New Choice for World Currency: “Chinese Yuan Will Supersede Dollar as Top Reserve Currency”

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    The following article has been graciously contributed by Michael Snyder via his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Note: As SHTF has reported, China has been furiously buying up gold and stockpiling it for many years. While the U.S. continues to pursue a foolish economic path hinged on geopolitical dominance and interference through war, China has been positioning itself to hold all the face cards.

    China has openly declared that it will dominate the next era of the global market, and present a viable world currency that will compete, or perhaps, replace the U.S. petrodollar, whose power has been challenged even by recently falling oil prices.

    As this continues to play out in slow motion, one has to wonder, what are Americans preparing for? And why are we not preparing better for our position in the future?

    China Has Announced Plans For A ‘World Currency’

    By Michael Snyder

    The Chinese do not plan to live in a world dominated by the U.S. dollar for much longer.  Chinese leaders have been calling for the U.S. dollar to be replaced as the primary global reserve currency for a long time, but up until now they have never been very specific about what they would put in place of it.  Many have assumed that the Chinese simply wanted some new international currency to be created.  But what if that is not what the Chinese had in mind?  What if they have always wanted their own currency to become the single most dominant currency on the entire planet?  What you are about to see is rather startling, but it shouldn’t be a surprise.  When it comes to economics and finance, the Chinese have always been playing chess while the western world has been playing checkers.  Sadly, we have gotten to the point where checkmate is on the horizon.

    On Wednesday, I came across an excellent article by Simon Black.  What he had to say in that article just about floored me…

    When I arrived to Bangkok the other day, coming down the motorway from the airport I saw a huge billboard—and it floored me.

    The billboard was from the Bank of China. It said: “RMB: New Choice; The World Currency”

    Given that the Bank of China is more than 70% owned by the government of the People’s Republic of China, I find this very significant.

    It means that China is literally advertising its currency overseas, and it’s making sure that everyone landing at one of the world’s busiest airports sees it. They know that the future belongs to them and they’re flaunting it.

    This is the photograph of that billboard that he posted with his article…

    Everyone knows that China is rising.

    And most everyone has assumed that Chinese currency would soon play a larger role in international trade.

    But things have moved so rapidly in recent years that now a very large chunk of the financial world actually expects the renminbi to replace the dollar as the primary reserve currency of the planet someday.  The following comes from CNBC

    The tightly controlled Chinese yuan will eventually supersede the dollar as the top international reserve currency, according to a new poll of institutional investors.

    The survey of 200 institutional investors – 100 headquartered in mainland China and 100 outside of it – published by State Street and the Economist Intelligence Unit on Thursday found 53 percent of investors think the renminbi will surpass the U.S. dollar as the world’s major reserve currency.

    Optimism was higher within China, where 62 percent said they saw a redback world on the horizon, compared with 43 percent outside China.

    And without a doubt we are starting to see the beginnings of a significant shift.

    Just consider this excerpt from a recent Reuters report

    China’s yuan broke into the top five as a world payment currency in November, overtaking the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar, global transaction services organization SWIFT said on Wednesday.

    The U.S. dollar won’t be replaced overnight, but things are changing.

    Of course the truth is that the Chinese have been preparing for this for a very long time.  The Chinese refuse to tell the rest of the world exactly how much gold they have, but everyone knows that they have been accumulating enormous amounts of it.  And even if they don’t explicitly back the renminbi with gold, the massive gold reserves that China is accumulating will still give the rest of the planet a great deal of confidence in Chinese currency.

    But don’t just take my word for it.  Consider what Alan Greenspan has had to say on the matter…

    Alan Greenspan, who served at the helm of the Federal Reserve for nearly two decades, recently penned an op-ed for the Council on Foreign Relations discussing gold and its possible role in China, the world’s second-largest economy. He notes that if China converted only a “relatively modest part of its $4 trillion foreign exchange reserves into gold, the country’s currency could take on unexpected strength in today’s international financial system.”

    Meanwhile, the Chinese have also been accumulating a tremendous amount of U.S. debt.  At this point, the Chinese own approximately 1.3 trillion dollars worth of our debt, and that gives them a lot of power over our currency and over our financial system.

    Someday if the Chinese wanted to undermine confidence in the U.S. dollar and in the U.S. financial system, they have a lot of ammunition at their disposal.

    And it isn’t just all of that debt that gives China leverage.  In recent years, the Chinese have been buying up real estate, businesses and energy assets all over the United States at a staggering pace.  For a small taste of what has been taking place, check out the YouTube video posted below…

    For much, much more on this trend, please see the following articles…

    -“The Chinese Are Acquiring Large Chunks Of Land In Communities All Over America

    -“Meet Your New Boss: Buying Large Employers Will Enable China To Dominate 1000s Of U.S. Communities

    -“Not Just The Largest Economy – Here Are 26 Other Ways China Has Surpassed America

    -“The Chinese Want To Spend Billions Constructing A 600 Acre ‘China City’ In New York State

    -“45 Signs That China Is Colonizing America

    -“Will Detroit Be The First Major Chinese City In The United States?

    On a purchasing power basis, the size of the Chinese economy has already surpassed the size of the U.S. economy.

    And there are lots of signs of trouble ahead for the U.S. economy at this point.  I like how Brandon Smith put it in one recent article…

    We are only two months into 2015, and it has already proven to be the most volatile year for the economic environment since 2008-2009. We have seen oil markets collapsing by about 50 percent in the span of a few months (just as the Federal Reserve announced the end of QE3, indicating fiat money was used to hide falling demand), the Baltic Dry Index losing 30 percent since the beginning of the year, the Swiss currency surprise, the Greeks threatening EU exit (and now Greek citizens threatening violent protests with the new four-month can-kicking deal), and the effects of the nine-month-long West Coast port strike not yet quantified. This is not just a fleeting expression of a negative first quarter; it is a sign of things to come.

    In addition, things continue to look quite bleak for Europe.  Once upon a time, many expected the euro to overtake the U.S. dollar as the primary global reserve currency, but that didn’t happen.  And in recent months the euro has been absolutely crashing.  On Wednesday, it hit the lowest point that we have seen against the dollar in more than a decade

    The euro last stood at $1.1072, off 0.90 percent for the day and below a key support level, Sutton said. It fell to as little as $1.1066, which was the lowest level for the euro against the dollar since September 2003, according to Thomson Reuters data.

    The euro also declined to one-month lows against the Japanese yen, which was flat against the dollar at 119.72 yen to the dollar.

    As the U.S. and Europe continue to struggle, China is going to want a significantly larger role on the global stage.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream.

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.

    And as the billboard in Thailand suggests, they are more than willing to step up to the plate.


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      1. I wish they would hurry up!

        • No kidding, now the chinks can be the worlds policeman. Have at it.

          • I don’t care whose money I use
            just so it buys me a can of beans.

            • and ammo, dont forget the ammo

              • yeaaaaa but for some folks


                can be more deadly than ammo

                just sayingggggg

          • Maybe they can bail out and give aid to every bleeding heart third world shit hole too, maybe we can send em some south amerikans

            • “The tightly controlled Chinese yuan will eventually supersede the dollar as the top international reserve currency…”

              Maybe. There are still many financial hurdles and banking obstacles in the way of the RMB becoming THE WRC. Its probably more than five years away at this point at the earliest, and it will require the West to accept a new WRC.

              They will extract something major for the change.

              The major banks expect to acquire and hold in reserve, $500 billion worth of cheap RMB or more, before that transition and revaluation of world currencies.

              The FED would never say so publicly, but much of the intended devastation of the American Middle Class Consumer has been to force China into accepting the transition to a more service oriented economy, because China has wanted to remain an export giant sucking up the wealth of the world; while the GB’s have wanted to move excess world manufacturing to other nations.

              China has been unwilling to allow its RMB to rise in value (contrary to a prior agreement) so the NWO GB have dried up their source of wealth: US.

              That is the reason money during the last recovery never made it to Main Street. 🙁

              • BTW. Neither China, nor any other nation will back its currency with gold. If any nation did, it would find its currency soaring in value, its exports CRASH. Its economy tank.

                And its gold reserves? Transferred to other nations looking to redeem their script for gold; just as our friend and ally France did to US. 🙁

                • Whether or not China wants to admit it, they are tethered to the West in terms of soaring or sinking. If the United States and Europe tanks, they pull China down with it. I know there are a billion and a third Chinese, but they are not the affluent middle class of America that made China what it is. When the West sinks, they pull China down with them and all the gold they have in reserve won’t save them. We all go together.

                  • SS: It will more likely be Europe and China pulling US down as I have mentioned here many times over the past couple of years.

                    The PTB have already managed our economy down, lowering the expectations of the masses. Only the investment class is profiting. Can it go lower?

                    Yes, a bit, but not a lot without internal chaos. China on the other hand, has had 25 years of unbroken prosperity and a new generation has matured without knowing war or want.

                    The wake-up call in China will be a bit shrill. 🙁

                • oh DK, always good for a laugh. What do you like with foot, ketchup or mustard?

                  • And your point, asshole? Make a point, cocksucker. 🙂

          • Oh, you’re really going to “like” how they do that particular job, too… 9_9

          • I don’t worry about the Chinese, don’t worry about the Russians, don’t worry about Israel, don’t worry about the boogie man NWO ZOG Bankster Cartel, but am concerned about Islam and am very concerned about the Demn Lib Inside Enemy of Toxic Obola, aided and abetted by RINO cowards, RINO enablers, and RINO Vichy collaborators.

            The only reason Outside Political-Economic-Military forces are a concern is because the inside Toxic Cancer of Liberalism is multiplying exponentially inside the (Dis)United States of America.

            Joseph Stalin: “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is three-fold: Its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

            What undermines those 3 areas? Answer: Liberalism.

            • The chinie yuan from the chinie commie army will be accepted in overwhelming numbers by bommie commie voters of Amerika.
              No contest. Commies won.

              One of these days lead will make a come back and commie prepers can use their yuans for ass wipe.

              f ’em

            • Spot on free slave!

            • What worrys me. Is that the national debt from the beginning of our nation until 6 years ago was 9 trillion. and since 2008 in 6 years it grew another 9 trillion! The debt is 18 trillion & growing and most folks don’t care they are not a bit concerned.

              • What cannot be paid, will not be.
                The US defaulted twice last century, third time is a charm.

          • Twat

        • Glad I bought some gold and silver with my soon to be worthless dollars.

          • It will soon be confiscated by the government and melted down to make a golden “Obama Calf” for the sheeple to worship.

            • I’m not going to hand it over to them.

        • Ever wonder what the Chinese do with all their billions that they bring in with all their exports?

          They buy a lot of worthless shit just like Americans do.

          This year alone…2015…. the Chinese will spend over 35 billion dollars on jewelry.

          They will spend billions to become educated to think and act like Jews, in business. Seriously, I am not making this shit up.

          When the worlds money/currencies value, is based on the value of currency based, upon a secular nation, then we can know for sure that the dollar is dead, and life as we once knew it is following close behind.

          The dominos are set up for the fall of the dollar, this coming fall. Will it be the death of the dollar, or just a major setback and re-valuation?
          Will the catalyst be the bankrupt yen and consequently the Japan stock market?
          Very possible.

          The dominos will fall, and fall bigger, harder and faster than in 2008. That we can count on.

          The adjustment of wealth is about to commence, and it may not wait until September.

          A big event is set for the world around March 20th. i don’t know what it is, but i truly believe it is coming.

          Stock up and lock up, for the shaking is afoot.

          • The next market crash, which may be imminent this year, will not signal the rise of the RMB and the demise of King Dollar, contrary to the hopes and dreams of all dollar haters.

            On the contrary, because the next depression will be deflationary in value, and will continue to punish the BRIC’s as the dollar is doing now. It also punishes the American people (ie consumers) and will crush the Chinese economy, still oriented towards exports.

            The wealth of the New World Order, securely held in dollars and dollar denominated assets, will hold their value. Chevron recently took on an additional $8 B in debt; Exxon $6 B.

            Do you think they are doing so because the dollar is going to be worthless? No, the dollar is on a bull run and will continue to increase in value and these companies will pick up offshore assets for a SONG and a few dollars more.

            I couldn’t resist the pun. 🙂

            • One thing all those who believe that China and the USA will go to war, should note the staggering sums ($70 B last year) that Chinese individuals, corporations, and government is investing in the United States.

              I say Chinese government because the CCP owns the controlling interest in most major, strategic business organizations in China; particularly their multinational corporations.

              China Inc is NOT going to bomb its investments. Would you? On the other hand, how much real estate and how many large companies is China Inc buying in Russia?

              Anyone? 🙂

            • I would rather be ruled by the Chinese than the Muslims. And the choice may become that stark in the next 20 years. China is a rational state with a simple, modernizing outlook. We will be seen as second class citizens to the Han Chinese but will be at least kept alive and aloud to trade and work. Under the Muslims’ global caliphate, you will be given the choice to either submit – and this means, if you are a young girl or woman, sexual submission – or a man, being a slave. Or death. They are offering nothing in between.

              To summarize, life in a world run by China would be like Bladerunner: very advanced and modern but all races would be second class to the Han rulers. A world run by Saudi Arabia would have modern elements but would be in a decline trajectory because of infighting within Islam and the stultification of Islamic thought, which is not modernizing (fewer books published in the last thousand years than are published every year in the rest of the world).

              • Sorry, but free people are not ruled by anyone. You and others would rather choose and pick sides, I on the other hand want nothing to do with that illusion.

                • Srsly

                  I agree 100%.

                  I see no need to be “Ruled”. We’ll handle our own affairs thank you very much.

                  • Well, unless you are willing to lock your borders AND deploy Vietnam-level numbers of troops to the Middle East, then, yes, you will only have this binary decision to make in the next five to ten years. It doesn’t matter how much you holler, facts are facts. Who has the gold rules: and China has the gold.

              • Bowing to no earthly power…now or ever…to hell with any tyrant person/race/or nation trying to lord it over freemen! REB

          • Pisswind, you know what’s going to happen on March 20th? Nothing, that’s what, it will be another day like any other with the exception that you’ll be proving to everybody that you need psychiatric help and nothing more. But then you’ll probably claim you saw Christ on a piece of toast you made and proclaim it a ” miracle”.

        • How did Amerikkka get so fucking fat???

          Everywhere I go all I see are big fat fucking guts hanging off of people.

          I HATE FAT PEOPLE!!! It’s disgusting. Don’t people realize how hideous they look? Skip the fucking Burger King for a day. I don’t want to look at you.

          • I agree: fat people are ugly. Fat builds up on the face and takes away the fine features, making a person homely. Fat builds up on the body and takes away the curves and muscle definition. The aesthetic of obesity is disgusting on many levels. Not only are obese people fundamentally unwell (higher rates of cancer, diabetes, etc.), but they also experience deeply unpleasant daily health and hygiene issues. Being that fat means you sweat more and that sweat accumulates around the thighs and the buttocks. In short, it stinks. Add in the need to excrete frequently because of the large amount of calories consumed, and that butt is going to be pretty gamey by the end of the day.

            I see the health consequences of obesity every day: the purifying rashes and sores, the crumbled limbs and joints forcing the patient to need assistance or having to get a scooter, the inability to work and must live on welfare, often eating up twice the average salary in benefits payments, the limbs being chopped off as diabetes takes hold, the disgusting state of their lower regions. The obese should be forced by law to attend a ‘fat camp’ run by the US Marine Corps. You do not get out of there until you are fit – no ifs or smelly butts.

            • Ya know, that description you just painted caused me to regurgitate my morning coffee back up in my mouth. Thank goodness my teeth clenched at the right moment or the keyboard would have gotten wasted. Thank you very much.

          • It’s their choice to be fat and lazy. It shouldn’t bother you because they are choosing a lifestyle that is considered a slow suicide. I hate faggots, but it does not personally affect me. Though I know it shouldn’t bother me, I should just expect their life span to decline as well, right up there with the fat and lazy.

            • I agree with your freedom point BUT in the age of universal healthcare, we all pay for these lifestyles. The more people living that way, the higher the costs for all of us. It is cheaper to have a population of fit, healthy people than to have 60 percent or more obesity rates. And, aesthetically-speaking, the world is a brighter, nicer place. Give me skinny French girls in bikinis in Nice over heifers in one-pieces waddling along the beach in Coney Island. There is just no competition: French girls win every time.

          • Acid you keep adding to your list of people to hate….there’s no one left! Oops,sorry go look in the mirror there, there’s one more!

          • GMO…GMO…GMO…GMO…GMO.

          • Most fat folks are fat because of the commercial grown meat. those animals are fed growth hormones to make then mature faster and get fat. The redisuals are still in the meat. It makes the children mature faster and get fat. 12 year olds with big tits and a pot gut. Even the boys need to wear a bra. And too boot they don’t do anything. sit on there ass and play games or watch TV etc. and that tainted hormone meat makes the lazy assed adults fat & obese also.

            • Fat people are fat because of their over-consumption of carbohydrates and too little activity to burn it before the excess gets permanently stored as fat. Bread, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and other poisoned sources are what makes people fat. Even apple juice is something to stay away from.

        • Yeah make their minds up. With all these useless dollar around toilet paper would have some competition.

          • The actual supply of paper money is quite small. unless the mint starts printing notes in demoninations larger that the $100 bill. we wont be awash in cash money. paper wears out almost as much worn paper money is burned every day as is being printed. The powers that be want to reduce the actual paper money. they want to convert to a cashless society. Every time you use your debit card your helping the enemy. pay with cash and deny those parasites the taxes.

            • OG,
              I agree with you. We see images of pallets of $100 FRNs stacked to the skies to give a mental scale reference for “OUR” 18T debt. We hear of the Fed monitizing the debt and equate the two images to think all this paper is being made. Working in manufacturing for 19 years I did the math one day to determine the unit of time required in my business to manufacture 1 widget to arrive at 1 million manufactured widgets for the year. Basically it took 7 1/2 seconds of manufacturing time to create a finished widget in a 2080 man hour year.

              I don’t think ALL the US Mints together could print the amount of paper required to monetize “our” debt. It would be interesting to hear from someone who worked at a Mint as to their manufacturing capacity per year in FRNs. Nevermind the denomination of bill.

              The majority of the money supply is make up of electrons held in computer memories across the globe. Debit cards are a prime example. Some people do not carry printed money.

      2. ” “RMB: New Choice; The World Currency”

        Don’t think so , we got a ways too fall.
        china better get its own house in order first.

        • They are not Printing and Printing. there isn’t that much cash circulating. Who do you know who has wheelbarrows of worthless paper cash dollars? I think the paper cash money supply is shrinking. Its all just electronic transfers. the Chinese are not holding billions in paper dollars. its IOU,s agreements to pay like a car loan or home loan.

          • Depending on the size of the withdrawal, some (probably most) banks will not be able to supply you a large amount of cash on demand. Last I heard, they have to report any withdrawals over 5000 USD to Big Brother. I’d bet donuts to dollars that your local branch could not produce your million bucks held in deposit in Benjamins when requested at the teller. They have to order the FRNs from a larger bank for you to cash and carry.

      3. That is rather bold. They have plans.
        And they will be telling us what to do. We will be servants to them. Don’t laugh. If they become the new policemen of the world, then they will want to police us. But will the Government allow it to happen? Will it mean war?
        The end of the American Empire?
        Only time will tell.

        • There shouldn’t be any “world police”. Not the U.S., not China, Not Russia or any other country country. We have to stop the NWO push for “world” anything…or anyone.

          • Amen Six!

        • It’s going to take a whole helluva lot more to fix our debt, than curbing wasteful spending. First, we need to put a stop to 535+ wasted spaces in DC.

          • The National Debt is not fixable.
            It is not mathematically possible.
            Federal Government will need to file for Bankruptcy.
            I just don’t think other countries will approve.

      4. Don’t know about the rest of you , i though find myself lately seriously thinkin about ‘liquidating’ certain traitorous newly made millionaires and billionaires individuals who are directly responsible for the gestapo enslavement and destruction of on free Zog Amerika.

        To send a message to the rest of them , it’s time for them to retire or else.

        • Pecker,

          Yeah, and you’ll wind up in a jail cell with a pecker that has a woody shoved up your behind.

          • peckerwood, the time is coming. Be patient. When ROL goes out the window “a hunting we shall go”.

            • When rule of law goes out the window?!?! Patriot, the window is broken and there’s no sign of ROL here anymore. Why do you think the ruling elites are still free to pick through the carcass of the US and not one of those bastards is in a jail cell? Hunting season started long ago and the game is getting away!

            • the thing is we only need to cut off the corrupt heads of the zionist controlled zog amerika hydra snake, not attack it’s body.

              if we all were to just focus on destroying the corrupt zog heads we’d succeed in a coup within 72 hours.

          • don’t make a gurl promises you can’t keep collums…

            you gave me goosey pimples make me nipples hard lover boy

            oh’ you are such a tease, getting me all hot wet and flustered

            now i gotta do it!

      5. You can thank corporate greed for the rise in China’s power by transferring US manufacturing jobs to China.

        • Yeah, consumers buying the lowest priced items no matter their origin and avoiding the expensive American made ones had nothing to do with it.

          Nor did Congress when they removed all penalties from moving manufacturing overseas with the Free Trade agreements.

          • you forgot about Al Gore and his greenie glowbull warming army passing laws that added to the cost of production making good produced in the USA even more costly!

      6. Being able to trade worthless Treasury securities for raw materials and finished goods has given US citizens commercial clout compared to people elsewhere. One outcome of another currency replacing the USD is our living standard will be eviscerated. Get what you need now because you won’t be able to afford it later.

        China does not have to land a single military unit on US soil. According to Snyder, and several of those subsidiary articles he listed, we are well on our way to being China’s colony.

        Do you remember how good it felt to vacation in some marginally third world nation, having the pool boy run to fetch whatever your heart desired? How grateful he was for the pocket change tip you gave him? I”m probably too long in the tooth for that to be me. But your children better practice saying, “Thank you, sir” in Mandarin.

        A few thousand Islamic zealots IN THE MIDDLE EAST are no threat to our way of life. They don’t have the means to do us any significant physical harm. China does. But doesn’t need to. It only has to wait out trends that have been in motion several decades before it begins dictating terms.

        Those high tech points (engineering doctorates, computer gear etc) have military implications. The truth the article avoids stating is China’s military hardware is probably as good or better than ours. If my opinion is correct, it doesn’t matter how much our “defense” budget it, or whether we buy this system or that one, because globally it’s over.

        I wonder about those corporate boards sending all the manufacturing to China over so many decades were treasonous only from stupidity or was it deliberate.

        • there are plenty of people with huge stacks of ammo and weapons.could make for a lot of dead chinks.

          • Spoken like a true hillbilly ignoramus there jethro, you can ‘cipher em’ all when yer done.

      7. The rug is about to be pulled out from us any time PREPARE! I’m ready to die a free man what say you!

        • Yep Im there also. In the early days of this country the invaders tried to enslave the native americans. It failed because no reward was great enough and no punishment harsh enough to make then do slave labor. they fought & died or they refused to eat & died. So they gave up and imported Africans and exterminated the natives. Now the white man is at that place. We don’t make good peons & serfs. So we are targreted for extermination. The little brown folks make good peons & serfs. That why the open borders. that why they welcome illegals. We need to make them pay dearly. Like the native americans we are doomed but we need to resist in whatever manner possible. Now hopefully the magnetic pole shift will twart the NWO -Un and NWO,s plans?

          • And an EMP would save the postal service. The proof of what you speak OG can be found in the Civilian Internment and Labor laws. Their manual to be used to clean up any mess a pole shift may leave behind. You know better, poles don’t shift. Shift is too harsh and truthful. Poles pivot. The redefinition was buried in a military funding Bill because of what shift is without the f.

      8. Wont be the RMB. Nobody trusts China. It will be something new.

        • Tom.

          Obama Bucks.

          • Slinger-
            I would rephrase.

        • Toilet paper

      9. Finally!! A gold backed currency that does not inflate and is not a ponzi scheme pulled out of the asses of thugs in DC!!


        Can’t wait to exchange my garbage US currency with the new Chinese money!!

        • Yeah… because historically? Their currency hasn’t been manipulated. At all. Ever. 9_9…

        • Just something to consider. Every gold backed currency has turned to Fiat currency and every Fiat currency has trended to zero value. You can’t have a gold backed currency backing an infinite growth economic system in a finite world. So good luck to all those economies who’ll try to operate with business as usual. Richard Nixon found out the hard way that a gold backed currency doesn’t work when you are trying to keep the voters happy and making voters happy means EXPANSION of economies and DEBT LEVELS.

          One other thing no one mentions. The Chinese have been bigger cheaters and bigger liars than the Western banking cabal. They have printed more money than the Federal Reserve by 5x the amount, they have a bigger shadow banking system and have as many bubbles as the western financial system.

          So don’t worry i’m sure the Chinese will save the day. The Greeks also thought the Syriza Party was different as well and were going to unshackle them from all their debt.

      10. Keep preppin….hold out for a little while longer til it settles down.

      11. Maybe investing in art would be a better choice?

        The lawyer says to the wealthy art collector tycoon “I have some good news, and I have some bad news”.

        The tycoon replies “I’ve had an awful day, lets hear the good news first”.

        The lawyer says “Your wife invested $50 in pictures today which she figures are worth a minimum of $2 million”.

        The tycoon replies enthusiastically “Well done, very good news indeed! You’ve just made my day! Now what’s the bad news?”

        The lawyer replies “The pictures are of you banging your secretary”.

        • Damn POG, that was funny…
          But it does make one wonder what to peg ‘value’ to?
          Maybe pm’s are correct? Food? Water?
          Where is that crystal ball???

          • Hi Eppe….

            I know you know value. Faith, Family, Friends…..

            Glad you liked the joke. Life is tough enough without some laughter and fun in the mix.

            Hope you are staying warm and cozy with all the crazeee weather that has been happening to your side of the country.

            • Great joke POG. Thanks.

            • Liked it POG, it warmed me up.

      12. I’m Spreading Crap and Smoking Crack. Hahahaha!

      13. Nope, not gonna happen, if the U.S. economy take a hit (will, matter of time) or not. China is very dependent on the U.S. for trade, they sink with us. When our housing market burst, Chinese factories and mines shutdown. Their economy has drastically slowed growth with the ongoing U.S. downturn. Also the rest of the world doesn’t trust China, especially those with many funds. It’s simplistic to think China can maintain even the lesser standing it currently has if it loses a mass amount of the U.S. market with a downturn here.

      14. Irans gonna get the bomb before then they might have it already and threatened Obummer now the whole US is hostage Iran don’t get what they want poof we are dead it’s that simple. We will have to stop standing with israhell and the Iranians will turn gaza into the suns inferno. Christ will come back to deal with the devil once and for all the end. This is what I see happening the economy will be collateral damage. People the suffering is coming soon 911 was just the beginning of what’s to come they gotta out do it this time more death and destruction. The shtf will happen when you least expect it so be prepared at all times. I was at work on 911 when the towers were attacked. This was the biggest attack on America since ww2. It’s easy to forget what happened as time moves on. But we can’t

        • Israel has been singing that tune for 30 years about Iran going to have a bomb. If Iran was really a threat to Israel.
          Israel would of been destroyed by now.
          You are buying into the MSM propaganda, soon you will be another one of those dolts who believe Global Warming is real, because they like to constantly keep the lie alive.
          What will help Israel to be a safe place in the world, is for them to shut their damn mouths up and stay out of other peoples affairs.
          Sounds a lot like another country I know about. Oh nevermind, same political structure.

          • 🙂

          • So if your neighbor keeps telling you “as soon as I get enough money for my shotgun, you and your family are dead” your are telling me that you would just ignore them ?

            • The problem with that Jimb is that Iran is not threatening Israel. It is Netanyahu that is making up these allegations towards Iran.
              As I said above, Israel has been pulling this Threat Card for damn near 30 years. If something was to happen, it would of happened by now.
              Are you sick of Al Gore and his cronies keeping the Global Warming hoax alive? I know I am, this is no different then what Bibi has been doing. Difference is, you and others are buying into the theatrics of what the MSM is reporting and I am not.

              Lie, lie and lie again until the American people start to believe in the lie. This is where you and others are stuck. You have absorbed the lies that have been drilled into you and have accepted them for what they are. So Jimb, I’ll answer your question that you have for me.
              If my neighbor made a threat like that to me, no I would not ignore him. Instead, I would watch him very closely. I would wait until he made a move onto his promise, and once he is in the process of engaging me. I’d sneak up on him and beat the living shit right out of him with his own shotgun.

              • “The problem with that Jimb is that Iran is not threatening Israel. It is Netanyahu that is making up these allegations towards Iran”
                You have to be kidding me. Iran has said over and over and over and over they will wipe Israel and the Jews off the face of the map. You are either trying to get people fired up or you are ignorant.

              • While your children lay dead

      15. all reserve currencies eventually lose their status and are deposed and replaced
        this WILL happen to the dollar
        but I don’t think anytime soon

        we are the BIG bullies on the block
        we have by far,the biggest stick
        and that is our military
        we are using it and we will use it to maintain our status
        lives lost mean nothing to the government

        Darth Cheney said the American way of life is not negotiable
        Obama said the same thing

        just different sides of a very corrupt coin

        • “we are the big bullies on the block” . For all of our faults and mistakes, we are the greatest country the world has ever known and have represented hope to the oppressed people around the world.
          The American way of life should not be negotiable and Obama may have said that but He along with the countless other communists and socialist have lied to the American people and they been elected all across this country with the express purpose of destroying it within. Once the USA is no longer the country of our founders, then you will see bullies and tyrants and dictators and brutal massacres all over the world.

      16. $ is the least of worries really do you think the folks in the towers were thinking of $ after the building was struck. No way. they were thinking of getting out fast. $ is something to think about now get as much as you can so you can stop working and get on with life.

      17. Not going to happen. China has printed as many yuan as the U.S.A. had printed dollars or Europe has printed euro’s. They are connected to that Ponzi scheme the same way we are. After TSHTF there will be a big scramble to see how money will be king, your guess is as good as mine.
        I have read were China has 3 large cities built were there is no one living in them and the have built so many houses as of Dec, 2014 that they have 1.7 times more empty homes as the U.S.A. does.
        With that population that telling me that they have a bad housing bubble.
        Will there be a NWO dollar I don’t know only time will tell. We will see after the smoke clears.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

      18. Interesting video on “The Survivalist Blog” You may call the 223 a poodle popper, but it looks like the 62gr. green tip is pretty effective. Trekker Out

        • I agree, the .223 is a poodle popper, all 62 grs of it.

          f ’em

      19. does this blow the chance of Hamiltons face being taken off the ten dollar bill and replaced with a females face?

        • We should expect something like that if hillary gets her fat ass in the white house in 2016.

          • You know a country is beyond fucked up, when people are supporting the likes of a cunt named Hillary. She is 100% damage control, and there is plenty of physical and circumstantial evidence against her that this woman ought to be behind bars than being out in the public view.
            2016 will just be another Political Circus Show for the dumb down people in America to enjoy.

          • If you like Obama’s face on the tube all the time. Imagine Hillary telling us what we are going to do as a nation.
            Women’s vote will put her in office.

            • Commies votes will put her in office.
              Such is the office.

              f ’em

      20. If the US system had been managed properly none of this would be happening. Our founding fathers were right but our present regime has twisted the constitution for personel gain. It will be interesting to see who gets hurt the most.

      21. eh, we had a good run.

        • Yes it was a good run. and only a denialist wont admit it is in rapid decline. there isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution. So where and what does that leave us?

          • the cartridge box

      22. Mac

        Off subject but..quite a while ago you had mentioned constructing a forum platform with this site..

        Any updates on that?



      23. Nice, topical piece. Because we all know how weak the dollar has been lately……

      24. So srsly there aren’t peoples heads getting cut off um evil people didn’t attack the towers. Global warming is a money grab. It’s a theory meant to destroy America and force modernization. When a leader of a regime says they want to wipe your country off the map and they are working overtime to get the most destructive device ever devised. Wouldn’t you feel threatened I sure as hell would. I can understand their dilemma. If you think Iran doesn’t hate America you are living under a rock. What affairs are they meddling in. Their land is holy to Muslims as well Christians and Jews. It’s very complicated and I don’t claim to know all the details. You may not be a christian but read a bible it’s says the Jews are gods chosen people and that Israel is land promised to them by god. Also if you look at Israel prior to the 1940s it’s dry desert crap land really. If god didn’t bless these people why is it good fertile productive land now.

        • Ass Hat, I have read the bible and it is the reason why I don’t believe a damn word of it. You must be a sympathizer for the Jews and nothing more. I’m glad you pointed out the part about the Jews being the chosen people.
          I’m sorry, but the rest of us that are not Jews are not worthy of living? We are not Gods chosen people either? Sounds a bit crazy to me and the Jews thrive on the notion of them being the chosen. That is nothing more than pure arrogance.
          Why would I choose to believe in a book, that was written by numerous unknown authors, stories based by them claiming to be Gods words and work?
          These people at the time thought the earth was flat, why didn’t god tell them that this is not true? The Bible belongs with the rest of the fictional religions of the world, in the damn trash can.
          Religions of the world has been mankinds enemy since the day it was invented. If you want to kill others in the name of your religion, please by all means start with yourself first.

          • Why? that’s a good question. All I know you can take a person who is reasonable logical & prudent in almost every aspect of their life. and when it comes to their preferred religious superstition everything logical does not need to apply. They read the bible and use it to justify their superstition.

      25. The way that photo of the billboard was taken makes it look like the all-seeing pyramid is positioned right in front of the coin. I know it’s part of the building, but…

        Hidden meanings in plain sight?

      26. Fat people are disgusting hahahahahahahaha dude that is funny shit I agree they smell what a life that is. Eating twice the calories and being useless to do anything. Gotta have a scooter to get around diabetes how much $ does this cost the healthcare industry. You know the cost gets spread around to us all. Why is it my problem right. My brother was a marine he told me if you are fat they kick your ass extra hard because they know your lazy. Would you want to fight along side a guy that can’t carry a 50lb pack. Plus if he goes down do you wanna carry him over your shoulder.

      27. Didn’t want this to go down the memory hole. The “homeless man” shot by the police in L.A. was actually a convicted bank robber who was wanted for violating his parole (probation?). He had done jail time under the name of a man whose identity he had stolen years ago. The ID’s belonged to a Frenchman. The dead guy is an illegal immigrant from Haiti. Contributing to America, according to Obama.

        • Correction, he was from Cameroon.

        • The Prophet—one more reason why we never trust any media at face value.

      28. I have often wondered when China will be ready. This billboard helps. I would chip in to put it up on Wall Street where a good dose of reality is long overdue. There will be several new runners in the race for reserve and a topsy turvy race where the winner will be the most sound. I sense much hubris and economic chest thumping in these comments. The one being cheated on is always the last to know and boy are we being cheated on. There is no denial in truth, the rate of the pivot east is exponential but we must move on. For instance, to be ready to take the reigns so the military can hand them over. A Peoples Congress that makes a Constitutional reaffirmation after the oath is enforced may be a way to pine for what once was. Or what could have been if only we had enforced compliance. For we have lost our Constitutional protections and alienated our rights “on accident”. That is a combination of on purpose and by accident. GrandpaSpeak for “dead right”. The next lesson will concentrate on being “dead last”. The core of the curriculum.

      29. The Communist Chinese yuan is already the “American dollar” (which, being mostly only paper, isn’t worth anything anyway), since the U.S. economy is how much in debt to Communist Chinese bailouts? The retort that “only some of the U.S. debt is held by Communist China” is bogus, since the greatest part of U.S. debt is held by the U.S. Government–which has bought up failed assets with money borrowed from Communist China! The only U.S. money that’s actually real is the coinage. Its value in copper and nickel–its composition–and its limited supply make the cent really worth about $10 in current paper “money”. The repudiation of all U.S. paper money would bring prices (and the rich man’s economy) down to reality, just like enforcement of only the mandate for insurance companies to insure everyone, regardless of actuarial or health considerations, or go out of the insurance business would actually rid our healthcare market of the high-priced, big money in medicine that insurance makes possible and keeps in vogue. Big money doesn’t make anything more possible except the unwarranted power of those who have the most of it. Of course, with the devaluation of paper money, the government would unconstitutionally declare possession of valuable coin by the people to be “illegal” (declare war on them)–like FDR unconstitutionally did with gold in the 1930s.

      30. RMB , shmarMB, Ijust want my #7 with fried rice delivered in under 20 minutes, or there will be HELL TO PAY!

      31. It’s all part of THE plan. You were to dumb enough to protest against Nixon’s idea of abandoning the gold, and now you’re fucked up. You reap what you sow

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