China’s GDP Growth Is a Total Lie

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Commodities | 44 comments

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    I think it’s safe to say that anyone who thinks the United States economy is on the road to recovery, is drinking some serious Kool-aid. As organizations like shadowstats have shown time and time again, our government likes to fudge the numbers on a regular basis. They think they can keep the party going indefinitely, so long as they convince the world that everything is just fine.

    Of course, the United States isn’t the only country that’s doing this. Heck, it wouldn’t be surprising if we found out that most governments falsify their economic data. However, it’s a little scary to think that maybe the world’s largest economy isn’t the only one lying to the world. In fact, the world’s second largest economy is definitely faking their suspiciously consistent growth numbers.

    “You can’t trust the numbers,” Bill Miller, CEO of LMM Investments, told a room full of investors at CNBC’s Delivering Alpha Conference this week.

    Miller spoke on Wednesday, just hours after China announced that it once again hit its gross-domestic-product growth target of 7%.

    This despite the fact that its economy seems to be experiencing a major slowdown.

    But after 25 years of watching China hit the mythical 7% mark without fail, analysts understand the charade.

    There are dead giveaways everywhere. The most obvious way to tell that China’s books are cooked, though, is by looking at how its neighbors are faring.

    Miller noted that Singapore’s GDP has dropped 4.6% in just the last quarter, and that their manufacturing sector is down 14%. So why is that so telling? Because, Singapore does a lot of trading with China, and the contraction of their manufacturing industry is being caused by a lack of demand from the Chinese.

    You can also look to Australia, another one of China’s major trading partners. They’re also experiencing a significant decline in exports.

    But that’s just what’s going on outside of their country. When you look at what goes on in China itself, it’s hard to believe that they would still have consistently high growth numbers. It wasn’t that long ago that their stock market tanked by more than 30%. I can’t recall a single instance where a stock market fell like that, without it causing a contraction of that nation’s GDP.

    And finally, China’s debt to GDP ratio is off the charts. While a large debt won’t kill the economy if it’s in the process of being paid for, China is experiencing quite the opposite. Their debt is actually increasing faster than their economy is supposedly growing. In 2008, their total debt, which includes business loans and household debt, amounted to 125% of their GDP. Today, that number stands at 207%.

    That means that even if they’re not faking their growth numbers, their GDP is still a lie. Their growth is still being fueled by debt, which means that in the big scheme of things, it’s not really growth at all.

    China is just like the United States and the EU. They’re just another massive world power that is using their economic clout to throw their weight around the world stage. And that economic clout is a big lie. When the world figures out how insolvent and unsustainable these nations really are, their house of cards is going to crumble.



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        • Death Valley

          By far the toughest excursion I have ever made. I was truly concerned that I was going to die. It was 110 degrees. It takes three liters of water to hike a mile. I seriously thought my heart was going to explode. It afforded me a small glimpse into SHTF when I thought myself near death and asked the question “what would I do to survive?” Cell phones don’t work in death valley. You know damn well the sheeple don’t have anything in their cars. The only thing standing between them and death is the A/C. And they ram their cars down the road at 100 mph. Lake Mead and Lake Hoover are visibly down 50%. The entire southwest is visibly reverting into a desert. All those people will have to move somewhere. Live near water, dig a well, and have a lot of filters. The water wars are coming sooner or later.

          • So how was the rest of the trip?

      1. Everything seems to be a lie…

        • We are upset a because……. we hoped to make a fast buck investing in their lousy economy and now we can’t sell our investments before their economy collapses.

          There should be this type of indignation directed at those who resist an accounting review of the US Federal Reserve, and an accounting of the gold held in various federal reserve locations around the US as well as Ft. Knox. That’ll happen when hell freezes over.

        • China is one big lie and will always be. I’ve known that but try telling that to John Ing who thinks this is all part of China’s long term plan. The Western Banksters have found a new home in the East.

          John Ing on China
          http : // kingworldnews . com/10-countries-now-facing-default-as-global-crisis-escalates-what-to-expect-from-china-europe-and-the-u-s/

          • FWIW, here’s my opinion:

            What needs to happen, is the leaders of ALL countries need to deploy their military and arrest the globalist banksters as they locate them in their jurisdictions, and seize the assets of the cabal, whether in a bank or personal venue, regardless of the geographical location of the cache.

            After being convicted in a court of international law, the Rothchilds and their cronies should suffer asset forfeiture of their entire cache of proceeds from their criminal enterprise. Full compliance with transparency laws should be mandatory, and punishable by law.

            Once the NWO heads have been separated from their assets, the seized money should be repatriated into the country it was stolen from. The people should benefit as the repatriated funds are spent ON THE PEOPLE and their infrastructures.

            The Vatican should be included and investigated as well and treated accordingly.

            The national banks that were destroyed by the globalist cabal should be refunded and put back in business. All accounts withing the globalist banks should be transferred to the national and local banks as appropriate.

            Hedge funds, derivatives, futures and other forms of bankster gambling should be outlawed across the globe, along with all forms of large-scale financial tampering, like what happened with the Libor scandal. Those responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, no exceptions.

            In other words, IMO, the globalist banking cabal should be permanently put out of business. Everything that can’t be returned should be given back to the countries to distribute. Any money owed to the cabal that hasn’t been paid, should either be forgiven or directed to the national banks for redistribution.

            All global entities, IMF, ECB, Fed Res, NATO, UN should be shuttered and dissolved, which will return sovereignty and self-rule to all countries, even those we don’t like.

            Laws should be passed forbidding international entities or laws that supersede national sovereignty and/or usurp any country’s Constitution.

            ALL previous trade deals should be immediately rescinded, and new deals hammered out.

            All current economic sanctions and/or embargoes should be nullified. Laws should be passed that forbid one country from punishing another economically for any reason.

            The penalty for treason should be death, and it should be enforced with due prejudice.

            That’s about the only way the people will ever be free of the NWO globalist banksters.

            • Sure, wake me up when that all comes to fruition, until then, yawn.

      2. When the world figures out how insolvent and unsustainable these nations really are, their house of cards is going to crumble.

        What is left to “figure out.” Seriously, anyone that can do math can see this system is broken and has been for decades, yet it keeps on. I don’t know if this monster is ever going to die in my lifetime or if things get too unstable they issue some other form of payment system.

        After all it is no different than the other forms of payment tried and failed throughout history. And the problem remains, what is the alternative?

      3. Every ones economy is a sham. We here know it, ban when the rest of the world finds out it’s over. SHTF TIME.

        Get your gold and silver now. before it is to late!!!


      4. Teachers union members want Hillary endorsement withdrawn

        Furious American Federation of Teachers members are demanding the union withdraw its endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton, calling it premature and undemocratic.
        “There was no internal discussion. Zero. Zip,” said Steve Conn, president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. “This is wrong and something needs to be done.”
        The 45-member AFT executive board voted Saturday to back Clinton despite an AFL-CIO request to wait until July when the presidential field is more set.

        ht tp://

      5. Perfect solution let all country’s declare a complete reset and all debt is forgiven for every individual and everyone has a certain even a mount of money put into there acct and very one starts over, oops wait a minute I’m sorry I’m drunk on Koop aid from George Town

        • The same people would be rich or poor as before in just a year. Rich people know how to get rich, and poor people only know how to be poor.

      6. Why there will Not be a 2nd Revolutionary Civil War in Zog Amerika until the Zog Federal Reserve Central Banks Fail and the QA Quantitative Easing Fiat Money Printing Presses Stop!

        …during slavery, there were two kinds of slaves: “house Negroes”, who worked in the master’s house, and “field Negroes”, who performed the manual labor outside. He characterizes the house Negro as having a better life than the field Negro, and thus being unwilling to leave the plantation and potentially more likely to support existing power structures that favor whites over blacks.

        Most 99% Amerikan tax debt Slaves are House Negroes!

        ~Malcolm X

        • I think he got it almost right.

          The majority (99%) are the field negroes, the govt workers, apologists and wealthy (Millionaires) are the house negroes.

          You see, the “upper class” who have the better lives, are not wealthy enough to be globalist elites, they just don’t realize that they are slaves too.

          After all, what is a couple hundred million, compared to 700+ TRILLION? Not enough to get into the club.

      7. The Chinese government is also propping up their equities. It makes the Federal Reserve’s market tampering over the past 8 or so years look fairly tame in comparison.

        I look forward to selling wheat, rice, and potable water to China – pound-for-pound for gold.

      8. Buy some hens!!!
        ht tp://

        Nina , please try not to put soooooo many videos up.
        It makes the page slow to load for some of us.

        • Okay CM, I wasn’t aware of that. My Apologies Everyone!

          I’ll just do 1 that applies per Report.

          Thank You for the Heads.Up CM!

      9. One day, some time ago, I woke up and realized that everything I was taught when growing up, was a lie. Everything I believed was a lie. I no longer believe anything. I think. When I acquire additional info that contradicts what I think, then I change what I think. I am not emotionally attached to what I think. Today, everything is propaganda or worse, indoctrination. Everything. The news, television, movies, schools, everything. The truth is a very elusive critter.

        • To tell you the truth, when things get serious, don’t tell the truth.

        • Very well said Prophet – The World is indeed a Grand Illusion.

          Ever feel like you don’t belong on Planet Earth, and feel like you are suppose to be somewhere else instead?

          That pretty much sums up on how I feel. It was never like that for me beforehand, but like you said – “one day, some time ago, I woke up”.

          I guess we are suppose to embrace this shitty world for what it is until our time is up….but something about doing that does not sit well with me – there is no comfort in it.
          There are certain people with power in this world who will need to be eliminated before I start to feel that “comfort”.

        • The Prophet.

          “You believe what you want to believe, but you don’t have to live like a refugee”.

          Tom Petty. ;0)

          • A Tom petty favorite…

            “I Won’t Back Down”

            Well I won’t back down, no I won’t back down
            You could stand me up at the gates of hell
            But I won’t back down

            Gonna stand my ground, won’t be turned around
            And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down
            Gonna stand my ground and I won’t back down

            Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out
            Hey I will stand my ground
            And I won’t back down

            Well I know what’s right, I got just one life
            In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around
            But I’ll stand my ground and I won’t back down

            Hey baby there ain’t no easy way out
            Hey I will stand my ground
            And I won’t back down
            No, I won’t back down

      10. China has never been doing as well as most Westerners think it has been.

        Keep in mind that they are a Communist country and can manipulate numbers and appearances any way the want to give whatever impression they want, They have a rather strong tendency to execute those who disagree with this policy.

        • Keep in mind that they are a Communist country and can manipulate numbers and appearances any way the want to give whatever impression they want, They have a rather strong tendency to execute those who disagree with this policy.

          Hey Anonymous – that sounds just like what America does too!
          You make it sound like we don’t play that game either.

          So, it appears that America went from a Republic to a Democracy straight on through to Communism. [corporatism]

          Does that seem to be pretty accurate to you?

          • But we don’t execute those who point it out.


        • You don’t necessarily have to be a communist country to manipulate numbers and appearances to give whatever impression they want. As we can easily see, “democratic” countries do a fine job of that too.

      11. Everything that comes out of any government connected mouth is a lie, the only way to retain control of the masses. Truth is the enemy of the system and must be smashed at all costs, thus nothing but lies stacked to protect the previous lie. Like the Fed’s Yellen warning government not to interfere with Fed policy, refusing to provide records sought by some legislators, claiming that the Fed will raise interest rates IF the economy continues to improve. The msm whorespondents controlled by the cia maintain the lies to continue the war of terror protecting the war machine boondoggle and treasonous liars running the shit show. I know y’all know this, but I feel like I’m in a echo chamber of worn out repeated lies. “A conspiracy theorist is someone who questions the statement’s of known liars”.

        • So true.

      12. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

        Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Germany

        • It pretty much answers your question in the first sentence: “…Texas is setting up a gold-backed bank that will allow”

          WILL ALLOW means when it is complete, as in, in the future. They just passed the law, now they need to get it built and get through the Feds stall tactics, just like Germany is doing.

          And you’re probably right—someone just may get assassinated or at least imprisoned on some trumped up charges for this.

      13. 1. Ignore Communist Chinese. Patronize Chinese restaurants run by Taiwanese who have been in the U.S. for at least a generation and who are Americans.
        2. Do not trust Communist Chinese. Anywhere. They are, regardless of their seeming wealth and/or English language proficiency, still Communists. Communists seek, at all times, to destroy America and to enslave all free people for the benefit of only a few at the very top. Never forget: “Communism” means Communism for everyone except the pro-Communist elite. The pro-Communist elite want nothing to do with a Communist lifestyle or standard of living because they know that it means living in abject poverty with no freedom in any aspect of their lives.
        3. Every Communist Chinese who has made it out of Communist China and come to the West has done so only because they have proven their loyalty to the Communist Party in China. Do not be fooled. They are working for the Communist Party of China and never think that they are not. Never forget that there are some 2 BILLION people in Communist China — only those who are well connected to the Communist Party and loyal to it can even think about getting out. Although it seems that there are more Communist Chinese in America than ever before — and there are — they are nonetheless a mere drop in the bucket compared to what remains back in Communist China.
        4. Don’t believe their dumb act, their innocent “who, me?” act, their language barrier act, their deference act, their polite act, their whatever act. People are people everywhere in the world. People react with the same emotions to events everywhere in the world. If someone is doing something wrong intentionally, they know it. If someone is trying to pull a fast one, they know it. If someone is trying to impose themselves on others, they know it. The cultural differences do not erase the “nature of people” element.
        5. Don’t listen to their lecturing. Communist Chinese have no standing to lecture anyone. And do sincere, well-meaning, trustworthy, noble, polite people lecture anyone anyway? No, they do not.
        6. Don’t feel sorry for their rapidly deteriorating, if not collapsing, economic circumstances. They made their bed, they can lie in it. It indeed has all been a lie. And that is the fundamental nature of Communism: a lie.

        • While we remember Communism’s crimes against humanity, let us also remember the crimes against humanity perpetrated by predatory capitalism.

          Both Communism and Capitalism concentrate power and wealth in very few hands.

          Distributism, a just and humane alternative, seeks to distribute power, property, and wealth in more hands, not fewer.

        • Anon, excellent post that I agree with all the way.

        • Gee, you could replace Chinese with Russian and the propaganda would still be the same…still just propaganda, aimed to demonize countries who will not bow the the NWO and western globalist banksters.

          Divide and conquer…THAT’S WHAT YOU NEED TO NOT FALL FOR.

      14. Interestingly, the Chinese are know to other Asians as the “Jews of the East” (here, due to dispersion throughout many countries, etc. In Malaysia the saying way “Malays make love; Chinese make money!”)

        With that note, cue the Nazi Jew-baiters on this site, for whom every article, every location (even remote western China), is all fare for their absurd Jew baiting every 10 minutes. No one wants to stop free speech (and in fact, there *is* an issue with a high percentage of left wing Jews doing damage, tho get a hint: Rockefeller, Brzinski, Carter, Hillary, “Rev.” Jeremiah Wright/Jesse Jackson/ Al Sharpton, Al Gore are NOT Jews, and also doing great damage); on the other hand, just freaking give your Jew hatred a rest. Or better, start your own web site called, OK? Then the rest of us can read this site for what it was meant for, not your absurd “hate Jews, all the time, all hours of the day.” Give it a freaking REST. You aren’t informing anyone any more; rather you simple annoy most of us with your incessant monomania. Go get a slug of prozac if you have to. I’m all for free speech; I’m just against annoying, obsesssive-compulsive speech.

        And as evidence, watch the fulminations below from the Jew baiters if they read this… they *cannot* help themselves.

        • I’m all for free speech; I’m just against annoying, obsesssive-compulsive speech.

          No YOU are NOT for FREE SPEECH!!!!!!
          The ramblings in your post is evidence of full blown HYPOCRISY.

          If those post bother you that much, then skip them and move on to the next. What you want is CENSORSHIP, but only TEST can be the MODERATOR!

          Get over yourself TEST, stop being a damn titty baby and be a fucking man!

          • Tony-you are 150% correct in your post….thank you!

        • FYI, “ opens up a video advertizement for a David Fatima DVD…I checked.

      15. Not only are goverments hiding their true finiancial status. many individuals are doing the same. the mc mansion and all the things they claim to own are not paid for. the whole thing is a big charade paid for with debt and kept afloat by more debt.

      16. The difference in the lying Chinese gov, and the lying US gov, is found in their gold vaults. Open the Chinese gold vaults and you will probably find close to 20k tons of gold. Open the US gold vaults and you will probably find vaults of paper.

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