5 MORE Often Overlooked Medical Supplies For Your First Aid Kit

by | Jul 20, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness | 21 comments

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    When it comes to making sure your medical bag has everything you might need in an emergency, sometimes all it takes is a quick reminder. If you have these items, that’s great! But if not, consider sprucing up your emergency medical kit!

    Last week, I created a list of 4 things many of us forget when we put our medical kits together.  But there’s still a few more that bear mentioning, so I’m going to list 5 more that many of us may not have added just yet.

    It’s better to not need it and have it, than to need it and not have it.


    When adding a tourniquet to your medical supplies, make sure you first understand how to use it and when NOT to use it. The reason this wasn’t on the first list was that you can fashion your own tourniquet with a stick and a rope.  But, having one and knowing how to use it will be superior to looking around for items to make into a tourniquet.

    Hopefully, you will never need to use one of these. If you do, I would suggest the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT tourniquet) and is made for a single-handed (meaning you could use this on yourself) application. The tourniquets run around $16-30 and aren’t practical for a civilian to carry around in his pocket every day, but could be a vital addition to a prepper supply.

    2. Antiseptic cream, Alcohol, and Hydrogen Peroxide

    While most of us have some of this stuff, we probably don’t have enough.  Peroxide does eventually expire and will amount to pretty much water, so check your supply regularly to ensure it’s still good. Antiseptic creams and alcohol, on the other hand, will keep much longer especially if it remains unopened.  If your bottle of rubbing alcohol is left open, it will eventually evaporate, so just keep the lid on and sealed unless you experience an emergency. Antiseptic creams should be kept in a cool place and most manufacturers suggest replacing them once they’ve expired since they tend to lose “potency.”

    3.Personal Protection Equipment

    In the event of an infectious disease outbreak, you’ll want an N-100 face mask and some disposable latex gloves to prevent the infection from spreading to you especially if you’re caring for a sick loved one.  The gloves will also be necessary when removing bodily fluids or helping treat wounds.


    The place pathogens to enter the body most often is through the face. You have more naturally occurring openings in your skin, there in your face, than anywhere else in your body. That makes it necessary to protect your face from splashing blood and the droplets of sneezes. A medical face mask and simple plastic goggles are sufficient for this.

    4. Elastic Bandages

    Elastic bandages are useful for a slew of things, especially dealing with broken or sprained limbs. Keep an assortment of sizes on hand, so that you have the right size for every need. That brings us to number 5…

    5. Splint

    You can use a stick or something else, once again, however, having what you need readily available and knowing right where it is can save precious time. The SAM SPLINT is extremely moldable and soft enough to cut with ordinary household scissors. It can be used to splint any bone in the human body. A splint can be held in place with elastic bandages (from #4) if that extra security is needed. 


    That’s my list of another 5 medical supplies that often go overlooked.  Keep in mind, some of these you can improvise especially if you’re on a budget.  But personally, I like having these items around and keeping them all with my medical duffle bag.  It just gives me that added peace of mind.


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      1. How would you make these supplies, ex nihilo? (Then, patent that.)

        • Not that hard…
          #1 turniquet… A piece of fabric and a stick
          #2 Antiseptic… Use high proof booze or colloidial silver mixed with vaseline.
          #3 Mask… Take charcoal soaked in colloidial silver then dried and sandwich it between 2 pieces of fine fabric.
          #4 Elastic bandages… Use elastic from old socks or underwear or a slice of an innertube with gauze or fabric liner.
          #5 Splint… Fashion a piece of wood to form fit and wrap with fabric and inner tube slices or tape.

          There ya go…..

          • Don’t forget to keep a roll or two of the narrow Gorilla tape in your pack. It’ll work well holding gauze as well as splints. When you don’t need it on the person anymore remove it and use it as your tinder bundle by tearing it into thin strips, ball it up loosley for your next fire. Works well.

            • Love me some Gorilla tape! With corn liquor and gorilla tape, one can conquor the WORLD!

              • My friend works at a doctors office. When items reach their expiration date, whoever wants it can have it. Did you know that stitch removers, 3-0 silk and a bunch of other stuff actually has expiration dates? I don’t have a first aid kit, I have a first aid closet.

              • Speaking of brewing… If your mash (or wine) gets a stuck fermentation (stops fermenting too soon) A good trick is to strain it through a couple layers of cheesecloth (to trap the old yeast) into a big metal pot and slowly heat it to 95 degrees (while slowly stirring). Add a little corn sugar (priming sugar) and new yeast. Return it to the original bucket and put the airlock back on. It should start working right away. If you need to keep it warmer put a heating pad under the bucket. There’s yer tip of the day… CHEERS!

      2. Glad you paid attention to part of prior comment. (One of few that wasn’t blocked.)
        But what about a “Chest Seal” kit or two?
        Sucking chest wounds can KILL quickly.

        Everyone here needs to have medical knowledge.
        You also need to train family members so they can help you.

        I earned my battle wounds. My life was saved by brave individuals that worked on wounds under fire. After, they had made their way to my location under fire. Strangers saved my life. Strangers hauled my ass out, under fire. COURAGE.

        My “buddies” ran for cover. The strangers saved me. So when I see your anti semetic and racist comments here. I am Angered. When your blood is flowing out of your body and your air isn’t coming in. You don’t care about religion, race, or anything else about those helping. You have one thought GRATITUDE.

        Tourniquets, Chest Seal, Israeli Battle dressing, Quick clot, and most important KNOWLEDGE and PRACTICE on how to use the items. Pay for some proper training. (The kit and training will be less than cost of a good pistol. The kit and training may not be sexy but are usually more useful.)

        Remember to change unused items out after a few years.
        Do not buy items on Amazon-FAKES. Go direct to quality supplier.

        Anyone here notice all the censoring being done?

      3. I learned the hard way the Hydrogen Peroxide has a fairly short shelf life. I need to cleanse a wound and the unopened stuff was dead. Had to toss several bottles, luckily it was cheap so not a big economic loss.
        I ended up using my Betadine soap to cleanse the wound, it was not a deep one, but it was dirty and needed to be cleaned.
        I’ll probably stay with Betadine and alcohol for first aid.
        I also keep Merthiolate on hand for small stuff. I know it has Mercury in it, but at my age I’m not too worried about it.

        • @relik The only reason I’m posting this is you seem to be one of few sane people on this site. I worked as a Pharma Rep for the company that makes Betadine and it will go bad as well. Same for all povidone iodine products. Betadine is a great product as long as it is fresh. 1 oz. will purify a gallon of water and is used world wide . Side note, it was invented by Nazi Germany and the owners of Purdue Frederick stole the formula post WWII.

          I hate to agree with Genius , but alcohol is the longest last antiseptic bar none. God Bless

          • SW;

            At one time this was actually a pretty good site for prepping ideas and tips, but not so much anymore.

            This site lost its roots catering to the political, sci-fi, and fear porn fanboys that have no interests in prepping,bushcrafting,or anything outdoors related.

      4. Like repr said the other day, SPLINTS! My doggie hurt his front leg this morning pretty bad and we had to take him in to the vet. He is all splinted up but in much better spirits. I watched how he wrapped it and did it up so if it happens again I know how to do it. Save all your old crutches, splints, ankle boots, etc. they could be VERY handy! Gauze and ace bandages too. I ALWAYS have alcohol (for wounds of course) ;P

        • Finally some decent information–thanks reper, G., rellik. I didn’t know hydrogen peroxide dissipates over time., although I suspected it as the fizz fizzles out.
          Might as well stock up on some Everclear..
          Only 7 comments? WTF is going on here?
          Did Mac ever visit to speak of the issues with pages not reloading?
          Does he really exist at all?
          Is this site bot owned and maintained?
          Where’s Deplorable Renegade, working?
          DP, if you’re the last one here, turn off the lights when you log out.

          • Ketchup
            Agree. The site will not address issues/concerns.
            No longer services auidience.
            Someone needs to put up site that allows uncensored realtime communication with useful actionable content. That used to be this shtfplan site. But no more.

            Maybe this site is now just FED collection honeypot?

            If I put up site I will buy ad space here on shtfplan and invite thse interested to come over. There are some knowledgable people here. I learn more from the peoples comments than articles. Thannk you. I now have a prius because someone here told me where to find affordable batteries.

            Go to youtube. Find channel named: _1_ , there we backdoor some of googletubes censorship. look at infowars video with Elon Musks latest insanity. Looks like the literal mark of the beast is upon us. Chipped brain and wires.

            Banks are already failed.
            Go to JMBullion. get your gold, and silver rounds while you can. Top off food and ammo stores. Things seem to be getting real. On hells doorstep.

            Trump has Not delivered. All talk. No action. No border wall. No border security. Likely googleFarceBookYoutube AI will manipulate next election so another NWO communist like obama puppet in office. Then they take the guns. Then results a bloody civil war. At same time war with Iran? Maybe Russia-China?

            We are all in trouble. Real problems near term.
            Your only hope is in Jesus Christ. Don’t take the Musk, Nueralink beast chip. Resist.

      5. Go to YouTube:
        Search this video title:
        “The Alex Jones Full Show 7/18/19”

        Here is YouTube channel: _1_
        We backdoored youtube censorship.

        Also Check out on YouTube:
        Alan Watt, “Through the Matrix”

        May I suggest: An auto “glass breaker”, and several clean bandanna’s, in sandwhich bags, carried in your pocket, should be added to the list of the article. Multiuse for medical, signal, air filter purposes.

      6. when i was a kid in scouts we did all the first aid stuff. stuff can be improvised because the ultimate goal is to get the injuered to the medical professionals. stabilize and treat for shock is first and formost. got the merit badge. there is alot i forgot but any first aid knowledge is better than none. did wilderness survival too got the badge. i remember our scout leaders messing with us to increase the hardship they were veterans too. this was back in the early 80s. that organization has changed id never put my boys in it now. they are soft now allow gays and mommy involvement and have adopted a anti gun and left political stance. wasnt like that years ago we shot guns did adventures boating went hiking mountains minimal gear camping. those old men really knew how so survive and taught us alot. those days are over because of the anti man pro woman political atmosphere. so sad really cus it was a good organization. boys have been softened and girls strenghtened. if guys set up an organization like it nowadays some one would say its sexist to not allow girls and it would make headlines. nowadays everything has to be for all so its not worth doing. you know a pro men and boys organization would be targeted. cant deny manhood is under attack. that is why most males are spineless nowadays. weak

      7. When it comes to Tourniquets consider the SWAT-T Tourniquet. It is the only Tourniquet that is safe to use on children. Since it is rubber, you can also use it to tightly hold down a bandage, making it into a compression bandage if you do not carry a Israeli Compression Bandage in your kit.

        • Thanks RL, been looking at those Tourniquets. Have three of the Cats right now. Always carry them in my pack(s) especially when hunting.

      8. Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol should never be used to clean a wound. They destroy viable tissue and cells which prevents healing. They can be used to clean areas around the wound.

        For cleaning a wound use Saline Solution or warm tap water.

      9. An ice pack keeps injuries from swelling which reduces inflammation and pain. If you accidentally cut off your fingers, put them on ice, and bring them with you to the emergency room. Maybe surgeons can reattach them for you.

        Have your own sutures if you have no hospital to go to. And learn how to close a wound. There are tutorials on the net. Doctors aren’t born, they are skilled workers who were taught what to do and how to do it. Anyone with half a brain can learn to doctor.


      10. Red Leader will look at those Swat -T. Thanks. BTW My last post here went “Poof”.

      11. Wow! just posted to Red Leader again and now its gone and the old one that had vanished is back…..WTF?

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