A Peek Into A Billionaire’s Bug Out Plan

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    John MaloneFor those who think preparing for an economic or political collapse of the world as we know it is reserved for crackpots and those sporting the latest in tin foil head wear, you may be surprised to learn that some of the big money players are thinking the same way.

    John Malone is the chairman of Liberty Media and in 2008 was ranked 553 on the world’s billionaire list, with an estimated net worth of $2.2 billion.

    In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, the 69 year old Malone voiced some of his concerns regarding the stability of the United States and what his plans were if the worst came to fruition. The interview centered around his strategy for his company Liberty Media, though Malone had some insights that took the broader world view into consideration.

    WSJ: What are the biggest risks for Liberty right now?

    Mr. Malone: I think the biggest concern I have for the next year or two would be on the retail side, because of the consumer sentiment and the macro conditions. The concerns really tend to be much more macro: Is America going to make it, rather than are we going to make it? It’s pretty hard. If the country doesn’t make it, do any of us make it?

    WSJ: What are you doing to protect against the weak American economy?

    Mr. Malone: Well, my wife, who is very concerned about these things, moved all her personal cash to Australia and Canada. She wants to have a place to go if things blow up here.

    Canada has a lot more fiscal and bank responsibility than most places in the world and lots of natural resources.

    We have a retreat that’s right on the Quebec border. We own 18 miles on the border, so we can cross. Anytime we want to we can get away.

    It would probably be illegal but we could go. Actually our snowmobile trail goes right on the border.

    WSJ: Do you have faith in the dollar?

    Mr. Malone: None. I think we’re enjoying right now the fact that it’s a race to the bottom with Europe. The concern about the Mediterranean countries, I think perhaps is overdone. But it led to a flow of cash into the U.S. and therefore strengthening the dollar.

    And keep in mind you have all these corporations that are cash rich now because they fear for the worst. So they’ve built up cash hoards. But where do they put the money? They put it in money-market funds. What does the money market invest in? Short-term government securities. That’s how we’re financing this federal deficit.

    WSJ: Do you think President Obama should be re-elected?

    Mr. Malone: I don’t think he should have been elected in the first place. I think he’s incompetent. But now, I’ve thought that of the last couple presidents. [Obama’s administration] is all academics and lawyers. I’m afraid that our real problems are systemic and long‑term. And lawyers are primarily trained in fighting over the pie, not making the pie bigger. And this country definitely needs to think about making the pie bigger.

    Though Mr. Malone did not elaborate on his bug-out plan, it’s obvious that he and his wife have one in place. He may not look like a doom and gloomer, but it sounds like he’s considered the possibility of a complete collapse in the United States of America. Otherwise, why suggest that if something were to happen, he could get away?

    In a worst case scenario in the United States, Malone is prepared to cross into Canada from his border property or jump on a jet to Australia.

    What could go so horribly wrong that this billionaire would want to exit the United States for safety in Canada or Australia?

    We suspect it’s the same set of eventualities that we often discuss here at SHTF Plan.

    This story was brought to our attention by the Shenandoah Blog.


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      1. Malone owns all kinds of land all over the place including large tracts in northern Maine.

        – Ranger Man

      2. Well, those who are left and armed will allhead north.I think a nice stop to visit Mr Malone will be in order . He thnk he will be safe and secure  but he wont because its a fallacy .

      3. Recently I started thinking about Canada as an exit strategy.  I could get there from here in a matter of hours. 

      4. My guess is there are a whole lot more on that list of billionaires that have the same type plans, and are simply less vocal about it.

        And on down the line from that level of wealth:

        Went to my dentist today, was the last patient of the day, and his last patient for a long time.  He sold his practice, and is going home to prepare for what he thinks is coming…..and this is NOT an old guy….he’s maybe mid 40’s, wife, couple kids.  We’ve talked from time to time, in fact, I paid him with a $10 gold eagle ( 1888 version )for the crown he glued in my mouth today….and he is scared of what is coming.  He said between the health, business regs coming, and the tax increases, it just not worth staying in the dental business…..and that doesn’t include other world events like the fair possibility the economy is done for, and a coming war with Iran.

      5. Maybe with this article explaining a billionares worry, maybe that will help with some of the fence riders into doing at least some preparation. Never a downside for being prepared for unsettling economic activities, mother nature caused diasters, or mankinds foulups (Katrina was an example of two of those, nature and mankind, with some economic thrown in). During my career in the fire service, seen far too many people not trying anything to take care of themselves. They are the ones that scream the loudest when something negative happens.

      6. When I was a long-distance mover I moved many Uber-Rich types to Sun Valley, Idaho and a few other spots in the Country where there are rich people enclaves. Another spot was the Rogue River area of Oregon.
        Mind you,  these were not their prime residences, or a ‘spare mansion’ and I wasn’t moving ALL their things, just select items-mainly artwork and antiques. These were well thought out estates and probably (I’m guessing) had interlinking support with other rich bastards, the police and local government. A lot of movie and TV stars have hidey holes set up for themselves that no one knows about.
        My experience with this happened years ago, heck I’ve been out of the moving business for 10 years. Plus, I only moved several people to places like that over the years of my career. I figured that when people reach a certain level of wealth they learn through the rich bastard grapevine to have a place tucked away to run to if things go flooey.

      7. It looks like the political and wealthy elite have the strategy to rob the American People of their wealth and leave the country when the SHTF.How ironic it would be if the fiat currencies they possess become worthless, leaving them stranded in countries that see them for what they are,,,traitors & theives.

      8. Comments…..Canada and the US. share the same lifeline, when the US goes Canada goes with it, 84% of Canada’s exports go to the US, really it’s just another US. State.
        But here’s a billioner comparing the Dollar to the Euro, like I said before bet against the Euro and you will lose. The Euro bashing is almost over, the Euro bounced from a low of 1.1877 to 1.29 and will continue to rise, the Euro will replace the Dollar as the next reserve currency, wait and see.
        My opinion is the best place to survive what’s coming is to relocate to a third world country that is not so dependent on technology for survival, or somewhere in Europe. I chose the third world .

      9. Comments…..You meant to spell peak as peek, did you not?

      10. For those of you thinking about paying Mr. Malone a visit in Canada, I wouldn’t dare try without a very well thought-out plan and a small army. A billionaire in the least would have a 3-5 person security detail at his retreat, if not more, The whole property would be alarmed and booby-trapped. I would do the same if I had that kind of money.

      11. Let him and all his friends  go. This country only needs the hard working honest patriotic Americans anyways.

      12. Some of the rich have become wealthy on their own merits without resorting to the methods of the banksters, unfettered capitalists and lawyers that have squeezed a nickel to make change for a quarter at the expense of shareholders, taxpayers, and the working class.

        I think he is smart, has a good plan, has 18 cres in a safe location, and by the fact that it is along the border where he can always cross shows some serious foresight. I applaud the man. And his wife. You would think they have been following the advice they read on SHTF.

        A good example to follow, I think. But there are many places in the West where a family can hunker down safely.

      13. Great input folks.

        Tom – Thanks for the heads up on the spelling mistake. Totally missed it. It was a last minute title change.

      14. Yeah, and a bunch of you are getting on my ass about liking the “socialist Canadians” and their crazy laws.  The fact is, their currency is pretty much like ours, they speak english (for the most part), they have guns (just not legal handguns (I know, I don’t want to give mine up either)), but the reality is that there are lots of worse places to be than Canada.  Not that I hate the USA or something, because I don’t.  We have to face facts.  The USA probably ain’t gonna make it.  You could be living with a bunch of sweaty, fat, jungle looking women with 18 screamin’ kids, OR, you could be with a bunch of cute blond ski bunnies!   HMMMMMMM…………..  I’d much rather be in a shit-hole in Canada versus being in a REAL shit-hole like Compton or the Jersey.

      15. Good luck to him and I hope he makes out, but I don’t like his chances. He’s not a medieval warlord with a private army to protect him, and anyone with that much money will have employed a lot of people to establish his retreat. If times get truly bad, some of those people will remember the rich guy they did that job for, they will know his home, they will tell their friends and some will be emboldened.
        Better a dry morsel and quiet within than a house full of feasting and strife.

      16. The problem here is that the guy assumes that just being across the border will make him safe. This is the most heavily armed country in the world. There are what? 30-35 million people in all of canada? and they thing being just across and imaginary line will keep them safe? Per wikipedia: “The Firearms Act of 1995 does not recognise self-defence as a valid reason to acquire a firearm in Canada, though the Criminal Code allows reasonable use of force in self-defense. So, though guns can’t be purchased for self-defense, they can be used for as much in select cases”

        i don’t think they thought their plan all the way through…

      17. …..Search the web for civilian submarines many have been built in the last 8 years, why have a fancy sub?  I thought the rich like to be seen in their fancy boats crusing the med.  I guess now they don’t whant to be seen.   Cost of  civilian sub, 20 to  100 million.

      18. Good luck with trying to purchase any type of a firearm in Canada. They have made it so difficult that it isn’t really worth the effort. When I lived there in the 70’s, if you wanted to purchase a handgun you had to be a member of a registered and licensed “shooting club”. Then you could make application to purchase a .22 cal 6 shot revolver; but, you had to store it in a vault at the shooting club for at least 2 years. After 2 years you could then apply to keep the revolver at home under very strict storage requirements. This also gave the police the right to enter your home at will to inspect how you were storing the revolver. Then, if you wanted to take the revolver back to the shooting club for some target practice, you had to make application to the Provincial Police for a permit to transport your weapon to the shooting club.


        • The regulations have changed quite I bit since the 70’s. You no longer have to store a handgun at a range for example. You can take that puppy right home as long asthou have apermit to transport. 

      19. Sounds to me like there’s a lot of broke people who read this website and resent anyone who has some money.  I have a news flash for you: most rich people worked for it.  I have no use for inherited wealth because too many of those people are weak.  But be careful of hating on someone just because they have resources you can only dream of having.  Maybe that guy worked his tail off with the help of a good wife for years and now they are preparing for the end of this country because too many of the yeast people either have their hands outs wanting more and more government assistance or they are stupid enough to keep voting for politicians who think war is cool.  There are too many Republicans and Democrats who have both fed the beast.  And they are only encouraged by losers who hate on each other instead of getting off their dead ass and making things better one family at a time by being frugal, hard working and not whizzing their limited funds off on a house they can’t afford, cheeze doodles and other rat holes for personal income.

      20. Hey Mad,

        Things have changed in Canada a little since the 70’s.  You need to obtain a  Posession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) by taking a course for the classification of firearm you wish to own.   The firearms are registered with the RCMP at the time of purchase.  A few hoops to jump through but its really not all too difficult. 

        But you don’t really want to come to Canada…Its a frozen wasteland…lol

      21. If this country hadn’t bought into “let’s tax the rich” , then billionaires would not be leaving.   Every country that has punished it’s most successful citizens  by over taxing them, has always seen a mass exodus.
        Problem here in USA,  is this tax burden is now falling on to the shoulders of  Small Business.    Many small business owners are saying the same thing….. I am not going to stay in business, if I am only a slave to the government.
        Costa Rica,  ST.Kitts,  Dominica….just to name a few,  are nice places, with favorable tax policies for business.


      23. The Bush family has a large ranch in Paraguay that has a personal security force of 500 and its near an abandoned military base. So yeah the Buses are set for the shtf. So is all the rich elites with there underground bunkers and mountain complexes around the US and around the world.

      24. I guess the propaganda of hating the rich is working.  A lot of posts are hating this guy because he is better off than most of us.  Come on fellas, think with your head and stop classifying people.  Stop falling for the craps that this admin is putting out.

      25. What’s wrong with all of you?  Why in the hell would you go to Canada?  Haven’t *any of you been out West?  If you had any knowledge of Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, or the Dakotas, you would know that there will be no need to go anywhere if you are in the states I listed.

      26. No one gets $2.2 BILLION through honest toil. That is made through robbing others, fraud and gaming the system.

        The honest toilers will die poor in the millions in the USA, even if you work every day that God sends. That is the simple fact. Hard work does not make you a billionaire. Everyone working hard will not make them billionaires. Wake up from the lies, sheep. You’ve been swallowing comforting lies and propoganda like morons while you were ruled by lords and used like serfs and slaves.

        I hope he dies a miserable and painful death along with all traitors who rape,pillage and abandon America. The patriots shall inherit the land and remake it as should be, as it was in the days of our forefathers.

      27. SuvJohn:   Agreed, hard work does not make you a billionaire. There are lots of very hard workers who can never hold on to a buck, or multiply their dollars, because they are too busy spending the money they make.

        I doubt whether you have any idea how this particular guy made his money. You are probably making generalizations about him, based upon a corrupt system controlled by Congress, Wall Street and the FED. Understandable.

        Intelligent work can make you worth more than a billion dollars. You have to use your brain not your back, and you don’t have to lie, cheat and steal to get there. Many have done it.

        You do have to create something, or discover something to become wealthy without lying, cheating, or stealing. You have to use your mind. There are lots of very wealthy people who have done just that without exploiting anyone. Just because you haven’t done it doesn’t mean its not possible.

        It still happens in America to those who educate thmselves about their passion, desire wealth, and work intelligently towards it. I got mine that way, you can get yours that way, too. Its not easy, and it is easier for some than it is for others. For some like myself, it can take a very long time. Many fail in the pursuit of wealth because they fall by the wayside in the face of adversity.

        Having said that, wealth is no guarantee of happiness or good health. God gives each of us gifts to use and apply towards our purpose on this planet. If you desire wealth, a good place to start is to understand why you are here and whether you are actually capable of being a steward of that wealth. To some, God gives the power to create wealth:

        Others He makes slaves of the FED.

      28. As all you deserters leave for other countries while the USA, that which gave you and your forefathers opportunity to be what you are now, leave,  I and my family will remain to fight until dead for this great country. I will not abandon that which I have pledged my allegiance to.

      29. It’s like I’ve said all along. These rich bastards have huge mansions in the country. They might have a large mansion, but when the SHTF the law won’t have time to go to the aid of every rich bastard in the boondocks. These rich bastards got plenty of money and they can just up and leave at any moment. They can be on a private lear jet. The jerk off s that have to go the airport and go through the screening when the airports are jammed it will be a mess. I assume these lear jet dudes don’t have to go through the screening process.

        This country is going to fall apart. The rich bastards and politicians will be safe and the poor bastards will be caught up in the mess. Mexico around the resort areas is looking nice.
        But I’ve been saying this for a long time. Greenland looks damn good. There are only 50,000 people in Greenland and there will be no problems like the billions of people in other parts of the world. The remote places are the only ones that will be safe for the time being. Check put Greenland people!

      30. Durango Kidd,

        Let’s look at some of these billionaires and see if you would defend how they got their money. Hugh Hefner screwed ever cunt to get in Playboy. Donald Trump screwed and stepped on everyone’s toes. All the media moguls. Murdoch, Sumner Redstone, Eisner, Geffen, Kleinberg, or how about Seagrma’s Bronfman Jews, or the 12 Jewish billionaires that milked the Russians after 1990. The lying Jewish media mogus and the Jewish bankers like Rothchilkds, Warburgs, Lazarres and all the other Jewish bankers that financed all the wars.
        There are billionaire families like Ford, Carnegie, Harriman, and most of these bastards have made money in wars and they give money for minority for college. The rich bastards that are in their mansions in the boondocks are fair game. The rich have never had to pay. During every revolution the poor bastards paid. In fact it’s good for the rich bastards. They have all their food in place. They can sit back for two or three years in their mansions. In this country millions will kill each other in the cities when the food trucks quit delivering. The rich in New York will be safe for the time being in their high rise penthouses. Most people that make billions pollute the air. The rich hide somuch of their money in corporations. Most don’t pay taxes.

      31. If you had to pick who caused all this mess who would you pick the rich or poor, because there isn’t much in between. Why dio you think they have built all those resorts in all the mountian ranges? All the politicians and rich bastards have mountain resorts. Then you have the ones who are well to do. You think they will stick around. All you yahoos saying run you cowards I’m going to stay and fight. You are? Fight who? The militias out west and in the mountians won’t even meet any negroes. The negroes are in the cities and suburbs. The Jews are all in the big cities. The only people you’ll be fighting will be the Cops and Military. By the way you got any tanks? You got rocket shoulder fired bazookas? They got all that shit in Iran, but we have nothing. You could shoot the helicopters out of the ski if you guys got .50 calibers, but tanks you better know all about them and be able to make a concoction that will burn them out. Find where their air intact is and dowse them with a tar petroleum mix and load them with tar and diesel fuel. They’ll have to exit the tanks.

      32. Plenty of people can make 50 or 100 million, but you go above that and you screwed people. Think of the billionaires who have all the fast food and pizza places that have sold their junk rotten food that screwed up your health? What about Coke and Pepsi? They have screwed up people with diabetes. What about all the food companies that put crap in their food to make it taste better that ruined your health. You think Coke and the junk food palces didn’t know? They got them to change the laws, so they could market their stuff differently. Look at Wal-mart. They have all their crap made in China. What about the milk industry that put all the hormones into their cows and we have ingested those hormones. Then we ate all the beef and pork loaded with hormones. There are rich farmers and some people who have built homes and some that have coal mines and some that cut lumber which are good compnaies, but 1/2 the companies pollute or poison us.

      33. Chris, If someone wants to get to you and you are out in the boonies you have to figure they can see you and they will let their guard down. They’ll be partying and you can see inside from afar. This rich bastards aren’t leaving because they only have an idea. They know what’s going to hapen. The news filters down to them. But if they are wrong it’s not like they are quitting their job and taking chance. A billionaire can actually treat the whole thing like a vacation. They got swimming pools, recreation rooms. videos games, good food, jacuzzis, saunas and snow mobiles and helicopters. If you were to hold up somewhere you wouldn’t have all the toys. It would get boring very fast.  The rich can sit on the mountain tops and inside the mountains and some like Branson can sit on their islands. Many of these bastards could just sit out to sea on their 200′ yachts. They have all kind sof options. The poor have few options. But when SHTF it won’t be rioting on the mountian tops or the islands. It will be in all the cities and suburbs.

      34. Bill Coles:  I am not here to defend every rich person in the country. Many have screwed lots of people to get to the top, Hefener made it chic. He didn’t force those women to have sex with him, they could have said “No”.  It was his idea and it was their choice. Good for him.

         I have been screwed many many times, but I never let it make me bitter or groused about it. I just redoubled my effort and used the challenge to focus my energy creatively or develop a close personal relationship with my creator.  I would suggest to you that everyday in America, more poor people are screwed by other poor people at work, and at home, or by their friends, then are screwed by rich people. It happens every day in those petty little squabbles. Thats life. Get over it.

        Morality, ethics, fair play, and social responsibility towards others knows no wallet or bank account. And it doesn’t account for the stupidity of some people who fail to apply themselves and use their energy in a positive way to empower themselves.

        No one is forcing you to eat Big Macs, buy your clothes at Wal Mart, or drink milk instead of water. Its your choice if you do. Sam Walton had a better idea and it worked. No one forced America to buy at his stores. It was their choice.

        Go to Target, close all of your bank accounts, put your money in a plastic bag and bury it in the backyard. Whenever you need some, dig it up!

        PS: Mexico around the resort areas are the most dangerous places to be in Mexico. Bitch a little less, read a little more, and you would know thats true.

      35. Durango Kidd when we destroyed Europe and all those girls wanted something to eat and the soldier pulled out his pecker and said suck this and I’ll givr you a sandwich. They could have said no too. Hugh Hefner is no better than the whores he fucks. If Hugh had a decent line of work what he does would get him in jail.
        Let a military commander tell a girl she’ll get a promotion if she drops her pants.
        The worst places on earth very soon will be American cities. Mexico’s resorts are the only place that are safe. Those expensive hotels get police protection. Now Mexico City I’d would say is a bad place.

      36. Bill Coles:   I am not here to defend the moral choices of anyone, especially Hugh Heffner. I am only suggesting that everyone has to make their choices and live with the consequences, thats all. People have a right, within limits, to do what they want. What they do is their own business as long as they are not breaking the law.

        Yes, I agree, American cities will be a very dangerous place. They are already and they will get worse before they ever get better. Thats why I am not in one.

        Mexican resorts, like Alcapulco, are at the heart of the conflict for territory between drug gangs in Mexico. If you think thats a great place to go, its your choice live with the consequences. Just stop reading the Mexican Chamber of Commerce pr campaign and start reading the newspapers.

        Hasta la vesta baby!

      37. As a Canadian in BC, I can tell you that I consider this a great place to make a survival bugoutplace. But that there are equally good places in the US and other nations. If you plan to come here, it may work well for you, but if you stay in your country – that’s fine with me.

        And yes, we do have guns here, INCLUDING HANDGUNS. I own one, and it is legal. I don’t know why so many Americans believe that guns are banned, or handguns are banned. True there are restrictions that suck balls, but it is fairly easy to get them here.

        In any case, Canada is different geographically and climatewise from teh US, so don’t come here unprepared if you do. Frankly, bash us all you want, but in the end US and Canada will need each other.

        And BTW, for those that think Canada can’t survive without the US due to the export relationship, I ask you to look at the recent recession, in which Canada was the only developed nation unnaffected, and our dollar has risen above the US dollar. This isn’t to show anyone up, but Canada has always been able to stand up for itself, and I doubt that will ever change.

      38. Good God there are a lot of ignorant people commenting here (as well as a few very well worth reading!)  Getting your facts straight, knowing what you’re talking about, those are good things to do before writing in like this.  We are in a mess and things are gonna get way bad.  Don’t worry about some billionaire.  He has his own problems.  Like there’s anything wrong with making a lot of money. C’mon people.  The facts are, even solid wall street types are getting ready for what’s coming.

      39. ” I ask you to look at the recent recession, in which Canada was the only developed nation unnaffected”
        @ TrueNorth: You seem to have forgotten Austalia

      40. Well Well up till a few days ago I thought oh well but the company i work for told us what to do if there is a problem just a problem, I thought ok then bam were all suppose to report to our area’s until were told what to do, I thought for a moment left the meeting and said to my self they are just making sure just in case: then my son sent me a email,SIEMENS and BROWN BOVARI they are the largest company’s in the world that work with company’s like the one I work for I know this because I have worked hand and hand with these guys from Europe Ect..So the grid ya I know about it and thing are starting to get me thinking so screw the people with money, they will be broke as us get a 12v short wave a couple of solar panel go by a river and start buying thing you can use just in case why because the cities are going to be the place you do not want to live in, good luck

      41. If you think you will survive alone with your family..you better rethink that. To survive when the SHTF you will not only need to be out of the city, but you will need to be with a group of like minded survivalists and or part of militia. There will be large roving bands of armed mercinaries intent on taking your life and your hoard of food, money,water, fuel etc. As an individual your only chance at remaining alive will be by staying completely mobile and keeping out of populated areas. Fixed locations will be the downfall of many who think they are safe, when their retreat is discovered by the mauraders. Small organized towns able to defend their borders, will be the safest places to have a fixed location.Think about making a STAND with your neighbors. United we stand..!

      42. My people are coming back to get a handful of us if it gets really bad.


      1. Prominent Hedge Fund Manager's Idaho Ranch: "It would be a place you could hole up in" - [...] print this page | get our rss feed John Malone isn’t the only well-to-do tycoon with a bug out…

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