Bob Chapman: Purge of the System Inevitable

by | Feb 9, 2010 | Bob Chapman | 15 comments

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    The International Forecaster Bob Chapman asks How will the U.S. Service Its Debt?

    Even with taxpayer assistance the private sector cannot recover. It has been just 2-1/2 years since these problems began and Wall Street and banking are right back doing what they did before, wildly speculating. How can the taxpayer continue to fund such insanity? Remember, zero interest rates have nowhere to go but upward. Adding more to the soup 40 states are essentially broke. Do you really think the crisis is over with 22.5% unemployment? We do not think so. There is no easy exit short of a purge of the system, which is inevitable. Any kind of stringent financial reform will bring the system down. Aggressive bank lending would bring about more monetization and more inflation. The markets believe it is back to business as usual. The only events that can bring us back to reality is a purging of the system and the end of Wall Street and the banking control of our country. The revolving door between Washington and NYC has to be dismantled. The credit system is broken and has to be changed and fixed. The shift has begun. The reign of Goldman Sachs over our government is in the process of ending. The successor will be JP Morgan Chase, which has been and will be every bit as bad as Goldman as been. The control is going to change but not the looting of the American people. The changes won’t come and the system will collapse, that is how the elitists retain control over our country. The final war for our freedom is underway.

    At this point, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The  financial and economic systems are going down. Regardless of what we do now, the system will be purged, one way or another.

    The powers that be have two choices:

    1) Stop all stimulus and bailouts, raise interest rates, and let the system collapse in a deflationary spiral that will further destroy home values and other assets as the natural cycle of deleveraging and contraction plays out


    2) Continue pumping unlimited dollars into the system, eventually leading to insolvency of the United States of America and a hyperinflationary collapse.

    It’s not a pretty picture, but that is pretty much where we stand now. If I had my choice, I’d prefer a stop to all stimulus, bailouts and money printing, and let the system contract right here and now. We will experience a serious depression for many years as millions will lose their jobs, retirement funds, and value in any assets they hold.

    The alternative, however, is a lot worse, as was described in Hyperinflationary Depression – No Way of Avoiding Financial Armageddon. In a hyperinflationary collapse, we can expect a total collapse in the purchasing power of the US dollar, a halt in the normal stream of economic activity, destruction of the US financial system, and realignment of the US political system as we know it.

    Which would you prefer?

    Read Bob Chapman’s Full Article…


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      1. Sadly i tend to agree… the next few years will be interesting

      2. Why only two options?
        Might there be others?

        Stop all stimulus, or continue pumping, how about a mix with more war resulting in total world domination and/or the creation of a “new” Berlin Wall around Fortress America? Sounds like the sound-over from a bad movie, but isn’t it the goal of American Exceptionalism today?

        Get some new colonies going, export some inflation… or some other scenario?

        Fat tails and sand piles, pushing on a string, Humpty?

      3. It all comes down to Time and how much longer they can hold it together. Sometime between now and 2015 ,We will see the events occur and america as a third World country.Ths collapse will be Planned and Incramental in stages.  Global Government here we come !!!

      4. Let is crash, let’s get it over with and move on. Until we allow these thieves and liars to eat each other we will never recover.

      5. How about stopping the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, temporary 2 year increase in tax rates for the super rich, no taxes for those making under $100,000,  require all vehicles to run on natural gas due to depleting crude oil production, announce no interest payments on all home loans nationwide, no taxes for small businesses, and lastly stop foreign aid.

      6. Matt,

        Weren’t most of those obummers stumping points?   The only ones that make any sense are stopping the wars, no taxes for businesses and stopping foreign aid, the rest are either utopian or progressive  fascist unrealities.

      7. I have read a good bit of  Bobs’ economic predictions and have been, well disappointed. I expected a closure of the banks at the end of the gov’t fiscal year, then at the end of the calander year. These two predictions were from information he got from a friend in the upper parts of the banking system. So Bob what gives? I got my guns loaded, my gold and silver, the food for two years and no damn meltdown. All dressed up and nowhere to go!  

      8. Paul,

        They are keeping it propped up longer than expected, and I think MOST of his “predictions” have no time line.  He has been very accurate on the general conditions we are seeing, don’t worry, we will all get validation soon enough, unfortunately.  Stay ready and just enjoy life knowing when the day comes, you will be ready. Our SHTF fantasies will all be fulfilled, much to our horror.

      9. Willie- I am not refering to all Bobs forecasts, the trends he forecasts ( predicts) have generally been true. This has been the case for most contrarians.I am surprised to hear him say “they have two choices” it seems to discount variables.

      10. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.  Washington is full of h0gs so it’s only a matter of time before it happens.  I’m looking forward to it in some sort of strange way……..

      11. >How about stopping the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
        If each American man, woman and child, received an itemized bill for these wars (probably for $10,000 or more) then you would see the wars would end pretty quickly.

        >no taxes for those making under $100,000
        >no taxes for small businesses
        Yes. Robbery is immoral whether it’s one man robbing you at gunpoint, or 1,000,000 robbing you at gunpoint.

        >temporary 2 year increase in tax rates for the super rich
        No, I don’t want to steal from successful people and encourage them leave the country – taking our jobs with them. How about we stop immorally predating on citizens like human chattel. It would be better to dismantle much of the government. Probably ALL of it can be replaced with free-market solutions (e.g. even courts can be replaced with competing private arbitration agencies) that can provide better services at non-monopolistic prices to willing customers.

        >require all vehicles to run on natural gas due to depleting crude oil production

        How about you buy the vehicle you choose, and if I want to use oil, then leave me alone. The Earth will never run out of oil. Increasing marginal costs of extraction guarantee that. The right time to transition from one fuel to another is best decided by consumers based on pricing signals emerging in a free market.

        >announce no interest payments on all home loans nationwide
        Banks and individuals entered the contracts privately. Why should private contracts be torn up?

        >and lastly stop foreign aid.
        And domestic. And corporate.

      12. Dr Acula, you are RIGHT ON!
        LESS government, not more.
        When will people learn?


      13. There are only a few true reforms we need to enact:

        1. Abolish the Federal Reserve
        2. Return to sound money as specified in the US Constitution
        3. Close most (all?) military bases around the world and pull out of Iraq/Afghanistan
        4. Ban all lobbyists
        5. Two term limits on Congressman

        I think the rest would naturally follow.

      14. Start packing ! The next flight to the Philippines leaves in an hour

      15. All sin has consequences and the United States of Amerika Corp. has a very hefty bill to pay. Call it Karma or call it punishment from God it does not matter for every action there is a reaction. We have been exporting death, sexual depravity, killing of millions of unborn babies, debt and corruption. It appears it is time to pay the price for our sins as a nation. There is no escape from divine law, sooner or later you have to pay for your actions. I only pray that the Lord shelter the children of our nation from his wrath so that they may start anew.

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