Prepare for What Is Coming: “There is a Very Present Danger that is Facing Every American”

by | Aug 9, 2012 | Charlie McGrath | 376 comments

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     A warning from Charlie McGrath, founder of Wide Awake News:

    You are under assault. There is a very present danger that is facing every American citizen who listens to me right now. Every citizen of this planet who listens to me right now. You are under attack.

    This is an assault on you, the American people. This is an assault on your intelligence and an assault on your freedom.

    It’s about a complete and total dismantling of a nation, a dismantling of a Constitution, and an implementation of control from on high, [from a] dominant financial authority overtaking this planet.

    It’s not coincidence that Department of Homeland Security and the government in general is picking up all kinds of riot gear.

    It’s because they know the collapse is coming.

    They know the engineered collapse that has been papered over and caused 100 million people to be on the government dole, that has caused trillions of dollars of our future wealth being given to a bunch of bankers.

    They know the day of reckoning is coming, and when it does they want 30,000 drones in the air, they want thousands of riot-ready police force on the street, and they want you bickering with your neighbor because you voted Romney, or you voted Obama.

    Get it through your head, folks. If you dont’t understand it by now – time is running out rapidly. You need to understand. There is no change coming with Romney. There is no change coming in term two with Obama.

    They dance to the tune of the same people who have not been prosecuted or brought to justice for destroying this planet’s economy.

    There are people dying tonight because of what has happened to this economy on this planet.

     (Sourced via SGT Report ; David Icke)

    Mass electronic surveillance systems, tens of thousands of drones, riot police, the training of military assets for domestic policing, and the introduction of legislation and executive orders to  respond to widespread national emergencies through martial law declarations are all pointing to the same thing.

    Elements within the government of the United States and the cabals that have been engineering this move towards global governance are keenly aware that the system as it exists today is under extreme strain, and the day of reckoning is coming.

    Prepare for it, because it will be like nothing we’ve ever experienced in our lifetimes. As our existing paradigm continues to shift we must understand that it will be plagued with starvation, mass rioting and bloodshed.

    As Charlie McGrath notes, there are wars being fought all over the globe right now – and scores of men, women and children are dying daily. Millions of protesters have taken to the streets in recent months on every corner of earth as the world they have come to know collapses around them. Tens of millions of Americans are, like their counterparts in Europe and Asia, struggling just to put food on the table.

    If the evidence that is right before your eyes doesn’t convince you that a mass destabilization is taking place in real time, then we don’t know what will.

    The government is and has been preparing. So should you.

    Time is running out.


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      1. Half of me is as ready as I ever will be for something to happen and the other half lives the life of a suburban wife. Anyone else feel like they lead a double life?

        • Yes.

          • Most everybody here is on the fence between the reality that is being hidden and the obvious facts that reveal the truth.

            The best way to survive will be to stay on that fence and protect what you have where you have it.

            In time, everyone’s reality will be the same, but not until the US corp dies and kills most of us in the preplanned process.

            • Will the true Troll please stand up.

            • Sumptin’ stanks in here! Oh, it’s Facebook, never mind!

            • Feeling the Love.

            • We’ve all been saying it for several years. I started prepping in 1999 for the Y2K problems. Didn’t think there would be any but I just wanted to be sure. I didn’t prep heavy but I still knew there was a potential for something. I think, honestly, it was a warm up.

              I started heavier prepping since 2008. Now, I’m all prepped up and in rotation mode. We’ve all been wagging our tounges about the collapse and the police state for at least 4 years. Every day it gets worse but it never breaks. The branch hangs lower and lower and lower but never breaks. We hear a little creak or pop now and then but it doesn’t let go.

              We’ve all tried to estimate but people don’t take into account several things. There are windows of opportunity and windows of incentive. Windows of opportunity are those times in which there is an agenda, a need or a convenience for disasters. Windows of incentive are the converse of that where the opposite exists, the need for calm and stability.

              It is in those windows that we can see 9/11, the Iraq war, various shootings and collapse scenarios. But, since the agendas are mostly hidden, we don’t know what is going to happen.

              One thing I do know is this: disasters of many types happen shortly after elections and inaugurations. This current collapse scenario possibility goes up a bunch after the election and even more after the inauguration. Barring any aberrant behaviour or natural disasters, You probably have until mid November and if nothing happens then, the first of February.

              But, different cabals have different ideas. Were things to get bad enough, they may let it loose right before the election.

              The fact is, you can’t plan it. Its like riding a bike down the trail. You can’t predict which way you’ll have to twist the handlebars. You can give opinions but until you ride the trail, you’ll not know.

              What does that mean? You feel it out. Right now, I’ve got about all the ammo I need and I don’t plan to stock up any more. But, depending on what happens, I may drop a few thousand bucks NEXT WEEK on ammo or guns. …or on food. …or on fuel. …or on solar panels. Its all about that path. You feel it, you steer and balance as best you can. You hope there is no rock in the middle of the trail that throws you.

              I feel its going to get bad quick. But, I have felt this way before. Tension are building. Will it pop? Don’ tknow. But, I do know I’ll be fine, regardless.

            • @Gregory8

              I did the same analysis of forces that you’ve presented about two years ago. We’re basically in the same place. What I don’t understand and haven’t been able to figure out by reading a lot of military strategy is this, why does the NWO think they can win in the USA? I understand how they can do it in other countries. In the main countries of Europe and many others throughout the world, the citizens are, for the most part, unarmed. This condition makes it easier for a small number of armed police/troops to control a large population.

              I still don’t get how the NWO wins here.

            • Gun confiscation is probably one of the last pieces to be moved in to place. I believe quite a few will comply, as they will be cowards. Also mass killings could take place as small pockets of resistance appear after they decide to collapse the nation. Their technology will aide them at first, then be turned against them as they will inevitably fail.

            • Navy Vet: How will they take the US? 1.Well once they add the next set of antennas to the HAARP array they can use it like an atomic bomb but it won’t leave the radiation behind.
              2. They have level 3 biological agents ( very deadly disease organisims)improperly storred in several cities around the US. An “accidental release” could cause large population contaminations and rapid deaths.
              3. Repeated and prolonged droughts courtesy of HAARP, causing repeated crop losses. This would impact other nations long before the US but it would impact our poorest and more vulnerable.
              If you want to hit your enemy, you don’t run at his strongest point. You locate his weaker spots and strike them first. Weaken him. Demoralize him. Get him scared or not thinking straight so he will make stupid mistakes. If they can’t get the weapons they will just go around them. Would you run straight at a man with a weapon or would you sneak around behind him?

            • Great comment, NetRanger. Thanks for posting what you are doing. A lot of us are on the same path that you have followed. It’s a damn scary ride but it’s the only one we have. Like everyone else, I too have an opinion on all this. My guess is that 2014-2015 will be when the SHTF. I have no data to support that, just the “feel” of the situation. Throughout my life, I have paid attention to my feelings as they are often right. Prep on, friends, everything we do now will pay HUGE dividends later.

          • Former (retired) CIA army general warns of economic collapse and martial law.

            “The dam is just about to break on our economy, and I think when it does, there’s going to be a major disruption of the distribution of food,” he added. “And I think what you’ll see particularly in the inner cities is you will see riots, civil unrest that ultimately might justify martial law.”

            Boykin strongly advises the public to “make preparations for the most likely scenario of a coming breakdown of the food distribution channels in America during a dollar collapse.”


            • Are the dishes done yet woman ?

            • KY Mom: Martial Law may be coming but it will be a rather pathetic show. The story above is way overblown. Add up all military pesonnel active and reserve/guard and we have just under 3 million. Now add all Law Enforcement and that’s another 0.8 million. Now don’t forget that we have a large percentage of our military overseas. But even if they all magically appeared back here at home, the total force is under 4 million personnel to guard the 5th largest nation (size) in the world with population of over 310 million. That’s one cop or soldier for every 77 citizens. Sorry for using the term “soldier” because all services have some members in combat arms, especially the Marines. You must also remember that there are a large number of support personnel for each military person because they need food, shelter,medical care, transportation and other technical fields. So the total number of people in combat arms is greatly reduced by well over half. You now have around 2 million to impose martial law which means that in reality each cop or soldier now has to to watch nearly 150 of their fellow citizens. Please consider this: there are over 80 million gun owners in America and if only 5% decide to resist that’s 4 million insurgents against approximately 2 million cops and soldiers. And don’t think that many cops and soldiers won’t go awol to protect their own families first. Some will end up joining the “resistance”. So now you’re down to one cop or soldier for every 3 insurgents and over 150 other citizens to watch over. Not looking too good is it for the oppressors is it? And since our government is going broke because we’ve printed too much money so that it will be useless, why would any cop or soldier stick around? NO MONEY = NO NWO. And another “Little” thing that this and other articles fail to mention is that troops will have to be deployed to guard major bridges, tunnels, highways, seaports, airports, and rail lines to keep transportaion runnings. And don’t foget major communication lines and centers. Add to this the major and minor dams and water ways, power plants and sub-stations, water treament plants, and chemical processing plants. And what about watching major farms and food processing and distribution centers? More soldiers and cops at these facilities and now you’ve got maybe one cop or soldier watching what, 200 to 300 citizens with 2-3 insrgents on his butt? This is Mission Impossible, drones or no drones !!

            • Gregory, you haven’t counted(the real numbers) the federal LEOs. Border patrol,FBI,ICE,ATF,US Marshalls,Secret Service, and Homeland Security forces.
              Which all are and have been trained in crowd and riot controll.

            • @Gregory8,
              you have not included one huge factor in your troop analysis. Foreign troops are here in the United States. Remember all the news about Russian troops training here. They didn’t leave. Chinese, Russian, and other foreign troops are on our soil now. They will not have a problem putting Americans down. So, coupled with those US troops that choose to side with the bankers, we have a problem.

            • Gregory8,
              I disagree. I dont think they will attempt to lock down the entire country in one whack. They will go after the big cities first. I agree that there is no way that they can lock it all down at once. But I believe they can gain control of the major metro areas with relative ease. You would be surprized at how much fear a couple of abrams tanks create. I dont think they care about the outlying areas.
              Thunder Runs on major interstates will keep the major roads secure for a while. A few choke points on the remaining ways in and out of the cities will control the flow of people in and out.
              I think they will leave the folks in the “woods” to their own devises initially. When we start creating trouble for them, they will conduct some “operations” to slow down progression of any resistance. Remember the media is on their side and propaganda against any resistance will abound. If they can gain control of the ports, railways, interstates, major power plants, etc. and lock down metro areas, they will have control of a major part of America. Of the 80 million gun owners in America, how many are active shooters with any tactical knowledge other than hiding in a tree stand waiting for a deer to stroll by?
              I think it will be very hard for them to acomplish, but if they do it in small measures, they may be able to accomplish it in places they want to until we organize. As long as they allow the football game to keep being played and burger king and the mall to stay open, most AmeriKans will allow it to happen. Dont forget that if a major attack was to happen, most people would be onboard with martial law. Look how easy the patriot act was passed. People will be begging for the cities to be secured.

            • Everyone: I did include all federal departments from the FBI,ATF, Marshall’s Service, Secret Service, and Homeland Security which is made up of the former U.S. Customs Service, Immingration, and Border Patrol. All Law Enforcement; Federal, State, County, and City including reserves is around 800,000 nationwide. Add these to all our armened forces and it’s a little less than 4 million total. Be advised, ICE is the plain clothes ( special agents) part of Homeland Security as opposed to the unformed folks you see at the border of airports. And no, most have not been trained in crowd control. How do I know this, because I retired from “them” in 2009, I was uniformed. I’m still in contact with some of my friends and they are not doing any of this alleged training. Yes, since the inception of Homeland Security many aspect of training have increased but nothing to do with martial law or even crowd control. As to the assertion that foreign troops are here to put down any insurrection is just over the top. I was on active duty from 1973 to 1986 and reserve/guard from 1986 to 1995. Almost every training base I went to had foreign troops there both enlisted and officer. I’ve seen South Viet Namese, Tiwanese, Iranians, KSA, West Germans and Nigerians just to name a few. And yes, I had to salute their officers as well as our own. But to have them here to train as a supplement for our own troops for purposes of repression is absurd. Yeah, I read JWR’s book “Patriots” too and it’s pretty good, but it’s a work of fiction, nothing more. phdinlogic says that Chinese and Russian troops are staying: fine show me the photos and tell me where they are stationed; I’m retired with a military ID, I’ll go and check it out. As late as 2009 I worked with folks still in the reserves and guard and in all of our talks no one mentionted any special training. Yes, the National Guard has always been part of crowd control during times of disasters and such but not the active duty folks. And for BullDog: A few thousand Afghans are running wild in the mountains and still hitting us hard from time to time and it’s been 10 years. The Russians were far more vicious in their 10 year campaign from 1980 to 1990 and they went home in defeat. The U.S. is a huge country country compared to Afghanistan, and with a lot more people. Perhaps the combined forces of NATO, the U.S., Russian and China may be able to guard many of our largest cities along with some roads, bridges, power and communication lines, gas and water lines, airports and seaports, but no where near all of them. And where the hell is the money to pay for all of this coming from? Everyone is just about broke from printing too much paper without anything to back it up like gold or silver. It looks like I have keep repeating myself: No Money = No NWO P E R I O D !!! Our main problem is going to be our own “good citizens” when police and fire stations are getting closed for lack of funds. When water and power stations go off line because workers aren’t getting paid. When stores run out of food because truckers can’t afford fuel or because it’s unsafe on the roadways with roving gangs and few police. That’s going to be our future; little or no federal, state, and local government. It’ll be YOYO Time.

            • Gregory8: TPTB have their own organic farms, underground cities etc. They don’t care if the dams or bridges, food processing plants etc get blown because they don’t want anyone living in most of the nation. ( See UN Agenda 21 plans). That would just mean we would be hungrier and more contained in our areas. But I do like your assessment of how the numbers go with regard to “soliders” vs citizens. However don’t forget that there are many who will support the socialist agenda even when it is aparent that their government has violently turned on them. They will only see what they want to see and they will side with the “soldiers”. They would be wolves in sheep clothing because you would not know who was friend and who was foe.

            • You’ve got to love the way he says “will -justify- martial law”…

              Not -require- martial law or -trigger- martial law.

              It reveals that they’re out there looking for a good reason to crack down rather than doing their best to prevent what’s coming.

            • Oh… And Gregory8 is spot on target. The only thing keeping the average citizen in chains is his/her own fear, greed and apathy.

              As for a lack of tactical skills in a future American resistance, you’d be quite surprised how quickly these things are picked up, especially when there are a bunch of pissed off vets doing the teaching.

              Resistance wars are fought primarily by regular people with no former military training.

            • Gregory8,
              yes the afgans are still running around causing problems. I did Iraq 2003-2004. I know what we did to control the population. We did a pretty good job of it. The way I said things could be done here is exactly what we did in iraq. When they would start an uprising, we would put it down. We had about 100,000 troops in a country the size of Texas. about 1/4 of them were actually ingaged in martial law. 25,000 troops to control the population of that place. We did ok for the most part. We did daily thunder runs, ied sweeps and mounted/dismounted patrols to keep the folks inline. We ultimately left in a stalemate because our citizens and elected idiots got board with it. As far as troops from other countries here, I dont think they are, yet. But if needed, dont think for a second that the un wouldnt send them at the request of our dictator. I am still in contact with troops that I served with and believe that about half to 2/3 would go along with martial law. Especially if there was a false flag that got them pissed off. I was active from 87-06. I have seen what the military has become with all of the PC crap they have forced on them. It is not the same force it was back in the day.

        • not so much a wife…. but a husband. But yes, at times the feeling is surreal. I’ll be going through my day and things are moving along normally, and then I’ll get the vibe that things aren’t as they seem and something bad is about to happen.

          It’s really unnerving at times.

          • i hope you ladies and gentlemen do realize that if you wait until these events take place, it will be far too little and much too late.
            im not asking anyone to do anything.
            im just saying, im afraid all your efforts to prepare will be meaningless.
            if the powers that be are as influential and intelligent as you all seem to believe, they will not initiate a conflict unless their victory is eminent.
            and im quite sure theyve taken the contingent of american preppers into account. they should know your habits and plans quite well, as i seriously doubt they would ignore a treasure trove of knowledge so rich as this and other websites devoted to prepping.
            in conclusion, your lack of preemptive action will ensure your demise…no matter how much you hoard.

            thank you all for reading

            • Smeesh,
              Agreed to a point. There are way to many senarios to predict which one will happen. We all are prepping for something that we feel strongly about. if _____ happens we are screwed living in a town, if ____ happens we have time to get out. Reading the posts here, it seems that alot of us are in the same boat. We have normal jobs and are in the “burbs” to an extent. Most have a fall back plan and are praying we get the chance to implement it. I know that I would love to live full time at a safer location than I do, but cant at this point. If an emp or solar flare gets us, I cant carry all my preps on my back and I am actively working on a plan for that. If what I think is going to happen happens, (economy)I have a little time. The people in Chicago, NYC, N.O., L.A., etc. will be my warning to un-ass the A.O. and get to another location. But I am always worried that I am prepping and may not get to use my preps because of location and it sucks. That is where God comes in to the picture. If he wants me to survive and I move my feet, I will. I do know this, IMHO, it is coming sooner rather than later and my gut is saying daily to finalize plans.
              Good Luck to all.

            • I gave you a thumbs down for slipping the word “hoard” into a preppers forum 🙁 . Nicely played. Preparing and “stocking up” for food price shortages and increases in price, will provide better returns than any stock market investment, short of gold.

            • @Smeesh,
              what do you plan on doing then? I would rather die like a man who has prepared. I would not beg the false government for handouts or protection because it will never come.

              I have many scenarios that I replay in my mind:
              1. Total collapse of society and people kill each other off (i.e survival of the fittest or who has the most weapons.)
              2. False government unleashes bioweapon and we die off quickly or slowly, depending on their pleasure.
              3. Nuclear release by our false government. Again, quick death or slow depending on the yield they want.
              4. Collapse of the dollar, martial law is envoked, chaos ensues, foreign troops are used to quell the violence. NWO is open for business.

              I do not know which they will use. It could be a combination of the above. All I know is that I am preparing every day until the collapse happens. It will happen and I can look my family in their eyes and know I did what I financially could to save them.

          • Agreed. I do refrigeration through the day and then come home to work in my garden and prep in general. I do feel I live two lives. However, its like any other kind of insurance. How much are you willing to spend on a measure of security and preparedness?

          • C: What you and others seem to forget is that while TPTB have their little Hidyholes to go to WTSHTF with all the modern conveniences, they won’t have the means to implement matial laws on even a modest scale. Why, because that takes willing people in uniforms like cops an soldiers to do it and most of these folks have spouses and kids, and in-laws, etc., you ge the picture. And all of them need food, water,and shelter just like the rest of us. TPTB are going broke, so who’s paying for all of this and how? No, no, no, these good soldiers and cops are going to do what the rest of us are doing: stay home and protect their own. JWR got it right in his book “Patriots”, cops and soldiers won’t show up for work because there would be no point in it when their families are at risk just like the rest of us. Yeah, the invisible Chinese and Russian troops will do it. Fine tell me where they are and I’ll go take the pictures since I still have access to military bases, just tell me where. This whole thing is a fantasy, we are just going to wake up one day to call some local agency and the find that the offices are closed due to funding-period. It’s already happening. There will be some riots and some attemp at martial law but it will fade out as people die from lack of water, disease due to poor santitation, and eventually some starvation. The biggest problem will be lack of good drinking water and this WILL kill millions. TPTB don’t need any NBC warfare or foreign troops, we’ll kill ourselves with waterborne diseases. Got your water purification and sanitation preps ready? Better get your shots up to date such as typhoid and cholera like we did in the service. Better some for the plague, smallpox, diptheria and a few others as well because without good water and sanitation it’s going to get ugly. Look up the travel advisories for the 10 worst countries and get the vaccinations for them as though you were going there yourself. This is not a drill, this is a Live Fire exercise !!!

            • You people are jerking yourselves off if you think it will be hard to implement martial law. Just blocking the major highways is enough to accomplish it. Nothing going in, nothing going out. No food, fuel, medicine or people. It will take about two weeks until everyone but the die hards surrender their weapons. Those that don’t will be killed. A soft first world country like we are does not have the heart to resist except to talk tough on a keyboard. Those planning this coup know that all to well.

            • @Gregory8,
              First off, After reading all of your post, I respect what you have said and your opinions. I also thank you for your service. I am not military, nor do I have military expericence. I do as much research daily on collapse topics as I possibly can. I weigh all data that I find and follow up on the respective references. As I have stated, I do not have the answers nor am I in a position to do anything about our nation’s situation. I call it the way I have analyzed it. Collapse is inevitable.
              As far as the foreign troops discussed, Russian troops, the last research I encountered were stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. Chinese troops were seen in Laredo, Texas. Since the Chinese have bought miles of land in Oregon and want to build a self-contained Chinese city there, it is not over the top to believe that troops would be stationed there. Chinese troops have also been seen in Mexico on the border of the US. The Chinese are buying land all over our country and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russians were doing the same.
              Is it really a stretch to believe that our enemies would occupy and destroy us from within? Are the elite allowing this to happen? My belief is yes.
              This is about power and control of the masses. The elite have all the money they need. They control the food, water and corporations. Is it a coincedence that Obama has signed 134 executive orders to date. Most of these seem to be against a republic form of government. You are correct, “This is not a drill, this is a Live Fire exercise !!!”

            • I cant confirm
              this but around here there are rumors that Russian troops are stationed at anniston army depot (on the restricted back side) in Alabama if you would like to confirm and let us know.these rumors constantly spread here and i have even heard it from army personel so please confirm it for us.

            • @justleavemebe I have a very close friend that works at Anniston Army Depot and yes, there are Russian troops there. He couldn’t tell me (he has top secret clearance)what specifically the troops were doing there, but they are there for training. Foreign troops come to US bases all the time for these purposes. Just a few months ago, Prince Harry was in Nevada for Apache helicopter training. This same friend worked at another base a few years ago (pre-911) and there were Saudi and Israeli troops going through the same school at the same time.

        • Same here.

          This week, I’ve been planning vacations for the rest of the year; but I also ordered enough ammunition to last for two years of target practice and enough left over for just in case.

          I backed off the urgency some as I dont think it starts really hitting the US until 2013 as spain and greece are in depressions now and the rest of europe keeps rolling along; i imagine the same here. when stories like detroit start happening in my city, its time to start storing food, water and gas.

          • This fall is shaping up to be a tumultuous time, be prepared for just about anything.

            • Really, Like last fall was suppose too! What about this summer from hell. What happened! Celente has been predicting SHTF for years yet here we are. Everything is rosy here.


              If you believe there will be a collapse then YOUR world will fall all around you. The world is a reflection of YOU and how you see it.

              On the other hand, If you can find it within yourself to rise above the crap that you read and hear then your world would be a much better place and you wouldn’t have to worry about provisions and bunkers and ammo.

            • Hey bro, you didnt answer my question about those “quotes” from geaorge washington and others in the comment section of-

              Cold Hard Facts On Gun Bans: “The Cost Of Liberty Can Be Measured In the Loss of Life”

              And WHY your comment was posted some where else(on some website), with Macs headline and your comment as an article????(with the link I provided)

            • Kevin,

              You are trying to play with me and I’m not interested in your mind games. I am not your bro either. I did my homework so you do yours. I don’t go to any links on any site, unless I look it up myself. Find something better to do with your time. I stand by everything I say and whether you agree or not is irrelevant.

            • I am not trying to “play with you”.

              YOU DIDNT ANSWER?????? Your attacks speak much.

              WHY your comment was posted some where else(on some website), with Macs headline and your comment as an article????(with the link I provided)????????????????????????????

              You didnt answer my question about those “quotes” from geaorge washington and others in the comment section of-

              Cold Hard Facts On Gun Bans: “The Cost Of Liberty Can Be Measured In the Loss of Life”??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

              I guess your not my bro.

              ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!!!!!!

              CAN YOU????????

            • EVERYONE can go to the link I posted and SEE your comment with Macs headline.

              Love ya 🙂

            • Kevin,

              As God is my judge, I still don’t know what you are talking about. This is rediculous. I gave you my answer. If there is a issue with a web site then let Mac know about it and he can get to the bottom of it.

            • AGAIN, no answer.

              WTF does Mac have to do with anything?

              God is MAY judge also, I am at peace.

              I am a seeker of truth, that is all.

              You are making me lean toward not believing a word you post.

              I asked SIMPLE questions, simple answers would be…..SIMPLE!!!!

              Hate me, thats ok, Like I said-

              I am at peace my brother.

            • Oh, and IF Mac gave a $hit, he could hit that link(that I posted) also.

              I DONT give a SHIT, MAC DONT give a SHIT, I just want SOURCES for THOSE QUOTES!!!!!!

            • Damn kevin, why are you such an ass sometimes? You’re like a nagging wife that won’t shut the “f” up! Let it go! If it’s an issue then it will resolve itself. Get back on topic!!!!

            • @ Dr Feelgroove. People prepare for all sorts of SHTF events. Your world, this world can come apart without humans being involved one single bit. The world is not a reflection on you when the sun belches out a nice X-100 solar flare at the planet and the ensuing EMP fries everything electronic. Those not prepared with food, water, firearms, and other supplies are F’ed after this. Back a few years ago the sun unloaded a class X-40 flare and had it been 2 days earlier would have done in the modern era for many years. In 1859 an EMP fried most of the primitive telegraphs. EMP’s happen.

              How can this new age gibberish of your world reflecting you affect the super volcano that just blew over 1000 cubic kilometers of ash into the atmosphere? Or the plate collisions that just unleashed a triple mega earthquake swarm approaching 9.7? Or some deadly Andromeda virus that emerges out of some African savannah?

              Preppers prepare for a wide variety of catastrophes, many that just cannot be controlled by anything that humans do or do not do, they just happen. Those that don’t at least try to prepare themselves for these and go around thinking that as long as they think happy positive thoughts they will never happen are totally lost in a delusional state. The next time you feel a nice minutes long earthquake, or are stuck in a tornado, or other natural disaster just go outside and think a happy thought and it will go away. Good luck, because that will be the ONLY thing that will save you, good luck. I will stick to preparing as will all the wise people on this site.

          • Lee, by then it will be too late…you’re awake…start prepping NOW…prices will only go up up up. Think of it as “insurance…” an investment that will pay off starting tomorrow, as inflation keeps hitting. Start your food and water storage ASAP!

            • can’t fix stupid.:-)

            • This fool is one of the clowns who believe that government is the answer to everything. His brain is mush. A complete moron who will be cheering when they start rounding up the people he disagrees with, but will only realize he’s just another idiot member of the dumb masses when they kick in his door…

          • You are the same people who said back in 2011 that it doesn’t really start happening until 2012 and in 2013 we will hear how it won’t really start happening until 2014…..for them to get 30,000 drones , that will take them years to build and deploy

            • Rich,
              Isn’t it better to be prepared and for nothing to happen than the alternative? Just saying…

            • Nothing a few factories in another country can’t handle.

            • Unless your in the prepping community I do see that predictions as far as dates and not the actual circumstance do sway some outsiders from gaining truth.

              Suppose I told people that Jesus is coming in 3 days and then changed it to 3 months and then…..
              This is why credibility is lost in a cause.

              Celente has made some predictions that have come true, then again I have too. The thing is mine do not carry a date that is as finite as a season or a specific year.

              Prepping for a tornado is a good idea. Not because I expect one this year but rather sometime during my existence. Be prepared always and you will never be disappointed. That goes for this life and the one after.

            • @ RICH99. No criticism here. What do you personally think we should be ready for something to happen? If you were going to place a bet on the next true SHTF event most likely to hit this year or next year, what would you tell everyone that they could possibly expect? Even if you think it is remote, what would be your opinion the most chance of happening?

              I personally would say war, geo-physical, or a plague in that order, with many more in descending order.

            • lol rich it would be nice if we could jsut keep saying it won’t really start happening until next year or the year after and so on i would love for it to come to nothing but that and everything to jsut fizzle out. I am sure all of us would liek it to just go away and come to a point when we do nto have to worry about the USSA ( was a book i read when i was a kid called United Secured States of America ) this is hwere we are headed lol read the series it is for young adults and teens but hell it is about extreme gov. control.

              and its not happening now? watch the video.

              reports in here are fromleft and right wing sources libs and cons and even some infowars info too 🙂 know i posted it before but it is perfect to reply to you with.

            • RRIIIIICHHH99999!!!!!!!!!!!!:

              …long time – no post….how was your vacation ?

              …I agree….TPTB might have plans for later on down the road, but best laid plans and all…

              …I see events slipping from their hands….

              …I see the SHTF without any more help from them…

              …The handle on the e-brake is broken…

              …This drought is a new shift hitting the fan…

              …Food and gas inflation is gonna be a bitch all by themselves…

              …Have you seen the price on ammo, sheesh !!…

              I will let others try to predict the end.
              I will prepare for inflation.
              I will prepare for natural disasters.
              I will prepare for social unrest.
              I will prepare for job loss or a failed economy.
              I will prepare for Martial Law.

              Most of all, I will prepare for MURPHY’S LAW.

              …everyone needs a devils advocate,Rich, you get my vote… …be safe Sir, and I wish you butterflies and unicorns galore.

              …be safe….stay the course…standing tall…BA.

          • 2013 is only four months away. maybe you should get moving. I expect things to get bad after the election when Obama is re elected, he will immediatly take the gloves off. Romney is the worst candidate the Stupid party could have nominated even worse than Juan McLame and I cannot see him winning.

            • That is the point.

          • It’s going to happen in the fall. Obama will start a war with Syria and Iran. China will dump our dollars and our debt. The dollar will collapse. We’ll have martial law. Obama will “postpone” the elections.

            I read somewhere that Bernanke will announce QE3 just before the election in order to get the Wall Street vote. Every other dollar collapse scenario I’ve read about starts with another round of QE.

        • @youdontneed..Absolutely!! It’s really surreal. I was just walking down my local superarket aisles this afternoon browsing for ‘deals’ on food to squirrel away; fat chance! I cannot believe how expensive everything has become since I last went shopping 2 weeks ago! As I walked up and down I was thinking only of preparing/getting the essentials; what will be useful? how many will that feed? how much protein will that provide for the shtf scenario about to be played out. I wondered if anyone else was thinking along those lines. I often look at other suburban moms and wonder if they’re thinking along your line of thought, too. It feels like everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop. I think a lot of people are aware something is going to happen but they can’t just put a finger on it; I’m talking about people who aren’t necessarily well-informed but are attuned to their ‘sixth’ sense. It’s like a feeling of foreboding and everyone is just taking a deep breath in, now, and waiting………..

          • @Northern Cousin…..same here in my part of Ontario…I check the flyers every week, and not too many deals…..even TP that cost $5.97 for 40 2 ply rolls a month ago, is now over $12.00!!

            I would go over to Watertown NY to visit Aldi’s(as we don’t have one here), but costs me for hotel room for 2 nights +the gas….so not really a bargain! ):

            • Don’t you feel lucky, gifted, fortunate, blessed???
              That we, a few years ago, started preparing for a collapse; we opened the circulars and there the canned goods–peas, green beans, and corn–were 45 cents a can.
              We bought cases…and every week or so, we’d find a sale too good to pass.
              NOw??? nada, nil, nothing…I can not find a deal.
              Aldi’s 12 oz can of chicken for $1.80 is the best deal lately.
              But, we that were not sleeping and were aware are now stocked with lots of great deals… I have $1.75 and $2 canned Bristol hams that are now $3.99.
              Thank you God for sending wisdom to us. May we stay in your care and know what to do when the time is here. Use our hands and guide our feet.

            • Buy Bounty Paper Towels that you can tear each sheet into two sheets. These towels last a lot longer than toilet paper, and do a better job. It is a waste to buy toilet paper. I have done the comparison test. Bounty wins!

            • And might I add, that for me I’m actually thinking only 3/4 months ahead..for the future.
              I ain’t planting trees, just one example.
              I don’t think..oh, next year, blah, blah, blah any more..

            • For all you canners out there, be prepared for some cheap meat. Apparently due to the crop failures this has caused hay for livestock to rise 3 fold in many states. There will be a cull that includes chicken, pork and beef. There will be a glut of meat sending prices lower temporarily. Its next year with dwindled livestock, that prices will rise in a big way. I am waiting until this price decline takes hold to buy. Just a perspective on commodities and the way it affects our ag sector.

          • I don’t know where you live but right now Vons/Safeway have awesome deals on meat and some canned goods. Check it out.

            • Pork In this area of Florida is dirt cheap. I have crammed both freezers and I going to be canning the meat this week. I have hounded my cousins to buy a deep freeze, a seal a meal, and some canning equiptment. I offered to instruct them on canning and even to host a pressure canning party. ONE sister listened, Thank God. As the Other will be with me if shtf and I know the prepping one will be ok, food wise, I’m happy for that. All the cousins live out of state so they are on their own. I would like to point out to the rising price of eggs to Shirley: two hens can give you 14 eggs a week on little or no chicken feed. I feed mine primarily scraps and they free range my back yard. They get some scratch if they come to me when I call them. I paid $2.50 for my hens. I live in the suburbs. They are very quite and freindly. The chickens live in a tree, after my son made a “chicken ramp” out of a fallen branch. Up they go everynite to sleep.They lay their eggs in a flowerpot. (go figure: they have a nice coop, but, whatever) As an aside: As I stalked every single aisle at the Local SAM’s, my son commented “Mom I know why you HAVE to go up every aisle. So you can mutter to yourself: “OMG I certainly didn’t pay THAT much.”lol. what a smarty pants.

          • went to aldis to get eggs and they had raised the price. it said due to feed prices. went to macdill afb and there eggs hadd almost doubled

        • Only two?

          • Im assuming Jim is reffering to my chickens: I have 4. I DO live in the suburbs. Any more than that , and I think I’d have that Damn city guy all over me. With tickets and such.
            However, If it goes south I know where a wiley rooster is living. he-he.

        • I so agree, trying to get kids ready for school and doing all the things that need done every day, all the while in the back of my mind I know time is running short and I’m no where near as ready as I need to be. It dosn’t help that you really can’t talk to anyone else they are all going about there lives with out a clue as to what is about to happen.

          • Rancher’s wife, that is why I love coming on here, ’cause you can ‘talk’ to people who feel the same way and share experiences, fears and hopes and plans. I was just stocking up on laxatives for my very elderly father and wondering how he’d manage without them in a shtf scenario and then wondered if I talked to anyone else about it how bizarre it would sound. Anyway, I spent $68 on that sort of stuff! Yikes, he should be ‘good to go’ for a while (pardon the pun)!

            • Prunes or aloe juice. You can produce either one at home, so you don’t have to buy laxatives.

            • Hey, some of us don’t get any results with prunes, prune juice, or any of those things.
              Me, it’s been a problem for about 30 years–nothing works but Senna leaves and I’ve tried everything anyone suggests.
              It ain’t happening for my body.

            • Castor oil YUK. Gives ya the squirts though. I have even done a shot of olive oil before.

            • @Northern Cousin
              Nice to be able to ‘talk’ to others, I agree.
              Where else can I tell an online forum that I am excited as Heaven because I found a great deal on extra socks and underwear yesterday?

            • I went to Sam’s Club with my mother in law. Bought stool softeners and Immoudium. (spelling I know). She thinks I’m crazy..

          • I feel the same way Ranchers wife. I feel alone, but strong in my convictions. We will get through this together. This site gives me hope that there are others like me who in the dark times to come, will recognize each other and help out the true patriots when it’s time.

          • Why can’t people on this site meet up for group lunches in each state once a month, a start?

            • Love the idea. You do know we’d get somebody under cover and set to cause a riff.
              Either way, still love the idea. Anybody here in west Texas?

        • I do live a double life, Youdontneedtoknow. One side of me has been prepping for two years now while the other side continues to work as a manager in the energy industry. My wife barely tolerates my prepping, being one of the folks with her head firmly planted in the sand. I’m not sure how prepared I am, but I’ve done (and continue to do) my best with what I have to work with. I’m very worried that the SHTF moment will come before I’m fully prepared for it. Thankfully, I’m part of a local prepper organization with around 1000 members state-wide. But, that’s 1000 people out of nearly 3 million! Plus, we sit halfway between two major cities. It’s going to get really ugly here when the SHTF.

        • Every day, hon. We have to stay where we are…we can’t bug out. In the suburbs is where we’ll play out whatever happens. I’m right there with you. Keep prepping, keep your eye on the horizon.

          • I hear ya. I’m in a burb, and I don’t really have a getaway place that is close. I plan on buggin’ in. I recommend some long 2x4s and sheets of plywood for downstairs windows, if some mob breaks all of them.

            • I fiberglassed some plywood. Holds up well to bullets too if you laminate some metal inbetween the glasswork. I love fiberglass.

            • Yesterday I lucked out, thought my wife was just humoring me and the inlaws just thought I was a bit crazy. Moved from new york ( miss the food 🙂 to michigan for her, this is where her family was so this is where we settled. Well it turns out that her and her father have talked and her father even tho he said I was a bit over the top ( crazy )with prep and prep ideas, has a plan already in place.So it seems we have 2 good locations to bug to one here in MI up north and the one I set up in the catskills in some caves on my property ( we have not one outbuilding on our land ) Her family are hunters and me I was fortunate to learn alot from my great and grandfathers both full blood native american, and Ranger training. Is nice to know even tho I think im at this alone, they are just layed back because thier plans are travel lite and live off the land. The only unfortunate thing is I think thier plan is just to vanish.

        • You hit it right on!! That’s me too!

        • Yeah, except for the wife part. Suburban husband and father is more fitting. Keep focus. Keep preppin.

        • Yes. By day I am a mild manner reporter and by night I am a super hero trolling the net to expose liars, cheats, frauds, and hypocrites:

          AKA Congress.

          • Get em DK! 🙂

          • dk, thanks for the laugh. (While laughing) you are anything but mild mannered. Keep it going though our dear Super Hero.

            • Can we call you Clark? Or are you climbing the walls?

            • DRD: “Clark”? I hate that son-of-a-globalist!

        • @Youdontneedtonknow: I know the feeling it is hard to try to explain to people what you do in your spare time (prep) without appearing like a whacko…

          • Closetpreppermom, I love that! I just don’t talk to anyone at work about it anymore. I already gave away too much information and now just keep my mouth shut, hoping people have forgotten anything I may have said. Fortunately I live in a different town from where I work but still, it might be possible to get over here if they were determined…I’ll be ready.

            • @Northern Cousin,

              Same here, I drop the subject as soon as I see the reaction on peoples faces…good thing is nobody knows where my family lives since work is about 25 miles away (:
              And their too busy talking about football or baseball or whatever the season is.

        • A lot of us do YDNTK…we no longer live in the United States of America…it is now the Divided Socialist States of America. It’s time to make a stand.

        • Yes.

        • I second that feeling…..

        • Do yourself a favor: go with the sane half. Ignore websites like this one.

          • “When the world goes mad, one must accept madness as sanity; since sanity is, in the last analysis, nothing but the madness on which the whole world happens to agree…..”

            George Bernard Shaw…

            just sayin…

            • Russell:
              Trying to predict when the SHTF is like watching a magician pulling handkerchiefs from his closed fist. You don’t know how many handkerchiefs he has in his hand, but you know with each one he pulls you’re getting closer to the end of the trick.

          • @ Russell. If you were to spend time on this site you would find some of the most inventive and creative people that help others to prepare that there is. Disasters happen all the time, from minor to major. The more someone denies this, the more likely they are to fail and suffer WHEN they are hit by a disaster, including personal disasters. Strength comes from those that are willing to take the effort to be ready. The more modern that the world becomes the softer someone becomes will it. The harder the fall will be to those that have no preparation skills or when they fall. Inner strength is most lacking in those unwilling to admit to themselves that YES it could happen.

          • Russell:

            …everything will be okay, now step away from the ledge.

            …everything will be just dandy, now drink your koolaid dear.

            Is there anybody in there?
            Just nod if you can hear me.
            Is there anyone home?

            Come on, now.
            I hear youre feeling down.
            Well I can ease your pain,
            Get you on your feet again.

            I need some information first.
            Just the basic facts:
            Can you show me where it hurts?

            There is no pain, you are receding.
            A distant ships smoke on the horizon.
            You are only coming through in waves.
            Your lips move but I cant hear what youre sayin.
            When I was a child I had a fever.
            My hands felt just like two balloons.
            Now I got that feeling once again.
            I cant explain, you would not understand.
            This is not how I am.
            I have become comfortably numb.

            Just a little pinprick. [ping]
            Therell be no more –aaaaaahhhhh!
            But you may feel a little sick.

            Can you stand up?
            I do believe its working. good.
            Thatll keep you going for the show.
            Come on its time to go.(Floyd)

   static Russell…stray the course….BA.

        • Completely!!! Not of a house wife but yes, a prepper about to face what is coming and then a college admissions counselor acting like everything is just fine from 9-5.

          It’s maddening but at least we know when the collapse arrives, we will have that much more of a shot at surviving and thriving then if we do nothing now.

        • A bunch of us, knowing what is coming, are playing out the string, cutting ties to that system, meeting new people, rafting and hiking and playing with each other, knowing it will all come to a crashing end. We will have to deal with what comes as it does (and is). In the meantime, LIVE. Prepare, but LIVE. Do it large and out loud. This is our last chance to do that, IMHO. Learn new skills (I guided a whitewater raft for the first time today. Awesome!) Read Thoreau. Live that double life, only so long as you are LIVING it. Lead not a life of quiet desperation. Dare yourself! Work your muscles and your brain and your heart. When the collapse is manifest, you will have had your vacation, and it will be time to get to work for realz.

          • Nehweh, agreed. I’m prepared as much as I can be. Not that I don’t grab deals when I see them, be it food or supplies of one sort or another but I have reached that place where I feel comfortable knowing where I am at. Time to re-focus on living life and not worrying about what might happen. When it does, it does.

          • Nehweh, very well spoken/written. The hardest cutting of ties is our families. Though, most of us keep the door open for them. Personnally, I’ve prepped even for them.

        • Perfectly said.
          Yes, I too feel that way, but always adding to preps.

        • You mean there’s another kind of life?

          It makes me sad and mad that I live like this. I am away visiting I laws for a few days, good people, wealthy people but they don’t have a clue, not a bloody clue as to what’s gong on.

          They live by the BBC, vote Tory and tootle along in their own sweet, oblivious world. I feel like squeezing their throats until they look and listen to what is gong on around them.

          They have all the trappings of life that I would love to even have the chance of….shame they won’t survive long enough to enjoy them when it all goes pear shaped.

          What a waste of decent people, and they are decent people.

          Take care

          • Burt, some never come around. I have given up trying. Unless someone broaches the subject first, I keep my mouth shut.

            • AZ

              I agree, but it frustrates the hell out of me

              Take care

        • Absolutely!

      2. Prepping is my middle name now-a_days. I just put up 2 dozen more quarts of peas this morning. Bought a bunch of can goods last night and am on my way to stock up on some more ammo. My sweet potatoes are coming along nicely and we are starting to get a little rain finally. My green beans have died out and I will be planting another crop of peas by the weekend. It is really getting costly for about any food item, so better hurry.

        • My kitchen was filled with ground beef smell today.
          If I told anyone I was canning ground beef to get it out of the freezer, they’d say “why??”
          Yesterday, veg/beef soup canned.
          Tomorrow, more ground beef.
          BTW..I just ate my last canned green beans..they were great..from 1992–YEP!!

          • Thats gotta be some kind of record JayJay, 20 years, WOW!!! My oldest green beans are only 5 years or so old.

            • I had tomatoes for 15 years and tomato juice for longer, didn’t document though.
              Home canned goods will last a long time.
              If they are bad, you’ll know it long before it’s time to eat them.
              I learned from my granny and mama and I’m 62, so granny canned the old way—but still learning on prepper sites how to can and a lot can be said for the Amish way.

          • @JayJay…can almost smell that beef cookin! I just ordered a pressure canner from my local hardware store, but warehouse was sold out, and hoping to get more in.

            Wondering if you have ever used the oven method….think Copperhead had a receipe for that method back a month or so, but can’t find it….I am kind of nervous to try it as I read somewhere that you MUST use pressure?? Any thoughts are much appreciated!

            • CC..only to get my meal, pancake mix, and flour out of the buckets and for long term storage of those.
              It was easy.
              No, I just am not comfortable with oven canning other than dry goods—-and why oven can some things (depleting your resources of jars) when a bucket keeps pasta, macaroni, rice, and beans for years.
              My objective was to get long term for my flour, pancake, and flour–that, I achieved.
              May God lead us when times are hard; use our hands and guide our feet.

          • I am really glad to hear about the 20 year old beans!
            I have always beleived that home canned food lasts longer than many food or prepper sites say they will.
            Sometimes I think it is a marketing scam to get you to buy certain buckets or lids or whatever…
            Also glad to hear about your tomatos, I canned so many last year I may get to skip them this year.
            (Only lasts a year, my ass!)

          • After my own heart, JayJay. I don’t throw ANYTHING away just because “Big Ag” says I must. Getting us to throw away millions of tons of food each year how they prosper. I just finished off my canned goods bought for Y2K. Folks, don’t let them fool you. Your stored food does not suddenly become poison after a few months. It just starts losing a bit of nutritional value. (after YEARS. “Best if Used by _____” does not mean “Throw away after____.”)

      3. and we’re just about out of time.

        Watch the distractions on the news if you want, but only if you can realize that “they” are deliberately trying to keep you preoccupied while “they” paint you in a corner.

      4. I’m ready, are you?

        • Yes

          • dont 4get the pets

            • Yes, pets can be delicious if prepared correctly.

              Ok, just kidding….

            • yup
              don’t forget what happened to the dogs in One Second After

            • We have about a two year supply of cat food and a ton of kitty litter. We won’t let them outside after the collapse. Pets are important. They’re going to be even more important as we watch our once-great country implode and millions die.

          • Look at that.

            Facebook Page merely posts “Yes” and gets a truckload of thumbs down.


            • And I merely make a posting here noting Facebook’s negative responses and I get thumbs down.

              That’s one of the things I like about this site – some people are soooo predictable.

      5. All this surveillance is possible thanks to radical technological advances.

        What if an EMP was set off in America not by an enemy combatant, but by a citizen bent on maintaining some privacy?

        • dam, were you just reading my mind or what?

        • Please Don’t!
          Those little ole, and I really mean OLD, Nuclear Power Plants just can’t take the stress of not having their elctricity fix!

        • “””What if an EMP was set off in America not by an enemy combatant, but by a citizen bent on maintaining some privacy?”””

          If a man made EMP goes off here, it is the corp doing it. The proof will be when the blame is laid on China.

          The war must be started China, and it will require a HUGE false flag attack.

          If it is a small attack affecting only the District of Criminals, then you may consider a “citizen seeking privacy” is involved.

        • You need a nuclear weapon to set off an EMP.

          • Untrue…..

      6. “The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men.” — Samuel Adams

        • Hard to argue with a fellow brewer! Seriously, those are great words.

          • @eagle , and great beers!!!

      7. These numbers bear repeating; in this United States, there are approximately 95,000 members of the National Guard, there are approximately 1,000,000 police officers, there are approximately 305,000,000 American citizens, and approximately 36,000 cities and towns. I think they are outnumbered. There are over 200,000,000 guns and approximately 50% of the population own at least one.

        Whatever their plan is, it won’t go down the way they anticipate because they underestimate man and his will to fight for survival. We are not a third world country, there are plenty of educated people here that will thwart their devious efforts.

        • Amen

        • The Law of Unintended Consequences

          The banksters are vastly outnumbered and even using their fake money they can not buy equal odds.

          The battle has been fought many times throughout history, and the people always win. The banksters always come back and try again. They are betting on technology and ignorance to win this time.

          I believe they are wrong and will pay with their lives and fortunes when the FORCEFUL attempt is made to take ours.

          • No, but they’ll just be insullated better than most. And temperarely better fortified. They still have to come out from time to time.

        • Ohcomgache, You are exactly right! Even with all their technology and “big guns”, our government is totally outgunned by the millions of Americans who are armed to the teeth and UNWILLING to give up our freedoms. Plus, I believe when the SHTF, many of our military and National Guard will defect. I spent 20 years in the military. I don’t think for a second that many of them will turn their guns on us.

          Of course, this is not to say that things aren’t going to get bad. I believe they are!

          • U.S.M.C. here. One of the 305,000,000.

        • There are also forty million illegal aliens and probably two million recent Muslim immigrants. There are also millions of native born that hate their iwn country. Things are not as safe as you think.

          • At least when the war starts it’ll be easier to pick out who to shoot at.

        • here are the questions you need to ask yourself.

          Can you kill?
          Will you kill?
          They can.
          They will.
          before you answer these two know this many say they can and will. Many will not be able to and won’t. Until you actualy kill another be it man/woman/child you do not know or even have an idea. I can only state that because
          I have.

          Are you trained to live without your preps?
          If this goes on lets say 5 – 10 years will your supplies last?

          You think if this goes into a civil war they will let you just sit by and grow your food and be left alone?

          PPl may not like what im saying may hate it even but we must be ready for everything.

          As I said in a post just up the list a bit her family is intending to vanish.
          Do you think they will let us just vanish?

          Will you fight to protect the constitution and the way our lives should be?

          Will you be willing to die for these beliefs?
          because if it goes to civil war many of us are not coming out alive.

          I have watched ppl inthe military train shoot their rifles at the little green targets on the range. They did fine great 30/40 40/40 great shots were all excited. Then the first bullet goes over head and they fell apart others died because of this.

          Not everyone has to be on the front lines but everyone has to face the real fact that most will be shedding blood, and not always at a distance of 100 yards or more. It will be in your face up, close and personal. It will be in front of your children. You may have to take that fork your eating with and kill someone with it.

          I am not an exremist when I say these things I would rather live the you dont fuck with me I dont fuck with you lifestyle, but honestly some ppl ( mostly gov. ) are making this very hard to do.

          Again sorry for the harshness here but it is all reality most of us will face when it does hit the fan, and if it does go as it would seem it will.

          The last question is, When it comes time will you be standing at my side, or standing by the side watching me die for you?

          Lol I can feel the cameras on me as I type.

          • I have to agree with you. Sometimes the naivete in all the bluster of Americans blows me away. 200-400 million handguns and rifles are trumped any day by a few thousand tanks. Brush up on secrecy. The best we can hope for is the defection of the true Oathkeepers and Patriots.

        • The one number that isn’t being looked at is: the gangs, muslims, and illegals. Please don’t lecture me on the muslims, there are enough here to become a force to reckon with. Especially if they are pushed to accomplish the islamic agenda. They are in place in major cities (as reported by our own fed.).

        • They’ll just sit back and wait for 90% of the US population to die first. Then they’ll use satellites and drones to map where people are. It wouldn’t be hard for them to stage 3AM raids to look for guns. People who think we can win are just whistling past the graveyard.

      8. Please keep buying silver. It is a vote against all of them.

        • Yes, each and every ounce.

      9. I agree with you guys. I feel like i am living a double life. On one half i am prepping and getting everything in order and on the other half i am working hard and exploring different business ventures and looking to survive and make a good life for my family.

        I actually just stocked up on over 324 canned goods last week in two trips to my local grocery store they were on sale for $0.38 each. I don’t ever expect to see that price again. The sales man asked me both times i was there what all of them were for. My answer “I make a lot of food donations through the year.” Its true but funny at the same time because there a lot of noise people out there and all they want to know is your business.

        • @Azam, boy, I wish I could shop at your stores! Cans for .38 cents!!! I haven’t seen those prices in Canada in 20 years, no kidding!

          • I picked up Campbells for .44 cents a can in Canada.

            • @Gravlore….where? that is a deal….I needed a can of cream of chicken for a receipe, and had to pay over a $1.00 (had a few cases of every other kind) Usually I make my own cream of chicken but not this time!!

            • Costco has sales on soup every couple months or so.

        • Azam, good answer. Thats exactly what I tell cashiers when I buy large amounts of anything. I’ve got’em on a need to know basis.

          • Same here. The better half and I bought another $400 in storage foods after rotating it. When the cashier looked at me with that all too familiar look, I beat her to the punch by saying, “It’s for the food pantry down the road.” It wasn’t a lie, I just didn’t elaborate that it was OUR food pantry. LOL!

          • I always tell people i donate food.

            Then they ask “why?” and i always follow it up with i rather buy someone in need food then give them money because you know what happens with the money.

            Automatically they say that is a nice thing to do and agree it is better to give people in need food instead of money because at least you know its not being blown on other things.

            So once again its not a lie.

            • I guess I am the only one who says that I live out of town and my large pantry is getting low.

          • I either ignore the question or ask a few of my own,like…”YOU WRITTING A BOOK OR SOMTHIN?” or “whats the matter didnt your mamma teach you to mind your own business?”….funny how people seem to think they need to know your business…”Live free or die tryin”

            • REB, I’m just the opposite, I buy my stuff cash only and now have cashiers asking me when I think things will def. hit the fan. Several of them have told me that they are now prepping too. They know how serious I am and I think I’ve had an effect. Heck, sometimes I engage other shoppers when I see one with dozens of can goods.

            • Reb, Truly amazes me how many people DO NOT mind their own business. It seems like everytime I go out to buy supplies, they ALWAYS make comments. I always ask them if they’re required to ask that question and they always shut up after that. I mean really, LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

            • I ask the cashier are you required to ask all your customers that question or are you just F—ing nosy? That usually works well for me!

          • I wear my Ipod when I’m shopping for storage food. Not necessarily turned on – the headphones just discourage conversation.

            Then if someone says something ignorant or overly nosy, I make a big deal out of taking it out of my ears and scowling at them. When I say, “Excuse me? I didn’t quite catch that?” they usually don’t repeat the question. 🙂

            • Answer: I buy for a day care???
              I DID have a day care—and my dh is care for a day??

        • He might be a prepper too, and was wondering if you were a brother in all of this,
          the only way were going to survive this is to come together and unite

          • I don’t see how we can all come together and unite. Only about 3% of Americans are preppers. Chances are the nearest prepper is at least a mile away from me. Everybody you try to recruit and fail at will be a threat to you after the collapse. We’ll have two people in our house who know how to use a gun. One of us will be awake and have a gun nearby at all times. I don’t need to be part of a wide network to survive.

        • Azam, I tell them that it’s for our church’s food pantry for those who cannot afford to buy their own. Shuts ’em up fast. If they ask the name of the church, I make one up. I kind of figure I’m not _really_ lying, because the Bible says “where two or three are gathered together…” and we’re a family of four believers, so aren’t we sort of a “church?” 😉

          • i wouldnt worry about lying- seems to be the norm out there if you look to our leaders, wall street or the main stream media!

            • I would only worry about lying if you want to be an honest person.
              Strange all these comments about being pissed off when another human is simply asking a question. I can only assume that you all think of yourselves as the good guys? What a world we live in when the good guys have no issues about misleading or outright lying to their fellow man. Look at those politicians you all despise and compare their actions to yourself. Are you lying to better you and yours? How is that different from the lying politicians and bankers?

              So do you want to live in a better world?
              Start with the man in the mirror.

        • Anyone paying attention would NOT ask that question.

        • Satori,
          One the subject of Disinformation, check out Yuri Bezmenov, ex-KGB agent. What he say’s in his 1980’s interview on Canadian T.V. will open many eyes on this site.

        • It’s a story on the main page.

      10. They have spent decade’s brain washing the American people into believing the party boss knows what’s best and they know how to best interpret our laws.
        The machine that has been raised against us and our freedoms is like any other, it can and will break down, it will be broken on the will and virtue of patriots.

      11. I have known all of this for years. My deceased father and I used to talk of these things back in the early nineties. It Stuck. I will do what I have to to protect my family and all that are in need. For my Father in heaven stands by me.

        • Oops meant to say $40 million.

          • was going to say they finaly did somethign on the cheap?:)

      12. Not sure the OWS, our poor (populations), and urban folk can handle obama getting defeated in a close election; my guess is they won’t take it well and that might be the catalyst to the disaster we all fear.

        • OWS…rioting. What a joke. They can’t even take a bath!!!

        • Or Zimmerman being found not-guilty, as he should.

      13. I sort of truck on through as though nothing will happen. I hope for my children’s sake that things don’t go absolutely all to hell. Am I stocking up on certain things, yes I am. I do have a place to bug out to (mountains of VA) but I live 400 miles from there. Therin lies a problem. It would be nice to think that things could keep running along as they are more or less, but all signs point to an economic and social collapse. My wife thinks I’m full of crap, but if things do get bad, she will thank me for having a little bit of foresight.

        • Cuzzin, for Christmas get her a copy of “One Second After”. That’s what I did with my DW and now she understands what I’m prepping for.

          • giving some family members a copy of One Second After
            worked for me as well
            it was the one thing that got them thinking

            • i liked “lights out” better it had a more positve outlook, it wasnt as depressing. but both are great reads

          • @ Blank Space….just finished “One Second after”….that was one scary read, but a real “tear jerker” when he couldn’t get insulin for his daughter! ): Could things REALLY get that bad to us as human beings?…..similar to J.W. Rawles “patriots”…keeps you on the edge of your seat! AND keeps ya preppin!

            • I just ordered a copy of “Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse.” Am looking forward to the read.

            • What made “one Second After” especially sad was that his daughter might have survived if anyone had known to treat her like diabetes was treated before insulin- with a ketogenic diet. It’s only slows down the diabetes but It can buy a few months to years of time.

            • Upon completing the book, I literally grabbed my keys, went to Sams and bought 200 pounds of dog kibble. I may have overdone it, but Einstein (my corgi) was gazing at me with those big eyes while I was reading. He’s a fat kid in a little coat. But boy, what a watchdog! AND he herds chickens.

      14. For the past two weeks we’ve been topping off all of our preps. Canning food from the garden and our fruit trees. Today I went to the Liquor store to top off our supply of sip’n whiskey and was amazed by the price, which had jumped by almost $2.00 a bottle since 6 months ago.

        I know that I’ll get a few thumbs down for this, but I think that the author of this is “whacked”. I don’t like Mittens or Obummer, but if this guy can’t see a differance between them, he’s smoke’m some serious shit. I mean really? One’s a Rhino and the other a Radical Marxist.
        Trash like this leads me to believe that a lot of Libertarians are really crypto-marxists themselves, out to split the vote and keep DL in power.

        • Blank Space:

          I would fully agree with your noting the increased cost of groceries and alcohol. It is true in my state, as well.

          • I was in the store yesterday and was looking a prices most things have doubled since I started prepping 4 years ago. Would hate to be starting to prep now feel sorry for the ones who are starting to wake up and starting to prep now with these prices. The more you can do for your self the better you will be.

            • Oh, man, oh, man…like I said above, I have little 16 oz hams I gave $1.75 and later, $2; canned goods for 45 cents. And many from Aldi’s for 39 cents.
              Now, Libby’s canned goods at Krogers(we were just window shopping/wish book sort of thing)are 80 cents, ON SALE!!
              And those hams?? 3.99!!
              Don’t even want to think about what my $1.49 Peanut Butter jars from Aldi’s would cost now.

            • JayJay 2KG PB here is 8.89

        • Those that do not see a difference are Obama’s best chance to be reelected. We have 100 Million getting some form of welfare and 60 Million over 60 (with some overlap). If these people vote in their own short-term best interests all he has to do is split the remaining vote between Romney and ‘none-of-the above.’

          A second term would give him the freedom to focus on gun control as he has promised to do in his second term and probably give him the pick of at least one new supreme court judge which could then uphold gun control and other unconstitutional acts.

          • By then, Pastor, nobody will care what the Supreme Court or Obama says. In fact, many don’t care now.

            My rights do not come from the SC, nor can it take them away.

          • Yes PP, we must listen to the voice of reason, the corp has always been illegitimate, the closest this country ever came to freedom was with the Articles of Confederation, but even then it would’ve not done very much for the natives/slaves of the land and would’ve still been a piece of paper written by men who are by no way infallable. We must shed the thought of “government is necessary” as it is the only cure for the plight we find ourselves in. Trust in youreself and trust in your brothers of good faith and high morals. Men & women know the difference of right and wrong, laws only determine what is criminal and what is not. Follow your heart and soul, never man.

      15. The state of CT won’t let me prep for anything. I have been fighting the state for the past 2 years. They say I’m too disabled to work so I’m not eligible for unemployment; however, they also say I’m not disabled enough to get disability. I have had no income for two years, and will be on the streets in a couple of months. I’m 61 yrs old, and have sold everything I owned to survive, even my wedding ring. During the Viet Nam war I learned how to make explosives, blow up buildings and kill. That old saying is true: its nice to have something to fall back on.

        • buzzard–same is happening in Kansas.
          I met a girl whose husband had CHF, can’t work, had to sell his business, stay at home with an unexpected baby(they weren’t young ones) and for five years she has worked at times 5 jobs to make ends meet.
          Then kidney disease, on dialysis for 2 years, and just had a kidney transplant.
          While in the SICU waiting room, she got word from their state he was certified disabled, ya think??—AFTER 5 YEARS unemployed.
          Wife said if they lived just across the state line in Mo, he would have qualified instantly.
          This is happening all over the nation.

          • Oh, this was at VAMC in Nashville, only VA doing transplants for states bordering Tn., while my dh was in for carotid endarterectomy–blockage in neck artery, but they found an aneurysm…yeah, he’s meant for something big, like keeping me company in my old age!!

        • Buzzard, Hello brother and thanks for your service from a fellow disabled vet from 1989 – 1992 1st gulf war.Don’t give up applying for disability. Almost no one gets it the first time they apply,that’s on purpose. They want you to get discouraged and give up trying. It took me over three years and I had to reapply each year till they finally agreed and I got 100% full disability.

          Get a lawyer to help you.You can hire them on contingency and They will only get paid if they win it for you.Look in the phone book, there are lots of them. Once you apply the clock starts and when you finally do get it they will pay back to when you applied that year(granted the lawyer will get most of that).

          Good Luck and Dont give up.If people are getting on disability for headaches and depression these days,you should be able to get it. You are what this help was ment for when it was first started.

      16. Marshal law ? ok ……..this is a BIG country …..where are they going to get the manpower to subdue even a fraction of the population ….your talking every big city ( and we have some VERY big cities , Phoenix alone is 4 million people ) town , berg and podunk in this nation ? I believe that yes they will ” secure ” limited areas , but not a lot considering the size and population as a whole . Word travels fast in modern times and is almost impossible to contain . How do they think they are going to handle Johnny Reb , when organized resistance starts ? We have a lot of angry , resentful discharged veterans with ” skills” to train partizans and resistance fighters . ……….yes its going to be nasty as hell …..but I still believe the resistance will win in the end .

        • T.R.
          With all due respect, “The Party” has has control over bigger spaces (Soviet) and larger populations (China).

          The U.S. is in the second phase of a Marxist takeover, destabilization. It’s right out of the old KGB handbook.

          When the riots and shooting starts, we’ll be in phase 3.

          See: Col. Yuri Bezmenov on utube

          • Russia and China do not have an armed population . WE DO

        • They’ll just wait for 90% of the population to die first. Then they’ll bring in UN troops to do the work that the US military would refuse to do. There are enough news reports to make me think they’re already here.

          • Thats assuming that the US government is still intact ……it may not be and a revolutionary provisional government may be in place .

        • The negative was the Obama socialist passing through 😉

      17. Wow folks calm down. Don’t make me Rich 99 you. I swan, I do believe some of you sound like your about to bust a gasket. Just keep at what you’re doing and continue to be vigilant. I took away more from Chef Nunzio’s response on yesterdays topic, than this one from Charlie. Don’t get me wrong, Charlie makes some good points and I visit his site everyday. ( On my favorites list)Now I’m gonna head out to the garage refrigerator and grab me another long neck thats cold enough to make your hand ache. Then I’m gonna put on some music and close my eyes some. Cheers!

      18. To quote HW Jr I’ve got a shotgun(s), rifle(s) and a 4WD and a country boy will survive. I have managed to prep considerable amounts of food, I have goats for meat and milk, rabbits and a big spring fed pond for fish. I’m utilizing my 5 acres to the best of my ability – to include a garden of course. I have a still, grain mill, chickens and horses for transportation and working etc.

        My point being, I find myself not needing to leave my home. I have to a point already become self sufficient. It just kind of happened. As they were secretly planning to control me, I have over a short time loosened that grip.

        I no longer consider myself a prepper as I am living the life and I enjoy it. If the world would collapse today I would only be made aware by keeping up with this site – and roving bands of zombies.

        It has resulted in less stress, I don’t have a watch and don’t care to. If you have the ability to start now, I would highly recommend it. This is the most empowering, freeing life style I have ever experienced.

        I’m even thinking about implementing naked Thursdays in the near future.

        • You’re living my dream Nailbender, if the collapse goes down as a lot expect, I will carve my own piece of heaven out of a forrest in the high hills. If anyone else has the same dream, a wonderful prep to have is a solid chainsaw with a good reserve of cured non ethanol gas as well as mill attachment. You can set up shop anywhere with decent trees and make your own lumber. Other items can be picked from abandoned houses after things calm down a bit. Some bags of concrete will help with footings 😉

      19. ..While walking down the street one day a Senator was tragically hit by a car and died.

        His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.

        “Welcome to heaven,” says St.. Peter. “Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we’re not sure what to do with you.”

        “No problem, just let me in,” says the Senator.

        “Well, I’d like to, but I have orders from the higher ups. What we’ll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity.”

        “Really?, I’ve made up my mind. I want to be in heaven,” says the Senator.

        “I’m sorry, but we have our rules.”

        And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell.

        The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf course.

        In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him.

        Everyone is very happy and in evening dress. They run to greet him, shake his hand, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at the expense of the people.

        They played a friendly game of golf and then dine on lobster, caviar and the finest champagne.

        Also present is the devil, who really is a very friendly guy who is having a good time dancing and telling jokes.

        They are all having such a good time that before the Senator realizes it, it is time to go.

        Everyone gives him a hearty farewell and waves while the elevator rises.

        The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens in heaven where St. Peter is waiting for him, “Now it’s time to visit heaven…”

        So, 24 hours passed with the Senator joining a group of contented souls moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and, before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and St. Peter returns.

        “Well, then, you’ve spent a day in hell and another in heaven. Now choose your eternity.”

        The Senator reflects for a minute, then he answers: “Well, I would never have said it before, I mean heaven has been delightful, but I think I would be better off in hell.”

        So St. Peter escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell…

        Now the doors of the elevator open and he’s in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage.

        He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags as more trash falls to the ground.

        The devil comes over to him and puts his arm around his shoulders.

        “I don’t understand,” stammers the Senator. “Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and clubhouse, and we ate lobster and caviar, drank champagne, and danced and had a great time. Now there’s just a wasteland full of garbage and my friends look miserable. What happened?”

        The devil smiles at him and says,
        “Yesterday we were campaigning, Today, you voted..”

        Y’all Beware! Vote wisely on November 2, 2012

        • Outstanding!!! Thanks Y’all Beware!

        • 🙂

        • If you run naked around a tree at a speed of 185,999 miles per second, there is a distinct possibility of f***ing yourself; or you can vote for Obama to obtain the exact same result.

      20. Wow, 5 minutes of rant with only one 10 second statement saying, “We will be their debt slaves if we don’t wake up and stop it now.”

        He’s preaching to the choir. Maybe this would have been more effective if he provided an idea or two about how to actually “stop it now”.

        • maybe it can’t be stopped ?
          maybe it is inevitable ?

          why do I say this ??

          if it was just the Republicans doing it there would be some hope
          if it was just the Democrats doing it there would be some hope

          but it is BOTH of them voting for these horrible Constitution shredding laws
          BOTH of them !!!!

          we may just have to accept that fact that change is coming
          and it ain’t gonna be change for the better

          • Satori, I agree. There’s blame enough to go around. And not just to the leaders but to American citizens both past and present because we were (and are) complacent.

            But now that many people see imminent danger where numerous factors are converging (as briefly described in the video or daily here), “acceptance” is the probable resolve. Most are preparing to be ready and to either hunker down or escape some of the possible madness. This is pretty much a passive methodology unless there is some form of active engagement. And that is predictable behavior that has been planned for. By ‘them’ and by ‘us’.

            The opposition and their ideology and concerted efforts have calculated that the masses will behave in one of a few prescribed ways. They do not have contingency plans for anything beyond the expectations because they, too, have predictable behavior.

            What actions could be launched en masse that would unravel the opposition? I believe there are several radical steps that Americans could take which could challenge the radical takeover of America but it would require an effort of millions. Can you think of any?

            • House of Cards. Tower of Babel. Too many laws and regulations. Too much government at every level. Tax code needs to be thrown in the trash, and become one page. Tree of Liberty requires a good soaking. Citizens have become too complacent and reliant on “others”.

              We did away with the melting pot, and now have to “respect” other cultures. Well if you like your culture so much, go back to where you escaped from, and practice it. Otherwise, learn English, and the Constitution, and get with the program.

              And on that note, try to talk to a young person about history and the Constitution, it’s enough to make you puke. Do they even have Civic’s classes anymore? If so, I can just imagine what they teach.

              I don’t know, maybe I’m just getting old. But I’m getting tired of all the stupidity and lack of common sense.
              Rant over.

            • I like my Culture Rick, unfortunatly I can not go back to it because those who spoke english, chinese, spanish, african, came and killed almsot all of my ppl. How do I go home Rick? It was not our culture that made this gov. It was the invading cultures.

        • We can’t stop it(with elections that are rigged, and politicians payed off by those banksters who we are debt(and tax) slaves to.

          “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

          It might just be “inevitable” now.

          God help us.

          • Kevin, what you believe is the predictable response they have planned for. While you’re angry at the current situation and see nothing good coming from our future, are you going to allow it to happen? Are you going to let “them” win when you know that “they” have cheated?

            Who says we have to engage in the game that “they” have made the rules for? Who says that we must play in their sandbox? It’s time to change the game. It’s time to stop playing with rules that continually change to suit “their” needs.

            Greed and power require energy to move forward. Where does the energy come from? Can it be stopped? If so, how?

            • Tax revolt (nonpayment). Sustainable lifestyle.Local business.Starve the bastards.

            • JRS, Yes, you get it!! Live low and buy what you need locally. Definitely we must live more sustainably which means no diamonds, no $40K SUVs. Sell the house and get a small one or an RV and pick up anchor when you want to and establish residency in South Dakota.

              You know, we don’t actually have to have a ‘tax revolt’ through non-payment. We only need to cut back on what is taken out in our W2s. Or we just file for extensions. Perfectly legal. It’s enough that it WILL jam the IRS system. They spend millions every year to forecast the same stuff about filing dates. We The People can shake-it-up and not do the predictable.

              The system is systematically destroying us. Why would we want to be part of it anymore?

            • Zoltanne… Yea, nonpayment is probably a pipe dream unless you get huge numbers of people to do it. I’m not even sure this would affect the govt. They seem to borrow whatever they want anyway regardless of abilty to pay it back. I won’t do it on my own. No balls and I don’t want to end up in prison like Peter Schiff’s dad or live in a cardboard box.

          • It’s a revolving door between the central banks of the world, the financial world like Wall Street, and the governments of the world. They’re all part of it. It’s an engineered collapse to bring about a one-world government.

        • There is only one way to stop them , If we all pick our guns up and about 1,000 000 of us march on the White House and remove them , not one shot needs to be fired as there will be so many of us the police army ect will stand down and so no opposition will be found . So the second revolution will be a peaceful revolution.

      21. I have one thing say about our goverment that is in control now. You make your own mind up if this apply’s to our goverment: Terrorism– The SYSTEMAIC APPLICATION OF TERROR,VIOLENCE,and INTIMIDATION to achive a SPECIFIC END!
        Copperhead out

      22. This is the most horrible statement of hard core truth that there is, “the government has been preparing, so should you”. The government has been preparing and why they are not encouraging the public to do the same shows everyone exactly who is not your friend or even an ally. The government is suppose to be the people, that means working together as one, not against the people. It is sickening to think about how the government is stashing everything they need, and that is THEY, not you or me.

        It really shows how screwed up times have become when the U.S. government at least thought about saving the population with the civil defense that died decades ago. Now those that are still left after a nuclear war or other mega disaster will have to fend for themselves OR face trying to go into one of these government depots where IF they get help it will cost them not just an arm and leg, but their own body.

        It it logical to think that instead of the government hunting down people on the outside after something like this, it is far easier to just wait a little while and there will be lines waiting to get into a nice “safe” FEMA camp. People have become so use to having everything handed to them like someone meal from a fast food restaurant that they will not be able to take much after the society breaks down. They will beg to become slaves so they are feed rations better suited for rodents.

        The prepper not only has food and other supplies stocked up but most of them have the skills to be able to find what they need from nature. Those that don’t have these skills should really bone up on how to get food, water, and other needs right from nature. People should also try to learn how to make do with what is available. This can be fixing something without going to the hardware store with only what is lying around, for example. People should learn what plants are safe and at least once a week fix a meal ONLY what someone can find from the outdoors. People should learn to become inventive and creative with what others consider junk and make some useful items that actually work.

        What people should really prepare themselves for is a sudden drop-off of all the modern conveninces so when it really does occur, the shock will not be too severe. The more someone practices living without, the far easier it will be to adapt when this becomes a harsh and all too true reality.

        • BI, pretty interesting what’s going on down by the Antactica. I counted 7 earthquakes down there, lots of activity in the New Zealand area. Can I get YOUR opinion please of what’s going on? Thanks BI!

          • We have had quite a few shakes recently (even outside the devastated Christchurch), but Mount Tongariro started erupting on Monday, followed by White Island on Tuesday! Both fairly minor at the moment, but the scientists are now admitting there is magma rising under Mt Tongariro.

            For those who know NZ at all, Tongariro is the middle of the triple volcanoes in the central North Island. The southern-most of the 3, Mt Ruapehu, has the skifields on it. White Island is just of the coast of the Bay of Plenty, and is not too far North of Tongariro, on the same fault line. (The same one that goes through Wellington, and the Southern Alps)

            • Good luck Kiwigirl!!!

            • @ Kiwigirl. I tell everyone this that lives in a high earthquake prone area that one of the most basic preparation items that is so simple is to make sure that you have a pair of good shoes nearby at all times if you are not wearing shoes at the time. I personally know 5 people that after earthquakes in california that had their feet absolutely shredded because of stepping on broken glass. I don’t live in california anymore but I have people out there I know and I stress this again and again to them. A good pair of shoes is essential, preferably ones you can put on quickly without lacing them up for example.

              As for preparations, it might not be a bad idea to keep some supplies in an area that you can get to if the house collapses, like in an outside tool shed or something. I hope you will stay safe as I have been in many earthquakes and someone really feels totally helpless and in awe of just how powerful nature can be.

          • @ you don’t need to know. Since the Ross Antarctica there has been 74 earthquakes of 4.5 or more ALL in different spots on the planet. To have 74 different spots in less than a week means that almost all the plates are being affected by what is coming. I have seen maybe 50-60 different spots in the same time period but I have not seen this many different areas. There are hundreds more areas that have had less than 4.5, but I use that 4.5 as a ball park figure as high enough to try to gauge where the energy is focusing towards. I find it interesting that the eastern flank of the Caribbean plate has not had any moderate activity during this time and neither has South Island New Zealand.

            As I have said before watch New Zealand, and this week volcanic activity has started. To look at New Zealand it is being squeezed by the Australian plate, the Pacfic plate and the Antarctica to the south. Actually New Zealand should be more dangerous to live there than Japan because Japan only has to contend with the Pacfic plate, Asian plate and the much smaller Philippine plate. To look at the mass pressure going against the Australian plate as it looks like a catcher’s mitt, with tremendous compression going on along the Marquane Ridge which is south by south east of New Zealand.

            I orginially made a prediction to see a 6.7-7.3 in various parts of the world by tomorrow night, and I could be wrong and I will fully admit to this because 5-10% of the time an earthquake does not occur within the time period of a week when you have this much activity south of 60 degrees south. What I see however is extremely disturbing.

            Usually before an earthquake there will be smaller earthquakes that form a pattern to kind of aim where the bigger earthquake will come from. When you have 74 different spots it shows that much tension is building to something that could be bigger than the 7.3 range.

            My opinion what is going on is that the plates are within an enhanced period of movement like the sun goes through higher sun spot activity. I have always believed that the plates are not as slow as geologists say they are. I think that there are very violent sudden collisons of land mass collisons and then lulls in the activity. Just the recent uptake could prove this as 9.0+ are really quite rare. In late 2004 you had that 9.1 in Indonesia, then a 8.7 a few months later, a 8.8 in Chile, the 9.0 in Japan, and the largest strike slip on record earthquake just a few months ago of either 8.7 or 8.6 then a 8.3 and 8.2 shortly after. This is less than a 8 year period. The activity will get more intense.

            People will often refer to the 1960 9.5 Chile earthquake and then the 9.2 in Alaska in 1964 as a similar period of intense activity. The one key that doesn’t fit here is that 8.6 or 8.7 depending on the seismic station and the 8.3 or 8.2 afterwards. The largest recorded side to side earthquake was about a 8.1 or 8.2, again depending on the seismic site. This means that in very little time you had two earthquakes that BOTH broke the all time record for a horizontal earthquake. That 8.6 would be like a 9.7 in comparison to a mega thrust fault. Again why is this important?

            That strike slip indicates that the Australian plate had so much stress and force behind that it moved with the energy of something much bigger and deep. The size of an earthquake is determined by how much energy is released and that has to do with the miles of fault breaking. Thrust faults have vertical and horizontal breakage. A strike slip only has mostly horizontal breakage and sometimes a tiny bit of vertical. This thing was a monster, and it shows that the plates are on the move and causing this much pressure along the Australian plate. The San Andreas I think is probably capable of a 8.4 tops unless the entire thing breaks.

            Conclusion should be to look for more activity in Antarctica, especially volcanoes. Other than Mount Erebus there is no recent volcanic eruptions in the interior of Antarctica with the dozen and a half volcanoes there. You start to see volcanic activity there, other than Erebus and SHTF on the geo-physical level for this planet. New Zealand people forget as the 5th largest volcanic eruption ever in Mt. Taupo that erupted 26,500 years ago. New Zealand is under massive stress from the Austalian plate, more so than the other two plates. Look for any earthquake of 7+ or more on North Island New Zealand as this would be enough to tear an opening for Taupo to possibly erupt. Taupo is a super volcano capable of dropping the worldwide temperatures by 20 degrees and destoying most crops of the world.

            How does prepare for what is coming play into earthquakes? Much because one earthquake can be what brings down everything. If the San Andreas or the New Madrid fault broke with the force of a 8+ it would likely cost the country anywhere from a trillion to 20 trillion dollars and that the country could not absorp. 5 million homes valued at $300,000 each in california destroyed would be 1.5 trillion alone. 3 minutes of intense shaking and the fires after this could easily destroy that many homes and then some. The business destruction would easily total much more.

            The New Madrid is far worse off because of the harder rock under the 7 states that the New Madrid would hit. Remember this is not a billion dollar disaster like Hurricane Katrina that was 100 billion+, this would be trillions dollar disaster. Insurance claims would bankrupt companies in the life insurance part alone from the high death counts. It will be the duration of the shaking that brings everything down more so than the size. After a mega earthquake in a highly populated area, this is time to get everyone’s preparations finalized because it won’t be shortly thereafter that most store shelves will be empty and maybe at least regional martial law is imposed. The country will be in terrible shape after either one of these faults breaks with a 8+ shaker.

            • Fantastic read. Thanks!

            • I’ve been watching earthquakes for about a year now, NOWHERE near understanding them like you do, but I have noticed that there is so much more activity now than just 2 weeks ago. ANd there are earthquakes in places I’ve never seen them. There are 2 volcanoes in NZ and Italy that are now active.

              ANd you’re right, the amount of earthquakes in the Antarctica area is staggering!

              Thanks again for your insight, it is much apprecited!

            • @ Everyone. Just like was said 7 days, Alaska just had an earthquake within the time frame given of 7 days maximum. Check out August 2, 2012 article on USDA alert: Half the Counties………. posted at August 3, 2012 at 10:29 AM towards the very bottom of the comment section. Gave following locations: Alaska, New Zealand and or Kermandac Islands area, Nazca and Cocos plates region Ecuador or Coumbia, Philippines. This was a very narrow region to accurately predict an earthquake. It was 6.2, and I was wrong about the magnitude, but right about the time and location. This theory WORKS about foreshock quivering away from the main shock. Still might get the 6.7 before the day ends in one or more of the other locations.

              I wish I could get it really pinpointed, but it is narrowing down as the holes in this theory are more plugged up. It does once again prove that earthquakes can be predicted and in a narrow area that is not that broad.

            • It now appears that the pumice raft did NOT come from the undersea volcano Mount Monowai, but from a different, previously unknown volcano somewhere else in the Kermadecs. Monowai blew on 3rd August, but the pumice was first spotted in mid July.

              So there’s a fourth volcano involved in the story!The Kermadecs, in particular, Raoul Island has been experiencing earthquakes and minor volcanic activity for a while now. The Kermadec Trench is obviously a focus for a fair bit of activity – but scientists are still denying that any of the eruptions are related.

        • Totally agree on the lines to get INTO camp FEMA. One simple question keeps me from getting into line: In all of human history, when has being herded onto a train been a positive experience?

      23. ;0) doesn’t he remind you of CHARLIE BROWN from PEANUTS ??? but AMERICAN PATRIOT FREEMAN RADICALIZED !!!

        GO GET EM’ CHARLIE !!!

        GET SOME !!!


      24. One point: IMHO, it will be possible to recover from a Romney presidency. We will NEVER recover from a second term of Obama

      25. What the vile, evil, fascist elite have not counted on is what their literary equivalents didn’t count on in CS Lewis’ That Hideous Strength. There is another dynamic at work here. That dynamic is God. He is, in fact there, and He is, in fact, no silent. As Lewis fictionally recounts in his book, these elite are going to find out in real life.

        • God is preparing to turn the planet over to the Antichrist. We’re about to enter the 7 year tribulation period. The tribulation won’t officially start until the one-world ruler enters into a treaty with Israel.

          (Dan 9:27 NIV) He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

          • @ Barn Cat—The NIV is missing over 64,000 words of God out of it. It is a counterfeit of the real thing, which real thing in the English language is the King James Bible. I thought you would like to know this since your time to read a real Bible is short.

      26. A storm is coming.

        • the footsteps of the Savior

      27. Heads? Tails? It really doesn’t matter much since both are just opposite sides of the SAME coin. Same deal with our political parties; in spite of all the irreverent rhetoric, both are pretty much the same. Not much difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. Both are bought and paid for and are controlled by the same masters.

        Soon boys & girls ……… very soon. The ‘good times’ will be upon us before we know it. Please use the time remaining wisely. God Bless & good luck to all.

      28. Hey everybody I just got an e-mail and it had a number to call for your FREE TICKET FOR THE FAT LADIES CONCERT. The number is 911-stuff-it!

      29. What would be wrong with women going back to 1950?

        Us population-150,697,361

        Women- Stayed at home to raise children

        Instead of-

        Sending kids to dare care(strangers raising the kids).

        Having to go get a job because one average income can no longer support a family.(remember bush telling that women, that her having 3(or 4)jobs was uniquely american)

        Paying taxes.

        Being out of the household(to a job) surrounded by men to temp her to cheat(and they being all to helpful).

        Divorce rate of 10%

        Low rate of abortions(so young women would have to act like ladies and not sleep around as they do now)

        • Kevin you are right but what a can of whoop ass did you open.

        • Kevin: The same kommie bunch/marxists did ghettoizim take over of major citys and Then went to work to flim-flam women into the kommie web of Deciet. What black mayors weren’t able to screw up, “Liberated” women could finish!

          Consider:…All Blackrun ghettos did was totally Ruin major and medium size citys…White Flight kinda solved it.

          But aprox.15yrs later the Femnazis marxist kommie liberated womens movment really destroyed viturally every remaining sector of all of society.

          Mens jobs-Fat kiddies(bigmacs daily) Total destruction of everything as God orig. ordained it to be. Men are suposed to be King of castles AND Priest of own

          Womens lib reversed it all upside down. Women by far is majority of them who demand gun kontrol etc. While most men today allow women rules it All!

          TODAY: what appears to be the Final marxist liberals movement seems to be “Multicult” everything.

          The last 2-3 yrs we seen an xplosion in most all TV-Movies-Billboards-Ads-Magazines-Taught in schools-taught at work place(at work its called “sensitivity/diversity” training seminars).

          We never till a couple yrs ago seen so many, many, tv ads or magazine ads etc where you always see a Beautifull Blode Blue eyed White woman…Mated up with a Black man. Only time it aint is when shes mated to a mexican brown man.

          It is so obvious lately even many black females are starting to bitch about black males rejecting black women(usally After they Knock em up!) for a white woman.

          Its all attacks on how God ordained it to be. Worship “Mother earth” pray to bugs/snakes/save bears/seals/Kill Babies not yet born!

          God in genisis punished Eve and told her “Your(eves) desire will be for the Man….BUT…You instead will Obey the Man as I(God) created him to be the Head!…That dont mean as some say that eve will have sex desire for adam.

          More like eve will desire to Rule over Adam. Kinda like Todays america after 35+yrs of Relentless marxist feminist kommies and Dykes/Lezbos has pounded it into womens(mens too) heads non-stop.

          If you think of all we see wrong today, you be hard pressed to find any One thing or agenda in society thats done More harm to the Prior 6000yrs of world history of things going proper as God willed it to be etc, than that evil femiinist crap movment has done.

          Every sector of society was affected and ALL in very negative ways…..And majority of Men let it happen due to Fear of Zero sex unless men comply!…Lib Fems sex as a weapon.

          Most all men I know today if you ask em “Wanna get a beer? or a Coffee(I dont drink alcahol)”….The Fisrt thing them men do is….Look at their Watch!…Then utter weak response such as “Gee I don’t know…Well I guess I better first call my wifey!”

          Call her? For what!? Oh yeah I forgot! Men today need PERMISSION from wives/girlfriends….

          Like it or not, God made Men with Alot more common sense and Logic etc…And made women with alot more “Emotional” “Fuzzyfeelgood” type way to think And operate. Thats a very swell arangment when women knows their Place. And when Men act as Men was designed to!

          Today women got what eve desired. Near total Rule over all what counts/matters. And look how it turned out when so many use “Emotional Feelings” instead of Pure Factual LOgic and plain common sense to make important decisions at most all levels of Homelife-Fed/state govnt. World affairs…Corporate stuf.

          Only them whos at least 50 plus yrs old probob;y can really relate to life as it used to be. I am 60yrs old.

          I woke up by age 12yrs old. By age 15yrs I Knew stuf was going very goofy!….I got Out of schools etc before they got their hooks into me!….Now we got entire generations who believe Fem kommies-multicult mixin etc is how its always been!

          Also in book of genisis:…After God created everything with Life in it..He said Let them/it Reproduce after their OWN kind….And said “It is Good”!

          Fems lib kommies moreso than most all else has convinced all and specially white folks to co-mningle and make non white babbies and we see many women fell for it today…The number One goal of kommies is exterminate whites everywheres period.

          And by any/all means avail. Death by 1000 cuts cause no other way to defeat what once was White Viking/anglosaxon/Celtic type of a fierce warrior race of folks.

          And todays women, specially white women are all too eager to assist in heir Own racial genocide behaviour.

          I pity the rest of world POP after zero whites is left!

          I give world 2-3 yrs Tops to be back to jungle cannible backwards thrid world ghettos run by Bannana Republic type “LiberalKommie Elites”…..

          • @ Angelo I see you speak of the man being the head he is in my house but I am the neck……..

        • Kevin I WISH I was a woman in the 50’s I hate the womans lib movement cuz I WANT t o be treated like a lady. stay home with my kids and bake and cool etc.\

          • Women like you justincase, are few today. I wish more thought as you do!….Them fem libs kommie like Gloria Stienman- Gloria Allred-and 1/2 dozen more who started the fem lib movement has minds so twisted by hate of men and all our const. stands for it aint funny.

            But they play a good fake out game with plenty of cash fundings and “officials” perks to get away with it all.

            It aint a suprize so many women and men also fell for all their crapola…..BUT…Now due to online access etc there is Zero excuses to remain dumbed down to facts and truth.

            It’s real swell to hear of women today who aint that way.

          • I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong decade, too!

        • Women have gotten what their mothers demanded. How many would LOVE to stay at home and raise their own children?

          • If you do the math, add all expenses, clothes, make-up, gas, maintenance of vehicle, day care, lunch or meals…it is stupid to work.
            Jobs inside the house, no daycare…then maybe worth it.

      30. Stay thirsty my friend.. Cause when the power is shut off there will be no more cold suds to drink.

          • Or you could simply immerse the can in the snow when – it snows. By that point though, suppose a room-temperature Guinness would be preferable. Goes to show, we sometimes want what we can’t have…

          • Ever hear of the Crosley Icy Ball? It was the precursor to modern refrigeration back in the 30’s.No electricity. You heat one end and the chemical reaction cools the other end. While they don’t make these now, I was thinking that maybe Terry Reed could tackle making some of these.He has the skills and there are plans online. I, for one, would be interested.

        • ….cold stone springhouse 🙂

        • Here in the north its Icehouse time.

        • yeah there will be make your own wait for winter? 🙂

      31. Kevin…um,wow. I’m not a hardcore women’s lib advocate…but seriously?

        I am a working mom. does that make me a bad mother because I have to work, along with my husband, to pay bills and support our family? Not only that, I am highly intelligent and my intelligence is best served working for my community AND being a mother. Let us not assume that all stay-at-home mother’s are good at their “job” because a lot of them are not. Not only do I work, but I volunteer at my church and in the community. My kids are my priority and I have amazing kids.

        Low abortion rate and sleeping around? Sooooo…last time I checked it took two to tango and we are going to blame promiscuity on women? Let’s blame promiscuity on both. It’s okay for a man to have babies with lots of women and not take on the responsibility of being a father to those children? Just look at the black communities right now…this is plaguing so many of the women and their children. But, according to you that is her fault because she had sex with him?

        Divorce rate is high because of multiple reasons, many of which include an immoral, unethical problems. Not trying to preach here, but our country has been non God-centered for quite some time, pulling away from God all together. That could have a lot to do with the issue of divorce and promiscuity as a whole.

        You see, not only can I cook and clean, but I can build, and fish, and hunt and field dress just about any critter you put in front of me. Oh, and my educational background will grant me the ability to tend to numerous medical issues that could arise. But I’m just a girl…so what do I know?

        No offense, Kevin, but damn…I hope that once the tide of crap rolls in, that people like you don’t try to force me into the kitchen because we will have an entirely new problem to deal with.

        • Hey kynase, you got a sister???
          Just joking. ( my wife would not find that funny)

        • My point is that a womans first job and only job is raising children, NOT going off to some job to pay the bills(do to inflation and the banking system we need TWO bread winners).

          Did I not mention it takes 2 to “tango”???????????????

          “force you into the kitchen”???? Are you serious?????

          Raise children.

          Raise them to be moral.

          Raise them to listen.

          Raise them to respect.

          Raise them to be educated, NOT to be dependent on government.

          Thats all I’m saying.

          you said-

          You see, not only can I cook and clean, but I can build, and fish, and hunt and field dress just about any critter you put in front of me. Oh, and my educational background will grant me the ability to tend to numerous medical issues that could arise. But I’m just a girl…so what do I know?

          I love ya!!!!! 🙂 For some reason you get mad and hate?

          • I am not happy being a stay at home mom. Go screw yourself. I like going to work, it’s nice to be around grown ups. I cook, clean, and raise my kids. I also have a strong moral fiber and in history, women may have “stayed home ” but there was more to it then that. My husband is the head of my household, the Bible says men should love their wives even a your own body. God even told Abraham to listen to his wife, because she was right and he didn’t want to see it.

            • I am a stay at home dad and I prefer the company of my two year old and 1 year old to that of most “adults” that sit on their arse or walk into traffic and converse through an smartphone. At least kids recognize your in the room.

            • Galore, I couldn’t agree more. I do my job as a mom, but give me a day with my kids over the idiots I’d have to work with on a daily basis. Those same idiots who talke about reality shows as if they are real people…Good grief!!!

            • The main number One method to ruin america which began 100+yrs ago was get control of Schools. Your Kids is who they really was after all along!

              You can tout all type of swell reasons to “have your cake and eat it too” by have kids yet work Outside home same time. That is precicely where Their(kommies) plans for Schhols age kids comes into play.

              While your kids are at schools(private/public/ soon also homeschholers too) so You can be around adults or work etc. or Build communityies etc what are Your kids being taught?(Womens comunity IS her Home/Husband/Kids).

              Heres what kids been taught while Mommies was workin or playing at being manley men..Taught kids to Be a Faggot or Dyke- Multicult Mix-Phoney non existant “equality” Gee aint we just all the same?…NO!

              Equal under Law/BOR?…YES! but most all other ways?…NO!..And History specially last 200yrs Proves that beyond dispute.

              Kids today aint brainwashed…They got brains turned to Mush!…Thanks to so many Workin moms and specially them who Didn’t need do it for two income needs, rather wanted more Fun or chance to act out life as Men like so many fem lib kommie Bitches told em to!

              Now all we see everywheres is Kids whine “Mommy/daddy gimmeDat…Ok jr. cause I want My kid to have it all cause I didnt have it all. What about Work for it to appreciate it all?…Moms today aint there to teach it.

              After work moms and after playtime moms devote a few hrs per week to teach kids…But Schools has em every day 5 days a week and for 8hrs per day! Stuffing their small minds and heads full of total KOMMIE crap. While momies away….Kinda like When the Cats away…Them Mice will play!…Todays schools is loaded to full capacity with RATS teaching kids.

              Funny though at a party etc I cant recall I Ever heard ANY mom or dads say this…”When Joey/Suzzie grows up…We sure hope they end up a Flameing Faggot/Lezbo! or a Herion Junki! or a full blown Trained Kommie demacRAT liberal!”…..No I do not recall ever heard such as that from any parents….But we sure got loads of each type in america today huh….

              The other Main target was White Men. Create white guilt…Make men feel second best to women. Lower mens self worth esteem etc…Men afraid to say or do anything without wifes permission. Both fell for it ladys and men.

              All due to Kommie liberalizim, which is really a Mental Derangement and from which few return to sanity once brainwashed into it all…Just look how you all complain how others wont see whats comming etc!…Deragement of peoples Minds aka=Kommies Liberalizim..Feminists are at Top rung of it all too right below Banksters who fund it all.

              I think a trait of women compared to men is women are far more stubborn minded. Thats probly reason fem libs crap wont never get fixed. A few admit it was bad/wrong…But for each of them we get 10 or 20 who never will admit it.

            • !I worked in a restaurant for 10 years. I worked with intelligent loving and caring people. Being a stay at home mom is way harder then working. I also worked part time until my kids were 3 and they stayed with family. At 3 it was time for preschool, I wanted them to be able to play with other kids and learn more then I can teach. Also financially I had to work, now I don’t and miss it. I also really like having my own money, it sounds stupid but if I buy my husband a gift I like to pay for it.

            • My wife is a damn good nurse and I was a city tractor trailer driver. One of us wanted to stay home with the kids. She earns far more than I did so I stay home. I do not see why a person with a penis has to be the one to bring home the bacon when the one without a penis can bring home the bacon along with the eggs to go with it. She is the best and I make sure I tell her every day.

          • my wife has endometrial cancer. Which is uterine cancer.
            we can not have kids. If you ever walked up to my wife and told her her only job is to take care of our kids. I would asswhip you and have a horse use you as a humping post. When we met I told her im into the 1950’s household style of life and we live it. ( mostly cause im lazy I hate doing dishes and laundry 🙂

          • A “woman’s first job and only job is raising children.” Because I will not invest any more energy in your ridiculous opinion, I will merely state that, Kevin, you are delusional.

          • Sigh….Kev. Geez.

            You know, I’ve been a single mom for more than 10 years. At the beginning of that ten year stretch, my oldest daughter was left out of a birthday party (she was in 3rd grade at the time) because she “came from a broken home”.

            Boy, let me tell you how much that ticked me off. Right that instant I became determined to discover the statistics for kids raised in single-parent households and be certain my kids did not fall into those traps.

            I have raised intelligent, polite, citizenship-awarding winning children. I have done this without child support or the backing of an extended family. I worked full-time outside the home until this past year.

            This is reality – if a woman ends up with a man who will not support his children, she has no choice but to enter the workforce.

            So Kev, you need to consider that we deal with the lot we are given. And yes, to quote you I have done these things…WHILE working to support the kids.

            Raise children.

            Raise them to be moral.

            Raise them to listen.

            Raise them to respect.

            Raise them to be educated, NOT to be dependent on government.

            If anything, single moms who work hard to raise good kids deserve the same respect you give to the “50s moms” who don’t have to do that while also supporting a household. Not more – cause we’re all moms – but EQUAL respect.

            ~ D

            • You tell him Daisy.

        • You go girl! Id much rather be surrounded by competent,intellegent ladies who can take care of business than most of the testosteronely(? 🙂 ) challenged males I see around,being able to do what needs done,being smart,having self confidence is not on par with being a slut or something…strong men and women compliment each other…need each other…and if theyre single then being strong allows them(man or woman ) to stand on their own…only weak men are intimidated by strong women and visa-versa,America needs strong men AND women!

      32. My choice is simple – BO will do all in his power to relieve you of your firearms.

        Mittens supports the NRA and your 2nd amendment.

        Y’all Beware! If Mittens is elected at least I will be able to hunt and defend family from the bad guys!

        Satori made a post concerning the PLAN of TPTB. It was a 3 hour audio. I’ll just say it is scary.
        Please pop it up again Satori, right now I gotta go before lightning strikes. Literally!

        • You need to wake up and study what Mittens did in Mass. when he was Gov. He instituted gun control & his form of Obama Care. Hate to burst your bubble. Know who Obama’s largest contributer was in 2008 when he was running for pres? Goldman Sachs. Know who Mittens largest contributer is?
          Oh My, it’s Goldman Sachs. FOLLOR THE $$$$$. Orders are coming from Wall Street, presidents are only puppets. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said: “Presidents are not elected, they are selected (by Wall St.). So, if you expect change you are going to get the same kind of change we got when Obama took the rains from Geo W. Obama is doing what Geo W did only on STEROIDS.

          • Andrew

            Being a masshole native. I must concur wholeheartedly.

            Red or blue.. it all doesn’t matter.

            they both answer to the same masters..

            and have been for well over a 100 years.

            mittens is the rights version of ob one kanobe

            offering more hopium and change to the rabid right wingers

            fools all


        • Y’all Beware!, with all due respect I have to disagree with what you said about Mitt. Andrew Kennedy is right. The only difference between the current POS POTUS and Mitt is that Mitt is a whiter shade of pale.

          • is good to see more and more and mroe saying this it is almost ALL Gov. ( unfortunatly we can not say all because in every bunch of bad there is one or two good and in ever bunch of good there are one and two bad so just a disclaimer )

          • same chit, different smell.

      33. I agree it is like living a double life.

        What makes it haaaaard for me these days is eating our pantry down further than I’d like. Hubby’s work and my freelance work have been slower than usual and we’ve had to cut back on grocery & prep a little, and we’ve been eating some of our reserves. Which in a way reminds me that there is a GOOD reason for doing this and our family financial crisis is a crisis to us, even if it isn’t a SHTF national/global crisis.

        Just trying to prep as quickly as I can despite the financial setbacks. I feel like I’m running out of time. Can’t shake that feeling in my gut.

      34. To be very honest,im getting very worried and scared.I go to bed now worring about what will happenand when no vacations this year,instead of waiting till next year,my son has gotten all shots one year ahead.I too feel like im living a double life,but my family relies on me,thank goodness my husband sees it too.I find it very unnerving when the elderly can sense something is very wrong..what scary times these are.I pray,and prep and prep and pray.

      35. Want to cut the head off the snake? All we have to do is cancel all credit carts & take our money out of these banks and refuse to do business with them:
        JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, & Goldman Sachs. Additionally, do not pay your taxes. One person cannot do it alone because he will be sent to jail. However, if 10 Millions people form a group and refuse to pay taxes that will send a huge message and more Americans will join in. It will be impossible to arrest 10 Million people.

        • But, who leads this movement??
          A great idea.
          It’d stop this country on a dime.

        • being sayin that on this site for a year now go to HR and change your w2 if only for one month if ALOT of poeple did this it would send a clear message. Empty yoiur bank accounts and stop payment on credit cards, do it for a month and see what happens our voices will be heard, i kepp saying STARVE the beazt! All we need is a mass email and set up a day for people to do this…another thing is srop gas prices fast, park your car on the road, if millions of americans did this all over gas prices would drop. gooberment does not have enough tow trucks to move all those cars. doit in rush hour on major roads ans see what happens. Do not know how to get this going wish i did but it seems to me we lack the balls to get er done. my dad said this YEARDS aga but we are not strong to make a stand in such immense numbers like that. In the 60s they had sit ins to protest etc, we bitch and do nothing. I keep hearing and seeing, what do we do waaaa waaa be NON violent keep prepping but we need our voices HEARD. I suck at the internet so I would not even know how to organize something like that but wish I could, I would stick my neck out for my country and future….

          • Justincase, you’re spot on! UNPLUG! Starve the beast! The only way to beat the game is to change the expected outcome that “they” are planning!

            Make a family commitment and then make the changes. Walk away from the expectations that have chained you to a no-win, dismal lifestyle. Sell out and cash in! Do it right now before there is no way to turn-it-around. Use a cash and barter system only. Get completely OUT of Wall Street. Take kids out of public school. STOP CONSUMING. Hate the rat race, job, where you live? Give it up. Put the home up for a fast sale, under market value and get out. Downscale. Live more simply. Eliminate encumbrances and stop being the debt-slave “they” need you to be.

            Pledge allegiance to God and to yourself and family. Then live that pledge. Learn to think and live independently. Turn of the damn television and think deeply. Step back and take a good look at how government and society’s expectations have forced you to comply with their values. Many people are unhappy, even downright miserable, and don’t even know why. Ask yourself if you’re going to beat this thing. And since we all know the answer is “no”, we have to resort to alternative measures: We unplug. We stop behaving as “they” want us to because we have no choice. Congress is runaway. Our President is runaway. Our laws are runaway. Are we going to lay down and take more as “they” expect us to? Or are we going to stand up, get proactive on a personal level, and do something about it?

            Starve the beast.

        • Indeed it would send a huge message. I would be prepared for a message back too, from the bankers. That message would come in the form of punishment to the masses for refusing to obey them. So be it. That’s when the people respond to the government and tell them to fix it.

          I already no longer take out loans for anything. I bought a car in March with cash. I refuse to finance anything else if I can help it.

      36. As Clinton turned his back on labor with the support of NAFTA and China Free Trade Romney will do the same to the 2nd Amendment supporters. The difference between him and Obama regarding this issue is that Obama will put an attack on the 2nd Amendment at the top of his agenda while Romney will passively sign anti gun legislation that comes to his desk.

        Regarding jobs as in real jobs making things neither is worth a damn.

        The above being said I’ll hold my nose and vote for Romney.

        I have never seen the two choices for the Presidency so poor since I started voting in 1976.

        • Just remember
          No man can take away what they never gave in the first place, unless you allow it

      37. In the aftermath of Katrina a woman was killed 22 miles from our home over a bag of ice, people were hijacking pickup truck that had cans of gas on the back, home generators were unplugged and snatched up while families were using them. Food lines became restless, with shoving and cursing even with armed guards monitoring. I was dependent on big brother, I have a handicapped child and I felt helpless. God is my witness I never want to feel that way again. I was a blind sheep, I AM AN EAGLE NOW

        • Kudos to you, Katrina survivor!

      38. this is a really good time to learn how to take care of yourself and your family.

      39. I agree exactly!!!!! Thats why you have to check out the movie trailer: Grey state

      40. Katrina,that is what runs through my mind .How scary.we live in texas on the other side of Houston.What really really pisses me off,is like others we are not rich by no means,butwe prep instead of spending our money else were,and other people do nothing,so when shtf we are targets amoung
        everything else.i have choosen to take responsiabitly for my family,others should do the same,but they dont,they think what is mine is theres,ITS NOT!! I dont like getting up at the. rack of dawn to work but i do,as others.This is what keeps me up at nite amoung what ever the goverment has up its sleeve

        • the LDS Preparedness Manual
          section 4 has a lot of interesting articles
          several are from people who survived Katrina and its aftermath

          I cannot recommend this book enough
          download is free
          or you can buy a printed copy at cost

          understanding how people act in a crisis situation
          is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to your own survival

          people turn into animals FAST
          when the food and water run out

          • Thanks Satori! What a great offer, have downloaded and will print this out. This is why I read this site everyday – info from smart like-minded people!

      41. And amid all this America’s youth is all excited about the coming reality show of “Honey Boo Boo”.

        Instead they should be sharpening their suvival skills and physical well being.

      42. One thing I wish people would do is not be afraid to post their real name on websites like this one when commenting. Using an anonymous handle may make you feel safer, but to the powers that be it just implies fear…and you do know that it doesn’t really make you anonymous, right? We all need to stand up and say, “My name is ________ and I’ve had enough. NO MORE! And here are 100 million more just like me!” WE VOUTNUMBER THEM…LET THEM KNOW IT!

        • Darren Pope: I wish everybody would shake OFF their lifetime of pavlovs dog kommie training and kneejerk reactions.

          Then you all can QUIT useing titles such as “PTB” or “Banksters” or “Eleits” etc…After use of real poster names hows about everybody begin to simply Name the Guilty “powersthatbe” for what they really are(or at least 99% are) that being…ZIONIST Jews! and all Gentiles who fell for that ziokommie crap!

          Get Rid of trained kneejerk response, such as calling us who Out them zios, as an antisemite or racist etc…

          Otherwise you saying use Real names, while You use “Code” for what you should by now Know is zionists is kinda Hollow…..Ignore it when they whine of being offended etc.

          Too Bad if Factual Truth hurts them eh!…Good reason to Repent for evil ways and Turn into good humans!…While they still got time to.

        • You don’t know about TOR, do you?

        • Opsec is of ultimate importance. When you get your first ‘death threat’ on your phone, your home is robbed, or you’ve acquired your first stalker, you’ll change your mind, Darren Pope.

      43. Andrew Kennedy, thanks for the info. You think I would have learned by now that all I see and hear ain’t necessarily true.

        Y’all Beware!

      44. To everyone: I live a double life myself. My first life is working as a senior manager in a private security company and my second life is when I’m not at work I’m online on this site and others collecting intel or I’m out getting more supplies. I smell a 9/11-type false flag in the air; possibly October according to certain sources. I don’t think any of us can really be 100% ready for whatever comes. at the first sign of trouble in my city, I will be in survival mode. i already carry certain weapons with me everywhere I go; I never know where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing when TSHTF. One thing I’m sure of; I’m NOT submitting to ANYONE who will have evil intentions toward me; I don’t care who he or she is or what they’re wearing. Anyone in LE or military who would still stand up for this evil, broken system without question or reservation deserves whatever they get. We haven’t had good, clean government in USA since the War of 1812, at least not at the federal level. Other than that, there have been nothing but evil, corrupt manmade governments all over this earth since the Roman Empire. Not one of them ever had good intentions towards the people under their control. May God help us all. In the meantime, I’ll just keep getting everything I need until D-Day. I hope everyone continues doing the same for themselves. Take care and keep prepping.


        “alone in the wild”

        Kinda like a 2 hours 30 minute survivorman.

        Add a bunch of golden horde zombies shooting at ALL fires and light, should show any people thinkin of buggin out alone even with wildlife all around you.

      46. I was blown away by some ‘Preppers’ seen on T.V., a while back, now…reading this article,with comments,has me very interested. Actually, I’ve been interested all along! Survival tips and learning more tips like these are kinda mandatory. Please keep information rolling!! Thank You!!

      47. My name is-Bets-but I’m not going to tell my last name cause it’s unique and published-It’s not so much that we’re hiding from TPTB, but rather, keeping ourselves secret from each other and our locations safe from trolls and zombies.

      48. Local grocery has whole beef sirloin $2.99#, sliced free. Canning it with corned beef spices and onions. Got 29 pints out of $88 of beef. Soak some dried taters in the fridge overnight, they fry up nice with eggs and corned beef. Powder eggs work great with a few veggies.
        I remember people saying it was gonna crash in 77,78,79, and every year since then. So we prepped. We learned to eat differently, and rotate our stock. A #10 can of FD fruit goes a long way when a bit is soaked overnight with farina and warmed up on a cold morning. Better prepared now just with the experience. Garden and fruit trees get better every year.
        Local cannery has dented, unlabeled cans $6 a case of 24.
        Fine for everyday use.
        Don’t panic. Get priorities, a plan, and then pay attention and learn from it all. But by all means, DO SOMETHING. And learn what local plants are edible. I eat real good just weeding the garden. Purslane, lambsquarters, and wood sorel growing good between the taters, maters, peppers, corn and squash. My neighbors with the chemical lawns and the big swimming pools?..I let them live however they like. I dont advertise, so since we be the poor folk on the block, don’t nobody be asking us for no free food…..

        • Just found a walnut tree in a park that no one goes to – I’m all about the free-for-the-taking goodies!

      49. Definitely know the feeling. I just got a better job (I’ll leave it at that) I’m so excited and can’t wait to start (better pay, hours, everything!) But I can’t help but think how sad it is I may only enjoy my job a couple years at MOST! bums me out but I said it b4 ill take what I can get for as long as I can.

      50. Satori,

        Thanks for the post on the LDS Preparedness Manual!!

        Y”all Beware!

      51. Exclusive: U.S. banks told to make plans for preventing collapse


        By Rick Rothacker, 9 Aug 2012

        (Reuters) – U.S. regulators directed five of the country’s biggest banks, including Bank of America Corp and Goldman Sachs Group Inc, to develop plans for staving off collapse if they faced serious problems, emphasizing that the banks could not count on government help.

        Use this news article as a sign to get you sh__ together.
        Our government is. The banks are. So should we.

        • I read a few banks–and BofA was one-were told to start bankruptcy proceedings to get ready for next year.
          This meant countless dollars and hours spent to assess the books, what is there and what ain’t in my understanding.
          They are getting ready–they’re broke, insolvent, all but the paperwork, folks.

      52. Will be time to be out in the wide open spaces. Water World or Home On The Range? The all most dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

        • Ted Kennedy- Your words of wisdom are eloquent, succinct, even profound. If only I had a clue what they meant… Think I just gave myself a headache.
          Did you ever get the Oldsmobile dried out? I know of a good water-damage restoration company. Their work is gauranteed, rates are cheap, and they’ll take cash (strictly off the books, if you know what I mean). Roll up the windows, high tide’s coming in.

          • Broken Arrow, I say again: Broken Arrow

      53. “It’s not coincidence that Department of Homeland Security and the government in general is picking up all kinds of riot gear.”

        Sounds like the feds are preppers, too. Preparing for what is about to happen.

      54. I see a a lot of “theys”. It would be nice if you would name specific people and/or organizations who are trying to bring about this doom of which you speak.

        “same people who have not been prosecuted or brought to justice for destroying this planet’s economy.”

        Who are these people? Name names, please.

      55. Well, I have gone without food as a child so that why I prepare. I dont want my kids to go hungry and without. Thats reson enough for me!



        Cops Strip Search a young Mother on side of Hwy in front of her children , “Forcibly” Pull bloody used Tampon Out of Her … for Maybe Rolling Through Stop Sign !!!

        ummmmmmmmmm … WTF !!! ;0p pssszzt



      57. All
        If you are preparing for some eventuality, pls don’t post comments on websites – even this one – about what you are stocking up on. EVERY POST is vacuumed up, sorted, read, and analyzed by the NSA. Then categorized by your IP address and they track where you go online, what you purchase, how often, etc. And your internet provider’s records are already hacked so your name to IP address is known. All of your preparations are no longer secure, hidden, unknown.

        Buy local – pay cash – for everything. Otherwise, all you are doing is using the internet to provide a big pointy “HERE I AM WITH ALL MY STUFF” to “them”.

        • And than there are some of us that are coming on here and other places putting out information to lead them on just for the fun of it.. I have nothing stored, no guns, no too dam poor to have anything they want, too strapped by this economy to have any prepps, or any of the stuff I say I have..two can play at this game..and anything purchased can be sold to distribute it to those who dont have what they need, doesnt necessarily mean if they waste thier time coming for it that it will be here for them to find.
          Test me..test you
          anyone can SAY anything..having and doing is another thing.
          some people get rich off of misleading foolish government into a legal matter that puts egg on thier face

        • Hope they don’t read this, cause I just spent 43,000 dollars on long term storage and have it hidden near the garbage dump miles from home. Good luck finding it!

      58. They understand violence. Violence allows them to crack down! They understand that. Non-violent, divestment from the system – ON A MASSIVE SCALE – will bring about their demise faster than anything.

        • 1) Turn off, or throw away your T.V. (IDIOT-BOX)
          2) Get out, and/or stay out, of DEBT!
          4) Avoid using credit or debit cards as much as possible
          5) Bank at a small, local bank or credit union
          7) Read the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
          8) BUY PRODUCTS MADE IN AMERICA – Support American workers
          9) Invest in precious metals, like silver and gold
          10) Buy ORGANIC food!
          11) Start your own garden! Using non-GMO seeds!
          12) Pray/meditate – REDUCE YOUR STRESS!
          13) Get exercise!
          14) Read a book! You know, an actual book!
          16) Listen to soothing classical, ambient, jazz or alternative music, that you thoroughly enjoy

          Below is advice from John Perkins’ book, entitled THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (The Truth About Economic Hit Men, Jackals, And How To Change The World), pp. 322-329:


          “AVOID SHOPPING AS ‘RETAIL THERAPY’ (Instead, jog, meditate, read, or find some other solution).
          SHOP CONSCIOUSLY – if there is something you must have, purchase items whose packaging, ingredients, and methods of production are sustainable and support life.
          Write letters telling Monsanto, De Beers, Exxon-Mobil, Adidas, Ford, GE, Coca-Cola, WAL-MART, and other labor exploiters and environment destroyers why you refuse to purchase from them.
          DOWNSIZE (your car, home, wardrobe) – everything in your life (and don’t buy what you don’t need) SUPPORT/SEND MONEY only to non-profits, radio stations, and other organizations that promote JUST causes.
          VOLUNTEER your time and energy to such organizations.
          SUPPORT LOCAL MERCHANTS (Especially stores which sell organically-grown food)!
          ENCOURAGE stores to buy from local growers, producers, and suppliers.
          AVOID DRINKING WATER THAT IS FLUORIDATED (only your toothpaste should have fluoride)
          INSIST that those who use your money – banks, pensions, mutual funds, companies – make socially and environmentally responsible investments.” (End Quote)



          Watch FREEDOM TO FASCISM, a film by Aaron Russo; Also – ENDGAME, and TERRORSTORM, two films by Alex Jones


          • Non-industrial fluoride

            Only your toothpaste should have NON-INDUSTRIAL fluoride. Don’t drink water that contains fluoride.

          • ~~~(only your toothpaste should have fluoride)~~~
            Toms Of Maine Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque ‘Fluoride free’

            It’s out there–order online lots of boxes.

          • Nice list Anon Patriot. It may soon be impossible to know if you are buying “Made in USA” or not. The WTO,whom the legislators sold America out to, is working to ban all country of origin labels. They claim it gives an unfair advantage (or disadvantage) in this global economy.

      59. DOJ Will Not Prosecute Goldman Sachs in Financial Crisis Probe

        The Justice Department has decided it will not prosecute Goldman Sachs or its employees for their role in the financial crisis, following an investigation by senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and Tom Coburn (R-OK). The congressional investigation found problems with the credit rating agencies and poor oversight from regulators, and highlighted abuses by Goldman Sachs and other large investment banks. Senator Levin sent a formal referral to the Justice Department for a criminal investigation in April 2011.

        Anyone here surprised?

        • The only surprise is why did they even bother having a Congressional “talk” with Goldman Sachs? Levin called their actions or inactions B.S. Wasted time and energy which will produce no change. Apparently, end of story.

        • Where’s Bill Black when you need him?

      60. some poor guy went to jail for collecting rain water from his roof. yeah they said he has no right to that water. this is not america anymore. do not let them take your guns america for it is your only defense left. i only wish we could organize to become one hell of a big army and fight for our country like washington did. god bless you all!

      61. From the New York Daily News, Thur Aug 9:

        “Janet Napolitano-run Homeland Security treated male staffers like lapdogs, federal discrimination lawsuit charges…

        James Hayes Jr., who now is New York’s top Homeland Security cop, claims Napolitano filled top spots in Washington, D.C., with two of her gal pals who were bent on tormenting male employees.”

        As I have said previously on these boards, Obongo knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he appointed that simian-visaged virago and connoiseuse of the female anatomy, Janet Napolitano, as head of the Corporate-Amerikan Secret Police.

        Napolitano and her ilk are loyal to no one except themselves and are filled with hatred for ALL humanity due to their DISABILITY (i.e., being unable to enjoy normal sexual relations and family life) and they are permanently seething with ANGER thanks to their twisted instincts.

        In appointing Napolitano as NKVD chief, Obongo has actually followed the example of East Germany, which appointed the lesbian harpie Hilde Benjamin as its Minister of “Justice” in 1953. This similarly SIMIAN-visaged beast was renowned for her MERCILESSNESS and earned the nicknames “Bloody Hilde” and the “Red Guillotine” as she presided over countless show trials (against Jehovah’s Witnesses, among others) in East Germany in the 1950’s. DRACONIAN sentences were her specialty.

        The federal lawsuit brought by male DHS employees lays bare a fact that is fraught with terrible import for Amurika: If this is how Joltin Jack Napolitano and her girl-loving gal pals treat their male lackeys who serve in the DHS machine ALONGSIDE them, imaging the relish with which they will engage in the forced disarmament, relocation and torture of NORMAL heartland Merkins (especially those with intact heterosexual marriages and children).

        These scowling daughters of Sappho will be especially gleeful as disarmed Amurikans are offered up as VICTIMS to the armed Third World Hordes the USan regime has been feverishly importing since 1965, because as perpetual, crippled OUTSIDERS, they identify with other OUTSIDERS. They will not help, but only HURT, those they hate and envy.

        They LIVE to PUNISH. We have been warned.

        • She needs a Dirty Sanchez

      62. A previous post mentioned “non-violent divestment from the system”. This is dead on correct.

      63. I cannot mention this enough. The Baltic Dry Index is in freefall. It is down 55% year to date. This is the chart that shows what ocean freighters can charge for their services. When shipping is down the chart is down. Less and less is being shipped. This is a very bad indication. There are thousands of freighters, so building some new freighters will not bring the chart down like this. The world economy is tanking. War is already in progress in Syria, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere. Here it comes.

        • And what bothered me about this chart from months ago–why place orders for and build new freighters if the BDI is down so low.

      64. Greetings Everyone!
        Looks like things are becoming “fluid” as we speak.Just like the run up to WWI&II there was a calm before the storm.I’m guessing either a massive systemic collapse in the banking system OR some form of WWIII(with all the military movements,I suspect the latter)either way,a new form of totalitarian government will emerge.It’s title will sound like what we had,but FAR different.Just like things are now,but even more severe and violent actions against everyone(the U.R. being the exception).”They” will strike FIRST,to neutralize any chance of organized resistance.No telling how far this will go(think what happened in Argentina,both during the fascist times and currently),but bet your last canned goods it will be pretty damn ulgy.Unwashed Pig in a dress ugly.Personally,I’m noting how much in line things get with Bible prophesy written at Matt 24,And most of Rev.They both give graphic details on the “end-times” activity,both symbolically and literally(Rev is filled with symbolism and Matt.24 takes the more practical “hands on” prepper approach.).As financial systems are tied together with lightening fast computer systems world-wide,the expression “in one hour” would have real fulfillment.Despite the “new freedom state” system in place,Riots and city-wide looting will no doubt be the norm for some time.”flash mobs” and their Ilk are the earliest phases of “times hard to deal with”.
        I could be wrong,but I doubt it less and less.Thank God that the coming Great Tribulation worldwide will be “cut short”,or as one prophet put it:”if those days were not cut short,NO flesh(mankind)would be saved”…

        Wouldn’t you know it,it’s gonna happen just when I thought I could finally relax and get some fishin’ done.
        Hope you and yours have things on a personal level at least somewhat in order.progress,not perfection

      65. Scchs gets off scott free…Meanwhile last nite I read, but cant recall which website now,that a US Treasury investigator found out IRS folks were told to disregard protocals to check facts etc and simply issue most all apps. recieved from Illeagles for a Tax number(instead of a soc sec number cause they dont get a soc sec as non citizens).

        Further checking of irs systems showed Treasury guy a whopping 56,986(close, from memory not xact figure but close) IRS cash Rebates sent to ONE address/Home in Phenoix az!!!!!…Cash totals was like $27 MILLION!!! to ONE address for 57,000 tax returns!

        Then he found More such abuses covered up!…Like aprox 115-Massive frauds where tens of thousands irs rebates went to same single address!….I think it was close to $180 MILLION TOTAL FRAUD! By illeagles aliens. That was ONLY for year 2011 tax rturns too!

        In other news info…GREAT news here from New Hampshire!!!

        NH state lawmakers passed and Govner signed into law bill to allow for JURY Nullification for ALL state law matters or cases etc!…This is the first state to do that!

        IE: Jury Nulification for them who dont know is when a Jury judges the facts AND the rightness of a law your tried on. The US supremes back to Very first supreme court justices and several times since has also ruled this is Okay and a Jurys absolute Right!

        Xample= Joe is busted for CCW withOUT a carry lic or permit…Joe did it no dispute…BUT joe says “Dont need no stikin permit cause Thats what the 2nd amendt is!”…..Jury agrees! Law used to bust joe is BAD law cause as us const says “Nobody must obey ANY unconstutional laws Period.”

        We need every state to quickly pass same laws!….I already knew of nulification and swore to do it if ever on a jury as long as accused werent no real or violent criminal etc.
        This jury stuf is at newswithviews website article by Chuch Baldwin yesterday aug 9th.

        • Also, used for instance like seizure driving a car killing passenger isn’t homicide.
          I call it the ‘common sense’ jury.

        • Satori

          Of course they will keep all the underpinnings, as they unravel, under the radar..

          Personally I/WE don’t utilize corn as it is nearly all monsanto gmo crop..


          since the vast majority of the world’s population uses corn in every facet .and we are the world’s largest exporter..

          these are serious implications for all of us..globally.

          and here in the country once known as the United States

          a huge amount of corn is utilized/mandated as ethanol for gasoline

          go figure


          or pay more for gas

          your choice

          it;s all f’d up imo



      66. tick tock goes the clock and time is running out.

      67. I will never hear church bells ringing again without smiling.

        Upon hearing that her elderly grandfather had just passed away, Katie went straight to her grandparent’s house to visit her 95-year-old grandmother and comfort her.

        When she asked how her grandfather had died, her grandmother replied, “He had a heart attack while we were making love on Sunday morning.” Horrified, Katie told her grandmother that 2 people nearly 100 years old having sex would surely be asking for trouble “Oh no, my dear,” replied granny. “Many years ago, realizing our
        advanced age, we figured out the best time to do it was when the church bells would start to ring. It was just the right rhythm. Nice and slow and even. Nothing too strenuous, simply in on the Ding and out on the Dong.”

        She paused to wipe away a tear, and continued, “He’d still be alive if the ice cream truck hadn’t come along!

        Y’all Beware! Just needed a laugh cause I’ve seen enough dirt kickin’ politics to last me thru November.

      68. y’all

        thank you

        humor is always the best medicine

        next to sex..


      69. ok im really sorry that for this to be off topic but i have to tell someone about this

        please tell me that someone else things this is wrong as well ?

        also if i am break some rule on this site or something let me know its my first time commenting on here


        AMERIKA’s zionist fascist jooo controlled coward rapist robbing torturing murdering ARMED GESTAPO OCCUPATION FORCES KICKED OUT OF IRAQ – 2012 !!!

        here’s the tally :

        1 million and counting iraqi’s murdered = genocide

        7000 ameriKan gestapo troops dead and more committing suicide daily

        4000 mercenary contractors dead and counting

        2 trillion ameriKan tax debt slave dollars gone … spent and counting

        A legacy of AMERIKAN WEAPONIZED depleted uranium MUNITIONS ROUNDS used illegally in the iraqi war – that will last for 10’s of thousands of years causing human BABY MUTATED monsters to be born daily . A race culture of people 1000’s of years old to be permanently deformed mutated dna gene chromosome scarred for eternity !!!


        GREAT JOB !!! ISRAELI ZIONIST JOOO’S !!! ;0p pssszzt








        • Why are you blaming the Jews? It’s your slimy American gov. that is doing all the crap, and while you are blaming the Jews, they will bring in the new world order and global government.

          • The Kosher mafia runs the US military, the US government and almost all large corporations, the MEDIA and Hollywood.

            Google it, Yes we admit, Jews run Hollywood, they admit they run the world and have no problem with admitting it!

            Our slimy agencies are lock step in bed with the Zionists. That’s why we’re in the middle east. That’s why the Titanic was sunk. The Titanic held some people on that ship who would have voted against the Federal Reserve act in 1913.

            The majority of people in power are either compromised or are afraid of themselves or their families being murdered.

            Then we have the other half who have NO loyalty to this country and are living the life of Riley. They have a life of luxury right now and they’re not going to give it up.

            Those 1,000 count thread sheets, organic food, grass feed beef and cocktail parties are something these people have come to expect. You think they’re going to give that up to save America?

      71. A couple of comments:

        1) Black Helicopters, Special Forces Train for Tampa RNC Police State

        Are you ready to go out and cast your vote for the perpetuation of the status quo and your own enslavement?

        2) The 2012 Presidential Campaign – A Public Farce

      72. OFF TOPIC ?
        Has anyone here actually read any of Rawles books that he wrote and published?
        Not the web site, the books.
        I spent part of my afternoon reading the reviews rated 1 star at Amazon and laughed my head off!
        The reviewers were very good at desribing the dribble that they thought it was.

        • I enjoyed Patriots. Really got me thinking. It’s not going to kill you to try it. You might learn something. The people that had bad comments probably don’t have anything good to say about anything. If I can even learn a couple things, it’s worth it.

          • Why am I posting this?
            Because if you haven’t spent the money, this may save you $ and time.
            I had a feeling this may be the case and this is only three neg reviews out of 155 of them.
            His website is great, because he doesn’t right the articles but if you post there he owns the copyright to your words and will sell them back to you on DVD.
            Something Stinks…


            Beware of books that get lots of polar reviews (Lots and lots of 5’s and lots of 1’s) and not much in between. They are usually niche books, poorly written that appeal to a small group of fanboys and their ratings are artificially adjusted by them, the author or the publisher.


            If you enjoyed reading the instruction manual for your DVD player…

            ..then you’ll really love this book. Other than that, move on, pick something more entertaining, like the back of a shampoo bottle.


            Within twenty pages, I knew I had been bamboozled. The book is a thinly veiled catalog of all the favorite survival items of the author, who goes on to tell an egotistical story of survival, with a group that has little if any respect for differing views. Every few pages the characters seem to stop and pray, and spend a good portion of time deriding the ideas of people that didn’t prepare before it was too late.

            Even aside from the shallow character development and the endless laundry list of brand name items, the writing itself is atrocious, and the current “rewrite”, if you can call it that, requires the complete abandonment of the space-time continuum.

            The author should have left this as it was intended. A list of items that he thought were useful to post apocalyptic survival, and good uses for those items. Instead, we have a fantasy world where it’s this group (and God, who’s by the way pretty much only on their side) against the world, and they are always right and others always wrong.

            Please, read anything else.

            You’ve been warned.

            I think that having been born and raised in a small religious cult these things push my buttons!
            But only if I let them, for the most part, who cares?
            There are more important things in life than narrow minded, fearful egotistical fanatics.

            • write not right

      73. Two additional comments:

        The Central Banking “elite” have two primary stated goals:

        1) Global enslavement, via DEBT, for the entire planet
        2) Global depopulation.

        All other considerations regarding how the world works, or why this or that is happening, derive or stem, directly from these two goals. They will attempt ANYTHING, to remain in control, and continue to keep the charade going, that is the ‘status quo’ (whereby they create paper, worthless fiat paper, with ink on it – call it “money”, lend it to governments, and have taxpayers pay it back to them, WITH INTEREST!, and when they run out of schlitz, because they made ‘risky’ bets?, they tell Congress they are going to bail themselves out!, at taxpayer expense!, and take the bailout fiat currency, and turn it into REAL ASSETS, like properties, houses, yachts, maseratis, bentleys, etc. Nice gig, IF you can get it!)

      74. To Y’all Beware!
        Kudos to you Kid!
        It’s nice to read a bit of humor around here.We see enough “Unwashed hogs in a new dress” in these times.
        As Studs Terkel put it:”take it easy,but take it.”
        Great stories!

      75. Don’t forget, the Census people got GPS coordinates on everyone’s front door. They can drop one on anybody that complains or resists!

        • Uh, they didnt get mine,in fact they never got any closer than the end of the road,and thats aways down there,caught him there and told him to beat it,he did!So whilst they got some peoples GPS(door) they didnt get alot of em…just sayin

      76. You’re taking a negative and turned it into a positive. 🙂

        Just a thought though, Isn’t racism just another way to keep us separated, and prevent us from unifying. There can be no revolt if we are to busy fighting ourselves.
        Divide and conquer.

        • It most certainly is and you can bet if people don’t start to gang up TPTB will foster it in a SHTF situation. It’s so easy to accomplish with the ignorant. Look what Hitler did blaming the Jews.

          Divide and conquer

          • Racism exists for a reason , we dont like each other .We are different , and not in a good way .

      77. I was once a scoffer at all those people who were suspicious of plans that were being masked from public view. I also once thought like a Child.

        (Please note: While I am not discounting the possibilities of highly placed individuals being privy to information about possible major geological or cosmological events, I am not including those considerations in what follows. Also, I apologize for being so deliberate and obtuse in choosing words that are less likely to draw attention in certain databases, but G-Man above is giving excellent advice for all of us.)

        How do they think they are going to establish the new order in the USA? I can only speculate, but it looks to me that the chess pieces are just about in place. First – the placement of the pieces.

        First – A new kind of non-armed hostility has been given very limited attention in the media when actually used by more than one government. (The public seems to give a lot more attention to this type of weapon being used for identity theft.)

        Second – regarding money and all things associated, the experts in managing the wealth of nations and the leaders of those countries have deliberately acted like true morons in their attempts to rescue the status of most of the countries with a history of great financial power and influence(that is excluding one country that might be referred to as dragonland and its immediate neighbors. On second thought, their actions would be considered brilliant if their goals were to achieve the opposite of a rescue!)

        Third – these brilliant actions have pushed these systems well beyond the point where it might even be possible to rescue them if their leaders had both the courage and will to try.

        Fourth – It was “suddenly discovered” that within the last 5 years Dragonland has suddenly moved from a 3rd rate country, regarding their possession of what the world has for millennia considered the most consistent and reliable measure of wealth, to the undisputed number one country on the planet.

        Fifth – (Please forgive me for I am abbreviating the list of chess pieces and their positions such as arrangements that have been made among the dragon, the bear, and the griffin) The eagle just gave the dragon, and only the dragon, the keys to the hidden back door to the biggest bank vault in the world!

        Those were five of the pertinent facts. Now here come the speculations.

        If you cannot see serious high level planning that is being masked from the public in all this, you need to wake up. What better excuse is there for suspending the normal rules of a country than that an international hostile and devastating attack impacting the country’s infrastructure and directly threatening the lives / livelihood of every citizen.

        Bulldog (above) is probably on the right track in that a piece at a time strategy is more likely to succeed than stretching ones resources too thin against a foe. Considering the extensive hidey hole construction scattered from here to yonder, the special ones may hope the the bulk of the pop. will do each other in or simply not make it for long without any of the country’s infrastructure in place. (We who are planning ahead must seem to them to be a small minority.)

        Finally do not forget the warnings of “be informed” above. Now for my part, I am expecting the arrogance of the special people to be the root of their downfall. From what I have learned from this site and others, WE tend to be infused with a sense of humble determination.

      78. I’ve been impressed with the amount of information people are aware of and have been able to gather about upcoming possible events. The government has had a level of self preservation (the government) for quite some time, but they definitely are preparing at new speeds. What’s interesting is the increase purchase from the government in ammunition among different and unrelated departments, likely to fiscal budget ending…but what is it for? For the last several years they’ve also amped up the purchase of rations, etc. and have been preparing local enforcement with militarized style riot control. I think we would be the wiser to prepare more of the same things for self sufficiency, water, long term food storage, emergency kits, self defense. For those folks who’ve been thinking about it for a while…need to get active…do something, anything towards preparedness. Blogs like this one are an excellent source of information and will help you get started.

      79. Greeting to all from aNeewbie.
        I’m sharing what I know to be facts and hope this will inspire everyone to make a better effort, as this serious.

        I became interested in survivalism in 2005. I called a bubby who works at JPL – Pasadena.
        I asked him why the nuke sub hit an undersea mountain, april 2005. (USS San Francisco)

        He replied “Nibiru”, then hung up, this tells me he knows his line is ‘tapped’.
        It’s our signal to have a face to face chat.
        Afterwards, I left our meeting, and did research on Nibiru, aka: Wormwood.
        Needless to sayI sold everything Icould and moved to Montana.
        I presently live in largish city,but at tbe first sign, will head for my BOL.
        And yes, the elites do want to reduce Earth’s population down to less than 500 million- world wide.
        I also research 9-11, and can state in confidence, it was a hoax.
        In any event donot go into any kind of FEMA camp, or accept and .gov transportation, or vaccines. They have their lists and criteria who will survive and who will be disposed of.

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