Updated: Ferguson Ground Teams Report Shots Fired, SWAT Teams Deployed, Firefighters Pull Back: “Everyone In the Street Area Is Subject to Arrest”

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    Updated: 12:49 AM CT An unidentified police officer was wounded in University City, MO, also part of the St. Louis metro area, and about 6 miles from Ferguson. The officer has been hospitalized and is reportedly expected to be OK.

    Updated: 12:02 AM CT Reports say that Louis Head, stepfather of Michael Brown, was repeatedly shouting “Burn this bitch down” after the decision, while Brown’s mother collapsed in tears.

    Updated: 11:49 PM CT

    …Local Action 41 News reports that incoming flights into St. Louis have been re-routed. No inbound flights are allowed to land at St. Louis airport at this time. It is not clear whether this is related to the Ferguson riots.

    …Oakland: Protesters block highway 580 in Oakland, Ca. Reports possible rioting. (link)

    …University City Police Officer and unkown victim shot near St. Louis. Believed to be related to Ferguson riots. (Action 41)

    …Fires rage. No firefighters respond to calls amid vandalism, gunshots in Ferguson… Autozone, Toys R Us, Mcdonald’s, cell phone stores, and other local businesses either burned or looted.

    Updated: 11:34 PM CT

    Live streams being made available by independent and alternative news reporters at Infowars.com, Vice News and local station 41 Action News show fires at various Ferguson businesses. Gun shots have been reported across the city, though some of those may have been mistaken for tear gas canisters.

    A Vice News ground team followed a police SWAT team that entered a highly volatile Ferguson street on which fires were raging. Police used bull horns to advise rioters that anyone found on the streets would be arrested.

    Police were deployed to the area presumably because of an earlier report of shots being fired at firefighters and/or police officers. This led to firefighter teams reportedly being pulled from the area.

    “Normally you would just see buildings burn, but the firefighters and police just didn’t have enough resources.” (Action 41 News)

    Live Feeds available at the time of this writing via:

    Vice News (Live as of 11:30 Central)

    Action 41 News (Live as of 11:30 Central)

    Watch Live:

    Original Post: Gunshots, Looting, Tear Gas, Flaming Cars on Ferguson Streets Minutes After ‘No Charge’ Decision

    A series of about three shots is heard on tape less than an hour after the decision not to charge Officer Darren Wilson was made public in a televised announcement.

    A man in the crowd warned of “Gunshots. Gunshots! Or Firecrackers?” “Those are gunshots,” another man in the crowd is heard saying. “No, they’re gunshots,” says the first man, correcting himself.

    According to the man, a large number of police showed up on the scene immediately afterwards.

    KTVU carried the video:
    KTVU –

    The National Journal also reported on the “possible gunshots”:

    Already, there are reports of possible gunshots in Ferguson among large crowds. Obama asked police in the area “to show care and restraint in managing peaceful protests that may occur.” While saying that police have a “tough job” to do, he asked that “as they do their jobs in the coming days, they need to work with the community, not against the community, to distinguish the handful of people who may use the grand jury’s decision as an excuse for violence.”

    Who may have fired the shots and whether anyone was injured is not yet apparent.

    St. Louis County police descended upon the crowd and blocked of the streets.

    Meanwhile, other early reports show that police have already fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowd. Via Craig Wood on Facebook:

    At approximately 9pm as seen on live footage Ferguson police started an advance and started gassing and firing rubber bullets at a relatively peaceful crowd. The advance continues as I make this post.

    At the time of writing (approximately 9:50 PM Central) Gateway Pundit is already reporting looting, burning cars and attacks on police with bricks.

    Meanwhile, Sky News carried live images of this burning car on the scene:

    How this will go remains to be seen; but clearly, anything could happen from here.



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      1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Modern America, You suck. I miss the simple times. Anyone up for a game of boche ball and some burgers? Maybe even some top raman mixed with a banquet sweet and sour chicken? it is wonderful.

        • Do your digestive tract a favor, avoid Ramen noodles…

          • Burn and Loot how stupid can they be. If every black would just refuse to play basketball or football, from highschool through college and pro-ball the whole country would go into DT’s now that would get whiteys attention. They had Columbia Mo. on the list for riots, Mizzou plays Arkansas in Columbia on Fri. sure hope they don’t hurt the stadium there. Mizzou needs the win to take the SEC East title. But we could pass for a big bon-fire. Trekker Out.

            • Need to chant:
              Case Closed-Get a Job!!

              Case Closed-Get a Job!!

              Case Closed-Get a Job!!

              You Loot-No More EBT!!

              Just start cutting services off to the Looting Freeloaders.

              • Staging Ferguson, A Covert Op, And Al Sharpton

                After the decision was announced, the people at the court house just stood around, some yelling, but basically doing NOTHING. In order to get the riots going and give cover to the government operative agitators, the police started shooting tear gas all over the crowd. Once the people started running from the tear gas and making it look like a riot, the government operative agitators began shooting and starting fires. This gave cover to those inclined to do some looting to begin breaking into stores and stealing stuff. This was a total government operation to pit race against race. Sadly, all too many black people are easily manipulated and willing to loot given the opportunity to get free stuff.

                Question: Why does the government want to start a race war?

            • This is lack of education. civics 101
              These folks riot because they dont understand what was just deciced , or how the conclusion was reached.
              I am sure few even know what a grand jury is , and instead of listening to the facts using logic and reason they just burn and pillage.
              Speaks volumes about our education system , just wait a few more years as common core educated kids come of age.
              I worry for the future.

              • education system- crap in – crap out !

              • They have a firm grip on one fact….cops murder with impunity. They murder people of all colors, but mostly blacks. They’re seldom tried let alone convicted for these murders. The legal system allows police to investigate themselves, takes the work of lying cops over anyone else, frankly I don’t blame them for rioting. However they shouldn’t burn their own neighborhood.

                • Remember the homeless white guy in Fullerton Calif. that the cops beat to death over fifteen minutes? They got away with that to one too. Shooting dogs, kicking in doors on the wrong houses, flash banging babies, it goes on and on. These guys get all worked up though about a shithead that definitely asked for it.

              • These folks riot because the decision was NOT the one they wanted to hear.

                I believe the hard core agitators – SENT to Ferguson by Eric Holder and recently given a pep talk by Obama to “Stay the Course” PLANNED to riot.

                Unfortunately, this is our tax dollars at work.

                • In the 60’s, I was sympathetic to civil rights movement, even supported it. Blacks wanted equal treatment and they got it. But that is no longer good enough for many, it seems.

                  Some of you will no doubt point out that racism still exists in America, to which I would reply; “Yes, it does… and some of that racism is black!”

                  I will not support violence for violence sake. It will not have the desired effect. It may even create significant blowback for them. This is not about civil rights and it will not work out well for them.

                  I was talking with a black woman recently. She said she was afraid of whites. I asked her if her fear was rational or irrational? Rational if something happened to you and irrational if based on anecdotal stories. She didn’t answer my question. What does that tell you?

                • This is straight-out of the Marxist/Anarchist ideological play book from the White House. Since that house is currently occupied and infected with the 1960’s self-styled revolutionaries and Black Nationalists, WHY, are we shocked or surprised at their behavior? After all, our current Organizer-in-Chief told them to “stay the course” which means what we’ve seen so far in the few hours since the decision. Eventhough he called for “peace and calm” in his remarks last evening, the message to continue the fomenting of organized violence sailed through loud and clear. When he hear the phrase, “the police are the occupying force”, as we did in 1992 in Los Angeles from Maxine Waters-D, Los Angeles, (she’s still serving in COngress), she’s an avowed Marxist, so this is the rhetoric we should be listening for. This is NOT about the Michael Brown robbery and shooting at all, that is merely the excuse or rationalization for the anarchy and political race war rhetoric.

              • The only ones they listen to are the instigators: Sharpton, Holder, and Obola. Are any of them telling the nigs to stay calm?

                Obola says “stay the course”, and “you have a choice, to be calm or to be violent”.
                Sharpton say’s the city cops should have more chocolate.
                Holder says blacks need to stand together and be heard.

                Clearly the “Black Leadership” Generals are instigating the nigs to a race war.

                • You should and Glen Beck to the list with Al Sharptongue. Glenn Beck is obeying Ocommie and will not talk about Ferguson on his radio show. Beck is nothing but a whore. Shitbags like Beck are worse than all the “protestors” RIOTERS combined.

                  • Amen Maddog:

                    He gives real patriots just ‘enough’ information to keep Americans as calm as possible. His “love” will cure all is simply ludicrous. He has been told to make patriots “Israeli firsters”. That is ALL that matters to the PTB. Keep us unaware of who is ruining America and the world. He and the israelie firster preacher/teachers (the hag, etc.) will go down in history as the greatest traitors America ever had.

                    • Glenn did a great job exposing the financial situation we are in and George Soros and his media army. Then he changed.

                      And yes, his weepy loveyness got overwhelemingly sickening.

                      I’ve listened to Michal Savage on and off since he started. Now I am getting more hard core in catching what he has to say.

                    • Beck turns out to be nothing more than a money whore. If you set up Firefox with Ghostery and Privacy Badger to detect (and reject) so called “tracker” and “widget” software that loads with a web site to report your viewing to third parties, you will see that Beck’s site leads the way. Depending on what story you click on, as many as thirty of these bits of spyware load onto your device. He gets money from every one of the tracker companies. His stories are just “clickbait” get you to open your door to these spies. He chooses the ones that get the most clicks, regardless of their “truth or nonsense” ratings.

                    • For contrast, Limbaugh loads 11, Levin 12, and Savage just TWO. (Mac’s site loads 8 as of this morning.)

                  • I watch and listen to Beck nearly every day and am laughing at the claim that he is obeying Ocommie by not talking Ferguson today. That’s a good one, laughing my ass off. It could be that today’s show was pre-recorded as Beck is known to do, so his large staff can be home with family on a holiday week. Whatever the reason Burnin Fergie is not a topic today it is not because of loyalty to Dominus Obama (for any Sparticus fans out there)

                    • Homestead:

                      I usually listen to a few minutes in the morning just to see ‘how far down the toilet’ he has sunk from the day before.

                    • Stopped watching the clown almost 2 years now. Today is nothing different than his normal whore self. Keep laughing, I know he is all the way to the bank with your money. Oh except for the cash he gives his dipshit pals. What a joke its all become.

              • why in hell should they go to school when the feds support them free this free that B&E and take what you want,,,,,,,
                did I miss it or what but I didn’t see any NGs on the street,,,,,


              • I put this on the media. They aren’t reporting facts, they’re agitating the people, creating the story they want. This my friends is somebody’s script and the players are planted to get the desired result. Even the prosecuter(democrat) was thrown under the bus and pilloried by the press. did you notice they weren’t paying attention ,they asked some of the same questions two and three times.

                • Exactly what I said to my wife Jim in Va. I blame the media for 98% of the condition of America. Just a bunch of presstitute communist. Gonna need a lot of rope for these scumbags when the war starts.

              • RIGHT ON,hammerhead

            • On Yahoo News there is a photo of a looter coming out of a store with merchandise. The caption below describes the looter as a “protester”.
              Give me a break….
              Did I miss something or is there still a difference between a legitimate protest and outright theft, looting, arson, burglary, and vandalism?

              • There is a difference between the two, but unfortunately, the leftist media has chosen to tell us a pig’s ear is a silk purse. For our own unenlightened good, of course.

            • How dare you imply that games are not more important than reality!

              So, was Ferguson a controlled burn, or does it go from there?

          • justMe, ramen noodles are also very heavy in sodium. Doesn’t make for even a decent meal.

            • Right, but if you just ditch that “flavor packet” and use butter and some herbs, they’re OK, especially when you cook ’em in that boxed beef or chicken broth that you can get in the soup aisle at the market.

          • Now they Gots’ No MacDonalds, No Convenience Stores, No small shops or beauty salons or show stores. Now just cut off all EBT Food Stamp Cards and Section-8 housing and watch them squirm. Most all places Burned were Black Shop Owners. You can’t fix Stoopid.

            See how the Race Baiters Obama, Sharpton, and Don Lemon of CNN justify their Hoodie Clan Burning and looting?

            • Nobody will be able to sell their homes and move out of the city and will suffer the stupidity of the agitators many of which come from the outside.

          • Yep– they’re full of sodium… all taste, no nutrition. BTW, I’ve been gone off the Internet for some time… We can no longer give thumbs up/down??!

        • Heading out with the boy and the mountain bikes for a 100 miler, back in time for turkey on Thurs, we’ll skip football per tradition (along with every Sunday and Monday). Thankful for life, and everyone here.

          • OK Whitey Watch your Backs. RE: Ferguson MO and across the country.

            OK they had a 4-1/2 minute moment of silence for their Dead Black Hoodie Thug, then they looted, burned and destroyed their own neighborhoods, Many of the business were black businesses. You can’t fix stupid.

            As a White person we are going to be their next targets:

            Tips for Civil Unrest:

            1.Keep loaded weapon in your Home and in your Car.
            2.Get your Concealed Weapons permit immediately and carry daily. (Men and Women)
            3.When driving leave at least a full 1-1/2 Space between you and the car in front of you at all stop signs and stop lights, so you can make a quick pull out and escape, anytime you are stopped you are vulnerable.
            4.Do Not be rolling down your car window to give donations, they many be ready to car jack you.
            5.Do Not open your home doors to any strangers, always see who it is. Once your door is open they or their Hoodie Friends may rush your door within a second and hold you hostage as they rob you or worse.
            6.Put your cell phone away, or at least in your non gun hand, and pay attention to your surrounding when you walk into your house, or into a store say for grocery shopping. Parking lots will be a big target coming up. Look to see who’s watching you.
            7.Beware of Hoodies or strangers begging for money or trying to ask for the time. All they are trying to do is get closer to befriend you to rob or steal from you.
            8.Carry ony what you need to take care of your task. Don’t be carrying all your entire life in your purse or wallet.
            9.PREPARE TO SHOOT- Get to the Pistol range and practice often. Wear your gun like your essential wallet.
            10.Don’t plan on any Cops coming to help you, or plan on an hour wait, so you will need to be prepared to defend yourself for some time.
            11. If someone bumps into the back of your car, see who it is. Stay in your car or move to a well lit area, and or where a lot of witnesses are. And call 9-11 immediately to tell what happened and you may be in fear.

            Something to pay close attention to, is a group of Hoodies say 40 Yards away, watching you. Distance can be quickly closed in seconds. The NFL record for the 40 yard dash (120 FT) can be ran in just 4.5 Seconds. How fast can you pull your gun, take the safety off, aim, and shoot at the moving bunnies coming at you? Less than 4.5 seconds? With a 40 Yard gap. Start shooting early and often. Or at least pull it out and aim showing them you mean business. And say “Make my Day Hoodie!!”

            We also have the Race Baiter in Chief and his Band of AL Sharptons and Jessee’s out there ginning up the Hoodies to somehow Loot and Burn and revenge for justice. They think they have lived their lives with injustice, and are always victims, and they will look for any and all opportunities to Rob, Steal and kill any Whitey. They think they are in their dismal place in life because it is Whitey fault.

            They get Food Stamps, EBT Cards, Welfare, SSI, Single Mother benefits Free Section 8 housing, and get paid more for every fatherless child they hatch. Its generation after generation of hate and lack of respect for them selves or anybody else. We need to Stop Rewarding Failure.

            Ex-Mayor Rudy Guiliani said this the other day on Fox News – “93% of Blacks are Killed by other Blacks, not Cops. And if the Blacks don’t want all those Cops in your neighborhoods, then stop killing and robbing each other.”

            • WWTI, AMEN to your comments and excellent post.

            • Bravo! Well said. 100% agreement with you.

            • Well said. And they just keep pushing for more hand outs.


          • Watch it Acid,the back flow will hurt you. you going to be the next one to rush a cop?

        • So glad I left the U.S. last year. To those people who take pride in burning their own house down: you’ve spent generations telling people you aren’t slaves, and now you prove that you truly are.

        • USA is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work for change from within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards on sight.

        • No surprise that animals act like animals. Stay calm and aim true if need be.

        • The only thing American you mentioned was burgers.

      2. You can disregard, that was just me. I was just making sure my gun was fully functional……..cough….cough….

      3. Baboons

        • Anyone notice the 14 minute delay in CNN’s “Live” feed? My told me about the shots fired on cop block 14 minutes earlier.

        • Goin’ ape-shit.

          • Folks

            Get out of any city with a sizable black population


            Like yesterday

            this is not going to get better

            • This will fizzle out soon enough. I could be wrong…LoL But I think you’ll see uprisings and outbursts here and there for a few weeks at most. But this is not going to turn into anything large enough for everyone to freak out.

              As far as gun shots go…..it was probably the pigs trying to get things going so they could “rumble.”

              No winners in this fight!

              But a lot of definite losers with all the property damage.

              • Might not even have been gun shots. Could have been firecrackers.

                Agree that this will soon peter out. It would be different if it was July or August with tempers rising with the temps.

              • Ref: BJ

                But where the hell were all the ” National Guard “…”FBI” guys….All the Leo’s yada yada yada..

                A Town of about 20,000 people….and how many protestors and they could not “Protect ” peoples property ??? DAMN !!! All those burning businesses….

                I have seen more Law Enforcement come to break up one of my ” Family Reunions !!! ”

                A Burn Baby Burn board game….A sit in Coloring Book…and a Stokely Carmichael Doll !!! So much for Christmas gifts !!!

                • Where was the National Guard? According to Jim Hoft they were deployed in many other locations but were told to “stand down” at Ferguson by DEMOCRAP Governor Jay Nixon. I offer long odds that Obama or Holder didn’t lean on him.

              • I’m more concerned about random acts of black on white violence.

                Pay attention to where you are people. You may want to avoid driving through certain neighborhoods for a while…..next few weeks and months.

                In the meantime…I would not go anywhere unarmed.

                The pattern here is much like what I witnessed in LA in 1992. In some neighborhoods, you will be perfectly fine. Others…..not so much. But I carried a gun everywhere. And I worked about half a mile from the corner of Florence and Normandie (where Reginald Denny was attacked) about 2 months after the riots. I wore a Level II vest and flak jacket while I was there.

                When driving….make sure you don’t get blocked in traffic. Always have an escape route in mind. If you are accosted by a large number of people on foot who attempt to block you from driving away…don’t hesitate….run them over if you have to. Again….don’t allow yourself to be blocked so that you have no escape route. If your vehicle is mobbed and you are dragged out of your vehicle, you will die. It’s a simple as that.

                It may not get that bad. This may die down in a few days. But you will need to be on your guard (above and beyond your normal level of caution) for the next few months.

                Be especially wary of 3 or more individuals in a group. Be especially cautious when fueling your vehicle. Being outside your vehicle makes you particularly vulnerable. When you see people standing around, watch their hands.

                If you are at an intersection and someone taps your bumper from behind, DO NOT get out of your vehicle. Drive to a safe location or call the police immediately…but DO NOT get out of your car.

                • That’s some excellent advice, friend. I’ve been passing it along to friends and family who live in or near the bigger cities. I can’t convince all of them to carry, but it would be nice if they’d at least pay a little extra attention for a while. No walking down the streets with eyes locked on smart phones and such. Condition yellow at all times. At least.

                • Very good advice, Walt.

                • But that would be nothing new. Black on white violence has increased already ever since bo took office. Look at the game knockout.

                • I can’t help but keep thinking that while the high profile case of Michael Brown has consumed the nation a dreadlocked negro was arrested for the serial murder of a number of white college girls on the east coast and it is forgotten. What the fuck is wrong with this. I am pissed.

                • IF you have too many of those varmits in your neighborhood, trap them with a bananna or free TV, what ever animal comes out of them.

              • BJ, the shots fired came from irresponsible black boys who don’t have any business touching guns. The black community is the problem, NOT the cops. As long as a certain percentage of the black community engages in criminal activity, they will be profiled, etc. Profiling works and is necessary.

                • It is amazing how you can just spout shit off in a post as if it is a matter of fact. You don’t have any more of a clue than anyone else….you weren’t there. I stated it was “probably.” You state shit as a matter of fact in regards to something you couldn’t possibly know without irrefutable evidence.

                  Thanks for commenting RBH, you just showed how stupid the human race can really be. Why don’t you put the icing on it with some racist vitriol.

                  There sure is a hell of a lot of little boys here inside grown men’s bodies.

                  • That was a GOOD one,BJ. If brave’s mouth were a gun, he’d always be shooting blanks. One day he’s all for freedom and inalienable rights,the next day he sucks leo’s with a sense of hero worship.

                    • BJ and anonymous troll, f#$% both of you! I live in the REAL world and speak from personal experience. I have much more than a clue and then some. Both of you sound like you have the same mindset as the protestors. I also realize not all of the black community is bad. There are a lot of good black people who suffer from crime in their communities all of the time and their voices never get heard. If these protestors would put the same amount of effort into fighting black-on-black crime, then things would be different and I could support them. In 2013 alone, 600 BLACK PEOPLE WERE KILLED BY OTHER BLACK PEOPLE, NOT WHITE PEOPLE. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE OR PROTESTS OVER THEIR DEATHS? WHERE IS SHARPTON, JACKSON, OBAMA, DOJ, NAACP, ETC. ON BLACK-ON-BLACK CRIME? THEY’RE AWOL BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT ISSUE. THE MSM WON’T EVEN TOUCH UPON IT, THANKS TO THE TRIBE. THE PROTESTORS ARE WORKING ON THE WRONG CAUSE. FOCUS ON THE CRIME IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY AND DO SOME THING WORTHWHILE AND NOBLE. THE MICHAEL BROWN CAUSE IS BS.

                    • Congrats there brave, now you’re going on to graduate from the school of Nazi which is so dear on this site. You would at least get some respect if you chose a side of the fence to stay on permanently but you insist on playing both sides and now have zero credibility with the exception of being a damn fool.

                • Normally I don’t agree with your comments, but this one I do. It’s not the cops fault. And no, I would not be a cop for anything.

              • Just letting Blacks Loot and Burn buildings down with no attempt to stop them just adds to their feeling of Black empowerment, and when Obama tells them to Stay the Course.

                Then the Race Baiter and Thief gives the Cops a lecture last night to be restrained. What? What do you think Saddam Hussein would do to control these Looting Negros?

                Saddam Hussenin was a Brutal dictator for a reason. You meet force with force. The corruption in Iraq is just as bad in the Black Hood. The Race Baiter in Thief comes out and tells the Cops to restrain themselves. Hello America we have a Problem here. What the Cops needed to do is Hunt these Black thieves back to their Hidey Holes and Burn them out of their homes.

            • Oh they burn a building down then take selfies in front of the burning building smiling. Watch Facebook light up with stupidity.

              OK Mr President, how did that Police Self restraint work for you or Ferguson? What we need right now is a leader like Saddam Hussein to fix the black problem in America.

              • WWTI, AMEN to your comments. That BOY in the White House doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Instead of telling the police to show restraint, he should tell the black community to clean up its act.

            • This was never about the violent thug Michael Brown’s shooting, this is merely the excuse used for the anarchist/Marxist ideology to foment the violence we see breaking out. It’s straight out of the Community Organizing Handbook and the White House political offices.

          • Chimpin out

          • Interesting. Well, I still doubt it will go much further than it has, but who knows.

            Thomas Chittum’s Civil War II , includes a checklist to watch for, here are a few bits:

            ITEM 2: If illegal aliens are allowed to vote, it will be an unmistakable signal that American citizenship, and therefore America itself, is finished. If millions of illegal aliens in America are granted amnesty, and granted the right to vote, it will mean open immigration, and a giant step towards Civil War II.

            ITEM 4: Watch for racially split juries….

            ITEM 5: Watch for the military to assume police duties…

            ITEM 21: Watch for more mind control hoaxes…

            ITEM 25 Watch for police to abandon their traditional uniforms for ones that resemble military or secret police uniforms in their dark color or camouflage…

            ITEM 28: Watch for the collapse of the US Dollar as the world’s premier currency…

            ITEM 36: Watch for a certain picture. We’ve all seen this picture before…

            These are just a few interesting points. If you haven’t read Civil War II, I highly recommend you do so. Search for it, there is a free pdf.

            • @JustMe… thanks much for the tip on this. I hadn’t heard about it but searched for the PDF version and am reading it now. Wow. This is scary stuff, primarily because it is so well grounded in reason and supported by many facts and references that are notated in the text. Anyone who wants to check this out should go to:


              • @41MagMan,

                YVW. It is an older book, some of it has already come to pass, some coming, some no longer likely, but still a good primer.

                Certainly, the Republic is gone, the parasites and their lackies are just finishing up. “Voting” can no longer save America.

            • I own a copy of Chittum’s book, and read it years ago.

              I want to spill the beans on Tom Chittum, though – in case anyone here thinks for a split second that Chittum is some kind of racially healthy, pro-White individual. He is not.

              I’ve heard this guy on web radio interviews – and this little gutless turd will always insist on reading some sort of limp-wristed sounding ‘disclaimer’ before he begins his interview. This disclaimer is chocked full of some of the most vomit provoking, nauseating, feminine sounding ‘anti-racist’ politically correct bullshit that you’ll ever hear, even coming out of the mouths of the virulently anti-white, Cultural Marxist left.

              Chittum apparently seems to believe that choosing sides in the CW2 that he predicts is coming is not going to be necessary and he evidently thinks he can simply straddle the fence and refuse to wear a team jersey and just ride the nightmare out without receiving a scratch.

              Trust me on this. These are the notions of a racially clueless imbecile, and I would not advise anyone to follow them.

              Unless you look forward to being tortured, gang raped (male or female), and then savagely killed.

              • Tucker, that blows my mind what you just said about Chittum, but I will take your advice to heart. thanks for the heads-up.

              • @Tucker,

                I have seen Chittum interviewed years ago, back in the 90’s, he didn’t sound that way then, maybe he has changed, donno. I got the book when it came out, the overall message is realistic.


                The “Certain picture” he speaks of is a burning armored vehicle; not one last night, but close.

                • Thanks….I didn’t know. Never read that book.

            • “Certain picture?”

              Can you explain this?

            • JustMe, I have a copy of that book and some of those things have already happened and are still ongoing. Chittum was right on target.

        • They have been waiting for this. There could have been an indictment and the same would happen.

          • Which is how one differentiates a reason from an excuse, IMO.

          • Remember that when some SOB half again your size is kicking the shit out of you.

            • I don’t think it would take someone half again his size.

              I’ve seen little girls that are tougher than Eisencrap. (aka Acid Etch)

          • It was so much nicer when we could red-thumb you and hide your stupid comments.

            You do not have a clue what you are talking about.

            Please go back into the basement (Your mommmy will let you, I promise) and leave the serious discussion to the adults.

          • Yeah this guy really looks like he had the shot beat out of him. DO some of you just make shit up? Or just run wild with stories?

            ht tp://stlouis.cbslocal.com/photo-galleries/2014/11/24/darren-wilson-evidence-photos/

            • The MSM blew this whole Shooting up for TV Ratings and the Public bought into this Race Baiting Frenzy. Now that there was No Charges brought, today they are backtracking and blaming each other for adding to the misinformation stream.

              Blacks are gullible creatures, easily swayed with emotional pampering. Now if we could just harness this chaos energy into a work program to make them productive subjects in society, it would be a good thing.

              • LMAO………….

                And all the gullible little creatures here were taken up by the big psyop this was too.

                You don’t think a bunch of hateful whites making racist remarks on the internet about all the blacks is fallling into the race bating game as well?

                New standards are being set all the time these days…..and most here play right into it and don’t even see it.

                I would venture a guess that only 10% MAYBE, on a prepper type site like here, are truly awake….or at least TRYING to see truth.

                • You’re wasting your time with the moron WWTI there BJ. He’s just another one trick pony like condor and a few others who post regularly on this site. They’re old and bitter about being closer to the end of their days. They could benefit from learning how to age gracefully instead of departing the world with an ” I Hate Everybody!” attitude.

          • acid/sodomite, a girl could take out your stupid ass.

          • Wretch, you really are as stupid as you post, aren’t you?

          • I had one charge my truck in a Seven-Eleven parking lot from about 30 ft away. By the time he reached me, my 1911 was out of my work our bag and the slide hammered shut in his face. It was in fleeing that he demonstrated his Kenyan roots.

          • Oops…sorry Acid, that was you looking in the mirror.

          • “According to the facts Brown was only 35ft approx when he was shot. ”

            35 ft is a good stand off distance if you already have your weapon drawn and sighted which is obvious being officer Wilson fired at that range. Personally I would be a lot more comfortable if the target was 20ft away. That still is a safe distance for the first shot regardless if the man was running as a 9MM HP or 40 cal beats fists hands down. Knowing he was unarmed makes a world of difference in the distance too.

            Its slicing cheese as they say but 35ft is a good stand off. Considering all the circumstances however of the previous altercation and size of the man I would not vote to charge the officer but its still not as clean as it should be.

            • Facts?

              You got video? Are there pictures, where measurements can be taken?

              Oh yeah, the facts are what they say the facts are.

          • Exactly,….this is one of the main reasons to learn how to shoot from retention. They may have already stabbed you but you’ll be in the process of emptying a magazine into their gut.

        • Its really sad that the country I grew up in is falling apart & the worst part is it didn’t have to be like this. smh

        • THAT is totally uncalled for, KF. Baboons are much more rational and are more coherent when they screech.

          • I am ashamed of what our country has become. Its an ongoing nightmare of mine that this is the place I must leave my children. Based on media covering of this pile of shit it is quit obvious nothing will get better and our kids will have to swim in this toilet we are leaving them. This alone should motivate everyone hear to push for the reset now.

            • I think that’s what at least “some” of the blacks in Ferguson are trying to do.

      4. Tons of scary stuff coming across the scanner: multiple shots fired at cops; looters ripping up the Dollar General; 200 protestors surrounding a store with 10 employees inside locked in. Where the F is the National Guard?

        • Of course the bitter commander in chief practically spitting the words out of his mouth regarding the “rule of law” (funny coming from him) will make things better. I am sure there are tons of FBI spies on the ground to rat out any police rough stuff.

          • All depends on WHO is doing the rough stuff, Charley. In some cases, it will be seen as OK, but not in others. Any guess as to which will be OK and which not? lol

          • Charley, I watched that speach as well.
            It was obvious that the POTUS did not believe in the message he was sayin.
            His contempt for the justice system could not have been more clear.
            His words called for peace , but his tone was clearly devisive.

        • Thats exactly what TPTB want to hear from you and all the masses…………

          “Where’s the national guard?”

          Amazing how for years things can be talked about on this site and then those here turn around and fall for the exact thing that has been talked/warned about.

          • Yup.

            • Right on BJ. Heavy looting at the walgreens @ 12:28 am.

          • Deadshot. You nailed it.

          • BJ

            That makes sense….I ask about where they were because they continued to announce ..” The National Guard is Coming….The National Guard is Coming !!! ”

            I think if they had simply turned the “Locals” loose that there is a possibility that those businesses would not have burned …Just sayin.

          • @BJ….

            One of the most memorable things about the LA riots in 1992 was the Korean store owners, standing on the roofs of their businesses with AR-15’s and shotguns, protecting their stores.

            THEIR stores did not get burned and looted.

            • I knew Black businessmen who did the same. In L.A., there are still vacant lots in South Central where they burned out their local businesses. Last night, the rioters burned Red’s BBQ, probably Black-owned.

          • BJ

            It appears all the so called planning by leo and all the other agencies to contain the rioting failed miserably..

            Then again..maybe it all is playing out by design?

            Cops and firefighters stood by while patrol cars smashed and burned and businesses torched as well..

            How quaint it all is..

            Just where were all those dhs,fbi,national guard, etc etc.??

            ((.probably protecting federal assets(property)..))

            Just another spectacle for the masses..

            Just another day in a nation once known as America.

            and many here more worried about their precious bread and circus past times(sports) being interrupted..

            Now that’s when the sheep will get really pissed off!


          • Watch what happens when the Food Stamp EBT Card program glitches out for a few months. lol “Annie Get Your Gun!!”

            • Notice how they never burn the welfare office.

              • There is a reason for that, even though I know you’re trying to use racism as an attempt to be humorous.
                The reason being is that the welfare office is a government building and the corp will protect it with their dogs. Much like you seen them protecting the court house and police station. I know it may be hard for some to swallow, but they are all the same. Your dearest police station is in the same group as the welfare office.

                TPTB’s dogs (aka pigs) don’t care about you or protecting you or your property. They serve only the corp, their masters, TPTB. They will inflict the same pain and death on you in a heart beat as they did Mike Brown, and you will ALL see that sooner or later.

                • Who does BJ call when a severe injury occures to one of BY’s kids or wife or self?….hes going to phone as asap fast as BJ can dial 9-11 for cops assistance is who.

                  Man it seems like you BJ are going a bit too deep into all that anarchy stuff or something.

                  National Gurad is comprised of neighbors, cousins, brothers etc etc of Us most often. Same for cops.

                  You keep acting as if all here Must always include a disclaimer that states “NO of course NOT all blacks is bad”….Yet if issues cops?…Oh then all cops is bad and pure evils eh…Wheres BJ’s disclaimer on every such posting he makes eh?

                  Sometimes you cannot have it both ways BJ…And if you truly believe we and america would last one week without cops etc?….And with zero govnt?…Then yes you have fallen hard for a fantasy anarchy that aint never fixed nor run any plce proper yet.

                  Only once true anarchist types overtake it all, and there is zero cops to call and them anacrhists leaders already had Your pals or back ups killed off…Then what?

                  You Know what then eh..Noting but Very bad worst bad ever imagianed is whats next…Maybe you need to Snap Out of it. just because good writers can make it sound swell in a book or article don’t mean it is going to really Be that swell in real life if practiced.

                  • Condor, you had better get to the doctor for a checkup quickly as you’re obviously not feeling well. This may be the FIRST post you’ve ever made without blathering about the JOOOOOOOOOOOS are going to get us all. Stay on track with the only trick you know pony.

                    • Anonymous:

                      Your “troll” is showing.

                      Marx and Engels never tried to refute their opponents with argument. They insulted, ridiculed, derided, and slandered them, and in their use of these methods their followers are NOT LESS expert. Their posts is directed never against the argument of the opponent, but always against the person.

                      Sorry anonymous I should have called you a Marxist troll.

                    • POG,

                      Your ” Nazi” troll is showing there. The ONLY arguments you EVER make is copy and paste nonsense from nutcase religious websites and the Hitler hall of fame. As I’ve previously posted earlier here, you and your bitter old friends should learn how to age gracefully instead of leaving the world with your ” I HATE EVERYBODY” who isn’t old and white like me attitude.

                • Why don’t you move to Africa. Maybe you could get some disease and get your brain reworked.

                  • Yeah Bigben, sounds like some of that good’ole down home inbred wisdom y’all is so keen on down there.

                • BJ, why do you keep running down white people? are you one of trick-assed boys like Michael Brown?

                  • You really are weak minded. Anon was right, you can’t have an original or coherent thought can you?

                    Show me where I “keep” running down white people? I run down cops, not white people. Cops are against the spirit the risen Christ gave to us and that we were blessed with when divine providence gave us what we are supposed to still have in this country, God given rights and a Constitution to protect them….something that cops bash and destroy to serve their masters, the CORP or TPTB….title them whatever you want, every single day!

                    Most on here sya they don’t like the government in one form or another….cops ARE the government!

                    And I have no idea what a “tricked-ass boy like michael brown” is?

                    There you go with that stupid memphis ghetto talk again.

      5. These looting animals ought to be shot. Dead. In their tracks.

        • Once these nigher get the taste of looting and burning they will just keep on doing it. Shoot all looters. Its the only thing they will understand. Lock looting apes up for years. Loot you get 5 years in a cage. You burn you get 10 yrs in a cage.

        • Nothing new in Ferguson or La La Land or Shitcago.

          Jungle Bunnies doing everything jungle jerkoffs do best.
          Showing their stupidity and ignorance and disrespect for other folks property and livelihood.

          They “do” have a right to be pissed as hell. Their saviour obuttma, the one that was supposed to free them; has done nothing but “enslave” them more.

          They have seen six, of an eight year term, do nothing to increase job opportunities or community education and rejuvenation, when it comes to black youth. The likes of Al sharptongue and Jesse James Jackson, have pissed away all the funds thru their corrupt organizations.

          The politicians don’t care about the “little” people.
          They care about their vote, when the elections come around, but after that….”piss off, blackies and brownies”.

          All will soon settle down until the next white cop kills a black kid, that isn’t packing a plastic gun. Why kill a 12 year old kid? When did common sense get replaced with overzealous, triggerhappy, guilty until proven innocent, LE mentality?

          Everything is turned upside down. Wrong has become right in most situations. There has to be a breaking point sometime.

        • Right on!!!

      6. Watching Fox now, Meat market and McDonalds being looted, not a cop in sight. This is a lesson for everyone. Even with a thousand cops plus National Guard, things can get totally out of control in minutes.

        • They are there to protect and serve THEMSELVES…..

          • No, they are simply outnumbered and covering a great deal of ground.

            • Nixon called up the National Guard…….. MIA!

              • Deployed in several other locations BUT NOT FERGUSON. Jay Nixon IS a Democrap, after all. Did Holder make a phone call?

            • No, they are indeed there to serve and to protect no one but themselves. If they really wanted to help anyone, they would have instead become firefighters or paramedics.

        • red leader
          if you watched the first round of looting and riots you most likely heard the state patrol officer put in charge tell the crowds about how burning cars bldg’s and other stuff was the “”Appropriate level of response””
          and not one damn thing was done to any one who started the fires. tell me just how is it appropriate ??

          Holder went down and told basically any one involved ” let them burn loot and riot and just sit back and watch ”

          obammy doesn’t want any of his children harmed!!! remember how in his first year he was going to be a father figure a brother a mentor a icon of the Black community. well ???

          what the hell has he done for the black community some one tell me

          race baiting?? hustling for votes?? talking down to the black man ? all i have seen is him paly over and over again the race card and get sharpton to ” stay the course ” what ever the hell that means

          skittle shittin unicorn

          • By not stopping these thugs, the liberal governor, mayor, etc., have encouraged the rabble to loot and plunder. It will harm the area more than any charge of “racism” ever would. Who would choose to invest, shop, or attend an event in St. Louis knowing there is no protection other than what a person could provide for themselves?

            • Yep Race Baiter Al Sharpton is calling for a NAACP meeting next week in Washington DC to start a new round of Business Boycotts. Here comes the Shake Downs again by Sharpton to fill his coffers full of cash.

              Sharpton btw/ owes $4.5 Million of back taxes to the IRS

              (CNN) — Civil rights leader Al Sharpton sharply denounced an extensive New York Times report that he and his companies are subject to $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens.
              The MSNBC host said in a press conference Wednesday that the $4.5 million was the original figure he was ordered to pay back in 2008, but that he has been making regular payments since then and the amount is now less.
              Sharpton did not give the outstanding balance owed by him and his for-profit companies –Raw Talent and Revals Communications.
              Sharpton: NYT tax article ‘misleading’ Sharpton: It’s time to deal with policing
              Rather, he focused his remarks on how much money his nonprofit group, the National Action Network, has paid back. The liens against that organization, however, were not lumped into the $4.5 million figure reported by the Times.

              Link: http://www.cnn.com/2014/11/19/politics/al-sharpton-finance/index.html

        • Holder and Obola must be proud. This staged event is happening exactly as planned.

          • Yeah, that’s what happens when one has such predictable dumb-shits available to play their part. 🙁

        • tHEY FOLLOW THE PUNKS UP THE STREET? Logic says follow the avenues ahead of them to PREVENT IT! I see them just chasing them off and not arresting them? WTF? This is the biggest bullshit thing I have ever seen! Fucking pussy cops and no backup from nat. guard or anyone! This is so obviously a setup bullshit false flag event! Jesus christ how stupid do they think we are?…

          • Big fat steroid cops so fuckin tough? You pussies need to go to Mr. Browns home prison and get some in the ass! God damn coward sons of bitches cant even go where the crime is and prevent it? Scared? You fat doughnut eatin punks need to go back to mommy’s boobie and feel safe! When by yourselves your not so fuckin tough huh?…

          • Genius, Don’t get too upset. As this was a Big Set-Up by the Feds, to let the Hoodies Burn the Place down to create more Hate. The TV Networks like burning building at night time,better than during the day time, to create a better news visual like all hell broke loose.

            Just watch, as the Race baiters will demand more protests in every city of America to incite riots then the Feds can install Martial Law which will lead to Gun Confiscation. Its aBig Set up. Look 3 steps ahead of these False Flag Agitator Provocateurs.

            The Feds and the Police could have stopped all of this if they wanted to. Please, the National Guard was purposely positioned far away, it was only a few hundred maybe a thousand of Negroes rioting. Then throw some Gas Grenaded in there to sensationalize the frenzy. It was all a big set up. Blacks are being used to riot.

        • On the other hand, this tells us a LOT about how they will do in any American Revolution, Part II, doesn’t it?

          One can only wonder how this situation would be different if a bunch of skinheads was tearing up the local community and kicking the hell out of the blacks. Probably different, ya think?

          • 41 mag, Well my man I hear what your saying but whites usually don’t do stupid shit like this. Skinheads included. The one thing I will give the blacks is they WILL take shit to the street no matter how wrong or stupid they are. They are easily led to anything by a black leader with an IQ of 100. Sad situation for us but it is what it is now. Deal with the negroes, the mexicans, the bankers, etc. Shit is coming and it will not be fun my man…

          • Ferguson should have just brought in the KKK and Hells Angels to crack some skulls.

            Nigs would have rioted anyway. Now Race baiter Sharpton is heading to Fergy to race bait more looting. 29 arrested and a dozen businesses burned down. Obummers nig children told to stay the course. Obama sucks..

        • Ref Red Leader..

          That was my point in my other post(s) WTF happened to all those people the TPTB said they had available….A city of 20K people and all that shit is allowed to happen..I thought they were going to guard the local businesses….I guess I would be SOL if something broke out where I live and it’s only about 50K……

          • 3rd down. They didn’t protect the local Black businesses section of town.. lol Looks like they even burned their own local MacDonald’s down. lol Stupid is… Black’s mental thought process is only about 5 seconds in advance before they do something. Today they all crying No Happy Meals available. Duh!!

            • WWTI.

              According to internet info, there was about 83 cities preparing for demonstrations. A dozen or so had people gather together to protest. Since there was such a small turnout, I presume that many organizers are waiting to see what happens in Ferguson, Mo.
              Burning Ferguson to the ground and NOT rebuilding would be fine with me after the insurance pays out, ONE TIME, then you leave.
              I seen on TV that even some in Congress still want to precede with more investigations saying the Grand Jury verdict was invalid.
              As I have said before, that nothing will end till
              the hatred is drenched with blood.

              Police shot another unarmed black man in my area. The Night is young. Hahaha!

        • @Red Leader….

          Yep…..watch and learn people. Watch and learn.

          Same thing happened in LA riots…..Police stood down and did nothing to prevent the looting and burning. The people in those neighborhoods where on their own.

        • The business owners should be there doing their own job protecting what is theirs and not relying on the nanny state govt goons….that’s the way it was meant to be and should be. That is one of the reasons we lost our (the people) power.

          • you shoot a nig protecting your busness, and you’ll be in prison getting your rump pumped.

      7. Look at all the suckers falling for the psy-op. And to any that think I’m somehow sympathetic to these retards on the street, I’m most certainly not. They’re the biggest bunch of suckers there are, they fell for the psy-op completely. And the rest of the spectating suckers that think it’s not a psy-op and have that divided mindset running deep with rage against the idiots in the street, you fell for it too.

        Don’t get me wrong here, if attacked, I will retaliate with 100% force. Yet, I understand my attacker may be under the influence of mass mind control. Fucking morons.

        • “Yet, I understand my attacker may be under the influence of mass mind control.”

          True… and yet, if they come into my neighborhood pulling this shit, their minds, controlled or not, won’t matter diddly to my AK and my Mossy 500.

          • With #4 buckshot 3 inch magnums 🙂

          • That’s my point exactly. If anyone endangers my family they will be put down. At the same time though, I’m not about to harbor any generic hatred and play the divide and conquer game. These idiots in Ferguson can’t see how they’re being played like a fiddle and that useful idiot mindset is very dangerous to the rest of us.

        • Wake up White America!! The Cops will not come to your rescue ever. YOU need to be prepared to defend your own self. Shoot to Kill!!

          Watch Gun Sales skyrocket.

          Stoopid blacks burned down Black owned businesses. That’s why they let the blacks loot and burn them. Too funny. Blacks are canibals killing their own.

      8. Hunker down and let the fools kill themselves off.

      9. Idiots thinking looting will change anything. Just ignorance at its best. I’m waiting to hear a report of one of these idiots choosing the wrong store and getting shot in the ass by the owner.

        • It’ll change that 20″ tube tv for a 50″ lED

      10. I’m watching it on the BBC right now. I hope it stops at Ferguson, but I have a feeling it won’t. This isn’t about Michael Brown anymore. It’s just an excuse for those not invested in society to participate in violence. At any rate, I just locked and loaded in the off chance that things go south in my racially mixed working class neighborhood. Luckily I am at least 20-30 miles away from any of the cities targeted for wider “protests” and live in a town that is 80-90% white (one of my reasons for living here).

      11. TSHTF in Ferguson, MO. It’s only a matter of time before this spreads to other cities. I’ve got a pistol, rifle, and shotgun all locked and loaded. good luck to all.

        • This might be an important beta test, like Dorner.

        • Roger that, Braveheart. I am not looking forward to this sort of thing where I live, no, not at all. But I will not flinch away from my duty to protect those around me who cannot protect themselves. Anyone coming here and attempting to do this will get a very big and very nasty surprise. This is not Wussville and we will not tolerate the kind of lawless behavior that threatens the lives of the innocent.

        • Braveheart:

          I was just thinking…what if you or I owned a business in that ” Shit Hole ” of a town …74% Black….and we had just finally had it with all the Bullshit….Then this protest would be the perfect time to run down to your business with 5 gal of gas and box of matches and light er up !!! Collect yo surance money and get the hell out of town !!! Bag yo money and Bug Out !!!

          • 3rddown, what you’re suggesting is called “insurance fraud”. I don’t play that game. If I was really giving up on a town like that, just let the monkeys burn it which they would most likely do anyway.

            • Most property insurance does not cover riots, or during acts of war. Read your Policy find details. Check your policy before you torch it. lol Those are special insurance riders you need to get and purchase beforehand. Just saying.

          • Jewish lightning? Most Blacks aren’t that smart. You need your brother-in-law Schlomo the insurance adjuster to make it work. Explained to me by my father’s friend, a furniture retailer whose shops burned whenever the neighborhood started to go Black. I still have furniture from his fire sales.

          • I know for a fact, that did occur during the 1992 Rodney King Spring Festival in Los Angeles. I personally led the investigation against a larger local financial institution that torched every single one of their bank-owned properties, most of which were NOT in any riot zone. Unfortunately, stuff does happen during riots, and none of it is any good. Los Angeles still has hundred of empty parcels in Watts, (south central Los Angeles), because NO chain wants to re-build in that dump, it’s not financially worth it, they cannot afford insurance coverage.

      12. how do you know it wasn’t the cops who fired the shots ???

        there are NUMEROUS examples of the police infiltrating protest groups and DELIBERATELY encouraging violence

        numerous examples can be found here in the US,the UK and even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were caught doing it a couple years back

        • Do you seriously believe the police had to fire first in this situation?

          The crowd wants a riot, they came for a riot, and they are now having a riot. Just like they planned.

          The cops would much rather just go home and watch a ball game on the tube.

        • It’s certainly possible, but in this case I doubt it is the most likely scenario. The thugs in the street don’t need an excuse to get things started and would be firing shots anyways, so why would the cops see any need to shoot first? All they had to do is stand back and wait. That way it can’t come back on them.

        • You forget that all the Ferguson cops are white. I think they would stick out like a sore thumb!

        • Satori, those gunshots without question came from black male thugs who are too stupid and too irresponsible to take a firearms course and just don’t care where their shots land. I live right across a major boulevard in Memphis from a ghetto. On New Years Eve and 4th of July every year there is more gunfire than fireworks taking place in that neighborhood less than a quarter of a mile from my home. The next day you’ll find spent brass ALL OVER that area. Such people don’t care about anything. To me they’re useless eaters.

          • Watch out. All that lead and copper eventually falls from the sky and can hit you in the head. I saw that at a south side Fire Station I worked at. The blacks would all come out on their porches,house after house next to each other and fire their pistols in the air. Prostitutes getting chased into the station at knife point. I tackled one hoodie with a knife and sat on him till the cops came and hauled him away. Crack houses and needles all over the place and some black chick having another baby on the couch.

            The worst scum, filth, shit of humanity you can imagine out there in every city of America. Sarge could tell you the same thing. Go ride an ambulance some full moon night in the hot summer in a big city. You will be busy all night long. Just listen to an EMS Fire Police scanner.

      13. Fuck the pigs. There were many non-lethal options that could have been deployed against an unarmed young teenager. Darren Wilson is a bloodthirsty, cowardly, piece of shit.

        • Yeah you’re right he should have “deployed” one of the many non-lethal options that generally don’t even slow most folks down like his taser or pepper spray

          I carry a .45ACP for a reason. I don’t carry seasoning.

          • LoL…. “I don’t carry seasoning”

            BEST LINE ALL WEEK!


          • acid – Think for a second – Tasers are only good out to about 20 Ft, pepper spray maybe 5 Ft. The Hoodie was charging him, just seconds away and the Cop kept shooting until the threat was down and why the hoodie Brown fell and was shot in the top of his head. All frontal shots. It was a justified shooting any angle you look at it. And after the Brown thug assaulted the Cop just seconds before.

            There is No way anybody should be calling Brown a Victim or a Martyr.

            • WWTI, acid is retarded. he belongs to that “alternative lifestyle”. THAT alone speaks volumes.

        • Like a rope and a tree. Looks like the KKK membership will pick up along with gun sales.

          Folks just keep adding to your collection of guns and ammo. Keep adding as much as you can afford. Just one box of ammo will add up over time. You will be rewarded bigtime. Also pick up a dozen high capacity magazines per gun as a minimum and keep the loaded and ready to deploy.

        • Acid the facts are the hoodie was 10 ft away when he hit the pavement. The Cop in this case was more than justified. A jury of his peers said the cop was justified. Accept the facts. It is what it is. Justified. Case Closed.

        • acid/eisenturd/sodomite, you’re the one with a problem.

        • Acid’ just like the other protesters you ignore the facts and make up your mind before hearing the facts and you hate the police ahead of time. your mind works backwards if it works at all.

      14. The fact is its their own damm fault. Its a fact that if all the black folks disappeared from the planet tonite tomorrow the other races would have lots fewer problems. If the opposite happened and all the other races disappeared the tonite the blacks would have more problems tomorrow. Like it or not race war is eventually happen.

        • While I don’t completely share your sentiments, I do find it disturbing that racial violence is disproportionately started by blacks against (insert race here). I don’t hate, but I do have a healthy amount of fear and suspicion when dealing with members of poor minority communities. Then again, I feel the same way towards large crowds of poor white teens too. The young are very easy to manipulate towards irrational violence.

          • Yea, Winston. Those Amish flash mobs I keep hearing about are scary.

            • I don’t fear the Amish. They don’t exist in large numbers where I live (not that they would worry me anyways). It’s the trailer trash, all hopped up on pills and alcohol, and the biker gangs that are prevalent where I live that worry me (but not as much as the “urban” gang bangers!) Yes, there are white scumbags too, but I do fear them less because I know they won’t target me for racial violence. What scares me the most is that I deliver food at night for a living. I just hope tomorrow night is not a bad one. I think I feel a sudden “illness” coming on…

              • Winston:

                Better send up your periscope to the real fear. Those in DC and their AIPAC handlers.

              • Furguson should have hired Hell’s Angels to protect the town. We could have watched a real smack down on these nigs.

                • When the Rolling Stones band played detroit or actually Pontiac stadium concert they hired the entire Mc Club of Detroit Drifters bikers for security at each nites concert.

                  Meanwhile a totally faggot and dyke bar club across street of drifters bike clubhouse on Warren Ave in detroit, always hired a female dyke biker club of mostly huge 350 LB BullDyke and lezbos! As Bar club security after a huge group of neighboorhood folks got sick of the perverted goings on at that bar and demanded it be closed down. Some even got violent after city said no they cannot shut it down due to perverted actions slimeing the area up…The following week later 30+ harley riding 350 LB Dyke bitches arrived nitely to protect the fags and lezbo patrons there…

                  It looked like a three ring circus between female harley rider dykes VS Reg area folks and white normal type biker clubs on opposite sides of warren street.

                  Eventually it all died down wentt kinda back to normal. That fag bar finally went out of buisness I think.

                  Sure was a contrasting sight seeing biker clubs like you expect VS across street all them BullDykes on Hogs! With tons of prissy fem like faggots and goofy wide eyed lezbos all over the place every weekend. So glad I moved north 200 miles away from it all.

        • Wanna end 75% of all shootings? Ban Blacks and NOT guns.

          Wanna end the Police State, get rid of the Blacks, menace to our society, free loading leach cockroaches.

      15. just a little reminder of what governments are capable of

        Operation Gladio


        “General Maletti’s testimony concerning alleged CIA involvement[edit]

        General Gianadelio Maletti, commander of the counter-intelligence section of the Italian military intelligence service from 1971 to 1975, alleged in March 2001 during the eighth trial for the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombings that the CIA had foreknowledge of the event.[13] According to The Guardian, he said:[14]

        …his men had discovered that a rightwing terrorist cell in the Venice region had been supplied with military explosives from Germany. Those explosives may have been obtained with the help of members of the US intelligence community, an indication that the Americans had gone beyond the infiltration and monitoring of extremist groups to instigating acts of violence…”

        Operation Northwoods


        “The operation proposed creating public support for a war against Cuba by blaming it for terrorist acts.[3] To this end, Operation Northwoods proposals recommended hijackings and bombings followed by the introduction of phony evidence that would implicate the Cuban government.”

        and I’m sure some of you are familiar with the recent revelations concerning the DELIBERATE attack by Israel on the USS Liberty ?

        and the US governments DELIBERATE participation in the cover up to this day

        • Spot on Condor – America would be a great place again get rid of the Nigs and the Joos.

      16. Thank God that the system works!!!!
        The turds that get out of hand should be arrested and charged. It they start looting and burning they should be shot. If I had a house or business I would have the place guarded and defend it with the utmost prejudice!

        • Sarge,
          I feel bad for officer Wilson,
          To have to take a life is no small matter, the guy is only 28, his whole life and career is up in smoke, self defense but it is something thet poor bugger will have to carry for all his days.

          • I don’t feel sorry for the cop.

            Here is why. he made a bad choice as to how to deal with a thug. he should have gotten out of his car and had his billy stick ready in one hand and his gun in the other.

            If the thug came in close in a threatening manner, a swift whap to the head would probably have sent the bully running away or going down on the ground. If not and he was still able to come towards the cop, then and only then, should the cop have shot him. A couple shots into the groin area would have been all that was necessary.

            Not too many dudes with their gentials shot to hell gonna still be aggressive.

            or at the very least shot out his knee caps.

            • Police training is center mass

              • You are correct Kula, center of mass and continue to fire until the threat is no longer a threat.

                I don’t know if I feel sorry for the cop or not. Honestly, I don’t know enough about him. He could be a great cop who wants to help his community, or he could be psycho looking to enforce his rule of law. Idk.

                If I assume he is a good guy, and I try and put myself in his shoes, would I take the risk of using non-lethal measures instead of my weapon? Probably not, I would shoot to protect myself.

                If this situation was in your home would you grab a baseball bat or a gun? Obviously a gun because why take the chance.

                What’s that saying… “never bring a knife to a gun fight”


          • SGT DALE: If every Reader here at SHTF donated just $25-50 each, we can Buy a store type buisness in some ape infested ghetto zone most anywheres in usa.

            Name the Store “GROUND ZERO”!….Then use some of funds to HIRE Only Huge Black Thugs and arm them to the teeth to await their big chance to do what negroes does best…Whack a fellow monky or group of them dead!

            Its all 100% leagle too as we the corp store owners must have proper well armed store security right!

            The Ground ZERO store wont even need to actually stock any stuff to sell!…Just an empty store front used as a front to take care of biz the way it should be done eh!

            Two or Three heavey armed Tyrones or Quantilzis’s outta be about all needed for all size ape thief groups that number as many as one dozen or fewer eh…And we can Pay them far less than real whakenhut security type guards.

            A total Win Win!…Then we all can share in huge tax write offs for daily store dammages and cleaning fees to clean up spilled blood and dead monkys right.

            When it comes to subhuman black destructions of america and fellow whites…My mind never seems to stop thinking of soultion methods. I am able to come up with several solutions per day most weeks.

            And I really Like that store name of “GROUND ZERO!”..

            Right below store name we can have it state: This ground zero store is an entirely WHITEY Owned establishment, owned soley by Highly Dedicated Craker Honky whites!!

            Just a short matter of time once hoody rat ghetto dwellers spots that new sign and store!

            Then after smoke clears..WE whiteys gets to appear on all TV news nitley shows whineing and moaning how WE are the main VICTIMS always!!!!!!! a tables turned if ever one was.

            • Hey sarge, looks like you’ve got yourself a brand new friend here in condor. You two should get along FAMOUSLY.

              • Condor, I’m PLEASED to say that sometime withing the next 10-20 years you and your kind on this board will be dead or brain dead in a nursing home. BELEIVE me when I say that you will NOT be mourned or missed, the world will be a MUCH better place for everybody when a stake is finally put through your hearts once and for all, take your God fearin’ hate with you when you go.

      17. Here’s a link to someone’s cellphone camera streaming live:

        ht tp://www.ustream.tv/channel/heatherdemian

        Last time I checked it, there was a Walgreen’s on fire, and no firetrucks came.

        Now Little Caesar’s and a chicken restaurant are on fire. And firetrucks have showed up at Little Caesar’s.

        I don’t know why they’d burn up their fried chicken place.

        Not much going on right now, so I’m going to bed.

        • After this, when the businesses leave for good, they will blame business owners for not investing in their area and claim racism. It’s what happened after the Detroit riots in 1968…and look at Detroit today. Sorry, but if you want to move your community forward then stop the violence every time things don’t go your way.

          • Salon.com writer says mob attack/sexual assault perps should get free pass because they are black…

            So, you see, White Genocide is being promoted, and now defended, by the parasites, and their marxist lackies. If you are White, you are now fair game.

            • The likes of that Salon.com writer will one day find themselves hunted in the streets. It’ll be like trying to find a Nazi in Germany as Berlin was captured.

              • Salon is the biggest piece of trash ever printed, it makes the Washington Post look like responsible journalism. Just bunch of over-educated, self-aggrandizing urbanites who think they are so much better than anyone who doesn’t live in Manhattan or SanFrancisco. I wouldn’t even use it to line a birdcage….

          • winston smith

            it has happened in LA Compton watts Las Vegas Detroit

            these yard apes burn and steal the places blind then when a decent store closes down because of loss etc they scream about how they have to get there fat ass on a buss and ride to a store to buy groceries

            i have seen it happen time and time again in Tacoma Washington Seattle Washington good stores robbed till they close and the race hustles complain about how the racist white store owners wont open in there neighborhoods.

            and if the store owners try and explain about the past history the Hustlers just bitch about ” living in the past etc ”

            near my home ( 5 miles ) thank god a new store opened and it stayed open for 1 year exact robbed 129 times shop lifted every day and night losses in the 10s of thousands. finally closed and who bitched first the so called black community leaders. (who by the way don’t live in the same area LOL )

            cries of Families hurting for food
            women complaining of 30 to 45 min bus rides to stores
            BS nothing but BS
            so what did the county do ? they brought in an old school bus and loaded it with fresh veggies and told the children to pick one or two items LMAO !!! for FREE

            NO one ever gives me fresh veggies for free but then i am not black and on welfare with 15 children by 10 women

            If obammy wants to really help he should step down and let a real man run this country

            • I saw the same thing in LA. I don’t know how it is there now, but 10 years ago, you couldn’t find a major market in the inner city area of S. Central. They all left because just their losses from shoplifting made it unprofitable to do business there. Same thing with major department stores. No Sears, no Penny’s…nothing. Not even a Wal-mart. All you had in some neighborhoods were the little Korean owned convenience stores, where everything cost 3 times as much as other stores.

              • Its not just LA and Detroit, it’s every major city. No one in their right mind is going to open a business in the high crime areas. That’s business 101.

          • They’ll whine about the ‘food deserts’.

          • detroit loks like mogudishu. Thats what happpens when the whites move out.

            • Short time after Detroit riots stopped burning and calmed a bit you seen where most every former store and gas station etc used to be prior to firebombings, get swiftly Re opened.

              A fast one coat white wash cheep paint on store front, boards where glass windows used to be, and hand painted new sign to inform ghetto dwellers of the newest latset grand opening of another Black Baptist preacher church!

              Many street corners had Three of four corners now with a fast set up church on each of three corners!

              with a black preacher in each loudly preachin to members every sunday with the typical teachings of such churches similar to this.

              If standing or in car parked close to curb out front of church on sunday one heard…”Throws ya moneys at the Wall all youse sinners! The more yous sinned…The deeper youse diggs in dem dere wallets and purses! Daz right now throws dat cash agin dat wall borthers and sistas all youse sinners haz ta Payz fo dem sins…ALL Dat moneys whats sticks to da wall is da Lords ta keeps! Hallelewja pastor!(crowd going wild!)…But All Dat EVIL Bad money what Falls to da floor…I yer pastor is gonna Keeps it so’s I kinz removes its evils from ya’ll’s wallets and purses! Now come on! ya knows ya sinned big so tosses dat cash agin da wall sos da Lord kin keeps all da gooot moneys while i findz a betta wayz ta spends da bad cash all proper like and remake it as goot cash agin!”

              Get close enough and if its quiet enough on street that morning you can hear sounds of Coins hitting the wall! then all falling down to floor so pastor can scoop it all up and pocket that evil Bad cash the Lord dont want!

              I kid you not! 100% factual and serious on most every street corner every sunday in Detroit after riots ended.

              They has more corner churches than any place i ever seen or heard of there. And more pastors driving caddys than elsewheres also!

        • Well, perhaps the community felt the chicken restuarant really needed a remodel?

          Or what if you are the owner of said restuarant and it’s got problems. So you see this mess heading toward your town a couple months in advance. Take out a higher insurance policy on the building and equipment. Wait a few weeks, when the news hits and the rioting starts, you burn it down yourself. Everyone would think it was just part of the rioting and you get yourself a nice payday and a new building. Tonight I’m a cynic.

          • Smh. You are further promoting the problems then trying to fix it it. All races have worthless individuals who should be eliminated from the gene pool. I’m tired of people feeling the need to say a group or color of people are of no use in this world. You are just as harmful as the blacks who are always blaming”the man”for their problems.God or whomever you believe in created us all. Pray that this end soon. Stand up to the real enemies in our country who are just standing back laughing at us as our freedom and rights are being taken away. Or are you too scared to step away from your keyboard and actually do something about it.

            • To put “all” blacks into the same “worthless/less than human” categories is true racism.

              To accept that a segement of black society has become ruthless and mostly useless, except for making more babies, is just facing the facts.

              Abe Lincoln and the Yankee liberal/corporate mindset caused the problem when they abolished; instead of reforming, slavery. The northerners were jealous that they didn’t have slaves to works in their businesses. the president thought he was a saviour for the blacks.
              All that did was to further seperate the races and cause more hatred.

              There are some good, very good, christian black people.
              There were some very intelligent black people that were inventors and contributed a lot of good for society.

              To ignore those two facts, is to be consumed by hatred for all blacks in general.

              I hate bullies and thieves. i hate lazy, useless, dumbasses, that were too busy thinking about getting stuff for free instead of getting an education and learning how to “earn” a living on their own, without relying an stealing from others.

              In the region where we live, there are just as many whites that fit into the class of useless humans as there are blacks. In fact there are probably more. The hispanics, for the most part, have shown both blacks and whites, that it can be done without all the gov assistance and thieving, that the lowlifes and druggies aspire to.

              So, when throwing out the basis for the usual black behaviour, it should be noted that signs of inbreeding characteristics are prevalent in all skin colors.

              Notice how many of the lighter skinned blacks don’t have the same type behaviour patterns? Wonder why?

              • Maybe I am a 90% racist because of the attempted rape and death threats to me and my 2 year old daughter I got from the first black man I ever met, the second one was a loon not understanding common speech, the third one had mental issues, the fourth was immoral acting having sex on a dance floor, and the fourth one I met robbed me. I gave them a chance, and after all the black riots I saw even in person in Michigan back in the 60’s, I judge them on their character which 90% of them behave like low life scum. They make a name and reputation for themselves as a race and that 90% of them make me ashamed they are part of the human race. The other 10% of blacks are pretty disgusted of what they do as well.

                • I rekon a small few here are very New to the wake up calls that most here know of already…Sooo for the benifit of TWO asleep at wheel so far, I shall now write the usual should not any longer be needed or required, Disclaimer ok foolish ones?

                  CONDOR Day:4’s Typical should not be still required here disclaimer: NO of course it is not ALl of blacks, Nor ALL of Jewry nor ALL of any others group…That makes it so bad.

                  It is only that lousy 98% of negroes what makes it look so bad for that remaining 2% of Ok, maybe even good black persons…Which seems to always be Par for the course worldwide wherever one finds any large sized pop of said negroes and jewry has invaded or infiltrated into.

                  THERE! does That make you two all fuzzy and warm inside?…Kinda touches your deep emotional based whitey guilt does it?…Lets do a song shall we?

                  Lets ALL sing in unison “Feelings! Nothing more than…FEELINGS!” heh heh…

                  Ok back to massive whitey guilt “emotional feelings” and please check back here once you too awaken to the REAL world and the whys and whats that so fucked america up since 100 years ago. HINT: check Past articles for much good infos on exactly whom and what caused this demise of america and attempted white genocide ongoing daily in the usa lands…Happy?

                  PS: NOT Racist, but Rather I am an awakened Racialist who is well aware that the Bunk we were taught of “its ONLY skin color thats different”…Is All 100% Bunk since yes there are many major and minor differences far greater than meere skin color. Unawake fools who are unable to see this as facts and real have either not yet experienced real close proximity with negroes, Or, are so braiwanshed by Liberal kommie based TV and Hollywood and University professors spews it boggles the mind…More their minds usually!…Pray instead for That type change to occure to such delusional whiteys as it is more needed today than ever prior was.

                  On behalf of the wized up ones here I hope we passed the audition!

                  • I am well aware of what it is like to live amongst black people. Also thanks for assuming I’m white. I’ve been awake for a long time and continue to educate others of the truth.

        • Little Caesar’s on fire. Show me the financials of that franchise. Never waste a crisis…especially if there is insurance involved!

          • If a house burns, the first step in the investigation is to see if the mortgage is current.

            • Arson can be for many reasons. Most common below:
              1. Financial Gain, from owner or insurance beneficiary
              2. Eliminate the competition
              3. Cover up financial losses, Bankruptcy
              4. Cover up another crimes, like Murder.

              **When a Body is found in a fire they do an autopsy to see if smoke is in the lungs. No smoke means the person was dead before the fire. If there is smoke in the lungs, it may have contributed to the death. People who die in fires are usually found in the fetal position, not laying all strung out long ways like they were dragged.

              **Most all fires can be determined how and where they started. The average house fire burns at 700 to 900 degrees. Copper melts at 1034 degrees, so if during the fire investigation they discover copper wire melted, then most likely an accelerate fuel was used to increase the temperature for that copper to melt. Also look for unusual burn patterns, and empty gas cans in the area.

              I have gone into house fires and nearly fell through the floor into the basement because they dumped gas in the middle of the living room and the floor was burned out in the middle.

              All fire science and investigation and they usually find their arsonist or who benefits most. Don’t do it unless you like to spend your life in prison. WWTI

          • ANON: I do NOT assume you are white! I assume You are either black or a jew or both!…Either way it is very obvious you aint wized up properly as yet and likley wont never get wized up fully….Thats why the monkys and jews you so defend is going to be your worst enemys one day..its ok…You Will awaken moments before its all finished……and I got zero use for fools like you who hide ike a jew rat cockroach then come out after dark to harrass the home owner…Untill he turns on the LIGHTS to Expose You for what you really are…Bad vermin. Then like real roaches and rats your tribe and shaboz goy pals runs for deep dark cover again…

            Its why I have very Pointy cowboy Boots! so that when you and your cockroach pals tris to run for cover in the kitchen corners where typical round toe shoes fail to go into and kill off them cockroach kommieboys, my very Pointy cowbiy Boots works very swell! The pointy tip toes fits direct into all corners no matter how tight a corner it is!…Then its simply a huge squish and one more jewdeo kommieboy no longer able to act bothersome…

            For negroe apes very thick skulls we need rule .308.

        • These people remind me of the Watts rioters back in ’65. They ripped the shit out of their own neighborhood and after it was all over they bitched and cried about not having anyplace to cash their welfare checks. Well, no shit, Sherlock’s… YOU torched them. Idiots.

      18. Total Fabrication.

        2500 journalists, 5000 police, 1 car on fire (filled with an accelerant…no car burns like that), a fire (burning vertically), and 100 PAID PROTESTORS.

        Listen to the Cellar Spider folks, he has called it once again.

        Nov 9th, Comment ID 3264034

        Nov 20th Comment ID 3271877

        Now lets focus back on immigration. That’s the true NWO goal. They need low skilled labor in the 10s of millions before they turn the good ole USA into a slave labor factory mecca.

        They’ve already devalued our currency and our wages. All they need now is a legitimate low skilled labor force in place before they begin building the factories due to the proximity of BTUs (a.k.a. heat i.e. oil, natural gas)

        • cellar spider

          man you have hit the nail on the fucking head in the sw part of the good ole USA its all about the f*&%ing Mexicans. slime ball Reid and Obammy just had there little confab on yet another golf course.
          obammy got his free golf trip and we the citizens of the USA got the club you know where !!!

          all i see are Mexicans coming out of the wood work and listening to them on the news talking about there families sleeping better knowing they cant be kicked out etc.
          there is already talk about how many thousands will be signed up for work in the union jobs here. thanks to Reid and the suck up union slugs waiting for more cheap labor

          its not unheard of in Nv for the Union slugs to be waiting on pay day for a little kick back from the mex workers or getting them to work off clock for a day or so
          but mostly its all about Jose mex doing the job for $ 10.00 while any one else would get $ 20.00
          plus benefits. and if Jose gets out of line well its ICE being called or a threat of immigration
          being notified.

          and don’t say it never happens Obammy got A huge block of the Mexicans down here in NV and most are illegal the unions were busing them in and telling them if you want to have a job or get back to work/ home you better vote dem obammy. one union rep was bragging about how many he got to vote in two or three areas of town and they didn’t live there.

          the unions in NV have a great side business i bet selling fake IDs

          so look for the race wars to start with all the blacks pissed off and the new 5 million citizens trying to all get on welfare etc
          and watch for the blacks to get angry about cuts in welfare bennies and such

          as it is there are fights at the food pantries and charities for thanksgiving turkeys
          Black women fighting with Mexican women about who gets to take three turkeys and sell two.

          both groups take turns it seems each year driving from charity to charity and using fake IDs to con the rubes at the charities

          that’s why i stopped giving

          • Yea, I don’t like all the hispanic immigrants either.

            But let’s face facts. Nine out of ten mexican/hispanic men and women, will work. Most of them just want a better life and don’t give a shit about politics and how many frrebies they can get.

            Only one out of every ten black men will work, regularly. About three out of every black women will work regularly. They feel they are more “self-deserving” because some things that happened a couple hundred years ago. They cling to the “enslavement reparations” for life mentality.

            So we should definitely blame TPTB/politicians/corporations, for the “open border policy”, that gives us “all” the immigrants.

          • Skittle:

            Great post!

      19. Sad that with that kind of force present they are not able to protect businesses and private property. I guess they need pictures for the media stories.

        • Protect your own property! The police will look out for themselves. Take a stand out front with your weapon and watch them just walk on by.

      20. CNN shows a street in NY City starting to stream with protestors.

        They also mentioned Stockton, Ca.

        • Chicago, LA, and Seattle too.

          • Also Oakland, CA

        • Both of those are POS places that will likely be consumed by their own BS hatred.

      21. Full scale chimp out!!!!!!

        • Zombies… in every way that is meaningful.

          • i have been watching all summer at the gun shops and gun shows near me and making notes about the increase in Black gun buyers i would say its up about 90%
            and not people looking for home protection or self defense only and sure as hell not for hunting

            Blacks are arming for what they think is full scale shit coming down.

            i have seen gang banger tat types with AKs
            ( Pre ban ) pistol grips no F*^%ing clue how to hold them except TV sideways.but they have the $ 1300.00 plus to buy them and a case of ammo and extra mags

            Short 12 gauges for home defense but they be talking ghetto style aboutz how thez goin to throw down when thez shit hits thez hood. one scholar was bragging about how he was going to put it in the trunk and next time some a hole gets crazy out comes the 12 ga for some real fun !!!

            ( sorry not good at ebonics )

            they have been arming since right after Ovomit tried his ban crap

            if you have a carry piece i suggest you and every one carry from now on

            and watch out folks for the stupid white idiots that stand side by side with these types there almost as dangerous

            zombie hunting season is coming lets hope the cold slows them down

      22. Man whitey is dumb…do all of you see how many whites are walking hand in hand with all the blacks in all the protests in the country over ferguson?? Do you honestly believe if the role was reversed and it had been a black cop shooting a white kid in the same manner, blacks would rally up with the whites? Not a fkn chance.

        • If a black cop was to shoot a white street thug, most whites would think, “Well, the dumb SOB probably deserved it”, and that would be the end of it.

        • WWTI is suspiciously missing. I bet he’s black, and is out looting and burning. He’ll probably have a new big screen tv and some new green sneakers come morning.

          • Trekker, best joke I have heard in months…
            Thanks, put a smile on my face first thing this morning…

            • For some reason, WWTI thinks a few .22’s will not take someone out DRT. (dead right there). What a loser, wearing green tennis shoes…

              • good mornin’ to ya eppe,

                wwti, in green tennis shoes wearing an hawaiian shirt under a sombrero, chasing an eighty year old granny down the Fla. beach, in her two piece with the wrinkles and waddles flopping in the breeze.

                That thinning white/green hair looks good against her sunburnt lizard skin.

                There is an eye opener for ya.

              • eppe class clown, every try to contribute something news worthy or real information with a link other that your GA simpleton .02 cents of copper? I guess since you no longer get any thumbs count, your really have no audience to speak of. Its pretty much reduced you back to an eppe snail.

            • eppe’s fishing invention = A pair of work gloves with suction cups on the palms. lol Hows that working for ya skippy, Sell a few pair to Mt Treker?

          • Sorry eppe it was not a joke. But simpletons laugh at anything. If your first line of defense is just a .22 you are dead already. Poison tipped or not.

            So hows that fishing invention coming along eppe? Or did you hit a snag? lol

            • WWTI, I can agree a .22 shouldn’t be a FIRST line of defense, but don’t rule out the .22 altogether. You’d be surprised what that little round can really do. While it is usually better to have something heavier, the .22LR will still get the job done as long as you can put that round where you want it to go and if you have nothing else the .22 is better than no weapon at all. Remember that SHOT PLACEMENT is the most important aspect of firearms use, NOT the caliber you’re using.

      23. keen observation, keep in mind this is a town with a population of 22,000. been listening to the scanner
        surprising me, as cold as it is there, they sure did go to town pretty good. ripe looting, burning, scattered small arms fire. More gun play than I thought there would be. god forbid death toll, NG involvement by morning? All is quite in my end of town.
        May the good lord watch over all of you and be careful out there.

        • Indeed so, Markinaz, and the same to you and yours. Anyone who is not well armed as of this incident should reconsider their position.

      24. Rediculous

        Do they realize how stupid this makes them look. Be careful no matter where you go over the next few days. Sorry to say but if you are white be careful around all blacks. You just never know.

        • Look at how Obola does stupid stuff

          what makes you think the niglets in St. Louis care how they are viewed

          get out of the cities with any minority population RFN

          • Hey, Yoop… I’ve been telling friends and relatives that for the last 10 years… especially those still in Kleptofornia. Maybe a few events such as this will knock some sense into them while there is still time. Maybe.

            • The Peoples Republic of Kommiefornia is waking up. In the past month, courts have reversed laws restricting concealed carry to those who can demonstrate a need, and the waiting period on picking up a purchased gun. Kommisar Feinstein must be having severe shits over this.

      25. They all don’t realize they are being controlled by the puppet masters! Sad for us all to see that no better.

      26. These are the consequences of intergration, mulicultulturalism and the political lie of equality. Blacks have never been part of Western Civilization, they are Africans and behave as such. We have struggled with this since the snivel rights act of 64′, others would say since the civil war, regardless; we’ve (whites) been on the loosing end. Now with the help of the media we have a low intensity conflict that will probably carry into the spring and summer. Sleeper cells activated? Why wouldn’t they now. It’s getting interesting… keep your powder dry.

        • Indeed so… and PLENTIFUL.

        • (WHISTLING DIXIE)…..yeeehaaaaa……LOL Your ass is delusional…(yawn)

          • That’s a good one Yawn!. Why doesn’t the dumb fuck ask ‘What would have happened if the colonists has lost the revolutionary war? Gee, what WOULD’A happened IF? Yeah, that’s really intelligent wondering about IF instead of what IS. I guess this is what happens to the old and senile….

      27. Very sad to see our country led by the kind of people now leading it. They orchestrated this mess but the people who live and work in St Louis will have to deal with it. That these scumbags are being given a free reign with their lawlessness is sickening. Nobody in authority has the moral courage to do what is right and enforce the rule of law. Of course the very term “rule of law” has become a misnomer given the events of the last week. As a student of history I can’t find a single incidence of any society that descended into lawlessness surviving. The end of America as a viable country is much sooner to come than I originally thought. Am taking my wife on a vacation next month as the opportunity to enjoy life as I have known it is going to end in the next year or two as I see it.I plan to buy ammoand enjoy life to the fullest while I still can, because as Maximus once said the order to “unleash hell” will soon be given. Anyone who relishes that day coming is either a madman or a fool.

        • “Anyone who relishes that day coming is either a madman or a fool.”

          Agreed. The rest of us, however, are split between those who are preparing for a true SHTF event and those who are not. Preparing for such a time is not out of fear but out of good common sense. The cops may be hogtied by multi-BS-ism and political correctness but those of us out on the front lines are not. Those trying to apply force to us via rioting, looting, burning, etc., WILL be met with force… and likely MUCH better aim as well.

      28. Clyde Lewis – Ground Zero tonight, had 2 speakers talking about Ferguson. They felt the policeman should have tasered the kid, instead of pulling his gun and shooting.

        One of his 2 guests stated that tonight, what the
        police did was this: Set up a police car alone, unmanned, in front of the crowd. The police formed a line from the police car, stood and watched. The crowd of course, decided to attack the police car that was ‘out for the taking.’

        Once the crowd attacked and set fire to the police car, that was the police in line formation, their cue, to go after the crowd. It gave the police the perfect excuse to engage.

        I am not sure anymore about anything.

        Are the cops in Ferguson evil bastards?
        Are all cops not to be trusted?

        I read on here a few months ago, to stay away from
        cops and do not trust them.

        Then, Clyde Lewis says that ‘stealing a box of cigars is not a capital offense.’

        The punishment did not fit the crime.

        I just don’t know anymore. I thought the kid was
        attacking the cop, beating him, and going for his gun.

        Or, perhaps not. Geez-us, what a freaking mess.

        • Whatever our view of this situation, we can all be assured that the grand jury had ALL of the facts available and made their decision based on those facts and the rule of law. This crowd of savages is doing neither of those things. They are just reacting emotionally and using this verdict as an excuse to raise Hell. Why this is tolerated astounds me. If I lived there and was paying good money for fire, police, and ambulance protection, I would be demanding that I get my money’s worth… otherwise, cut those taxes WAY back to some minimal level to match the performance that is being delivered.

          • 41Mag don’t try and confuse us with the facts. We hate them pigs, and those poor oppressed blacks are just exercising their freedom. What you gonna do when them pigs come for you.

          • How can we be assured that the grand jury had ALL the facts? We have a DA who didn’t want to do anything but he was forced ot. A DA who’s grandpa was shot by a black….is he prejudice??? We have a DA who now has brought 5 cases of cop shootings to a grand jury and all 5 were “no true bill.” We have a DA that spoke last night like a defense attorney.

            So how can we “rest assured?”

            This is one big huge mind control brain wash conditioning job and it worked and IS working well.

            • Hey there YAWN! Don’t be fergitten’ bout them jooooooos neither!

          • ALL that counts in self defense is “Would a average person have reason to Believe he or she was under immeadiate direct Threat of #1 Great Bodily Harm? and-Or- Threat to their very Life as in will soon be Dead if I do not halt this savage beast actions Now?”

            If that’s the case, then the people ought to be able to “Brown” most all cops, govt politicians and bankers today.

          • @Condor Day: 4 Says – I listened to Michael Savage tonight. His entire show was devoted to Ferguson.
            Savage brought up some very good and crystal clear points. I have listened to him for years, and respect him. – Thank you, Condor – You are right, and I have wised up. – I am also disappointed with Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero, and he just went down a few pegs in my opinion.

            • Just keep in mind that Savage radio guy is also a huge zionist jew…Yes I too have heard his talk on radio and most he says sounds swell…but same as Beck-Hannity-Orielly-Rush and EVERY one of radio talk show and TV show folks all has one main same in common thread…NONE are willing to nor ever shall be willing to really NAME whos really responsible. For inventing communism, for Use of it to mass murder a couple hundred Million and whos the main #1 players ruining and wrecking america and whites…And regardless who likes or don’t like it the facts is it is a jewish based operation all of it.

              Yes yes I know not every jews bad not every negroe bad…but Thats a side track away from the true real issue at hand…Which is why does NONE of them with so much power of mass info systems like tv or radio shows never name whos to blame mainly?

              if you doubt me?..Phone in to question ANY of savage-rush-hannity-beck et al or even call CSPAN Morning TV show!

              If you get thru to ask a question or comment on issues…Ask something about jew issues or zionist and state of Israel issues!!!!!!!!!

              Then see what happens to you and your phone call in to them!…..Before you can even finsih the statement or question they are going to Slam down phone, whine and cry that they are tired of evil nazi callers and agitators etc…Then fast cut to long commercial break so listener foks will forget what just happened with you, then after commercial breaks done…Return to LIVE On air radio with a 100% Totally different or new topic!

              If next caller also defends You and asks why did they hang up on Your phone in call etc?…He too is going to get phone hang up and Then savage or beck or hannity or rush is going to do a basic prep course to listeners that all such callers are…Rayssis and nazis! of course what else right!…Then go off on why its bad for callers to pose such nazi raysis questions of poor defensless israel and poor always major victims of holyhoax jewry folks…

              But You are NEVER going to hear a peep from any of them guys as to whom is behind all this soviet kommie and bolshevik crap….And with savage and that other guy Mark Levin guy…BOTH are Total Zionist jews LOYAL to Israel number one period…I aint shocked if we learn each has Dual israeli citizenship same as schumer or finestien.

              But Facts dont lie and facts is 99% of jewry in usa or elsewheres globally is mainly Loyal To jewry and israel state first and foremost…They usually Brag of it!

              And yes That does matter a bunch…Nobody can be equally loyal to TWO or more nations period. And when jews and zio jews has to someday choose one or other…ISRAEl IS going to be their loyalty choice number one….Its just the way it is is all…So Basically I’d advise to be carefull what you hear or believe from all them radio talker guys be it hannity beck or savage or levin or all others too…They get paid big bucks to never reveal any info on jewry or zionists…AIPAC is their bestest Pals.

              Don’t take me wrong either as I am only looking out for You and any others well being since I know these things and many others still do not is all…We still have far too many folks that aint yet awoke to this part of the overall scam swindles is all it is…I try to awaken folks. if they already are awake great! if they reject it all…So be it, their loss not mine.

        • So what if they did? Ultimately, the crowd could have chosen to avoid torching the cop car. The fact that they did not tells you just what kind of people were in that crowd. Yes, all of the actors in this are being controlled (willingly or unknowingly) by a few puppet masters who are pulling the strings. We know that. I just find it equal parts humorous, sad and terrifying that so few people see through it and so easily take the bait.

        • You’re allowing yourself to be confused and conflicted by others who want you to be ambivalent about this.

          The Grand Jury heard all the evidence and made their ruling. That’s the one important fact to consider. All the media discussions about it are a smokescreen meant to legitimize mass rioting and arson.

      29. You can take the bunny out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the bunny.

      30. wow…been following streams for hours now. if other nations wanted to take america down, they could do it so easily right now…

        but it looks like its own citizens are taking care of that…

        what a surprising turn of events. i expected a riot, but not of this scale.

        i wonder how many will have lost their jobs and business after tonight(definitely won’t be many blacks crying they can’t get to work tomorrow…their welfare earnings are still secure)…

      31. WORLD WAR N

      32. A Police Chief on CNN says the riot police treated the situation like “People at a Festival” to keep the peace and held back,, while dozens of businesses were looted, windows smashed and were burnt to the ground.

        This a just a sample what will happen in the future when the economy collapses and people become desperate. They were having fun at Ferguson while venting their revenge on innocent businesses and people, wait until they are desperate for their lives to get your supplies.

        The semi-automatic rounds heard were from one of us protecting his property and livelihood I believe. I noticed it was a crowd disperser and even reporters scampered like mice to hide. A business owner probably used “warning shots” to keep looters and arsonists away, but if it were rioters shooting the weapons, they would have killed people, and no one was reportedly shot. The riot police and National Guard did nothing to protect the town outside of the area next to the police station.

        Early this Tuesday morning, a Police Chief said he and other departments did not expect these blacks to be so destructive. This is the stupidest excuse I ever heard for not being prepared. We all knew there will be riots and destruction, and why I turned on the TV to see the show of Keystone Cops and Animals Gone Wild.

      33. Man would I love to see some fool leave a crate of surplus M-16 parade rifles (no working or moving parts) out in the open on some ‘groid-infested street in Ferguson for those apes to get ahold of….

        • Put a .22 LR into the throat of the barrel on a working AR.

      34. And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never he destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms
        best time torefresh the tree of liberty would be now!
        shoot pigs

      35. I fear there will be more riots in America.
        I hope not but I think this is where we are headed

        God, Jesus please come back your children need you.

      36. I remember the LA Riots and this thing will spread just like that did. There are elements in the black community everywhere that constantly seek excuses to cause civil unrest and loot and attack whites. During the LA Riots, this spread to of all places Toronto in Canada, a place that had nothing to do with the incident and does not share the slave-owning history of the US.

        The result will be very negative to the life chances of those involved. Unlike in the early 1990s, we now track and trace criminal behavior and people will find themselves in databases that will make it impossible to get a decent job. They will find themselves on No-Fly lists; on shared cross-border criminal Watch lists; and most important of all, the Dark lists that exist outside of mainstream government agencies that are used to track and trace and eliminate known terrorists.

        • The more people who have criminal records the better the control. Felons cant own guns. Criminals cant get good jobs. Those EBT cards are meant for population control. See how oppression works?

        • Yes I remember the L A. riots and you know what business survived????

          The Korean owned because the owners knew that the police could not protect them.

          That is why they armed themselves took to the streets, and defended themselves, there homes,there families, and business.

          They were open the next day.

          END OF STORY




      37. We don’t have looters in this country, they are undocumented shoppers…

        • “undocumented shoppers”…lol

        • 🙂

      38. Well So much for protecting & serving. The fact is you can only police a people up to the point that they allow you too. I think the police hands where tied. However the cops cant generate any revenue unless they have a good supply of criminals. however these type of criminals don’t pay the fines. They would much rather write traffic tickets to commuters going to work. And it sickens me to see white,s walking hand in hand with the blacks protesting because the grand jury made the correct (although unpopular) decision. There parents obviously did not raise them up knowing what it means to be white.


        Interesting that the LA times did this. Lou Dobbs reported this on CNN and it cost him his job. The only network we would see this on would be FOX. All the others are staying away from it. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican this should be of great interest to you!

        Just One State – be sure and read the last part……try for 3 times.

        This is only one State……………..If this doesn’t open eyes, nothing will!

        From the L. A. Times.

        1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County ( L. A. County has 10.2 million people) are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.

        2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

        3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.

        4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers.

        5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.

        6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.

        7… The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.

        8 Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.

        9. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.

        10. In L.A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish. (There are 10.2 million people in L. A. County .)

        (All 10 of the above facts were published in the Los Angeles Times)

        Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over 70% of the United States ‘annual population growth (and over 90% of California , Florida , and New York ) results from immigration. 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.

        We are fools for letting this continue.

        This is only one State……………If this doesn’t open your eyes nothing will, and you wonder why Nancy Pelosi wants them to become voters!

        Windfall Tax on Retirement Income Adding a tax to your retirement is simply another way of saying to the American people, you’re so darn stupid that we’re going to keep doing this until we drain every cent from you. Nancy Pelosi wants a Windfall Tax on Retirement Income. In other words tax what you have made by investing toward your retirement. This woman is a nut case! You aren’t going to believe this.

        Nancy Pelosi wants to put a Windfall Tax on all stock market profits (including Retirement fund, 401K and Mutual Funds!

        Alas, it is true — all to help the 12 Million Illegal Immigrants and other unemployed Minorities!

        This woman is frightening.

        She quotes…” We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income, (didn’t Marx say something like this?), in our country and at the same time limiting the amount the rich can invest.” (I am not rich, are you?)

        When asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, she replied:

        “We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities. Stock market windfall profits taxes could go a long way to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as ‘Americans”.

        MTCFMF!! RIP America.

        • Good post,
          But what the hell can we do?
          Im trying to remove myself as a contributor to the system but all thats most likely to do is send me to an early grave,
          So what then? Nobody is willing to stand, from me experience everyone is just a bunch of fucking pussies who grumble but wont organize to do shit!
          So isolating it is, until some other option is born.

          • Kula:

            I was responding at the same time you were. Thanks for acknowledging Copperheads post.

        • You know Copperhead, your post is one of the MOST important ones on this whole thread and you know what happens…..

          No one EVEN acknowledges it. There is no hope for America…..we deserve to have our pockets picked by the vultures just waiting on the trees in DC and elsewhere.

          God help us….

          • POG: Thx for your comment. Yes this very scary and I feel that most of what is going on is no more than smoke screens for what is really happening. The importation of slave labor for the bread basket of the world. TPTB need this country in tack to feed themselves so slave labor fills the bill. Like I said before we are in their cross hairs for extermination. Prepare for what is to come and that is all we can do. Stand Tall and be safe.

            MTCFMF!! RIP America.

      40. Hopefully everyone is watching the way this is being handled .
        The police ,national guard and government can’t stop a few protesters from burning and looting. The local news where I reside is more conserned about turkey recipes and doesn’t want to let people see the riot. I don’t have cable just reg tv like most can get.
        Am I right in thinking that in a shtf situation that the people are what you need to protect yourself from and not the government as much.

      41. Ha Ha Ha…

        “Why didn’t the cops protect those businesses?”

        “Where was the National Guard to keep them from burning the local shops?”

        You guys kill me. I guess you don’t yet understand who the law dogs work for. It ain’t the people.

        They work for and are enforcers for the corporate state. You didn’t see which buildings they were defending? The courthouse and the police station. They could give a fuck about the common man’s business.

        They know who signs their paycheck.

        Wake up and smell the tear gas. If you’re not a statist badge licker, you’re already in their sights.

      42. The grand jury reached their decision after reviewing the facts of the case. The rioting and looting after that are separate crimes and should be treated as such. Rather than getting the federal government involved in a local matter, let the justice department investigate Bill Cosby.

      43. There are clean cut, zero doubt cases of police overstepping their lawful authority and using lethal force which would constitute murder if anyone else did it. A man with obvious mental problems with a knife 25ft away from 6 officers being unloaded on (on video) is a prime example. This is not the case as nor is the civilian response appropriate. Looting? This is reminiscent of, “I’m stealing this TV in the name of Rodney King” of two plus decades ago in Los Angeles.

        Cops have their issues but they’re not always wrong.

      44. how much longer are these animals going to be allowed to act like the animals that they are showing themselves to be?? this shit should have ended long ago, why hasnt it??

      45. Time for a curfew in Ferguson.

      46. great line from McLovin

        “We don’t have looters in this country, they are undocumented shoppers…”

        I’m glad they are releasing the grand jury testimony
        it gives a much clearer picture of what happened
        numerous “eye witnesses” ended up changing their testimony

        I have to say that I agree with their decision

      47. My idea and opinion is

        Let them burn it to the ground, let them totally destroy their own neighborhood and all of its services and stores, and what ever is close around it.. than let them completely isolate themselves

        dont spend a dime rebuilding shit, give the business owners their insurance money and have them relocate out of that area , leave no services for the bastards that ruined their own neighborhoods

        make them travel for their services , and pull back all funding to that area.. you want to act like animals? treat em like animals

        Give them NOTHING

        • Form a perimeter,
          no one out, and nobody and nothing goes in,,,
          leave them there with their burnt out progress and let them starve to death.

      48. Typical. Couldn’t find anybody to take odds on the violence NOT happening. You can analyze this all you want, but the actions of the masses in Ferguson, Missouri are a direct result of a mass belief in self-righteous entitlement. Piss me off? I’m entitled to burn your business down. I will bet you the welfare & disability offices weren’t under threat. And all you white people, especially you college girls (too skanky to get a boyfriend) marching in the streets with those stupid signs (No Nuns With Guns!) or whatever — get over yourselves! Look up the word ‘Lacky.’ Get it?

      49. Twilight–a very dangerous time. A time when there is still rule of law, jail, courts and prisons, but the President has forbidden law enforcement to preserve the peace.

        Twilight is a time we need to consider in our tactical planning.I had not done so.

      50. What happened to the “free speech zones”? They should of roped off an area so people could speak freely. (sarcasm off)
        This was just a reason to act like savages. It had nothing to do with anything but race. Oh well now they can see how productive their efforts were every time they walk down the street.
        Maybe all the white cops who patrol that area will resign and let these people police themselves. That should work out well for the people who live there.
        It’s about time this came about. These a-holes have been holding this whole country hostage if they didn’t get their way. Screw them.

        • Anybody got an answer for “what ever happened to the free speech zone”? Or is that just reserved for people who authorities ‘trust’ to maybe obey the law?

          Would not even be considered for the lawlessness that was to take place in Ferguson. Laughing matter for those thugs.

      51. Nothing like burning down businesses and destroying other people’s property that have nothing to do with the legal decision. If I had a business in Ferguson I would have been there at my business heavily armed to stop these animals.

        What a bunch of dumb ass black people!

      52. Now I can tell you guys. Ofc. Darren Wilson is my cousin. The family is very happy with what the Grand Jury came up with. I won’t tell you where he is or what he is doing but he is heeling well. The problem he is having is getting over having to take a life. If you haven’t taken one or came very close to taking one you don’t know how it feels. Only by the Grace of God the guy dropped the gun after the third warning, because the trigger was coming back on my 45. The face on photo doesn’t show the left side of his face. Take a close look at the picture and see the left side is very red. When I talked to him a couple of weeks ago he was talking about not returning to police work. about 60/40 not to return.
        Where he is at there are several family and very close friends around him and they are heavily armed. They will not take prisoners.
        For those who prayed for him. I want to say, the family thanks you. May God smile on You and Yours.


        • Glad to hear it Sgt. Dale…

          Your cousin might want to consider moving to Idaho or Montana….just sayin’.

          • Hopefully Wilson can escape all of the racial hatred but it wont be easy. There will always be those who are able to find the documents to track him down no matter where he moves to. Wilsons better off moving into the redoubt like you said.

            If Wilson was good at planning for a future, hed get his attorney to draw up the papers to file as a corporation. Best states w/ least amount of regulations are NJ and FL. If Wilson was a legal corporation and it was filed under an untrackable name (like another business), he could become self employed and he could legally operate a business while being protected from the idiots in society.

        • Yep Sarge, Glad it turned out this way. Us white folks are now going to be the Black thugs target, for No reason. These Hoodies thugs have no common sense or reality of understanding any facts or accepting it. Even the facts say that that thug had a fist full of swisher sweets in his hand. Remember a thug can run a 40 yard dash in 4.5 seconds. How fast can you pull your gun and aim and fire at a bouncing bunny? Better be less than 4.5 seconds.

          I see this as 100% justified. Live in Peace.!!

        • Six degrees of separation, Sarge….its a shame all ways around…my daughter just got her first job as a police officer in a small town, after being a sheriff’s deputy in MA…..her first day was yesterday. From her knowledge, she says he did everything by the book.

          The whole thing is one massive cluster that is being used for other nefarious reasons.

          Winston Churchill once said “if you have enemies, you must be doing something right”. I wish this young man peace and strength. And not to give up on his aspirations in law enforcement. Eventually, there will be book offers, TV interviews….I hope he can rake in the money to start over or find his place. Yet the way he has conducted himself thru this, is a tribute to himself and his values. I know he did not go to roll call that day with the thought, “who can I take out today”.

          I think now, is when he will need the prayers, to find the strength to move forward. I am sure he has lived on adrenalin reserves for the last few months, and must be utterly drained. I wish him well and good luck and many prayers. MP, east on 80…10-7.

          • I call bullshit on “by the book.”

            How many of you know it all gun guys have told me and others right here on this site in the last few years about the 21ft rule?

            Many of you have talked about it. And I know that once an assailant (if your to believe the story from one witness and a cop as fact that this kid was charging…LoL)is within 21 ft AND armed with a edged weapon….then it is ok to shoot in defense of your life.

            This unremorseful pig supposedly started shooting, according to his own words, at 30-35 ft on an UNARMED guy.

            Hey sarge, your cousin is a pussy wimp and should be a disgrace to your disgusting family tree. For a 6’4″ 210lb trained and armed police man sitting in his own SUV to say that he felt like a 5 year old in the, get this folks, arms/hands of hulk hogan, should’nt be a cop!!

        • Right on Sarge,
          DW needs everyones prayers now, feel for him and his family.
          If they decide to vacation here i can point them in the direction of some great places to stay etc.
          Wishing all a good Thanksgiving.

          • Kula
            I’ll pass on the INFO!

        • We hope he’s able to put his life back together.

        • If they had indicted Wilson, nobody else would want to become police officers. He did what he was trained to do and still suffered the results.

        • if thats true……if…..then your cousin should’ve had some better training, possibly in martial arts, and some more courage before becoming a cop. He probably never had a fist fight before becomming a cop. When I see a person immediately resort to gunplay, especially with the so called “injuries” he allegedly received from Mike Brown, I see a scared, untrained, unqualified male, masquerading as a macho cop. It is unfathomable that a fat 18 year old thug, unarmed could beat a trained MAN with some heart, I dont care how big he is. It all goes back to training, and your cousin is untrained and scared, thats why he utilized his gun. A vicious beating would have sufficed. He may have been exonerated by man, but the truth will always remain…he took a life unnecessarily, and it was all due to lack of training and cowardice….he should have been a truck driver and saved his soul. Back in the day, cops were MEN and shootings were rare…………..(yawn)

          • That is about the most unintelligent comment on the situation I have seen to date. Looks like a lot of self-appointed ‘experts’ in police training and practices need to go take on a 300-pound thug with their bare fists and tell us all about how they did it. Put your video up on Youtube for us to see you in action.

            Talk’s cheap, keyboard commando, put your butt on the line.

          • Crawl back under your rock. Go back to sleep.

          • Yup!

            That cop, with the help from TPTB, just pulled a PSYOP flase flag conditioning big fat lie over the whole worlds eyes. And the blind right winged idealogue nut jobs fell for it hook line and sinker along with the hateful ones who are just down right all around racists. And there is a difference between a racist and one who understands cultural mob mentality and undeniable facts on demographics.

            You want to really see something interesting. Watch different news networks coverage of this. If your an honest individual with eyes wide open, certain biases will jump out of at you. I don’t think I have ever seen it quite so blatant as I have with this case. Some networks I never thought I would watch again are giving this case more detailed coverage with deeper investigating than the others who are bulldozing or steam rolling this story big time.

            I hope it all ends soon…… hurry Jesus!

          • Think about cops and their attitudes that come with that badge and gun for a minute. How they talk to people and look down on them. Now think about the rage that must of been in that cop after being assaulted in his own vehicle. We seen the rage of an Ohio cop on this site a few years back when a driver didn’t tell him he was carrying. I would imagine darren wilson, the 5 year old cop, was feeling that kind of rage too after someone had the audacity to touch and assault him as a cop in his own vehicle and with witnesses. That reage played out in him gunning down that punk street thug and unnecessarily killing him.

      53. hmmm
        certainly seems like the authorities have told more than their share of lies also

        Mike Brown and the men who cried wolf


        “Darren Wilson: Until now, there has been no public statements from him on this killing. I hope we see his deposition. I am concerned that he couldn’t even be bothered to fill out the required use of force form. We do know from a viral video, he lied about an encounter with someone filming him. Note, they detest being filmed because it keeps them from being able to lie with impunity. Oh, and there were people lying in the name of Darren Wilson. Fake photos of injured person not DW. Fake Xray of him borrowed from a text book. I don’t pin these lies on DW, but he din’t shoot them down either.

        Police Chief Thomas Jackson: First they were going to release the name on time, then not. It HAD to be later for reasons of safety. When he did release Wilson’s name, it was accompanied by a smear of Mike Brown. The police chief claimed he had to release the robbery info and he had been trying to avoid that, but the mean old media FORCED him to. Did you see all of that twitching? His tells were amazingly strong. Then there was all the back-tracking of important details such as did Wilson know about the robbery?

        Capt. Ron Johnson: The highway patrol captain put in charge was asked by a journalist why they tear gassed the crowd. He responded that it was just smoke and not tear gas. The journalist called bullshit on him and then he admitted, yeah, OK, it was tear gas. Seriously Johnson, do you not understand THAT is the problem? That none of you can be trusted to deal honestly with the public? Even if you don’t have control over your men, do you have to lie about it?

        DA McCulloch: We won’t know the extent of his lying in this case until the documents are thoroughly reviewed. We do know he lied about another grand jury case. The “Jack-in-the-Box” case involved two officers who shot and killed 2 unarmed black men they claimed were driving towards them. McCullock claimed that all witnesses agreed they saw the car move but several police witnesses claimed it didn’t move. These weren’t just witnesses deemed unreliable, they were cops!

        New Jersey Cops: Orlando Trinidad and Sean Courter pulled over a man who wouldn’t get out of his car, but surrendered with his hands up. One officer broke into the car and started yelling at him to stop grabbing for his gun. This happened to be video’d by another police car that showed up on the scene facing the front of the victim’s car. This view clearly showed the man with his hands up and an “oh shit, am I going to die” look on his face. The most terrifying aspect was how naturally this BS line came to the cop. It’s the equivalent of carte blanche- get out of jail free card. One wonders how often he has used that line and how many others use it regularly as well. It is the goto excuse for any use of force.”

        the prosecutor in this case appears to be a real dirt bag himself

        • So, Satori, are you telling us that the deliberate railroading of an innocent man through the justice system is an acceptable practice to you, based purely on racial hatred and/or hatred of lawful authority?

          What crimes, exactly, is Darren Wilson responsible for and guilty of, in your post above? All of them? Any of them?

          Is guilt by innuendo adequate to jail Officer Wilson?

          There was a 90-day Grand Jury process, that reviewed every bit, ALL, of the evidence, and a lot of perjury and hyperbole from so-called witnesses, heard by a mixed-race jury, who just returned a No Bill on this matter. What EVIDENCE do you have that justifies your position in this matter in the slightest bit?

          Please enumerate all the LIES you are claiming, one by one. Use the 10,000 pages of evidence just released in Ferguson, please, and not the Daily Kos. Be sure and include in your enumeration the lies, if any, told in court by alleged witnesses and family members. Let us see them all, side by side, and we’ll determine who to believe, thank you, and what weight, if any, to give to them.

      54. The collapsing shithole of EVIL vile disgusting filthy Corporatist Fascist Murica

      55. Nothing says luvin’ & respect for your community and death of another than rioting, looting and more killings.

      56. Mike Brown, Bloods street gang member, thug, strong armed robber, got what he deserved. Anyone ever check out his face book page? If you did you would see him pointing his stolen Glock at the camera while holding a fistful of cash. CNN got what it wanted. Black rioting and looting. Not one news station ever used the words gang bangers, communists, anarchists, arsonists. I noticed several red star insignia on the white rioters. I also noticed the typical anarchist clothing. Probably the children of the news people. At least the few that aren’t queers.

        • The Prophet:

          I hate CNN (communist news network) but if you want to see how hard the networks are working to justify what is happening to tear America to pieces that is the network to watch.

          Try as they might, after going through all the documents on the shooting of the thug, even they are having to say that Wilson was justified and the grand jury got it right.

          I ask any of you…..

          If you were Wilson, by the time you got out of your car, would you be thinking ‘mace’ or a ‘club’ was going to be enough to bring calm to that situation?

          Forensic evidence is in that Mikey was charging the cop. Is that enough to settle the bullshit of hands up. And any belief that Wilson started his day thinking he might be able to kill a black that day is beyond comprehension. Knowing the area he was patrolling would any of us be delighted to take his shift? I think not!

          • @Pissed off granny
            No one in the media anywhere is saying that Wilson went after the fat negro because he not only assaulted a cop inside his own cop car but the fat negro might have been attempting to murder a cop.

            Have you heard any mention of that? Its true though, aint it?

            Had he lived, his charges would have been strong arm robbery, assaulting a cop, attempted murder of a cop, and more. Why arent those actions brought out by the media anywhere?

            • There is NO forensic evidence of him chargin the cop….don’t know where that little sdtory got started?

              And I doubt the attmepted murder of a cop would of went anywhere.

              I hope darren wilson the 5 year old cop’s conscience sears his ass, mind, soul and heart until he breaks.

      57. If the US Justice must get involved , let them target the rioters and looters that broke the law.

      58. Communist agitation propaganda. Hasn’t changed since the ’60s. Well organized across the country for the purpose of gaining more power. Who said communism was dead? Their motto? Never waste a crisis. If you don’t have a crisis, create one.

      59. ” miss me yet brain dead sheep” ? Adolph Hitler

        • Stolz..this thing is just getting started…last night was a warm-up. Have a safe holiday season my brother.


      60. You Are Not The Target Audience


        just a little something to think about

        “That’s why politicians and police consistently go apeshit over things like measly storefront windows. Their control is dependent in no small part on being seen as in control. Certain boundaries to what’s considered feasible must be secured at all cost lest they begin to lose the illusion of invulnerability that dissuades the subjugated from rising up. No one in power gets hysterical when a common thief, for example, breaks a window because thieves are perceived as part of the same ecosystem of exploitation in which cops and CEOs position themselves as the apex predators. Political vandalism is potent in part precisely because it risks much for no personal gain. It announces a violation of the established rules of the game, both of power and protest.”

        “In contrast, physical resistance challenges not only the state’s appearance of control but also the legitimacy of their monopoly on force. It’s a damned-either-way situation for the state. Any response sufficient to reassert the inviolability of their power will rightly strike anyone who isn’t a total asshole as grossly disproportionate; there’s no equivocating to be had when the state responds to broken windows by breaking skulls. And even if the cameras are off or filtered by ruthless propagandists, when the priorities of the state are laid bare it can still have a huge impact on first-hand witnesses and their friends”

      61. Where is the NG? Why is there a weak response? Are these rioters bulletproof? GROW A PAIR AND RESTORE ORDER.

        • Seems that Jay Nixon was leaned on to hold back the NG from Ferguson. NG was deployed in a number of other locations.

      62. just one in a long line of examples

        “Spiegel quote: Racist Incidents in Ferguson, Missouri

        When asked why so many blacks are stopped by the police on the streets, Fletcher replies that it is unrelated to the color of their skin… He claims the record speaks for itself. To be sure, there isn’t much in the official record, but there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. Take the account of Henry Davis. Five years ago, police pulled the 52-year-old African American over one night. They checked his papers and allegedly found there was an arrest warrant against him. At the Ferguson police station, one officer told them that they had picked up the wrong MAN.

        Nevertheless, Davis was still forced into a cell by four white policemen. As he lay on the floor, they punched him in the back and in the head……..
        Henry still sounds furious and distressed when he tells his story today. “They hit us blacks and they kill us blacks,” he says. “And they do everything they can to cover it up.”…………… In Ferguson, officials accused of excessive violence fill out the investigation reports themselves — so it comes as little surprise that cases like the Davis beating never crossed former mayor Fletcher’s desk. The police claimed that Davis had fallen against a wall. Instead of justice, Davis was charged two weeks later with counts of destruction of property, for “knowingly bleeding on their uniforms,” and ordered to pay $3,000.”I don’t believe they would have done this kind of thing to a white man,” Davis says today. He says he was incapable of working for a long time and that he still suffers from migraine headaches and memory loss. He continues to challenge the fine he was ordered to pay, but he hasn’t had any success so far.”


        and in reading the grand jury testimony
        Wilson was asked if he ever used excessive force
        he refused to answer that question
        instead he deflected with “I’ve never used my weapon”

        the riots in Ferguson should come as no surprise

      63. I have been watching vids and maybe its just me but I see a huge lack of rioters. There are supposedly 100 FBI agents there…funny thats about how many rioters I see too.

        • Nothing will legally happen to Wilson. He don’t have deep pockets. There is no money to be made by persecuting him. He will need to relocate and change his idenity . Or come to Harrison Ark Join the KKK and become a law officer in Boone County Ar.

        • Isn’t going to happen, the left is wishing in one hand.

          I hope each and every one of the people dreaming of persecution for those upholding the law, are themselves the victims of that persecution. Go defend yourself against a criminal of a minority race and then watch what happens to you.

      64. Time to reload another 1000 rounds.

      65. Thanksgiving Proclamation – by George Washington

        “In 1789, not long after ratification of the U.S. Constitution, President George Washington, upon the recommendation of Congress, issued a national proclamation setting Nov. 26 as a day of thanksgiving and prayer.”

        General Thanksgiving
        By the PRESIDENT of the United States of America
        “WHEREAS it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favour; and Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me

        “to recommend to the people of the United States a DAY OF PUBLICK THANKSGIVING and PRAYER, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness:”

        NOW THEREFORE, I do recommend and assign THURSDAY, the TWENTY-SIXTH DAY of NOVEMBER next, to be devoted by the people of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be;

        that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the signal and manifold mercies and the favorable interpositions of His providence in the course and conclusion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we have since enjoyed;

        –for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enabled to establish Constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national one now lately instituted;–for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge;–and, in general, for all the great and various favours which He has been pleased to confer upon us.

        And also, that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech Him to pardon our national and other transgressions;–to enable us all, whether in publick or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually;

        to render our National Government a blessing to all the people by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed; to protect and guide all sovereigns and nations (especially such as have shewn kindness unto us); and to bless them with good governments, peace, and concord;

        to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increase of science among them and us; and, generally to grant unto all mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as He alone knows to be best.

        GIVEN under my hand, at the city of New-York, the third day of October, in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine.”
        (signed) G. Washington

        Heritage dot org

      66. I was hearing the scanners last night. Protests all over the city. In Chicago were I live has the potential to get out of control as well. .38 is loaded and my ass called in sick today. – staying off public transport. We are in dangerous times. I hope more chaos spreads in the urban cities so that rural white america can wake the hell up.

      67. This would be real good time to restore order. Break out all the hardware that the police departments got from the military and put it to use to stop the violence. Every person caught breaking the law looses the right to collect any type of welfare benefits ever. Before another welfare check is cashed, make the recipient attend a class on shoplifting cigars and the long term effects of smoking, and the consequences of resisting arrest when caught. Teach the black community how important it is to tell the truth and accept the truth when it is told to you. If that does not work, then 2 to the head.

      68. Oh man, just imagine how quick order could be restored with one 50-round burst from an MG42! You are looking at the next Detroit here, only so many race riots and monkey problems until the town/city cannot recover.

        • They are shouting roads down around Detroit , protesting, there’s just nothing left to burn.
          It they even try to riot in the suburbs they will be shot as soon they try tipping a car or throwing fire.the government is letting this happen ,or this country is weak as hell,

      69. I read that most of the burned businesses in Ferguson were minority owned. They burned their own businesses, and insurance may not pay because they were burned in a riot.

        • The taxpayers will pay for rebuilding, you can bet your last pack of Kools we’re going to be blackmailed into funding ‘community rehabilitation’ or some such travesty.

      70. Day 2. 6pm to 6am curfew. If the people are in their homes they can not do crimes. The grand jury has decided not to indict the police officer knowing the riots would result by that decision. Now stop the violence at all costs. Blacks have never been known to understand concepts like truth when they assemble in large groups. They get stupid and result to threats and violence to get their way.

      71. Ferguson was a significant escalation

        the President and the White House

        incited lawlessness

        and attacks on law enforcement

        President Obama defiantly met with the protesters

        the day after the election, in case anyone missed the green light

      72. well if treyvon martin could have been obama’s
        son, so could these lootin, shootin, burning,

      73. Maybe it’s just me, I have Two black son in-laws and two mixed race grand kids,but believe that this administration has increased the racial riff between whites/blacks/Hispanic in the last few years,for what reason who knows, over the last few days I’ve asked people a simple question” Do you feel more racist now compared to a few years ago?” Almost everyone said yes! Most said that it wasnt was against people of diff. Races that they knew/worked with but more with the way that the divide has been portrayed and interpret by everyone as a whole. How many of you has used the phrase “Dum bigger” lately I know I have when referring to the crap Going on lately. Why is the Pres. And his minions creating this devide between us?

        • They’re doing it for political power, it’s that simple.

          The lives of anyone affected by it don’t matter, just so long as they get to call the shots.

        • @Steve
          Right on. Piece at Breitbart was written for you
          http: //www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2014/11/25/Carson-Race-Relations-Worse-Under-Obama

      74. Might be a Win-Win Situation there.

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