Bad Omen: Japan Bracing for Massive Volcano Eruption near Nuclear Plant

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Aftermath | 35 comments

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    When Japan decided it was going to begin the process of restarting many of their mothballed nuclear reactors last week, there was certainly cause for alarm. After all, it’s not unheard of for a nuclear reactor to run into problems shortly after being started. When Japan made this announcement, The World Nuclear Association noted that “Of 14 reactors that resumed operations after four years offline, all had emergency shutdowns and technical failures.” So it’s safe to say that when 25 Japanese plants applied for restart permits, the international community was a little worried.

    Now it appears that some of those fears have been validated, though not in the way most people were expecting. The Sendai nuclear power plant was the first of those reactors to be restarted on Tuesday, an event which couldn’t have come at a worst time. A volcano near the plant appears ready to blow its top.

    Japan’s weather agency on Saturday told thousands of residents near a southern city to prepare for a possible evacuation as it upgraded a volcanic eruption warning.

    Officials raised their alert to its second-highest level after picking up increasing seismic activity around the volcano Sakurajima, which sits just off the coast of Kagoshima, a city of more than 600,000 people.

    The volcano is about 50 kilometres (31 miles) from a nuclear reactor that was switched on this week, as Japan restarted its nuclear power programme following the 2011 Fukushima crisis when a quake-sparked tsunami set off reactor meltdowns at the now-crippled site.

    Critics have said the restarted reactor at Sendai was still at risk from natural disasters.

    “The possibility for a large-scale eruption has become extremely high for Sakurajima,” the agency said, warning residents to exercise “strict caution” and prepare for a possible evacuation. The warning applies to a part of the island, which is home to more than 4,000 people.

    If that’s not a terrible omen for Japan’s resurgent nuclear program, I don’t know what is. Considering that the Japanese are so well-known for their superstitions, perhaps they should take a hint from this event, and rethink the idea of reopening dozens of nuclear power plants across one of the most seismic, and volcanically active regions on the planet.

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      1. “perhaps they should take a hint from this event, and rethink the idea of reopening dozens of nuclear power plants across one of the most seismic, and volcanically active regions on the planet.”

        I tend to agree with this statement, but then again.
        With Japans population and its infrastructure, nuclear energy is their only alternative to produce the necessary power that is needed.

        The same could be said about the United States and their nuclear reactors that are also in seismic activity zones across the country too. Nuclear Energy is a 50/50 gamble, there is prosperity with it, and then there is devastation right along with it.

        • It really doesn’t matter any longer, it is just a matter of time since Fuku blew up and after over 3 years we still have tons of radioactive material leaking into the oceans from 3 reactor cores that have melted down, melted through containment and disappeared into the ground. The Pacific is now officially dead. Whales are washing up, the lower base lifeforms aka sardines and herring are gone, the starfish have melted and plutonium half life is 25000 years. We have ushered in the 6th extinction and now we will witness the death of 2 to 3 billion people that depend on the Pacific for protein. There is no stopping the release of said radioactive water and the person that said “we humans will not die with a bang but a whimper” nailed it. Unfortunately, the situation is not only desperate, it is really fvking ugly.

        • All I can say is stock up on Potassium Iodide and checkout this site for up to the minute nuke exposure in all of the US and Japan. Radiationnetwork Dot com


      2. Scary stuff not sure how to prep for a time when there are no fish in the water and you cannot drink the water

        • You don’t… You just hope you go fast… Just like most on this site prepping for the end… Not much yer gonna do about it when it happens… And why would you want to live in a total hostile environment? I say the lucky are those that go quick.

      3. You’re right. Japan is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to power plants. They don’t have any oil. I don’t think they have any coal either.

      4. MADE IN JAPAN.

        • They should use wind,solar,ocean waves and thermal after WW2 and the threat of radiation might make them reconsider nuclear energy. You would think.

          • Fukushima = Payback

            • Unfortunately, it is not just Japan that is getting this Payback.
              The World will in time, will suffer from the continuous leakage of Radiation into the Ocean(s).

              Whether you’re a slant eye, or a round eye.
              Radiation does not discriminate.

        • Quality.

        • Maybe Godzilla will arise after all.

      5. It’s Godzilla.

        • Vs. Mothrah

      6. One would think that the death of the Pacific would command more attention. A for sure prediction playing out right before our eyes that has only taken 4 years to develop. With eons left to go, scientists and others look elsewhere, anywhere, but the real cause. Like trying to look at the Sun they keep turning their eyes away to avoid the painful truth. Tepco admits Fukushima will spew uncontained for decades until the technology to deal with the problem is developed. Now this Sendai plant is restarted in a potential pyroclactic zone with no plan or technology to deal with very real threats and problems. And yet we still keep prepping. The indomitable human spirit is only exceeded by the greed of mankind. I am not saying the prepper is greedy because just as the squirrel stashes away nuts for a long winter. They both are indomitable by nature but only mankind is stupid on purpose.

        • “Death of the Pacific” doesn’t command any attention because it isn’t true.

          • You’re right coach, but that doesn’t get me any advertisers to sponsor my economic death of humanity website, does it? Look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, all those people living there now with all the radiation, they just need somebody to tell ’em they’re all dead already and they’ll drop right down in the street. That reminds me, I need to translate my website to Japanese soon.

            • Just the last 2 weeks, tell me it ain’t so old wise ones.
              ht ht tp:// ht tp://

            • Just the last 2 weeks, tell me it ain’t so old wise ones.
              ht ht tp:// ht tp:// ht tp://

      7. Every day that one goes without the proper/adequate protein in their diet is a day that rapidly accelerates their death.

      8. Why does Japan insist on building their nuclear plants on the beach in Tsunami zones and on top of volcano’s?

        As for us, we really need to replace those dinosaur era things we are using with modern safe reactors.

        • All of Japan sits on volcano’s and you need water for cooling and storage of waste (spent fuel rods). Of course they could go back to burning whale oil.

      9. Doom and Gloom sells…..fact is, the radioactivity from cesium-137 is the primary culprit from the disaster. The saturation from the introduction and bleed off of the isotope will peak sometime this year. Translation is that the worst will be over by years end. Although there has been negative effects on the Pacific Ocean biosphere, the levels of contamination are far below the considered warning levels of radioactivity in US and Canadian standards. Bootom line: There will be no mass extinctions and no real threats to mankind due to this event. The Pacific ocean contains 70 million cubic miles of water (80 quintillion gallons). The radioactive contamination eqautes to no more than adding a shot glass of urine to an olympic size swimming pool. Would you consider the pool contaminated, and suspend your swimming.? NOT

      10. I’ve read more than one site that claims the Fukushima incident was deliberately caused by TPTB. They explain how it was done and who is responsible. I don’t doubt it, also I read the radiation reports about the rising level of radiation in all cities across America. The readings are 50 to over 150 times above normal levels. Billings, Montana is always near the top or leading counts. All region’s of the states are high. These readings appear every week in the veteranstoday site. Can you say slow kill in progress?

        • Yes, monitor it live here, ht tp:// Compare the variations to a weather satellite map. For reference background radiation was reported as 8 CPM before the nuclear age.
          It is rumored that General Electric over ruled the Japanese who wanted to site Fukushima on higher ground and instead located it on the beach. It was probably an economic based decision. If true there is culpability in that decision. Best keep it all quiet because there is nothing like living at the top of the food chain. Now enjoy that Pacific salmon sandwich with a side of organic California kelp. Here have a glass of milk to wash it down. Makes one feel simply radiant doesn’t it? Seriously, I know people in New Zealand who swept their house with a Geiger counter, removed anything excessive, cleaned the house and then sweep everything before it comes in the house. They have found the darnedest things irradiated you wouldn’t think of like new plastic buckets, auto parts and of course fish. With the Japanese fishermen selling their catch everyday even after they are caught mislabeling, it won’t be so slow, unfortunately.
          Some however choose to think radionuclides are biodegradable in their lifetime, but few are. And some believe that there are safe levels of contamination. All the while relying on medicine to treat the symptoms, not the cause.
          I experienced the last 2 above ground tests that really scared the shit out of everyone. Especially the Russian one. Milk was pulled off the shelves for three months where I lived because of the fallout. Is Fukushima really any different? It is worse. And why is their only action to increase the safe level of ingestion when in reality there is none? With no official acknowledgement or monitoring it falls to us to protect ourselves from the worst nuclear contamination ever released. But only if you want to. ht tp:// But alas I choose not to for I have lived long and prospered. I speak to the youngsters who want to.

        • No swimming pool contamination with urine, but for sure your brain it is all urine.

          • Urine denial
            ht tp://

      11. Keep tightening the screws bubba, we work better under pressure.

      12. I hear Japanese Homer Simpson saying “DOH-SHI”

      13. nuclear energy = e.l.e. ‘extinction level event’ for the entire world.


        nuclear energy is permanently damaging slowly killing the entire world.

        nuclear energy and weapons should be shutdown and banned globally NOW AND FOREVER.

        • And if some country doesn’t want to go along with it we’ll nuke ’em till they glow in the dark forever!

      14. and yet I have a friend who digs clams commercially on the north Oregon coast and he says this has been the best year ever with the biggest calms he’s ever seen. Doh!

      15. Nowhere to put the nuclear waste. Out of site out of mind doesn’t work with this stuff.

        • You don’t “put” it anywhere.

          You recycle, reprocess and reuse it.

          Blame Carter for our not doing that.

      16. Don’t stress over those things that are beyond your control. Most American’s are deficient in iodine. Supplementation is safe and any excess is excreted in the urine. This will protect and assist the thyroid on an ongoing basis. No need to wait for an emergency. Your dentist has a protective cover or he is supposed to provide protective cover during administration of X-rays. This should have a top portion that covers the neck. If not make sure the cover is pulled up around your neck. That is the location of the thyroid. If you are iodine deficient your thyroid will soak up radio active iodine. Make sure you keep this in mind before your next trip to the dentist. Here’s hoping that all works out for Japan. It is somewhat ironic that we set off the first and only atomic bombs. And now we’re the ones stewing over the possible contamination coming from Japan. God works in mysterious ways. He has a temper and a “wicked” (in the colloquial use of the word), be it all good, sence of humor.

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