Global Food Crisis Sweeps Commodity Markets

by | Oct 11, 2010 | Commodities, Emergency Preparedness | 59 comments

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    When alternative media outlets like SHTFplan and others warn of global food supply problems like we did in December of 2009 and just recently in our article Agflation Threat: Food Price Trend is ‘Terrifying’ we are often dismissed as fear mongers. Most of your neighbors, who spend their days looking forward to the next Jersey Shores party destination, have no clue what is transpiring behind the scenes, out of view of mainstream media.

    Perhaps now they’ll start getting concerned, or, they’ll simply hope that world leaders will be able to find a solution to counteract the natural effects of weather and hyperinflationary monetary policy.

    In our previous Agflation article we reported that food prices were skyrocketing and a good portion of the blame could be placed on the trillions of dollars of “liquidity” that is being pumped into the system by the Federal Reserve. The FT is now reporting the other side of the story, one which was pointed out last December – that food inventory data, much like our unemployment numbers, have been completely manipulated – and it is now becoming apparent that we are much worse off than originally thought (by those who believed the USDA and others):

    Fears of a global food crisis swept the world’s commodity markets as prices for staples such as corn, rice and wheat spiralled after the US government warned of “dramatically” lower supplies.

    An especially hot summer in the US, droughts in countries including Russia and Brazil and heavy rain in Canada and Europe have hit many grain and oilseed crops this year. This has raising concern of a severe squeeze in food supplies and a repeat of the 2007-08 food crisis.

    The US Department of Agriculture, in a closely watched report, predicted that the country’s stocks of corn would halve to their lowest levels in 14 years.

    It warned of a “much tighter supply picture” for corn and barley, the two main feedstocks used to fatten cows, sheep, pigs and poultry.

    “I think we have a food crisis right now,” said Hussein Allidina, head of commodities research at Morgan Stanley.

    The average person is now being hit from multiple sides, and they’re getting hit where it hurts the most. Add a healthy dose of Wall Street speculation to the monetary and inventory pressures on food and you’ve got a serious situation developing. One that will leave many people without the ability to acquire the absolute basic necessities to survive.

    This is the trend going forward. One in eight Americans now depend on the U.S. government to feed them and there is absolutely no solution which has been presented that will shift this trend in the other direction. In fact, it seems that those in positions of power with the ability to change this trend are actually taking steps to add even more Americans to the food stamp dole.

    Again, we recommend our readers do what SHTFplan contributor Tom did: stock up on food and energy supplies while you can do it at a decent price. Either purchase pre-packaged 5 or 6 gallon buckets of dry goods like rice, wheat, and beans, or head down to your local grocery store and buy large bags of rice and pinto beans and pack the goods yourself. Packaged properly, these goods will last 5 – 10 years. Now, we’re not necessarily in the prediction business, but we’re fairly confident that 5 to 10 years from now your rice and beans are going to be significantly more expensive than today. Yes, we know it’s crazy to think the US dollar will continue to lose value as the Federal Reserve creates billions upon billions out of thin air every week, but pre-purchasing hard asset investments may be a profitable strategy to look into.

    While your neighbors are convinced that the stock market is where the money is, we’re convinced that stores of food and other essential commodities will be of much greater benefit. You’ll have to decide for yourself.


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      1. Regarding the food crisis i have no comments to make other than, my salary of 1.700,00 euros is gone by the 12 of each month.
        Afterwards we eat with my parents or my wife’s parents.
        Every week essential goods go up and we can only buy things we need for a simple life.
        Thank God that we managed to buy canned food and other goodies during the spring of 2010. Later in the summer, my wife was fired from her job so now we barely make it. We are the fortunate ones though, because we don’t have any debts at all, and the house is ours.
        People in the capital, Athens, are facing the famine danger in the months to come.

        Be safe everybody.

      2. agflation is another scare tactic to get us to buy storage junk we don’t need and will never need. the u. s. dollar is the most powerful currency in the world and will get us through any small problem that may arise. spend your extra money on vacations and have a few beers and, ya now, smoke a little good stuff.

        mcconnel, boehner and rove will get us through ripples in the economy. watch hannity and glenn beck for advice and join your local tea party to get intelligent real and fair news and , above all, relax. everything is gonna be okay.

      3. Comments….. sometimes, figuring out events or trends can be very complicated.  Figuring out this trend is a no-brainer.  If you can’t figure out that you need to stock up now, on extra food and necessities, before the price goes to totally unaffordable, then you deserve to starve.
              Just go to the grocery store a few weeks in a row.  the price changes will have you scratching your head at the speed at which they rise. This change is not hard to figure out.  the government should be screeming, telling people that commodities are in short supply, but they are sitting there, closed mouth, because they know if they start talking, we will know they have been lying about everything else they’ve been telling us.
              Besides, government people will be taken care of.   You, on the other hand, are on your own.
              Folks, what is coming is the trifecta of pain and misery.  We are headed for unaffordable food, unaffordable fuel, and a worthless dollar to try and chase these goods.  Your time is short, use the time you have to disconnect from their control.  You already know what you need to do, so do it.

      4. Mushroom,  Why don’t you go and waste other peoples time?  You may think your sarcasm (if it is not true ignorance) is humorous, but it only makes you look like an idiot. 

        I am unsure why you post anything at all, unless you are trying to show how stupid people can be.  If so, it says a lot about you using yourself as the example.

      5. Thank’s for posting here manos, It’s heavy what your going through and I hope you keep your job and are able to survive the “Long Emergency” as James Kuntseler termed it.

        The greatest delusion in all of this is that the populations of the world believe that things will get better, like they always did over the past 5 centuries. We have had 500 years of progress and the last has been so amazing that it’s hard to concieve of a collapse of our western civilization. But the facts, simple in the extreme, deny that very assumpion beyond doubt.

        Oil was the key to our great prosperity, oil and coal and natural gas. Free energy gave to us our homes and cars and abundance of pleasures and now as oil depletes we must give them all back. Slowly at first then with ever increasing speed as the energy depletion slope gets steeper and steeper.

        Food was always the basic necessity that the peoples of the world fought to have enough of and it will be again. I encourage everyone to look at their salary increases over the past decade and compare that with the cost of food over the decade. When you see the trend continue in the months to come buy, buy, buy. Rice, beans, salt, sugar. All the cheap staples that you can hoard because they are never going to be cheap again, not in terms of the money you will make.

        Of course if you have bags of gold and silver like I do you can buy a bit less hey!

      6. “Most of your neighbors, who spend their days looking forward to the next Jersey Shores party destination, have no clue what is transpiring behind the scenes…”

        Thereby hangs the problem. You know, I have noticed something that, to me, is very strange in the last dozen years of my life. The older I get the more I pay attention to what is going on “under the hood”. While my mechanical and physics knowledge expand as my life continues, most people’s done. They don’t have any idea how ANYTHING works outside of their own specialty or business. 99% of people have no idea what is going on inside the machine regardless of whether that machine a gun, a truck, a computer or, a larger machine known as the economy or, in the case of this article, food production and distribution.

        Now, understand, I don’t know every little thing about it, however, I know enough detail to know that the poor economy that we have and the “just in time” delivery makes many of our product delivery networks, in a word, precarious.

        My daughter and her boyfriend visited from Cincinnati the other day. I did the “What if?” test. They jokingly said things like, “Oh! Yeah! Make sure the cans are all in the bunker!” and “Who cares! If its the end of the world, why worry about storing stuff? Just go rape and pillage!” I don’t know if my blushing was from embarrassment or anger. I had both emotions.

        Most people only worry about the next “festival”, “party” or day of work. Most people NEVER enjoy  the mundane things around them and see or enjoy the privilege we have in the modern world. Tuesday I will spend about $300 on groceries to replenish and bulk up on my supplies. This is in addition to the hundreds I’ve spent in the last few weeks on “sustenance”.

        People just don’t realize how fragile things are and how little slack there is in the line.

      7. Mushroom:  I totally agree, the so called mail order food storage idea  is useless/unedible.    I threw mine out after y2k, tried to eat it first (soy protein).  The veg’s were fair.  Best to buy from grocery stores when  they have sales or Cosco or Sam’s. Plant some kind of garden or get with friends and combine efforts.  With peak oil around the corner, we are  in a freight train without brakes headed over a cliff, which is one reason for the bad econ. along with the mortgage/banking unresolved mess, jobs lost to China.  Voting won’t solve a thing, anything we do now- except preparing ourselves/family, is for nothing,  useless.

      8. Wooba: It’s so tragic that after so many years of progress, we are returning to an actual “hunter-gatherer” society. Our only concern will be food, food, food. I’m not talking about education or health. Both will be luxuries for rich elitists. Just imagine that the current government fired most teachers from public kindergartens. Now most households have trouble where to leave their kids during the day.
        NetRanger: People in Europe live in a utopia also. Most of youngsters and many of my generation talk about the “Big Brother”, the “Greek Idol”, “Next top model”, and other crap. They don’t see it coming, i wonder?
        Probably it’s like the experiment about the frog which is placed slowly in boiling water
        I hope we are wrong and by next year we all be laughing with 2010 writtings. I’m not sure though. Island citizens are already rebelled against their government.

      9. Well said Greaseman, Wooba & NetRanger  ! 

      10. we surely have a despirate need for a heavy austerity program. the middle class has been living off the talents of the system for too long. now it’s time to pay the piper. we all need to pay more taxes like a 25% VAT and a heavy carbon tax on pollution = like a $3000 per year tax on gas guzzlers like a chevrolet yukon XL  in my neighbors underground air conditioned garage. we need to extend the tax breaks for the upper income people who provide all the jobs and allow them breaks on the VAT.we also need  to cut back on teachers too -what good does it do to have an educated populace when there are no jobs and no way to get there if there were jobs. social security and medicare and public pensions need to be eliminated also. gold and silver sales need to be taxed at 50% and bartering with metals needs to be a felony. follow all this with a 60%devaluation of the dollar then everything will fall into place and the recovery will soon be complete.

        so relax, kick back, enjoy a heavy dark beer and smoke a couple of california chesterfields and leave everything to our banking leaders who are doing god’s work. remember save the salt of the earth -the american ten dollar bill. if you save enough everything will be absolutely fine.

        good bless our tea party friends of goldman-sachs, bank of america, citicorp and  j p morgan who are recapturing wealth for us by foreclosing on  all those freeloaders houses and cars…

      11. “People just don’t realize how fragile things are and how little slack there is in the line.”

        But they sure are going to learn, huh ?

      12. Well said NetRanger – I have a friend that works with me.  He’s so typical of the average person it’s really scary.  He knows where I stand and how my wife and I live.  I talk to him off and on all day as we work but he’s so damn busy living such a hurried life he can’t see past the proverbial forest.  He’s getting ready to marry a woman with two children and he still can’t understand.   He’s Mr. Happy Go Lucky with not too many cares in the world.   I’m not giving up on him but if he is typical then I’m really concerned.   I guess he’s a lot like your daughter and her boyfriend.  You can lead a horse to water but …………..

      13. NR   The ones that we care for the most doesn’t even know what a tin foil hat is most times.       
        Was speaking to a couple of sheriff officers  last night & they didn’t have a clue what was coming.  They believed their job was secure along with their pensions & they didn’t understand the core understanding of inflation.  One officer believed the sheriff’s office could control anything coming down in the future!!!!!!! 

      14. This morning I heard Obama say on the radio that the resession was over, we are headed in the right direction and all was well in the world.  Who can blame people for not understanding?  It is like the young teenage age kid who assumes “it” (PG, drunk driving, getting caught at whatever) can never happen to them.  That is what my friends think,” it” (food shortages, bank and soceity collapse) will never happen here. 

        Every morning as i am reading my favorite blogs and drinking coffee my boyfried asks me if the world is still coming to an end.  With all the evidence, he doesn’t see it either. 

        Makes me sad.

        BTW – I just skip over the mushroom posts and save myself the grief.

      15. Bill:   I sure wouldn’t mention my preps to anyone; not even family..unless they are on the same page.  Relatives, close friends that prep yes; ditch the  losers, incl family.  I tell no one what I have, buy, etc. except encourage others to plant veg.   Anyone (man or woman ) that marries some one with extra baggage (incl a few of my relatives and friends) is a real loser in this day and time.   People need to look out for themselves/family and  not take on extra burdens;  only unless  these kids are older,  working and supporting their cars, clothes, etc. and carrying their weight.  Otherwise it’s a burden. Folks, ditch the losers and hunker down.

      16.  Cincinnati is going to be a bad place to live when TSHTF.  If you cannot convince your daughter to prepare then at least convince her to have a Bug Out plan. 
        I am actually OK with mushroom and his ilk not preparing and putting down those who do prepare.  This will be one of those times when people will reap what they sow.  For over 70 years we have had a good economy with cyclical recessions.  We are SO unprepared for what is coming.  You would have to be in your late 80’s or even 90’s to remember the great depression.  If you didn’t hear about it growing up from relatives who went through it then you just don’t know.  The history books do not tell the story.  This is going to be one of those times where you will either have learned from the past or are doomed to repeat it.  We all will go through it but some will be as lost as the “Oakies” in the movies in camps starving to death.  I’m sorry we are going to have to do this thing.  I’m sorry for all the sufferring I see in our future.  I’m sorry for the sons and daughters who are clueless out there.  But at this point I am preparing for my own survival.   
        I do wonder if this will al play out on TV.  Remember the long lines at Home Depot in Florida just before the hurricanes hit waiting to buy plywood?  Remember the long line of harried looking regular folks after the hurricane waiting for FEMA to hand out ice?  Remember those people waiting to be rescued in New Orleans after Katrina?  Will this be what we see on the TV when the economy collapses?  
        To Manos:  Consider creating a blog like this one
        or at least keep a diary, write a book, get out your camera and create a photographic record of events.  The world is going to go through this.  There may be pockets of relative safety but most will go though this great event.  Document it for the future.

      17. The new ‘in’ word will be ‘barter’…communities just don’t know it yet.

        I’ll teach your child or teach you how to teach your child and you grow my garden??

         I’m not giving up on him but if he is typical then I’m really concerned.  

        My experience?? He’s typical…they don’t have a clue!!!



        LAURA…It is sort of like Beck said..and I don’t agree with much he says..
        Your responsibility is to warn, educate, sound the alarm and you’ve done what God tells you to do…..when it happens, look them in the eyes, and tell them I warned you,,,I sacrificed for food, supplies while you went on spennding on stupid eat that stupid chit.

        And, yes, we’ve acquired three weapons to go with the one we had.


        LAURA…It is sort of like Beck said..and I don’t agree with much he says..
        Your responsibility is to warn, educate, sound the alarm and you’ve done what God tells you to do…..when it happens, look them in the eyes, and tell them I warned you,,,I sacrificed for food, supplies while you went on spending on stupid eat that stupid chit.

        And, yes, we’ve acquired three weapons to go with the one we already had.

      21. Walmart is doing a brisk business in the pet food aisles. Lots of seniors buying canned dog and cat food. Sadly, they have already eaten their pets.

      22. Chill out Gods Creation. Your Zionist Jew God commands not to judge others. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

      23. Laura – I agree about keeping my mouth shut but I’ve known this guy for twenty years and I love him like a brother.  He just pisses me off.  I want him to understand but your right….at some point I’ll just give up on him.  Bonehead!  As to him having two new kids….   That’s another whole mess.  The kids are young (2 and 5).   He’s already leaving work early some days so he can go pick them up from daycare!!!!  He says he loves them so who am I to say anything?  Bonehead!    I just don’t understand why people are so stupid.  How much more evident does the mess have to be before it’s too late? 

        In my church there’s a group prepping and they let it be known each and every Sunday.   I just smile and tell them their nuts.   The majority of people I know don’t have a clue about what’s happening but they could tell you all you wanted to know about dancing with the stars and all the other BS on the box.

      24. If a local or regional emergency was announced while you were at work today, the shelves of your local stores would be empty by the time you got off work.   The trucks bring supplies every 3 days or so but that only supplies the average daily needs.  Most families have little of no food in their homes so when an emergency is announced they run to the store and strip it clean. A few months ago a large water main broke in Massachusets. It was a local issue. But the water was off for a larg part of the county. People went nuts climbing over each other to buy bottled water. They could have driven 20 mintues and bought it outside the area but the FOUGHT each other for the water. That is the mentality that it out there. They don’t want to think and then the panic and fight.  Not good.

      25. Bea- I just skip them too. LOL Ditto.

      26. Laura and Bill,
        You two are a little harsh on a young man who takes on the responsibilities left by another man. It is not the fault of the children that they were created. It is the fault of the mother and father. They were involved in the process of creation. When times are tough and getting tougher, one must realize that to have compassion for another human being is not a negetive trait. In times of strife, compassion is one of man’s finest qualities. Are we animals or humans?

      27. SD – I think you need to know the whole story before you judge or make any comments concerning the specific issue.   I agree 100% with what your saying.  My friend has nothing but compassion for these children.  But, like I said you don’t know the other issues that are involved.  I’m concerned for my friend too.

      28. let me take this opportunity to remind those of you who criticize me and my opinions that MOST PEOPLE AGREE WITH ME 100%.

        most of you are up tight for no reason. relax, have some good drinks and smoke some  swartzenneger marlboros.

      29. I bought the entire shelf out of dried pinto beans last weekend at one major store.  Less than 5 gal. packed.  Restock on isle #4! 

      30. mush: why would you feel good that most people AGREE with you?

      31. I agree more or less with all of the comments here except one. To do NOTHING, to fail to try to do something and just hunker down, without trying to change the status quo is cowardly, or at best lazy.

        To do nothing is EXACTLY what the staus quo wants you to do. If you don’t vote, don’t complain. You are getting what you asked for: and you asked for nothing! Only SHEEPLE do nothing. Those who urge you to do nothing, in effect, support the status quo. And that is fine if that is your choice. But at least choose. Patriots act, if their only action is to vote against the status quo.

        Vote Nov 2 and choose the least of two evils; and a third choice wherever you can. It is the LEAST, cheapest, and easiest thing that you can do. It may not make a difference in the larger scheme of things, but to remain silent, unengaged, and on the sideline is the profile of a loser.

      32. As time goes on… Get use to the idea your going to possibly have to kill another human being… to protect your property, your food, your children.

        …And more often than not it will be your own ill prepared neighbors who will be coming to take what you have… more often than not it will be someone you know or an acquaintance of someone you know!

        … just giving you all the bare facts! As times get worse so too will people get worse… desperate people will become dangerous people!

      33. Go back and have a good read of Mushroom’s last post because he makes a very valid point. Most people you will ever meet do agree with him and that is a dangerous fact.

        All truth passes through 3 stages.

        First it is ridiculed
        Then it is vehemently denied
        Finally it is accepted as self-evident.

        In the years leading up to the collapse of the housing bubble nay sayers were ridiculed. As prices turned and began to fall nay sayers were vehemently denied. Now, today, most people will tell you that “of course house prices were too high.” They wont generally admit that they were sucked in though because that would make them look stupid. (as most are)

        All they have lost really is a luxury item, their own house, and now they must rent. Not a catastrophe is it? But what happens when they discover they were wrong about food, about gas, about savings for retirement. These are not just a step down the social ladder from home owner to renter. These losses will devastate them and they will become very very desperate and who will they blame? Anyone who saw it coming, anyone who the crisis isn’t effecting. Just as they currently blame the wall street millionaires for doing exactly what they have done up to date. Namely trying to get rich on other peoples money.

        Most people you will ever meet are very dangerous and next time you talk with one who knows you own gold tell them you sold it because it looks like the top, tell you bought junior mining shares with the money or invested in a cheap condo (anything that is due to collapse). If they know you stock food tell them derisively that rats got into it and that it was a stupid idea in the first place and your going back to eating out 24/7.

        As cruel as it sounds it wont make the least bit difference to their lives (but it might save yours). What is one person going back to doing what 300 million are doing everyday anyway?

      34. @ mushroom: I agree 100% with the people who think your father should put on a second condom next time. One child like you is more than enough.

      35. Wooba,
        Unfortunatelly i spoke a bit to two high school classmates-friends.
        I don’t worry for one of the two because he is one of us. He makes preps, he piles up food, cans, and water, ammo etc.
        The other “friend” tried to ridicule both of us and laughed for the potential disaster.
        Now that you mentioned it, i’m gona try to distract his attention as you suggested. What a stupid i was.
        I won’t talk again.

      36. DurangoKidd,
        What do you consider “the least of two evils” in the voting arena?

      37. Durango Kid:
        All truth passes through 3 stages.
        First it is ridiculed
        Then it is vehemently denied
        Finally it is accepted as self-evident.
        I’ve told you before, voting is not only a waste of time, it’s actually counterproductive as it fosters the illusion you have some say in the matter when you don’t.
        You are stuck somewhere around stage 2 of “truth”.  Time to move on.

      38. Durango Kid:
        All truth passes through 3 stages.
        First it is ridiculed
        Then it is vehemently denied
        Finally it is accepted as self-evident.
        I’ve told you before, voting is not only a waste of time, it’s actually counterproductive as it fosters the illusion you have some say in the matter when you don’t.
        You are stuck somewhere around stage 2 of “truth”.  Time to move on.

      39. Comments…..I think there are some realities that will become very evident soon enough, even to folks that frequent these types of boards.
             The first reality is that our vote makes a difference. I’m all for voting, and have done so for years, throwing my support under whatever party I thought represented me the best. In the end, we all get fleeced whether it’s by our party, or the other side.  My ‘side’ has had control in the past, and did nothing to really change things.  Now we have Osama in charge, and we are getting some change, but he is killing the goose that layed the golden egg, along with the farmer, the farm,  the manufacturing plant that processes the egg, the transportation system—–well, you get the idea.
            Bottom line–both sides suck. The two party system has a lock on everything. your vote won’t change anything.   the only way voting would change anything, is if all incumbants could be thrown out, and that won’t happen. If it makes you feel better–vote.  I probably will also, but the next day, one of the two parties still control the process, and that won’t change.
             The next reality check will come when we all realize that you can’t change the way most people think.  if people think all will be well, let them think that.They  can think that as they wait in line for their share of “gubmint” cheese, along with thousands of others. I’m so tired of hearing,”oh that could never happen”. If they would look back in history, everything that has happened before will happen again.   History will repeat itself over and over. I have learned to keep my mouth shut,, and stop warning people that hard times are coming. they must like having their heads buried up their asses I guess. The point is coming for all of us, that we will just clam up, and do what we do, and wait for the fallout.  That time is very close for all of us.  Good luck……

      40. SD Mule; Patriots are prefered: those individuals who oppose illegal immigration, support the US Constitution in deed not word, and who want to stop government spending.

        Lesser of two evils, without a Patriot to vote for, would be that party out of power. In November that would be republicans. As the intent right now, is to roll back the socialism Obama has imposed upon US. Once they are in power, our voices must be loud and strong that we will not accept Global Fascism from them.

        Note however that I espouse the eradication of the G-Flu: R1,D1, L1 altogether!

        TnAndy: Voting may be a waste of time for you, but not voting it is EXACTLY want the PTB want from US. If we remain disengaged they will control US. People who do not vote are SHEEPLE and LOSERS who have given up, want the benefits of being an American citizen without the responsibilities that come with our heritage of personal liberty and independence.

        Self determination requires an informed electorate that participates in its government. Without participation, people are SHEEPLE doing the bidding of the PTB. Those who urge others to drop out of the process and not participate, spread the propaganda of the PTB.

        I watch what people do and make my judgements accordingly. I do not listen to what people say. The PTB are liars, cheats, and thieves; hippocrites, cowards, and traitors. Those that support them by spreading the propaganda of the PTB are even worse because then they are the lackies for One World Government that the PTB want to impose upon US. 

        If you don’t want to vote don’t. Then you deserve the America you have. If you want a different America than that which is being imposed upon US, engage the enemy, vote!

        Or lock and load.

      41. “Lesser of two evils, without a Patriot to vote for, would be that party out of power.”

        May I assume from that you supported the Democrats last election, since they were out of power ?

        I though you were stuck at stage 2, but now I see it’s stage 1.

        When you get to be my age, having voted for 40 years and watching it get worse and worse, the truth will set you free.

      42. “Lesser of two evils, without a Patriot to vote for, would be that party out of power.”

        May I assume from that you supported the Democrats last election, since they were out of power ?

        I though you were stuck at stage 2, but now I see it’s stage 1.

        When you get to be my age, having voted for 40 years and watching it get worse and worse, the truth will set you free.

      43. TnAndy:  I am your age, and I have been disengaged from the process, busy getting “Mine”. Now I have mine, and I see that I have been wrong in being disengaged from the process. The reason: America itself is at stake. Its not just jobs being shipped offshore, or who’s on first, etc anymore.

        America is at stake.

        The PTB want to dissolve America into the North American Union as part of the NWO plan for One World Government. Illegal Immigration is the strategy to do that by collapsing the income of the middle class and encouraging tens of millions of Illegal Aliens into the US, where the PTB want to make them “new Americans” through amnesty, and then let them vote in a Referendum to join the NAU like Europe did.

        In the case of Europe, individual states made their decision. In the United States, it may be by a special national election, or it may be by a majority of States. 30 million Illegals have moved into every nook and cranny of the United States, and if made citizens, would vote to join Mexico in a “superstate”. If you think things are bad now, wait for another 30 million illegals to pour across the border!

        America would vanish overnight and be conquered by “latino nation”without firing a shot. It would become a third world country, with the mentality of third world inhabitants.

        This I will resist.

      44. TnAndy : I agree, each party is like a two headed nickle; bought and paid for by the elite (corporate/ bankers)   What the H has voting accomplished in 40 plus years?  absolutely nothing..the  people don’t matter and voting is just a show (puppet show) for the sheeple.  Patriots are getting ready to lock and load.   Folks reading this: go to: and read the latest articles; that’s where we stand today.

      45. I read somewhere recently that Colorado population is expected to
        increase from 4 to 6 million people in the next decade.  It’s only a
        matter of time, now, until we have the living standards of  China, or
        India.  No privacy, living in small one-room apartments,  people everywhere literally crawling out of the get it?

      46. –

        Here is the food situation explained in succinct detail, a primer to the exponential function, growth in boulder colorado by professor Bartlett

        Touted as the most important video you might ever view.

      47. Wooba: I have watched all eight of his videos, previously. He is awesome! Really explains everything in a way anyone can understand. Thank God we have video of this guy! Someone can break it out and view it when they can or, in a hundred years.

        He will still be relevent then. If we are.

      48. We, the citizens of the US and the world, are in for some very hard times if we don’t get control of our governments and control of where our money is spent, immediately. History is entering another stage of feudalism. Only the work-shy and fools vote for “progressives” and socialists.
        By the way, “your” is the second person possessive. Please use correct grammar and put “you’re” as the contraction of “you are”.
        Thanks, it’s a pet peeve.

      49. Wow, corn up “another” day in commodities.  For every penny up, don’t expect just a penny up at store.  Expect a lot more!  Euro seems to be holding at $1.39.  AU/AG see sawing up.  World money, scared money, & big money (investment firms/rich) getting in while the bubble grows.

      50. DurangoKidd, I fail to see how why continue to believe that working within a corrupt system will lead to salvation of the system. The two are mutually exclusive. I have only been voting for 18 years, and you can call me inexperienced if you’d like, but I have already “seen the light” at the end of this tunnel. I have participated in enough local and national elections to know that nothing good will come out of voting. Why?

        Because the people we vote in do not make the rules. They only get to play the game. They are merely convenient scapegoats, objects of animosity and resentment by a bemused populace. Do you think that the Congressman really write the laws? Who wrote the health care reform bill? And if you think all this will go away if/when Republicans take control of Congress in 2011, do you honestly think they will ban all lobbyists? Where were you between 2000-2008 under so called “conservative” rule?

        I admit I voted in 2008. Cast my vote for the only 3rd party representative on the balllot. Knew neither Obama nor McCain were the way to go simply because THEY WERE OUR ONLY TWO CHOICES. You say the PTB wants us to lie down like dogs and give up. I disagree. I say based on what I’ve seen in nearly 20 years of voting that they want us to continue to believe the LIE that voting for one of the two parties actually makes a difference. There’s a reason we have all this red state/blue state, conservative/liberal nonsense tugging at our national fiber, nauseatingly played on prime-time airwaves by the MSM. It’s a complete ruse.

        In my mind, the only responsible action when faced with a stacked deck is to refuse to play the game, period. This is not being unpatriotic, defeatist, whinist, or any other cowardly noun one can think of. By withdrawing from and refusing to participate in a corrupt system, you are freeing yourself from future bondage. Your are admitting that your personal integrity is more important than saving face with your friends/neighbors who will ask one day why you didn’t vote. Lastly, you are a true patriot because you value the privilege of voting so highly that you work to protect its sanctity as an amendment to the US Constitution, the only true law of the land.

        I don’t mean any disrespect, but what is the definition of insanity? I cannot nor will not take part in this corrupt system any longer. I believe Mahatma Gandhi devoted most of his life to this very subject.

        Now, flame me all you want.

      51. Chris: I didn’t say or suggest that working within a corrupt system will lead to the “salvation of the system”, but now that you mention it , it could. Please do not interpret my words so poorly. Your posts over time would suggest that you are smarter than that.

        By refusing to play with a “stacked deck” by not voting, you ENSURE your future bondage. Every independence movement that has ever existed has had two strategies: a political strategy and armed insurrection.

        At this point, I believe that middle class America has begun a grass roots political movement for Independence, from Big Business, Big Banksters, and Big Brother: armed resistance cannot be far behind.

        At this point in time, I advocate political resistance. I believe that it is still possible, over time, for the American people to reclaim their heritage, exert the power of the masses over a corrupt government, and reestablish an America we can all believe in again.

        To do nothing is to consign yourself, your children, and your children’s children to a life of poverty, misery, and despair: for as long as this world exists. To do nothing is to be pathetic, cowardly, and a loser, even if you do not believe the system can be reformed from within.

        You may believe it is just tilting at windmills to vote, but at least Don Quixote had heart and courage. Even the idiot that crashed his plane into the IRS building, did something against a tyrannical government.
        All you want to do is bemoan your fate and sit on your hands. I have no respect for any person without enough backbone to stand up and be counted. The easiset way to do that is VOTE!

        Are you afraid? Afraid that you would have to do something, accomplish something, and for God’s sake, participate in something bigger, more important than yourself, that requires you to turn off the computer, get off the couch, make a sign, get involved, and voice your displeasure?

        Like a few others on this post, you talk a big game, but what do you do? You’re and “arm chair patriot”! And thats with a little P.

        The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. It was almost twelve long years before true Independence was established. 12 years and three elections from now, Americans can have the government they want; instead of the government they have, if they all participate, make their voices heard, and put their money where their mouth is.

        I will. I do. I am.

        Laura: I checked the link you posted. I am a little leery of anyone trying to sell me my patriotism, on CD’s for just, however much it was. Otherwise I appreciate the link.

      52. You got the grassroots movement part right, DK. Only I and others believe that the political avenue is not the best path right now. Perhaps one day it will be.

        My personal integrity is worth a great deal more than what someone thinks of me, or what a whole group of people think of me for that matter.

        What do I do you ask? Everything I can nonpolitical, but you probably already knew that. I have divorced myself from the financial system by taking away their “monopoly money”. I have built a sustainable lifestyle going into the future, one where my neighbors are assets rather than folks to be avoided. I have armed myself with all the knowledge I can find out there on the net and have shared this with my immediate family and with some friends (despite the fact that many have chosen not to listen). I have chosen to spend my time on real things that matter with my family, so I help raise two kids that have an ounce of brains rather than the countless millions who are plugged into their ipods or Xboxes and can’t even find Iraq on a world map. I have cut back on spending on most non-essential items despite the fact that it makes us appear “poor” in our community (again, I don’t care what other people think).

        So you can call me an armchair patriot if it makes you feel better about yourself. I will continue to concentrate on the things that matter most.

        Am I afraid? Damn right I am. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be.

      53. ChrisC: If the political avenue is not the best path now, when will it ever be better? I doubt that the average American has been this riled up since the Whisket Rebellion. Many tens of, tens of millions, of Americans want real reform. If not now, when? If not US, who?

        I admire your prepping lifestyle and the independence that you have charted for your family. I would to God that every person could be sage enough, thrifty enough, and committed to their family enough to do as you have done. Every prepper is one less advesary when the shtf.

        But after that you have a responsibility to your community, to the nation that gave you the opportunity and liberty to pursue your happiness.  To shrink from your basic civic duty that asks you to only vote; even if the choice is between two evils, is not anything of which to be proud.

        Its shameful, frankly. It negates everything else that you have done for your children, because if enough SHEEPLE think as you do, the tyranny of this government will continue until it grinds your kids and their kids into dust. They may have enough to eat for awhile because you have been wise, and they may have a strong faith to sustain them through the dark times ahead, but if they have no backbone they will be SHEEPLE, like their father before them: slaves to the system with no voice. 

        Of what are you are afraid? There is nothing to fear. Once I knew fear. Once I knew war. Fear is a false religion. I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all of my fears. Now I fear nothing. No man, or beast, or government. Particularly not MY government. Its YOUR government too. take ownership of it and responsibility for it. You owe that much to yourself. And if not to yourself, then to your children and their children.

        Like it or not, to be non-political at this point in time in history is to be SHEEPLE, because that is EXACTLY what the PTB want: American citizens who are disengaged from politics. That is how the PTB got the control that they have, and that is the way to break their stranglehold on US.

        Live free or die free.

      54. Comments…..@mushroom
         Hey mush, I have to give it to you man.  You are the best troll I have seen operating in a long time. I don’t know who pays you to stalk these boards, because if you aren’t being paid to agitate these posters, you are undoubtedly the dumbest sob I have ever seen.

      55. Durango:  I cannot believe after all these comments  from Chris and others that you trust in  no good scum of the earth politicians.  The Bible says trust in no man.  People before my generation trusted and voted for scum..and look where we are at today.  Evensen’s web site had good articles..he was selling survival seminar cd’s and they are good. Someone has to pay for his web pages, and he is for real.  He traveled, held seminars all over the country.  True patriots will stand up and fight when the time is right; not trust in puppet politicians.  You need to  follow Hannity, O’rielly, and all the ilk  on fox news NWO shills; they trust 100% in shill Rep. politicians  as the salvation of this country.

      56. DK, I will not get into specifics on what I fear. I will just offer that my fears are justified and that the key to my own success in life is knowing what they are and controlling them, rather than letting them control me. A little bit of fear goes a long way in making sound, rational decisions, IMHO. I think it is somewhat disingenuous  to say you have no fear, because I think we all fear to some degree that which we don’t understand, as as one famous philosopher once said, we can’t know what we don’t know.

        All ramblings aside, I respect your position and will not disparage it but it is not the right path for me. I think time will be the only testament to which avenue was the best choice.

      57. Laura: Breathe of fresh air! How ya doing sweetheart?

        I don’t trust politicians any more than Reagan trusted the Soviets.
        And I don’t follow Fox or MSNBC. I do not need anyone on the boob tube making analysis for me. I am quite capable of interpreting events and connecting the dots for myself.

        As for the website you mentioned, maybe some folks can benefit from his CD’s. But there is sufficient free information on the web for anyone to learn about prepping and survival. I certainly don’t need it as I have been a “prepper”, understanding where it is all going for almost 50 years. Still I must resist the NAU and NWO by every means, including my vote!

        I am way ahead of the crowd on this one, which is why I am literally sitting on top of a mountain of precious metals.

        He may be for real as you suggest, and I don’t discount his or your patriotism, but NO the only person who has to pay for his web pages is HIM! If he can sell his shtick to someone, more power to him. But it won’t be me.

      58. Yesterday Bernanke said further rounds of QE might be necessary to reduce unemployment and get inflation back above 2.0%.

        I think we’re almost entirely f’ed now.

        Officially inflation is low but of course they discount the price of food and energy. I don’t know about you all but where I live a milk is up 20% in just the past month. Lots of other things are up too. Gasoline is once again above $3.00/gallon.

        So what I see is ever increasing amounts of money being thrown to help get the economy “growing” again. I don’t think things will ever get cheaper again. Time to start stocking up big time.

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