McGrath: There Is a Disaster Coming. Get Ready For It.

by | Nov 13, 2012 | Charlie McGrath | 396 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Do you think the government will be there for you in the middle of a crisis?

    If they can’t handle the emergency response after a Category 1 hurricane, what will this country look like when the economic and fiscal crisis comes to a head?

    What happens if the US dollar comes under attack from foreign creditors who choose to no longer accept it in trade? How will we as a nation import oil and food in such a scenario?

    What if monetary easing by the Federal Reserve causes price increases so drastic that current employee wages or nutritional assistance allotments provide only a couple of days worth of food?

    What if states and local municipalities are so broke that they withhold pay from government employees like police officers and emergency medical responders?

    We’re talking about the potential for an absolute credit freeze that will make the situation in New York spread across this country almost overnight.

    Ask yourself this question: Are you prepared to take care of yourself?

    If you cannot answer that question with the affirmative it is time to stop just listening to alternative media and thinking of it as entertainment, but taking the advice seriously and considering if you have a plan to take care of yourself and loved ones if the situation arises.

    Because if you look around this world, if you look at the mainstream media, they’re forewarning you about what’s coming.

    There is a disaster coming. Get ready for it. Make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for what is coming.

    From Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News

    For many, the looting, hunger, lack of electricity, total desperation and ineffectiveness of government emergency planning experienced in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy would have been unbelievable just a month ago.

    Likewise, Americans feel sheltered in their current paradigm, completely oblivious to the fact that the United States and most industrialized economies around the world are on the brink. At last count, 99% of Americans are totally unprepared to personally deal with even a short-term disaster.

    Those 99% of people, like the victims of Sandy before the storm hit, simply can’t imagine a world where their daily conveniences are no longer available.

    But it can happen. It’s happened in small-scale scenarios around the world over the course of the last decade, and it’s happened on regional and global scales throughout history.

    There are a variety of catalysts that can set off such an event – and one of these days the trigger is going to get pulled (if it hasn’t been already).


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      1. Our leaders are the best and brightest. They’ll fix it, right? Everybody keeps saying how bad it will get, and nothing ever happens. Right?  It can’t happen here anyway, we are the most powerfull nation on earth. Right?

        They will fix it, they always do. Right?

        • Yeah, they got it… go back to your movie.  That adam sandler sure  is a hoot.

          • Off Topic…

            The Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus)

            (Pictures and information about this are in “The Preparedness Review” download posted on November 5.)

            – a very hardy and adaptable native wild plant to the Eastern United States
            – grows (in the wild) from Canada to the Southern coast
            – was a staple food in the diet of many Native Americans.
            – a low maintenance, nutritious, hardy, prolific, delicious, and perennial (keeps coming back year after year) root vegetable
            – very tasty eaten raw, boiled, fried them, mashed, or stewed

            Has anyone here grown or eaten them? Best place to buy them?

            • I have them growing in a large pot but haven’t yet eaten them. The flowers are very attractive, in a wildflower/sunflower kind of way. From what I have read, they spread viciously, so just be careful where you plant them so you can keep them corralled. I think you can treat them somewhat like a potato. They are a great plant if you don’t want your neighbors to know you are growing vegetables, for example, if it is banned by your housing addition. Survival blog has has several references to them…some folks call them sunchokes there.

              • Around here they’re called “passamaquoddy potatoes”.  I’ve looked for them in the wild but haven’t found any yet.  (Must check seed suppliers – thanks for the reminder)

              • A couple other plants that are front yard ok are: artichoke, rhubarb, chives, bush squash like zucchini, dwarf blueberries and potatoes placed here and there amoung other plants. I am sure if you look around you could find others that look very ornamental. And of course all the herbs would be good choices. You could also plant clumps of onions or garlic between clumps of daylillies or allium flowers.

                • Rhubarb spreads out A LOT.

                  The plant can be split and grows like crazy. The leaves get about 18-20″ wide.

                  Harvest when they are just a bit bigger than you see celery, or they stalks get ‘woody’.

              • Nutritional value?

                • BTW, are they envasive like bamboo or horseradish?

            • Hey Mom, Yes I grew them this year for the first time. Mine grew great in my side yard on the border with my neighbors property. They get 1/2 direct sun there. The soil I have them in drains well. I started them Like I do my Potatoes. I dug a trench about 16 inches deep by the width of my shovel. I planted them in the bottom and back filled as they branched out. I bought mine from Gurneys. I called first and they state that they (the chokes lol) are not hybrid in anyway. They took great here in NY, I bet KY would be no problem. I’ll have to let you know how they winter in the spring. Oh yes, The flavor is phenomenal, i will be buying more for a couple of other out of the way areas on my property. In the third year I think you can dig the chokes up and carefully replant in other areas. . Peace Clay

            • Yeah we got it here. Its like eating water chestnuts. Takes on the taste of whatever you are cooking it in. I live in the NE so they are wild here but you can plant them and they seem to grow like weeds.

            • Very nobby root looks like ginger, cooks much quicker than potato, not bad, fairly tasteless, can be eaten in salad, grows very easy.  You can buy the roots at some health food stores, I bought mine from one of the plant cataloges  years ago. Tried to plant them in the woods, deer ate every one.

            • Jerusalem Artichokes are delicious. Some people call them Sunchokes.

              To harvest Sunchokes, keep them in the ground until you’re ready to use them for a meal. Do not dig them all up and store them over winter — they prefer to be kept in soil. Of course, if you live in a very cold region, apply thick mulch to prevent the ground from freezing, otherwise you won’t be able to harvest them.

              We had some chokes 2 nights ago, raw, in a salad. I harvest only a few hours before eating. Best to keep them out of the fridge before eating — just leave them in the kitchen after digging, then wash before paring to eat or to cook.

              We eat them raw, stir fried, boiled & mashed, or cooked in soups.

              I’m working on a second bed of them, along a fence line. A perfect ‘flower bed’ and no one but you and the deer will know what they are. They are hardy and they are perennial, so whatever you don’t dig up to eat will grow into new tuber-bearing plants the following year.

              I don’t know where they can be purchased. It’s probably best to find someone to trade with, or arrange a private digging/sale/barter.

              • Zoltanne, would they be a good filler in a beef stew, say like a parsnip?

                • PO’d, they sure would be a good addition to a stew!


            • I grew them last year.  I planted them because my 24 yr. old son

              has type 1 diabetes also, my mother and I have type 2.  It helps

              lower blood sugar.  I’m always looking for alternative medicines.

              • Nancy, much obliged about that information. thank you.

            • Thank you everyone for the information.  🙂

              I plan to plant some of these next year.

            • I grow several patches of em….plan to start a few more shortly…they do well on their own and make a good emergency food supply if things get bad…not to quibble but I call them sunchokes,not jerusalem  🙂  ….they are good in so many ways I eat them raw and fried like taters or mixed with taters…boiled/ baked into dishes…they can be fried…pickled dried for soups,very versitile plant! I feed the tops and the tubers to rabbits and goats! Gotta be careful not to plant them where you dont want them to be because they do spread and if you get em in your garden and you rototill each tiny piece will sprout a plant and they can take over(just like horseradish…all in all a valuable plant to have around…Thomas Jefferson did alot of experimenting with them as a stock feed and human food before he died,I hear he had good results! I got some of mine from  Shumways I believe years ago,and some came up in a load of chicken manure I got from a farm…wherever you get them they can be cut into chunks like a tater and theyll do quite well….harvest them in fall after the tops die back for the nicest tubers…they dont tend to store too well even in a root cellar( they last best in wet sand in cellar) but if you mulch the ground over them so you can keep the ground from freezing you can leave em in the ground and they can be dug as needed…then uncover the mulch in spring and theyll come right back up for another crop…hope that helps! “Live free or die tryin”

              • Good  info on the choke. Check out Vit or corn mâché for a green for all seasons. Am over run with it in SE Alaska in the greenhouse so would do great in Washington and similar climate. Nutty taste and superb with vinegar and oil. ( balsamic)

        • Rick, America is made up of very smart people who make the dumbest mistake which is believing that we are an untouchable nation, that our nation will always be the most superior, and that we will always have everything that we want.

          Since Sandy happened I have been depressed to leave the house because I know I have to spend the day being disgusted by all of the sheeple who are completely oblivious to what is going on in America. I am disgusted by the food that is wasted and by the fragile technology (such as a warm shower) that 99% of Americans take for granted.

          These sheeple are screwed. When they come for my food I will be ready.

          • I have to say we do have very sharp people but the people running this country are only a few left in the house and senate. We have more and more idiots like maxine watters and diane feinstein, Louise Lucas,Sheila Jackson Lee that now are destroying a nation that we had built strong years and years ago on a sound foundation, and they are destroying that foundation that was built. Each day this country is weakend and pretty soon that foundation is about to come crashing down and there will be no saving it. So let these idiots keep believing their policies work, the naieve people will pay and so will these fucking idiot leaders. 10 years ago we never ever heard about going over the cliff. Now each day its more and more. Its going to happen. Don’t wait but be smart and believe in yourself or your family and you will be ok.

            • Methinks some don’t get sarcasm!!!

              • “Methinks some don’t get sarcasm!!!”

                You noticed that too, did you.

              • Rick, I understood your sarcasm and agreed with you by continueing your thought which is that most people in this country need to get a slap in the face or they will die when the time comes.

              • Rick, enjoyed the sarcasm, guess some didn’t see the (?)s after your statements, oops, sarcasm.

              • i think you could have thrown enough “right?” in there to REALLY drive in the point. LOL

            • I disagree Clint Hospo! Don’t let these idiots continue to believe, that their policies work, because they dont!! It’s time to take Action!! I believe most of us realise we can’t change the world, nor save the Nation. But we can make a difference in our own communities and home States.

              Im all for backing a Secession Movement. I’d rather see my State remove itself from the Union in order to safe guard the rights of the people within our States borders and continue following the principles of the Contstitution. The Federal Government no longer follows what is laid out in the Constitution of the United States and are therefore in ‘default’ of the guidelines as set out by the Founding Farthers.

              I support any State that desides to Cede from the Union.

              • Secede and do what? Hell of a plan you got there.

              • If your state secedes, will your state pay the social security and medicad benefits of those who have paid into the system all their working lives and rightly expect to get somehing back?  Will your seceded state pay the retiree benefits of military retirees?  If your state has a significant military presence, will your state keep those civilians working at these installations employed?  Nothing good can come from seccession in the short term and create huge longterm problems.

                • Good point Joe!

                • The answer is quite simple. You can stay on the doomed sinking ship or you can take your chances by starting again.  In answer to who will pay all the social security and Medicaid and Military/retiree benifets? The answer to this comes as a question. How much longer will the Federal Government continue to fund all these benefits that they pay out now and with what? There’s nothing left but more debt that can never ever be repaid by the following generations! So you can stay in the Union and continue funding the collapse or Cede and rebuild your State into a Nation.

                  Short term, secession is a mamouth and drastic step. Yes, jobs would be lost. Yes, many benefits couldn’t be paid and Yes! It would be a struggle for all. But wouldn’t you take that chance in order to give your children and grandchildren a chance in the future? Or would you rather wait until its too late and just slide off the cliff with everyone else? Because its going to happen. There’s no way back to what was. It’s only forward to what ever and wherever your actions today take you.

                  The most recent examples of Nations dissolving or fracturing into smaller manageable Nation States are the former Yuogslavia, or what’s now Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia. Yes, they had upheaval. Was it worth it? Most believe that it was.

                  Then you have Russia. A great example. Belarus and the Ukrain are doing OK these days as are others slip away areas. And Russia too seems to have recovered nicely too.

                  Point is, there’s no gain without pain.


              • This post is flagged for mental political masturbation. Keep jacking off. I am going to prep.

            • Clint, What do we know about the preps for government? Will they crawl out of their holes and just take over what is left after the collapse? It seems a same that they will not be left on their own, like alot of other people.

            • Clint: These ‘idiots” as you call them know exactly what they are doing, and what they are doing to US. They are implementing Agenda 21 upon US while they grant themselves special priviledges, increase their own compensation, and use their office to enrich themselves.

              They are not incompetent and the difference between incompetence and deliberate action is TREASON.

              OWTFH !!!!


          • Being very smart and having common sense are not the same and very few have both.

          • You can’t live like that. It’s not healthy for you. If you don’t go out of your house now, just imagine how much worse it will be afterwards. You should try and help people to understand what is coming. At least the people that live around you. Not everyone is a sheeple as that word is spread around all over the place. They are someones children, someones wives, daughters, sons, fathers. They need to be enlightened of what is coming. Do it in a friendly and loving way, most people will accept it because they are normal and loving people themselves. It is not a good thing to have hateful people just spreading so much hate and saying things like “When they come for my food I will be ready” Does this mean that you will have some food stored for those neighbours with young children that live a few homes down the street? Or your relatives that are living in the city and no one has told them what is coming down the road? Maybe they work night and day and don’t have time to sit in front of a computer and look at this website. Some people know what is coming and yet because of circumstances beyond their control they cannot do anything about it. Maybe they pray for you and ask God to help you to have mercy on them when the SHTF. What about people with mental challenges? What about children that maybe orphaned or young adults who are barely learning how to live on their own and are green behind the ears? You cannot classify everyone as sheeple. That you have 66 likes to your comments is ridiculous. I guess 66 people do not have children that might need help from a stranger. None of them have relatives, friends or know anyone that will be impacted from what is coming. I’m just saying use your head, and your heart too! It might just help. You say “These sheeple are screwed” You live amongst us, do you really think that you are untouchable to what is coming? You might be the one that will be asking for food. You better believe that others are way more prepared to come after people who are hording. These people know something that you don’t. It’s called working together. Unfortunately a lot of these are gangs and militias that have agendas behind their being so united. They will not stop to ask you what you believe in or what nationality you are, they will come in hard and fast, you will not have time to react. Our believe in God and our Lord Jesus Christ and our military will be our only hope on that day.  I’m just saying use your head, and your heart too! It might just help.

            • Indio,

                It amazes and disappopints me to hear some of the many selfish,”I hope they die” attitudes on this site. This idea is exactly why we are in this situation! If we cannot come together as a group in this country and have respect for different politics and ideas we are Doomed!!  Dem or Rep, Native or White we are all Americans. If you are not ready to understand the poor and uneducated you are part of the problem. We can fix this but not working alone but together. Sacrifice is not a dirty word! Get used to hearing it cause its going to be said alot more in the future. It got many people through the depression and WWII! It will work for us too if given the chance.

          • Faber: Prepare for massive market meltdown.

            Wealthy Dump stocks

            On Drudge Report

            • Some of my trailing stop limits hit yesterday.  I will be 50% cash shortly.  There will be some good value buys at the end of the year and really great buys in 6-9 months.  By next week I will only have a handful of stocks and ETF’s.

          • Pt 2 is very enlightening, thanks for sharing.  I’ll never be able to educate the brain dead citizens in my circle, but I’m enjoying the presentation.

          • JayJay,

            TY, Ann is always interesting, gives a heartfelt speech.

            The downloadable PDF workbook is interesting.


          • While I agree with some things she says there is something not right with her. 35 years old virgin? Is she a nun?

            • @ John W.

              The way she fired off at the church officials, she is probably excommunicated.

          • OOps!!! 🙂

          • Very informative, worth the time.

            • Yes it is.  Pt 4 is stunning.

          • Last part of #8 has me worried for her.

          • Ilove Barnhardt’s fire to inspire. However her picture don’t fit everybody’s picture frame. YMMV!

        • How the government, MSM, and TV shows totally skew chances and odds of disasterous events occurring. 🙁

          Today Emily brought up the ridicuolous odds of Yellowstone having an .oo4% chance of going off and got me to thinking about how could I show how absurd some of these odds given were.  I came up with something that involves a simply household appliance.

          There was also given a chance of 3% that a mjor earthquake would hit a major U.S. city.  They obtain these odds through the notion that after 33 years there will be the time that comes that an earthquake will finally have to occur.  1/33 = 3%.  To illustrate how wrong this is, one just needs to take the average life span of a dishwasher of about 10 years and the longest reasonable time in which it will last.  Assuming that a dishwasher on the average last 10 years, this means that after one year 90% of all these dishwashers will make it into 2 years. 1/10 = 10%.  Most dishwashers seldom reach 20 years, most are gone by 15 years.  However by the earthquake notion, after 15 years 90% of all dishwashers will still be operating without extensive repair work done to preserve them.

          The overdue ready to break earthquake fault and the old worn out dishwasher have a common similarity, they are BOTH living on borrowed time.  Yet the slanted odds that those in the government, MSM, and TV programs vomit up sure don’t reflect the truth of the matter. 

          Like the earthquake fault, the dishwasher takes much stress and strain, and parts wear out.  After 10 years the number of dishwashers still working drops off a lot.  Like an overdue earthquake fault or volcano that passes the average time of eruption or breaking, pressure and strain build towards a critical mass.  As one approaches the end cycle of the dishwasher, 95-99% of them are now in the junk yard at around 15 years.  As one approaches the end cycle of an earthquake fault or volcano, the end time approaches and the odds of it going off approach 100%.

          That 3% chance was accurate just like the percentages of dishwashers still operating, THE FIRST YEAR.  Odds increase of an event occuring as the maximum number of years is closely reached.   To say that there is a 3% chance of a major earthquake with at least 3 massive faults that are all way overdue to break is deception or ignorance on the individual that comes up with such numbers.

          It is one thing to simply not understand basic statisitcs and state something that is incorrect.  It is an entirely another issue to purposely make a false statement about the odds of a disasterous event that will injury and kill thousands or more to fool people into thinking that they are safer than they actually are.  3% looks real appealing, but the ugly deception of the truth that a fault that actually has a 90%+ chance of breaking is wrong.  No, when someone decides to slant the truth to gain further control over the people or to get better TV ratings, and it costs lives and brings about massive suffering because people thought they were safe, it is criminal.

          This is what we have come to expect of the state and the MSM, and TV shows, deception of the truth to the betterment of a few.  Slant numbers and figures to reflect what they want people to see, think and react to.  3% is probably the most misleading and completely inaccurate figure given to describe the true odds of a major earthquake occurring in a major city.  They wonder why wise people don’t trust these liars or inept individuals.

          • Be Informed – This talking down the threat is calculated, considered and very deliberate. Propoganda is it seems to me the most powerful weapon of all.

            The rich, the powerful and the tptb are PREPPING! They are doing it on the taxpayer dime, so obscene is their greed.  The longer the sheople remain asleep the more time the snakes have to get themselves into positions of safety.

            Even the Hollywood celeb gossip magazines tell you about celebrities buying their ranches and farmland in places such as Montana and New Zealand.  The Norweigan Doomsday seed vault is a classic example of what’s happening. (This is being created to contain all the heirloom food producing plant species that can be collected.) Or just take a quick look again at the gubberment ammo purchases.

            In the mean time the masses are being fed the kool-aid while being wrung out of every piece of value they have by the perfect parasites at the top of our society. 

            Adults have been deliberately & systematically infantilised in the West and remain in a perpetual state of arrested development. Adult critical thinking is a rare, residual skill not found often amongst the common man. For those who doubt this, take a quick look at your local public school high school curriculum and then compare it with one from 1900 & that of the  modern Stanford University Online High School.


            • I think someone mentioned here Hanlon’s razor:  Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

              What be informed has just described is conditional probability.  It is NOT very well understood at all.  Including amongst those you would think have a “mathematical” background.  Some would argue it was a significant factor in why the wheels came off in 2008 — those making the horrible investment decisions had not a clue how to model their choices using conditional probability (they did straight up simple probabilities … i.e., the 1/33 be informed described).

              I know many here are of the opinion the financial crisis was engineered too.  Personally, I lean toward Hanlon’s razor.  Not that there haven’t been plenty to pull up to the government trough or otherwise take advantage…


              • If you believe that all that has befallen us is simply accidental, then you are ignoring a lot of verifiable facts…including documented statements by the global elite themselves.

                Also, the law of averages says that at least once in a while, TPTB should do something that works in our favor or to our benefit.

                When was the last time you saw the idiots in D.C. do something….anything…right?

                • Oh, no, I don’t believe everything has been accidental.  But, I typically don’t believe anything works 100% one way or another.  I learned long ago things are not binary and you can make some terrible decisions trying to force it to be that way.  No, it’s all shades of grey with probabilities/odds for me.

                  I fight my inherent paranoia every day.  It gets to be too much.  But the odds of someone not understanding statistics on figuring event risk on earthquakes is much grater than some conspiracy to defraud the public so they are unprepared.  I think you’re giving the government too much credit here.

                  I also largely attribute the lack of good things out of the government as incompetence too.  It seems it would take a lot more good, intelligent people (in very short supply) working in tandem to accomplish those goals than for the awful stuff they have have actually done.


                • I should add “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you” — one of my favorite quotes from Catch-22 (and now largely attributed to Kurt Cobain for some bizarre reason).

                  I don’t know where the balance is, but if it didn’t come thru above, yes I think a lot of the worst crap out of the government is by design.  Just not all.


              • Another Comment:  There is an explanation other than malice or incompetence.  The structure of our representative government is set up to fail.  Here’s the sequence of events leading to that inevitable consclusion.  The highest priority of members of congress is to get re-elected, which means they are constantly raising funds for their war chest. The lobbyists representing special interests are happy to feed the hungry monster, getting laws passed favorable to their clients, but at the expense of the voting public. The culture in The Beltway is so skewed toward this system that members of congress don’t even pretend to be representing our interests; they have their staff explain to constituents this horrible, atrocious, abominable legislation is “in their best interest”.  To make matters worse, the greedy executives at the clients’ companies have no qualms about creating idiotic public policy if it means them getting a huge bonus.

                So we have a perfect storm: a populous that is not involved in the functioning of government, politicians whose primary motivation has nothing to do with the will of the people, lobbyists who own the politicians, executives that personally benefit from bad public policy, and a supreme court that rules it’s all OK. It’s not stupidity or malice, it’s a structurally defective system guaranteed to fail.

              • I’m not so sure about that.  As much as many people hate George W. Bush, he is on record several times warning about fannie mae and freddy mac, saying that they needed to be audited, that there might be big problems there.  Our wonderful dum-o-crats in congress assured everyone that they were sound, right up until they imploded.  There should have been hundreds of arrests because of this, but everyone (elites) just got more rich.

              • Or Piper’s corollary;

                “Never attribute to incompetence, that which is obvious malice”.

                In their own words my freind;

                “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”
                — President Woodrow Wilson, 1916

                “Today, America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated! That threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the world government.”
                — Henry Kissinger, 1991 Bilderberg Meeting.

                “[The New World Order] cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change it’s perceptions.”
                — Henry Kissinger, World Affairs Council Press Conference, 1994

                “By the end of this decade we will live under the first One World Government that has ever existed in the society of nations… a government with absolute authority to decide the basic issues of survival. One world government is inevitable.” — Pope John Paul II

                “It’s easier to kill a million people than it is to control them.”
                — Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama Advisor
                “The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American Branch of a society which originated in England … (and) … believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established.” — Professor of History Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University, in his book “Tragedy and Hope”.

                “But this present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for long.  Already there are powerful forces at work that threaten to destroy all of our hopes and efforts to erect an enduring structure of global interdependence.” –David Rockefeller, speaking at the Business Council for the United Nations, September 14, 1994

                “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
                — David Rockefeller speaking at the United Nations Ambassadors’ dinner. [Sept. 23, 1994]

                “For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.
                — David Rockefeller, memoirs, 2003

                “Ladies and gentlemen, a new world is emerging. It is a new world order with significantly different and radically new challenges for the future.”
                — Gordon Brown, 2007

                “His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis.”
                — Henry Kissinger in 2009 talking about Obama

                “We have to shape an international order that can meet the challenges of our generation…”
                — Obama

                “2009 is also the first year of global governance, with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet.” — Herman Van Rompuy, the first President of Europe

                “After the economic 9/11, we will face a new world order.”
                — Nick Clegg

                “The purpose of this financial crisis is to take down the U.S. dollar as the stable datum of planetary finance and, in the midst of the resulting confusion, put in its place a Global Monetary Authority [GMA – run directly by international bankers freed of any government control] -a planetary financial control organization”
                — Bruce Wiseman, author

                more at the link

                pipermichael dot wordpress dot com

                page; The Beast
                “For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the

                political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack

                the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield

                over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we

                are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the

                United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists”

                and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more

                integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you

                will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” —

                David Rockefeller, memoirs, 2003

            • Foodstamps Surge … New All Time Record. 

              USDA delays release of data…until after the election

              Now … 47.1 million people

              Program cuts are planned.

              article at Zerohedge

              Food Stamp Growth 75X Greater than Job Creation

              article at Weekly Standard

        • IDIOT!!!!!

        • I can’t help but think that the so-called elites are waiting to see if anything happens on 12-21-2012. Perhaps the creators will return and enlighten us and that scares them, but they have a billion or so more reasons to be afraid.

          Anyway, right now, they are doing everything they can hold things together so the people do not revolt en mass and string them up.  If everything collapses at once, there will be a thousand desperate and pissed off “hunters” for every bankster and politician slithering on the earth.

          I know if I was starving to death and knew I was going to be dying any day, I wouldn’t hesitate to hunt down as many corp “representatives” as I could and take them out to make the world a better place for those left behind.

          Interesting times await us, and frightful times for those causing the problems, and those aiding and abetting the criminals responsible for it in exchange for the almighty green paper.


          • Who do prepper’s hold most in contempt?

            Bankers, Lawyer’s, Politician’s, Teacher’s, News Media, or the Politically Correct Neighbor.

            When authorities proclaim, they have the right to tell me what I can eat or do invasive searches. That my property can be taken by decree. Fined or imprisoned for what I say or fail to comply. It is time to identify, whom  think, they know what’s best for me. In all my cogitative reasoning the only conclusion is that they want to kill us. Whether by fighting against ourselves, institutional dependence or the direct use of military force. I have never made this type of comment before. They control the money and continue to make us destitute by debasement. They control education and replace our nations History with Political Correctness, They control  all parts of the goverment where gridlockis encouraged, cladestine exectative orders abound and Constitutional Law is determined by nine fools, They control the News Media where only propaganda and misdirection is reported to further thier cause. The only  thing left of this country is what is in our Prepper’s hearts. The disturbing fact is that more than half the country don’t give a shit.

            • Teachers?  You should hold them in contempt, because no one obviously taught you a rational thought process.

              • JoeinNC

                Thank you. In this day and there is no rational thought process so I guess I finally fit in.

            • slingshot, its only a bankster problem. All would be cured by burning down the federal reserve and running them out of the country and returning to lawful money. But, we’d have to defend ourselves against a mix of problem coming from politicians and cops who think they have the inside track on right and wrong. Some would turn, some would not.

              The fact is, the entire system is really too far gone to try to pick and choose. The good thing is that we won’t have to. It is self correcting once the money runs out and a new fungible proxy for our labor and creativity is adopted.

              I suggest everyone get on YouTube and look up Ann Barnhardt’s 8 part series on “The Ecomony Is About To Implode”. It is very recent and it is very informative.

              • @ NetRanger

                Just finished Ann Barnhardt’s 8 part series and it was very informative.

                Never thought of  the use of man hours to explain debt. If you view her videos and still do not get it. You’re Brain Dead.

                Thanks for the Heads Up.

          • GC – You get the banksters, I’ll get the politicians!!!!  Let’s go!!!

        • LOL…


        • Will it be a jolting catastrophe or a slow slide into destitution that takes us down?

          The Master Race is working overtime to give us World War 3.

          Natural (?) catastrophes destroy what we cannot afford to rebuild.

        • A little supporting music…

          If you don’t want to listen to the music, ( a little loud), here are the lyrics.

          Trapped lyrics

          Brother john saw visions of god
          So they put him in chains
          For acting too odd
          As the crowd shouted, “off with his head”
          The priest said, “have mercy
          Let’s burn him instead”

          Trapped in a world that he never made

          I woke up with my head on the floor
          In a windowless cell
          A room full of doors
          I got lost, now I’m so far behind
          Took so much advice
          Forgot my own mind

          Trapped in a world that I never made

          We can’t be slowed down by a big bunch of lip
          And nobody cares about your paranoid trip
          You know death and the devil sure got it easy today
          Souls come so cheap some people give theirs away
          You’ve got to break out, you’ve got to prove you’re alive
          What makes you think that the weak survive

          And if you don’t have the stomach
          For all this radical crap
          Then have the guts to stand for something
          Or you’re gonna be trapped

          Trapped in a world that you never made
          © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

          • classic –+ 1 —

        • Are you asking or telling? Make up your mind. Right?

        • our government is a big part of the problem

      2. Our “leaders” are finding exactly what they had hoped so long for.  Hapless sheep unable to fend for themselves in any way shape matter or form without the great mother (gov’t) movin’ in and takin’ over.  The recent election has show that the majority of our fellow countrymen are in one of two groups… #1- To lazy to get involved/pay attention. #2- “If you like your neighbors stuff, vote for me and I’ll give it to you.”


      3. Just watched a bit of doomsday preppers again.
        Someone was preparing for the yellowstone eruption.
        The “experts said” that there is a 0.004% chance of
        this ever happening. Am I wrong to prep?
        Someone asked, ‘when do you ever have enough?’
        I tell no one what I am doing, the topic came up
        at a luncheon and that was one of the comments.
        I still plan on prepping, I have a 3 month supply,
        along with medical, batteries, and a radio.
        Next will be an item to cook on if the electric goes out.
        Still keeping on, keeping on.

        • Great idea!!!!   Okay. Who as a group prepares and urges preparation, religiuosly??  Thats right, the Mormons.  What we should do, is elect a Mor………eh… forget it.

          • Really?, are you sure you want to give them that much credit?  There own membership surveys show over half of them do not have the recommended amount of food storage.   They may talk the talk, but the follow through is lacking.

            • Mordecai:  Once again, people who open their mouths without knowing.  The reason more Mormons don’t have the recommended amount of food storage is because we are advised NOT TO GO INTO DEBT TO DO IT!!!!!!  It defeats self-sufficiency.

              • Plus, if the Mormon standard is a year of supplies for everyone in the family, the portion of allegedly unprepared may have half a year or 3 months of supplies….which STILL puts them light years ahead of your average sheeple, and STILL makes for a very, very prepared community overall.

                • Not to mention that the Mormons have large communal warehouses. I would bet most Mormons come through alot better than the rest of the mopes that now make up the US population. My money is on the Amish as not even noticing when things go to hell.

          • You really want to know what group in the US are the best prepared for anything and everything? The Amish, that’s right folks. The only group to still manage to survive this day and age without electricity and phones. Want to learn to prep properly, spend saom time with the Amish in PA, I have…

            • True in spots and with individual persons/families…but just like the mormons and others there are many in the amish /mennonite community who are not ready for very much…many here are way ahead of most amish/mennonite/mormons….heck theres alot of preppers who are no where near prepared…yes alot can be learned from the amish ideal but remember its an ideal and not alot follow it…not arguing…just sayin…and yes I spend/spent alot of time around them in Pa and Ohio.

            • The Amish are peaceful people….I shudder to think what will become of them if the shtf and the hoard descends upon them…..

        • If you can swing it, get a wood stove or wood burner. Good for heat and you can cook on it. Get some cast iron cookware. Works best on a wood burner and easier to clean. I’ve been building up my set of Lodge Logic, you can buy it at Target or most of the major sporting goods chains.

          • that is a very good point a wood burner stove! will make cooking much easier and you can even jerryrig the pipe out the window to keep the heat in if its cold out to heat the place. Even if you can fin a solid piece of cast iron sink or something and flip it upside down to put wood under and still can put the pans on top to cook out of a skillet or a quart pan or something. you dont have to spend a lot of money, use your head even if its unorthadox method.  make sure you have water. Does anyone know how much it would cost to have someone come in and drill a hole to hit the water line and put one of those old handles that you pull out and water comes out? would like to do that in the backyard and live in the city but not a big one. Water line is only a 100 feet or so where im at. any advise on this would be helpful for a full supply of water. then would filter it.

            • Hit water at 100 feet – well is 125 feet costs me $4,000 for all including pumps/lines….for the rest of you – think, beans, biscuits, bullets and never forget the lead..

            • @Clint

              101st has it about right per cost…when finished, go here for the very best in manually operated deep well pumps. Good luck.



        • Wrong to prep for a 0.004% chance occurance?


          Wrong to prep for (fill in the blank)?


          The preps are the same, whether it’s for a zombie apocalypse, or a winter storm that kills power for a while, or roving bands of disenfranchised individuals who feel entitled to your property.

          As far as cooking; I have a bunch of camping equipment, including a Coleman 2-burner stove.

          The Coleman camping stuff is designed to attach to the 1 pound gas bottles. You can get an adapter & hose so you can connect the camping gear to the large grill-sized tanks.

          And, when your big tank is getting empty, take it to U-Haul to be refilled instead of “exchanging” it. This way, if there’s still some gas left, you’re not giving that away. You only pay for what they put in the tank.

          This was great for me; I have 5 big tanks, 4 were partially full. Now I have 5 FULL tanks.

          With modest ventilation (2×4 under the door), you can use a Coleman stove in your garage.

          • The “exchange” tanks are down to 17# around here.

          • It’s harder and harder to find true refill stations 🙁  There’s just no demand for it when it takes less time to hand over one tank and get another.  It sucks.

            • Find a local Farmers Coop.  Most likely in your nearest small town.  They fill the big propane tanks and will be happy to fill 20 lbs tanks and larger.  If you have the room get a 150-600 gallon tank.   My local Coop will fill a large tank at your house  for a $1.40 gallon vs. $3.91 gallon for a 20 lbs tank.  They got 4.2 gallons in one of my 20 pound tanks today.   You  can get adapters to fill your small bottles from the large tank.

            • Even the refill stations are a joke as they wil;l not fill the tank to it’s rated capacity. Plus they charge so much it is cheaper to get an exchange where at least the valve has been inspected.

          • @justin case. sorry but you lost me with ” 2×4 under the door”

        • Emily, you don’t have to be preparing for “doomsday” to believe in the importance of prepping…. just picture the inflation rate going to 15% or the stock market tanking or unemployment zooming up or the USA getting involved in a long bogged down war. Or maybe our trading partners will go into recession, or our governments bond rating will get downgraded.

          Know what all those events have in common? They have all ALREADY HAPPENED. Look, it doesn’t take much to seriously fuck up the life of the average person… so you don’t need “doomsday” as a reason to prep


        • I know what you mean by not telling anyone….  I won’t even tell my own folks!

          My mother laughs at those people storing food on the prepper tv shows… and she was BORN during the GREAT DEPRESSION!! You’d think she’d know better..

          • I must admit that when my Facebook friends post about prepping I sometimes make some kind of remark about how I’ll be coming to their house if anything bad happens.  It makes me feel like I’m getting away with something.

            My mother was also born during the depression and was too young to remember it.  She members hearing stories about it, but since she does not remember doing without during the worst economic period in history (thus far) it appears she is unconcerned.  Fortunately, I grew up close to my grandparents who do remember it and lived a frugal and independent lifestyle.

            • Hey Prepared Pastor,

              What are the best places, in your opinion, in WV to set up a retreat? I hope you see this. If you do, shoot me an email to [email protected]. I’d like to get your input as a current resident of Western Va.

              God Bless. –Nick-Dog

          • If she lived on a farm or had friends/family that lived on a farm during the depression food was not a problem. Money was. Even the New York City area had farms.

        • Emily,

          Also make sure to hit the yard sales and garage sales, I have bought many camping stoves and lanterns very cheap. Also find some really good prices on old cast iron pots and pans.


        • You “ever have enough” when you can live to 85 with no source of income in a plot of land that doesn’t tax you… and… you have your own standing army???

          Ok, you never have enough…

        • Emily, please read about the odds and the way they slant

        • Emily you nee to check into rocket stoves,,,i have built over 50 uses twigs small limbs for fuel,,they cook very well,,there are tons of different ways to construct them,,,



        • Hi Emily – you can make or buy a solar oven.  They are easy to use and will save your other cooking fuel for rainy days.  They are based on sunlight, not on outside temp.  The key to these is the right pans.  The graniteware camping ones are dirt cheap and work great.  think crockpot-type cooking at first, but you can also make breads, cornbreads, brownies and cookies.     I put a 3lb chicken in one pot, and a little later potatoes/veggies in the other.  about 5 hours and they’re done.   Solar ovens can also be used for dehydrating and pasteurising water.

        • Emily,

          Consider the SunOven as one of your means of cooking.  Mine works amazingly well–wouldn’t want to be without it!

      4. 99% are completely unprepared for a short term disaster? I thought 3% of Americans were preppers.

        On another topic. Got any prepping tips for college students?

        • weed and doritos.   dude…

        • If you’re in a dorm room, it’s difficult because the rooms are so small, BUT you fit in if you have flavored water and non-perishable foods sitting around since most students eat all the time. I’d try storing water and cans of food like soups or stews, peanut butter and crackers in a plastic box which could slide under your bed. Don’t forget plastic cutlery and wet wipes, plus a first aid kit. It may be hard to save your preps from hungry kids, but most young adults are healthy and you can work together. Don’t expect much help from the faculty and don’t spread your plans around.

          • if your in a dorm I would pass on that. your gonna get raided or everyone is going to try to leave and getout. Most will not look in rooms for stuff in short term at a younger age, they are going to want to get home. Those living out of state are going to be screwed, trying to get help will be none and trying to drive home with gridlock and breakdown will be hard on you guys in certain situations.

            My advise is have a case of gatorade and easily high calorie food product thats small in size that you can backpack and take with you. Have a least a good couple of knives with you and a set of heavy duty pliers for use to break a window or break into barbwire to help you out, if you need to get somewhere or to something thats not someones personal stuff. Make sure you have a full tank of gas and a 5-10 extra gallons in trunk to get out of a certain area. Each area and where your at can differ bigtime.  If you can have a gun which I dont think you can but try to have one, but dont get into trouble or tell anyone you have it in anyway. people will tell on you! Never tell ever not even roomate. And if you think it will get you expelled dont get a gun. those are my tips. Use your imagination! If you have a bad roomate across from you, put a quick push of superglue into his doorlock and he will never be able to get a key in it. and he will be late for class and have to have a locksmith change it. Only do this if someone is a complete dick to you. it works. A key will never go in again


            • Hospo.. superglue in the lockset. Your corrupting our youth!

              Here’s my advise. Quit college and go get a job. Can’t find a job? Create one. Start a lawn service, wash windows, flip burgers. Do it with the intent of owning the joint someday. You’ll be ahead of the game, 3-4 years of work experience, when your peeps graduate with a worthless degree in Russian language ( saw that one today!wtf) and a debt equal to a mortgage. That can’t be discharged.If your unemployeed with no debt, your ahead! I feel like a dirtbag giving this advise, but I believe it is the best course, today. Sucks.


              • lol, I didn’t mean too. I figured if they only have a bit of time left why not have some fun with a die hard obama lover. they can fix it!

            • Thanks. I really like the superglue idea.

              Is it really practical to have a car on campus? The parking seems kind of limited.

              • It pays to have a girlfriend with a car on campus. Preferably one who also comes from a family of means where the parents like you.

        • Jason- if you can swing an inexpensive storage unit,that might work. If you plan on storing food, invest in rubbermaid to ward off the elements(moisture,pests,etc). And of course a BOB.

          Lots of good ideas @Trail if your not into hiking 🙂


          • (I tend follow the 80/20 rule when something is v.urgent or important rather than spreading myself too thin like marmite as a quick way of prioritising and stopping myself doing the useless headless chicken act)

            Having read that earlier article about youngsters stuck in fema camps I’d focus most of my efforts on getting to somewhere sensible away from the hoardes of clueless ninnies and frat boys if something goes down.  Find somewhere SAFE off campus. This could even be a friend of your parents who has a farm and would appreciate an extra pair of hard working hands for a while if your own family home is too far. Get this arrangement set up NOW. (You can then store long term preps at this location on an ongoing basis to demonstrate your good intentions if you’d like).  

            Print & use that article on the young girls in the FEMA camp if you need your parents help to sort out somewhere safe to go. I can’t imagine any parent sleeping easy at the thought of their child potentially at risk of winding up like that!

            Shopping list

            A second hand bicycle, (think of the one used in the postman movie and go for an old model at a thrift store made of steel rather than a posh carbonate modern model. Ensure it has standard size wheels for ease of parts and future repairs. If you have the cash replace the tyres with modern non-puncture ones, if you don’t a couple of puncture repair kits from the dollar store or walmart).

             A tent, this time of year the camping shops have their sales. A double lined pop up one with intergral ground sheet will do. It just has to be small and light enough to get you where you need to go.

            some MRE’s/camping high energy dense nutrient bars

            a portable survival water bottle for filtering water

            Something to cook/boil water on.

            A small first aid kit and any regular meds.

            A backpack for a change of clothes

            Most campuses have somewhere to lock an old, non trendy bicycle onsite.


            You key skill is going to be to improve your sense of situational awareness in order to give yourself plenty of time to get the hell out of there if things go bad. (hint if everyone from the President to Z-list celebs tells you to evacuate then it might just be a good idea to do so).

            Keep yourself fit enough to actually ride that bike if need be!

            My reasoning for the tent and the bicycle should be obvious to those who have been following the fuel shortages. In an ideal world you can drive to your preagreed safe zone, but a bike will let you dodge the traffic and go cross country, away from violent crowds, main roads etc etc. Most college campuses are near large population centres & civil unrest is no joke.

            If you can, cache a weapon enroute to your preagreed safe spot. You may one day be really grateful for that dug up Glock. (Boots are also a good thing to cache but now I’m getting conscious of overloading your budget).

        • @Jasoncookies…my biggest tip would be to talk to your family about how to get together /communicate  when TSHTF…..not sure if you are going to school near your home or not?  This is something I need to talk to my grandson about real soon, as he is at college approx. 3 hrs drive from here.   Hopefully, he can get a bus or train home!!


          Other than that, make sure you have a case or 2 of drinking water….some dry and canned goods.(can opener!)……lots of plastic bags, warm clothing /blankets……battery operated radio if possible……some medical supplies(at least bandaids )cough medicine, cough drops….etc.  Take care and good luck, CC.

        • You should have a “get me home” bag  with a water filtration bottle and some emergency ration bars. They taste like a shortbread cookie and are really not bad. Also some broth and an instant hot beverage if you live in colder climates. There is a list at that will help you get started.

        • I will not repeat the good ideas already posted, but only comment that one of the best things you can do is get plugged in to a good church away from campus.  If you have a car you might event want to drive to a country church.

          There are plenty of prepared people in churches of many faiths who would love to have you as part of their extended family. You get to spend time with people away from campus now and a place to go later.  Once you get to know some people, you can ask them about storing extra food and fuel there.  Maybe even a firearm.


      5. What could possiblygo wrong, go wrong go.  I for one no longer care what the 99% do. I’m tired of dumbing down my life for them.  They can just eat each other or not I don’t care.

      6. Even if you think the gov will be there to take care of you…what does it hurt to at a minimum have 3 days emergency food and water.

        Then looking at what is happening from Sandy you have to think maybe 7 days preps would be smarter.

        So here in Californistan we have a major earthquake…well maybe I need 14 days of supplies…food, water and other supplies.

        It doesn’t take a big stretch of the imagination to consider what would happen in an event like Charlie describes…total credit freeze would bring the economy to a stand still.

        I think 4-6 months preps is the bare minimum that any intelligent person should have if they are paying attention to whats happening in the world today.

        My wife and I have much more than this but everyone has a different situation and should do what they can…it can’t ever hurt to be ready.


      7. Sorry fact is that, except for that sensationalist TV show, prepping is totally out of the mainstream media.   And even the TV show puts prepping in a bad light, if what I’m told by people who’ve seen it are correct.  (Me, I haven’t had a TV in my house since 1977.)     Come Thanksgiving I’m gonna have a bunch of Ann Arbor socialists around me, and I’m just hoping someone will ask me what my political leanings are, so that I can tell ’em I’m a Social Darwinist.




        • Good luck with that. (from the pinky)

          • Pinky…as in NW Michigan?

            • Yes upper lower

              3 thumbs down for saying “good luck  ”

              Rough crowd lol

        • Coach, that’s inspired:  Social Darwinist!  With your permission, I’m swiping that!

        • …tell them your a stern port-starboardist and bow to nobody…

      8. People post on this site all the time. I believe for the most part everyone is prepping and praying for what ever the outcome. Even if there is 1% of Americans doing this its better than no one. For the 1% and the ones who are just starting I say I am proud of you. I am grateful there are still Americans out there preparing. Who will stand together as one when the time comes. For the people who just read and never post I pray your prepping/preparing we will need each other when the time arises. People say be dependent for yourself and that’s fine but we will have to rebuild together teach each other share and grow together if we every hope to live freely again. God bless

        • Hope,

          You have a good soul.


      9. The more you handle your buisness, the more it stays your buisness. If you are secure, have water, food and hygiene items or even septic tank, why should you be bothered. I keep at least a months worth of food, and a large portion can be cooked in a solar oven or over a kerosene heater depending on the season in question. Not bec,oming a refugee sounds much better than joining the soup lines, and sleeping on a cot behind barbed wire. Make your home liveable, and pitch a dome tent in the livingroom, it will warm up quickly, and not be as hard to heat, or secure afterdark. Not prepping sounds a lot like not planning, and still results in planning to fail.

      10. All good questions, nothing more than I ask myself every day. People just dont want to hear it. I had a very good friend of mine the other day ask me to please not talk bad about the prez anymore. She accused me of being part of the problem in this country. Pretty much told me that if I didnt like it, to leave the country. I dont think we will be friends anymore after the 15 minute lecture I gave her about how I am a patriot and that I fought for our country, about how bad the prez she was defending was screwing our country up (she didnt like it when I started giving her cold hard facts about our country she couldnt deny), and how I would not support anyone who tried to take away my rights given to me by God and the constitution. When I got home, I emailed her a bunch of links for sources to back up my opinions. I bet she doesnt look at them. I do wonder how long they can keep up the juggling act though

        • I, too, have a friend who happens to be uber liberal.  On balance, we both choose to put our friendship above politics. But at times it has been ugly. We didn’t talk for 4 months once, because I sent him an email showing ‘Bama with his feet on every peice of furniture in the White House.  It could have been ‘Bama bent over a 12 yo boy, and it wouldn’t matter.

          But this is fact. You can’t argue logic with a lib. I don’t know how they get the brains title. Everything boils down to “feelings”.  They are the “nice ones”, ask them, they will be glad to tell you. Just no clue how their policies ruin a Man’s soul.

          My buddy is sooo exited about free Government health care. I don’t have the heart to tell him.(woudn’t listen anyhow) And he’s just turnig 61!  uh-oh!

          • A proper analysis of Obamacare, reveals, that it is about The WORKER.

            The Young with terminal or other illness, are no longer given ‘curative’ care, only drugs to help them be more comfortable.

            The Old, the same thing… no ‘curative’ care only ‘palliative’ care..

            Thus you are being reduced from human beings to economic units… once this is seen, by even the liberal idiots, minds will begin to wake up. Which they will not see until the Obama regime destroys all the insurance companies, and forces all doctors into being ’employees’ of the Gov. Then there will be concierge for the rich, and standing in line for the rest of you.

            Your buddy, and me, and everybody over The Age, is screwed.

            (I am being told to go to the VA… but I’m not sure that is any better…)


            • Piper Michael: In 2008 the health care industry gave the largest amout of money to Obama, followed by Hillary, and McCain (Denver Post).  They are all in bed with the insurance companies and will make sure that everyone buys insurance with a few provisos. Sure, they have to take everyone including those with pre-existing conditions but millions will be added to the rolls/coffers of the various insurance companies. Add to this the palative care in lieu of heroic or catastophic coverage for those over a certain age  and the insurance companies will be around for a long  while in order to give to their favorite candidates in the future.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

              • Never underestimate the power of darkness…The Dark man giveth and taketh away. No man knows the future, but the trends and the liar in chief speaks volumes, which could go several different ways… all lead to single payer… while appearances are kept up. As we have said, these people play chess while the rest of us are still playing checkers.

                We agree with what you said, they did, and they will benefit in the short run… then the money is destroyed and they will probably be nationalized with all the rest… or the new federal exchanges will run them out of business… requiring a ‘bailout’.

                They will feel the knife in their backs, as the Beast takes control over the forces of corporations. The new system will not be communist for they have figured out it doesn’t work, it will be a combination of fascism socialism, it is the little guys that get killed, while the Beast will support its cronies. The idea being to turn the people into serfs working on the company plantation for the company store. What used to be, will be again.

                You may be right in that they survive for the worker bees, and for appearance sake, but never mistake where the power will be since the rules are set by HHS as to what you can have, this is not ‘insurance’ this is a farce. We are to pay for the murder of the unborn, and the free fornication of the hedonists? This government is now AntiGod, and thus it must die.  Once the dollar is gone, all the rules will change and it won’t matter anyway, we will all work for the Beast.

                We are in an economic war with the Head of Gold(the PTB), they are a tidal wave, you cannot shoot a tidal wave… the only way to win, is to leave the beach, to go ‘into the wilderness on the wings of an eagle’ and form our own alternate economic system, part of which, are the good doctors that are left, could form hospitals on wheels or some such arrangement, with silver, gold, and a barter currency setup between producers and consumers.You can only win an economic war, by economic means.

                Money is the key to everything, and understanding where its value comes from is the most important thing. It is merely a chip in the Game of Life, and if all the Good guys, simply said ‘f*** it, I’m outa here’, and formed cooperative communities that were networked together, it could be done. (Notice I didn’t say collectivist.) But first we must want it and we must have our own energy source… and that time is not yet, but I’m working on it…;)




        • You know I’m tired of people saying,” if you dont like obama leave this country!” Hey not being racist but your the problem! Not us conseratives or many libertarians, but you people who are from mexico/china/africa/or where-ever and many whites too!  or lesbians or gays or whatever race. most who built this country were HARD WORKING AND HONEST WHITE PEOPLE! our grandparents were a different generation of honesty, long hours of brutal work and honor. People like this president is a complete piece of shit who lies and lies more. Obama is 2 faced and a worthless divider of races. If you like obama’s ways and dishonestly, we were not built on that. We are not a country of deadbeats and give-me types. We are independent people that care for others without government and stupid non-sense laws such as regulations to the max!! We can’t give a homeless guy a can of food in NY since its not tested! WTF You cant have more than 10 rounds for that gun. It’s regulations like this and thousands more that are nonsense just like these worthless deadbeats that love obama. And don’t get me started on the blacks that voted for obama since he was black. Many whites voted for your asshole so don’t even go there blacks.

        • Common sense and reason are radically rationalised away, leading to chaos.

        • For that crowd, It’s not about Obama or Kerry or whoever. It’s just that they refuse to admit when they are wrong.

        • Jim (Another Jim),

          Tell your friend to check in with you four years from now and let you know if she feels the same way, that is if she is still alive. How does one defend a monster who plays basketball while people are freezing and trying to survive after Sandy.

          Remind her that the ass works for us, we don’t defend or respect an incompetent ego maniac who is determined to bring us down. Impeach him now before it is too late for us all. I give a rabid dog more respect than him. Yea, be respectful to the guy who robbed your kids of a future, are you kidding me? Why does he get a pass on everything, I think it is because he is a soul stealer and a man without a conscience,  behind him are the soulless puppet masters. Sounds like a bad movie but it is real.

      11. Every single article I read here reminds me I need MUCH MORE in the way of preparations.
        And sooner rather than later.
        Thanks, Mac, for an excellent resource.

        • Justin Case,

          I have several weapons with that name.  😉


          • lol….that”s my condoms name….lol..just sayin’

      12. Why Hell No, the gov. (state or fed) ain’t gonna be there in the middle,beginning or end of a crisis.  They will have the media make it appear as though they are, if it fits their political or monetary wants and needs.

         The fed gov has gotten so big and out of touch with reality; the left hand doesn’t know or care what the right hand is doing.  It’s like a big, dumb dog going around in circles chasing it’s tale.  It only stops long enough to lick it’s nards or sniff another big dawgs ass.

         You are pretty much on your own when a disaster,clamity, or collapse happens.  Even the ones you thought you could trust will have the tendancy to turn on you if they don’t have their heart right.  Believe me, there are very few that “truly” do.  When the going gets tough, they throw compassion and understanding right out the window.  It then becomes a “dog eat dog” scenario.

      13. minimum  of  4 – 6 months of food you like and will eat, water & the means of purifying, energy of some kind/form, seeds and the means to grow edibles(plot of ground, buckets, pots with proper potting mix) and “ammenities” i.e., tp, matches, hygene and sanitation items…  barter items such as matches, simple tools(screw drivers, hammers, nails, screws, duct tape, hand saws) and skills to barter out for things you may need/want…  self-protection of several kinds with the requisite skills to employ each effectively…     some cash might be advisable but if it’s the financial crash, no one will want it…  prepping is more than mre’s and water….   don’t waste today because we may wake up in the morning to teotwawki and have to function on what we have prepped…  use the 3-3-3 plan: 3days, then 3 weeks, then 3 months but do it… do it now…  do it quick…

        pray for the best, prep for the worst… best to all…


        • PP. ever read ” One Second After”?        Puts a couple things in perscective.

          And where’s Daisy??   I miss her ripping me. hope all is well.

          • perspective…… and we got spelcheck!

            • Amen on teh spellchzech   joj

          • “One Second After” probably spurred me to prep more than any other single thing.  I’m slowly pulling my wife into it.  The Patriot Nurse on Youtube had a great video about the different sides to prepping for men and women.  It works a whole lot better when everyone is bringing their thing to the table.  I’d like to have more bullets, but without her I’d be really short on beans and band-aids.

          • @ Rick – not sure if i have, likely not though i have read “The Road” and “Patriots”… back in Jan’77 there was a blizzard hit hard in western NY and we got stranded at home… 2 weeks before Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas were moving again…  never forgotten the sense of isolation even though we had limited mobility and maintained telephone comms and electric in our area…  store shelves were emptied by those that could get around…  ironically, even back then, the hard hit areas were granted several days food stamps as a kind of compensation for the storm(wife and i with 3 kids refused them then as we would now)…  still can’t figure that one out – what good are food stamps with no food on the shelves..?????

            • PP. Without giving up the story, One Second After kind of takes away the ” I’ll bug out to a remote location, and wait till this blows over”. The author really thought things through.  I never read something, and thought ” that’s BS, and would never happen”. On the contrary, it was constant ” oh, never thought about that”,   or  ” yeah, that’s what will happen”.

              On the down side, it will depress you. I have had friends tell me they would rather not know. Which confirms that many choose to keep their head in the sand , for sanity. And I can understand that.

              Slightly off-topic, but not really. Saw a news clip that a social scientist’s studies have confirmed that humans are getting dumber! Statement was ” in the past, a lot of these people would just die, and their genes would not be passed on”.  All I could think was, your late, the movie Idiocracy explained this theory perfectly.  It’s funny. I have NEVER seen this movie offered on the tube. DVD yes, but it’s as if “they” are hiding it! go away,baten!

              • Another good book that I need to re-read is “Lights Out” by David Crawford.  A really good read for those who plan to shelter in place during a crisis and extremely believable (and eye-opening) scenarios we would face in such an event.

                As for the movie Idiocracy, it should be REQUIRED viewing for everyone under the age of 30!  We are definitely headed that direction!  We joke at our house that we are “Not Sure”.   Occasionally, Idiocracy can be found on the Comedy Channel.

                • Sunshine,

                  I just ordered (Lights out) last night can’t wait to get it. However after reading (One second after) all the rest have been a real let down, It took me 2 evenings to read it. It took me 2 weeks to read (Patriots). And almost a month to read (Enemies foreign and domestic) after I finished it I throw it in the trash.


                • DPS,

                  I think you’ll love it–I found it very difficult to put down.  I liked “One Second After” and “Alas, Babylon” by Pat Frank is  an oldie but a goodie.  James Howard’s “What So Proudly We Hailed” is fantastic and I need to see if he has a sequel out yet.  James Howard is a US Navy Vet that worked with nuclear weapons and the power grid.

              • thanks for the reading ref’s… i’ll make a list and read as i can…

            • I found it at my local library and have checked it out and read it twice.

          • “One Second After” very good… “Lights Out” for a more definitive narrative of the possibilities to come…..both extremely good reads!!

      14. I have close to a 6 months supply of food and I don’t tel anyone. I also purchased Bio water filter bottles and a filter that treats raw water. More and more radio talk show host and I mean the big ones in the business are admitting we are headed for a collapse.

        • @Rodster….what is the best water filter to buy?……I’m in Canada, and only one I have seen in store here is kadadyn?(not sure of spelling)….think that one was used for camping.  I can’t believe I have not purchased one by now……maybe be worthwhile to look on Craigslist or Kijiji?  Thanx in advance, and take care..CC.

          • I bought them from Seychelle Environmental

            They have portable water bottles that can turn raw water into drinkable water. God I hope I never have to use those filters. 😆

          • My Big Berkey just arrived yesterday – they have free shipping right now, which takes a big chunk off the price. I also got 2 of their hiking bottles to put in the BOBs.

            If you search up Berkey Canada, you’ll get to the site with free shipping.

            • Good morning Daisy

              Just what did the Berkey set you back financially?

              In the process of rain catchment system developing..


              enjoy that mocha java


              • It was $230 – but I bought extra bits and pieces to go with it – they have a spare parts kit with o-rings and other bits, and I also got extra filters and hiking bottles.

                I feel very relieved to have it – it really adds a sense of security to know that we’ll have safe drinking water in a bad situation.

                • I just got my Berkey in the mail yesterday from the link on Mac’s site here.  Good guy to work with when I called with a question.  Mine was the 6 gallon one and I also got 4 extra filters (along with the 2 that come with it) and the total cost was $535.

                • We have a Berkey system. Just got an email from LPC (look at top right of Mac’s site for a click-thru).

                  Black Berkey pair of filters are on sale w/ a coupon code. They’re $89 with free shipping. Use code BB89 and Mac’s link.

              • I have three Big Berkey clones built with kits from ‘Just Water’ which has a great reputation for treating water in third-world counties. $30 each on Whatever you choose make sure you review the specs. Big Berkey is the benchmark, but most people globally cannot afford stainless steel.

                • Prepared,

                  I got 1 of those kits as well and for backup I got 3 more of the filters from Amazon two of which are the candle style filter. You can put 2 of those in the same bucket to speed up the process. As from as water supply goes here in the panhandle that’s a problem, water wells here go for 12,000 to 16,000 depending on how deep you have to go. The solution to this problem is a swimming pool, the one I picked up holds 1800 gal. and then I ran my rain gutters into it. I also set up a rain barrel harvesting system in my garden with a drip system. Needless to say it has worked out like a champ, I still have broc,cauliflower spinach,brussel sprouts and lettuce growing.  All on the edge of the city limits



                  Now back to the garden, cold finally broke today..

                • PP ~

                  I looked at a few different kits but my “building” skills leave a lot to be desired – so I opted for spending the money since water is so vital.

                  DPS ~  Your garden sounds fantastic!  Next year I’m going to try to do a hoop house over part of mine to extend my growing season.  I had to leave behind my fall goodies when I moved, so you’re making me jealous! 😉


                  ~ D

                • Daisey,

                  My garden has been a trial and error thing so far. But if have learned alot. When you get ready I have alot of plans for the hoop houses as well as some dirt cheap green house plans. BTW sorry have not been in touch for awhile, this last log cabin has been kicking my a– but it is almost done. You to can have a hell of a bug out site for 400,000 bucks.. LOL


              • We purchased a big Berkey filter with both the standard filters and the fluoride filters.  The fluoride filters are important to us because evidently fluoride in city water affects a person’s mental processes. Seems to work very well.

                Authorities in China have already banned fluoride in drinking water because of decreasing test scores in school kids who had been raised during China’s experiment of adding fluoride to drinking water.

      15. First of all Sandy was not a category 1 storm pressure wise, it was a category 4 at 27.73 inches of mercury.  This misconception is dangerous and did not allow people to see what was really coming.  I warned RICH about this and everybody else that the pressure was horribly low and the storm surge was going to be a lot worse than what the mass media was reporting as ONLY a Category 1 storm.   13 feet and 10 and 1/2 niches was a hell of a lot higher than the 6-11 feet given.  How does this affect a disaster?  People ho hum the whole notion of what is coming.  Accuracy with descriptions of disasters is paramount.  Too often the mass media skews the truth is one direction or the other.

        When I talk about the size of the Cascadia fault earthquake size or the Caribbean or San Andreas I give the most exact size of what it is actually going to be.  No exaggeration of this, and no downplaying of it.  When I say 8.5-8.9 being capable of the Caribbean plate this is based on past earthquakes of similar size of the fault zones.  People will often look at a disaster that was misreported and the prediction were way off like hurricane Irene, and then when the same category size comes in the form of Sandy, but pressures way lower, people don’t prepare like they should and don’t take the idea of evacuation seriously.

        After Sandy there will be a small increase of people preparing as they have seen what has happened and how worthless fema did not do much good.  Unless there is another disaster within a few weeks, most people will lose that desire to prepare, after all the Holiday Christmas Junk rush will soon be on with Thanksgiving next week.  People will spend money on sh&* and the same worthless item that could have bought a crate of food will go into non-use after a little while.  But the fancy wrapping and the joyous rush to the Christmas tree was all worth it.  You wonder why some people are not in cages at the zoo.

        Right now the tectonic plates are going crazy, more different places are hit each day, and this shows a really big earthquake coming, likely in the dead areas where there has not been many or any earthquakes.  The Middle East is a total mess, and yes WW3 can start so quickly without any warning, that it would shock people.  Like this article tries to show, little events are nothing to what is coming, NOTHING.  The signs are there, especially with the crust that someone is going to get nailed hard, very likely it will be the Caribbean and or the Cascadia, but the New Madrid and San Andreas could soon follow.

        It really is not convincing most of the good people on this site that already know how important it is to prepare.  It is trying to make those that still have their heads buried in the sand at the beach totally unaware of the tsunami coming towards them.  It usually takes an event to scare people enough to jar them loose from the notion that the government is going to save them, for that event to happen on a widescale it will already be too late for the masses.  This is why each one of us must continue to prepare and not lose that urgency for one minute because of any positive signs of whatever to know that what you have sacrficed much for will make your chances of survival many magnitudes better than all those that did not.

        • @BI: I call that the OSTRICH SYNDROME. We all know what is sticking out.

        • Isn’t that sad what you said brother, they downgraded it so that insurance companies don’t have to cover if its a lower or not a tropical storm or it is etc. It’s nuts and all corrupt and totally BS.Everyday you should see the signs and know that trouble is so close and people still don’t prep!! It’s nuts! 10 years ago not one show would say anything about a collapse or over a cliff. Its on everyday and on late nite joke shows. its nuts. We close on our house this weekend and I will be going to grocery store and spending about a grand on food. Not rich or anything but going to prep the food side. I got the weapons and ammo up the tee but food is number one thing getting. God bless you all. It will be hard to turn away friends her friends when times get tough. She doesn’t even care or believe it and not going to beat that into her. I just do it and she doenst care that i do. She will thank me very soon.

          I told her that if something happens the other day and we have to turn away your friends babe, we cant feed them. She didnt say anything but i hope she understands im being dead serious. I dont want to kill anyone but I will if it comes down to them trying to loot.

          • @ Clint and copperhead.  It is infurating the utter deception that goes on, you have to be cynical and really search out the truth to find out what is really happening.  The masses go along with what they hear without seeing if there is actual truth behind it.  I just sent another comment on how deception with the odds of a disaster occurring and a comparison that people can use to see just how inaccurate the numbers that we get all the time.  Skewed and slanted for a hidden agenda.  Maddening.

          • That is truly a sad state of affairs, when insurance carriers don’t have to honor their contracts, because thd MSM weather guessers tell a whopper about the  size or severity of a storm. I say if your home was destroyed by Sandy, let the bank/mortgage company go after the insurance companies. Then sit back with a cold one and a sack of tasty treats and watch the fun. After all, the banksters required you to have insurance on your mortgaged real estate.

        • I mostly lurk here on your excellent site full of good information and advice, but I must single out Be informed with his/her latest posts about the potential for a Cascadian Subduction Zone mega-quake. It’s very reassuring to read such level-headed comments about the possibilities since Puget Sound is right in my back yard, so to speak — 30 miles inland.

          My latest prep is putting to good use all those free discarded wooden survey stakes I’ve picked up on my daily walks. They now are attached to my basement shelving in groups of three’s horizontally to help hold the canned goods and jars in place in case of earth movement. I’ve also strapped my water heater down and secured heavy objects around the house.

          When you said, “It really is not convincing most of the good people on this site that already know how important it is to prepare. It is trying to make those that still have their heads buried in the sand at the beach totally unaware of the tsunami coming towards them,” that would be LITERALLY prophetic for the East Coast of our country in the event of the La Palma landslide and subsequent mega-tsunami.

          I wonder how many who endured Sandy’s recent disaster would read about the landslide on their electronic devices and use those few hours before the tsunami reached the Eastern Seaboard to take action by getting the hell out of Dodge several miles inland. Would those who didn’t prep for Sandy listen this time in order to save their families?

          Thanks to all of you for your collective wisdom. I share this site with my neighbors and friends who seem open-minded. 🙂

          • @ Rainlover.  Please don’t let the articles about the Canary Islands collapse make you think that there is going to be a mega tsunami from this.  There is not that much kinetic energy behind even if 30 miles of island fell into the sea.  1/2 mass (velocity2) = kinetic energy.  The mass of island is not moving that fast, it is the velocity squared that shows how much energy there is behind an object like this.  An asteroid moving at 11 miles per second would be a fraction the size of the island, but have the same amount of kinetic energy behind it.

            Also distance away from the collapse plays a big part in the size of the tsunami.  Around the African coast you could have a tsunami of 20-30 feet, but 3500 miles away the tsunami would hit the coastline at 9-12 inches high.  Drop a big rock into a pond and see the large splash and then the tiny ripples across the pond from it.

            The real concern is the caribbean plate that has a mega thrust slightly smaller than the mega thrust in Japan that had a 9.0 quake on it.  WHEN the Caribbean plate, the eastern section of it goes, it could send a 15-20 foot tsunami on to the southeastern U.S. coastline, depending on the angle of it, the slope of the seafloor and the shape of the coastline.  Has happened before, and many people have mistaken the tsunami evidence of the past from the Caribbean plate breaking as previous collapse of the Canary Islands region.

            • Thanks for the clarification, Be informed, and I did a little surfing on the Net. Seems I was a victim of the “Hysteria Channel” mega-disaster hype, lol:


              Very interesting. Now, can you come up with a comforting scenario for those of us in the path of Cascadia? 🙂

              I’d also love to hear from folks about the steps they are taking to safeguard their homes in they live in earthquake zones like I do.

              • @ Rainlover.  As you can see from this article you linked that science and math works well to describe actual events.   If you had an asteroid that was 1/10 the size hit the ocean you could certainly have a mega tsunami, again because of the high velocity behind it.  This is why these ..223 bullets with a 3800 feet per second kick to them cause such tissue destruction when they are really the same size of a .22 long rifle that is travelling about 1100-1200 feet per second.  When I say something you can be sure that I am attempting to tell the truth to the best of my ability.

                Now for the truth about the Cascadia.  For every 2 miles of fault break, you usually have about 1 second of shaking.  It is assumed that about 500-600 miles of the fault will break, so you can expect 200-300 seconds of shaking WHEN it breaks.   5 minutes is an awful long time, not the common 10-15 seconds that people are use to.  Take an egg timer and see just how long 5 minutes is, it is hell.  The duration of an earthquake is what is really going to bring down buildings more so than the shaking itself much away from a fault.

                For every 8 miles away from the hypocenter you lose about 1/2 of the energy.  The further you are away the better of course.  The epicenter they talk about is where underground that the earthquake starts.  The hypocenter is where the earthquake waves hit the surface.  depending on the angle of the fault this can be much away from the actual epicenter.  The shape of the fault will also direct the point at which the energy hits the surface.  Like breaking waves at a beach many homes have been spared because the waves literally bypassed their homes to some degree, while other homes suffered massive destruction.

                You can add some degree of safety to the foundation of your home.  back in southern california I can remember many people adding additional brackets to the beams of their house at junction points.  Wood as you can see the way trees sway a lot in wind have the ability to bend some without breaking.  The real areas to guard against are the 45 and 90 degree connection points of these wooden beams through the home.  By securing these weak points with good quality brackening, this points are less likely to come apart.

                There is always a danger of what is called liquidification in which the sand, soil loses its ability to form a firm surface.  This happens when the soil is wet and saturated especially around water sources such as bays and rivers.  This happened in the New Madrid where the energy was so violent that the ground actually formed what is called sand spits, in which the water was compressed in the sand and forced up like a sponge.  A type of quicksand can develop and can swallow people and objects which happened in Portugal in 1755.  People were swallowed and some up to their necks and when the shaking stopped the sand became firm and trapped them.  While this could be myth, urban legion, people were eaten alive by hungry dogs while partially entombed in sand.   Liquidification was a huge problem after the World Series earthquake in san francisco in 1989 with many homes.

                The Cascadia fault right now I believe has at least 8.8 energy behind it.  that 7.8 would have set it off if the energy was less that 8.7 soon after because the fault is overdue by 50-60 years.  I truly think, I could be wrong but I don’t think so, that unless the fault breaks by around Thanksgiving weekend that the energy is probably over 9.1 that is locked up on it.  This means the longer it fails to break shows me that the more energy is bottled up there.  I don’t think it would get over 9.3 by the size of the fault.  There are other faults in the world capable of high 9 range, one of them I think is the Philippine plate and of course in the Kuril Islands and eastern Russia region.

                How big can the tsunami be?  Well using previous tsunamis it could reach 100 feet as in Japan I think it reached 78 feet in some sopts.  this would be concentrated only in the immediate areas right next to the fault and would drop into the 30-50 foot range on the coastline depending on the slope of the seafloor and how the bays and inlets around the region channelled the water in.  Those concerned about their area, someone can take the tidal charts for their area and see if they are average with other places or higher or lower than average to determine what will happen in regards to sea water rushing in.   Crescent City, california is extremely prone to high tsunami rises and probably won’t exist after the Cascadia fault breaks.  By comparing where you live to the coastline and the underwater topography to the Crescent City area you can get an idea also if your area is going to be a lot worse than most of areas.  If you look at the similar coastline around Crescent City you can see it in South Carolina from the dangers of the Caribbean plate which is also primed to go.  Sorry, Y’all Beware, South Carolina looks not too promising when the eastern Caribbean snaps.

                I am surprised by the intense 7.8 earthquake so close to the Cascadia fault, when I saw this I knew what was going to happen, only how soon it was going to occur remains up in the air.  Just like the Caribbean plate in which three 7.3-7.6 earthquakes have occurred on the western portion of it, should have completed the cycle.  There could be a fourth on the western portion of it around El Salvador, if this happens then it will be days or hours that the eastern portion snaps.  Both Caribbean and Cascadia regions are very ready to go, too much evidence from those 7 pointers shows this.

                • You can see you tube video of the ground moving like a cheap waterbed days after the large quake in Japan.

        • BI, Head’s-up,


          A few minutes ago the GOES-14 recorded an M-1.0 flare. A few days ago, when the inerstellar mefium between us and the sun was relatively clear the flares we had caused relatively small effect here. Such ani’t the case tonight…with the onset of the increased solar wind earlier today the intervening region between Earth and the Sun IS populated with a not insignificant ‘mass’. As such, a few minutes ago when the flare occured, the net effect was to ‘kick’ that mass in the pant’s….the measured particle density just kumped to ~36 particles/cc and the polar convection – which had dropped markedly – is rising again.

          It’s at times like these when a rapid chnge occurs that an excess of momentum is carried in-bound into the terrestrial planetary field. Keep a ‘double good’ watch out…likely to be a consequence to this.

          • @ JustOneGuy.  It will be interesting to see if ground movement increases when this impacts the planet and if when it stops the ground activity drops also.  Maybe you can make a correlation to this, help foreacst the next time when a major earthquake might occur.  Maybe get it down to hours or so.  Who knows.

            • BI…Hi!,


              MORE your field of endeavor than mine perhaps, Eh? 🙂 In truth there are endless problems in the physical world which have recieved little, or no treatment over time.  In some cases it’s is a problem of the inate complexity of the problem involved, in others it may lay in the difficulty in qualifying or quantifying the problem at hand…as in ‘What actually happnes in the interior’s of the Sun/Earth. In any event,  one of the cornerstones of physics is the concept of cause/effect ‘relaxation time’ or alternately…given a system which is – in some sense – in equilibrium, how long does it takes for such to return to  such as state (whether or no, the original one).

              The entire Sol/Earth cause/effect thing is one such problem; Never been tackled…not sure that we have the ‘wherewithal’ to do so…yet. Much of the neccessary foundation is – here – missing. I’d give my ‘eye-teeth’ to know (quantitatively) what goes on in the Earth, say 3000 miles deep….I KNOW you would too. What we can do is ‘bracket’ the matter in the sense of being able, with astute observation, to MAYBE get a notion of ‘when’ we might be severely ‘at risk’.

              I’ve watched your posting’s lately….GOOD work partner! WHEN, what we all believe is coming is imminent, I hope that we’ll have the far-sightedness to interpret the signs coming and ‘move out of the way, off the railroad tracks’ as it were. I KNOW that this is near your mind at all times from seeing what has transpired here over the last two years, the many, many postings; It is why I have finally ‘de-lurked’ lately. I too, think ‘this way’.

              On a dsifferent note altogether – I THINK, IMHO – that ol Sol’s little tantrum the last few days is about to fade….but this does leave the ‘effect’ an open question in the next few days as you pointed out. I’m beginning to feel as if there exist’s a need to bring far more – otherwise – seperate sources of information together, to act in a more interdisciplinary fashion. I do not beleive that the answers we are all seeking can be obtained within the confines of individual disciplines anymore… a greater ‘integration of ‘knowledge’ and ‘insight’ is required. In what Mac is now doing it might become the case that this very place becomes the answer, or a springboard for such answers…Time will tell.

              Anywho, I think I might just be able to relax enough to get a good night’s sleep yet this evening…..”Schlaffen Sie Gut, Mein Fruenden und Guten Nacht.”

              @ Mac,

              Hiya Dude,

              The Site is running SUPER good tonight…you must have ‘offloaded’ some of the load to the ‘cloud’, thanks Bro. Hey! Try to GET SOME SLEEP EVENTALLY, Eh?


            • BI,


              A 6.1 on the Nazca plate….Chile’, a bit ago.

              • @ JustOneGuy.  The 6.1 in Chile was like several other times after the same South Sandwich Islands was hit; March 13, 1975, 6.9, March 17, 1985, 6.6, April 4, 2004, 6.6, April 30, 2006, 6.7, April 17, 2012, 6.7.  This I think is just a bit too far to the west to directly affect the Caribbean plate, I use the word directly as the Nazca plate always affects the Caribbean plate.  It is getting closer for the Caribbean plate and that means tsunami.

        • Hi!

          Just wanted to take a minute to say that this was no normal category 1 hurricane.  Thank you for posting this, because I have seen on most boards that many people don’t get this.  I have been through many category 1 hurricanes, and this storm was not like that.  I don’t care to ever have to go through one of these again, thank you.

          Have you ever seen the sky totally green, with green flashes, not like lightning, but exploding dots?  Never saw that with any of the other hurricanes that have come through here, they werent strong enough, and some of them were above Cat 1.

          • @ Prepped in CT.  I know that I keep stressing this, but the MSM does not explain what kinetic energy means.  The lowest pressure reading shows just how much kinetic energy is in a hurricane.  The driving force to lower pressure is what someone looks at, not the wind speed as much of a concern.  Like I have said before, you can a monster hurricane in a large body of water, with little wind shear and all the right conditions that is way larger than Sandy and have winds of 75 mph or less in it because the pressure isobars are so wide and spread apart. The inside pressure could be lowest ever recorded.

            Sandy at a pressure of 27.73 at the lowest, this is like going up from sea level to almost 2300 feet in elevation, that’s a lot.  This pressure drives storm surge as does wind speed.  This was a category 4 storm pressure wise, period and the mainstream media can be inept as possible about trying to explain this is why there was so much destruction.  Also it almost reached category 2 wind wise.

            What you saw in the explosive dots is likely what happens with very large storms called a stadium effect in which the hurricane’s thunderstorms are very tightly wound up like stadium seats.  This thing was ready to form an eye wall, and if it had the time to do so, you would have seen the pressure drop like a rock.  It could have gone up to a Katrina, with the extreme storm surge like what happened along Mississippi.  I would say people got lucky that this super storm didn’t become a lot worse.  Another 24 hours along that warm Gulf Stream, if it had stalled out, and everyone could have had a mega disaster.

            Next time watch the pressure of a storm, anything under 28 inches or about under 948 MB is a bad storm.  The winds really don’t reflect the true hell that a low pressured storm will bring like Sandy showed all too well.

      16. I can ask your question.Yes,i realize what the human capacity can deal with.It’s not good,matter of fact it’s down right freakin awful.Dark ages return.

      17. Mac

        Thank goodness some of us take the likes of McGrath is refreshing to hear and watch others who think cognitively with clear perception of what is unfolding before us..and speak  in a clear decisive outtake..with no political baggage biasing the comments.

        I, for one, watch all his videos with they portray my worldview   overall..just as many here do so as well.

        Have you ever considered live videos with some of your guests..or interviews(audio)?


      18. Something big is coming, and very soon!,The last thing the government wants on their hands is civil unrest in the summer months! When its cold outside, its a lot easier to quell riotous activity,… they have the power to turn your utilities off!  You will be more concerned with staying warm, rather than revolting against the establishment!  Their banking on that!… Just a little something to keep in mind . stay warm and stay free! and may god bless!

        • @SS: I agree. Keep as much on the sheeple’s plate as they can. The dead of winter is the perfect time for the ball to drop. By the time the mass get warmer weather, they will be totally in trenched.

          Be free and prepared!

        • I never thought of that but if they were to do something that would have to cross their playbook without any doubt. My biggest fear and said this many times before is, If fires are started the fire-dept would not be able to help. imagine a neighborhood with 2-3 house on fire. they will start the whole place in flames and it will burn the whole town down, anything that is 30 feet next to each other. You know what i mean. Or how about downtown Denver or something. It will all be done! I know most is brick but you know what i mean. OR a few people out in the mountians starting wild fires, imagine thousands of people starting fires or more? Get the point. That’s what I’m afraid of, depending on weather and time.

          • Very similar to the big fire in long island during the hurricsne.

      19. Today’s Pop Quiz…

        Barack Obama is___

        A: 50% White

        B: 50% Black

        C: 100% Red

        D: All of the above


        The American Midle Class is____

        A: Exempt from the coming tax hikes

        B: Going to get clobbered by the coming tax hikes

        C: In a heap of trouble, no matter what the nitwits in DC tell us

        D: Middle class? What middle class?


        Generall David Petraues _____

        A: Is a decorated war veteran and the former head of the CIA

        B: Could learn a thing or two from Bill Clinton

        C: Obviously skipped a day of spy school when they covered CYA For Dummies

        D: All of the above


        If A FEMA train leaves Baltimore traveling west at 60 mph, and another FEMA train leaves Denver traveling east at 55 mph on the same track____

        A: The westbound train will stop in Cleveland since union rules prohibit conductors from working more than 4 hours without a break

        B: The eastbound train will stop in Topeka and ask for directions

        C: The folks in Omaha are gonna see one helluva wreck!

        D: Both trains will secretly be rerouted to Tucson and will never be heard from again

        • Smokin,

          1st. answer would be a asshole and all of the above.

          2nd answer is middleclass is just screwed.

          3rd answer is the dumbest spy america has ever had. See daily sheeple for that.

          4th answer the trains never left we were told by fema help is on its way.


          • You got an A+ !!

        • 10 thumbs up Smokin….


          • Thanks Piper.  By the way, I’ve been back to your site. Can’t say you’ve sold me yet. But still, it’s intriguing to investigate. The search for truth goes on….

            • Read Plato’s cave… it is a perfect analogy for our reality.

              As we all argue over the nature of the shadows…

              each having our own little slice of truth…

              in a land of darkness…

              Wait until after December… tell me if you feel the anxiety ramping in your soul…

            • BTW Smokin’,

              The only people who will become ‘convinced’ are those with ‘eyes to see’, the Elect that will become a Remnant after the Dark day of the Lord.

              Read Revelations again… with an eyes towards the higher meaning.  Read about the lady with 12 stars, and the harlot that rides the beast, understand that we are trapped in a ‘mystery’ imposed by the mother of harlotS, and the only way out of mystery is REASON. This is the lady of 12 stars, that is the knowledge delivered that overcomes the mystery. Once you see that the Revelation condemns the churcheS, your eyes are opened.

              One last clue, the White horse is the Holy Roman empire…

              Read Zachariah 4. Tie it in to the two witnesses. Understand the  golden pipes and the New Song.

              The Preacher men, have a vested interest in the status quo, the same as the Pharisees did…they sit upon the beast by taking tax breaks and following the rules… they are bought and paid for, but not all of them..some are waking up to the larger deception of Rome.

              Jesus said God lives in the rocks, I have simply proven it… that was my calling from the Light, to witness against the mystery of the churches that divide God’s people and wrap the Light in the dark religions of men. The True Temple of God, is in your minds, and they set up an abomination that makes the people desolate, through arguments over ‘dots and tittles’. Jesus condemned these men… but we still listen to them.

              Consider my question to the Preacher man; That if the small Buddhist child, who lived a good life yet never heard the name of Jesus, by an accident of birth, died, where would he go? And the preacher man answered that; Jesus would pick his soul up bodily and toss him into a lake of fire to burn for eternity.

              I asked then, ‘What is the difference between your Jesus and the God of Moloch that you condemn for his priests throwing babies into the fire’?

              He had no answers except; anger at me.

              Spiritual Relativity, is the Light=Love, Universal Redemption, the Only path of Reason.

              Study NDE’s my friend. See the Light.

              May His Force be with you.


              • @Piper

                My daughter asked me much the same question: what happens when people who have never heard of Jesus die? I told her this:

                “That sounds like a real problem, a dilemma, right?” She answered, “yes.”  “…and the answer is very important and you care about it a lot, right?”  “Yes,” again.  I told her in perfect confidence: “If you see this dilemma and the need for an answer, and how desperately important the answer is, then God who made us all, Who is “…not willing that any should perish..” noticed this problem and has a solution for it.

                I am confident He has a mechanism to deal with this that will be SOMETHING I NEVER THOUGHT OF.  This question is a distraction, and used as an[faulty] excuse not to believe in or obey God and Jesus.

                Don’t get sidetracked…………..

                • Gop4ever,
                  No sir, it is fundamental, and the reason the Churches are dying… many of them are arrogant, they even call other Christians “heretic, blasphemer… etc” Read Ann Barnhardt, the Catholic firebrand, even protestants are going to hell in her book… if you cannot see the spiritual confusion within your daughter, then you are trying to answer the daughter of Light, with the doctrines of darkness.

                  You were not able to answer your daughter with anything but the answer of ‘mystery’… that, is what you’re saying. “It is all a mystery my girl.”

                  These answers were given long ago, but the Roman’s destroyed them, this was the destruction of The Heretics and their books. The Romans literally destroyed 95% of the teachings of Jesus (the mysteries behind closed doors) and replaced them with the personal letters of Paul. This created a division of doctrines, something Jesus did not teach. Once you see what Jesus taught, you are astonished, once you understand the meaning of being “born again of the spirit”, it all falls into place, logically, with reason, no mystery.

                  I am not the one sidetracked my friend, the churches are. You should go read at my site. I do not wish to restate, that the Piper saw the Light, literally.

                  I was called, to be a witness against MYSTERY.

                  The Churches took the Light and wrapped it in the dark religions of men, who preach fear of anything not of them. You tell me not to get side tracked? I say Awaken to the Light! They say beware of that ‘new age stuff’, I am not new age, I am New Song, the song of the lady of 12 stars, clothed in the light of the Sun while standing upon the moon, that the MYSTERY of GOD is FINISHED. Read Revelation again, and see the condemnation of the churches.

                  Spiritual Relativity is the upgrade of the Gospel, the message of the Lord, Light = Love, the same thing the Buddha taught. Universal Redemption.

                  I was given the Sword of Truth drawn from the hidden power in the rocks brother, the revelation of the knowledge of God, revealed in the language of the universe, the Grail and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

                  You give your daughter this site, and ask her opinion without giving her any of your dark mystery religions, and come back and tell me her reaction.

                  pipermichael dot wordpress dot com




              • The question of  “what happens to those that don’t know Jesus when they die or if he returns before they learn of him, is pretty simple, but very seldom taught.

                 Some are basically good people but just ignorant to the truth.  That is “not” a ticket to the lake of fire.  God has put the spirit of slumber (stupor) on some good people for this very reason.   What you don’t know about or understand because of the lack of truthful teaching, won’t get you into  “accountability” trouble.

                 The love of the truth and following the law will get a person many rewards, not only in the eternity but also while living in the flesh.  If a person falls into the ignorant of the truth category or the too young to be accountable; they will not go to hell as some preachers teach.

                 That is where the “millenial reign” comes in to play.  There will be much teaching for those that didn’t have a chance during their flesh lives and once tested by Satan at the end of the millenium, they will go thru what is called the “second ressurection” and defeat the death of the soul.  That is all Hell/The Lake of Fire is anyway.  It is where the “blotting out of their soul/existence takes place.

                 An eternal suffering of souls in a fiery place called Hell, with the devil walking around in red flannel underwear and  jabbing people with a pitch fork is just a fable.  Hell and the Lake of Fire is not eternal.  The blotting out, is. The remembrance of them is also blotted out from everyone’s mind, as though they never existed.  That is how there will be no tears in Heaven my friends.

                 Don’t pass the collection plate.  If you learned something just support Mac and keeping this site up and running.  Amen!

                • Thus the Love of Mystery.

                  “God won’t judge us if we’re ‘ignorant’. Would he?”

                  When you find The Truth, you will see that God doesn’t judge men, at all. Men judge men through the Power of God, the ‘God of Forces’ in Daniel.

                  It is just how the Universe operates. You are attracted to your desire, those who are attracted to darkness are attracted to darkness.

                  God wants all of His Sons to come Home. Jesus taught that we must be “born again” of the spirit, but most people don’t know, or care because they love their mystery, that He actually taught, (sit down…)


                  Up until the “Chaos is finished and turns into a dark lump”. ( The galaxy turns into a black hole.) The Lake of Fire is the Archa of darkness and the second death of those who hate God.

                  Did you know the books of John were almost thrown out of the Canon along with Enoch? Because they were considered too ‘Gnostic’…. MYSTERY was the goal of the Romans, and God’s people have all suffered for it.

                  The Gnosis lives again, the Mystery of God is finished as the knowledge of the Imp is raised from the bottomless pit.

                  Read Zachariah 4, about the golden ‘pipes’.



                • @

                  Piper Michael

                   I can see that you plow “deep” my friend.  Keep up the good work.  I too dig thru the WORD with a new desire for truth every week for at least fifteen hours.

                   There is nothing in this world that compares to being prepared for the spiritual realm that is soon to come for everyone.  Knowing the truth has set me free and  PREPARED me for the arrival of antichrist and all his evil angels.  That was the easy part because it was free.  The preparing for the essentials of keeping this ole fleash body(and that of a few others) alive,protected, and finding some comforts, is the hard part.

                   Keep on prepping a little or as much as possible everyday.  The SHTF a few years ago, but hasn’t caught up to the most of us yet.

        • the answer is moleloto, But the truth just pisses people off

          Folks keep calling him black, but he is just as much white

        • Thanks so  much for your humor…..I greatly enjoy reading your posts…..both humorous and informative…..thx again!


      20. Hubby and I moved out into the boonies. We have wood in the forest, years worth of food and year round gardening and 5 water sources.

        We were fortunate enough to land in a valley of preppers. Well, at least half of them are. Great to be way over 3%.

        I worry about those who do not see what is coming. I pray for them to open their eyes and understand what is happening in America.

        If it doesn’t happen I will Leave there souls to God. That’s all that will be left of them.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Good for you!

        • “Hubby and I”

          I’m jealous. I had a great girl last year, but couldnt get her to the altar. This year no dice.

          I’m set up for whatever happens, but I’m one of the traditional guys; sure would like to have a mrs. to be able to protect and provide for if things get as bad as they could. Big worry of mine as a brother of four sisters  is there’s going to be a lot of women and single moms that are going to have really tough years ahead and it doesnt matter who is president in 2013; the US past the point of no return a while ago.

          • Yay this is a prepper dating site now! Call me 😀

            • I am sure Mac is right on it!!!!  😉

              It can be called ;  Playtime for Preppers!!! 🙂


      21. Reprinted from Zero HEdge comments.  Any basic Media research would of turned this up day one… but it isn’t reported…


        Guys, holy shit, look who the ‘psychologically unstable twin sister’ was married to, the guy on the other end of the custody battle that the Generals wrote the kind notes against:


        Grayson P. Wolfe

        Grayson Wolfe is a Partner at Akkadian. He previously served as Director of Broader Middle East Initiatives and Iraqi Reconstruction and Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer at the Export-Import Bank of the United States. He was appointed to the bank by President Bush in June 2002. Between January and August 2004, Wolfe served as Manager of the Private Sector Development Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Iraq. In this capacity he was directly responsible for implementing a wide range of initiatives to attract foreign direct investment and provide financing to Iraqi companies. During this time, Wolfe worked extensively on the ground with senior Iraqi and Kurdish officials, and with the Ministries of Finance, Trade and Oil.

        From 2001 to 2002 Wolfe worked as an attorney for the law firm of Fleischman and Walsh, LLP, where he represented clients engaged in Homeland Security, Telecommunications and Intellectual Property matters. He served as a member of a seven-person team that worked with the North American Railroads and Chlorine Chemical Industries to develop a National Homeland Security Risk Analysis and Management Plan. This plan was adopted by the Class I Freight Railroad CEOs on Dec 6, 2001. Wolfe served as Legislative Director and Counsel for members of Congress from 1999-2002. He has also served in numerous positions in presidential, federal and state political campaigns. Before this, he worked for Citicorp in Poland focusing on emerging markets and franchise development opportunities in Central and Eastern European countries.


        Now go get the picture of the shrink wrapped missing cash that went to Iraq.

        The bankruptcy filings for these twins involve literally millions of dollars.

        WTF doesn’t begin to cover it.

        • This thing  keeps growing and growing! Every day, another juicy tidbit. I am hooked on this story. My “gut” says something huge is being covered up. Way, way ,too many coincidences.

          Okie; ” missed CYA lesson at spy school”  hehehe!  Like the mids at Nav Academy caught cheating. I don’t know if they get the boot for cheating, or getting caught!


      22. WE ARE SURVIVALISTS     He who fails to prepare for the night, fails to prepare for the dawn.
        I am a survivalist and by nature a survivalist is an OPTIMIST.  I do not have one pessimistic bone in my body.  If what I just said sounds odd to you then you are not yet a survivalist and you do not understand the modern survivalist at all.  It has been very difficult to communicate to the public and the mass communications media, the concept of an optimistic, hopeful survivalist.   A fireman is a fireman, not because he believes everything will burn, but because he believes much can be saved.  Doctors don’t believe in death, they believe in life, and a survivalist is not a survivalist because he believes everything must be destroyed and everyone must die, he believes that life and freedom can be saved, if people of good will are prepared.  A fireman does not start fires, a doctor does not make disease and a survivalist does not make disaster.   Crime, disease, war, revolution, fire, flood, periodic financial collapse and famine are the results of nature and the nature of man and unfortunately are not within the power of anyone on this earth to prevent.   We all know that the sun will set each day, leaving us in darkness and we all know that warm summers give way to cold winters and that we can do nothing to keep the sun from setting ot the cold winds from coming, does this make us pessimistic?  I think not! So then why is the survivalist called a pessimist when he makes ready to face events that are just as much part of history and nature as the sunset and changing of the seasons.   Another misconception is that survivalists are predicting world disaster. On the contrary, we seem to be the OPTIMISTIC MINORITY that is predicting world survival.  We are hard pressed to find any well recommended historians, economists, political scientists, sociologists or military strategists that can come up with a scenario that gives even a fifty-fifty chance of avoiding a large scale catastrophe, yet we survivalist dare to be OPTIMISTIC about the future.  We survivalists do not need to predict the probability of disaster anymore than we need to predict the sun setting.   Those who criticize survivalists, are like men who refuse to look at a calendar, in the hope that through self-imposed ignorance they can keep from aging another year.   “You survivalists will be disappointed if we don’t have a world cataclysm”, here is another accusation that is pure B.S. and I could not think of a milder phrase to describe it. We survivalists have loved ones we don’t want to see hurt or killed, we have homes we don’t want to see destroyed, we are not fools to think that just because we are survivalists a world cataclysm would be fun for us or the we would not experience danger, loss, hunger, injury, cold or even despair and death.   We have spent time and money to improve our chances for survival and recovery from disaster, but we would have a great celebration if some day we could be assured that we had wasted our time.  No, we will not be disappointed if there is no disaster to survive, anymore than the Red Cross is disappointed when there are no floods and storms or the man who buys an insurance policy is disappointed when his house fails to burn down.   It may be said that the survivalist would much prefer the pleasant (but unlikely) surprise of being wrong to the (probable) deadly rude awakening that the non survivalist will face if he is wrong.     So, you see the survivalist can not lose because his survival preparations will be of value regardless of what the future has in store.  In time of crisis, those who have not prepared to turn to each other, will turn on each other.   It is most regrettable indeed, that many people consider survivalists as a threat and regard them with suspicion and even hostility.  This attitude is logically indefensible and is rooted in the non survivalists own sense of fear and guilt.  Subconsciously, the non survivalist may hate the survivalist for reminding him of how fragile his lifestyle is.  Now, let’s get the facts turned around right.  THE MOST DANGEROUS PEOPLE IN AMERICA TODAY ARE THE NONSURVIVALISTS.  Every person who has not made provisions for surviving without food, water, fuel and other essential needs from the outside, is a mortal danger to his neighbors.   What will a man do when he and his family are freezing, hungry, thirsty, sick and starving?  He may ask or beg his neighbors for help, but when they have no extra fuel, food, water or medicine to give, will he just go back home to die with his wife and kids?  What do you think?  We survivalists who stock up on food and other supplies, now do a favor to society because what we now buy is replaced on the shelves so there will be that much more available in an emergency. We survivalists won’t be looting and killing for food.  We won’t be a burden  on the medical facilities or a danger to the police.  Since we will be able to turn to each other, we will not need to turn on anyone and we may be able to help at least some.   Survival preparation should be regarded as a social obligation, one that every individual owes to his family and community and his nation.  The non survivalist is simply a poor and irresponsible citizen.   So the reality is, that survivalists are optimistic, self-reliant individuals, who cannot help but see the imperative of preparing for the worst possible events, while hoping sincerely, that they won’t happen.  Today’s survivalist is an asset to his community and to the world and should be proud to be called SURVIVALIST.

        Long Knife


          I needed that.

          I was in a meeting and a guy who knows I’m a prepper was making fun of me.

          He just had a new baby.  I said…  “So if we have a mono crop failure…what are you going to feed your kid?  I’m ready, are you?  The most basic human need…food and you don’t have your family covered?  You have life insurance, health, auto… what about food assurance?  What if the said terrorist poison the food supply?”

          Just another corp brainwashed fool.

          I’m glad there are so many…if the whole world was prepping the prices would be crazy.   There’s a thought.

          Darwinian Survivalism.

          Only the smart, fit, well planned and well perceived will survive.

          In times of nuclear war and famine….EAT THE WEAK and less planned!!!!


          We’re all tired of the Kumbya crap.

          Maybe to save a nation…they need to see a few starve.

          Just look at Katrina…it started a prepper movement.

          Later folks.


          • If Sandy hit the same area as katrina again, i think you’ld be stunned at the amount of folks still unprepared.

            Two many reasons

            1 ) “something like that would never happen twice in the same spot in my life time.” ya go with that and see how long before murphy’s law rears it’s ugly head.

            2) folks think it was so bad the government must have learned it’s lesson. So they shouldn’t have to be ready. The next time the government will get it right.  As they can see after Sandy they haven’t learned, same crap different county. (and bush isn’t around to blame this time)

        • Shame on you you forgot your paragraphs.

          • @FBP: Sorry! No excuse just in a hurry.

        • At some level, I’ll be disappointed. I do what  I do, because I believe this sucker is going to crash and burn. Now honestly, how many here can’t wait to say ” I told you so”?

          Of course, it’s cutting thee’s nose off to spite thy’s face.

        • @copperhead….


          Dude!  Paragraphs!

          I want to read your stuff, but I just can’t.  I get lost in the sheer mass of words.

        • cudos!!!!!!!   i just brought that up to my family a few days ago.  when i started this getting ready thing.   we were called survivalists now its callled preppers.  we did not even use the word prep.   nobody will come to a persons rescue in need.  the east coast has provened that.   the red cross such a complete joke, main stream media, how horrible with the false of easiness.  good luck dumb down mind controlled dummies.  hail hail to the survivlist preppers!

      23. Talking to a friend this past summer he put an idea in my head that I have added to my preps.  I work on the road a lot and with things being able to go sideways very fast I have put together a “get home” bag for my truck.  People always talk about bugout but what if you get caught while you are out and more than a day away from home.  I have a few days of food, water, first aid kit, and some other goodies in the vehicle at all times now.  Just food for thought for anyone else that works on the road.  You never know when it’s going to hit, and when it does the fewer things you have to stop for the better.

        • 3 vehicles in our family; wife, son & me. Our house is at 7,500 elevation; we get some snow here, so we all have “winter boxes”. All the vehicles are 4x4s; real 4x4s, not “crossover” wannabes.

          Anyways.. the winter boxes in my wife’s and son’s vehicles have power bar type things, water, gatorade, hats/gloves/boots, sleeping bag, jar candle, lighter. Stuff to stay warm & sit tight.

          My box has all that as well. My OTHER “box” (not exactly small enough to be called a box) has vehicle rescue gear; tire chains, towing chains, oil/water/fuel, etc.

          So if wife or son gets stuck, they’ll be OK until I get there.

          2 years ago, I pulled the snowplow truck out of a ditch down the road from my house. It was only a pickup truck with a plow, but the guy couldn’t drive in snow if his life depended on it.

          My wife works 5 miles from our house.

          My daughter’s high school is 6 miles away.

          My son attends college about 20 miles away. He & I have talked about various ways for him to get home if I call/text him the “Get Out of Dodge” phrase.

          Vehicles are set. Now I just need more food. And water. And ammo.

      24. Good Sir – I have been following your post for awhile ~ and even as many things you say seem not to have come true ~ I do believe that we are at arriving at a perfect storm. I LIVED thru Sand ( 9/11 as well) and had just lost my job because i was not an obamatron & my bosses felt ( i was a paid celebrity ass kisser & an excellent one at that ! in NYC that meant EVERYBODY that is ANYBODY in this WORLD) i was getting a little tooo depressing with my “Doom & Gloom’ prepper talk about the psy-war news i.e. Nibiru, Fisted Cliffs, petrodollars, WW3, earthchanges etc etc you get the drift……good to say that luck as may be I went thru Sandy as prepared as a dandycandy like myself could be – handcranked radio, battery TV, food & water, $1000/- in cash ready etc etc MUST MOST IMPORTANTLY spiritually prepared…it was a sigh and an OK in my mind and was prepared to face the worst……seeing my dazed neighbors trying to get thier iphones to work and sadly my OLDER neighbors with not even a single bottle of water to spare or an energy bar…..I was ready to give comfort and assist as much as I could ~ so I stayed back in my darkened lower Manhattan Apt for their sake as it got really quiet and lonely at night and i KNOW that if the blackout would have lasted longer ANARCHY would have ensured – you could feel it as the days progressed…….NO ONE CAME BY FROM ANY AGENCY…… FRIDAY JETBLUE was handing out food in the chic neighborhood of chelsea that was for  all purposes ABANDONED……..NO ONE in the financial capital of the WORLD BLACKOUT…….amazing & scary…….it is on its way and it is going to be rough! I hope the people get ready….as Aunty Bloomberg said while Janet Napolitano was here ……YOU better get their attention NOW before the go back to their BUNKERS! ( he was also quoted in Forbes magazine last year ….”looters in the wake of Irene will be put in INTERMENT CAMPS”…that old yid understand FULLY the meaning of Internment Camp…..and believe know more than most and tries his best to let slip whats around the corner….so as Revelations says as the 5th Bowl is poured  over the Throne of the Beast….”and his Kingdom was plunged into darkness…..” 6th Bowl & 7th to go and the omens are looking gloomy that they do gather for War as Earthquakes RUMBLE loudly. Godspeed!


      25. For future reference.

        A friend shared a bit wisdom with me the other day that had been passed on to him. It seems applicable to the  current state of our government and beliefs of so many these days.

        What one generation will tolerate, the next generation will accept, and the next generation will embrace.

        It kind of explains why we have 4 Americans killed in a foreign embassy and a government cover-up and we don’t  demand some one be held accountable. We have come to expect our government to lie to us. Obama is the biggest liar to date and millions look upon him as the messiah.

        Abortions have gone from back alleys to main street and we now knowingly pay for them with our tax money.

        Marriage and family values were once  respected and they are now as disposable as yesterdays junk mail.

        That what was once a blessed union between a man and a woman, is now open to a man marrying a man, or a woman marrying a woman. (Not that I don’t enjoy a couple of hotties gett’en biddy on Cinesex)

        Millions upon millions have become totally dependent on big government and believe that it will always be there to take of them. Fortunately Unfortunately, they will be the first to perish and will do so thinking that Uncle Sam is just around the corner heading there way to help.

        Should it all collapse, I hope we all remember that tolerance isn’t always a good thing. We don’t have to embrace what we don’t believe in.  That uttering the phrase political correctness  will be held in the same regard as yelling out “FUCK YEA” in church. That the America we rebuild is based on the founding principles in which it all started and those that have an issue with it (should there be any left) can go politely fuck themselves in a distant corner.



      26. Thank you to everyone for the information on the stoves.
        I will be shopping and looking and checking them out.
        That will be a big relief to have an appliance to prepare
        and cook on, if the electric goes out. As for the rest,
        I will keep on prepping. My next purchase, a scrabble game
        for entertainment. I already have the books.

        • Emily,

          Also I forgot something, when looking for these stoves or lanterns try and find the ones that use the old coleman fuel or better yet the dual fuel. If the grid goes down go luck finding propane, I happen own own a few of each but I also cook alot of BBQ so I have a lot of propna bottles. Good luck with you search I think you will do well you seem to have a rare talent.. Common Sense.


          • @DPS

            Why not have a 1000 gallon propane tank set? With scales you can fill the 20 pound bottles and with a $10 adapter you can refill the small 1 pound bottles and bunches of them!

            In some parts of the country the propane tanks are even set under ground making them less vulnerable theft.

            A 1000 gallon tank will take care of a family of 5 for 2 years under normal use; even when using a propane hot water heater, cook stove and central heat.

            It might be hard to get during a collapse, but if it is purchased before hand I wouldn’t be so quick to discount it; as it doesn’t go bad.

            The only down side Iv’e seen to propane is using it to a fuel a generator, they seem to really use a bunch of fuel – but probably no more than gasoline in comparison. As of last check, it was also about half the price of gasoline.

            Just a thought.

            • Nailbender,

              I’m not sure where you live but here in TX the rules are very clear for the bigger propane tanks. The railroad comission sets these rules. If you live with in the city limit’s you cannot have these big tanks unless the tanker can drive through your property. So to get around these I have several larger bottles 40 lbs and a couple of 100 lbs. Which is fine but once they are empty with the gird down there will be no way to fill them. So for a back up plan I purchased the older style camp stoves that will run on coleman fuel as well as unleaded gas. Once those run out I fall back to the bigger woodburning cookers. It never hurts to have to many of these and besides the bigger smoker makes up some really good elk jerky.

              Keep prepping it looks to be a long cold winter.


            • I don’t know where you live but I can tell you a 1000# tank will not keep a family of 5 for that long. Especially running all that stuff.  First off you only get 850 gallons of propane in a tank when it’s filled. I have a 1000 gallon tank, I heat my 1550 sq foot house and cook with it, my hot water and dryer are electric. I am single. I have 3 ventless gas heaters and use them judiciously, mostly only running one and heating 1/2 the well insulated house. I cook a lot in the winter not so much in the summer. Judging from my use over the last 3 years, if the SHTF, being very Spartan, I could cook and heat for maybe 2 years. Using the propane only for cooking I suspect I could last 5 or 6 years.

              Since Obama got re-elected I am now making plans to put in a wood burner for heat  and extra cooking in the spring. Thanks to Sandy and the massive tree damage and loss here I have about 5 years of fire wood laying down on my property. I have the stove and am getting ready to purchase all the pipe and installation stuff so it’s all ready to go up in the spring.

              After heating with wood for 40 years I swore when I built my new house I would never have to touch a stick of firewood again<sigh>. Never say never. I just consider myself blessed that I live in WV where we have abundant resources and I have good friends that will help me work all that wood up.

              I will, of course keep my propane tank full, cause we all know it’s going to happen! LOL

        • Hi Emily,

          Welcome Aboard…JOG Say, “Hmmmm, SCRABBLE…..GOOOD!” 🙂


          • @ All,


            Gad’s!  I see a clarification is in order here; Boris Karloff, “Frankenstein”

            “Hmmmmm, Fire…..GOOOOD!”  Heart-felt welcome Emily…without any sarcasm. For everone else here….OK Now? (I LUV Scrabble!)

        • An excellent stove for one or two people are the

          Kelly Kettle® Large Stainless Steel Base Camp Stove. $80.00. At Emergency Essentials on the web. Excellent buy.
          Volcano Multi fuel, (wood, charcoal, butane) stove. Portable, good for cooking has large surface, and gives off good heat to keep you warm. $100.00. Also at Emergency Essentials.

          Nice thing about Emergency Essentials, they only charge $12.00 for shipping no matter how much the weight. Good Luck.

          • I agree Yankee, I got everything you just mentioned from Emergency Essentials – love them.

          • I love Scrabble!  It’s the only board game I’m any good at! Hope it’s all going well, Emily!

            • Daisy,

              I have most all of the board games, life, monopoly as well as uno, skip bo Chinese checkers , checkers. But there is still nothing better then a good game of 5 card stud. Gambling of course is a


      27. Here’s what we have going…

        We work in IT (Information Technology).

        I pulled together 10 guys and we are all forming a .com company that creates .com companies.  Each has their role.

        It will take a few years..but we’re all focused on a chunk and a tech. part of the project.   In time…we’ll have many .com sites pulling funds from all countries of the world.

        Spare me the …we’re headed back to Mad Max days talk.  Only in a limited fashion for brief durations of time, if at all.  But yeah, we’re all prepped up and no worries here.

        The days of corporate enslavement are nearing an end.

        The new reality of self career survival is at hand.

        Forget the 40 hour work week.

        As the ceo…  I blaze code and run things with every waking moment.

        All you bitching about the 1%…this is what it takes.

        We plan on mopping up all the mess that the Obama crew will create.

        All the business of the world are very messed up.

        It’s amazing how manual things still are….as they have business people making technical IT decisions..they have no clue what can be automated.

        As for the dollar..   gold and silver.

        In closing…  I think they are engineering a global food collapse.

        The chemtrails have messed up the weather…..  Better have your palets of superpails ready….   and when you need them…

        MOVE THEM.

        We all know the govt. monitors these sites and you are already on a list.

        When they come knocking be polite, invite them in and they will look around and find…  N O T H I N G!   We’re smarter than that.

        I can just hear them…  “Where’s all the stuff you bought back in 2009…we have the vendor shipping list?”..  OH…we ate that years ago.  Yeah right.

        We all know this…


        SO……  Hanker down.  Prep. up.

        Have a backup plan.

        Live in peace, make no threats.


        Pay off all debts and never look back.


        • i’m right there with you.

          in IT myself and working on mobile app development any extra time i have.

          it’s noy goimg to be the 1800’s everywhere, some things will still use the cutting edge and those people will be invaluable

          • LMAO you idiot


        • Pay off the debts,yea im on that lol.I will die in debt,thats my return.

      28. i   hope the ecobmony falls so we an get this hype over with chck this out i have nothing to gain of lose im 23 still live with mom have no job taking ged classes like that’s going to help me.  lets get this over with none of this will afface me i feel sorry for you losers with it the fan

        • Go back to grade school and learn to write a comprehensive sentance.

        • Oh Kay, I still remember how I felt when I had my first beer too.

        • @ k….

          Spoken with the exact level of wisdom and maturity that I would expect from someone of your age.  You are obviously a prime example of what our fine educational institutions and MTV culture have produced….. narcissistic and amoral.

        • Could this be an example of, Compulsive Texting Syndrome?

        • hooked on phonics didn’t work for you.

      29. Revelation 6:6

        And I heard a voice from among the four living beings say, “A loaf of wheat bread or three loaves of barley will cost a day’s pay. And don’t waste the olive oil and wine.”

      30. Ok I have been lurking around here for quite sometime and I thank all of you for what you have taught me. I live in the foothills in a rural area with my wife and have been prepping for one year now, so I will let you know where I am with the preps. I am only doing this to help those like those that have helped me on this site “Thanks Mac”. I have enough preps for 4 adults for 1 yr even though it is only 2 of us and that leads to having some barter room if needed. Water we have 10  55 gallon Water barrels, still working on a rain water catch. We have 2 smaller lakes very close to the house, one is about 200 yds from the house. For the water we have a berkey water filter system including spare purification tabs. For heating and cooking we have a cast iron wood stove indoors and one out doors, we recently picked up global sun oven and have used to make fresh bread “if  you can get one of these it is worth the money”. As a cooking backup we have 3 coleman stoves that use Coleman fuel, kerosene or unleaded gas. For power we have a 4000w generator, 2 solar panelcharger charge controller and battery plant for 12 volt led lighting in the house and to charge scanners and radios. Being that I was a First Responder for 5 yrs medical is important, put a nice trauma bag together including surgical tools as in stitching a wound up if needed. Back to bartering we have stocked cases of liquor and cigarettes for trade and my wife says if nothing happens during our retirement we will take up smoking & drinking! I think it is important to have junk silver coins and some 1 oz bars to batter with. As for perimeter security I have set up around our property battery operated motion detectors that have a 400 ft range and got these for $15.00 ea “works great” all our battery’s are rechargable. As far as protection all I will say is it’s all good! I can go on and on but these are just a few things to think about and I really feel that people need to start now and do what ever you can. It is better to have something than nothing and it’s not to late. Thanks for all the ideas!

      31. Folks…the disaster has already hit…it was called Sandy. This sh*t isn’t over by a long shot. Statin Island was completely wiped out….thats 500,000  people right there.. Queens was very badly damaged, brooklyn was badly damaged, new jersey etc….it’s been over 2 weeks and it looks like they are just gonna let the ones that lost it all just sit there and rot. Aren’t there somewhere around 2 million+ people still displaced by this storm? Still over 200,000+ who don’t have power yet in Statin island alone….. Gas lines are nuts and the military is over seeing things there. I wonder what those people are gonna do when they get completely fed up with femas bs? how long will they all stay in the fema tents and freeze their asses off? Mark my words…the media is covering this up BIGTIME. I fear we haven’t even seen the worst of this mess yet. All the MSM is talking about is who some idiot general banged and how many emails another idiot general sent some bimbo. I thought he was a spy? James bond smooth he is not ( lol )….I don’t give a hoot  about general betray-us or any of the other morons involved in this distraction of a story. They should all be put in prison for lying to the american people… ……I do however care about the tens of thousands of Americans that are freezing their ass off in the east with little or no help from the agency ( fema ) that takes  our tax dollars and then does a piss poor job EVERY DAMN TIME.  Not to mention they have declared martial law in some of the hardest hit areas.  I say prep like there is no tomorrow.  I feel with obummer back in things will move at breakneck speed towards collapse. As for the Benghazi mess…I have a way for no American to ever get killed in Libya again…it’s a simple yet effective plan that will have 100% success…..GET THE F*CK OUT OF LIBYA!! Something tells me if you’re in a building in say….Texas…you’re not as likely to get bum rushed by 400 angry muslims with ak47’s and rocket launchers ( honestly with our border security it might be more likely ) but I digress. Well…there you have it.



      32. I have another project the idiots in washington can get started on right away instead of figuring out how many b.j.’s general betray-us got from bimbo #1. They could get off their sorry asses and fix this fiscal cliff crap right away!  Instead they will spend a month trying to figure out how many times general betray-us let bimbo #1 polish his knob for him.




        folks…I come up with solutions…its what I do     :>)

      33. There’s a fiscal cliff straight ahead!! Who’s driving, Thelma or Louise? I guess it doesn’t matter. The brakes are shot and the cruise control is stuck on 100 mph…

        (could you at least turn on the radio til we hit bottom?)

      34. For sale:

        One 24kt gold ring. Size 6 1/2. Inscibed ‘Happy 30th Anniversary.’ Never worn. Priced at $10 (cost $1600 new)

        Also have a premium set of golf clubs w/bag. $2600 new. Asking $10.

        Plus- one Deluxe Accomodation time share at Aspen. 3 wks per year, all amenities included. Paid $45,000. Asking $10.

        Contact Mrs Petraeus at 555-234-5677

        • I know that was a joke, but I bought my retreat land from a guy who was ordered to sell it and give the money to his ex-wife as part of a divorce settlement.  He listed it with his sister who was realtor.  I got a really good deal.

        • I’m looking for an accordian

      35. Great job Bill!

        I have been prepping now for just under a year, but when I think about it I am the daughter of a prepper so I have been mostly prepped for my whole life even when I didn’t know it.

        I lurk here everyday (mostly at 3 am due to my insomnia)

        Thanks to all the great advice on this site, I feel like my family is in pretty good shape. Still a lot to do and skills to acquire, but progressing a little everyday.

        I have loads of water storage and filtration gear, but need to get a well and some rain collection.

        I have a generator and stored enough fuel for a week. We need a permanent generator that is tapped into our natural gas. I have camp stoves, gas BBQ, loads of propane containers, rechargeable batteries, propane heaters. I would like a wood stove.

        I have enough food for our family of 6 for about 6 months. I have learned to can, dehydrate and vacuum pack. I have a monthly delivery of Thrive food to get us to 1 year. I cannot garden to save my life!! Everything I plant dies. Next summer, I am going to try some small containers on the deck and see if I can just get 1 stupid tomato! I put in 6 blueberry and raspberry bushes  last summer and have ordered apple and pear trees to be planted in the spring.

        Bug out bags are ready for all, but we will stay put if at all possible. I have 3 kids (2 with autism) and my 94 yo grandmother here and leaving would be very tough. We could go to my brothers home in the woods which is about 100 miles north.

        We are well stocked with protection and ammo, and are just finishing the special closet to keep them secured. Door went in yesterday.

        I have a great supply of hand tools, plywood, firewood, nails, hand mill, saws,  2×4’s, plastic sheeting, tarps, buckets, kindling, solar chargers, batteries, para cord, roping, motor oil, wd40, matches, alcohol, dog food, solar torches, sewing supplies, fabric, treadle sewing machine, canning supplies, Mylar bags, crank radios, homeschool supplies, books for instruction and entertainment and chocolate.

        My husband is a surgeon and I am a nurse. We have so much first aid/ medicine/ surgical supplies put back that I have a small room dedicated. If SHTF I would imagine it will be a makeshift surgical suite. Still need to get that room secured against looters.

        I wish we could relocate away from Boston but that is not in the cards. At least we are 25 miles away from downtown and on a very quiet street. Highway is way too close for comfort though. I have 2 acres but no green thumb! We do have  a huge reservoir nearby and I have a utility cart for transporting water if needed before getting a well put in.

        I do have a prepper friend who has welcomed us if SHTF and she has a farm about 15 miles west of here. She has chickens and horses as well as a stream on her property. Bonus is she is a great gardener and has 2 sons who are active military.

        All in all, I feel very blessed to have made good progress in little time. My wish list is getting shorter each month and my skills are slowly improving. I feel like many people that being prepared is a way to be a responsible member of my community. If my family is ready, we can help our neighbors who may be less fortunate.  I don’t want to ever be in a FEMA camp or waiting on line for an MRE to feed my children.

        Keep up the hard work everyone! Thanks for all the great posts!






        • I too have a son with Autism.. I gotta ask… What do yall think is responsible for their condition? Especially since yall are in the medical field….

          I know where I stand, just wondering where you and your husband are on it.


        • Wow, sounds like you are doing a great job. We also get a monthly shipment from them. We signed up at  The food is really good! The plan is called “The Q” where they send us a few cans each month based on our budget. It kind of works like Netflix. You don’t need thousand of dollars all at once.  Just grow your stockpile one #10 can at a time.

        • Mma800, I won’t say I don’t have a little prepper envy, espeically medical training which we’re short on.

          I would advise though that if you reach a point where you have looters, don’t expect a door to stop them.  A locked door means something valuable.  And interior walls in virtually every house on the market in the U.S. are extremely easy to use to bypass the most secure door in the world.   Sheetrock or even plaster and lathe is for privacy, not protection.  You don’t even need tools, just a foot.   If they’re in your house and can loot (because you’re not there or your unable to stop them),  they’ll get your stuff.

          You’ve probably got it covered but just in case, make sure you have friends and family that will be around in a bad situation.  The best defense against looters is an armed display.  And an armed response if it comes to that.  ANd remember, not everyone is cut out for an armed response when it comes down to actually pulling the trigger on another human being, make sure you train hard so that the ‘how’ of pulling a trigger isn’t something you have to also be worrying about when you’re dealing with the ‘why’ and ‘should’.

          Best of luck to your and yours.  Be safe.


        • @Mma800

          Kudos as to how much you have accomplished in one year! What put you into hyperdrive prepping? You are the first that I have read to do what you have done and I wish you were my neighbor.

          Can you give us any insight as to how people coupe when they are deprived of thier medications. Time to severe withdrawal/death. Complications of children  from drugs like ritilin? What percentage of our populace  are on anti depressants? What do you see that are major factors in your practice or hospital rounds?  Anything that can be considered alarming that would be good to guard against.


      36. Question From the story..

        “Ask yourself this question: Are you prepared to take care of yourself?”

        Yes!! Could I be better prepared? Sure.. Constantly working on it..

        Katrina taught me that you can NEVER be ready enough..

        Moved out of the city to the sticks. Check

        Stocked up on food. Check, weekly

        Stocked up on guns and ammo.  Check, weekly

        etc. etc.

        Now water is an interesting subject in the deep south. Our water table is real high. We can reach ‘decent’ water in a little as 20 feet down. Not the best water because of the high iron content but better then the polluted crap in our rivers and streams. So in my gear is a means to quickly get down to water. Water is a big factor in the survival game so having back up way to get it is in our best interest.

        Here’s two sites you might want to look at if your water table is within a reasonable depth.





      37. Reichstag Event comming?

        will Obama pull the stunt that someone tried to assasinate him?

        even go as far as to play the stunt out carefully coreographed to make it look like a real attempt? oh and lets not forget it will be a white guy they will panzy as the killer to encite a race war/riot?

        Dont ever put it past this administration

        watch for it..but dont fall for it

        • or will they pull this stunt for the basis to bring on as trigger for Martial Law?

          oh how often we are played by TPAB, and oh how often we are suckers for thier words as truth, the pile of suckers in this country are some of our biggest problems besides the run a muck government

          • How about ap reports this morning that Gen. Ward has been stripped of a star and forcibly retired…  ok, so that’sGen Ward,  Gen. Ham,  Gen. Petraeus,  Gen. Allen,….anyone else seeing a pattern here?  Stalin and Hitler did the same thing, but weren’t so nice about their “retirements”.

            • My feeling on this, Is that they wont play ball with Obamas adgenda ( TPAB adgenda) so they are being “let go”


              that, and they know enough of the shit games that are being played and they are sick of being used by this innept government.., its being done to dis credit them, and shut them up


              also to add…why wouldnt the president say to them, these are your personal problems(if it were even real that these things have really happened), go home and deal with it, and when you are done get back to work where you are needed most..

              too many people put these high ranking individuals on too high a pedistal, they are no less a human than us all..If i fucked something up I would be expected to be the one to fix it..not be sent down the line, and given a pass for what position they are in, to get it done.


              smoke and mirrors..maybe a primer to the next false flag?

              or marshal law..and these guys didnt want to play?

              completly speculating, but it makes you go hummm?

      38. Psalm 112:6b-7a

        The righteous will be in everlasting remembrance

        He will never be afraid of approaching evil

      39. I’m curious about food preps.

        I see this a lot: Folks say they have “4-6 months worth” stored away. They’ve looked ahead and already decided the 3 day, or 14 day, or whatever pitiful govt recommendation of the day, won’t cut it.

        OK…..if things get bad enough that you need to depend on that alone, I assume the world has gone pretty much to hell……because if YOU have to live on your supply, the 90+ % of folks that stored nothing are now dead, and the whole food supply chain/infrastructure has collapsed.  There will be no more grocery stores for a LONG time, if ever.

        What’s the plan for month 7 ?

        • @TnAndy – this is were your heirloom seeds come in.  They should be growing and ready to eat, or at least have greens and sprouts that grow quickly (remember tho, sprouting uses quite a bit of water) and then seed save for next year.  Lettuces ready to eat in 28-36 days (snip off the outer leaves and every few days and let the center keep growing rather than harvest the entire head), summer squash about 45 days, etc.  Purple hull peas and sweet potatoes take longer, but grow well in this clay crap called dirt around here, and store all winter long.  Same with turnips and greens.  Think soul food…

          This is also why  having wheat and a grinder  is a sound choice; a 5 gal bucket will keep you in bread a long time.  Look into prarie gold, etc.  It’s easier to use than the hard red, but supposedly stores only 20 years vs 25 years…  A simple bread only needs flour, salt, yeast, and water.  and you can bake it in a solar oven 🙂

          So would suggest seeds, a few hand tools, how-to-garden book, how-to-seed save book.  Ohhhhh and a way to keep the deer out…. or let them have their own small feed plot :p

          • Kimintn:

            I was asking mainly to get others to think.  My point was if one thinks 4-6 months of food is really required, then you BEST go on and store a year or more at a minimum.

            We have 50 years of gardening experience  ( and I can tell anyone with a box of seeds and NO experience they are in for a real learning curve…one that could be fatal if there isn’t a produce stand to back them up if they fail ).

            Because if the balloon goes up in late summer, gardening season for all practical purposes is over…..that means month 7 comes mid to late winter…..several months away from harvest much more than lettuce/spinach.

        • tnandy,

          for month 7 is a great question, as part of your prep’s you should have a couple of cans of “the one acre garden” it’s heirloom seeds in a can. [amazon i think?] your thinking should be, we will survive through the next planting, growing and harvest season! fuel for your tiller, chainsaw? or have hoes, rakes, shovels

          as someone mentioned the book “one second after” depending on the time of year when shtf it could be a whole year before you harvest your garden, in the mean time read those planting, growing books you have stashed away

          your supplies should be enough to get you through one season, to the next harvest season, this should be your plan, because your prep’s are not infinite and you have to be self sustaining! not to mention for those who do not have a green thumb books on planting “seed to seed” is a good one to have.

          don’t forget to have a few cases of canning jars and a whole bunch of canning lids.

          • As far as food preps go.   We have a very stocked pond, fruit trees, blueberry, blackberry bushes, 2 acre garden with seeds, chickens and soon to have bunnies.  Even without the luxery of your own land, you can stock ponds close by, have lots of water purifiers, TONS of seeds, I doubt I have to mention the importance of ammo on this site, chickens are SUPER easy and don’t take up lots of space and give your kids bunnies for Christmas.

            Instead of planting pretty flowers in front of your home, put blueberry and blackberry bushes.

            And I’m with JayJay, you can buy ALOT of beans and rice for very little, which will allow you to survive for years.

          • I recommend the Tattler canning lids and rings – they are reusable indefinitely.

        • Think in years, not months..and don’t say I don’t have room, damn it..

          Make room; it’s your children’s lives for God’s sake.


          • Be realistic tnandy..if it gets THAT bad, are you gonna have a garden and guard it 24/7??? from parents armed that have hungry babies to feed??

            PUH–LEEZE…buy, buy, buy, and buy more to feed your children.

            rice, water, ramen noodles, macaroni, water, pasta, canned meats, stews, dumplings, instant potatoes, instant milk, did I mention water, 1 lb. hams, salmon, tuna, canned chicken, water…

            Spinach and sweet potatoes; great for vitamins we don’t get.

            I DO NOT have a place with decent soil…I’m prepared for a long time—I stopped calculating my stores at year 6.   🙂


            • tnandy, NEVER think in terms of one growing season to get you through a summer..what if there is a flood?? or a drought…oh, wait, what if there’s a drought for two growing seasons?  A tornado or hurricane takes your garden?? A hail storm has been known to take gardens many times.

              Sound familiar???

              What good are those tools now?? Prepare like Joseph–a 7 year famine is on it’s way.


              His part we can not do; our part He will not do.

          • JayJay you’re right to think about food storage in years. Those who aren’t thinking in terms of The Long Emergency need to. It’s time to reassess if necessary, and rearrange priorities to accommodate this.

            Make room to store a multitude of the essentials. And sleep on it. LITERALLY. Bed frames can be reconfigured with filled 5-gallon buckets.

            • Exactly——IF I run out of room, I know how to stack cases of canned goods, and 5 gallon buckets against a wall if I have to.

              I even offered one room to a neighbor that lives in a 800 sq. ft. house.

              Stack em high and secure the best way you can folks.

              Hey, lost/useless space–above EVERY shelf inside closets…build another shelf above that shelf..I did.

              Under those clothes hanging??  Build another shelf —$5 for a 2′ X 8′ ft pressboard and $2 for shelf brackets..get moving.

              I’d put 5 gallon buckets under my house before my babies starve!!!!


        • I have accumulated a couple years over time and have made arrangements to harvest and preserve  another year immediately upon a trigger event so have a little longer to reach self-sufficiency.  If we could not we would become refugees too, but like you said at least it would be after a population drop.

          When I ran out of space for food I bought silver which has had value throughout recorded history. Even during the famine in Egypt they traded the stored grain for silver and did not give it away.  As long as some people have a surplus they will need a medium of exchange even if others are starving.

          Skills are another asset that we could trade for food.  The fact that I can build a wind generator from a treadmill and some drain pipe and recondition lead acid batteries may buy our way into an established community.


      40. 1. Shoe and boot laces – yes, you could use leather laces but why not stock some?
        2. Fence posts – entirely too handy not just for fencing but for gardening
        3. Barbed wire and chicken wire fencing
        4. Cloth diapers – handy for so many things other than the obvious
        5. Manual egg/batter beaters – whisks work, but the old-fashioned egg beater is hard to beat
        6. Hoyle’s rule book for card games – lots and lots of entertainment in one simple book
        7. Dice and dice games rulebooks – as above
        8. Goggles – safety ones
        9. A way to figure calendars into the future
        10. Solar powered fencing – even if you don’t have livestock now, you may have it later. And it can be used as a “first line of defense” or used for parts for other uses
        11. Canes – there will come a time when they are needed. Adjustable ones are better
        12. Plant pots for starting seedlings. You’ll want various sizes
        13. Metal rulers – because they last much longer. Different sizes
        14. Rain gauge – for keeping track of rainfall
        15. Barometer and something that tells you how to use it to get an idea of the weather
        16. Candle molds and a double boiler for melting wax
        17. Diaper pins – handy not only for the obvious but for securing lots of things
        18. Kits to fix garden hoses – because you can stock 10 hoses but what happens when they break?
        19. Cheesecloth – useful not just for cheese for all sorts of canning needs
        20. Pea shellers, corn huskers, apple peelers and corers, etc. – all those “yankee tools” that our grandparents had but we no longer use.
        21. Mimeograph machine and supplies – IF you can find one.
        22. Chalk and blackboards. Blackboard paint isn’t a bad idea either
        23. Goo remover aka Goo Gone
        24. Eyeglass repair kits – they make handy little ones
        25. Canoe – if you live near water or an inflatable raft if you’re not that close. If you get a canoe/raft, consider getting the big Duluth packs that outfitters use – they are waterproof (sorta) and good for packing
        26. Oars/paddles – even if you don’t have one of the above, they can be handy for improvised rafts
        27. Tire chains – if you live where it snows…
        28. Swim goggles – not so much for recreational swimming, but for any time you might need to go into the water for whatever reason
        29. Life preservers – if you need them, you need them
        30. Reflectors and reflective tape
        31. Pregnancy kits – I never see this on prepping lists, but it seems so basic… you want to know if you are so you can make sure to eat right, etc.
        32. Neck and ankle braces
        33. Canning funnel and jar lifter – often listed, but cannot have enough of these, in metal
        34. Pack saddle for horses/mules
        35. Liquid Smoke flavoring – my spouse swears by this stuff for nice flavoring
        36. Powdered lemon and lime juice – an excellent way to store Vitamin C
        37. Songbooks and simple instruments – for entertainment
        38. Powdered buttermilk – useful for cooking
        39. ClearJel canning starch – for canning pie fillings
        40. Pet veterinary supplies – basic wound care is a must
        41. Bottle corks of various sizes – for when you lose that bottle lid
        42. Room thermometers
        43. Bags/cloth to use to bag flowers for seed pollination
        44. Clothesline and wooden clothespins
        45. Clothes baskets that are actual baskets – they last longer and can be repaired
        46. An inflatable kiddie pool – thousands of uses (okay, maybe I exaggerate, but useful nevertheless)
        47. Lighter flints for refillable lighters
        48. Fountain pens, inkwells and powdered ink – those Bic pens you stockpiled will run out eventually
        49. UV window film – to help keep houses cool
        50. Mailboxes – metal for all sorts of caches and other storage uses
        51. Small paintbrushes – handy for many many things besides just painting
        52. Pet carriers – one for each pet
        53. Canvas shopping bags – handy for so many things
        54. Posthole digger, manual – but try to get all your fencing done before … these things SUCK to use
        55. Stovetop waffle makers
        56. Wind vane
        57. Spare glass bottles of various sizes
        58. Mop wringer
        59. Manual juicers – glass or metal will hold up better than the cheap plastic ones
        60. Measuring cups – metal with engraved markings. Painted on markings will disappear with time
        61. Measuring spoons – metal with engraved markings. The commonly used plastic ones with painted on markings will break and fade
        62. Jar openers – the type that lets you get leverage on the lid
        63. Stovetop popcorn popper – ‘cuz if the SHTF and the grid goes down, so does the microwave popcorn you have in the pantry
        64. Leather punch and knife
        65. Disposable ear plugs
        66. Mechanical pencils and spare pencil lead – see above about pens. Pencil lead takes up a lot less space than traditional pencils
        67. Folding cloth camping chairs – entirely too useful and easy to store
        68. Microscope and slides
        69. Old time photographic equipment – could be a new business!
        70. Manual typewriter
        71. Paper cutter
        72. Manual hair clippers – human and animal
        73. Steam juicers – stovetop variety
        74. Slingshot and ammo
        75. Hard hats
        76. Sewing measuring tapes
        77. Velcro
        78. Sewing patterns – better to have them now … especially easy to sew shirts/pants/coats/outerwear
        79. Window insulation foam – for keeping warm
        80. Disguised safes – the “fake book” kinds
        81. Nicorette gum and quit smoking supplies
        82. Tomato powder – another good way to store Vitamin C
        83. Citric acid, pectin, alum and Pickle Crisp for canning
        84. Straight or safety razor for male shaving
        85. Rennet tablets for cheese-making
        86. Veterinary wrap – useful for not just animals, but people too
        87. Autoclave or something that functions like one
        88. Dental mirror
        89. Walkers and toilet risers for the elderly and don’t forget bedpans
        90. Carry yokes – the old fashioned water carrying yokes
        91. CLR cleaner – or other lime/deposit/etc remover
        92. Locks – combination, keyed, and other types as needed
        93. Moth balls, cedar balls, and smelling salts
        94. China markers/grease pencils – these are great for marking containers with what is in them
        95. Safety vests
        96. Fly paper – stores decently and is really handy. Researching a way to make this stuff is also probably a good idea
        97. Foam camping pads for under sleeping bags
        98. Winter scarves, gloves, mittens – its easy to forget these when it’s not winter
        99. Wind up clocks – how else are you going to keep time if the grid goes down?
        100. Tow strap for vehicles
        101. Black and brown paint – useful for camoflage, hiding things, and making makeshift showers plus a myriad of other uses.
        101 things that you probably already own but will not want to overlook in a SHTF situation. Some of these things you may own, but may not be “longlasting” varieties – perhaps you want to invest in ones that will last when you next purchase them?
        1. Hot pads – Replace any worn out or not very thick ones. Mitts are probably best
        2. Matches –
        3. Playing cards
        4. Scissors – heavy duty ones that can be re-sharpened would be best
        5. Sewing needles, thread, thimbles, and pins – never ever have too many of these
        6. Pet leashes – get good quality leather leashes and collars – easier to repair
        7. Pet bowls – metal ones will last longer
        8. Shoe laces
        9. Garden hoses – good quality ones are best
        10. Garden trowels and hand shovels – again – high quality metal ones are best
        11. Hand axe
        12. Ratchet set
        13. Allen wrench
        14. Spools of twine
        15. Cargo straps
        16. Duct tape – obviously you can’t have too much of this!
        17. Hammer – is yours in good shape?
        18. Screwdrivers – did you buy a cheap set or good quality drop forged steel ones?
        19. Flyswatters
        20. Bottle openers – thick metal is best
        21. Manual can openers – don’t go cheap with this
        22. Dish clothes – heavy cloth that will last is best
        23. Corkscrew
        24. Brooms – are yours good quality straw or cheap plastic? Are they in good shape?
        25. Straws – they make glass reusable straws, these would not be bad to have on hand
        26. Ice chests
        27. Kitchen timers
        28. Rubber bands
        29. Safety pins
        30. Magnifying glasses
        31. Mortar and pestle
        32. Staples and stapler
        33. Life preservers
        34. Garden hose nozzles – brass will last longest
        35. Fingernail brushes – sanitation will be important
        36. Key chains
        37. Hair rubber bands and barrettes
        38. Erasers
        39. Garden sprayer
        40. Outdoor thermometers
        41. Folding chairs
        42. Hangers – wire will last a lot longer than plastic. Wood is also good
        43. Ice scrapers
        44. Wall hooks
        45. Windshield wiper blades
        46. Aluminum foil
        47. Safety pins – heavy duty
        48. Eyedroppers of various sizes
        49. Bobby pins
        50. Rulers – metal will last longest
        51. Three-in-one oil
        52. Cargo straps
        53. Nails, screws, bolts – making these by hand is a royal pain in the posterior.
        54. Wheelbarrow – get a good quality metal or heavy duty plastic one
        55. Twist ties – those bread/package ties will be useful – store them, don’t throw them away
        56. Plastic bags – bread, ziplock, etc.
        57. Maps – road atlases, road maps, etc.
        58. Cotton balls – make excellent tinder as well as a thousand and one uses around the house
        59. Note pads
        60. Indelible markers (i.e. Sharpies)
        61. Mechanical pencils
        62. Dental floss
        63. Pitchers – metal preferred
        64. Goo remover (Goo-be-gone)
        65. Scouring pads
        66. Flower pots – various sizes
        67. Vegetable peeler
        68. Newspaper, old – keeping at least a couple of weeks old ones won’t ever hurt
        69. Insect repellant
        70. Sunscreen and aloe gel for when the sunscreen doesn’t work
        71. Spare buttons
        72. Nail clippers – both human and pet
        73. Candle holders – metal or glass ones will last longer than plastic
        74. Baby supplies – bottles, blankets, clothes, etc. If you’re like me, you still have baby stuff tucked away in your storerooms – even if you don’t have a baby after SHTF, you can always trade the stuff…..
        75. Bicycles – are yours all set for hard use?
        76. Metal garbage cans
        77. Binoculars
        78. Cloth napkins
        79. Paper clips – not only useful for their normal function, but handy for other uses
        80. Cold and hot packs – those lovely rubber bags
        81. Lip balm
        82. Utility knives – the kind that take the disposable blades or razor blades
        83. Extension cords – indoor and outdoor
        84. Air mattresses or cots – chances are good you’re going to have guests – where are they going to sleep?
        85. Bay leaves – not just a spice, but useful to repel insects
        86. Cellophane tape dispenser and tape – get a heavy duty one
        87. Paper bags and manila envelopes – handy for storing things
        88. Rubber boots
        89. Knitting needles – learn to knit! It’s a great survival skill
        90. Toothpicks
        91. Kitchen utensils – you want metal ones or wooden, not plastic.
        92. Barometer
        93. Duffle bags – waterproof and with shoulder straps are best
        94. Spare pill bottles – keep old prescription bottles
        95. Tabasco sauce – along with other such condiments
        96. All those takeout condiment packets – make great barter items as well as being generally handy
        97. Bag clips –
        98. Solar calculators
        99. Board games
        100. Dust pans – metal will last longer
        101. Carmex (or other medicated lip balm)

        • Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl this year (mostly). For Christmas I would like everything on “you don’t need to know’s” list, and a big-ass basement to keep it all in!

        • A way to figure calendars into the future(I already have this accomplished)

          1) find a blank calendar template online; print

          2) make lots of copies; or laminate with packaging tape

          3) use washable markers for labeling and writing dates



        • Pretty good list. I didn’t see rope, twine, or string on this list — they are must have items!

        • Satori,

          God said he would give us over to a ‘depraved’ mind…

          A depraved mind is a mind that can no longer act in its own self interest…


          • A Question for Piper M…You say “Rome” aka vatican etc has screwed up the bible and twisted it into a bunch of wrong stuf…But yet you seem to use quite alot of various biblical verses to prove or make statements etc…

            My question is…Do you just cherry pick vesrse You agree with?…Or those which assist you interpretations?…Especially the book of REV parts?

            Seems as if you want it both ways…#1 bible is twisted into nonsence by rome……#2 “some” parts I like or agree with so I use Them parts as “Proof” I the Piper is correct…..IMHO= Its a bunch of new ager aka “God is in Rocks”! mixed with “I the Piper say its so so believe me becuause I seen a light!”

            I  knew a guy who sneeked Pure LSD-25 liqued(like prof timmy leery had) into UNsuspecting folks cups of coffee once…….They also “Seen” alot of “Lights” along with alot of other freeked out scenarios.

            Then after aprox 24 hrs later…..The dope wore off…..They stopped halucinatin by then.

            ps How does the “Piper” interpret the end verses of REV, where it states “If anybody changes these words of This book(book of rev) OR Re-interprets meanings etc Will suffer all/every plague etc listed therin?

            Does Piper believe That?…Or is that verse another “rome” got wrong?

            I ask in scincerity as I really want to know. Thanks in advance if you answer me.

            • Angelo,

              Thank you for the opportunity to clarify my thinking. No, don’t do any drugs, sorry. Just chased truth for 40 years, and do not pretend to think or put forth, that I have all of the absolute truth, but it is getting closer all the time, thanks to the gift of the Light.

              Rome destroyed 95% of the teachings of Jesus, and called them; Heretic. They rejected the reincarnation teachings, and invented the bodily resurrection thesis out of whole cloth. This was to the advantage of the Church, ‘one shot and you’re out’. FEAR was their primary tool.

              Rome destroyed the works of Enoch, a man who was taken up to heaven and wrote books out of the mouth of God, to give KNOWLEDGE to the people. This is proven in the language of the Universe, mathematics, the Grail is the Theory of Everything of God. 

              Rome destroyed the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, turned upside down as an evil thing, instead of the thing that gives freedom through the knowledge of the Archons, and the deficient god Ya. It is the family of God, the Elohim, the Great Emanation of Intent, and God’s way of delegating through Powers and Principalities.

              Rome destroyed KNOWLEDGE, murdered The Saints, and instituted a simple MYSTERY narrative(“everything is ‘a MYSTERY of GOD my son'”). They made good evil, and evil good when they divided the Canon. Through their efforts mankind was delivered into the dark ages and they set mankind back ten thousand years by the burning of libraries and outlawing of philosophy. They controlled the printing press, did you know that? They are hypocrites that preach love and practiced sin and death while teaching doctrines of division and darkness.

              I reject the letters of Paul, and the doctrines that sanction sin except for those who ‘pledge allegiance to Jesus’. For even the demons BELIEVE. I reject the notion of cheap grace, for the teachings of Jesus were replaced by the letters of Paul, a man who never studied with the Messiah.

              I believe the Revelation of John, was a condemnation of the Churches. The mother of harlotS.

              I believe the White Horse was the Holy Roman empire that went forth conquering in the ‘name of God’, then the Red horse was the church controlled kings and nobles in the dark ages of rivers of blood, that then turned into the black horse with the scales of balanced power in the democracies, that will fail by global money failure and famine and death.

              The curse of Revelations, is upon the church.. why? Their changing the words of the original texts, in the Greek, the ‘pale’ horse was green… but the translators had never seen a green horse, thus the next horse to ride is the GREEN horse, the color of Islam?

              The bowls are full of the sins of church and man that are poured back on to us. The seals are the layers between the levels of heavens and hells of the bottomless pit you are now in the middle of. The Dark day of the Lord, is the compression of the Dark energy that is the power of the Imp, the Archa, the consuming lake of fire, the dark energy power, that is compressed at the edge of the Galaxy, so that the seals are loosed, the Nephilim are released, and then the Light of Heaven shines on Earth after all the evil have destroyed themselves, leaving a Remnant of Gods, to begin again.

              The Gnosis is the Personal Knowledge of the Divine, based in the forces of creation of the Grail, that gives the truth of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. But the bishops of Rome were too hell bent on their simpler narrative, read Origen, and the truth will set you free.

              God bless



              • sorry should read … leaving a Remnant of God’s…

                missed the apostrophe.


      41. @ Be Informed, thank you for taking time for your thoughtful
        reply. I read your post about yellowstone and the statistics
        involved. 20-50% sounds more logical than 0.004%.
        I appreciate your time and thoughts.

      42. dont ever let your guard down


        but always remember Fear trumps Freedom, or can remove dont show any of them you fear them, or thier games

      43. The movie Idiocracy nails it. Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.


        • I need my Brawndo!

          • It’s got electrolytes!

      44. Something wicked comes this way.

        How many incidents do preppers prepare for?

        Financial collapse.




        Forest fires.


        Civil unrest.

        Bio harzards.

        Chemical Hazards.

        Nuclear Hazards.


        Solar events.



        Foreign Military intervention.

        Martial Law.


        Anymore?  As if we do not have enough to worry about. ;0)

        • Oh yes! Volcanoes. Hahahaha.

        • slingshot,

          You forgot Obama care.

          • He covered that by listing “Financial Collapse” and “Martial Law”.


        • government made up bullshit

        • Most of this list simply cannot be prepared for; most extreme natural disasters, nuclear events, or chemical spills are simply up to luck. Martial law is something you react to, not prepare for. Civil unrest is something by moving to a place where it is unlikely well before it happens.

          Highly probable:

          Number 1 thing to prep for: personal financial calamity. Follow the well know steps of having little or no debt, 1-2 years of salary saved, etc. etc.

          Number 2: collapse of health care system, or disruption in ability to get care once health reform completely wrecks the system. Have personal relationships with doctors, necessary medicines stored in bulk, enough cash on hand to pay out of pocket or under the table if needed.

          Number 3: Greek style economic collapse, see number 1, and add cash, assets, food and medicine stored securely at home or have enough money out of the country where you can leave.



      45. Will ‘The Government’ even be there? I said some time ago, that the Dark man would win this election ‘by hook or by crook’, and it is beginning to appear it was the latter… I hate being right…  I also said that if this happened, the next ‘thing’ would be ‘secession’ would become ‘the new meme’…. I hate being double right…

        This new ‘thing’ has now spread into all 50 states, will the natural liberal backlashes… this could get ugly.

        The Good guys against The Bad guys… now it begins.


        • Piper Michael,

          Perhaps the house of cards is getting ready to collapse. Good always prevails in the end but when will it end?

          • No man knows the day or hour, only the times and seasons…

            The Rift begins in December, it lasts for 60 years, 2033 is the center.

            All I can say for certain, is that space-time is not a constant… and we are all One with it.

            May His Light be with you.

            • No offence Piper…But I think most of what you atribute to God etc is pure blasphemy. And I pitty any fools who actually abide by or live by what you tell folks….Heritical Blasphemy 100%.

              “Wolves in Sheeps clothings”…..”False teachers for those with Ittchy Ears wishing to Hear what they desire to Hear” IE: The Piper has SPOKEN!

              Go throw out your tainted bibles and follow the pied piper! Why be Sheeples when you can be Mice?…..Get on the bus to camp! we are going to see the Wizard soon!….Blasphemy! 100% Pure.

              • See above my friend.

                I care not if any ‘follow’ anything I have to say,

                I witnessed the Light, that sheep are turned back into men,

                to stand and cower no more, to have no more fear,

                to show there is no ‘divine right of kings’, or ‘Godly authority’ on Earth, that any man must be submissive to. This was the Babylon Mystery school, that Rome loved, called Orthodox.

                I play a tune, you stand alone, in knowledge or mystery,

                I have the math of God, all you have is 1000 year old mysteries.

                but mystery and fear has had its day, and it has ruined the world.

                The only blasphemy, are those who called the Teachings of Enoch and Christ;


                and substituted the fantasies of Paul.

                For even the demons believe…

                They even called a god of war, The God of Love.


      46. @DPS and JOG ~ Thank you.

      47. @Bad Puppy Dog ~ You are 100% right, I agree with you.

      48. @Kimintn ~ I agree with you. Last night Michael Savage
        said the same thing you did, although Michael Savage
        believes it is a ‘coup.’

      49. Thank you for explaining the Canary Islands.
        That was the next subject I was going to bring up.

      50. @ emily….this east coast thing has me worried. Clear coverup going on.

      51. @ smokin okie……you sir are very good at making me laugh…..    :>)

      52. @ you don’t need to know…..awsome list ….I made a copy of it.  :>)

        • THANKS!    It’s a list of things not normally found on “lists”…=)  If it helps one person, it was worth posting!!!

      53. Charlie is right, and I have grown so vey tired warning relatives whose attitude is “I’ll buy an extra can of fruit cocktail”. Their home self defense is the Mickey Mantle autographed special they’ll have to find in the garage somewhere and the set of steak knives mom gave them for Christmas a couple of years back. That will always stop rogue gangs bent on taking your food and your daughter.

        Got a kick out of an article on ZH this morning on a chart of the day showing 9.1 unemployment by next year maybe if we go over the fiscal cliff. One, we did that a while back and two most financial forcasters are already predicting 9.0 minimum by March anyway (way to go Mr. President!). When those relatives come a knockin’, if they can make it to your house, I will have to keep the door shut…they were warned by the crazy brother and cousin who sadly fell in with the bigfoot UFO crowd so they say, IF this tin foil hat guy is still even in town.

        Drones? Remember that scene in Terminator when Kyle told Sarah that John Conner taught them how to avoid the terminators? Think drones, ’nuff said.

        For those with delicate ears I’ll use farm terms…there is a real “bovine scatance” storm coming and many if not most of your loved ones will be lost. Mourn their passing but press on this will all be over some day but not for a while. Be prepared for the long haul and avoiding what is called the government, they are NOT your friend. It does not want to be your friend, it wants to control you. America has been on its death bed for a while and finally kicked the bucket last week…if you thought the Patriot Act was bad, imagine what the next 4 years of unrestrained “government” is going to come up with. 35% of citizens are already OK with body cavity searches at airports, and unless that TSA agent brings me some flowers and takes me to dinner, that ain’t a gonna happen. Now just try and get the picture outta your head of your 90 year old gramma being strip shearched…gives me the willies.

        What form of government we’ll have in 10 years or more is anybody’s guess really, but I’d bet upwards of 2 bits or more the entitilement folks won’t be here. Imagine having to actually work for a living…geesh. Charity CANNOT be forced else it is not charity. Mother Teresa did a perfect job, and never asked for a penny. I have an extra bean in my pot for anyone hungry willing to better themselves and not vilify accomplishment, but I will NOT allow any government to tell me they will confiscate that bean and divide it up to those unwilling to work for what they get (I thunk I read that in the Bible somewhere). Earning, innovation, and accomplishment are not evil, envy is.

        Charlie, you, me are voices crying in the wilderness. No one listened 2000 years ago and no one is listening now.


        • II Thessalonians 3:10    For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat

      54. I went to his website and couldn’t find a thing about a credit freeze, so I don’t know what he’s talking about.  However, I wonder if he means this: with no electricity, the bank computers and ATM machines won’t work.  But then again, nothing works, especially not the gas stations.  That’s why you need cash on hand.

      55. Find out where the politicians are going to hole up and clean them out.

      56. November 14, 2012: The day CAP & TRADE began in California. The Liberal Utopia is on the March here. Our Financial collapse should precede the rest of the Nations’. Watch CA Closely. It will first hurt the poor the most. Look for out migration to AZ, NV, ID, OR, WA, TX.

        RIP California

        • @ freeport56,

          LOL…We here in the ‘fly-over’ states have a phrase to describe California;


          “The World’s Largest Open-Air Sanitarium…” 😉

          • JustOneGuy-


            Amen brother, Amen!


      57. I live in Fl. My family has for may generations.
        My grand parents fetl it was important to understand
        How to read weather patterns to avoid trouble
        On the water. This has always helped in decision making.
        With said I’ve heard all my life.”well we do it this way
        Back home”. When I would take people fishing. As they are
        Paying me I would listen, talk about the difference
        In type of fish and water depth. What I don’t understand
        Is mayor that by reports, is more worried about
        A marothon. Aren’t people freezing, don’t they need
        Help? I don’t understand the seeming black out of the hardest
        Parts of the jersey and staton island? Does anyone
        Know how these people are doing?!
        We have been through some major storms in Fl.
        Take away the insurance idiots and Fl has always
        Seemed to weather, it little to know long term
        Effects. That saying I heard for for long…
        “well back home we do it like this”.
        This is not meant to offend anyone cought in that storm
        It’s aimed Right at that mayor! Blomburg who do you think
        You are. Stay off the TV, swallow your pride and allow
        Assistance to those who need it.
        It didn’t take this long for help get to katrina.
        Relief efforts declined? Private citizen’s can’t
        Even do anything to help! This from a mayor who cares
        So much for the people of NYC. Prove it! Help them.
        If wrong then lets see action.

        When I read about a mayor, “telling” what people
        How much and how little they can drink or eat.
        Felt that was

      58. @ anonymous….I at least need to have ” sweet nothings ” whispered into my ear before I bend over and let someone stick their hand up my ass. ( which will never ever happen ) Only a completely domesticated sheep would allow a criminal government to ram their nasty hands up their butt. ( I bet they don’t even change gloves in between each molestation or wash their hands )  yuck!  What are they looking for anyway in there? Ass bombs ? My god….our own assholes can’t even be private anymore ???  I’m sure the 4th amendment covers this. Looking into someones poop shoot i’m guessing is an ” unreasonable search “

      59. the closer we get the more time i wish i had. i have preps for a year, but no land to continue life after my preps are gone. i sold every non-important item i have so all i have are my preps, ps3, and tv. the ps3 and tv are next to go. im trying my best to find a decent piece of land away from the city that i can grow food cann and store. the hardest part is getting other family members on board. if everyones families got together and stopped living this fake plastic lifestyle than there would be no reason famlies could not buy land together .  people need to ban together and buy land together.

      60. America has forgotten this concept, I am a free man. Oboma and his allies, liberals, socialist, communist,  reject this idea. They did not give me my freedome it was given by God and guarenteed by the United States Constitution. They can try and brain wash me, seize all my possesions, beat me ,imprison me and even take my life, I will remain a free man. Patriots, stand for this freedome with your lifes if necessary, for your children, grandchildren and future generations sake. The days ahead are full of darkness , stay strong and God bless you.

        • I could not agree more. We have lost so many good people in so many wars. Some
          Nessary (ww2) and so many in between. I thank the vets that have severed and the ones still severing. What our so called elected officials are doing with our county is breaking my heart. If anyone has taken time to read all of Oboma care, it will declare people of certain age and medical condition obsolete. In other words you had a good life now here’s some pills go away.
          To take away our rights,yours and mine. The ones who fought in these wars, as stated before some nessary some not.
          It was decided long ago that a set of guiding laws, our constitution
          Was not only a good idea, but worth fighting for.
          I certainly will.
          If courage to stand against these unlawful acts
          Against our people are needed. Talk to a ww2 vet.
          Or any that has given there blood and soul to this
          Country. If that’s not enough, may be we all need a
          Read up on our history. How this country became what
          It is, and what we have gone though to keep it this way.

      61. How to Make Your Own Wicks for Candles
        Dissolve 2 tablespoons of table salt and 4 tablespoons of borax in 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Soak a 1-foot length of regular cotton kite string or twine in the solution for 15 minutes. Hang each string with a clothespin for 5 days to be sure it is completely dry. Use a paperclip to dip each string completely in melted wax 3 to 4 times, coating it completely. Hang it up to dry as before… Store wicks rolled up in a newspaper.

        By doing this your candle should not smoke.

      62. benji nutanyahoo has just blown up a hamas leaders vehicle. this is about to get very nasty.

        • Finally they may do something to protect themselves.

          • Here’s how Israhell “protects itself,” Southern Boy (or whatever your name is this week):


            What I want to know is: Who will protect Amerika from Israhell and its stranglehold on the political process in this country?

            • Ah, Ahab, my friend. I do so love how you never mince any words. 🙂

        • M&M Plain last 10 years plus under the couch

      63. The clouds are darkening  fast in the Mid-East, there will be WAR soon very soon.

        As for our front, it looks like Big O is getting rid of the FLAG OFFICERS who will not follow his orders of MATRIAL LAW. I feel deep down inside there will not be a happy Christmas this year do to  many thing  happening.

        Do what ever it takes to finish your prep’s, time is flat running out fast.

        All of these petitions flying around has really got them worried even though it’s only citizens doing them, soon some state’s legislature  will file and then the party will begin.

        Prepare for yourself and family for the coming HARD TIME.

        Maybe time to head back to the BUNKER soon!



      64. The Dow is down to 12,648 so far. Could be nothing, could be the beginning of the end.

        • Now 12,565. It’s dropping like a rock.

      65. “Something wicked this way comes.”

        I have adopted Piper Michael’s words as though it is my mantra.

        Thought last week was awful, but this week seems much, much worse. Not sure why but the list of wickedness grow longer as every week passes. Our moral character, our common sense, and our principles are being challenged from every which angle. It’s almost intolerable. But that is the intention, is it not?

        • May His Light be with you Zoltanne…

          Wait until after December into next year… I expect BI’s information to be the most important information on this board…

          Those who have discerning souls, should already begin to feel it, like a splinter in your mind…

          All things… are truly One, and space-time is not a constant.


      66. We have done this at our bunker NO TV have’n had one for 5 yrs now don’t miss it.

        Save your money on cable, satellite, etc., and buy REAL HORSE SH-T for your garden! Thats just me.

        • Hate it too. But can miss my Zombie shows.

      67. Think about planting TURNIP’s in your garden very little is wasted, tops for greens and roots for just good eating(raw or cooked). Very easy to grow, sow like you would radishes.

      68. lol @ the stock market plunging ….I wanna see all the banksters who caused this mess swan dive off the top floor of their respected criminal enterprise buildings and go ” splat ” on the concrete below…plunge baby…plunge !! Maybe we will see Jim Krammers sorry Goldman sachs ass dive off the top floor of the Goldman sachs building soon. Of course the plunge protection team ( search that term if you don’t know what it is ) will inflate it back up for now…maybe.


        • @ bpd,

          “Ewwww, Cramer-on-the-pavement….Don’t STEP in THAT! It’ll never come off your shoe!” 🙂

          The ‘resiliency’ of the system has been anihilated through the unlimited, unbridled GREED of ‘Wall Street’…every passing day brings us closer to that moment when that ‘something, somewhere’ is going to break….when it does there’ll be no fixing it. Prep like your life depends on it, BECAUSE it DOES.

        • Won’t happen. The banks and wall street will be bailed out and the massive losses will be paid by us, the ones who can not afford to lose anything.

          • Hmmm, until the rug is ready to be pulled… then let the Hunger games begin…

      69. @ beinformed ……6.1 quake  82km  sw   of Vallenar, Chile

      70. @ beinformed….location of chile quake…..  29.157s    71.272w

                                                                                                 depth= 61.8km ( 38.4 miles )

        • @ badpuppydog.  This occurred several other times after the South Sandwich Islands got their hit.  71 degrees west is a little too far west to trigger the Caribbean plate at this moment, and 6.1 is not big enough, but it did add more stress the the Caribbean plate, as the Nazca plate always does.  You look at what is escalating in Israel right as I am writing this down, and the world plates going to hell, along with the other horsesh^& in the government and I ask myself this;  “How can anyone out there not be prepping?”

      71. @ justoneguy….I agree 1000%…full steam ahead on the preps !

      72. for those of you who read WORLD WAR Z

        be on the lookout for the movie

        looks great


        <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>




      73. A stranger was driving through our town and asked me for directions.

        ‘Where you headed?’

        “I’m trying to get to Tulsa.  I’m a mid-level deputy in FEMA and there’s a committee meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel near the airport. But…evidently, I took a wrong turn somewhere and now I’m completely lost. Which way back to the interstate?”

        ‘Nearest interstate from here is…so far away I forgot. Most of the folks around here never seen an interstate.’

        “Can you at least help me find the mian highway?”

        ‘Oh, sure! No problem. Just head north past the water tower, turn right onto Hyperinflation Drive. Follow that till you think you can’t take it anymore, then turn right again and go south on Wall Street. Seems like everybody on Wall Street’s been going south these days….Anyway, follow Wall Street til you come to a big fiscal cliff. You’ll see it looming up on the left. Careful! Don’t go over it! Swerve around to your left on Go-For-Broke Blvd. It’s a really rough street but they say if you go fast it get’s a little smoother. Never worked that way for me, but you can try it.

        Then, hang a left on Deficit Highway. Follow that till your shocks start to rattle, then turn onto Bailout Blvd. It’s another rough street, and it can tear up some cars, but you got a nice Caddillac, so it’s probably too big to fail. After about a mile, you’ll come to a fork in the road. To the right is Constitution Street and you don’t want to take that unless you can really fend for yourself. Your best bet is to take the left fork onto Nanny State Avenue. There’s plenty of people there. A word of caution though; if you need help, the folks on Nanny State claim they’ll help you. But none of them really will, so you’re kinda on your own anyway.

        Go down about 12 miles and Nanny State Avenue dead ends into the Tyranny Expressway. Go either direction you want on that one. It’ll get you where you’re heading….

        • I used to live in Tulsa. I think the current Nanny State Avenue used to be called Memorial Drive.

          Good one, Okie.

        • Hilarious.  But not funny at all.

        • Better all the time Smokin’….;)

          So true, so sad, so…not funny.

          100 thumbs up for you… just for creativity…

      74. MUST READ: Ron Paul gave his farewell address to Congress today

        Economic Policy Journal

        Also posted at the Daily Crux

      75. You don’t need to know, awesome list! I’ll definetly be sending it on! Thanks!

      76. @ smokin Okie…you should have directed him to ” cornhole lane ” inside the airport for his anal molestation.

      77. Thousands Seen Dying If Terrorists Attack U.S. Power Grid



        “An attack could inflict more damage than superstorm Sandy, which roared across the Eastern U.S. at the end of October, according to a statement released with the study. The storm temporarily tripped power to three nuclear reactors and caused a fourth, owned by Exelon Corp. (EXC), to declare an alert.

        Insured losses from the disaster will probably exceed $20 billion, according to QBE Insurance Group Ltd. (QBIEY), which had a 3.5 percent share of U.S. commercial property insurance during the second quarter.”


        interesting that this report was completed 5 years ago

        and release was blocked by the Bush administration

      78. Possible war starting in Gaza and Israel right now.  Hamas, which often talks big, says the gates of hell will be opened on Israel after Israel kills one of Hamas’s founders is killed.  Kind of right on target as yesterday was the new moon.  Sky is dark enough for the next 4 days for Iran to be struck from Israel.  Watch to see if Hamas uses their Fajr 5 rockets that can hit Tel Aviv, if this happens all out war will start in the south.  Fajr-5′ s carry a 385 pound warhead on them and have a range of almost 50 miles.  A near 400 pound high explosive warhead will do a lot of damage in the middle of Tel Aviv.  Israel will respond violently.


        It will all depend from them whether Egypt gets involved in the south or not.  It has to be remembered that Hezbollah, which now has more Iranian commandos in it than Hezbollah terrorists, has 300,000-400,000 rockets and missilies.  It has SCUDS that carry 1 ton explosives and other missiles that have 1300 lbs warheads on them.  If the front opens up on the northern part, look out, the whole region could get involved.  By the way Russia and China are in Iran and Syria right now to add to the equation.

        • @BI: I see it as IRAN starting all this, HEZBOLLAH, SYRIA, and HAMAS stuff, hoping that it will deter ISRAEL from launching an attack on them.

      79. just what DOES it take ???


        ” NEW YORK (AP) — Despite days of dire forecasts and explicit warnings, hundreds of thousands of people in New York and New Jersey ignored mandatory evacuation orders as Superstorm Sandy closed in. Now, after scores of deaths and harrowing escapes, emergency officials will look at what more can be done to persuade residents to get out when their lives are in danger.”


        “doomer monkeys” see the danger and prepare

        the rest of the monkeys?


        not so much…


      81. Off topic:

        Does anyone here use a longbow for hunting or have any experience with one?

        We were gifted with a long bow and I’ve been practicing.  My problem is that I lose all accuracy once I get past 40-50 feet. I’m having a lot of trouble reaching my target.  Is this a strength issue?  Am I just not pulling back enough?  Or should I be trying to make more of an arc instead of just a straight shot?

        It’s a 40 lb re-curve bow, if that makes a difference.

        Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice!



        • Daisy,

          Bow hunting, and shooting a bow, is all about the Angle of the Dangle… and yes, you should have full arm extension in front, and pull the arrow all the way back to your cheek. But it all depends on the length of your arms vs the available pull of the bow… it may not be the right bow for you.

          You MUST learn to arc your shot, for longer shots… practice practice practice.

          I would recommend a compound bow… less effort to get the same strength.


          • Thank you, Piper.

            I’m definitely hooked on this whole bow thing so I’d like to add a compound and perhaps a crossbow – but the budget won’t allow for it right now.

            I’ll work on arcing the shot more – I practice a minimum of 50 shots per day – guess I’d better increase that with some more long-distance shots.


            ~ D


            • You’re welcome Miss Daisy…

              I went through that ‘phase’ many years ago… I just can’t do it anymore because of my arm…

              Now, I own several cross bows… I actually prefer them to a regular bow, except for one thing, they are a bit clumsy, a regular bow is much faster to notch and pull vs put it on the end of my foot, notch and struggle…;)

              If you’re going to do archery, especially in a dynamic situation, your primary skill will be in estimating distances… it will have to become second nature, like shooting a basketball…

              God bless


      82. @YankeeDoodle ~ Thank you, I will check out the information
        you gave me. I appreciate it.
        @Daisy ~ I am good, ‘hello’ to you, and I wish you well.

      83. Copperhead,  BI, and JOG:    direct link: 6 new madrid explosions in a month       direct link:          braveheart

        • BH: I don’t know about the methane on the NEW MADRID.

          You said you have a M1 carbine, if you have 30 round mags make sure you have tested them to see if they work ok. Also check out your 15 rounders to. Those are fine little weapons, I got one to and love it.  Good out to around 150 yards.

      84. Winter Car Kit

        Keep these items in your car:
        Flashlights with extra batteries –   First aid kit with pocket knife-   Necessary medications –   Several blankets  –  Sleeping bags  –  Extra newspapers for insulation –   Plastic bags (for sanitation) –   Matches –   Extra set of mittens, socks, and a wool cap –   Rain gear and extra clothes  –  Small sack of sand for generating traction under wheels  –  Small shovel  –  Small tools (pliers, wrench, screwdriver) –   Booster cables –   Set of tire chains or traction mats –   Cards, games, and puzzles –   Brightly colored cloth to use as a flag  –  Canned fruit and nuts –   Nonelectric can opener  –  Bottled water –   Candles

        Add to this list as you see fit.

        Asparagus Each plant will yield half a dozen spears during harvest season.

        Beans, bush One 10-foot row yields 8 pounds; yellow varieties tend to yield

        Beans, broad One 10-foot row yields 10 pounds

        Beets One 10-foot row yields 10 pounds; if you prefer small beets, double seeds.

        Broccoli One to three pounds per plant

        Cabbage One to three pounds per plant

        Corn Approximately 30-36 ears per 10-foot row

        Cucumbers 10-15 cucumbers per plant

        Eggplant Four to five pounds per plant

        Onions One pound of sets produces 30-40 pounds of onions.

        Peas, shell One 10-foot row yields 10 pounds.

        Peppers Six to 22 bell peppers per plant

        Potatoes Five pounds of seed potatoes yield 125 pounds of potatoes.

        Summer squash & zucchini If kept picked, one plant will yield 5 pounds of

        Tomatoes Yields vary tremendously, but on average, 6-8 pounds per plant

        • Thanks 4 info. I have never seen yeilds explained this way .

      86. No more SNAP, EBT or free phones. I vote to secede.

        If you think that Social Security and Medicare, reguardless of party, is forever, your fooling yourself. And for the record I am close to Receiving both SS and Medicare.


      87. Fox news ticker tape stated Prime Minister Netanyhau (sp)
        /Isreal is ready to escalate their current attack.
        It started to talk about ground forces, then it got cut off for a commercial.

        2. Some news guy said the states that wish to secede from the
        U.S. represent only 1% of the 57 states.

        • Emily,

          Secession will never happen, but what this numbers tell me is there are 800,000 pissed off people and growing. I ran across this the other day and this man made a whole lot of sense, at least to a fellow Texan anyhow.

          Chicken coming home to roost?! Oh yeah, time for freedom loving America to live up to its belief… support those who choose to secede and grant them independence…America is too big to remain one country.
          What do you say Mr. O?

          What an informed observer you are. If Texas seceded, in two years they would be the richest country in the world. They have the eagle ford shale and the permian basin oil/gas plays two of the four most promising in THE WORLD (not just america). They would work on day one to turn around their LNG facilities to export to japan and Korea at 14 bucks an mmbtu making them ungodly prosperous (meaning US would be out 6 bcf of gas a day and a ton of oil aka US economy would collapse while Texas thrived.) And do you know what WTI stands for? West Texas Intermediary aka where a HUGE portion of Oil Refineries are so they have the infrastructure to continue to turn that oil into gas and keep their economy moving. On top of that, Houston has some of the best medicine in the world,  The rest of the country has tons of farmable land that produces now, great livestock and is an industrial powerhouse. YES they would have problems at first but they would be booming in a very short amount of time. There isn’t a country in the world that Texas would not be able to set up free trade agreements with to turn these assets into prosperity.


          Think longer before you think you are educated senor Observer. America can’t survive without Texas and the energy they produce. But Texas can thrive without America, you better hope to God that they never are allowed to leave. And that Louisiana (number to in energy production) doesnt go with them.



          • True DPS, but if Texas bowed out of the US with that much natural resources, Guess who they would be at war with?

            you get one guess

            • I’m sure Uncle Sam will just sit there and let us have the Pantex plant. 🙂

              • Another jay,


                You sound like you maybe close to me? Close to Pantex?


            • VRF,

              Yep, yep, yep!  My teen son brought up this point and that he’d be drafted to fight and kill Americans which would be really messed up.  He suggested Ted Nugent be elected President of Texas if secession succeeds.

      88. @ everyone….Once you have a good supply of food, water, etc you need to think about that fiat currency you have stashed.It will be WORTHLESS soon.If you have gold and silver coins in addition to the paper money you will be ok but, those of you who only have paper money and no gold or silver are putting yourselves in GRAVE danger of losing all your wealth. If that happens to any of you chances are you will NEVER  recover from it. If any of you have a large sum of paper money hid for post collapse times I would go out TOMORROW and buy gold and silver coins with all of it. ( only if you already have the food, water, etc ) Think about it…if you have all the supplies you need ( which at this point all of you better damn well have ) what do you need paper money for?? Protect your wealth by converting it into gold and silver. I guarantee you all it will not be worthless like the soon to be dead dollar will be. ( in fact it will very valuable ) Get it and bury it deep  where these bastards can NEVER find it. Trust me…someone will ALWAYS trade you a fancy piece of paper for gold and silver. Just reverse it on them for now….trade your fancy pieces of  paper in for gold and silver while you still can. You can always buy into the new global currency if you want  later after the recovery period.  If you don’t all you will end up with is some very, very,very expensive toilet paper to wipe your ass with.


        • @ BadPuppyDog.

          You have to take into account there will be a transitional period/learning curve in acceptance  in the use of precious metals. Most people today, know nothing of the conversion for a proper,  fair payment for goods or services.    Therefore some fiat should be held back to pay electric bills for example. Consider holding coins like nickels or pennies ( before  1982) for small purchases as  thier metal content  still equals or exceeds  face value.

      89. @ DPS.

        I do not think  any state will secede. I do believe that  these petitions are rumblings simular to those before the, War of Northern Aggression. All 50 states have petitions. Only the southern states have signed the 25,000 needed to be recognised by the government. As of now, that is.

      90. @ slingshot…..absolutely…you need money to pay the bills…..I was refering to extra money stashed away for a rainy day….I feel wealth stashed away for a rainy day should be in a form ( gold or silver ) that can’t be as easily manipulated as the value of a fiat currency can be. These fiat paper currencies can all go to absolute zero….gold and silver on the other hand will NEVER be worthless.


        thanks for the reply   :>)

      91. McGrath is actually pretty clueless about how things play out in the real world. His constant harping on how things will be never seems to materialize.  I don’t take anything this guy says as accurate, because it simply never is.

      92. they give me gas

      93. Within 24 hours of grocery stores being out of stock, there would be absolute pandemonium.  The idea is almost unthinkable–yet one catastrophe away from reality.

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