Bob Chapman on the Anatomy of the Coming Hyperinflation

by | Jun 25, 2009 | Bob Chapman | 2 comments


Bob Chapman says The Fed is the Ultimate Zombie and that we have been on a road of inflation, headed towards hyperinflation, for quite some time.

As this debacle transpires, everyone owning dollar-denominated assets will be running for the exits, all the dollars parked in foreign currency reserves will be repatriated, and the currency speculators will go to town as the Fed pumps out money in ever-increasing quantities to fund bailout after totally illegal and disgusting bailout.   This will mark the start of the period during which the Much Greater Depression will be at its most severe level, and is where will we be Weimarized.  You won’t know about the foreign investment until it is too late because, conveniently, like the cessation of M3 statistics by the Fed, the FTC no longer provides figures regarding foreign investment in the US.

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    1. Patrick

      The first sentence of the quote doesn’t make sense to me.  It says “everyone owning dollar-denominated assets will be running for the exits, all the dollars parked in foreign currency reserves will be repatriated…”

      If people with dollar-denominated assets are running for the exits, isn’t that the exact opposite of people repatriating their foreign currency reserves?  To me, “running for the exits” would mean people are getting OUT of the dollar, not repatriating foreign currency reserves back INTO the dollar, right?

      What am I missing here?

    2. admin

      yeah, i think by repatriation he means that all of those people holding US dollars will be selling them back to the US, so all the dollars will end up back here as opposed to sitting in foreign banks, etc.

      Repatriate: “send someone back to his homeland against his will, as of refugees “  (– in this case, the US dollar.. lol

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