The People Realize We’ve Been Swindled

by | Jan 20, 2011 | Charlie McGrath | 35 comments

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    As the government begins to split at the seems from over bloated spending, corruption and aristocratic tendencies, Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News says that the blame will fall to those in alternative media. Tucson is just one example of many.

    (Video follows excerpts and commentary)

    The target now is going to be alternative media, it’s going to be the blogosphere, it’s going to be people like me who have a Youtube channel, internet radio. We’re going to be the scapegoat for the shooting event in Arizona.

    The people have slowly come around over the last several years and started putting blame where it belongs – on our policy makers, benevolent government servants, and the corporate leaders who hide behind the veil of a free market and an open society while doing everything in their power to undermine them.

    This shift in the public’s perception is apparent in the Tea Party movement (not the republican annexed sect), explosion in alternative media resources, and the growth of alternative media audiences. As the people arm themselves with knowledge, our politicians will begin to fear them. The last thing a centrally controlled and authoritarian government needs is those who think for themselves. And if you so happen to be under the influence of non-mainstream information that goes against the status quo, you’re considered part of the problem at best, a domestic extremist at worst.

    Those in power know that their days of unabashed corruption are numbered, and when they’re cornered, they’ll use any reason – any crisis – to their advantage if they can discredit the messengers.

    The thing is, however, that people are so desperate to be heard, the idea of being a problem citizen is no longer stopping them from learning more or speaking out online or off. There are those whose eyes remain closed, either out of complete ignorance or voluntary anti-contemplation, but a large part of the population is starting to get it, as Charlie points out:

    A majority of the people in this country no longer trust mainstream media, and more and more people every single day are tuning in to alternative media because they’re absolutely fed up with the corruption. They’re fed up with the lies. They see what’s going on around the world. They  understand that the economy is not getting better because we’re borrowing money to pay for borrowed money, and we’re taking the failure of a few and putting it on the backs of the many and we’re pretending we’re prosperous. The people aren’t falling for this anymore. They realize that we’ve been swindled, we’ve been conned. They realize that Wall Street got health and Main Street’s still in a depression. They realize things are not going to get better…

    For the time being, the people have remained subdued choosing to take action through passive means. But as this economic crisis deepens and the politicians and mainstream media try to silence the voice of the majority we will begin to see an outcry. Protests and even riots similar to those we’re seeing in northern Africa and Europe will spread across the United States.

    Watch Charlie McGrath’s commentary:


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      1. True enough…’ll turn on your computer one day and get nothing but “504 Error” on many websites.   This unabashed freedom of communications has GOT to come to a screeching halt……for your own good, of course…..and “the children”.

      2. we’re still in a circus. the gov won’t shut down the alternate media. Mainly becuase they have yet to really figure out what the government already knows. Gotta admit…jonestown circus, illuminati, ect…all makes great entertianment.

        the alternet media will continue to be peppered with circus performers who are there to distract us from the coming global crises.

      3. “…the coming global crises.”? YOU BETCHA!

        Click on GodSend – and don’t let yourself get distracted – including by yourself! Be prepared for “Shock & Awe”.

      4. Rome never shut down the Circus Circus. Keep the masses entertained. They are far more complacent, compliant and cattle.
        Will the masses catch on? No. Changes come from small effective minorities.

      5. They wack the internet…I’m going to get into shortwave radio, cb radio.
        I did read something about using shortwave radio to exchange data…kind of like a one way modem?  not sure.

        Just got my 401k statement.  Up over $20k in CEF..allocated metals in canada.  Yeah, physical is the way to go…but I’m stuck…next best thing.

        Keep up the good work.  Better stock the pantry…average guy in the street is getting ready to “Go Mormon” on the BJs.


      6. Comments….. “Those in power know that their days of unabashed corruption are numbered, and when they’re cornered, they’ll use any reason – any crisis – to their advantage if they can discredit the messengers.”

        People like Julian Assange?  Still waiting for the corrupt bankers and citizens who cheated the government out of billions of dollars.  Still waiting for the Bank of America scandal we were promised.  The powers that be got their talking points and spin package ready to go–if and when Assange releases it.

      7. Plus 2 Huey.

      8. Shooot…just look at what happened with Wikileaks and how fast he was shut down. Without any credible evidence of wrong doing except annoying the wrong people. I haven’t seen any indication that he has delivered what he promised (yet) about America’s banking system, but you almost have to think he is on to something  that they shut him down so fast. Just this Grandma’s humble opinion…

        Not to sound dense, fed up, but what did you mean by “go Mormon” on the BJs ~? I got the go Mormon part, but what’s BJs?

      9. Does 504 mean I didn’t pay my Sprint bill?

      10. SHTF Times has a new article on who is really responsible for the violence in America.

      11. What they are doing to Wikileaks is wrong, however; it seems it is all a fake-out of sorts, it is a precedence allowing goberment to shut people down – guilty even If proven innocent – furthermore, Wikileaks has transformed from an entity that is about exposing unjust goberment underhandedness behind closed doors into something that is about exposing individuals to government. Quite the shift, imho.

        Read that somewhere, couldn’t find the link tho

      12. Americans are being played for suckers (in so many different areas) the fake-out is so easy, it’s like watching a bully 14 yr. old play keep-away with a pre-teen:

        “Whenever the U.S. Government wants to demonize a person or group in order to justify attacks on them, it follows the same playbook:  it manufactures falsehoods about them, baselessly warns that they pose Grave Dangers and are severely harming our National Security, peppers all that with personality smears to render the targeted individuals repellent on a personal level, and feeds it all to the establishment American media, which then dutifully amplifies and mindlessly disseminates it all.  That, of course, was the precise scheme that so easily led the U.S. into attacking Iraq; it’s what continues to ensure support for the whole litany of War on Terror abuses and the bonanza of power and profit which accompanies them; and it’s long been obvious that this is the primary means for generating contempt for WikiLeaks to enable its prosecution and ultimate destruction (an outcome the Pentagon has been plotting since at least 2008)…”

        Obama officials caught deceiving about WikiLeaks

      13. We are living in a “Matrix”. Behind a fraudulent and corrupt “monetary” system lies a hidden creditor. It is not difficult to prove that the creditor is actually the Puppeteer of an insolvent Government and hidden Master of all American citizens and courts. The Federal Reserve System is party central for economic enslavement on planet earth. It is able to operate upon a grant from the Private “Crown” that has issued it’s “Letter of Marque” which allows it to operate World Wide, without reigns of jurisdiction or Law!

        “”In the days of fighting sail, a Letter of Marque and Reprisal was a government license authorizing a private vessel to attack and capture enemy vessels, and bring them before admiralty courts for condemnation and sale.”””

        Inder current Uniform Commercial Code ‘laws’, you and I are considered “vessels” and under the conrtrol of outside “law” regardless of the Bill of Rights and Constitution! GOOGLE it and look it up…while you still can. But fear not, this Truth is located in many books as well, so my words here shall hopefully be no secret or labled farcical theories.  

        The creditor has deviously devised a monetary system based on exchange of debt owned and or liened by the creditor. As one may not see one specific tree in the forest, one does not see a hidden mark (lien) on every transaction he makes, until that specific mark is actually pointed out. Then it becomes visible for all time.

        If one looks closer, it’s easy to see that we all have become subject to a devious scheme for our daily transactions. Wisdom reveals the common denominator for the economic implosion, loss of unalienable rights, rise of government tyranny, and how the servant (government) became the master, though itself serving a well hidden higher master. By making the invisible (toxic and liened currency) visible the patriot is empowered to remedy a collapsing society with solid steps to create a new order for the People, not the government and its hidden puppeteers.

        “In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life and they lost it all – security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility then Athens ceased to be free.”

        -Edward Gibbon The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

      14. Comex raised margins on a slew of commodities yesterday.  That is the answer to those that understand.

      15. @Durango Kidd

        yeah i read that, and agree

      16. It is sickening how our worthless politicians and controlling media warp events like the Tucson shooting.  I have an internal rage at what is happening to our great country, but I have no attainable answers.  Sometimes I imagine Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson being here to see this.  I don’t think they would get mad, they would just break down and cry.  To think what we have been given, and what we have done with it.

      17. now it sets the stage for all the anti gun nuts, you can bet there will be news reporters/ story writers in the news devaluing our 2nd amendment…its coming..
        Congress needs to find a way to listen, and do the peoples work, or GTFO.They are the bottle neck and a bunch of screwups.
        and were on to them. To me, it already looks like a bunch of rats running around on a sinking ship

      18. I think I can smell a New World Odor from here.

        emptyhandkiller says…..Sometimes I imagine Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson being here to see this.  I don’t think they would get mad, they would just break down and cry. 

        I think not… I’m pretty sure they would assemble an army!!

      20. I believe they would sail away to find new land and never be heard from again.  Both men were truly ahead of their time or our leaders are truly behind the time (except RP).  I’m still waiting on his next interview of BB.

      21. Godsend, weren’t you given the boot over at “Smoking Mirrors” for…hmm, let me think, let me think. I can’t quite remember, maybe you could refresh my memory?

        Great timely articles here, Mac.

        Oh, did someone mention that “Israeli Bitch” Julian Assange?

      22. I got my football and I got my American Idol, everything else is just conspiracy theory!

      23. European American

        Not only was I given the “boot” at Smoking Mirrors (aka Hindustan), I was also given the “boot” at dozens of other blogs and forums. There is Veterans Today, for example, and Sibel Edmonds’ blog. Then there is SOTT and Chris Floyd. Frankly, as I recall, the ONLY site from which I was not BANNED is Skeptical Community. 😮 You can still go there and read my comments! 🙂 Those skeptics in the Skeptical Community are spoiling my perfect record! 🙁

        Remember, “A servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you.” I love it so! (being “booted”)  🙂

        Atheists are EVERYWHERE! 😮

      24. PPPPS I’m adopting a new slogan: “BANNED is BEAUTIFUL”.

        Sorry, Mac – I know that’s 5 in a row. I promise I’ll rarely do it again! 😉 These deadly Sugar Ray Robinson combinations are in my blood! 😮

      25. You know what, European American? I’m getting hits on my website (“Sons of Light”) from all over the world (85 countries so far this month). People all over the world are wondering: “WHO IS this goy GodSend who gets BANNED wherever he goes?”. Isn’t that great!!!

        Mac – that’s called a sneaky left uppercut out of nowhere. Hit ’em when they least expect it. 😉

      26. The “Independent” Fed Admits The Truth

        “It is not independent, it is an arm of Treasury…

        Function follows form.  Anyone who believes that The Fed is independent after this charade, which incidentally it did on its own (and that, by itself, is cute – The Fed’s “balance sheets” would never have passed examination under GAAP) has rocks in their head.”

        Friday, January 21, 2011
        HOT: Fed Hides Major Accounting Change

        “Many are at once surprised that the Fed can set its own guidelines…”

        “…they are averting asking the Treasury for money in the future by an accounting gimmick that will simply dump the debt off the capital part of the balance sheet, so it won’t be reported as a loss, and make it a liability to the Treasury.”

        Some well put comments:

        “Um, doesn’t Congress have to authorize adding debt to our balance sheet? Doesn’t this shatter the notion that the Fed is an arms-length non-government entity?”

        “…it sounds to me like we are now being instructed in the formal method by which the Fed will transfer losses from it’s books to the taxpayers of the United States.”

      27. What you see in action here in America, and patterning globally as well, is an ice age scale shift, that happened a hairs width a day, but in 20 or 30 years the place is as good as a biblical Sodom when all is said and done.
        Reading about it over centuries, in multiple locales such as the slow disintegration, to re-assimilation of the Roman empire’s chief character attributes, in 3 or four inches of a history book, is a related process. You get to mill over centuries of change, that happened a day at a time, in a few hours. Then you can look at the Nazi Germany debacle, or Stalinist Soviet Union Follies, in a much more accelerated timeframe to dysfunction, and go, wow!, how come no one could tell what was going to happen?
        Well, they could tell, and they were the uncommon few. The majority, are led by the very same carrots of distraction, as their zombified leaders. So, don’t expect Americans to catch on – too busy watching TV fantasies, porn fantasies, commercial fantasies, tea bagger fantasies, and all kinds of other assorted dopamine ticklers. This place is in a classic delusional phase, with a hugely apparent social-psychological disorder in play, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, verging far into social socio pathologies. (Don’t worry, it’s a pattern endemic to all nations, whose leaders begin the slow sink into power lust, greed and illusion. It’s not only irreversible, but it took years to condition the proper social response, a day at a time, through various cherry sweet philosophical poisons.
        Now, the bank delusion for power, is striking, because they are not even absolute in power, yet according to the old adage, by the behaviors they instigate and practice, maybe they are heading for the steering wheel of absolute power, and the obvious attendant corruption so suitably displayed. I mean everyone else is broke right? Uncle Sam; destitute beggar, Municipalities? Infrastructurally decaying and dead intensive care units. The education system? Don’t blame the students, it’s teachers are the root retardation of the whole, hence a chief progenitor of the previously covered delusional fantasies, taught as truth. The military complex? Besides being the right hand of global profiteering, and that obligatory system of greed’s extension, they are the chief consumers of the “protection” money, for global use, which this whole debacle ads up to, since the farce Bush regime began running this place into destitution, for the profit of the few, a whole society is heading for a miserable wake-up call of reality: true collapse on a scale never before witnessed by humans on earth. The crazier this whole thing gets day by day, the more rationale and farsighted the Jehovah’s Witnesses sound – I mean they were at my door, telling me about this stuff 15 years ago, and sure enough, it’s now the reality knocking down my door! LOL
        So, The only one’s with money, are banks, and religious entities. Not hard to see one of the next victims to fall within the crosshairs of this banking psychos greed gun! LOL. Either way, to get back to the historical concepts teaching lessons for the future above, many people, but not the majority, will clearly and lucidly see what’s happening, and they of course will be labeled the lunatics, and conspirators, and what have you, by the ones who are the chief zombies making this all possible, the deaf, dumb and blind, pleasure addicted, power addicted, and greed addicted monsters we have created. They look quite fancy, every weekend up at the country club, and that just might be part of the chief quality of this national deception, the aura we have installed, worshipped and promoted across our land, and globally, for three good decades, is the good intentioned “visual” and social road, and like the old adage, you know where that tends to lead people. Very interesting to watch this one unfolding, daily, on schedule, and fulfilling a hundred historic patterns, right before our eyes. It will end up becoming a very useful anecdote, for a future race of man, of what to avoid, at all costs! LOL

      28. Mac – my visit here has come to an end. Sometimes I don’t hang around to get BANNED but leave voluntarily. There are MANY mind-fields to sow – and not much time left! 😉

        Good Luck! (for when STHTF).

      29. Here’s just one more for the road:

        Others will be allowed to succeed in making great sums of money,
        or having a legacy left to them, or in having luxuries,
        but God may supply you daily,
        because He wants you to have something far better than gold,
        and that is a helpless dependence on Him,
        that He may have the privilege of providing your needs day by day
        out of the unseen treasury.



      30. Clark: I have to point out another FUNDAMENTAL error. Look again, Not only is the Federal Reserve Bank Cabal, independent of the Treasury; it is also the tail that wags the dog to the benefit of its Member Banks and the gangster banksters that run them.

        Stick to history. 🙂

        Your understanding of the US banking system is deficient and only misinforms the other folks on here who do not know how it works.

      31. I’m hankering down for a mad max world.  Getting armed and stocked well.  When all collapses…I’ll stay home and have the shot gun ready for the roaming hoards of gangs in truck and cars.  They will get organized and form looting parties.  Well…we’ll get organized too and form neighborhood militia.  It will be open season on gang bangers.  In a world without law…then it will be time to clean up the communities.  The working folks are tired of being held hostage and we’ll get some payback. 

      32. You’re funny Durango Kidd, you *really* don’t like non-mainstream economist, do you?

        Especially the men quoted in my post, Karl Denninger and Robert Wenzel. You did notice the quotation marks, didn’t you?

        “Anyone who believes that The Fed is independent after this charade,… has rocks in their head.”

      33. Clark: LMAO! 🙂 That is their opinion, and a bad one at that, so take a hint as to their veracity. The law is the law. The facts are the facts. Mac has provided you with the answer, also, in the latest post to which you made the same argument. Get real!

        Of course I noticed the quotation marks, that is ALL you can do: copy and paste without a FUNDAMENTAL knowledge of the truth!  🙂

        Do you really think, the bankster gangsters are going to let little Timmy Geithner call the shots? He’s a lacky, for God’s sake! He takes his orders from the FED  …..  by law!

        We have discussed this before. You should be embarrassed by your unwillingness to accept the truth in the face of the facts: but you have no shame, which is why all you can do is copy and paste without making a rational argument with the facts.

        And don’t tell me to follow your links and read the original articles. First of all I don’t need to read them, I know. Second, the one time I did follow a link you had totally misrepresented Dr. North’s article to support your point.

        Everyone on this board should take anything you say with a grain of sand: at least with respect to economics, finance, and the banking system. You don’t know squat about these things and won’t admit your FUNDAMENTAL errors.

        Maybe you should stick to history, since you say you have read alot of that.

      34. You obviously *really* don’t like non-mainstream economist.
        I kind of like them, they told us about the housing bubble and the financial crash long before it happened, they have a pretty good track record. Some people said they had a bad opinion back then as well, and they did so in the same manner as you, all polite-like and respectful.

        You sure do spend a lot of time attacking the messenger.

        By the way, nice bunch of facts, quotes and links you’ve provided to back up what you say, too. Oh wait, you Never do that.

        I have never knowingly misrepresented anything, ever. It’s possible I made a mistake – more likely though – you have interpreted things incorrectly. Did I post ten links in support of something and one wasn’t good enough for you? If that’s the case, nine out ten ain’t bad, I’ll take that.

        Yes, I’m certain you know everything on all the links I posted, so I can see why you wouldn’t read them to seek understanding.

        Durango Kidd says, “The law is the law.”
        HA! good one. The law is whatever “they” decide it is.

        Remember… Remember… Vote Them Out in November

        “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives…”

        All About Lying

        “Thus, in the end, the law itself becomes the biggest lie of all.”

        And like I’ve told you before, I provide links so people can look things up and make up their own mind, or to provide a portion of a much larger discussion, unlike you who demands that everyone accept at face value everything Durango Kidd has proclaimed in a short unsupported paragraph.

        I don’t claim to know everything, but I know some things:

        “If you ever read an economics textbook, think of the author as Bela Lugosi. This will help you to understand the chapters on money and banking,…”

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