McGrath: “You Better Look at Reality… and Understand What’s Coming Next”

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Charlie McGrath | 311 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Everywhere we look the masses are hurting. Whether it be the 100 million Americans dependent on the government safety net to survive, or the millions of Europeans rioting in the streets of Spain and Greece, a sense of serious crisis is in the air.

    Over the last four years, slowly and without abatement, the economic outlook across the globe has worsened significantly.

    In France, a new 75% income tax on individuals earning over a million Euro ($1.2 million) per year was announced today. Incomes of $150,000 will be taxed at 40%. French business owners and citizens are scrambling to leave the country to avoid the new legislation. This has been done to offset the billions being used to bail out failing banks and reckless government spending.

    Similarly, in the United States next year, individuals and small business owners will be hit with massive tax increases as universal health care is implemented across America.

    Last week the Spanish Congress had to literally barricade themselves behind police and locked doors as thousands of protesters stormed their Congressional hall demanding the resignations of every representative.

    The austerity sledgehammer is coming down hard, and everyone is starting to feel it.

    The response from the political and financial elite has been to continue doing what they’ve been doing, because somehow the same financial and economic policies they’ve implemented over the last four years, those which have done nothing to increase jobs or economic growth, are going to make a difference now.

    The decline is happening before our eyes. Millions of people in once stable economies have been impoverished by job losses, taxation and out of control price inflation on essential commodities like food and energy.

    Charlie McGrath, of Wide Awake News, warns that what’s coming next is a catastrophic implosion – and none of us will be spared:

    We’re destroying currencies around the world. And if you think it’s for a glorious reason of rebuilding economies and  strengthening growth you better look at reality and see where we’re at right now and understand what’s coming next. 

    Because what’s coming next has played out in history before. You have a situation where very few institutions on top wage financial war against countries of the world, and when economies fall and when civilizations in a lot of cases fall, they swoop in and garner even more power. But we’re doing it on a global scale, digitally.

    You are not sovereign if you have a group of bankers who can dictate the financial policy of your country. You are not sovereign. You are not in control of anything.

    Understand, these guys are all in. You’re not going deeper than zero in interest rates. You are not going more easing than forever.

    It is at the end of the road, and we are circling the drain ready to be let into this total global financial toilet bowl. 

    And at the end of the day they’ll be standing there with the solution.

    They’ll be standing there with a solution when you’re paying 40%, 50%, 60% of what you earn to put food on the table for the kids who moved back into the house. 

    Our politicians are not working for us. They’re working for the people that make the money. Unfortunately in the United States of America it’s not Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution where Congress coins money, it’s a bunch of central bankers that just happened to collapse the economy…

    Europe, Japan, China, and the United States are in serious trouble. It may not happen next week, or next month. But, you can be assured, just as 2+2=4, that a financial and economic collapse is coming.

    It will be (is) unprecedented in size and scope.

    Tens of trillions of dollars in monetary printing in the US, Europe and China has not been enough to stave it off, and all signs indicate that the next round of multi-trillion dollar infusions will do nothing but extend the game just a bit further.

    We have long since passed the point of no return and are rapidly approaching the breaking point.


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      1. I am working hard at prepping and using most all of my time to find good deals, spending cash wisely instead of watching the lies on TV.

        Y’all Beware! Best to all.

        • Same old message. Most of us here already know this. It’s only a matter time. We are over the cliff and about to hit the bottom. Brace yourselves for impact. The biggest question is when will it happen.

          • AZ Ready,
            sooner rather than later I expect. I work as a lease broker for the oil field. The town I live in currently has a 4% unemployment rate. (translated, if you want to work you can) The project I was working on has shut down. There is very little if any work starting up right now. If you were lucky enough to be on a project, you are thanking God, because nothing new will start until the companies see the election results. If the communist wins the white house again, these oil compaies are going to take their ball and go home. Also, if taxamagedon happens 1/1/13 they will be rethinking drilling here. Right now the oil field is what I believe is keeping this economy at water level. When they stop playing watch out. $4/ gallon will seem like the good old days. $5/lb. for ground meat will be a memory.
            I think it is almost time to start packing preps or relocating preps for all of us who can not live full time a a bug out location. I dont plan on being anywhere near here when the SHF.

            • Bulldog,

              A lot of people are getting ready to “bug out”, but stop and think for a moment, when you bug out, you have just rendered yourself a refugee, and we all know what happens to refugees, noone wants them around. There are far too many people who are not in a position to “bug out”, most of us in fact are going to have to hunker down and slog it out. All we have is each other, no government, certainly none of the freeloaders living off the public dole, just each other. Plan accordingly.

            • This reminded me of some items needed to add.

              Get Started with Life-Saving Medical Supplies for $50
              The items in this first section can be purchased over the counter for around $50, provided you penny-pinch! Look to dollar stores and sales, or big-box stores who sell for less.

              The basic list helps combat the top killers, globally, which are as follows:
              • Upper Respiratory Infection–leading to pneumonia
              • Diarrhea—leading to dehydration
              • Wounds—Leading to Blood Loss & Infection

              Source: Secrets of Urban Survival

              Direct link to follow

            • Direct link keeps “disappearing”

              http://survivethecomingcollapse dot com/1506/get-started-with-life-saving-medical-supplies-for-50/

            • CJM,
              Im not bugging out like that. I mean just getting some of the heavier and bigger items relocated just in case it goes south quickly.
              I believe alot of folks are in my boat. We are preppers, but cant live at a retreat full time yet. I am sure alot have alternate locations that are safer where we will go in the crunch, but keep most stuff with them in the “burbs” so some crackhead doesnt steal it when we cant be there.
              Going refugee is the very last resort for anyone in my opinion. I will stay here until I get that sick gut feeling that says “now or never”.

            • @ Bulldog… I also live in an area near an oilfield town. The best part of living in or near these places is the amount of working class people that are conservative in nature. Here you can see a 1 mile shooting range which tells me something. Last time I was at the range I not only seen the large bore hunting rifles but I spotted several AR-15’s, AK-47’s, an old bolt action Mosin-Nagant. I spoke with a few that owned the AR’s and they said they see something bad coming and they’re prepared to fight back as necessary and were blunt about it. I enjoyed that conversation. You’re right about the oilfields. Here it has been up and down consistently. I go into the gun and military surplus shops often to look around and listen to the chatter going on. Anger towards the one’s that have caused this mess is high and it’s about damn time.

            • Yup, I’m pretty much ready to go. The sailboat is full of food, fuel and water and the starving masses are gonna have a hard time getting to me 200 miles offshore.

            • Gator Navy,
              I agree on there being alot more folks with the right attitude of late. My wife was at the grocery store two days ago and a lady started talking to her about prepping. That almost never happens. I think the 3 % rule is gone. I believe it is alot more like 5-10% are trying to prep. The gun store counters here are alot more full of people buying black rifles than hunting rifles. The last gun show I went to was so packed we had to lock the hubs on my wife’s jeep and park in a field adjacent to the show. It was elbow to elbow inside. I just hope the folks buying guns are buying food also. The only thing worse than a starving person is a starving person that is armed to the teeth. 🙂

            • You know the Communist WILL win.

              You know this.

              Romney said what he said, and despite the fact that he was right, nobody wants to hear it, and nobody will EVER forget it. Not ever.

              He probably just set his entire party back by a decade at least.

            • Remember to stock up on first aid supplies. A recent event has found me putting a serious dent in my stock, a real wakeup call…

            • Bugging out don’t make you a refugee…..NOT if you have a bug out spot to go to. I bugged out 5 yrs ago now, I’m at MY location. All my stuff is there, so no panic-ing to get there in the middle of the night/etc. And not forgetting 1/2 my stuff. I sleep ALOT better these days. But everyone needs to realize you really cant wait to bug out. Alot needs to be done PRIOR. Stuff you dont think of now……will pop up/etc….but I have to beleive we are SO CLOSE to the other shoe dropping…..I may have (now) jumped the gun by 5 yrs…..but I live life everyday the same way I will once the other shoe drops…..and I know everything works!

            • CJ and GREENGHOST; Bug out? Where to? 50 to 150 million people will be doing the same thing. The highways will be frozen no movement, people will be walking thru the country side, natural lines of drift. The goverment knows all of this. The military, bad guys, the unpreps, refugees, and your going to make it through all of that. GOOD LUCK

          • AZ – 100% Agreement that “most of us here already know this” – you all are not the one(s) I’m worried about…

            You all of aboout 3% …

            We still need to hit this message HARD – every day – to your local community (friends & family …MAYBE neighbors).

            When I say maybe your neighbors… Feel them out – find out what they are doing to PREP… If NOTHING, well give them hints like “I’m thinking about putting in a well to water the lawn”… and if they come back with “YOU’RE NUTS”… well you pretty much know you can’t go any further with them – DO NOT LET THEM KNOW YOU HAVE SOME EXTRA BEANS YOU’RE PUTTING AWAY…

            THEY will be the first ones at your door looking for a hand-out (and it may not come with a “please”)…

            Have extra for YOUR community – BUT DO NOT LET THEM KNOW YOU HAVE IT…

            • “THEY will be the first ones at your door looking for a
              hand-out (and it may not come with a “please”)”

              That’s why I’m going to handgun training this weekend to be able to handle a 45 if it comes down to that.

            • Isn’t it WORSE when it comes with a “please”?

              A raider… you got no moral issues with that. A pacifist and acquaintance in trouble… that’s a bit different.

            • First things first, #1 rule.. you dont open the door

            • OOOPS

              All my neighbours know ive got loads of stuff stashed, food , medical etc.
              And they all think im nuts.
              And if the SHTF i now realize that i am prob in a bad situation if things become scarce. Bollocks to it !

            • VRF you wont have to they will kick your door down. Sandbags lots of sandbags and a 12 guage pump does wonders.

          • When will it happen you ask.
            Trying to predict when the SHTF is like watching a magician pulling handkerchiefs from his closed fist.
            You don’t know how many handkerchiefs he has in his hand, but YOU KNOW with each one he pulls you’re getting closer to the end of the trick.
            Pray, prep, and pray more.

            • @ Jayjay. I like your magician analogy, may I add something to it. A magician’s “TRICK” is to take your attention away from the deception that he or she is trying to fool the audience with. To see what is really “happening” I have found not to take your eyes off the magician for one second and don’t let anything distract you, no visual image or sound. When you can do this, usually you can see what is really going on. Same case in point with the economies. They will try anything to distract and take your attention away from what is really happening, which is horrid.

              The idiotic elections are an excellent diversion to what is happening to the entire foundation of what society depends on to exist. I have long pictured some moronic scandal in the political setting or even the entertainment world, and Israel attacking Iran and both storied being covered simultaneously. Where the majority of the population can be sidetracked into thinking something else that what is actually happens and matters, you can bet they will do. As you said, don’t let them trick us, prep, pray and really hope you have enough when this happen. WHICH IT WILL.

            • VFR: absolutely right; I can’t believe the fools who even now open their doors for the police when a neighbor makes a complaint. Just because some knocks doesn’t obligate you to answer it anymore than someone clling requires you to pick up the phone. And now is a good time for all of us to STFU about prepping to anyone. If they don’t get it by now they probably never will. But if we keep running our mouths they sure as hell will remember when STSHTF.

            • Jeff

              Bring it up in conversation that you were wasting your time and have donated shitloads of stuff to the food pantry and eaten the rest/eaten it due to money getting screwed and no wages that month./you were fooling around to see what they’d say.

              Anything that implies you do not have stored food.

              Take care

          • It will NOT be a single event. That’s when it will happen. It means it’s happening now, and has been for decades.

          • It will hit like lighting like in Germany from accounts of german citizens.

          • I believe the biggest question will be how far we fall. I am surrounded by many people who are like minded and preparing. Then there are just as many who have no clue. Those clueless individuals will ultimately determine how far and fast we hit bottom.

          • Charlie re iterates the real facts all the time so that most of us will not go into normalcy bias..which is so easy to do..

            That being said..personally.besides laying out your preps et al..practice practice practice defensive and offensive shooting skills..

            and those who have a license to carry concealed or otherwise..carry all the time..with chamber loaded and safety off..

            Statistically..almost all handgun fights are within 15 feet or less and usually last no more than 5 seconds

            As far as long rifle scenarios..that will be yet to be determined…as none of us know what that encounter will bring to the table…


            • I agree with everything except carrying with the safety off. Always keep it on, but practice over and over taking it off while you draw. If your pistol does not allow you to take the safety off in 1/100th of a second while you draw, trade it for something else!!! Practice, Practice, Practice, at the range, at home while watching tv, in the car while you are driving, etc.

          • THE LORD our GOD SAYS OCT,15,2012, IS D-DAY,and just by chance I was told by a friend in CANADA,their military is preparing for action in the USA and are bring their SNIPER TEAMS WITH THEM,they were told to be ready for deployment on Oct.13,and expect to see action on the 15th of OCT,………NOW WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS ALL ABOUT………CANADA????????

          • It is inevitable as to what will happen in the not too distant future. What concerns me, amongst many things, is what the landscape will resemble after the ”reset”. Will we be a nation on the bread line? Are we going to cede what few civil liberties we have remaining just to get a bowl of soup and a chunk of bread. People, and NATIONS never remember history and think that by printing more money with nothing of substance to back it they will create an artificial prosperity. We are so systems dependent now,most of the population would not stand up if they could…As for me, I do what I can to prepare for what will be, as the chinese say ”Interesting Times”…I’d say some time before summer of next year. Regardless of who takes the White House, we are so behind the power curve it is scary..Fasten your seta belts, we are in for a VERY bumpy ride…….

          • AZ READY,the LORD WOKE ME UP YELLING OCT,15th IS D-DAY for america,put on your seat belt and hang on were about to hit bottom…………..

        • I am doing the same thing and trying to wake up friends and family. It is starting to wotrk on some of them and they are becoming aware that I am not a complete nut and what I have said for the last couple of years is really coming to pass.

          Then there is my cousin who because of some physical disabilities is on SSI. She emailed me the other day and asked me when should she be getting her check. I have no idea, I told her. You get this check every month and you do not know when it is suppose to come??? I knew she was despirate for money so I told her that I could help her out if need be for groceries…etc

          Then….she tells me that she needs the money so she can GO BUY HER NEW CELL PHONE…

          I am not kidding. I could make this stuff up. Some people you just are not going to wake up until they are going hungry.

          • Sorry for the misspelling guys…been sick and on meds.

            Stock up on meds too because I can not imagine being this sick and not having meds to help with the symptoms.

            • grow your own….beware sabateurs…er ..”the help”…..

          • I know you know, but I’ve been there, for those reading??
            DO NOT give money–buy the groceries yourself, or give a lift to the grocery store.

            • ohh my…. the drug addicts 🙁

          • To the OP:

            Oh boy. Do I ever know what you mean on that one. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

          • All I can say is WOW……

        • “I am working hard at prepping”

          Me too. My closets look like a U-haul store, they are so full of boxes; but when it goes down; I’ll be re-opening them and living off what I’ve put in those boxes.

          • lena, good choice on a 45 acp. is that your gun you own or thinking about? Yes very good to practice with a gun that has decent recoil like a 45. Not telling you but a 9mm or even smaller can drop someone dead quickly if put in right place and I personally feel a 9mm is a good idea for women since they can shoot mulitple times quickly and keep recoil down and sights on target quickly to make the stop, where I’d hate to see a women miss or a man that is not very consistant get overpowered and killed themselves over the situation. Again not telling you and I love the 45 and great choice but this is for many novice women or men who may feel alitte intimidated over the recoil of a 45 and that can make or break your life in a very quick situation. PLEASE PLEASE don’t believe they are going to be standing there for you to aim and shoot. People move quickly in front of a home door or with mulitple people so practice as much as you can from different angles and targets. As long as you can hit the area of a mans chest quickly and be able to hit multiple targets is more important that trying to get a bullseye each time and taking 2-3 sec to hit that bullseye. Please just try to practice on multiple targets quickly and within the chest area if you get what Im trying to say to novice shooters or moderate even. IF you worry about hitting a bullseye you could get yourself killed if they pull out a gun and shoot you in the arm or leg and so on and that makes you drop and its all over. you want to take down your target as fast as possible and focus on that. you have to assume they will have a gun too always and who is ever faster will win most of the time if they can hit the area of a chest. SO don’t get too wraped up in a perfect bulleye, take down your target quickly and with your nerves calm. I know if this happens the live situation will change how you shoot. you see cops and bad guys miss each other a lot of times from only 25-40 yards away many times. This is not directed to you, its just common sense that can save your life. speed and hitting your target is more important that bullseye in war for the average person. I just dont want someone opening their door and they see a bad guy and pulling a gun on you but your a sec slower since your trying to aim for his heart or head. thats all.

            • You are so right, just like aii the socalled pros that make fun of the 22, until they get shot in the neck with one. When or if it happens, most likely it will be fast and brutal, especialy if solders from other countries are here. You have to have the correct mindset, a combat mindset. TRAIN, WATCH YOUR CORNERS, SHOOT STRAIGHT, get over the fear of the unknown, accept the situation for what it is, AND SURVIVE.

            • I don’t remember who this quote is attributed to, but some guy once said ”Speed is Good, Accuracy is Gooder”

            • .45 ACP is a good choice for a defensive cartridge. My own opinion of the 9mm is that it is a somewhat MARGINAL cartridge for self defense…not saying that it won’t put someone down, but you need something more than 115 gr fmj ammo for the 9×19 to ramp it up…I learned MANY years ago in the USMC that it is the ”hit’s” that count..bullet placement for something like the 9mm round is critical. If the baloon goes up and folks need to protect themselves with either the 9mm or the .45 acp, they gotta remember that their targets are NOT going to be a standard B-27 silhouette target standing still. Good advice on thinking about angles when shooting……….

            • I have both. I keep the .45 in my truck and have the 9mm with an laser sight and super-bright flashlight in the bedroom in case of night home invasions. Of course the pump 12 ga and AK-47 are readily available as well. I love the stopping power of the .45, but you can’t beat the 15+1 rounds of the 9mm for multiple assailants…

        • Not watching the lies on TV, good idea. Reading the lies here, bad idea.

          • No one makes you come here. Surprising that you are even able to read anything bigger than four letter words.

        • It can’t be that bad Charlie or NYC would be burning and DC would be in flames!

          Right????? Charlie?

        • I don’t know about your area but here in San Diego County Target is having a pretty good sale on canned soups. I plan on getting a bunch.

      2. Crystal Ball says war is in the future. If this does not happen, we truly have evolved to a higher plane.

        • Same plane as 5000 years ago and 70 years ago Rick…. IMHO…. We should prepare for the real possibility of war in our lifetimes.

          • WE should prepare for the next war within the next six months if not sooner. Keep prepping.

            And start saving water now. Its money in the bank.

            • Good comment about the water…THAT is a basic NEED for everyone. Who cares about your 2013 Ford F-350 with every option known to man when you are groggy and disoriented while dehydrated. What got me started prepping is video of thousands of people outside the Superdome in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina who had the clothes on their backs…and NOTHING else. I live in a townhouse in a small [ 13,000 population ]city 45 minutes ENE of Seattle. Bit by bit, I prepare, whether it is shaving 20 bucks off of the wifes check to stock up on bottled water or canned soup and crackers…No one knows what will happen in the future,but I’ll be damned if I stand idly by and watch my wife go hungry…THAT ain’t EVEN happening………….

          • Bet you got a “STIFFY” saying that one MAC ?

          • “We should prepare for the real posibility of war in our lifetimes”
            I am pretty certain that tens of thousands of families feel that they have been dealing with wars right now. We have been at war for 11 years now. Our military familes are tired and our youth are being savaged and offered on the alter of war for what? Oil?! Power? We have NO business in Afghanistan. The second we leave the Taliban and tribal leaders will go right back to business as usual. The only way to prevent that is to control the country for several decades, remove the corrupt government and set up schools and social systems to retrain the children. In 20 years they will prefer a peaceful and prosperous society and will try to maintian that. Anything less is just a waste of time and money and precious lives.

            • Yes, but contract the schools out to private companies. If our gov’t sets them up, they will just train the next several generations of good little marxist drones like our schools are doing here now.

        • I know not with what weapons World War 3 will be fought but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones. – Albert Einstein

      3. Lets starve the machine and barter our way to a new government!

        • AnEliteMan: It’s been growing for some time. Plumbers are trading with dentists, massage therapist with mechanics, and where a straight skill for skill trade dosen’t work these folks are trading silver or ammo and such. The beast (banks and government) are loosing more money everyday because their taxes and regulations are forcing people to deal them out. When the middle man becomes a hinderance rather than a facilitator, he’s tossed overboard as dead weight. Good riddance!!

          • Gregory8,
            Where do you find folks that will barter? I would love to quit using their fiat paper as much as possible.

            • Ask. The worst thing that can happen is they will say no.

            • @Bulldog:

              those on this site are good bets, if geographically feasible

      4. BRING IT ON………..

        • It’s easy to say BRING IT ON……… Now give some thought to the death, destruction, chaos that’s going to occur. Chaos on such a wide scale that I don’t care how deep in the woods you think you are, someone’s going to stumble over your redoubt and you won’t hear the bullet that takes you out while you’re trying to raise enough food to just stay alive.

          It’s not going to be some Red Dawn / Mad Max action movie. It’s going to be a fast death at the hands of the have nots who’s only resource is guns or a long slow one from malnutrition because you have no imports to shore up the missing nutrients/vitamins and minerals that you simply cannot provide for yourself in your BoL long term. Something as simple as lack of iodine could eventually kill you. And iodized salt has a shelf life of about 2 years before it’s just salt.

          Dying in a stinking pile of your own fecal matter thanks to e coli from tainted foods.

          Being overcome by mobs where death would be the best thing you could hope for if you’re a woman.

          Having someone pull your teeth so you don’t die of blood poisoning from infection as they go bad without dental care.

          Dying from tetanus when a rusty nail goes through your foot.

          Screaming in delirium from a 105 fever as your body burns itself up from infection.

          Watching your body waste away as fall flows into winter and there’s no food to be found.

          Trying to grit your teeth as your ten year old son tries to dig a bullet out of your gut.

          The children who will die wondering why their parents couldn’t protect them. The wives who will die wondering why their husbands weren’t there to support them. The men who will die because someone thought they might have something, anything of value on them.

          No, let’s not “BRING IT ON…..” Let’s keep hope that somehow, someway we keep this shit train rolling without descending into a dark age where everyone’s life expectancy is measured in years, not decades.

          Read the survivor reports of Argentina, Bosnia, Vietnam, North Korea. See how those in town fared and how well those outside of towns fared before you wish that on yourself regardless of how well you think you’re prepared.

          • Sir,

            You are correct, this should be the last thing any one of us wants. Let us hope that we can retain some vestige of civilization as we begin our descent, otherwise, as you so vividly pointed out, the other option will be horrible. Keep praying, pray as we have never prayed before and while we still can, enjoy the simple gifts the Good Lord has bestowed upon us. Families are beginning to move in together, yes, it’s going to be tough, but we will have a chance to refamiliarize ourselves with what a family should be, not what government thinks it should be. As I have been telling my friends, turn the idiot box OFF, there is nothing on worth wasting our time over, and there is much work to be done. Work together and remember, no man is an island, we will need each other in order to make it.

          • I agree with your post to a point. I feel you are not willing to make the sacrifice, and are willing to live out your life as you are right now, hoping you die before the collapse. To me that is a cop-out. The only hope we have is that we are ready to meet our maker, we do not when or where we will be when he call’s us home.

            • No I’m not really. I have children, three girls who would have to live in that collapse without my support if we can push it off till after I die. So no I’m not hoping I die before then.

              Do I think it’s coming? Yes, I have only the faintest of doubt that it won’t. A small sliver of hope that we pull our heads out of collective rears and steer humanity away from where we’re heading. But that doesn’t stop me in the slightest from doing everything I can think of to make sure my family survives.

              Because when it does, we’re, all of us, all races, religions, creeds, every last one of us are going to be tried in ways that we haven’t for centuries. And we’ll certainly see the darkest and the brightest souls come to light.

          • Yea, entropy is a bitch, but it’s the rule and nothing will stop it.

          • Good Morning, thanks for scaring the crap outta me, have a nice day !

          • I don’t think its going to get that bad all over.

            My guess is, for the US; for a month or two following the collapse or realization that a collapse is coming by a large majority of America; that there will be riots, looting, stealing, food and gas shortages, some cases of zones in cities where you are on your own and many cases of those unprepared losing it, commiting suicide or just dying in the homes.

            After a month or two has passed, the US will start moving along, services will resume and everyone will know its going to be real painful to get out of the whole; but there’s no other way and they commit to doing it.

            IMO, it just has to get bad enough for long enough for a real change to occur; that hasn’t happened yet.

            • Why would it start moving along again? Once this starts there will be no time outs. My personal belief is that the elites have already sold the country and the next problem is getting rid of the current occupants.

            • Hisarmswide is the voice of reason. Listen. You are wishfully thinking.
              We are being ISOLATED via the dollar…
              We IMPORT almost EVERYTHING…
              When the dollar collapses, its game over. Then the two legged system is replaced with the global Beast. Money is the key; Rev 6:6 is the collapse of the black horse(republics) by the failure of money.
              IT IS DELIBERATE. DO NOT think for a second that Chaos is an ACCIDENT… or else you must explain why these college educated suits are so STUPID.
              That is what it comes down to, either they are that stupid, or it is deliberate.
              The Elite have already said what their plans are, but nobody is LISTENING except a few fine folks, the Elect vs the Elite.
              Those who hear the voice of the Holy Spirit telling them PREPARE; For darkness comes. Trim your wicks, fill your lamps and hide in the back room.

              But as hisarmswide said, the only way to win an economic war, is economic means. We must ORGANIZE a prep network of barter, an alternate network by local area and skill/function, get small cottage industries set up and connected… get a barter currency set up and implemented… go “into the wilderness on the wings of an eagle”. Gold eagles, silver eagles, ‘real bills’ barter paper eagles with One Time codes, it is doable. But nobody sees the need…

              You will. As Hisarmswide said, when the last horse, the green horse of Islam rides, you must be connected and underground.

              This is the purpose of, to find each other by zip code, to setup alternate comms outside of websites, to setup a barter market, to setup alternate transportation ‘wings of eagles’, to fly above the chaos on Earth.

              Think. Do. Thrive. Have no fear.
              Wealth = loves+lives+lands. not numbers on paper.

              But in the last days, ‘scoffers’ come… do not listen to the feel good guys, it is what got you into this mess…

            • lena: Do you think Mexico and much os central and soath america Is what we call Third World status?…I do. And what happens if its so bad in them places we all a sudden see masses of say 100 MIllion frantic hispanics Flood across our Barely gaurded southern border?

              They will have zero to lose, a usa fed gov that refuses to stop them now when they still can!

              Perhaps it is mainly Us they desire to rid america of eh?

            • Lena: The US is the one that the powers that be, want on it’s knees. We are the most independant, the most well equiped, the most religeous, the most blessed and we EXPECT the most out of life so when it is taken from us ( yes taken) we are the most likely to go and TAKE IT BACK. And we have done that in the past so without a President or Congress hamstringing our Generals, we will fight tooth and nail. We will be the biggest thorn in their One World Communist Dictatorial Government sides. And they know this so they seek to neutralize the problem immediately. They will hit hardest here! They hate us the most! They want to take what is Gods’- this is and always has been Gods country and people! Make no mistake about it. This will be big and long and ugly and you will only survive BY GODS’ GRACE. This is not WW111. It is a full on spiritual war and they are VICIOUS. They HATE you. Do you get that ? THEY HATE YOU!

            • Agreed, men are mostly good, and this will be reflected in the following times. I can see things getting out of hand in the inner cities, suburbs might have a bit of a rough time, but after things settle down a bit, transportation of food and supplies will resume. There will be shortages no doubt but people especially Americans are resilient. Fortunately most of us are two generations removed from real hardship like our grandparents endured, but there are many where I live that are pretty self sufficient, like myself. 80 acres, cows, chickens, big garden, plenty of beans and other dried foods, we can make it, I also have plenty of 223 and 308 ammo, wood heat, and a large pile of 2x2x4 concrete blocks for making defensive positions, however I really don’t see it going that far, but if it does…

            • I agree. It will be the global elites that set up a new “feudal” type of totalitarian system. Technology will not vanish, it will just be controlled by a few. The have-nots will be slave labor after the guerrillas are systematically killed off.

          • I personally would love to live for the day when my grandchildren and great grandchildren can say “Remember when grama was a crazy prepper and didn’t need all that stuff she saved?” While they are preparing my estate sale.

            • LAG: This has already happened to at least four couples that were preppers I knew from the y2k era. They continued prepping until they died in the past decade, several wives moved in with their kids after dumping all the preps. Lots of money spent for nothing it seems. The heirs ditched all but the silver/gold, rifles, shotguns and ammo. The food bank got most of it. Water purifiers, oil lamps were thrown out. LAG, I hope we never have to use preps, but will rotate the canned goods.

            • I’m using that one LOL!

            • laura m

              Your describing yard sale heaven.

          • @His,
            I’m showing every one I know what you just said. Wow! Great post.

          • ArmsWide, Thank You!!! Anybody ever met a combat veteran who uttered Ramboesque one liners? Not likely. War is not pretty. However, I do believe that conflict not only brings out the dark side of an individual but also offers opportunities for the manifestation of our more angelic nature; courage, kindness, sacrifice…. How will we each react to all the pandemoniun and suffering? Allow me to suggest that there will edifying displays of humanity. Take heart all….

            And remember, non illegitimus tatum carborundum.

            • non illegitimus tatum carborundum—“Don’t let the bastards wear you down.”
              I like that one.

          • This.

            To the power of a million.

            How much crap can you store up? 3-5 year supply? And then… what?

            Better look at making some villages right quick.

            And that makes you a target. So there’s no really GOOD way of dealing here.

            • The goal should be to be able to stay away from any stores for a few weeks. If whatever happens runs longer than six or eight weeks not very many will be making it through alive.

            • John W: I believe the goal should be full spectrum independence for an indefinite period of time.

              That means prep and grow your own food.

            • The Guy: Here’s a way to look at at it. Store enough food to last you long enough to form a community, grow crops and livestock, learn to defend it, learn to govern it effectively, enforce rules, kick out the deadwood, learn to treat medical problems, create barterable goods, and engage in simple trade with neighbors who have different stuff than you have. Simple in concept but exceedingly hard to implement.

              As to making yourself a target by having stuff that people need: I’m reminded of the magnificent quote by Mother Theresa:

              “People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
              If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
              If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.
              If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
              The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
              Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.
              For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

              Guy, being prepared makes you a target, but be prepared anyway.

          • Couldnt have said it better

          • Death N Taxes:…What about the rest?…Whiggers(white nigs) Miggers(mexican nigs) and Jiggers(Tribe ziojew)?

            Last I heard they come in All colors.

            And remember when dealing with negroes…It IS that 95% bad who make it look so bad for the rest!

          • “…and nation shall rise against nation.”
            In the Greek, nation is; ETHNOS.
            Ethnic ‘nation’s.
            Race war will be part of it, when the dark man has his way with you.
            It will be brother against brother, and illegal to be Christian, and bad to be white.

            Learn the secret of the 10, the toes divided, the virgins of goodness that prep and hide, the horns of the Shofars of evil leaders, that are One with the Green horse of Islam.

            Listen to the Spirit, Prepare, for something wicked this way comes.

      5. I’m not to surprised by this.
        Keep on prepping.

      6. I thought that the whole mess would flush in the early 90’s then again around 2006. But every time they pull some trick out of the hat that seems to delay the inevitable at the expence of the citizens of the coutry. Yet, they have done nothing at all to take care of the real problem which is the destruction of small and local businsess with over regulation and downright denial of the right to work and produce goods in this country while at the same time allowing more and more goods to be brought into this country from overseas at slave labor prices.
        Its got to break sometime. Just a matter of when.

        • If one thinks about it, even the current TSA problems helps in the PTB agenda. More and more people are refusing to come here as tourists, hurting our tourism industry. More people are refusing to fly in the country, hurting our air travel industry. They can’t really out-source TSA jobs.

          This is just another way to cut American jobs, and by extension, American cash flow, out of yet more American industries. In fact, the ONLY industries I don’t see being hurt by things happening today are the war, banking and drug industries. The sad part is, the TSA employees don’t even realize they are working their way out of jobs in the industry and adding to the eventual poverty of this country, by turning people away with their antics.

          Maybe that’s why TSA hires a disproportionate number of felons, pedophiles and other criminals…because they won’t matter in the scheme of things.

          People are playing their parts in this decline, they just don’t realize it. The more ways TPTB contrive to hurt American jobs and businesses, the harder we will eventually fall as the economy suffers.

          I believe as soon as they figure out how to dismantle the rest of our (on-shore) job industries, we WILL do down as a nation.

          • When it was first stood up TSA was much worse than now. I attended a retirement class where the presenter was a former Fed. SES level person. He had been called back because of all the problems with TSA. He fired almost a thousand of them for theft. He said that was just him that there was the same problem in many other locations.

        • We are become Rome…
          Instead of Patricians, we have global corp-gov.
          Instead of Slaves, we have H1B visas and outsourcing.
          The Banks don’t lend, and the death spiral ends in;

          “…a measure of wheat for a danarius, and three measures of barley for a ‘penny’, and spare ye not the oil and the wine…”

          The failure of Roman (centralized) money, leads to the death of the middle class… learn the lessons of history…

          The Head of Gold always wins, as the Phoenix rises from the ashes, and becomes the Beast system.


        “The Harsh Realities Regarding Your Future Way Of Life
        “We found the same catastrophic pattern in our energy, food, water and economic systems,” Martenson said. “And these systems could all implode at the same time. Food, water, energy, money. Everything.”

        • Good article. What’s left that the central bankers haven’t fucked up?

          • It’d almost lead one to believe it was their design…oh, wait….

      8. If it wasn’t for my personal faith in what the prophets of old have predicted, I’m quite sure that the feeling of despair would be overwhelming at what is coming against us. It would be fruitless to ‘split hairs’ over particulars in what actually started and where, and how, and why… the conclusion is: it’s already started in Europe and it is well on its way here to the US and the rest of the world.
        One individual where I work just last week made it perfectly clear he plans on being extremely aggressive against the politicians in our state who helped contribute to this mess… I have to think “… what an idiot”… I understand his complete frustration and anger, but you better believe that TPTB have counter measures in place and ready to go… this guy will be experiencing the ultimate “exercise in futility”…
        I keep coming back to Gen G. Patton (and yes, I’m quoting him somewhat out of context, but the words seem to accurately apply): “… stay light, stay mobile, stay on the move.” He also said: “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of mankind… if mountains and oceans can be overcome, anything man builds can also be overcome.”
        No matter how well we’ve prepared with the basics and “barriers”… don’t under estimate the power of “masses” coming for what you have…
        Buckle up people… hell is coming…

        • you mean load up dont ya???

        • If one has the ability it would be wise to move to a small Town that has food and natural gas resources (jobs) within a rural County that resides in a low population density State. Once there make friends with the indigenous population. With some luck (and everyone needs luck) you just might reside in a prepped Town within a somewhat prepped County that is in a State that is not too bad off.

          If you reside in an inherently hostile area regardless how well prepped your the Alamo or Corigadore.

      9. Only The Lord knows the future, any other opinion is just a guess. However, the signs of the times look bleak and filled with storm clouds approaching.

        In The End, there will be but one safe place, one Rock which will not move or give way. ONLY ONE SAFE PLACE ANYWHERE- Jesus is that Rock.

        Yes food, yes water, yes guns and ammo for protection, but unless you’ve got Jesus, you are not prepared.

        • Well, if you have your religion to protect you, you should leave the food and weapons to the more rational amongst us. Or maybe you don’t really trust your lord?

          • religion is not Jesus. Jesus taught against religion and traditions of men. God helps those who try to help themselves. God doesnt do everything for us and it clearly stated in bible. its cleary stated to protect ourselves best we can but that where we fail God will pick up. your comments are spoken as typical as anyone who truly has never spent any amount of real study and time on the truth that is Jesus and what Father truly offers and expects.

            • I was raised by a minister and I know more about the bible (and other writings) than you do. God helps those that help themselves is NOT in the bible.( That was Ben Franklin)

            • Geesh Robert, maybe they have just started their spiritual walk. Let them crawl for a minute before you start kicking them in the ass. At least they have faith, and that’s a better start than those who have yet to wake-up.

              If we can’t support each other on here, what’s left? MSNBC?

            • Heritic:..Did the minister also teach that the Bible says the LORD helps them what Believes in Him?….And dont for the rest. It aint He that owes Us…We owe Him!

          • you should read the Bible, you might be enlightened.

            there’s signs of the end times of catastophes all over(earthquakes, volcanoes, droughts, tsunamis – hmmm), that two nations will come against israel (iran + russia ? – hmmm), that information will be spread to the world instantly (internet – hmmm), there will be a mark of the beast (chip implants into people – hmmm) and that the US will be no where to be found (like where it seems to be under Obama – hmmm).

            i’m not saying i believe this 100%, but if these are the end times; its not going to suprise me.

            • I have read the bible, many,many times. I am particularly impressed by the parts detailing the keeping of slaves and selling your children for sex.(exodus, in case you don’t know).

            • The bad guys read the bible too. If they can convince christians that these ARE the end times, christians will not oppose them. After all, this has to happen so Jesus will come back, right?

            • lena…Thats just pastors today who say america aint found in the bible etc..Perhaps they aint looking in proper verses?

              IE: Most pastors today Ignore vast amounts of old testement and Only speak about any issue they can find related to Jews or isreal. They damn near Worship jews/isreal. Theres no denying it!

              BUT…There are also 10 Northern tribes of Isreal aka the “lost ten tribes” as they are called now.

              But in one part of OT prophet books it says God aint forgot of them ten tribes. AND in the LATTER Days God says He will Re-Gather them(modern day decendents alive when God acts).

              And God will Cause them to Move to a NEW Land(definatly NOT current state of isreal aka old lands of fathers etc) A NEW Land filled with all types of Blessings etc…Read it and no way can it mean isreal in mid east area!

              And in other verses God says He will BLess the “House of Isreal”(Not bless jews) Jacob aka name changed to Isreal when He blessed his grandchildren, twin boy kids Of Son Joseph(one of 12 sons of jacob).

              Jacob told the twin boys THEY shall FORVER keep His name of Isreal…And for 1000 generations They will be known by All of world as “Isreal”…He never said it about “jews” but Ephraim and Manasseh(the twin sons of Joseph, jacobs son).

              God said BY Them and their decendents I will bless Them and all nations and even all familys of earth Will be Blessed. Spiritually it means blessed By Jesus as saviour.

              But God also stated various Material blessings etc.

              If anyone reads Them verses you can’t deny only ONE nation worldwide even comes close to what is described…AMERICA!….A Land withOUT Walls(for protection) Modern jew isreal is FULL of 40ft tall Cement walls!…And God says a land Full of streams and waterways(isreal Lacks water big time!)…

              And where many Cattle roams the land! Isreal=lots of cattle?…NO!

              Read it and see it can only speak of america and Our prior “Melting Pot” of people from all over europe and a few other areas too. Because No other nation in world today meets all definitions described But the usa.

              Answer one question if you believe what todays pastors say is for them jews because they say All I wrote here is promiced to jews and nobody but!

              Answer me this…Be HONEST!! Name ONE DAMN THING “jews” or modern isreal has done or invented or built etc etc that blessed Them or ANY other nations or familys of the world?….If Honest your ONLY True answer can be…ZERO! Nothing jews ever done in past 2000 yrs has blessed ANYBODY!

              ALSO: A Key item is “Abrhams decendents” will be like sand of sea/beaches…AND number as the Stars in Sky, right?(yes)….Todays entrie world population of “jews” is only aprox. 13 to 14 Million total!!

              Besides america how many more whites is/was there compared to that?…Numbers as stars in sky! Yes! Plus, ADD In others from Other nations as Regathered 10 tribes will come from All nations!(where Else but usa is it happened?).

              And in New Testement it says “ALL who under Grace from God become true christian Believers ARE Now Sons/Childrens of Abraham!…The CHURCH aka Christians is the New Covenent Period. No modern pastors can refute this as it IS Written plain as Day Period.! Its reason they twist and Spin verses and LIVE in OT to worship jews and isreal the “state of”.

              I aint knockin them..Its just how it is is all.

              WHO HAS been More blessed as individuals And as a Nation besides America?…NO Others nor nations right.

              Regardless What or Who trys to complaign of how ecil or mean or bad usa is..Thats NOT 99% of US people right!

              Over aprox last 200 yrs since aprox. 1800 era Who else But america has tried to FEED-Protect-CIVILIZE-Empower-Prosper- Most All other nations and peoples besides Us people(americans,white folks mainly)?

              Read that stuf in old testement about The NATION OF ISREAL..aka the “HOUSE” or isreal(10 Northern tribes since solamon died and 10 tribes in north Ceceeded/split into seperate nation/Kingdom) and That happened aprox. 1000 yrs Before Jesus was even born yet!

              Todays preachers are, most all of them, sold Out to isreal zios and jews in general.

              Ever heard many if Any tell you of this stuf?…NOPE! Why Not?….Sold OUT!…Yes!

              What if We are who is spoken of as “Regahtered 10 tribes” in Latter days?..What if America IS that location of a “NEW Land” it says?

              And if so or Yes we are?….Is it posible most of todays super rich scamming pastors who worship Money and jews(same as jews do! self and money worship) are really Avoiding that stuf so They and their “Sinagog of Satan Tribe” can ROB us all of Our Blessings?

              Such as Best Land worldwide? Bread Basket of the world(farmers etc fed entire world! Gave it away FREE to 3rd world folks!) when has any jews or state of isreal done that?…NEVER! Instead they gave us all BANKSTERS and Usuary/Intrest(a Sin in LORDS Eyes!).

              Does anyone truely believe any group that thinks LIES-Murders-Wars instigated by Them and Usuary and Thefts are someone God will actually not just “Bless” but also give a FREE Pass to heaven to?!!!!!!! WAKE UP!

              Today the closest thing to describe what is going on in America is…We are being systematically scammed-robbed-Killed off!- And our God Granted Blessings AND Rights/Liberties also are slowely(much faster lately though!) Being STOLEN as a Whole! as in Whole Nation!

              QUESTION: Who is the ones Gaining it all?…Banksters(jews) and ALL Polititions-Pastors!!-MSM- And Big Corps Heads!…..AKA= THe Sinagog of SATAN!

              And Whos tribe are their Leaders and head honchos calling all the shots?….I will leave that answer blank to see if anyones paying atten here ok!

          • @Heretic
            First off, you have never given absolute proof that there is no God. Yet you claim to be “more rational”, on what grounds?

            By raw numbers alone, there are many more “believers” than “heretics”, in this world, so again I ask on what grounds do you assume that your position is more “rational”?

            Thirdly, Christians are not saved by our “religion” but by our faith.

            You have a faith that you have all by yourself figured out how the universe works. I guess you see yourself are the smartest possiable Being it can produce.

            Christians see and know that there is so much more and we are humble before Him.

            • About 1/3 of the world is Christian. That math doesn’t really work out to “many more ‘believers’ than ‘heretics'” does it?

            • Rev. Ike,
              This is why I cannot find a church. Every church that I have visited is turning liberal in views and swear by 501c. Some even call for turning in black rifles. We currently study 5 days a week with shepherds chapel because we have not been able to find a church that teaches christianity as a reality, not a religion.
              The last church we tried had not one person carrying a bible (except us) everyone was in shorts and flip flops. It seemed more like a rock concert than a church service.

            • A rational mind knows that it is not possible to prove a negative. I ask for proof of his existence, and the silence is deafening. But, yes ,I understand that all science fails when confronted by the wisdom of cattle sacrificing primitives who believe the world is flat( bible says so)and that every species of animal lives within walking distance of Noah’s house.

            • heritic,
              dont ask for proof that God exists. try to prove he doesnt exist. You will never do that. Science has never proven that God is not there. They come up with theories only.
              The bible states that you are put here with free will. If I could give you proof that God exists beyond a shadow of a doubt in your mind, you would more than likely change your mind because of the proof. There would no longer be a desire to believe based on FAITH. There will not be proof for non-believers until they see Jesus in the clouds and every knee bows. Some will say “Jesus I believe now and he will reply “I never knew you”.
              If you died tomorrow and had lived a Christian life and there was nothing after that day would you have missed out on anything? If you died tomorrow and lived a life without God and there is an after life, would you wish to go back and start again?

            • I dont mind the thumbs down in any way. At least give me the courtesy of an intelligent explaination.

            • You have given no absolute truth there is a god.

            • Wrong network you missed the TBN web page by a click so Please……S T F U !

            • I will add to what bulldog said…but its not about proof. None of us have absolute proof of how long the earth has been here, or that atoms are made up of up and down quarks, or how life began on earth, etc. you get my point. It’s all about evidence. And there is more evidence to support the existence of God. As I have said before, science cannot prove…only provide evidence to support or reject a hypothesis.

              But, I’m sure I’ll get some thumbs down again as well, without explanation, because I mentioned God. What is sad is that I don’t thumbs down the of someone who chooses not to believe.

            • her·e·tic
                 [n. her-i-tik; adj. her-i-tik, huh-ret-ik] Show IPA

              a professed believer who maintains religious opinions contrary to those accepted by his or her church or rejects doctrines prescribed by that church.

              Roman Catholic Church . a baptized Roman Catholic who willfully and persistently rejects any article of faith.

              anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle.

              well with the meaning of the word right here I would say there are more heretics in this world. Seeing how anyone who disagrees with popular belief in any form is a heretic of that belief. Meaning that we here on this site are considered heretics of our goverment eh? Granted mostly used for religious use tho.

            • Wow. All the red thumbs certainly show how parochial and ignorant many on this board are, doesn’t it? You can find that information from many sources, or just add it up yourself from country population times predominate religion (it’s called a weighted average). There is a nice pie chart on Wikipedia from the 2010 CIA Factbook (yes I know no one here trusts government anything, but as I said, there are other sources and it’s verifiable).

              So…I am curious. Are the red thumbs b/c you don’t want to acknowledge there is a non-Christian majority in the world? You don’t want to acknowledge anything outside of the US? Because you are just angry it’s not true? Or…?

          • Yes, Jesus protects us, but the Bible also talks about preparedness. We are to prepare as best as we can, and trust the Lord for the rest.

          • I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

            Proverbs 6:6-8 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler,
            Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest

            Proverbs 22:3…A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

            You just had to make me pull out my scriptures??
            Okay, I bit.

            • Exodus 32: 27-29
              Then he said to them, “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: ‘Each man strap a sword to his side. Go back and forth through the camp from one end to the other, each killing his brother and friend and neighbor.’
              “The Levites did as Moses commanded, and that day about three thousand of the people died. Then Moses said, “You have been set apart to the LORD today, for you were against your own sons and brothers, and he has blessed you this day.”
              Whats your point?

            • Heretic,
              Arent you leaving out alot of the scripture pertaining to that?????? Why did he say that? They had started acting a fool while he was on the mountain with God.
              It is interesting how bible bashers will select one or two verses and claim something that has a much deeper meaning and explantion if you read the subject prior to the scriptures. 😉

            • words of Jesus Christ. Book of Matthew.
              The Wise and Foolish Builders

              24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. 26 But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

              We always seem to put the ” put them into practice ” Part out of our minds and forget the words of Jesus from time to time. It is hard at times yes, for we are not perfect, we are all flawed and those who are christians should strive to be better then we are. Honestly there is just too much greed everywhere. We are greedy, If we really followed the bible we would prep to help as many ppl as we can help, and build communities. Someone on this site once told me that god and Jesus were talking to the churchs when they say help the needy. No he was talking to the masses in the book of matthew you know where Jesus started to teach.
              I too struggled with the slavery parts and all the killing that was done and the genocide and such of the old testament. Then I got a nice KJV bible with the red text the words spoken by Jesus. Go thru the bible read just those words. If your a believer if your not who cares just read them. If we would follow these words like we should or strive to at least, in the best way we can we would all be better. Yeah we all do little things to help, that help our own consiouness like giving a couple bucks to the red bucket bell ringers of the salvation army. Some hand change to that homeless guy.
              It sounds very liberal to me when I listen to the words of Jesus. Two fish two loaves feeding the masses, that sound familiar? Imnto saying we by ourselves should try and shoulder all the masses but a few some even a couple we can. Will you really let that child starve? But if we give our supplies away we will have none for ourselves? Why should our hard work go to others? Where are you REALLY placing your riches? I guess as a survivalist it is different for me then the heavy preppers. I know I will help as many as I can when the time comes. I will turn no one away from my fire, I will offer my last spoon of rice and beans to those who need it. What will they take from me? my mess kit? My bow? My Knife? My Medical supplies? Maybe you will be surprised and you will be able to bring them into your community. Maybe that person you just helped out was a paramedic or a doctor or any host of other things that would be useful to have within the community? Just remember Everyone Works No One Quits. If you are capable then you do. If you sew then sew, if you cook then cook, if you garden then garden, contribute and grow togeather.
              Long one sorry 🙂

          • Heretic,

            Religion doesn’t protect you, it saves you in the end. If you were a believer in God then you would find comfort in that knowledge. Your statement actually makes no sense at all. Do you believe that if you are religious, you don’t feed your kids or pay your mortgage because God will take care of it? It is usually the religious folks that set up the food kitchens, provide needed items for the downtrodden, open their doors to the homeless. They do these things because they know there is a better place waiting for them after we leave this earth. While they are here, they try to do the lords work and yes, prepare for things that they may see on the horizon, not just for themselves and their Familys, but for humanitarian reasons as well. Because you believe in God, does not mean you’re stupid.

            • Yes, these things are true, but if that’s the only reason for doing these things, you’re not a very nice person. I too help feed the hungry( people and animals alike). I donate time and money to help the poor. In my spare time I rebuild computers for families who don’t have them. I do much more, not to please some tribal sky god, but because it’s the right thing to do.

          • @ Heretic:

            Carefully read the Bible which you presume to refute:
            Job 26:7 explains that the earth is suspended in space, the obvious comparison being with the spherical sun and moon. A literal translation of Job 26:10 is “He described a circle upon the face of the waters, until the day and night come to an end.” A spherical earth is also described in Isaiah 40:21-22—“the circle of the earth.”

            Note, the Biblical Hebrew word for “circle” (חוג—chuwg) can also mean “round” or “sphere.”

            • Circle Sphere

              A pancake is a circle. And you may have heard the expression “flat as a pancake?”

              The Hebrew word for a sphere like a ball is Dur, which is also referenced in Isaiah, so they were familiar with both terms.

              You may start the thumbs down now.

            • Circle is not equal to Sphere (post cut out some text).

            • @ another comment

              the word כְּדָוִד only occurs three times: once referring to a ball, once referring to a heap, and once referring to encircling (2 out of 3 are 3D) I know you would like to prove no one in the Old Testament knew the earth was spherical, but intellectually you must admit that these words more often than not meant “sphere.” You are fighting a bit of faith within yourself because you are struggling, trying not to believe. As long as you are honest, this can be a worthwhile exercise for you.

            • Before I write this I need to throw in a prologue: I am a Christian, I firmly believe in Judek-Christian ethics, I am a follower or the golden rule and the 10 commandments.
              That being said: I think one of the biggest problems in this world today is the divide that is caused be people’s hang-ups and profound beliefs in religions or whatever is written in religious books (the bible, the koran, etc.). Don’t you people realize that religion is just as corrupt as government?
              We here like to demonize the evils of our government (which are quite evil) and yet we praise the virtues of christianity. Since the beginning of mankind there have been more wars, more hatreds, and more atrocities committed in the name of on god or another than all of the selfish political movements combined. We’ve had the atrocities of the holocaust, the spanish inquisition, the crusades, the troubles in Ireland, the protestant/catholic wars that caused the slaughter of millions in France during the renaissance, the expansion exploration and religious reeducation of the new world…all fueled by religion (and mostly by christian religions).
              And yet, we tend to stand by our organized religions with unshakeable loyalty. Tell a christian there is no Jesus and you will see views more extremist than any Muslim could possibly imagine…and yet we see them as evil, insane, religious radical extremists. The hatred that many in the Muslim world have for Christians has been brought on by ourselves. 3 historical examples of the Christian world screwing over the Muslims: 1. During the 1st crusade, the Muslims took control of Jerusalem and decreed that Muslims, Christians, and Jews were to live in the city together in peace. When the Christian crusaders retook Jerusalem they proceeded to slaughter all Muslims in the city…oh, and for good measure they also slaughtered the majority of the town’s Christians and Jews as well..because Deus di Volt (God wills it).
              Example #2- during the late middle ages up through the renaissance, there were horrific atrocities commited against Muslims and Jews all throughout Europe…by Christians.
              Example #3- many historians consider WW1 to be the straw that broke the camel’s back in the Arab/Muslim world. The British military managed to convince arab clans to join together under Prince Faisal to help fight the German-allied Ottoman Empire throughout the middle eastern front. The people of the arab/Muslim nations were promised control of their own countries once the war ended. However, true to Christian/European habit, the British and French allies decided to renig on their agreement and force the arab people to adhere to the Sykes-Pecoe agreement which sliced up 90% of the middle east and put it under control of the British and French governments (and also set up puppet arab regimes where necessary).
              My basic point is this: don’t believe for a second that your religion is what makes you a good person. We all (Cristians, Muslims, Jews) need to not only revolt against the evils of our governments, but we also need to shake off the yokes of our so-called organized religions which are nothing but politically-minded corporations in themselves who are looking out for no one but themselves and their power elite. At the true basis of all of the major world religions are common teachings of love thy neighbor, do not kill, do not steal, do no evil, and live in harmony with the rest of mankind (since we are all God’s children no matter what our beliefs). My biggest fear is that after the war against the governments is over we will then find ourselves in an even bigger war of religion…a ridiculous fight over who’s religious views are more “correct”. Open your eyes before it’s too late and realize that every religion believes in God…even atheists and agnostics and evolutionists believe in something. Their beliefs might not mirror yours exactly, but as long as we can all agree on the basics of human morality then we should live and let live. The only true enemies are true evil and ignorance. If you believe Jesus will save you then that’s awesome, but it doesn’t mean the person who doesn’t believe the same is wrong or is in anyway a lesser person than you. Our government has made Muslims the Bogeyman because the majority of the sheeple are ignorant and scared of anything they don’t fully understand so TPTB manipulate us into believing we share a common enemy. The governments in the Muslim world do the same thing vice-versa to their people. We are their bogeymen. All of this needs to stop.
              But the truth is that any government, religious organization, or group who does not work for the betterment of humanity and commits evil to further their own gains is the true common enemy.
              Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Atheists- we all need to put our religious differences aside, aknowledge and respect that although our beliefs might be different we all deserve respect, freedom, and the right to live as equal human beings, we all deserve the freedom to worship in our own way and to not be persecuted for our beliefs….and only then can we all combine our forces to help end the tyranny that our governments have placed us under.
              I am not preaching a one world government or a one world religion. I only preach freedom to believe whatever religion each of us finds that works for us individually.
              But we all need to put those differences aside and fight the real enemy.
              We are being used, enslaved, and torn apart by governements and groups that have no respect for ant of us even though we are all one people- we are humanity. None greater, none less, all equal.

            • Sorry, I got a bit off track. I just get so annoyed at these pissing contests about who knows the bible better or which religious views are correct.
              One of the points I did forget to make was this:
              Have faith in your God(s) that you will survive the sh*t but you must remember to believe and trust in yourself when it comes to prepping.
              To quote the Replacement’s song “Can’t Hardly Wait”:
              “Jesus rides beside me, but he never buys any smokes”

              I believe in the Christian God but I’m not going to sit around and wait for a mysterious deity that I’ve never seen proof of or against to provide for me.
              That kind of thinking is no different than the sheeple-mooches in our country who sit on their asses waiting for the government to provide for them.

              It’s foolish to sit and pray for manna from heaven when you still have time to provide that manna yourself 😉

          • good one. You will get slammed.

            • Another Comment: Don’t confuse US with the facts! A lot of these folks don’t even know how their banking system or economy works.

              I have been trying to ‘splain it to them for over two years. I am hoping that repetition eventually finds a niche in their brains and creates a “toe hold”.

              It ain’t easy! 🙂

          • Heritic, seems you struck a very sensitive nerve, see all the dislikes? These holier than thous best get ready to stop preachin and start surviving utilizing their evolved brains and having faith in the human survival instinct. Woops, think I just pissed in the wine.

      10. I am beginning to think that the final shove over the cliff will happen when people try to buy heating oil this winter. Most people have been holding off because they just do not have the money, soon, they are going to be forced to buy, heat or food? Most people will not be able to afford both, and that, I believe, is when the shtf!!!

        • That is when ‘those’ start eating beans and potatoes, no meat?? That is also when ‘those’ close the doors to bedrooms, etc. and centralize their living space to maybe one or two rooms?
          Have I done it?? Damn straight–macaroni and tomatoes and cornbread or biscuit for dinner; and for those open concept spaces there are tacks and bed sheets to board up your heated living space. I’m in a salon, 10′ X 20′ right now in a 2400 sq. ft. home. Why would I need to heat the other space?
          People are so damn stupid; a neighbor just spent $2200 to curb her flower beds to prevent weed eating there…duh..but, charges her propane with fees, and put her homeowners on a 32% credit card?? This she cries to me about!!!
          Now, these, I have no sympathy for.

      11. So many sheeple will not face reality, it’s scarey. As the days go on, I see more and more sheeple turn into being people and see what is happening, but not that many or fast enough. What happens in the next 30-35 days will determine OUR FUTURE. Neither party can fix our problem’s that we have, as we all know they are both own by TPTB. So how do we as people fix the problem’s, the way I see it JUST STOP SPENDING MONEY. In saying that I mean only buy what you absolutely need, STOP going out for meals, sport events, flying, boating, vacations, pratice living off the grid,etc., do ANYTHING YOU CAN not to put money into TPTB wallets, JUST SHUT IT DOWN. THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL GET THEIR ATTENTION FAST. I know some of you own business’s and that will hurt you very bad, but it has to start somewhere. If we can not do this to take back control, then we know what is coming, and instead of hurting money wise we will be hurting physical wise along with money. I don’t know we may be hurting both ways if we shut it all down anyway. It has to stop and we have to get rid of the problem now, or WHAT THE HELL, why PREPARE. If we are not willing to sacrifice now, We WILL NOT LATTER. NOW OR NEVER! Thats my two cents!

        Copperhead out

        • Yes, Copperhead! To unplug as consumers is the best way to unplug from corporatism. But we need to do more.

          We The People are no longer being represented. Our Constitution has been challenged and is no longer our Nation’s law. Our laws are broken and our leaders broke them. We are living in a Nation WROL that is intentionally destroying everything around us. We have unprotected borders. We have terrorism that is never addressed as radical jihad. We have body searches to board a plane, drones flying above, a monetary system that is intentionally being destroyed, a broken medical system that will not be fixed with an unpopular “Obamacare”, a liar for President, and crooks sitting at the Capitol deciding our futures without our input. Enough! If We The People keep feeding the beast, we will continue to grow it larger. Unplug. Starve the beast. Simplify your life and shed the trappings. Walk away from the underwater house. Give up on the game — it is rigged. Walk the walk and toughen up. NOW. It’s time to sacrifice or we’ll die wishing we had.

          • Zoltanne, etc: Some I know have ditched the cable co. and gone to prepaid cell phones. Radio beats TV for the most part unless there is something educational. Can get an outside digital antenna for local stations free. Most is trash tv anyway. Paring down, dumping un used stuff: sell donate, etc. Some are downsizing their houses, it can take hours/days to clean a large house and yard work. Retirees: One car may be enough; one man said to try it, if it didn’t work out, then get a good used car. Insurance and repairs are a big expense.

      12. Please return your tray tables and seat backs to their full upright and locked positions.

        Here we go.

      13. Let’s just pass a law that says 2+2=5.

        Then everything will be o.k. Right?

        • Four legs good, two legs bad!

      14. I compare this to that feeling when you’re on a roller-coaster in the dark (like Space Mountain at Disneyworld).

        You can’t see a darned thing but you feel the mechanism pulling you up, you can tell that it’s heaving you up to the crest, you pause and in that instant you know that although you can’t see the threat you are about to be hurtling pellmell down that big hill, praying the car doesn’t fly off the tracks and send you crashing to your death.

        We’re just about at the top now – hope you’re seat belts are fastened!

        • Hope you and your family are doing well Daisy. btw…good post!

          • Thanks, Bloodyfellow!

            We’re doing well now, although the little one was very sick and missed nearly a month of school – she’s out of the woods and back in school now!

            Have a great day!


      15. A few years ago crabbydogtrix had hair and a small following. He’s been preaching the same stuff for 3 years. Don’t get me wrong I like the guy and the fact that he’s good guy but he needs to take a break and relax. We can’t control everything except what we have contact with… I suggest everyone prepare. Do not panic. Prepare.

      16. the billions being used to bail out failing banks and reckless government spending…

        Welfare for the rich bankers is much worse than welfare for the poor. Welfare for the rich collapses whole economies!

        • It also involves a lot more money.

      17. For those of you depending on Jesus to save them I only have one question? Why did he put you in this situation in the first place?

        God helps those who help themselves.

        • Jesus didnt put us in any situation we put ourselves into the situation. we did it to ourselves.Jesus is our forigiveness and salvation. his people are destroyed by lack of knowledge and so on. Jesus even talked abotu how the building fell on those working on it and asked if they thought Father did it. his response was that accidents, forcs of nature and poor desicions factor. Father very rarely interveined, not to say he never or does not. many who say they are jew(christian) are not. many will run to him and he will turn and say i never knew you.

          • robert: Sorry but You need to RE-Think what you wrote twice now I am aware of. You write “Those who say they are jew(christian)!!!….Thats incorrect as can be. Never heard anyone say that prior. Re Read it! ITs speaking OF and About Jews period.

            Especially Edomite jews who for several centurys before jesus was born migrated from Egypt and Turkey(edom) and MIX married into jews etc. IT has nothing to do with any false christains or bad christians etc. It IS jews its about.

            In rev ch 3 vs 9 it again mentions sinagog of satan jews. It says I know of them who Worships at Satans alter and Where it is located!..You think that one of orig seven churches had an alter of satan in it where “bad” christians worshiped?..Sorry but Re read it all. It is jews like it or not.

            PS My Bibles say nowheres that God didnt give jewws free will to Become new covenent Christians and yet be saved too. Only thing stoppong jews is….Jews themselves due to Stiff necked Stuborness is how God says it.

          • FUNNY ROBERT,but you know going to church once a week doen’t make you a christain anymore then standing in your garage makes you a car……………

          • Wow, imagine what it would be like to be so well liked, so well loved, that you could literally do or say ANYTHING and they still adore you! Imagine the long vacations you could take, imagine the free perks you could shower your friends with at someone else’s expense, imagine the money you could make trading the markets that you control, imagine the book deals, the movie deals, the speaking engagements! Imagine the laws you could enact that benefit your position at the expense of the other side. You could do everything wrong and ruin the nation, but in their eyes, you can do NO wrong.

            Kind of makes me wonder though. They treat this guy like he is their messiah. But when the real Messiah came once, he did everything RIGHT, but they crucified him. He healed their sick, made the blind see, made the lame walk, raised the dead, fed the multitudes with only one small pouch of food, walked on the water, taught them the mind of God, forgave them of their sins, and empowered them with the Spirit of God. The crowd wanted Barrabas instead: the lying, cheating, killer who felt no remorse and offered no repentance.

            Seems as if nothing changes. The crowd chants:

            Give us Barrabas. Barrabas Obama. Give us Barrabas. Barrabas Obama. Give us Barrabas. Barrabas Obama.
            Give us Barrabas. Barrabas Obama. Give us Barrabas. Barrabas Obama. Give us Barrabas. Barrabas Obama………………………………

        • @ Brian
          “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”, Brian. One would be ill informed to try and think His thoughts, or understand His purpose.

          Do the ants in your backyard understand how the engine in your car works? Do the fish in the sea understand the airplane that flys over it?

          We are to walk by faith, not by sight.

          • I don’t tell the ants and the fish to worship me or I’ll burn them for eternity.

            • Perhaps if You created them ants and fishes?…Then You Could tell em that!

            • Angelo Mysteriouso- BINGO!

            • Well I prefer my fish grilled for about ten minutes, but my wife prefers eternity!

        • It was not Jesus or Yeshua that put us in this situation it was we ourselves that put us in this situation. We have not lived his way but have all gone our own way. We have not obey Yeshua or his word and that is why we are in the situation we are in. But he has gone out of our way to get us out of it even though we do not deserve to be gotten out of it but than again he gives us undeserved forgiveness.

          4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.ss6 All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.s7 He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth. Isaiah 53:4-7

          This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief. 1 Timothy 1:15

          The only way out of this mess is to believe Yeshua that he is who he said he is and that is God in human flesh. He is the God Man or as a Pastor here in town says he is God with skin on.

          • I thought it wuz the polertishons!?!?!

        • “God sometimes permits what He hates to accomplish what He loves through the lessons sent”
          Or at least, we learn to appreciate what we do have– our good health rather than struck with a handicap or illness; our testy loved ones rather than no loved ones; our insignificant, boring jobs rather than unemployment; the old car with the bent fender and window that won’t operate rather than no car; the boring, tedious housecleaning instead of being confined to no activity in the nursing home bed with paralysis from a stroke–just a few examples.
          My cup is half full, not half empty.

      18. Just remember to save that last bullet for yourself!!!!!

      19. There is a reason that the Founding Fathers authorized Congress in Article 1, Section 8 to COIN money, and prohibited States from making anything but gold and silver COINS legal tender. They knew what happened when government printed money, as the Continental Congress had done to pay Revolutionary War costs, and they knew what happened to Colonial governments that issued scrip. When the Constitution was being written, initially Article 1, Section 8 also authorized Congress to issue Bills of Credit (paper money) but after debate this provision was deleted. It was clear they intended gold and silver coins to be the legal money we used.

        When new money enters circulation is stimulates economic activity and this drives up prices. But at higher prices money buys less, so the initial boom from the spending of new money is followed by bust as higher prices cause economic slowdown. When gold and silver coins are money, it is difficult to expand the money supply because that requires the expensive process of mining, but when paper money is used it takes not much effort at all to create new money and paper money systems become unstable and unsustainable.

        When banks are granted the privilege of creating new money and loaning it into circulation there is an additional depressing effect on the economy when the loans must be repaid and money is drained from the economy back into the banks. A society burdened by debt finds it difficult to advance economically because of the drag of the debt.

        And of course the public not only suffers the boom bust cycle and the destruction of the value of money in fraudulent money schemes like we have under the Federal Reserve Act, but as interest is paid to banks, wealth is transferred out of the pockets of the public into the pockets of bankers.

        The current monetary system where banks create money and loan it out at interest is simply a criminal scheme to benefit bankers. Government loves it because the banks are willing to loan almost unlimited amounts to government. But it always eventually ends in financial collapse because the system is unstable and it impoverishes the public who eventually cannot repay the debts to the bankers.

        Today we have an economy that the government manages to benefit themselves and their cronies. The financial system is dragging down the real economy and as it contracts those in power do not want to suffer, so they insist on taking a greater share of the contracting economic pie and forcing the suffering on the public instead. The way they are doing this is the bailouts of financial institutions and increasing taxes on the public. You are being forced to suffer more so that those in power can avoid suffering.

        You suffer so that ass clowns like Obama, Congressmen, bureaucrats and their corporate cronies can live high on the hog. And as the public suffers, government then passes out more of the loot to the underclass so that they will vote to keep the ruling class in power. The middle class is destroyed, being driven down the road to poverty.

        My view is that revolution is on the horizon. When the suffering caused by the current system of plunder and control finally exceeds the pain from revolution or civil war, human nature will propel us down the path of least pain, and we will have civil violence.

        • Civil War is in our Future..We are debt Slaves to the Fed and Bankers..We will slip to the point Where all we work for will be Taken at the Point of a Gun(Think Obamacare)They are Invading every aspect of our Lives, We no longer Operate under the Rule of Law..They deem passed whatever they want, EO and Law by Fiat…People its time to Look in the Mirror, and decide if you want to Continue to Live Free, or just wave the White Flag, and Turn the TV back on! We are going to need to fight one way or another, Either Defensive or Offensive, Choose how you want to Die. For me I would rather Die On my feet than Live on my Knees..Semper Fi

          • And your fire team is strong, 3 BARs to the squad, the rest with Garands.
            Semper Fi

          • Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box, pine box. I’d say we’re rounding third and heading for home.

          • They, they, they. Specific names please.

            • Agreed Joe, Start naming names… TPTB, Them, NWO, The FED, The Boggie Man, The Commies, global banksters, etc. You get my point. Let’s identify this enemy and go from there. Sort of like the FBI go’s after organized crime etc. Let’s make our lists with real people or corporations to focus our attention toward.

            • And when anyone Names them?…You will call that person an Antisemite nazi right.

      20. The Fed has created trillions of dollars with nothing to back them up. The dollar is on its last legs as the world’s reserve currency. The big banks are sitting on trillions of dollars. Sometime in the 3rd week of October or later I expect them to suddenly dump trillions into commodities and after the stock market crashes I expect them to buy stocks for pennies on the dollar. It’s all going to lead to the one-world government prophesied in Revelation.

      21. It is the result of man and the sinful world he tainted.

      22. You know, we as humans have lived for thousands of years without banks and shopping centers and dentists. When everything breaks, it will be unpleasant, we will have to notch back what we aspire to have. Start with actually having to find food and water instead of the remote. Life is going to be different, and I just hope there are enough people around who remember how to do things to get the rest of us started.

        • Two hogs in your back yard and a Springfield in your hand.
          Semper Fi

        • Xaxius

          People have survived for thousands of years w/o technology and the expected life span in 1900 was less than 50 years. I already exceed that age.

          I like dentists and most especially my cardiologist.

          • Xaxius: We love our drs and dentists; also enjoy: Publix Market, Target Supercenter, Joes BBQ, Zacks buffet, and other things/places that would go by the wayside if shtf. I exceed that age also. Most alive today have never been w/o all this.

          • So many people confuse “life expectancy” with “average life span”.
            At age 50 in 1900 a white male could expect to live another 20.76 years-the tremendous infant mortality rates a century or more ago were what primarily lowered the “average life span”.


      23. Check this out…

        A delegation of Lakota leaders delivered a message to the State Department on Monday, announcing they were unilaterally withdrawing from treaties they signed with the federal government of the United States, some of them more than 150 years old.

        • Good to see Russell Means is still going strong. The Lakotas may secede before Texas gets to.

          • I really enjoyed him in The Last of The Mohicans. Just remember the govt. did to the Indians what they are now doing to us and the Indians are saying enough. They see the Central Govt. being unable to maintain order so are leaving. Who will stop them?

          • Texas won’t do shit.

        • Wondered where he had been, hadn’t heard any thing about him in some time.
          Guess he is still at it.

        • AllRight!
          You go brother..
          I love the example this sets, and it couldnt come from a better source

          time for all the others to follow suit

        • Figures it would take Native Americans to start this revolution! AIM!

      24. Lines have been drawn within my own family! You are either with us and are helping or you’re on your own. There are people that I’m related to that have no idea what I’m/WE are doing. That is due to trust issues over their life choices mostly bad ones, that goes for a few friends as well. There is one key phrase in my family & friend group that we all understand…………….”((Unit Integrity)). If you don’t have it you ain’t in it!

        In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.


        • You won’t have re-supply, so stack ’em tall. Particularly 30-06. What’s the rule?: 3006
          Semper Fi

          • I’m a big fan of 7.62×51 30-06 are nice as well I have many of both.

          • Grunt,
            You are an old warrior. With that being said, I respect you. I was going to talk some trash to you but I thought about the 3006 reference. The 06 gives you some stand off distance against modern combat individual weapons. The 240’s, and 50’s and maybe some saw gunners will own the 03 or M1. With modern optics on whatever weapons systems you employ are a advantage. I hope you go hard grunt, and get yours. I personally am buying some modern body armor to ride this s**t storm out. Your right the logistics will not be there for you. Get it now or wish you had.

            Semper Fi

            • Standing by in Az,

              I drilled with the ’03 in boot camp and then was issued the M1. I own both rifles today as do my brothers and cousins. I can still get into prone with sling, but I have a time getting up, getting old. I like the 165 grain BT at 2,650 fps in both rifles. I’ve been loading since Hector was a pup. One cousin, like a brother and my age, mustered out a Master Sgt., USMC, with 4 tours in a rifle company in ‘Nam, he and I went in together, but I only did 4 years. When we were pups we each bought a 98 Mauser, surplus, 8 mm, from Sears for $29.00 each. Iron sights and we’ve never looked back. We’ve both still got those Mausers. On my 03-A3 I did install a steel receiver sight, Lyman 48, with 60 min staff and target knobs.
              For me the M1 has the best sights ever put on a rifle. 16 minutes windage and that’s enough for a 20mph crosswind at 900 yards. Our bunch gets together for shoots in the desert. Gives us a chance to stash the good stuff.

              Thanks for not talking the trash. Like my father and uncles said during WW11, “I let the M1 do my talking.”

              Semper Fi

      25. I think Mac’s very simple 2+2=4 is the best way to understand what is happening with the financial well beiing of the country and world. Math adds up, and what those in the economic world are trying to do is say that 2+2= 00, as in infinity. There is absolutely a breaking point and a ceiling to everything. You just CANNOT have the dollar continue to buy what it does today, which is not much, while throwing more money into the system. IT DOES NOT ADD UP, AND CAN’T. Eventually the hyperinflation will hit like getting stung by hundreds of box jellyfish, the poison will be quick and deadly.

        I truly believe that no one can save this from happening without some sort of mega catastrophe happening. Time and time again and again it has been war that is the next cave-in that occurs with a huge dying economy. As Rick says above, war is one of the highest possiblities of occurring. Humans beings have no way gotten on to a different plane of solving problems without killing the other entity that is competing for the same resources. History repeats itself in that the leaders of countries always fall right back into the same pattern of falling back on their militaries when all else fails.

        The U.S. economy is failing, but so is most of the other countries, and the positioning of military forces and the build up of war movements looks so much like before World War 1. It is something that everyone should prepare for, at least give thought to. Oceans no longer separate the consequences of war, even ONLY regional war. The final nail in the coffin could be $300 a barrel oil from a Middle-East war in which there is a tremendous amount of fire power just ready to ignite. Don’t ever trust Israel, as an attack on Iran could happen during any 5 day period within a new moon.

        • On that topic BI, a new theory from Paul Craig Roberts..
          The real deal is Israel wants to annihilate Iran because Iran arms the Hizbollah(his spelling), the only faction standing between Israel gaining water resources belonging to Lebanon.

        • Don’t trust Israel? Israel is not the nation that has been threatening Iran with a nuclear attack. Iran however has been promising that against Israel when Iran gets the bomb. So get your head out of your ass as to who the problem is here. If rumors be true Israel has had nukes for forty years and in that time they have never once threatend anyone with them, even when their back was against the wall in the 1973 Yom Kippor war.

          • @ John W. First of all if Israel SAYS that they will not launch an attack until a specific time, do you believe them? ONLY the biggest fool would. Israel is going to do what is right for Israel, PERIOD. During the Yom Kippur war IF Israel had used nuclear weapons it likely would have been the third world war. Understand this, the USSR had a hair trigger to launch on warning, especially in this hyper sensitive oil rich area. Israel likely did not want to be engulfed in a sea of fire from the Soviets. Israel does what is right for Israel, like most nations on this planet do.

            As whom I am stating is the problem, I DID NOT. Read my comment AGAIN. I simply stated that we as preppers need to look out for the signs of things to come. I am hardly a fan of the arabs, as in Iran, radical muslims. I am far more concerned with a heads up advance warning of something to come than whom is at fault.

            Another thing John, Israel would not be destroyed with one nuke, it would take about a dozen to have this happen. This would take about 24-36 nukes that Iran would have to own to do the job. Only 1/3 to 1/2 of nuclear bombs will reach Israel for many reasons. Israel simply does not want Iran to be able to mass produce nukes like Pakistan has done. Israel will attack Iran when their time schedule says to, and this will likely be +5 or -5 days within a new moon.

            “So get your head out of your ass to who the problem is”. Read what I say, I am ONLY trying to give a head’s up to people to get prepared for what could and likely is coming. I really don’t care about whom is to blame, I only care about the results that affects me and the people on this site.

        • Double digit inflation is not hyperinflation.

          • @ durango kidd. Triple digit inflation is hyperinflation. You say you know about Edgar Cayce. I don’t know much about him, but I am curious about if he said anything about Atlantis rising up again. Many people have theories about Atlantis being the Greek Island that was blown up by a volcano several thousand years ago. Some say it is Antarctica when the planet flipped on its axis. I have heard that Cayce said it is somewhere between Bermuda and the Caribbean. Maybe you could clue me in on this what he actually said.

            I have seen much indication that the Caribbean plate is being squeezed in by the other plates around it. i was just wondering if maybe this could have to do with Atlantis. Did cayce say anything about how he felt Atlantis would resurface and where he thought it had sunk, or whatever?

            • BI: Triple digit inflation MIGHT be hyperinflation depending upon the time frame over which rising prices are measured.

              100% price increases over ten years as noted on this site previously is not hyperinflation.

              Cayce said that parts of Atlantis would rise in the Atlantic / Caribbean around the Bermuda Triangle area exposing the temple that contains the Hall of Records. He said that those records would be the same as those records that could be found in Egypt and the Yucatan. The locations are three. The Records are ONE.

              A sunken City has been located of the coast of Cuba, which is likely Atlantean, and other edifices off the coast of the Azores.

              While it is likely that many cultures and civilizations are submerged in the Mediterranian, like that particular Greek Isle, it is not Atlantis, based upon Cayce revelations.

              It might however be a colony, as it compares favorably with historical description handed down by word of mouth, until recorded by Plato.

      26. Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.
        ~ Sholom Aleichem

      27. What are you buying?

      28. Problem is that this CAN continue like this for another 10 year’s or more and I SUSPECT that they won’t collapse this system until they have another one to take its place …..they aren’t going to make themselves targets so let’s be realistic with this !!!!

        • Yes Rich, and most of us hope so. Good luck to you and all who you know.

        • I’m not sure I agree, Rich. I mean, some of the things that have happened makes it seem to me that their illusion of control is just that, an illusion.

          But, if you are correct, then this is no hope for us to ever have a equitable system. We’ll just stay in slavery forever, is that what you are saying?

          I think destiny has a different story to write. I pray it does.

          You’re not very popular here sometimes but I respect your opinions. I hope you’re dead wrong on this one. But, frankly, I just don’t know. If they can keep it going they can enslave us totally.

          The totally clueless (97% of the population) are suffering from a mass version of “Stockholm Syndrome” and they are defending the very system that enslaves them because they have been brainwashed to believe they need it. The reality is that they think without the system in place now, they’re dead.

          I think we’re headed for a de-population. I will avoid it. Thats what we have to worry about next and I think they’ll do it sooner than 10 years and I think they’ll do it by collapsing the economy.

        • Rich99,
          You are such a fool. There is no way this can go on for ten more years. Put down the glue bong and face reality. The money to keep everyone happy does not exist, plus the new EPA regulations that kick in next year will make the situation even worse. I hope those of you who live in cold climes enjoy sitting in the dark and freezing because that is what you will be facing.

        • Ten years is a stretch. Three to five years is more likely. Real war begin soon enough, probably no later than some time next year. War creates chaos (and is intended to create chaos).

          Chaos has unintended consequences.

          The dollar is the weapon of choice used to fund war. With war as an excuse many changes can be implemented by decree for expediency.

          After this war, however long it lasts, a basket of currencies backed by precious metals, could be assembled with China, Europe, Germany, the UK and the USA participating: further integrating China into the Bilderburg / Rothchild Cartel.

          Russia would have to submit its economy to the Cartel to gain equal status for the ruble. It won’t. Brazil is a rebel too but there would be “regime change” for Brazil if they refuse to play the game by Goldman Rules.

          Game on.

      29. Xenu will return and will stop mankind from its own destruction. Then we will have to fear him because he will be the one slaughtering billions. You weak minded fools, you have no idea of your minds true potential.

        • Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

          • Once upon a time (75 million years ago to be more precise) there was an alien galactic ruler named Xenu

            • Yeah, but he found it more profitable to be a diaper salesman, went all in, and then the throw away diapers wiped [sic] him out!

            • oh dear.

            • lol

            • Xenu, oh, jeez, the fantasy freaks have landed…

              I mean, there are tin foilers and then there are just plain crazy people.

      30. Defense spending (offense) climbs yearly into the stratosphere. This is why there is no returning our nation to of, by and for the people. It is an obscene mountain of cash wasted, providing our further decline. We are expected to support this theft and thank this war machine for our safety. The American people, who are the real patriots, are fed up and have had enough. The phony patriots are the establishment rich and powerful. These are those mentioned in the famous quote “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”.

        • remember bunker hill? remember concord? we can do it…its not even a fair fight…patriotism means, taking one for the team, your children an grand children…

          when you break it down, our opposition is a bunch of over weighted, bald headed TSA and DHS goons with minimal range training. and who funds them? a bunch of 70+ year old men…..enlisted military, over the hill national guard will call in sick when the SHTF. their well aware how the govt screwed them over. remember rodney king LA riots? where were the LAPD…hiding in their cars. remember new orleans katrina? where were the police? watching looters and even joining looters..and where is the chicago police when armed gang bangers control large sections of inner cities?

          stand up, resist, show force and build some gallows. day of reckoning is coming. we have the numbers

          • Remember the British at Dunkirk! aka aint that where Brit army had 300,000 Soldiers, the cream of their forces Stranded and surrounded and OUT of ammo and food etc!

            If it weren’t for the Good Graces and willingness to show He wanted Peace etc Hitlers army could have litterally Wipped out most of brit forces!

            Instead Adolph allowed every one of the brits to Return unharmed to england!…..Moral= Do Not get trapped out of ammo as at Dunkirk(I think it was dunkirk anyways?)

        • While I agree that defense spending should be pared back, it is NOT what’s going to bankrupt the country. I’ll keep saying it until I’m blue in the face… ENTITLEMENTS will bankrupt the country and THEY are growing too fast for the economy to keep up. Unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are upwards of a $100 trillion dollars. There isn’t enough money in the world to keep all the promises Uncle Sam made.

          Facts about defense spending:
          It actually peaked in FY 10 at at $691 billion. The budget for FY 13 is around $614 billion. Pulling out of Afghanistan would save about $90 billion. Cut another $200 billion and you’re back to what we were spending pre- 9/11. It won’t matter because:

          Spending on social security for FY 13 comes in at a whopping $820 billion. In FY 10, we spent $713 billion on it. That’s a 15% increase in three years, and there’s no end in site.

          Another $523 billion will be spent on medicare, and that is increasing as well.

          Medicaid spending will come in at 283 billion.

          Entitlement spending already consumes 100% of the revenues to the federal government. Discretionary spending must be funded by debt. It’s a train wreck.

          Blame socialism, not defense.


        • “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”, can be taken two ways. Think about it, if you are capable of that. As for defense being the problem that is the only constitutional duty of the Federal Govt. not to mention that entitlements dwarf it. makes you feel good with all the billions spent on illegals does it?

      31. HisArmsWide and CJMartel, I’m with both of you all the way, especially about “bring it on.” Nobody in their right mind would wish for what’s coming. Lena, we can all only pray the scenario you outlined comes true, but I fear it will be far worse and last for much longer. I’m still prepping all the way up until the last minute, whenever that will be. Be Informed, you’re right on target as always; that’s why everyone needs to get EVERYTHING THEY CAN NOW BEFORE HYPERINFLATION HITS. IF YOU DON’T, YOUWON’T BE ABLE TO GET MUCH MORE IF ANYTHING. Now I’m stepping up my preps shopping during the week as well as on the weekends. Best wishes and keep prepping.

      32. wannna fix this mess? send your politicians, bankers, media and judges photos of mussolini hanging from lamp posts as a reminder of what happens to traitors. If this won’t motivate them to destroy the fed and prosecute the criminal bankers, remind them 500 millions guns of america will, and we know their addresses. it’s unfortunate greece an spain aren’t armed like america is as they riot daily against austerity.

        I know this post will receive thumbs down, that’s expected. I to prefer a peaceful resolution, but because of the blatent openness of these crimes with media, judicial and govt support, negotiation is not an option. rather than turn on our neighbor, band together and return this country to its rightful owners, the people

        • Good idea. Mussolini was hung by his feet from an Esso gas station in downtown Milan. They had to have armed guards to keep the people from beating his head in.

        • What if instead of the usual method so many others tell us is a solution..aka…”Write to senators and reps” etc…What if instead of Letters to them they recieved aprox. 50-100 MILLION envelopes with Nothing but an index size card/note with “TIC-TOC” writen on it…

          AND inside envelope was included a shiny new brass never fired or loaded with powder or primrs(so it remains leagle as just a piece of new brass) 9-mm caseing?!!

          I bet That would awaken a few assholes on the “Hill” no?

          Imagiane all them aides opening 100 million envelopes and see a 9mm brass case fall out!!….OyVey! Oh NO!! tic toc!!

      33. edward Casey said in 1940 that the stock market was going to crash in October of 2012.

        • Edgar Cayce

        • Source for this claim?

        • Link to confirm?

          • Search Edgar Cayce and you will find more startling info than you can probably handle. I believe this guy was for real.

          • Confirmation: Yes I recall it Was spoken at exactly High Noon of the second tuesday of the first week in april. In 1940,,,By….AintJoMamma Indapankakebox….Just prior to her new syrup bottle design!….Oh Mammy!

        • It was Edgar Cayce not Edward Casey.

          • I know Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce never said that. Just a fear monger pushing fear.

            The market will decline like Facebook did when investors recognize that corporate earnings do not support a higher price.

            Its all about the math and gravity. What goes up must come down.

      34. BUG OUT NOW!!!!

        • Mom you have certainly lost your way.

      35. You swim in the sea you were born in. Regardless of the value having paper money is having money, and a 50+ percent increase in stocks is nothing to turn your nose up at. If the Fed is going to print money into oblivion, the ONLY way you are going to increase your money is investing in equities and certain commodities, because you are going to lose money on wages, savings, and bonds.

        That said, a lot of huge bubbles are getting really close to exploding.

      36. there is chatter discreetly/intentially being leaked from in the know federal insiders discreetly advising do not travel between now and november. fact or fiction? given the recent claims by media and politician puppets whom dont know crap about internet security, they’re blaming iran for recent banking breaches. Plus today’s announcemnt china breached white house security that put at risk fumbling the nuclear football to the opposition. what i see happening is the following….1. govt control of the internet controlling and censoring flow of communications by their delusional list of enemies of the state and 2) implicate Iran whom attempted to breach the savings of 300 million americans in hopes of gaining american support justifying an attack on Iran. all this happening at the time we launch mass weapon of destruction called stuxnet virus into iranian infrastructure months ago. recall the hoax months ago how media and white house reported iranian hit squads with mexican cartel connections on our soil targeting a saudi prince? ive never seen such insanity.

      37. Makes you wonder … is their vote is being silenced?

        VA: Military absentee ballots going AWOL in 2012

        “A 92 percent drop in absentee-ballot requests by military personnel in Virginia is raising concerns that the Pentagon is failing to carry out a federal voting law.”

        There are “significant declines in absentee-ballot requests by service members across the nation.”

        Compiling data from Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Alaska, Colorado and Nevada, Eversole’s organization found that military families have requested 55,510 absentee ballots so far this year.

        That’s a sharp decline from the 166,252 sought in those states in 2008.


        • Probably a good indicator of how bad voting participation all over is going to be. The more I read and hear, the more disgusted I get and the less I want to vote.

        • KY Mom,

          Maybe they’ve been reading the Constitution and they’re going to come vote in person with their own voting machines. You know, snap a full magazine in and switch it from “Safe” to “Vote”.

          • switch it from “safe” to “vote”
            I like that idea!

        • There are alot less deployed service people now than then. Remember Iraq is over and all those people are back stateside.

      38. Greetings Everyone!
        For once I agree what Rich99 made mention of being DECADES of this mess happening.How bad can it get?Just look at Greece and Argentina for the future.Most unpleasant for Preppers and Sheeple alike.How you react to a starving child left at your doorstep?Meanwhile,The UBER-RICH continue to live quite “well” as their ongoing machinations continue crushing the 99%.And if the “upper middle class” thinks they’re immune,the UBER-RICH will force them to be just as FUBAR as the rest of us.Since UBER-RICH control the military,LEO’s and the clowns in Washington,theirs will be a pleasant pastime of watching the suffering of everyone else.ANY who try to oppose them will have a FEMA camp named “work makes free” to spend their short life in.There is No doubt that any number of things could occur to upset the plans of TPTB.Personally,I try to prep AND put my best hope in God’s promised Kingdom.Far too many of the Bible’s prophecies are being fulfilled to be ignored(If you believe otherwise,it’s your RIGHT to make that choice,and I’ll respect your right to believe otherwise.Period.)I would suggest reading Matt.24 and 2ed Tim.3 and say we’re not there yet.The one bright note is(if you choose to believe)that the Scriptures ALSO promise a better future to those who “practice what they preach”,since they will be the ones who will be the “survivors” into that Kingdom.
        Meanwhile,back at the ranch…..
        Best to All
        Hope you’ll have enough food and shelter for this day at least.

        • Fellow preppers look in forclosed homes , in the sticks( just bought 1998 built 3/2 bed /baths on 3 acers 42k . Where asking 65k move ready for me not the wife yet.

          • You are 100% correct. OBTW, good find. Now about 10K and sweat equity and your set.

            The wife may debate this but make it good while not really looking good. There will be advantages in appearing poor.

            • Kevin2,
              Agreed! My extended family is appalled by the appearance of our living conditions and don’t understand when I tell them you don’t want people seeing you eat steak while they are eating beans.

      39. Death by a thousand cuts…or a slow circling ride downthe toilet bowl into a third world existence Prepare expeditiously!

      40. this notion of bugging out, hiding, living off your prep inventories, giving up, is exactly what the criminal bankers and politicians want you to do, play into their slavery hands. a failed strategy for you, us, we, and our children’s children. listen people, the enlisted yet exhausted military is well aware of the criminal undercurrent taking over our country and planet. they enlisted to fight enemies of the state, not their cousins, aunts/uncles, neighbors, parents, brothers and sisters. they will rebel against their commanding officer, did so in vietnam, and will do so in main street america. don’t under estimate their allegiance, and knowledge, knowing congress is ready to kill millions in aid supporting their return and absentee ballot. I’m telling you, their is strength in numbers. 300 million people and 500 million weapons…its not even a fair fight. an if we don’t rise up this time, our children will be slaves to these criminals. don’t bug out…take to the streets…like our ancestors did in concord and boston harbor. we have numbers and history on our side and we know their work and home addreses

      41. I’ve been building up my prep supplies for some time now, but I have a question that maybe some of you who are living in the Southwest like me could answer.

        I keep reading that to keep your food supplies in the best condition so that they have a long shelflife, you need to keep them at 68 degrees. Well, how are we supposed to do that when we don’t have basements here and running the air at 68 degrees will drive the electric bill sky high? Even if I could store it in my home, I have a fairly large house but I’m running out of storage space and it can’t be kept in the garage because it would be too hot. Any suggestions?

        • Livin, I hope someone from the SW answers your question — it’s a good one. How well are you prepared with stored water and a water supply that is not utility/city water??

        • In the ground.
          Get 1 foot or so of soil between you and the sun and you will find the temp ideal for long term storage.

          • Well, unfortunately I don’t have any area I can dig up. This house we have, while nice, has concrete in the backyard with an in ground pool on one end and an in ground spa on the other. Why it was built that way, I don’t know as it was done by prior owners. It was the only thing I really didn’t like too much about the house.

            We have grass and flower beds in the front but the size of the yards here in So. CA is not such that you can dig up anything without neighbors seeing. So I guess I’ll have to stick to storing my stuff in the house. Even with closets though, we only have so much room and when you’re trying to store food for a year for at least 3 adults, that’s a lot of space. I also have a lot of water but if I run out, I could purify the pool water, right? As long as marauders don’t jump my back fence which is only wrought iron and looks down a slope to a street below.

            I think bugging in here will be rough but I don’t know where else we can go.

            • @Livin i know your pain. I’m is SoCal as well. It’s tricky and I don’t have a perfect solution yet. The soil idea is a good one, but finding a good area to bury lots of food adequately is a challenge. until then, out of direct sunlight, off the ground but low to the ground is the best I can do then rotating out as necessary

            • Livn, have you thought of removing the in-ground pool? If that were my space and I was unable to leave, I would remove the pool. I’d turn the area into a sunken food garden with several small pond areas and a special sunken section for a food cache that is then earth-bermed. Small pools could have solar pumps that aerate the water.

            • Drain the pool. Roof it over at ground level. Put in an entrance. Fill it with food.

        • Zeer (google it) 🙂

          Guess you could make a very big one.

        • I keep my foods in a bedroom, lots in a closet there..have checked and with air off, it stays about 72 in the closet in the summer, door closed of course, lights off, and same in the bedroom.
          I think every 10 degrees decreases the shelf life about 5 years on lots of things, different on others.
          Now, in my pantry with no ac, I store laundry, TP, BOBs…those things, no foods, or canned goods, or buckets.
          I hate to say this, but I’m not concerned with LTS of 25 years. If what happens that is spoken of happens, if in a few years we aren’t headed to a recovery—then?

          • Sorry–no sunlight from windows either, in fact shades, blinds, and insulated curtains to keep light out.
            Hope this helps.

            • And I can just see my neighbors laughing while I dig that hole in my back yard…why not just dig it in the front for all to see??

        • Get the book Stocking up, how to preserve the foods you grow naturally by Roland Press it is an old book the library may have it. It has several inexpensive ideas for underground storage I also live in the southwest and we store a lot of things underground.
          Good Luck

        • Put in a root cellar and tell neighbors you’re going to try growing mushrooms if any ask.

        • The SW is not always warm. depending on where you live over half of the year is mild. It gets pretty cool even in Vegas from Oct. until April. Most likely you will be dead in a few weeks anyway when the SHTF so why worry.

      42. An old Arib saying says “When the camel is down the knives come out”. Our camel is down and it looks like all the knives are out. It’s not going to be pritty.

      43. As reported on fox today –

        Judging from the media coverage, you might think that our economy was improving. You’d be wrong.

        — Slow GDP growth: GDP rose at an annual rate of just 1.25% during April through June, barely keeping up with the growth in population. The economy has been getting slower and slower since the end of last year.

        — Durable goods orders plunged 13.2 percent in August.

        — Median household income has actually fallen. Income has dropped from $53,718 to $50,678 since the “recovery” started in June 2009.

        • media is aiding an abetting these crimes…hence they to must be perged…

          • and i want chris matthews and laurence odonnell for myself

        • And bad on the Batic DRY INdex, too.

        • scott

          Check out the Baltic Dry Index.

          This economic cancer has metastasized.

          • Oh and the central banks chemo is not only not working but it’s side effects alone will do you in.

      44. There’s a guy that I sometimes listen to on the net. His name is Rick. He has a talk show- it is religious in nature, but it is helpful as far as information about the time that this will take place. His website is He has a lot of different people on there talking about what is to come.

      45. Not a bright future at all. I’d like to say two things:
        Lets say its Dec 1st, and its just been announced That a financial colapse has happened. You are at work and your boss says, “I have good news and bad news; first I have doubled your salary; however, it won’t buy you enough gas to get home…..If money was worthless, would you continue to work for it? Probably not. Do you the police would, or firemen? How about people who work in grocery stores or fast food? How about hospitals and drug stores?

        Theres a lot to prepping than just storing food.

        The other thing is this: There is a lot of anger out there. People are fed up with bankers, politicians, lawyers, pharmaceuticals, monsanto….the list goes on.
        I am a Viet Nam era vet (got out in 73), and there are a lot of angry veteran snipers out there. But what surprises me about all their talk is that at this late stage of the game, they haven’t started taking out the traitors yet. We all took the oath to protect our country from ALL evils, BOTH foreign AND DOMESTIC.

        I’m a 62 yr old disabled carpenter but I can still build a gallows.

        • buzz…give me enough rope to dangle

        • My dh came home in 73, too.

      46. george carlin disclosed their criminal agenda…if you havent seen it on youtube…google, “george carlin, the american dream” he warned us they’re intent is to steal our pensions, our 401ks, our social security. QE capital influx has enabled just that. banks buying companies whom manage pensions and 401ks with interest free money from bernie.

        today, on Daily Sheeple, headline reads, Spanish Government makes official the Looting of Pension Funds

        this occured months ago in Greece. looting of private telecom pension funds.

        next month, Italy, then portugal, france, britain an eventually over here..unless we do one thing…fight/repel them on the streets…

        and after youve lost your job, retirement savings and cant pay your local taxes, they’ll take your home.

        rebel against the criminals..or be their slaves….we have the numbers, its not even close

      47. One thing (among many) that worries me is that we are being set up for perpetual warfare by the many corporations that make money off this. Look at the Middle East, then the numerous other countries facing civil wars, violence over religion, or violence from drug cartels.

        Turning our country into a vast battle, with people picking sides based on race, religion, for or against WallStreet or Washington DC, all with drones flying overhead, and fighting lasting for decades.

        It is a grim thought but there are businesses that would delight in the opportunity as they already do elsewhere in the world.

      48. Bah. I’m on board, don’t get me wrong.

        But when? Not that anyone has an answer.

        It’s coming, we know it. More and more troubled news. But what’s the point if it’s in some distant future.

        I’m prepping regardless.

        • Trying to predict when the SHTF is like watching a magician pulling handkerchiefs from his closed fist. You don’t know how many handkerchiefs he has in his hand, but you know with each one he pulls you’re getting closer to the end of the trick.

      49. War drums beating louder and obvious signs of it to come.Here in Pa,Natinal guard troops are being deployed overseas(ME)now and by yrs end.Public knowledge,no secret.

      50. I am so glad I live where I do…(compound in the middle of nowhere)

        Even though I don’t think there will ever be a true “collapse” per sae, I do believe we are entering, or have entered in some regional locals, a complete paradigm shift.

        The days of easy life and instant gratification will be replaced by hard work and a much pain and suffering.

        I think about how difficult life was 125-200 years ago, and though we won’t turn back the clock to those extremes, with all the useless eaters and the fat, lazy, fancy pants wall street types, the entire landscape of this once great nation will look entirely different 5, 10, 20 years from now.

        Every single move you make is a chance that it will lead to some life threatening situation, and there will be nowhere to turn but a slow painful death.

        Over the last 3-4 years I have been trying to teach my children too SLOW DOWN.

        Be methodical in your movement and actions, your life and mine may depend on it.

        I crushed my thumb in between the universal joint on a PTO shaft this weekend, hooking a mower up to the tractor.

        I have been cussing myself, because if I would have just slowed down, I could have avoided a lot of pain.

        It’s hard to keep working when your thumb is throbbing with every heartbeat all day and into the night.

        Now imagine if your very existence counted on you being able to use that thumb to survive…Scary thought.

        Just a random message to all of you do it yourself sufficiency types…

        Remember SLOW DOWN AND BE SAFE!!!

        The ones you love probably depend on you now, and will even more as we progress into the perilous days, week and years ahead…

        Good luck all!!!

        • I find myself doing the same thing, especially during hay season. Rushing around and thinking I’m making progress and then “pop” there goes a shin,a finger,knee cap or worse, a big knot on the gourd. Not making any headway while nursing a throbbing head.

          Note to self (especially when working around steel); slow down and work methodically. Machines don’t “give,” any. They just bite back.

          • If you are on MediCare as of today you really want to be careful. Today Oct. 1, 2012 is the day the Obamacare provision kicks in where hospitals cannot re admit you if it is less than thirty days since they last let you go home. You just have to suck it up and die quietly in the comfort of your own home. What a guy our ruler is.

        • I really like your thoughts!

      51. “Behold the Pale Horse, on on his back was death, and hell followed with him”…Kind of fits now…

        • “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper is an excellent read about a man assasssinated for trying to open everyone’s eyes during the Poppy Bush/Clinton years. Another eye opener back then was “Compromised, Clinton, Bush, and the CIA”.

          • I have that book, and had the pleasure of meeting William Cooper in Washington DC, in 1993. I hate hearing that he died when it happened. We lost a good one there.

            • You might also want to read, “Comes A Pale Horse,” a historical novel about the plains wars of the 1860s. The Indians won the battles with arrows. The government had the lawyers.

      52. This has always happened when you have imperialism as part of the plan. All major civilizations have collapsed from putting more into the military, fighting wars without paying for them eventually going backrupt, importing goods from outside their boundaries while destroying their own manufacturing base, having a hugh gap between rich and poor etc. You can go further back than Rome to see this process. It happened to the dutch, french, spanish and British and it is happening to us for the same reasons.

        Want to blame someone, blame all of us who fell for the Iraq war propanganda, thought that lowering taxes while fighting 2 wars was a smart thing to do or buying that big flat screen on credit to watch the NFL was a smart idea. And you wonder why we have a deficit?????

        A hundred years ago, the sun never set on the British empire. By the time of the Suez canal in 56, that empire was history.

        An empire that continues to use an unsustainable energy source will be suplanted by one that develops alternative energy. Recently, Germany produced through solar the equivalent electricity of 20 nuclear plants. Who do you think has a better chance of surviving a meltdown? China has plans to make more electic and hybrids autos than any country in the world by 2025 (if we make it that far).

        We developed solar and wind energy technology and the Dutch, Germans and chinese now own those industries while we frack ourselves silly. That’s why Solendra failed, the Chinese took the technology, improved it and sold it cheaper. They spent 35 billion to start 35 companies to do alternative energy alone. Who do you think wants to own that industry while we cater to oil companies etc.

        We think everyone thinks like Americans. Our short term investor focus is killing us. Asians plan over years, decades. We thought we were it in the 70’s and lost our consumer electronics and damn near our auto industry to the Japanese.

        We are competing against civilizations that are thousands of years old. We are but know it all teenagers in the sceam of things, arrogant to boot.Unwilling to learn from anyone.

        Perhaps combat on our own land, even someone invading us will teach us why middle eastren countries hate us for being an occupier (as they always have, read your bible, its there).

        Prepare yourselves for the worse, American is a dying empire and no one will be able to stop our decline. It is our own fault.

        As long as we fight each other like a bunch of spoiled brats (which is what we are)treating our politics like a superbowl contest, we can’t survive and the corporate media mavens know this.

        All media is controlled by 5 companies in the united states. Conservative talk, liberal media. LOL. It’s all controlled by the same people and we are too blind to see it.

        We deserve our collapse and yes, it won’t be pretty.
        T man

        • You Are ckrrect

      53. Sorry to have to say this to y’all who think the military/law enforcement won’t turn us, have you watched the videos of protestors from Spain, Greece, etc? There are too many idiots out there ready for a fight. I actually felt sorry for the law. The anger and hate they were facing up close became PERSONAL, not job. I was in London last year for vacation and my daughter and I got caught up in a protest turned riot and I cannot express the fear I felt, being an innocent bystander with nowhere to go! Even if you’re not a die-hard prepper, anything you can do now can keep you from having to expose yourself to potential danger ie running to the store!

        • i read this weekend greece an spain law enforcement, after being firebombed, have called in sick….when they begin taking casualties, or their homes and families are targeted while on patrol, their loyalty to the criminals will be tested and i contend they’ll join the good guys. i bet money on it…

          and here in america…we’re armed with more than bottles, bricks, stones and a few cocktail bombs. no law enforcement will dare go into LA and chicago or any major city gang territories when the SHTF. and again, when they tow the line supporting the criminals, organized militia will target their homes.

          unfortunately this is about good versus evil.

      54. I see big trouble coming for the world economy. I am one of the lucky few, working and saving a lot and hope to buy my bugout farm in about 2 months. Fortunately I have a job offer for next year but I think I might bug out to my farm instead. Instead of a bank I will put my money into honey, whiskey, wine, and pot.

        • well, then, you shouldn’t be grouchy! 🙂

          • I ain’t grouchy! Unless you become like a guru you will be grouchy. See? OK, man. We be cool!

            Tonight’s debate, should I care? They are both deeply flawed candidates and I wouldn’t vote for either one of these tools if you paid me a million bucks. It is all a big charade while the real work is all the backroom black/psy ops coordination. We the people are but mushrooms that are grown in the dark. George Carlin was right.

            Yes, I am serious about getting ready. Look around, streets around the world is erupting into the streets by the thousands in bloody screams. Coming soon to a theatre near you.

      55. my hubby is somewhat with me prepping but I would like to go balls out and sell the house buy a trailer in no mans land cash out what little we have in 401k but he STILL thinks maybe an election is gonna fix this shit hole we are all living in. I have him suppirting me but not all in the water with me….gets fustrating becasue as a woman it is hard to do it all alone. I can not sell everything without him being all in this with me. I feel like he is selling out the family to live in the coochy coo thinking that we can fix this with a new head hancho. I just feel like I am at a brick wall because I can only get so far. I am thankful we are not in a city but a rural town, which helps I guess, but they will come to take out home when and if we can longer pay. I really do not want to be in a tent living I would rather be in a trailer than that. I guess I will be wherever God puts me I can only do so much. But all these spendaholics printing and printing and spending and spending more than there is paper to print it on make me ILL! Destroy my life and my kids hopes, dreams and futures for what? THey will have nothing in the very end as they will be burning in the lake of fire for all eternity, they will not win in the end..but in the meantime it makes me sick as they jet set and eat really well and do what they want whenever they want to. There will be no riots her in this country as we will be shut down before we even blink…they know people out there have guns so they will hit hard and fast with something ugly I am really thinking this will be horribly uglierthan we are seeing in these other countries where nobdy had anything but rocks to throw, this is gonna be horrific God help each and every one of us

      56. Maybe we should elect some of those lakota into congress. Americans have faced hard times in the past and made it through and if the crunch happens now it would be devastating to this country . When the depression hit in the 30s most people knew how to raise their own food and still had soup lines in the cities. So if it happened now when there are 45 million on food stamps some being mutiple generation goverment assistance what then well hungry people do desparate things. In the past events such as the revolution and the confederacy and others i would bet were born in the church house and it will again its the american way. If communities can stick together and everyone work together and every individ pull his own plow we can get through it. At least i pray. But there will still be many horrors of such as modern america have not seen. Such as watching children die because of no medical care . Just go to some of the cemetarys and see some of the plots where whole familes are buried in one winter. Just so many people dont know how to take care of themselves w/o going to wal mart.

      57. On a blog site a contributor started a thread @15:38pdt today with “I have $130.00 to last me 5 days. Anyone in a worse situation?” currently it has 6971 views and 282 replies, showing all types of situations and regard for those in those situations.

      58. the hunger games??? NWO threw it in our face!

      59. when idle, check out rick wiles, trunews christian radio broadcast dated thursday sept 27, were covered is obama’s connection with the saudis and his plan for america.

        • madder than:…Yeah you can also watch/listen to glen beck spew all that stuf too…QUESTION” How many in usa who own and control MSM-BANKS-FED GOVNT-STATE GOVNT-UNIV ED-etc etc are named “Mohammed” or “Abdulla & the 40 Thievs”?

          Last I checked it was zio names such as Lieberman-Finestien-Goldman & Sachs-JP Morgan- Goldwin/Mayer etc.

          That sound like arabs or muslims to You? I bet that Radio show is alot like John Haggees eh?

          • You know when people start spouting off about the jews,theyre credibility just goes away.
            The names i expected you to say were more like Morgan or rockefeller or Rothchild,bankers.
            Basically greed and the desire for power created much of our problems.
            I watched a long but good video,The Starts slow about energy then talks about all kinds of good stuff,and the people who really control things.Its on youtube i think also.

      60. I put a hundred dollars worth of gas in the truck yesterday, didnt fill it up. Yhen to the market ground beef 4.20 a pound potroast 4.99 a pound organic chicken 9.99 a pound its coming and its comming quick, hold on its going to be a rough ride.

      61. What if we just did not pay the “insurance tax” and said no. what could they do but pound sand, and possibly throw us all in prison.

      62. I’m gona quit working so I don’t have to pay taxes and live off 401k. Then join the masses. Not going to support anyone but my family.

      63. Bug out locations won’t work, they’ll have the freeways closed down (in less than 4 min). Hiding out in your home isn’t going to work either, unless you think you can take on trained foreign military. It’s not going to be like the movies folks where the whole system collapses, unless you were thinking Schindler’s List.

      64. I think a big mistake for many well be,not moving,NOW!
        Not later when things are so bad your forced to leave.
        I sure wouldnt be living in a big city.
        So many people going crazy on guns,i tell folks to buy at least a shotgun and use buckshot,buy some bird shot also.
        Beans n Rice and lots of spices.
        I think were already in a depression,that is blunted by printing money and ever increasing debt.I see a lot of bad stuff coming our way,funny i wonder how many are even aware of it.

      65. Why is it that no one knows of ancient history,how all this is a repeat,keep reading to solve it before it comes down to religion,these desert people had nothing to do but tell lies to travelers and relieve them.We are better off ,too many people getting high,disrespecting the way of things,lovin it up,like flies,no idea of Greek governance ,just parasites to their kind.So,what is up is too much Hollywood telling the world how good their life should be,now everyone needs to adjust to bad changes.In physics I identified seven dynamic cycles,some actually work for us,if we know.Then some can be bad for our counter culture compadres,and sheet heads.Lets take care of business while we have time and this etherial spirit on board and LEVEL THE FIELDS.Your so smart ,what happened 1917,Iran???Did not take a penny to drop them 10mil plus…We got all the resources,now for the consensus.Run or Embargo??????One by one the seven horsemen are we…..

      66. Also,grab all the narcotics,otc pain meds,and the fur coat from the corner drug dealer.There is a reason for all these trials,guess what sort of characters inherit the earth,not big mouth liars,maybe the best thing that could happen,look forward to a toast to victory…..

      67. My guess for Europe going down is January, followed by the US within a few days to a few weeks later. The financial top is already wobbling as the derivatives market shifts this way and that. There’s a reason the US just bought 1.5 billion rounds of hollowpoint and has tens of thousands of FEMA train-sized plastic mass graves distributed around the country. I am prepping so it isn’t any of my loved ones in them!

        Stock up on lentils, green split peas, oatmeal, flour, yeast, sugar, salt, canned food, canning equipment, heritage non-GMO seeds, fuel stabilizer, gas cans, ammo. Get or build a rocket stove. Practice making your own bread. Stock up on medical supplies. Take a class on HAM radio. Learn to sprout your own seeds. Build cold frames so you can start an early growing season. Raise your own chickens so you can have some eggs and/or chicken meat. Coordinate with your loved ones and have contingency plans in place for a couple different scenarios. Pre-stash some of your gear in a lower population density area that’s safe. Pray for our country, our military vets, and for a little more time to get ready.

        PSALM 121 – I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, who made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.

      68. We cannot predict the day or the time. Thousands of predictions have failed. There are some folks who make a living from making phony predictions and spreading imaginary conspiracies.

        I have lived a long life and have seen it all. Things keep sliding downhill but life goes on.

        One thing that seems obvious to anyone – things will get worse before they get better.

      69. Get some balls people. Look at your family and say i have to protect them and get on with it. Quit being scared of them. All they can do is kill you. Get in an ass kicking mood and get on with it. I love America and i will fight to the death for her and not think twice about it.
        when the fighting starts keep going toward the enemy. Do not back up and have to win the same ground twice. the enemy is scared and shooting wildly when you charge him. Take advantage of that.
        You can make acorn bread–eat cactus–wild berries–herbs–roots–fish and small game. Do not panic. Panic will get you killed and then your wife and kids will be in a hell of a mess. GET A BOOK AT YOUR LIBRARY THAT SHOWS WHAT WILD STUFF YOU CAN EAT IN YOUR AREA.

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