Backfire: Alex Jones Rips CNN in CNN Interview

by | Mar 31, 2010 | Alex Jones | 20 comments

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    Like him or not, Alex Jones is not afraid to speak his mind and his CNN interview did not disappoint.

    Jones to CNN Interview: “I dare you to put this on television.”

    The  Daily Paul provides a brief review of the situation. The interview, recorded by one of Alex Jones’ cameraman, follows:

    A CNN Anderson Cooper segment which was set to demonize critics of big government and Obamacare as violent extremists backfired after radio host Alex Jones pointed out that corporate media outlets like CNN were responsible for killing over a million Iraqis as a consequence of their repeated lies about weapons of mass destruction.

    Jones was invited for an interview on Friday to appear later that evening on Anderson Cooper 360, but the segment never aired, presumably because CNN program chiefs were so embarrassed at Jones’ proficiency in exposing how corporate news networks owned by the military-industrial complex were a far deadlier threat than any of the menagerie of domestic “extremists” CNN has sought to demonize in recent weeks.

    We’ll keep you posted on whether or not this interview airs in its entirety (or partially) on CNN at some time in the future.

    But we wouldn’t bet on it. You’ll understand why if you take a look at the last couple of minutes of Part 2.

    Watch Mr. Jones’ Responses to the CNN Interview Questions:

    Part 1 of 2:

    Part 2 of 2:

    Update 03-13-2010 14:45:

    Alex Jones contact Justine Redmond of CNN to confirm that he was, in fact, interviewed by CNN.


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      1. Excellent Alex, your the man.   Just make sure you have a contingency plan when Obama’s federal thugs show up in Austin Texas to apprehend you.   We appreciate all that you do for the citizens of this country.   

      2. Watch the very end.  This was obviously a staged event designed for Alex’s flock and CNN wasn’t even involved.

        I agree with what Alex said, however this was a publicity stunt.  I often wonder whether Alex is on the CIA’s payroll.  Veteran film producer Aaron Russo couldn’t produce films as professionally as this guy.  Where does he get the money?

      3. I’m not sure what to think of Alex. I appreciate him exposing the NWO. Not sure about many other things. 
        Please vist my blog about the coming economic collapse. Comments are welcome and appreciated! If you like my blog please click on my sponsors links. Thank you!

      4. Disinter – Alex Jones had the CNN producer verify that this was real yesterday.  Why do you come here and say:  “obviously a staged event.”

        So much for enlightenment.

      5. Shackles, thanks for the update. I was not aware of this particular conversation Alex had with Justine Redmond of CNN.

        I think Disinter just wants to make sure everything is on the up-and-up. He questions everything coming out in the media, regardless of who it comes from, and that’s why we follow his blog regularly.

        Video of Alex speaking with CNN producer has been posted as an update in the article above and can also be viewed here.

      6. Disinter,

        Its easy to take Alex Jones that way. He has quite the ego. Honestly, I don’t have a bit liking for AJ. Just too much ego. Do I agree with him? Mostly. Big egos get in the way. AJ, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, etc, all are like that. Its hard, at times, to get past the egos but truth is truth and AJ handles himself well. He can also be a real jerk, like at the Texas 2nd Amendment Demonstration. But, all in all, he’s a plus. I certainly admire his moxy.

      7. I stand corrected.  My apologies.

      8. I’m generally not a huge fan of Alex Jones…but this is pretty solid.

        I don’t agree with everything he says here, but overall, this is the “best” stuff I’ve seen from him.

      9. One things for sure , I will bet you a dollar to a donut  thats the LAST interview CNN ever does with Alex Jones !!!  Net Ranger : anderson coopers ego makes AJs look small…real small!

      10. Good piece. Egos? You bet! They are ALL enamored of themselves and who they think they are. Pelosi is the worse.

        Pride goeth before a fall.

      11. Is Alex hard to take at time? You betcha but you can not deny he is good at what he does. Personally I do not like it when he flies off on a rant, raising his voice, and go berzerko. However when you look at the whole package he is a plus in the info war against the NWO.

        Do be a radio or TV personality you have to have some sort of ego. I doubt someone with low self-esteem could survive this type of battle. Doing 4 hours of radio, making movies, working behind the scenes 5 1/2 days per week is crazy hard work. To keep an audience engaged like he does is a talent that many of us wish we had.

        Try recoding yourself for 15 minutes talking about a subject you are comfortable ad/or passionate about. Try and do it without saying ‘ahh’ every ten seconds, changing your voice pitch and word speeds so you do not people to sleep with a monotone voice.

        AJ is talented and a genius.

      12. Comments…you have done very well, exposing this evil and corrupt government. Angels always protecting you Alex, never fear them.

      13. In summary, Federal Reserve is owned by Rothschild and international banking allies.   The elite like the Rothschild and their international banker allies belong to freemason.      The freemason was created and controlled by the Jesuit General, the black pope.  CIA was created and controlled by the Jesuits.   So, the overall control belongs to the Jesuit General in Vatican.

        Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Goldman Sach and others are just front men of the House of Rothschild.

        Alex Jones is a CIA agent and a Jesuit.  He is just deflecting the attention of the people’s wrath away from Vatican/Jesuit General.

      14. Don’t forget that the CIA was created by ROMAN CATHOLIC NAZIS under the direct instructions of JESUIT PRIESTS and to this day has a head director that was educated at Jesuit Santa Clara College.

      15. Yes, I was wondering about what happened at the end there – it certainly looked like he was looking at the camera. Seeing as this view seconds was pivotal in being able to have an idea whether this was staged or not, I watched it over and over, and paused it at various points. I was relieved to see that his eyes are actually on his cameraman, not on the camera.

      16. Alex, I hope this shock jock routine and Sharpton victim antics are worth the money you’re getting paid to pit brother against brother.  You’re priming right to be paranoid hostile to reasoned debate of any kind.  At a time when my countrymen most need to stick together to square this colossal pile of crap away you misdirect.  Guilty of the exact same misdirect that dragged us into Iraq.  The Irony is sickening.  My brothers in arms are straddling the line between disparate tribes dodging a knife in the back and megalomaniac Americans can’t keep their act together while their backs are turned.  Enough with the abuse of free speech.  I don’t give a rats behind what a crooked judge in florida says about Newscorp’s license to lie and abuse.  Find your honor.

      17. Any way you look at it Obama still sucks.

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