Top 10 Signs You Might Be An Obedience Idiot

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    An obedience idiot is someone who automatically believes “authority” figures and is easily brainwashed/gaslit by corporate media to believe a vast array of false things. In fact, the mind of an obedience idiot is filled with almost entirely with lies, having no anchor to truth or reality whatsoever.

    Almost everyone you know is an obedience idiot. The endless, merciless pounding of psychological operations, fear campaigns, and “crisis governance” has turned the vast majority of people into mindless compliance robots who go along with whatever absurd demand being placed on them by rogue governments. (Such as “all pregnant women must receive COVID vaccines” or “all school children need to wear masks and be isolated from each other.”)

    Frighteningly, obedience idiots rarely realize they are obedience idiots. That’s because the rational part of their mind has been either bypassed or nullified through careful “fear engineering” by the regimes in power. That’s why the following list might be helpful for certain people to self-diagnose their obedience idiocy… if they dare.

    Top ten signs you might be an obedience idiot

    #1) You immediately take every vaccine shot pushed by the (pharma-funded) corporate media and authoritarian government, because you naively believe they want what’s best for you. You require no evidence of safety of efficacy and you don’t read vaccine insert sheets. You take the shots solely because you are obedient.

    2) You keep all your assets in fiat currency / US dollars because you think alternative assets — gold, silver, crypto — are untrustworthy… even while your US dollars are losing nearly 2% per month in purchasing power. You will hold on to dollars until the very end, when they become worthless thanks to money printing devaluation/hyperinflation.

    3) You hate Donald J. Trump because your emotional state is easily manipulated by the corporate media which has conspired with the lying deep state to try to destroy Trump for years. Your emotions are fully controlled by the CIA-run corporate media and you have been programmed like a Pavlovian dog to invoke hatred at the sight of Trump.

    4) You use Google as your search engine and you believe all the globalist-funded “fact checkers” on Facebook and YouTube. You believe “authoritative sources” even though they routinely and maliciously lie, and you despise the alternative media that tells the truth. You are programmed, in other words, to automatically believe official lies while rejecting obvious truth.

    5) You’ve been brainwashed into thinking carbon dioxide — the molecule responsible for photosynthesis and literally all plant life on planet Earth — is a danger to the planet. And you are opposed to a warm, wet, lush, green planet because you believe a cold, dead, lifeless planet with no CO2 in the atmosphere would somehow be better. You argue for the total destruction of Earth’s atmosphere while somehow thinking you are “saving the planet.”

    6) You celebrate the surveillance state because “I don’t have anything to hide,” and you gladly install Amazon spy devices in your home that listen to every conversation and control your life. You think government surveillance of private citizens is necessary for “public safety” and you gladly give up your privacy in exchange for the illusion of security. You also probably don’t mind being micro-chipped.

    7) You have no idea that Joe Biden received $20 million in bribes from foreign entities because you only watch the CIA-controlled corporate media, and they aren’t reporting on the Biden crime cartel bribery scandal. You also think that cocaine in the White House somehow had nothing to do with Hunter Biden.

    8) You are dumb enough to literally believe that a man can become a woman, and you think that men can get pregnant. You also think that a child can consent to have their genitals mutilated and sliced off in order to achieve “gender affirmation” status. You think the government is the appropriate place to promote the LGBT cult — a kind of twisted religion — even though you despise Christianity and would never want the government to promote the Bible or wave Bible flags all over the place. But LGBT pedophile flags are perfectly okay with you because you think grooming children is “inclusive.” Beyond merely being an obedience idiot, if you worship the LGBT agenda, you are actually a member of a dangerous cult.

    9) You refuse to see the evil in anyone other than Donald Trump supporters or Christians, and you think that “good intentions” from those in power will always produce positive results, even if it means denying people freedom and liberty. You think nearly all criminals should be released onto the streets to be given yet another chance, and you refuse to hold anyone accountable for their criminal behavior. You naively believe that the Biden regime wants to help the American people rather than destroy America, and you are convinced that Big Pharma’s vaccines are expressions of love and healing rather than the actual depopulation bioweapons they truly are.

    10) You support the tyrannical dictatorship of Ukraine while believing you are “defending freedom” even though Ukraine’s corrupt government has outlawed all opposition media and opposing political parties, creating a one-party dictatorial state. You think sending more guns to Ukraine and defending Ukraine’s borders is awesome, but you think Americans should have no guns and no border protection. That’s because you’re a compliant idiot who can hold two opposing thoughts in your head at the same time and somehow believe both of them are true.

    Don’t be an obedience idiot

    – Public schools and universities breed obedience idiots. If you have children or grandchildren, don’t allow them to be brainwashed in government schools. School them locally and privately instead.

    – Get your news and information outside the controlled corporate media. Otherwise, you will never know the truth about anything. Check out or

    – Always be suspicious of the “new thing” that suddenly trends across social media, involving millions of people changing their social media icons to something like the Ukraine flag, or the LGBT flag, or vaccine icons, etc. Every “new thing” that sweeps across the mindless masses is, almost by definition, another psy-op for obedient idiots.

    – If you find yourself agreeing with your family members and friends who you’ve known to be obedience idiots, check yourself. Have you been suckered into mindless compliance on some issue? Jolt yourself awake from the hypnosis and reassert critical thinking. This will break the spell and restore your rationality.

    – Nearly everything the mainstream media tells you is an engineered lie. This is why Fox News had to fire Tucker Carlson — because he was uttering too much truth for the Fox globalists to stomach. (Tucker is going to launch his own media empire, so he gets the last laugh.)

    – Get your video content from alt video platforms like or instead of YouTube. On YouTube and other mainstream platforms, the truth is algorithmically throttled.

    – Similarly, get your social media fix on alternative social media sites like or

    – We also have a website dedicated to news about human stupidity. It’s called and is aptly named.

    Keep reading and sign up for the free email list (see the “subscribe” button at the top right of the page) to be kept informed on reality, so that you are well-armed with exactly what you need to defend your mind against obedience idiots.



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      1. Great article. Inspired creation of new word. “Obediot” You read it here first.
        Goes with “puppetition”.

        Ain’t that America, puppetitions and obediots.

      2. There’s already a recognized and diagnosable psychiatric condition called, “authoritarian personality disorder” and it’s listed in the MDSO.

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