NASA Signals Crisis: “California Has About One Year of Water Left”

by | Mar 13, 2015 | Aftermath, Commodities | 269 comments

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    The California drought has already been alarming enough not only for residents of the state – whose water supply was never secured, and has constantly been the source of heated controversy – but those across the country and globe who depend up on its agriculture for survival.

    As SHTF reported back in November, NASA scientists have already warned that California’s groundwater supplies are at critical low points, and threatening the food supply:

    A new Nature Climate Change piece, “The global groundwater crisis,” by James Famiglietti, a leading hydrologist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, warns that “most of the major aquifers in the world’s arid and semi-arid zones, that is, in the dry parts of the world that rely most heavily on groundwater, are experiencing rapid rates of groundwater depletion.”

    The most worrisome fact: “nearly all of these underlie the word’s great agricultural regions and are primarily responsible for their high productivity.”

    Now, Jay Famiglietti – the same NASA hydrologist who led the previous report – is sounding an all-out alarm that California has less than one year of water remaining based on satellite image data:

    Data from NASA satellites show that the total amount of water stored in the Sacramento and San Joaquin river basins — that is, all of the snow, river and reservoir water, water in soils and groundwater combined — was 34 million acre-feet below normal in 2014. That loss is nearly 1.5 times the capacity of Lake Mead, America’s largest reservoir.

    Statewide, we’ve been dropping more than 12 million acre-feet of total water yearly since 2011. Roughly two-thirds of these losses are attributable to groundwater pumping for agricultural irrigation in the Central Valley. Farmers have little choice but to pump more groundwater during droughts, especially when their surface water allocations have been slashed 80% to 100%. But these pumping rates are excessive and unsustainable.

    As difficult as it may be to face, the simple fact is that California is running out of water — and the problem started before our current drought. NASA data reveal that total water storage in California has been in steady decline since at least 2002, when satellite-based monitoring began, although groundwater depletion has been going on since the early 20th century.

    Right now the state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing. California has no contingency plan for a persistent drought like this one (let alone a 20-plus-year mega-drought), except, apparently, staying in emergency mode and praying for rain.

    Famiglietti makes no hesitation in calling for mandatory water rationing and other measures to cut water uses:

    First, immediate mandatory water rationing should be authorized across all of the state’s water sectors, from domestic and municipal through agricultural and industrial. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is already considering water rationing by the summer unless conditions improve. There is no need for the rest of the state to hesitate.

    And he further claims that public support, at over 94% in polls, is sufficient to support massive state intervention in residential water usage, and even back mandatory restrictions.

    If the claims of California’s water shortage are not overstated for effect, it may be tough times coming for the Golden State.



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      1. Osgerby: A grim future for water

        “In a country home to approximately 12 percent of the world’s freshwater sources, its largest city faces a shortage unseen in humanity’s history. São Paulo, Brazil, and its upwards of 20 million residents, has fewer than 60 days left of water in reserve.”

        too many people
        and a finite planet
        not a good mix

        the chickens are coming home to roost

        • Article forgot to mention the 2 Billion gallons of FRACKING Waste water that was dumped in the Cali Aquifer by US Energy Co’s.

          • Which is nothing compared to the water used by millions of illegal aliens, in addition to other finite resources such as housing, fuel, employment, and public services.

            • Amen brother,but the Gerry Brown liberals don’t want to hear this!

          • And nothing compared to the million acre-feet of water they poured down rivers to keep some useless fish the size of a sardine alive.

            Unintended consequences of monumental Greenie stupidity.

            • At one time they (greenies) wanted to tear down the Hetch Hetchy dam and return the valley to its’ original state. Luckily smarter heads stopped that even though the green freaks still want to do it. The 76-77 drought was worse than this however back then there were only 19 million in the state while now it is 39 million of which probably half are illegals from where ever. Unless there is some serious rain by next year all those illegals plus all the new ones Obammie is importing will be heading elsewhere.

              • That’s not the only issue, yes that drought might have been worse, but the fact that CA is suffering MULTIPLE droughts is excacerbating it, a lot like death by a thousand cuts

              • Elsewhere? Back to Mexico? Not a chance, Obamy got air flights ready to take them all across the USSA. They are “refugees” after all, comrades.

                I would lament CA but it’s every man for himself, this boat is going down.

            • If only it was due to stupidity…….. it’s a managed crisis, that is not at all a natural event. HAARP, and purposeful waste and such. Charge three dollars a bottle for water and suggest the illegals head home……..or something like that.

            • I wonder if they will shut down he golf courses LOL

            • The Old Coach: So you’re saying it’s better to let the fish die and continue to water the growing swarm of people in So.Cal.? No offense, but that does NOT sound very smart because by continuing to give this growing mass of people cheap water only encourages them to waste it as if were a limitless resource. Jamming 38+ million people into a state, based on its geography, natural resources, and weather patterns, should hold 4-5 million at most, is just asking for trouble. I know, I was born and raised there and know these things because I studied and lived these things. I’ve since moved to a state where it’s a lot less populated and water is not nearly the problem as it is there. They are so screwed, but most of them don’t know it yet. I’m waiting to see where they go in the ‘Mass Exodus’ from the wasteland that was So.Cal.

              • A solutiob of neither seems ideal, I’m a CA transplant too, I find it comfy in Texas, as does my wife, however she’s itching to move back for the sole reason of all our families back there are too stupid to look up to see greener pastures.0

          • Read an article that said fracking takes less water than a golf cource….just saying.

            • That may be, although from what I’ve seen of those fracking industry statistics, the numbers are manipulated to minimize the apparent water usage for fracking. However, even if the number is correct, the comparison is not relevant. Water used on a golf course either runs off or seeps down and back into the ground water supplies. It is available for reuse. Once the water for fracking has been contaminated by the other chemicals and additives, it is lost for reuse forever. It cannot be used for anything else and if it gets into the general water supply, it contaminates water that could be used for regular consumption. Water for golf courses equals temporary diversion. Water for fracking equals permanent loss.

            • I think that’s right. I live in the middle of the Marcellus Shale play…..wells all around me – six within 5 miles, that I know of. If they were using as much water as the antis say, there’d be pipelines carrying it to the site, or row upon row of tanker trucks. I see neither.

            • 6-20 million gallons of water. Depends on number of fracs, length of lateral, etc. Just think of it as keeping the oceans from rising and covering up all of the land mass from global warming/climate change. 😉

              • Water world is not a documentary dude. Even if all the I’ve melted, water would rise 250 ft at most, not 29,990 ft to cover the highest landmass

          • Shut up you DOLT! Commiefornia has the MOST regs and LEAST fracing in the country. Stupid idiotic liberal tree hugger.

        • That means the millions of scum illegals infesting that place will move east. Shit.

          • East and North…look out Oregon, Washington and Idaho. I guess that state is now as dried up and worthless as feinstein herself.

            • I am happy to grow food and buy food from non-California/non-Fukushima sources and at much higher prices as long as California’s sick, tyrannical, taxaholic example dies with every productive industry in that Chekist state.

                • What happened to your rating system Mac?

                  • Because we do not require logins to ‘vote’ the system was easily compromised by database injections … The feature will return as soon as we bring user logins onto the site ( but anonymous commenting will still be allowed)… User account holders, however, will have additional features like voting and private messaging available to them.

                    Sorry for the inconvenience.



                    • Commenters who prefer to not log in should allowed to
                      express their agreement with a given comment. Or, if
                      the case merits it, their disagreement.

                      This is the kind of thing that makes people paranoid
                      and highly suspicious, Max. Anyone who has been following
                      the ADL / SPLC and other Cultural Marxist outfit’s endless
                      and relentless efforts to get the First Amendment abolished,
                      or at a minimum, placed under their control so they can
                      become the arbiters of what kinds of speech will be legal
                      or illegal, understands that one tactic that they are using
                      to circumvent the First Amendment in a round about way has been to (a) try to eliminate anonymity on the web, so as to (b) allow these totalitarian, evil Bolshevik bastards to be
                      able to track people down who dare to speak the truth about
                      the evil the ‘state’ or ‘ruling elites’ are doing, and then
                      get them fired from their jobs. This tactic effectively
                      Nullifies the First Amendment via non constitutional means,
                      because people are afraid to speak the truth.

                      This ‘forcing commenters to login and register’ is an end
                      run around the First Amendment. It is intended to instill
                      Fear and to squash dissident.

                    • I agree and that is why I expressly noted “anonymous commenting will STILL be allowed.”

                      Account logins will only be necessary for users who want access to certain features that can only be secured through unique user accounts, such as private messaging and “voting” with our thumbs system.

                    • Tucker, there is no “anonymity” on the internet. There has been none for years. Just because you use a pseudonym in the login box, doesn’t mean they can’t track your machine ID back to you. Your IP address gives them everything they need to know, to track you down, if they wanted to.

                      Your IP address gives you an identity every time your device logs onto the net. The servers use it to accept and direct traffic, sending you what you requested, like a web page you clicked on the link to.

                      Posting as “Anonymous” doesn’t mean you ARE anonymous.

                  • 11 People with “Potential Exposure” to Ebola Being Brought to American.ummm.Hotels???

                    “The news comes one day after an American health care worker who came down with Ebola while volunteering in West Africa arrived at a National Institutes of Health hospital for treatment, the NIH said.”

                    “…the Americans coming home will stay at HOTELS and other housing near the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, the National Institutes of Health in Maryland or Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.”

                    The Organic Prepper

                    Just weeks before spring break, where there will increased numbers of people (college kids and families) traveling.

                • Six pack.. you are correct.Only fools admit they own guns,

                • But it’s true! Haven’t you been noticing all the guns lost in boating accidents lately? It’s staggering.

                  • Yeah Para, Not only did I lose all my guns, but the big scare about the 223 ammo gave me a chance to sell all of the 223 ammo I had laying around, for a real nice profit. Trekker Out. It Feels Great To Be A Gun Free Zone!

                    • They asked my Husband and I if we have guns in the house at our babies doc appointment. We told them my husband lost all our guns along with his common sense while he was in Iraq. Lol

            • Oh but surely they won’t give up all of their water-wasting golf courses and swimming pools to help suppress the drought. No way, just keep wasting water and punishing the farmers, and letting Monsanto push their cancerous drought-resistant seeds.

              • If you look at geoengineering maps/ sat pics (chemtrailing) cali is very heavily sprayed. This whole drought thing is engineered. If people that can rub 2 brain cells together look into it they will see for themselves. Heavy spray = heavy drought. At least the people of Mt. Shasta are trying to do something about it. The water from Mt. Shasta now has 14X the limit of aluminum in it. People that deny spraying are nothing but ignorant, retarded, stuck in la la land, fools that are too damn lazy to even research the matter whatsoever. It’s right in their faces and they are so braindead they still deny it. They even admit they do it for fooks sake. But no, thats too hard to believe and as long as I don’t look into it I can continue to deny it because I hate truth.

                • It’s BULL SHIT.
                  There is plenty of water, under the surface.

                  Water Crisis Hoax.

                  Primary Water explained. Why we do not have a water shortage.

                  Those that want to run the show, who run NASA, want the masses to believe “only one year left”. Where did they come up with that? It’s a fabrication, it’s a manufactured drought, so as to raise taxes and implement more draconian laws.

                  • Well you might be correct European..

                    .will have to research a bit more.

                    .afterall the majority of water utilized for the public is from reservoirs(surface water)

                    perhaps Nestle Pepsi etc already have claimed’rights’ to the aquifer beneath the surface once the reservoirs run dry..


                  • I’m a degreed geologist and spent 25 years as a reservoir engineer and you are full of SXXX. To some people, Nothing is real everything is a cover up for something else.
                    Well I lived in S Ca for 25 years and the lack of water is REAL, Yes they are stupid and waste a lot but you people who think everything is some kind of put up from the moon landings to holes in the sky are just wack’o. Just go there and ask yourself where do 60 Million people get enough water to live in this desert? Better yet just go away you are sucking the brains out of the world.

                    • “Just go there and ask yourself where do 60 Million people get enough water to live in this desert?”


                    • So, rather than throw a tantrum, watch the videos and disprove them with your “degreed geologist” status. Show us what you learned in “25” years. Tell us how and why the weather has been intentionally manipulated, to create “the obvious” massive surface drought in that area. Share with us why you lived for 25 years with the 60 million “stupid and wasteful”? (Of course, you didn’t actively participate with the programmed natives all that time there, right?)

                      Lastly, Name and Form…Paranoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself. Looks like California got inside your cranium, as it commonly does for those who stay as long as you seem to have endured the collectives influence.

                    • EA a while back a man said you can ignore reality; you cannot ignore the effects of ignoring reality. Unless the rains come back to the SW in 2-3 years you are going to find out just how stupid pretending the water is really there, is. And I have no reason to prove it to you. I drove past lake Shasta and others this winter. I’ve seen Lake Mead. And chem trails bother me just a little less than Unicorn Rainbows. Yes my Handel is “Paranoid” but I’m not concerned by the Bogey man these days I grew up, some don’t.

                  • Anytime you want to raise prices, you claim shortage or create a shortage. I beleive it started with a coffee shortage from Colombia.

                • I live at the foot of Mount Hood, almost center of the state, and I’ve noticed many more chemtrails in the sky in the last year or so. Perhaps they’re starting to do the same thing up here, that they did in California. I can’t help but think TPTB are literally trying to engineer drought conditions here in the PNW.

                  • The PNW is at record low snowpack this winter. Look for issues this summer when competing users of water find out there may not be enough to go around.

                    Olympic Peninsula at 30% of normal.
                    Central Washington at 60%,
                    North Cascades at 70%
                    South Cascades at 45%

                    • This is great, when the rivers and lakes dry up this Summer we can find all those guns lost in boating mishaps.

                    • Record low snowpack could be because of how warm the weather has been this winter west of the Cascades. It may not be snowing but it certainly has been raining.. a lot. This has been a very warm and wet winter. Not at all drought conditions north of Seattle, south of Vancouver BC.

                  • sixpack

                    After researching as much as possible re ;chemtrails, via keyboard query’s,articles, and videos…my question is this.

                    Where the hell do these jets emanate from ?

                    And who is coordinating the flight patterns that always preface oncoming storm fronts…?

                    Obviously it’s a worldwide phenom as I have friends in EU and Brazil that send me pix of the same patterns there as well..

                    It appears we’ll never know for now…


                    • Californians need to stop hording all the water. That will slow down the shortages. Sarc. Ha!! No doubt the masses will move to where the water is. There has been plenty of mass migrations over the centuries. Like the Myans who disappeared in time. Imagine LA emptying out in a week. Road Warrior. Mad dash to the water fountains in Las Vegas. Like locusts consuming everything in their paths. Lots of caltraps needed to slow down the exodus.

                    • I’ve started taking pics too. I have a couple with a nice rainbow aura around the obscured sun. The trails in the sky have doubled since I took that pic last month.

                      My area is now in the minus side of the chart. I live in Oregon because it’s green. If it turns into a desert too, I may as well live in Wyoming, there’d be fewer lefties.

                  • Does everyone here not know what a CONtral is? They are just burned jet fuel, mostly steam CONdensed water. and all they do is cause a lot of clouds, Yes condensed water will cause strange colors, they are called rainbows. The only real Chemtrails are from the crop dusters and yes they do ruin my nose, but they don’t seem to be destroying the world. Stop doing strange drugs.

              • Just got back from month in Ca. yesterday. Made sure to wash my car there and take a glass of ice water out with me..

        • Ah…let all the folks in from other countries.
          HUGE mistake.
          We should have closed our borders long ago.

          Anyone ever calculate how much water a lifetime of a little Mexican kid uses up?
          Then multiply.

          So… desalinization plant time guys.
          Take that nevada desert and convert it into a giant solar collector,,,,crank electricity to power the water plant. Simple!

          It sure will be interesting to watch this all go down.
          And.. The folks in Buffalo, NY are all laughing at you.

          I’m off to take a one hour shower and let the water run as long as I like!

          Anyone ever hear of all the ships that come into the great lakes to steal water?

            • Well I guess I should have read further down the comments.

          • No, I haven’t but they sure dump a of ballast there. Maybe that’s why there are so many strange beings in the water in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Hmmm, that explains a few things, since I live in Wisconsin. Hmmm.

            • I always thought it was just tourists up from Illinois. 🙂

          • “We should have closed our borders long ago.”

            Ah, but because those who serve within our governments did not rush to shut the borders, because they assisted those illegals in coming here, and dispersing them all over the USA, THAT tells any thinking person that the “war on terror” is a LIE and is actually a war on the American people.

            If one would bother to do a few minutes critically thinking. They know that most will not so they are safe doing this OPENLY.

            • The Sierra Club will not come out against illegal immigration, in order to protect their tax-exempt status.

              Total sellout on the environment, the people of the nation they claim to act for, and much of their own membership.

        • california is 40 years behind on building desalination plants,oh! but wait…they want the feds to build them and pay for them.
          p.s. they will never get that damned water pipeline from the great lakes!

        • There’s always room for one more human- my child!
          I used to be for population control, but really I’m just a hypocrite, because as soon as the GF got preggies, I forgot all about that.
          Now I drive with my kids in a car to ‘save the planet’ rallies and don’t dare see the contridiction of that.
          Soon the kids will be driving & breeding like me

          (Breeders feigning concern for the planet as kids plop out everywhere… admit it, humans are like a suicidal virus. Almost foreign to nature.)

        • Lets not forget, it’s NASA saying this………… trust, not.

        • Not to mention the over flowing spring melts that could easily be piped to Cali….think of what was accomplished with the oil pipeline from Alaska to the gulf of mexico…if you can do that in tundra conditions why not over standard ground from say Mississippi to Cali? It’s because the Powers that be a.k.a. >>T.H.E.Y. < The Hearsay Experts for You don't want you to have water in cali..In Cali exists the largest Afro American population of the northern hemisphere…you think rock-star records and the c.i.a. want anyone there to drink?

      2. Hope they don’t run out of water before TSHTF. Because an exodus of all those liberals out of Cali could destroy the whole country. Trekker Out.

        • I’m surprised they haven’t put in a pipeline to the
          Great Lakes by now.
          About the only thing that’s not been raped yet by
          our perverted uncle sam.

          • Nestle has already tapped the water, bottles it and sends it to china . BILLIONS of gallons yearly.
            I saw these huge wells (and i mean HUGE), they promised jobs to jenni grandholm (D) and BOOM instant done deal.
            Now half a dozen people operate an automated plant.

            And yep , how quick would obama push for a pipeline outta the Great Lakes to feed Cali ?
            Alot quicker than Keystone , guaranteed .

            • Bottled water sent overseas, swimming pools, green golf courses and lush private landscapes do not speak of water shortages or anybody limiting water use. All of those should have been cut BEFORE cutting water to farms.
              But the plan has been to cut off water to FOOD producers and allow it to lawns, pools, overseas shipments….

              If there is a water shortage, the choices they are making seem to be designed to cause the most destruction not to mitigate it.

              And where is their water containment? When it rains they allow it all to flow into the sewer or concrete riverbeds and out to sea. Why, in the cities, haven’t they constructed huge resavoirs to contain the rainfall that would go into the sewers or the sea? They could filter it or allow it to slowly seem back into the ground and replenish the water table instead of just letting it go to sea.

              • There’s no doubt in my mind that California hasn’t earned everything that’s happening. What a stupid lot they are.

                • Sixpack, there is no known cure for stupidity. Can’t fix Cali. With their communist policies, they DO deserve what is coming to them.

                  • It is not the fault of the people who came to California on horseback and wagons, settled.

                    It is the fault of the people they crammed into the cities, those brought here and PROPAGANDIZED in public schools as they are spreading now through the complete USA.

                    There was a reason that the state of California was targeted for destruction. This has been decades in the making – California and the USA.

                    Those that serve within our governments needed to destroy the one state that could actually feed the world. They built cities and suburbs on the best growing land, they implemented Agenda 21 zoning, etc to destroy this state. They encouraged the corrupt to live here and be in office.

                    Election Fraud in California, and throughout the complete USA stills the peoples voice, while the cartel corporate media sells lies, and informs all on what to think.

                    • I’m sure you’re right, Cal.

                • I suggest that border states protect themselves from a California exodus.

                  Only those Californians that leave the state carrying a dozen firearms or more and have a confirmed job can be trusted in the border states.

                  • I left California 2 weeks ago, now in Wyoming. I guess I’ve got around a dozen firearms (too lazy to count right now)… but given the insane laws in California, anyone with more than 3-4 weapons simply does *not* fit in Cali.

                    I left because… well, collectivist Hell is NOT the place I wanted to be when SHTF. And my work has always required me to be close to major metropolitan areas… but I got lucky.

                    Hoping to find a house to buy, where I can practice 1000-yd shots off my back porch. 😉

                    • I don’t ‘fit’ in cali because I’m not a commie.

                  • Fair enough, When a natural disaster, nuke meltdown, or some other calamity befalls “YOUR” state, stay there and die with it! Don’t come here, knuckle-dragging buffoon!

                    Oh, don’t like gross generalities and assumptions based on the mental equivalent of loose bull stools?! Don’t let that stop you! Everybody has ESP and can get a job telepathically AFTER the SHTF! Don’t know what skills someone has?! NO PROBLEMO! Just separate them from “YOUR” stuff, drag them to the edge of “YOUR” road into “YOUR” state, and chop off “THEIR” head for DARING to encroach on “YOUR” state! Yeah, that’s fucking brilliant! Until “YOUR” state secedes from the UNITED STATES, you have ZERO right to call any action upon “YOUR” state’s borders! Do you get how moronic that sounds?

                    Its not the fault of the population that lives here, its the stupid actions and mis-management of politicians/water resources board, which BTW, is a rampant problem in EVERY state – including “YOURS.” Declare war on the Oppressors, not those stuck to the bottom of Their boots.

                    BTW, who appointed “YOU” the border patrol to “YOUR” state? Does the term, “Freedom to Travel” ring a bell? Last time I checked, personal ownership stopped at the fence of “YOUR” land, Douche…

                    • Calm down or you will draw attention as you attempt to cross the border from CA. [laughing] As if my joke was a serious proposal to man the barricades on I-80, I-5, and I-10?

                      My facetious comment was meant to draw attention to the problem of Californication (not restricted to the talmudvision show). Individual California voters and statist activists export the same politics that suicided California in the first place. Look at how Oregon and Washington states have become fag magnets and statist dystopias due to the influx of infected Californians. After all, Oregonians and Washingtonians weren’t “born that way.”

                      Expat Californians bearing arms and holding jobs are not the problem. Guns and jobs are meaningful markers that separate California’s decent escapees from California’s welfare rats, godless perverts, and statist enablers.

                  • Maybe the USA could secede from California !

                    • SPACE RESERVED FOR C.R.C… to rant against another jocular remark.

              • Cara, you can’t fix stupid.

              • Exactly.

              • I wonder where some of you get the silly ideas that you post here. In my area of San Diego county there is hardly a live lawn to be seen. All are dead or have been replaced by hardscape. As for golf courses many have been converted to industrial parks or just let go back to nature. I love all you mean little people who get to feel better making fun of others problems. Most likely you are mostly left wing progressives as that is the emotional state they live in. Hatred and envy. It will be great when our twenty million illegals head your way. As for us we are going back to Oregon which is also in a drought. The big high pressure sitting over Alaska is blocking all the storms. Chem trails. What morons to believe that. Even Joe Biden is not that stupid.

            • Hammer, But Nestle paid a whole 100.00 thats right, one hundred dollars for all the water they steal from the great lakes! Motherf*&^%kers!

              • Hmm….the water in the Great Lakes flows from one into another, then over Niagara Falls and into Lake Ontario, on into the St. Lawrence River, and finally into the Atlantic Ocean.

                Nestle takes almost literally less than a drop out of the bucket. Has Niagara Falls quit running yet ? When it does, starting worrying.

                HOW many municipalities around the Lakes draw their water out it for nothing ?

                Jeez…that Nestle thing is a big mountain made out of a tiny molehill.

                • ANDY , respectfully , NO

                  ht tp://

                • Half the lakes belong to Canada. So what is the big deal about some lake water which will never be missed. People worry about the dumbest crap. Not like these are a small set of lakes.

              • Who needs water when you have BEER! 🙂

            • Didn’t nestle get busted for adding .0001 percent chocolate to it’s bottle tap water to get humanity hooked on plain ole nasty tap water? you do realize chocolate has a miniscule caffeine content right. Imagine a caffeinated water that you thought was *clean….You might as wel call Nestle a Big Pharma outlet…
              You know what gets bashed in Merika is reintroduced to lessor grade countries…you KNOW the countries that dont have environment or health laws….(coughz) >>>HIC-CHINA-UP?

          • They should have been building de-salinization plants with all those jooster/follywood megamillions they wasted on cocaine and booze, and big gov pensions.

            Charlie Sheen snorted an drank a cool million by himself.

            • They DELIBERATELY released the water from Folsom Dam. Yes, deliberately. Ever tour that dam? I have and it is not a single button one can accidentally lean on to let out the dam. What about all who keep their boats in the water .. it was known, it was reported, and they KEPT releasing the water as if no one saw, and definitely ignored those that tried to stop the release.

              Like everything else, that was DELIBERATE – control the food, control the water, control the people.

              Study history? Most (all of them that I know of) democides in the last century start with starving the people, not letting them have water.

              Does anyone, and that does include the people outside of California – critcally think anymore?

              • Control the food, control the water, get drilled full of holes when the people finally say enough is enough

                • Kula, enough has been enough for a very long time now, yet still nobody is doing anything about it, just keyboard commandos with tough words and no action.

                  • Nobama

                    We are all a bunch of Keyboard Commando’s. Anyone have an idea when it will be best to engage the enemy?

                    Hop on the bus, Gus.
                    Make a new plan, Sam.
                    Don’t have to be coy, Roy.
                    Just get yourself free.

            • The enviros will not allow it. It took a dozen years to get the Carlsbad desal going because of their tactics. This country is finished. Lawyers control everything and they all go into elected govt.

          • OW….
            Read this story. Internationalist will destroy anything for tyranny…even deny water to its own citizens.
            ht tp://

            Live Free or Die…dem bonz…dem bonz…dem dry bonz

            • “obama allows great lakes water to be sold to china as half the us faces extreme water crisis”

              I can see only two possible reasons for this.

              1) This govt owes so much money to China, there is little choice but to cave in to their demands, or

              2) Congress has the collective IQ of a cucumber.

              Even feinstein has enough common sense to know that if she destroys her own state and voter base, she won’t be a congressperson anymore. There would be no state left to represent. No California voters, no representative. Even that bitch can’t be THAT stupid, can she?

              I guess both could be true.

              • Sixpack, it’s all being done by design. Neither Feinstein nor any other scum political hack gives a shit, period.

              • Sixpack, neither feinstein nor any other political hack cares. It’s all being done by design.

                • That must have been important enough to say twice.

                  Do explain how completely wiping out California would benefit .gov…?

                  California is the largest growing socialist voter base in the US.

                  It’s the largest local economy in the US.

                  It’s the largest tax base in the US.

                  So seriously, explain to me how ANY of this will benefit them if it all goes away?

                  • What you see in Cali is the beta test for the rest of the nation. Cali was flooded with illegals long before the rest of the nation and the costs of schooling, feeding, housing etc millions of non-taxpayers is bankrupting them. Next add the rediculous city, county and state retirement packages and the state can’t meet it’s current obligations let alone it’s future ones.

                    Does any of that sound familiar?

                    The southern border has been let open by design. The new Obama immigration bill sets up communities of illegals who will get free benefits and not be expected to assimilate. No need to learn English or work. They will be paid by the working citizens. It is in the bill. Now why would they do that? Well what would those people and all those who are already on welfare etc do to keep their freebies? They will do whatever the government wants.
                    And if the citizens ( then slaves to the illegals and welfare crowd) want the same benefits…? That is not possible because somebody must work to pay for all this. Your taxes are projected to go up 15 to 25% under this new program. I would tell you to contact your Congressmen and yell a lot but is anybody listening any more? They don’t need voters because they have computerized vote machines.

                    My only question is where are all those military that were put out of service because they flunked the test that this administration gave them. The test was about their loyalty to the Constitution and this nation or whoever was paying them. What are they doing? Are they in contact with each other? Are they talking? Because right now we have a federal government who gives all appearances to be totally criminal and even at war with the citizens of this land. They ignore or break any laws they want and now they are threatening the physical safety of every American. And the creation of alternative societies of illegals within this nation sounds a lot like a foreign takeover. How many of these societies will be sunni muslin? There have been a lot of middle easterners walking into the southwest from Mexico. And a lot of Chinese also.

                    When the Cali landowners have lost their lands to drought and the states refusal to honor their water rights, and moved away, the bankers and agribusiness will come in and turn the water/rain back on. They will own all that valuable growing land and get it for nothing. That is what is happening with the weather.

                    • Or…

                      it could be that God is fed up with all of follywood and the gay bay crowd. The drought is not only natural, but it is a supernatural event.

                      It is God’s way of saying…”Get the flock out of the most sinful place in America, for I am about to break it into pieces and cast it into the ocean.”

                      I see a mighty shaking coming to Cali.

                    • “When the Cali landowners have lost their lands to drought and the states refusal to honor their water rights, and moved away, the bankers and agribusiness will come in and turn the water/rain back on. They will own all that valuable growing land and get it for nothing. That is what is happening with the weather.”

                      MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY, Cara. IF there really is a way to at least partially control rainfall, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is how it would be used by TPTB. It’s the perfect crime—they can steal an entire state and blame it on “mother nature” or even God.

                      For the record, I personally don’t believe GOD is punishing California with a drought. The scriptures say that we will stand before God in the end, and receive our rewards or punishments as God sees fit.

                      I don’t believe He’s handing out punishments before we are even judged. That’s what our rogue govt does, NOT God. I’m afraid I wouldn’t worship a vengeful, mean-spirited God. MY version of God loves me, and will judge me only once. JMO

                  • Billy, Cali will be destroyed one way or another. If not by a drought, then by an earthquake. We’re witnessing God’s judgment on this nation and Cali is only part of it.

                  • Sixty million commies voted for bommie, twice. How many of those sixty million commies were from the commie state of cali?

                    f ’em

                • Brave, That is correct. Another word for it is genocide. Control the weather, control the food supply, control the people. Really simple plan actually. The Govt. has been experimenting with genocide plans for years and years. Everything from food additives, vaccines, water treatment, medical/pharma, gmo, engineered diseases, radiation, you name it. All hidden under the guise of these things are safe go back to sleep or it’s just nature. Look Mommy, there’s an airplane up in the sky….

              • This is an example of why the USA is deep into global shit. Our attitude. Maybe we should consult with our neighbor who resides on the northern shores of and shares these lakes? Nah, fuck them too. One of these days Americans will find sympathy as hard to find as a California aquifer. I’ll bet many think the USA owns the St. Lawrence Seaway too, what about Niagara falls? Canadians have already had debates about sending water south, about the dangers of commercializing this resource(Nestle). Water that would flow north into the Arctic ocean could be redirected south. I brought this up at a round table discussion once and a person, yes he was an American, seriously asked how could water flow up hill into the Arctic? We adjourned the meeting and I left thinking something about three hundred million well deserved Darwin awards and the point of watering a weed.

                • “…an American, seriously asked how could water flow up hill into the Arctic?”

                  Perfect example of our education system in action. 🙂

              • Yes, she and Barbara Boxer D-CA, the “other US senator were THE main drivers behind preventing the Delta Water Project from delivering ANY water whatsoever to the Central Valley Project……to protect the “endangered” snail darter (three inch) fish.
                Both of them cater exclusively to their San Francisco base, (who get THEIR water exclusively from the Hetch Hetchy reservoir, which is exclusive to San Francisco only).
                SO, it IS a case of some pigs being far more equal than others. Like to see a megaquake compromise the Hetch Hetchy dam, would serve those “enlightened” voters right.
                The migrant farm workers in the Central Valley, “those people” in Marxist-Prog-speak, most of whom are Hispanic immigrants who emigrated here for a better life, found out first hand, that the Marxist-Prog-Slave Masters(Boxer and Feinstein) really don’t give a crap about “them” at all. No water, means no jobs, no food for them. Many Central Valley communities have to truck in water now, thanks to Dianne and Babs. Their slaves don’t need to bathe so much anyway, after all, their just illegals…(good little Marxist-Prog slaves for the political elite in CA.)
                What happens to the water from the Delta Water Project, you ask? Why it just drains into the San Francisco bay, then into the Pacific Ocean. F…the Central Valley brown people, thank you Sierra Club San Franciscans.

                • Actually the greenies have been trying to get the Hetch Hetchy removed. It also supplies San Fran with a lot of its’ electrical power. These people want to take the world back to the same time as the Muslims do. That is why the left and the Muzzies have the same goals just different ways to get there.

            • Not only are they taking water from the Great Lakes to sell to China, they are denying our rights to collect rainwater on our own properties. Fucking tyrannical bastards our .gov has become.

              • Nobama, tell the feds to get f#$%ed and start collecting rainwater anyway. My family has rainwater collection systems on their homes in north GA. No water=no farms=no food.

            • Those that serve within our governments do NOT own that land, the lakes, the minerals in our soil, the air above our nation, the oceans surrounding our nation, “We the People” do.

              What Obama did was FRAUD, for which he and his administration are personally RESPONSIBLE for selling, giving away, etc what he/they do NOT own.

              Think. That is ours, no one elses.

              • Cal, AMEN to your comments.

              • Those that serve within our governments do NOT own that land, the lakes, the minerals in our soil, the air above our nation, the oceans surrounding our nation, “We the People” do.

                You’re so cute. 🙂

                Sounds like you really believe that. HAHAHAHAHA!

                You don’t own anything .gov doesn’t allow you to own.

          • Schhhhhhhhhhhhh…………

            Don’t tell!!!!

        • Trekker….I actually lol’d at that.I want the thumbs back.

          • Day 15 at my new hidey BOL. Fresh water and a FL spring on 3 sides of my wooded property. Other side of the water is 30, 000 acres of swamp and estuary. Deer turkey woodpeckers cranes hawks. All runs by. Getting all my preps in place.

            • Love this place, lots of gun fire in the area. Last round of fire sounded like 9mm. No stinkin Martial law going to be followed around here. 2 deer 30 yrds from my camp got spooked and hit the water. Shot at 3 snakes with pellet rifle. Take the heads right off the snake. Got the solar panel to charge a spare car battery for inside power with the inverter. All off grid here. My monthly expenses now down to $480. /Mo. Let er’ Rip!!

              • WWTI, glad to hear things are going well at your new place. I’ll be making a supply run to the BOL in north GA later this month. No water issues in those mountains. There’s a nice deep well with Flojak hand pump for backup in case the power goes out for the main well pump and one side of the property borders on a year-round creek which has some great tasting water in it. The cabin has a rainwater collection system on it. Also has a nice solar energy system for backup whenever the grid is finally lost. Wood stove for heating and cooking. My cousin and I along with the rest of the family are ready for the ‘reset’ to take place. Not feeling sorry for the morons in Cali one bit.

                • I love cooking on a wood stove. I love the general taste of the food, especially if you throw in some hickory.

                  • That must be one nation of a smokey wood stove, if the wood you burn makes a difference in the taste of the food you cook on top of it.

                    If you cook “in” it, well that i might believe.

                    Think about it. It makes you sound pretty stupid, like you say God doesn’t allow things to happen in our lives that causes us to make a change, or a move.

                    A word to the wise be sufficient.

            • WWTI I just love to eat woodpecker, especially Ivory Billed, and Pileated are my second favorite, they have kind of a hickory flavor. Now Hawk ain’t to bad, it taste bout like Owl. As for Cranes they’re kind of tough and stringy. But it sounds like you’ve got it made my friend. You may even run into Ass’ed Itch down there snorkeling through the swamp, so be careful shooting at snakes, you could hit Old Ass’ed. Trekker Out.

              • Yeah, those redheaded wood peckers stand near a foot tall. Most any bird is edible. I would stay away from the vultures though. Any scanvenger most likely has parasites. Saw a dead wild pig roadkill ready for the vultures. Stocking back up on gas today. Bugging out? Better have your portopottie lug a loo toilet in place, and cases of bottld water a few trash cans to haul off to recycle. I recycle about 75% of my trash, burn 10% and the rest is garbage. When bugging out have at least 3 weeks of MRE’s to get you through till you can get your cooking kitchen set up. And have a gallon of household bug spray to keep the critters out of your trailer tent area. Picked one tick out of my back shoulder. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Trying to buy a few more acres on the land side adjacent to my pennsula. As an added buffer. Buy ahead of time No Trespass signs and nails to put up to slow down walk ons. Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again. Ha!!

              • Florida is wonderful for bols! Starting to get pretty warm down here. Getting everything squared away. Aw shit, he’s down here?? Lord help us.

                • Florida has its good and bad points. The trick is how to deal with the bad side of living in the south. Some things you accept and others you get use to.

                  I do envy those that have BOL’s with cabins and good water. Not to mention the amount of game in the area.
                  We all have our own strategy on what we will do in a reset. I have done well in the, “Hide In Plain Sight”. category. Final assembly required on most projects which consumes time but is offset for they are in transportable condition if needed. Weight is the biggest factor.

                  On the subject of water Florida has a ocean on one side and a gulf on the other. Hahaha!
                  Lots of fresh water lakes, streams, ponds, swamps, canals, and springs. Floridians must be concerned with industrial and agriculture run off and contamination to the water supply. A Fukushima event, Oil Rig explosion or an algae bloom can be devastating to a water and food supply of millions of people.

                  The advantage is to those who know how to produce safe drinking water.

        • If any of those cali fruits and nuts come east of the MS. river, they’ll disappear. We won’t put up with their BS.

          • Cuz your so full of shit, you couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper sack. You remind me of Old DJ Brady, nobody could clear a table full of coffee drinkers quicker than DJ, once he started putting out his BS everbody would get up and leave. So hope you get done putting out all of your bull before you come back home. But we love you Cuz!

            • NGIC, STFU, you idiot.

          • Braveheart tell the idiots to bring it own.We southern folks are ready.

            • Tacoma, NGIC is just another idiot. I’m also southern and ready, so if the idiots feel froggy, they jump only at their own peril.

            • Tacoma, is that in the Southern part of Washington. Maybe even farther South than North Georgia? I can just feel the Love coming from my Cuz. He always was a little froggy or maybe that was squirrley. Cuz you didn’t use to use all that profanity, so when you come home try and clean up your act just a little.

          • Yeah the feeling is mutual, oh wise one who has bamboo for family tree…

            Here’s a salute for ya TOUGHGUY!


            • LITCRC

              “Bamboo Family Tree”

              That’s a new one for me. ;0)

      3. Is this the same NASA thats currently promoting “climate change” ?
        LMAO , Did they really think that flooding desert land and importing millions of people was gonna last ?
        Sometimes the obvious slaps ya in the face .

        • They are supposed to be doing muslim outreach.

      4. Geeee I was hoping with all that stupidity concentrated in one place it would cause Cali to break off from the mainland & sink in the Pacific

      5. I knew it!…..Look what happens when we don’t pay carbon taxes to Al Whore!….sorry,typo. Gore.

      6. As long as they stay away from Montana. So everyone, I just picked up a norinco sks for $200. Should I modernize it? i was thinking bullpup or monte carlo stock. It isn’t a russian and the sn is in the millions so opinions?

        • Get some very fine files and hone that creepy trigger pull on that SKS. That will go a long way of improving it for no cost.

        • Shoot it as is , dont waste the money.
          And shoot it well .

        • Clean an oil it. Pack it up and use it for tradin’ later. I’d never trade anything to anyone that was better than what I still had tho, shootin gear tops that list.

          Don’t want it used against ya later.

          That, or use it to trade up to something worth having.

          My $.02

        • No Johnny, don’t change a thing, you might destroy the collectors value.

          • As a C&R collector, I will add that most any modifications will destroy the C&R status of that rifle. Not that it matters to many average folks, but to me any mod will make that rifle worthless.

        • Just grind that useless bayonet lug off and put a synthetic stock on it. (it’s highly unlikely you will be doing a bayonet charge) Maybe do a synthetic finish such as KG Gun-Kote or Cerakote it you don’t want to keep it oiled and dry (this actually adds value to the gun as well).

          Anything else you do will reduce its overall utility and some things will make it difficult (at best) to use.

          FWIW, the sights on the SKS, like the sights on the AK, have a “battle” setting which is raised and moved to the farthest rear position which is designed so that sighting mid body on a man sized target the bullet will not pass over or under it out to 300 meters, this is where you should keep them set for emergency grab and use situations so you don’t have to worry about what range you have it set for in a panic.

          Oh, yeah – get some stripper clips if you don’t already have them and keep your ready for use ammo on them. Practice reloads till you have it mastered. You can reload the SKS with strippers virtually a fast or faster than you can change a mag on an AK or AR and loaded strippers are much lighter and more compact to carry than loaded mags.

          • If your SKS came with the bayonet, take off the metal casting forming the mount to the rifle. With a suitable handle, you have a high quality blade. Mine says Minsk. I set a little angle when fitting the tang, so the blade wants to reach out and grab a throat. Took an edge to match my D-2 steel Benchmade. One can never have too many blades. My family calls my place the cutlery shop.

          • Sharon.

            A long pig sticker on the end of the barrel does have its advantages. Check out the 12 Gage Trench guns of WW1. Mossberg 590 has a Bayonet lug for a M7. Stick them if you have to.

            • My 590 A1 Blackwater came with a bayonet and sheath

          • If your SKS has a bayonet lug why go to the trouble of grinding it off, you can replace the stock with a folding stock and the lug has no effect on it but you most likely won’t be able to have the bayonet mounted, but you might want to use a bi-pod that attaches to the lug. Also you may want to sell it some day and upgrade and the next buyer may think the bayonet looks cool. I’ve had them both ways, the Russian had a blade bayonet and the Chines had a spike and I also had one that didn’t have a lug. All of them were very good inexpensive rifles. I wouldn’t be afraid to go into combat with any one of them, with or without the bayonet. Trekker Out.

          • Ever heard of a “Monopod”? Flip the pig sticker out and put in the ground. Works great.

          • Ship that POS commie sks to commie cali. The commies there need commie shit.

            f ’em

        • Just keep it clean and feed it lots of ammo!

        • Just keep it clean and feed it lots of ammo!

        • Johnny in MT.

          Clean the weapon up and take all the grease off. Has a intermediate piston and spring in the housing. Some Norinco’s had their last factory target marks put in the box with the gun. Look up the proof marks and armorer’s stamps. All on the internet. It is a battle rife. Use it that way.

          Chrome flash barrel?

        • $200 is a bargain, they’re $350 locally.

          Don’t bother to restock it, just add a buttplate extension for proper arm length and whatever you do, DO NOT waste money on detachable magazines, they are notoriously unreliable. Get some stripper clips and use those.

          Putting a Monte Carlo stock on a short carbine is not going to do you any good, and a bullpup stock is just going to defeat the stock 10-round magazine, you’ll want to add a large detachable, which won’t work worth a damn. The SKS is superior to the AK variants, when left alone. Trying to turn it into an AK only leaves you with no SKS and a lousy AK.

          So just save your money and treat it for what it is, a tough, reliable, short rifle in a good light cartridge.

          Do get a good firing spring set so it won’t slam fire.

      7. I lived out in the San Joaquin valley off and on for about 6 years in the 90’s, close to the scenic areas of Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks. The crops grown there in the valley flatland between the Sierra Nevadas and the smaller coastal range are varied and plentiful. No water means less crops and higher prices for the fruits vegetables and nuts, like they are not already pricey. Those foods were a good buy in California then, not so much now with inflated food prices from sea to shining sea in America. I read that the California agricultural soils are all poisoned from decades of pesticide use. I’m sure the GMO pushers are making frankenfood genetic seeds that do well in dry poisoned soils. Water them good with that Fukashima water and presto you are sick or dead.

        • I won’t let my wife buy produce from California any longer. She doesn’t quite understand my way of thinking since Fukishima, but she says she had rather not take the chance of waking up in the middle of the night and find herself glowing, either.

          So she just waits until she can find her favorite fruits from Florida, or South America.

          • I quit buying Pacific salmon and fish after the spill. With the fruits going so expensive from California in the next ten years or so, I hear many people are buying land in Florida to grow fruit trees. I watch the auctions on TV and you can get 1/4 to 1/2 acre for $6,000.

            • woogie–all my tuna in cans was bought before Fukishima.
              I now lean toward chicken salad and save my tuna.

            • Woogie.

              Watch the cancer rates go up in California. I do not buy Pacific Seafood. Not too fond of the gulf coast either.

              They will be coming East. Not enough Gator Holes.

          • oicu good idea, buy it all from Old Mexico they have a fabulous irrigation system. You won’t glow from their produce and if you can’t get Mexican produce try for Chinese.

            • I never touch ANY type of foods from Cali, period. Don’t want to catch “Karl Marx Syndrome”.

            • Mexican produce DOES often produce nasty nasty E coli.

              • TPS, do your homework, the last fifteen cases of food poisoning were US grown produce. Just sayin’.

                • I do, conduct my own homework. Also, the last “fifteen cases of food poisoning, were NOT from the E coli virus. Check the CDC, it’s a big help.
                  Imported Mexican produce does indeed contain far more incidents of E coli contamination from the humans harvesting the produce IN Mexico. They are pooping and NOT sanitizing their hands. It is required by California law, for ALL food/produce workers and harvesters to sanitize DURING the actual harvest process.(and yes, California Department of Health DOES indeed check the harvesters with NO notice.)

              • TP when I said Mexican or Chinese Produce I was just being a smartass. When it comes to produce, If it ain’t from the U.S. I ain’t buying it. Trekker Out.

              • If the fricken mexicans wouldn’t shit in the farm fields we wouldn’t have all that e-coli in our vegetables.

                • Eat sheeit Americanos. Hee Hee Heeee.

        • aljamo–I read that the soil using GMO pesticides and fertilizers has been tested after many years use. There is not one mineral left in the soil.

          What does that say for the future???

          • We need to grow our own using permaculture design and compost methods. Learning curve for this but we should all benefit – even those in apartments. More towns putting in community gardens too. Just try to go natural so fewer bad elements are in the food.

      8. Don’t worry, when the hike the rates where they want them water will show up everywhere…. All bullshit

        • My theory is that the chemtrailing/HAARP that steers snow-bearing storms away from California will continue, until the farmland is worth penny’s on the dollar, and auctioned away. Then a miracle – the snows return. I live in the Southern Sierra, and the chemtrail planes are relentless whenever a storm system heads South from Alaska – only to be turned towards the East.

          • really? Don’t supposed you have ever bothered to look at the weather in a historical context.

            • guess you didn’t watch the shy this morning 3/15 in central cal the geoengineering ended up covering the sky and the storm went north

            • Ever researched the historical content and context in which greed and psychosis drives the desire to control education, weather, WMD’s, eugenics, racism, nationalism, etc.? People like you who don’t believe in evil-fucking-cartels make me understand how some thief can get voted in for 30 years as Rep. or Senator; regardless of corporate affiliation as a crip or a blood. Pearls to pigs, only to be trampled into mud. This is why Father is preparing the Day of the Lord. I bet you support plutonium?

              • Phucking A Bro!

              • Phucking, this liberal agrees with you. What IS the world coming to?

            • If you’ve got nothing nice to say. Go talk to jm!

          • Mongo, Bingo! You got it man. Just like the depression, buy up dried out land for a penny on the dollar then let it rain. It’s so simple and has been done before with great success but people will deny it to the end. All about control and theft.

      9. Californians are so lovable I wonder if anyone even cares?

        • Yea I know, but I don’t miss all that slimey build up in the back of my throat from breathing all that greenish brown, L.A. smog. I always felt like a had a frog in my throat that wouldn’t go away until i crossed the Arizona line.

          The only place in the good ole USSAG that I ever had that problem. Well, except for being stuck at an old dinosaur of a pulp wood, paper mill plant, once for a whole day. Wheeewhoo that place sure smelled like rotten eggs.
          It was so strong it smelled up my clothes and my truck for a couple days.

          • PWTW:

            I read your post on Hellary’s run for president last subject.

            It begs the question……

            Why is Joe Biden not in the running? Was Hellary promised the job if she bowed out of running against the Black Plague in that election?

            I heard Joe is so smart that he thinks “Roe VS Wade” is a way to cross a river!

            • “Roe VS Wade” is a way to cross a river” 🙂

              • You girls crack me up! Love ya.

                • Outwest:

                  When you get up that early you ‘deserve’ to be entertained. I will do my best!

                • Nice one Granny!!!!

            • POG, idiots like Biden are chosen as Vice-Prez as strategic insurance policies to keep the Prez alive. No one wants an idiot-in-chief like Biden would be. Even libertards are not that stupid, right? Or maybe they are.

            • POG: Caught a passing headline that read something to the effect that Obola has passed the word to the Dems that they should forget about “Hillary’s “failed candidacy” based upon her legal problems and “move on”.

              The chickens are coming home to roost, and this gives rooster Joe a shot without Sen Warren in the race for POTUS. I laugh just thinking about the gaffs that will surely follow the election trail. 🙂

              • It’s an intramural game between the Marxist ideologues and the merely corrupt.

              • DK:

                Just imagine a Biden/Weiner ticket…..

                Only in America….

                • P.O.G.
                  How about a Weiner/Lewinsky ticket???
                  Love all the gals here too, great insight.
                  Yes, it was bad, Only In Amerika….

                  • Eppe:

                    I see a real “connection” there.


                • or better yet…

                  a bush/weiner ticket. I saw a bush weiner once.

                  After closer inspection, it was just a little man in a boat carrying a tiny flag that said “I had rather roe than wade.”

                  • PWTW, that is a classic. I’ll remember that one.

                • How about a Weiner/Holder ticket?
                  Or a Harry/Bush ticket?
                  I just want the bumper sticker.

                  • Nobama:

                    You, sir, are the “weiner” of the candidate lineup/bumper sticker of the 2016 election.

                    Any way it shakes out/lines up; America is screwed.

                    And I want the publishing rights to the “weiner/holder bumper sticker comments. Should be worth $$$$$millions!

      10. Fuck California dated a girl from sandiago all this bitch talked about was Cali I said you should go back if you miss it that much she was weak anyway 22 years old still needed her mom. I thought this was strange they are all about dependentcy out there it seems. I was working at14.

        • Another lie to promote the man made global warming baloney to allow the government to totally control our lives.

      11. it’s time they start building desalination plants all along our coastlines.

        • Then they’ll bitch because the sea level will drop…and salt content will increase. We can’t win for losing.

          • Sixpack….Darn what they say we will win if we keep everything honest and above board.

        • Nope, NO desalinization plants, will EVER be constructed along the California Coast. The California Coastal Commission still refuses to allow it.(not kidding)
          They(CCC) claim it’s “dangerous” to the environment.
          Monterey County has been trying for decades to get one approved, has one built and ready to go, still awaiting permission from the CCC.
          The “environmentalists” are California’s Taliban. They do nothing and say nothing at all about the havoc being caused all along the Coast Range north of San Francisco, caused by the Cartels illegally producing marijuana in the National Forests. Far too many thousands of acres and their watersheds have been permanently damaged by the Cartelitos. Hypocrites deserve what is coming to them in spades.(and I’m a CA native-northern one who was lucky to get out several years back.)

          • Oh, they’ll start building them as soon as the right people get paid off.

      12. The source for this is DC, and I question EVERYTHING that comes from those scumbags.

        Maybe just more nonsense to “sell” their fake global warming, who knows?

        If not, too bad/so sad for all of the Illegals invading the Golden State. (God does have a sense of humor)

        “Watch out fur them hogs!”

        * A-10 ground attack planes known as “Hogs” or “Warthogs”.

      13. Yes, this is NASA data that many say is bunk. However, I believe this. Sao Paulo, the largest city in the western hemisphere is almost out of water, too. Central America, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen are in multi year droughts. Failed crops and refugees are the original cause of the revolts in the ME.

        Well, Mr. Slavo, you may need to pack the crew up again and head for greener pastures…although Tahoe seems pretty full.

        • BWAAAHAHAHA!

          What a Bunch’a Ma’roons!

          They choose to build their ‘shtfplan bugout retreat’ in the middle of a high desert drought zone!

          dumb dumb’s!

            • It’s a wonder the city lefties haven’t regulated this family out of business. There must be no “neighborhood association police” either.

          • Acid.

      14. Arrest the liberal environmentalists for fraud in California, and then force them to build the desalinization plants that they have be fighting against for decades. Force the environmentalists to live with the consequences of their actions. Don’t allow them to leave the state so they can cause problems in other states.

      15. Mark Dice needs to do a video about this to the passerby’s at the Santa Monica Pier or Venice.

        ” To reduce water demand OBAMA supports importing partially purified drinking water from Fukashima and wants to supply those above 60 with it as any potential ill effects would have a 25 year latency period”. “The new Surgeon General Karl Marx approves of the plan”. “Do you support it”?

        • Kevin,that would be funny. My favorite is still Dice dressed like Santa with a bullhorn.

          • If its in an upcoming video Mark Dice reads this blog.

      16. The really funny thing about this is that California was allowing fracking companies to pump their toxic waste into the aquifers as a means of “disposal”.

        It’s not like the blind leading the stupid, it’s like the insane leading the oblivious.

      17. The frustrating thing is that the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been deeply involved with the continuous chemtrail spraying program which they say is not happening.

        The climate modification because of the chemtrails is largely responsible for drought conditions and the sicknesses and deaths of countless people.

        • Doorman, welcome to truth club! 🙂

      18. Too bad for California. They have the technology to desalinate the water. . But they are more concerned with not disturbing the whales, sea lions, and local fish. Serves them right. I hope they wither away.

        • “””But they are more concerned with not disturbing the whales, sea lions, and local fish.”””

          Dear California,

          Been there, done that.



      19. No water screw that I don’t understand what’s the big deal with California people act like it’s the holy grail it’s overrated. There are way nicer places IMHO. I will take my hi cap mags any day plus I don’t need no special mag releases either lawmakers there are nuts creating the most rediculous legislation mass next door to me is fuckin nuts they do the same shit just not to the extreme is some cases

      20. It’s called the Pacific Ocean.

        Holy sh*t, really?

        We are negotiating a price. We a not talking about death or dislocation here.




      22. YOUTUBE

        This what you want this is what you get.

      23. Until it rains again. I remember about 25 or 30 years ago they were saying the dame thing.
        We will see.

      24. Yet Nestlé is allowed to continue to siphon it all up and bottle it for export.

      25. Give it a year or two and all we will hear is how wet the west coast is and the mud slides and how there poor million dollar mansions got washed down the side of the mountain. History is just repeating it’s self from the late 70’s to early to mid 80’s.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

      26. In a world that has 70% of it’s surface covered by ocean MILES deep, while water Desalination costs about 1 penny per thousand gallons, the LAST thing on Earth there is, is a “water shortage” California, being on the coast, just spent BILLIONS of such a “desalination” plant (the largest in the world in fact) to turn ocean water into water suitable for agriculture.

        People who pretend like there “isn’t enough to go around” are fear mongering, for the purpose of control. Like Al Gore wants to “carbon tax” you for your “carbon footprint” while he’s free to fly on his private jet, to his superyacht so he can go on a world tour of his 9 world properties!

      27. Went seven days without a regular shower. Whore Baths does not do it. Take a shower in the rain. Can get real cold and sting like a bitch.

        Lifestyle changes coming.

        • slingshot, when I was in the Navy I was on an old destroyer better known as a TinCan, and needless to say when it came to water the boilers came first, and most often the desalinators had a hard time keeping up, so when out at sea there was absolutely no “Hollywood Showers” we were often on what was called water hours when “Scuttlebutts” drinking fountains were only turned on twice a day for a short period. Sometime no showers were allowed for days and then you could only turn the water on to get wet and then turn it off and soap up, then turn it on to rinse. And yes we did take showers in the rain. Sixty naked sailors on the fantail takeing a shower in the rain would make Ass’ed Itch’s mouth water. And yes we may see the day, when some may have to go on “Water Hours”. Trekker Out.

          • M.T.

            “Water Hours”. Been there. ;0)

            There are very few that have indoctrinated to the hardships that are available to man. From freezing cold to hellish temperatures. I have done thirst. Where your body cramps. Skins dries. Mouth like sandpaper and your eyes so dry they are like gravel tumblers. Piss brown too and not a good sign.
            There will be many that will get sun stroke and heat exhaustion. On the other side of the coin, hypothermia and frost bite. Never shook so much as to when my body blood flow was warming my extremities.

            Lessons Learned. Not enough water and too much water (snow).

      28. When Libya’s Gaddafi saw the vast aquifer in the Sahara the only question was if they should use it where it was or if they should pump it to the Mediterranean coast where the country’s agriculture was already located. He chose to pump it to the coast and embarked on one of the greatest public works projects in the history of humanity, The Great Man Made River Project. The US bombed it, for humanitarian reasons, of course.

        Having spent all of our national treasure on war, the US cannot afford to engineer and build our own obvious Man Made River Project, bringing Columbia River water through the eastern Oregon desert and putting it into the Pit River arm of the Sacramento River watershed where it can flow to most of the rest of California through existing infrastructure. The one wrinkle in the plan is that the logical location of the primary pumping station is downstream from Hanford Nuclear Reservation with its leaking tanks of radioactive waste. So we have not only bankrupted our country on war, we have put war-created deadly pollution in the water that could have saved California. Let history show that we are the dumbest failed civilization yet.

        • They’re cleaning up Hanford, that’s not a real issue anymore. The problem is the tribes won’t allow salmon water to be used to grow food, God forbid they should act decently.

          Once you get the water pumped uphill to around Medford, Oregon, it’s going to gravity flow to California, a 600-mile long siphon, in basic terms.

      29. All the chickens are coming home to roost now. Isn’t life a real female dog. Looks like the tree huggers are going to losing their trees, again isn’t life a BITCH!!
        Folks there is absolutely no doubt if you want to live you must have WATER plain and simple; above anything else for life is WATER!!

      30. Does the CA. water crisis mean the Kardoooshians, Lady Kaka, Mahdoona and all the other Hollywierd Learjet leftists won’t be able to keep their fountains running 24 x 7, their massive lawns watered daily and their hot tubs?

      31. Where I used to live Randolph County Ar. Is on the line between the delta and Ozark foothills. Every summer the farmers irrigating rice and other crops pump the aquifer down. the Black and Forchie rivers become a mere trickle Now a chicken processor PETCO is building a processing plant. They plan to pump 2 million gallons of water per day from the aquifer. the static water table has already fallen 75 feet. I bet almost every stream and river and many house wells will go dry when that plant comes on line. 50 years ago when I was a kid you could float a boat from Pocahontas to Walnut Ridge in the hwy 67 road ditch. now they cant grow any crop without irrigating.

      32. Yeah I remember reading that in the papers back in the 80’s. We’re running out of water porn. It was done back then to get certain activist groups funded. I suspect the same old porn is being used again to get some more cash out of the GOV. Just like Homeland Defence all of a sudden theirs terrorist around every corner when they know that their funding is about to be on the line. And now that they got refunded? Nothing! No terrorist not even a peep! On the news about it. It’s just more fear porn! This shit gets old if your savvy to all this shit that these left wingers use here in Cali! I guess they use it all over the USA. What a disgraceful country it’s become filled with all kinds of lunatics.

      33. So we setup desalinization plants on the coast of California. desalinize the rising ocean waters to replenish the ground water and water tables in California!

      34. Fear not, the Californicators will continue to water their golf courses and lawns and blame it on the tea party.

      35. I got my house on a lot like the guy in the video and the dirt Is rich black loam with tons of worms too. I dump my rabbit manure in it. Man I tell you I get so many veggies tomatoes the grape and cherry ones beefsteaks too. Cucumbers squash peppers I love it. I get so much with minimal effort. Got one of those little electric tillers last year. I give veggies away to neighbor and church. If I did what the guy in the youtube clip above I would be selling to resturaunts too. I think I have more land than this guy too. I’m no gardener at all but my old school buddy does it came over helped me get started he does carpentry and raises rabbits too. Good guy too does work on my house for me when it’s something I can’t do. Reasonable prices quality work. Portuguese mason as well if I need that too. Most people are willing to give you good tips to keep you from wasting time and energy for nothing. I got a mulberry tree late spring they come this is a 30 foot tall bushy tree thet gives up probably 30 pound of berries I was gonna try making wine I don’t know if it would work but I don’t see why not. My buddy told me when to do certain things like onions garlic so my garden constantly produces and I have a variety year round. I don’t think he buys any veggies. Plenty of rain water in my area.

        • As kids, we had a mulberry tree in our back yard in Harvey IA. We used to sit up there, eat berries and watch the neighbor’s TV through their picture window (we didn’t have a TV). I remember chasing lightning bugs all over the yard…

          This country has flat gone to hell.

        • Electric tiller? Don’t tell me it runs off rechargable batteries. That has to be one weak p o s.

          If your dirt is that soft and loamy, you wouldn’t need a tiller anyway.

          I guess it takes all kinds, but damn if that ain’t about the dumbest thing I’ve heard since Billery thought she could get away with the single email thing.
          What happened to having two or more email accounts on one device?

          If she is that dumb, and her followers/supporters fall for that shit, then it is time for the culling to begin.

      36. The best way to conserve water would be if the earth lost a few billion people.

        • Is this a suggestion or sarcasm?
          Needs a sarcasm tag if so.

          • It sounds like sarcasm but there is a large number of people and many are highly intelligent and extremely wealthy that believe the population of the world must be brought under control and drastically reduced. Two of those people are Bill and Linda Gates. What they mean by drastically reduced I am not sure but I do know that these people and their families are not the ones that will be drastically reduced.

            • Many people believe the same thing, the only area of disagreement is, WHICH BILLION PEOPLE NEED TO GO?

              • I don’t believe in murder, but i do believe in self defense, that sometimes leads to murder/killing.

                What we in the USSAG need is a large scale relocation program. All taxpayer money sucking blacks that won’t/don’t work…..ship ’em back to Africa.

                All muslims and Hindu’s, back to the Middle East, no exceptions.

                All illegal Hispanics, back to Mexico and south America.

                All illegal Chinese, back to Bum-phuck Egypt.

                Jobs and money flow will open up exponentially.

        • Start with Moslems.

      37. The growers use a lot of water in Florida irrigating their crops. More growers, more profit. They would like to suck the Everglades dry.

      38. I read in the news that if somebody is unemployed and registered for unemployment benefits & then gets called into the unemployment office to get notice of a job opening, they then “No Longer” list them as “Unemployed” !

        THAT is how they are getting the so called “unemployment rate” down because it doesn’t matter if that person gets the job or not, they no longer list them as Unemployed !

        Just one more of Oslama’s tricks to make himself APPEAR that he’s doing a good job lowering unemployment.

        Its MUCH Higher than the numbers they list & broadcast on the news.

        • I would bet its even higher than shadowstats

      39. “I asked her, ‘But isn’t that unethical?’ She responded, ‘Ray, those are our orders.’

        ht tp://

        remove the space to view

      40. Still, all in all, CA has a LOT more water left than ethical integrity. After all, if leftists didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

      41. I hope UK supplies USA with water in return for cheap oil.

        That way USA & UK can BOTH grow stronger & not be dependent on ARAB basket case countries

      42. Zephyrhills Florida, Nestle has been extracting and selling those spring waters for a long time, for miniscule fees.

      43. Ca, filled with dems. Good.

      44. What amazes me is how ridiculously stupid most of the responses I see posted to this thread are. It amazes me that you have the brain capacity to surf the internet and type.

      45. After living in California for a number of years, and becoming familiar with the majority’s mindset, most will go on about life without giving one thought to rationing water.

        My husband is a native Californian, and lived already through a years long drought and can recall how little the people cared. Most continued to water their lawn and fill up their pools.

        There may be some conservatives out there but the state as a whole runs on liberal logic and we see how that’s working out.

      46. Ready to get rid of the useless eaters consuming resources from the productice folks. Gotta get rid of dead weight.

      47. Garden is in. About 20 plants. Second go at it but much larger and not in 5 gal. containers this time. Had to till the soil twice. Once to break up the ground and remove unwanted matter and then again to add compost.

        Flying by the seat of my pants.

        • Slingshot, just tilled up (by hand) another 200 Sqft. Dug in manure from the cow after it set for six months and topped it with a bale of straw and a little love from the chickens, properly aged of course. Really gonna
          put stuff up this year. They had a sale on spuds the other day and we bought 200 lbs. Canned them and we got 260 jars. Radishes are about ready to eat, peas too. living in the desert in AZ we water the gardens with clay pots buried near plants.

          Onions and Garlic look great planted them in September. The time is short people, we have gone into hyper prep mode. Prep like todays the last day, it may be.

      48. I saw this coming..30,000 guillotines await the California residence population..cali, New York, and other states…Your all completely screwed..don’t worry folks, the nice Chinese soldiers, mato, Latvians and Russians are here to help..listen to Dr James Garrow, I highly recommend him..the water you see my friends have been drained by under ground bases, DUMBS, these dumbs laing with Hasty, does the trick, the purposely drain the water to create the crisis, this give them reason to declare martial law, state of emergency, continuity of government or what ever crap they will call it.. Grey State is literally knocking at our doors..

      49. Many of the people living in California ignore water shortage issues. Kind of a reflection of people nationwide who feel things are’nt right, while ignoring reality as they struggle along as if they are powerless to change anything

      50. I think it’s gonna be a good growing season due to all the snow melting slowly into the ground in my area water is plenty I don’t know when there was ever a water ban. Sometimes you drive by the reservoir and it’s low where you can see the line where it should be. The water supply bourd is known for having some of the best tasting water. Never smells like chlorine I drink straight from the faucet. No need to filter it for taste. I wouldn’t be surprised if Poland spring was buying and selling it. Tastes the same.

      51. California should plant half original crops and half Hemp to improve the soil, as hemp is a important product in it’s own vast applications. This is a miracle plant for it’s variety of uses. An excellent plant for removing metals from bad soil. Look at all the countries in Europe and Asia that grow hemp and profit from it. It looks to me like no American jobs will be created in this industry. The plan seems to be to move most jobs out of the u.s., a Hemp revolution can create American employment. Those super wealthy calling the shots still don’t allow any competition.

      52. Bullshit… suckers still believe “anything” the establishment is telling you? You are a fool…..It might be dry in some spots, but the river I see has never been higher……….its a hoax……………..yawn. More fear mongering to justify fuckin you out your money….oh, they just passed a 7 BILLION dollar water bond in Califoria…7 billion reasons to create a drought myth…and millions more in water restriction fines….chumps…..yawn.

      53. Who gives a sh!t about California? They bring nothing to the table. Except Mexicans. Period.

      54. Californication suffering makes me happy 🙂

      55. They have literally an ocean of water next to them. Figure it out!

      56. This is an easy problem to fix. Raise water to $0.10/gal then $0.25/gal. People will stop watering their driveways, lawns and empty their pools. A human only needs 2 gal/day to live, so bump that up to 5 gal/day to account for showers/toilets/laundry. The typical person uses 75 gal/day. I use 54 gal/day/person in my house – if my rates went to $0.10/gal (10 times what they currently are), I would suddenly have a dry pool and a lot of dead plants.

        And what is up with Californians washing their sidewalks and driveways with the hose? Don’t you people know what’s going on?

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