An Introduction to Free Range Serfdom

by | Mar 9, 2010 | Commodities | 11 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    We are commodities – livestock – living within a variety of different systems of management (capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism, etc.).

    Under our current managers, we could be considered free range serfs, meaning that we are given the illusion of freedom as we roam free throughout our farm, but in the end our purpose within the system is to produce goods and services for our masters.

    Hat tip Disinter


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      1. I watched this video a few months ago.  It is a great analogy, and though I don’t completely agree with all of the narrator’s viewpoints, I do agree with most of them.  In a sense, the video is funny, until you realize that it is also true. Most of us are indeed serfs, though more and more are awakening to their true condition. The best thing we can do is 1. Get rid of all debt 2. Start a business that will generate residual income 3. Leave the US Farm – it’s going down.  Try Canada.   Great web site, btw.

      2. So how do we break out of the “Animal Farm” without turning into the pig overseers ourselves?

      3. Comments…..easy, become human.

      4. All the answers to all the questions you will ever have are within you. Know yourself thoroughly, and you will know your relationship with your Creator; even face to face. 

        God exists or He does not. Everything else and all the choices in life that present themselves to you, depend upon whether you take the time to answer this question, for yourself, and how you resolve this mystery.

        Know your Creator and you will discover the immense possibilities within you and before you. The result will be a new awareness, an expanded consciousness, and life more abundant.

        You break out of the “Animal Farm” by understanding that you are first, a spiritual being encased in flesh, not a body with a spirit. Live in and through the spirit that you are and you will be master of your destiny, not mastered by it. The “farm” belongs to US. Don’t try to break out of it. Take ownership of it.

        You are a Principal: Co-Owner, Co-Creator, and Heir.

      5. Comments…..Gast0n , Canada is just another farm , every nation in the world today is a farm. Remember  in animal farm when all the farm heads would gather once in a while in private.

      6. I’m going to agree with zukadu on this one.  That video is complete crap!  While their are many nations that promote nationalism and oppress their people, we traditionally have not been under such a system.  Our government is too big, Yes, but we can change that.  God is the most important piece in the puzzle.  Without him it is very easy to feel lost and powerless. 

        What does the author of this video suggest?  Anarchy?

      7. A couple of points.

        The answer to the predicament posited by the clip is simple. As it was eloquently put by zukadu, and succinctly stated by Sam, it’s your choice.

        On the other hand, if we hang with the domesticated livestock metaphor for a bit, when the demand for his production wains, the self-interested cattle rancher will ‘trim’ or even eliminate his herd. Given productivity gains and economic deterioration, the demand for U.S. ‘beef’ has wained by approx 17% (22% SGS Alternate minus Full Employment 5%).  Our ‘rancher’ is still feeding the cows but at some point may need to thin or even elimiate the herd. How do you see that playing out?

        Just curious…..

        – TOTN

      8. I have been waiting for someone to draw the comparisons between The Matrix and the real world economy for a long time. The author is right on when he says the most productive slave is the one that believes he is free, but is actually not. There are at least a dozen other comparisons that can be made to our world, and I find new ones every year. It is uncanny but I believe the Wachowski brothers tapped into some stream of consciousness when they made this film.

        Perhaps we fear this scenario not because we fear the logical extension of present technology, aka the future, but rather we fear it because on some level it has already happened. This is a brilliant statement I believe because it explains why human beings have these inexorable natural fears about certain things. Our brains or more aptly our subconsciousness is already aware of these things and they manifest into fears. Most of our consciousness has not kept pace. Those whose consciousness have kept up are awake – the rest are asleep.

        Those who understand space-time as one thing also understand that time is not linear but can be stretched in a variety of ways, sometimes resulting in a circular pattern. The Mayans believed that life emanated in circles, much like ripples in a pond. The end of one circle or life would lead to the next and so on. The conclusion from this is perhaps some of our deep-seated fears are from events that have not yet happened in linear time but have in circular time. This may also explain why some people appear to be tuned into past lives, but that’s getting a bit off topic.

        TOTN, I believe the answer to your question can best be answered with another question. More aptly, WHEN do you see the farmer thinning his herd? The exact answer is when there are no more productivity gains to be made, or, when unemployment peaks. I see this when virtually everyone is working for the government in some capacity. Us “eaters” as we have been referred to, will then be thinned out to make room for more resources for the elite, at which point they will start the cycle all over again (another Matrix comparison). At each cycle they learn more and more.

        My question in all this is where is our Neo?

      9. Comments…..Chris, you make some excellent points. First let me tell you the most important message behind the matrix. Every thing is mathematical,time, space, your DNA, second is faith you either believe or not, the red pill or the blue pill.those who escape into the other realm of thought see things only in digital foramt.Time space,and events are all coded, nastrodomous was not a magician he was a mathematical genuis.Breaking the code is simple, once you do it’s the key to everything. “Philosophy is a form of expression, but mathematics is the true form of definintion”  Kant. Let’s apply this to time, defined by Aristotle ” It is the measure of motion” the motion of what? Scripture, We made the sun a light and the moon luminescent in order for you to know the count of the years and the total”. The secret here is how do we traverse the circle in equal proportions and always progressing by one , (Geometric progression)  Formula for that is 19 squared.once we reach the 180 mark polar reversal takes palce. Once we reach  the starting point it’s over. Fear comes from the uknown,Noah wasn’t scared at all when he was building his boat, he already knew he was saved. Recal the part on Star Wars when Luke was in training, he told Yoda you expect the impossible, and walked away from the task.Then Yoda pulled the ship out of the water, Luke came up to him and said “Idon’t believe it” Yoda answered “the is why you fail” lacked faith is the cause of failure.

      10. Just like in Zeitgeist (and Addendum), I don’t care for, nor do I understand the need for religion bashing.

      11. Some very interesting points even though I don’t agree with everything put forth.  For one thing, each one of us is connected to each other in some way, and we have a need to provide for ourselves and others.  We are meant to be productive, not just sit on our butts and meditate or smell the flowers.  Picturing the whole world as farms with mankind as slaves ignores these facts and also eliminates any sort of joy in living and doing your best, regardless of your state in life.  Greedy Corporatism and loss of values are at the root of the problem with the world, IMHO.  Comparing religion to statism is dead wrong.

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