Watch: Jones On Fire: “1776 Will Commence Again If You Try To Take Our Firearms” (FULL CNN INTERVIEW)

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    Talk show host and info warrior Alex Jones faced off with CNN’s Piers Morgan Monday night in an exchange sure to further inflame the debate about gun rights in America. Jones, who recently backed a petition calling for the deportation of foreign resident Morgan for his subversion of the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment, warned Morgan of the dangers of globalism and tyrannical control of the world’s population should the American people be disarmed.

    In a firey debate in which Jones explains his backing of the petition, cites foreign and domestic violent crime statistics, and recollects the horrific impact of governments that have forcibly collected guns from their citizenry in the past, Jones chillingly warns Morgan and other proponents of gun bans and confiscation that should they attempt to move forward with such action, “1776 will commence again.”

    Morgan: Why do people need them [semi-automatic weapons]?

    Jones: They need them to protect us from the number one killer in history. Government in the 20th century. A university study out of Hawaii [shows government] killed 292 million people.

    It’s called democide. Google it, folks.

    Morgan: Should everyone in America, therefore, have an AR-15 if they want one?

    Jones: Yes. Yes. Statistically, where there’s more guns there’s lower crime. The highest crime is in Bloomberg controlled areas [where there are strict gun control laws].

    Morgan: Your belief, unless I’m wrong, under the Second Amendment, your real concern is that you will be overrun by a tyrannical regime, either from somewhere else or your own government.

    Jones: Look at Mexico. Total gun ban for the citizens. Highest crime rate in the world. 57,000 people dead in the last five years. Total gun ban for the citizens. Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world, your country (England) has the highest.


    We did it as a way to bring attention to the fact that we have all of these foreigners, and the Russian government, the official Chinese government — Mao said political power goes out of the barrel of a gun, he killed about 80 million people because he’s the only guy who had the guns — so we did it to point out that this is globalism, and the mega banks that control the planet and brag they have taken over — in Bloomberg, AP, Reuters, you name it — brag that they’re going to get our guns as well.

    They’ve taken everybody’s guns, but the Swiss and the American people and when they get our guns, they can have their world tyranny while the government buys 1.6 billion bullets, armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters, predator drones, armed now in U.S. skies, being used to arrest people in North Dakota.

    The Second Amendment isn’t there for duck hunting. It’s there to protect us from tyrannical government and street thugs.

    Take the woman in india, your piece earlier on CNN earlier, I was watching during Anderson Cooper’s show, didn’t tell you the women of India have signed giant petitions to get firearms because the police can’t and won’t protect them.

    Te answer is — wait a minute, I have FBI crime statistics that come out of a year late, 2011, 20-plus percent crime drop in the last nine years, real violent crime because more guns means less crime. Britain took the guns 15, 16 years ago. Tripling of your overall violent crime. True, we have a higher gun violence level, but overall, muggings, stabbing, deaths — those men raped that woman to India to death with an iron rod 4 feet long. You can’t ban the iron rods. The guns, the iron rods, Piers, didn’t do it, the tyrants did it.

    Hitler took the guns Stalin took the guns, Mao took the guns, Fidel Castro took the guns, Hugo Chavez took the guns, and I’m here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!

    It doesn’t matter how many lemmings you get out there in the street begging for them to have their guns taken.

    We will not relinquish them. Do you understand?

    Watch Alex Jones with Piers Morgan Part 1 of 2:

    Part 2 of 2:


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      1. He nailed that Morgan asshole. Way to go Alex. 1776, here we are.

        • I gotta say, that was very impressive. Jones stuck to the facts, shut down Morgan’s rhetoric, and laid it down in a way that made perfect sense – even to the brainless drones that inhabit Morgan’s typical audience.

          • Piers Morgan should be banished to Detroit’s bad part of town, forbidden to posses any firearms, and denied personal security for a whole year, or he could go back to England and forever shut his mouth about America.

            • He wouldnt make it a day…I get the honor of “visiting” that city frequently..I woudnt step foot in that town with out a large cal. Hi-cap pistol and a back up carry..
              and eyes in the back of your head

            • imo, Alex made us all look bad.

              • I agree

              • I totally agree with you. Instead of debating the facts with Peirs, he did nothing but shout angrily and hyperactively. You and I know what he was trying to do but he came off as a nut job whack. He could have handled this better and gotten his point across. He has the ammo to go fact for fact with him, but his presentation of hyperactive nut job just ruined it. You don’t handle a jackass like Morgan by screaming incoherent stats at him, you counter all of his points with more accurate ones and put him on the defensive in a civilized manner.

                That is why I don’t give Jones my time because he’s not the one I want leading my charge.

            • Piers Morgan, with his obnoxious, pompous, elitist, arrogant and condescending attitude reminds me of that actor who played the British officer in the Mel Gibson movie The Patriot – who herded all those colonists into the church, padlocked the doors and then ordered his men to set fire to it and roast all of those people alive.

              I lean heavily towards pro-White, White Nationalism thinking, but Morgan reminds me that there was a very good reason and very solid justification for our White American ancestors deciding that they needed to kill as many of these kinds of British tyrants as possible back in 1776 in order to get their boots off of our White necks.

          • Odd Q: I was elated to see this too. The zombie Piers couldn’t give direct answers to Jones, as he was put on the spot; he needs to be deported asap. CNN network, full of queers and commies like CNBC, all need to move to China, N. Korea, or any other dictatorship that will take them in.

            • I noticed that the shills were out in force over it, trying to spin it hard.

              (just put an “http:” in front of this to see for yourself: // )

              Disclaimer: I’m not a perfect fan of his, and I disagree with a lot of what he publishes and broadcasts (sorry, I don’t do conspiracy theories – reality is evil enough).

              OTOH, the man was to the point, very solid in his delivery, and dominated the discussion as he should have (though I admit there were one or two cringe-worthy moments).

              Overall, I suggest to one and all to see what both sides are doing with this story, and you will get a solid gauge of how propaganda works.

              Here’s how you do it: Look at CNN/Morgan’s published analysis of it, noting that CNN and Morgan are mainstream media. Then, look at Jones’ analysis of it. Note that these will greatly differ. Finally, look for full transcripts and YouTube videos of the whole thing (there’s plenty), and compare against each.

              Do this enough times, and you learn to instinctively do it for most important news broadcasts, which in turn makes filtering the stuff out much easier over time.

              It’s a rather vital skill, methinks, but do it with one caveat: Make no assumptions until you have the WHOLE story, and do not try and read it to fit any pre-conceived biases of your own. Be ready to change your own thoughts as needed to adapt to known facts.

              As you can see, it’s more of an art than it is a science, but if you do it right, you can learn to see when the mainstream media starts separating itself from reality enough to accelerate one’s preps, or perhaps watch the propaganda factor drop as things get better.

            • Ya’ll are funny

            • Deporting based on views is dangerous. Then anyone who says anything that someone doesn’t like could be banned. It would set a bad and dangerous precedence. I disagree with Morgan but I think he can state opinion and it should be left as opinion. Suppose a group wanted preppers to be cast out and deported to some place because of what we say. That is censorship and should be discouraged and the same goes for Morgan. He is a douche but he should not be deported on a view.

              • Ok ok I give. Free speech is dead and should be muzzled as long as the mob approves.

              • What about his subversive efforts to undermine the Constitutionally protected freedoms of 300 million native born American citizens?

                There does need to severe penalties applied to foreigners coming to our nation’s soil and then agitating to have our freedoms taken away.

        • He looked and sounded like a ranting maniac. He refused to engage in debate. If he had a case to make, it was no where to be heard. We need automatic weapons to protect against the government? Is he nuts?

          • Automatic weapons? Nothing was mentioned about citizens owning automatic weapons.

            • Isn’t AR-15 an atuomatic weapon? He started off with that.

              • you should definitely not own a gun until you can edumacate yourself.

              • It is a semi-automatic.

              • No, it is not an “automatic” weapon. A fully-automatic weapon would be the M-16.

              • Just in Case:

                An automatice weapos is when the trigger is depressed, it will continue to fie untill ammo is depleted. A semi-Automatic weapon is when the trigger is depressed it will only fire ONE (1) round per pull of the trigger. Vast difference. Beside, Very few Civilian will aquire an automatice weapon because it will require a Class III stamp ($200.00) per weapon, silencer etc. 99.99% of all weapons being bought are SEMI- Automatic, Not full automatic. Learn before you spout at the lips>>>>>>>>>>>>>

            • Well, with the proper permits, an American citizen CAN own automatic weapon(s).
              It is a perfectly legal administrative process.

              • Yeah? Try and get one. Good luck.

                • If you pay for the $200 tax stamp through a class 3 dealer, fill out all the govt forms, get fingerprinted, photographed and background checked and wait 3 months or more, as long as you have enough money to buy a class 3 weapon you can get one no problem. They are not cheap.I know a couple of guys who have them.

          • What about “Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world, whereas England’s ahs tripled” don’t you get?

            That is the one and only point that needs to be made.

            • hey the guy, the swiss are also socialist, should we give that a go too? Your going to use the swiss to back up your argument about guns, then the socialists can use them to back up the argument about becoming a socialist nation.

              • funny how the corps can’t outsource their entire country’s productivity, huh? all those studies indicating their superior education, quality of life, and happiness are probably bullcrap as well, huh?

                you’re right, though. we could never pull it off. the elite have been far too successfuk in convincing American sheep that we have capitlism anf free markets.

              • Hi AnonLegion,

                Either your a troll, or an idiot.

                The issue of gun ownership, and the form of gov’t a society have are seperate issues.

                According to your “logic” (and I use the word loosely in your case), the issue of owning a car means I’m a drunk driver also (???)

                Ownership of guns is for one express purpose,.. so that when a gov’t becomes abusive and is acting in a manner that is contrary to the interests of its people,.. that the people have the tools to dispose of such a criminal gov’t, and allow them, “to provide new guards for their future security.”

                School is out,.. now go crawl back to whatever rock-of-traitor you live under.

                JD – US Marines – Defenders Of This Nation

                • School, is now in for you my friend.

                  “Ownership of guns is for one express purpose,.. so that when a gov’t becomes abusive and is acting in a manner that is contrary to the interests of its people,.. that the people have the tools to dispose of such a criminal gov’t, and allow them, “to provide new guards for their future security.”

                  When a gov becomes abusive and acts contrary to the interest of its people. Patriot act. NDAA ( 2011) The guns are not to protect us they are tools to use in aiding us to protect ourselves. Yet Just by letting those two items I just mentioned be put into place and stay in place.. keep playing a patriot in call of duty your doing this country a great service 🙂

                  Retired U.S. Army Airborne Ranger Special Operations Tier 2 / Oath Keeper

              • The Bundesrat, socialist?

                Maybe by US standards, but definitely not by EU standards. 😉

                (hint: Swiss law requires a balanced budget every year, for starters – that’s what kept them out of EU membership.)

            • Northern Ireland – the only region of the UK to permit semi-autos & handguns – has the lowest crime rate in the developed world, bar Japan. England, on the other hand, is covered in no-go areas where the only armed people are the criminals.

            • Switzerland is a pretty homogenous country. Britain is a hodge podge of boarders who do not like each other very much. They also have a huge militant Muslim presence. What could go wrong?

          • There is no weapon type qualified by the 2nd. Yes, we should be allowed automatic weapons. We should be allowed EVERY weapon the government has. Yes, tanks, helicopters…whatever. The playing field needs to be level. Would you allow your employees to tell you what you could own? You need to seriously stop and recognize that the PEOPLE are supposed to be in charge…not the government. They have usurped the power from us. It will need to be taken back.

            • JRS, Yes!!!!! You got it exactly right! Before Kennedy’s murder by the Oligarchy I sold cannons, mortars and even tanks and APCs! Those “Big Boy Toys” are still out there! I wasn’t the only one selling that stuff.

              Alex finally showed some real balls! I am very happy with his performance. Piers Morgan had better be long gone before the shooting starts.

              The Damn Russians and Chinese are telling the Americans that they should turn in their firearms. What a f_cking crock! What those ba_stards are really saying is, “Hey, Americans would you please bend over, drop your shorts and grab your ankles!!! You guys are holding up the Glorious Revolution and the dawning of a New Age.”

              The Americans are saying Hell No. You want our weapons come and get them… Bottom line is this, no laws passed past, present or future that deny Americans their natural right to defend their families and their liberties are not to be obeyed. It is the duty of Americans to fight back. The whole world is holding its breath and praying that the American People will hold the line.

              People’s of the world you can breath now we Americans are on the Warpath and this war is righteous war; its a just war.

              The Chinese are historically the most murderous people on the planet! Its time to show those tyrants what killing is all about. The Red Communist Army is real tough when they go up against unarmed peasants. Let’s see how they do against the Armed American!

              Now the press is saying congress may give Obama a third run at the presidency?! Hah! The SOB will be run out of Washington before he finishes his second term.

              God! Black Americans had great opportunity to show that their race could lead the nation as well or even better the long line of anglo-saxon white guys, but they blew it big time! They chose a psychopathic nut cake that is a pathological liar and murderer. What were they thinking?! More food stamps, more of everything that they haven’t earned?

              Hold steady Americans. Don’t worry about the future or how this is going to play out. Just focus on what you have to do and God will do His part. By the way, Americans get right with God and do it now! Bless God not the other way around.

              Good day

              • What do you mean by Alex Jones “finally showed some balls!?” The man is BALLS OUT every day. He didn’t lose it on Morgan – he’s got a belly full of fire and this is normal for Alex Jones.

                Personally I love him. I have learned SO much from his show, it has literally changed my life and my whole outlook on how govt really runs. In fact, I credit Mr. Jones for my even being here at this site. Prepping was not on my radar until I started listening to Jones. The Obama Deception freaked me out because I was such a babe in the woods with the machinations of govt. Now, I am wide awake and I know that knowledge is POWER.

              • Rem – that Pravda (Russian) article opinion piece recently that asks Americans to not give up their arms/the second, it spelt out the dangers of doing so.

                I’ve lost that link though.

            • JRS….What alot of people tend to over look is the fact that the Americans “rifles” tended to be far superior to the brits “brown bessy” smoothbore muskets…our founders intended ordinary people to have at least as good as the military in firepower and accuracy,otherwise whats the point in having anything?

          • Automatic weapons? You have no idea what you’re even talking about. Before getting into a discussion regarding firearms, learn what you’re talking about first. People cannot get automatic firearms, they’re effectively banned. Maniac? Have you ever seen this rude nut Piers before? He will not allow a guest to speak if he disagrees wit the guest. Watch the piece with Larry Pratt. Piers was a total idiot. Alex took the only approach one can take to get a word in with Piers.

          • Mark
            Your an idiot.

            • Bill come on Mark is no idiot he was only stating that Alex was very excited and was very loud. If something does happen in this country we all need to work with each other, getting angry at each other will only devide us.

          • Mark: You get in F- in both World History and American History. I’m no fan of Alex Jones, but he’s correct. By far, the greatest chance of any citizen being killed is by his/her own government. The reason for the 2nd and 4th Amendments were to prevent the abuses of our own (British) government’s toward us here in the colonies. The had a standing army backed by a tyranical government in England. The whole reason for Paul Revere’s Ride was to warn the colonists that the British were coming to take away our firearms, a little thing not taught in our politically correct schools. Hitler disarmed the Jews and then killed 6 million of them. Lenin and Stalin disarmed the Russians and then murdered 10-20 million. Mao disarmed the Chinese and then murdered from 20-80 million, depending on who’s figures one uses. Pol Pot killed 3 million of his own people, 1/3 of all Cambodians, who were disarmed. Earlier histories are the same: disarm, supress, enslave, and kill if the object. That’s a short course in Tyranny 101.

          • Mark,

            Refused to engage in debate? Are you kidding me? You can not debate with a moron who is stuck on stupid, like you.

          • Mark: You need to move to China or N.Korea or any commie country where you’d fit in and have Piers as a room mate… so leave this website dumb butt, and go to a commie leftist one who would love to have ya.

          • Mark,

            When the SHTF, automatic weapons in the hands of civilians will be prerequisite just for starters. Governments have a lot more than just machine guns in their arsenals.

            Right now in Greece, Greeks are making Molotov Cocktail bombs in their basements after work in anticipation of having to violently remove their government from power as their socio-political and economic plight worsens.

            People for some reason cannot wrap their heads around the concept that their government, under the right conditions, could violently turn on them if given the chance even with the preponderance of historical evidence available. It is a very dangerous mindset to adopt. That level of normalcy bias is absolutely shocking to the rest of us who see it for what it really is.

            Ask the quarter billion people who were killed by their own governments in the 20th century if they think civilian owned automatic weapons could have made a difference in their survival. I think their answer would have been a resounding and unanimous YES!!

            • One small issue:

              “When the SHTF, automatic weapons in the hands of civilians will be prerequisite just for starters”

              Sorry, but while I agree with the philosophical angle, it ain’t gonna work on a technical level.

              Most civilians wouldn’t know how to unlock the safety on an automatic weapon, let alone know how to initially charge/load it, clear jams, or maintain the things. There is also a distinct lack of organization mentioned at all… without some kind of leadership and training, your idea comes apart.

              In a massive chaos like, oh, SHTF, no random group of armed people are going to accomplish much of anything, even if they were competent in the use of the weapons they’re holding.

              Mind you, I’m not saying this to be a dick, but to bring up a point: Without training and leadership, you ain’t gonna get shit done. This is especially true when you put them up against a well-armed, well-trained, and well-disciplined group.

              Take Syria for example. Mind you, I’m not rooting for anyone in that mess, but want to point out something:

              The only reasons the rebel forces are still alive? First, due to the fact that they’re getting some kind of ad-hoc training from someone (rebel leaders who were once part of the army, maybe advisors from Russia or Iran? I dunno, but it is apparent). Second, that there is a massive dose of political disarray and tactical incompetence infecting the Syrian armed forces.

              If either of those two factors weren’t true (Syria’s army had its shit together, or the rebel forces had no help), this would have become a non-story.

          • We should be able to by them. It doesn’t make you a more efficient killing machine. Why do you think the Army M16’s went from the automatic A1 to the 3 round burst of the A2. You watch too much TV. If you have a gun Mark I would sell it and leave yourself dependent on the government. They want more people like you. I however will not disarm or comply.

            • Most of the AR rifles cannot do a sustained high rate of fire. they get too hot and you may just have a round cook off all by itself. Barrel may also warp.

            • It always cracks me up in movies and tv when someone with a real machine gun blasts off a whole magazine from the hip without even aiming, when one properly aimed round would do the job….

          • Mark,

            Yes…..we need automatic weapons if the govt has them. The public should have any weapon currently available. That was the intent of the 2nd amendment. Any weapon current at that time, and the same for today.

            OK…now you can ask…..”does that mean nukes ?”…..sure….if you can afford one, and the maintenance and delivery system.

            Rather than send in an ATF swat team at Waco, if the Branch Davidians had a few tanks, the govt “might” have started the process with a conversation rather than a firefight.

            • Amen..Im glad you said exactly what was on my mind about Ruby Ridge and Waco (no more free waco’s)..If I had an A1M1 in my you think for one second they would come jackbooted to take my guns? or to try and “Take” them forceably..Hell No..they sure would want to talk it out first.

              although lately it is seeming that time for talk is growing short..

            • TnAndy,

              Great point about Waco.

            • The govt wanted the fight at Waco. If they didn’t Korresh could have been picked up without any problems on his morning jog. They wanted to burn the place to the ground.

              • Its taken me a long time to finally arrive at this conclusion, but I now believe that the real purpose and intent of the Branch Davidian massacre was to get it all on National TV, and to show America what could happen to THEM if they dared to not bow down and submit to tyranny. I also now believe that this nation wide epidemic of criminals with badges sadistically and brutally assaulting and terrorizing citizens with almost complete impunity is part of the bigger agenda.

                Aside from the smaller, but equally criminal and atrocious massacre at Ruby Ridge – Waco was the first major intimidation psy-op event, and I think it marked the beginning of a full scale, corrupt and criminal infested, deliberate campaign to strike cold fear in the hearts of millions of American patriots and this campaign has now entered into the endgame phase under this pair of Communist mulatto gun smuggling felons.

                Who, might I add, are merely front men for the real instigators of this 100 year long, full scale assault to destroy our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and to achieve the objective that was boasted about here:

                “The American Hebrew September 10, 1920:

                The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world.

                What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”

                I will predict that we are going to see a planned, and very frightening incident, whereby the Obama-Holder Crime Syndicate will unleash a massive display of ruthless jackbooted thug police state power upon some carefully selected and previously well-demonized ‘pro-Second Amendment’ patriot who is known to oppose the confiscation of his semi-auto AR-15 or AK rifle – and the mainstream, anti-gun media will dutifully cover the ensuring bloody massacre 24/7, and make sure that the message is sent home to all Second Amendment supporters that this is what will happen to us, if we do not get down on our knees and submit to King Obama and King Holder’s demands to turn over our weapons.

                This will the moment of decision – the time to decide whether we will fight or become sheep, folks.

                It will become our Braveheart moment.

          • Its your right to own automatic weapons Mark. If you pass the background checks and pony up the 250 dollar fed stamp for the weapon, you can own it. I’ve shot plenty of them but currently don’t own any…..yet.

          • @MARK- I agree. He and people like him is the reason they want NO ONE to have guns.
            Freakin idiot MADE Morgans whole case for him… that is why Morgan just shut up. Alex sounds like a feakin insane person.
            He can’t keep it together in an interview, but he carried a gun on the STREETS? Good luckk with that one.

          • Mark; Thats what the Second Amendment is for, so the people have the same type tech weaponry as the military, had the same 237 years ago, have the same now, just rifles, we dont have drones, missiles, tanks, helecopters. Just in case this administration goes nuts on us WE just have rifles. And their scared of us, go figure.

        • I agree with Alex but he needs to learn how to keep his cool yelling is not helping

          • I have to say I admire the outrage, it was basically Alex giving them the finger and saying F@@k you come and take em!!! I personally am growing tired of the passiveness…

            Molon Labe

        • Sadly, Alex Jones did make us look like idiots, not because of his facts, which were spot on, but because his passion for the subject overrides his capability to speak in a rational manner. interrupting constantly, not allowing the other party, in this case Piers Morgan, and not allowing him to speak nearly at all, makes him look like a blithering idiot. His facts are right on, but his delivery needs a cooler head. Remember, in the world we live in, it is appearances, not facts, that make people listen. if you look like an idiot, even if you have just cured cancer, no one will believe you, or listen to you.

          • I gave you a thumbs up because it’s rational comments like this that deserve one. I understand that people on this forum are raging with anger over these issues but there’s a way to address them and a way not to. What you described perfectly makes that point. It saddens me that most on this forum thumb you down just because you don’t pick up a pitch fork with them and yell and scream.

            Well said Jake.

            • All the negotiating will do no good. They are hell bent on taking away our rights.
              Tell me now? What do you think the results are going to be with all your infinite wisdom?

              • Sling – I’m not disagreeing that they are hell bent on stripping away the 2nd amendment. What I’m saying is that if you’re going to enter the lion’s den like Jones did so that the entire country can see him (keep in mind the difference in the audience size between Inforwars and CNN), those that viewed that show, no doubt think Jones is a nut job because he couldn’t even relay his points so that those who aren’t familiar with him could think about them. I’m sure his audience completely understood all of this random points that he was shouting at Peirs, but he wasn’t in front of his audience. He needed to get his point across to non-believers and he failed miserably.

                • …according to info I could find CNN has about 650,000 viewers or homes it reaches…AJ has about 2,000,000 so it seems he’s doing okay.

      2. Alex Jones is kind of boring. Read too much stuff and some was nonesense. I think he is a good guy, just not one I go to for ‘real’ info.

        I dont want to judge him though. I think he is trying.

        • well , if he only gets it right 1/2 the time ,its more than you get from the MSM

          • as i am new to this channel ,i was wondering is there a certian guy that has a designated job to make sure every one gets at least 1 thumbs down ,i only ask because ,ive seen people get a thumbs down for saying nothing ,ie. i had a bologna sandwich ,or i bought a new knife ,i honestly dont care , but i noticed that every one gets at least 1

        • Ugly,

          I love you, but dude WAKE UP!

          • @Iowa….Thanks. I was not talking about tonites interview with the commie, just his overall web stuff. I like him, but he reminds me of Steve Quayle, which I like too. But both of them have some weird stuff.

            maybe I am wrong.

            I am more of the celente, usawatchdog, dollarcollapse, rense, this SHTF, and numerous others. I have tried his stuff and theories, but just alittle goofy to me.

            I know I am in the minority with all of my thumbs down, but I have to speak my honest opinion from what I have read in past.

            • I’m not an AJ fan, I don’t care for the way he edits the articles on his site and then Drama Queens them. He was put on PM’s show to be the token conspiracy kook and to make PM look reasonable. AJ must have realized the game and then decided to play his own game and to keep PM off balanced with an aggressive drama queen offense. Good job AJ, it worked. The only other thing AJ could have done is to pull a Joe Biden debate strategy of interrupt, make faces, laugh and giggle.

              • Good info, poor delivery. Sometimes it looked like he was on some meds and was all over the place. But he gets wound up I know. Sometimes he can be a self important ass.

            • Ugly, I’m kind of there with you. He has a tendency to explain a lot of stuff with complicated conspiracies that could easily be explained by stupidity or coincidence. I have a friend in meatspace that is one of his acolytes and we go back and forth on that a lot. He tells me to “wake up” a lot too…but I’m just the type to try not to jump to conclusions.

              But I also agree that he nails it in this interview. Lots of people say we’re in 1937 or some other year. It’s starting to feel like about 1773 to me.

          • Don’t bother Iowa…he calls lots of us liars.
            He hasn’t a fricking clue, folks.

            • @JayJay….

              I have never called anyone a liar (show that post if you disagree). You are still upset because I challenged you when You ripped me on my 6 month prepping plan. You were the arrogant prepper going to put me in my place, but I challenged the spoiled brat and the brat has been upset since.

              You defended yourself well, and I accepted it. You are an experienced prepper. I am impressed. But remember, many on this site and others are newbies, such as myself, that want to learn. I am here and at other sites to gain ideas. I am prepping, and I will buy my first gun.

              Prepping takes time. Prepping takes money. I am late to the game, but I know I need to do it (even though my wife agrees somewhat and disagrees many times). So I need good advice, not the self-righteous ones.

              Also, you have made many good comments. Some of those thumbs ups are mine.

              After what I have said in repsonse, I know you wont believe this, but I really do wish you well. You sound like you have planned well and done your homework.

              I wish all well,


              • Few of the old ones here forgive or beleive in other views.

                • Do you trolls need your heads smacked together? Ugly, why don’t you just leave now fella? this is a no trolls allowed website.

                • @eeder….

                  My friend, I know that JayJay is light years ahead of me on the prepping side. But I do believe that there are many on this site that have less than 6 months of preparation as Ugly does.

                  I am on JayJay’s side.

                  But dont you preppers talk about defense? When someone says that I call people ‘liars’, I will defend that.

                  I have decided that 2013 is the year that I will get prepared. I have set-aside in savings a small portion of about $18,000 to do it right. This will include one or two guns for defense. A BB gun and pellet gun for small bird hunting. Six months of canned goods and othe #10 canned type stuff. Some long term 5 gallon bucket stuff. Some containers to capture ‘rain’ water. Solar equipment stuff. Radios and alternative lighting. Extra hats and sleeping bags with sub-zero ratings. A tent and other camping accessories. About 20 acres worth of heirloom seeds for our garden and for my neighbors that do not garden yet.

                  If I left something out, let me know.

                  PS. Are you not the one that said workers were over-payed?

              • @ugly

                Keep doing what you have been doing you are right this site is for education and awakening and some of us forget that. Work within your means and you will get there it takes time so remember to prioritize. Be safe and keep your plans and stash close to your vest, only those that need to know should know.

                • TK4usa….Thanks. I agree, we should give info to help each other. Everyday, the news is something bad. I read where two teenagers fell in ice and drowned. They were crying for help.

                  We need to be ready and prepared.

                  If people heard those cries and did nothing, then how could you live with yourself?

                  I send a cyber-handshake and a cyber-hug to everyone.

        • My views on Alex exactly.

          • I do believe Alex Jones is pretty much the #1 alternative news source at this time, unless I’m misinformed. Plus, he helped wake me up.

            God Bless Alex Jones, Mac, and anyone doing their best as WATCHMEN!

            • Thanks for the kind words Iowa.

              Alex Jones has done a hell of a lot for this country. Whether you love him or hate him, he is full-out when it comes to spreading the news no mainstream media outlet will touch. Like with any news source, mistakes are made, but he has been solid for over a decade. Full length movie documentaries, thousands of hours of interviews, and scores of daily reports…

              In my opinion, there is no better resource for original reports in alternative media than Infowars and Jones’ team. (Not to take anything away from the awesome resources out there that I regularly follow, most of which can be found in the ‘Web Destinations’ in the left sidebar.)

              • @ Mac. There is so much that Alex said that was true, but the only real concern is that the 2nd. Amendment doesn’t fall. I wish he had stressed that piers morgan said that he wanted to ban ALL 300 million guns on his show. This was critical because it would have made piers look like like a true destroyer of the 2nd. Amendment. I wish he had gone into piers being affiliated with some group that wants to destablize the U.S. by disarming it. This was also important to make piers look like he was siding with America’s enemies. He did make piers look bad though, which I enjoyed.

                I am right now much more concerned with saving the 2nd. Amendment and the constitution. Unfortunately not enough people understand what is happening as the rights are being chipped away little by little. Majority rules when it comes to laws that are changed. This is why a totally new approach I feel needs to go into effect. This is being pro-American and pro-constitution.

                The masses are extremely selfish and they don’t want their little world to be disturbed. These isilated massacres get the masses all riled up to dimish gun ownership. Pro gun groups are rallying behind the 2nd. Amendment, but not getting through to all those idiots that are going to continue to vote in anti-gun candidates. NEW APPROACH, protect America first and this means a well armed militia to do it.

                I don’t want to win the battle and eventually lose the war. Most people don’t want to hear about how their government is going to turn on them, even if this could or will happen. People are territorial and want to think that their government is going to protect them and save them. LET THEM as long as people can still keep their firearms. When you stress the America will fall to a foreign enemy if you disarm citizens of firearms that can defend the country, you have a lot more support. The masses are stupid, they cannot see the true threat from a foreign country, let them know.

                let’s face it, nationalism is so powerful that there is NO agrument against protecting the country from China, that has a population 5 times that of the U.S. and a massive growing military. Let’s make China the real enemy and the absolute need to protect America from them by keeping America’s firearms. Let the NRA and other gun groups start making the true enemy (China) the one to gravely fear, not the honest citizen that owns an AR-15 or two that will someday save everyone from ending up under Chinese, Russian, and Arab occupation because the civilian army was left alone like the 2nd Amendment intended.

                Anyone arguing against the protection of the country would be looked as anti-American and would need to be labeled as such. Gun rights are untouched and the country remains stronger against a future Chinese invasion. Everyone wins, except for America’s foreign enemies.

              • Your right Mac. There are some things that AJ does that doesn’t quite set right with me. But one thing I got to give him is “HEART”. He does “put it out on the line”. These folks who run this government and those who run the ones who run the government, standing in the shadows, don’t want to have to put up with the AJ’s. The AJs are the “burr” under their saddles. I wish I had the time to be that “Bull Terrier” who latches on to the PTB’s britches. I do wish AJ and his family well, and commend him for all that he does.

              • Alex and his crew work hard, I’ll give them that but my main problem with his methods is that, although there are MANY things in this world that are screwed up and wrong, not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy. You have to wade through the bullshit and determine what is factual and what is fear mongering, just as with any site.

          • The ONLY real issue here is that people don’t lose their rights to their firearms. You will not be able to convince people of their own government turning against them, even if it is true, most people will not believe it. To save gun rights you MUST convince more people of the true dangers of disarming the population. This is where the enemy country comes in, that absolutely wants to disarm America.

            People still are terrified of invasion, they can remember 9/11 and not knowing just what was coming NEXT. There are many people still left alive that can remember Pearl Harbor and what it felt like when America was attacked. It is a horrible feeling to think that war is coming to your country. This is why people have to concentrate on the very real Chinese threat through Mexico. Without a civilian army, an invading army could conquer the U.S. without much of a U.S. response. It is called stabbing the underbelly of the country.

            No one is going to listen to the militia issue unless their worthless asses are on the line. Everyone has to make EVERYONE in the country important to defend as Americans. Nationalism is a very powerful tool to getting what is desired, the protection of ALL Americans from foreign invasion.

            Protection from criminal element is important, but too many have taken a pacifist attitude that it won’t happen to them if all guns are banned or at least all assault rifles are banned. This of course is not true, but most people are just not going to listen to it.

            Start talking about protecting EVERYONE’s self interest about defending and protecting the country from China, Russia, Iran, etc. and you have a lot more support. Ask an anti-gun advocate do they want to happen to them and their families what Assad is doing to the people over there? Muslims in alliance with China and Russia would rule over everyone with Sharia Law. Does the anti-gun advocate want to live under TRUE OPPRESSION because they helped weaken the United States by disarming the civilian population.

            There is also a lot more legal ground to stand on when you defend the 2nd. Amendment based on the national security of the country from being conquered. You garnish a lot more support when you talk American’s freedom for EVERYONE than exclude anyone. It is as plain as day what the 2nd. Amendment meant, to secure the continuation of the country through a civilian army to back up the armed forces when they could not for whatever reason. Much more legal grounds are to stand on when you are talking about the survival of America.

            Increasing the likelihood of a foreign invasion by dropping America’s internal defenses is another huge issue that is a pure violation of the 2nd. Amendment. Disarming America means encouraging an attack from a foreign power. This is of course a national security risk. Stress protection of America FIRST, amny more people will favor this and the objectives of saving guns rights will follow.

            • 3%

              That was how much of the population fought the british,
              Please correct me if im wrong

              I plan on puting it on the line, i dont get the feeling there are many who will though.

              • Im part of the 3%…are you?

                directed at everyone here

                • I will be right there with you I will stand my ground !

                • I like others may not say a whole lot on the subject, but I believe in carrying a big stick or several to the fight. I honestly think you can easily double the 3%.

                • I’m in big time and know lots of others ready for the ride.

                  i want these fuckers sent to hell…violently.

              • There are many of us. We’re not stupid though. A disorganized resistance turns into Waco or Ruby Ridge. The right of assembly is all but gone, but those of us that truly believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may need to find a way to peacefully assemble real soon.

                In the meantime, there are many things a patriot can do to resist. Here is a list of things I do right now. To many, this may not seem like much, but believe this; a few million mosquito bites will drain the host dry.

                1) Grow as much of your own food as possible.
                2) Get and stay the hell out of any kind of debt.
                3) Purchase as much silver and gold as possible and remove it from circulation.
                4) Do not use banks at all. If you do need to use a bank, keep the smallest amount possible in your account.
                5) Avoid buying anything at large chains such as Walmart and Target.
                6) Do not buy new cars, always buy used and never finance, pay cash. In fact, always pay cash for everything.
                7) Destroy your credit cards.
                8) Support your local businesses.
                9) Attend local council meetings and be a thorn in the side of Agenda 21 by speaking and bringing as many people as you can to speak as well. Locally, we can destroy the globalist agenda.
                10) Dispute every traffic ticket in court. If we all did this, the system would seize up.
                11) Barter whenever possible. Why bring Uncle Scam into your private transaction?
                12) Start your own small business on the side until you make enough money to leave your job, especially if you work for a large corporation.

                This list is some of what I do, not all. The way to think of it is this; be diametrically opposed to whatever the mainstream wants you to do. Every time you do not participate in their scams you are causing another mosquito bite. This is the mindset of the meantime.

                Yet, if and when these pricks decide they want to start a full blown hot tyranny, you will have many of us standing beside you. Until that line is crossed, be a thorn.

                • Joe,

                  Wow. Great list and nicely put. I’m sure there are more things people can do that makes sense in their life but this is a great start!

                  If there is anyone out there that does not know what to do to fight the MSM and the PTB just read Joe’s list. Do not dismiss any of his ideas even though they might not seem feasible.

                  I think a lot of people will skip over the “Start your own small business” advice but this is the key to me. Many cannot comprehend how to make money if they are not punching a time clock. You have to get out there, do some research, talk to people, and make something happen that makes sense for you and yours. If the majority of us preppers started a business and also made a point of supporting local small business (not just giving it lip service) we would truly form a tight knit community that would be based on ingenuity. Even at 3% a community like this would be the leading voice for Americans.

                  Also @ BI…Loved your post on how we are slowly being stripped of liberties. You have to understand how the beast works. They are SLOWLY, PATIENTLY, and METHODICALLY turning us into a socialist/fascist state. It is like the frog in the boiling pot. At first the water is cold, than it starts to heat up, pretty soon it feels nice and comfortable, than, it gets a little hotter but hey, no big deal, the frog can handle it. Before too long the frog is yelling and screaming and being boiled alive. At this point it’s too late for the frog to do anything. Make no mistake, we are in between comfortable and too hot right now, and the heat is only slowly but surely rising.

              • Kulafarmer, don’t worry only 1% showing for the fight. April 19,1775 80 parishioners and reverend Jonas Clark stood up to 600 British Regulars at Lexington Green. “The Shot That Was Heard Around The World” started it all.

                30 parishioners fell during the first exchange of fire. Clark and his men dropped back to Concord and waited for British. 300 militia engaged the “Red Coats” and ran their worthless butts all the way back to Boston. It is said that of the 600 Red Coats only 250 or so made it back to Boston. The Revolutionary War was on!

                Where will the Second Concord occur? Its anybody’s guess, but one thing is for sure the federal government has made huge claims that it is going to ban guns and it has to follow through or the fed will lose everything. Obama is going to attack right after he gets over the hee bee jee bees. He’s a tyrant and he is going to do the only thing a tyrant knows how to do and that is crush the opposition. Good luck Barky!

                The Federal Government has bitten a hog in the ass. In so doing they have doo doo on their faces and they are furious that the hog has fought back. Don’t under estimate the fighting ability of a pig! We tend to think of bacon when we here the word bacon. Let me tell when a pig goes on the work path it tears up anything and anything in its path. The fed has pissed off the pig. Trust me on this one pigs are very dangerous when riled up.

            • BI unfortunately we are already letting them piss on the constitution, they have disarmed our freedom of speech, they have taken our right to trial and given us indefinite detention without trial, without charge, they have made it legal to just stop search and seize, These were protected by the constitution, these are supposed to be what the 2nd amendment is to help protect, If our only concern are guns and only the second ( because we sure as hell did not draw any lines in the sand over the rest of the constitution ) are we patriots of the constitution? If we let them strip all the other 9, and only swear to protect the guns? How do we even say we deserve the constitution? We can not.

        • Ill give him one thing he didnt get walked all over like every other pro gun guest on the show! My favorite part was when he called him a redcoat, good ol AJ. I belive that he will not comply when it comes down to it.

        • Ugly,

          If you don’t want to judge him then why did you? Own it.

          • @Live free or die–

            Do you believe what your screen name says? How about freedom of speech?

            I like Alex Jones. He is just not my favorite source. I like Glenn Beck too. But I have felt he has been too paranoid at times.

            The two radio personalities that I like the most are Michael Savage and Mark Levine. Now I know many do not, and that is fine. I am just very happy we have alternative media and are not forced to watch CNN only (yet).

            I dont want to argue on alternative media because I am glad there is many, and also hope that many more will start in the near future.

            Liberalism is vicious and they are on the attack. You cannot talk any kind of politics with them. They get very mad very quickly. All they know is that they hate Republicans and everything is Bush’s fault. Therefore, I want as much anti-Liberal media out there as possible. The American word and Constitution needs defended.

            We all want the same thing–life, freedom, and liberty.

            Keep up the good work. Whether you accept it or not, a cyber-hug and cyber-handshake to you.

            • Ugly,

              “Keep up the good work. Whether you accept it or not, a cyber-hug and cyber-handshake to you”. The same to you my friend, I am not sure about the hug but I would happily shake your hand. Peace.

            • I love Michael Savage and Mark Levine… especially the way they trash RINO’s… and then tell you to be sure and vote them!


              • I Like how savage and levine Always out isreal and speak of them atrocities their fellow tribe did when killing 100 million folks of eastern europe back in russia 1918 revolt!

                Then I awoke! and realized I was just dreaming of such a radio show with so much Honesty!

              • lol….

                I have never heard Savage or Levine call a RINO and then say vote for them. Savage was very much against the last Bush and said he didnt care who wins. He thought our current President couldnt be any worse. Of course, he knows better now. Really, who could have predicted what has happened to our dollar, jobs, and civil rights in just 4 years!

                And we got 4+ more years to go. Can we survive?

                I believe both these guys are far more Libertarian-Conservative than any R. They say it like it is on both sides.

                • Ugly:

                  Both Savage and Levine trashed Juan McCain and both said VOTE FOR HIM!

                  Both Savage and Levine trashed Mittens Romney and then said VOTE FOR HIM!

                  Limbaugh did the same. Hannity did the same. The whole damned team did the same.

                  Vote FOR the republican RINO! Because there ain’t NO Republican conservative.

                  WHY??? Because RED team and BLUE team are ON THE SAME SIDE!!!


            • jones and beck NEVER mention the zionists…EVER.

              I appreciate their contributions but when your are that far out on a limb, go to the end.

      3. The question is: if there will be another “Shot Heard ‘Round the World”, where will it be, and when?

        • The first shots were during a protest in Boston, what is not taught is that the dead included a mulatto.

          • CRISPUS ATTUCKS!


            • Yep, I learned that in public school!
              Can you believe it???





          • Crispus Attucks. Taught US History for several years in VA and I can tell you for certain it was in at least one text book. Heck, I learned it in history class back in the ’80s.

            I looked up the voting roles in Boston and apparently he’s still alive. Voted for Obama at least twice!


            • Whaaaaat? He must be pretty old by now. I heard that when they switched over to the new electronic voting machines, Chicago sold their old ones to one of the old Soviet bloc countries. The first election they had using the old machines, Richard Daley won by a landslide.

        • It will probably be everywhere at one time.

        • The next shot heard around the world will be the one shot that ignites the fuse……could be anywhere in this Country for any reason….It will be the defining moment…


        • I seriously believe a stadium..they have attacked all areas but that.
          Church (religion)
          Malls( shopping)
          Universities/schools (education)
          Work places (speaks for itself)

          Why not pro sports?

          • @jay….yes, that has crossed my mind as well. Hoping security is tight at the Super Bowl


          • Nascar Race. Not trying to make a joke. There layout and open system is ripe for exploitation. At least we know the fight would start right there.

            • If them NASCAR bro’s saw someone pulling this shit, they would kick his ass, the Red Necks that go to these deals dont play..and many of them are Gun packers..

              I go, and I bring my friend every time..Us hicks dont pay attention to signs that say we cant be armed..I think the Mossad know this..I hope

              • VRF- That is EXACTLY what I was gonna say! A black ops staged event at a NASCAR race would end with (some) innocent victims, and ALL of the corp-sponsored perps dead. Might be hard to spin that one, even for the MSM!

                side note- I started going to local dirt track races again last year. Now, I’m re-addicted! VVVRRRROOOOOOM!!

          • Ever read Enemies Foreign and Domestic? I read it like 3 or 4 years ago and walked away thinking it was a great series, but highly unlikely…. Man have we come a long way in such a short time!

          • Attack a sport event? The Oligarchy knows better then to piss off Bubba. Don’t mess with his Dallas Cowboys!

        • It will happen the first time they attempt to confiscate someone’s guns and the person (or persons) resists.

          Again, I quote Capt. John Parker, commander of the militia at Lexington Green, April 19, 1775.

          “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

          • Someone may shoot the first time a gun confiscation is tried but when “they” cut off communication and no one knows that the shot was ever fired… then what?

            • Breaker Breaker 1 − 9…10/4 Rubber Duck. Buy your CB now and Ham radio (Both!)

              • CXJ

                Outstanding sir!

                Way ahead of the curve here.
                Others need to heed this man’s advice and build upon his premise.

                Remember the ability to communicate and forewarn others of an impending raid, is paramount.
                Basic example:

                X-mitt on one frequency, receive on another and if comms are jammed.
                Everybody on your net goes to DEFCON 1(lock-n-load).
                Know your codes, call signs and ping-back procedures!

                To all you ‘sparky-types’ and ex-mil C3 specialists lurking here…this is your chance to EDUCATE the rest of us and pass on some savvy recommendations.


                • Still have mine from running dogs. Upper, mid and lower bands.

              • Copy that, CXJ. Got one in the truck and one at the okie compound. Those sidebands talk a loooooong way!

            • You will know that is all that is important.

            • “They’re on the the left of us, they’re to the right of us, they’re in front of us, and behind us.” “THEY CAN’T GET AWAY FROM US THIS TIME!” Lt.General B.”Chesty” Puller, UCMC.

      4. Folks I just heard hat OHB will leverage Walmart on gun control! I believe our time to rise is soon coming. To all patriots and truth seekers out here, I think it’s time to either lead or be led to slaughter.

        • Wal-Mart still sells guns? They have not done that in calif. in quite awhile. Even the military exchanges with the exception of the one at Elmendorf AFB,Alaska do not sell guns. Even the Marines are now PC. We be screwed.

          • Gun sold on miltary posts are sold at the rec club on each posts.

            • They used to be sold in the Exchange, with the exception of Elmendorf that ios no longer the case. I used to buy ammo at the MCRD exchange in San Diego as they had great prices. It has been a long time since that has been allowed. Most of the military leadership is very PC. They do what the civilian higher ups tell them.

          • Correction John. YOU BE SCREWED!!!

            I and most others here are dedicated/committed to shoot first and often…if and when we’re forced to do so!

            • Hell Yes Anton! We have been screwed with enough. Enough is enough. These clowns we call our elected officials have forgotten that “we the people” are still sailing this ship. The leftist celebrity queers are just idiots with money that think they are calling the shots and setting our agenda. It’s time for making a stand for truth and freedom.

              Thank goodness for Alex Jones and all those like him.
              Although we don’t always agree with their style of bringing the message, it’s the message that counts and truth is truth. Some people don’t like my style either, but it comes from truths and facts. I see things from the perspective of the biblical sense (unless I’m making jokes) and it’s record stands on it’s own.

              This old saying is a known fact: If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

              • Anonymous

                Ditto here, brother!

            • Where did you get that comment from? My point was that we are now so PC that even the Marine exchanges do not sell firearms. Think about that and what it means for the mentality of the population of this country. Any resistance will be twisted into something to turn the dumbed down population even more against gun rights. With the corrupt media we have a real problem. This will not end well.

            • Go for it. Go out in a blaze of glory. I prefer to let the other guy go out in that manner. They will cull the stupid real quick.

          • Walmart in St. George Utah and Flagstaff Arizona still sell rifles and shotguns. Great prices as well!

      5. Jones came off a little to hysterical…

        • A little? While his position & points are valid, there is an unspoken and expected decorum that must be followed in this type of venue. Alex undermines his ENTIRE position when he rants like a maniac, cuts off his opponent, challenges him to a boxing match.

          C’mon Alex. You have positioned yourself to be a spokesman. DON’T fall for this obvious tactic. Piers comes across as sympathetic while you border on hyperventilation. Answering point-counter point questions doesn’t cede control of the debate to your opponnent; however acting the way you did certainly does…And I am ON YOUR SIDE!

          If you cannot control yourself in this type of venue, stick to the front lines, as the rules of engagement better match your temperment.

          • If Alex had followed Morgan’s script, he would not have been able to make any point at all. Alex has been round and round with people like this for years. He knows how it works and he wasn’t going to play Morgan’s game.

            Morgan’s line of questioning would go along the line of, “When did you stop beating your wife?”

            Alex did not allow Morgan to control the interview.

            It’s time to pull the gloves off folks. Time to (as Obama himself said) “get in their face.”

          • I know where you’re coming from, however if he hadn’t acted like he did morgan wouldn’t have let the man talk. That being said, I think he could have saved some of his talking points for another time. Too much going on there it probably just turned people off of what he was trying to get across.

            • I watched part of the more recent interview that Morgan did with Larry Pratt of the GOA, and Morgan constantly interrupted Pratt. Morgan would toss out a question or one of the nauseating, condescending challenges that he is famous for – and when Pratt would try to answer, Morgan would quickly interrupt and hurl out more leftist, anti-gun sound bites. Frankly, I do not know how anyone on our side of this issue can be in the same room with Piers Morgan and not wind up knocking every one of this rat’s teeth down his throat.

              I got so infuriated with this spectacle that I could not watch the whole thing.

          • I just have to get my two cents worth in here; I think I understand the strategy Alex Jones was trying to employ here. First, he shut down PM from asking scripted questions that would have only painted AJ into a corner logically leading to him agreeing to gun control. Second, he used the interview as a national platform to engage the sheep who he hasn’t reached yet by firing small soundbytes of facts and information that people would remember; things like Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Gladio, burning of the Reichstage etc. People would remember small bits of info (this is how msm is set up; to control dissemination of propaganda with small soundbytes )and would have their interest piqued, hopefully and look up or start to research these things. He knew he was going to be manipulated if he allowed PM to run the show and he shot him down before he could get control of his own show! Brilliant psy-op, Alex Jones. The man understands human psychology very well indeed!

            • Man, if I could give you a hundred thumbs-up I would. Most articulate description of what AJ was doing yet. Bravo!

        • It’s called passion, Accroyer. If you lived with me, you’d think jones was on xanax.
          Yeah, I’m married to a great, understanding man.

          • Well said. You nailed it. Alex had passion for what he believes in and it shows.

      6. 1776 ? im in .

      7. I only owned one gun in my life and that was for only a few months when I wanted to try deer hunting in PA. I will likely never own another one, but I defend the right of citizens to own them … as many as they want. I am more likely to be killed by a car or a truck than a gun.

        • zzz, you done?

        • I dare say the time to obtain a really quality weapon has passed in terms of a military style semi auto. I know guns are not for everyone, but anyone can learn to use them for their immediate defense, and while you may not survive such an event maybe, just maybe you could remove the one that could do in others. Do us all a favor. Get a Rem.870 or Mossy 590 and a 100 rnds of 04 buck. Please.

        • …until obamas thugs come knocking. Should put death by assault rifle at the TOP of the “death by” statistics!

          • Them or us as the casualties?

        • I respect that Makati1. That’s what freedom is all about…..having the right to choose for yourself.

      8. I’m not Jesus Christ or anyone considered GOOD, but am I alone when I say and waive…


      9. BTW: I am proficient with firearms. Eleven years in the National Guard as an officer. I qualified with everything from a 45 pistol to a 90mm tank gun.

        • @Makati1,

          Thank you. Now go buy 1, or 2!

          • At least get a Ruger 10/22. Nice little rifle with lots of uses.

        • Any Fighter Pilots out there as well? Gunship pilots? Apache heli pilots? Obama you forgot who you are screwing with? Hey you Joystick Junkies flying the Drones we need your help!

          Oh Bill Ayers you’re on the top of the list. I can hear you now, “Ooooh I am really scared!”

          I don’t want you to be afraid Mr. Ayers I want you to be around for the party.

        • Makati1

          I call bullshit on your statement..comment Comment ID: 1007537

          if you dont own one and shoot it are NOT proficient with any firearm..period!

          you may have “qualified” with one..but proficency comes with constant practice..end of story

          this comes from a guy standing ankle deep in brass, I gotta get back on target

          • VRF correct you are shooting is a learned skill that will diminish without practice, esp under pressure!

      10. Piers morgan was so high on tranquilizers that he didn’t know what planet he was on. It is still my firm believe that the absolute best defense to keeping our guns is to stress the dangers from a foreign country and/or a highly organized terrorist organization such as Hezbollah invading the country and people not being able to defend themselves with a much too thinny spread armed forces all over the world. This is really waht the 2nd. Amendment is about, protecting the country from being conquered. This is what I believe most people are going to listen to more than anything. China is a real threat along with Russia, and even those anti-gunner cowards don’t want to lose their conveniences to an invading army.

        • BI: why not just be honest and tell folks we do have a foriegn nation occupying our fed gov?..

          Its called APAIC the main office of zionist controlled govnt. aka…ZOG! Located in DC down the street from Penn ave whitehouse HQ.

          • @ Angelo Mysteriouso. I would tell people that aliens were coming if it would help preserve gun rights. The Chinese are a real threat to everything, and people will listen to this because of so many good jobs being lost to China. Whatever will work to keep people’s right to own firearms.

      11. Makati, that’s probably what the 292 million folks killed at the hands of tyrants thought as well. Just say’n.

      12. By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
        Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
        Here once the embattled farmers stood,
        And fired the shot heard round the world.

        The foe long since in silence slept;
        Alike the conqueror silent sleeps;
        And Time the ruined bridge has swept
        Down the dark stream which seaward creeps.

        On this green bank, by this soft stream,
        We set to-day a votive stone;
        That memory may their deed redeem,
        When, like our sires, our sons are gone.

        Spirit, that made those spirits dare,
        To die, and leave their children free,
        Bid Time and Nature gently spare
        The shaft we raise to them and thee.

        Concord Hymn Ralph Waldo Emerson

        • Butterknife

          Apologies…but if I may build on ole’ Ralph’s hymn…


          Ralph is gone & time has advanced
          Thus through the ages bye
          Yet the fearless prepare their hardened stance
          And dumb liberals wonder why

          Now the call for honor is heard again
          ‘Tis extremely loud & clear
          May stout hearts prevail in honorable men
          And may they keep their weapons near

          Troubles are coming, this they know
          Our defeat has nary a chance
          When the balloon goes up, we’ll strike the blow
          Causing Obama to shit his pants…


          Gunsmith’s addendum to Ralph’s classic(circa 1/08/13)

      13. OMG Alex Jones RAPED piers morgan in front of the whole world lmao. WAY TO GO ALEX JONES FOR TELLING THAT REDCOAT TO GO FUCK HIMSELF.

      14. Alex Jones starts out as someone who’s really passionate about his cause… But the more he talks, the more he starts to rant, and then he starts coming across as a nut-job!! I think he hurts our 2nd Amend. cause..

        • Alex turns into a KOOK with not just a capital *P* but ALL caps @ about 2:20 mark. Piers let him make and tie his own noose and if Alex had about 3 more minutes he would have walked HIMSELF up the gallows and been swinging.

      15. This is the problem when you are a conspiracy theorist you loose credibility!! Alex is right and his facts are accurate, but he should have known the Brit POS would try to make him look like a nut job.

        We don’t need to compare our stats to any other country because we are not like any other country. Yes we had over 11 thousand gun murders, but most of those were by people who don’t have a legal right to own a gun. If you compare it as a percentage of guns legally owned it a very small percentage.

        No gun control law on law abiding citizens will stop crime and that’s just a cold hard fact!

        • Is that number actually 11k gun murders, or are suicides and accidents included in that? Not disputing, just asking.

      16. Ok, my opinion is probably not going to make me popular.

        I think Alex said a lot of the right things, but it was a mistake to bowl over Piers in front of a camera and not try to take the high road. He had an opportunity to present himself to the viewing audience as someone with plenty of wisdom on these matters, and instead just kep rolling over Morgan. Piers deserves direct confrontation, but Alex could have handled it better than this. Also I had my girlfriend over tonight to watch, and she was unimpressed with his approach.

        • It doesn’t really matter, only about 200 people watch that idiot morgan’s show anyway….

      17. ooopsy….I forgot to censor the “F” word up there ^^^ sorry. :>)

        • Its just a all of them..they do no harm unless you allow it to

      18. That was a beautiful thing to watch. Now some will say Jones came off as a neanderthal due to his screaming and constant interrupting of that british usurper morgan and it will hurt “pro gun” advocates.

        Heres where i disagree,the 2nd amendment cannot be debated. We will not comply when it comes to debating it. It’s not debatable no matter what any progressive has to say about it. Being a God given natural right established in the constitution to remind the government where the true power is supposed to remain.

        Any liberal or marxist or foreigner who even brings up the idea of an intelligent forthcoming debate on the 2nd amendment needs to be immediately shouted down and put in their place like Alex did. Once you even open the door to debate, even if its at a miniscule level you are conceding you need to debate in order to maintain your inherent natural right. That cannot be. A true Constitutional Patriot cannot compromise with a liberal progressive. So the answer should be its UNDEBATABLE!! If you want to see it other wise then, molon labe.

        Now I don’t particularly follow Alex Jones but he was spot on with shutting that bloat morgan down tonight and I hope everyone will take his position when its their turn to defend the 2nd amendment. We cannot give an inch because they’ll take a foot.

        The writings on the wall and most of you here see it. That’s what brought me here several years back. First time posting though and i’d like to say heck of job your doing Mac and to most of you in the comments section i tip my hat to you. I’ve learned quite a bit reading your discussions and following your advice and links when it comes to preparedness.

        daus leo


        • Wolf359,

          Well said +100

        • Wolf, you nailed it—We do NOT debate; it is NOT negotiable–great attitude.

        • GREAT post Wolf359!!!!!!

      19. 62,262,000 England population w. 35 deaths by gun=
        1 death per 2,000,000

        315,000,000 w. 11,500 deaths by gun = 74 deaths per 2,000,000

        Conclusion??? Americans are better shooters??

        • But see, that statistic is so wrong. It isn’t accurate at all.

          We have to know how many people are holding guns, including the criminals to make an accurate judgement of gun death vs population of gun owners.

          I guarantee you that Britain will have a higher rate of gun violence than America if those statistics were ever revealed.

          Obviously it is impossible to know how many criminals have guns and even law abiding citizens, but there are estimates that can be made.
          We know 70-80 million Americans legally own guns already.

        • Check the deaths by knife and you may be surprised at how dangerous England is. Crime in England has soared since the gun ban and the general ban on defending yourself by any means. Do some research.

          • Clearly you didn’t read what I have to say. I am not talking about violence in general, we all know England has a higher rate of violence.

            I am talking about GUN VIOLENCE. Only 35 people may have died in England, but I am willing to bet that America has less deaths per capita than England does due to gun violence.

            Taking the total population in relation to gun violence is not accurate.

            You have to measure the the total gun owning population in relation to gun violence for accurate statistics. People that do not own guns are not relevant as they won’t be committing crimes with GUNS.

            How many guns are on the street in England? How many guns are in legal citizen hands in England?
            Then compare those numbers with the amount of reported gun violence that occurs. Do the same with America.

            I am betting that England will turn out MORE violent considering they have much less gun owners and still have gun crime where as America has A LOT of gun owners and still little gun violence.

            Nobody wants to conduct this study because I am pretty sure the outcome won’t support our governments stance on weapons. It will prove that banning guns doesn’t solve anything.

        • Yeah and 160,000 American dies by doctors. 365,000 Americans die by cigarettes and on and on.

          Screw England! By the way, stabbings are rampant and the police are cooking the books in an attempt to make their communist leaders look good. One Brit is just as likely to be stabbed with a screw driver or knife as an Ameircan being shot.

          Guns are for keeping the government under control. I’ll take the 11,000 deaths by guns even if one of the numbers includes me.

          The 20th century was the murderous century in human history. Communist governments and various secular government murdered their own people to the tune of 250,000,000 people after they were disarmed.

          One other note: 14,000 gun deaths killed home invaders, thugs and rapist in America. Is America a violent country perhaps. However, if everyone was packing heat America would be a very quiet neighborhood.

          Its about Liberty JayJay, not about how many people die by guns or any other instrument. Liberty.

          Good day.

      20. Alex beat the brakes off of his ass !

      21. ScoutMotto, You seem to be a very polite person and I respect you and your opinion. However please note PM got what he deserved. On many past interviews with Larry Pratt and other 2nd Amendment supporters, this Brit was a total POS. The only time he shut his dirty mouth was during interview with Ted N and AJ. To me PM is a 2nd amendment rapist and with rape there is no such thing as soft or rough rape and the victim should unleash hell. Also if an American Citizen speaks about the constitution even if it is against my beliefs, I will fight to protect such freedom. It is very difficult for me to listen to a NON US CITIZEN such as PM to come to this country and try to change the constitution.

        • I appreciate your response, and can see why you said this. I went back and reviewed how Morgan treated Larry Pratt when he was on, and indeed Alex gave him a taste of his own medicine. I’m still not sure that what he did was the *best* way to convey his message. Nevertheless, I do see your POV.

      22. Alex was a bit over the top, though I did loving seeing him steamroll Morgan. Liberalism is a mental disorder as Michael Savage likes to say, and when confronted with facts, reason and logic, most liberals lift their chins and dismiss their opponents with insult rather than reason. So I can understand why Alex made a full out assault, cramming as much fact and reason as possible. The question I would have asked Piers is simply what would he do if an armed rapist broke into his house and went after his family? Would he simply just try to plead with and understand the poor, misunderstood criminal, or would he man up and properly waste the asshole assuming he even had a gun available in he first place.

        • Does he even have a family?..maybe thats why hes not worried about protecting them..

          not to mention he probably lives in a gated community, has alarms and cameras..Body Guards.., and never sets foot out of a car in public.

          wouldnt it be a slap in the face to know he has ARMED guards, and might even own a might not be a pistol, so it might not show up on a back ground check..hell it might not even be his

      23. @ BI….you are correct on every point of your 2 posts…..not only would we be in danger from our own government and criminals if we were disarmed…..but foreign troops as well. A old Gerneral from WW2 Japan was frightened at the prospect of invading America by saying ” there would be a gun behind every blade of grass” With no guns it might not be so frightening to say the BRICKS brigade. Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. They all merged their economies back in 2010. Thats 3 BILLION people with a combined GDP of 14.9 trillion. If we didn’t have guns here in America they would ROLL RIGHT OVER US since they have joined militarily as well under the radar.

        • @BADPUPPYDOG—- sorry to disappoint you, but General Yamamoto NEVER said that. GOOGLE is your friend. he also enver made the comment that was said to be made in the movie TORA!TORA!TORA!
          Learn your History instead of repeating well worn, incorrect statements.

      24. omg…typo *general not gerneral in above post

        • Admiral Yamamoto

      25. Well you have to love this, Gun apporeciation day announced for Jan 19 2013
        A new coalition of gun rights and conservative groups has proclaimed January 19, 2013, “Gun Appreciation Day” and begun urging Americans nationwide to show their support for gun ownership by turning out en masse at gun stores, ranges, and shows from coast to coast.

        • On this day..Every gun owner should pack..OPENLY..regardless of thier state laws

      26. Alex did great and he threw a lot of stuff out and didnt stutter or get tounge tied! that was good and it shows his real care for this, and alex said listen bud to piers and piers says bud back, it was getting at him a tad I think. I thought piers was ok until I started watching and then saw his stance on guns, you guys know Im always talking about guns or gun related and ready to fire if needed. I’m glad he showed many the issue how we really feel. The liberals will think hes a loon who dont know him or on the other hand will think about it and watch again and ask themselves this guy is real, he is not scripted like other show hosts etc. He really hated that english bastard. But i’m glad and was happy the way the show went. We support you

        • Or as many would tell Piers Morgan as explanation of Jones’ attitude–Americans don’t take knives to a gun fight!!! PUN intended!!!

      27. Alex annoyed me in this “debate”. I understand what he was trying to to, he wasn’t letting Morgan get a word in, much like Morgan does to the majority of his guests. But Alex came off a bit nuts with his fast speech, arm swinging and shouting. However, at moments when he gets on point, he completely blows away Morgans defense(his defense from other shows that he is still trying to spew but couldn’t this go around).

        In the 20th century 170 million people were murdered at the hand of oppressive governments which followed a gun ban or heavy regulation (according to the video Innocents Betrayed on youtube).

        In America our violent crime rate has gone down significantly since the 90’s and we have more guns than we did in the 90’s.

        We have a lower violent crime rate than Britain.

        It is suggested that between 100,000 to 2.5 million crimes are prevented each year because of private gun ownership.

        The bill introduced by Feinstein, specifically the part about registering EVERY firearm in the country is quite similar to part of the bill Hitler introduced in 1938 shortly before he took complete control and seized the weapons of his political opponents or anyone he suspected of plotting against him.

      28. @ BI..make that 3 good posts instead of 2 good ones like I said above. you posted again and I liked the 3rd post too. :>)

      29. holy shite, alex jones was out of control! he completely destroyed Peirs during that ‘debate.’

      30. Former Army SSG here with 14 years service. Served in Iraq in 1990 and 1991. I’ve only recently found this site, and I’m mighty glad I did. Been reading through the articles and comments for the past few days. Seems like a lot of good folks here.

        I also visit Prison Planet quite a bit and follow things there. Say what you want about Alex Jones, but you’ll likely get more truth from him than all of the MSM outlets combined.

        Just wanted to pass along two of my observations as our few remaining freedoms slowly swirl down the drain.

        1. I truly believe, with every fiber of my being, that it is coming down to a second civil war. Things can not continue in this manner, for much longer. If I may be permitted to hazard a guess, I’d say the balloon will go up sometime in late spring to early summer.

        2. I also believe there will be some type of man-made outbreak or pandemic before that time. This will serve two purposes: (a) a reason for TPTB to suspend the constitution and declare Martial Law, and (b) soften up the resistance to the gun-grabbers.

        Apparently, a lot of folks here in my town are seeing the same signs as me. I went to several local gunshops today looking for 12 gauge 00 shells. None of them had any shells, or hardly anything else. One of the owners told me that his supplier said he didn’t know when, or even if, he’d get any more. So tonight, one of my good friends and myself rode out to the local super Wal-Mart. They didn’t have any either, and were cleaned out of rifle and pistol ammo, but I did manage to grab 5 boxes of #4 shot.

        We then went over to the grocery side, and just about everything with a shelf life of more than a few months (tuna, canned chicken and beef, spagetti and ravioli, Ramen noodles) were all but wiped out.

        All the signs are there, like pieces of a puzzle, and they just need to be put together to get the entire picture. I truly hope that all the folks that have posted on various articles here will stand behind their comments, and not turn over their weapons when the jack-booted thugs come calling.

        I know I won’t. I’ve already spoken to my wife, children, and grand-children, and told them of my intentions to remain free.

        I will not lay down. I will not become a slave. If it comes to dying, I’ll do so on my feet.

        Guess I’ve said enough for the time being.

        • KySSG,

          First let me say thank you sir for the services you provided. Second welcome to the site, not sure about what area you are from but I can tell the same thing is happening here in the panhandle of TX. Many old timers are saying the same thing about where we are headed. Not sure how many will stand their ground but I can tell you there seems to be alot around these parts. As for me, well I will not give up my guns, I will not hide my guns and I will not pay any kind of tax to keep my guns..

          Standing by in Texas,


          • Thank you, DPS. I’m located in south-central Kentucky area. Things here are getting a little scary. Food disappearing, ammo drying up. Folks older than me are saying they’ve never seen anything like it.

            • KySSG–you old dog you—I’m in south-central Ky.
              City starts with a R and it’s 25 miles from Bowling Green.
              So, are we neighbors???
              OPSEC is okay, but sure would like to know dh and I have one friend who thinks like us/

              ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness’

              You know about Uncle Lee’s??? In Greenville??

              • Man, Im reluctant to give away my position..Opsec and all.., but TPAB already know

                to all you Patriots..I have your back

                KySSG..salute to you for your service, and welcome

              • JayJay, I’m in a town that starts with C and about an hour from Bowling Green. Yep, we’re neighbors.

                • Well, if you’re on the east side of B.G., since I’m on the west side, not really that close.
                  Hope it’s nearer.

        • “americans would rather stand and die fighting than to live on there knee’s” George Washington

        • 16 years army. 5 years security contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan and a couple other countries. Yes, you’re right. All the signs are there for a Civil War in the making. Food, guns and ammo flying off the shelves. But I think that’s more of a knee jerk reaction, in that people are getting what ever they can get before its too late. They are panicing. I doubt people are consciously gearing up for war though. But we’re headed in that direction very quickly. Once they begin confiscating the guns – and make no mistake, there won’t be a debate about it – they already decided. When they physically go for the guns, that’s when it’ll erupt. First it’ll be one or two that’ll fight back and it will grow quickly from there. Everyone’s had enough of these despots in power and what they’ve done to destroy this country. As far as I’m concerned, they have become the Redcoats of our time.

        • KySSG, I’ve got love a guy like you. I am with you all the way. No Retreat, No Surrender,
          No compromise….period…

          Family members who know I am a patriot came over last night and asked what they should do to protect their loved ones.

          I told them they knew what to do or they would be talking to me. Arm and stand your ground was my message loud and clear. I told them to Fear not.

          I told them to draw very close to their enemy and closer to God. At the end of the day what really matters is Truth and that’s what we are fighting for.

          When are lives are at an end, when our liberties are just a memory, when the heavy boot of government thugs is crushing your neck there is one thing they cannot destroy and that is TRUTH.

          In the movie “V for Vendetta” there is a scene towards the end where Creedy cries out, ” Why won’t you die?!”

          The “V” says to Creedy, “Inside me is an IDEA and IDEAS are bullet proof!” The Truth is bullet proof.

          The American Spirit is Alive and Well! Thank you Barack Obama or whoever you for arousing the Americans from their sleep.

          Good day Sarge!

          • Keep your friends close, your loved ones closer, and your enemies at 9x distance.

        • Check out Cabellas on the 00 buck. They are running a sale on the 12 gauge.

      31. Let the red thumbs begin.. I am a huge fan of Mr.Alex Jones, I read his site everyday just like I do this site. However by not have all his facts straight the general public will look at Alex like a fool. He lost his temper and that made him look bad. Sorry but 35 yrs of Sales I read people.. But I sure did like the last few seconds send piers back to england… Oh yeah wait I hear they don’t want him either..


        • DPS

          I caught that also….but at the end of the day, it boils down to his message only….he spoke the truth w/ conviction & I will defend that/him!!!

          Because that is what really matters….TRUTH!

          • Gunsmith,
            Agree 100 % the truth is what it comes down too and for that I back Jones as well.. Also did you catch what this POS Piers and his gang were joking about tonight? Now they think they should show up to the boxing ring with a automatic and POP Alex Jones… Thats some sick shyt. Myself I think the little fluffer Piers needs to find a new home because you f–k with Americans and we will finish what you start.

            Have a great night brother, keep loading up,

      32. Gotta love Alex,
        I dont know if any of this is helping or not, the conversation about gun control that is. We are so entrenched in our polarization that its pretty much a non starter trying to convince someone that has lost part of their brain (libs and progs) that the constitution is still the law of the land and that the idea of returning gifts to God (inalienable rights)is not a good one. Lets face it folks all the eloquent speeches or passionate tirades are not going to change anyones mind. Its too late for that and Alex is right 1776 could happen all over again and the f#(%tards that can not or will not see it comming will die either in the crossfire or the fema camps. As horrible and as cold as it sounds the problem will take care of itself, those that choose to dissarm themselves are going to die as slaves. Those that choose to defend their God given rights will die as free men and women. Now for those that survive this thing they will live out the rest of their lives in shame and regret or in victory and respect.

        So in the words of the late Joe Strummer of the Clash

        “when they kick in your front door how you gonna come with your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun ?”

      33. Why all the concern and worry about China invading the US? Its stupid.
        They dont have the navy to get an army here.
        If the dollar crashes China wont have the money to build a navy to get them here. (They will be too busy feeding and keeping their unemployed slaves in line )
        If the dollar crashes the patriots will be in control of the nuclear arsenal hence China wouldnt dare.
        If Obama invites them to invade the patriots will take over the govt and traitors and China will be dealt with accordingly.
        Worry about stuff that might happen China is conspiracy BS

        • they wont send any on a dam boat..they know they would get blown out of the water

          we have commercial airlines coming here every day..all they will look like to you and I civillians,dressed just like you and me. its called slow and progressive

          hell ,they are buying up property here like its going out of style and starting up thier own communities..yes I’ve seen them in my own state, but I digress

          That said..I dont think China is our problem either ,(yet)
          we have traitors right here to deal with FIRST!

          • Yeah no s**t. They arent coming on boats or “slow and progressive.” I suppose you were one of the ones who the thought the Japanese where going to take over the world when they were buying up everything in the US in the70’s and 80’s. They didnt take over the world nor will the Chinese.
            “Comrade We have a billion people starving and rioting in the streets since the dollar crashed.”
            “Not important Comrade Singh just keep to the plan”
            “What plan is that?”
            “The plan to slowly and progressively put unarmed comrades on planes to the USA”
            “And dont forget tell them to stay away from VRF’s house…that guy is on to us.
            Like I said the Chinese taking over the world is BS

      34. I absolutely must stress this, please EVERYONE listen closely. The government is playing a mind trap game with everyone, pro-gun and anti-gun. The government wants this huge debate and fight over guns to boil over. They want pro-gun people to focus on losing their rights to own firearms because of a tyrannical government. This reinforces to the moderate and the not so moderate that pro gun people are extremists that are against EVERYONE’s government. PLEASE don’t play into their trap. Make a foreign enemy the bad guys to fear (not the U.S.), bite your tongues for the betterment of our gun rights.

        When you argue that you want to protect the 2nd. Amendment because you want to protect America, ALL of America from foreign enemies, like China or Russia, the government loses the radical stance it is trying to build that anyone pro-gun is anti-country and dangerous to America. Please don’t fall into the BO trap. Concentrate on America first, and focus of China and Russia and dangerous Muslim countries as the REAL enemy. This is why you want citizen’s to be able to keep their assault rifles and other firearms, because you love this country so much that you NEVER want to weaken the defenses that are duty bound to defend it against invasion.

        If you want to thwart BO’s other government characters’ master plan to disarm the country, then EVERYONE that cherishes the 2nd. Amendment must change course and turn ALL attention on where most if not all Americans can agree on, other countries and terrorist’s being the ENEMY. Calling the U.S. government a tyrannical state might be true, but most people will not listen, and this is what the government is counting on, to divide America up. Let’s instead unite America towards the true enemies, Russia and China.

        One way pro-gun people can get a lot of people on board supporting gun rights to defend America from a future invasion from China is to stress over and over again all the good American jobs that China has stolen from America. Make the economic downfall that so many people are suffering from solely to blame on China. Make the Chinese into pure monsters that are making all Americans feel the economic hardships. Make China into a country that will, which is no lie, invade and conquer America and turn everyone into slaves IF we cannot defend ourselves. Stress that China is still communist. MAKE CHINA THE ENEMY, NOT THE U.S. IN ANY WAY.

        Trust me, a hell of a lot more Americans are going to back us all up on gun rights when they understand that their very lives are going to end or change into hell IF American is disarmed in anyway. CHINA, the evil dragon of the east is waiting for America to be weakened, hoping for it, even sending money and resources to make it happen. People have a lot easier time believing this, than fellow Americans would turn on their own country, even those in the government. Much easier to hate and fear the Chinese, the true enemy here.

        • The reverse red-herring… could be effective

        • @Be Informed….

          You are 100% correct. What is going on is Govt mind-games. They want us to feel guilty for prepping, saving, or even adjusting our portfolio. They want us to feel guilty about owning a gun. It is a mind game. Thus,

          we start to argue with each other. We should argue on semantics, but not on our ultimate goals and that is to be prepared for the worse to come.

          The Commie Left wants us to fight each other.

          The Commie Left has the advantage. They have the money. They have the media. They have many in the political arena. And, they are very well organized. They cover each other. If a drone in Pakistan kills 80, then so what. Just report the two Talibans that were killed.

          We preppers need to stay united and focused.

          The Commie Left hates us and wants us gone. Do you think they would report anything if many preppers were being attained by the new FEMA system? No. It would go silent.

          I know drones will strike in USA. Will it be reported by MSM?

          Be Informed, you are correct again. The Left is shifting focus on US when it should be on all the other stuff that is really harming the future of America.

          • Could not agree more. Drones are already flying over the US, and I’m sure they’ll be used, when the time comes.

        • Works for me

          man I knew I liked you for some reason..its ok..I’ll get over

        • BI,

          I do agree the Chinese threat is real. They have have been systematically attacking us for years. In the book Unrestricted Warfare, a leaked series of plans and discussions from the highest level of the politburo and PLA details a rising China’s plan to attack and defeat a mightier US military using assymetric warfare.

          It goes on in great length to explain China’s constant cyber warfare attacks pilfering billions if not trillions of trade secrets from US defense, industrial, and financial institutions while leaving behind Trojan horses in yber infrastructure where they can return someday and shut down all critical infrastucture durring a pending conflict.

          Not only are they attacking us economically and through cyber space the PLA as part of their assymetric warfare are developing or have developed EMP weapons, anti satellite missile (only need about half a dozen to blind and cripple our country’s miliatary defenses, a host of bio/chem weapons, and soon to be hundreds and possibly thousands of submarines. If you look to history, you notice when a country is building its submarine fleet to astonishing high numbers it’s a very good indication that said country is preparing for an all out prolonged war or seige of another country.

          These few examples aren’t even the most worrisome about China’s assymetric warfare plans. The needs of their county’s survival depends on aqcuiring new lands for water and food to foster a growing 1.3 billion people and they have their targets set. They want US! Please click and read the following link. This should be posted on every piece of cheap junk made in China to remind us of their true intentions.


          Now the Chinese threat is a real and powerful one but the current imminent threat is from our own country. The progressive left for a hundred years has been at this. They have undermined the foundations of our country by marginalizing the founders and the constitution, debasing our morals and values, pushing God away from our children while promoting alcohol, drugs and a promiscuous life style. We are now reaping what they began to sow a hundred years back.

          I have tried explaining the constitution to the younger generations and to liberal minded folks. They refuse to see it and or reasonably debate it. they’re minds are made up. They constitute about a third of our country, another third are people like you and I and the final third are the lemmings. Mostly the undecided younger crowd who as long as they have jersey shore, dancing with the stars and new i phones every 6 months to play angry birds on,they dont care. They will always go with the left who promises them these trivial things. They will not sacrifice a few meaningless luxuries in order to preserve their constitutionally guaranteed God given rights for themselves and future generations.

          So preaching a half truth of a chinese invasion wouldnt muster much in terms of changing their thought structure. As valid as the chinese threat is it would be a waste of time convincing the herd to buy into the 2nd amendment for that.

          As for nationalism that is a double edged sword. Just look at what nationalism did to Europe and then the world from the latter half of the 19th century to mid 20th century. Two world wars and millions dead. Once the nationalism train gets rolling it usually doesn’t stop till the deaths of millions and resturcting of the world. Something America doesnt have the resources or the stones to do right now.

          We must excise the progressive elements from our own country and restore our Constitution and core family values while returning to God before we can galvinize ourselves to repel the Chinese. The last thing im doing is dismissing your point of view. I have followed your posts for quite some time and every time i hear about a large earthquale i head immediately here. I just beleive explaining a semi truth and promoting Nationalism could be a slippery slope i’d like to avoid at this time.

          I leave with this :

          “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

        • be informed I agree with you 100 percent and always love your posts and get what you are saying but Obama and this government are trying to take away our rights and that is in the open. They are taking what is legally ours and that makes this a war(or a debate or a concearn) whatever we should call it.

        • @BI

          I agree with you on 99% of your musings. This is that 1% that I don’t. I know what you are saying and agree to the point of disagreement of maybe it is time to reinforce the tyranical powers part.

          • @ BigB and everyone else. As ed says before demonize some foreign power that most Americans can get behind. The Chinese have the largest military in the world and are a definte threat, real threat. I totally understand that the government is tyrannical, but telling people this will only alienate our cause to save gun rights. You, I and everyone else can know that part of the 2nd. Amendment is of course meant to protect us from an evil government, but you gain far more support from those that are going to make the laws if you have a type of nationalist movement behind you to protect America.

            Stress the real and true enemy of the WORLD, CHINA. People will get behind those supporting the protection of America. People are a lot less likely to support THEIR government turning on them, this is just simple naive human nature that their leaders are for the people. I don’t want to win the battle and lose the war with gun rights. Trust me everyone, focus on an enemy that everyone can hate and relate to stealing their livelihood, their jobs. IT WILL WORK.

            • @BI, you make a good case and I will agree with you up till the point where the powers to be instigate even one more action against the American people. Those lines will be:

              A caving in by the Republicans on the spending issues. That includes any hanky panky such as a trillion dollar platinum coin.

              A caving in by the people at large including politicians in anymore gun restrictions.

              That is my line in the sand. That is where I will make a stand with or without anyone else. I love my country too much to see it lose the moral and ethical stances it once stood for. I have served my country in war and in peace. It is time for my country to serve me.

        • BI
          it is pointless to try and sway public opinion at this point. i jokingly used to say ‘i refuse to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man’. but sadly, over half the country are a bunch of ignorant misinformed selfish, Godless misguided sheeple. it dont matter what we say or how we say it, people are either in one camp or another on everything, Polarized with a capital ‘p’. prob with our side, conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, is we have been the ‘nice guy’ in the conversation, taking that high road. f that! the commies play dirty, we gotta respond in kind. this is our last chance to let freedom stand any chance of survival in this country. do or die, speak or forever be a slave.

          • @ Big B and BOHICA. Perhaps I am wrong, but I remember a very interesting Star Trek Next Generation episode that bothered me for a long time since about 2005. The episode was set in the 90’s. Data was on a planet trying to persuade the people there that their planet, that was claimed by a powerful other race, had to be abandoned to the race or face attack. These people had a nice little agriculture operation going on and they just would not leave under any circumstances. They felt they could fight this race as long as needed.

            Data finally took out his phaser and wasted their entire aquaduct and several other other facilities. He told them this is what I can do with one phaser. What these race of beings will do is completely annihilate your settlements and not once will you see the faces of the people that kill all of you.

            This is the problem with those f’en drones. Unless people can come up with a jamming system they cannot stop these things. They are silent and you have to know that they are coming before you can even think about defending yourself against it. The government has long range type of distruptor devices and microwaves that can simply fry everyone that they desire. All of this without seeing the faces of your attacker. The government is that evil, just look at Assad, to use devices that you cannot defend yourself against because the devices are just oo far away in the air or miles away on the ground.

            I understand that most people are sheeple, well make that work to your advantage. Look at how Hitler was able to FOOL the people into his adventures that lead to a broken Germany. People ARE sh&* stupid, but there are also extremely selfish and don’t want to lose what they have. Look at how many of them voted for BO because they didn’t want to lose their benefits. Convincing the masses of the imminent Chinese threat if the guns are lost might be a difficult task, but it can be done. Anyone that would follow BO is capable of following anything.

            Nationalism is a primitive trait of almost all lifeforms, to defend your home. The fact that even the stupidest person knows is that China has stolen good jobs and their suffering is because of China. Trust me, demonize China as much as possible, justified completely, and that guns are necessary to keep China from invading and you will get a lot more people supporting gun rights. People want to hate China, give them many reasons to and the gun ownership might even go up even more so, and perhaps save the country from a future Chinese invasion.

      35. I agree Alex,came on strong, and Slapped the British Assclown around, but sometimes we need to get in their Faces and shout them down, like they do us, his audience won”t be swayed with Facts or Common Sense, so you may as well vent your Guts on the Fools…BTW we Americans are decent Shots!

        Semper Fi

      36. Though i am not a major fan of AJ, I support him . I loved how he pounded on PM.

      37. I just watched piers morgans beating again…that bit where ALEX did his QUEEN OF ENGLAND voice to piers at the end is one of the funniest damn things I have ever seen. ALEX continued to slap piers around the room in the QUEENS VOICE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. OMG
        If you are a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT didn’t ALEX JONES just say to piers morgan EXACTLY what we have all been wanting to say to all these gun grabbers? ( redcoats )

      38. No Gun Laws at all….

        Alex Jones For president

      39. Don’t know why it’s taking so long to moderate my earlier comment, but oh well.

        Bought some MREs last month on Cheaper Than Dirt, $49 a case. Checked today and they’re $69 a case. Anyone know of another site where they might be a bit less expensive?

        • KySSG–this is a long shot, but being in southern central KY…did you try Uncle Lee’s in Greenville? Call first.
          We shop there and they have lots…not saying it’s there now.
          Because……Ky had 2.5 million background checks for gun owners last year and our population is only 4.5 million.
          Go Kentucky!

          • Thanks, Jay. Will give them a try. BTW, big lake near me. *wink* You can check a map and figure it out.

            • I’m thinking B.R. Lake, but can’t find a C town or city.
              I’ll keep looking.

              • G R Lake and it’s a bit further from Bowling Green than I thought. Still we are less than 2 hours apart, so pretty close.

          • That doesn’t necessarily mean that half of KY is armed. 🙂 Personally I had 12 background checks last year and my wife had 3 so we did our fair share to add to those statistics.

            • That was my point—The armed in Ky is HEAVILY armed!!!

        • SSG,

          I suggest you check out Ebay. Picked some MRE’s up there a couple years ago at a reasonable price. Don’t know what they go for now. Just watch that you aren’t buying anything coming up on its expiration date.

          • obtuseangler, appreciate it. Saw some there, but you’re right about the dates.

      40. One point AJ didn’t catch when Piers kept pushing the issue of “what was used in all these massacres” was that this last one didn’t involve the AR 15. The Bushmaster was found in his car. He used the two semi auto pistols to kill…NOT the AR.

        • Wrong, Spankenstein..the children (that weren’t really killed) were reported by the coroner to have AR/rifle bullets in their bodies (that weren’t really there)..see, the whole false flag thing blew up in their faces…TPTB rushed this one.
          It was even worse than 9/11.

          The weapon is SAID to be the rifle, but the OFFICERS forgot to get the rifle from the trunk of the car and the pistols were all that were found at the body(that wasn’t really there either).

          Oh, has anyone seen any of the videos from the hallway of the school yet?? I DIDN’T THINK SO!!!

          • @JayJay….

            I believe 28 people were murdered. However, what we dont know is the true story. Presstv kind of had a good theory based on the facts that we all heard and saw.

            The officers did not know about the possible ‘inside’ job, that is why they were doing their job. That is why they arrested one man in camos and also chased down two other men in the woods.

            That was reported in first two hours. Then suddenly all of the stories changed. Suddenly the men in the woods never existed, etc.

            I knew something was wrong when I heard the Coroners testimony.

            And cameras in school hallway. We will never see them. Just like Oklahoma City where there were 5 cameras unharmed by the blast. One camera clearly showed the UHaul. But it never showed who got out of the UHaul, nor the blast itself. Witnesses said there were two blasts, one inside as well, but no reports from MSM.

            Conspiracy theories can be eliminated if they would fill the vast voids in the many stories happening since. Acting like those two men in woods did not exist begs many questions.

            PS. Your 4th thumbs up was from me!

      41. I cannot believe that the puppet masters of the mainstream media let Jones speak like this. Still have not decided if Mr. Jones is real or a plant. If he is authentic, then how is he still vertical?

        • i was thinking the same thing. i figured though, if he is legit and then he somehow dies of anything from a gun shot wound to the head to some rare cancer, he’ll probably end up being some kind of folk hero and might even become a sort of rallying call for the resistance. maybe TPTB figures if they basically ignore him he’ll look like the boy who cried wolf… to the sheep anyway….

        • From what I gathered from listening, he has awesome protection comparable to any high official.
          Now, that was what I got reading between the lines.

      42. American patriotic gun-owning people who revere their rights granted by the U.S. Constitution are the only impediment left to the evil of a one-world government and a one-world currency.

        We are the last in line specifically because as individuals WE cannot all be systematically corrupted by corporate conglomerate lobbying like our ‘elected’ and appointed mandarins in the federal government.

        Just as America’s armed forces and militarized police forces have kept global commerce secure for the untouchables since Britan became a second-rate nation of immigrants and pussies….the untouchables will expect our military and police to eventually disarm us so that the master plan can go into effect.

        I can’t say what I am going to do if they make their move….but I can ask you all on this forum “What are you going to do if they come for your guns?…..if the UN puts an occupation force on our soil? If Obama wins a third term by coup since the constitution still forbids it….

        What are YOU going to do to keep true freedom alive?

        • Unconventional warfare. Seems like it worked pretty well for a bunch of little, pajama-wearing guys a while back.

          As for me, I’ll do whatever it takes. Like I said in my earlier post, if it comes to dying, I’ll do so on my feet. I refuse to lay down, I refuse to be a slave.

          • also remember the weapons of war are different now then they were back then when those pajama wearers kicks us in the balls.

            • Very true.

        • By myself, I’m impotent; however, Germany is/was a small country and a very small force was used to conquer people in other countries! To make this short/simple, they used a major show of force on resistance and they used INFORMANTS among the conquered people to squeal on resistance! At any point, a small armed group could’ve used an informant to set up the small controlling German force and surrounded them and killed like shooting fish in a barrel. That’s why it’s so important to keep your guns hidden and away from your home; not all of ’em; the Australians hid their guns rather than surrender them. Any UNregistered guns from the good ol’ days should NEVER be registered or brought to the light of day until the day! There are over 77 million gun owners in this country; largest armed force in the history of the world and I’m not giving up/surrendering my guns to anyone!

          • Germany small force?…Aprox 4 million army and 90 million total german citizens is small?

        • @TRNS
          What you’re gonna do when they come for you?

          I have a hell of a problem with this waiting game and if we fire the first shot, meaning put some real lead into them, we will be demonised. Until then PICK your 7 and prepared.
          I have told my family that I might die in a firefight. They all think it is not going to happen.
          You have to have a plan. All I know is when a certain thing happens, this old fat boy is gonna move and you better stay out of my way.

          Lets see? Did they move the “gun ban” back a few months to settle the budget? If they did, watch them closely.
          They will move back and forth on the issues like shit going thru goose feathers.

      43. Mr Morgans 1st Amendment ends when he is trying to take away one of my Amendments, the 2nd.

        • Yup and without the Second..there is no First, or any of the others for that matter

          • um the first has been destroyed already, when those kids protesting on the collage campus were pepper sprayed, when protesters are herded to predetermined caged areas away from the protest sight, how did the 2nd help there? It is not the amendment that protects us it is the use of the amendment which we do not do.

            Lets go over this 1 more time, Patriot act and ndaa (2011 ) these two items alone pissed on our constitution, did the second amendment protect them? Obviously NOT if they are in effect which we all know they are.

            Presidential kill lists of American citizens, the second is supposed to protect us from this eh? well I do believe that there are these kill lists already and yet we have the second , It is WE THE PEOPLE who need to act and USE the TOOL ( Constitution ) That our forefathers gave us. And again no one gave a shit when these other amendments were pissed on, WE DID NOTHING.

      44. Well done Alex…I am one of 11+ million gun owners here in Canada – I have both hand guns, shot guns and rifles. It wasn’t easy getting my PAL both restricted and Non restricted(Possession and Acquistion Licence). But I am glad I have that right…Alex in away was defending everyones rights… to be Treated Like ADULTS! A British MP many years ago said ” Governments should fear the people they serve – not the other way around” and that is the whole point!

        • Welcome Neighbor

        • Canada Free Press says it best… because without a free America, there is no free world. Hair on ya Alex, they needed that. What I fear most is USnorthcom getting Canadas gun owners list while chasing US refugees bugging out to Canada. Uncle Sam doesn’t respect national sovereignty either, the laws are already in place. If you bug out north, don’t you be wearin a uniform, hear me? Other than that, we have your back, as best a neutered population can. But beware, there be real wolverines here.

        • Welcome Mr. Todd of the North.

      45. That was a pretty good English accent.

      46. Go Alex! Our founding fathers must be rolling in their graves. We need to draw the line in 2013 just like our forefathers did in 1776.

      47. This was the Showdown of the ages and ALEX soundly trounced the Jerk from the UK and as the petiton says, he needs to go back to the UK and good ridance,,,,

        • I gunna Cooke dat jones fellah sum of my gud steu far thee gud job he Dunne wit dat englisk feller pepe morgahn –I wuz thinkane fich an chipes made out of reed birds–charred smelt wort —catapilar juise an sum moone shyne and taters wit pikled possume graveeyy… my friend jethrow haz a fone en hez traylore hause an say ed he gunna Call
          Jones fore our bar b q …do u thinx jone like snake meat? O yeah grandmah sayed that nino o is invited too we jus luv NINA O

      48. Geesh… and I’m having problems finding darts for my cattle “shot” gun.

      49. @BI I have been advocating for a plan that we could all get behind. Maybe the China or Mexican drug cartels would be a good group to demonize. It worked against the Muslims. We should use tricks we have all been taught. Americans have always been better off when we have a foreign enemy. Especially one that can invade and take over.
        If the Chinese come over here we better be ready. The military will be very hesitant to drop 500 lb bombs on u.s. neighborhoods. Small arms will be the weapon of choice. We would have to defend the homeland while the military takes the war to their doorstep.
        Yeah maybe we can make that arguement work. Just keep repeating it. Just like Bo does.

      50. Alex Jones is a jerk who needs to take some prozac. There is nothing to be gained by screaming and ranting like a madman (and thats coming from me). Chill out.

      51. My 2 cents for what it’s worth:

        Starting with the good:
        1. Alex did a good job not letting Piers Morgan control the narrative and thus the debate.
        2. Alex kept to the facts rather than allow Morgan to focus on a miniscule technicality, which I am compelled to point out areas in which Castle Doctrine remains weakened includes Justified Homicide in its statistics, so the statistics for deaths by firearm violence is rather skewed upward by default/defacto.
        3. Alex also does a good job outlining the definitive underlining to the Second Amendment as well as pointing directly to Democide, which is effectively war turned inward without resistance or effective resistance.
        4. He also brought attention to many psychiatric drugs cause violent and suicidal tendencies, which cupped with the US possessing the highest medicated populace as well as other regulations the Second Amendment would be curbed by a large percentage. In fact, Mike Adams and Mike Rapport discussed it recently.
        5. The last thing Alex does is point out that nations like Russia and China have called upon the US to ban firearms, and he reminded Morgan is a foreigner.

        Not so good things:
        1. Alex let his passion and emotion get the better of him. There was three instances that Alex’s emotional responses did make him appear rather unstable. Towards, the end, CNN highlighted Alex’s Conspiracy theories, which:
        A. It seems CNN and mainstream will use the conspiracy theories avenue in response.
        B. People who either hasn’t heard or hasn’t followed Alex at all will view those occasions Alex was very passionate as he was a nut, and the mainstream media will repeat those portions and conspiracy theorists in an attempt to distract most of its viewers from the hard facts conveyed.
        In my experience from a variety of topics even under the discussion of possibilities, many people will cling to any disposition that is given to ignore or otherwise dismiss the doubt the facts would have given.
        2. Alex’s offer to a boxing match was rather ridiculous, and it inevitably opens the door to additional ridicule or Alinksy aka Satire attacks on Pro-Second Amendment supporters.
        3 and in and a more personal viewpoint, I think that Alex shouldn’t have said the petition to deport Piers Morgan was simply to dually draw attention to Morgan being a foreigner who is attacking the US Constitution in particular the bill of right’s Second Amendment. In my viewpoint, this makes Alex more flexible in his views; than, he otherwise is, which reading articles about it mostly seems to stem from the Obama Administration’s suspected lack of response to the petition exceeding the threshold. Frankly, Piers Morgan’s attack on the Second Amendment cupped with political correctness and etc that effectively should fall under grounds to deport a foreigner. Foreigners should not have the capacity to incite erosion against the Constitution and etc and remain on US soil.

      52. My father, ex Korean conflict MP, said years ago this country would face the issue of gun confiscation/restriction! It’s here and now! The ex military gentleman above aptly put the point that we face as to how we’ll come to the door when the boots kick in the door! Hands on head or gun in hand? After Kuntrina, military force kicked in door of an old woman, video widely viewed, and she had warned them she had a dog and a gun. They beat that poor woman, bruises all over her, and took her gun! Practice run for what’s coming folks! It’s here and now! United Nations NEW WORLD ORDER global governance and enslavement coming! “Come, Lord Jesus, come!” From Revelation.

        • yeah see..she had to TELL them she HAD A GUN..they didnt know before hand. Dont give up your position people, learn to keep it to yourself

        • Mark

          Jesus told his disciples to sell their coat and buy a sword(offensive weapon)….he DID NOT advise them to buy a SHIELD(pure defensive implement)!

          Read between the lines, ok?

          …one other point…the Savior always stood his ground and confronted evil.
          We must do the same!

          • anton Jesus also stated that the TWO swords that were brought before him were enough ( there are 12 apostles eh? ) So two swords for 12 people.

            Jesus also said:

            21 “You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, ‘You shall not murder,[a] and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’ 22 But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister[b][c] will be subject to judgment.”


            38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’[h] 39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”


            43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[i] and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”

            And once more:
            42 “Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.”

            These are but a few of the teachings of Christ, His words to us. Christ is the ONLY way into heaven THE ONLY WAY.

            I have retaken the walk with Jesus. Trying to better myself, finding that I was putting myself before Christ, You can not, no matter what if you are a true christian put anything before Christ, not your children, not your wife, not yourself. It is Christ, Family, Yourself. or yourself then family depending on personal views. But Jesus for Christians MUST ALWAYS COME FIRST.

            Remember EVERYONE on this planet is GODS Children ALL OF THEM, if they choose to believe it or not or choose to believe in some other form of god or gods, They are STILL the children of CHRIST and CHRIST LOVES ALLLLL HIS CHILDREN!

            Jesus does not even hate Lucifer, and yet we find ways every day to hate in his name.

            • Jesus done left Chicago..because the state would not recognise his right to bare arms

            • AnonLegion

              Ok, I’ll grant you the 2 swords deal.

              That said, you need to understand that Christ and his disciples were not opposed by a rogue super-power regime…hell-bent upon not only eradicating his teachings…but eliminating 5/6ths of the human race too boot!

              Its all about context, Anon-L….context and wisdom are the key!

              True wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit…ask for it!

              Btw, you got a thumbs up from me.

            • Sorry anaon but thats not correct. Its in I “Think” Thesolonians?….Christians are told that WE are Gods children…Then it has a long list of those who AINT Gods but ARE Satans children.

              That list begins with Cowards, then includes liars-fornicators-adulteres-Queers/fags- UNbelievers(includes jews too)and the list and chapter ends with the words “Therefore as Children of God the father, from such(those listed as non christians etc) TURN AWAY! and have NOTHING to do with them at all!

              They are also called childern of the DARK and Satan who IS darkness etc.

              Them quotes or most you posted is spoken TO christians FOR same on treatment of Same mainly.

              As for “It is enough” on the Two swords part?…Christ wasnt refering to the two swords as enough swords for 12 men!

              What He meant is He tried to explain to them with him(not all 12 were there then, more like 3-4 I think it was?) that While He was Here ON Earth preaching 3 yrs etc, Christ was able to and Did provide Everything the apostles needed…IE: Food-water-roof overheads-SAFTY!

              Then He states “BUT AFTER THIS!” after what?…Christ tried to tell them he will soon be crucified and Dead, and although will rise to life again in 3 days, He won’t remain earthbound anymore untill He Returns in the Future.(The apostles with Him didnt get its meaning, hence Christ says “It is Enough” aka ENOUGH TALK! since they didn’t understand anyways)

              AND since Christ was headed to Remain heaven bound untill His return, “After This” meant They and YOU and ME Must NOW take Cash if we has it–Food if avail. and if No swords?…SELL COAT to BUY one! Because Christ Wont be here to do all He did for Them back Then…Get it yet?

              There is zero doubt He meant BUY a SWORD(or firearms today, sword WAS back then finest weapon avail as guns is today) and BUY it for PROTECTION of SELF and Other innocents and christians.

              He also says Love your neighbor…Who do you think back then christians had for a neighbor?…It wasn’t Romans and surely NOT jews as jews IS who forced Christs Murder to happen(Let His INNOCENT Blood be upon OUR heads and OUR decendants =Jews…Rabbi leadership AND reg avg jew followers of babalonian talmudic teachings which Christ Condemned!)

              No..Back then Christians fled areas so as to reside as a Group with Other christians Only. So unlike todays world…Back then “neighbor”= another fellow believer most often.

              Believe what ya want anaon but at least read it All in context. Verses Prior and After them you quoted explains it In context. Then you wont be mixed up and believe falsehoods or mistaken ideas which will get folks Killed needlessly.

              AGAIN: if all He means on two swords issue is as You stated it?…Then WHY did He include “Take money pouch”?…And Take your “Backpack of supplies” which before he said opposite and NOT take anything, as ALL the Lord will provide?…No..When He says BUY a sword?…he meant for every individual a sword and FOR protection.

              I hope you aint getting them ideas from todays TV pastors!…That is what most all of them say it means also…But like most of their false teachings that is wrong headed too.

              Please Re-read with This stuf in mind ok….PS Gunowners of america site aka Larry Pratt had(still does? go check!) a site section called “God-Christians-and Guns” or similar to it with an ONsite link.

              Its aprox 3 pgs+ full of old and new testement verses with full explainations as Proof Guns AND Killing is biblically and Christ centered ok at times. Read that too ok. I hate to read about any bad incident cause you failed to understand this stuf proper and got whacked or something!….Guns/self defense/Kill in wars=Aok biblically.

              • Ok…Angelo

                I like your version better! Thumbs up, pal!


                • Thanks Anton..Its not really a question of whos versions is liked better…Its rather what version is correct.

                  Like You stated ask for the Gift of Holy Spirit…This is truly important as the bible also says(cant recall where?)

                  Only them who has Gods Holy Spirit dwellings(living) Inside them(our bodies are the NEW Temple for God IE: No need for any new third jew temple as haggee et al spew) those filled with His Spirit are the only ones who can truly understand much of the bible true meanings.

                  Especially the 1/3 rd dedicated to future prohpetic stuf. To ALL others its seen as nothing but pure Folly. Or nonsence.

                  But yes anton it does make alot more sence eh…If Christ didn’t mean actual real swords?…Why did He include it in context with cash and pack of supplies eh?

                  I think many todays christians buy into what anon wrote of two swords due to they fear actual combat and Hide behind spun or twisted bible verses to avoid even any thought of actually chancing loss of life in a real firefight for freedom etc.

                  Usually(and I aint meaning annon legion in that or this) its the same folks who likes their ears tickled by wolf-preachers who spew on of how to get Rich$$$ with “jesus” and then get Raptured moments prior to bad stuf breaks out!….Say a prayer in His name! then Name it and Claim it! now tommorow go look in driveway see if the new Caddy in parked there from the Lord to You!

                  Halleuya Praise Jebus fo ma new car! next I’magonna prays fo a new chick wit Big uns!….

                  SELL the Coat and BUY a GUN!!! Todays Jesus advice/command!

      53. well done alex jones…

      54. “do you understand”

        No he doesnt..oh but he will, if they have it their way he will be the first cry baby to scream how wrong things have gotten, and wonder why.

        Surprised Alex wasted his time on this Terrorist sympathiser.

        we shouldnt..we know what we are doing is right, we have seen the history of these actions, anyone with a brain that works (Thats the catch a brain that works) knows where we will be headed if we are dis-armed at any level

        the way I see it..the PAB want to go about their distruction with out any resistance..well, Im resisting, period!

      55. I can only hope that someone who is more technically savvy than i am will take this and run with it. Maybe its a good idea. Say, pick a date, that on the 15th of this month we could organize well enough to get the masses to withdraw every bit of disposable income from their respective banks in cash. Every penny in cash. Across the nation. If only 1/3 of us did it I believe you would see a quick change in direction on this bill.
        Someone get the word out. Websites like this, the NRA, social media, spread it everywhere and pick a date. Some may have thousands some $20 there are a lot of us and that can hurt.

      56. Something to read the zombie comments at u tube.. its those kind of numbers that makes me think how sucessful constructing cheap pine boxes could be… but with numbers like this a trench is probably best for being carriers of disease..

      57. I guess I am in the minority here. I thought Alex sounded like a crazed lunatic….I agree with what he said but his delivery and approach sucks IMHO. Then he brought up the boxing ring and my wife and I were like “oh boy! he is doing us no favors”.
        Also he sucvked at coming back at Piers with an answer for how many gun homicides England had…sorry but at that point and it was a big one…Piers unfortunately won…especially when AJ said how many monkeys can you get on the hea dof a pen…good grief…he sounded like an idiot when he said things like that. I think some one else could of done a much better job at arguing common sense facts.

        Also, look at who owns the sites and radio AJ is on……it’s gotta make you wonder if you think critically about it for more than a few seconds

      58. @ All, Off-Topic,

        A very large Sunspot group is rotating into view this morning just above the solar equator. This group may be above ordinary in terms of it’s activity inasmuch as while 11640 was rotating out of the visible LOS the measured Penticton Flux was seen to increase abruptly and unexpectedly over the last 48 hours. More to follow as warranted.


        • welcome back! folks here been looking for you… thanks for the update!

      59. To all of you who feel that Alex Jones went overboard and acted like he was crazy I say GOOD FOR AJ! You don’t think when idiots like Pelosi go overboard such “as you will know what’s in it when it is passed” type statements it is for a purpose. It is to get your attention. Some thing conservatives such as myself do not do well at. I guess that is one of the reasons we are called conservatives.

        Every politician uses this tactic of making the situation worse than it is. It is about time the libs get hit back with the same stuff. Just as I stated before lets make 3/1/13 carry your gun day. Actions like that is what makes a statement like no words can. Sure it may be an overblown statement but that is what it takes to make a point some times.

      60. Here..let this sink in

        Americans are not buying up (so called assult weapons) Just to have something to register or have taken away.

        In other words ..Feinstein proposes to make millions of new “gun criminals” out of decent law abiding citizens ( notice i didnt say subjects or slaves)

        whom does she propose to do the arresting?…she should put her money where her mouth is..maybe she should try it alone first, to see how well her idea works.

      61. Just a sideshow to get ratings, nothing more. Neither men speak for me, or serious people.

        Jones allows the Left to tag survivalists as “kooks” and “nut jobs”, for some of the stuff he reports as “fact?”.

        Morgan is an old lady and should wear a dress on TV.


      62. AJ Kicked his Sissy Brit Ass LOL!!!!!

      63. He could have still made his point without mocking PM which gives the MSM the ammo to say he lost it. PM tried the old tactic focusing the audiences’ attention in on their main objective which is the AR by trying to link the Sandy Hook and Aurora weapons. He didn’t want to talk about how violent crime in HIS country has gone up since their gun ban though.

        • But the AR was in the car as was reported by the local police, the psycho used pistols.

          • He probably never fired a shot..

            • Remember, all the inconsistencies, the false reporting from news people with made up facts, the police calling about the shot out door window frame, teacher reporting shadows running past the gym, the EMT and police on the premises JUST as the incident happens–THIS WAS JUST A DRILL.
              Let that sink in folks and then you will see the entire ruse played out with photos of dead children not dead, parents with fake grieving for children not dead, witnesses fake crying for children not dead…

              All it will add up if you just remember, the inconsistencies are because there was a fake drill going on at that time.
              No shooter
              No dead children
              No dead teachers
              Crisis actors proven to be staging acts
              Staged, dialogued reports from police
              No adam lanza, hence the brother’s found id
              Prosecuted if questioned or found near victim’s homes(well, of course, since the victims aren’t victims??)

              This is too sad..our govt can’t even pull off a false flag without screwing up..and we think they are gonna take our guns in a controlled manner?? Psst!!

              • And don’t forget all those photoshopped pictures.
                Check that out too!!!
                The pictures that are real being aired on tv are real situations okay–JUST DRILLS IN ACTION, not real threat situations…or pics from another situation which the media is very good at bringing in pictures of tortured children from XXXX country that really are old and from another country–they know how to play us.

                • From day one, I called BS on the “sandy hook movie production”. THEY are once again testing the waters of what the drooling, idiot box generation of sheeple will BUY.

                  This will be the last “test run”. From “here on”, it will be the “real deal”. Lock-n-load, cuz THEY are coming!

      64. I thought AJ was spot on! We need to bring the the full American gusto to this elitist acumen and he did that well.

        For those who thought AJ should have been more tame in the lions den see how Larry Pratt fared on Piers Morgan when he had all the facts and tried to have a calm debate. PM ran all over Larry and was the true villian. So enough we sit and rationalize with these demented people.

        I for one reside in NYS and say two words to the State and Fed…. Molon Labe!!!!!!

      65. Take time to read this (CNN)”The targeted killing program violates both U.S. and international law,” ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer said in a statement. “As we’ve seen today, this is a program under which American citizens far from any battlefield can be executed by their own government without judicial process, and on the basis of standards and evidence that are kept secret not just from the public but from the courts.”
        “If the American people accept this blindly and casually, that we now have an accepted practice of the president assassinating people who he thinks are bad guys. I think it’s sad.” Ron Paul.

        death of the FPSrussia guy Keith Ratliff

        Owner of Noveske RIfleworks John Noveske also killed under strange circumstances last week.

      66. I very much agree with the majority of the content, but the package was a little rough.

        I doubt we see Jones on Letterman any time soon!

      67. Obama sure has a nice smile but he’s condemning our children to have to deal with all the enemies he made.
        And imagine, from a “Christian” nation…so why are we putting up with this?

      68. 98% of those we kill are innocents. Search for the 2012 NYU Stanford Universities Drone Study; should be easy to find if you care about the truth. But I’ll warn you, anybody with a soul would find it very disturbing indeed


        No State shall convert a liberty into a privilege, license it, and charge a fee therefor.
        -Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 US 105

        If a State converts a right (liberty), into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right (liberty) with impunity.
        Shuttleworth v. City of Birmingham Alabama, 373 US 262

        The court is to protect against any encroachment of constitutionally secured rights.
        Boyd v. U.S., 116 US 616

        Where rights (liberty) secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no legislation which would abrogate (abolish) them.
        Miranda v. Arizona, 348 US 436 (1966)

        An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation as through it had never been passed.
        Norton v. Shelby County, 118 US 425

        Once, however, the 2nd Amendment is recognized by the Supreme Court to protect an individual right to own and carry guns, then all the above cases must then also apply. This explains why the Court has adopted its “hear no 2nd Amendment” stance. To recognize the 2nd would undo the entire “GUN CONTROL” apparatus, a main pillar of tyranny’s NEW WORLD ORDER.


        • PR yes but the us supremes DID hear Keller case of DC, and one or two more in recent era..Like last few yrs. And each case Did affirm 2nd as indiv right etc.

          its just that liberals in chicago and dc refuse to Obey them decisions since it goes against their warped agendas.

          And if antiguner libs wont obey or listen to us supremes decisions?…They sure care Less what we have to say eh.

          Thats reason the ONLY thing left libs will listen to is…Our rifles sounding off in Unison. The one single “voice of the People” libs cannot disregard!

      70. Ok, everyone, say what you will about Alex Jones and, but he is the real deal. I first started listening to him back in 1999 before Y2K on shortwave. I’ve done my own research on everything he’s reported over the years and verified it for myself. In the days before my first exposure to the internet, I listened to people like William Cooper, Radio Free America with Tom Valentine, Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Montieth, Freedom Call with Bo Gritz, Joyce Riley’s Power Hour, etc. Also read certain books and magazines for my info. I was already awake even before I discovered Alex. Alex did a damn good job of throwing the limey Morgan to the curve. Braveheart

      71. Lets put all of this in perspective. There are 90+ million gun owners in the U.S. That’s half of the working adult population. There are 350 million guns in the hands of those 90+ million and some think that estimate is low.

        If a gun confiscation law were to pass at the Federal level, it would instantly turn 90 million people into Felons. I don’t think people are going to take that lightly.

        Assume that 20% would comply with such a law (sheeple)and turn their weapons in. So they collect weapons from 18 million for a total of around 54 million guns, most would be older guns, hunting rifles and shotguns.

        That leaves 72 million people with weapons and 296 million guns in the hands of the populace. We have about 800,000 LEO and 1.5 million military members in this country. Survey’s show that 75% would not comply with an order to confiscate weapons from law abiding citizens. I think they are out numbered and out gunned.

        “It’s difficult to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp with 1,000 alligators nipping at your butt.”

        Our President and all the anti-gun zealots may live in a Utopia world of a total gun ban, but with all the alligators that would be nipping at there butt, draining the swap would be impossible.

        Have you all been paying attention to the gun and ammo sales in this country? Do you think all those folks that are buying weapons and ammo are just going to throw that money down the drain and turn their weapons in? The very reason that they are purchasing those guns and ammo is because of the threat of a gun ban and confiscation.

        How about the UN coming to take your weapons? That would
        mean foreign troops on our soil or an invading army. I don’t think our LEO, Military, not to mention the millions of veterans in this country, would take to kindly to that. Keep in mind that they have taken an Oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. They take that oath seriously, they have fought a died for that oath. The worlds military forces couldn’t counter the resistance of a determained citizen army in this country.

        I also think that many States would resist or refuse to confiscate weapons as well. It’s known as the 10th amendment; “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Keep in mind that any such gun ban would be an unconstitutional act by congress.

        There is no question that the anti-gun minions would try to take our weapons. For that very reason it is imparitive that each and everyone of us are engaged at every level of government; City, County, State and Federal. So how many phone calls, emails or letters have you made to your Representitives at all levels of Govt? Have you made your voices heard? First fight for your rights with your voice and pen.

        And if that fails, “MOLON LABE” come and take it.

      72. Jones blew a huge opportunity. Morgan could have been embarassed on every point with calm, logical dialogue. He should have talked high-brow, looked down his nose, and dsmissed Morgan’s ignorance or agenda the whole time – speak their language and beat them at their own game. But the way he did it, all an elite lib sees is an unskilled debater and facts be damned from that point on. What a shame.

        • that’s the way I seen it too!

      73. @Be Informed

        Off topic but I though the USGS/EQ data on this weeks urbansurvival dot com was interesting and wondered if you had any thoughts on it.

      74. Take time to read this (CNN)”The targeted killing program violates both U.S. and international law,” ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer said in a statement. “As we’ve seen today, this is a program under which American citizens far from any battlefield can be executed by their own government without judicial process, and on the basis of standards and evidence that are kept secret not just from the public but from the courts.”
        “If the American people accept this blindly and casually, that we now have an accepted practice of the president assassinating people who he thinks are bad guys. I think it’s sad.” Ron Paul.

        death of the FPSrussia guy Keith Ratliff

        Owner of Noveske RIfleworks John Noveske also killed under strange circumstances last week.

        • hey you’re not me?

          • I’m Bj. LOL!

            • Huh? I am lost?? I think just once and it was recent, that I ever posted as bj instead of BJ….not sure who that is up above?

      75. “You can’t fix stupid”, Ron White. A guy at work was asking yesterday what he can do to help his uncle out by Houston, guy’s son posted pictures of “daddy’s new toys” on facebook and daddy got arrested for being a terrorist. Maybe get the guns and all the other seized property after a 90 day “investigation”.
        Guy is an Air Force Veteran, retired, but is a terrorist. I’m trying to get more info but they want to lay low and not raise a stink about the whole thing. I say raise hell and let the Govt know that we are tired of this bull*&^t and let the truth come out. They don’t want us to be able to fight back in any way shape or form.

      76. AJ knows infinitely more about this and many more subjects than PM; as he’s spent the time doing the reseach. His presentation gets jumbled, as his mind is way to full of all the information and he skips around rather than using that info to box PM into a corner. He is, however, 100% right.
        PM, on the otherhand, is looking for headlines. What right does he have to dictate, or even comment on the policies of this country? Why doesn CNN use this boob?
        Simple: his accent lends creditability in the minds of many of the sheeple of this country.

        Unless we stand up, all together, we are screwed.

      77. pathetic, it is like watching wrestling entertainment. Good guy wrestler vs bad guy wrestler.

      78. lol..why all the thumbs down for my “F” word apology? I said I was sorry. :>)…..( had fingers crossed behind back)

      79. @ justoneguy….the sun looks pissed about something…

      80. While I wholeheartedly agree with the content of what he said, the delivery was wrong. Instead of acting like a horse’s a$$, and going on a yelling rant, he could have debated PM on the facts (even passionately so) and easily won the argument. Instead, the libs now have a negative image to sell to the public about all gun owners. I think the message was lost in the rant, and that sets us back on the pro 2A stance.

      81. I love that AJ ripped in to Morgan and got him off of his talking points. That being said, when watching him go off I looked at the interview from the point of someone who doesn’t know AJ and is just joe blow watching TV at home. AJ came across as a nut job conspirocy theorist much like what they portray preppers as in the Doomsday Preppers series.

        AJ came in with facts, but yelling, changing his accent to make fun of Morgan, cutting him off, not answering hardly any questions. It was fun to watch, but the average person watching must have come away as this man is a nutjob.

        I wish he would have let the bloke ask his questions and answered them with facts. He could have still be over the top and effective, but I’m afraid most thought he was a rambling psychopath.

        I did enjoy myself thoroughly watching him lay in to the idiot though.

        God Bless,

        • What “IF” as some say alex jones as well as Many others on so called talk radio of the “Right” side are really Controlled Oposition types?

          Remember to be a effective controlled ops type they must sound or seem to truely be on Our side.

          But bet yer ass them MSM libs and antigun types use controlled ops alot to “set up” a future scenario.

          If you begin to see alot of tv news chanels and even Faux(fox news) news use “segments” out of context, or even Fabricate or Splice segments to suite Their agendas of Jones’s CNN rants then You know its a set up for certain.

          I for one expect to see that occure and soon with cnn piers/jones debate.

          Thats a Main method lib kommies always employ…Use of Controlled oposition persons. You can spot alot of them by the facts they never mention certain Key things.

          Alex as example most always blames nazis or Neo-nazis or some type New nazi takeover now forming etc…When has jones EVER mentioned what them russian Bolsheviks did or how many They killed in 20th century?…Myself I never heard him state such even a single time.(I mean in Detail and names names or tribe etc) Not just name Sthalin and jump to other stuf.

          Thats what controlled ops does…Keeps You looking over There….While the True culprits Are over Here!

          This will likely get alot of thumbs down as alex has alot of followers. But to me he is same as all talk radio persons. Not a single one ever mentions the “Other” culprits…

          And every single time a phone in caller broaches “certain” subjects, such as Hannity-Levvin-Savage-Oriley-JONES too! shows, a caller asks about “Isreal” or “jews” this or that?

          What does every single radio guy I mentioned do?

          I will tell you what….They abrubtly Slam/hang up phones and make a remark like “Ok all You nazis out there cut out the nazi crap ok”! THEN fast cut to a Commercial break!

          Upon radio show return from commercial break?…Begin a NEW topic about some stupid movie stars lovers or any other insignificant issue to Distract listeners from the prior “nazi” caller.

          Has any here that listen to such radio talk shows Ever heard an Honest debate or Two-way rebutal of any Facts caller mentioned?…NO! and You Never will!

          They cannot debate fatcs or truths…So even right wing radio guys resorts to Alinsky tactics same as liberals does!…Always and Everytime! Admit it because You kbow this is so if you listen alot to them shows.

          100%+++ Full isreal and jew support with Unquestioning support regardless What issue its about…Anyone who differs?…Hang phone up in middle of callers sentence!

          Everytime-Always….Is that not strange especially for “Conservatives”?…Or supposedly “We Report You decide” types?….Yeah They report but ONLY what Their “Handlers” allows!

          IMHO=Alex Jones is same as them others I named. Controlled opposition…Yes Very good at it! but still It.

          • thats what I was alluding to in my post above. Just look at who owns his show….I think if I remember right, it is ABC….ain’t no way I am trusting him fully if he is on a show whether it be radio or internet that is owned by one of the MSM’s

            And they would only allow him that much leash for a reason

            • BJ: It gets even Worse! IE: who owns or kontrols radio talkers shows etc!

              That Bain Capitol co. which Romney sold out prior to his run for prez in 2012, got a New Boss!

              Bain capitol or whatever its now called if changed names?…Also owns the Largest group of talk radio stations in america, perhaps in the world.

              Aprox. 850 radio stations. Under several co. names or corps names etc.

              And that “new” boss is a woman who is a Duel isreali/usa citizen, and before her stint at Bain and current CEO position over 850 radio stations she controls.

              Used to be the THIRD top honcho from the top of isreals MOSSAD!!(mossad is= to usa’s cia, Both run and heavily staffed by jew/isrealis).

              With So much recent info avail on so many various swindles or false flags or scams etc, which has solid Proof, or at minimum so much near proof you cannot discount their involvment.

              You have to ask or wonder…With over 200 Million Adults citizens in america…Why is a duel isreali CHIEF Mossad agent(spy?) whos chozen to head so large of a radio group?

              AND: with solid proof that the same exact tribes people are who Own and fund and staff and manage most Every MSM in Radio-TV-newspapers-Magazines-Many internet sites or stock share holders etc.

              The chances that Her as ceo and connections to BAIN capitol/neocons in general, is simply another..”Coincidence”?

              Believe what ya care to…But I sure aint buying no more “coincidences” especially whenever That group is connected even from far distances!

              MSM-TV-newspapers and Talk Radio runs the entire societys ideals and thoughts that most avg folks base actual beliefs or opinions on. Whoever gains such near 99% total control of all that….Can and Does shape the main thoughts in america society wide.

              And the same group(tribe) has held such control since they began doing it back around 1922 era when they bought out controlling shares or outright control of aprox. 25 usa main newspaers.

              What they has ammased of MSM in its entire sphere nationwide is worse than scary. And regardless which “party” they claim?….Are Kommies and Globalistic Internationals(aka kommies) and it iS they who has set the courses which the last 60+ yrs has Ruined american values-society-schools-Unions-Fed gov-State gov’s-And every major citys Mayoral offices nationwide.

              Very little remains of americas Prior christain-pro us constutional-pro life-pro whites-nation of yesteryear.

              MSM in All such forms Has done the Most dammages to cause so many other lesser, yet still very problamatic, troubles we face Today.

              Unless americans folks awakens and asap, it won’t take much longer to finish us off in whatever else we still cling to thats considered “Good” or “American”.

              And anyone who thinks Mossad agents or ‘former” agents especially Third from top of org’s honchos is nothing or matters not?….No sense in wasting any more effort to educate them types I rekon…They Will learn and learn fast once they got no choices left.

              Too late by then though. History Proves such in wrecked nations planet wide. Too bad so many will Blindly follow their favorite radio talkers same as Liberals does with TV libs like CNN et al…Follow em straight into gates of Hell. With Narry a question…Blind Obedience is all they need.

              That and an ability to Always Bash us watchmen who never ask for votes nor cash nor anything else except we ask them to consider facts and truth Prior to acceptance of whoever or whatever they currently believe Blindly.

              An Exallant article With Full size pictures of that CEO isreali woman and much more about talk radio neocons etc is avail at incogman website its dot com or dot org can’t recall now…I think Bro Kapner website also has articls on her/it talk radio stuf…kapners site is…realjewnews dot com. He has aprox 800+ acurate info articles with enough proof links and names etc to back it all up 100% to keep a person reading/learning Truth till they die of old age and still never get thru it all!

              Because: If a person Frees their mind from Liberal MSM, only to again get Trapped by Neocon Talk Radio?…How has that person truly Awakened?

          • Yep. I was/am pretty sure Jones is smarter than to make our side look like crazies…

            So, what exactly was he doing?

      82. One other point regarding the guy who set a house on fire and shot the first responders. I heard on the radio that they tracked the guns that were used back to being purchased for him by a neighbor who is now in hot water.

        What I found interesting is that they tracked the gun back to the purchase to see who owned it. If you don’t believe they know where many of the guns are in the US, you are fooling yourself.

        • what about all the ones that were bought before the “rules”? ( of registration)

          what about the states that dont have the rules on registering long guns..and some for pistols..please look back a few decades..

          what about all the back country folk..(many i know presonally) that never registered a dam gun in thier life , and dont intend to ever start?

          what about pre brady..on the long gun issue? back ground checks etc?

          If I told you what I know about their “proof” of where ALL the guns are, your head would explode, and I would be giving away info im not ever going to your just going to have to trust me on the fact that they probably dont know where 2/3rds of the guns in this country are.

          they cant even track the ones Eric Hoder sent to the cartels

          you are giving them way too much credit..
          last I seen with them is they could fuck up a 2 car funeral, and couldnt pour piss out of a boot with the directions on how to do so..written on the bottom of the heel.

          How many wrong homes have been raided due to “bad info”

          you give these brain dead punks way too much credit

          they were able to trace THAT gun because it was bought legally, and recently…it was just illegally given to the wrong hands..

          Go back 20..30..40..50..etc.. years ago..they were making and selling guns back than, and not ONE of them was ever back ground checked..or registered..and those guns didnt just disapear my friend..I know this for a FACT!

          • I-n-Me

            I hope everyone reads your post. Its pure unadulterated truth!

            They want us to FEAR them, when their foundation is weak, at best!

            Thank you!

            • Yep, he’s right

              When My house burned down in 97..all my guns were desroyed,,I had no rider on my insurance my investment was gone. Dad was sad, son couldnt go hunting that guess what?, the hell of a guy he is, he gave me one of his hunting rifles. No papers, heck the dam thing was probably bought in the 50’s(BTW he has plenty that were never required to be registered and still are not required to this day, they have no record of them, so they cant ask you for what they know nothing about)

              I didnt have to report it to the police ( the fire loss)..its well documented that my home burned down and that it was a total loss..I walked away with litterly the smoke stinking shirt on my back.

              I lost rifles that were from generations before me..none were registered..werent required to be.

              Rifles in my state are not registered to this day..back ground checks as of Brady bill times, but thats it.

              and pistols only since 68 i think..after the riots..

              guns were made before this time..and many people have moved..names have changed, when I moved I was not required to re reg. any pistols to where i moved to..(women own guns, and last names change etc,..) people die and will them off..Hicks ( wich I am one) give them to each other or use them for papers etc,,Parents give guns to sons as gifts for Xmas..I got many as gifts,,(thanks Dad) so he bought them..and gave them to me( those were the ones lost in the fire)..Heck one of my dads friends died about 10 years back and in his will was a nice 20 Guage side by side with my name on it..again no papers, not required..

              is the picture becoming clearer?
              and just remember were not just talking pistols here..all guns folks

              people need to research the history of guns and paperwork each state is different, and each decade is also different for each state

              It comes down to this..IF and thats a Big if..If they know of any guns, its mostly legal pistols after 1968. any before that may never have been registered..I know a guy who has a nice 357 from his uncle, that came up thru his family..never been reg. and never will be.The ones they know about are recent, and they are lousy keepers of info..and plenty of records have been lost, burned and whatever thru the years

              Its all a scare tactic and If they put a gun to my head before I can pull mine, I Might only give them what I know they know about,The ones I bought just recently, but they better watch their back.And this tactic would only be if they had my family as ransom

              I have no idea what the figures are, and neither do they
              why is that? because we have the RIGHT to bare arms, and we have had that right ever since this country was you think an old 1911 Colt that never was registered and some ol codger very suspect of his government ( as we always have been for good reason) would have ever went in and registered his gun..I laugh at that, because I happen to know many people that have un-reg hand guns, and rifles..and semi -autos If lil ol me knows a hand full you can betcha theres more where that came from.

              Civil War hand guns, early 1900 colts, 1930’s semi autos..I think the picture has been painted

              If you give up your guns because they ask for them, than your asking for it.

              Might be a smart play to give them something just to satisfy them and get you off thier list,( a complete piece of shit) but never completely dis-arm, Biggest thing is learn to STFU if they come askin..dont be stupid like that ol lady in N.O. after katrina and tell them you have one..because you are going to need them. theres no doubt in my mind

              • The ATF is supposed to be prohibited from keeping the Form 4473 info used for the instant background check, but who knows if they really do. The dealer is required to keep the paperwork, and if they go out of business or do not renew their FFL, they are required to turn over all their paperwork to the ATF. So, they have ways of finding out who purchased what and when, but only after the fact. I doubt (but could be wrong) that they would go to every dealer in the country and seize every 4473 since the beginning of time. But like you said, there are probably more guns in the country that have been around pre-4473 era than post. Many people have several that were given to them, purchased privately, or inherited that there is no possible way to trace. Like it should be.

                • I believe you info is correct.

            • I heard the 911 call into cops when that fire happened and two firemen got shot etc…

              I heard the 911 caller guy state this…”Two firemen shot and Down on ground!….I Think it was an Assualt Rifle the shots were fired from”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              How did he know what type gun?…Or if handgun or rifle so fast?…..SET UP! all the way folks!

              Read that again cause I wrote it as he stated it!

              “I think it was an assualt rifle the shots were fired from”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Yeah and I bet he also knows what size Shoes the shooter wears eh!

              I think every shooting since Ruby Ridge has been a gov false flag set up….Too many were to think anything other. They has totally Destroyed all former credible trust at every gov level. If you think any less, You may be next on Their agenda list….be Forewarned. If wrong?…No harm done…But If Correct?…Hmmmmm.

      83. Just remember what that Bitch of a wife of his prove they just dont get it..

        Moooshell Obama..”All this for a dam flag?”

        the fact that he’s in is second term..shows me 2 things..either this country is as dumb as a rock..or shit was rigged from the get go..

        Im betting on the second..please dont prove me wrong

      84. Comments above saying the American public will never believe how tyrannical our government is, But Golly Gee, let’s sell protecting the Second Amendment as if we need to defend against those nasty imperialistic Chinese, I find unsettling for its dishonesty.

        One of my trucks has a bumper sticker, Name One Thing Government Does Well other than Lying and Murdering People.

        I don’t want to join the liars race.

        First, have you looked at a map? How is China going to get hundreds of thousands of troops across the Pacific? They’ll just mosey through Russia (no love lost on either side, if you have read any history), Canada and invade the PNW? bullshit, people

        We discredit our position by creating a false straw man.

        Second, the most imperialistic nation ever is our own. I doubt China has bases in 150 nations and advisors actively helping in several dozen hot spots, as we do.

        For anyone willing to listen, I take an approach based on documenting the loss of our liberty. The Patriot Act, NDAA, a raft of Executive Orders, the “War on Drugs,” the militarized police. The NSA scooping billions of transmissions, including this one. The facts are there to sell gathering tyranny honestly.

        A few threads back I stated I will open fire on anyone who kicks in my door. But I won’t join a pr campaign based on a proposition so unlikely that it borders on lying.

      85. When the Founders established this country, they realized that they were committing what was considered treason against the Crown and were subject to arrest and hanging. They stood for freedom and won.

        In the 20th, we saw nation after nation from the Soviet Union to Chavez in Venezuela and every socialist regime in between steal the guns and subjugate the people under total bondage.

        You can bet that when faced with the prospect of holding onto their guns and becoming outlaws, the vast majority of Americans will drop them in a heart-beat.

        ANYONE who plans to keep their guns after Obama is through this year had better prepare themselves to become an outlaw.

        Lenin, Hitler, Mao and Obama all guarantee that.

      86. To bear arms is to assert without question our individual right to self-protection. Surrendering that right to a centralized soviet-style bureaucracy is tantamount to openly inviting every thug that comes along – including those in government costume – the power to steal our property, violate ours and our family members’ persons, and to inflict upon us whatever pain and suffering as is their pleasure.

        This final surrender of our right to bear arms would necessarily place every man, woman and child under the mercy of a Godless, whimsical and authoritarian State.

        To allow bureaucrats hiding behind their own gates and guards with guns to arbitrarily determine who among us is fit to stand up for ourselves and to assert that self-defense is vigilantism is to accept from their traitorous hand the final degrading personal humiliation.

        Making ourselves defenseless through law would be an act of cowardice and ultimately suicide. Benjamin Franklin plainly warned us: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. And so shall we rightly lose both and condemn ourselves to inhabit either a cell or a box.

        In politics as in war, laying down our arms would be the last act of a people in final unconditional surrender to captors intent only on the exercise of absolute power over us.

        The current head of this despotic pagan regime which we have repeatedly re-elected calls those of us who hold to our religion and our guns ‘bitter clingers’ to a rapidly disappearing America which he has nearly succeeded in utterly transforming through our willing surrender.

        Those of us who remain steadfast must never surrender and instead take to heart and live out in our daily lives from this point forward the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God”.

      87. At 11 a.m. watched CNN for a few minutes.
        Piers Morgan was talking via the phone to a CNN female talking head.

        Piers mentioned ‘he may be deported.’ He thought that was unfair due to his right of free speech under the 1st
        amendment. He stated that there will be another gun killing taking the lives of many. It was as if he is
        “warning” the American people this will happen again.

        Apparently the Piers Morgan show tonight is supposed to be
        an “interesting show.”

        My thoughts to Piers – Yes, you are entitled to your opinion and freedom of speech. Instead of doing your
        homework for the air to present clear facts and investigative work, you call your guests, “Stupid.”
        You jump on a volatile topic and run on the current emotions of a horrific tragedgy.

        In mho, you are starting to look weak and are losing your
        steam/momentum. Instead of an asset to CNN, you are becoming a bit too unpopular and controversal.
        With your outspoken statements and demands, you are not giving yourself any favor with the U.S. citizens.

        Methinks you are on thin ice.

        • IF he was a Citizen of this country, than I would say yes he has the rights..but he is not, and someone needs to remind him Sternly about the fact that he is a dam VISITOR here..and Not a US citizen..

          and If he were a us citizen speaking and acting like this..his patriotism should be seriously suspect

          I for one feel he is a Terrorist and needs to be either deported, or jailed..take your choice Mr Morgan

        • Yellow journalism at it’s finest. His rating suck, so he had to jump on a controversial topic to get his name in the limelight. I wouldn’t be surprised if he really has no opinion of gun ownership, he just wants the publicity (money).

          • Latest word is that Obama is going to go the Executive Order route to do gun control. If so we might as well just admit that we have our own Castro in power. How long until he arrests the worthless Congress?

      88. Ho for God’s sake — ALEX — GROW THE F UP!!



        On behalf of the millions of sane, responsible, caring gun owners in America. I apologize deeply, to you, Piers, and all of Americans, for the actions of one screaming, ego-maniacal, horrifically stunted, unbalanced, immature, completely psychotic toddler — (not EVEN a teenager!) — Alex Jones. Sorry you had to endure his nonsense.

        His tantrum did more to set back the cause of second amendment than any mass shooting EVER has!! Please allow for sane and responsible debate!

        Not the shrill out of control unhinged diatribe – Alex Jones is known for!! Some of the points he tries to make are indeed, VERY VALID, and need to be discussed in a balanced manner because a lot of it is TRUE.

        Every single gun owner I know is a decent and deeply caring person. NOT the fringe fearful little freaks, presented with Alex.

        MW – Los Angeles, CA

        • You’re apologizing to a raving, drooling gun-hater?

          I’m not an Alex Jones fan myself, but what the hell was your diatribe all about?

          • Was that an apology?…Wow! and I thought it was from some type Contest to get the best sounding statement in order to WIN 1st place in a contest to shove yer head fully Up Morgans Ass.

            So…Did ya win yet?

        • What?! Morgan will never see the light. To him you are the same as an Alex Jones. Dont apologize for being an American! Thats something Morgan knows nothing about. You honestly believe he views any gun owner as a peaceful person. You have got to be kidding me.


        • He did us no favors. Almost like he was working fot the other side which I sometimes suspect. All is not always what it seems. Kind of like the story of the little bird freezing in the barnyard until a passing cow poops on him.

      90. You people are pathetic. You deserve to get shot.

        • Blow it out your ass Joe!

        • Your mother should have been shot and spared us you.

      91. AJ blew by being a complete idiot. He made every 2nd Amendment supporter look like a kook. Thx for nothing AJ.

      92. TV news has become more like WWF with a total lack of decorum, and journalists never report on the elephant in the room such as mossad behind 9/11. I was pretty disgusted with the AJ interview and could not watch it all but he seemed to make good points….

      93. If it wasn’t for this Youtube video, it would not have been seen by anyone else outside the viewer base of twelve people who still watch CNN.

        • I gave them more credit in an earlier post, I said they had 200 viewers!!!

      94. “I am an American. As such, none of my rights depend on a showing of need. I am a free man who has the right to define and pursue my happiness in any peaceful way I see fit. The government does not grant me rights. I was born free. The legitimate role of government is to act as my agent to protect my rights; which exist independent of government. Americans do not beg the government for rights nor are they required to demonstrate a “need” for rights.” – Marc J. Victor, author of I Am a Peaceful AR-15 Rifle Owner

      95. What the hell is wrong with you people! First you have nobody to champion the cause and then when you have one with fire, you all crucify hime, Then the other side says, none of us are going to do nothing and just hand in your guns and the rest get scared and run for the hills. Pick a side or just go sit in the corner. It is you younger people who will really have to be respondsible for you actions.

      96. In response to the release of firearm owners personal information by the Journal News.

        The following list contains the private residence addresses of the Board of Directors for Gannett Company, Inc.
        These people are ultimately responsible for the conduct of those employed in businesses owned by Gannett Inc.
        The releasing of the names and addresses of permitted gun owners by the Journal News of White Plains, New York which is a Gannett Inc. company needs to be addressed. It seems that the private gun owners only crime for this mistreatment was that they followed the current letter of the law regarding firearm permitting. The Journal News punished them for it. This is unacceptable.

        Write to the Board of Directors at Gannett Inc. and demand action.

        Marjorie Magner 190 E 72nd ST, Apt 35D, New York, NY 10021
        Gracia C. Martore 728 Springdale Drive, Great Falls, VA 22066
        John E. Cody 68 Wyn Oak, Nashville, TN 37205
        Howard D. Elias 137 Lake St., Sherborn, MA 01770
        Arthur H. Harper 6105 155th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98006
        John Jeffry Louis (w) 227 West Monroe Street, Ste. 4320, Chicago, IL
        Scott K. McCune 44 Huntington Rd, Atlanta, GA
        Duncan M. McFarland 299 Clapboardtree St., Westwood, MA 02090
        Susan Ness 5505 Devon Rd. Bethesda, MD 20814
        Neal Shapiro 300 Central Park W #1819G, New York, NY 10024

        “Curiosity leads to the truth.” Neal Shapiro

      97. I thought that was handled very childish, thanks Alex for making us all looking like assholes that have to scream the facts at someone and make Morgan look like the adult, rather then just let them shoot them selfs in the foot right in front of their own audience as you calmly put the facts out there and let them chew on it.

        • I was going to say the same, but you said it more succinctly than I could.

        • I disagree…
          Your polite and erudite logical arguments have gotten nowhere, and will not… in fact, you are mocked and made fun of.

          Time to get in their faces, THE Liberal/Progressives are the reason for a Godless society, and the consequences.

          The battle must be joined, it doesn’t matter what you “look like” anymore, when you are mocked regardless. Time to let them know, in no uncertain terms;

          WE WILL FIGHT YOU.

      98. @ beanbag….i didn’t mention that general specifically…..I only used the ” behind every blade of grass” line to get across the fact AMERICANS are heavily armed. It doesn’t matter if that line was ever actually uttered by anyone in Japan before ….the fact is a heavily armed population is less likely to be invaded which was my only point.

        • This is not the same country as that of 1940. I do not even recognize this place or my fellow travelers anymore. If you are old enough to remember the 1950s you know what I mean. Half the population today has zero loyalty to the country, as it is nothing more than an ATM machine to them.

      99. On Drudge.

        The Great State of Iowa will introduce new legislation for gun confiscation. All semi-auto. They are not for hunting.

        • I have hunted deer and waterfowl with semi-autos for over 30 years….

      100. ALL political power emanates from the barrel of a GUN.
        That means ALL POWER.
        Thus the PEOPLE RETAIN the POWER, through the ownership of firepower that is EQUAL to the governments and the thugs.

        I wonder, if Romney had won(who banned assault weapons in Mass…), and HE was advocating a nationwide ban…
        I think the liberals would have a completely different mind set…

        As it is… the Cloward-Piven strategy by this fascist-socialist Caesar wannabe in the WH, appears to be succeeding just fine, thank you very much.

        It is time, to QUIT BEING NICE! Alex was right… its time to get in their FACE! It is the only thing they understand, somebody treating them like children. That’s why they love the guberment.

        The Liberal/Progressive/Socialist mind, is the REASON for all the violence. THEY wanted to kick God out of the schools, and the womb, and now the public square, and they think actions don’t have CONSEQUENCES? Mr. Lib, you can scream all you want about this being irrelevant, but you would be a Godless ass.

        The way to eliminate gun violence in America?

        “An armed society is a polite society.”
        -Robert Heinlein

        Molon Labe

      101. Revloution = force majeur and a whole lotta banksters on the wrong side of derivatives trades get out of jail free , so to speak. Praise jeebus and pass the 30 round mags, ya’ll gonna have a hooting good , round robin blood rage event . While the banksters watch and laugh at you , just like always.

        Jessie Ventura does a much better job of getting the point across without the flustered banter Alex Jones engaged in…

        Based on what I saw, Alex Jones made great points in an extremely pervasive way. The image of a shouting, overly-boisterous and seemingly at times, threatening adult man throwing a temper tantrum on national television does not serve to further the cause of righteousness. What we need is rational, logical and verifiable facts brought forth by reasonable people who can speak effectively without getting flustered, to trump the anti-gun, and anti-Constitutional agenda American patriots are facing in the here and now. I have seen most of Mr. Jones’ work on youtube and at his website, and I respect his viewpoint in most regards. However, when you are cast negatively in an interview by a MSM program that is seeking to marginalize the viewpoint you represent, and then act out the way he did, it drives away those who are on the fence or can listen to credible reason to see past the pro big-government elitist dominated grinder that vilifies the 2nd Amendment and those who cherish and find it “Self-Evident”…

        “The Sleeper Must Awaken” > Dune 1984

      103. Guys, Bill Cooper exposed Jones on air (it is on YouTube). I’m not so sure about Jones…he is and has always been a showman. I would not be a bit surprised if this was all planned and Jones was merely paid to make things worse by portraying a ranting gun owner.

      104. This man is a lunatic. I own guns, but am not comfortable with someone this prone to temper tantrums having access to firearms.

      105. Ya he got rowdy…so what? All this BS PC nonsence about acting prim and proper so as not to seem brutish in the eyes of the viewer….barf!
        Times over for talk…all we do is talk,whilst they cut us to pieces behind our backs then laugh in our faces…you can be prim and proper or you can be free…hard to be both….not immpossible but difficult…AJ may have a crazy way of acting,you may have a crazy way…I know Im crazy too,but the point is he is our crazy nut,hes on our side,we gotta stop attacking our own…we gotta stop caring what these infeminate self worshiping bassturds like morgan think…I dont lose any sleep over what he or his man-queen think of my liberty,real Americans dont care either,times up for compromising away any more liberty,times come to start taking back what weve allowed to be stolen!

      106. “Hitler took the guns Stalin took the guns, Mao took the guns, Fidel Castro took the guns, Hugo Chavez took the guns, and I’m here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms! ”

        Alex Jones said 1776 will commence again, it’s so obvious, that’s the intention and the cabal knows it.

        A MANUFACTURED 2ND CIVIL WAR’s IN THE MAKING. Taking the guns away is one way to stir people up. But they have many ways to create a civil war.

        The super rich cabal shut down alot of Gun Manufacturers.
        The super rich cabal have bought bullet manufacturers.

        The super rich cabal knows you can’t win.
        The super rich cabal has their puppets in control everywhere around the world.

        Yes, Genocides did happen when dictators took people’s guns away.

        There is 340 million of us americans and i guarantee you very few of our troops will turn on us. OTHER COUNTRIES will help us if we are attacked since we have helped most of them. They do not hate americans , they hate the US Corporation.
        We will be just fine. We will give them an ass kicking that they will never forget. We are a Christian Nation and GOD will be in the battle with us. FEAR NO MAN–FEAR ONLY GOD WHO CAN KILL THE BODY AND THE SOUL.
        Ignore the scare tactics being used today. WE WILL BE FINE.

      108. I’m kinda glad I live in Australia.

        Freest country in the world is worried that their democratically elected president will turn on them.


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