crap for you ungrateful bastards and all you can do to thank him is make my life miserable and i strangley have to bow down to some feminazi zionist freaks? yeah ok than … thats s just , fair and right… sick freaks|!thats what you are… sick, lying freaks! you just make up more “laws” to breathe fire down on us commoners… you bloody idiots, my great grandfather was in charge around the turn of the century… 1900s… the hell i will listen to you.. the hell i will… maybe i should create laws and impose them on you… unilaterally… hahahahaha… you are wrong….you cant deny it reasonbly… i have no doubt you will eventually use force….pity that youre that stupid….

            • maybe i should say im in charge and all zionists and baby boomers will go to private, for profit prisons, for breathing or looking at me the worng way…. or for being stupid….. well this is not my wish… in reality i believe you should be able to act silly and stupid so long as you do not hurt others. but you do hurt others… willingly, with impunity, with force if need be, you hurt many people. strangely , i have come to the conclusion, you people honestly think you are helping others…. the sad state of our world today… neo con,gernetocracy in feudalistic times.. let me tell you , this is not my kind of world to live in. i do not willingly accept this crap.

            • Translation from Hebrew:

              You have made ignorance your refuge and blindness your home.

            • oh ya…. sammy boy… oh ya.. i would argue the opposite…. i would argue that you have made these your home. you seem to like hatred… killing…. communism, brutality… ok than… im ignorant… hahaa… much better than what you are…..

          • sam not sam… i never even asked you to start with, i asked mac. why do you have to pump and dump for DC on the weekends too!? i think obama should lay you off now…. your trolling to convince us all of how we should grovel to you and love you is no longer effective…. i think the trolling tema at the whitehouse needs to go as part of getting the deficit under control…. hahahah.. youre being paid with useless borrowed money… hahahaha.. your pension will be there but it wont buy a loaf of bread… you f*@*@ing fool.

            • No soup 4 you… LMAO

            • @eeder , you have too forgive sam likes gerbles in his ass… he just can’t help it… the gerble is still there slowly eating his brains, as they are all in his ass! munch munch munch ;0P psszzt

            • no soup for the lucuferuan either…. only pork products for you.

      67. What’s the difference between PMS and the PLO? At least you can negotiate with the PLO!

        • whats the diffence of the PLO and the zionist puppet masters? at least you can negotiate with the PLO.

          • you cant negotiate with the usachristiangovtbrotherhood, the only thing they understand is death and war

      68. I’ll be in East Texas Big thicket area. We are still preparing, as I was raised. Next project will be cleaning a hand dug 100 year old well, another one has a electric pump, we will replace that with a hand pump.

        As far as the people around us, I agree with much of what has been mentioned so far. I have seen the variety’s of the forementioned. The snitch, the thug/thief, the unknowing and unable to believe sheeple.
        Several guys I know, professional engineers, told me, “In a time like that, I’ll go take what I want from all my neigbhors at gun point, I don’t have a problem with shooting someone for what they have”. These are the same types that exhibit sociopathic behavior in the work place, the ones that will stab anyone in the back to further themselves.
        I would say be carefull with the snitch and the forementioned.
        One can still be a little charitable as a Christian American with a warm heart, but when doing so, do not take your eyes off them for a minute. I mean, give them a meal, first aid, if needed, then send them politely on their way, all the while watching with a firearm at your side and someone you trust watching through a scope.
        We cannot stoop to a level of sub-human, but can ill afford a bullet in the back and our wife or daughter raped afterward, If I have to I’ll run them off at gun point. I have a very tactically defensive place and will make sure the leave in the right direction, and they will be followed until proven out of area, easily done as most will be on foot.
        Secop will be of great importance, night vision, thermal and good old fashioned woodcraft. Consider listening posts. If possible use simple electronic silent remote alarms wired to a central post. Big Dogs that have been hand fed and considered a pack animal are great for early warning, so are peacocks and guinea fowl. Any livestock can be an advantage, the always know when out of place things are around. Be aware as much of the time as possible, when working, someone watches, switch off every so often. Several hides, one high and a couple low can do much for security. Make them comfortable but not too comfortable. If possible, fence in areas, let some areas grow up. If you have blackberries, dewberries or any hedges with thorns, encourage those to grow in certain spots. It would be prudent to have a plot plan of your immediate ground. Study it for defensive possibilities, assume you will have uninvited guests!
        Also look at plan B, a retreat and escape and evasion to a safer area if the shit gets to thick. There are multiple ways you can look at opsec, just do it…no need to freak out the children at first, just the adults sitting around a table having coffee and looking at the plot plan drawing. When prudent, inform the children what to do and where to go, make the oldest or most mature the “fire team leader” make it a game, like a school fire drill and practice it, not just once or twice but several times, some forewarned, some not. Always have a group discussion afterwards and include the children, unless they are very young.

        Anyhow, a couple pointers/opinions for you to consider, now I’ve got to go back to welding copper…three units to make…

        Again, if anyone needs emergency multi-purpose distillation units please visit

        for information and pictures.

        These are capable of producing fuel grade ethanol, antiseptic grade alcohol, and if you so chose, alcohol for beverage and barter. They also can distill water. My primary reason for designing and building these is for an alternative fuel source. The antiseptic idea I realised later and have always been aware of the need for the other capabilities.

        Y’all take care and God Bless, If your in East Texas contact me through the website.

        Terry W. Reed

      69. There seem to be a few people on this site that I wouldn’t want for neighbors. I’ve become part of a mutual assistance group. We can’t all contribute in the same fashion toward our BOL, but have a broad range of skill sets and similar religious outlook. We also have the type of tolerance for each others differences that would fit the Founders definition of the term. Pray for God to lead you to the people He would have you be around. Then pay attention to His leading. Stay focused people. And Mac, can you find some Trollbegone software?

        • Steadysteve-
          I’ve been coming here long enough that I can’t recall now when I first started.

          When I decide to post, I generally avoid responding to the trolls, hate-makers, and shit-disturbers.

          Since there are lots of strong opinions and feelings about all things, I figure people will express themselves (sometimes in ways that their mom wouldn’t be so proud of) then that is their right.

          Mac is generous enough to provide this place and for that and the folks who come here to share and discuss, I am grateful. Just ignore the people you deem as trolls, at least that what works for me!

        • @steadysteve- what you say is wise- actually most people who survive SHTF circumstances are those with a broad range of skills- people who are specialists in one particular thing have more difficulty. I have concentrated on broad skills rather than being perfect at one thing- civilizations were built by people with broad skills and common sense…today so many people are overly concerned with factual minutae that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Broad skills and ‘esprit de corps’ are a solid defense.

      70. The door was supposed to stop a nuclear blast, and it couldn’t stop 4 guys with a pipe LOL!

      71. I was and am a longtime prepper, and other than my family, I was a loner. Family moved, I cultivated contacts in the community. They became preppers, I thought. After finding what I was about, and some of my preps, they decided prepping was too much trouble and too expensive.They quit!! My problem now is that they know me, and I know they are afraid and aware of what might be happening, and I fear they look at me as a grocery store. It’s spooky! Hopefully, I will have moved by the time the SHTF, if not, refer to the movie The Shelter. Only I wouldn’t be as nice. Go slow, know your friends, OPSEC to the max and be ready to take necessary action.

      72. You missed one other type:

        The “Yes We Can/Yes We Have No Bananas” Chanters et Chanteuses

        This breed will do nothing unless told to by the speech & thought police, or told to do so by the lamestream media presstitutes. Alternatively, they may wait to be told what to do by Obama’s teleprompter.

        You can tell this type of person by comments like “Yes, I finished my Master’s in sociology 20 years ago at Big Eastern Univ. in Boston, but with my paltry government job pay of only $125K/YR, I haven’t been able to make a dent in my $100 student loan,” or “I never thought about doing preps because the once a decade I thought about preparedness, it was always about oceans rising due to Al Gore telling me so.”

      73. Well, I’m late to the party. But I’d like to bring the thread back to the root question again: Who will your neighbors be?

        Probably not the ones you have now. But you’ll eventually want new ones. Some folks still insist on the ‘go it alone’ approach. If you do this, you will eventually fail. It will take a community to get society going again. If you’re prepping, and you can afford it, put aside some preps for your ‘good’ neighbors. Yeah, I’m not going to support the crack whore either. But I’ve got a vet and a doctor the next street over. My neighbor and his boys are all Eagle Scouts. I think I’ll do what I can to keep them ticking, regardless of their lack of preps.

        Remember who you are. Don’t turn into an animal. And remember what this country once was and can be again. Guns and ammo will be essential tools of the trade in the near future. But love and compassion are what will lead us to a better future.

        I read somewhere that the meek shall inherit the Earth. If you like that book, keep it in mind.

        Take care,

      74. “The best neighbor is the one that will help you rebuild the still.” (Okie’s Uncle Gizmo- 1953)

        My great Uncle Gizmo was an inspiration. He taught me about life, philosophy, and most importantly, cookin’ off a batch. Being married and divorced 9 times, he didn’t teach me anything about women. But the rest of it- he had it down.
        Like using cracked corn instead of whole kernel (the starch breaks down better and you use less sugar)
        And taking the time to do things right(age it a full 48 hours, no need to rush the product)
        And aging the shine in a wooden vessel. (he didn’t have barrels, but he got several hundred old wooden ammo cases at a surplus store and drilled a hole in the corner. charred ’em with a propane torch, too)
        And, most importantly, building a reputation among your customers while at the same time, avoiding the constables. (in his case, the constables were usually customers too so he didn’t fret much about it)
        Uncle Gizmo knew more about hiding a still than even the folks in Kentucky or West Virginia- and THAT is saying something! Plus, he was a mechanical genius. As a kid, I once saw him build a temporary still with nothing but a pressure cooker and the radiator and fuel lines from a 1961 Buick. I mean, the man had a gift!
        Myself, being a modern man, I’ve tried to retain the vast knowledge so graciously passed along to me. And at the same time, I’ve developed new marketing avenues that even Uncle Gizmo never tried.
        For instance, I sell the unaged, raw stuff for weed killer. And starting fluid for cold engines(works way better than ether but it’s a bit more flammable too, so be careful)
        The local school principal keeps a small jar of my stuff on hand for the rowdy kids who forget to bring their ritalin. Moe uses it down at the garage for solvent.(again, you gotta be careful, it’ll eat through rubber gaskets in nothing flat) And there’s a lady in town who refinishes antique furniture and she says it’s the best paint and varnish stripper she’s ever seen.
        Then there’s the dentist. He stopped using novacaine 5 yrs ago. Now he just injects a little shine directly into the gums. It numbs quicker, speeds healing, and according to him, he has the happiest patients in the state.
        Expanded marketing has really increased demand over the years. In fact, trucking is now just a sideline and a way to have some ‘reportable’ income and keep the tax man from getting too curious.
        I was home recently and kicked back to take it easy. Business has been booming and it seemed that all was right in okieworld. So there I was, sitting barefoot on the porch, feet propped up and enjoying the breeze.
        Then I noticed a stormfront moving in from the west. Just figured it would water the pasture for me and move on. Besides, if it gets too bad, we have a cellar. Then, from out of the clouds, came a huge ZZZAPP and a sound like a shotgun! It was just over the back fence by the still! Before the sound even died away, came another. A big muffled roar and then a little mushroom cloud rising over the trees. Lightning had hit the still!
        I yelled to my nephew who was out frittering in the barn. (he’s the nephew that tried soaking newspapers in shine and rolling ’em up tight with a fuse to use as dynamite. Didn’t work. The stumps he was trying to get out ended up in little woodchips and he blew the windows out of his pick-up. Hint: that Oklahoma ‘earthquake’ a few months back was no earthquake)
        So we jumped in my truck and raced down to the still. The place was a danged shambles. Brush scorched and burning in a 60 yard radius. Saplings snapped off like toothpicks. Copper and glass embedded like shrapnel in trees 200 yards away. And right where the collecter was, a burnt out crater nearly a foot deep and 5 feet wide. It was total TEOTSAWKI. The end of the still as we know it.
        We found the collecter, split down the side and wedged up in some tree branches. Corn and pieces of feed sacks were blown over into the neighbors pasture. His cows were quietly munching on the corn.
        We got the brush fires put out and surveyed the damage. A total loss. I haven’t been so heartbroken since my hound dog Skeeter got hit by that cement truck. It was devastating.
        A few hours later, with some cryin’ and cussin’ behind me, I sat out on the porch again. Just to feel sorry for myself and sulk a little. Then my wife came out to talk.
        She said “You are gonna rebuild, aren’t you? After all, we still have thanksgiving orders to fill, and the early Christmas rush is already coming in.”
        “I just don’t know” I said. “I mean, this was a brand new rig. We just built it this summer. And we went first class on everything. Solid copper lines and cookers, stainless steel collector. We spent a ton of money and now it’s reduced to about $40 worth of scrap metal.”(some of yall may remember the incident that took out the last still, when me and my idiot brother-in-law tried to make my mobile home into a concrete bunker)
        “Well” she said, “I got you a store-bought present for Christmas, but I think I’d better give it to you now.”
        And from behind her back she produced a fifth of Crown Royal Black. I smiled. Then we both laughed. She brought a couple glasses out for us.
        Later that night, still out on the porch, she asked again “You are gonna rebuild, right?”
        My courage had returned. Life was worth living again. “You’re darned right I’m gonna rebuild! In fact, first thing in the morning, I’m heading to the salavage yard and look for a ’61 Buick.”

        • Bugger, better luck next time. I’m running my christmas presents at present. 95% out the spout and as sweet as.

        • You’re the best SO! 🙂

        • I have cooked shine for many years and the worst advice is using a car radiator for cooling coil, that is what made so many people go blind or just plain died during proabition. Dont be telling tailes about some jacked up made up uncle using a radiator for shine making your gonna get someone killed on here.

          • CAUTION***Sarcastic comment ahead! Read at your own risk!

            ***Author/Publisher will not be responsible for hurt feelings, anger, confusion, or blindness caused by the following…

            Lt- With all due respect, have you ever heard of “fiction”?
            Anybody foolish enough to apply my tales in a real-world scenario, is either too damn stupid to procreate and we’d be better off to get them out of the gene pool now, or they are so disconnected from reality, that they won’t last long anyway.
            Do I really need to start adding a disclaimer to everything I write?

            **’Attention, boys and girls, DO NOT try this at home’**

            Is that good enough for you? People like you must be the reason we have all those warning labels on things (Warning! Home-made rockets constructed from bottles of diet coke and mentos may not actually reach orbital velocity, but they can put your eye out- wear goggles!)

            Besides, I know you can’t use a radiator from a ’61 Buick to build a still. Any fool knows, you have to use a ’59 Studebaker!

            • SO uses Creative license.

              See why plastic bags have warnings advising against allowing infants and small children to use the bag as a toy?

            • Thanks Ben. I thought everybody here understood my twisted sense of humor. Next thing you know, someone will actually try to skydive off a water tower with a bed sheet parachute, and I’ll get blamed for it! Now, I’m wondering if my creative license will be revoked! Rats. I still had a few more tall tales of nonsense to share.
              And, in the interest of complete honesty, only 14.5% of my stuff is true. Except for the one with the duct tape and the chimpanzee- that one really happened! Fortunately the chimp survived, turned states evidence and entered the witness protection program. Last I heard, he was living in the suburbs and teaching yoga classes. If anybody sees a short hairy guy with long arms and a patch of missing fur on his left shoulder, tell him okie said hello. And I hope there’s no hard feelings about the deal in Tijuana. He’ll know what you mean.

          • If anyone is stupid enough these days to use an old car radiator with leaded joints, they should go blind. C’mon LT it was just a good story, unfuck yourself and lighten up.

      75. Was just over to Drudge and pulled up an article on the 3ooK people still left without power on the seventh day in Conn. People are starting to lose it and are threatening utility workers they see as well as going into the electric company’s offices causing problems. My take: Stop depending on others to take care of you. Take on the mindset that, “Don’t look around for help cause ain’t nobody coming”. Im sure there’s a prepper somewhere laughing his/her ass off at these little lost sheep. Seven days…….These asshats will be wishing it was only seven days if an emp, computer super worm or enlarged sunspot “does the dew” on our grids. Can you say months or years?

        • And many will still not learn from this, again!

      76. One can look at it like this: Who will your neighbors be? The thought process is that your neighbors will either help or hurt you. What makes anyone believe that you will have neighbors that did not prepare? Would they not be gone? If they were still around after half a year they either prepared or there was no need to prepare. If they prepared good. If they did not and are gone and their backyard becomes your extended garden. The third possibility is nothing happens which would be great.

      77. This the same Brandon moving to Montana lol

      78. I believe that global warming was a con, and it served to get folks to bug out up north, so land down south would be available. I believe we are looking at a coming solar maunder minimum, (after the coming 12/13 maximum) like the little ice age of the mid 1700’s, which is the reason TPTB countinue their oil resource wars at any cost.
        In the deep south, there isn’t enough of a freeze to knock insects back as much as up north, but that will change soon. Studies indicate even a limited nuclear exchange will cause global cooling because unlike 1945, cities are VERY different, today we have literally tons of plastic….which makes the blackest soot…when it burns.
        I have asked dozens of locals about “The Feds” in Washington… all of them know they are a bunch of crooks.
        You want a county without a Walmart and without an Interstate but with a railway freight line with a river as one boundary, and at least 75 miles from the ocean.

        • I would add to that,how about a duped public who will not buy,or prepare with cold weather clothing,i can see it now, ” why should i buy wool socks, long johns,snow pacs,winter parka,insulated coveralls and a goose down vest, the world is just getting warmer anyways”
          I have always beleived that if an TEOTWAWKI came, winter would be the best time to strike as the cold would surely thin out the population.

          • “Pray that your flight be not in winter…” — Jesus (Matthew 24?)

        • I’ve always heard get at least 400 miles from all coastlines.

          River is good; no Walmart is good but better add Walgreens with that… I saw a MSM commercial the other day, an older lady all excited that she didn’t have to go to the doctor to get her flu shot as the Walgreens pharmacists have now been trained to give them! (Pathetic propaganda brainwashing… They will kill off the deceived with “convenience”!)

          As for RRXs, I’ve always heard to stay far away from those as well. I’m sure there is an Executive Order already on the books that the Feds will take over all transportation mediums & RR’s in event of collapse, disaster, etc. & whether true or not(?) reports abound online re the “human freight cars” already being made, with built in shackles, for hauling the masses of sheep via freight trains to FEMA camps.

      79. Greetings Everyone!
        Great video and xlnt postings.
        I wonder what the early part of the CHANGE is going to be like.Not quite there yet,but I can smell the smoke of the firestorm coming.TPTB I suspect are scared out of their wit’s end at what’s going to take place soon.Even China saw a 24% drop in customers at a trade show this past month.Things are sinking further and faster into chaos each day.Even as prices rise,I fully expect the Feds(read REPOCRATS) to tell the 99%’s who fell onto hard times to make “necessary adjustments” in their food stamp/welfare suffering.I’ve TRIED to talk to folks at my local Congregation about some small prepping steps and was “berated” in a sermon (no name used of course).The subject was almost word for for word what I tried to discuss the week before.This from a guy that I thought had some “down home common sense”. They talk about a BOB with a little water and “important papers in case of a “emergency” but doing precious little else except expecting God to see them through.As I understand the “Good Book” God expects you to make a serious effort as well to survive.
        On a lighter note,no doubt BB is reading this and all the other posts,but when the CHANGE happens they might be a little to busy taking care of their own families to “round” us up.
        Just saying
        Best to All
        Keep warm

        • Stay safe, GFG..and maybe it’s time to change churches and look for those that prepare and pray.

          • JJ:
            Wife and I have had that discussion today.Will look into just that after January 1st(perhaps sooner,who knows?).
            On a lighter note,I watched a BBC show where a Economist(couldn’t believe my ears! one of those wonks)
            stated that we’re going thru a updated version of what happened in the 1920’s and 1930’s when the world governments finally dropped the Gold Standard and started the race to the bottom.He likened it the unraveling of the current multi-nation economic/financial setup to reflected by the woes of Greece to the first stages of the coming CHANGE.No good news except that “local” is better.Barter may be part of the new paradigm coming soon.
            Best to All

        • God gives us the sense to prepare things like the BOB and buy the gun. I think I missed the bible passage that says “Cower in fear and wait for me”.

      80. I’m talking less about precious metals and food storage to my peers now, lest they get some idea I have a vault or something. Its a low cost/benefit, too many of them remain zombies and just don’t get it.

        • Tell them you messed up, your now poor and need a hand.

      81. One last thing on these community groups,friends, neighbors ect. The serious prepper,(I say serious because I still think many are like a lot of people that I speak with, they agree with me til they get up the rd so they can tell the next person how nuts I am) every person you take in has a close relative or friend somewhere who will eventually show up on your door to be with their friend or relative if and when the SHsTF .I can remember during WW2 we had cousin Marys and Uncle Freds showing up from all over, not to give a hand, but to get a hand out.You can have all the rules and agreements you want to, but when bellies start to squeal, relatives will take care of relatives before they will stand firm on the agreements they have with the party they are supposed to be allied with.
        close buddies work out great in the military when the relatives are 3000 miles away, but back here, blood is still thicker that water.

        here’s an example, My SILs and DIL are planing on coming here. What happends when the SIL or DILs parents and relatives show up here because they’ve ran out of everything,(which will happen) we have a family falling out in the middle of a SHTF situation because I tell the DILs parents to keep moving or do I sacrifice the rest of my family so my son and his wife don’t split up and one takes off with the GKs? Anyone planning on groups better think it out good especially up in the North when your harvest has to last til the following June and you’re couped up all together for four months, even most couple can get on each others nerves then. or the other option is prep for 12 people even if you are planning on 6.

      82. My neighbors are elderly, I live 12 miles from the nearest town

      83. one of the pastors told his congreation it was time for all of them to get a gun and ammo to protect themselves. bad times are here–they are not coming. GOD TELLS US TO WARN THEM AND THAT IS ALL WE CAN DO. THEIR BLOOD AND THE BLOOD OF THEIR FAMILY IS ON THEIR HEAD ONCE YOU WARN THEM. YOU ARE FREE. Most will not listen.I have been warning people since the 1980 ‘s. They think i am a nut case. AS A CHRISTIAN I WILL HELP ALL I CAN BUT I WILL KILL TO PROTECT MY FAMILY AND WILL NOT THINK TWICE ABOUT IT. Jesus said unless he returns when he does there would be no flesh left alive. THAT IS WHAT IS COMING FOLKS. BE READY.

        • “one of the pastors told his congreation it was time for all of them to get a gun and ammo to protect themselves. bad times are here–they are not coming”
          Goodness, Where is THIS church??? The Pastor is a smart man!!! Wish it was close to me…99% of my church family are sound asleep…guess they’ve forgotten the stories of Joseph and Noah!!

      84. @Odd Questioner – you sure like to hide behind @Daisy’s skirt alot… you might want to check your drawers… there is a growing wet spot running down your leg and a pool forming at your feet of something Yellow !

        Ya might wanna buy yourself some DEPENDS if you can’t hold you own water when scared, ya Puss!

        @Daisy – ;0) Respect! You’ve got me pegged to a T!

        I’m a Lone Wolf and only live for myself!

        And have very little use or trust for women!

        Very Good analysis!

        Only time will tell folks who is right on who will survive… only time!

        Believe all you want in your false gods and good will… come crunch time , your federal government will abandon you all and those who are ruthless Predators will survive while the meek will only suffer and die!

        preditor or prey the choice is yours!

        • Somebody, PLEASE TAKE OUT THE TRASH !!!!!

          • @1happycountrymom

            I don’t know what false imaginary world you live in … the world I’ve seen for the last 50 years has shown me a world and the family unit destroyed by womens lib on steroids and false gods and prophets… and NWO IMF Bankers and their greedy plans for our world!

            In the end it’ll all be for naught… in the end Men will once again be supreme as in every War , men always by their preditorial physical nature end up dominating and through greed manipulating and controlling women.

            It’s simple Darwinism!

            Call me TRASH all you want… I simply state the obvious truth!

            In a SHTF Scenario women are the weaker sex, weaker mentality, weaker physically orientated and therefore extra baggage and a liability in a combat environment ; THEY are not an asset! Women only weaken a UNITs ability to fight effectivey in a Combat Environment!

            Women in a SHTF Scenario are good for one thing only – Procreation! Learn your place woman!

            ;0P pssszzzzzzt so there nah nah na na……

            • Nina

              Sure you could probably beat me arm wrestling but you sure as hell aren’t smarter than me. As for bravery. it takes a lot more of that to care about others than to be a psycho-wannabe-bad-ass like you.

              Your few valid points are getting lost amidst the imaginary (and vastly annoying) written sound effects and your verbose ramblings.

              I will admit, it’s kinda sweet how you’re crushing on me though – I’ve noticed you mention me in nearly every post. And I think the insults are sorta like the little boy in second grade who steals the lunch box of the girl he has a crush on.

              Find your integrity and get back to me.

            • Daisy, you are right….Nina has a HUGE crush on you. I first noticed this a couple of weeks ago, when I first came to this site on the recommendation of “a man named Rawles.” I was just getting ready to comment on this when you called him out on it yourself.

              That is so awesome. He better stick up on something better than canned ravioli if he’s going to be smitten with one of the classy ladies.

            • I am sorry, but this Nina female/male/transgendered person really seems to have a serious personality disorder. Gotta up those meds, Nina.

        • “I’m a Lone Wolf and only live for myself!”

          …and thus you will surely die by yourself. 😉

          ” come crunch time , your federal government will abandon you all”

          No big loss there, either. Now, if only we can get both you and the federal government to be out of our lives once and for all.

      85. here’s your saviors at work folks…

        “There was a group of police in front of me,” he told the Guardian from his hospital bed. “They told me to move, but I was like: ‘Move to where?’ There was nowhere to move.

        “Then they lined up in front of me. I was talking to one of them, saying ‘Why are you doing this?’ when one moved forward and hit me in my arm and legs and back with his baton. Then three or four cops tackled me and arrested me.”

        nwo police slogan:


      86. Sometimes I think I am the only one awake in my neighborhood. My wife thinks Im crazy for stashing so much food and water. I keep telling her one day you will understand. Sure would love to meet up with some like minded people where I live. Anyone else here live in Amish Country, Lancaster PA?

        • Get to know and be friendly with those Amish. They might be getting a big surprise in the event of a collapse. They are known to be cash rich and probably don’t understand the “Ways of the English” when it comes to what currency really is. Lets face it they certainly are not on the net. Regardless they are survivors. Unfortunately I assume they will be potential prey being they will not fight. Of course they may trade food for security.

          As government becomes too economically stressed to provide protection I suspect one growth “industry” (hate using that term because it’s was reserved for long gone manufacturing) will be private security. Many communities that are not presently gated with the addition of blocking a road or two and some gates and fences will become so.

          I read a book about the economic collapse in Argentina and I suspect much of it is applicable to the US.

          • I suspect that the Amish would surprise you if they are seriously threatened.

          • We have an Amish family living up the road, they bought their farm three years ago. I am the only one so far that has made any offering of friendship to them, which they have commented on. I have learned a lot about gardening and the difference between needs and wants. If the SHTF, I know they have my back.

            • You are fortunate in your friends! Amish know a lot about living, PERIOD. I wish I had neighbors like that.

              *Note my jealousy*

            • From what I’ve heard from friends, the Amish are generally good folk. Quite tolerant as long as you respect their rules while you’re on their property.

          • Many Amish get the local paper delivered in our area, and they are in no way money foolish. I have been hunting with them before and many of them own same guns we do. OK, maybe no ARs but rifles and shotguns to be sure. I certainly would not back them into a corner, they have a tribe/kin mentality and will stick together,and they will fight!

      87. I’ve actually lost close friends since around 2004-05 because everytime I said something about the housing market crash or economy crash, I got the “this guy is crazy” response. I told a friend in 2004 about a large amount of silver I bought and told him NOT to tell anyone. A week later, one of his friends (that I dont like) comes up to me and says…”I heard you bought a shitload of silver”! That day was the beginning of the end of that friendship. It didnt take long to figure out who told him, since I only told ONE person.

        • Keep stuff on a “need to know”. Cry poor mouth. Use disinformation. Let someone “know” that times are so hard you had to sell all of that silver and you might loose your home anyway. Remember people are jealous and misery loves company. If given half an opportunity many people would go out of their way to sink you to their level. It took me the better part of two decades to get that drummed into my head.

          In very rapid order I can and will make the front of my home look like it’s in disrepair: No money here, nothing of value, move on.

        • old saying, you can trust your mother, but cut the cards anyway. once you tell anyone anything, it’s no longer a secret.

      88. Tony
        I hear that, I started last Dec and tried to talk to my friends about prepping. My phone used to ring 20 times a day and now I might be lucky to get 2 phone calls a week. And most times its when they need something. I have been call crazy, gloom and doomer, loner and my fav a person ready for war. ( guns And ammo) So join the club brother. And when shtf I fully expect for some to show up, I’ll give them what I have put aside for hand outs but after that its going to have to be hit the road. I hope and pray I never have to use my gun against anybody, however I will not let my family do with out.


        • You’re better for it DPS.

          • PO’d

            I really hope so because my actions have caused a great loss of really old friends. Some of which go back 30 yrs.
            But hey they think what they think and I’ll do the same.
            I thing that worries me about all this prepping and reading is this. Have we as preppers lost the person that used to enjoy the simple things in life? Have we become somebody we whould not enjoy being around?
            Have we indeed become the man that see’s the glass half empty with a hole in it??????? Think about it.


      89. I mentioned to some friends a lot of people are quietly prepping themselves for some type of calamity, whether it’s a Katrina incident or otherwise. Building up food supplies and storing extra batteries, etc. One person said “oh yeah I am storing food and a gas mask” like a smart ass. Pretty sad, just like this Twilight Zone episode–when SHTF these are the same people who will be first to go down screaming.

        • My grandmother used to say, “There is no point engaging with idiots. The more you engage with an idiot, the more you feel like an idiot. Better to save your breath for someone worth talking to.”

          Grandma grew up in the Depression era, she was a smart lady. I doubt you will have to worry about idiots like that if SHTF because they won’t have the brains to stay out of the FEMA camps!

          Here’s hoping you can find some like-minded folks.

      90. Friday night me and the wife joined her two other sisters and some family friends to celebrate their brothers birthday at a nearby restaurant. When the bill came at the end of the meals. one of my wife’s sisters commented that she wasn’t charged for a certain item and that she wasn’t going to say anything to the waitress. When my sister-in-law paid her tab the waitress shorted her a buck and some change when she brought back her change. That brought howls from my SIL. My other SIL admonished her for crying about it and told her that she should just keep her mouth shut because the dish she didn’t get charged for was eight dollars, so even though she was short changed, she was still ahead of the game. My wife and I just looked at each other. We had to give a ride home to my POS SIL, (yes you read that right) been my feelings since my wife and I got married. Anyhow
        she came into our garage while talking to my wife and saw the many packages of toilet paper I have on the shelves and asked what in the world are we going to do with all the toilet paper. My wife just looked at her and said while nodding at me that I had bought all of it ” cause I’m full of shit”. We all had a big laugh and my SIL soon left. These are the kind of people YOU DON’T WANT in your compund.

      91. Mac

        Entirely surrounded by the Valley of the Dolls come to life..over medicated/depressed self centered zombies whose entire life is resolved rushing home from work to sit in front of the widescreen..pop a beer..and placate til bedtime..
        See them at the local market stocking up on munchies/GMO’S, and prepared junk food meals and tons of soda..not a bit of prepping that I can see..

        Most in my area go out to eat at the local 99 pub here on the Cape..spending what little they have left on bargain dinners..

        I wouldn’t dare encounter them regarding prepping or networking they , as many of some “past” friends, look(ed) at us (when discussing geo-political aka left/right paradigm )as anti American ..

        No one has any idea how prepared we are ..

        and won’t come a knockin on our doors..

        and if so..will offer some brass plated lead for assistance..

      92. O/T..but worth listening to or reading,, mostly because we cant trust the dinks in power to really tell us the truth any more.. or any more then we ever were able to trust them

        for what its worth…you will need to paste this at the begining to read it..http://

        • read this tells me a lot about who we have as a president of this country.. he compromised a mission, and national security..for a fucking pat on the back.

          we couldnt use the intel used in that raid to further our mission to root out more of these types and the intel on all the hard drives and devices ,,this mission and the death of BL could have been kept quiet, and we could have went futher with it..but mr Big stuff had to blow it so he could appear to be big man on campus!..
          im so sick of this campaigning self important POS

      93. Congrats on article of the week Mac. Now get back to work. This is my first write in and enjoy your writings. I am in state prison in Colorado. Time is slow here. Bring the revolution on.

        • @ left behind , as a ex prisoner transport officer who knows where you are at! I suggest you and your fellow brother inmates organize a SHTF Plan for yourselves!

          A prison can be very easily turned into a Castle and it has large stores of food!

          Most of the Staff will help the Non Violent Offenders!

          Work on finding out which staff is that and cultivate those relationships… expect the Child Molesters, Rapists and Murderers to be Executed by the Staff!

          It is SOP in a SHTF Scenario!

          Good Luck and Research “Katrina’s missing Louisiana Prisoners!”

          History will repeat itself!


      94. “An order to go in and murder someone in their house is not a lawful order,” explained Pfarrer, who maintains that bin Laden would have been captured had he surrendered. “Unlike the Germans in World War II, if you’re a petty officer, a chief petty officer, a naval officer, and you’re giving an order to murder somebody, that’s an unlawful order.”

        Now I agree that if he did make a move to shoot back, he was rightfully blasted

        but in a civillian situation, lately these police and swat teams have stepped over the line entering an Americans home with a war type response to a civillian infraction is just over board, and ranks up there with a military take down on a civillian home

        Remember this “Oath keepers”

        and police alike..and all you ML storm troopers..

        so when you are met with a wall of fire that takes out a few of your own because there was no proper warrent handed over, your commanding officer drew first blood.

        • You actually think it happened? OBL (someone) was “killed” and the body dumped to hide evidence.

          OBL was killed in December 2001 at Tora Bora. B-52s were stacked up at 20K/ft up to 50K/ft at 5000 ft intervals packed full with JDAMs. According to the MSM at the time they knew OBL was at Tora Bora because he was picked up broadcasting on an open frequency. How long do you think before that position was pin pointed and leveled? Well about 10 seconds longer then it took the JDAMs to hit the earth. The media was told he escaped. Alive he was a threat as the poster boy for terrorism, dead he served no purpose so “alive” it is. Every once in a while OBL would “speak” as in just before the war authorization vote against Iraq. Isn’t that convenient as the Church Lady used to say on SNL. Terrorism has justified all the post 911 military actions. Now that the war on “terrorism” or related actions are taking place in Egypt, Libya and Syria the US public would say, “Hay, why are we doing all of this when OBL is still on the loose ?” Problem solved, he’s has filled out his usefulness,now he is dead, lets move on.

          All of this is about securing resources and shaping the world. The US public needs an ideal to fight for more than an abstract controlling the world for security. Terrorism augmented with the traditional freedom works for the masses. It’s not that the policy of shaping the world is so damn bad but that the justification for all the military and geo-political moves are based on dishonesty.

          “The truth”? “You can’t handle the truth”. Co Nathan Jessup in “A Few Good Men”.

          • Im not saying either way just showing how if this was truely the way or if what we were told to be the way..or if it never even happened..Just the FACT that we cant trust anyone in GOvernment was my true point.

            and if this was how it went down and this is how our president saw this opportunity selfishly for himself..also paints a picture (or should) to some of those paying attention to his actions..

            Like I said..I was just putting thois out there to paint a picture..I never said what I believed in

            • I agree regarding the lack of trust. I see the President fulfilling the role of salesman as opposed to statesman. Policies are enacted and the President sells them. His ability to truly effect changes he may desire must fit into the overall strategy. They all have limited “wiggle room”. For this reason I don’t throw a lot of stones at sitting Presidents. Over time, We The People, Both Houses and the Judicial Branch have allowed this to happen. The whole world is a stage and we all have seats to the show.

              Next years news was being decided upon last year with little Presidential input.

          • Thank you Kevin—I thought I was the only one that knew BL died in 2001–even high officials and leaders of nations know this and are recorded and videoed telling the truth—and one was killed for exposing this truth.
            “You want the truth??? You can’t handle the truth!!”

            One account said a few of the wives told family members the seals couldn’t handle the lies—they were gonna expose the truth and then…their deaths…
            Now, after reading Gulf Of Tonkin to my Vietnam husband, do I believe our military killed this team??
            Hell, yeah!!
            Saddam Hussein, Ghadaffi, Osama Bin Laden, next??

            • The real question is not what we believe but what other Seals and the SF community believe. They are not stupid people. If laymen can look at the big picture and connect the dots they damn sure can. “Hay SF Superman Team A, I got a super secret mission for you and you can’t tell anyone ever”: That could be a hard sell in the future.

              Regarding what “I know” it’s actually what I strongly suspect. I suspect Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a shot and Santa can’t possibly go to every home in one night regardless if NORAD tracks him however I could very well be wrong on all of it.

            • Which one was killed?

      95. Living in any city is hell. Even if you live in a “nice” area, you will have neighbors who are up to their eyeballs in consumerism and drugged into believing everything is peachy. The neighborhood I used to live in was a perfect example: Beautiful homes filled with people who can’t cook if the power goes off, can’t heat if the power goes off, will be starving if there is an interuption in the supply lines to grocery stores, and who are exactly the kind of sheeple we here feel sorry for and despise at the same time.

        Living among these people forced me to use strict OPSEC until I could get out. Bringing in supplies of any kind was done with the garge door down. Even late at night there was someone looking out their window ( under the guise of neighborhood watch). I had a woman comment on the fact that I had a “strange vehicle” in my driveway at 2:00am on one occasion to which I responded that she would do well to mind her own business. She did not appreciate that I wouldn’t chat it up with her about my visitor and this generated a lot of gossip in the neighborhood. I’m pretty sure the whole neighborhood was relieved when I moved away.

        I guess my point here is that if you live in town or in the ‘burbs’ you would do well to keep your OPSEC high and blend in as much as you can. I wore a sheep-suit every day I lived there and other than occasionally having to be “rude” about who was visiting, none of my neighbors knew a thing.

        As for finding likeminded folks, I agree with others that is an undertaking that could be a seperate article in and of itself. Carefully feeling folks out and never revealing the extent of your preps even to those you trust is the way I do it. Most people don’t get past step one.

        • I would have told her it my my call girl arriving.

      96. See the bigger picture of the federal land grab being done as you read this… look up u.n. AGENDA 21 … see what the feds really plan to do… the ferderal government is seizing lands all over the western us… their goal it to force humans to live in cities and humans only zones… they are sizing lands slowly building their nwo eugenics world… 100’s of 1000 , millions of acres gone to the nwo fed government and U.N. IMF banker global plan… they are Herding you into death cities and eugenics towns/ death zones… can you not see this? this is a 50 year plan… THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

        NWO Global Eugenics = tAKE iN iNCHES, wHAT yOU cAN iN yARDS!

        • HR 1505: Giant Land Grab For The Police State

          November 3rd, 2011

          (BaldwinLive) – Montana Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg lent his support for ceding more power and authority to the federal government’s emerging police state by supporting HR 1505, the “National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act.” This monstrous bill empowers the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to confiscate to itself tens of thousands of acres of land across the US northern border. This is for “national security” reasons, of course. Gag!

      97. Just for clearification ,,
        Just because I post something of interest doesnt mean I support it..or believe in it..etc…

        I just like to bring things to the table for dicussion or knowledge for the others on here that might not find it.

        and as far as the “Truth” and “handling” it..I guess we would only know if we could or couldnt handle it, if we are never told it from the get go.

      98. As the collapse occurs, many of the people surrounding us will naturally seek to survive by any means possible, that prospect should always cause concern. Eventually however, many of those people will starve to death as they find fewer resources available to them in the cities, those who survive will spread out into the country-side, but it is doubtful that they will have the skills to survive long, especially in winter.

        The question will be how to survive the onslaught of those who have not made any preparations and that will boil down to guns and ammo, booby traps protecting your refuge and a careful, watchful eye on those you might consider your friends.

      99. Who’s for a confidence vote for our leader? Let the people speak.

      100. @Daisy @MamaBear … ;0) wow I didn’t see it… I admit it I find @Daisy’s Mind very ummmm stimulating and do enjoy her posts… hmmmmmm.

        I’m gonna have to meditate on this I will! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

        No Ravioli for the @ SHTFPlan Classy Ladies huh? , Okay fine for you @Daisy if our paths cross in the Montana Wilderness in a SHTF scenario , I will gladly bring down a Elk and make for “just you @Daisy” an Elk and Wild onion , wild mushroom stew with toasted flat bread and wild greens and bark tea!

        I owe you that much for being such a fun good sport!

        Best Wishes to all the @SHTF-Plan Classy Ladies!

        And my ummm apologies for being ummmm a Man! I was just having fun with ya all! Peace to All and Good Luck! ;0)

      101. I am brand new to this website and I want to say first that I find the information to be extremely valuable. Thank you to everyone who put it together. I am a disabled army veteran who has recently relocated after serving 3 tours in Iraq. I have always been aware of the idea that a prepared person has a better chance of survival in the event of some form of conflict. However, my eyes were opened to just how difficult things can get by observing people who do have absolutely nothing and are all ready in a state of conflict right now. All I can say is that, the idea of being a prepper is probably the best thing a person can do for themselves and their family. Along with that, one has to be prepared both physically and emotionally to face challenges that they may not ever expected to face. For example, are you prepared to defend yourself, your family and your property when the situation arises? It’s one thing to own weapons for protection, but one must ask themselves if they are prepared to take another human life in the heat of the moment. Just some food for thought, I guess. Thanks again to everyone for their insight.

      102. i guess i count myself among the lucky. i’ve been prepping for about 30 years or more. i’ve been thru a disaster in which our roads were wiped out and we were stranded, landlocked, without electricity, phones, mail, for at least two weeks due to severe flooding. my neighbors are saints and martyrs. those of us on gravity feed water supplied water to people on wells which required electricity for their pumps to function. we took care of each other. our local farmers and others with heavy equipment carved out new roads when our bench roads slipped down the hills. those of us with 4-wheel-drive rigs were able to drive the new roads to bring groceries and necessities to others who were stranded. the various gov’t factions were useless. when several homes went down the river, some of us even walked the riverbank retrieving what we could of their personal possessions to return to them since they had lost EVERYTHING. we gaffed wood out of the river for firewood and supplied it to whoever needed it. we didn’t need the government to help us, and none of us would have thought to even ask them — like i said, saints and martyrs. take care of each other. but ensure you’re surrounded by like-minded people.

      103. When it comes down to it, trust no one other than immediate (screened family) and those who have been by your side in the worst times of your life. Remember…everything you say to anybody gets repeated 3 times, then nine times, you can guess how many people know by now. You’ll have people coming after you you don’t even know. Change your plan now, relocate your stocks, select your choosen few, run like hell at first signs. Tell others a totally different plan. They’ll be heading in the opposite direction from you.

      104. New with this site, but thanks to all for the input. Ex-Army, and all alone in the East. On the Side of a mountain but close to towns. I fly a Gadson and had an older lady stop and ask me how I was on food, and when i think it will happen. Suprised I was, but sort of defensive. She seems genuine but then again you just cant trust these days. Is that bad to say? I think God may say yes, but then will he agree? I have been storing for over three years what i can afford, girlfreind both of us from Divorce thought i went nuts, but is finally seeing some of the damage that is coming to our countries survace.She still dont want to hear of day in and day out. Anyway some know I have been doing this, and some at work have taken the warnings serious and started and are a few miles away. Its never to late, but its always tricky to know who is who. God speed folks. Keep up the great work.

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