10 Prepping Mistakes That Could Get You Killed (And How To Avoid Them)

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    Everyone that is into prepping is doing it for a good reason, to increase their chances of survival. However, there are a number of simple mistakes that can actually make you LESS likely to survive than if you didn’t prepare at all.

    In no particular order, here they are, 10 prepping mistakes that could get you killed:

    1. Having a false sense of security.

    Just because you can put some holes in a target downrange doesn’t make you safe when shtf. Having a false sense of security could make you ignore danger that you would have otherwise responded to.

    How to Avoid it: Do not underestimate your enemy! No matter how good you are, there are more dangerous and better trained people out there prepared to take what they want without asking.

    2. Failing to get immediate family on board.

    You are not a lone ranger. You are not good enough to protect your group alone. What if you get hurt, sick, or worse? Will your crew be able to pick up the slack. If your spouse looks at you like you are nuts when you talk about prepping, this one is for you.

    How to Avoid It: Make sure your family has the basic skills and not just you. It’s better to have 2-3 knowledgeable people than one super prepper.

    3. Ignoring the “boring” prepping areas.

    We all know about the fun areas of prepping. Guns and ammo, bug out bags, food stockpiles, etc. However, without things like a steady supply of water or first aid skills, you could be out of the game within hours when shtf.

    How to Avoid it: Make a point to spend time on all the critical prepping areas, even if they aren’t fun.

    4. Never actually using you preps.

    Probably the most common one on the list. Buying a bunch of crap and never even using it. I’ve seen it with everything from food, survival kits, and even guns. If you cannot act quickly and are not skilled with your gear, you might as well give it away or sell it when the time comes.

    How to Avoid it: Be a prepper, not a hoarder. Use the gear that you buy until you are comfortable with it.

    5. Falling in love with your plan.

    If you have a plan, you are at least a few steps ahead of the game already. However, it’s extremely unlikely that your plan is perfect for every disaster. Being unwilling to deviate from your plan could easily get you killed.

    How to Avoid It: Have a plan and practice it, but always have a backup plan. When practicing your plan, throw in a curve ball or two that make you improvise and think about what you would do if part of your plan failed.

    6. Telling acquaintances about your preps.

    The people that pose the greatest danger to you are your acquaintances. While they seem like decent friends now, that will all quickly change. Believe me, when people start to get hungry, thirsty, and angry, your “friendship” will be the last thing on their mind.

    How to Avoid It: Only tell people you trust completely about your preps. If it is not someone that you would trust with your life, they are a potential threat when shtf.

    7. Buying large amounts of preps at once.

    It should be obvious by now the government is spying on everything you do. Buying a ton of preps from anywhere all at once is not a great idea, but especially when using a credit card or dealing with companies that are in the governments pocket.

    How to Avoid It: Pay with Cash when possible and only do business with companies that respect your privacy. Explore alternate payment methods online with prepper friendly companies.

    8. Ignoring OPSEC.

    Preppers that wear military style clothing or fortify their homes in a way that is visible from the exterior can be doing more harm than good. Things like generators and barbed wire in areas where it is typically uncommon will make others think that you have something worth hiding.

    How to Avoid It: Check out some of these articles about OPSEC . Be discreet when fortifying you residence. Make your place look as boring as possible from the outside yet very difficult to gain entry. Keep your visible preps to a minimum or move to an area where it doesn’t raise eyebrows.

    9. Completely depending on your preps.

    So you got a new AR, 1000 rounds of ammo, and 6 months worth of food and water. That’s great, but what happens if a natural disaster or a fire takes out your supply. Do you have an alternate plan to stay alive?

    How to Avoid It: Keep it real. If the shtf, all the preps in the world are only going to give you an edge. Try have some preps spread across different locations or caches just in case something goes wrong.

    10. Trying to do it all.

    You will never be completely prepared for every scenario. Trying to do this will only result in burnout and may even make you think about giving up.

    How to Avoid It: Focus on what you already know until you become proficient at it. Prep for the most likely shtf scenarios first.

    Originally posted at SHTFplan.com.

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      1. About immediately family. A group I’ve joined in with had a member who’s teen age son was not engaged or interested. The guy says don’t worry, we’ll leave him home with a few solar panels and an Xbox and move on.

        • #11. Hone your mind to a razors edge.
          THINK about it, always.

          Physical preps will fall into place with awareness.
          Don’t put the cart before the horse.

          THINK strong, live long.

          • you bet… game everything 24/7…
            I found that if I fall of to sleep thinking out a problem…
            the next day I have the solution…funny how that works, for me anyway.

            • for me, that’s a good way to be tense & awake all night, lols.

              (only way i have solved: pray before going to sleep.)

        • LOL,if he’s into games, show them this prepper/survivalist game


          Call of Duty players make good shooters….sometimes 😉

        • I just happened to flip open the Bible to Lamentations 1:1 and on and was stunned. I read 1:16 and said to myself, this verse sums me up right now and why I cry for our country. God Bless You and Your Children.

      2. Good list. I’m guilty of some of these. It’s hard to keep a perfect balance of living in some sort of normalcy.

        • “” It’s hard to keep a perfect balance of living in some sort of normalcy.””

          After the past few years, I don’t even know what that is anymore. (sighhhhh)

          • Yea, good point.

          • Amen. I was just trying to take an after-church nap and after thinking over the last 11 years, I confess, I no longer know what ‘normal’ is and I don’t know what to hope for in life.

            • Sigi.

              It’s the NEW Normal. Everything is New and Improved. The New Normal is the latest gadget. Budgets don’t matter. Do what you want. Someone else will pick up for you and most of all, It is not my fault.

              Over the Horizon is another New Normal. A learning curve you must adjust to, quickly or you DIE.

              • Oh, yes! “It’s not my fault.” is the mantra when it comes to the New Normal. Thankfully, both the husband and I were brought up to take responsibility for our actions and be humble about our triumphs. While it may have taken him awhile to get ahead in the business world, he has now opened his own business and his customers know him as an HONEST stand up guy.

                We have also been teaching our girls to take responsibility for their actions since they were able to talk. Now my girls are 14 and 10 and while I still occasionally get the “attitude” they are extraordinary young ladies who not only take responsibility, but take initiative.

                This summer they each asked to learn something new to help them to survive. Now they both can shoot, build a shelter and a fire and are taking self defense classes.

            • You are right. There is no more normal. You can only hope & ask for the revelation of truth. Now go and read this: http://come-out-of-her-my-people.com
              Not many will make it but those who are mentioned here: Rev 22:14.
              Take heart & stand!

      3. Great list! But do not take Opsec too far, in fact you may want to consider being more open about your preps with your neighbors. City people will really need to vet their neighbors and will probably find them wanting. However, rural communities need to work together and are more open to the idea of prepping. Heck most of us are preppers and don’t even know it or think about it, we just live this way. Please, talk to your neighbors and start to build relationships that will help to build security and resilience around you. Your family WILL NEVER SURVIVE without help.

        • Optout, the only part of your post I disagree with is opening up to anyone IN AN URBAN AREA about you being a prepper. If you live in a rural area, then and only then would it be different. People in rural areas have always been far more open to the idea of prepping. Finding like-minded people to bond with is easier said than done. You have to get to know all you can about each other and to prove yourselves to each other. It takes a lot of time and patience. In any urban area, in my mind, you’re just signing your own death warrant opening up to any other urban dwellers about prepping. I’ve lived in urban areas most of my life and speak from experience. Nobody in my neighborhood is aware of my prepping. I don’t have anything to do with my neighbors. I maintain a helluva lot of secrecy about my preps [OPSEC]. My co-workers don’t even know about my prepping. My house is boring-looking just like all of the other homes in the neighborhood [once again, OPSEC]. City people are the most brainwashed in the entire nation as to what is really coming down the pipe. If you’re going to look for like-minded people, try the American Preppers Network.

          • Braveheart:
            Those folk in the city will need other people. I believe that if you live in the city you need to at least try to get some like minded folk to help you through the dark days to come. You and I both know that you can’t do this alone. I don’t care if you are an expert in evcrything if you live in down town big city.
            Now for us folks that live in the country we have it a little better. Folk just naturly work together in my area. A farmer broke his legs and couldn’t get his crops out. 5 or 6 other farms got together and took care of the crops.
            Stay safe my friend

            • Sgt. Dale and Laura M., I understand there are some preppers in urban areas, but they’re impossible to locate. I’m really paranoid about bringing up prepping with any strangers, even where I work at. The last 5 years of the Obama regime has seen an increase in the entitlement mentality among people like we never saw before. Like I’ve seen numerous people post here before, if I bring it up to the wrong people I’m just making myself a target for when TSHTF. I just hope I can make it to the BOL in GA when the time is right. Otherwise, things will really get ‘interesting’ for me. The entitlement mentality really seems to dominate in urban areas these days. braveheart

              • Braveheart speaks the truth. I am a couple of hours from Seattle. I notice that within 1/2 hour of Seattle people drive more aggressively etc. It progresses until you see that drivers IN Seattle actually speed up to screw you on the merge. If they are willing to do that kind of thing in the good times, WHAT OH WHAT will they do to each other when in desperate times. I personally hope they eat each other LONG before they get near my spread. I have a small/medium group of all ex-military guys who build cars and 4×4’s with me. It pays to have a bunch of buddies to talk preps and shoot with constantly. God/The Universe has been good to me, and I share my “wealth” and preps with with my brothers in arms. Nothing like a platoon of like minded ex-mil types to have a secure area.

                If you live in the city…GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN.

                Brave, wish you lived closer…

                Secure in Wa…

                • One thing about Puget Sound up here, drop or block two bridges on I-5 and the problem with Seattle/Tacoma/Everett is largely solved, just put a company of volunteers at the river crossings that suddenly became wet, and you can deal with the internal issues a lot easier than you can with a horde of locusts from outside.

                • Legion7, I face the same problems driving in Memphis almost daily, so I know what you mean. your part of the country is beautiful, but your winters would be too cold for a Southerner.

                  • Braveheart,I live about 45 minutes from Memphis in a town with a population of 67,000+. I have talked until I am blue in face to my kids and parents about prepping and what is going on. I was told that they get tired of hearing it. I have noticed most citizen’s from teens to elder do not care about politics or what is going on right now. They will NOT care until it effects them personally. It breaks my heart that I may not be able to help my parents (I live 50 min) from them and they are older. I have one child that lives in the same town as I do. My other two live 2 and 3 hours away. I would love be in your prepping group. I am at my wits end now here….

          • B’heart: You are so right on; I live in an urban neighborhood for eighteen years, and know few around me and we only talk small talk. Friends and family warnings: I have seen siblings turn on each other after the will is read, or one changes religion, lifestyle, etc. Close folks can turn on you if the situation is right. I know people who haven’t spoken to siblings in decades over money, etc. Don’t even mention preps to others in your church, civic clubs, seniors centers…best to be semi reclusive and MYOB.

          • I’ve often wondered about any well-known prepper network. You have heard of infiltration I am sure. SPLC’s hate screeds have indicated that there are people infiltrating everything they see as ‘right wing’ which is anything that is not staunchly left-wing/ pro-Obama. Be careful and don’t just trust anyone.

            • check out Rattlerslodge.org

        • Output
          You said it better that I did. Way to go. You are going to need your neighbors big time.

          • That kinda what i feel on this, even if you are not real close to them now you will definitely be close after SHTF and will find some sort of workable situation, i have seen it in my own area when things get iffy.

        • Only 3% of people are preparing. It’s a bad idea to tell your neighbors about prepping. It’s unlikely you’ll wake them up. They’ll just know who has food when they need it. You can’t survive COMPLETELY alone because you need someone awake with a gun while you sleep. But a small family with two people taking turns guarding the house 24/7 from the inside can do it.

          • But for how long can you keep that regiment?
            I agree with the premise of reaching out to your neighbors… thoughtfully!

            I’m not talking about walking up and down the street with a sign that says “I’m prepping for the worst are you?”


            • “Love your neighbor as yourself” who exactly are our neighbors? Everyone that is like minded? NO
              Everyone that is related? NO
              Everyone that is next door? No
              Everyone that looks like me? NO
              Everyone that talks like me? NO

              Who then? Perhaps everyone you do not want to admit to someone you call Creator, God, Master, Lord that you let die!

              • I can’t feed everybody unless I turn my year’s supply of food for my family into one day’s worth of food for the whole town. I’m not giving anyone food unless I strongly sense that God wants me to or I hear God’s voice in my mind.

                Back during the time of Elijah he stayed with a widow and her son. He supernaturally provided them with food that didn’t run out yet he wasn’t feeding the neighborhood either.

                • Exactly

            • I can keep it up forever. I’ll just stay on the main floor and keep my gun handy. It isn’t that difficult.

              • One word: FIRE

        • Well, I try to talk with my neighbors whenever I see them about current events and having at least a month’s worth of food on hand. It goes over them like a hot balloon. I’ve been doing this for seven years to the same neighbors and not one of them cares the least bit. I do NOT tell them what I have and when they come knocking for food, water, etc….too bad. I’ve had it with people that think nothing bad will ever happen and if it does the “gubmint” will take care of em. I’m going to keep to myself from now on and leave it at that.

        • All you people who think that talking about preps with your neighbors is a swell idea – do you have enough food to feed the neighborhood for an indefinite period of time?

          Because if you don’t, you might want to keep in mind that when the neighborhood gets hungry (like VERY soon after things go gunnybag) you can count on the fact that they’ll remember just who on the block has lots of provisions.

          Your year’s supply of food for your family suddenly becomes enough to feed the neighborhood for a few days. Maybe.

          Bon appetit.

          • Why yes, yes i could feed many many people for an extended period of time, and have other neighbors with goats, some with cows, most have guns or could help keep stuff growing and replanting much of the tubers and perennials or greens and squashes etc,
            I think that in many instances the sense of comunity will grow through adverse circumstances.

            • Well Kulafarmer, sounds like you’re in a good position. And it sounds like you’re in the country too.

              Most people on this site are not, I would wager. Most of them live in a town or city – not somewhere with neighbors who have goats, cows and lots of fertile ground to grow things. To do what you propose requires such circumstances.

              You sound like the exception and I congratulate you for it, consider me somewhat envious too. My posting was aimed at those with less ideal environments.

              Consider if you lived in the city – would you have the same outlook?

              • My neighbors have goat, sheep, donkeys, chickens, and we are in a small town. The predominant worldview, however, is antithetical to my own, so I’m keeping myself to myself for now.

                • It was a good day for me. My bowtech and muzzy brought home a buck. For everyone who think you can walk out and shoot game, you’re in for a rude awakening. Hunting is a skill, much like all skills, it takes experience and practice. Learn, live, and learn some more.

              • I have only one “neighbor”. He and his 10 buddies are all live-for-the-moment meth heads. I won’t feed them, heck, I won’t tolerate them when it goes down.

                Plan among plans, and nefarious machinations all.

                • Just stay on your toes with that bunch. Addicts are already unpredictable, tweakers even more so. I remember a case in my neck of the woods where a 14 year old girl was slipped some crystal meth and it took 3 or 4 big burly MPs to take her to the ground, then she snapped the chain of the cuffs ( breaking both her wrists) and once she got into a locked room, she kicked out a door meant to swing to the inside, breaking her leg in the process, and she still tried to make a run for it.

                  Long story short, their pain threshold will jump dramatically compared to a sober person, and due to that they will be able to do things you wouldn’t think possible. Maybe even including keep on going with a few rounds in the pump and even if something load-bearing like a hip was hit.

              • Most likely would NOT have the same outlook, if i lived in the city,
                Small town??? Many different situations and possibilities.
                I just got lucky,
                Dont be envious, its not becoming, but i get it, sorta like how i get all glassey eyed thinking about moving to the mountains somewhere.

            • “I think that in many instances the sense of comunity will grow through adverse circumstances.”

              For those in the country, that will be the case. It has been that way there for a very long time and any severe problems that come along will not change that. This is because country folk understand that life is bigger than we are… a LOT bigger… and that if they are to survive, they HAVE to work together or it will not happen. Further, country folk know the value of faith and many city folk have utterly lost that. City folk are not generally cooperative, they are competitive. They do not know how to work together for the common good. It’s always possible that they will learn when the chips are down but I would not bet my life or even just money on it.

            • If you can, go for it. Just make sure you don’t run out of food before the harvest. My situation is very different. I live in a small town. The soil is too poor for a garden. I have a year’s worth of supplies.

            • Check your math, Kulafarmer, it takes an acre to feed one person for a year.

      4. If you are a reloader, #7 and #8 are very hard to avoid as componants must be bought in bulk. # 8 is impossible to avoid with the technology of our nsa. #9 is the key to #8. Cashe supplies, as the bad guys have your address, accounts, phone numbers etc, but they cannot follow everyone around yet. #11 find out the locations of the bad guys in your area before TSHTF.

        • We have lists already made of the Bad guys and bullies… in a TSHTF…. we will hunt these and “handle” them on DAY ONE….. quietly and efficiantly……

          • Who is we?

            • My Team…

          • Or you might get handled!

            • Nope… we have a very good team and no one would even suspect that we are what we are… great cover and OPSEC… we have had one of these bullies hurt our Pastors dauoghter…. Six weeks latter… not so good for him… and our Pastor never knew…(Plausable deniablity).

          • Nice thought Manothi, but a lot of them live on the west coast and I am on the east. I’m not leaving family to go on the hunt 3000 miles away when I have a target rich area right where I live. (Local and state targets who have done as much damage.)

            • Aim Small Shot Small PO…. good hunting…

        • “If you are a reloader, #7 and #8 are very hard to avoid as componants must be bought in bulk.”

          Three words… gun shows and cash. 🙂

      5. Good artical. They forgot about getting complaicent! List is very good, and trying to to do some of things can be fun when you know you can go back to your reglar life. Practice Practice Pratice, becasue when it comes it AIN’T going to be fun.
        If you are in a group you might what to find other groups in you erea to set allinceses with. You can use it for trade, and protection.

      6. ATTITUDE; ATTITUDE; ATTITUDE. More than any of the above mentioned (which are all very important and thank you for bring them here for all of us) I believe a cool head will be the most important. We will all see things, if this happens, that could send us into shock or turn us in to wide eyed zombies. I still believe that we should endeavor to make this system work, it could be the easier route. But if it is taken out of our hands to decide, then it is best to be prepared. Best wishes everyone.

        • Do you truly believe it can be saved.

          Survive its Death

          • Howdy, FBP. You’re right, there is NO saving this system, period. It’s best to be prepared and “survive its death” as you say.

      7. Getting flooded in July made me take a serious look at my preps. 30 inches of scuz watered drowned my preps for days. It made me go back through everything and reevaluate. Do I replace it, repair it or chunk it?

        My OPSEC got partially blown because of the need to pull everything out in order to dry it out. I tried the best to keep prying eyes limited to a very select few but it sure made me think.

        It also was a good lesson in how well a particular gadget or gizmo would hold up under adverse circumstances. What good is something that craps out under duress?

        Also a good lesson in how easily things can get damaged even when carefully packaged and sealed in tupperwear. Also a good lesson in product labeling…some fell off and some became unreadable.

        I know too many people that are like minded but assume once they got they got all their initial preps they can just sit back. They rely on their “stuff” too much. You need skill, know-how and a right mind set to go along with your stuff.

        • “What good is something that craps out under duress?”

          About as good as SOMEONE who craps out under duress.

          Both will be practically useless, so PLAN ON THAT TOO.

          • Sixpack,
            Totally, totally agree. I have been in wilderness setting when an “Emergency” comes up. Almost all crapped out under duress. I seriously seriously look at stuff like that with a very critical eye.

            I don’t care how big & tough you present yourself as being or how many tools, gadgets & gizmo’s you got…if you crap out under duress you are useless.

            People need to get some real life experience in order to know how they will react…then evaluate and adjust.

            • …and you can’t get much real life experience sitting at home with your shades drawn, avoiding life in general.

              • yep,yep.

                • I am Compelled to add a yep yep to the conversation…
                  You two have a true grasp of reality…
                  And prob would be good offshore sailors, if you’re not already!

                  • 6 yrs in the Navy…AND I’m a Pisces.

                  • haha…didn’t know it but knew it.

            • Howdy, Kindle, and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve already had real-life experience with hurricanes and even being burned out of a mobile home once. Each and every time I kept a cool head and had a positive attitude and I survived each and every situation just fine and none the worse for wear. My biggest challenge was being burned out of that trailer and having to sleep inside of a 1972 Dodge cargo van for one week and that was in DECEMBER when it was already cold. It was no fun at all; it was a BITCH, but I survived it. At the end of that week I found another home and I was back in a normal situation. I had a positive attitude about it. I knew it was only temporary and just a matter of time before I found another home and sure enough I did. The van I had was just a plain cargo van not one of the old conversion vans. There was no insulation. It was always cold on the inside. I had an old mattress for a bed with pillow, heavy-duty quilt, and blanket. I was borrowing a friend’s shower every day and paying him a fee for using it. That’s one thing that helped maintain my morale. I used a laundromat for washing clothes which also helped. I didn’t crap out because I was prepared. I adapted to the situation, I improvised with what I had to the best of my ability, and I overcame. I came out of that smelling like a rose. If you have the right kind of attitude and skills, you can overcome any curveball that life throws at you and I’ve certainly had my share of them. braveheart

            • My real life experience was in a maternity ward giving support to a woman with back labor. I was doing counter pressure on her lower back for 10 hours with contractions 3-4 min. apart until the anesthesiologist could get there. Talk about unrelenting stress! Add to it no food or water until the epidural was administered. She slept, I got dinner, and an hour later we were finally back into the swing of things and heading toward birth. I went home 7 hours after the epi and crashed. It took so long to get back to normal body function afterward; more than a day. Be ready for the strain that adrenaline puts on your system and even if you are in a demanding situation, try to have little bits of food and an easily accessible spill proof drink to stay hydrated. Raw nuts and fruits in snack-packs are a great resource as are drink boxes.

          • Sixpack, AMEN. I’ve had some pieces of equipment crap out on me in certain situations and always replaced them with better pieces of equipment. I myself have NEVER crapped out in any situation. I know how to survive and carry on. After all, that’s the name of the game.

            • HAHA , just a fun fact –
              Do you know how common it is for old guys (like me) to crap out under duress while , well , crapping out ?
              I was told by a doctor once that half of the heart attacks happen on the crapper , just sayin…..
              sorry for being WAY off topic .

              • H’head: OMG, on the crapper like Elvis Presley? I know a handful of fatal ht attacks and most happened in bed, sleeping and never waking. Several during outdoor phys. activity. Friend fell dead after eating on the couch. If shtf, there will be strokes and ht attacks, not to mention those who depend on life saving meds and dialysis, CPAP, etc. if power is out.

              • Makes one wonder what kind of “literature” might be kept in half of those johns…

        • Kindle, sorry to hear about your losses due to flooding; thanks for writing about it on SB. I had flooding in my basement too prior to when I started taking SHTF seriously. My sump didn’t kick in until I tapped it with a broom handle but it did teach me an important lesson about keeping things close to the floor, especially anything cardboard.

          Braveheart; your van story reminded me of when I lived in my ’69 Ford window van for 5 months until the end of October when it started getting below freezing at night. I showered at the ‘Y’, nobody even gave me a second look when shaved there as well 🙂

          I think one of the biggest prepping mistakes is to think you can remember how to do everything you’ve learned when you really need to. We probably won’t have the web to fall back on in post SHTF days so I having plenty of books to refer to would be wise.

        • Even my radios and propane cylinders and in sealed 5 gallon or 6 gallon buckets. yes, it sometimes sucks, and I live on a hill, but…

        • The container store has waterproof tubs. A little expensive
          But they said it worked for some sandy victims.

        • “You need skill, know-how and a right mind set to go along with your stuff.”

          Absolutely… and one more ingredient… faith.

      8. In reference to #7 I have found gun shows to be a wonderful place for getting preps, and I’m not talking guns. I have noticed in the last few years a big increase in prepping tables at the shows. The prices are usually reasonable and they like cash. No questions except is there more you need. Also a good place for literature you wouldn’t want to get anywhere there can be a record made of you having it.

        • This is a great place to get eveything…. and I have license plates from a car I owned 14 years ago from another state… that is what I put on the car blocks from the show and remove miles from the show when I leave… OPSEC in all things and pay cash…. And use those Other “ID’s” I spoke of for the sales recipt…. still pretty easy to do… PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS…

          • Very true about picture. Especially at show near state boarders. And smaller one.

            Watch for just the plain security carmra. And we have at the big show I try do. Use to do all the time. We would find a person wailking around just taking pic of tags. And they were not the anti gun freacks.

            But when it comes to this kind of opsec. Remember you are all ready know and tracked.

            At the shows blend in with the crowd. Draw no attention even from fellow peppers and gun lovers.

            There is not enough agent and the loudest will get their attention and then they will start looking at their photos looking just for you.

            If the PAGE does not survive this upcoming fight he has with a pesty old battle wound from fighting the good fight tomorrow. I have instructed my family to release here on this forum some interesting things from dealing in the past. Some are fun and cool some are not.

            Thank you all for the therapy. Hopefully I will not have a short Monday.
            My life was looking up I had found ninaO a worthy opponinent again. Maybe my short battle with him was my last internet battle. Family time now.

            Be prepare for a crazy FBP the drugs start at 8pm. And I makeing my family leave. I don’t want their thought to be of tubes and me saying crazy shit.

            Other preps to not for get. Remember your life wills. It is unkind and mean to leave death disc ion to a family member. Yes you need one to step up but try to make the disc ions before its to late.

            And remember love of family is what makes all eeverything worth it. Don’t give up.

            Mac thank you you are unquie when it come to freedom of speech.

            Facebook page
            Survive Its Death
            Mike yes that Mike

            • FBP.

              Whatever you condition is, I wish you well. Thoughts and prayers heading your way. Good luck.

            • @FBP, You have given us some sage advice. Thanks. In all the prepping literature/blogs that I have read, your advice suggesting a will/living will, is the first I’ve seen. You are absolutely right. Good luck with your battle and may God bless and keep you. You will be in my prayers for sure. I have personally found comfort and solace in Psalms 23 which has become the promise that I am hanging on to going forward. Life has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect it. With prayers and best wishes for you and your family, Louisiana Eagle

            • FBP, good night old boy. See you soon enough.

            • FB.. on the day of TSHTF you first hit is wallgreens, rite aide and CVS… and we would support that…. and it is on our list to do… we do have a couple of diabetics and some kids with ahsma on our team and we are well stocked but that is another “first day Event” kinda like world war Z. Stock up and treat is as best you can and on the day of, your team (i hope you have one) add those meds to the day one hit. It sucks to think this way but it is what it is. On your OPSEC… blening in and going with the flow is the way to get it done. Served me well many times overseas and SELCO states the same in his coursce…

            • Lifting you up in prayer!

        • Poor Boy, AMEN on the gun shows. I just went to a gun show 2 weekends ago in my area where I picked up some more preps. There have been definitely been more prepping tables at gun shows in my area in the last 2 years. And yes, I pay cash for all of my preps plus the type of literature you mentioned. preps are an extra reason to look forward to gun shows now. braveheart

      9. Jungle Rules to Live By.

        The Bad guy wants what you have.
        You will always be attacked when conditions are least advantageous to you, and most advantageous to your attacker.
        If it can go wrong, it will
        If you snooze, you lose.
        Proper preparation prevents poor performance.
        Go lightly.
        Your most powerful weapon sits on your shoulders.
        You reap what you sow.
        Look for trouble and you will always find more than you can handle.
        There is always someone sharper, tougher, meaner, nastier, hungrier, and more prepared than you.

        • You must have taken the SELCO course or been in those situations…. and yes you are absolutly correct… (as me and some buddies found out while in IRAQ years ago…) HAVE PLAN B, C, D, …… Z

      10. Well said, Kindle. I’d advise everyone to regularly use ALL the items in their preps (replacing the expendable ones, of course) and to be familiar with the unique characteristics of every tool, gadget and gizmo. And try using them in the dark, in the rain, in the mud, on the run, and any other real-life scenario you can practice. Better to learn now, while the curve isn’t so painful.
        Also, let’s remember to look at the intangibles. Like building community and developing relationships. Not only for later use, but the enjoyment of having them now. It keeps us balanced and makes life fuller along the way.
        Lastly, but most importantly, have the right mental, emotional, and spiritual foundation. Whatever that means to you- get your karma straight, your prayers said, and those children hugged!

        • SmokinOkie,
          “have the right mental, emotional, and spiritual foundation.” I think this is one of the most critical anythings.

          I know lots of people that are tuned in and have lots of preps but don’t have the aforementioned foundation. They seem to get “wound-up” really easily and wind up in an emotional state…anger, frustration, depression, etc. How can you hope to keep a clear head if you don’t have a solid foundation that helps you keep stuff in check?

      11. #12 Count you blessings as well as your bullets, because in SHTF, BOTH will be precious.

        • Sixpack & Man
          This is a couple of the thing I preach to my group. Put your Faith in your God and have a second and third and fouth plan. When the SHTF your plans will fall short. You can have a battle plan but when the SHTF starts everything changes.

          • I’ve actually seen people freeze up when their initial plan or concept didn’t go as they had visualized it. They seem to then get all lost and bumfuzzeled.

            Some (a lot) have forgotten how to think outside the box or are afraid to let their mind go there. Reevaluate and adjust. Isn’t there a marine saying something to this effect?

            • Kindle,
              Improvise , adapt , overcome

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Night breaker, I’ve used that same doctrine in all of my previous survival planning and it has never failed me. Works for civilians, too. braveheart

            • I’ve seen “that look” many times, at several car accidents, 2 residential fires, a domestic abuse situation and an animal rescue. It’s always the same blank stare, accompanied by an inability to move body parts and/or comprehend plain english. It’s a total system failure and once it happens, the only thing that will

              • One that really woke me up to the fragility of the mind was some 25 years ago. I was leading a group in a wilderness setting and we were about 2 days in. We came across a bear that had just made a fresh kill. I turned around and told the group following to quietly and slowly go back down the trail.

                The majority froze and just stared at the bear. Several took out cameras and thought what a great picture this would make. When the bear started doing pseudo charges…some stayed rooted…some ran screaming..some fell over…and none of them went quietly slowly back down the trail. A couple of guys got injured by panickey others that ran them over in their pursuit to escape.

                • Kindle, if you had that problem 25 years ago, think how much worse that could be today.

                  • yep yep. mindless zombies all about.

                    I watch Gettysburg yesterday and am just about to put in “Gods and Generals.” Does Martin Sheen or Robert Duvall make a better Gerneral Lee?

                    I love it that Lee refused to lead the Union army because he wouldn’t take up arms against Virginia.

                • sounds about right…if you haven’t gotten the attention of a large predator yet—quick, snap his picture, then SCREAM! just in case he wasn’t going to mess with you…

              • I have to abmit that my agent orange gets all kinds of tweaky when I get a 7×7 Elk in my sights. Cool as a cucumber tho when things are “interesting”. I HAVE NO PLAN FOR ZOMBIE ELK. Everything else is pretty much covered…

            • Train as you fight…. train train train……

      12. One product that helped me and my prepper team focus and get ready mentally and emotionally is a Survivalist card game I got, actually saw the ad for it here on shtfplan.


        In my opinion every serious prepper should have it, playing it makes your prepper team tighter as a group.

        • Just bought it, can’t wait for it to arrive!

      13. Being as self reliant a possible. And having as much know how as you can master are something that cannot be destroyed or taken away unless you die. Any amount of stored preps above what you can easly transport might be more of a burden than its worth. Better to have small chases in as many places as possible. Be careful who you pick for your friends and if your a male where you put your pecker is sage advice.

        • You are very right. I have recently come to realize from donating my home made quilts, that others knowing you are self-reliant seems to bother “normal” people. Something as innocent as quilting for charity seems to make them uneasy.

          Also it seems to be unusual for a woman to buy shotgun ammunition. Which means from now on, my hubby will be doing that.

          As a woman I have to add my own 11 & 12 to that list. Plan way ahead for your personal sanitation needs and that of any girl children you have. And to take a basic self-defense class. An added 13 for some might be know basic car maintenance and be able to do it. I have known female friends that don’t know their oil cap from their radiator cap, much less how to jump off a car.

          • “Also it seems to be unusual for a woman to buy shotgun ammunition” —Well, most women don’t buy auto parts or power tools either, but two places my brothers often went looking for me, was in the wrecking yard or on the tool isle… 🙂

            • …tool aisle…

        • “…and if your a male where you put your pecker is sage advice.”

          Yes, it is. As others have said, “your dong can get you in more trouble than your mouth can get you out of”.

      14. Get with family and friends who would die for each other. The rest will be easier.

        • Exactly, my friends ARE my family. Some have been my bro’s for over 20 years. I trust ’em.

          Waterislife, add to 13-HAVE SPARE PARTS FOR SAID CARS IF POSSIBLE

      15. !!!!

        Howdy-Doo Everyone,

        The few of you who took the advice given here – repeatedly – to read David Korowicz piece, ‘Tradeoff.pdf’ will want to to see this: up at the hedge, which presents a synopisis and a link to the fulll piece as well, for the ‘Tradeoff’ sequel;

        “From Cascading Complexity To Systemic Collapse: A Walk Thru “Society’s Equivalent Of A Heart Attack”

        by the same author. What Mr Korowicz presents is the amplified, full-case scenario for what will likely be the ‘most probable mode’ of failure when it comes and and how it will evolve. Pay especially close attention to the details of how he evaluates the procession of cross-contagion through the broader system as it propagates through through the various sub-systems thereof. Put simply, from what I have seen thus far the implications are simply horrifying; as bad or worse than any here have accounted for as yet.

        Unlike the case before, this piece is short, at only 12 pages, likely owing to the bulk of the pattern of Mr Korowicz form of analysis already having been laid out in ‘Tradeoff’. Those of you who ARE determeined to ‘see the future’ will, I think, find it therein….and thus far, ‘It AIN’T pretty…”

        As time permits I’ll generate my peronal ‘read’ thereon, a few days hence after which i’ll spit it out here for the General Public. All that I have seen thus far – therein – makes me VERY glad that I “pulled the trigger” when I did in exiting Civilization, for my initial read of this piece is that WHEN it comes, it will
        proceed with an extraordinary velocity after the first 10 day or so.

        That’s all for today Boys and Girls…till later then! Adios!!


      16. An open letter to every pastor/preacher in Smalltown, USA:

        Dear Minister,
        I drove through your town this morning. I’d just unloaded 44,000 lbs of frozen food which you and your neighbors will be buying at the local stores tomorrow. I traveled 1500 miles in three days, including over 300 miles on snow-packed roads, to get it to the warehouse on time. That way, it’ll be there, like clockwork, when you go shopping tomorrow. I don’t need a pat on the back for that; it’s a job and I do it for the pay. Simple as that.
        And, no, I don’t have to be out here crisscrossing America in this truck. But if I didn’t, our stores shelves would get mighty empty.
        In fact, over 95% of all the stuff you own spent some time on a rig like mine. Things like-
        The car you drive,
        The gas you pump into it,
        The clothes you wear,
        The lumber your house is built of,
        Probably even the sod for your lawn and your shade trees,
        Your furniture and appliances, your television,
        (including the remote and the batteries in it)
        Every bit of food you’ve ever bought at a store, or restaurant.
        Even the seeds if you grow your own in a garden.
        Plus the plates cups and spoons you eat from.
        And the dentures or fillings in the teeth you eat with.
        It ALL spent most of it’s journey to you on an 18 wheeler. That doesn’t make me special. It’s just a reminder of how dependent our lives are on truck-delivered freight. And, nobody makes me do this. Again, it’s just a job.
        My question concerns spiritual matters; something you’re probably very familiar with. In chapter 21 of the Gospel of John, Jesus asks Peter three times: “Do you love me?” And each time, when Peter affirms that he does, Jesus tells him to “Feed my sheep.”
        As I drove out of your town this beautiful Sunday morning, I passed 6 churches. It was still early; about 8am. I wanted to stop and attend one of them, but none had any sort of truck parking nearby.
        A couple even had small signs prohibiting trucks. I understand that- heavy vehicles can damage pavement that isn’t designed for them, and I would never want to do that. In fact, in almost 20 years of driving, and over 2 million miles, I’ve NEVER parked (or done a U-turn) in a paved church lot. I avoid them like the plague.
        But I would sort of like to come and worship God with you. Problem is- where am I gonna park? It’s 12 miles from the truckstop to your church. I’m not too lazy to walk that far but, by the time I got there, the service would be over. And I really wanted the fellowship with other believers.
        Not all the large truckstops have a chapel or Sunday services. Last time I counted, about 250 did. And about 1400 don’t. Today, I’m in one of the 1400. And, while the online services and the conference-call type telephone churches serve a vital need, I really miss the face to face interaction with other Christians.
        I’m not asking you and your congregation to buy the land and pave a huge lot for truckers. But, how about a spot somewhere in your town that could be graveled, or even dirt, and within walking distance of one of the churches? Is it possible that the Christian folks in town could find and designate such a place? I promise I won’t throw trash in the lot, honest. And I’d only park there for church attendance, then I’d move on out to the truckstop.
        By the way, as I was driving into town this morning, I noticed 2 porno shops out on the interstate. Both had truck parking and proclaimed it vigorously on multiple billboards miles before the exit. By the Grace of God, I don’t succumb to that temptation, but I’m wondering- Who loves me more? The guys selling sex or the folks proclaiming a love for Jesus? They want me at their place. Do you?

        • I drove truck for over 40 years. And never once did I want to attend any church services or worry about if a church had truck parking. If I has extra time I crawled in the sleeper. I avoid organized religion like the plague. As the hank Williams song says they all tell you to give your money to the lord and sent you their address.

          • A conscious contact with a higher power of your own understanding,
            Doesnt cost anything to be in contact with God, and no man can interfere or replace that faith.

            • Right on, Kulafarmer. There is no reverend, priest, preacher, pastor, rabbi, or imam who will die with us and go to heaven to intercede with God on our behalf. Judgement is one of those very personal things, involving ONLY each of us and God. Given that, there is nothing else that is needed for one to have a very strong faith. People will often disappoint us. God never does if we understand that his concerns are spiritual and not physical. Talk to God often. Better yet, practice listening. No, He probably will not speak to any of us in words but He will in terms of emotions, feelings, and light touches of fleeting thought. Above all else, care for those around you to show God that you understand that love is universal, precious, and takes many forms. Nurture it. Make it grow. It’ll make the world a bit better of a place.

        • amen…

          ignore old guy…he’s just…an old guy…

        • @smokin WOW!!! so profound, and so overlooked by those of us who arent road dogs (although dad was). we are going to pass along your point to various local churches that are near interstate or truckstops to see about parking spots or providing services at the 1400 stops without services. our church already has a nationide billboard ministry, so thank you for the opportunity to meet a need and thank you for shedding the light on this!!!!

          • @smokin – how can we find a list of which truck stops do/dont have sunday services available? may God bless you for all you do out there, and here 🙂

            • The 3 major groups of truck stop ministries are: Trucker’s Christian Chapel Ministries (hq in Enon, OH)
              Truckstop Ministries, Inc. (hq in Jackson, GA)
              Transport For Christ International (hq Denver, PA)

              They each print their own directories and have online versions. A few organizations also print a full directory of most all truckstop worship locations. Best I’ve found is published by Kee Printing of Eaton, OH. You can get one free at various truckstops, but if you write or call for one, they’ll charge you for it.

              As for the total list of major truckstops:
              *Pilot/Flying J Corporation has about 1000 locations
              *Travel Centers of America (T/A) which includes Petro Stopping Centers with about 400 locations
              *Loves Corp growing fast, last count was about 250 stores
              *There’s a few other regional/smaller chains with a dozen or so locations, but the above are the big 3. All put out their own location guides which are free at any of the stores. They all have online sites as well.

              Also, a few (too few) churches post notices in the truckstops and will send a van or church bus to pick up drivers from the truckstops. I know the local churches have limited resources to work with and they can’t do it all. But it seems to me there is a large mission field right here among the drivers in America, and many local churches are unaware of it.
              kimintn, and everyone else- Thanks for your comments and for caring.

        • Modern churches are more concerned about swelling the paid membership, and they are geared towards non-controversial subjects. The modern church has slide shows, puppet shows, video clips and sentimental music to replace the hymns of yesteryear. Speaking out or assisting persecuted and oppressed believers in Muslim regimes or Marxist dictatorships is rare. And because of 501c3 laws, they cannot venture into anything too political. Many pastors use Romans 13 to stifle dissent or opposition to our beloved dictator! And FEMA will use these clergy when TSHTF to coerce the sheep into compliance and submission to FEMA and LEO. We have church leaders calling for gun registration and Castle Laws. They have been seduced by the promise of acceptance and praise from the rulers…

          • @Vincent… well, we ALL know who uses seduction to get his way… and it ain’t God! Pity those poor pastors who’ve lost their way and not cannot lead their flocks in an appropriate way.

        • I’m sure ours would welcome you. We don’t have truck parking space per se but we have a large unpaved lot that gets all the overflow parking and we’ve had RVs with horse trailers on it with room to spare. I’ll pass your letter on to my pastor. We’re off a highway so it might be a good idea to find away to let truckers know that they’d be welcome to drop in. We’ve got a nice potluck the 1st Sunday of the month as well and too few people stayed around to eat it all today.

          • Sorry- should have read down further. I’ll pass that info on to him as well. He knows people further east who minister to truckers so I know he thinks that is a worthwhile ministry. There are so many levels of life that it is impossible for every church to address them all, but if that is an unmet need, let’s get the word out!

        • In case you are ever in Seymour TN, First Baptist Church has a HUGE parking lot( like 3 or 4 acres?) and before 0930 there’s plenty of parking for big rigs. I’m not sure how much later than that, cuz I’m in the choir and inside the building. Church service starts at 1015, so you would have plenty of time to get settled in. Seymour First Baptist Church, Chapman Highway, Seymour TN. We have a Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, too. Hope to see you sometime. Blessings, Babycatcher.

        • Great thought. We would only have to advertise. Our Church is to small to afford paving the lot. It is full of white rock with plenty of room. More then welcome to leave a rut or two.

      17. In “the 5 Stages of Collapse” written by Dmitry Orluv, (and snippets of it found at “The Burning Platform”), it says that one of the stages is the disbandment of the family. He talks of people losing faith in the government, in the system, in the safety nets, etc. But also, he talks of the collapse of the family.

        How does one “get everyone on board” prepping and in good shape for SHTF when family members disband, become abusive, etc.? In my situation, I not only see chaos in the national and international community, but also in my family! In the last few years, family members have died (as well as pets) and the remaining family members (who used to be great– very supportive and kind- have become abusive. Basically, my family seems to be breaking down– dieing off and or disintegrating into “everyman for himself type attitude– which Orluv said would occur.

        I know I’m not alone because I’ve talked to others in similar situation. Collapse is very hard on everybody and of course, eventually, everyone will get grouchy. Its very hard to come together and help one another and prepare for SHTF when family members become such a pain in the a–!

        In the news recently, we heard of the guy in DC, who set himself on fire. If people had the support they need they wouldn’t resort to this type of thing. Hard times, indeed!

        • Yes take a look at how siblings will fight after their parents die. In a Root Hawg or die SHTF they will be much worse. Unless your 100% shure don’t even think about discussing your preps ect. with unreliable folks. Its impossible to get everyone on board. 90% will likely perish do what you can to make shure your part of the 10%. The very young children I would help the rest are just ( SOOL) Shit out of Luck

          • Yeah, old guy its true. I’ve even seen it in my family and my wife’s family over pretty much bullshit items. Very sad. My old man use to say, ” if you want to buy something, make sure its from a total stranger. Most times family is the worst to deal with.

        • Anon: I agree, many get older, drift apart over various reasons: distance, resentments, religion, lifestyle, money, social status, substance abuse, values, etc. It happens even in the best of families when siblings disconnect. Close like minded friends are important, and family if they are on the same page. I read Orluv snippets.

      18. My wife and I are bugging in. My stepson will be here with his wife and infant son. He knows how to use a gun too. We have 1500 gallons of water and a year’s supply of food. Not crap like big bags of dried beans but the kinds of things we eat now. We have beef stew, hamburger helper spaghetti and chili we’ll make with canned chicken. We have canned hams, bags of rice, 150 cans of baked beans, 180 boxes of Mac & Cheese, at least 150 Ramen Noodles, tons of canned fruit, 300 Campbell soups, a lot of premium oatmeal, 50 bags of noodles, 50 cans each of carrots, peas, and corns. Between us we have 4 cats with over 200 lbs of dried food and 360 cans of wet food. We live in a small town. It’ll still be dangerous after it hits the fan but it will be much safer that a metro area. Bugging out makes no sense unless you have no choice. It’s a death sentence unless you have a fully stocked place to bug out to.

        • “Bugging out makes no sense unless you have no choice. It’s a death sentence.”

          Well, hope you never have to bug out because with that attitude it would be a death sentence FOR YOU.

          • OK. I’ll just make believe bugging out with no place to go is a great idea! I hope it happens in winter when it’s 10 degrees below zero and there’s two feet of snow on the ground. There. My positive attitude just greatly increased my chances of survival.

        • Barn Cat
          Your stock is good, but you need and plan B,C,,D. I can tell you right now that you don’t have enough people to take care of things. Just remeber my friend that this will be a 24/7 ordeal. I hope your plan works out for you or better yet that you never have to use it.

          • some people have no choice but to stay put and take thier chances regardless of the odds. thats just the situation they are in. Bug out increases the odds for a short time depending on your cashe, health, and luck.

          • Okay–time for my input.
            Screw all this only two to guard will die early crap.
            If you are sharing your stores with a family that didn’t prepare, then they are dumb as a box of rocks and you’re still gonna fricking die …just hungrier.
            Wake up people.
            You…are…on… your…own.
            When someone comes to my house with nothing to offer–screw you!!!

      19. ALL of the Government is operating. That is, Congress, Office of the President and Judicial.

        The rest of it IS NOT government.
        The rest of it is the PROBLEM.


        They are a huge part and source of the DEBT. There are somewhere around 70 agencies, maybe more
        trim the fat,and send em back
        they will all build senarios to keep them on the payroll , even if they have to make them up..
        and I believe that’s what weve been seeing, and where a lot of our money is going to fund

        • VRF,

          We keep hearing about the government shutdown.

          Despite the “shutdown”, 83% of Federal Government is still operating.

          I believe this park ranger sums up Obama’s goal with the shutdown…

          According to an anonymous Park Service ranger, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

          *UPDATED* The List: Unnecessarily Shut Down by Obama to Inflict Public Pain

          Apparently, the “White House is determined to unreasonably punish as many everyday people as possible.”

          “In other words, the shutdown isn’t about the money — it’s about hurting the American people just because he can.”


        • add BATFE

        • 70? There is a whole F ing phone book. Go look it up. More 3 n 4 letter agencies than .coms.

        • I read it, but NBC is such a propaganda site- their other stories are so biased. Maybe we can trust it, but maybe the point of this article is “Big Brother is Watching,” the thought of which is enough to nudge people into compliance.

      20. I’m not worried about anything, I have 3 Life Insurance policies….

        • Ha! You ole comedian, you!

        • And three ex-wives 😉

        • I have 3 steel closets full of Death Insurance polices.

      21. I have been in heat at 109F and down to -10F. I will tell you that being in Heat, HIGH Humidity and being wet is AWFUL. It sucks the life out of you. Add some biting insects and you are off to the races. I live in this type of environment.
        What I am about to say is very dangerous and somewhat stupid but it does provide a type of training. I have been doing this for years and that is, Playing in the Mud.
        It is a favorite pastime where I live. Where pride revolves around who has the meanest truck. The only way to prove it is run the mud. In the rain and at night. It is lots of fun plowing through the muck, till you get stuck and then the fun begins. Snatch ropes, shovels, come alongs and chain. Bottoming out in the mud on the frame creates a suction that can be hard to break. When you are wet, your hands turn to prunes. Chaffing of your clothing. Boots full of mud and water. Snakes, frogs and other creatures in the water with you. Once a small gator!
        Was there damage to trucks? You bet! Lots of stuff left behind in the hole too. You learn how not to get stuck. Besides not going at all.;0) What your 4 wheel drive and truck can handle. The equipment you need to get out. Teamwork is important.
        People buy 4wd trucks and never hit the dirt. I have carried plenty of chain and rope. Shoveled mud and pushed vehicles only to be cover with mud from head to toe. Watched trucks bounce as they hit submerged tree stumps.
        Only one rule. No one left behind.

        • Now you’re making me homesick, and dragging me into reminiscences of Red River. We used to go in 2 and 4 WD trucks and dirt bikes. (anything with wheels!)Even got a Kawasaki 250 stuck so bad once it took four guys to get it out! (yep, that was mine!) No gators, but we did see a few man-eating sized catfish… Man! Those were the days!!!

          • Was that at Muenster? I lived in Dallas for a number of years and we would go there to ride. Wow, that’s a blast from the past.

        • Hey Slingshot,

          Man do I know what you’re talking about…real fast.
          When I first moved to Naples Fl I went to the swamp buggy races and was impressed with the whole gig…
          The guys I worked with laughed at me and said that’s for the tourists then said ” you may know boats boy but you don’t know muddin’ ”
          they showed me…lol!

          • @jerry yep, old track on radio road, before all the cages and fancy crap.

            • YEA!

      22. 1. Almost nobody has actual combat experience. We have 20 gauge shotguns. We won’t be having gun battles in the open field. We’ll be shooting intruders. Maybe going after people attacking our neighbors. That’s about it.
        2. My wife has been very slow to embrace prepping. If it was up to her we’d still be buying one extra can of food a week. My stepson is on board. He has a pistol. He’s used one of our shotguns. His wife is 100% not on board. She and her whole family think I’m crazy for prepping.
        6. I told friends, relatives, and church people about the coming economic collapse. I owed it to them to give them a chance to prepare regardless of secrecy.
        7. We bought a lot of food in a short time. Didn’t know when the collapse was coming. Once I woke up I was buying $100 worth of groceries every week day for weeks.
        8. I agree with that about OPSEC. We plan on blocking our windows from the inside with plywood or tar paper. We can block our door shut with cinder blocks. We don’t have any solar power stuff because nobody in our neighborhood does.

        • Bsrn cat:
          you don’t have to get big solar panle stuff. If your neighbors have solar lights get some of them in the white or l.e.d bulbs. Try to get spot lights. These will also charge up AA and AAA batteries. Look into it I hope it will help you and yours.
          You might want to get a rifle that has some range. An SKS just might fit the bill. There are tons of guns out there, but this little guy is easy to handle and to use, there is also alot of 7.62×39 ammo out there. It dosen’t cost a lot of money.
          Good luck my friend.

          • Second on the SKS as a good, inexpensive (relatively), semi-auto rifle. You can still get 1000 rounds of ammo for $300 or less, in spam cans, and the rifle is well-made and reliable. Don’t get the aftermarket magazines, they’re not reliable, just stick with the 10-rounder and get the stripper clips.

            If you reload, spend the money on 1000 rounds of Prvi Partisan ammo, it’s brass-cased and boxer-primed. You’ll have a lot of brass for less than it costs to buy new brass.

        • Barn Cat.

          On solar, it does not have to be extravagant or expensive.

          At nitro-pak, I bought the DLight 300 and the dlight s2 for about $70 total. So far they have worked pretty good. The dlight s2 is small and you can put it on your dinner table and there is enough light to see, read, and eat. Its all solar.

          I also bought a Kaito Voyager shortwave radio. The radio comes with a rechargeable battery that can be recharged either with the attached solar panel or with the hand-crank, or with using both to speed up its charge. It also has a battery compartment in which I use rechargeable batteries via RayOVak.

          I also bought 2 solar powered flashlights.

          Thus far, everything still works.

          I purchased all for under $200.

          I also noticed HarborFreight has a 45 watt solar kit for sale at $139.

          Anyway, good luck.

          • Lowes has solar powered motion-triggered security lights. They are probably available at other hardware stores and are a must-have for BIL or BOL, IMHO.

        • Luckily part of my roof faces away from the road and it happens to be toward the south. So no one can see my solar. Maybe you can mount solar panels behind bushes or a fence so no one can see, but they can still catch the sun. There are a number of ways to hide solar panels. You need to at least be able to power some radio equipment.

          • Whole bunch of small panels can be hidden more easily and don’t need regulators if the devices you need to charge have a standard cigarette lighter plug…spreadem’ out.

          • You can’t hide solar panels on a roof. All someone needs to do is get on some higher ground, another roof, or up a tree to be able to see them.

            • yeah but, most zombies don’t climb trees, they just walk down the street looking for whatever gets their attention.

              • True, but the people out looking for stuff are going to be just as smart as we are. Zombies exist in the movies, real life is going to be more challenging.

        • I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

          • JAY JAY

          • That’s easy to quote but where am I supposed to get the food for them? Am I supposed to divide up all my food so we all starve after the first week? Does that make sense?

            • Barn Cat–you left out:
              1) who do I decide gets fed?
              2) am I just prolonging their inevitable–starving?
              3) how many other hungry are becoming knowledgeable of my preps and on their way for handouts?
              Sleep in shifts.
              Don’t answer the door.
              And have lots of fire extinguishers handy.

      23. I think the “boring” category is one of the most often overlooked. Shift some funds from buying ammo and guns and get some of these. Here are a few random things I’ve recently stacked deep on.

        Soap, Shampoo, Salt, Protein Powder, Zip Ties, Tarps, Locks (Key and Combo), Chains, Cables, 5 Gallon Buckets and a Plunger (for doing laundry)….

        Then as Rawles says – Blackout Curtains

        • One of our local grocery stores has $1 section. Tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, BAND AIDS all sizes in large quantities, they take coupons and I get lots of stuff there for free. Those on a budget you can prep for pennies on the dollar for many items that are household or hygiene. Get Internet coupons, or use a coupon clipping service. (Thecouponclippers dot com)

          Today I’m learning my lesson..so freaking frustrated right now. Wally World ran out of ball canning lids, so I got the Wally World brand. Every seal blew on the batch that I just canned, even though rings were hand tightened. Changing from apple pie filling to spiced apple preserves..reworked the recipe and going for round two. If they don’t seal on this batch I’m demanding my money back. I’ve been canning for almost 20 years and never had this happen.

          I’ve put up 42 pounds of apples this weekend while tending to other needs around the house. I was ready to be done, but I look at these moments (after the frustration subsides) as God teaching me patience and humility.

          Keep on prepping……Pen

          • Get Tattler reusable canning lids. They are guaranteed for life. Mine have worked fine. You can buy a case of 500, which might be a lifetime supply depending on how much you can. Of course they cost more than the metal lids, but after several uses, you’ve saved money.

            I just got a bunch of bananas for 15 cents. The store had a coupon for $1.00 off two pounds. The price was 57 cents a pound. I got a bunch as close to two pounds as possible.

          • Do NOT buy anything Mainstays makes.
            I searched all spring and summer for Ball lids–not a package on chinamart shelves–they thought thye were making us buy their brand.(the real deal is Ball wouldn’t sell to them at a reduced price, so they didn’t have them–I read this about lots of products at chinamart and this is how they operate)
            I got mine at DG for $1.50 and then IGA has them for $1.43 and wide mouth for $2.11.
            I got all I could carry still leaving some for others.
            I have shoe boxes of lids for later.:-)

            • I found that a lot of old timey hardware stores still carry them in the off season. We still have some Ace hardware around here and they often have some.

              • Ace had a $4 price for wide mouth lids..I got them at IGA for $2.11
                And (6) half gallon jars for $8.

          • Interesting and informative- thanks for passing it on! We’ll stick with Ball and Kerr from now on (though we also bought Tattler for later). When I lived in Russia I re-used empty jam jars and their lids to can some home made preserves (not that I would do that now, but I was making do)and those sealed like they were made for it. Mainstays must be pretty bad not to take seal.

        • Chilton-

          If you are blacking out windows, one of the best you can get is the black/white panda poly film. It is very white on one side, and black on the other. Point is, you can have the white side face inwards to reflect what light you have and nobody from the outside sees it. It is also good for NBC events as heavy gauge plastic works good to seal up doors, windows to keep out radioactive fallout and others. Comes in large rolls, works great!

          • Oh cool thanks for the info. I’ll have to check that out. Plus it wouldn’t be as depressing having everything blacked out.

      24. I like many am sure I make mistakes,folks know I must be prepping as I always at some point talking to folks tell em they should be ready for disaster,just look what happens on the tube when a natural disaster hits.As I have said,am probably good for at most 2 months,will not sit by and watch folks murder/rape/steal others food ect.,tis ok as have no wife/kids depending on me,rather go down fighting evil behavior then allow it to happen,no matter who the culprits are.I may perhaps have a little luck on my side and survive such actions but won’t count on it,and can live(and perhaps die)knowing that.

      25. How much can you do without?
        How much pain can you handle?
        Do you know your “Burn Out” limit?

        There will be repetitive chores to do and simple tasks will become annoying. We may find ourselves wishing for things that may become unobtainable. Long terms of isolation. Cabin Fever.
        I have to hand it to my fellow preppers up north. Those that have cabins in the woods and I would hate to cut wood as much as they need to cut. How many Chords for a winter? Not much down here for hardwood. Pine, Lob lolly, cypress and water oak. Burns fast. Time to season the wood. Log splitters and chainsaws will be reduced to bow and crosscut logging saws, axes, malls and wedges.
        Make you or break you.

        • I’m glad my area is survivable even without any heat. When I was growing up, we didn’t have any heat at night and only one room in the daytime. I would get up in the morning and see ice on the insides of the windows. But the bed was warm.

          If things are really bad, I plan on doing with a lot less heat. On the few days that it is really cold all day long, we’ll just stay inside and wrapped up. Of course, we have a supply of kerosene, so that day may not come for a long time.

          As I’ve told my wife, we won’t be keeping the house “nekkid comfortable” anymore.

          • Archivist–we bought 0° sleeping bags(gander mtn) for that very reason and filled the 500 gallon propane tank(legally only filled to 85% though)and will save that for ‘when’ we really need it; just turn it on weekly to be sure all is working.
            Also, our attic is huge and I built a floor over the garage and everyone knows how much warmer it is there.

            • JJ,have a sleeping bag 3 part system that in theory properly dressed will keep you warm -20,really hope I never have to test that claim though!

          • I grew up in west Texas where 100 degree days were the norm. We did not have air conditioning…used cross breezes through the house coming from windows.

            People have become so spoiled and soft that to not be comfortably warm or cool is a crisis.

            I read all these comments, no disrespect to anyone, but I see a lot of people are not going to be able to make it in the long run because of their mental attitude.

            I agree with Iowa below “To each his own and judge not.”
            Don’t tell me bugging out is stupid and sure death..don’t tell me you’re not going to survive if you don’t have a possee around ya, etc. Maybe for you but you don’t know me and my abilities.

            Stop speaking in absolutes and speak more for yourself.

            I totally agree with Slingshots comment on,

            “How much can you do without?
            How much pain can you handle?
            Do you know your “Burn Out” limit?”

            • I live in an old house with windows all around. We left the AC off most of the summer. We opened the windows and used some box fans. It was actually a little cold some mornings. But I sleep better when the air is cooler.

            • Having been raised in the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts, without air conditioning, I’ve never bothered with it or felt the need for it since leaving there 45 years ago.

              Screen your windows and doors, put a patio on both the east and west sides of the house, and you’ll be good to go. Windows on the south side for winter warmth, good curtains to keep the heat in, and insulate the attic until the rafters creak.

      26. I plan on fighting the beast.

        • When did you meet my ex???

      27. I agree with most of this, but if you have the room, hoarding something someone else can use is a good idea. As long as it is not just pure sh$%, if someone else can eat it, or use it, it has BARTER value. IF YOU HAVE THE ROOM.

        • be informed: And most people don’t have extra room, let alone room for their preps. Some complain they prep little because their house would be cluttered as they have a smaller house instead of a mini mansion, unless they rent a storage unit near their house. But these may get broken into if law and order breaks down.

          • Or flooded as we saw in the news last week for Seattle (water main break)- a guy lost furniture, heirlooms, and $4000 worth of beanie babies. A word to the wise.

            • Beanie Babies, now that’s one prep I’ve missed !

      28. Having Room is a valuable commodity.

      29. I think the #1 misoverlooked is preparing our very Souls. This is First on my list, the hardest one too.

      30. Daisy has a new post on Daily Sheeple titled Bring it on: I Will not Comply. I do believe she has called everyone on this site out. How many will join her? How many on this site that spout hot air will let her be crucified by the government and talk about how terrible it was for her. I for one have a lot of soul searching to do. Where will I draw the line like Daisy has?

        • Your line should be your principles. To each his own and judge not.

          • The one attempting to break into your home has made his own principles too. Do not resist him/her, for to each his own and judge them not.

      31. You can buy buy buy and stock up but, the truth is you only need what you can wear and carry. You may find yourself on foot moving from location to location or all out migrating. Have a continuous adaptation mindset. You may have to face and accept things that are not delightful to your comfort setting.

        • Knowledge weighs nothing and the Bible tells us all about the riches of wisdom and understanding. They are preps that can stay with you no matter what.

      32. When we moved to our present location, I thought we were off the beaten track pretty good. You do have to go through three cattle guards before you come to our property. Our property is somewhat elevated and the other day my husband and I noticed a long line of white SUV’s coming up the main gravel road, after leaving the secondary paved road. They parked at an intersection where we had heard that the law enforcement have their last GPS location. My first thought was FEMA or some other organization was out to get us. After listening to me speculate for quite some time, my husband decided to go investigate. He stopped where they were and asked what was up. Surprise, they were from a movie company and going to use this area for filming a movie. You will never know what surprise may come into your life. Your secluded location may be just what someone is looking for to make a movie.

      33. i recently moved out of the overpriced tyrannical state of NY, NYC specifically to Florida. i was wondering if there is a good website(s) or other source to go to a prepper meeting or meet other preppers in the area. specifically Palm Beach county Florida? i ask this because i have no immediate family close to me anymore.

        • @ geralt… ALT Market website might have a link to a group in your area. scroll up and left on this page.

        • Consider counties north and west of you…

        • I am interested in prepping and in the West Palm area. Let’s talk.

      34. There has been a lot of break ins happening. In the pass two weeks I know of at least four separate areas that have been hit. Waffle house in Orlando was robbed twice plus an employee in the parking lot. Two family members in different states and a friend. Last night at least three neighbors were broken into and I live outside of a town with less than 8000. We are locking everything we can plus we have a dog. Are anyone else seeing the same thing?

        • Robberies are up on the west coast, particularly those of opportunity when windows are open for nice weather.

        • Lots of property crime here in western Washington.

          I think 3 separate shootings of criminals here in the last two weeks, by homeowners.

      35. Are there plenty of Doctors and Nurses showing up at SHTF to comment?

        Oh, Man. There goes the neighborhood. ;0)

      36. I’ve read a lot of great comments here and have gotten MANY new ideas that will improve my prepping. The ones that deal with OPSEC seem the most intriguing. One thing that is not mentioned enough, IMO, is having a good dog to help you keep watch. It’s very hard to sneak up on a dog. Even a sleeping dog will come awake almost instantly on hearing or smelling something unfamiliar that a human would never notice. The best dogs are usually medium sized mutts that growl when they hear or smell something new. That way, you are alerted but anyone trying to break in is not. A good dog can be worth many times his weight in food and water.

        • Agreed.

        • Dogs will bark at anything though. That’s the problem. Since I’m bugging in I don’t want the sound of a barking dog heard outside either.

        • All the attributes you listed for dogs are also true for cats. Mine are great watch kitties…I always know what is going on outside by being tuned into them.

          They are not so good on attacking bad guys though. I do like that they don’t bark….bad guy doesn’t know that I am up and watching them.

          • I had a cat once, who literally ran after and jumped on a guys leg, who was at our house to buy our 65 Plymouth Barracuda! Scared the snot outta him! She had all 4 feet with claws out! Landed about halfway up his thigh! He still bought the. Car, though. She was half Siamese, maybe that’s why she was so protective. And we had a new baby as well…what do y’all think?

      37. 11. Never make friend with poor people , the sort that “need ” a favor in good times.
        Will be the first people on your doorstep WTSHTF.

      38. I’ve read the comments of this article and find some very important facts missing. I will start with the most important one first. Learn how to purify water. Not with some fancy gadget for a store, but with things from nature. Second, learn how to make alcohol. Use it for cleaning wounds or to drink. Third, learn how to make soap, then buy the ingredients. I like to stay clean, which is very important when the SHTF. Their are many more, but the point is to learn how to do things which you now take for granted. Go back to pencil and paper and start writing down this and other information.

      39. Think David and Goliath. If you have God on your side and He wants you to survive, you will, regardless of how you’ve prepped. If He wants you will him, you’ll die (but then really LIVE), regardless of how well you’ve prepped. If you think God has nothing to do with it, I pray you survive. You need the extra time to come to your senses.

      40. Maudy ain’t sharing any of her candy with anybody. If they try to get in, I’ll stickem in the eye with my knitting needle. Then I’ll empty the Glock M22 in their butt.

      41. I have another rule:

        After the collapse you won’t be able to trust most of the people you trusted before. If you have food and they don’t, they become dangerous to you. After TSHTF I won’t let anyone in the house that I don’t plan on taking in permanently.

      42. I plan on missing the last half of the mighty collapse that is coming and some of The Great Tribulation. By getting on board that fast movin machine called the Gospel Ship I.E. the Rapture. Do not be left behind. Very few will have enough of anything to endure the rule of the AntiChrist.

      43. The sad thing is, no matter how well prepared you think you are, without God Almighty, you’re as good as dead! Now for some more reality, only maybe around 10% of anyone here in USAcorp is prepped & only 4% of that is TACTICALLY TRAINED &/OR IN A GOOD LOCATION!!! So get right with God, because there’s a 96%+ chance you’re not going to make it after the planned S.H.T.F.!

      44. WTF is this prepping stuff are we looking forward to some kind of fight or war. Or are trainers and sales guys rubbing their hands. Did they forget to say while counting the money –

        God help us we are too stupid to prevent it by protecting our rights. The genetic pool gets cleaned out of failure to learn with genocides. People who are to stupid to protect their rights should not be allowed to breed and pollute the genetic pool.

        If they did protect their rights there would be no need to fight government who would be more interested in solving crime and arresting criminals than they are usurping rights.

        I’m watching the US prepare for a clean out as everyone protects the guns buys junk and gives away their rights preparing to fight.

        First rule of firearm ownership make damn sure you can always OWN A GUN. Hands up those who are doing that to reduce risk to their family. Huh!!! I own a gun. They will never take it. Yeah right Genetic pool removal material.

        Rule one broken.

        1. Having a false sense of security.

      45. God is getting ready to judge the USA, by allowing those that have rejected Him to have their sinful way on earth…but Jesus is going to take the Christians out of this world first. Even if you don’t believe that, at least give your life and heart to Jesus while there is time – just in case I am right. Jesus saves. Repent and look up for your salvation is nigh. Accept the free gift of eternal life.

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