McGrath: “This Battleground is Coming to a Town Near You”

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Charlie McGrath | 454 comments

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    Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News explains what it means to live in the United States of Terror:

    It really doesn’t matter what they say. It really doesn’t matter how they twist the facts.

    What matters is how you perceive what they’re telling you.

    They’re telling you that we’re waging war non-stop, for an enemy that we can’t find, that lives in a nation that we can’t describe, a flag that we can’t conquer, an enemy that can’t surrender. They’re tell us the war is going to continue forever.

    And, more terrifyingly, if you want something to be afraid of, don’t be afraid of the terrorist under your bed.

    Be afraid of your own government, who’s amassing ammunition by the billions in agencies such as the Social Security Administration and NOAA. No specific reason is given – these aren’t agencies that are fighting terrorism or fighting foreign wars.

    Now we have Eric Holder, the chief legal counsel of this nation, telling us that the threat he is worried about is the threat that these home grown terrorists pose to the people of this country.

    I am afraid of terrorists.

    I’m afraid of terrorists in Washington D.C.

    I’m afraid of terrorists, financial terrorists, that own the politicians in Washington D.C.

    They’re telling us this war around the world is going to continue because the threat of nodes of Al Queda are everywhere.

    They’re also telling us… this battleground is coming to a town near you.

    Charlie McGrath is a host on the Rense Radio Network.

    Follow his regular updates at Wide Awake News and on Youtube.


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      1. It’s coming and coming soon.

        • You know what is pathetic, that we are even talking about this becoming a reality. When your own government is even considering using their citizens for targets, you know the end is not too soon behind. Throughout human history governments that have turned on their own people end up failing again and again. Yet the same pattern emerges because those way up just cannot learn that this type of control doesn’t work EVENTUALLY.

          Unless some maniac uses some bio-weapon to exterminate most everyone, a war against the American people by those in the government will not work, they are way too outnumbered. This is why I think this time someone might be consdiering using some plague to even the odds out. Getting into a shooting war with Americans is totally unwinnable, even with their miserable little drone army.

          I am really and truly very concerned about just how wicked the government has become, that they could be considering one day releasing some virus that has been engineered to ONLY attack those with freedom cherishing characteristics. In other words those sheep follow the flock and sheep dog would be immune. I imagine they could bio gear this based on brain activity and the chemistry of the different types of personality traits. How about that one for a true nightmare to ponder over?

          • lol, you fucking moron. Are you serious or trolling?

            • They have been dumbing us down for decades. Flouride? Under the excuse of preventing cavites we have been made docile by this water additive. Did you know that in prisons supplied with well water they add floride to the supply in house and that the guards and the other non prison personel only drink bottled spppppring water provided for them? Did you know that those few states that don’t flouridate their water supply have students with higher i q’s?

              • adding to what you said they have been pushing GMO’S, chemtrails, radiation from fukushima that comes down in rainfall and in the pacific from the fish, vaccinations increased that seem to correspond with increase in autism. i believe Obama has let Muslim terrorists come through our southern border etc.prepare as well as we can and stay united and God willing we will prevail.

                • I am far more worried about the Muslim Terrorist in the White House than the threat of ALL OTHER MUSLIMS COMBINED.

                • Jimbo, where do you live…your name sounds familiar.

            • @ omegaman. I NEVER troll. Here is something for thought. There are all sorts of psycho-drugs that are specifcally geared towards brain chemisty and the neuron connections that are not firing off like they should. It is hardly far-fetched to think that those isolated way that each of us thinks can be targeted based on this that there are much differences between the so called ‘rebel’ or ‘maverick’ and the person that is a ‘sheep’ or a ‘conformist’. People like yourself obvious think that brain activity and the physiological make up of a person has nothing to do with genetic, but it does.

              The personality traits of people can be traced to the structure of their bodies for example. They have narrowed it down to 3 basic physical body types; the heavier set person, the athletic model, and the thinner frail type of person. These here are genetic make-ups that can be targeted. Many good research methods are being used to try to discover someone that is prone to cancer and to combat this before it strikes. Like atomic energy it can be used for power or death and destruction in the form of a nuclear weapon. So can this technology.

              Already there is deep research and probable weapons designed by the Chinese to target all non-Asian people with bio weapons. The Isrealis have looked into a biology plague geared to target only Arabs as well as Iranians that have tried to design a biology virus that will only make the Jews sick.

              If you or anyone else doesn’t believe this nightmare can happen, look up bio-genetic, or biogenic warfare. It is no longer science fiction.

              • The Nazis during WWII used steroids (along with heavy doses of vodka) as a type of psycho drug on their own soldiers along the eastern front to induce “roid rage” against the Soviets. It was a desperate attempt by the Nazi regime to keep the men on a front that many knew was a lost cause, and guess what, it worked! Granted, in the end, the Nazis capitulated, but it was at a heavy cost to the Soviet forces. The point here is that yes, mind altering drugs can and have been used in all scenarios by desperate governments.

                • The Nazi’s including Hitler, like some of our own troops on special missions today, used methamphetamine, not steroids. Once on that, no vodka is needed.

                  The last thing the banksters want is a pissed off, heavily armed, populace with ready access to high quality methamphetamine before engaging them in battle.

                  Drugs like Adderall (amphetamine) they have been pumping into the sheep’s kid’s like candy just may come back to bite them in the ass.

              • Omegamans an obama troll.get it…………….

                • No

              • The biochemical warfare is called prozac, zoloft etc. Lots of people being prescribed these drugs to kill their “concern” for things happening around them. Try and get a normal reaction from these medicated people on the issues… “Its all OK …everything is just worry too much..etc. ZOMBIES.

            • @omegaman,
              You calling BI a troll? Who is the troll here?
              Bi has more brains in his little pinky than you were given in your whole brain pan.
              Speculative fantasy is a viable method of contingency planning…

              @BI, your scenario is best served by the Mark…
              I can see the PTB, once you have the Mark, you are given the antidote to a prion based killing machine.
              The only other way to avoid these type of scenarios, is to go UP. When the battle comes, they will be fought from the air… at least around here.

              • I’ve spent the last 3 minutes trying to figure out who is more psychotic, you or BI… GOOD NEWS… you win !!

                It’s people like you who give true preppers a negative stigma with your paranoid delusional comments.

                Please keep the voices in your head to yourself !!

                • I don’t often do this… but…sometimes its just necessary as mama said, just because…

                  Go fuck yourself.

          • Water supply. How easy would that be?

            • Terrifying thought really.

              Everything’s too centralized. That’s a major issue. Best defense is decentralization.

              • We are decentralized. Face it- all of us here want to be prepared and self sufficient, not having to rely on someone else to do what we can do ourselves.

                The government can flap their gums all they want, we’re still the unknown factor to all this. The feds have an idea to how many and how much, but no black and white numbers. We connect here and voice opinions and ideas, but that is a small percentage of us who do communicate.

                The feds have contracted and purchased over 1 billion rounds. Big number! Now how much have We The People have bought and purchased to put away? It’s past the 45 billion mark.

                • Unless you paid cash for everything, they DO know. Unless that land you bought is in another person’s name, paid for with cash, and they pay the taxes with cash, they DO know. Every time you swipe that card, write that check, withdraw a large amount of cash, they add the info to their data base. Believe me, they DO know a lot about everyone in the US by now, and will know even more in the future.

                  • Anybody that has been that nosy into ones personal business and finances will get exactly what they deserve…and they have just about figured it out.

                    There will be no mercy shown to any of these bastards.

                    That is how the planet works.

                    NOMI. FUB.

                • “””Now how much have We The People have bought and purchased to put away? It’s past the 45 billion mark.”””

                  All we need is to place about 5,000 in the right place and freedom could overtake the world.

                  That leaves 44,999,995,000 to put into Obama to finish things off for the NWO and it’s minions.

                  In the end, it not how many bullets the people have, or the corp. It is about how well the people can place the important bullets into the proper targets.

                  I admit the number reserved for Obama may be a bit much. Some should be saved for those who would want to try to take his place or start new counterfeiting operations, i.e. banks.

                • i’d like to get my hands on some of those rounds and ….

                  • VR the DHS is placing 8x8x8 containers around the USA,one is full of weapons the other is full of ammo,their painted sand colored and some are painted camo OD green,keep your eye out for them and you will have all the ammo and weapons you’ll need,their always in pairs side by side….I even heard of them being spotted in truckstops……keep your eyes open for them…………

            • Theguy;
              no harder than fluoridating the municipal water
              supplies like they have been doing since the early
              It’s vague in my memory, but it seems I remember a
              couple of incidents in maybe the seventies about LSD
              getting into city water systems. Not sure about this.


              • That never happened. Propaganda.

                • you don’t think it has ever been flushed in the city system?

                  • Thank you, Tina– you saved my bacon……lol !

                • Eisenkreuz:
                  Three comments down, ‘Tina’ posts a link to the newspaper article that affirms the statement that LSD was found in the water supply.
                  YOUR COMMENT:
                  “That never happened. Propaganda”
                  Due diligence and research is the paramount quality of a TRUTHER.
                  I still haven’t figured out if you are simply ignorant (not a sin) or a deciever (SURELY a sin).

                  • Montgomery,Can you say, he’s a paid obama troll,not stupid just a paid troll,there lots of them,and they are decieved,they won’t realize what they have done till its way to late for them,sad,sad,sad………………

                  • she posted a link to an internet site, not a news paper. ( even if it is a news site it is still not a news paper )
                    Also it is good to pass the word but that was 2008. Maybe an updated story behind it would of been good. A little late but always good to know.

                    And for eisen here is a USA today an “actual news paper” MsM type for you,( because we all know you don’t believe it until you read it from the corp controlled MsM ) that had the story read up and stop your bs 🙂

           Note it is also from 2008.

                • @Eisen,
                  You have been given a chance at redemption,
                  and have been found to be unredeemable.
                  If you were ever accurate… but you are not, and, you are obstinate, prideful, arrogant, and just plain nasty.
                  IOW, a true to life TROLL.
                  Put him on the ignore TD list.

            • The water supply for the DC, may be a bit harder and less effective. The real targets are probably too busy drinking alcohol and fine wine to notice.

          • Beinformed

            When the likes of the following msm talking heads start shouting “collapse” over the airwaves on a regular basis
            I think somethings getting closer..I mean they are starting to sound like us years ago..

            and these are the hard right wingers first

            financial pundits..
            Kyle Bass
            Jim Willie
            Jim Rogers
            Eric Sprott


            • Levin is the worst kind of evil there is. I am ashamed to say he comes from my state. I have sent him 50 emails over the last few months, and I occasionally get a canned response from him. If we make it that long, I will do everything in my power to see he is not reelected, and I have told him that

              • I believe ‘possee’ is talkin bout Mark Levin, radio host.

              • I was referring to the right wing talk show pundit Mark

                Sorry for the confusion..


              • That Levin (Carl) (aren’t there actually 2 of them?) needs to go as well.

                • and Sander…both commies who have been a part of stealing Americans freedoms for decades.

            • “and these are the hard right wingers first

              Hard right wingers? Wrong. Every one of these guys are RINOs, neo-cons, war mongering, Israel Firsters and virulently anti-White, White European genocide supporting, materialistic and greedy, selfish traitors.

              • you did not mention Lincoln worshiper.

              • well said.

                • All 47 neocon repub us senators, includeing Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, are co-sponsering a bill to Ammend the U.S.Const. An ammendment for a “Balanced Budget”.

                  BUT!! Do NOT be Fooled. It is really designed to hand the Prez full Total TAX & Spend decisions and is to Twhart the orig us const Mandates that ALL taxes and spenditures are the SOLE job of the US House of Reps. NOT a prez-not us supremes and not the us senate. ONLY us house reps is supposed to do tax and spend.

                  This swindle of the Inth degree is fully explained by a very Wise const lawyer woman at(see next line down).


                  By Publius Huldah
                  March 2, 2013

                  You can not responsibly support a proposed Amendment to Our Constitution unless you have read and understand the proposal and how it would change our Constitution. You must look behind the nice sounding name! Will the Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) really “reign in” the federal government? Will it really “show them” that they have to balance their budget the same as we do?

                  Or does it actually legalize spending which is now unconstitutional? Is it actually a massive grant of new constitutional powers to the President and the federal courts – a grant which will cut the Heart out of The Constitution our Framers gave us?

                  Snip——–(Go Read these parts too)!

                  Is the BBA Really the Solution?

                  So! These 47 Senate Republicans (and some in the House) are showing you how much they now “care” about fiscal responsibility by supporting the BBA. But think: Why don’t they control their spending now? The Republicans control the House – NO spending can get through the House unless the Republicans approve it. So if the Republicans really wanted to control spending and balance the budget, they could do it now. Why don’t they do it? Because they don’t want to

                  Furthermore, the BBA they support with such broad smiles and glib promises of future fiscal responsibility, doesn’t make them control their spending. Instead, it would legalize spending which is now unlawful and would markedly increase the powers of the federal government. And it would do nothing to reduce spending. In short, the BBA is a Scam and a Terrible Trick.

                  Section 1: They won’t spend more than they take in unless they vote to spend more than they take in.

                  Section 2: They won’t spend more than 18% of the GDP unless they vote to spend more than 18% of the GDP.

                  Section 3: The President will write the budget: He will designate the taxes, and what the money will be spent on. He won’t spend more than he decides to tax you for, and he won’t spend more than 18% of the GDP. The GDP is a computation made by the Bureau of Economic Analisis
                  in the Department of Commerce, an agency under the control of the President. [Do you see? The President controls the agency which computes the number which limits his spending.]

                  Section 4: Congress won’t make a law raising your taxes unless they vote to raise your taxes.

                  Section 5: Congress won’t raise the debt limit unless they vote to raise the debt limit.

                  Sections 6 & 7: Congress can waive the above provisions of the BBA (except for Sec. 4 which says they can’t raise your taxes unless they vote to raise your taxes) when there is a declared war or a “military conflict” which they think justifies their waiving the above provisions of the BBA.

                  Section 8: Courts can’t order your taxes to be raised. [But you can bet your life that this section, together with section 3, will be seen to authorize the President to order that your taxes be raised.]

                  Section 9: I leave this to others to explain. But be assured the President’s minions will define stuff however he wants; make stuff “off-budget” or “on-budget” to fit his agenda.

                  Section 10: Congress can make laws to enforce the BBA, and can rely on numbers provided by the President who is to be given constitutional authority to order tax increases & decide how to spend the money.

                  So! Do you see? You get no benefit from the BBA. But it will cause us irreparable harm.

                  How Would the BBA Cut the Heart Out of Our Constitution?

                  1. It would Transform Our Constitution From One of Enumerated Spending Powers To One of General (“Unlimited”) Spending Powers.(Snip=Go Read it)

                  2. The BBA Transfers Control of the “Purse” from Congress to the President.

                  America’s version of the STAZI? Building Obama’s “civilian national security force” which is “just as powerful just as strong just as well funded as the military” takes money. Lots of it! The BBA will permit the President to write into the Budget the funding needed to build this armed force; and it will be under his sole & personal control.

                  This article contains quite alot More to read. much she explaines with Examples of actual founders federalists papers Quotes etc. Well worth a good look/read of entire article. Do NOT Fall for rand paul or marco rubio et al claims that this is such a swell thing! It Aint!

                  And you just Know dems will vote for it if hobammy can make use of it eh. I wonder if they All will claim it is Bi-Partisan efforts. Say NO to any attempts to screw with Our us const.

                  • Beautifully researched and written. But WHAT do we do? I’ve already written, and written, to my senators and reps. All I get in return is a bland response and a request for donations to their re-election campaign.) . Surely there is something we can do about this. I feel so powerless because it’s obvious (more so, everyday) that we have no form of recourse.

                  • AngeloM

                    I trust not one of the 535 in the vile cesspool of d.c.

                    It’s unfortunate for us that they have at their disposal…

                    ready for this?

                    2,102,269 executive branch employees. Also, these numbers don’t include uniformed military personnel, or data on the Postal Service. It excludes legislative and judicial branch employees.

                    and they all received a 2013 pay raise to boot..!

                    An awful lot of culling to do..


                  • Angelo M” May I have permission to send this to our local paper? I will credit Mac’s blog and, if you give your permission, either quote your user name or whatever you would prefer. I need to know by ten o clock EST, so it can make the Sunday paper. Thanks!

                • Exactly, ALL and ANY AMENDMENT BILL IS A HOAX. Look at the amendment bills were added after the Civil War, they are nothing but a disaster. These high-paid lawyers (apprx. $450.00/hour at your tax-dollars) are conquering the world. They are working for your gov’t and are in every gov’t around the world, including Russia.

                  How do you get 47 neocon repub US senators?????

                  Currently, the upper house has 55 Senators from Democratic Party (D).
                  And five (5) Senators that are from Republican Party (R.) aka the GOP.

                  Democrats CONTROL the upper house, they can kill any bill or stop any President’s Executive Order, including Obama’s Executive Order.

                  Any Obama’s Executive Order is considered an APPROVAL OF 55 DEMOCRAT SENATORS as well.

                  The Republican Party (R) previously refused to confirm HAGEL ( AIPAC lObbyist), but they finally did gave in.

                  from http://www.Japantoday(dot)com:

                  The Senate came up two votes short of the 60 needed to move Hagel’s nomination forward as lawmakers prepare to leave town for a week’s break.

                  Democrats hold a 55-45 edge in the Senate, which must confirm cabinet secretaries and other high-profile appointees.

                  While Democrats hold a 55-45 edge in the Senate and have the numbers to confirm Hagel on a majority vote, they need the support of five Republicans to clear the way for an up-or-down vote on him.

                  • VICKI: Wait!! I have zero problems if you use what I wrote, BUT…ALL I wrote is the very top-intro and a couple sentences at very end of article.

                    That woman lawyer Publius Huldah is whos article this is and its not at her own website(its likely there also) but I found it at newsiwthviews website. You need to First go there and see if she is copy writed and if she allows her articles to be used as you desire to etc.

                    I think it’s ok to do so, since the main info on this balanced budget stuff is public info. BUT her actual wordings may be copyrighted so best bet is check Fisrt or maybe Email Her at Her personal website which is located at Bottom of article- HERE: By Publius Huldah
                    March 2, 2013
           Also check out Her website, listed at bottom Bio on her at that site. She has awsome documented info and is a retired us const attorny. Very intelligent woman for sure!

              • Exactly correct Tucker

              • You are one big fool. No wonder the left owns us. Our ranks are made up of morons like you.

            • O’Reilly is a commie pussie

            • ALL roads lead to soros….he is the TRUE evil and, like a cancer, his deadly tenacles are spreading far…and rapidly. When you connect all of the dots you will see just how far reaching his control truely is….take some time and google all those in our gov’t in relation to soros, among others in the world, and you will understand….

              May God Bless US All….


              • Soros=Less than a small pimple on a Rothchilds ass. Same goes for kissinger and most others whos names are very common knowledge. They are well Below the True evil leaders.

                • Amen, we agree on that AM.
                  The true Evil in this world, is the men behind the curtain… Soros is a canker sore.. the visible manifestation of a deeper evil.

          • You bring up a good point BI…
            What if that bio-weapon only attacks people that eat GMO foods?
            Nah…that’s too out there…but food for thought. ;(

            • Jerrytb, the GMO food IS the bio-weapon.

              • I would certainly agree it is a component …
                Now they just need the catalyst…

                • BTW Zol, The message to BI was a bit tongue in cheek laced with reality…

                  • I hope you all will forgive me, but I’m going to fire up the grill and charcoal a thick,GMO’d,highly hormoned, and overly antibioticied steak. The little woman gets frisky when i fix her a big juicy steak, so i might get lucky. Good weekend to all.

                • Jerrytbg, if there’s gonna be a mass killoff, they’d better get on with it. They have the next election to eliminate and Martial Law to enact.

                  • Ah…I tell ya…
                    What more can they do…
                    I still have this gut feeling the death blow they have in mind is an EMP…

                  • Jerrytbg, that might be the easiest ‘drop’ on the general population but I dunno…..It’s very difficult to have the mindset of this wicked bunch. I’m watching the patterns and it seems that they’re planning for an all-out financial destruction which would render most of the working/middle class to become completely dependent and compliant. They’re targeting the working class to gain their property and independence through a series of legislative manuevers, things the working class cannot escape: escalating taxation, increased insurance premiums, mandated insurance (think gun liability insurance mandate), gas prices.

                    After reading the release of illegal aliens yesterday I decided it was time to change ways. So I will never again buy a fishing license. And if I ever hunt off property, I won’t buy a license to hunt either. A ticket is just a fine (in VA it’s $35) but I’d fight it saying I have more of a right as a citizen to fish for free when this country is overrun by damn illegals and they aren’t even jailed or fined for being in the wrong fricking country. I figure a small case like that could stir-it-up with the right news coverage.

                    What we need is more people who believe in insurrection. Where are today’s Rosa Parks? Haven’t we had enough already? NOMI!

                  • Z. I think that they have already eliminated the effectiveness of elections.

                    On a national level anyway.

                  • HERES the real ugly story,Obama is going to Israel to meet with the false prophet and other national leaders,in the very room the LORD had his last supper in and divide jerusalem in haft,in a deal that will turn over the running of jerusalem to the vatican,and divide the city into palistine and Israeli control,NOW THE LORD SAID I will destroy anyone dividing my city,SO expect a massive and very destructive earthquake to hit america afterward,and it just so happens we will be passing over nibiru in april,and will experience a pole shift of probly 50% in two hours or less,mother earth won’t like being rolled around like that,LEAVE THE COASTS NOW,or die trying after its to late…………….

            • Or .the bio weapon only attacks people who have had a flu shot!!

              • That has crossed my mind as a possible reason they were pushing the flu shot so much this year, even recommending them to pregnant women, who they used to tell NOT to get the shot.

                • Yep… ALL of these shots, GMO and pollution weakens the immune system…takes lots of D 😉

                • What? They’ve been recommending flu vaccines for pg women for as long as I can remember. This wasn’t a “new” conspiracy this year. They tell pg women not to get the spray with a live virus. Not saying the vaccines are good for anyone, but it’s better to use true facts in your argument.

                  • Here’s a good idea. Be pregnant and don’t get a measles vacination. then get the German measles. that’s the ticket to happiness. Better living through stupidity.

          • In our food supply, in every packaged food that does not say nonGMO or organic is a population bomb. GMOs have been shown to produce 70% more cancers and multiple cancers in users. And if you eat them, your great grand children will be sterile. The elite do not eat them.
            So that “virus” against the people is already in our food.

          • drone pilots = valuable targets

            • You will never access “drone pilots”. Drones are a SYMPTOM. Treat the disease.

              eradicate the G Flue: r1, D1, L1

          • Oh man B.I. Thanks for that dude. You know what this means? Now I need to dig my bunker deeper. And please do not provide further sceneros on what could happen at least until I get this freakin thing done. Thank you sir.

            I just want to add how much I enjoy your posts. I look forward to your comments.

            Back to my bunker. Where the hell is that shovel?

            Molan Lobe

            • Meaning no disrespect, but the phrase in Molon Labe, not Lobe.

              • Thank you sir/mam. Fat finger typing is my specialty. The bad thing about it is, I saw the typo, started to correct it, next thing I know, I hit enter. Which goes to prove that my compentcy level on this dang tablet, gadget, thingy sucks. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

                FAP out

                Molan Labe

            • If I worked for DHS or one of the other alphabet agencies I would be laughing myself silly reading some of these posts. Not sure how many are in jest and how many are govt. shills trolling for the stupid to take the bait to camp Fed. Too funny.

          • Be Informed, I have been reading here a long time but have only recently began to post. I always find your post very informative and well thought out. Thank You. If I were the evil minded S.O.B. bent on ruling America I would let the people do most of the work for me. TPTB want our numbers reduced for various reasons so why not collapse the economy, let the rioting happen but only make a photo-op show of stopping it and concentrate my forces on locking down and controlling the middle of the country where the Food and Energy resources come from. Let the big cities on the coasts fight it out a while then go in and secure those areas last, by then the people that are left will much fewer, tired and hungry. In doing so TPTB wouldn’t be trying to control the whole country only certain scetions at a time…thoughts…

            • @ OkieCowboy. First of all I sure hope a lot of other people will jump in and comment like yourself, there are some really bright people out there that can add so much to the site before the nightmare begins and we lose the internet and most communications.

              It is really difficult to think like some of these evil minded characters, I rather deal with Earth Sciences than trying to figure out a warped mind of these elitists. What you say is not only a plausible plan, it would be a good plan for the wicked. It really is going to be determined by just how fast THEY want that control, and how the world circumstances play out. You get a triple slamdown on the New Madrid like back in 1812 and THEY have their perfect storm for 1/3 to 1/2 the country because so much energy flows around and straight through the New Madrid.

              I only mentioned the bio-weapons scenario because it is so much of a perfect target that some maniac could use to get rid of whom would be most likely to cause the real resistance to their sick plans. If they get rid of those that cause them problems and leave the conforming sheep, pack animals, behind to work “the salt mines”. I am not so sure that the elitists want to wipe out 95% of the population as much as the population that would put up a fight against their plans of conquest. That is what worries me the most, never underestimate the evil that an evil mind is capable of.

          • There’s a front page news story on AOL about the Holocaust…shows pictures of all these people, with down-turned faces, worried looks, who just seem like ordinary people. There are soldiers on either side of them. Struck me as i looked at, it could be any one of us. The title says, “Holocaust Researchers Catalog 42,500 Nazi Ghettos, Camps; the Numbers are ‘Unbelievable.”

            • Now go read the Expose’ articles(two articles) that show the Actual NY Times newspaper front page huge photo of the Camp-Liberations, which shows the Actual NY times photo WITHOUT the jewsih man standing off to the side of photo…Then article shows the Doctored Photo We all were shown since 1940 era. Where the standing jew man was ADDED into orig photo!…That articles lists the Actual Dates of photo taken-NY times newspaper issue edition number and date, dates of various usa-brit-russian camp liberations occured on.

              And NONE of it Jives!…orig photo for NY times was taken Prior to camp liberated. Another Date for when man standing in photo was added! etc etc.

              Pictures/Photos back from 1940 don’t lie…OR do They?!!

              PS: while at that website for article and photos be sure to Also scroll Thru main page and observe several More photos and articles regarding, Current “Chimp-Outs” by african hoards and rapists attacks on White Folks, that never seem to get reported on ANY MSM’s…..Hmmmmm.

              Website for above info and Photos is at, incogman dot net

              Tons of Current articles and pictures of antigun crap-attacks on Whiteys not reported on any msm’s-and of course Proof of various WWII Lies etc. It is good to expand horizons to get the Full story eh.

            • Many of those are bogus photos with lying captions.

              Neither Churchill nor Eisenhower mentioned anything about a “holocaust” in their memoirs.

              • Maybe you’d like to provide the timeline when the word “holocaust” was first used. I’m curious about all that knowledge you impart.

                During that era, Hitler and the Nazis referred to their agenda as “the Final Solution”. I doubt Eisenhower used those words either. The fact is Eisenhower referenced the concentration camps as such, literally, and used “atrocities” as well as “torture camps.”

                Here’s one of Eisenhower’s reports (link to follow)

                Eisenhower related his experience at the camp to George Marshall, as follows: “. . .the most interesting–although horrible–sight that I encountered during the trip was a visit to a German internment camp near Gotha [Ohrdruf]. The things I saw beggar description. While I was touring the camp I encountered three men who had been inmates and by one ruse or another had made their escape. I interviewed them through an interpreter. The visual evidence and the verbal testimony of starvation, cruelty and bestiality were so overpowering as to leave me a bit sick. In one room, where they were piled up twenty or thirty naked men, killed by starvation, George Patton would not even enter. He said that he would get sick if he did so. I made the visit deliberately, in order to be in a position to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations merely to ‘propaganda’.

                General George S. Patton described it as “one of the most appalling sights that I have ever seen.” He recorded in his diary that In a shed . . . was a pile of about 40 completely naked human bodies in the last stages of emaciation. These bodies were lightly sprinkled with lime, not for the purposes of destroying them, but for the purpose of removing the stench. When the shed was full–I presume its capacity to be about 200, the bodies were taken to a pit a mile from the camp where they were buried. The inmates claimed that 3,000 men, who had been either shot in the head or who had died of starvation, had been so buried since the 1st of January. When we began to approach with our troops, the Germans thought it expedient to remove the evidence of their crime. Therefore, they had some of the slaves exhume the bodies and place them on a mammoth griddle composed of 60-centimeter railway tracks laid on brick foundations. They poured pitch on the bodies and then built a fire of pinewood and coal under them. They were not very successful in their operations because there was a pile of human bones, skulls, charred torsos on or under the griddle which must have accounted for many hundreds.”

                  • ZOLTANE: From, Friday,2/4/2011 website of Judicial-Inc-archive dot blogspot dot com/2011/02/american-nazi-party-leader-turns-out-to.html

                    American Nazi party leader turns out to be Jewish

                    Frank Collin

                    Fuehrer of The American Nazi Party

                    Skokie, Illinois

                    The Largest Shtetl Of Holocaust Survivors In America

                    One Of Judaism’s Biggest Hoaxes

                    The year was 1977, and most people never heard of the Holocaust. All we knew was that we fought a war against evil Nazis, but the Holocaust never made it to the Silver Screen till the late 1970’s.

                    The early blockbusters, such as ‘Judgment at Nuremberg’, forgot to mention the gas chambers.

                    The Holocaust Genre Needed A Push

                    Frank Collin Lights The Holocaust Fuse

                    In April of 1977 collins demanded to march,through downtown Skokie the largest enclave of Holocaust survivors in America.

                    Jews Mobilize And Shout- “Never Again”

                    In June of 1977, Skokie Jews get an injunction to prevent the march.Jewish lawyer comes to Collin’s aide, Collins goes to the ACLU and their Jewish Lawyer, David Goldberger, has it overturned.

                    For over a year the battle rages, and it’s nightly news worldwide…14 Months Of National News-From April 1977 through June of 1978. ABC, CBS, and NBC bombarded us nightly. Jews were weeping, Nazis were goose-stepping , and endless legal battles fought by Jewish aclu lawyers defending the Nazis, and the right of Freedom of speech.

                    Collin Finally Marches In A Chicago Park

                    In June of 1978, after 15 months of legal battles, Collin lets Skokie Jews alone, and marches in Marquette Park.

                    Angry Jews Confront Collin And His Nazis

                    A total of 12 Nazis show, and they battle with a couple of 60 yr old Holocaust survivors, who whipped the whole pack of stinking Nazis.

                    The Fuehrer Vanishes And Is Discovered to be Jewish

                    His real name is Joseph Cohen,born on Nov 3,1944 in Chicago, conceived in Feb of 1943 in Dashau concentration camp (According to his father).

                    In 1979 Das Fuhrer Caught With Young Boys

                    Collin, and his SS Brigade of four,leave the spotlight until police are called to the Furhrer’s headquarters. Police, fearing a gun battle, aren’t prepared for what they find.

                    Collins is on his knees,and some 10 yr old ‘Hitler youth’ employees are standing there with their lederhosen down to their ankles.

                    Pontiac Correctional Center

                    The Fuehrer is sentenced to seven yrs in prison.

                    In 1979 The Holocaust is Born

                    The Real Birth of the Holocaust Genre

                    In 1979 President Carter started the US Holocaust Commission, and Hollywood geared up.

                    Unimaginable Horrors

                    We soon learn that 6,000,000 Jews were gassed, and over 1.5 million were children.
                    Illinois the first state in the U.S to require holocaust education be included in all public elementary and high school curricula.

                    Books And Movies

                    After Collin/Cohen incident, Hollywood awoke to it’s responsibilities. The era of cable TV , History Channel, and Holocaust movie arrives. They Even Made A Movie,’My Suburban Shtetl.

                    But What Happened To Mien Fuehrer?

                    Frank Collin faded away after serving 3 yrs in Pontiac.

                    The ADL Buys Protection

                    Someone provide him with the resources to buy protection, and he was soon befriended by a guard named Russell Burrows.

                    In 1983 Collins/Cohen was released early, and headed to Wisconsin.

                    The Fuehrer is now an editor of an archeological magazine

                    An Ancient Civilization In Wisconsin.

                    Collin/Cohen Starts A Literary Career

                    In 1987 he publishes his first book, the destruction of Atlantis.

                    Amazingly the Jewish controlled book publishing industry finds out that Frank Joseph, was Frank Collins, but they forgive him and he becomes a successful writer.

                    The Fuehrer In 2005

                    Fuehrer Cohen is now Frank Joseph ~ ‘International Bon Vivant’, world traveler, author, and editor of the Ancient American Magazine.

                    Not only has the Jewish Community forgiven him, they help build his second career. Even some of the ‘Holocaust Revisionist’ sites, such as the Barnes Review have given him publicity.

                    More Hate Hoaxes

                    Was Commander Collin a sincere Nazi, or just another Jewish publicity hoax? Did the Ancients sail to America 12,000 yrs ago, or is that story a hoax too.

                    Has the ‘Commander’ quelled his past ‘Urges’, or in his South American travels will ‘Das Furhrer’ be forced to discipline a young 10 yr old Mexicano boy.

                    Zoltane: you never read that article I posted about the Fake 1940 NY Times camp photos did you?…Thats ok, but perhaps You will go and READ some of too many links and articles to mention here, about this issue at that Judical-inc website huh?

                    If you reject reading such info how can you honestly say anything against it?….Oh and from all I researched on it all, it seems between Eizienhower-Curchill-Stahlin all three mens books combined on the WWII issues, it consists of a Total of 10-11 seperate volumes(books) for all 3 writers, and a aprox. 7,700 total pages!

                    Yet it is my understanding, that not one Single time in all 7,700 pages from ALL Three mens books was Any mentions ever made to:…The number-6,000,000…NOR any mention to “Gas Chambers”. Seems ironic that the Two biggest things jews claim and insist upon, are not mentioned in Three mens voluminious works at all.

                    And if anyone should know of it They sure should, being the Three top comanders/leaders/Prez-Prime minister etc of the Three major allied nations of usa-england-russia.

                    11-volumes of books=7,700 aprox pages yet zero mentions?

                    I do hope you check that website Zoltane. There muct be at least a couple Hundred articles about everything related to this issue and the issue of, Jew-led kommies of russian bolsheviks Prior to the “Nazis” rise.

                  • Angelo, yes I will look at the things you posted and the website.

                    Bear in mind though, that I graduated high school prior to 1977 and not only did I learn about the Holocaust in school, but my best friend traveled to Germany as a graduation gift and visited several of the camps, including Aushwitz and Dachau. And in college, I took several courses on the subject. This was before your cited year of 1977.

                    My husband’s uncle served in WWII and his stories reflected the teachings of history. And a local man I know is a Holocaust survivor.

                • Angelo, prior to leaving a comment yesterday, I did look at the incogman article. That incogman site is over-the-top to me and I just can’t give it credibility. Until this morning I had not checked out the judicial-inc site. So, okay, I read it. Now I can see where your statements have originated from — you read an article and reprinted it here. Here’s my take…

                  So what if Collin/Cohen was a Jew who became a Nazi? Hitler had Jewish ancestry, too. Does that make the atrocities any less evil?

                  It seems from reading both the piece at Judicial-Inc and your own comments that there is great concern that the “Holocaust” wasn’t sensationalized until 1977. And? And so? So what if Hogan’s Heroes was a popular TV show and they didn’t have the concentration camps in the series. I mean if THIS is one of the big-beefs that you have, you’re getting sidetracked.

                  So much of our current events and the sensationalism that goes with current events will die down until time has passed. This will happen with what we are living through right now — in 20 years, 50 years, 100 years, people will know the truth about Obama and the evidence will have surfaced. When these things fall-in-place, the Obama-Reign will become legendary (and not in a positive way, as we know).

                  This is how current events morph into becoming valid history. We can look back in time to see that we usually re-examine history this way. For example, when millions “witches” were exterminated across Europe during the Middle Ages, it wasn’t publicized during that period either. The same can be said about the Salem Witch Trials here in America — regionally they were known, but better information occurred centuries later. And the Indian massacres were certainly given more publicity AFTER the government slaughtered tribes. Does delayed publicity and sensationalism give it less or more validation?

                  The reality is that humans have been involved in physical atrocities for centuries. It isn’t all about the joooows, although religion and the power behind organized religion breeds the power behind any organized criminal atrocity.

                  Might I suggest that you read the actual historical accounts from legitimate books that have been well researched instead of those sensationalistic websites where there is a lack of substantiation and credibility? Get the older history books, before the Progressive revisionists began to re-vamp the truth. Go for the books that are pre-1960 and DIG IN. Use your passion to form your own opinions, rather than adopting the point-of-view from others. The truth comes from the source, not through sensationalistic websites who compare Hugh Hefner’s face with the face of other Jews and make that insidious leap to connect them.

                  • Those books and articles you speak of were All written by the Winners of WWII. And mostly by jews such as eli weazel with massive vested intrests for Gains of $$$$$$$.

                    The 6 million also ties in with cabala black-majik rabbis etc. It seems any websites that disagres with what you asume is valid history acounts are too over the top or not worthy to bother with. If so you will likely never change your views on these issues.

                    Those websites have many articles which show actual quotes from sources such sa geroge pattons diary etc. What patton said in “public” while in Uniform varries quite alot from his personal diary views. I think his personal diary views carry far More weight as to truth. If you reject that?…Thats your choice. I too used to believe as you do. Then I awoke.

                  • Angelo, from what comments I’ve read from you on this site, I can’t believe you “awoke”. The hardcore anti-semitic belief you own was instilled in you prior to all this deep reading you think you’re doing. But as long as we have the freedom to our own thoughts and our own speech, have at it.

                  • Angelo, No, the death of 6 million Jews comes from information gathered. In Eichmann’s own words, he said as much. How do you explain away Eichmann’s self-incrimination with his line, “I will leap into my grave laughing because the feeling that I have five million human beings on my conscience is for me a source of extraordinary satisfaction.” (quoted from The Adolph Eichmann Trial, 1961. pp. 332–337; 1997)

                    Here’s a webpage dedicated to folks like you:


              • You sir are full of crap. That is one of the reasons Eisenhower let the Germans starve for two years until the Marshall Plan kicked in. You probably think all the GIs who saw the camps were lying to.Just think if the NAZIS had not wasted all those people and resources killing Jews they would have won the war. Makes you sad I bet.

            • Antisemitic= All who question anything jews say.

              There are even a “few” honest jew folks who have admited they make use of the word “antisemitic” as a Weapon to Stiffle gentiles from all forms of questioning what jews claim or say etc.

              I wont bother to search again for the actual quotes by them as it is near imposible to recall every place you find info at today. And some people will Never consider it as fact or truth regardless who said it or where it is documented from. They are kinda alot like todays Libs…”Don’t care what the real facts is as my mind is already made up, so stop confusing me with “Facts”.”

              • Angelo wrote: They are kinda alot like todays Libs…”Don’t care what the real facts is as my mind is already made up, so stop confusing me with “Facts”.

                Seems there are more than just the Libs doing that one….

          • For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.


          • @BI…I often think the same….and then, corny as it may sound, I watch “The Patriot” or read the many history books that I have acquired from thrift stores…..It happened before..thus, it can happen again… technology has evolved, the power which people crave has evolved as well…..we have been inundated with technology beyond the imaginings of people just a mere decade ago….but the evil workings of control of this Planet have escalated….very difficult to comprehend at times….because the very first question is “WHY”….This earthly life is temporary, so WHY would anyone or group wish to upheave that which IS? Food for thought….the bottom line for me is… either DO what it takes…or Take what they DO…..
            Be Well, Be Aware, Keep Love and Joy within Your Heart

          • WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (AP) — Police in suburban Denver say 12 handguns and three rifles were taken from the gun shop featured on Discovery Channel’s “American Guns.”

            Wheat Ridge police had said earlier this week that they didn’t have an immediate tally of what was taken during a break-in at the Gunsmoke Gun Shop early Wednesday. They said Friday that no assault weapons were stolen.

            Police were alerted to the break-in by a silent alarm and found a burglar or burglars had entered the shop through a hole in the roof.

            A witness across the street reported seeing a silver two-door car leaving the gun shop’s parking lot, but investigators say they need more help from the public to solve the case.


            GEE, there seems to be a rash of missing firearms lately—Wonder how much ammo went missing. This is better than the boating accident I had last year.

            In other news, here’s another gun rights restriction not out in the forefront yet…


            • sixpack,
              Weird thing is, I live 3 blocks from Gunsmoke and didn’t hear a thing about it on the local news.

              So much for OPSEC, but I am sure “they” already know where I live. Thinking of moving anyway so what the heck?

            • On that second link…
              Did you take the quiz on the meaning of the second of the
              “Bill of Rights”? I did…Got them all right!
              Well…they said I got two wrong… 😉

        • Hopefully I will blow many of their fucking brains out before mine are blown out. Stay alert!

        • It’s coming! And what’s coming is a slap down, and that is what is needed on this site. Mac, this is an absolutely great site, no where else can people go and make their thoughts known without entering an email address. But “immoral and free can never be” we want freedom, but we don’t need anarchy. One of the foundation blocks of freedom is to be able to disagree, which this site provides. And as a Christain I get sick of the profanity, but socalled four letter words may be needed by some, on ocassion to express one’s thought, but profanity just for the sake of profanity, should’nt be used here. We must police our own ranks and use a little self discipline when posting comments. And if we can’t do that ourselves, then that’s where you come in Mac. That’s my opinion and it ought to be yours. Can’t float like a butterfly, but I do sting like a.WASP

          • @ WASP— so in essence what you are saying is FUCK the first amendment?

            • Ah, Nah! The Bill of Rights, even protects people that aren’t very intelligent. I spent 4years in the Navy and 30 plus years as a Railroader, so your little expression of intelligence, doesn’t really bother me. I really expected more down thumbs, because broad is the way, and many there be which go in thereat. And ain’t much doubt which road your on. Can’t float like a butterfly, but do sting like a.WASP

              • Wasp,
                Freedom is hard.
                One reason everything is fouled up, is because of self righteous know it alls, of all ideology and religions, who say “There oughta be a law!”

                So, we end up with thousands of stupid laws, and freedom?
                Freedom always falls to those who think they are far superior.

                Sometimes only the vernacular issues the correct emotional content to a statement.
                I am christian, yet, some of them make me sick with their effusive self righteous snobbery.

                The first amendment is for everyone. But to say someone is going to hell, because they spoke the word FUCK, is beyond the pale.
                Get a life.

            • The First Amendment applies to our government, not to a privately managed web site. Here, you only have rights as far as Mac decides.

            • The 1st amendment does not apply to a private site. If Mac had an ounce of sense he would look into the Tom Metzger case and see what can happen to an innocent party due to the actions of others. All it takes is some yahoo to do something stupid and claim a site he frequents influenced him to do what he did.

          • Whiny babies worried about someone cussing. Everyone here should be fighting mad. If you are preocupied and disturbed by language, you will piss your pants and surrender when they come for you. Grow a pair.

            • FP. Your intelligence shows by your title. I’ve seen profane loud mouthes like you before. Your the first to tuck tail and run, when the Schumer Hits The Fan. Sting Like A.WASP!

              • Wasp…
                So its not ok to cuss, but it is ok to shoot someone?
                tsk tsk tsk.
                methinks you are a self righteous hypocrite, and are going to hell yourself…
                Why? “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

            • You must be a govt. shill. No one else would be trolling like you are. Besides why do you care what others have planned. Worry about yourself and the 2700 MRAPS DHS is getting delivered. They are no laughing matter unless you happen to have a supply of anti tank rockets.

        • Don’t know where to put this; can’t comment at end (below)…

          On “Detroit in Financial Emergency”, Governor declairing financial state of emergency and will appoint an independent overseer– an anti-democratic quasi-fascist overseer to replace local elected popularly elected representatives with a manager, who is not answerable to local citizens.” SOUNDS EERILY FAMILIAR, DOESN’T IT??!

          • GRASSHOPPER: Well after 50-yrs of..”Alz wez bees Axin fo iz da chanz ta Proves dats uz afrikinz blackz kinz runz deeeeetroit as goot or bettah denz dem whiteys fokz an all dat…Dats all weez be a axkin fo is da Chanz ta proves iz all we axin fo.”

            Gee after 50 yrs now and at least $1-trillion tax dollars(mainly whiteys tax moneys) to pay for them 50 yrs of africans chance to proves they can run detroit(and all major citys) as good or even Better than whites run it…Now what other option does the mich govner have?

            If you just watch 4-5 minit segment of tv news showing the Ilustrious over achievers that make up the detroit city council members, and their Mayor, in action at any reg city council meeting it should strike you as quite obvious how “Swell” 50 yrs of BRD(black run detroit) has worked out so far.

            If they all devoted 10% of time and effort used to swindle-steal-lie-destroy detroit, they could have done a fair job likely.

        • I have been hearing this for decades, literally. Whatever “it” is, hase not come yet. Maybe you should quit obsessing on whatever the “it” is and enjoy life a little more by coming some yourself. Of course, you probably do come prequently while stroking your gun.

          • Well Joe you have known for most of your life that one day you will die. Just because you have not at this point does not change the fact that you will. Studying events from the past gives those with any mental curiosity to draw certain conclusions as to how things will unfold.

        • Hi Wilson,

          Agreed, it is coming,.. and very soon.

          Here is an article I wrote on this very subject and how people will need to make the dicision of their lives at that moment.

          Article: The Coming Fight


          My Fellow Americans, Patriots and Fighters,

          After reading the article on your site, “Will You Fight”?, and the myriad of responses, I thought it may be worthwhile to point out a few considerations on what will become the most important question,… and action Americans will be taking in the near future, which is:

          “Will you fight?”

          Let me first state, it seems to be a mathematical certainty at this point, that a civil war, or revolutionary war is a foregone conclusion. Not because decent Americans insist on one, but because our wholly criminal, and no longer legimate gov’t is bent on making one occur.

          When this subject is discussed, the typical response has been anything from “Jesus will save”, to “I will die fighting if necessary”.

          Herein lies one of those commonly stated perspectives that I would like to try and get Patriots, Americans and other would be fighters to consider.

          Instead of saying, “When they come for my guns, I will die fighting….”

          Let us start saying: When they come for my guns,.. they are going to get killed.”

          This little shift in perspective is more than symantics, its sets a whole new physchological paradigm that will grow and expand in our thoughts and actions with time, and one that will help foster a sense of need and morality of our actions when that time comes.

          As for actual fighting, allow me to put forth a few thoughts for consideration:

          When the first physical confrontation happens,… it will only be the begining.

          Even if we took the country back today, without a single shot, the fact is, the laws of economics will assert themselves, and their will be hard times ahead. It tooks decades to destroy our economic base,.. and you can be sure it will take a decade or more to restore it,.. and that would be in a “perfect world”

          Problem: We will not take this country back in a single day, and this is not a perfect world.

          Our necessity, as Patriots and Americans,.. is to stay alive and maintain a posture of Mission-Capable.

          This means NOT getting ourselves killed, injured or wounded to the best of our abilities.

          As Patton said, you don’t win by dying,…you win by killing. Mission Effectivness criteria dictate that you need to be alive and fully capable in order to be fully mission capable at any time.

          This means you need to keep a low profile, retain your stocks & stores, do not do anything to draw attention to yourself, and quietly, seek out others who are of the same mindset.

          We know what is coming,.. it is our job to hold fast, and let them make the first overt moves. Give them every chance to expose their weaknesses, allow them to feel overconfident, let them think they may win this easily,….

          Of course I have not yet addressed the whole point of,.. “what if they come to YOUR house and demand your guns?”

          Well,.. this depends on what preparations you have made.
          Did you hide them before hand,… are they right there in your safe room or bedroom? Is this happening across the country or your state? Has civility alreadyt broken down. Do you have children who depend on you?, what about a wife? Do you have the advantage at that moment?
          In short,.. there is no right answer for any given individual.

          As I have discussed before here, and on Henry’s show, you need to decide your “threshold moment” NOW,.. before that trigger event (or a similiar one) has materialized.
          This “Threshold Event”, MUST be carefully considered, as you are going to make it your “automatic response” event, which will also be your “all-in” event, so let me annotate just a few considerations:

          1) The moment you decide to fight back, you now have a completely different attitude towards life, this government, and the role it now serves (you now understand this gov’t is completely criminal and will not put up with it anymore).

          2) The moment you decide to point a firearm,… or ANY weapon at ANY representative of this gov’t, you have gone, “all-in”… & they now view YOU as the criminal! (How dare you to even THINK of fighting back!)

          3) Now that you have openly displayed a notion of self defense, and an unwillingness to accept any further destitutions or abuses, you have placed these gov’t thugs in response mode.

          4) This criminal gov’t will see it as its MANDATE to eliminate any persons or signs of resistance.

          5) Once you have crossed that Threshold-Moment, and point any weapon at any gov’t agent, they will see it as there job to exterminate you (in the most brutal fashion possible), or to arrest you and make a circus out of it. Either act, will be done with the intention to intimidate all others.

          6) They will try to kill you, or try to imprision you for life while taking full advantage of its propaganda value, in addition, they may destroy your home, blowing it up, or burning it, or may simply “sieze” it, as that is one of their ultimate objectives anyway.

          That is a just a few considerations.

          The reality is, once this starts, it will be protracted process, it may drag on for months, even years, so do not be anxious to join the fray to quickly, there will be time for that. Apply critical thinking skills to analyze the situation as best as conditions permit,.. always.

          Am I saying to NOT fight?

          No,.. absolutely not,… just that it should not a knee-jerk type reaction.

          There will be long term consequences to any set events however they unfold, and our goal is to maintain a mission ready capability as long as possible, to retain our home and productive means as best as possible, and to understand this will be a protracted process.

          In the end, it may come to down to an instant sh*t fight, with little to no time to think anything over, hence why it is best to know your line of demarcation now, and what is your potential “all-in” scenarios, as we may all be facing that very soon indeed.

          Get ready, talk this over with your loved ones, friends, and neighbors you can trust. We will all be needing each other more than ever very soon.

          Good luck to each and everyone of you Patriots and true Americans.

          Your Fellow Patriot – JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny

          • JD,
            I read this article a number of days ago on another website, and the body of it’s meaning was not lost on me.
            I am critical, however, of the false set of two choices that you are offering. Either give up and die, or shoot back and live, essentially…
            The willingness to fight back, and POSSIBLY die, has never deterred any Marine that I am familiar with; as those swearing the oath are by-and large ‘semper fidelis’ (‘always faithful’) to the Constitution For The United States, defending it against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC; DESPITE the odds against them personally. Perhaps they are overconfident sometimes, but they are also ETERNAL OPTIMISTS; who truly believe that while they may die (or NOT), their actions will further the course of LIBERTY (either in their lives, or posthumously).
            After former Marine Adam Kokesh’s speech during the LibertyMarch events in August 2008, I was inspired to visit my grandfather’s grave at Arlington (Ret. Lt. Colonel, WWII test pilot and instructor, 3-time Expert Marksman, USMC).
            I was both happy that he was not alive to see that his sacrifice appears now to be made in vain; but also saddened by the knowledge that his strict rote of discipline in order to retain freedom would not be echoed by those who currently occupy the seats of power.

            Like I said, I agree with MOST of your letter.

            • Hi Montgomery,

              Thank you for considering what I had written.

              It is ont a false choice.

              Either you will fight for your on liberty and freedom,.. or you will be on the gov’t plan.

              The gov’ts plan for you, and most Americans is privation, wealth extraction, then death.

              Let there be no doubt in your mind,… they are trying to install Ocrapo as the new and improved Stalin,.. and all that follows when a sadistic pyschopath like Ocrapo will gladly unleash on the American people when his owners tell him to do so.

              Reality Check: Obam HATES Americans, especially white Americans. He gets sexually aroused at the mere thought of exterminating white Americans, destroying this country financially, and drools at the prospect of instituting Total War against this country.

              The goal of Ocrapo and his paymasters, the International Banksters and corporate Elites, is the complete and utter subjugation of Americans, to turn America into the worlds largest POW camp in human history, and then to Stalinize the population,… which is to sieze, and then work to death whole portions of the population.

              I’m not sure what part of that you find appealing, or where you think your options will be very different from the rest of us,… but unless you have a platinum membership card to that exclusive club of insiders,.. I would suggest to you that your future looks very much like the rest of ours down here in the non-member section.

              Just something for you to consider,.. while your still alive to do so.

              JD – US Marines – Time is growing short,.. make your choice.

              • Good insights. The situation unfolding is very similiar to that in Czarist Russia just before the Revolution. wars, economic collapse, a upper class out of touch with the rank and file. The question is what will be the tipping point event. Or will this just drag on for years. The acqisition of the 2700 MRAPS by DHS should be an eye opener for any but the deliberately stupid. Borders wide open and they are preparing to go to war with the US population us. OK.

          • Semper Fi Marine.
            Agreed yet, as I have been saying for several years now… we must quit thinking like lieutenants, and begin to think like generals… what do I mean?
            Exactly what you said, that this ‘war’ is essentially an economic war… a war that will only be won the way wars have always been won…

            That means organizing. Unfortunately, that, is anathema to this community. They believe in the MOO concept, the Militia of One. I think, they have no idea what awaits them in that scenario.
            I think Uncle has eyes everywhere, and controls the food and transportation network. He doesn’t have to fight you, or even send a squad after you… all he has to do is quarantine an area of all food and gas, while putting out the word that there is a ‘terrorist’ within. “Would you ‘good citizens’ PLEASE turn him in”?

            Brother against brother… they will turn the DGI’s against us. The DGI’s will be turning in any and everybody, just to get a meal…

        • WILSON,obama is going to sign and agreement to divide jerusalem in march 2013,we also have a big threat coming as we are going to pass over nibiru in april,which will result in planet earth doing a 50 degree roll,as we cross over it,the earthquakes could be 8-12 or worse,leave the coasts before april 15th,any later then that and it might be to late……………..

      2. I’m not afraid of terrorists. I have full coverage and protection from Drones. They are in the skies watching out for me and my fellow Americans.

        The Argus drone watches me day and night. If I am in trouble, then the Predator drone zaps the bastard off the earth. I am free!

        I am free, unless the Predator drone considers me the bastard.

        • The terrorists are in Washington, D.C.

          Ask yourself this question: If the US government is benign, why does it need to have the Patriot Act, secret rendition sites in 50 or more countries around the world; NDAA, CISPA, SOPA, FEMA camps; TSA VIPR teams on our highways and at our bus and train stations (security theater); 7000 MORE M-4’s for DHS (the REAL military kind, you know the full-auto kind that are the REAL “assault weapons” as opposed to the civilian semi-auto kind which the government is trying to ban); DHS purchasing 1.6 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammunition (ammunition that is not allowed on the battlefield per the Rules of Land Warfare, so who are they going to use it against, no need to answer WE know); to give heavily armored vehicles to local law enforcement around the country; to have security camera’s and armed drones warrantlessly spying on us everywhere, all tied together in fusion centers to coordinate video spying data; a massive data center, that has it’s own power generating facility, capable of capturing and storing all of the electronic (phone, internet, radio you name it) communications occurring every second on the entire planet for the next hundred years; to forcibly feel up travelers private parts (especially children and old people) in a effort to make everyone “feel safe”; to authorize in Obama Care (HR3590.AS, Section 5210 Establishing a Ready Reserve Corps) the formation of a federal civilian armed force of equal number, equipment and training to the U.S. Military; to hold “predeployment cross training and qualification” drills involving military and civilian paramilitary forces in heavily populated United States urban areas using military armored vehicles and military helicopters firing their weapons indiscriminately (using blank ammunition); DHS’s “See Something Say Something” program to turn our nation into a gaggle of government informants reminiscent of East Germany during the Cold War; to discredit right wing religious groups, pro-life groups, pro Second Amendment groups and MILITARY VETERANS returning from combat deployment as “future threats to America”?

          Tell me AGAIN why DHS needs 7000 full auto M4’s and 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition?

          Instead of worrying about a law abiding citizen’s semiautomatic AR15 that he uses to shoot cardboard targets a couple times a summer, why aren’t We The People PISS_OUR_PANTS TERRIFIED of the sociopaths in D.C. that are ordering banned for civilians full auto M4’s with enough ammo to shoot every man woman and child in this country FIVE TIMES and Congress and the President passing laws and signing Executive Orders in DIRECT CONTRAVENTION to the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

          When are We The People going to ENOUGH?!?!?

          • when are we going to say enough?

            • Sequester This!..AFRICAN INTERNET!

              “Obama Budgets $307 Billion For the African Internet, etc. The “Alliance For An Affordable Internet” is a public-private partnership which intends to build a huge, expensive African Internet. Its headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya, now dubbed “Africa’s Silicon Valley”.”

              Likley 90+% Africans in africa cannot Read nor do math. yet We need PAY $307 Billion for Their internet services?

              Better Canabile Cooking recipies now! online Insrtructions avail!

              “In fiscal 2008, the government spent a total of $11.427 billion in international assistance programs, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement. In fiscal 2011, according to the statement, it spent $20.599 billion—an increase of $9.172 billion, or 80 percent, from 2008.”

              FAKE Global Warming!

              “At the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, June 3-14, 1992, the Secretariat for World Order distributed a nonpublic document titled, “The Initiative for Eco-92 Earth’s Charter.” It reads, in part, under policies that must be implemented as follows:

              “The Security Council of the U.N. will inform all nations that outmoded notions of national sovereignty will be discarded and that the Security Council has complete legal, military and economic jurisdiction in any region of the world … The Security Council of the U.N. will take possession of all natural resources, including the watersheds and great forests, to be used and preserved for the good of the Major Nations of the Security Council.

              “In the late Dixie Lee Ray’s book, “Environmental Overkill,” one gets a full accounting of what really went on with Al Gore and his loony friends at the Rio Summit. On page 10 of her book, it states:

              UN-GREEN Helmets!

              “The objective, clearly enunciated by the leaders of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), is to bring about a change in the present system of independent nations. The future is to be world government, with central planning by the UN. Fear of environmental crises, WEATHER REAL OR NOT, is expected to lead to compliance. If FORCE is needed, it WILL BE PROVIDED by a UN GREEN HELMETED police force, already authorized by the Security Council. And, that is the reason the ESA was done by treaty – in preparation for these other pieces of the grand plan to fall into place.”

              $8.973 billion was their 2012 budget. Again, every penny has to be borrowed further enslaving you, me, our children and grand children to support the planned destruction of America.

              Have Kids in SCHOOL?

              “Of course, just the opposite has taken place and, in fact, the goals for creating the “New Communist Man” was given a huge boost with President Bush’s deceptive “No Child Left Behind” program. As for the repeal of the School-To-Work Act of 1994, Council of Foreign Relations kingpin Henry Hyde explained it this way:

              “When carried to its logical extreme, it chooses careers for every American worker. Children’s careers will be chosen for them by Workforce Development Boards and federal agencies at the earliest possible age …”Statewide Workforce Development Boards have formed to study which labor skills are needed in each state to determine “human resources” training requirements. Of course, this will decide also where these human resources will reside.

              “Chilling to say the least – and it gets worse when one reads President Bush’s Executive Order, signed June 20, 2001, titled “21st Century Workforce Initiative.” The blueprint for forced labor is now being implemented quietly while parents and politicians scream, “More money for education.” Essentially they are asking to pay for the rope to hang their own children.”

              TEXAS: Got Illeagles in Your Schools?..How much $$$ is That?

              The Federal Dept of Education is unconstitutional and the states must, under the Tenth Amendment, sever all ties – including financial – with that toxic cabinet. Savings to the American people: $66 BILLION dollars a year. Remember: The treasury is overdrawn $16.5 TRILLION, so every penny has to be borrowed. Using debt to fund expenditures is financial suicide. We are already fleeced in taxes at the state and local level to fund education.

              Here in Texas, there are about 400,000 ILLEGAL aliens stealing our classroom resources costing Texans $3.5 BILLION dollars a year. Yet, Texans continue to reelect the same incumbents to our state legislature who allow this rape to continue. Illegal aliens have no right to attend our schools and I resent the hell out of being taxed to pay for it.

              VAWA(Violence against women act=Unconst!)=$$$$$$$!!!

              “Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) said that if the sequester goes into effect, women who are victims of domestic violence will be “forced to stay in their homes with their abuser” at the “hands of the GOP….Edwards said $20 million in cuts will be made from programs funded by the Violence Against Women Act, as a result of the sequester. According to the Justice Department, however, the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) operated on a budget of $412.5 million during fiscal year 2012, and has requested the same amount of funding for this fiscal year.’

              The Violence Against Women Act is unconstitutional. No where in the U.S. Constitution does it give Congress the authority to steal the fruits of your labor to fund that Act. That particular social disease falls squarely under the Tenth Amendment. It is up to state and local governments to address the issue if that’s what the people in that state want their tax dollars to be spent on. That $412.5 million dollars is more debt. Since the people’s purse is overdrawn $16.5 TRILLION dollars, it has to be borrowed.

              Comrade Edwards is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and should not be allowed to serve in the U.S. Congress. The DSA is working to destroy this republic; that is sedition.(DSA=Kommies!)

              The above info is All from:
              By: Devvy
              March 2, 2013

              • FWIW, fast internet to backbone is THE limiting factor in offshoring to African countries. I worked with a company in Liberia a few years back. They were as good as any I’ve worked with in India… but they did not have a fast connection to the backbone. There was a plan to tie up to spain and/or morrocco IIRC; but, doubt its been done. Anyhoo, their hourly wages are now at our minimum wage, or higher. Likewise, those for India are twice the minimum wage; so, there’s no need to ofshore any more other than a political or embezzlement t or tax evasive reason.

            • When were hungry or getting our door kicked in.

          • Navy Vet, great post!

            There are many commies in this country. They voted for bommie and they are bommie’s commies.

            Inside every marxist is a stalinist commie breaking out.

            Commies are out of the closet. Put an X on ’em. Dum dums have a long standing history. Made in a town over in voodo land. Later some just cut an X using a pocket knife. None of this is necessary. 9 double ought buck is about right.

            .30 for longer range.

          • [[Tell me AGAIN why DHS needs 7000 full auto M4′s and 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition?]]

            Because those cave dwellers have viscious box cutters???

        • Do I know you? Your name sounds familiar…are you male or female?

          • Grasshopper:
            Like your posts, but proper “Op-Sec” etiquette requires
            one not to be specfic in asking after others names or
            addresses, etc. Generalization is fine,though.

            • I think he was joking…”Ugly”???

            • But I think he’s my brother?!!

            • All the folks you really have to worry about know exactly who you are and probably can even get in your bank account, etc. They can even disable you computer.

      3. Well spoken and right to the point. I am certain that what I used to call “MY GOVERNMENT” is now in the hands of a bunch of Left Wing Socialists who are determined to crush this Nation. If I were to overhear someone plotting to OFF some of the family members of the NEW ARISTOCRATS who are in DC, I most likely would NOT SAY one DAMN THING and let the chips fall where they may.
        If someone wanted to do harm to the Mother-in-Law of someone whose name rhymes with boulder, you won’t hear one word of warning from me. Time to thin the herd of those Socialists.

        • @ StevenKY

          I am certain also, Steven. McGrath is certain. For those that are just waking up, or those too young to have heard about the Illuminati, I am re-posting a little work I did a couple weeks ago.

          The mega-corporations and Big Pharma is smack dab in the middle of all that has been building by these evil insiders. Our very own Universities, all the way down to grade school level is in on it, even if they are not aware, by brainwashing the minds with anti-God liberalism. Who will seek them out?

          Planned Process for the NWO

          We don’t really know when the actual process began world wide. I know who began the process and when it will end. I’ll share at the end of this column that shows the ongoing efforts by people controlling our government.

          In 1946 William Benton, the asst Secretary of State, reported at a meeting of UNESCO-United Nations Educational & Scientific Cultural Org.:
          “As long as a child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only precarious results. As we have pointed out, it is frequently thru family that infects the child with extreme nationalism. The schools should therefore “combat” family attitudes that favor nationalism (gov. by and for the people). We shall see presently recognized in nationalism, the major “obstacle” the development of world-mindedness ( a one world system). We are at the long process of breaking down the walls of National sovereignty. UNESCO “must” be the pioneer.

          James Paul Warburg on 2-17-1950 at the U.S. Senate Commission on Foreign Relations:
          “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent”. His father, Paul Sr. started the Federal Reserve (a private banking company) in 1913, which took control of the nation’s money, from government, and put into the hands of a private corp. He also began as the first director of the Council on Foreign Relations, (a private club) not a part of US government as people believe it to be. Same as with the Fed Reserve, both Democrats and Republicans have positions on these Boards of Directors. Paul Sr., was also a trustee with the Brookings Institute. (a think tank for most of the “agenda” setting of the US Gov.).

          Strobe Talbot was the deputy Sec. of State under Bill Clinton for seven years, and roomed with him as a Rhoades Scholar in England. In 1992,Talbot wrote in Time Magazine: “ The Birth of the Global Nation In the 21st Century”: “National Sovereignty will cease to exist and we will answer to a single authority.”
          After leaving office in 2000, he took a job as president of the Brookings Institute. In 2002 his senior fellow member was Susan Rice, who became Obama’s biggest supporter in 2006 and advised him on foreign affairs. After Obama was elected in ’08, she was appointed to Ambassador to the UN.

          Richard Gardner, former deputy Sec. of State, said in 1974, in the official publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Affairs Magazine: “We are likely to do better by building our house of “world order” from the bottom up, rather from the top down…. An end-run around national sovereignty; “eroding” it piece by piece, is likely to get us to world order faster than the old-fashioned assault.

          In 1991, GH Bush speaking on Saddam against the world: “We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and future generations, a “New World Order”. A world where the rule of law; not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and “we will be”, we have a real chance at the New World Order. A world in which a credible UN can use it’s peace keeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders”.
          Note: Remember both Bush I & II are members of Skull & Bones; hence, voice of the dragon.

          In 1944, creation of the IMF and World Bank, and 1945 the UN was born with the concept of a global democracy based on International Law.

          Problem: Most Nations represented were not “democracies”, but were and are dictatorships. So, we the people are supposed to submit ourselves to a democracy of dictators? People began to see our sovereignty slowly slipping away and people without our values begin to control our destiny.

          In 1957 The European Common market was created and set the stage for E.U.
          In 1992 The Earth Summit and The Global Climate Change was set up to combine International Law on Environmentalism. Green Cross International conceded to the Kioto Treaty.
          In 1994- NAFTA; WTD ; Asian Pacific Economic Coalition
          In 2002- the African Union

          There are two sculptures of spheres, depicting an old and crumbling world and within this sphere another; depicting a new and growing world. One of these sculptures is at the UN building in NY City, the other is at the Vatican in Rome.


          The persons making these New World Order statements and working to achieve a one world system, have been doing so for at least 100 years. The power behind these people has been working for tens of thousands of years.

          For a person to accept the ability and mindset for a progression towards the One World System, that negates Sovereignty and Freedom, they must submit to this higher power by giving up their spiritual connection with their Maker. In essence they are “evil” and doing the work of the Master of Evil. Just like their Master, they have become masters of deception. When people loose connection with their “true” spiritual guidance, they will eagerly follow the masters of deception. The following, now more of a majority, has overwhelmingly now got us to a place in history, where there is no return.

          Our Heavenly Father has “confirmed” all the past and present events of this coming world in His letter to us. He shows us how to prepare and escape the horror of the coming events. Each adult has to decide for themselves if they believe and determine the timing of their individual movements towards preparedness.

          Preparation for events to escalate is of utmost importance. Prepare accordingly.
          Those found “asleep at the wheel”, can only blame themselves, when they and their little ones crash and burn.

          • nice job A…in a nutshell.

          • Thanks, Anon.

            One world government. Stalinist commies.

          • “National Sovereignty will cease to exist and we will answer to a single authority.”

            I answer only to the Almighty Creator of All Things, the only single authority.

          • I am working on a follow up column about the REAL ID act, and how it all ties in with the NWO and controlling people’s lives.

            What is interesting is, TPTB keep moving up the date by which all states must be compliant. The last deadline was January 2013. The new deadline is around October 2013.

            I am also working on a piece whereby all this applies directly with biblical prophecy. I will make it available by request only, via email. All who requested the previsous work on tying in the Blood red Moons and the Pope change, I’ll send a copy without request. The response was good and appreciated. Although, some found scary and revealing, the idea of untaught truths did open some eyes.

            • I already passed the NO ID act for myself.

              If you don’t know who I am, you don’t need to know. And if you think I am representing a legal fiction, your are mistaken.

              The best way to be free is to be “illegal” and undocumented by the corp US. There is no Law against it. Only the incorrect belief that a free Man requires a license from the state to exist.

              Recycle the corps paper by throwing it all in the appropriate trash can. Ask yourself just WHO has the right to make you obtain a document issued by a fiction.

              When you can answer NOBODY, you will have a taste of freedom.


            • Don’t Tread, I have some thoughts (A LOT!!)on this subject. I have been in a battle with them for one and half years, have written a lot about this subject, and have been angry as h.. about it! If you will give me your email address, I would like to correspond further with you about this.

            • @ don’t tread: please shoot me a copy @ [email protected]
              thanks, Jenn

            • I spent alot of time (years) working to stop the REAL ID ACT…worked with alot of reps up and down the east coast states mainly but with others too…I tied it into the fight with NAIS(animal Id)that I was deeply involved in… worked with dozens of groups from Mennonites to ACLU…we beat them in some states and in others they are still working on implimenting it in some form…folks have gotta pay attention to their own states because they will sneak it in,now that barry the fairy has his healthcare BS passed theyll tie the drivers licence into health care and a few other things too…its a crazy commie ploy to control youin every facet….those who dont think so are just that …non-thinking!…spent alot of time and money I didnt have on that fight…glad to see others are still getting involved, thanks!

        • @ StevenKY

          My earlier response to you was before I had my coffee to clear out the curds and cobwebs in my head. I forgot to sign in w/ my handle so the lengthy column will be from anonomyous, but it’s just your’s truly trying to wake up some sheeple. Most of the regulars here are, and have been, wide awake for sometime now concerning the planned process for the nwo.

        • I wouldn’t call them “LeftWingSocialists”; you’re trying to differentiate the 2 parties when in reality they’re one.

          Was just thinking as I heard the video–Bush and Obama administrations both used the exact same phrases that Hitler and his regime used in Germany! It’s just unbelievable! They are taking phrases, ideas, even names–like “Homeland”–from Hitler’s plan book and from the book 1984!! They do double speak like in that book! You’ll REALLY need to read Naomi Wolfe’s books, “Letter to a Young Patriot” if you haven’t already. It will blow your mind!!

      4. Relax people don’t hyperventilate. It is very unlikely to degenerate to a war between the people and the Gov. Simple reason is Taxes, No other country is going to give the US money. That’s all that is keeping Egypt, Syria etc alive.
        The US Gov cannot afford to get into a Civil War. It only survives because other people are lending it money. We get into a real mess, who is going to work? If you cannot get bread and milk at the store who is going to do their withholding? If the trains and the trucks don’t run it’s over. The Gov will do everything it can to coerce people into doing what it wants, but if any significant number resist, it’s gone, and it knows it. That’s Detroit’s problem, people have stopped paying taxes. What can the Gov Do? They aren’t paving the roads or replacing the street lights, no cops, closed dozens of fire stations. So the Gov takes the house. I’ve heard they have 35,000 empty houses now, no gain.
        No point infighting, if you don’t have to. Gov problem is it’s to big. I don’t want to overthrow the Gov any more than I want to catch a falling hundred ton bolder. Obama Care was the last straw, it cannot be saved. Anyone that tries will be condemned for telling the truth. Our job is to save what we can and wait. Try to rebuild a Free country again. Not to fight the Gov; It’s doing an excellent job of destroying itself

        • Paranoid
          you might want to reconsider your view point, the MONEY is NOT what they are after, they have plenty and it is NOT what they want, they want to lower the pop level and they want to completely control those who are left, so YES it will cooe to civil war and our only hope is we will have a military coup take control of the WH. until new people can be elected.

          • Wow…Are you sure you want a military coup? That’s exactly what the definition of martial law is…military control of everything. That will not end well for anyone.

          • No money is not what they are after, But it’s what they have to have to hire the goons needed to make it work. You think the millions of people they use work for free? You think the food stamps stop and they can even stick their heads up and not get shot?

            • John Kerry Just GAVE $60-Million to Syrian Rebels. When you compared detroit to the FED GOV, it is apples to oranges. Detroit Cannot Print its own money. Fed Gov Can and Does. Dp you really believe if all usa citizens stopped paying taxes etc that will halt all the evils our fed gov is now doing? all due to Lack of $$$ ?…What do you not as yet Get?

              • You are correct. The commies just print what they need for the high up commies and give the workers enough slop to keep the presses running.

              • John(Cohen or Kohn)Kerry is ashkenazi jew blood hiding behind a Catholic religion. Great grandfather changed his name and moved to avoid being “persecuted” for his beliefs.Follow the bloodline. Married into Forbes money. Another mouthpiece for the Zionist movement.

                • JRS: It seems that all them folks are actually derived or decended from EDOMITES! aka Esau aka Edom. Mortal enemys of True Real jews and the OTHER 11 tribes of isreal.

                  Jacobs Twin brother= Esau. Esau sold his Birthrights for a bowl of bean soup. His Khazer(fake jew) decendants have been swindeling ever since to recover(Steal) those birthright blessings back. In the end game scenario God will intervene and exterminate all of them edomites.

                  Khazers= mixture of HUNN + Mongral+ TURK. Turk= Ancient Edom = Esau. Acording to at least 4-5 jewsih wrote histories of the jewsih people etc state factualy that TODAY as many as 95+% of who call themselves “Jews” are actually…Khazers as I decribed above. The Khazers Converted to Judaic-Talmudisim in aprox 800-AD era. Prior to that they were a mix of many religions + Pagans+ wichcraft+ Atheists etc. In aprox 800 AD their “Kagan” or King decreed they all convert to Talmudic Judaisim.

                  That conversion is the ONLY true conection to what is called a “jew” person. A religious conection Only. Not any DNA or true Ancestral decendant type of conection.

                  Heres a website to it www dot Khazaria dot com The history of khazers-kazer jews-Khazer Turks-etc. Has Maps of old times too and tons of info and proof of all this stuff. Check it out. Many folks here should probobly check out that website, especially those who still believe whatever they were taught to believe on these issues and peoples(jewsih folks). Amaze yourself while Learning real truths!

            • That’s right, Paranoid, they want to do to us what the governments did to people in Russia, Greece, Spain, etc… but first they need our guns! TPTB know things will collapse soon and they don’t want no trouble from us plebs!

              Politicians in cahoots with the Banksters destroyed the economies of Russia, Greece, Spain, and now UK is going down. Next on the the list is the U.S. and our government already gave trillions to the banks. We are not exempt.

            • .gov is using EBT, etc to bribe the lower class to not riot, because they know the anger will be turned on .gov
              This will continue as long as OPM is available to .gov
              Sadly, the “oppressed minorities” think that .gov actually cares about them.

          • I understand the sentiment but fortunatly the constitution and Declaration as well as the founders papers tell us that all govt is founded on the consent of the governed and when the “PEOPLE” decide to throw it off and redo it then its their right to do so…NO WHERE in our founding documents(or theory) is the military given any right to seize control or pull a coup and in fact its stated clearly that the military powers shall forever and at all times be STRICTLY in subjection to the civil authority…the military can side up with the people who are fighting to restore the republic BUT they never have the right to initiate action,as again all power is inherant with the people…the long and short of it is simple… WE THE PEOPLE who support liberty and the rule of constitutional law are the ones who have got to initiate the rebellion or it wont get done properly! God help us if any military action were initiated in defiance of the rule of law…we could end up worse off than we are now!

        • Well said…what most people don’t realize about the tax thing is that govt, ngo, etc. are paid with tax money taken from producers.

          In essence, we are taxed twice and govt, ngo, etc. actually do not pay any tax.

          Most of them an’t live without us…gotta leave it at that.

          • A lot of people don’t realize they don’t owe income tax.
            see: losthorizonsdotcom for free online copy of Pete Hendrickson’s book, “Cracking the Code”.

        • Paranoid: Well said, the gov needs tax $$, otherwise we’d be in a civil war already or the UN troops would be in control with us in labor camps. Some friends have dropped out of the patriot movement because they claim much is hype/false predictions that never happen (as in y2k) and people just wanting to sell gold, etc.

        • “Gov; It’s doing an excellent job of destroying itself”

          Well, I say we do the government a favor and help put it out of is misery…more quickly.

        • LOL…

      5. There’s a particularly sharp pain that comes from being considered a domestic terrorist by the country I love so much. But along with that pain comes the knowledge that we “domestic terrorists” are the ones standing between this country and its destruction at the hands of its real domestic terrorists: the current government, the international bankers, and the transnational corporate elites. That knowledge gives me strength, and hope.

        Keep prepping. Keep buying ammunition. Keep the faith in us. And be prepared for anything they throw at us, because they are to some extent afraid of us. They wouldn’t be going for our guns and buying so much ammo if they weren’t.

        • You’re considered a terrorist by the government, not the country.

        • I refuse to be labeled a domestic terrorists. I am a PATRIOT, defender of the constitution. So suck on that Obummer

        • @Lady of the Lake,

          What makes you think that a domestic terroist cannot also be a Patriot? Were our founding fathers not considered domestic terroists by the British? For that matter what is the difference between a Patriot and a Revolutionary?


      6. It’s not a matter of “If”, it’s a matter of “when”. But they’re going to milk the masses through austerity measures for every last cent they can get grimy hands on before gun shots erupt in the streets. We, here at this site, see the writing on the wall, but seeing what’s written on the wall and knowing how and when it manifests are two different beasts. By the time the shit smothers the fan, preppers will be hoarse from screaming “get ready” (like Charlie; if you’ve been following him for some time) to anyone who will hear. But alas, it will be too late. Those that waited won’t have the provisions to ride out the storm; guns, maybe, but not the essentials for staying afloat for any long periods of time. At some point we’re just going to have to realize, this is it, the good times are over for a very long while, and from this point on, it will literally seem like a “crime to go outside”. That’s how dangerous many regions of the country will become. Not all, but many.

        Their plan has always been to remove as many sustainable, tangible assets out of the hands of the masses prior to hearing those guns in the streets, as possible. Just like the grinch, they want to steal everything, still in tact, from every Who in Whoville. I thought back in ’08 that within a year or two, at the most, full scale civll war would rip through the heart of this country. Here we are 5 years later and it keeps getting postponed, postponed, postponed. Well, it’s not getting postponed, it’s just being accomplished incrementally, like the frog in the boiling water. Food (lack of or too expensive) is their avenue to sedate the masses. Less and less healthy food and food quantities, in general, and the masses grow weaker and weaker and weaker. You know those photos of the concentration camps when human bodies are standing there, gaunt, emotionless, incapacitated? It’s coming to America. But don’t expect it tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Since they control almost everything, they’re in no hurry. They want to preserve and keep the infrastructure intact, during the great “culling” of America.

        • except that the emaciated bodies will be fat slobs who knowingly and gladly poison themselves with their diet sodas and processed foods. they will be rolling in those maroon electric wheel chairs dragging along their oxygen tanks.

        • Eur American: older patriots I knew back in the 80’s were doing preps and buying silver/gold, books were written during that time about the crash/surviving, etc. Then the y2k hysteria ( a crock of bull). I was way younger then; now these folks are dead and I Q they prepped in vain. I had a discussion about this with several folks recently, now we are way older; and wonder if it’s a waste of time. Their kids tossed everything, except what they could sell. Regardless, it’s wise to buy food on sale and have extra as prices are going up.

          • No need for war if a people will not stand up and fight. 🙂 That’s probably America in general for sure. Will just give up more and more freedoms until one day will be like the guy that escaped from the North Korean prison camp where people were tortured into the third generation, “I just thought everywhere in the world was a prison camp. I thought there were just guards and prisoners in the world” (He turned in his mom and brother for execution for trying to escape prior to his own escape, etc. He was born into the camp.)

            Our prison camp is much larger. We work about as much as humanly possible to accomplish little more than training our children to be workers for them for the next generation. Its bad. Sure, we don’t get beaten nearly to death for hiding kernels of corn to eat; but, that’s maybe why the rules think their lordship is admissable. “I never beat my slaves” they probably think, “so, slavery here is not that bad of a life”.

        • Stalinist commies will shoot you, unless you are prepared. Anyone strong enough can master a 12 gauge pump. There are other weapons suitable for the weak.

          Stack ’em high, and do your push ups.

          Semper Fi

      7. let it come…let it be…nothing n individual can do will stop it so we should all be planning to survive it.

      8. “Homeland Security” rearranged spells:

        Tames you, children.

        Army Tech Delusion

        Thy Demoniac Lures

        Just sayin’….

        • “Thy Demoniac Lures”

          or: Thy Demoniac RULES

          • That too.

      9. cue the David Bowie : “I’M AFRAID OF AMERICANS…”

      10. My heart pumps piss for Bradley Manning. Fuck that fucking traitor faggot!

        • His name is …

          Bradley Manning

          … And he is a True American Hero putting himself at risk , exposing the illegal murder genocide AmeriKa / NATO Bankers Military Industrial Complex commits continuosly for the last 120 years against the unarmed innocent peoples of the world for Greed , TO STEAL OTHER SOVEIRGN COUNTRIES NATURAL RESOURCES AND GOLD FOR AMERIKAS BANKER MASTERS – THE german british FAMILY ROTHCHILDS

          Exposing ZOG AmeriKa for the International Genocidal Murderous Criminal Bully it is … for the entire world to see .

          Bradley Manning is a True American Hero .

          Grumpy ~;0L

          • ;0P pssszzt

          • Yeah, and they’re sending a message, by making sure he never sees the light of day again as a FREE American Hero.

            Jail Break.

      11. We’ve always heard it said, that nothing is as dangerous as an animal, that is backed into a corner. Therein lies the problem. The Government has backed “it’s self” into a corner, through debt and socialist programs, and now wants to use us, the American citizen as the one that has them cornered. So they will use any excuse possible to attack us. So our only alternative is to be prepared, and ready to defend our family, ourselves and our neighbors. Can’t float like a butterfly, but can sting like a.WASP

      12. Bradley Manning helped expose crimes against humanity, his reward–more jail time. As for the actual perpetrators of those crimes, who among them will serve jail time? As for the deceitful politicians whose cables were revealed, their punishment–a short-lived embarrassment.

        • Just by the .gov and .military actions alone, it is blatantly obvious that Bradley Manning is being made into the example of what happens when someone outside the White House decides to do a document-dump.

          • The various institutional “armed forces”, steeped in subversion and corruption, whether that be the US Military or LAPD, don’t take kindly to having their vile innards revealed. They ALWAYS get their man, and vilify the whistleblower, using “their” PsyOps MSM, in the process. Just as Dormer was, Manning is a Dead Man walking. As the masses wake up to the inner workings of the massively immoral agencies that supposedly “serve and protect” or “spread freedom and democracy” around the globe, Dormer and Manning will eventually be embraced as true patriots, freedom fighters of America. Unfortunately, the effects of denial take time to overcome. There’s going to be many more American martyrs that travel the Dormer/Manning road before the alarm will be loud enough to be heard by those who presently can’t get past their own conditioned “fear based” minds and egos.

            • Anonymous, you took the words right out of my mouth, being that they were my words. Hey Mac, is today’s blog acting out of sorts? Probably the effects of Mercury retrograde. Speaking of Mercury retrograde…
              As March begins, Mars and retrograde Mercury will be in a conjunction in Aquarius. This conjunction has been a difficult one for communications and has been stimulating unrest and violence worldwide for the past month. Mercury will continue its retrograde phase for a few weeks, turning direct on March 17th. This period is good for refining and perfecting anything related to language or information, although it is also a good time to continue to take care in communications.

              In general, Mercury’s retrograde period is not a great time to begin new projects, make big purchases, or to plan important events. Mercury rules over communication and information. When it retrogrades, information and communication seem to become complicated and problematic. Mercury’s retrograde period is good, however, for refining and perfecting information and communications. Anyone having issues with their computer, lately?

              • For some reason I was unintentionally masquerading as anonymous in the above two comments. Speaking of Patriotic Hero Bradley Manning, in February of 2012 the Movement of the Icelandic Parliament members nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize. An to think the ruthless warmongering mulatto got it a few years earlier. Right is wrong and wrong is right.

                • EA, exactly.

                  And I keep hearing the Holocaust was a non-event, too…

                  • Zoltane: it is not that it was a NON event. It is more like 98% of all we were told to believe about the holocaust is mainly lies or at minimum exagerations and vastly so in many instances.

                    as example: a recent admission of LIES by the very woman who wrote a “survivour” book called the “Little Wolf Girl” or something similar to that title.

                    She wrote a book and got a hollywood movie rights deal for total net worth of Both book & movie rights over $20 Million profits. She gets paid to give speeches to Public schools-high schools-universities.

                    YET! several yrs ago(a decade prhaps?) she ADMITED on some TV show when confronted by the Fact that, she was NOT Yet Born when WWII happened etc!

                    Her book “Claimed” at an age of 4 or 6 yrs old she made a wild fantastic james bond type escape from nazi camp. Then Hid out in woods several years while a pack of wild Wolves “adopted and Fed and Cared for her”!!!!

                    Untill after 3 yrs of wolves attending her every need, she was Miraculously rescued, by some swedish couple out walking thru same woods area she was holed up in for so long while a pack of wolves took her in etc!!!

                    She admited not only her book is a lying Hoax, as so is her age (too young not yet born during WWII) but fasten yer seat belts zoltane…..She admited she was NOT even jewsih! never ever was jewsih!….Yet she still goes to give speeches about her adventures in “Fantasyland” and gets paid well for Lies to Your school kids.

                    She is but a single one of many, many such expose’s by hoaxer-jews etc.

                    Ever read the survivor story of another lady who claimed after awhile in camps she and other jews could tell by the “Color and Thickness” of the smoke from crematoriums weather or not the person cremeated was a “jew” or a gentile?…How can Any sane person Not question such blatent fantasy stories?

                    yes nazis did round up many folks, jews AND gentiles alike. Just as did the USA Fed gov round up Japs and Germans during WWII era. The german nazis rounded up everyone they thought was or were not sure of were Kommies and subversives. After all the germans were fighting Russian Kommies right. What would anyone do when confronted by a nation full of kommies in that scenario?

                    Same goes for us gov rounding up Japs. Which was enemys?…Which were Not?…Just take chances during War?!

                  • Angelo, I addressed some of this above these comments so I won’t repeat what I wrote. Let’s stay on topic though and not stray off into the Japanese internment camps — that’s a completely different subject.

      13. I’m afraid of my government AND I’m afraid of Islamic sleeper cells that have been building up here. The government has done a piss poor job of sealing the border(possibly purposely)and there’s ample evidence of prayers mats and other Muslim contraband at the border.

        Heck, word on the street is we are arming/using al-Qaeda in Syria.

        I wouldn’t put it past our government to use them here in America. Marxists and Muslims have worked together (used each other)in the past.

        Arm up!

        • Islamic sleeper cells ???

          don’t make me laugh . ;0P

          Ever hear of the 9/11 Israeli Dancing Jews ??? Filming the Destruction of the WTC Twin Towers / Bldg 7 ???

          It’s the 100’s of Zionist Israeli jew Mossad Sleeper Cells Insugents Spy’s and AmeriKan CIA FBI NSA DARPA you should be scared of … any Islamic Sleeper Cells in ZOG AmeriKa work directly for AmeriKa CIA FBI NSA or the ISRAELI MOSSAD .

          Grumpy ~;0L

          • You two remind me of a bunch of jealous school girls; bickering over which one has the prettiest outfit on and who will attract the prettiest jock boy.

            • I wound up just scrolling through over half of the comments on this article because of eeder, FB and Grumpy. Same old same old.

              I know some really like all this “honest communication” but it isn’t always quality communication. Sorry Mac, but I find myself spending less and less time on this site due to all the “troll-like” stuff and petty bickering.

              Too much important stuff going on in the world to deal with pettiness.

              • WOWIE!
                I don’t know how you did it Mac– but thank you and your
                magic eraser.
                I’m never in favor of censorship in any shape, form, or
                manner, but in this case the subject matter wasn’t even
                part of their offensive conversation.
                Besides, no one here is interested in the least which
                one of them could urinate the farthest.

              • Hey, Man, I would think twice about leaving this place. Yesterday I heard they were going to have hot chicks in bikinis eating bananas.

                • Firm. Chiquita or plantain… One is fried.

              • Senseless chatter, and yes it makes me stray away from site as well. Hope this post isn’t too hypocritical

              • Yeah, just doing “pecker checks” and like the politicians, just taking up space and gulping air.

                • the reply above applied to Kindle.

                • PO’d,
                  “pecker checks”…good one. I also liked pissing in the wind and who can urinate the furtherest.

                  • Hey there, Kindle! Hang in there with us, my friend. Some days it just gets kinda crazy here! Often though, there’s some useful comments (certain okies excepted, of course 🙂 ) and the articles Mac puts up are always spot on. We need more people like you to add their input and ideas.
                    Lord willing, we’ll all meet on the other side…

                    • Smokin,
                      Kinda like The Hatfields & McCoys, which was rebroadcast yesterday.

                      Take Care

                    • Smokin,
                      Things are posting in a screwey order…my post to you wound up at the bottom..

                    • Kindle, I think SHTFPlan got drunk last night!

                    • Z,
                      Can’t blame ’em…rough day on the site yesterday. I would need a drink too.

              • Stick around…you have alot of good to contribute…dont let the “babies” cause the others here…particularly the newbees who really need it…to lose out on your good imput…that goes to all the others here who have alot to give…just skip over the losers…my thoughts,just sayin!

            • Please knock off the Joooo stuff. It is getting old and is irrelevant to the topic at hand.

              • @mick … Seriously … Go fuck yourself ;0P the Jews are Directly involved in it all and the catalyst for much of the death pain suffering terror in the world .

                I’ll stop when all the NWO NJO ZOG Marxist Comie Zio-Jews Zio-Christians are back where they belong “Auschwitz concentration camp” in a bus size gas oven set to “Extra Crispy” .

                Till then Piss Off .


                • Well bless your heart!

              • “irrelevant to the topic at hand”???!!!


          • Eeder: eeder, eeder, the big poop eater.

          • Why don’t you two get a room.

          • @eeder and FB….Are you two doing any food storages? I hate worrying because I know it puts doubt on faith in the Lord. But it is hard not to worry each day. It is not getting any better in America, as we know it. As I have said many times, 2013 is probably the last year to prepare. After that it will be harder. Much harder due to inflation and many economic woes.

        • The sad part is, our government will probably arm these cells in a secret “sting” operation. Of course no one will be held accountable.

        • Zoltane: Off topic?!! Yes you sure did address mu prior posts. As for off topic?..Your reply had everything Unrelated except of course the Kitchen Sink!(millions(? really millions?) witches burned in europe-indian usa masacres etc etc. Off topic(absolutly I’d say).

          Perhaps I mistook your last comment of the holyhoax was a Non event as a sarcastic comment. As if you think us who question quite alot of prior “Facts” ,that are now proven as Lies, are somehow saying it never happened.

          So I simply replied to what you wrote. To me that IS ON topic.

      14. call “Ghost Busters”….government needs an exorcism!!!

      15. It will go like the turner diaries or should I say going like it.

      16. WHITE is BLACK

        BLACK is WHITE

        Al Queda = AL-CIA-DUH Israeli jew Mossad

        AL-CIA-DUH Israeli jew Mossad = Al Queda

        Duh ;0P

        Grumpy ~;0L

          • Great video. Exposes not only falsehood of any so called temple wall(Christ said not one stone will be left standing! and in 70 ad Christ was again Proven right!) but Kapner also exposes Rand Pauls sell out to zios at the fake wall. These videos sure pack alot of info into 4 minits on avg.

          • HUH….

            THRUSTING? HA

        • @eeder ;0P

          wtf are you talking about ???

          go smoke some more of your Weed and chill Dead Head .

          this discussion is for the aware sober and naturally balanced brainy adults in the room .

          Puff Puff Give Mudder Pucker ;0P pssszzt

          Grumpy ~;0L

          • @Eeder ;0P

            huh ???

            yahoo ???

            wtf are you talking about ???

            that wasn’t me ;0P

            Lock up your Scissors an go Smoke some more Weed @Eeder … it’ll be alright .

            Grumpy ~;0L

          • Yahoo is NSA CIA FBI DARPA controlled tracked recorded .

            i don’t go near it .

            Grumpy ~;0L

            • Don’t kid yourself, ALL the web search providers share one thing that is ALWAYS TRACKED – the infrastructure and ALL the traffic that provides the “Internet” to you. Remember this, the net was and still is primarily for collapse proof comms between government agencies, hence ALL traffic sent upon it is logged and kept record of. There are no safe search engines, or anonomous web browsing, the belief that one search engine provides user protection over another is a ruse…

              • @ L n CRC

                I say nothing on here that I wouldn’t say on TV in front of the Commander-n-thief. Except; for the children and elderly christian’s sake, I’d leave out some of the salty language.

                I don’t worry over those who can kill my flesh body; only He who can kill/destroy/blot out, my soul.

              • LostCRC: yep,so long as they
                are monitering everyone, i say
                Psy-op the poodle-dick bastards
                right back. Have fun with it, be
                creative- Out-Troll the silly trolls.

        • CIA & Mossad on Syria front line – Barack Obama Signed Secret Executive Order to Provide AmeriKan money and weapons to the AMERIKAN CIA ISRAELI MOSSAD CONTROLLED – FREE SYRIA TERRORIST ARMY .

      17. Damn straight Outwest! Although an enema might be more helpful………….just something to make ya go “hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”……………..

      18. In the End … There will be Physical Violence – Murder Death Kill , Blood will be Shed , Lives will be lost on both sides of this NWO NJO ZOG Genocidal UN ANGENDA 21 BANKER WAR on Individual Personal Rights and Freedoms .

        In the End there Will be Blood and Death .

        Prepare .

        Grumpy ~;0L

        • It appears that the schoolchildren are out again this morning with no adult supervision whatsoever..
          Hurling insults and tirades as usual..
          and taking away from the subject at hand.

          Where the hell is Principal Slavo?


      19. DC needs to wake up…if they are scared its because they have gone around the world pissing on every other country, telling them how to live thier lives,bombing them for thier resources, and generally thinking they are the rullers of all.

        sooner or later the bully gets a beat down. this government is too dam big for its britches and has gone around disrespecting other counties way of life, you dont do that with out a fear of payback, Holder knows why he’s afraid, hes an ass, and so are 99% of the pricks in DC,

        As an American, Im sick of being painted by the brush of my governments actions, because most of thier actions have been to push others around…not we the people pushing,..the administrations that believe they are above reproach for thier actions.

        Every one has a person in their life that has done them wrong, and at one point or another has wanted to extract some vengence upon that person for what they have done to them,
        DC is fearing that beat down. I am not taking responsibility for the acctions of these bastards that just wont mind thier own back yard. The DC machine is so buisy pushing everyone around, that they have failed to see that there are consequences for ones actions.

        This is nothing to be held over the average citizens head of this country..we are no more in control of them than a kid would be of thier parents. The hate for Americans is misdirected, we the people are not the problem , we cant control them either, they are and have been out of control for years(decades), what do you think happens to a “super power” they think they rule the world, well the world is getting sick of the DC machine stomping on heads all over the globe for purposes that are not what some might think( many people are awake), the purposes are not noble anymore, they are out of control, just like these gun laws they want to pass, its all about control . (knowing they cant take the guns without major blood shed , what have they done? eliminated the ammo flow,, again control)

        Well people everywhere are sick of being controlled , controlled by fear, death, resources, stupid laws, and jackbooted behavior.

        Some , just like myself, just want to be left the fuck alone to live our lives, and be in peace.., but that just isnt in the game for the elites, they will always want control of everything they can get their hands on, or minds into.

        World war?…or war on this counntries soil is coming, its been coming for some time.. there will be things you never thought could happen here raining down around your head, and its all because of the bully behavior for so many years, and how sick people are of it.

        why do you think the drones are overhead?..because of all the pissing in everyones cornflakes, has come to roost.

        its going to be a nightmare, i sure hope all you good people are ready for it… because it will be us paying for it

        NOMI MFers

        • Whew!
          We’re up to our necks with the shit flying here today—
          and I’m on my horse!

          • WOW! I’m outta here….. sorry Mac!

            • ;0P psszzt

      20. It’s possible that the government is gearing up for defense, not necessarily an an attack on American citizens. This is due to the fact that more and more citizens are waking up and becoming aware every day.
        The government would much prefer to subjugate us through misdirection and the subtle implementation of dependency on the state. History has shown that subjugation by force is costly and cannot be sustained over time. The primary goal of the One World Government proponents is to force their agenda on private citizens through dependency on government subsidies.
        You must understand, many otherwise intelligent people will come to view the new order as a good thing. Only people who value their individual liberties will be exiled or forced into revolt. This is why the spread of knowledge is so important. By simply arming and supplying yourself, you may just be prolonging the inevitable. Not that it’s not important to do those things, but you must also spread the word.

        • @MattMcCollum, To think the government has been strategizing for a collapsed system only to be ‘gearing up for defense’ strikes me as a naive stance.

          The government, as a collective, is much more sinister than many (perhaps you) may realize. There is no such thing as an innocent government. There are too many employees, think tanks, agencies, and much too much duplicity in the government to believe they are altruistic and not plotting. They are planning, yes, but it’s not for their defense — they will be on the offense, as they have been showing themselves to be since Clinton was in office. And the offense has grown alongside ‘homegrown terror’ to become the oppressive government it planned to be. This maniacal behavior predates 9/11/2001 — it is the NWO en force. In reality, ‘homegrown terror’ is the Federal Government.

          If you need some convincing, we only need to examine the numerous inhumane and even illegal tactics of our government. The truth about their destructive evil ways cannot be overlooked. Just in the 20th century, there are scores of medical experiments that were performed by a variety of our government agencies and these experiments resulted in the death, injury, or malformations of its citizens. There are also numerous experimental medical studies undertaken in other countries — experiments that would be illegal in America. And for those who dismiss these things, it would be prudent to point out that President Clinton publicly apologized to the thousands of people who were victims of the Tuskeegee Syphillis experiment, MKULTRA, and other mind-control experimental programs.

          Our precious Veterans have been used and abused for decades, unbeknownst to them. They served their country and the Nation paid them back with medical experimentation. This is criminal behavior!! Yet the government has been immune to punishment for their crimes.

          Look throughout our society — look at the multitudes of chemical exposures that have done irreparable harm to us, but the government is more concerned with controlling an Amish farmer’s raw milk sales than with exposure to Phthalates or Bisphenal A (BPA). And there is never an admission of product-association, especially when it comes to vaccination. In fact, the government pushes many vaccinations on people, many are mandated. And wait until Obamacare forces vaccine compliance. People haven’t even thought of that problem yet.

          Out on the street in today’s world, look at the increase in ADHD, autism, and even the lowered fertility rate (higher rates of infertility), and hormonal imbalances with women and emasculation of men. I have even wondered if part of the government thrust for “gay marriage” is to push the agenda for reduced population one step further since gays cannot reproduce together.

          So no, I don’t believe that the government would prefer to subjugate us through misdirection — there is too much destabilization and destruction to rationalize their actions as anything but criminal, evil, and planned.

          • We gotta remember…govt is at best a nessesary worst an unbearable one and that the best govt is the one that is the least involved in governing or interfering! PS it aint being paranoid when they “ARE” out to get us!

          • @Zoltanne, you’re preaching to the choir, really. I didn’t mean to imply that the government is complacent by any means. They are the ones orchestrating all of this. However, I don’t believe a full frontal offensive would be in their best interests right now. It would make more sense to provoke us into making the first move. If there is a full-blown economic crisis where people are starving because they can’t afford food, or if we are told that we must surrender our guns, then we WILL make that first move.

            A key part of successful subjugation includes convincing at least a portion of the populace that what you’re doing is the right thing, that you are the good guys. If you launch an all-out assault on the American populace, it would be difficult to shine in a righteous light. The powers that be have spent decades weaning the citizens off the ideals of honest work and self-responsibility. And it’s working. There are millions on food stamps and other government subsidies. I see no reason for them to abandon that strategy now, unless, of course, they are forced to play their hand due to some event outside of their control.

            Still, I do concede that the possibility exists they may be tired of waiting. We must be vigilant, though, and make certain that we don’t let them sneak in through the back door while we are guarding the front in anticipation of a massive military crackdown.

            You raise many valid points. Thank you for the invigorating conversation. It’s nice to interact with someone who knows what he’s talking about.

            • @MattMcCollum, Glad you explained your sentiments further.

              The government is coming at us from all angles now and yes, as you say, in a provocational manner. Many here (myself included) believe the government is pushing us while they regulate and destroy at the same time.

              I’m not so sure that an increased government dependency rate is the end goal — since it’s unsustainable, I wonder if it’s the path to further dependencies to relocation centers. Sounds crazy and conspiratorial, I know, but with so many NWO policies being about population reduction and euthanasia, it seems obvious that there is no interest in promoting dependency lifestyles that have high costs.

              Looking back, the NAU/SPP was to have been completed by 2009, I think. This has not yet occurred although the ‘project’ is still evolving. While it seems the radical-left government is growing impatient, they know they are reaching many of the goalposts. I believe the tyranny is ramping up more quickly now, through “security” needs and legislation that I would indeed call back door. There are so many EOs now in place that makes the end goals obvious. I can’t help but think that the current Dictator wants full credit for the ‘fundamental transformation’ as his legacy. I would prefer that he be tried for Treason, though. But it would take a concerted effort of the Senate and at this time, they can’t decide on lunch.

              Good comments you have, some of the best!

        • MM: The NWO PTB are fully cognizant of pending earth Changes, as they are monitoring the effects of substantial mass and gravity changes in the earth.

          If they can impose their Agenda upon US prior to that occurring, fine with them. If not, they will attempt to use that period of time as a transition to the world they want and dissolve the US constitution.

          They know exactly what they are doing and what they are doing to US. It is planned. It is reasoned. It is deliberate. It is TREASON.

          Fore warned is well armed. Lock and load.

          • @durango kidd, you may well be right. The number of possibilities concerning the next linchpin event are limitless. It could be a natural disaster or physical change in our environment. It could be civil unrest. It could be a false flag event, or possibly even real aggression by another nation (spurred on by our own government, of course). Or it could be any number of other things. The only thing for certain is that the globalists are putting themselves in a position to be ready to react when such an event occurs.

            Therefore, we must also be ready. Moreover, we must act when we can to block their attempted power grabs whenever possible.

            Stay vigilant, my friend.

      21. Everyone in DC needs to be afraid.

      22. Yankees are afraid now that war is coming to their land? I though they love war because during most of their history the have been bombing other countries so the yankees could have muscle cars, sex, drugs and rock and roll!!!

        I’m trully sorry For the honest and white yankee out there that is not and ignorant and savage zionist who buy what the mainstream sell to him, otherwise, why do you think that holocaust revisionists are put in jail in so many countries? It’s because freedom is a lie, they don’t want you to know what the allies did for money in europe, and not just in Europe, but also in korea, vietnam and now the middle east.

        White yankees passed from being the pride of the european colonialism to be the master puppet and well trained serial killer of the jews, but hopefully things will change during the coming collapse.


      24. BI you may be onto something but it may already be here. Lyme disease was first diagnosed in 1975 in Lyme, Conn. and has since become the most common tic borne disease in N. America.
        There have been people on this continent for centuries and all of a sudden we have Lyme disease? REALLY?
        AIDS was a hidden virus throughout centuries and then popped out in the 80’s? Really?
        Now let’s look at who is most likely to get these types of diseases.
        Lyme disease is most likely to go after people who out in the woods doing things like hunting and fishing. Things the left can not stand.
        AIDS we are told mostly is spread from sexually active gay people. The kind the right despises.
        Think about it, how convenient.

        • Lesson to be learned from your observation, ed: Be careful where you drop your pants and bend over in the woods to crap. There may be a tick carrying/aids infected queer ready to pounce on your ass from behind the bushes.

          • When I drop my pants in the woods,, I look for Rattlesnakes.. They dont like being shit on, or TREAD ON

        • Plum Island is reportedly the area where Lyme was released. The Animal Control Center at Plum Island was once a part of the Dept of Ag but was transferred over to DHS. That’s weird.

          Lab 257, by Michael C. Carroll, Ph.D., claims there is a connection between Plum Island Animal Disease Center and the outbreaks of three infectious diseases: West Nile virus in 1999, Lyme disease in 1975, and Dutch duck plague in 1967.

          But no worries — Plum Island is sorta closing down. The new facility, the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, is going to Kansas — right in the middle of good ole USA.

          • @zoltanne
            I did not know that, I was going to use west nile virus as an example instead of lyme disease. Funny how all of these are related. Who woulda thunk.

          • I should have also added even though there are theories that Lyme Disease was “created” at Plum Island, I don’t believe this. I believe there is an epidemiological correlation that can certainly fit with a release from Plum Island.

            The disease is tick related and has been written about back in the early 1900s. One of the first symptoms is a rash. It’s actually a rheumatoid arthritic disease and if left untreated can show the RA effects. I had Lyme 2 years ago and recognized the rash immediately. A month of Doxycycline and I was fine. Doxycycline usually clears up a new infection — this is one reason that anyone who is outdoor-oriented should stock this medicine (but remember Doxycycline cannot be used after it’s expiration).

            • Also, Lyme is deer syphilis. The spirochete can hide in the body and then re-emerge to cause symptoms later on. It is chronic/remitting. Now, most insurance available will not cover long-term antibiotic infusions and high dosage oral doxycycline has its own problems, such as GI upsets and photosensitivity.

              There has been a witch hunt against the physicians using long term, high dose IV antibiotic therapies. Patients are being labeled as mentally ill, while it is pretty well established that Lyme can cause cognitive problems. It is called “Lyme fog”.

              There are a couple of other tick-borne diseases that are similar or worse.

              The best defense is Repel or other insecticide you apply to clothing, plus, as you stated, being alert. However, some people never manifest the rash. I just saw an article reporting that some resistance to DEET is being reported, too.

              West Nile is mosquito-borne and controlled by spraying/eradication of mosquito breeding areas. It causes meningitis and I can recall it being around before 1999. West Nile infection can be mild or severe.

            • Doxy is a GREAT antibiotic! we take it over here for Malaria, and it knocks at a sinus infection like nobodys business!

              • On these subjects, either of you have links for how to store and possibly make your own antibiotics. I saw it some years back but never did it. One of my bigger worries if EOTWAWKI is not food or shelter but actually a family member getting an infection and not have antibiotics on hand. Unfortunately, we cannot buy these OTC in the USA as do people in other countries. I always get a chuckle when a medical pro tells me “its because they don’t want the disease to become resistant”. If that were true, then they would campaign to stop OTC purchases in India and China!!!! (Of course the reason is to price gouge Americans)

          • Eeder, the first known cluster of infected patients were kids, in Lyme, CT — hence the name of the disease, an illness that becomes chronic (or deadly) from a bacterial infection.

      25. @eeder I don’t know if that last comment was about my comment or not. However I do agree with you it is a stretch but I was attempting to reinforce BI’s theory about selective viruses that could be released if they wanted to do so.
        Sorry about confusion. For all sheeple reading this please return to your normal programming. thank you.

        • Think about this other way around. Only those with the antidote/vaccination will survive such a virus/ DNA/ plasmid/ bacteriophage “challenge.”

          Why do they keep experimenting with H1N1 viruses to do more than just arrive at a vaccine? In theory, they could be looking to find a strain that could be spread person to person for “other” reasons.

          A reverse analogy to Monsanto’s et al GMO (gentically modified organism) seeds being “rescued” from their susceptabilty to weeds and other natural selection processes by fertilizer and Round Up (glycosphate) herbicides, which only Monsanto can provide.

      26. Famous Last Words –

        ” I Killed the Bank !”

        ~ Andrew Jackson

      27. Just think what 5 yrs from now will look like.

      28. ” He who sacrifices Freedom for Security deserve neither !”

        ~ Ben Franklin

        • In AmeriKa …

          Freedom is Slavery

          Slavery is Freedom

          ” ‘Real Freedom’ in todays NWO NJO ZOG Red Marxist Commie aipac adl splc controlled tax debt enslaved AmeriKa ; will only be Re-Established / come by Armed Physical Force ; by American Freemen Freewomen Patriots !”

          Grumpy ~;0L

      29. Poli- the Latin word for many

        tics- a blood sucking disease carrying…

        Politics- many blood sucking, disease carrying….

        • I like it; but just for clarification, ‘poli’ is Greek not Latin.

      30. This is my 2 bits. I still say a dozen or so infected people with a very highly contagious disease walking around in malls, sporting events, cities, and the like. Will this be the method of get it to the targets (the U S people). The domino effect will kill thousands if not millions.

        Side note looks like government types maybe trying a full court press to over whelm this very good web site.

        NOMI EVER

        • Pale rider, I believe this also, I think it will start off as a virus. Hell who wants to fight when they are sicker than hell.

        • Or contaminating the money supply at a place like toll booths or a casino armored car delivery, etc where cash changes hands among hundreds who then travel and spend. I would put nothing past our gooberment.

          • My dh and I keep sanitizer in both vehicles–after returning shopping carts, before eating anything, upon returning home—hands cleaned.

      31. Just look out MAC they are out to DOMINANT this site and drive away any new people and make it hard for the regulars to get a word in edge-ways. My take is YOU are DOING something RIGHT!

      32. I my be all wet but looking at the post times on these other peoples comments, it dosen’t look that they are even in any kind of moderation, like some of my comments are in moderation for somtimes hours, some times this makes me wondler what is going on.

        • Howdy PR,

          Yo dude, just thinkin’ this through you’re an ‘Elder’ here, been here for quite a while, Yes? From what I’ve seen the filters that Mac employs here are pretty quick at pickin’ up repeat ‘visitors’ and usually seem to let people in really quick IF the email associated with you remains EXACTLY the same as per previous posts. I’ve occaisionally mis-typed my email in and also a couple of times (hurrying) even forgot to enter it all…in both cases the comment went STRAIGHT to moderation (which SELDOM happens if I don’t mess-up otherwise) so just a thought here Ok? The other thing I KNOW is that IF you’re using TOR ‘funny’ things happen with the post when you try to push them through. Hope somehow that helps, I know what it’s like to be frustrated ‘when the box don’t work’. Good Luck Brother! 🙂


          • @J1G: THX sir for your info, and I’m with you all the way.

            NOMI MOLON- LABE

            • J1G: A follow up to the THX comment has been up for moderation now for 2hrs. The same e-mail address has when I first started. Must just be me.

      33. The article was great, but I feel like I’ve lost about 50 I.Q. points after reading some of the comments.

      34. The Jesuits Control the World

        Learn the Truth of the BLACK POPE and JESUIT PRIEST SECRET CONTROL of AMERIKA and the WORLD .

        radio show

      35. Israel celebrates successful 9/11 operation on Purim holiday

        For more than eleven years, Israel has been wildly celebrating the success of its 9/11 operation against the United States of America. The latest example: Israeli children recently dressed up as the burning Twin Towers, complete with impaled exploding airplanes, to celebrate the bizarre Jewish holiday known as Purim.

      36. This is how it starts. A swat team goes to a known gun owner’s home and takes his guns. As the team is seen leaving with the weapons, his neighbors open fire on the swat team, killing everyone of their sorry asses and get their neighbor’s weapons back. After that, it will be open season on every government official that supported the ban, and every LEO seen in a uniform since we can’t tell the good ones from the bad. Everyone leaving a government building will be shot on sight. The UN troops may be sent into the major cities, but will not be able to control the country with 100 million gun owners looking for blue helmets, foreign troops, and treasonous politicians, soldiers, judges and banksters. Soon the population will control every military base and munitions depot in the country and the real purge will begin, and then end with the American Nuremberg Trials and politicians & other traitors not yet dead swinging from the gallows.

        • well put.i like the way you think.

        • The trick is to know which of your neighbors will have your back…

          And which ones will gladly turn you in for a few more credits on their EBT card.

          CATIMF – NOMI – MoLon LaBe

          Stack em high and deep.

      37. John F. Kennedy

        “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence – on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

        It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined.

        Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

        * JFK Secret Society Speech given on April 27, 1961

        (JFK murdered in plain sight of the AmeriKan Public by the Traitor AmeriKan Secret Service by orders of their Jesuit ZOG Zio-Christian Zio-Catholic Banker Masters on November 22, 1963).

        • @Eeder chill Bro ;0) … it’s me NinaO / N.O. … I’m just switching my names up again to mess with the fedgov nsa darpa cia fbi an jew aipac adl splc trolls tracking me online .

          ~N.O. ;0P


          Grumpy ~;0L

          • If the server where resides approved any monitoring, then changing your screen name does nothing.

      38. The Vatican and the Jesuits

        Learn the Truth

        The Jesuit Order is an almost 500-year old covert operations, geo-political, male-only organization, structured as a secret military operation: demanding secret oaths and complete obedience to each direct superior, which is ultimately the Superior General (often nicknamed as the Black Pope, since he dresses in black and ‘stands in the shadow’ of the white Pope).

        The “Society of Jesus” – as they are officially known – was originally used by the Vatican to counter the various Reformation movements in Europe, to which the Vatican lost much of its religious and political power. Absolute-temporal-ruling power has always been the Vatican institution’s primary objective.

        The Jesuit Order is since 1814 in complete control of the – obscenely wealthy – Vatican institution (and its Catholic clergy hierarchy) and presently also controls various other organizations together with the Military Order of Malta, such as:

        the United Nations


        European Commission

        Council on Foreign Relations

        various central banks

        big corporations

        secret services

        numerous societies and cults, such as Freemasonry (“The Brotherhood”) and Opus Dei

        • Careful, Grumpy… can’t have them knowing that we know.

          And knowing that they know that we know they know…

          Now know looks funny for some reason on my screen.

          Something evil this way comes.

      39. Please forgive the off-topic….Just a prayer request to my friends here at SHTF…

        My little girl has seriously injured her wrist. She is going to see a pediatric orthopedic surgeon first thing Monday. We are hoping that there is no nerve damage.

        Thank you.


        • prayer sent. best wishes.

          • Daisy. I have broken mine.


        • Daisy
          Sorry to hear this, Really hope things work out for the best for your Daughter, I have a feeling of how you are about family, just from how you conduct yourself and what you say.

          I will work for her best recovery in my thoughts.

          she will do fine, with you at the lead.

        • We will be Praying for her.

        • @Daisy, you and your family are in my prayers. Hope all is well. BigB

        • Daisy,
          Best of wishes for your daughter.

          For what it is worth….I have lived with nerve damage in both my hands for 30 years. I was in a serious car accident in my younger days and broke the windshield with my head. I serious damaged my brachial plexus in my neck that left me with permanent damage.

          IF, she winds up with nerve damage, it is not that debilitating. I do have to be careful in cold weather because I can not always feel how cold they are.

          I have to be really careful around the stove and knives. I can wind up cutting or burning my hands and not even know it until I’m bleeding or a blister shows up. The good news is I don’t feel any pain…the bad news is I burn or cut my hands and don’t know it.

          Now, if it is a really bad burn or cut I do feel it.

          Point is, basically you learn to live with it and adapt to your condition.

          I do send prayers but just wanted to add that it isn’t as horrible as it might seem. I just have to pay a lot more attention to my hands.

          • Kindle ~

            Thank you very much for sharing – that is extremely comforting and I greatly appreciate it! 🙂


            • Daisy,
              You’re welcome. I’ve dinged a lot of body parts over the years but am still going strong.

              As a weird matter of fact, one of my cats brought to my attention that I burned my index finger last night cooking supper. I didn’t know it until she was licking on the burn this morning and broke the blister…that I felt. Cats have really rough tongues, ya know.

              Best wishes,

            • Daisy….again, sorry that your daughter (and you) have to go through this…I bet everyone on this site is praying for you both……and from experience, all their prayers DO work wonders!! Take care, CC.

        • Possible duplicate….

          G’Day Daisy,

          You’ve got mail Hon. Our prayers are with you! Remember too….the ‘jungen’ have a marvelous ability to heal…IF allowed to do so, far better than we Elders. Be at Peace, “Be Still, and KNOW that I AM.”

          JOG 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Daisy, goes without saying prayers are coming your way for your daughter and you.

        • Praying for healing for your litttle girl.

        • Our prayers are with you.

        • Daisy,
          I am so sorry to hear about your daughter.
          One thing you might try is to increase the Omega 3 Fatty Acids in her diet. There is some evidence that this can improve nerve healing after injury. Additional B vitamins may also help.
          I always tell kids- it seems like forever when you have to wear a cast or splint but realize that you will be living the rest of your life with the results. Sometimes that gets throught to them.
          I hopes she does well.

        • Aww…
          Prayers up for you and her, you’ll both need ’em ms Daisy…
          Having been there and done that, regard previous posters advice..
          its been 40 years, and my wrist is still ‘broken’…
          do EXACTLY what the doctor orders, or she’ll regret it.

        • Daisy:

          Your family is in my prayers. I hope there is no nerve damage. Take care.

          Southern Gal

      40. Just wanted to share – my wife and I live in a decent sized city and aren’t going to be able to leave anytime soon. I just spent $800.00 on a Nammatj 3GT tent – it’s 5 lbs and good for any weather. For those who can’t wait it out in their house just wanted to share that I’ve read a lot of reviews on 4 season tents and this one is one of the highest rated tents I could find.

        • Where can I find one of those tents?

        • Get some quality sand bags if you plan to use a tent and you can increase your insulation factor significantly.

          Just saying.

      41. U

        The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks

        from TruthNeverTold

      42. yeah, he should pack his bags and stay there..( but thats because i think Rodman is a self absobed loser, not because of any hate or any of that, toward NK)

        but, in defense of NK..wouldnt you want something powerful enough to stop another country from fucking with you?
        wouldnt you want something that would make another nation want to negotiate with you , rather than smack you down because there would be no possible opposition to thier acts? or use you and your country up, than snap you off like a used condom?

        I know i would, thats why I believe that nation and country wants something of power that is well known to elicite communication rather than out right annilation.

        and they see how many other countries have been delt with, and its scary

        fear is driving a lot of decisions in many countries these days, and its also driving may peoples decisions on how to react to the ones making the rules, or the big shots..many are wanting to send the message of

        Dont Tread On Me

        • its along the same lines of what I have said about Waco

          If the Branch Dividians had a few A1M1 Abrams sitting in the drive, there would have been negotiations.

          and as the ol truth about the governemnt is..when all they wield as a tool, is a hammer, everything in thier path beomes a nail

          • @ VRF. As I promised whenever I saw something in regards to your family down in Peru I would let you know. Today there was an earthquake south of the South Sandwich Islands, towards Bristol Islands, and this leads to bigger earthquakes 11 out of the 13 times this exact area was hit before. On August 2, 2007 this area had a 5.1 and then 13 days later on August 15, 2007 offshore slightly about 100 miles south of Lima they had a 8.0. It will take further earthquakes on other boundaries to determine the likely next big one, but Peru has been hit before after this area off of the Antarctica got active.

            Other areas that have been hit with large quakes include:

            Japan, several times
            Soloman Islands area 4 times
            Northern Chile
            New Guinea and Paupa New Guniea
            Auckland Island region twice
            Northern Antarctica, Drake passage, (if this happens this time, Southern California would be on alert next)

            When looking on a globe you can kind of see why these areas would be prone to future earthquakes in regards to the plates. As further quakes occur it should narrow down exactly where. Still I would be on guard in the north central to southern portion of South America on the west coast for at least up until St. Patrick’s day, March 17.

            • Evening BI,

              Thanks for the read on the Bristol Island activity, Having seen that
              yesterday – late – I was just about to ask what you thought of that!
              Much obliged Friend.

              As it happened, the effects of a recently evolved Coronal hole impacted
              the terrestrial magnetosphere yesterday. This explains – at least in part –
              the broad deviations from true that were seen through the day on the Northern
              Hemisphere magnetometers broadly. At one point in the wee hours this AM the
              measured velocity of the solar wind approached to near 600 km/sec….which
              is relatively high for a “high-speed coronal stream” (CHHSS). The
              magnetosphere remains well energised by this event as is seen in the NOAA
              Auroral watch imaging which over the last several hours has varied
              numerically up to a value of 8 repeatedly. Current velocity has diminished
              to slightly larger than 500 km/sec.

              Additionally, it is the case that two bright regions are currently visible
              on ther eastern limb. One is rotating into direct LOS at this time, same is
              located just above the equator. The second region is evident in various
              imaging due to the reflected photospheric ‘sky shine’ but has – as yet – not
              emerged in to the terrestrial LOS…it will however do so imminently. The
              Penticton Flux as measured today at 17:00 UTC was seen to rise above 110 sfu
              for the first time since the last observed peak nearly a month ago. It is to
              be noted that the last peak anticipated and projected to have occurred some 11
              days ago – like the aborted rise aniticipated/expected in Decenber – also was
              seen to be absent These two ‘misses’ are the only two significant deviations
              from the obserrved highly regular character of same since all the way back
              into April of last year. This most current deviation and associated failure
              to rise is much more pronounced than that just before the Christmass holiday
              and IMHO may well be construed as being a full and probable return of the
              historical randomicity we ordinarily see in solar radio emmisions (10.8 cm
              emmisions). As the HMIB (C) imaging captures the relevant emerging regions
              we’ll be able to say more. The ‘skyshine’ mentioned previously is quite
              strong in the NOAA SXI imaging for both regions noted with the brightest
              area being associated with the emerging near-equatorial region.

              More to follow as/if warranted.


            • Thank you Sir, I will continue to give them a heads up, i sure hope it holds off or that it doesnt let go in their area, guess thats all we can do

            • thank you

          • I have said this before…I would really love to have an Abrams A1M1…the possibilities of having a superior piece of firepower like that are endless…

            • sure would open up some possibilities wouldnt it? sleep a little better at night.

              glad to see someone gets my correlation with superior fire power and the ability to remain free and unmolested

              • This was for last man standing

                • Thanks brother…

                  “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

      43. Daisy, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter and I will pray for her. I hope everything turns out for the best. Nina O, FBP, and Eeder, all 3 of you are acting like kids taking up so much space with your attacks on each other. At least Nina O is putting out some good information and making good use of his/her space. I’ve checked out a lot of your links Nina and know that you’re spot on; thanks for sharing the info. BI, once again, you’re right on target; the only problem with a chem/bio or nuclear attack is that those weapons will take out EVERYONE within a certain geographical area. It doesn’t matter if you’re a prepper or nonprepper, Patriot or Communist, etc. Those weapons are equal opportunity killers; they will not discriminate. As evil as the feds are, I can’t picture them using any WMDs on us. They have to know they could kill a lot of their own supporters in the process and that it would be counterproductive for them to do so. But I CAN picture Islamic terror cells or even foreign armies making that move. No matter how they look at each other, the one thing they have in common is that they hate America for one reason or another and will gladly come together to try to achieve the goal of destroying us. Once the balloon goes up, we will be facing all kinds of enemies, foreign and domestic. It’s going to be the biggest challenge of all our lives to get through those times alive. My prepping won’t stop until the last minute. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      44. Wow, I had no idea that this site had changed from a survival site to a comedy site. That eeder guy is sooo flipp’n funny! Almost as good as “The People’s Cube”. Still laughing……..oh, I know, next he’ll call me a spy working for the CIA! lolololo! CRAZY!

      45. War and Rumors of War…
        now where did I hear that from?
        Hell on Earth is Coming, With a Vengeance!
        Time is short, short, short

        • Satori,
          I saw that article this morning and wasn’t happy at all. The only possible good news is that they are grandfathering in all the guns and mags without any kind of registration….for now…we all know how that goes.

          I have been in serious contemplation of whether I need to leave Colorado or not. I’ve been here 25 years and have watched it turn greener and greener…and I’m not talking about the color of the grass.

          I am at a point in my life where I could get up and move fairly easy…but where to go? I could go back home to Texas but that state has been turning browner and browner…and I’m not talking the color of the grass.

          I love TN & KY but don’t know anyone there. I have family in Utah but I am not a mormon…how well will I fit in?

          I’ve spent a lot of time in WY, Montana, ID and British Columbia but currently don’t know anyone there. I would fit in but have no connections.

          In the meantime, I have seriously started to go through all my stuff and either sell it or donate it. Lightening the load, ya know.

          I’m afraid many of us will have to answer questions like this really soon. Stay or go. Where do ya go?

          Insight welcome…

          Trying to figure stuff out in Colorado,

          • Howdy Kindle,

            If I may here.

            I would take it that since you’re already IN Colorado that a mountainous terrain is not distateful to you, Yes? I could be surmizing wrong here since you might reside in eastern Co.. If though the former is true, then truly, I might myself consider western Montana or alternately most any section of Idaho. The terrain inboth is principally similar to that of the state of Colorado and the environmenatl conditions are similar as well.

            Additionally, it is SUPREMELY unlikely that the residents of either of those states would succumb to the idiocy which has lately taken hold of the citzens of that once fine state in which you presently reside. Having travelled to and through both I can attest that they are marvels of natural beauty, whose populations are yet low relative to thier land area’s. Just a thought here also…the likelihood that the EAST will or would significantly interfere in either of those is equally remote, as the first case. Something to think on.


            • Hey JOG,
              You do not surmize wrong…I am a hopeless mountain person. Montana, WY, & ID are on the top of my list and I have spent quite a bit of time there.

              I too believe they will not succumb to the lefties…I just don’t know anyone there. Where I am at now I have seriously good & like-minded neighbors…hard to leave.

              I really can’t help but wonder if Colorado being the new capitol in the continuity of government (COG) has anything or everything to do with what’s going on here.

              The board on this site has been a little wackey lately…and no, I don’t care if I spelled something wrong.

              Take Care,

              • DELIGHTFUL, surely someone ‘after ny own heart’ as it were!

                As far as I have ever been concerned, “He walks in those High places and dwells therein…” my heart will forevermore abide thusly, therewith.

                As far as the rest, dunno. There’s a heap of wierd going on lately most everywhere you look. I’m ‘ramming and crammming’ on all neccessary fronts as fast as possible. Take care, good luck figuring it out!


                • Hey JOG,

                  ““He walks in those High places and dwells therein…” my heart will forevermore abide thusly, therewith.”

                  I’ve always said my pew is deep in the forest next to a high mountain lake.

                  I just had an odd thought; I was packaging up a couple of my post-appocalype books I just sold on Ebay, and got to wondering if in the near future “they” would have to reclassify them from non-fiction to fiction since a lot of what is in the PA books seems to be materializing in the real world?

                  Something to ponder.

          • Colorado is full of stalinist commies. Almost all colorado newspapers, radio and tv stations push the stalinist commie line.

            Bring ammo.

          • Kindle: You are always welcome in
            Oregon: Awesome rivers,good fishing,
            Outrageous growing season, Did i
            mention the Hunting? Also, lots of
            mountains, and places to reside
            where the nearest neighbor is half-
            mile down the road. 🙂

            • Anon,
              I really like Oregon and WA a lot but they have been taken over by the greenies also. Which part of Oregon?

              • Kindle….all of eastern Oregon is that way. Everything east of Bend is wide-open country.

                Also, Idaho was listed as the number 1 prepper state. That is where I live. Also, both our senators were listed in the top 10 as conservatives by a Liberal Watchdog group. I believe Risch was #6 and Crapo at #8.

                Idaho is great! Plenty of the best baker Russet Burbank potatoes too. Where I live in a 70 miles drive, there is about 200,000 acres of potatoes and about 700,000 acres of wheat and barley.

                • Ugly,
                  (Weird typing Ugly to someone…my mom taught be better manners than that) When I was 19 I did tree planting in Targhee and Teton Nat. Forest in Idaho. Fell in love with the state.

                  I can actually say Idaho is the only place I have ever gotten lost while backpacking in. All the mountains in that area looked alike and my friends and I got off on a deer trail and wound up lost for several hours.

                  My brother-in-law is from Rexburg and they still have a cabin outside of Yellostone….wish I knew the address…might be a good place to head to when the SHTF.

                  • @Kindle….if by Yellowstone then you are probably talking about the Island Park or West Yellowstone area. That is a great area and is the area where I am looking for a cabin. That would be a good place to head if SHTF….

                  • Ugly,
                    It might be around Mack’s Inn. I remember there being a sizable river in front of the cabin.

              • Kindle: We got run amok 20yrs. ago by
                Western OR, parts of Josephine Co.
                have their own posse…
                Douglas County is quite redneck, loggers,
                millworkers,whatnot… Oh, and they
                Cherish their Weapons. North of Yoncalla
                Beware Of Green. 🙂

                • Anon,
                  I hear ya on the Cali transplants…we got a lot of them in CO. too.

                  I like posses, rednecks and weapons!!!

                • @Anon….You must be talking the Medford area. That is where I lived in early years. More towards Sams Valley not to far from White City and Central Point.

                  Go PRE !!!!

          • Veterans, Preppers, and Patriots should move to Tucson, Prescott, Payson, and Flagstaff Arizona. WE honor the Constitution.

            WE manufacture guns and ammo here. Gold and silver are recognized by the State as acceptable forms of money.

            Be there to get there when the Changes hit. As someone who has been “aware” since I was ten, I chose Arizona.

            If you are a Veteran, Prepper, or Patriot, you should be here too when the “reset button” is pushed.


            • DK,
              The only worry I have about AZ is if the La Raza’s decide they want the state back. I might be able to sneak by because I have an olive complexion and auburn hair but I’m afraid my green eyes would give me away.

              Guess that’s what dark sunglasses are for.

              I really like AZ’s governor, she doesn’t mess around.

              • La Raza is primarily a California phenomena although there are a few activists and organizers here in Phoenix and more so in Tucson.

                Most Hispanic Americans I know are family oriented Patriots. Many understand that ILLEGALS are adversely affecting the Hispanic Community most of all with violence and drug gangs.

                All the more reason Veterans, Preppers, and Patriots should move to Tucson. NOMI. Tucson will be a major seaport after the Changes according to Cayce.

                Just saying. Be here to get here.

            • You know DK you may have just given me a new lease on life. I have been looking for a bug out location here in N. California for the longest time. As a kid my family moved all over the country as my dad worked for a major construction company.

              I do believe that the couple of years I lived in a place called Superior AZ may have been the best out of all places we lived. The only problem was that my family and three others were the only whites in town. I learned what it was like to be a minority. As a 12 year old with my first 22 rifle there were nothing but miles and miles of one big playground.

              As I write this after reading your post I am making plans as of this minute to secure a place down there as part of my bug out plan and eventual retirement.

              Thanks DK


              • Superior is a old mining town and pretty much of a Ghost Town right now, but a new copper company (Resolution Copper) has mapped the depths of the ore body and is in the process of obtaining permits to reopen the copper mine there.

                Globe is an interesting little town east of there, and Safford, east of that is a farming town. There are a number of interesting places to live in AZ depending upon what floats your boat.

                Good luck.

          • @ KIndle Have you considered Florida? Other than
            SINKHOLES I think it’s okay.

          • Kindle, we’d love to have you here in East TN. Great 4 season weather, perfect for growing things. Low cost of living(except sales tax) conservative values still important here. Property prices low and no state income tax. If you are religious move, join a church and you will instantly have friends. Guns are a way of life here. People will give you privacy too. If religious beliefs are not your strong suit it will be harder to “break in” here but it can be done through volunteer organizations…just takes longer. Would advise avoiding west TN..New Madrid and all,and Middle TN is a but too liberal for my taste. Southern KY is another great area. If you decide to try East TN we could exchange more info offline. Good luck!

      46. Here’s a Thought…

        The various governmental agency’s and private industry have for
        several dacades had all the information which we are just now
        becoming privy to via the internet…

        Does anyone here think that they haven’t seen the ‘Handwriting
        on the Wall’ in all that time? The entirety of Academia, every
        government agency and ALL of Big Business have been collecting and
        collating data since before most of us were born….they’ve known
        what the outcome of excess population growth, shrinking resources,
        increasing geopolitical tension would be for DECADES…long before
        we even had a clue. Make no mistake; the ones who run things unseen
        are VERY smart people. Does anyone here think that they have not
        already fully prepared contingency plans?

        100 years ago a labor force was utterly required inasmuch as there
        existed no alternative…if work, manual labor, had to be done then
        ‘someone’ HAD to do it. What’s changed? Today we have robotics aplenty.
        Does anyone think that a robot can’t do most of what is required? If
        so you better have a look at the state of the art in military
        autonomous robotics. How much of a step is it to go from that to
        being able to manufacture a piece of farm equptment that can plow
        and sow fields without human involvement? Last I looked there isn’t
        a large membership in the “Robotic Wotkers of America” labor union,
        as well as there being no need for 4 weeks paid vacation a year or
        ‘maternity leave’.

        The ‘upper tier’ of things has knmown for a very long time what the
        end state of the various curves relating to human occupation of the
        planet would look like; it looks JUST like today. How much longer
        until the “Invisibles’ at the top conclude that the bulk of Humanity
        is simply more trouble that it is worth? The Earth has NORE than
        enough resources to support a human population….of a FEW hundred
        million, doesn’t it. We currently have a global population of in
        excess of 7 billion, by 2020 that will exceed 10 billion…primarily
        due to breeding factories like China and India who absolutely cannot
        control their population growth. The land mass of the entire planet
        is by Wikipedia 149.9 million square kilometers while the aggregate
        land mass of both China and India is only 13 million spquare
        kilometers….with China being 3 times the size of India. Thus we
        have the case that fully one third of the population of Humankind
        resides in less than 9% of the total landmass of the planet This is
        a recipe for Apokalypse Friends.

        As said, if those at the top have seen this coming for decades
        then what do you think is going on behind the scenes right NOW?

        Think about it.


      47. Max kaiser and Gerald celente has been making predictions since 2008. They will still be making bogus predictions until the end.

        • I don’t know much about these guys, but they are probably correct. Problem is and always has been, trying to predict the “when” of things. Not too many could fathom the QE infinity bullshit that is going on right now. At least not to this degree. This country would fall completely apart the day after the printing presses stop. This would be certain. We all know its coming. The when is the golden question.

        • What about their prediction of 2007 when everyone else including all Gov people were saying they were crazy?

      48. Mac, give your head a shake pal. You have deleted all of my comments and none of fbp or any of his pet creations. Seriously , get a life. It is very questionable which side you are on when you allow this site to be controlled by these traitors.

        • You posted 50+ comments, most of them unrelated to the topicc… a bit excessive don’t you think? You are having a direct negative impact on the community and conversation… I’ll ‘get a life’ as soon as I don’t have to spend my time fielding emails from readers about this and moderating your childish behavior..

          If you feel it necessary to post a comment every 15 seconds, perhaps you can do it on your own website? Just a suggestion….

          I value this community and many of your previous contributions to it, but maybe it’s time you move on? It’s gotten ridiculous.

          • Mac,
            THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

          • look at whats ridiculous. yourself. you are enabling the enemy and i can only imagine it is intentioanl. You are allowing pet projects of fbp like kindle dominate. Are you simply not smart enough to see it or are you allowing the enemy to take over. again, get a life pal. you had a good thing here. you are probably going to be shut down and it will have nothing to do with me. why not ask nina and fbp and the likes to move on… when you get shut down or have essentially NO ONE reading anymore… remember that i told you. It is quite simple, you are enabling the enemy and as such are the enemy. The people on here who still dont get it…. get a grip. get a life. really guys, either you stand for truth and freedom or you do not. sadly, very few of you do stand for truth and freedom.

            • I’ll let this one fly in the interest of free speech and rebuttal. but seriously eeder, 50+ comments in one thread, seconds apart. I realize you are passionate about your beliefs, and I am happy to let you and others vent that here, but it went too far this morning. Thus, so that i can actually ‘get a life’ we did a blanket delete rather than have to sort through every comment.

              • mac , its only because things have reached a boiling pot that i am so passionate at this time. we are all like frogs in a pot of boiling water. the odd one like me feels it and is trying to get out. most are just falling asleep. it is incredibly sad to me that we cannot and will not do more to stop it.

              • The PAGE got ghosted today.

        • @eeder….You should transfer some of your anger into positive action and positive statements that others could use.

          I can prep for economic collapse and some troubled times. But prepping for civil unrest is something very difficult to do. I doubt any prepper really wants civil unrest. I want Peace from the PeaceMaker and our elected officials.

          Peace to all….

          • ugly, come on , be serious. the longer you allow the insane to prevail, the farther lost, the cause becomes and it will be impossible to make a difference. civil unrest is not stoppable. frankly , its here already. it will be far worse, because people refused to take a stand and shine the spotlight on the enemy. you cannot be kind or rational with these types either. They will take advantage to no end. Frankly, civil unrest is unstoppable and like a steam vent, if you dont let it release soon, it will overwhelm us in ways we cannot fathom.

            • @eeder….I agree with your frustration and anger. But remember, over 50% believe the President is doing great. And over 70% of polls show anti-Republican. So really what can we do?

              I blame the White Democrat. The Honkie !!!!

              I am prepping with food, with my walk with the Saviour, and with people of similar goals. But I am leaving the White Democrat alone. To them, it is all Reagans and Bush’s fault.

              Not theirs. Not at all. Democrats have zero blame in this.

              Thus, all I can do is what I can do.

              Keep prepping. Vent anger in a positive way. BTW, the thumbs up was from me….

              • Ugly,
                “remember, over 50% believe the President is doing great”. This is something that has been bugging me since the election. I keep hearing obummer and dems say “the majority of Americans say..blah, blah”

                OK, by my math, there are roughly 308 million Americans, 74.181 million are under the age of 18. That leaves 233.819 million people of “voting age”. 62.611 million voted by obummer, 59.134 rep., that leaves 112.074 million Americans of voting age that did not participate in the election.

                Since we know the dems went all out for the election (as evidenced by 125-145% of some counties voting dem)we might deduce that most of the dems are accounted for.

                So what about the 112 million of age that didn’t vote? Do they cease to exist? I didn’t vote for years because I didn’t like either candidate. But that does not mean I am a non-person.

                Wouldn’t the math go something like..233.8 million Americans of voting age…26.7% known Dems, 25.29% known Repubs and 47.93% unknown. So how can they keep saying “the majority of Americans…”?

                • @Kindle….I have read your post several times and your logic and math seems accurate. It seems ‘We The People’ are no longer represented and we are all ran by the few….

                  • I assume when they poll a location, those considered are registered voters??
                    And many polls only include 2000 people.
                    I also never believe these numbers when released.
                    It’s BS; someone is being paid to ask these questions and all jobs assigned with these polls.
                    Just more wasted money.

      49. J1G, you’ve hit the nail PERFECTLY on the head. From what I’ve been hearing, all the final preparations for the NWO agenda are taking place as we speak; only a matter of time now. Mac, would you take FBP and Eeder to the woodshed, please? They’re taking away valuable space from intelligent people with their little girl-type of feuding. Go easy on Nina O.; at least that person is making good use of the space.

        • Thanks bh,

          AND THANK YOU MAC!

          Time grows SHORT, can those here not think of better things to do with PRECIOUS Time? Many are those here who would like to have EVERY MOMENT of the remaining time to further improve thier chances…

          something to dwell on. 🙁


      50. @angelo….i read and listened to Baldwin’s analysis on Romans 13. I thought it was good. Also, I agree with your take on the 501c.

        • UGLY: I am just glad to have provided his link to you. Also am glad you agree on the 501C tax free issues with pastors. Problem is not many are without that 501 C status today. I found Two pastors so far who aint. Baldwin and Butch Paghue(sp?) or close to that last name.

          Both have rejected irs tax free status mainly so to be able to speak Freely on gov issues and all related issues affecting Us today. We could use quite a few more eh.

          • @Angelo….thanks. yes, I saved the Baldwin link in my favorites. Keep prepping.

      51. You do know that people that let emotions drive their actions are the easiest to defeat. I could scream something about my opponents god, beliefs, or significant other and pick them off when they react…

        In battle, you will need a thicker skin. Don’t react till you have a plan to cover your operation. Don’t fight on your doorstep, fight on the enemies… I’m not sure what is coming, but I see the need for prepping for all threats.

      52. Mac, kudos for dropping the hammer on the kids. Eeder, Ugly gave you some good advice to follow. Look, I understand how you feel; everyone here does. Everyone here is tired of federal crap, especially what they’re planning for us right now. Never forget; YOU DON’T HAVE ANY OBLIGATION TO ANYONE WHO HAS EVIL INTENTIONS TOWARD YOU! NEVER BELIEVE WHAT GOVERNMENT SAYS ABOUT ANYTHING, EXCEPT WHEN THEY SAY THEY’RE GOING TO KILL YOU! you don’t know how many nights I’ve broken down and cried about what’s coming to this land. You don’t know the feeling of dread I have about what’s coming. But i do know where I stand and what I’ll do: Fight the NWO. I’m not surrendering anything i have. Force your way into my home and you die, it’s that simple. Anyone who surrenders to the feds deserves whatever happens after the fact. There’s no way I can sympathize with people who won’t listen; who don’t want to go out of their “comfort zone”. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      53. @ everyone — you must-must-must see this!

        Obama’s Dire Sequester Warning:

        (Gotta give Drew tons of credit for posting this at WeaselZippers. Too funny!)

      54. NextFF????
        heads up, signs are small

        What is wrong with this picture?
        The picture is of the five nuclear carriors.
        Just like Battleship Row, Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.
        This picture was taken the other day in Norfolk. The Obama Administration ordered 5 nuclear carriers into harbor for “routine” (?) inspections. Heads of the Navy were flabbergasted by the directive.
        NORFOLK, VA. (February 8, 2013). The first time since WWII …that five nuclear powered aircraft carriers were docked together.
        USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), USS Enterprise (CVN 65), USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) are all in port at Naval Station Norfolk, Va., the world’s largest naval station.

        Sources stated that this breached a long standing military protocol in the Navy meant to avoid massive enemy strike on major US forces. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ryan J. Courtade/Released)

          • VRF…I wonder if that article was just a little CYA propaganda… from Minnesota pubic radio?…why not a source closer to the port?

        • Oh No,

          Umm-Oh she-it…WHAT are these FOOLS thinking!
          Since Pearl Harbor we’ve never had that much docked up in one place…for the obvious reason.

          The only ‘non-stupid’ thing this could represent would be if they KNEW that ‘somehwere’ major hostilities were IMMINENT and they ordered all that iron into port for emegency ‘provisioning’…stocks yes but also Re-arming with maximum ordinance…

          Geez, now you got ME nervous VRF…


          • Headline was…the Pentagon Is Pissed(paraphrased)

        • Nothing will happen…this time!…gotta get the Navy to break protocol and then when nothing happens they let down their guard and “WHAMO” they get hit and we lose a big chunkof our defensive force…just my 2 cents…

          • Firstly here, thanks for the clarifying link VRF,

            JJ, REB, go see the limk VRF posted in on this…kind of got ‘snafu’d here. The Enterprise is our oldest serving carrier and subsequent to it’s last tour some few months ago was brought home for decommisioning…several other details suchlike are contained in the posting at the link itself. Here’s an open question for which I really don’t know the answer; does anyone here KNOW what the status of the newest fleet carriers is, ie the ones that are yet to enter service…I haven’t kept up with that for several months now…jsut curious here guy’s.


            • There are three new carriers currently planned …The Gerald R Ford …new class of carrier…similar to Nimitz but with significant upgrades will be commissioned in 2015…
              Then the John F Kennedy and the new Enterprise…unknown when they will be completed.

              • @ jerrythg,

                Thanks Brother! Lately (the last few months) been so durn busy I haven’t been able to keep up with everything that’s going on! 😉 The last one I had heard about was the Gord – the one with the new elctromagnetic launch system, Yes? – the others I was wholly unaware of…it’s nice to know that the “Enterprise” will be continued. I had wondered about that previously…an ‘Old’ name is naval lore. T’anks again!


                • Yea…that new launch system looks interesting…
                  just hope they work all the bugs…

          • I agree…it’s always a risk to have all in one basket…
            At least they popped the Eisenhower out to sea this past week

      55. Mac,

        Please mass erase Grumpy’s 40 messages of garbage SPAM posts. I’m not one for censorship either but let’s be honest, posting every 2 minutes with broad statements with links is the equivalent to spam email. We have neIther the tIme nor inclination for that garbage on this great site!

      56. I am 61 and never thought I would see this happen to my country. Was never in the military but wish I had great grandfather crossed the Delaware with George Washington and fought in the first Revolution.I just hope I CAN HONOR HIM AND FIGHT IN THE NEXT ONE . LARRY

      57. Seriously, three words in a sentence that comes from the mouth of someone that would cause me to smash their lips against their teeth with my fist are: (1)safety,(2)crisis, and last but not least (3) terrorist. After their ass had swapped ends with their head, I would put my Redwings to their ribs. Pissed Off you ask? Just spent 14 hours in a world of pissed off over in Annapolis trying to tell a bunch of dumbasses that I don’t need to be finger printed every five years, pay 100 bucks to get a license every five years, RE-Register every firearm that the STATE AND THE FEDS already have record of, at the tune of an additional 10 bucks apiece, just to reaffirm my UNALIENABLE SECOND ADDMENMENT RIGHTS. After arriving at Annapolis @ 8a.m. we went inside and signed up to speak. I was in the 100-200 group(op-sec) range as to be allowed to address the house members (for one minute)and voice my displeasure/or pleasure in them passing the senate bill as is, or possibly (through others and my testimony) reduce or viscerate, the current senate bill. It was a long day. All those who signed up to speak sat in a large room ( we numbered as far as I could tell, around 200). We were not allowed to video anything unless we were authenticated news reporters. Only one of the local news channels(2) ever came into the room to record the crowd in there. There was approximately 400 anti-gun protesters seperated by a couple of blocks from us that comprised of older women of 45-70 years of age, with children of 16- 18 years, that were protesting outside. The media gave them FULL coverage while we only received about 2 minutes of coverage. Those that chose to remain outside and not speak before the delegates were not even filmed. In the beginning WE HAD TO ENDURE testimony of support 0f the bill from our illustrious Governor Martin “Slick Mick” O’Malley as well known Anti Gun Rabid Baltimore County Police Chief, some drummed up John Hopkins Jacobite that studied the trend of which some states had a licensing system and those who ended them had a much higher rise in “straw purchases” (those who legal, purchased gun for others who legally couldn’t obtain them). Never once did this John Hopkins scholar and so-called-expert ever give any data on guns that were boought across state lines or those who were reported stolen. I have to tell you I am growing weary of fighting this “soft war” to keep those rights granted by the almighty and confirmed by the writings of our founding fathers, in personal papers and our constitution. But these bastard children (reps)will not give up and neither will I. In Annapolis I did speak to the house of representatives and voiced my opposition. Some of them actually left the chambers and disappeared, while some had their eyes closed. We’re in deep shit folks and until it hits their front door, the beat goes on. Note: I finally got back home at 10:p.m. with my band of brothers. A call out to you: “Marine4Life” I kept an empty chair for you ‘long next to me’ (for you). I got this watch……..

        • Marine4Life let there be no doubt, I got your six covered.

        • …I know the frustration whereof you speak firsthand….I wont be quitting either till I know its times up…keep your chin up, at least when the shooting starts you can look yourself in the mirror and know you did all you could before the fight became physical!

        • Annapolis did NOT go well today then I take it?

          Whew! I know it’s hard, but try to ease up on the blood pressure a bit Brother…we’d like to keep you around for a while yet!!

          Seriously, these FOOLS don’t get it now, ain’t going to get it tomorrow…or ever. Kinda like asking Pigs to fly, Eh? What has to happen here – and it will soon enough – is that NOBODY gives up NOTHING to these smucks as it relates to the second Am….PERIOD. They might WANT this and that and the other too….DON’T give it to them. IF they want to press the issue…well..isn’t it about time to start SHUTTING the whole mess down?

          They don’t have the power…WE DO. They want to continue to play games with the ONE thing we’re not going to budge on…FINE. What happens when no one pays their taxes anymore, what happens if eveyone simply DECIDES that we’re going to shut down a state, or the entire country for a week? It’s not THEM who keep things running Folk’s….IT’S US. Capice’? Beyond thier inflated ego’s the truth is that the whole lot of THEM couldn’t successfully run a grocery store…the state’s and the country run because WE make it run…in spite of them, think on that for a bit Y’all. MIGHT be getting time to shut the BANKSTER’S DOWN.

          Yep, they CLEARLY don’t get it, do they?

          They’re going to…


        • State against state..coming soon.
          Welcome to Kentucky..where we have guns; lots of guns.

      58. Meanwhile, on my Yahoo front page/search site. Justin “FAGBOY” Bieber just had his worst birthday ever. He should be so fukin’ lucky………..

      59. I’m happy that time is clicking on and all the dems are dying off.

        Think fat Ted Kennedy.
        That guy enslaved us to all these social programs.


      60. This is almost too much too belive,

        Ever wondered just HOW deep the Vampire’s have themselves insinuated into the American ‘Golden Pie”?
        Check this out at the Hedge,

        JP Morgans cault is directly across the street from the NY Fed’s own vault…at the same level below ground

        …and connected to it by a tunnel!?

        You’ve got to be Sh_tt_ng me!! Dirty SOB’s!!!


      61. I don’t immediately reply to things, I have the paranoia, but I cannot jump on rumors but check the facts. I was in the military and so I check the websites to see the facts. Luckily they don’t look at their own statistics. So now for the scary part. If you look at the 2012 budget for DHS and then look at executive Order 13603.

        It makes the DHS look like Obama’s SS.
        Here is my crystal ball of this, Gun grab or not, he wants us to revolt so he can enact this order. He keeps our representatives chasing their tales by introducing controversial bills that will flood their offices from constituents. Obama is grinding the nation to a halt and when everyone can take no more, he will take everything

        • Seems to be his plan but you know what they say about plans….

      62. My dad told me a very long time ago when I was young that we would see a time in at least my life that we would need a passport to cross state lines, city water would be used to poison people, and many other things that have come to pass. Being a teen I thought he was silly now I see his wisdom. Almost at times now that I am older I wonder how he knew these things when nothing like this was even happening. I am talking he spoke of these things in the 80’s. There is much wisdom in our parents and grandparents…..wich I could remeber every word they ever spoke to me, i might be better off now.

      63. FYI,
        Braveheart just ended and now Platoon and Lonesome Dove are on. Three of my favorite movies.

      64. @ Everybody. This is an interesting article because it affects all of us should the Sun begin to emit some serious X-flares later on, which is should. An EMP that is strong enough would destroy life as we know it with the electronic age. It only takes one aimed in the direction of the planet like back in 1859, and lights out.

      65. soon American history is to be rewritten…as Gettysburg will be considered a picnic area…as the 2 nd is defended

        • Hey, it really Is Daisy on Youtube!

          (Hi, Daisy!)

      66. I had no idea that when I was reading 1984, that it would come to fruition. Everything appears to be. eading in that direction, hell it’s practically here!

        We really are very impressionable creatures. We became too comfortable and the power hungry took full advantage of it. Seven billion-plus people, only one percent control us and everything else on this planet. I cant stand that we let that happen.

        I wish us 99 percent had some real leadership to get us moving toward the right direction. Or maybe we all need to be leaders in our own right. My gut feeling tells me it’s too late and it will be everyone for themselves. I fear that incredibly bleak future most of all. Still, im preparing for it the best I can, not really for myself but for my families sake.

        Either way future history teachers will love lecturing about this point in history.

      67. Sleepless in Pocatello.

        The other night, I had a sleepless night. My buddy and I have been looking for some bugout locations, and we found one. It is in rugged mountains that has water and even some geothermal wells. Great.

        But, I tossed and turned. How can I leave my neighborhood and live in comfort knowing my ‘dumb’ neighbors that I know could be perishing? There are plenty of kids and elderly in our neighborhood. Can I really leave and let them fight the battle alone? And the coward Ugly is enjoying trout from Henry’s Lake?

        My brother is diabetic, needs insulin. My mom has heart condition and needs medicine. My in-laws are 97 and 95.

        I will have a bugout location, but also, I cannot leave. The guilt of leaving will overwhelm any joy if I am bugging out in safety. Thus, I will fight until I perish. I will defend my family and neighbors.

        Don’t give up on your neighbors, family, and friends. Keep teaching them. Even if they laugh, be persistent. My one neighbor laughed at me last year and to my surprise they are now preppers. All of the heirloom seeds I am buying are not for me, but for our community that will need them in the days ahead.

        I must have a clear conscience so I can sleep at nights. I still must warn my family and neighbors. I cannot give up on them. The day will come when it is over. Hopefully I can say that I really tried.

        • I bet Noah slept well enough.
          Then the Lord shut him in.
          Genesis 7:16

          • JayJay….Yes, the Lord closed the Ark. But I bet Noah still thought of those that helped him build it, but did not heed his warnings of the coming storm.

            Yes, you are correct. There is a point where your warnings are no longer effective and then it is time to leave and go on your own. I hope people listen. But, most of them will not….

            • As long as we here have been prepping, we seasoned preppers, just know with a look whether to continue talking or go on our way.

              Happy trails for all those depending on churches or food banks when their 3 days of food are gone.

        • Better off to stay where you are, a community will be able to survive where one or two in the mountains will starve in the winter.

      68. Kindle, I confess, the movie “Braveheart” is one of my favorites and nobody plays the underdog like Mel Gibson. The theme of that movie is the reason I chose braveheart as my code name. That movie was based on a true story. The British Royal Family has an ocean of blood on their hands going back more than 2 centuries. just ask the Scots and Irish who have suffered terribly at their hands. What a day! Eeder and FBP were actually making JoeinNC and Finx look good. I just hope they don’t become trolls.

        • Braveheart,
          One of my family lines goes through the period in which the movie is cast. A couple of my ancestors fought with The Bruce after WM Wallace’s death.

          My dads family is almost 90% Scot-Irish from this era. About half of my moms was English dating back to this era. I wonder if that means my moms family was fighting my dads family. Geneology if fascinating.

        • Braveheart,
          Forgot to mention, the rebroadcast of The Hatfields & McCoys was on yesterday. So appropriate for the day on this board with Eeder and FBP bickering.

      69. Sometimes we heard the slogan “LOCK and LOAD” for the coming American Revolution aka the 2nd manufactured Civil War.

        This reminds people of the 1914 Russian Revolution and the Berlin Wall, LOCKING millions inside the Soviet Union. But the West was told the Russians didn’t want to be bothered, etc….

        It’s very sad, otherwise millions of lives could have been saved. Unfortunately, many of the useful idiots are still buying into the Darth Vader’s Revolution scheme. 🙁

        Video: All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

      70. THEY, THEY, THEY. Name names and provide cerdible, verifiable evidence. I have yet to see either.

      71. MAC! cant reply to peoples comments, and posts are all over the board..WTF?

      72. From the time that I originally found this site (less than a year ago) til now, I see a definite flavor of going from mere prep knowledge to very political discourse.
        I am seeing a discernible pattern, like in “Lord of the Flies”, in that the comments are delineating who the leader types are.
        In my fantasy world I daydream of every single person in here being brought together in one spot. What a party that would be!
        (Forgive the rambling, I am really not awake this early in the morning.)
        Keep up the good work folks. May God continue to bless and keep you. Mac, you light up my life!

      73. Hoping that we can defeat the NWO by working through the system is a waste of time.Voting for one or the other of the two political parties is futile.Most of us are to busy working to earn our keep to spend much time “getting involved in the political process”.Yet,we know instinctively how things ought to be.We are being distracted from the process of self governance by politicians who make the process seem complicated.All politicians are worse than whores.At least whores give something of value in the transaction.Political whores deserve a bullet but you cannot get to them for they live in a bubble.But, they do use tools which make their domination possible.Destroy their tools.Instill fear in any who might be of service to them.Take away their tools and the system they have built will die and then we can live like free men.

      74. Pretty darn cool that we got Daisy on Youtube. Some of us are gettin’ famous now. Or is that infamous….

        Speaking of that…

        Eisen!! Now I know!

        I found you on Youtube:

        (( hugs ))

        • @Z…Yes, you are right…we have our own superstar in Daisy….and good of her to share “a wealth of info” to all of us!!

          If she wasn’t so busy, I would ask her to write a column on “how to organize my preps” …..where to put plastic bags? what plastic containers should I keep (or should I start pitching them?) I am in a mess, and I can’t find the 3 bags of egg noodles that I just purchased a month ago…..too many “hiding spots?”

          I know I am really off topic Mac and I’m sorry, but I need help!! take care CC

          • Canada Canuk, Maybe Daisy will read this comment. I’ll mention the subject to her too — there’s validity to forgetting those hidey-holes. 😉 In the meantime, maybe you could make yourself a cheat-sheet and list places where your stash is. Can’t have MIA egg noodles!


        Entire American Family killed by the American CIA by order of the nwo njo zog freemason red commie cia illegal alien puppet prez Barry Soetoro on American soil …

        ‘CIA killed 9/11 author in black ops hit’

        Sun Mar 3, 2013 3:37PM
        Share | Email | Print
        A former US National Security Agency officer says the 9/11 investigative author Philip Marshall and his children were killed in a “black ops hit” by the CIA
        – See more at:

      76. AMERICA IS A LIE …

        Eighty five billion dollars IN U.S. FEDGOV BUDGET CUTS IS A JOKE …

        when you are discussing an economy of hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of debt paper floating around, I think it is mostly a distraction. I think this is a lot like the so-called fiscal cliff, it’s come and gone and I think the important thing for everyone to understand is that when discussing the US economy one must first understand that the Republicans and the Democrats they do not decide anything.

        It is not the President and Congress that are calling the shots when it comes to the US economy, it is the PRIVATELY OWNED CONTROLLED Federal Reserve Bank and what the Federal Reserve Bank does is it creates money out of thin air and it charges the people of the United States interest and that is a continuous constant debt system and there is nothing but deficit created out of it and eighty five billion dollars where the spending cuts is a drop in the bucket in comparison it is just another distraction to get people from understanding how the economy really works.


        Trillions of dollars of US taxpayers’ money that is being spent every year to prop up the military arm of the globalist bank for international settlements, that is all the US military NATO actually is.

        – See more at:

      77. Alternative to Youtube that doesn’t censor

        Published on Mar 3, 2013 go ahead be offended all you got to do is not watch something if it is bad. But the Web desperately needs a place that allows long political videos no time limits and no topics that are too taboo. This is however a Political site so no video about kittens or epic fails, aka mindless social garbage. WORTH WATCHING TO LEARN THE TRUTH !


        AmeriKa Financial Resource Treason and Theft by Red Marxist Commie nwo njo zog puppet prez Barry Soetoro

        China Oil Deal Benefits Obama Donors

        nwo – new world order

        njo – new jew order

        zog – zionist occupied government


      79. kindle, I’m just now catching your 2 posts from this morning. Unfortunately, my genealogy is English, but surprisingly, none of my ancestors ever felt any loyalty or obligation to the British Crown. I had ancestors who came over here with Captain John Smith in 1607 and founded Jamestown. They had already settled and been raising crops in Virginia for 13 years when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. America was really founded in the South, way before the mayflower set sail from England. Our country’s story truly began in Virginia, not in Massachusetts. Within the first 20 years of Virginia getting settled, people had already explored and been settling in some parts of the Ohio River Valley at a time when the pilgrims had gone no further than 100 miles west of present-day Boston. they didn’t even have a large population in Massachusetts until 50 years after the mayflower arrived. Southerners did far more to explore and settle this country and did it faster than Northerners during the colonial period. Even during the French and Indian War and American Revolution, the people in the southern colonies had to fend for themselves. not one soldier from any northern colony came to the south to help the southerners in their battles against the British. At the Battle of Bunker Hill, a contigent of soldiers and militia from Virginia went to Massachusetts to help the people there, but the southern colonists had to fend for themselves for the rest of that war until the French arrived to help us.

        • Braveheart,
          Having family members being here since 1607 is awesome. The earliest I could find was 1636 in Mass. Bay Colony and 1637 in Virginia. I had heard about VA being the true beginning of this country instead of MA.

          Most of my family landed in VA, then some mossied on down to North & South Carolina. Around 1700’s some found their way to KY & TN.

          I am proud to be a southerner!

      80. Off topic—@veterans of this website. I’ve only been on this site a couple of weeks now. I enjoy the well informed and intelligent discourse that takes place (as well as the humor). I do have a serious question, and I’m using anon as opposed to my usual screen name because of pvcy concerns for others. I’m looking for verification……a friend of mine has a relative who volunteered as a radio operator post Katrina. This individual spent several weeks in NO. Just among like minded individuals, he/she may have suggested at, or maybe hypothesized that the gubment has been for some years building a redundant fiber optics and satellite relay system for essential svcs access only for a widespread Internet/media blackout. I suspect, that knowing tptb, this to be true. But I do like facts. Anyone?

      81. Here is an example of town and how well the Dems. have performed!

        Should the U.S. pull out of Chicago?
        Body count: In the last six months, 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago compared to 221 killed in Iraq, and Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the entire US.

        President: Barack Obama
        Senator: Dick Durbin
        Congressman: Jesse Jackson Jr.
        Governor: Pat Quinn
        House leader: Mike Madigan
        Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike)
        Mayor: Rahm Emanuel

        The leadership in Illinois – all Democrats.
        Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago.

        Of course, they’re all blaming each other.
        Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!

        Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country.
        Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!

        State pension fund $78 Billion in debt, worst in country.
        Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!

        Cook County (Chicago) sales tax 10.25% highest in country.
        Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!

        This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois.
        And he is going to “fix” Washington politics for us???

        George Ryan is no longer governor; he is in the big house. Of course he was replaced by Rod Blagojevich who is…that’s right, also in the big house. And Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned recently. That’s because he is fighting being sent to…right again, the big house!

        Y’all Beware! The Land of Lincoln, where governors make our license plates!!!!

        • that made me smile.

          • Illinois= Zero repubs but it is the second largest number of Telaviv-west, next to NY of course. Why does the 98.5% of america(gentiles) keep allowing the Other 1.5% to rule and own and control all that matters in our, nation-medias-govnt’s-society-univ’s-unions-corp’s-hollywood- etc?

            So far after nation-wrecking in 109 nations since 245 AD, more than 1/2 of their peoples(khazers) are Now in america. And wrecking it also. Will the usa=# 110 nation to give em the Boot too?…Only time will tell for sure…Tic-Toc.

      82. U.S. Government initiates a “grid down” situation… No water, food, services or communications. Preppers listening to NOAA radio are informed that the Chinese hacked our infrastructure. False flag provides a new enemy. Martial law is declared and the body bags get put to use. Party on!

      83. Kindle,

        Try clicking on the REPLY button in that person’s comment.
        Type in your text and then click Submit Comment. It worked for me when I thanked SmokinOkie the other day.

        Y’all Beware! Hope it works.

      84. I look at these websites daily and see how fed up everyone is with the current tyrannical machine…and everyone talks about what they will do if this or that happens…well guess what, it’s happening…when is everyone going to put their money where their mouth is and do something about what they don’t like instead of just talking about it…

        I don’t mean any disrespect by this…it is just a legitimate question…

        When is someone going to stand up and do the right thing?…

        IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO?…

      85. God Bless America and God Bless WikiLeaks

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