Actor Ashton Kutcher Preparing for Armageddon (No, Not the Sequel, the Real Thing)

by | Dec 29, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 33 comments

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    Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

    Emergency preparedness is not limited to just tin foil hat wearing survivalists in the middle of the wilderness or fear mongering bloggers and alternative media types – actor Ashton Kutcher, in an interview for the February 2011 Men’s Fitness issue, discusses his views on the possibilities of collapse and the end of the world as we know it:

    On a massive world-crushing event happening in his lifetime:

    “It won’t take very much, I’m telling you. It will not take much for people to hit the panic button. The amount of convenience that people rely on based on electricity alone. You start taking out electricity and satellites, and people are going to lose their noodle. People don’t have maps anymore. People use their iPhones or GPS systems, so if there’s no electricity, nobody has maps.”

    On losing power last Christmas:

    “It was 20 below zero. I got my guns out. We made a fire. We went to the grocery store, and the doors were open because they’re all electronic. People were rolling in and out, clearing out the shelves.”

    On the training he puts his body through:

    Ashton enjoys runs at Runyon Canyon near his Los Angeles home, as well as hour of hot Bikram yoga. He is also learning Krav Maga, which is a combat technique used by the Israeli army and by special elite forces around the world.

    On why he puts in the effort:

    “All of my physical fitness regimen is completely tailored around the end of day. I stay fit for no other reason than to save the people I care about.”

    Source: Just Jared , Huffington Post , Before It’s News

    We’re thrilled to hear that Mr. Kutcher has gone prepper. We suspect that few in Hollywood, like the rest of the nation, realize how susceptible we are as a society to various threats – be they natural or man made.

    It really would not take much for the entire system as we have come to know it to come tumbling down.

    Economic meltdown, solar flare, EMP attack, nuke detonations, ice age, asteroid, take your pick.

    There are plenty of reasons to be prepared for the worst – and if the worst doesn’t happy, you can live out the rest of your life in peace.

    As successful an actor that Ashton Kutcher is, we can only guess at the cool preparedness goodies and bug out plans he has at his disposal. Being the good prepper that he seems to be, he’s likely not at liberty to extensively discuss his plans in the event the SHTF, but if we had to guess we suspect he has multiple locations, likely in various places around the globe, stocked with food, water, weapons, tools, energy reserves, alternative energy equipment, medical supplies, razor wire, and precious metals.

    Though most preppers out there may not have the Federal Reserve Note resources that Mr. Kutcher has, it is still possible to be prepared if a mega-disaster were to ever happen. Preparedness, as Ashton describes in the Men’s Fitness interview, is more of a lifestyle than anything else. Working daily, over time, to achieve one’s goals is the best action plan one could have. Some days that may include heading down to the range to maintain your shooting skills. Other days me be taken up with self defense training class. Weekends might include skills development – learning how to do things like canning food, sewing, machining, carpentry, radio communications, or tinkering with alternative energy devices. All the while, when finances allow, you may be acquiring many of the aforementioned hard assets.

    Being and staying ready is a process and it takes time, as well as commitment. But, if it hits the fan, the time, energy and money spent will be well worth it.


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      1. Comments…..You have got to be kidding! This dude is a knoch above Silly-Putty… One word of advise; If you are ina car with him driving and about to go over a cliff, get the “F” out of the car…

      2. damn. if the post apocalyptic United States has assholes like ashton kutcher running around, then I’m heading to canada.

      3. Yea but he can swim fast!

      4. Ummmm, didn’t he and his loopy wife make a video proclaiming their  love and support for the Obamessiah?  Didn’t they encourage the dumb massses to serve The One?  What happened?  Aren’t we in the promised Obamessiah’s Utopia?  If he really has gone prepper, he can kiss those A-List acting gigs good-bye. 

      5. I have a very narrow viewpoint (and have been criticized for it) of all of the clowns in LaLa Land.  They are simply too far out of touch with reality to possibly know what to do when confronted with real danger.  Of course there are probably some exceptions, and maybe Actor Ashton is one of them, but if he’s stuck in LaLa when the SHTF and is confronted with a hungry soul from South Central who made too many lefts looking for food, my money is on the street vs. make-believe and theory.

      6. Yes, but she’s hot & in her prime and money/young guys make her “happy”.  She looks better with hair.


        So how exactly is Kutcher getting “ready”?
        The actor partakes in hot Bikram yoga sessions, weekly hikes, Krav Maga (a form of hand-to-hand combat) lessons – and body cleanses.
        Not only does the process “clean out the pipes,” he said, “if sh-t hits the fan, I like knowing I could live off of water and syrup for a couple of weeks.”
        He also admitted to relying on firearms.
        When his family’s cabin lost power on Christmas last year, “I got my guns out,” he revealed.
        “We made a fire. We went to the grocery store, and the doors were open because they’re all electronic. People were rolling in and out, clearing out the shelves,” Kutcher recalled. “I’m telling you, it was like a preview [of the future].”
        Ummmmm, kay so he $hits his brains out knowing that he can live off of water and syrup for a couple of weeks.  Yep, that’ll work! LOL!
        The guns okay, but I don’t think has has the cajones to use them. JMHO.

        Read more:

      8. Good for him.   He’s still a wanker.

      9. I’m not sure I would believe anything actors say. After all, they are *ACTORS* on and off the screen. I wonder what he has for guns? Probably has 2 or three of some exotic rifle that shoots some bizarre cartridge and all he has is a clip full of each.

        No, I don’t think I’ll be asking Ashton for help here anytime soon. I much prefer Jack Spirko at . Good info there.It does amaze me though, did this guy and his goofy wife encourage the masses to worship at the Altar Of 0bama? Either he’s “lost that lovin’ feeling” or he’s a liar (*ACTOR*) and never really did mean it. Just took the money for the gig.

        I can only imagine what kind preps I’d have stashed away if I had his money. I don’t so I have to be more choosy and I’m betting that WTSHTF and I need a plan, I’ll have a better one than him even if its much less expensive.

        In fact, I bet he bought 5 extra jars of peanut butter and a couple ARs and 1000 rounds of ammo and now he’s a prepper! Thats the way some people think. Just don’t trust these hollywood types. Don’t trust them at all. They tell you stuff to get you thinking or doing what they want you to do, not because its good for you or prudent for society. Its for them.

      10. He’s wanking the angel.

      11. You’ve got to be kidding.  Aston a good preper?  The power goes out and the first thing he does is run to the store with the rest of the mob?  That’s preping?

      12. TPTB & the elites are starting to get seriously worried about what lies ahead. They are hoping that the military and police forces are able to hold a lid on things and protect them and their way of life. I have a feeling that they are going to be somewhat dissapointed with the way that things ‘shake-out’ for them.

        The real problem for the rich and privileged being that they have so much farther to fall before they hit the bottom than most of us posting here do. I wonder what happens to their world when the funny looking green ‘monopoly money’ (FRN)and the credit cards no longer have any value or meaning?

        BOHICA boys & girls! Soon!!!

      13. Comments…..Ashton is preping by putting his you know what in to you know who on a constant basis. He is focusing on plugging you know who as much as possible. When he is done doing her he usually preps by having a cigar and a brandy.

      14. This is one confused  guy..he practically promised his life to obama yet he owns guns….this almost makes up for him supporting the bamster

      15. I am not going to join the bash Ashton Kutcher party here. I really don’t know the guy, anymore than the rest of you do. What I do know is that many of you are quick to criticize, quick to judge, and quick to project your distorted view of him upon him.

        Do you remember when you were first “aware” of the need to prep?

        Ok, so Ashton and family have seen the light. Good! One more prepper is one less adversary for the rest of US when the SHTF. Hopefully Ashton will find his way here to SHTFplan, Mother Earth News, Survival Mom, SHTF America, Survival Blog and other like minded sites and develop a deeper understanding of the problems we are facing as a nation. 

        Lets face it, this guy has “clout” and “press” and could make a big difference for the prepper and liberty movements. Maybe even produce and star in an adaptation of Rawles novel. He could sway the Gen X generation to become active in the patriot movement.

        Embrace him.

        • Exactly my thoughts too, DK ! Welcome Aboard, Ashton!

      16. I agree Durango Kidd! Typically I just browse this site, but I had to chime in.  Having a positive and non-judgemental attitude will get you a lot further in surviving SHTF than critiquing.  It is great that a public person is starting to see the light.  Ever think that maybe having a celebrity prepper might open up a lot of sheeple eyes?! We are all on the same side here, and it is the side against the banker elites that are ruining the world.  Even Ashton Kutcher is on our side now! It’s a great sign!

      17. Comments…..during the great depression years actors and actresses who were fortunate enough to still have jobs lived very different lives than they do now…reckon when the shit hits the fan we might get to watch movies for 10cents? lol, some of these folks in lala land cannot fathom what the “script” will be like when it happens..and that is what it is for many of them..just a script.

      18. Comments…..I think its a good thing, no matter what his preps are ,  or how good he is at it..he gets the message out to his fans at least..get them thinking..its a win win

      19. Comments….. Hehehehe, hirsute women and hairless men.
        Get real.

      20. Comments…..Ohh how I love those ‘ value adders ‘ crowding
        shelves … . NOT!

      21. Wow, i am amazed at the negativity this morning!  I am not a fan of AK, but live and let live. When the student is ready the teacher appears.  AK will get there, i am still learning, perhaps there is something everyone on this blog has yet to learn?

      22. I’m jealous.  Give her a penny & buy a movie ticket.

      23. He’s role playing getting into character for an upcoming movie role, don’t put anything into it.

      24. Bea – My negativity is more like revulsion.  I understand your “live and let live” mentality being a child of the 60’s, but a lot of that crap is what got us here in the first place.  I understand too what the Kid is saying…maybe he will get the word out.   But!, don’t forget his past and do you really believe anything that comes out of this idiot’s mouth.  He’s an actor and lives in hollywood for gods sake.  He couldn’t find his way out of a park without his “helpers”.  He thinks obozo is a god!

      25.  Ashton Kutcher may be right.    He is only responding to the News Alerts they have been slowly putting out for the last 2 years.
        ( Fox News and CNN 6/11/2010)  and this is NOT another Y2K cuz this is also affecting our weather  tremendously.  Look at the west coast and the east coast over Xmas weekend.  For those of you who are just finding out about the solar storms that could take out our satellites and  electrical grids, you are 2 years behind in preparing, so stop bashing AK. For those of you who have kids, you owe it to them as parents to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  Here are a few more clips you maybe interested in. see below Gov saving seeds more on solar stoms. Fox

      26. Comments…..Poor little rich boy…gonna have to learn to get his own glass of imported sparkling water instead of having his servants do it… Gag… how about if this little publicity whore just quietly started prepping like the rest of us..why pump(pimp) it up unless he is trying to get some attention, media coverage or can make a buck off of it somehow… If my bank account looked anything like theirs, I would simply buy a nice island somewhere install some missle batteries to blow away anything that came within 3 miles of the beach and sit it out while sipping my wine and listening to the world coming apart over the radio… who is this little woodpecker trying to kid…  is he going to be a machoman and defend his family in hand to hand fighting…nope..that is what his small army of hired thugs is for.. how can he pay them..if he has a brain, out of his gigantic storehouse of commodities he will have tucked away..assuming this boy wonder is not too stupid to leave Hollywood before it becomes ground zero for home invasions once LA LA land becomes the urban hell I imagine…
        Instead of wasting more than a laugh on this publicity stunt..
        I think it would be more productive for those of us on this site to create a trade and barter exchange where we could help each other out or to help each other to get and exchange items, skills, or whatever..kind of like Craigs list for preppers.. 

      27. Chances are that Ashton Kutcher isn’t the only person in Hollywood looking to be prepared for unforeseen disasters.  Most Hollywood actors live in an area afflicted by multiple natural disasters (mudslides, earthquakes, etc).  A majority of them probably have a short term disaster supply.  Instead of insulting him, we should be celebrating the fact that this is one more person who is preparing .  Rich or not, he is making an effort to be self reliant.  Just my thoughts…

      28. Most of these guys are influenced by the Hollywood security types who want to sell them something and charge for training.

        To look at a “real” prepper look at Pierre Odmyer of E-Bay fame. He takes the threat seriously with his own security detail of former Fed Officers, multiple bug-out locations and a climate controlled warehouse in Honolulu for his primary food/supplies stash.

      29. Comments…..I thought after reading through the posts I would
        comment.  AK may just be doing this for publicity.  He may actually have woke up to the fact that his relationship with Obama was…well illadvised to say the least. 

        Does anyone bashing him actually know anything about him?
        Did he grow up in LA or some backwoods of America.  Did his
        Dad,Granddad, or whom ever take him fishing, hiking,hunting?

        That said, Mens Fitness is a well read publication and the article
        may just shed some light on the plight we all face. 
        Personnaly I don’t give a rats ass about him or his wife or his views.  Just think it will draw some attention.

        As a side note; if nothing else it will give good BS for all the mental midgets that ch1ime in on Craigslist.

        Good luck to everyone!

      30. Ashton Kutcher has come from out of nowhere to win the race to replace Sheen in “Two and a Half Men”. Sources indicate the previous “That 70s Show” and “Punk’d” star has signed a contract that will pay him between $625,000 and $900,000 per episode, just over half of what Sheen reportedly earned. The ninth season of “Two and a Half Men” should be back as early as mid-season or as late as this fall. Charlie Sheen may need some personal loans to replace his lost income.

      31. I think everyone here has the right to voice his opinion of what is posted. I do not think we need the “adults” reminding us to be nice.

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