Hank Paulson Has A Good Laugh Over Wealth Inequality: “We Made It Wider”

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Commodities | 82 comments

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    Editor’s Comment: Not only did each of these three former Treasury Secretaries yuck it up in a public forum about the frightening growth of income inequality, each played a pivotal role in the larger criminal enterprise of the banksters. Robert Rubin, Treasury Secretary under Clinton, legalized derivatives and opened up a world of hurt. Under George W. Bush, Hank Paulson – after playing wrecking crew at Goldman Sachs – essentially threatened Congress with economic martial law if they didn’t give into the bailout.

    Under Obama, little Timmy Geithner, after playing ball for the megabanks at the insiders New York Fed, made sure that the aftermath of the bailout never resulted in any serious fingerpointing at the bankster culprits, and that all the cars where saddled with huge cash payouts before making their getaways. And now here they are… not even in hiding, and quite literally laughing in everyone’s faces!

    Hank Paulson Has A Good Laugh Over Wealth Inequality

    by Joshua Krause

    You may remember Henry “Hank” Paulson as the former Goldman Sachs banker who later became the Treasury Secretary in the final years of the Bush administration. He was also the man who proposed the $700 billion bailout for the bankers in 2008 (which included a bailout for his buddies at Goldman Sachs).

    Last April, Hank Paulson and Robert Rubin sat down for an interview with Tim Geithner and Sheryl Sandberg at the Milken Institute. During the lengthy discussion, Paulson was asked about wealth inequality, which led to this hilarious exchange.

    Oh my sides! It’s so damn funny. All those millions of Americans who can’t find work and have to live on food stamps! That’s a real knee slapper.

    This is what the financial elites really think about you and your problems. They laugh openly and maniacally at your poverty. If anything, this is the “let them eat cake” moment for America’s ruling class.


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      1. Psalm 37

        Do not fret because of those who are evil
        or be envious of those who do wrong;
        for like the grass they will soon wither,
        like green plants they will soon die away.

        Read the whole chapter 37 for understanding?

        • That guy would look really good in the rifle sight.

          • Looks like he’s got a “pine” complexion too.

            • You really have to wonder how Mac can post this newsworthy item, but not understand the incident. Why are 4 rich and powerful Jews laughing at the suffering of poor Gentiles?

              According to the Master Race, Gentiles are not human, so Gentiles should be deceived, enslaved, looted, and killed.

              Get the memo! http://judaism101.proboards.com

              • Apparently you are heavily invested in making this personal, so you can avoid the actual issues. I’m not playing your old game and, from what I have seen of Mac, he too avoids personal attacks.

                I stand by the evidence that Judaism is a racial supremacist creed and I stand by the evidence that SOME Jews, usually the rich and powerful ones, act out the racial supremacism, some by outright genocide, others by economic crimes against humanity, e.g., the 4 Jews in the video.

                My only word on personal matters—from what I have seem of Mac, he is a man of good will, but seems conflicted on Jewish matters. Now, go bait someone else.

                • typo: “…seen…”

              • John Q. Publicstein, the self-loathing Jew is at it again. Neither Paulson nor Geithner are Jews like you, they’re Goyim like me. DNA doesn’t lie, so why do insist on denying your heritage?

        • Still believe in unbridled capitalism, old people?

          End the fucking FED.

          • End Acid…he’s not old enough.

            • You sure? Smells that way.

        • Yes and someone else will take their place to continue the fleecing. This has been going on since the inception of our country. It never ends. The only thing different today is that it is happening to us and not some strangers in a history book.

          It’s a shame the average person has such a short memory and attention span.

          Too bad we don’t remember that the rhetoric about terrorism, the economy, gas prices,etc was also spewed in the eighties, seventies, sixties, etc.

          The only thing that changes is the new country or leader to hate, the new economic causes and scape goats to blame, the republicans who are in office, the democrats who are in office, etc.

          If only we spent more learning how to play the game. Learning that they use the ethics and morals we learned from our parents, school, religion against us. That if we played by their rules, the tables would be turned in an instant.

          I am beginning to think that we should play by their rules. After all what is good for the goose is surely good for the gander.

          Ironic when the shoe is on the other foot people raise hell. Yet when they are the one doing something wrong to someone else, they think nothing of it.

          • “I am beginning to think that we should play by their rules. After all what is good for the goose is surely good for the gander.”

            Wrong Answer!!!!

            Unfortunately, …. when the SHTF does arrive, I’m afraid most people are going to take the alternative that you mentioned.

            Fortunately for me. I’ve always been a non-compliant individual. I’ve never been one to “go along, to get along” scenario. It’s just not in my genetic makeup to do that.

            Sorry, but going against your own moral principles to fulfill the happiness of the Establishment just does not sit well with me.

            Stay strong, the best weapon you possess is your mind. Do not let them take that away from you.

            • I am not talking about the innate humanity and morality that is in most human beings from birth. With exceptions genetically where the DNA is malformed and creates a person unable to feel normal empathy, etc like we are supposed to.

              Instead I am referring to the lies we are force fed as we move along in this life. From toddler, teen to adult. Their rules for success in the US are created to pit people against each other. To make us believe that we need to be number one and that working together, is unsuccessful and dangerous (see communism).

              Even the christian religion teaches that some are saved and will be part of a select group of people who get eternal life and heavenly reward. While the rest will pay for not complying and obeying.

              The rules that we play by: Which for most is hoping to get a few crumbs thrown their way so they too can be successful is part of what I am referring to. For every inch you give them and every acquiescence they demand more and more control over your life.

              By saying no and everyone refusing to play by their rules it makes it near impossible for them to exercise their control over us.

              The technology that they allow us to use is just another tool to them to get control over us. If they thought the internet, technology would be used by the people to free their minds they would never allow us to have it.

              Instead most people use this valuable resource to play games on facebook, look at porn, etc. Thus strengthening the elites opinion that we are just dumb cows that they can lead to slaughter at will.

      2. Yeah and did you notice how easily he transitioned to talking about a totally unrelated topic when asked a question he didn’t want to answer? These people have no concern for the average American whatsoever…

        As we all get poorer and poorer, soon there will be nothing left to eat but the rich….

        • “These people have no concern for the average American whatsoever…”

          They have no concern for the average anyone anywhere. They’re not immoral; they don’t have a desire to do harm. They’re amoral having a complete absence of morality which was eloquently expressed by Henry Kissinger phrase, “Useless Eaters”.

          While they possess no morality they do possess power that is almost omnipotent. The late George Carlin did a terrific political diatribe about it that had more substance in his cometic stand up presentation than anything uttered from any politician.

          • “It’s a big club—and we’re not in it.

      3. Wealth “inequality” has grown more under Obama than at any time in our history.

        Obama has used it effectively to divide our people since the beginning, I imagine he has found it so successful a tool that he has encouraged it to grow so he can keep using it that way.

        As for me? I find it more productive to concentrate on improving my own lot in life that to be envious of someone else’s.

        • Pure fiat currency+Free Trade with slave labor nations+Removing Glass Steagall = Destruction of the Middle Class.

          The above was supported by Republicans and pushed through by a Democrat.

          It wouldn’t matter who was President as both horses are owned in the two horse race.

      4. It is their turn now.

      5. This guy better pray a SHTF Event never happens. These snakes in suits would be hiding under there beds. In SHTF times it will be tough and harsh for even the toughest badasses. These people that go to work wearing cologne and never break a sweat ever have never had to bust there ass for anything. And if you are a rich boy suit guy reading this thinking your prepared because you bought the most expensive in the store think again.

      6. “Fear not those that oppress thee, my son.
        For one day, we shall kill them all.”

      7. This isn’t any thing new!

        Even Jesus Christ had them in his day and he put a WOOPEN on them.

        The day will come when this will happen to them too. Only thing is that Jesus just gave them a WOOPEN. We just might us a tall tree and a short rope.

        Things are bad and they keep getting richer so they think. One day all the money they think they have in the bank will be gone. Fiat money will be worthless.

        We on the other had might not have fiat money but we have something better. We know how to survive. We know how to take care of our self. We know how to skin a Buck or run a trout line. One day very soon we will be laughing at them!!!!


        • The only time I’ll think they’re funny, is when I’m shoveling dirt into their face.

          • I’m like a cat—I’ll bury shit when I can.

          • deep down, bankers are good people,….so when you bury them, BURY THEM DEEP!

            • 🙂

      8. “I was working on it while still at goldman sachs”
        Ohhh yes you were and, for them, you worked perfectly to make it better for them.

      9. life is not fair,
        NOW GET OVER IT!
        NOBODY ever said things were going to be fair or equal,
        Its up to YOU to create whatever level of wealth you desire,
        Theres no hand outs and very few quick ways to do it,
        Reality is you need drive and a good product or service or need to be exceptionally lucky, or you need to already have family money.
        I know people who came from nothing who are wealthy, i also know people from wealthy families who have pissed away huge sums of money and are near bankrupt,
        You either got what it takes or you dont. The other side of that is some chose a lifestule that certainly will never lead to wealth,
        But we shall see, with the way things are going it may not matter.

        • Tell it like it is, Kulafarmer.

        • The discussion is not about fairness. It’s about the rich gaming the system and making sure they are the ones who keep their money and make plenty more. The average American is not rich and won’t get rich. So stop blaming us for not being millionaires.

          They rigged it so that taxpayer money and money created out of thin air by the Fed saved their asses. The rest of us will never get that help and we know it.

          I’ve read that the very rich are buying estates in New Zealand and creating fortified compounds in anticipation for either the next crash or for when Americans finally wake up and start a revolution. Nobody is going to get over having their government run by oligarchs.

          • I agree. Let’s all play on a level and equal playing field and see what happens.

          • If enough of us got together and got determined, we could live very well in one of those ‘abandoned’ compounds…Gee, I wonder who left this place so well stocked an’ all…Thank you.

        • Thats right KULA.
          No guarantees in life , make it what you want.

          This author must be an occupy wall street leftist type.
          Gimme my due i,m entitled!

          • Yea i love that, the best examples are the hundreds of thousands of immigrants from third world countries who have come and done really well for themselves, yet all these whiners say they cant be rich! WTF
            I know a few people who have made small fortunes with just simple ideas, its all about drive, go do it, dont sit around waiting for a leg up,
            Theres another old saying that fits this,
            “The rich get richer”
            Its a duhhh,, you invest 100$ and get 10 percent its 10$
            You invest 100,000$ and get 10% its 10,000$ So of course they get a bigger return, the guy who made 10$ goes and buys a sixpack, theguy who made 10k invests it back into another investment, so yea, duhhh

        • The crony capitalism that we currently have is destabilizing. Wealth is being intentionally and disproportionately transferred to a sub fraction of of one percent of the population which exercises ever increasing political control to facilitate the above. Free Trade eviscerated us manufacturing. Who benefitted? That sub fraction of one percent. Open borders flooding the US with cheap labor? Once again the sub fraction of one percent. The abandoning of the Financial Regulations in Glass-Steagall and the transferring of the peoples wealth via QE into the banking establishment which then buys equities (stock) falsely inflating the stock market. Drum roll please; the sub fraction of one [percent.

          The majority don’t want a handout; they want an opportunity. The actions done post 1971 and rapidly accelerated in the 1990s onward have destroyed much of that.

          • Free trade has really been a huge huge factor in creating what we see today.
            Most people just dont get it including most politicians,
            Its all about dependence or independence,
            I cant understand why in the hell anyone with one ounce of brain matter would think free trade was going to be a good thing. The only thing it has done is cause us to all but completely lose our manufacturing ability and has completely decimated the agricultural sector for anything but commodity crops such as soy, corn or wheat and other grains, vegetable farming, is dying. Huge amounts of produce come from south of the border, production costs are a fraction of US production even with illegal immigrant labor, and to add insult to injury the fed assholes are requiring yet more from the US producers.
            I can hardly wait for this beast to jump up and bitch slap these assholes who created and are implementing this crap. This time when it comes apart it aint going to be pretty,
            Besthing to do is move out of the way as best as you can and let itcome apart, give them exactly what they have sewn,,,,

            • “I cant understand why in the hell anyone with one ounce of brain matter would think free trade was going to be a good thing.”

              Its a good thing for the globalist Powers That Be. It’s political acceptance in the developed world specifically Europe with such a strong labor movement is telling of the power of the global shadow government.

              “All the world is a stage”, said William Shakespeare. The Powers That Be own the Actors, Props and the directors.

              • Free trade benefits those in the world market that are on the bottom at the detriment of those on top.

                But, top or bottom when it starts, most people end up with something they really didn’t expect and don’t know if they really wanted.

              • Kevin2, may I ask where you got your name? I don’t remember ever seeing it here until after I had been here for awhile. I’m not accusing you of copying me or impersonating me, I’m just wondering what made you choose this particular name.

                • Kevin2 has been around a while

                  • A couple of years to be exact

                • The Mighty Kevin2

                  Take note post date time( November 15, 2014). Could go back further but I’m just too busy.

                  Kevin2 says:
                  Comment ID: 3268495
                  November 15, 2014 at 10:14 pm

                  Walter Reuther had a similar idea when he and Henry Ford (3rd?) toured a new manufacturing facility with 1st generation robotics in 1970 just prior to Walters death in a plane crash. Mr Ford said to Walter, “Those robots won’t go out on strike”. Walter replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

                  Technology increases wealth by making goods cheaper to produce and therefore more abundant PROVIDING the mass consumer displaced by the new technology can afford to buy these goods.

                  • Now stop the nonsense and post something useful, insightful, interesting, enlightening, entertaining, thought provoking or just plain funny.

                    Thank You

          • You got that right, Kev2.

        • life is not fair, but YOU should be………benjamin franklin

        • Kulafarmer, AMEN. give us fire and brimstone.

        • It isn’t totally that simple. Unfortunately we have 3 academic progressive liberals in the family and because THEY choose to live meagerly, they think everyone should. They have money, but love to project to people that they are poor. They live under the guise of near poverty, but they are not in poverty. What THEY think is comfortable should be sufficient for everyone.

          This mindset also encompasses: the size of the space YOU need in order to live, the maximum A/C setting on YOUR thermostat, and the maximum amount of pay they each family needs. It goes on and on. The reality is that these people, and those like them are not hiding in obscurity, but are out there driving people to and from the voting booth.

          • I like to call it the Prius syndrome,
            Just because they drive one everyone should, had one of these self riteous pricks ask me why i was driving around in my old Ford F guzzler,,, couldnt understand when I asked him what the GVWR on his Prius was and where are the toolboxes????

            • 🙂

            • As I tell them…my Ford is paid off so why would I go into debt to save an extra 14 miles per gallon? You do the math!

        • Kula, what you say is true.

          Wealth and excellence is an attitude, as is poverty and mediocrity.

          The attitude you hold in your heart determines how you interact with the world and what you get from it.

      10. Was just watching some cable network news about the waves of “refugees” forcing their way into Europe. Think these are poor but hardworking people just needing a chance? Judging from the choice of clothing on many of the women, these are not oppressed Christians, Hindus, or Buddists. Those people in the USA and Europe that are on fixed incomes had better be very worried. These hordes of people are actually pushing their way into the west. Have you seen the film of them scuffling with authorities?
        Very possibly the powers that be in Africa and the middle east are smiling. As these waves are heading west, more are being produced to replace them and form the next wave.
        I’m sure a fair number will disagree with my thoughts but as preppers, when you live on a small self sufficient farm do you invite in thousands of people that you don’t know and who probably hate you and want everything that you have and welcome them with open arms?
        A page from the Castro boat lift. It is really difficult to ponder such questions yet remain politically correct. Why bother building a wall to protect the country from being overrun when you are bring 747 loads and boats full of refugees in without any screening?
        If you haphazardly let these hordes into your country god knows what you are bringing on yourselves. Refuse to let them in and you are Nazis.
        Rational government would have big problems with this kind of migration. Look who we have at the helm. Have a nice day! Sorry for the rant but I don’t understand why I haven’t heard anyone discussing this on this site.

        • You have it right skeptic….they are multiplying like rabbits and this one way to achieve the Caliphate.

        • Saw a clip earlier with them all screaming allahu Akbar and I believe F you.

      11. Twice in my younger life, I volunteered to fight the communists overseas. 2 different armies. Now I must volunteer again. Much closer to home this time. I’ll show you how it’s done.

        • The Communist have always been in Washington D.C.
          You and others were only diverted away from the main source to fight the illusion of Communism in other countries.

          As Decades go by, the War Machine continues and repeats itself. Washington D.C. is always right, because everybody else is wrong. Promoting Democracy requires bombing innocent civilians so everybody can have the chance to pursuit happiness and Freedom.

          It’s the American way, and to those that disagree.
          Washington D.C. has a big ‘ole Bomb for you too!
          God/Jesus needs to stop these psychopaths, where are they?

          • FTW

            “Promoting Democracy ”

            Thats the ostensible excuse that has motivated US youth to fight foreign wars.

            The reality is they want governments that they control under the illusion of democratic rule. If Ho Chi Minh is going to win a reunification election they make sure that the election never takes place. If a Democratically elected government is in power and doesn’t do the bidding of the internationalist bankers its removed for one of their liking. Iran in the 1950s and Central America from the 1920s onward are examples of this involvement. Major General Smedley Butler two time recipient of the Metal Of Honor wrote about in in his book, “War Is A Racket”.

            Sometimes the above works in the benefit of said people; sometimes it doesn’t. Thats the amoral part; it really doesn’t matter either way as long as control is facilitated and maintained.

            • Kevin2 – I certainly hope you noticed my post was 100% sarcasm. The “promoting democracy” shit should not be working, yet the gullible populace loves their daily dose of lies and deceit that the powers to be throws at them.

              I suppose it is one thing that late teens/young adults do not see the illusion(s). It is not excusable for grown ass parents/adults to fall into it the lies that get habitually thrown in their direction all the time.

              • FTW

                Sorry I missed the humor in your post, should have picked up that it was sarcasm.

                • Kevin2 – no problem, most of my post have a large portion of sarcasm. I suppose it is my way of expressing my anger to the establishment without F’Bombing the board. I try to keep it to it’s perspective limitations.

                  • FTW

                    Most of us are, “Preaching To The Choir”; certainly me included.

            • “War Is A Racket”
              By: Major General Smedly Butler
              (won the Medal of Honor (twice))

              Thanks for this and your very intelligent comments.
              Besides being a source of entertainment, I sometimes learn things here.

            • “War Is A Racket”
              By: Major General Smedly Butler
              (won the Medal of Honor (twice))

              Thanks for this and your very intelligent comments.
              Besides being a source of entertainment, I sometimes learn things here.

      12. Hank Paulson should have been in an orange prison suit for 10 yrs now, preceded by Rubin.
        Instead they’re dirtbags in silk suits.

        These two banksters should have had paper targets made with their image on them. Wait, I have a better idea…
        you people with lists, put them FIRST!

        • May he soon be adorned in a body bag. No Gucchi or Prada.

          • PO’d Patriot, these people actually had the nerve to admit to their crimes, but they don’t see their actions as criminal. If I ever find one of them it will be 2 quick head shots and that’s it. Their day is definitely coming.

            • Sure cuz, ya’ll has a GREAT chance o’ findin’ em dontcha? They’s a maybe hidin’ behind one o’ them thar door knobs ya’ll be a shakin’ on at werk now! In his fambly circul, cuz has always rubbed elbers with the rich an famus!

        • Entire classes of graduates with degrees in finance should be holding their class reunions in prison. How does Jon Corzine misplace $1.2 billion and escape criminal charges? How does Wachovia Bank launder between $300 and $400 billion (its so large that the Injustice Department isn’t sure by 100 billion) in dope money without anyone facing prosecution?

          “An uneducated man robs a train; an educated man steals the railroad”.
          President Theodore Roosevelt

      13. Everybody prepare,because the shit is going to hit the fan this Friday in 3 days.

        • I hope you are right Anonymous, I’m tired of waiting out this sick, drawn out game they are playing with us.

          Unfortunately, this coming Friday will end up being nothing.
          TPTB are not fully ready to implement their NWO program. More distractions/false flags needs to be put forth to build up the coming tyranny.

          • They need to first take down Russia and China. The LAST sovereign countries still standing.

            • Right you are again, though taking on China & Russia would be a huge FAIL for TPTB. I just cannot see any success, but I do see it being a suicidal attempt on their part if they chose that route.

              • Think about how fast we could lay TPTB to rest, if the majority of the countries joined together. I know it will never happen, but it’s a nice thought to go to sleep on. A whole lot of people, would need to get a whole lot smarter, quickly.

                It’s a long shot, but not impossible.

      14. Please explain to me how murdering someone is okay just because you’re jealous of their wealth? Seriously, anarchy is not the answer. If we took all the wealth from every rich person in America, it wouldn’t make a dent in the national deficit. It also wouldn’t make much of a dent in the plight of the poor and would quickly be spent by most of them leaving them no better off than they were before. While some are in poverty due to circumstances beyond their control, many of the ‘poor’ are poor becuase of their own bad decisions and inability to budget or spend what they have wisely. Many more are poor because they would rather take what the government will give them and not work (in fact, they are better off this way), than go out and get a job. Take a look at what happened in Seattle when the minimum wage was raised to 15 bucks an hour: many of the employees requested less hours so they wouldn’t make too much and loose their government benefits.

        • Vox Rationis,
          No one here is jealous of their wealth. What everyone is pissed off about is the fact that these men were former CEO’s of Goldman Sach’s who bought their way into being Treasury Secretary (Hank Paulson under George Bush and Robert Rubin under Bill Clinton). Then they abused their capacity as Treasury Secretary for ALL the people of the U.S. to enrich themselves and Goldman Sachs at the expense of the poor, middle class taxpayer.

          Being burned at the stake would be an appropriate punishment for both of those S.O.B.s.(and thousands more like them). The Oligarchs need to learn that you don’t abuse your public position in order to enrich yourself and your corrupt, crony buddies.

          • T Says, it sure sounds to me like poeple are jealous of their wealth. If they’ve broken laws, let justice be done, but taking it upon yourself to administer that justice is anarchy and just as much committing a crime as what you seem to think they have done (where is the proof of that, BTW?). Two wrongs don’t make a right.
            This site used to have some good comments and articles, but lately it seems like it’s being taken over by the anarchists and tinfoil hat brigade. I think I’ll retire back to lurking until saner heads prevail.

            • Vox Rationis,
              You seem to forget that the foxes have taken over the chicken coop. The “People” can’t get justice when the regulators, politicians, and courts are bought and paid for by the corrupt Oligarchy. We are denied justice by the corruption. Just because these guys are running around laughing and not in jail, you shouldn’t assume they’re innocent. The regulators, the politicians, and the courts are bought and sold. No justice. I’m sorry, but you’re being woefully naive.

        • Vox rationis, if we disposed of the Rothschilds family, that 700 trillion dollars, if repatriated to where it was stolen from, would indeed end the world’s debt.

          That mortgage your paying isn’t going to the bank—it’s going straight on through to the Rothschilds…the family who owns the usurious banking system that robs people and nations alike.

          There is a reason why middle eastern countries are currently under siege — because they told the banksters to go fuck themselves. The middle east was against USURY, which is how banksters make their profits.

          Wanna get bombed into oblivion? Just nationalize your country’s resources. Wanna get assassinated or overthrown? Then fail to follow orders from the western banksters.

          The plight of the entire world can be boiled down to ONE THING ONLY — failing to cooperate with corporations and/or big banking cartels. BOTTOM LINE.

          You can cite any excuse the msm rolled out, but the truth will always be the same.

          Bin Laden was a CIA asset, until he strayed from his orders.

          Saddam Hussein was also a western oligarch’s dream, until he decided he knew too many secrets to be a slave. They sure shut HIM up quick, didn’t they?

          Russia was just fine until they got their country back together. NOW they’re a threat and Putin is the next Saddam.

          I encourage everyone to peek behind the curtain and see what’s really going on.

          • Sixpack – careful how you spread that “truth serum” around. It has the potential of having serious consequences from TROLLS and those who choose to neglect reality.

            Again, spot on analysis – it boils down to –

            “Nations play the Game, or get conquered”

      15. Laughing doesn’t mean anything. It sounded to me as if one man was confronting the other with his having contributed to the problem of wealth inequality. Yes, the accused laughed, and said twice “yes, but no”. Kind of sounded like an admission “yes” followed by a “but no” . The big question is: What did he mean when he said,
        “but no”. For that matter one could ask: What did he mean when he said “Yes”.

        Since I am not telepathic, I will not presume to know what was in his mind.

        Substantial income inequality is bad. It would be wise on the part of extremely wealthy people to pay higher wages and give benefits to the people who do the heavy lifting. No more slave/master. No No No. One employer told me “steal, but not too much”. ok Enough!

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