A Few Ways To Prepare For An EMP

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness | 31 comments

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    Preparing for an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) has not been on the radar for many of us lately.  As we focus on our financial prepping for the next inevitable economic downturn, it is often easy to forget that a few other threats still loom.

    Because of that, I’ve put together this fairly simple guide to help you prepare for an EMP. This event or weapon creates a short burst of electromagnetic energy that can disrupt or even destroy electronic devices and systems. It can also potentially destroy the electrical power grid. An EMP can occur naturally, such as the pulse from a massive solar flare, but EMPs are also created by technological devices, typically nuclear weapons.

    No Electricity? No Problem!

    The first step is to make sure you can use your food without electricity. You’ll want a handheld can opener, a manual spice/coffee grinder, a solar oven, and a way to get water when the power is out. Getting water without electricity could take some creativity if you are on city water. If you have your own well, it’s a lot easier, however.


    If the grid goes down completely and you can’t use your debit or credit card, make sure you’ve got some items to barter with on hand.  Precious metals are the obvious things that come to mind first, but you can also likely trade distilled liquor, ammunition that doesn’t fit your firearms, or personal hygiene items.  You might be surprised what a personal will trade you for toilet paper in a pinch!


    You’ll want to be able to see, you stock up on candles and flashlights and some extra batteries. while candles can be considered “EMP-proof”, they are dim, messy, and vulnerable to the wind. You could invest in a few oil lamps though. One suggestion is the lightweight Dietz Original lamp. This lamp works indoors and outdoors, through wind and rain. And at less than $22, it’ll burn for 11 hours. Don’t forget to grab some lamp oil too if this is the way you’d like to light up your space.


    Others may not be as prepared for an EMP (or any grid failure for that matter) so you should understand that it’s possible that you’ll have to defend yourself and your supplies. The obvious answer is to get a gun you’re comfortable using, but for those who are not certain they’d like to use a firearm, there are other options.  The important thing to remember is that humans can become violent very quickly when they get hungry or feel like their survival is in question.

    Those are a few simple ways to prepare for an EMP.  In the event that vehicles no longer work and people cannot get food from the grocery store with their credit cards, civilization could quickly erode.  Prepare by understanding what this country would look like when people are unable to use the electricity they have become dependent on and you’ll get an idea of what else you’ll need to survive and thrive if the unthinkable ever happens.


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      1. If you haven’t already heard, Trumpy told Bolton to let his clutch out.

        • Yes, you beat me to the news. Best news I heard all day.

          Trump fires John Bolton as national security adviser – Richard Gage LIVE 9/11

          I knew Trump was going to do this when he hired him. You know why? Because anyone serving in a Trump Admin has to sign a waiver they will never lobby or some other restrictions to defang them.

          Trump just let this weenie run around the world shooting off his mouth and Trump then dropped the hammer on the assclown.

          Trump used Bolton in the Game of Bad Cop /Good Cop against other countries. Trump being the good cop of course and stops the conflict so no war. ha.

        • I felt that working for the administration is more of a gig economy than a steady career, ongoing.

          Like an independent contractor.

          Getting fired does *not mean that your were conquered. It means that you did your job, already.

      2. reper, long over due. Another globalist bites the dust.

        • So no more Bolton? WOOHOO! One less neocon scumbag to worry about. There’s one sensible thing to happen for a change.

      3. EMP, ok so what happens to all the nuke power plants?

        If you are downwind or in the immediate area of one… MOVE…

        • actually, much of that has been addressed (although I’m not betting my life on that- I already moved)

          ht tps:// public-blog.nrc-gateway.gov/2016/07/05/update-keeping-u-s-reactors-safe-from-power-pulses/

          ht tps://w ww.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2015-11-13/pdf/2015-28589.pdf

          • “….Several design features allow the SMR to withstand an EMP attack. There are no safety-related electrical loads, including pumps and electric motor-operated safety valves. Because natural convective core heat removal is used, electrically-operated pumps are not needed to circulate coolant. This means that, if necessary, the reactor can shut down and cool itself for indefinite periods without the need for human intervention, adding water, or external electrical power. So the inherent safety of the reactor is impervious to an EMP and can’t melt-down due to an event….”
            ht tps://w ww.nuscalepower.com/-/media/Nuscale/Files/Technology/Technical-Publications/nuscale-plant-resiliency-to-an-electromagnetic-pulse.ashx?la=en&hash=2BBBA44A448E2300DB3EA3777940A672AA0AFBDC

        • There are two methods.

          1. The reactor is scrammed, control rods put in and the coolant pumps powered by turbines use the steam produced by the decaying heat for power. The turbine is a force multiplier heat engine and will put out sufficient water as the enthalpy decays.

          2. I believe unlike the Japanese they have directly coupled diesel coolant pumps as opposed to a diesel powered generator with generator motor pumps.

          I’m a fossil guy so my knowledge is mainly from reading front to back Power Magazine and talking with a few engineers that we’re knowledgeable with nuclear.

          • Don’t worry about the reactor. The rod storage will boil over in a few weeks. Better not be downwind after that!!

        • Look at a wind map in real time. Tell me where it stops and ends.

          Whether you believe in Galen Windsor or statist sources, minimizing the risk, I am not going to be one of the internally displaced, for running with no destination.

      4. I think a working MV is one of the most important assets to have B4 an EMP hits.

        By some 2×4’and some Brass screening – build yourself a cheep faraday enclosure for some cheap truck.
        Buy a pre 1970 truck.
        By a EMP Shield and install it on you brand new truck or any existing vehicle you have $350 per unit – even i could install one

        • If the EMP is as effective as advertised then the gas in your shielded or unaffected MV (or stored locally) at the time of the event is about all you’re gonna get.

          The Gas Stations will not be pumping and the mechanical suckers who get their first will likely steal it.

          Even if the clerks were somehow to be on the job, they will have no working cash register or credit/debit machines to transact biz.

          Depends on what you expect to use the MV for after the big day….


          • There will be a lot of dead vehicles on the road etc that can be emptied of they’re tanks.
            Yes without electricity and refining etc combustion engines will only serve a short period of time.

            BUT they will be VERY VERY important right after an EMP.
            To bug out to nowhere land. To get supplies etc etc.
            To check on family members.

            Also a diesel truck with a large storage and treatment will last a long time. But if you like walking good luck to ya!

            • I’m already at the last stand. No walking…Live or Die rat cheer…!


          • you don’t know how to make ethanol..?


      5. Utilities are super nice, if you’re sick or hurt, also, if that’s what’s required to keep your building up-to-code. When I’m in good, physical condition, I could just as soon hide all that ugly stuff, behind cabinet doors. It’s probably best to use your PC as often as Gomez Addams used his stock ticker, or as an encyclopedia might be used.

        “…if the unthinkable ever happens.”

        This is a blue welfare state. I think of it, every time I open the front door.

      6. I’ve seen better articles than this on EMPs. I’ve already been well-prepared for EMP for many years. Only question is how effective will it really be. None of us have experienced an EMP before so there’s really a lot of speculation out there.

        • Our electricity was out for more than 24 hours a few days ago from Dorian. We did not open the refrigerator or freezer for food at all. We cooked, as we have a gas stove, and we can light the burners with a match. We used emergency candles for light in the early evening and then went to bed early.

          I have spare computers, radios, etc. stored safely wrapped in plastic and foil. I have hard copies of important computer files. I have a huge library of useful books, manual tools, supplies, etc. I’m as ready as anyone in my area. We all know each other well, so we can work together in survival and recovery.

        • actually, we (The USA) have indeed experienced EMP’s, including those from nuclear blasts, so those of us in infrastructure are not speculating.

          • here, this is great stuss, and fully annotated/supported:

            ht tps://glasstone.blogspot.com/2006/03/emp-radiation-from-nuclear-space.html

      7. To prepare for an EMP, unplug everything. Don’t push any switches, turn any knobs, or pull any levers.

        Most of the food that is normally eaten and most of the clothes that are normally worn, most of the services normally performed in this economy, are probably of inexcusably-low quality, unless you were in an emergency. If you were being selective, this is the kind of help that no normal person should want.

        Why wait to rebuild?

      8. Has anybody heard of a new product called EMP Shield? Its a cigarette sized box that can be installed in a breaker box or in your car? Goes for about $350.00.

        • Jim in Va

          You’re a power plant guy correct? Have you ran that device by a EE? I’m not that knowledgable but knowledgeable enough to suspect its ability considering the size and location. In “the day” I would run lots of hypotheticals and questions by EE, water treatment experts and the like on top of getting custom stuff made in “government jobs”. Can’t say I miss work, certainly not the shift rotation but there were a few perks I do miss. I buy plumbing stuff at Lowes now. Used to “shop” at the refinery.

        • Yes I have – Made initially for the military – they have products for most everything- vehicles, house, solar etc.

          They also provide all the test results – looks to be a smart investment.

        • It might protect your personal electronics but so what? Protecting your TV and DVD player from an EMP will be the least of your worries. The real problem will occur when the food trucks can’t deliver food, the cash machines are all down, the power plants and water plants don’t function, the fuel pumps don’t work, etc. The best you can do is protect a ham radio, power supply, automatic antenna tuner, solar charge controller, a few SW radios, and misc. electronics by putting them in a Faraday cage.

        • huge sale
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          EMP Shield is designed to protect an entire home from lightning, solar flare (coronal mass ejection), power surges, and an EMP (electromagnetic pulse).

      9. why comment?
        comments are censored here.

      10. An EMP attack would not occur in a vacuum. It would be followed by a conventional attack highly likely with real deal nuclear weapons. Obviously its then “schools out” with WWIII. Preparing for an EMT attack is like putting on ear muffs and plugs to protect your ears from a bombing. Preparing for a Mother Nature solar flare may be worthwhile as that may occur in isolation.

      11. EMP and massive cyber attack at the same time. Structural sabotage about the same time. If need be, nukes will follow. Get that sturdy mountain bike now.

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