A Prepper’s Story: Life Threatening Emergencies Happen At The Darndest Times

by | Dec 26, 2014 | Emergency Preparedness | 182 comments

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    The fact is that emergencies happen more often than we’d like to admit. By definition, they are serious and totally unexpected. But having even the most basic of preparedness supplies and knowledge could be a life saver, or at the very least, may help to prevent panic and confusion.

    The next time someone asks you why you prepare, point them to this story submitted to the SHTFplan.com community by contributor Plan Twice, Prep Once.

    Merry Christmas to all, and thank you!

    Crazy Christmas, I had read about “Israeli trauma bandages” months ago here on Shtfplan.com. Bought some for family Christmas gifts. My Son showed up and had bought some for me, as well, so we’re swimming in them.

    After dinner dishes were done, the wife is putting away the big glass platter and dropped it, a shard of glass impaled her foot. Freaking blood everywhere. I peeled her sock off which pulled out the glass, and the blood is gushing. I tell my son to get one of the bandages, and it works just like the YouTube video, and we’re off to the emergency room.

    X-rays show I got all the glass is out, looks like no tendon damage, no broken bones.

    They unwrap it and the wound is sealed solid by the quick-clot in the bandage, so the stitches are a breeze. They are all mystified by the crazy amazing bandage on my wife’s foot, one dr is annoyed they can be bought without a prescription! What a clueless ass. It’s all about getting someone to medical care without them going into shock or even dying due to blood loss. She got a tetanus shot and antibiotics, and we are home now having pumpkin and apple pie. Putting ice packs on her foot.

    The SHTF at the darnedest times! Merry Christmas all. My special thanks to whoever it was that posted a link to the YouTube video about Israeli trauma bandages, so many months ago.

    The Israeli Trauma Bandages cited by Plan Twice, Prep Once can literally save your life, but you would be hard-pressed to find them in traditional “doctor recommended” first aid kits.

    Israeli Bandage Demonstration:

    Israeli Bandage Demonstration II (Graphic but not real and only intended to be a teaching tool):

    Amazingly, as noted in the excerpt above, one of the presiding doctors was upset that anyone could buy these bandages without a prescription. While we won’t try to presume his motivations for such a ridiculous assessment, if one suggested that the good doctor had a God Complex or was upset that it kicked into his revenue because the hospital couldn’t charge the patient for a blood transfusion and who knows what other services, they’d probably be fairly close to the reason.

    Luckily for us, these life-saving trauma wound dressings are available without a prescription and can be purchased in single units or multi-packs. This is the kind of preparedness item you want to have in all of your emergency bags and should be easily accessible at home. Everyone in your family should be aware of where they are along with other key medical supplies that may include:

    • A Combat Application Tourniquet in the event of a major injury that requires the stoppage of blood flow.
    • A HALO Chest Seal for penetrating chest trauma (such as gun shots) with excessive bleeding. This sealant can also be utilized in wet or extreme environments.
    • An emergency SAM Splint that can be used to splint pretty much every bone in the human body in the event of a break.
    • For more detailed medical supply lists check out The Prepper’s Blueprint by Tess Pennington or visit her free online 52 Weeks To Preparedness series for some guidance.

    Our society teaches us to be victims. But as you saw in the story above, you don’t have to be one of them.

    We’ve all more than likely experienced an emergency in recent years. Some may not have been as serious as the story you read above, but nonetheless, having supplies on hand probably made life a whole lot easier.

    We’re sure you’ve got similar stories where your emergency preps saved the day. Please feel free to share them below!



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      1. good info. and great example of how they work.
        but it is funny ( not really ) that there are SOOO many people who ONLY think MONEY and or profit, YES money is great but if you take a second to look what causes most of the issues in this world is the GREED for money ! so what ever happened to the people first and then the money, that my folks is mostly what has happened to the world, it is the GREED for money and power!

        • Agree 100%
          Envy seems to be a close second, eeeevvvvrrryyybody is tryin to keep up with and out do the Jones’
          Lame if u ask me.

          • Kula, I don’t even care what he damn Joneses have, never mind try to catch up to them, which means go drowning in more debt than someone can handle. I’m debt-free and will die that way. To hell with credit.

            • Can someone smarter than me, put this in laymens terms. I got all excited when I clicked on the link to this article from Drudge, thinking……….cool, I can just wrap or spray this stuff on whatever and voila, it will disappear. Then I went to the article and just scratched my head and frowned.

              ht tp://www.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/new-illusion-coating-hides-objects-from-detection-114122100293_1.html

              • Bj, I read it but there were no pictures so I’m no help to you..

              • Some very useful videos by The Patriot Nurse.

                The Patriot Nurse – SHTF medical info.

                Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF Storage

                The Role of Dental Health in Survival

                The True Shelf Life of Drugs – What the FDA isn’t Telling

                The ULTIMATE Medical Kit! Part 1

                The ULTIMATE Medical Kit! Part 2

                The ULTIMATE Medical Kit! Part 3

                • KY Mom,
                  How do you get the video to appear or embed here?

              • Think stealth technology on planes. Its basically a way to to alter the radar signature of objects it is applied to.

                It doesnt do anything to change the visual aspect, so once you get within visual range, the object will still appear to be whatever it is.

                Imagine you have a couple of vehicles sitting in a remote part of the country acting as a listening post or whatever you want it to be. An enemy plane 500-1000miles out scanning for targets. This is a prime target and would want to be taken out by the enemy as soon as possible. When they send the radar pings out, normally this would light up the radar screens and would be identified as such.

                With the new coating, these would show up as something innocuous as whatever you designed the radar dignal to reflect/deflect.

                • Ahhhhhh, I totally understand that.

                  Dang, I though they were coming out with “I am invisible stuff” if ya know what I mean.

              • Uh, umm, I just noticed in the tab that I brought that page up in that has “BS” printed pretty clearly in the tab. I’m not sure this is any more than BS. I think the tab says it all.

                I think this is a spoof site.

                “In an array of antennae, for example, interference from the nearby antennas can be suppressed.”

                Uh, yeah! Sure, and you will subsequently block all other signals too.

                This has got to be a spoof site. Right up at the top there is a link: “BS Headlines”

                Its almost too obvious.

            • Actually, I’m a Damn Jones-really but this one is on the very same page with you. “Things” are a waste of time and when I retired the goal was no debt/ Home is paid off, no C.Cards,
              all achieved. If I sound like I’m tooting a horn , well OK. Keep your powder dry RB

          • Keep up? Heck, we want to leave them in the dust. Run over ’em if they are ahead of us.

        • Grandfather use to practice where “first aid was was last aid” and saved many lives in the process of doing many things that we’re not learned in a medical school or in medical text books. It is folks like plan twice pep once who are going to carry the day, not that Dr in the ER. The more you can do for yourself the better off you are.

          • Laeagle, I couldn’t agree more.

          • Make your own SAMI repair kit

            ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy3hgN5v0hg&feature=em-uploademail

            • Or you can make a water bucket from a folded piece of canvas.

              ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmp9rl-5WMA

              Mac, sure wish you would share the embed a video secret.

        • Interesting how many times Jesus talks about money.

          It is indeed a fact that where your money is, there your heart will be also

          • A fool and his money do depart at his church.

            • I assume this is a slur on the simple reality that money shows us where are hearts are? However, the comment is non-sequitur

        • I was sailing solo when I fell under heavy seas and broke three of my knuckles. I taped and cast my hand with plaster of paris in the manner consistent with the depictions in the handbook of surgery. The surgeon I later saw left the cast on, thinking that he could not improve much upon it. After so many weeks he cut it off, xrayed it said it set up fine and one couldn’t even tell that it had been broken. So in other words a medical procedure that could have put me back god knows how many thousands maybe cost me $20.

          I’m not saying we don’t need doctors. I’m saying that healthcare is a piece of shit ripoff and people need to tend to them fucking selves. DO SOME PT YOU OLD PEOPLE. EAT RIGHT, DONT WALK ARONUD WITH A FUCKING FAT HANGING OUT, AND YOU WONT NEED PILLS AND APPOINTMENTS AND BULLSHIT.

          • PS get some liquid bandages. I far prefer them to band aids.

            • Acid, I agree with the points you made, just quit calling us stupid.

        • The Dr was pissed that people don’t need HIS permission to buy these. HE knows what you need. You are not as smart as him, and it helps with the Beemer payments.

          • The Dr’s whining was completely motivated by self interest. Think of the billions made by requiring a prescription for antibiotics. There is no potential for abuse, and we wouldn’t have to worry about overuse because Doctors take care of that for us anyway. People with allergies to a certian antibiotic would steer clear of it on their own.

      2. Hello……

        • G’day!

          • Mac, how about do another experiment. When posting an article how about having 2 posting blogs. One can be for the Thumbsucking 5th grade crynabies who like to post jokes and nothing relevant to the article. Kind of like a child’s play pen for cyber squtter to chit chat about nothin and where tg ere is No free speech and monitored . The other blog to the same article in which serious people can discuss the relevancy of the article post info links and facts for thise who believe in free speech and tell it like it is. Then everbody can be happy. The crybabies get ther monitored drivel posted and the thinkers and real info seekers can discuss important issues with out the crybabies whining abouut being victims. Then see which blog gets the misthits and where the adds are clicked.

            • A forum with different subjects that have different threads that any one can start would take care of that.

            • WWTI: You are an idiot…


            • It’s ads not adds, thinker.

      3. If you like your sucking chest wound you can keep your sucking chest wound.

        Idiot doctors. Infuriating isn’t it? No “thank God you saved her life”… nope. Just “where’s my money and why are you stealing it”.


        • just remember, when applying “quick-clot”…or i suspect these isreali bandages, it creates a LOT more work for the doctors when you DO get to the hospital,(it has to be “cleaned out”),according to my paramedic son…just something to research/think about. i always carry a roll of electrical tape and a bunch or napkins for MY first-aid….don’t knock it, you can do a million things with elect tape…and it don’t take much room….i try to have things in my bugout bag that serve MORE than one purpose, and elect tape definitely fills THAT BILL.

          • and don’t forget…that tourniquet must be able to be applied with ONE HAND!

          • “it creates a LOT more work for the doctors when you DO get to the hospital”

            Oh gosh, I’d hate to think those trauma doctors actually had to DO something for their $200 an hour!

            Expect NO pity from me.

            • You can’t find sutures on amazon, but I found boxes of 12, foil-sealed sutures w/needles here. I got a couple for my med kit (Yes, I can do sutures).

              ht tp://www.ad-surgical.com/medical_unify-sutures-order-nylon/?gclid=CKPYidXT5cICFQ1ufgodXbQAAg#.VJ5aFgCwM

              • Thanks for the link, sixpack.

              • Better check Oregon’s LAW books and make sure there are no STATUTES that say you cannot self treat wounds with sutures first or else a neighbor could use a phone to call the cops and they would be well with in their parameters to harass you.

                Just sayin 😉

                • If there was a law in effect that said I couldn’t save my own life by sewing myself up, they can kiss my fkn ass.

              • Hey Six and NoB. Buying sutures is one thing, but go to YTube and watch and learn how to tie sutures and sew. Each hook has a size and used for certain stitches. It is an entire process, worth watching and knowing how to tie the knots with your zerostats, prepping the wound and closing it up. Go practice on a chicken or a pig hamhock.

                • Been there, done that WWTI.

                  • Thanks for the link. Years ago, in the middle of a freezing night a roommate cut a four-stitcher in the side of her finger. It was the middle of winter, we were all out of work and had no insurance. But, we all had cared for animals. We got sutures out of the vet box, alcohol, and some ice water for anesthesia. Her daughter tore the first stitch, so I took over and put in three stitches before she made us quit because the pain was too great. The wound healed up great, even the nerve that was cut. SHTF comes hard and fast; supplies and skill sets are priceless. We had no idea what the law was; nor have we ever been concerned with it. We did what was right.

          • I am confused. The author of this story wrote: “They unwrap it and the wound is sealed solid by the quick-clot in the bandage, so the stitches are a breeze.”

            I don’t think the Israeli Battle Dressing is impregnated with QuikClot. It seems he’s confusing this bandage with the QuikClot combat qauze, which is treated with QuikClot.

            • That totally threw me off too. I did a search for the bandages and was confused because none of them mentioned this, nor did I see anything on them that would appear to be anything other than just a bandage.

      4. Great article(Sorry about the accident)……Have a bunch of these on hand,home, in the car……Have never had to use one——had read reviews on Amazon.COM.
        Pray for his wife a speedy recovery…….

        We read about how much ammo some of the readers have here. That is a good thing.
        But I also consider a large supply of first aid items just as important has having an arsenal of guns and ammo.

        If a person doesn’t elect to purchase the halo chest seal mentioned, I have seen saran wrap work just as good, to form a seal, somewhat restore chest compression and then the application of a field dressing.

        • Correct on the saran wrap, basically, any barrier material that can create an air tight seal is what you want to keep air from getting into the cavity.

          The lungs are a balloon in a separate cavity, anything that fills up that cavity (sucking chest wound, blood) reduces the lung capacity to take in air. For tension hemothorax (blood in the lung cavity), look up chest tubes and the heimlich flutter valve attachment.

          • Marine friend of mine from years ago tells the story of how a medic saved him by simply sticking a finger in the bullet hole while they got him back to an evac helicopter.

            A bit ghoulish he is – likes to tell it loud in bars and restaurants. He ain’t making it up; I’ve seen the scar.

          • Oathkeeper. With an open sucking chest wound you want to lay the patient with the hole side facing down so the lung seals the hole by gravity. By leaving the hole to the up side, it increases the lung collapse.

      5. Can stop bleed ing any way apply pressure use a tourniquet go straight to hospital watch for signs of shock those are battle dressings to be used during battles they are cool yes and that doc saying you should have a scrip for it is an idiot he probably stands to profit from it he only wants to help people if he makes $ asshole .

      6. Give that doc a sucking chest wound hahaha

        • Ass hat, all that doctor cared about was making money. Doctors are parasites just like lawyers, politicians, banksters, etc.

      7. Merry Christmas all,
        That Dr is an ass!
        Just sayin
        After SHTF guys like that will be useless, better to find yourself a good Vet!

        • I’d of told him when accidents happens in seconds, the ER surgeon is only minutes or hours away. Apparently he feels butt hurt and threatened by a job well done that he had no part of.

        • Kulafarmer, I agree that doctors suck. I stay away from them all I can.

          • Agreed Renegade. In the medical profession, the EMTs are the real folks. Also the nurses and medical assistants. They do all the real medical work. Then once the dirty work is done, the doc eventually waddles in to collect his BMW payment and scribble out a prescription to further line his pockets. Docs are about as good as politicians and lawyers, all scumbags.

          • Especially since they now ask about gun ownership and If I want to harm myself. What kind of BS is that.. Obviously a backdoor to taking my 2nd amend rights.

        • YUP,
          we gave up on doctors about 8 years ago when they could not find anything wrong with me, well we did our own research found what the problem was, had a few miss tires before we got to the root cause and fixed it ourselves, if we had not fixed it oursevles i would NOT be here writing this today, and by the way i did try 7 doctors and several hospitals ( 3 ) anyway enough said, if you need a bone set or something like that maybe they are good for that but to diagnose a serious internal problem that just doesn’t jump out in the books they they are useless and don’t care and they really get testy when you talk to them at there level they don’t like that!

          • Most times like my old man used to tell me….”The only thing a doctor is good for is “cough, colds and sore assholes.” Buncha wet nurses for armchair polishers.

          • They are not kidding when they say they are practicing

          • Apache,

            Thanks for your insight. Would you mind sharing with us what the mystery illness turned out to be?

            Happy holidays!


            • laeagle,
              I actually had two issues that happened very close to each other, i was bitten by a bug after boarding a plane in San Francisco that had just came back from a South american country, i ran a 101 fever for three months strait and all the doc’s said i just had the flew bug, well it was Chagas, they say after it goes dormant than you don’t have much of a chance, well there is alternatives and they did work,6 months later i did find by accident a doc. who was interested and i had removed the bug from my leg myself and had it in the freezer and that Doc. tested it and verified what we suspected. while that was going on i developed skin cancer on my face and doc’s wanted to remove half of my face and said i would need massive reconstructive surgery, i elected to use alternative meds, something called black blood root mixed with some stuff from South America, it killed it quick and NO need for plastic surgery, yup i have a little scar but doesn’t look bad. and now i am cancer free and no sign of Chagas. I understand now it has moved into the states and is becoming more and more prevalent. I hope this is the info. that you wanted.

              • apache54,

                Thanks for that interesting history and information. Chagas is becoming a problem but not that many North American doctors would know how to make the diagnosis as it is considered a tropical vector borne disease from South America. There are many cancers that now can be treated and even cured but there are just as many that remain problematic and incurable. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key but not always possible. There are many herbal and natural remedies and many are looking for the ‘magic bullet’ but ‘the cure’ remains elusive for many. Again, thank you very much for sharing your experience and bringing attention, and shedding light, on some illnesses.

                We send our best wishes to you and all who come to this site a very Happy New Year!

                Louisiana Eagle

      8. I’m glad to see that Plan twice prep once was well-prepared for that situation. I’ll be looking for those bandages and the other items mentioned in the article. I’ve had several personal SHTF events in my life and was prepared for each and every one of them. One story I’ll tell in particular is the following. In Nov. of 1982 I was living in a trailer park in a ratty old trailer where the rent came due on a weekly basis. I was saving up for an apartment and almost had enough money to make the move. I came home late from work one night, had only been inside the trailer for 10 minutes, when I started smelling smoke. The smoke came from one of electrical outlets where a TV was plugged up. I only had one suitcase of clothes there at the time so I grabbed it and ran out the door. The fire had spread quickly. Didn’t take long to turn the trailer into a crispy critter. Most of my other possessions were in storage so all I really lost was a temporary place to call home. I had a 1972 Dodge cargo van for wheels at the time. I found an old mattress to throw into the back for a bed and got a blanket and pillow out of storage to go on it. That van was my home for the next 3 weeks and I was borrowing other peoples’ showers to keep up my hygiene. This was in Nov. and Dec. when it was first getting cold. It was a bitch to have to sleep in that van but I got through it. At the end of the 3rd week, I got approved for an apartment and finally got back into a normal situation. If it wasn’t for that van, things would’ve been even worse for me. I adapted and improvised. I survived it.

        • @bh,

          Wow, Literally 2 weeks ago, my Mr. Coffee pot shorted out too. It melted the insulation off of the neutral wire which then came in contact with the ground (in the receptacle box).

          Well, the GFCI receptacle I installed downline some 18 years ago tripped and saved my ass totally. I remember bitching to the inspector as to why I had to put that in (I had round fuses at the time in the panel). Well, needless to say, the National Electric Code is there for a reason.

          Replaced wire insulation, installed new receptacle and voila, all is good. I got lucky in no uncertain terms.

          • My wife and baby went to the Dr Tuesday. While they were inside, something went wrong in my car. When wife came out, she waited a long time for the valet to bring the car. She finally was getting impatient and was going to ask about it when the manager approached her and said that something was wrong. They took her to the car and the whole inside was melted/burned or covered in soot….windows are black!

            It appears that the fire started around where the seat warmer thing is……totally melted the middle console. Ceiling is totally melted, visors are gone…poof, melted! You can smell the car with the doors shut from 25 feet away. Everything in the car is black….even everything in the trunk is covered in soot and smells to high heaven….bug out bag is black and stinks.

            Looks like I am going to be without a car for a bit since the adjuster doesn’t come til next Monday and it will probably take a week before I get a check, if after pay off of the car, I get anything?

            Anyway, the point was….the tow truck driver said that this was the 3rd car in two weeks to come in from an interior electrical fire…..weird huh!

            • Musta been a LEO somewhere lurking in the bushes nearby flicking his Bic lighter I’m sure.

              • It definitely crossed my mind fake patriot.

                • LOL.

            • BJ,
              sorry for your bad luck on the car glad it did not happen at a worse time or location, what my real comment is why would people give you a thumbs down? for something like that ?

              • Because I am a very old fashioned freedom loving constitutionalist that doesn’t like or agree with a majority of the changes that have happened in govt and law in america in the last 143 years…and I am really really pissed off about it. In fact I hate it and I feel it is just plain evil, and all who have been involved in it have either ignorantly taken part in evil (not excusable) or have knowingly taken part in this evil. Anyone involved in govt I hold responsible and anyone who supports this system I hold responsible and can’t stand either of them.

                Now add to the fact that I have zero patience, tact, grace or wisdom when I get angry and spout off about it or to those here that are involved in govt/state or those who support ANY part of the system. I haven’t got down the Proverbs yet that talk about your heart leading you astray and anger into sin.

                • I hit “submit comment” too soon. Ending should of read;

                  So I have made a bunch of enemies here and sometimes it wouldn’t matter what I post….they would red thumb it.

                  Pretty silly huh?

              • Oh, forgot to say…thanks.

                We are so very thankful that it didn’t happen when she was driving down the road with the baby or any of the kids in the car with her. I have no idea whether it happened real fast or if it was a slow thing? I know wife said she was out of the car 1.5 to 2 hours. Had it of happened as a fast thing while driving down the road……I don’t have 100% faith that she would of handled the situation correctly and safely.

      9. Love those bandages. You can get them at gun shows and EBay. Is there any relevance to the date on them?

        • Yes, it is a sterility date. The bandage will still work, but it will not be a sterile dressing. Use of a non-sterile dressing on a wound could lead to an infection. However, if the SHTF, I would still use an out of date dressing on a wound. Better to have a chance fighting an infection than to die from blood loss. Hope that helps. Thanks for the video.

          • Ummm no…….Sterility dates are only a MINIMUM date not a maximum. IOW, the manufacturer will guarantee the sterility of the contents up to that date (assuming no package damage). This is very similar to medication expiration dates. Hospitals won’t go beyond these dates due to liability issues. However, if you think about it, the contents don’t become non-sterile the day after.

            MEDICAL WARNING – What you choose to do is up to you, I am NOT a lawyer nor is the above to be construed as medical advice……..

            • That’s exactly right re sterility, it’s all about litigation. As long as the packaging is dry and unbroken the contents are sterile and safe to use.

              Many of the wrappers on sterile dressings are designed for a hospital environment, they are going to be sitting on shelves and in purpose designed dispensers, not getting knocked about in a first aid kit rolling around in the boot of your car. Storing them in a decent quality zip-lock bag gives added protection against ripped packaging and moisture.

              In a dire emergency, I would even rather risk an unsterile dressing than bleeding to death.

              Take care

        • There are two dates on these bandages:
          1. A sterile date, that I interpret as date manufactured. Mine was marked 7/2014
          2. An expiration date, marked 7/2022
          So they appear to have an 8 year use by life. They are double vacuum sealed, first in plastic inner wrap then in a heavy Mylar outer wrap. Even so there are notches in the wrapper that allow you to tear them open without scissors or a knife.

          I assume like packaged foods and drugs, the life expectancy is based on the worst normal conditions. Kept in the cool part of a house out of direct sun light with central heat and AC, the lifespan could be double that of one kept in the trunk of a car in a climate like Israel’s.

          One of my worries was that there was possibly still glass in the wound, heavy direct pressure on the wound could have driven it deeper or done more damage. The trauma bandage absolutely stopped the bleeding with the least necessary pressure. I could have used a conventional bandage and wrapping, but that would have required a lot more direct pressure to stop the bleeding.

          Stopping the bleeding was really important since you can imagine the ER wait on a Christmas Day. It did take an hour and a half before a doctor looked at her, but then the bandage and prompt first aid at home made it into a ho-hum case for the doctor they could put to the bottom of their triage list.

      10. Ya I know greedy bastards see them for 30mins they send you a 900 dollar bill . I want to share something for those that like to travel I work a lot of hours so I don’t spend a lot of time with my kids . When I get vacation time we pile into the van and go to disney or an amusement park somewhere last time it was in Cincinnati i forget name of it but the disney parks I want to talk about my kids love it as they all do . The last time I went there my daughter started running fever controlled it with Tylenol for kids for a day and a half then it wouldn’t controlled the fever wound up in florida hospital for kids just great they admitted her checked her pee stuff like that she dehydrated ok Iv bag two days later she broke out of the fever get everybody in van go home no problems just fucked up vacation no fun prior to that same thing with my littlest guy fever hospital whole 9yards same hospital they still had the kids info asked the docs what’s up with ending up in the hospital when I go to disney he said its a virus so why do they give antibiotics for viruses thes docs are full of shit people that go to disney come from all parts of the world bringing their filthy germs with them I told wife we will never go there again this to happen twice to us is a sign to stay away my kids are healthy mom keeps them super clean for now won’t be traveling its bullshit trying to get some of your $ back from disney they will fight you every step now I’m the asshole to tell the kids we can’t go there anymore fuck you disney if this happened 1time I’d chuck it up to coincidence but twice there is some mystery virus going around there docs don’t want to talk about can’t always be prepping got to enjoy life seems can’t do that either.

      11. As a combat lifesaver instructor you should practice with your gear. If push came to shove I would use the pressure bandage ( some countries refused to use the “Isreali” bandage) even if it was used in practice. You definitely need more than one combat tourniquet for multiple trauma. As with any other product if misused can fail. The tourniquet must pulled tightly before turning the rod. Too much slack when turning the rod can cause the strap to break. I have seen it twice in training students and make it a good reason why you have to know how to use the cat. The pressure bandage can also be used as a tourniquet but with a little difference in use ( I think it was called the Ranger tourniquet). I am sure it is on the net.

        • Sixcav

          Wounds on arms and legs can be handled with tourniquets and bandages. The chest cavity and abdominal area is my concern. As with gunshots I would assume all the way through the chest is better than only an entrance wound. Application of plastic cover to the back and 3 sided on the front to allow function of the lung without deflation. The treatment for shock, (Lift Legs) in the case of an abdominal wound could make problem worse by more loss of blood internally. Can you add some light as to front to back and side to side in gut shots.

      12. I’d love to get some, along with a lot of other preps here lately…but can’t. Saving everything we can for land right now. Where we are in the Midwest….no amount of preps are going to make any difference what so ever.

        • GJ the way I see it if the 400 plus nuke plants burn down b/c of various scenarios causing blackout power loss for extended period of time… it is over no matter where you live, including south america. It looks like the 6th extinction is upon the world and i feel there is nowhere to hide. I have quit prepping and am going to enjoy the last days of sanity that we have left before the Pacific is announced to be totally lifeless.. which is coming soon.

          • Bj too..

          • You need to read Dr. Jane Orient, head of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. http://www.ddponline.org is the site.

            Per Dr. Orient (and N.B: she is NOT saying even a single nuke would be a walk in the park!!!):

            It would take 400 nuclear warheads, not one, to wipe out Los Angeles… And the area of 90% survival with drop and cover is 15 times as large as the no-survive area

            This site has a NukeAlert device that is cheap and VERY easy to use. Those concerned about a nuclear event really need to get one of these

            Also in the article at DDP, “No Policemen Died at Nagasaki” are these facts:

            Japan has lowered the amount of radioactivity allowed in food from 500 to 100 Bq/kg, and has likely banned bananas (about 15 Bq per banana and 6 or 7 bananas/kg) and Brazil nuts (which exceed the limits that may be released from a nuclear installation). The limits apply to cesium, not potassium (found in bananas) or radium (found in Brazil nuts), but the local municipalities making the measurements [like the human body] are unlikely to distinguish the source of the beta or alpha particles (Tim Worstall, Forbes 4/2/2012, http://tinyurl.com/cjjoman).

            Worstall also reports that the Fukushima-derived radiation in a steak from a Pacific blue fin tuna is about the equivalent of one-twentieth of a banana. More strikingly, the dose from cesium in the tuna is only 0.2% of that from the naturally occurring polonium-210 in the fish. Furthermore, the cesium content of the fish in August 2012 was down to half the levels found in August 2011 (Forbes 11/16/13, http://tinyurl.com/ls9jfau).

          • So, let’s be concerned about real issues. Fukishima is extremely serious, but it also isn’t going to end the world. Leave that horse manure to Helen Caldicott. However, if a CME or EMP caused the emergency diesels that keep the cooling ponds that have the spent rods cool were to be knocked out (nuclear plants rely on EXTERNAL power, BTW), then we would have hundreds of Fukishimas around the planet.

            For those of you interested, I suggest you read the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness site, ddponline.org. They have a meeting every summer, chock full of doctors and Ph.Ds… and not too expensive, either. You can also order individual lectures from the conference that interest you… of course, that is a LOT cheaper way to go!

            I am NOT saying radiation is a walk in the park. I *am* saying much of this is blown way out of the world of reality.

            Finally, for those of you concerned about a nuclear exchange – which I think we should be- Cresson Kearny has a classic work on this, Nuclear War Survival Skills. I have a hard copy, but you can download for free at http://www.nuclearwarsurvivalskills.com

            Merry Christmas, everyone. I will dispense with wishing anyone Happy Kwanzaa, created by scam artist Ron Karenga, aka Dr. Maulana Karenga who was a founder of United Slaves, a violent nationalist rival to the Black Panthers and a dupe of the FBI

      13. One time while river sailing one of the kids had a minor cut on her foot. It was easily handled with the first aid kit I always carry in my sea bag.

        This lead to a discussion of emergency first aid…
        When someone asked about what makes a good tourniquet, I took off my belt, that I always wear and put it on my wrist… it has a double row of holes all the way around…
        Nice dual usage… FYI.

      14. Great Info THANK YOU…Just made several important purchases!

      15. Saw a young man on CNBC that figured out how to use plant proteins? to stop massive blood loss in seconds. Approved for vetinarians so far, waiting on the FDA approval. Don’t think this is the same as above, was in a syringe, but was interesting…
        ht tp://www.suneris.co/vetigel/

        • Probably something like agar? The gelatinous stuff biologists use in their petri dishes.

          • Never said. Kept quiet of course. Why give up his invention?
            You said once you were from Conyers, GA?
            Been there lately?
            Changed a bit in the last few years…

            • Wasn’t there a BBQ restaurant in Conyer’s that President Carter used to cater White House Functions?

            • I haven’t been back to Conyers since the mid 80’s. I’ll bet I wouldn’t recognize it anymore. When I lived there it was still legal to drive with an open container of beer in your lap, but I never did indulge in that.

      16. Body armor will help avoid a wound to the vitals too bad it’s so bulky and easy to see if ones wearing I know won’t protect head get a stahl helm for that they look sick as hell too me I’m gonna avoid chest wounds at all costs I read somewhere you can make a vest out of thick phone books and duct tape I wouldn’t trust it but the theory is the round will stop somewhere in the pages if my life’s at risk I will hide in the gutter somewhere till my chances are improved I’m not a soldier I don’t care about rules of engagement I will do what it takes to survive and win I will not be just going around killing to gain power that’s stupid I will be like the cornered raccoon and come out extremely reckless I won’t be worth bothering there is bigger fish to fry right but that Israeli bandage is cool def worth getting some medical stuff is my weak area I’ll be honest I know just very basic shit but agree you don’t wanna bleed out and die gotta stop it somehow my neighbor is a nurse if I need to I’ll pay him a visit I would like to be able to get Iv and catheter and the needle and thread stuff to do stitches I mean who wants green puss coming out of a wound they should have stitched up antibiotics would be great too In shtf the sucking chest wound thing will be game over but hell people have survived some pretty awful shit reminds me of the rocky movie the first one . Creed was the more skilled fighter just faster all that but rocky had the heart and passion to go the distance to prove he wasn’t a bum sometime you gotta take your licks and push on been in fights it sucks have gotten black eye it’s funny people look at you like you got your ass kicked but they don’t know there is another guy with 2 black eyes somewhere out there hahahahahaha

      17. Eppe,if the plant protein system inexpensive ect. the fda will not approve for human use,no monies there!That said,really will not/did not worry about FDA approval.As for the emergency clot bandages,why worry about sterility if not opened?I am serious about this,if package not punctured/leaked into why a issue.I because they work have band aids 10 years old in their little wraps,of course I have more then just band aids and always funds permitting willing to learn about/add products,do have loose blood clot for lack of better word.

        • War, it was a workable design. On cnbc, they had a beef roast pumping blood thru a 6 inch gash, they just used the syringe and liquid, laid it in the wound, in seconds it sealed up.
          Made me start thinking again about what we have discussed on the phone. Maybe a plant based product mixed with granuale filler, with a hardner, epoxy like?
          Give it a thought….

          • Wasn’t super glue used to seal wounds?

      18. Suddenly on my NEED list! May be a glut (or prescription only)! Just say’in, a need!

      19. For those with middle age people in a household that have or the likelihood to have cardiac issues an AED defiberator is a useful item . If you need one you need it immediately not five minuets later.

        • If in a collapse scenario, remember schools would be pretty well abandoned and have a handful of AEDs for scavenging. In a non collapse scenario, it would be nice to have if you have the cash but not many folks could afford more than one or so

          • ??????? …. you kidding? …. you’ll be avoiding all the public buildings and especially the hospitals in a serious SHTF …. schools will all be used as refugee centers … they’ll be under their own local martial law … even just intending to pass thru the area will get you disarmed if not locked away for obolo stretcher carrying duty ….

          • Yes, they sure ARE expensive. Guess it’s a cost-benefit analysis relative to your risk analysis.

      20. I mentioned to wife about moving away to maine . I like the cold and the woods and the snow In northeast it rains a lot no water shortages there is water every where not like Arizona or Nevada not much water to begin with though the desert is cool can get like 20 acres for 20 grand in maine could sell the house that I have the deed to we own it and get a 150 acres and have all that but my mother in law lives here in nursing home wife said when her mom passes we can move on if we want her mom is 81 yrs old we both like florida but I don’t think it’s good for people like us . have family in Kentucky people they are nice and neiborly but we will always be yanks to them . We are new englanders and like to be near the sea . Me I could live in the woods no problem but wife always complains about boredom kids to I said plenty of chores you won’t get bored go split some wood . She’s not so much into all this but she’s ok with me doing it .if I want to buy a gun she don’t say a word . I don’t need any more stuff but some land would be sweet might just get some to have for later I’m not stupid I won’t get swaggled into something that’s unusable because it’s wet land or you need 10 telephone poles to get juice out there.

        • Even with Gov. LePage – a GREAT guy – the rest of Maine is pretty leftie. It IS a nice state, tho!

          We have property in Nova Scotia, and are very pleased. We went through Dignam.com. Americans CAN buy property and it is NOT reportable under FATCA like having a bank account, for US citizens. Thus, you can get money out of the USD (tho the CAD is tightly correlated), but more importantly, it is off the radar for lawsuits, confiscation, etc.

      21. Since when do israeli bandages contain a clotting agent? Or did the victim’s family apply that separately?

        • I don’t think they do, so you need to apply the agent separately. But there are more expensive ones that have the clotting agent imbedded, such as the QuikClot Combat Gauze.

        • The bandage portion is impregnated with quick-clot, it’s not a separate item. The bandage is one piece complete in its package. Theses were invented for the battle field. So the wound would be flushed with a squirt bottle of betadine and the bandage slapped on and wrapped. It’s large enough to put on any part of a persons body.

          Think of a section of sterile Ace bandage about three feet long with sown in clips for fastening it in the middle and at one end, at the other end is the white bandage section that goes over the wound, which is about six inches long, the Ace bandage part continues past the end about 8 more inches. That tail can be folded back or rolled back over the wound part to create a pad so more pressure can be applied to the wound when wrapping. The entire thing is clean and sterile. No part of it is reusable.

          The only thing I will add to my kit to suppliment these bandages is a short length of sterile silicone tubing for venting a chest injury. You can read how to prevent lung colapse on the web if you want to know more about treating a chest injury. I already have betadine solution in my kit.

      22. Defib machine is at http://www.amazon.com/Philips-HeartStart-Home-Defibrillator-AED/dp/B00064CED6/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1419649230&sr=1-1&keywords=cardiac+defibrillator $1,200 bucks or so.

        Interestingly, Mel Tappan was a big time survivalist in the 1970s. He had a massive bug out location in the Rogue River area of Oregon. The collapse never came, but the end did when he had a heart attack in his remote area and died.

        This brings up an interesting point: we MAY avoid a lot of the predicted upheavals everyone expects. I WELL remember in the 1970s there was a similar attitude about pending disaster among many, many people. It never came, and Reagan ended the Cold War AND brought prosperity. On the other hand, that in no wise says this time will be the same! We need to hope, pray and work for a good outcome – just as I hope and pray for an easy winter – but prepare for a worse case outcome, insofar as it is within our abilities.

        • Reagan did not end the Cold War (MSM Illusion), nor did he bring prosperity. Some peeps will NEVER learn. Come on, MAN!!

          • You caught that neatly placed little piece of BS propaganda too huh?

            I laughed and almost got water on my laptop when I read the prosperity part. Some people are so died in the wool, they will never figure it out. Now watch him call us leftist trolls…LMAO

            • If the shoe fits, where it, BJ. Unfortunatly, in your inability to think critically, I did not say Reagan was perfect. It was a high level comment.

              But you are right. YOU would have made the perfect president, right? Or it is Obama that is your perfect president?

              I stand by my comments that Reagan did a MASSIVE amount to turn things around from Jimmy Carter.

              And don’t spill too much water on your laptop laughing; you’ll need it to get a clue – you might find one on eBay

              • I never said that you said he was perfect….nice attempt to put words in my mouth and spin or deflect….you almost seemed trained in that ability.

                What do I being president have to do with anything? Again, nice attempt to deflect and spin.

                Only a fool still stuck in the right left paradigm would bring obama up, and you are a fool that time will prove. For the record, judging by actions, I think Obama will burn in the same hell bush will burn in.

                And if you get a leftist confused with a constitutional/libertarian….you prove yourself to be a fool. You should go back to who ever on Canada that taught you the bullshit in your head and bitch slap them.

          • Hmph! I was there.

            Sure looked like he did both, to me.

            For starters he left Volker alone to put the brakes in the Carter/Burns inflation. You think we’ve got inflation now? Go back to 1978. 10% a year for after year after year.

            • I was there too. At that point living in Canada. Mortgage rates were around 20%. Communism was spreading ALL over – Angola, Afghanistan, Grenada, you name it.

              Sadly, the internet allows utterly uninformed people to post their historical and financial illiteracy, and I doubt they even know who Volker was. Heck, they probably don’t even know what “tear down this wall” refers to.

              Quod erat demonstrandum.

          • You are right, Mule. Peace came about on its own with no input from Reagan at all, and prosperity came about from LBJs War on Poverty – which has now spent $20 freaking TRILLION – and other leftist nostrums, like the Model Cities Program, of which Detroit was the first. Brilliant.

            But I will agree. Some people never learn…ere’s lookin’ at ya, kid!!

            • And some are ripe to suck up political propaganda from either/both sides as gospel. There is NO truth from either side. Your walking proof that education, no matter how much, does not equate wisdom.

              Rainbow Ronnie was just as corrupt and responsible for as much evil unconstitutional trash as the next president. And the republican pseudo conservatives that prop him up as a god, remind me of the old testament fools that asked for a king.

        • On a long enough time line none of us on this board comes out alive. I am damn near 60, lived a great life and am too old and slow to worry about all this shit anymore. 3 great kids with their own families scattered across the nation, so when it all goes down they have their own ideas of what they will do. I am sitting on lake Sakakawea in North Dakota looking at the frozen barren landscape and figure this is as good a place as any to be. Talk about desolate.

        • Hoo-boy… the leftists trolls are back. Thumbs down for advising a defib machine to save lives.

          You leftist fascists are truly classics. However, it IS consistent, given that according the Black Book of Communism (Oxford Univ. Press), you leftists MURDERED ~ 100 MILLION last century.

          Nice work lefties. Keep up your ignorant, vile, evil work!

          • Yup, gotta love them thumbs. I for one am sooooo glad they are back.

            Remember from some of the recent discussions that the thumbs aren’t always relevant to the content of the post. It may be that they just don’t like you!

            • You are spot on about people thumbing down posts no matter what they say due to their dislike of the poster.

      23. not at all surprised that there’s doctors out there that want all the emergency med supplies rationed out thru prescriptions ….

        most of you guys aren’t old enough to remember the start-up of the paramedic programs around the country …. all kinds of resistance from the doctors … constant complaints filed … so many restraints by some doctors that it was just band aids for the paramedics ….

      24. i got in a fight with a lady friend crazy very aggressive once badly abused by a man rescued shelter dog – “twice”!

        while out in the woods hiking in vermont.

        seems the dog didn’t like men or her owner being touched by men, cause every time i sat on the beach close to or even walked near my friend on the hiking trail the dog would go nuts.

        so i schooled the 40 pound german shepard mix dog each time it lunged at me (off leash) jaws snapping, and just thumped it with my fists till it got tired of being thumped and stopped the attacks.

        after the second attack i had enough and took it for a walk in the woods alone.

        it was time the dog learned some basic obedience.

        30 minutes later…

        when we came back out of the woods the dog was walking by my side with her tail between her legs and her head down, tongue out panting.

        i had blood streaming down both arms and hands from dog bites.

        but that was the last time the dog attacked me ever.

        i treated the wounds with ‘skool’ chewing tobacco of all things it stopped the bleeding immediately , killed the pain and allowed us to enjoy the rest of the 5 mile hike.

        i stopped by the e.r. after we got back to town and the e.r. doc asked me where i learned to do that with chewing tobacco. told him i honestly don’t know or remember, but it worked.

        my friend after a few months stopped being my friend after that. she wasn’t someone i saw a future with, and she always afraid i was going to sue her because her dog attacked me. which i never even thought of, till each time she kept bringing it up as women do when they worry about stupid stuff.

        to this day she still has that crazy dog she rescued and the dog to my knowledge now only gets aggressive when told to on command.

        i think my ex lady friend enjoyed having a crazy man hater dog a lil’ too much.

        i laugh now about it as i still remember my lady friend screaming and crying as her crazy dog went full psycho on me ‘twice’ just for sitting by it’s new owner. she was horrified by it all.

        i still carry the scars from that dog attack with others from my time in the military mwd program on my hands and arms.

        (by the way i’m a u.s. military certified working patrol dog trainer.)

        (this was not my first crazy dog rodeo.)

        so carry a pack of all-natural non-gmo chewing tobacco it’s a life saver when in the woods and makes a excellent puncture and skin tear wound sealer – even helps with mouth sores and tooth-ache.


        • My PawPaw used to give old fashioned plug chewing tobacco to his plow mule. Gets rid of worms too…
          Great story…

          • i gotta laugh @eppe, i know exactly how that plow mule felt. poor thing musta had the ‘runs’ shat for a week and been clean as a whistle after.

            i know from my own personal in-experience the cramps and other fun stuff that comes out the other end, from swallowing your chew, as i once swallowed a mouth full of chew when my horse bucked me off into a tree in wyoming on the trail.

            i don’t know which was worse hitting the tree, hitting the ground after or swallowing the mouth full of chewing tobacco on the way down.

            needless to say i no longer chew and avoid getting on horses.

            ;0) lol


      25. Pig Killer.

        There are more dogs, and other pets, being dropped off in wooded areas. Dogs will form packs and run down wild animals for food. Have had a few singles come to camp and were aggressive then quickly dispatched.

        We have had pot bellied pigs, Peacocks, Cats, dogs and a parrot come to camp.

        • great point you just made there @s.s., the woods hold hidden dangers…

          hi slingshot, merry x-mas to you, out here where i live now in the rockies we have SIBERIAN TIGERS running around in the mountains and valleys now.

          folks out hiking this winter are repeatedly reporting to the forest service seeing a Siberian Tiger of all things now hunting and killing deer here.

          so it doesn’t surprise me anymore what’s in the woods…

          i can only imagine how many exotic pet owners and regular pet owners will just release their pets into the wild once they can no longer afford to care for them and love them to much to destroy them in a shtf scenario.

          always be armed when in the woods, even if it’s just a casual walk or run for a mile or two.


          • Pig Killer

            Siberian Tiger? We have a few Florida Panthers/Mountain Lions.

            That still beats our local Skunk Ape.

          • Recall the Zanesville, OH. wild animal release? http://abcnews.go.com/US/zanesville-animal-massacre-included-18-rare-bengal-tigers/story?id=14767017

            As headline states, it included 18 Bengal tigers released!!!

            To me, more importantly, is the spread of cougar range. When I lived on Vancouver Island, there had been 10 attacks in 100 years; now there are almost that many per YEAR (this would include “incidents” such as one going into a downtown business office in Victoria, and another into the parking garage of the Empress Hotel downtown!! Some of it is due to the more timid cougars being treed when hunted with dogs – they don’t pass on their genes. The more aggressive ones keep running and do pass on their genes.

          • A lot of dogs running in packs post-SHTF, people will turn Fido loose when they can’t feed him. And dogs seem to know when you’re putting a bead on them, so exterminating packs could be a problem– wounded dogs too…

        • SS; a parrot? Did you try to catch it?
          True story. My 3rd adopted mom kept hearing the old fashioned telephone ring in her house one day. For hours, she walked around wondering where the mysterious ringing was coming from. Five hours later, she walked into her backyard, trying to find the source. Her neighbor was outside looking too. Turned out, up in a tree between them, was a parrot mimicking the sound. Flew off by nightfall, but sure messed with them.
          My grandma had a smart one, learned how to unlock his cage, and cruise around, got out of the porch one day, never saw him again. Had about 50 phrases he would qoute.
          Smart animals, last for decades too…
          Yall have a great evening….

          • eppe.

            It was one of those small green color. Amazon I think it is called. Caught it with some bird seed that one of the lady hunters used to feed squirrels. Bird was hungry as hell. Camper had a screen porch and when he flew in, we closed the door.

      26. I haven’t read it but I have some things to add to that list. Celox or Quickclot, Celox-A Applicator, EMT shears, scalpel, tweezers, nitrile gloves (some people have latex allergies), medical tape roll, sutures, hemostat forceps, airway, instant cold pack, instant heat pack, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, trauma bandages and dressings, band aids, safety pins. All in a MOLLE IFAK pouch to attach to a plate carrier vest, fighting load vest, on a BOB, and/or in the car for emergencies. For trauma wounds.

        (sorry if this is a double post)

        • Yep, thumbs down for link to a doctor from a major medical institution showing people how to ***save lives.****

          You trolls are classic. Thanks for proving my point about either how evil or how ignorant you are.

      27. That nuclear shit is scary stuff old man built nuclear subs as a pipe welder told me if a reactor melts down you will definetly be movin like 100 miles away. if the operators loose control of it it’s like a train coming off the tracks. Me I don’t think the gov would say they were loosing control. This would cause hysteria and panic . They would say everything is under control this will be the q to pack the car and go seriously. I won’t be one of these people hiding in the basement under a stack of books that shit is poison to humans I don’t care what the experts say. You will get cancer and die . I don’t think there is any chance of long term survival you will be a refugee. Don’t get why they build these things on land anyway on a ship it makes total sense. I will gladly use less electric to be rid of these things. A reactor can run for like 20 years on the same fuel heavy duty shit . Very scary that evil assholes are trying to get the bomb . I move hazardous materials there is some Nasty stuff out there I’m very careful not to have any accidents with it .i won’t touch if spilled corrosive oxidizes cyanide sulfuric acid hydrochloric acid awful shit it runs the gamut . I don’t think people under stand what it takes to make the modern world tick. They are in their warm heated office with their slippers on a hot coffee on the desk on the phone . They go outside to smoke a cig and back in . This shit is moving around under their nose all the time . The people in the office call the shots they do not know a fucking thing about what’s really going on. They are far from danger. One of these drums breaks open you got serious problems you need a team of guys in full haz gear to deal with the clean up. It costs thousands slapped with fines all that .

      28. Read the pig killers comment on the ladies dog needing an attitude adjustment funny whenever I deal with a dog I lay the law down I’m the pack leader not the stupid dog dogs are not intimidated very easy and they can smell fear too .i had it out with a dog . He kept biting me I got pissed off grabbed him by the scruff and beat the tar out of him . He cried out and ran away when I let him go . Probably not the right way of dealing with him . But he was not hurt at all. He never bit me again and I never bothered him either . I put the fear of god in him .

      29. Right pig killer the woods is creepy when you are alone all the noises at night agreed have gun will travel packs of coyotes running bears and whatever lurks out there

      30. The article is a perfect example of preparedness saving the day. Shit Doesn’t Have To Hit The Fan on a national scale in order to benefit from preparedness. Excellent planning on the Quick Clot…..

        Oh, and frig the doctor…..

        • I thought maybe all of those who are excited about a war with Russia, might want to know…LOL

          • Amen 6pak, what could be done if we were not paying for all these wars between nations. Space travel, food production, alternative energy, transportation, housing, education, government intrusion…
            Where could we be now?
            One day maybe, one day…

            • Thank you Mac, for keeping some of the bitterness off your site for 24 hours. Can you tell a difference?
              I can, but what do all you posters think?
              I am glad to see this happen, so the site can bloom like it used to. Proud to part of this experiment. Thanks, Mac.
              SHTFPlan forever…

              • Looks like this site is no longer a Free speech site. Welcome We are now entering Nazi Germany. Let me see your Papers. Shhhh don’t say anything adult or offensive the Child thumb suckers will go cry and whine to the site host. Good Lord!!

                • WWTI, we know your rants, so predictable…

                  • I am all for 2 blogs for the same article, those who like chitchat non sense push button thumbs, and not discuss the article at all and where you can cut n paste as many post jokes as you want and talk about paw paw the parrot and have your comments censored.

                    I would just think for the new comers to this site that are looking for good legitimate info may find it half the time with this current forum listed in the above paragraph.

                    The other Blog for the same article can discuss the actual article and get into more detail with technical issues. And also where more serious people can find relevant info. And also where Free Speech is not monitored and people can tell it like it is, in raw form of facts, instead of massage censored for the children who can’t adapt here. I would rather like to discuss real info than have to wade through 50% BS drivel.

                    Like this article, medicallly I could share a lot of good medical info since I was a paramedic and Emergency Medicine in the streets with life threatening situations, pretty much seen and delt with it all, including gun shots in the chest of all calibers. And where people could also ask me questions of what to do. That’s the kind of forum I would rater like to discuss.

                    But since it seems here the cry babies who shake their rattle louder get the stage from the site host. So have at it crybabies. And I would say, if this is the only website you evolve your entire life around, then that is pretty sad as well. So I would suggest to MAC, try a shadow blog for the same article, and those with little attention span can play with their rattles in their own play pen sand box blog for their small talk chit chat.

                    And those who want to filter out the drivel can get right to the real info and discuss matter in a direct fashion on the other blog. That would eliminate this infighting from sissys with sensitive feelings.

                • First the stupid communist red thumbs are back, now censorship. What’s next to further degrade this site? Mandatory logins to post?

                  • Nobama, The Biggest Blog Cry Baby here lobbied the site host, and thus Nazi censorship has been installed, so he could take the stage and tell his BS Jokes.

                    This crybaby thinks that anything “HE” does not agree with, is HATE speech. Not true, Posting facts and info directly relevant to why and where we are as a country and society is directly relevant no matter how ugly it is. Posting this info to get people to use their brains to think, instead of just coasting through life wasting time telling jokes. When SHTF those jokesters will get their asses handed to them.

                    • No one lobbied me to impose Nazi-style censorship. If you et. al. could just please chill out on the constant attacks against posters who you disagree with that would be grrrreat. Feel free to disagree, but do we have to resort to name calling? It just gets old, and to be frank, I believe numerous users have opted out of commenting here because of the constant bickering being instigated by just a handful of people.

                      All I am asking for is constructive conversation. A joke, whether original or reposted, should not be a catalyst for setting someone off on an angry diatribe… Just move past it and focus on the positive, maybe?

                      Really, the LAST thing I want to be doing is having myself and our moderators have to filter comments for racism, pointed attacks, name calling, etc etc….

                      WWTI, you are a wealth of knowledge — truly — and I and others here value the many insights you have shared. Sometimes, however, I think things get taken a bit too far. I absolutely HATE deleting comments — censorship is NOT my thing (I really don’t like spending hours out of the day reading comments and trying to decide if a particular one has pushed the limit or not). BUT, we have a great community of people here, many of whom just don’t want to deal with the arguing back and forth, so in recent weeks we have been forced to do so.

                      I hate quoting Rodney, but seriously, can’t we just get along? haha



                    • Mac, Lord I try, just keep having the same one gig me all the time, I want to see this site thrive, info, sites, jokes, what ever it takes.
                      Luv your site…

                    • P.S. Mac, I do appreciate what you have done here, if you think I am out of line in anything I say, please let me know…
                      I consider that being a friend on this site.

      31. I have been misdiagnosed too many times by incompetent doctors, and shtf hasn’t happened yet! I learned to cure or treat ailments myself when I could.

      32. A fast and sure way to seal a wound fast is pack it with white flour, I’ve seen it work even on the arteries in the wrist where blood was gushing out, it gives time to get to a hospital.

        • Old70. Really dumb idea to put a food source into a wound. You would be putting Bacteria into the wound. A good way to get septic shock and die with in days. Just apply a clean pillowcase and wrap it tight with duct tape. Then hold the wound up side and if needed press on the artery above the extremity.

          • WWTI

            I can’t comment on the flour, but sugar and honey have both been scientifically tested and proven to keep wounds clean and allow faster healing. Both are food sources.

            Dampened black tea leaves in gauze or even left in the tea bag reduce swelling and stop minor bleeds.

            There are numerous food/edible items that will not cause major corruption or death in humans.

            Take care

          • you don’t know what you’re talking about, I’ve seen flour packed on saw and ax wounds many times when I was a kid. duct tape wasn’t heard of and and clean pillow cases were not around in those days, you better stay in the modern world as you wouldn’t make it in a post SHTF.

          • Does flour stop bleeding on a cut?

            Yes, flour- good old white flour does magic almost instantly. Place some flour directly onto your cut. This will work in seconds and the bleeding should stop. !

            you better do a search and you may learn something that will save your life.

      33. Most Of The Population Now Needs Government Assistance To Make Ends Meet


        meanwhile a MASSIVE amount of wealth is flowing from the bottom to the very top
        aided and abetted by an incredibly corrupt government and banking system

        time to bring back the guillotine

        • I think that the Obamacare law forced down our throats where we otherwise would not choose it or need it has a lot to do with it being subsidized by the government. This is where a big jump in “government assistance” has occurred.

      34. It is good to know about bandages but there is still plenty to learn. Burns, Dislocations, Broken bones and compound fractures, poisoning, snake bites, insect bites, Blood Clots, Crushing injury, amputation, eye injury, punctures, knife wounds and impalement.

        I want you all to think about the bad stuff. That way you will be ready for it when and if it happens.

        How much you can handle without a doctor assistance.

        • Sling: Almost everything without a DR assistance. I have cut into flesh and extracted a bullet out of an extremity. Delivered babies, now you have 2 patients. Done CPR hundreds of times. Pulled big fat ass people out of burning buildings, and half side their bodies burnt like a roast. The worst smell is burnt hair. Found people almost frozen to death cause they were drunk and decided to hide in a car to sleep it off and had to have both hands and feet amputated, then died a few days later. A guys nuts crushed in the coupling between 2 rail road cars. Drownings and OD’s.. Stabbings and shootings. Picked up an amputated leg cause the idiot thought it would be fun to hop on a train. Fished out a fetus out of a toilet that a woman miscarriaged and who didn’t even know she was pregnant. Yeah, who needs a doctor.

          • WWTI,

            Many will still need a doctor or medical assistance. You must realise with your experience that ‘hands on’ is very different from book learning. Not everyone has the experience that you and I do. I have also had extensive experience of everything from gunshot wounds to multiple car pile ups, traumatic decapitation to stabbings but it’s still nice to know that if I really need it backup is not that far away.

            I am sure you will agree that much of what can be learned are more tips of the trade than bona fide medical procedures, like making flutter valves with a credit card or plastic bag, using a rubber glove as a tourniquet, and even the plastic casing of a ballpoint pen as an emergency tracheostomy tube.

            The lack of emergency equipment in a SHTF scenario makes a good deal of tried and tested medical procedures redundant, it is, in my opinion, the back against the wall, nothing to lose because someone dies if we don’t try tips that will be of great use in a disaster scenario.

            Just my thoughts.

            Take care

      35. Anyone else having problems posting with an IPad ? Keeps crashing

        • NB- There is a major delay cause the thumbs programs takes several minutes to load after each time you post, when on a cell phone or probably the same with WiFi. Its a worthless program if you ask me. Just slows down the viewing, and the more posts on the site the longer it take for all of them to load before you can proceed. I have set my cell phone down for 3+ minutes waiting it to load. New comers who are logging on will just leave in frustration, thinking there is something wrong with the site. Ditch the thumbs program. Or try just a thumbs up.

          • I give the thumbs a middle finger.

        • Your the government, you’ll figure it out.

        • Night Breaker: Any rumblings about the pay raise cuts in your company?

          MTFMF!!//RIP America.

          • A lot of contracts are getting cut and we all took a hit in our salaries this has been on going last time it was about 5 grand for the rank and file .

            Semper Fi 8541

            • We all on here talk about the evil federal government all the time and the over reaches of said govt.

              We also have talked a lot over the years about the over reaching unconstitutional crap the govt did after the false flag of 9/11….including TSA, Homeland Security and DHS.

              We talk a lot over the years on this site about the amount of taxes we all pay for this ridiculously over sized government that has grown more in uncostitutional power to have more control and take our freedoms away all in the name of security…a trick all governments have done since governments became governments.

              So why in the world would any freedom loving american that has been on this site for years and talked about all these things be upset that over paid federal employees were taking a cut….or the contractors that work under them?

              A lot of freedom loving preppers that have been here for a long time would love to see the federal govt shrink, see the money shrink and contract. This is great news to us!!

        • Talk about data mining.

          People, I wouldn’t touch this with a 10′ pole. How many times has an american been exploited and set up to be a patsy from out government? Now a government employee comes on a site like this and posts an event such as this?

          If this doesn’t send up a red flag, I don’t know what would.

      36. May have already been mention sorry if it has. Don’t forget Tampon’s and Kotex’s great bandages. Kotex battle dressings and Tampon for gun-shot. I learned that way back in Vietnam, Republic of.
        All be safe, this new spending bill that was just into LAW everyone who sign it should be hanged for treason. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again where we went wrong is allowing them to insert so many add on (basically a military pay-cut is in it), to any bill. One bill one vote; OH these crooked BASTARDS. Only one option left to set it straight and time is not on our side.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      37. I was taken aback last year when my son flipped his go cart and got a hairline fracture in his wrist one weekend. I called his pediatrician to get some recommendations on a pediatric orthopedist to put a permanent cast on. My son is a healthy kid that rarely gets sick and I am not one of those types that runs to the Dr every time the kid gets a sniffle, so the kid hadnt been to the Dr since before starting school for the last vaccines. The nurse told me I needed to bring my kid in to make sure that he was growing ok and to make sure he was up to date on everything and that she couldnt really give me anything other than a couple of names (which is all I needed, I didnt need a referral). The nurse was wanting me to make an appointment for a well kid check up, WTF. I knew my kid was up to date on the shots and my kid normal height weight compared to other kids. Money grubbing drs….

      38. A good quality super glue for wound closure.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      39. There are so many scum bag parents out there doing a shitty job of maintaining there kids health that the schools nurses treat all parents like deadbeats this is what dependentcy does they think we all need the gov what a joke . The schools think our kids are theirs. I do everything I can to counter their mind control tactics on my kids. I take them to church. I tell my kids the truth as it is. If the truth hurts their feelings so be it. They will grow up and realize that mom and dad love them and won’t lie to them.

      40. You never know when s**t will happen. Literally. I recall the time I had an emergency off schedule bowel movement while running up the stairs. Had a complete catastrophic failure of my O ring. Lucky I had my Buck folding hunter with me. Cut myself right out of that mess. Nothing can stop a prepper!

      41. Whoa 1200$ for a defibrillator that is fuckin outrageous was gonna pick one up could save someone’s life. these companies put profits ahead of people that is just wrong . I seen some on the wall in the school glad there there. That’s why they are behind glass in the school seems like an easy thing to steal I’m not a theif. But come shtf will do what needs to be done. Think about the med supply’s you could grab for1200$ the aed is not a priority till you need one . Must be made out of platinum . Bet there is one in every rich persons house car boat . Bastards survival is becoming a class issue.

      42. State medical sux I know someone that need a root canal and crown and Obama care won’t cover it they will pull the tooth to protect her health but she will loose a tooth. They told her 1800$ to do it she’s on state medical because her work don’t provide it. I have the unions medical and needed the same thing they covered 80percent I paid 200$ have the best dentist in state. Told her to go to my dentist. He told her he don’t take Obama medical because it takes too long to get paid. Obama care provides substandard doctors and limited procedures . I told her I was sorry to hear that . I feel bad because she is a nice girl trying to do the right thing . Obama care is just the cheapest medical they can give to maintain the public health . I hope the union doesn’t make us pay for coverage eventually. For now I’m getting everything done while it’s good. A lot of people are in this Obama trap what a nite mare. I remember when family plans were like 30$ a week for united health or blue cross and this guy gets re elected are people just stupid or is free shit even if it sucks more important . I don’t run to doctors. Don’t get flu shots I never really get sick just stay clean wash my hands often eat best food I can afford . Went 4 years without medical insurance because it was not available to me . If had to be seen by doc went to emergency room they can’t turn you away .when the bill shows up at your house gather up bank statements bills stuff like that go to the billing office at hospital fill out hardship papers and wait they will make a judgement and you will be free of paying most of bill think I paid like 30$ instead of 900$ huge difference when you are working and poor . I know what it is like to be poor and have no$ . And wonder if gonna make rent . Not being prideful but never took hand outs ever. This is bad for self worth and only fosters dependency . If you are not willing to struggle now . Shtf will be way harder. Laziness will keep you dependent.

      43. Been canning pork the last coupla days…lots of good eatin in jars 🙂
        On the subject of doctors and hospitals the system is shot but thank God for us not having to pull our own teeth or set our own bones!
        I fell a few weeks ago and broke a couple ribs my wrist and smashed my elbow(ect)messed up some nerves but Ill heal thank God…had a nurse friend look at me she told me her best prognosis of what Id done…she knows I aint going to a doc unless bones are sticking out and she respects that…Ive broken bones,gotten glass in my eyes,cut myself to the bone…ran sharp objects like nails and glass through body parts…gotten bitten by spiders and assorted critters that caused pain/swelling/and scars and Ive taken care of it myself…no health insurance ever,so I aint really able to go to a doc even if I wanted(and believe me I dont)and o-fairycare aint on my list of things to do either!
        Many things can be handled on your own but they have scared folks out of taking the self reliant path…they get no money outta it if you do it without the system being involved!
        Be safe friends! REB

      44. Just ordered a few on line.

      45. Our farm family is self-reliant and we would almost NEVER pay $1000 to go to an ER for something like stepping on a piece of glass from a broken platter! And while those costly fancy bandages might be useful, they aren’t essential. Pressure does work to stop bleeding, most of the time! Besides doctors don’t need generally to stitch the sole of the foot, anyway and that increases infection risk. In our family, we would have tried to pull out any glass, tested the foot/toes to make sure everything still moved normal, cleaned the cut, kept our tetanus up to date, put on a gauze bandage and an ace wrap, sat and rested a while, and been done with it…. Total cost perhaps a couple bucks! Later on limped a bit for a couple days, while we mulled over whether a hidden piece of glass could still be there….and would need medical treatment. In our opinion, this is making a mountain over what is a molehill 99% of the time. Of course, there is that 1% chance of complications, but that 1% would not likely need an exorbitant wasted ER visit. We are self-pay for medical care so we make sure we need the care before we waste money. We think the scenario described here was mostly a waste of money and time….

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