The Poor Man’s Guide To Survival Gear

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    This guide has been contributed for your reading and information pleasure by Brandon Smith of

    Special Note:  Obviously, an entire book could be written on this subject, which is a task beyond the scope of this article.  The purpose of the following piece is to give those with financial difficulty a foothold on prepping without added pain.  It is meant to be a starting point, not a compendium.

    A friend of mine took note recently that a large portion of activists involved in the Liberty Movement had hit extremely hard times, or had been struggling financially even before the general economic collapse began to take hold.  He asked me my theory on why it was that so many of us are always so broke.  I could only relate that it is almost always the working class poor in any society that first sees the effects of a corrupt government and a faulty economic system.  Those who legitimately hold to the principles of self sustainment, and fair play, are usually the first to be stabbed in the back by the establishment, and so, they are the first to become politically active against it.  That is to say, sometimes we have to lose almost everything before we are able to see the bigger picture.

    While I consider this fact a source of solace in these extraordinarily hard times, it still does little to put food on the table, or survival gear in the bug-out-bag.

    The overall consensus within the prepper community is that survival planning is expensive, and yes, it certainly can be.  Another consensus is that you “get what you pay for”; also true…to a point.  My belief is that while no prepping model is free of expense or of quality concerns, perhaps there is a middle road that activists with thin wallets can take which will provide solid gear for less money, and that will serve most of the functions of high-end gear that is ten times as expensive.  Let’s examine a foundation list of those items that can help get you started now….

    Backpack (Bug Out Bag)

    You can literally spend hundreds of dollars on many top-of-the-line framed backpacks, and some may even be worth it, but it is not necessary to spend that kind of cash to purchase a decent bug-out-bag.  In fact, surplus ALICE packs with frames can be had online for as little as $30-$60, sometimes even less if they are a bit worn.  The ALICE system provides adequate back support for your needs, for a low price, and the quality of the design is military proven.

    Camouflage Clothing

    Camouflage clothing and gear runs a wide spectrum in price, and it’s hard sometimes to find the colors you want at a discount.  One trick is to buy any camo you find on the cheap, and then lightly dye it to match the colors you want.  For instance, one could gauge the dye levels with small samples, find the right strength, and then dye light camo like Digital ACU a darker green.  Eventually, you may be able to make your own camo with any clothing you come across.  It sounds like a pain, but it’s actually quite easy, and could save you considerable amounts of money.

    Extreme Weather Protection

    Gortex is outrageously expensive, unless you get lucky and find it used or discounted.  While it is difficult to beat the quality (or the warrantee) on most Gortex cold weather gear, there are cheaper alternatives that get the job done almost as well.  A great extreme cold weather coat is the N-2B Flight Jacket designed to mil spec and resistant to most wet weather conditions.  The jacket was meant specifically to deflect freezing temperatures and it can be had for around $120 or less.

    Purchasing several packages of polypropylene thermal underwear could also save your life in extreme weather situations.  They are lightweight, can be easily layered, can be packed into a tiny corner of your B.O.B., and will retain much of your body heat.  Even if you don’t have a lot of winter gear with you, absolutely do not forget to bring the poly-wear!  $30-$50 for a shirt and pants together is well worth it.

    Finally, buy wool socks.  Buy plenty.  Look for deals, but do not cut them out of your budget.  Any weather below 20 Degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll want to double up.  Cold feet, on a march, on patrol, on guard duty, sucks.  They can be damaged permanently if you are not careful.

    Combat Boots

    Top quality combat boots traditionally run anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on the brand.  One rule that you cannot break regardless of the circumstances; always treat your feet right.  They hold up your entire body.  Surplus boots are a good place to start when looking to cut costs, but usually you won’t be saving much.   To be honest, there are plenty of knockoff combat boots found in sporting goods stores, usually in the hiking section, that are just as durable as the expensive models but for much less.  You can go far in a pair of $60 boots.  Be sure, though, to thoroughly check for poor sewing on the seams, crap laces, and light construction.  If they feel heavy, they are probably made well enough.

    Camp Heater

    Unless you have your own oil well, or a line on a hidden vein of coal (some preppers I have met actually do), then your best bet for efficient heat during the winter weather in a tent, a makeshift shelter, or a house, is a wood burning stove.  Timber fuel sources are everywhere.  A couple cords of wood are enough to heat most homes and shelters through the colder months.

    Gasoline and propane storage is possible, but the likelihood of shortage is high, and arranging a practical supply lasting a year or more is incredibly expensive.  Solar power systems and battery banks are recommended, but again, this is another option that requires moderate to substantial investment when it comes to heating a house.  A very affordable alternative for your heating needs would be the M-1941 Military Tent Stove.  The cylindrical stove is portable, burns quite hot, and can be had usually for $100 or less.

    Survival Knife

    Some knives deserve the amount of attention and the high price tag they have garnered, but many are just….well….regular knives with a fancy name engraved in the blade.  You are buying a knife for its functionality, not its sex appeal.  Gerber, SOG, and Kershaw make plenty of knives which work just as well for $80 or less than any $400 cord wrapped Strider knife.  Again, pay for the tool, not the name or the artificial commercial mystic.


    Good HAM radios, base stations to handheld models, can be had for around $200-$300, but even this amount is sometimes too high for a limited prepper budget.  Unless you plan to coordinate operations over longer distances using repeaters, or set up a HAM alert system with multiple members of your community, regular two-way radios costing around $40 to $60 like those produced by Midland should suffice for communications.  Consumer models often advertize an effective range of 20 to 30 miles, but this is in totally flat terrain.  If you can get five miles out of them in rough terrain, you are doing well.  This range is adequate to handle most tasks required during a survival situation.


    Gas powered generators are unnecessary long term survival situations, primarily because the amount of fuel they use is impractical and the noise many of them produce could make having electricity a daily temptation of fate.  Solar is really the best way to go.  Unfortunately, many people assume solar power solutions to be too technical and overwhelming.  In fact, setting up a solar power system is so straight forward it makes all the prepper uneasiness a bit laughable.

    A simple and comparably affordable set-up would include one 180 Watt solar panel (which can quickly charge your battery bank during the day), one deep cycle battery, a charge controller, and an inverter.  This kit can be had for $600 to $1000, is compact enough to fit a medium Rubbermaid storage bin, and will power almost every appliance and charge every electronic device that would make life easier during a collapse.  Remember also that every Watt of power you produce by the sun reduces your on-grid electric bill, saving you even more money.

    At the very least, a portable solar powered battery charger is a must have item.  Doing without gear like radios and flashlights is simply not an option.  Going caveman is the most ill conceived method for living through the worst of all possible situations.

    Survival Tin

    Pre-made mini survival kits are a rip off.  Most of the items they contain (matches, fishing line, compass, small knife, firestarter, wire saw, water purification tablets, etc.) can be easily purchased separately for half the cost.  Making your own mini-kit is also a good exercise in efficiency.  Being able to prioritize gear and understand what is truly useful versus what is a waste of space is as important a skill as being able to shoot or navigate a map.  It does not take a lot of money to build a solid base kit for emergencies….unless you buy one that somebody made for you.

    Emergency Medical Kit

    Again, all items within most pre-made medical kits can be bought individually for much less.  Celox blood stopper, silk sutures, surgical tools, transfusion bags, and other goods should be added in with the staples, raising the cost slightly, but rounding out your kit and allowing for more critical injuries to be cared for.  Bulk over the counter medications, especially for stomach ailments, would be highly valuable post collapse, and can be bought wholesale.  Medicinal teas, at least the organic brands, work very well!  These can be bought for reasonable prices and will boost your immune system, preventing illness before it ever occurs.

    Food Production

    If you have enough land to keep them, a half dozen chickens, a half dozen breeding rabbits, and a goat, will produce milk, meat, and eggs daily, providing valuable sustenance, reducing the amount of stored foods you need to use in a day, and reducing the amount of time you have to spend hunting for food in a dangerous collapse environment.  Chickens and goats practically feed themselves with whatever is available on your land.  Rabbit feed is easy to store, and can also be made at home.  These animals are indeed worth their weight in gold.

    Seeds are, of course, a currency in and of themselves.  Non-GMO seed and strong gardening knowledge will save you and your family.  Gardening is not as easy as it seems, however.  Extensive practice, trial and error, and an understanding of regional climates will improve your crop yields dramatically.

    If you are looking to survive on the cheap and avoid paying thousands of dollars for years worth of freeze dried goods, sustainable food production is the only way to go.  Foraging and scavenging is NOT a reliable alternative.

    Security Systems

    Trip wires and tin cans are certainly cheaper than thermal security cameras, and a few well trained guard dogs can put your mind at ease, but sometimes more silent or less obvious methods are in order.  I would recommend the MURS radio and infrared alert system for perimeter defense.  As far as force multipliers go, MURS is relatively inexpensive.  MURS motion detectors are wireless, weather proof, have a beam range of around 100 ft, and can be placed up to 4 miles away from your radio base station.  Intruders crossing the infrared beam will set off an alert on your base station and all MURS handheld radios.  Some MURS systems even have underground probes designed to detect the movement of vehicles.  Up to four motion censors can be linked to one base station and each can be designated for a sector, telling you exactly where on your property the intrusion is occurring.  A full MURS system with multiple motion detectors can be had for $300 or less.  Other comparable outdoor security systems often cost $500 or more.

    Night Vision

    The price range of night vision devices is truly staggering.  Some can run as little as a few hundred dollars, others climb into the thousands.  For the prepper with low cash flow who feels the need for night time security, a couple models offer good quality at a lower price.

    For typical surveillance and overwatch, the Bushnell 2.5 by 42 night vision monocular creates a strong image with quality construction for around $200.

    For combat, the Yukon Nvmt Night Vision Scope offers many of the advantages of high end systems for only $350 or less.

    Night vision may seem like an unnecessary expense, even at these prices, but any edge one can get in survival is a good thing.  Being at a disadvantage monetarily does not mean you have to be at a disadvantage tactically.

    Self Defense

    Yes.  Guns.  Big-scary-guns.  Guns and survival go hand in hand, especially during an economic or social collapse.  To bring up guns in a prepping article almost always draws criticism of militancy and extremism from suburban basted over-privileged adolescent hippies who have read “Into The Wild” way too many times and think survival is about “communing with nature”.  Sorry kids, but as much as I love nature, as soon as you turn your back on it, you end up a pre-digested meal spread like almond butter across 30 acres of grizzly valley.   On the other side of the coin, firearms analysis always draws endless opinions and puffy chested “expertise” from armchair generals and “invincible special-ops superheroes”.

    Frankly, after years of survival writing, you stop caring what other people think.  That said, for those of us with limited resources (of which I would include myself), firearms purchases are much less about technical proficiency and more about affordability.

    I won’t be delving into sidearms here.  Instead we’ll focus on what you cannot conceivably live without.  Purchasing a primary battle rifle should always be the prepper’s first concern as far as firearms go, whether he is rich or poor.  Semi-automatic, accurate, reliable, hard to damage, fires a common military caliber (.223, 7.62 by 39, .308).  There’s your list.  Finding cheap rifles that meet that list is another matter, but here are a few that come pretty close:


    The Saiga is a high capacity AK variant that comes in all common military calibers as well as a 12 gauge shotgun model (I’m amazed it’s still legal).  Works great, shoots straight, built tough, runs between $450 to $650.  For the price, you can’t go wrong.


    A Spanish made .308 semi automatic rifle with a similar design to the HK G3.  Many in circulation have been pieced together with surplus parts, and it is wise to get yours checked out by a trusted gunsmith.  A little tuning may be required.  Otherwise, a pretty solid 300 yard gun running at $450 to $600.

    FN FAL

    The FAL is a Belgium made semi auto .308 rifle.  Accurate and well made.  Effective range of around 700 yards.  Can be found for $600 to $800.

    AK 47

    Will you look like a terrorist holding this gun?  Yes.  But beyond that, the AK is synonymous with dependability, and affordability.  Though gun prices the past few years have skyrocketed in ridiculous fashion, the AK 47, a 7.62 by 39 caliber rifle, can still be found for around $300 to $600 depending on the make, the age, and the honesty of your dealer.  This is not a very accurate gun beyond 100 yards.  Can you hit a man sized target beyond 100 yards with an AK?  Yes.  Can you do it accurately and consistently?  No.  You want pinpoint sniper accuracy from a Russian made weapon?  Get a Dragunov.  You want a close quarters weapon that you can clean with a dish rag and motor oil and still have it fire?  Get an AK.


    The SKS used to be a good deal.  Four years ago you couldn’t spit without hitting one priced at around $200.  Nowadays, many gunshops are fishing for $400 to $500.  Do not pay this for any SKS.  It is not a $500 gun.  It is a $200 to $300 gun.  Period.  Deals can still be found if you are patient.  The 7.62 by 39 rifle is relatively accurate and solidly built.  The bayonet is a bit of a pain, but removing it is apparently an ATF no no.  Technically you are required to remove the bayonet mounting lug and the grenade launcher attachment along with the blade for the gun to be legal (I’m not going to go into the absurdity of ATF assault rifle guidelines).  Honestly, if you don’t like the bayonet, just take it off, and don’t let any of your ATF buddies shoot it at the range.


    Another rifle that used to be a good deal, now ruined by overenthusiastic gun shop owners.  Private sale at a gun show is the only way lately to find this rifle at its traditionally suitable price of $350 to $450.  Gun shops today will ask $600 to $800.  The .223 rifle, designed after the M1 Garand, is light, easy to wield, and pretty accurate out to 300 yards.  Lighter ammo means more rounds can be carried at a time.

    Long Range Sniper Systems

    For long range at an affordable price, you just can’t go wrong with Savage Arms.  The company has maintained the great quality of its products, kept their prices low despite the Obama gun boom, and most of their rifles compete equally with guns twice as expensive. One issue to keep in mind, though, is optics, which can sometimes cost as much as the gun itself if you are not careful.  Long range shooting platforms are essential for a small force defending against a larger or better supplied enemy.  The more you can increase your standoff distance when at a disadvantage, the better chance you have of survival.  One or two long range experts can wreak havoc on a seemingly unstoppable foe, making the cost of operations so high the enemy begins to question the practicality of moving forward.  In collapse environments, snipers, amateur to professional, always come out of the woodwork to dominate the landscape.  Preppers have the ability to counter this threat, and with very inexpensive firearms.


    This is a .308 sniper system commonly found with a precision stock and a heavy barrel.  Range of around 800 yards.  Can be found for $600 to $700.  Modified systems come more expensive, but the standard model is all you need.

    SAVAGE 111

    A highly accurate rifle utilizing the effective 300 Win Mag cartridge.  Range exceeding 1000 yards.  Can usually be found for around $700.

    SAVAGE 111 BA

    The “long range hunter” model of the Savage 111 in .338 Lapua costing less than $1000.  The .338 is an incredible cartridge with an effective range of about 1 mile.  The Savage has been found comparable to sniper systems three times as expensive.  The only problem with the .338 is the price of the ammo, which usually runs around $60 to $70 for a box of 20 rounds, almost twice as expensive as 300 Win Mag.  Man, does that sting!  This rifle should be considered a poor man’s substitute for the .50 Cal, a rifle that will always be undeniably expensive, considering one round usually sets you back $4 to $5.  If you want the capability of a .50 Cal but not a quite so outrageous ammo price, the Savage is your best bet.

    Procrastination Is Something We Cannot Afford

    Preparation is not limited to the realm of the rich.  Ultimately, survivalists with limited incomes must pursue their prepping MORE vigorously than those with expendable cash exactly because they are at a greater disadvantage.  Being poor is no excuse for procrastination.  Great gear can be had for little money, as long as purchases are approached intelligently.  Budgeting for survival is not an enterprise for some future date in which we imagine ourselves to be better off than we are now.  It should be a part of our daily life, even when times are tough.

    Self discipline gets things done.  Making a plan and then sticking to that plan despite our inner weaknesses and apprehensions gives greater returns in the long run.  This method not only earns the respect we hold for ourselves, but also the respect others hold for us.  The flaky and indecisive cannot be relied upon.  The gravity of the socio-political situation we face in the near term demands that we shake off our fears and our apathy, step out of our baby cradle comfort zone, and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.  Backing out is not an option.  Otherwise, we simply defeat ourselves, and we let each other down.


    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

    To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help us help others in relocating, or to support the creation of barter networks across the country, visit our donate page here:


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        • CLK, Thanks for the site,I HAD not seen this list before
          The format is nice and the listing is the most extensive I have seen. The medical supplies are an area no one should scrimp on. Remember “Selco’s words.

          Do not know if this in your area but ‘strike anywhere’ matches are disappearing. Stock up if you can. Someone here mentioned that their ‘BIC’ lighters died from age would be interested in hearing what others say and use. Also ‘mantels’ and repair parts for your coleman lantern.

          I know each of us will have items to add to the list. Having it printed out and hand is important.

          Best Wishes from Montana’s Mountains (MM)

        • Very Dumb Comment. Nobody cares about your stupid list. Your not helping.

      1. Don’t let the MSM fool you.
        The USA Is Already Bankrupt!
        YOU are the last generation living in the twilight near the edge of the abyss!
        No Empire has EVER lasted forever, not even the mighty Roman’s!
        Congress is marching us all down a similar political and ideological path as the Roman’s once took. Governments backed only with military force as their only true source of revenue and power soon fall. We have become such an empire.
        Get ready, very soon the end will be tyrannical, violent, maybe vicious!
        IF you are one of the lucky few citizens with any prep valuables left you will have to defend them from seizure not only from an increasingly aggressive government force but also from your fellow citizens that have already hit rock bottom and soon to be homeless by the millions.

        • The government? likely no big deal… as I’ve said before, it’ll take them more energy and time searching house-to-house (especially in towns and neighborhoods that are going to be pretty tapped-out) than they would benefit in resources. They would have a more profitable time seizing things like grain silos and stockyards (food), petroleum distributors and refineries, ports (marine and air), local national guard armories, and the like.

          By the time it gets to the point where they’d be forced to scrounge from homes, most if not all of the folks who would do so, will have long since deserted and gone home.

          Now unprepared neighbors, refugee hordes, criminals, and folks like that? Oh hell yes you’re going to have to worry about ’em. I think I have a proposed solution to this, but I’m still fleshing it out and testing it. Thing is, it’s going to take some teamwork…

          • OQ, my individual thoughts mesh well with your own. Excellent work.

            We need to worry more about the government *NOW* than we will when TSHTF. SHTF they’ll be quelling the riots, not house-to-housing. …unless you’re in the city. How do you spell FEMACT (FEMA Camping Trip).

      2. Am I first? What do I win?

        • Yes. You get a cookie. 🙂

          • Thanks

          • Oddball?

      3. Actually, you can get even cheaper than that…

        Camouflage: Buy brown clothing that matches the local ground color, which is usually sufficient for most folks. Maybe keep a white(ish) set around for areas that have a lot of snow. The idea is to avoid bright or garish colors, and honestly, in most SHTF situations you won’t really need it anyway (especially if you’re bugging in).

        If you really need the BDUs, scrounge around at the local Goodwill or Salvation Army store. They have tons of the stuff at times. Same with backpacks.

        Something missing, though – ah… water. You can buy a decent backpacker’s filter bag set (with a long-lasting filter) for $80-$90, and it’ll be worth its weight in platinum. Long-term, you can make your own water filter for whatever the price of cloth and a plastic bucket or drum. You just need to find a good source of sand, and know how to make your own charcoal after that.

        Guns… you can get some really good ones used in the local paper, craigslist (I think?), or in the local ‘thrifty nickel’ papers. If you know what to look for (in quality, caliber, etc), you can save a bundle. Stick to having three per adult and adolescent family member (rifle, shotgun, pistol), in common calibers, and you’re good to go.

        Electricity can be even cheaper still if you’re just recharging bits and bobs – it is as close as the nearest bit of scrap to collect wind or water motion, a couple of fan belts, an alternator, and a cheap inverter kit (about $25 and up at any auto parts store). Not perfect by any stretch, but certainly workable.

        One thing about night-vision gear… unless it’s a moonless and cloudy night, most folks can actually do pretty well seeing in the dark – once they get their eyes used to it. Night vision gear tends to make you rely on the equipment, and once the batteries run out/stop recharging, you’re gonna be kind of screwed for awhile until you can get used to the dark again.

        • I think the other two missing components from this article and that are the cheapest are free.

          Operational Security -it cannot be said enough times, but loose lips sink ships.

          Mental Preparation -we all need the mental fortitude to withstand crisis situations.

          • If I may add, physical prep as in weight loss and exercise.

            • Too true Silver bean. Lots of folks have a whole bunch of the other preps, but don’t seem to find time to attend to their health requirements. If folks are getting proper exercise and following a reasonable way of eating, they likely don’t have weight to lose.

              Great addition and this one is free too!

          • Totally agree Fed Up. Would add two books, as follows:

            1. An old high school Civics book. I actually found the same one I had in high school at an old garage sale. Includes the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the whole nine yards. It’s easy reading, and explains how all this stuff is supposed to work.

            2. Bible.

            I also have an old US Flag, correctly folded, in my B.O.B.

            • A US flag should be on everyone list because in times of sever ditress an upside down flag tells those around you that you need serious help, as well this will be one way we will always remember what were fighting for if the time/enemy arises.

        • OQ~ You’re back! 🙂

          • Been busy – work gets like that sometimes. 🙂

      4. everything made sense til I got to the security systems, I’d just go for a good pr of field glasses, then there’s the ever present pictures of guns which really goes without saying or showing pictures(9 pictures) no wonder people call preppers nuts.

        • I kind of have to agree here. The fact that they’re all pictures of paramilitary models makes it 2x as bad, appearance-wise.

          IMHO, guns should definitely be included, but certainly shouldn’t steal the show.

          • Turn your guns in, and get on your knees.

      5. Good Article Mac ! I have a co-worker that wants me to go out gun shopping with him next week. I’m going to have him read this article first…because it covers the subject very well.
        Montgomery County Texas

      6. CB radio (around $100 for a real good one at a truck stop, choose Cobra 29 series model). Learn LOTS from trucker chitchat in your area, doesn’t depend on repeaters or cell towers.
        Use trucker-grade antenna (4′ or more high) to get good results.

        • Agreed! I have a base unit which has a battery back up for just in case of emergencies. Also, if I have too.., I can grab the batteries out of my vehicles.

          It seems like, lesser the technology, the better well off you are. Maybe not in all cases though.


          • Eagledove; agreed, ‘lesser the technology, the better off we are’. KISS- keep it simple.
            I thought the article is a poor man’s guide to prepping.
            Granted, the weapons presented are nice to have, but when it comes to affordability, what happened to Mossberg models? A 30-06,270,12ga., marlin .22,even a mosin 7.62×54(between $99-139). These are weapons most can afford and like any weapon, if treated right they’ll last. Big 5 Sporting usually has some great buys on knives.
            Being practicle; most will not be hitting anything over 300 meters and over that will take more money(in ammo) for practicing and attaining a fair markmenship ability.
            Just food for thought. My partners and I are always comparing prices for the best deals, especially for the beginners.

            • I was scratching my head, because the article was for the poor man. Maybe I am just a poorer man, not sure.

              I did buy a pellet gun, just in case I need to hunt small game.., plus it don’t make a loud noise for others in the distance to hear.

        • Redneck, I saved a magazine for the item called a GXT1000 Two-Way Radio..range 36 miles ….will it work??

          It is also a weather radio..I already have one of those..from Lowe’s.

          Thanks…anyone responding.

          • re: radios (of any type):

            That 36-mile quote is usually just line-of-sight (most radios use frequency modulation, or FM). Trees and other semi-open obstacles will tear on the signal a bit, and solid things like mountains and buildings will stop it cold. If you’re in a valley or canyon, your range will only go as far as the outside edges (and whoever may be standing on the lip of that canyon).

            Personally, I’d count it good for maybe 10 miles in ordinary rolling terrain (with both sides tanding on a hill or something), but you can certainly test it out beyond that if you have enough flat land to play with.

            As far as the weather radio, you may want to consider hitting Radio shack and getting hold of a shortwave set. I got one from them a couple of years back that has a hand-cranked power supply. Cost only $35.

            • Thanks..Ky isn’t flat land, but not climbing mountains either.

              Ten miles is better than I expected…
              I already have a weather radio..hand cranked—Lowe’s…$50…I refused to buy Kmart and Chinamart because they were not Amrerican made.

      7. “USMC marines are Whopper Junior’s Zionist jew Owned soldier Slaves! says:
        December 15, 2011 at 6:20 am
        Hi Ho , Hi Ho , OFF TO THE FEMA CAMPS , YOU “ALL” shtfplan preppers WILL GO!

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        told ya all about this 2 years ago!

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        your all gonna need to buy some more VASELINE … cause your about to be screwed by the BIG GREEN USMC WEINIE , now bend over and grab your ankles… this might hurt a lil’ BIT! ;0P SSSSSSSSslurp!


        …. I take your wife left you for a Marine!

        It’s all good man…

        “Son, someday you will make a girl
        very happy. for a short period of time.
        Then she’ll leave you and be with new
        men who are ten times better than you
        could ever hope to be. These men
        are called – Grunt Marines.”

        Semper Fi

        • I am only quoting that asshole! LOL!!!

          • some will get it bloodyfellow
            but than you get those that never understood the fact ,reading is fundamental

            • and comprehension is a completely different issue

            • Thanks! man glad to see you’re still on here.

              I’m just going to chock this up to “friendlyfire”….

              Attention to detail right!

              Semper Fi

            • Holy Shit!!! Check your Fire!…check your fire!

          • LOL, gave it a thumbs up Bf. Some of us do read, even what the bi-polar ones write.

            • The Facts speak for themselves! 200,000 active duty marines and not one USMC Officer has the balls to stop the NWO take over of America! Not one had the balls like usmc gen. smedley butler to stand up , stop the 9/11 murders and fight em’ back as he did! Your all puss’s! And until a u.s. marine officer finds his balls and challenges the nwo takeover of america with the support of his fellow grunt 200,000 u.s. marines! your all gonna continue to be puss’s in my book, anyone can kill, it’s easy to be a ignorant coward and just keep pulling the trigger killing innocent men women and children cause their born brown in a foreign land! marines are cowards and bullies! who use words like honor, courage and integrity to justify and terrorize those weaker than them around the world and commit MURDER for their Banker Masters!

              Your pretty uniforms and a flag , wont hide what you all are – your robbers and murderers of other peoples propety land and lives… so keep waving your flags, chanting your semper fidelous homoerotic blood and gore chants… and just know some of us who were once there with you , know the truth of what you all are really!

              and plan to fight you all nwo grunt u.s. marines where the meat meets the blade in lead words backed by a firm violent resolve even you jar-head grunts will understand!

              it takes more than a uniform to make a man… and so far I just see a bunch of bloody murderers wearing pretty ribbons and talking street creds trash about killing innocent men women and children who are only defending their homes and families from YOU the foreign invaders!

              In my REAL WORLD BOOK that makes them the PATRIOTS and You U>S> MARINES the shit on my combat boot i ground into the grass… USMC MARINES always there too help THE NWO ZIONIST BANKER JEWS , ENSLAVE THE WORLD!”

            • “200,000 active duty marines and not one USMC Officer has the balls to stop the NWO take over of America!”

              You’ve never read or taken the Oath, have you? If you had, you would know why.

            • You really don’t know what your talking about. Semper Fi

      8. @Well okay but without silver or cash your still up a creek!

        • Silver is good… and it’s a good time to buy both silver and gold.

      9. I’ve been waiting for an article like this because it gives us a chance to share prepping ideas without going off topic. So I bought the mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, I have a dozen #10 empty coffee cans cleaned and ready, BEFORE I open the vacuum sealed pouch for the oxygen absorbers (because you have to be quick about it) is there anything I should know because I’ve never used these things on my own. I’m thinking of storing rice, pasta, flour, sugar, grits…Any advice?

        • I have 40 buckets of food/stored/dry goods…I have not used one of these in any buckets—old school. Diatomaceous Earth and bay leaf for parasites.

          I also heated in oven these dry goods,(flour, pancake mix, cornmeal) for 2 hours in quart jars on cookie sheets; 200 degrees and then clean rims, seal.

          It lasts for years that way, not months; learned from a granny.
          Peace. JayJay

          • Thanks for your input. Diatomaceous Earth we used to use in the filter of our swimming pool. Same stuff? Is it edible? How do you add it and how much?

            • I don’t think pool DE is food grade. Check your local livestock/farm supply co. It’s pretty cheap. Tractor Supply sells it.

            • NO!!! There are bad chemicals in that pool stuff, not good. Get food grade diatomeceous earth, I got some at a Farm Supply type store.

            • Sandy,

              You need to use “food grade Diatomaceous Earth” for storing food or in your garden to ward off pests.
              Many feed stores sell it.

              “Diatomaceous Earth sold for swimming pool filters is dangerous to human health, your pets and livestock. It has been chemically treated and heated to change it’s composition. It will kill fleas but it might kill you too!”

              Here is some info. on this.

              Hope this helps.
              KY Mom

            • Sandy..DE is used for gardens, controlling pet’s parasites, insecticide for around the house and I take it every day.
              I can’t get my hair and nails to stop growing so fast!!!

              I try to be frugal; DE is inexpensive. I figure the money for O2s and dessicants and mylars can be well spent on food for we, that are on a budget..$15 for DE compared to ?????

              It works for me…just sprinkle some in the bottom, in the center, and on top of your dry goods; and I also use bay leaf from the Natural Health store(very inexpensive.

            • Wow–I had a pool for 13 years and never knew to use DE for pools..I never even heard of DE until I started researching parasites for animals.

        • Sugar doesn’t need an oxygen absorber, just keep it in as dry of conditions in a sealed container as you possibly can. Ditto for salt. As far as the other stuff, package it into the mylar bags (as many bags as you have oxygen absorbers for) heat up your sealer, add the oxygen absorber(s) to each mylar bag and seal immediately. It does go quicker if you have two people working on this with two sealers, but I have done this alone and had successfull results. Remember to set aside enough time when you won’t have be interupted. I dehydrate a lot of foods from my garden and this works well for those items too. Best of luck!

        • ~Sandy~

          Here’s what I did relative to long term (bulk dry-goods) storage.

          Found a supplier / manufacturer(***) of ‘food-grade’ 15gal barrels w/ o-ring seal lid & a metal cam-lock sealing band, in Winston-Salem NC (cost per barrel was $17.00ea, back in May). They mfgr for many on-line & mail survival businesses…example: = Emergency Essentials out of Utah.

          The barrels have very stout built-in, hinged carry-handles.

          Filled barrels w/ wheat berries, cracked corn, oats, popcorn, pinto beans, navy beans, split green peas & macaroni pasta to approx 4″ below the rim…shook barrel to level contents & placed a very small lit candle tub on top of contents…I rented a small bottle of nitrogen from a welding supply house & attached my psi regulator set for 5psi…an old welding hose was cut (7ft) & a piece of small 1/4 O.D. steel tubing (4.5ft in length) was inserted into the hose & clamped via smallest hose clamp.
          Tubing was inserted into contents of barrel & nitrogen valve opened, thus flushing out air(oxygen) in barrel…
          ….when the candle flame went out (~25-30 seconds), I flushed for an additional 15 seconds, removed the candle tub & tubing & rapidly installed the lid & cam-ring locking band.

          NOTE:…This procedure MUST NOT be undertaken in a closed / confined area! Did mine on the porch, on a windless day!

          —–then moved onto the next barrel——

          Reasons for using nitrogen…

          1.) Bug & critters cannot survive in a pure nitrogen environment.

          2.) Nitrogen will protect contents from moisture & mold / fungus.

          3.) Prepared barrels should be stored in a cool dry area.

          (***) I don’t think this company sells / ships to individuals. They WILL sell off their loading dock, hence I was able to purchase 20 barrels & cart them home w/ a pick-up & towed trailer!
          They also have FG barrels w/ same lids up to 55gal & a 250-300gal square w/ external steel cage-frame & 2 top mounted, 1 bottom side mounted, 6inch diameter screw on lids…for $100.00 out the door (was AG rated plastic).

          An alternative would be to buy 5-6gal screw on lid adapters from (~ $8ea.), attache them to your cleaned buckets & repeat my process.

          Addendum: Diatomaceous Earth is essentially fossilized PLANKTON skeletons. It will not harm you if ingested, works well too. You need to ask “JJ” about mixing ratios, as she’s light years ahead of me on that info!

          Source for DE =

          —————Good Luck—————-

          P.S.) Should any Va/NC/SC & eastern Tenn preppers need this company’s address in Winston-Salem, so as to pick up their own & repeat my procedure…simply ask via a post, just give me a day or 2 to find their data…its somewhere in my shop (yeah, its a mess right now)!

          • Gunsmith, we are in your neck of the woods and would love to know where to pick up barrels. Thanks.

          • Gunsmith, I live just outside of Winston Salem…have you got the name or address of the barrel company? Thanks.

            • ~Carolu~

              Directions from memory, please excuse for now…

              Taking 52south from Mt. Airy, take Waughtown St. exit, left under overpass, go east on Spragg St, then right onto Craigmore St…

              Business is a modest distance, on the left, a large yellow metal bldg w/ large gravel truck/trailer loading lot/dock & relatively small paved parking lot in front of small office. BTW, rules are CASH ONLY!!!

              —if you hit a sharp 90′ left curve…you’ve just passed the business—!

              Sorry, I cannot find the company name! But am going there next week (Thursday) & will post address/company name on ‘THE LATEST COMMENT SECTION THREAD”…at this site, so all can use google-maps for precise directions.

              NOTE: Comment will have **—FLASH TRAFFIC—** header & addressed to:

              “…Carolu & Anonymous…”

              ————–GOOD LUCK & GOD SPEED—————

          • Wow, thanks for all the great info. I do get the catalog for Emergency Essentials but I have to admit you can find some of the same cheaper on Amazon. I know, I’m a big red flag! I have some time off for the holidays, gonna roll up my sleeves and get to work.

        • Raw grains store very well.

      10. Without a supply of food you are up a creek…
        I have rabbits. Grow potatoes, Tomatoes, some other assorted vegtables all in a small room. Its not hard to do. Better get going folks.

        Screw the silver… Cant eat it..:D

        • silver is medicine

      11. The Dollar Tree where everything is a $1 – and now has online ordering for first aid, health and those miscellaneous items – ibuprofen – 40 tabs, triple antibiotic ointment, allergy tabs 36 for $1.

        I do a prepper excercise where I stand in front of an item and think how can I use that item beyond it’s stated purpose.

        For example, I made a goat feeder from using two of their mini square crates, zip ties to hinge one side and shower curtain hooks as fasteners to open and close the front to add the hay, knotted rope cord through the top and added another shower hook to rope end to hang feeder. All from Dollar Tree at about $4 bucks each instead of the commercial horse feeder of $80 bucks.

        Think outside the box.

        • Just FYI..”online ordering” is a paper trail, with all your personal info

          pay cash in the store

          • VRF I think I love you! Since losing everything I’ve been really resistant to jumping back onto the slave’n’spend treadmill, and while I probably *can* order something online these days, having $30 in the bank and a debit card …. somewhere …. think it’s in this one drawer…. I don’t. If I want something really bad I have a buddy order it, but nothing too edgy opsec-wise. Like, a book, or a coffee maker that doesn’t need the grid to work. I’m pretty much cash’n’carry and it helps me a lot, if I weren’t, I just know I’d spend too much on shiny goodies.

            I had a boss once who was even skeptical of a checking account. He felt it made for too much easy spending.

          • During this holiday mad shopping rush of online orders, if you were to, for example, order online from Wallymart, a mixmatch of toys & books and then threw in a few “camping”
            supplies, would it really raise a red flag?

            • Yep–it’s like a google search(I use Ixquick)where they use key words…the govt/nazis use key words to search also.

        • Are the on line pharmaceies ok? The carry flagel. cipro, etc. With two small grand children I get concerned about med care. Should we get tetnus boosters if we head to retreats?? So many things to juggle …. . In the area of guns and ammo, I’m in great shape. Hope I get a box of 45-70 for stocking stuffer.

      12. Just remember folks all the nifty, exspensive, high end, brand name gear doesnt mean squat if you don’t have the skills to use them effectively or have the skills to survive if they break down. All the happy thoughts in the world won’t make a fire start any faster when that 30 dollar super deluxe firestarter breaks beyond repair. The key to surviving is knowing what you are doing. That fancy medical kit might as well be a rock in your pack if you have no idea how to use it to stop a sucking chest wound. That $3000 assault rifle you just bought isn’t magically going to stop all the badguys who come near you but training sure will.

      13. I had a pair of US Army boots specialized for cold and wet weather, they were GREAT even in hot weather! All-leather, black jobs. Not standard combat boots, they were something special I got for $10 at a Goodwill in a military town. Wish I still had ’em, they’d probably still be going strong.

        As far as bolt-actions got, I swear by my bolt-action .22 but unless you’ve got a tuff shoulder, combine all those rifles by getting an M1 Garand, good for everything and it doesn’t have a recoil so much as a friendly nudge and I’m a little shit. I can shoot one all day. An M1A if you’ve got the bucks you’ll thank me.

        Military surplus clothing is good, but carharts, real blue jeans by which I mean Wrangler Pro Rodeo stuff, stuff meant for workin’ men (and cowboys) is good and attracts less attention. Overalls are good, so are coveralls. (I wear the same kind of flight suit Geo. W. Bush made famous, his cost the gov’t $300 or so, well, mine did too but cost me nada, I wear it when I use the weed whacker. It’s not super-durable but it’s a nice green color, good for keeping the flying debris under control, and I can’t beat the price – got 20 of ’em for $20 from some test pilot, ranging in size from skinny young test pilot to older, fatter test pilot sizes. Kept the skinny little one and sold the rest for $60.)

        For knifes, Leatherman tools and Swiss Army knives are not to be sneered at. Wal-Mart has ’em at the best prices you’ll find, plus some kind of big Buck that’s almost a civilian Ka-Bar. I had a Ka-Bar as a kid and thought it was dandy, they’re not too expensive and you probably can’t go wrong with ’em.

        Most everything you need can be gotten at garage sales! That and Wal-Mart! OK throw in a little Sally’s and Goodwill. You don’t need to spend boocoo bucks, just keep your eyes open.

        What red-blooded, hairy-fisted (lol!) man isn’t gonna have a .22 bolt gun for pests, a swiss army knife, a packpack for campin’, and a bunch of dog biscuits in case they rescue a dog, on hand? Simple!

        OK The Internet isn’t letting me post this easily so this is where I add: Better to have a system that doesn’t really depend on comms more sophisticated than banging two rocks together. When I was a kid, the plan was: If TSHTF, we meet at the elementary school. Simple as hell. CB radios are the next level, and if you come up with codes, fairly secure. “The Fat Man Has A Tie” could mean Dad’s having trouble getting out of the city. “Mom Has Diarrhea” could mean, Mom’s at home and snagged extra supplies. Etc. You’ll fool ’em as long as you need to if bad-news messages are actually code for good stuff. Use your imagination and rehearse ’em.

        Let’s see if the fucking Internet will let me post this.

      14. Camo? Civilian clothes are the best camo. Look like a hiker not a prepper. You can go from woods to the burbs real fast without attracting attention.

        • That’s my thinking too OF but if the balloon has well and truly gone up, will it matter?

          But yes I’d always, until then, look like a hiker not a prepper.

      15. OK I’m gonna drop a nugget on you guys and trust me it’s a golden one.

        Check out a magazine called Farm Show. It can be ordered online or you can pick up a copy at Tractor Supply. It’s written by, and for, the greatest bunch of inventors and improvisors and problem-solvers I have ever seen, our Nation’s farmers. These folks are, essentially, preppers 24/7 because they have to be. These are the few per cent who stayed on the land, and yeah, a lot of ’em are doing factory-farming but when you read this thing, a tear will come to your eye. There *are* modern-day Henry Fords and Thomas Edisons, and they’re out on the farms.

        • ALC – Great tip! Tons of cool infomration. Go right to the link by clicking my name. I especially enjoyed the third vidio down, the geared marble machine. I want one of those. Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource with your prepper friends.

        • At last, someone on this place who gets it. You can only survive if you understand your locations ability to provide food, and have developed the ability to fend for yourself. Anyhting else is little more than camping.

      16. Grow it store it but if you screw the silver you can’t buy it

      17. Great post! Thanks!

        I own a Saiga .308 Win and absolutely love it. Highly reliable and pretty accurate. I put a red-dot scope on it.

        As for knives, I have a Ka-Bar BK2 Companion. Outstanding knife. Some question its weight and/or grip but I wouldn’t trade mine.



      18. REPOST: The “United States” is a system people. That system is our enemy. Look around you. What do you see? Teachers, doctors, business men. The vary minds of the people, we are trying to save. But until we do this people are still a part of this system, and that makes them our enemy! You have to understand most of these people are not ready to wake up. And many of them are so dependent on the system, that will fight to protect it. Keep it up Mac! We love Mac and Alex Jones!

      19. Mac, its articles like this that kept me on this website. Somedays you don’t post any articles and I wish you would have some articles in reserve for days like that. Like water storage, food storage, guns,and survival for dummies for people like myself. I truly learn a ton of info from everyone’s comments too.

        Thanks for this site Mac. Keep it up.

      20. The Local paper had an ad from the local feed store over in an adjacent town Cracked corn or corn meal 9.75 for 50lbs,and Whole cleaned oats 10.50 a 50lb bag. They were advertising antibiotics and other medical needs for around the farm as well! Think I will head over this afternoon and check it out. Peace

      21. Those crimped oats are rough for a person, cracked corn or corn meal is fine business.

      22. excellent article!
        I just learned how to can meat & am now looking for a pressure canner. any ideas?

          • These are very good. I have the 41 quart one and it is excellent.

        • We got a Presto canner and then an All-American on Craigslist. I had to buy new gaskets for them both, but well worth it, get extras too!!! I love my canned chicken!!!

          • gaskets on an All American. how old is it? the pot and the cover are bell shaped so they seal with no gasket on newer models

      23. Mom Has Diarrhea!

        • Holy shit Ma!

      24. Another firearm is the russian mosin nagant 7.62x54r…..the gun is cheap and so is the ammo and the are deadly accurate.

        • One of my guns is a Tokarov (sp) SVT 40 (semi auto). It fires the 7.62 x 54 with a 10 round mag. amd loads with stripper clips… a lot of fire power from an old cold war rifle. Ammo is real cheap.

      25. Mac,

        Some of this information to some might be redundant, for me it is a wealth of very good information and it is free. You may donate some $ if you wish. Just look at all the info under Military Manuals for example. They are in PDF format and you can go to the website listed below and get what you need. I stopped counting before Civil Defense. Maybe fellow preppers can make an Xmas gift on a CD for others.

        First Aid/Medical
        13 Articles/ downloads

        Books / Guides
        12 Books

        Military Manuals
        First Aid for Soldiers
        FM 21-76-1 Survival-Evasion-Recovery
        FM 3-06 Urban Combat
        FM 3-11-4
        FM 3-5 NBC Decontamination
        FM 3-9 NBC Compounds
        FM 4-25.11
        Medical NBCBattlebook
        Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain(MOUT – 1998) – Added 4/24/2011
        Rangers Handbook (2006) – Added 12/25/2010
        US Army FM 90-10-1 An Infantryman’s Guide To Combat In Built-up Areas – Added 4/24/2011
        US Marine Corps – Survival – MCRP 3-02F
        War Medicine

        Civil Defense
        Evacuation/Bugging Out
        Food/Water Storage
        General Survival
        Movies/TV Shows (Survival/Doomsday related)
        Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Warfare
        Off-Grid Power
        Retreat Preparedness – NEW!! 8/2011
        Screen Savers/Desktop Wallpaper
        Survival Tools

        Hope this helps.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Many thanks!

      26. Very good article, Mac.

      27. Ok so I have a glock 19 as my only weapon and no water filter. Should I buy a katadyn Pocket or spend another couple hundred and get a saiga in 7.62. If I buy the filter now I have to wait on a MBR…. If I have the Saiga I can just take water from whoever and fill em with holes if they don’t comply. What would you buy, water filter or gun? Could be months before I buy the other. Answer below or get filled with lead for non compliance.

        • Water filter definately. Unless you have a squad size element to assult someones house trying to take what they own, you are the one likely to be filled with holes. Even then expect to experience a casulty rate of at least 40%. But remember, when they are in range, so are you.

        • I’d say just forget it, you’re not going to last long. You might take a few people out but once the word gets around your Glock (or Saiga) will be in the hands of someone else and you’ll be wormfood.

          Community combined with proper security implements (guns, etc) are the only thing that will give lasting security. You have to work *WITH* people, not just murder them and steal their water.

          You need a shotgun to partner with that Glock and then get yourself a decent rifle. Not a lead flinger. Get something accurate that will shoot a rabbit in the head at 50yds without alerting the entire county then you’ll have what you need.

        • Get the saiga and shoot these crazy bastards on this board and take their shit. They don’t know up from down.

        • “If I have the Saiga I can just take water from whoever and fill em with holes if they don’t comply.”

          Are you OK?

        • get neither. your mind set of killing people for the sole purpose of taking their property qualifies you for a government job. so don’t worry where this country is headed. Even Hitler needed minions like you

        • Fargin’ Icehole…

      28. Read most of that, but not all. Most of it I’ve read before perhaps in different ways. The title though mislead me – to me – poor man’s guide to survival seemed more like the middle class guide to survival. Poor are not going to afford night vision, solar panels and so forth. In my 20’s (many years ago) I was poor. After three months as a police officer I got 1 check ahead – meaning I always had one check in the bank. That check was $613.75 (yes I remember). If “SHTF” then – that was all I had. I’m guessing there are people in that boat today. How do you prepare and bug out for $500! That is what I want to see when I read a title “Poor Man’s Guide.”

        • Yeah, Jim, I hear ya–my BOB is a Craftsman tool bag from Kmart on sale for $5..and I bought 5–they are awesome used as BOBs for kids too; each can have their own at that price….light, grab and go.
          And I’m proud of my youth single shot 20 guage dh bought ME from Joseph, the Amish friend for $20.LOL.

          • Guess I’m around that bottom 1% not that top 1% a lot. Hence the idea of a “poor” mans survival and prep is going to be a tad different.

      29. Being an article with the words ‘Poor Man’s’ you would’ve thought the bow and arrow would have been included aswell. Much much cheaper than any gun will be and because they can be made in your back yard with a hatchet and knife and no licencing and police background checks which come with firearms.

        • Sean, no licensing or background checks where I live. Depends on your state or, in the context of this site, the country/city/state you live in.

          In my state no such background checks. I buy used, individual to individual. All legal and moral and virtually untraceable. Not documentation required.

          …which reminds me. All these people that are worried about them digging through the dealer records and coming for your guns don’t realize that in 37 states private sale is neither traced nor tracked. Good luck trying to find out who owns what here in my state.

          But, bows and arrows have their own niche, as do crossbows and air rifles.

          Bows and crossbows are nearly silent. They do have some legal advantage. They are not as highly regulated. But, we moved from bows to guns for a reason. Good luck sticking a guy moving with a bow. If you miss, will you get reloaded before he shoves that bow up you butt? Maybe, if you’re good.

          I can duck an arrow. Can you duck the slowest bullet? Probably not. But, regardless, there are certain advantages to using bows.

          Again, just another tool. Find out its capabilities if you need them, get one. But, they do what they do and if you neglect what you need your mistake may be your undoing.

          • Just a word of caution before you write off incoming arrows as “duckable”. A compound bow with a 60# draw strength will fling an arrow faster and with more precision than a long bow from the Robin Hood days. A compound crossbow with a 170# draw will put an arrow on target 70 yards down range almost faster than your eyes can follow. although these bows have a price tag up there with deer rifles so other than the sound they have no advantage. Gave you a thumbs up anyway cause I’m just rambling without a point or purpose

      30. Just my opinion, but knowledge is very inexpensive in the internet era. Learn how our grandparents and great grandparents lived. Food preservation, power generation, farming and gardening ect. I am tending to migrate towards things that are dual purpose. I can see no value in a russian made assult weapon when hunting with it would difficult at best. I tend to look toward a good hunting rifle, a good shotgun, and a good revolver for a sidearm. These are guns that won the west and are still shooting. Can anyone say that about an assult rifle?
        I don’t know what is going to happen in the future. Neither did my grandfather, but he knew that the gov’t wasn’t going to come to his rescue, he and his neighbors would be on their own. I don’t know if it will be collapse, or a natural event or which natural event. But my grandparents always had a full pantry and a storage of fuel for the farm. I try to do the same. I don’t plan on being mobile, but 2way radios work great when i am in the hayfields.
        i don’t think there is anyway to plan for everything (if that super volcano blows or a nuclear holocost occurs we are all in trouble). Survive the initial blast and fallout to come out to what? But we can prepare for whatever natural disaster occurs in our region. Or if the government doesn’t collapse, but if we are to go through some severe austerity measures. And civil unrest from the people that didn’t ever consider there wouldn’t be gov’t services, be it welfare, social security, medicare or emergency services.
        My opinion is figure out how people lived before cars, electricity, and running water. If life gets really bad, we may end up living the same lifestyle.

        • Looks like Mike has been doing some thinking, huh?

          Good lines of thought. Thanks for the comment!

      31. Too much focus on guns. I know what you’re thinking, this coming from me? Yes. While I agree that you need guns, you need practical guns. We’re not starting a militia, we’re defending ourselves and our home.

        The time tested castle defense firearm is the 12ga shotgun. Don’t argue with success. More 12ga shotguns have been sold to people who own no other guns for one reason: They’re easy to work and they are very effective.

        You need three guns. Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle. Cetmes, Saigas, ARs, AKs and Mini14s are for militias, the experienced and are unnecessary for defense in all but the absolute worst cases. They’re also woefully USELESS for anything else. Will they work for defense? Sure. But, they require much more training to be effective and they’re pretty expensive. …and, you can step down to something cheap and get a lot more good out of it and still use it for a third line, better than nothing, defense weapon.

        Stop looking at guns as some type of magic wand full of mystique and supernatural powers. They’re a tool, nothing more.

        A good shotgun has multiple uses from castle defense to hunting. A pistol (I’m a fan of autos) has almost no use beyond self defense because of its lack of target hitting accuracy at distance. A good 22 rifle is an excellent precision hunting tool but also, an auto with a hi-cap magazine (25 or 30 round) is thricendarily reasonable for self defense. Here are some packages:

        Don’t go to seed on guns but don’t neglect the basics, either.

        • NR I agree with 90% of your assessment on guns, and I’m a “gun nut” but any measure of the sense. Actually I slowly do build to arm a militia but that is another focus.

          An AR type of weapon for someone without the training ($$$) is worthless. A noted your fan of automatic pistols but for SHTF I prefer a revolver and no magazines to lose or need for effectiveness. Certain a 22 rifle is a great hunting tool, and only a last resort defense item. A $125 Mosin beats most bows and arrows in cost and effectiveness. But you are right – the shotgun is still king of defensive weapons for a person.

          129,000 guns were apparently sold over the “black friday” season according to notes. I loved the Big 5 ads – got me a new 870 for less than I paid for one 15 years ago. Dang inflation…j/k….certainly not on the 870.

        • “You need three guns. Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle. Cetmes, Saigas, ARs, AKs and Mini14s are for militias, the experienced and are unnecessary for defense in all but the absolute worst cases. They’re also woefully USELESS for anything else.”

          Wow, I can’t believe you advocate shotgun as a go-to weapon! There’s a good reason why military and non-military folks alike chose rifles over shotguns. The first and foremost reason is a rate of fire. Another reason to choose an assault rifle is relatively low recoil that keeps you on target. Even women can handle AR’s and AK’s much easier than 12ga due to ergonomics and recoil.

          Then there come two ubiquitous drawbacks of shotguns: short range and round capacity ( notwithstanding Saiga 12 ).
          So, your claim that the tried and true AK’s and AR’s are woefully useless really has no merit as many, if not most conflicts were fought with assault/battle rifles and not shotguns.
          But, I suppose to each their own, and if someone owns a shotgun and trains with it regularly, this might be their best defense.

          Its not really the weapon that matters, but a regular training with it. This applies to shotgun as well. If you don’t train with it, its WOEFULLY USELESS.

          • One of the largest reasons shotguns are not used in close quarters combat is the Geneva conventions bans their use. There are plenty of stories of vietnam vets having family members ship personal shotguns to them for the specific purpose of close quarters. They do an obscene amount of damage with buckshot. I encourage you to read some more and weigh your options.

        • I agree. I can fire anything but I’m best with a simple rifle which can be acquired anywhere, without a background check, no paper trail, for $50-$100 any day of the week from tradio, thrifty nickel and locals who are just plain broke. I can take down game to feed my family or an intruder in one shot making it multipurpose. In a SHTF situation, you need two things. One, every item to be dual purpose and two, know your environment. Know the wild foods you can eat even in the winter, know your neighbors and their dogs, know where to get information ie-books, because in a SHTF situation, there will be no internet! I would trim that list a lot. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great list, but not a poor mans list. It’s more like a lower middle class list. Poor mans list would be hitting yard sales and goodwill for most supplies (I see these supplies at our local Good Samaritan regularly due to a nearby military installation) and would include a trip to your local conservation or extension office for their free literature on what grows in your area, fish, plant and game identification guides. That info is FREE and is priceless. Often they will mail it to you. Example:
          At the very least, everyone should make a trip to their local extension office once every 3 months for free, season appropriate plant and wildlife info.

      32. The garden and the chickens are excellent, as are the guns, but camouflage gear. Sounds like dressing for the occasion.
        Sounds like “Look at me! I’m surviving!!!” I like just any old cheap, well-made stuff from your local thrift store. It is important to have a place, the more private the better, where you can raise your own food and fuel. You should not advertise your whereabouts, because so many people who have not prepared will want to sponge off of you, so that if you want to keep your friends, you have to prepare for them too.
        I don’t believe any of my friends are preparing for anything. At least they don’t want to talk about it. I do like seeing comments from people who are actually doing it.
        The best of luck to all of you!!!!
        I have a 3,000 sq.ft. garden in a relatively isolated place and an excellent wood supply. The house is very basic, only 240 sq. ft., but adequate when the world collapses.

      33. Well living in an urban NZ environment i’d feel safe wielding a bow solely for the image. I dont think you would have to use it. There is the chance that people do a mass gun store robbery, you know the ‘o shit, head to the gun store when tshft’
        But normally you’d need to get the right class licence -$125
        For your ‘military style’ (type56,ar15,FNFAL) guns and your 9mm submachine guns your going to have to pay an additional $200 for a licence endorsement.
        Norinko 56 and your looking at $3500 minimum and the bullets i believe are a dollar each.
        I believe theres a police order form you have to fill out when you buy any firearm aswell.
        Unless your CEO of Mcdonalds, you probably not going to own anything more expensive than a cheap .22 if any at all.
        Even if you make it, there would be so much eyes on you.

      34. Another long range rifle you can get that’s usually really cheap is a mosin nagant. These rifles not only cost approx. a hundred bucks, but the longer version can also take out zombies at a thousand yards with a decent scope and a little practice.

      35. listen, you don’t have to run around your property wearing a guillie suit but it might be handy to own one. I work in carharts and wranglers, they are both jeans that last years and since i am not a guy that can sew his own clothing that is what i can do. i keep extra boots and rotate them from going out boots-riding and workboots.
        I will tell you the same thing that any expert will tell you, if you walk down the street with a bow accross your shoulder all you are going to do is make you a target for someone who may want to own a bow.
        if you have to walk in public which i don’t recommend walk in a fashion that mimmics the population. Carry but don’t let anyone know that you may have anything that they are interested in.
        I really worry that our population will be the most dangerous threat, it will almost be a self fullfulling prophecy. The enemy that we are being fortold about is ourselves.

      36. I like the standard good old fashioned American military cartridges. The .223, .308, 30.06, I also like the .243 as it is a necked down .308 cartridge. .300 Win mag is a great long ranger as is the 7.62×54. .308 and 30.06 can also do some pretty extreme range.

        When it comes to hunting, it is all about bullet placement, I’ve killed deer with a .22 caliber bullet, one shot, But, I’ve been shooting since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

        Some of the semi-autos mentioned above, especially the sks, aks varietys, are good for spraying lead and there is a time for that, and they are incredibily durable.

        Knives, here is my thought on knives and I know a bit about them, They need to be sharp, razor sharp, I don’t care what kind, you need the stones to hone them. Very few knives come from the factory with a decent edge on them. I use mutiple stones and a black slate to finish the edge. I shave hair with it afterwards. I have had Kershaw, Buck, Cold Steel, high carbon knives and some stainless, don’t really care for the SS knives as they are a bitch to get an edge on but once you get an edge it will last until you cut some bone. Here is a nice trick to use when sharpening. Hold the knife edge up under a strong light, move it slightly side to side, eye balling the edge, if you see areflection of light, that is a dull spot…when you don’t, you have an ok edge. I take it a bit further.

        I think much of the advice in the article is good sound advice. I suggest people take some backpacking trips, you will soon find out what is important and what may be dead weight.

        Of course, buggin out for a long haul is a bit different.
        You’ll need a bit more equipment, but keep it simple.

        If you have the luxury of having a spot, then set it up, get it prepped. Water supply, food supply, shelter, security, meds including a really well prepared first aid kit, not the kind you buy at walmart.

        Guns, knives, ammo, food and water, you can never have enough.

        And have a secondary bugout plan from base. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

        check out for a multi-purpose distillation unit. Distilling water, antiseptic, fuel grade ethanol (check laws before using, there are free permits out there). These units are designed for emergency usage and can be fired by wood, charcoal, coal, propane or whatever your heat source is. They can also be gravity fed on the condensing side, by elevating a 5 gallon bucket. These are the real McCoy, a miniature reflux fractionating column/tower with two condensors, they can be made any size as they are completely hand made and 100% copper, TIG welded with some of the small piping silver soldered.

        LNL also has handmade snares for trapping in sizes ranging from Wolf/Cougar and down to rabbit or smaller game size.

        We can and will advise/teach anyone to do all the above and often can do it free. I can tell you how to make your own items and/or point you in the right direction for information.

        Anyone from Houston area that wants hands on training. depending on your level of experience or inexperience, I’ll train in any number of skills and we can work on the price….hands on training, depending on what skill will depend on compensation.

        If, for example, you want to learn how to sharpena knife to a razor edge, I’ll teach that for free. If you want me to sharpen your knive, I’ll charge you. Trapping, hunting, seeing animal sign, means we travel to wherever East Texas, may have to purchase a public permit and I’ll take you on dirt roads, 4 wheel drive roads, right of ways, and down into the deep part and show you stuff the average person never even looks for, doesn’t know how. Animal highways, gametrails, rabbit runs, all the animal signs and if you are quiet, we may even see some really cool things. This would have to be after the Deer Season, mid January and after.

        Contact me through the lnl protekt website for anything, even if you just have questions.

        Regards and God Bless,

        Terry W. Reed

      37. S.H.T.F. Is already here……. It’s called FUKUSHIMA

        • And it’s being completely ignored by anyone in a position to do anything about it. It’s impossible to even know how widespread this will be, but be assured it did not all of a sudden get resolved when the news media stopped reporting on it. Millions of gallons of radiated water dumped into the ocean, not to mention the spread of radiation across the globe and namely to our West Coast…The long term ramifications are serious.

      38. I have noticed that it is easier and cheaper in my area to find a 30-06 and 270 ammo than 308 AMMO. Alot of folks here also use a 7MM for long distance shots. I believe Cabelas has a sell right now on SKS for under $300 if I looked at it right. I would also include A Ruger 10-22 to the list or a Henry Survival Rifle. You can kill alot of things with a 22 and buy plenty of ammo. As far as close range, a good 12 gauge or a 20 guage for a smaller frame person is essential.

      39. I really like the Dakota Alert MURS motion sensors, but 4 miles? No way, unless maybe across a lake or open field. Mounted 5′ high on a tree in light woods, antenna fully extended, 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile tops. Still a worthy investment though.

      40. Kids are having a used 20 Ga single shot for the joint Christmas present this year. Just refinished the birdseye maple stock and cleaned it up nice. No barrel wear or bluing worn off. 90 bucks, a case of 20 Ga shells inclueded. Used gun shop/pawn shop.
        They got a 243 savage last year… 6 deer and 2 coyotes from the oldest 3, I didn’t even take a shot so far this year training my kids is more important.
        Luck all and merry Christmas (crash-mas?) everyone.

      41. I read someone earlier mentioned Mosin Nagant and wanted to include a link to Nut’n’Fancy’s YouTube video about scope mount for this rifle, that greatly improves accuracy.
        Here it is: Scope your Mosin: The brass stacker mount

      42. Everyone..go take an ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ course near you. If you like it become a fully fledged Permaculture Design Consultant. It is invaluable knowledge.
        How to plant perennials that feed chickens (even in February! in some places). What plants to place on your property and forget about until needed. What plants to put in to feed rabbits etc. How to design your landscape to maximize yield with minimal work. Transiting from annuals to perennials (you CAN have a perennial potato bed if you don’t use soil).
        Really for the $1-200.00 bucks for an introduction class (pretty much everywhere now a days) you will save gazillions you might be spending on bad design.
        As Bucky Fuller said (paraphrasing him of course)…
        boat design, plane design get better every year. What about houses or landscapes? Nada…same piss poor design handed down with ‘wisdumb’ century after century. You do know the lawn is the poor idiots mimicry of Versaille right?

      43. Good coffee was hard to find, at least in the field, during the civil war. I would hate to be without good coffee in the near future. The value of tobacco, coffee, and other “creature comforts” will skyrocket when the SHTF.

        • I was thinking a french press would be a good investment along side of the coffee. If you can’t find the old perculator type pots, a press made of stainless steel is invaluable! You can use it for more than just coffee making. They can be a little pricey at around $50FRNs, but I think this is something I may add to my list of luxury spending preps…

        • Noticed same. Simple renewal oversight or something more sinister? (apologies to the conspiracy haters on here)

          – Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they are NOT out to get me!

      44. Good List! If anyone is looking for a good pack for your survival kit and only want to go to one place check out It has survival gear packs that were designed by a World traveling Health Care Worker and a guy who loves survival gear and they came up with the packs at the store. They are pretty extensive.

      45. These lists always kill me. NObody is going to have the ability to live like Rambo in the forrests thinning out th deer populations living in a tent trailer in the middle of nowhere. People talk about specific Fema camps LOL, the military can easily turn a city into a Fema camp by blocking off the major roads so…bunker down buy canned food and water and a few guns, lay low and when SHTF, don’t be a sissy running from the problem, face the godd D*amned problem. Geeze a bunch of Rambo’s lol

      46. Two words: MOSIN NAGANT. Google it! Then grab $150 and go to your local gun dealer.

      47. At the risk I will cause a shit-storm, I have to say, I’ve owned Gerbers, Ka-Bars, and Kershaws, and none of them compare to my Strider. I bought it used, so it wasn’t as expensive, and I take care of it. Sure, it’s a great investment, and out of reach for many, but I view it like this… I’ll stock dollar store bandaids cause they work just as well. I’ll buy things when they’re on sale. Many things can be improvised… I don’t think a knife is really one of them. If you can afford it, (hey, income tax return), pick up a quality knife, it doesn’t have to be a Strider or a huge name, but get a good knife. I once field dressed and butchered a roadkill deer with a Strider, including using the point to chip away at/completely sever the spine, with absolutely no blade damage. I trust it.

        Great list though.

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