$18T Debt Ceiling Sits Atop Iceberg: “Real U.S. Debt Is Closer to $65 Trillion”

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Aftermath, Commodities | 76 comments

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    This visually represents the vast of enormity of the amounts of money owed by the U.S. just in the admitted debt, dated in this graphic to 2013.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Note: The ship is already sinking, and while the masses are being placated to hold on, the insiders are looting everything on deck on their way for the life rafts. The next debt ceiling deadline is upon us, and the media will harp upon the crisis of funding only the most immediate budgets of the bloated federal government.

    There will be another round of politics from grandstanding Congressmen on the economy, and likely every presidential candidate as well. But just under the surface is the real problem, and it is enormous. Unfunded in the near future, untold trillions in state and federal liabilities to various programs threatens to tear the seams of the nation apart. Millions would suffer without pensions, Medicare and other benefits they rely on to get by. Who will get left holding the bag when the SHTF?

    “US Debt Is 3 Times More Than You Think” Warns Former Chief US Accountant

    by Tyler Durden

    In a shocking admission for most of mainstream America, the former U.S. comptroller general says the real U.S. debt is closer to about $65 trillion than the oft-cited figure of $18 trillion, thanks to unfunded liabilities which simply cannot be ignored. As The Hill reports, unless economic growth accelerates, he warns, “you’re not going to be able to provide the kind of social safety net that we need in this country,” adding unequivocially that Americans have “lost touch with reality” when it comes to spending.

    As The Hill reports,

    Dave Walker, who headed the Government Accountability Office (GAO) under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, said when you add up all of the nation’s unfunded liabilities, the national debt is more than three times the number generally advertised.

    “If you end up adding to that $18.5 trillion the unfunded civilian and military pensions and retiree healthcare, the additional underfunding for Social Security, the additional underfunding for Medicare, various commitments and contingencies that the federal government has, the real number is about $65 trillion rather than $18 trillion, and it’s growing automatically absent reforms,” Walker told host John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on New York’s AM-970 in an interview airing Sunday.

    The former comptroller general, who is in charge of ensuring federal spending is fiscally responsible, said a burgeoning national debt hampers the ability of government to carry out both domestic and foreign policy initiatives.

    “If you don’t keep your economy strong, and that means to be able to generate more jobs and opportunities, you’re not going to be strong internationally with regard to foreign policy, you’re not going to be able to invest what you need to invest in national defense and homeland security, and ultimately you’re not going to be able to provide the kind of social safety net that we need in this country,” he said.

    He said Americans have “lost touch with reality” when it comes to spending.

    Walker called for Democrats and Republicans to put aside partisan politics to come together to fix the problem.

    “You can be a Democrat, you can be a Republican, you can be unaffiliated, you can be whatever you want, but your duty of loyalty needs to be to country rather than to party, and we need to solve some of the large, known, and growing problems that we have,” he said.

    *  *  *

    Of course, that is to say nothing of the other unfunded liability – America’s Pension Ponzi, as we detailed previously...

    Just how big of a problem is this you ask? Well, pretty big, according to Moody’s which, as we noted last month, contends that the largest 25 public pensions are underfunded by some $2 trillion

    It’s against that backdrop that we present the following graphic and color from Goldman which together demonstrate the amount by which state and local governments would need to raise contributions to “bring plans into balance over time.”

    From Goldman:

    Unfunded pension liabilities have grown substantially. There are several factors behind this, led by lower than expected investment returns and insufficient contributions from state and local governments to the plans. The two issues are related. The assumed investment return is used as a discount rate to determine the present value of liabilities. The higher the discount rate, the lower the estimated liability, and the lower the periodic payment into the fund a state or local employer is expected to make. There is, of course, no clear answer about what the discount rate ought to be, though the fact that the average assumption used by private plans has continuously declined for more than a decade suggests that the rates have probably been too high and that the current average assumption of 7.7% may come down further.

    Contributions have also generally been lower than necessary to stabilize or reduce unfunded liabilities because of the rules around how those unfunded liabilities are amortized. Payments into pension plans are generally meant to account for the future cost of benefits accrued during the current year, as well as catch-up payments equal to some fraction of the unfunded liability left from prior years. Many plans target payment amounts that would work off this underfunding over 30 years, though some use shorter periods. However, the amounts of these payments are often backloaded, with the result that even if the “required” payment is made in full the unfunded liability often grows.

    A separate but related issue is that some states have simply declined to make even the “required” contribution, which is probably lower than it should be in any case due to the factors just noted. For example, over the last few years New Jersey has made on average only around 40% of the expected payment. New accounting rules promulgated by the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) will penalize underfunded plans with a lower discount rate, but the change is fairly minor and, in any case, affects only the accounting; it will not impose any new legal requirements to make the contributions.

    If state and local governments are ultimately forced to devote more resources to these obligations, the effect on state and local spending would be noticeable. Exhibit 8 shows the states’ pension contributions, as a share of gross state product, with two potential additions. The first is the level that would be required to simply meet the “actuarially required contribution.” To bring the plans back into balance over time, further contributions would be necessary. In aggregate this would raise government pension contributions by something like $100bn per year (0.6% of GDP), lowering spending in other areas (or raising taxes) by a similar amount. In theory, OPEB costs could push this adjustment a bit higher.


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      1. It is all fake money anyway, so who cares anymore? Eventually we will just reset and start anew.

        • JS, while we still have the fake money, let’s get all the preps we can before the balloon goes up.

          • that’s silly, this is not 1929…this is politics by other means don’t you know.

            • Nope…it’s not 1929….because the FED has printed trillions, and combined with near zero interest rates, that money had to go to the stock market seeking some kind of return. THAT is why we haven’t had the crash…..yet.

              Combine that with ‘hidden unemployment’ (John Williams/Shadow Stats says it’s actually higher than the worst of the Depression)by changing the way it is calculated,

              And ‘hidden soup lines’ by giving out EBT cards so they can go buy their own soup,

              And a welfare system beyond anything FDR/ilk ever dreamed of,

              And no, it’s not 1929.

              • Yep , 41% unemployment is what i read.
                And i think one of the repub. candidates was quoting that numberas well.
                Hard to believe , but just look around , alot of people home during the day .

              • It is more like 1925 Wiemar Republic.

                • The calm before a big war and/or collapse.

              • Fast-forward a few years to 1933: I wonder what the next iteration of EO 6102 will look like… I suspect that rather than outright criminalization of PMs, the government will mandate reporting of any bought or sold, with punishing taxes on all transactions and draconian penalties for failure to comply.

        • ****DOMESTIC TERROR ALERT*****

          Your brave oppressors are at it again. Apparently even in the heartland of Idaho, you can be gunned down in front of your wife and family, after getting a call during supper that one of your bulls had been hit. So apparently this guy was going to humanely put down his bull and instead ended up murdered by police. Surprising?? not to me.

          ht tp://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/article43654638.html

          Blue lives matter????

          • TPP, like Obamacare is another vehicle of control and further weakens our economy.

            “Conservative talk radio host and scholar Mark Levin says no conservative in Congress should vote for the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, which he referred to as a “destroy-the-Constitution deal” that would enable President Barack Obama to take “us to the fast track to hell.”

            Speaking to host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, Levin said that even people “who are required to comply with it are not going to comprehend” the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which is 6,000 pages long, 2 million words, long, and 30 chapters.”

            “No conservative—none—in the Senate or the House should vote for this based on the nature of this phony deal,” he said.

            “It’s too long. It’s too massive. It empowers the government. It empowers the bureaucracy… It empowers other governments and bureaucracies too.”

            Levin blasted the agreement, saying “this is not a trade deal. This is a destroy-the-Constitution deal.”

          • That’s bullshit. This moron freaked out when the deputies wanted to put down his bull. What happens when you challenge law enforcement with a gun? A gun fight, you dumb ass.

            • John S,
              YOU need to pull your head out of your ass moron, that is NOT what happened, the fu—-g cops went ballistic and they killed him and his BULL, and idiots like you spread BS keeps people confused as to what really happened.

        • This is what Greenspan meant when he warned that the money would be there but the resources would not. I remember that the commenters were confused about what he was talking about. Money is just a claim on resources but the economy is not large enough to provide the physical resources which will lead to hyperinflation. Money has no value in itself so can be created out of nothing but people need real things to survive.

      2. and Vic will say.. “we can vote our way outa this!”


        • EOTS, Vic is just another example of ‘normalcy bias’. He sounds like he belongs at Fox News.

          • well at least that would get him out of his mothers basement

      3. There will be probably a gathering in the streets of concerned citizens once they find that the pensions, retirement funds they thought were funded and secured are gone with the wind.

      4. He said Americans have “lost touch with reality” when it comes to spending.

        Americans have lost touch on reality on many issues!

        How long can this Gravy Train ride the rails?
        Going to be a lot of upset people when it does derail. I won’t feel sorry for them either.

        Are you ready?

        • Sling, you said a mouthful with that one. The sheeple are in for the rudest awakening when it all comes crashing down.

          • Braveheart1776

            Still voting for Hillary if she makes it. I want to see her shining face barking out orders to her subjects on T.V. Her Chipmunk face telling us we are all one village. She will be flying around D.C. in the presidential helo shouting, “I’ll get you my pretty”.

        • ” How long can this Gravy Train ride the rails “.

          A large section of the gravy train crowd is soon going to be cut from the SNAP/EBT system in Our STATE of NC.

          The govner just recently signed it into law, effective nest year. Any person receiving SNAP benefits from the age of 18 to 49, single, without children in the home, must show eligibility to work, and maintain a minimum of 20 hours weekly, in order to receive benefits.

          I disagree with some of the governors (repub) policies, but this is a damn good one. It will be interesting to see how the NAACP, that has strong membership in Greensboro, NC, responds.
          The number using SNAP in that county is approximately 87,000.
          In Mecklenburg/Charlotte area there are approximately 154,000.
          Just what percentage of those numbers will be affected, by the law, is unable to be determined right now.

          A move in the right direction against the freeloaders.

          • We will all be working for food . A measure of wheat for a penny. A penny was a day’s pay back then.

            • Lone Wolverine, You’ve been starring in my dreams.

              • Anonymous I think I love you.

          • passin, r u anywhere near WNC?

          • That’s why I left NC last year… Now in Oklahoma.

      5. all my life I’ve been a “saver”, but all my life NOBODY around me has been one. spend it before you make it…that’s why I cant be married, my wives always ended up trying to spend me into the poorhouse. it would seem there’s not a braincell to split between 2 americans any more. we truly ARE doomed….and notice in the debates has ANNNYYYOOOONNNNEEE asked even ONE candidate what they will do about the national debt that we CAN’T pay??

        • BCOD, I’ve also been a saver. Never had any kind of credit card or loan and refuse to get either one. That’s also one reason I’ve never remarried. I don’t want to get spent into the poorhouse either. My cars have always come from private owners for cash only and you get a better deal from them, too. If I need something I just wait until I have enough money set aside before I get it. That’s how I’m able to prep so well because of no debt. Anyone who says you need a credit card to live is full of shit and feeding you propaganda. I never play the credit game for any reason.

          • Brave
            The is one advantage to having a CC. If you charge say $500 a month on it, then pay it off each month, it is like a monthly interest free $500 loan.

            Add in the bonus points, like from Discover Card, and you can actually make a little money off of them, instead of they raping you at 18-22%.

            God Bless ya’ll

            • Good article Mac, nice to see you touching subjects that affect us and that we can “prep” for.

              Them Hogs, that’s a good strategy for small-ticket items if you don’t have cash flow.

              Another strategy we use on the very few large-ticket items we buy is to put them on a zero interest introduction card, pay off as much as you can before the interest goes up, then move the balance to another zero interest card and cancel the previous one.

              Works great if you keep on top of it, and so far in over 10 years there has not been a case where we were not offered another zero percent card before the first one ran out and got cancelled.

              Of course, this is not the same as not going into debt in the first place. If SHTF now we still owe a few grand on the jeep and could face losing it. But we are able to safely buy the big ticket items without too much worry.

          • Right there with you men. After my first bitch=wife tried to take my family land, that i had actually purchased before we were married, I became stonewall against marriage without a pre-marital. Four years later i was in love with a beautiful woman that looked like a cross between Marie Osmond and Zena/Princess Warrior. When she started pushing for marriage, I was hesitant, and eventually brought up pre-nup. She didn’t have much equity to bring to the marriage, and that would not have mattered, except she was adamant about not signing one. We eventually went separate ways over it.

            She was loving, especially when the funds were there, and held back those loving ways when things got tight. Sorry, lady, you screwed up. Today, 30 years later, she is alone, fat, and all that long black hair is grey. I may be nearly bald and a little over-weight, but i got a looker for a wife, that is ten years younger, and could care less about my material possessions and savings.

            • Really good insight into that thing called ‘life’. Those babes who spurned you because you didn’t have the right job or enough cash, what do they look like now, 20 years or more later? You can bet your bottom dollar most of them look like hell.

              I say this because life can knock the stuffing out of women and also because many women fail to see what is important in life, chasing money alone. There are special women out there who do not turn into old hags when they get older, but you will find that is because of their personalities and priorities. They appreciate sex, quiet moments, a good book and a good conversation. Find those women, and you will be happy.

              • Not too many can see it like we do, Frank.

                Time and time again, I see women that I went to high school and college with, that were lookers, but used that to hook a well to do man. Like you say, they don’t usually age well when their whole life’s objective has been to get more stuff and a fatter bank account. Usually their marriages ended in divorce when they started looking like something the cats dragged home.

                Now ladies, don’t get yer panties in a wad. There are just as many men out there in the same boat. I have more respect for a woman that married for true love, and not for the size of his bank account. i even respect a woman that married a man because he had a big d***, over one that married for money only.

                • You’re right about men being our equals there. All the guys I’ve ever seen that I went to school with are either bald, fat, or both. People don’t age well, men or women, I know most guys think they’re still OK at 50 or more, but they lie to themselves about that.

                  • Good one Karen. Now I know why I look so good at 56. It’s because I didn’t go after a guy with money. Any female that marries money shouldn’t look like a hag as she could afford cosmetic procedures. I prefer natural cosmetics. Listen up ladies, don’t marry for money lest you wind up a wrinkled prune LOL.

              • Frank, I’ve been looking for that kind since 1982 and no luck yet. but I’m at the point that I don’t care now.

            • PWTW, I also had the right kind of woman for a wife when she was alive. Wasn’t really a looker, but had the right kind of personality and attitude toward men and didn’t really care about money or material things. never found another woman like that since so I just stay single.

            • I had a conversation with a woman at work. She is on her third husband. She is good looking, for east texas…..

              She told me that if times get tough financially then she is hitting the road.

              She would not stay with her husband if he lost his job or they had financial problems. And she said that he knew it too…

              Why would someone marry a person like that? why would someone invest in a life together with e person, have kids, just to throw it away if tough financial times came along?

              I don’t know.

              • I think that has been the case for a long, long time. It probably was not spoken about much, but was always under the surface. The number one cause of fights between married couples is money, always has been, likely always will be. And you have to take into consideration why the situation exists. Was the guy laid off or let go due to nothing that he could have done to change the situation, or was he a slobbering drunk who had a hard time staying sober and thus employed/employable? If you’re not directly involved in the situation, you can’t tell why the people involved act the way they do. She might just use it as an excuse to get out of a marriage she’s bored with, it’s hard to tell the reasons why from being on the outside looking in, and people aren’t always honest when they’re relating the story to their friends either, it’s usually somewhat on the biased side of the person telling the story, so the truth , that is, the whole truth, is always somewhat difficult to ascertain.

              • The key is to cast your net widely. The world is a very large place and there are many women who are a) very beautiful, fit and healthy, b) know life has its ups and downs but that real love can see you through it. Unfortunately, the US has the most acquisitive and materialistic society on earth, so the women match that outlook.

                Bottom line has to be this: if she is not affectionate and sexually lively when you are broke and at your worst, then she will definitely not be any better when you have money and things are going well. She will just manipulate you: “Honey, I want a BMW 4×4, I can’t drive the Toyota anymore!!”

                “But, babe, those cost $100,000 – it will stretch our budget this year.”

                “Oh, honey, get me the BMW and I will wear those stockings you like and pretend I am a flight attendant – I know you like that.”

                Under those circumstances, you need to get a divorce and use the money you will save to work out those fantasies with a professional who will leave you alone after the night of pleasure.

          • Bravefart the reason you never remarried there was no stupid women that would have you . you stupid troll

        • Ive seen it many times the wife who can spend it faster than three men can make it. Thankfully Mine isn’t like that. Got her when she was 14 and raised her to suit me. 43 years later and im still happy. She actually has a job and saves her own money. Any way im of the opinion that not having any woman is better than having the wrong woman.

          • Old Guy, there’s something we can both agree on. I’m living proof of that. Haven’t even dated in 10 years.

        • It’s a good question because we obviously can’t pay it all. I’m betting a combination of inflation and selective default. Of course they wont call it that.

          • NuttySatan Yahoo did a face to face meet with hobammy at whitehouse Today, Mon 11/9 and told hobammy he wants usa to Pay out TWO Billion More per year to israel! Which would raise total per year cash outlays to israel to total of FIVE Billion per year!! Thats Just for Military arms etc etc too! Israel also recieves a vast amount per year of many more billions in cold Cash and various kinda sorta hidden cash suplements.

            Ironic Dave Walker and litterally Every such type money matters “experts”(??) Never name anything Other than soc sec and medicare as entitlements that cost too much etc eh?

            NO mentions of free cash and xtras for monkeys, inner city ghetto improvment projects galore, free advanced schooling for blacks who usually cannot pass entrance exams….Nor massive trillions combined for some 150-200 other nations, nation building, UN swindle scam NGO opps, and the All time huge waste of WARS! More WARS! and more yet!

            Ironic also that I’d wager vast majority who do or will collect soc sec and medicare are Whites eh…Maybe it is actually War against White Folk is real controlled oposition game such “experts” pontificate upon eh.

            Same goes for almost every article writer of online monetary articles and usa debt articles like this one was…NONE ever states how we could simply tell fraud banksters to get fucked we aint paying it period.

            Maybe banksters OWES Us folk eh? For swindeling Us all out of a Trillion per year in Usury/intrest on money that we already Own as rightfull owners of America and its fed govnt and treasury dept etc eh…ps they Owe Us for at least 100+ years now doing this and EU nations are owed for as many as 400 yrs!

            aprox 200 More nations pays same swindler banksters too!

            in past 800+ yrs only Germans booted out such scam banks and banksters and took over monetary controls and issued home loans etc Intrest FREE!…Plus created enough good pay jobs so to repair dammages of wiemier republic troubles caused By banksters prior to the big BootOut.

            And had germany back on Top in Less than 5 years time…

            And for the fox tv braindead readership etc..That ALL happened Before even one single fragile Hair on a single person including any jewish folks heads was ever harmed.

            Look up the Real truth history of the WWII era see for yourself the best ever method to Fix americas debt troubles and fix it Fast!

            PS why no writers of said articles like this one never mentions that there IS another Valid easy Option…IE: Why cannot All forms current unpayable dept get fully eliminated by cancelation, and same systems start fresh and new again for another hundred years?

            Or till a better system is figured out…Why should 75-80 million current soc sec seniors who played by rules, obeyed laws, worked hard, paid all taxes etc etc get screwed?…So jewish banksters and state of Israel plus 150 more nation states can keep cash flows comming?…So funds for More WARS can keep going too?

            just remember we the Older boomer soc sec folk has the LEAST to lose and Most good reason to Lock and Load and hit streets with flames and smoke comming from back of our boots as we chase down the scoundrls eh!

            Wont be difficult to distinguish whom enemys are neither since at age of maturity them Tares aka weeds, satan planted amoung Us Wheats After we was planted in Our nations, it is said them tare weeds no longer can Hide amoung the White Wheats because their vast inner evil darkness’ and satanic everythings somehow causes Tares to appear as the most Butt Ugly assed piss poor excuses for a Real White man or Woman eh…especially their Dark black beedy eyes!!…Rat eyes if ever eh! Check out Finestien and Schumer et al for just a few good proof examples its true!

            if respect out of Fear is all or best we ever can get?…so what…Better than zero respect right? And so far what the Tares most Fear is that majority White/Wheats will really awaken, then go all out Nazi on their sorry asses….if thats only way to achieve due respect etc?…Oh well Tares is reason for it all in first place as per their…Usual past history proves.

      6. Same as always, veterans, government employees, and deadbeats, which by the way are all one in the same, taking far too much, delivering very, very little, then go home and sit on their asses while the taxpayers foot the bill. We should be footing these lowlifes out the door to make their own living or starve. No apologies.

        • Veterans ? Veterans are the only ones that can save us at this point. Who else can? They are worth more than gold to the future of our country. As in the movie Soldier . You vets tell us what to do. We will fight.

      7. In his first Presidential Address to Congress. President Trump said three words and I quote.

        “You’re All Fired!”


      8. The number is irrelevant; the analogy could be a middle-class income individual owing several million dollars instead of just a few million (compounded by the fact he is already drowning in debt). What’s the difference? It is not payable. At that point it doesn’t even matter if someone paid their share of the debt, it would be something like 0.000000001% of the total owed. The issue here is that most people don’t even remotely understand just how utterly dire the situation really is, frankly it is hopeless, so bad there is actually no solution. If enough money is “printed” to pay off creditors and debt holders currency would be rendered less than worthless while simutaneously totally wrecking the nation’s economy and finances.
        However, do not expect a sudden collapse. Rather, a gradual unraveling. A sudden collapse would bring on overnight social chaos. You can bet the powers responsible are throwing in everything including the kitchen sink for some semblance of control until it is no longer possible, until the fry pan gets too hot to hold. The people who are awake see what is happening, most do not, not even a bit.

      9. Sling, nice thought, but it will never happen. Trump will get “trumped”.

      10. A little off topic here.
        Keep your eye on Europe especially Belgium. Just spoke to my brother in-law over there. There is a massive strike scheduled for Nov 23. The strike is scheduled to last until the Belgian government steps down. All transportation ie. ports, trains, airports will be affected. You probably won’t find this readily available in the news. There are news people losing their jobs because they want to report this but are being prevented from doing so by the government in Brussels.
        So here’s the jist of it as I understand it. The government in Brussels has decided to raise taxes on groceries and all other goods from 29% today up to 32-35%.
        Pensions are being reduced but I couldn’t figure out by how much because my French is kind of lacking at times.
        The government has told the populace that for the next 20 years all new housing will go to refugees.
        All of these austerity measures are being initiated or exasperated by the refugee situation.
        The people who are leading this strike have told people to stock up on food, clothing and other necessities. No trucks no food.
        People over there are really scared, if they say something they can get in trouble with the government or the refugees themselves. This could become violent like the last time.
        When it does hit the news it will probably be misrepresented.
        As one of the officials of the strike has said. “The Belgian government no longer represents the people so they must go.”
        I do not know if this will affect us but it does show that there are huge cracks in the system. Stay tuned.

        • The monetary debt dams are cracking across the globe. Eventually a trigger/domino will cause them all to burst within a short time frame. Just when, tis the question.

        • ed

          All that stuff is headed our way. News Media will only print news that favors the government and their policies. Much of the financial news we already know about and what can happen.
          Final story is that most of us will unlock our safes and Lock and Load.

          I would enjoy to have as many people as can be, be ready for the unrest. That it is going to get nasty. That they have options at this time to prepare.

          Place yourselves in the position that is like those who will be without preps and desperate. How they will react and attack you for your gear. I am stressing military tactics. Learn a few and how to respond.

          Are you ready?

          • I’m about as ready as I can get. With 20 yrs of military duty I know the importance of those things.
            In Europe with no 2nd amendment the people have apparently taken up our national pastime of baseball. Seems that there has been a run on baseball bats. They have also sold a lot of brooms and mops.
            I wish I could convey how bad things have become over there, but with Brussels being not only the capital of Belgium but also the HQ of both NATO and the EU it is difficult without live coverage. I guess they don’t want the rest of the world to know that the situation is as bad or even worse than the Greek situation.

            • ed

              Baseball bats, brooms and mops.

              I would be making my own sword and pikes in that case.

              The sound of wood contacting the human skull. Hmmm.

              • Sling,

                “The sound of wood contacting the human skull. Hmmm.”

                The cops around here call that a “wood shampoo”

        • Belgium is a nightmare: a cesspit filling up with the flotsam and jetsam of the global migration world. Every time I go there, it is piles of people looking like they are on welfare, stacks of Muslims and then the requisite Africans protesting about something.

          When you actually meet real Belgians, the women tend to be total babes, and you wonder what has happened to their country. It seems to be the case governments are threatening people over the refugees and forcing them to accept more and more of them, and for them to receive generous payments, while at the same time public services are pared back for everyone else and taxes increased.

          There is a scheme afoot, it seems, to move people out of Africa and the ME and put them on to the European welfare system. I suppose it has to be about money: that swelling the population in Europe means more people buying toilet paper, food, diapers etc. and a boost to the economy? Mouths to feed.

          I feel sad for all those beautiful women I have met over the years there and how civilized they were. They never deserved this as their fate for just living a good life.

          • No not about money or Any other issues many are claiming…READ what I posted at past article on SHTF article about Calif Missle seen and filmed etc…My Posting Has the Proof-Dates, May of 2013. location meeting was held at, Jeruselem Israel May 2013, Many Links and Photos as Proof that EU nation invasions were Pre Planned to Punish White euros for past “crime” of allowing the self chozens alledged holohoax to happen.

            Goal number One spoken of in Transcritped conversations and statements made At said israel 2013 meeting Admit and reveal, that its ALL a pre planned event to Mongrelize every White folk EU nation and to happen Here in USA also!

            Empty your head of ALl forms former various propagandas about the self chozens, of all prior WWII events claimed etc and READ it!….Pictures of two dozen perpetrators seated at large conference table in Israel, with Both jewish Reps and EU state heads reps seated and recorded Transcripts of word for word what was spoken and Determined to happen do not lie…MSM lies-Fed Govt on WWII issues Lied-Pastors Lie and so do many of self chozens lie and or exagerate radically…but photos and Transcrips do not lie…

            The niggerization of and mongrelization of white folk in every nation planet wide IS Main PRE planned events period. And Stated as “Punishment for the UN Atonable Sin of, allowing the self chozens (alledged) holohoax event to happen” They Blame ALL white folk period. No others to blame BUT whiteys! and State the self chozens can Never forgive it ever!….Anybody still uncertain Why 56 nations so far toss folks into Hard-Time prison as long as 5+ yrs for the ‘crime” of simply asking questions about various holohoax jewish claims or claimed events or ask for Proof etc or, worst case scenario is if any Goyim Dares ask who counted Six Million?!! 10 years for that one and even yer Ct apointed lawyer gets 3 yrs for defending You! No joke look it up!

            It also agrees with that Barbara Spector Lerner yutube video somebody has been posting here several times already in which she too admits this EU and USA southern borders Invasions ARE mainly a Zionist jewish Plan, and she laments and whines of how this will be certain to cause Much “antisemitism” planet wide once folks figures it all out, and thats very Soon to happen.

            The Transcripted statemnts even has a Plan to STOP Elections in ANY EU nation where a potential exists to get Pro White “right wingers” (aka code for evil nazis who suport own nation and Own whiteys!) May get elected!

            Yet Barbara Lerner same as her co conspiritors at Israel May 2013 meeting, as much as they worry of antisemitism going Full Bore planet wide, still refuse to even consider to STOP this insanity which is obviously due to the tribal Lust for goyim blood and abject revenge, no matter if they seek revenge where or from whom not warrented to do against…In Other words as past 3500 yrs history proves…once again same as a Lepord cannot change its spots…Neither can the jewish tribe folk assimilate or change for better it seems…

            to be member of worlds smallest minority group/tribe…Have proven history of being Gods and Humanities worst ever adversaries as wrote of in Bible, voice mass worry like she/they did and to still go ahead with so insane plans so to (as they believe) finally Rule over and Own entire world and stuff and Goyim/peoples…

            I doubt many shall feel sorry this time around due to Internet capability of no longer able to forever hide such truths and whom is or has done it to the goys eh.

            Maybe we are going to soon see the removal of Tare weeds planted amoung Us wheat as written of in Christs parable huh?…Tares gets uprooted first, then thrown into flames with rest of pruned twigs of poor performimg fruit trees etc….You will eaisly recognize Tares too due to Profound “changes” them weeds goes thru once fully matured and ready for the Harvest! So Said Christ in His parable anyways. Totally fucking up every whitey EU nation along with usa/aussieland/canada and all white nations globally sure sounds like a perfect method to cause that Uprooting of the Tares no?..Not much else they could pre plan that will so cause mass anger and disscent and end up turning most white folk into Fierce Angry Viking type warriors eh…Stupid kikes.

      11. It’s simple we ain’t payin, so now what? The gov’t is illegitimate we know that, so at what point
        Do they get shown the door? Same with the banks, illegitimate, but how to clean up this mess
        And install some new balanced budget rules, fix term limits, limit pay for our”employees”, get rid of derivative casino, etc.
        Hmmm sounds like we need someway to clean up the gov’t cartel. Laws on the books for this
        Would be the place to start.

      12. Really not news to any of us who have been paying attention. IMF has a report that is equally doom/gloom about the World’s economic mess.

        Sad, very-very sad

        The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want


      14. There are ONLY three options to deal with this, and ONLY three, barring 10% growth a year (not gonna happen under socialism): You can a.) print money; b.) cut services; c.) raise taxes. There ***are*** no other options, period, though you can combine.

        Raise taxes you kill business. Plus, historically, there is only so much blood you get out of the turnip on a percentage basis, no matter how high you set the tax rate; cut services, the lumpenproletariat will turn off the Kartrashians and DWTS and get very angry; c.) states can’t print money, feds can. Now, recall the rule of 72. Eg. at 10% inflation, you divide 72 by 10, getting just over 7 years. So, in seven years, you half your debt with 10% inflation. So, hyperinflation isn’t needed, only so-called “mass” inflation.

        My guess is that we will see deflation with the monetary tide going way out. Then, a tsunami of mass inflation will come roaring back in.

        A lot of people slam Michael Snyder, but as Yogi Berra said, predictions are difficult, especially when they are about the future. The point is, does Snyder have the BROAD SWEEP correct? If so, better to be a year too early than one day too late. Just ask those that survived the Oct. 1929. This said, I dont know the future either, so I do have some presence in stocks still; however, as long as they are now giving gold (and particularly platinum and silver) away free now, I’m a buyer….

      15. The influx of refugees and illegal aliens will impact some areas. Will they force people from their homes to accommodate them? Will we only build homes and apartments to house the invaders. How much more will the invaders demand so they don’t riot.

        Your communities will change. Your Stores will change. Your supermarkets. Your recreational areas. Town Attractions
        Your town councils, Festivities and Heritage.
        It is Changing Now.

      16. this mess is coming here and will spread to Canada and south of our border. the planet is a bunch of dominoes and they are going down. It’ll get bloody and bodies will pile up. Governments in Europe are ignoring their people and they will pay for it.

      17. 65 trillion seconds. Is two million years. These Muslims in Europe will smuggle in guns grenades RPG s. The Europeans are defenseless. The Muslims wipe out the Europeans . Then the government wipes out the Muslims . Standard depopulation technique. Instigate a fight between the tribes them wipe out the winners. The small number of Muslims here armed with RPGs grenades All the American people have is rifles. When the man with a rifle meets the man with a RPG. .? We need RPGs.?

        • Hell Bubba!

          All that you’ll need is Pap’s old shotgun and if ya’ll can work it right, you too can get an RPG.

          If you don’t/can’t own a gun, a good machete will work too.

        • LW, if you have a any kind of weapon you shoot the bastard with the RPG BEFORE he can use it.

          • We will win in the end . Must keep losses to a minimum.

      18. Yes, “THE GRAVEY TRAIN” is coming to an end, America can no longer fund problems s SNAP/EBT, along with reduce housing, reduce medical health care and some disability problems.

        “The Great Depression of 1929” is nothing compared to what’s on the way for America, spending is totally out of control, it time control were put in place.

        People need to cut up their credit cards along with those 2 or 3 you get every week. If you can’t afford it don’t buy it.

        Let’s avoid another 1929…..

      19. For a poor boy like me this means nothing. %1,000,000.00 means nothing to me either.

        It is nothing , but(t) T.P. in the future!!!!!


      20. …All Payable to Communist China, “owed” by Americans who’s names were forged by “their” “representatives”, and collectible by Communist China’s “People’s” “Liberation” Army.

        • WRONG! We owe china and other nations very small portion of it all….MOST is owed as INTREST aka USURY to Fed res private scam banksters…Same jewish family banksters eu nations has been swindled by past 400 yrs.

          Do your research Homework.

          We Americans OWN the entire USA and its fed govnt and every fed agency like Treasury dept and We aslo rightfully Own usa’s Cash money period.

          So why should anybody have to pay Our owned cash back To corrked scam banksters even if it took 100 yrs for folks to awaken to this well hidden swindle opperation?

          if Your neighbor told You and everybody else on Your street, “You can still Own Your paid for car, or car still make payments on too, BUT everytime You guys take car for ride to any place few miles or lots mile rides…YOU Must Pay ME $25 for “Usury intrest” on use of what You already Own (the car)….What would You tell that guy eh? would You Pay the fee? why not?

          USA Dollars are exact Same…WE usa legit citizens Owns every dollar printed. Why should scam jewish banksters act as middlemen same as a dope deal?…What do some folks here not yet get?

      21. Ive decide what is keeping it goig is the goverment checks coming out every month. It don’t matter who receives them or what venue they are.

      22. The American people didn’t borough the money ..The gov. Employees did let them pay it back.

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