FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate: 100% Chance of WMD Attack

by | Feb 17, 2011 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    We recently brought your attention to a report indicating that security elements within the United States have found a Weapon of Mass Effect being smuggled into the country. The San Diego Assistant Port Director at the center of the story was quickly refuted by Customs and Border Protection officials, who released a statement saying:

    CBP has not specifically had any incidents with nuclear devices or nuclear materials at our ports of entry. (source)

    If you had your doubts before, this should put them to rest.

    Via The Intel Hub and Newsmax

    The probability that the U.S. will be hit with a weapons of mass destruction attack at some point is 100 percent, Dr. Vahid Majidi, the FBI’s assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, tells Newsmax.

    Such an attack could be launched by foreign terrorists, lone wolves who are terrorists, or even by criminal elements, Majidi says. It would most likely employ chemical, biological, or radiological weapons rather than a nuclear device.

    “The notion of probability of a WMD attack being low or high is a moot point because we know the probability is 100 percent,” Majidi says. “We’ve seen this in the past, and we will see it in the future. There is going to be an attack using chemical, biological or radiological material.”

    It could be good ‘ol fashioned government fear mongering to keep us on our toes and within the grasp of the security apparatus that purports to protect us. Or, it could be the real deal.

    Mr. Majidi warns that it wouldn’t even have to be anything large-scale to send the country into sheer panic:

    Even a WMD attack that does not kill a great number of people would have a crushing psychological impact.

    “A singular lone wolf individual can do things in the dark of the night with access to a laboratory with low quantities of material and could hurt a few people but create a devastating effect on the American psyche,” Majidi says.

    What better reason to amass as much food, water and preparedness gear as you can fit into the storeroom? Any such attack on US soil is going to send stock markets into a frenzy, along with the majority of the populace. And depending on the size and scope of such an event, could paralyze the country for days, weeks or even months.

    It is curious, though, isn’t it, that in just the last few weeks there have been several news stories specifically dealing with WMD’s and the potential for an attack on US soil? There hasn’t been this kind of buzz about WMD’s since the hype surrounding the 2003 Iraq invasion. Are these psychological mind games to keep us in fear, or perhaps a method of desensitization for when it happens? Or, is this in the interest of President Obama’s promised government transparency?


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      1. This feels like a government attempt to distract us from the economic woes. What better way than to false flag an attack and play the rah rah we need to band together game, so they can continue to rape what little wealth our country. I am not a truther, but do believe that the present administration will use Chicago thug politics and false flag tactics to hide what they have been doing and plan od doing behind a crisis, creating another boogeyman.

      2. Off toppic..sorry
        anyone hear of the CME thathas disrupted Chinas radios, and possible GPS and other electronics?
        Huge Solar flare..

      3. On the back of my motorcycle jacket, I have a ‘Lone Wolf, No Club’
        patch.  There’s a picture of a ferocious looking, growling, red-
        outlined wolf—I must be damaging hundreds of psyche’s per day!

        Not all lone wolves are terrorists, not all terrorists are lone wolves.

      4. Comments…..Ol’ habib over to the bureau can go pound saudi sand. I’ll believe it when I see it.

      5. Bio and chem weapons are easier to get/make for terrorists to spread at airports, train stations, gatherings of people, stadiums, etc.  Even standard explosives  doing massive damage would impact the econ. like 9/11 when many stayed home and sales dropped.  As long as we have open borders and legal immigration from Arab countries under the guise of political asylum,  they will  use any weapon they can get sooner or later. This country recently admitted 80,ooo muslims under asylum. The Muslim Bro’hood is trying to unite muslims  for jihad world wide.

      6. Comments….,its all part of the big game,and i do not mean the superbowl .If they really wanted to crush the american male psyche  just cancel football!!!and by the looks of it,the  players union, just might make that happen.Majidi’s  statement pretty  well sums it up. Sounds to me like, we have already been given all the info.( THANKS) There  is going to be a small devastating  attack at an  unknown location, by some crazy lone wolf ?,who works in a secret lab under the cover of darkness, and has access to one of the three CBR’s  weapons mentioned by majidi. OR  He/they  might possibly  be part of a  homegrown criminal element terrorist cell, with  possible ties  to foreign terrorists .Notice he did not use the word radical anywhere. However, when they do  decide on where and when  to hold this small devastating/psychological cbr  attack it will certainly be 100% effective. get ready,cause here it comes.

      7. That weapon of mass destruction has been in US for thirty years, its ideology is called  reaganonmics. The weapon at the moment is being used by the terroristgroup FED with terroristleader Ben Bernanke!

      8. So a false flag attack  in order to boost the most annointed one’s sagging approval ratings.

      9. The hairs on the back of my neck are starting to stiffen – slightly. Just the other day Gerald Celente was on Alex Jones warning of some “event” that was going to happen soon, no exact date/time of course. Just an “event” here in the US that would start the cascade of dominos.

        But then again, I’ve heard all this before. So take it with a grain of salt. My two cents.

      10. A one pound propane canister ( couple bucks, any sporting goods store ), and dozen 1 gallon former milk jugs filled with gasoline in the trunk of  cheap, used car.

        Park car in any crowded mall parking lot.

        Timer/detonator easily made..(EDIT.. on 2nd thought……details removed…I’m not putting that on a public forum )…… for the source of ignition.

        Poke hole in propane canister,letting it fill the truck, start timer, close trunk, and walk away.   5-10 minutes later, whole car blows sky high, and takes out few more around it, plus anyone unlucky enough to be close.

        Cost of bomb….maybe 1,000 bucks, or less than 100 bucks if they steal the car.  People required ?  1 per event.

        Dozen people doing this on the same day at the same time over a couple weeks ……. get folks afraid to SHOP, and it’s over for this country.

        Should they want to multiply the effect ?  Rig couple more cars parked far enough away from the first one to not blow initially, and use a garage door opener transmitter/receiver for detonation on command.  Wait until the police and fire department shows up, and pop off round two.

        There are literally dozens of things like this that could be done without the first “WMD” being involved.

        Know how you can tell 911 was an inside job ?  

        No simple follow up of this type of thing in 10 years. 

        Last REAL terrorists we had in this country ? 

        Remember the wacko DC snipers some years back ?  Two black guys riding around in a Chevy sedan ( while cops were looking for white guys in a van ), shooting people at random out of a hole cut in the trunk deck.  If they hadn’t finally turned themselves in, odds are the “crime historians” probably never would have solved the case.

        Real terrorism can be so simple and cheap to do, that it tells me there ARE no terrorists, HERE, outside our own government…..so far……..but if they piss off enough people, they might finally inspire some payback.

      11. This 100% stuff is just a bunch of bullshit designed to try and get Congress to re-up the Patriot Act.  This is not about “protecting us”, it’s about snatching away our rights.

      12. No one can claim statistically that the probability of something specific happening in the future is 100%. That shows a lack of experience with statistics and probability theory.

      13. The DC snipers did NOT turn themselves in – an alert truck driver called in their location (they were sleeping in the car at a rest stop).  It took him many repeated calls to 911 to get them to listen and after 3 HOURS to finally relent and send over a single car…it’s like the cops didn’t want them to be caught.  These same 2 clowns had been stopped in the roadblocks around the shooting scenes no less than 10 times in the previous weeks – so the “authorities” should have had a very good idea that these guys could have had SOMETHING to do with the shootings yet they continued to look for some “white guys in a van”.  Terrorism is the best thing to happen to the police state – no doubt about it.  Cops even have tanks now…

        Tn Andy..what about a box of matches??? any dried forest like in California, Wyoming??
        Oops..maybe that’s already been tried.

      15. Out of 14 comments, only 2 questioned the 100%.

        Anyone remember a fella called McVey?  WMD is a “weapon of mass distraction.” It makes as much sense as “hate” crimes. Is there a thing of “love” crimes or “Ambivalent” crimes.

        Reality 101: If you are the victim, adjectives assigned by others are meaningless. Others use adjectives to appeal to emotions. This is done to manipulate the audience. It works more often than not. Ergo, the general public’s ability to use logic is clouded by their inability to control their emotions.

        Does the word, “stampede”, ring a bell?
        I can state this with absolute confidence backed up by decades of proof. Everyone dies. 100%. This is certainty. There is no such thing as 100% probability.  Someone at the FBI needs to muzzle Dr. Majidi. He is obviously not “spokesman”  material. Must be a Dr of public admin.

      16. This is govt psyops. There are many potential useful reasons to keep the public afraid, the main reason being redirection. If you can focus your population on an external enemy, then the enemies within are free to do what they do: take away individual rights, expand corporate elite rights, defund political opponents (through union busting,  for example).  It works the same in every country. The problem is that the game only works so long. Eventually the population has nothing left due to theft by government, and they therefore have nothing left to lose. And then you have revolution.

      17. Why blow up a perfectly good country when all you REALLY need to do in order to destroy it completely & irrevocably is simply to “elect” some corrupt, Third World negro to run it into the ground?

        ALLAH AKBAR MF’s!

      18. So, this government is putting out a warning, another false flag?
        when is the last time this government has told the truth?

      19. More fear mongering and political maneuvering in order to reinstate the Patriot act. An eventual attack is inevitable however, purely out of justification for these “protections” afforded to us by our benevolent government. At least rural farming communities are never targeted.

      20. I agree – false flag attacks are a favorite ploy the government uses to get the people to gladly give up their freedoms in the vain hope the government will protect them.

        Notice how the naked body scanners were installed at most airports in a big way after a couple of false flag bombing attempts on aircraft.

        Adolph Hitler was a master of false flag – in fact he had his own Reichstag burned and then blamed it on the communists – this helped to cement his power and turn the people to his side as their savior from all those alleged bad guys out there.  The sheeple in Germany were more than happy to hand over their rights and freedoms thinking that would make them safe.

        They were sure wrong, weren’t they?

      21. Seal the freaking border!

      22. yeah funny how they are not sealing the border…because if the threat was really coming from outside, you know they would in a heart beat..
        another tip that the threat is here..its them, closing the border is a good idea, but its not going to change this.
        at least thats what my gut is telling me, and has been for a long time, like almost 10 years or so

      23. VRF: If the government really CARED about the outside threat they would seal the border. What they really care about is allowing the unrestrained illegal immigration to continue, hoping Americans won’t notice their wages being suppressed, their jobs taken, and more than a million sex crimes since 1999; 35% which have been committed against children and 25% which have been rapes.

        That is how desperate they are to impose the NWO on US. Another 20 million illegal Mexicans ought to do it by REFERENDUM once they are given amnesty and made “citizens”. SHTF Illegal Immigration

        Six separate amnesty’s are enough! These people are not Americans, and don’t want to be. They just want an American job.

      24. The first thing that I will think is that the Israeli’s did it as a false flag, here’s why; Israel benefits the most by having the US destroy their enemies.
        Keep in mind that an Israeli company “Magal security” has most of the contracts for keeping tabs on the US nuke storage facilities and Nuke sites as well in the USA! (plus, an Israeli company “ICTS” was in charge of airport security in all airports used during 911 like Boston Logan, plus the airports that the underwear bomber took off from, as well as Richard Reed-“the shoe bomber”).

        Why do we allow a foreign owned company to secure our nukes?
        Can’t we find an American firm to do this?
        Why haven’t we heard about this on the TV?
        Why wasn’t ICTS fired after the blunders of 9/11?

        Think that’s bad?
        Here’s more; Israeli firms take care of almost all of the phone billing for land lines and cell in the US, “Verint technologies” and “Amdocs”, these agencies can and do tap into any phone in the US since they have access for billing reasons.
        Cops, senators, FBI agents, their wives, judges, governers, presidents, you & me, all of us are under the listening ears of these  foreign owned companies & their devious governments.

        Can anyone tell me why we allow this?
        Would Israel allow a US firm to watch their nukes?
        Would Israel allow a US firm to take care of all of their phone billing (with back door tapping capabilities)?
        I don’t think so, neither should we.

      25. D Kidd
        I agree it should be closed..for exactly what your saying..
        but as far as the threat of attack by force , thats what i ment was coming from inside

      26. DK……correct seal the border….may I add,”seal the border around Mordor on the Potomac” also?!  🙂

      27. Joerocker
        February 17th, 2011 at 6:37 pm
        So, this government is putting out a warning, another false flag?
        when is the last time this government has told the truth?
        George Washington.

      28. My .02 is that this is more conditioning, basically them telegraphing us that they are going to perform another false flag attack on American soil so they can further their agenda

      29. AMERIKA IS A LIE!







        as a side note , if your a Veteran living in Montana … be advised the Montana VA is making a list of all vets with access to firearms and giving it to  local police departments and sheriff offices … beware the Veterans Administration IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!

      30. Just the government getting us ready to declare the “muslim brotherhood” the next Al Queda and send troops into poor little egypt to keep us all safe over here.  They might even be desperate enough to actually do false flag again. Either way all credibility given out by the government has been lost and even if we had a real actual terrorist attack half the population would not believe the government anyways.

      31. Your family can dig a fall out shelter in less than a day (and when I say “your family” I don’t mean you will just sit around and watch them, you need to help).  Anyway, might want to make sure you know how to dig one the correct way in case the need arises.  There are also ways to avoid the fallout inside your home, so this is a good time to study up.

      32. @SHOEMAKER,
        I searched arounf the net and didn’t really find anything beyond the common sense easy stuff…..go to the basement cover windows and doors with plastic sheeting and stay in a centralized spot down there with plenty of supplies….you know of any sites that give more detailed information…..my search didn’t produce any unless they were pages andpages back from the front


      33. The U.S. police state apparatus loves terrorism and terrorists because it gives them a reason to exist while simultaneously cowing the populace into abject submission to whatever violations of the citizen’s liberty they can dream up.

        The police state could not do a better job of creating domestic terrorists in America if they tried.  Here’s a list of “Good Ways to Piss People Off Enough to Commit Violence”:

        1. Allow 40 million illegals to stream into the country, take jobs, leech off the system, evade taxes, commit crimes, rape children, etc.
        2. Implement mandatory molestation and child pornography production in America’s airports.
        3. Restrict the ability to travel freely within this nation (roving check points are already implemented where all rights are suspended and American’s are harrassed and sometimes beaten/arrested if they are not 100% compliant little sheep).
        4. USA Patriot Act has enabled them to legally wiretap everyone and everything at will.  All net communications are intercepted, all bank transations, all web mail accounts, all email, GPS coords via cell phones, warrantless GPS trackers on cars, warrantless microphone taps, etc. etc. etc.

        In police state America, everyone is a domestic terrorist, they just don’t know it yet, but the DHS/FBI/NSA will prove it to you….

        Everyone makes a mistake eventually.

      34. I had to search around a bit to find the website I was referring to. Thankfully, I found it.  It is a free book on nuclear survival.  There are a lot of good chapters, but in chapter five, they had families build their own shelters.  Two young women completed a shelter with 22 hours of work.  It would have gone faster if they built it away from tree roots.


        The chapter on water is interesting as it talks about how to clean water that has been exposed to fallout.

      35. If there is a attack it will be from the U.S. Government.   They will do anything to keep the sheeple in line.

      36. This announcement by Dr. Vahid Majidi and the FBI could be considered as a terrorist attack in itself. By creating public fear. Weapons of mass destruction  kill a lot of people. If these weapons are now thought to be used in small scale events, they have effectively changed the definition to include ALL such  occurrences. So now, all that is needed for a large scale evacuation is a fire cracker going off in some ones hand.
        Check out this article on the topic for a another perspective;
        http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/08/02/gordon-duff-false-flag-nuke-attack-on-u-s-justified-king-torah/p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

      37. I guess they are right in a sense. Given a long enough time there will be a WMD attack on US soil. Might take a few generations but they didn’t put a time limit on their prediction.

      38. Just remember…….NOTHING IN GOVERNMENT HAPPENS BY CHANCE!!!!!!!!

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