Plague of Rising Costs: Boost Crop Production or ‘No Food at Any Price’

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    We could argue that one of the main reasons for rising food prices is out-of-control monetary easing by central banks around the world, namely our own Federal Reserve. While there are short term ups and downs in prices, for example the crash in commodity prices in 2008 and their subsequent meteoric rise to the present, the long-term trend since the establishment of The Fed has led to ever increasing prices.

    The other critical reason for why food prices are rising boils down to supply and demand – and the consequences of not dealing with these issues could be much worse then the adverse effects of monetary intervention. With billions of people on the planet, and many in China and India now becoming part of a growing global ‘middle class,’ demand for commodities will no doubt continue to increase. We’ve already begun to see oil price rises as a result of the industrial demand from China, and food will experience a similar effect. We simply cannot and should not underestimate the strain that over six billion people put on food production, as evidenced by recent supply issues with corn:

    The global agriculture supply situation has worsened and a failure to boost food production fast enough to meet demand may lead to shortages, said investor Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings.“We’ve got to do something or we’re going to have no food at any price at times in the next few years,” Rogers said in a Bloomberg Television interview with Rishaad Salamat in Singapore. “I still own agriculture. If I found something to buy, I would buy it.”

    Rogers joins former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, the UN Food & Agriculture Organization and the World Bank, in highlighting the need to boost global food production and address issues pushing prices higher. Group of 20 farm ministers agreed last week to increase agriculture output, set up a crop database and limit export bans to tackle what French President Nicolas Sarkozy calls the “plague” of rising food prices.

    Monthly food prices tracked by the FAO have surged nine times in the past 11 months

    Global stockpiles of corn, the most-consumed grain, are forecast to drop to 47 days of use, the fewest since 1974, data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show. Inventories are declining as demand continues to outstrip production that’s forecast to rise to a fifth consecutive year of record.

    Inventories of wheat, used in making pasta, noodles, bread and feed for hogs and poultry, will drop to a three-year low of 184.26 million metric tons before next year’s Northern Hemisphere harvest, as output misses demand for a second year, the USDA said.

    Unless governments come together to successfully address the issue of food security, “hopes for wider international cooperation looked doomed,” Annan, who served as UN Secretary General from 1996 to 2007, said last week.

    “We have serious problems in inventories” of farm products, Rogers said.

    Source: Money News

    It wouldn’t take much to make it difficult to acquire food at any price. A long enough drought, flooding, or crop failures resulting from disease could seriously hamper the globe’s food distribution networks. The entire planet has 47 days of corn on hand. There are, of course, other commodities available as well, but any sort of far-from-equilibrium event could make it difficult to not only produce, but also deliver those goods to consumers.

    For years we’ve enjoyed the ability to head down to our local grocery stores at any hour of the day and stock up on whatever foods meet our fancy. But what if, from one day to the next, that came to an abrupt stop? A perfect storm of hyperinflationary price rises, production problems and international payment settlement issues (in the event of a currency meltdown, for example) could mean that you and your family won’t have access to staple foods.

    It’s a scary proposition for those who have not taken the time to put some reserve food aside.

    In January of 2010 we advised our readers to Buy Commodities at Today’s Lower Prices, Consume at Tomorrow’s Higher Prices. Financially, this has been an effective strategy and has paid off well for those who began acquiring and properly storing long term food supplies 18 months ago.

    More important than the financial benefits of such a strategy, however, are the emotional and physical health aspects. Emotionally, it feels good to know that you have more than the 47 days of reserves available to you then the rest of the world. The stress of even considering the possibility that you may not be able to put food in your kids’ mouths is one that leads to significant anxiety, frustration, anger or worse. Thus, for those who have realized the dangers of depending on just-in-time food delivery systems to feed their families and have taken steps to ensure food will be available even if production and delivery systems collapse, the emotional benefits far outweigh any financial savings you may have gained by buying food before prices went parabolic.

    Stocking up on long-term dry goods, such as these 11 emergency foods that can last a lifetime, is as good a strategy today as it was in early 2010. Prices will, in the long-term, continue to rise for a number of reasons, one of which is the real possibility that demand for food globally will not satisfy the production capabilities of our farming and ranching infrastructures.

    The most alarming aspect of all this is that 99% of our population has no idea how fragile our food production systems are, nor do they care to know. While the 47 days of corn reserves mentioned above should be of concern, what’s even more troubling is that the average American family has enough food in the pantry for about three to four days of consumption. It’s a recipe for disaster if you ask us.

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      1. Grow your own food supply and it will be worth more than Gold (cant eat gold) Teach everyone how to grow crops. Add solar and rain harvesting knowledge and you will be half way there.

        • Go to instead. There are many cross polinating issues one needs to learn about first ot you’ll harvest morphed crap seeds that won’t feed anyone. Additionally, there is a certain methodology one needs to follow when preserving seeds our your 85% germination turns to 0%. Also has some great information on this.

          • At we “Only buy PROPERLY PRESERVED seeds! ”

            Other companies sell a similar product to the ReadyGarden™ 1-Acre SEEDSAFE™and some even have the gall to claim a similar long shelf-life but they don’t follow industry-standard best-practice procedures. SOME DON’T EVEN FOLLOW FEDERAL REGULATIONS! So make sure the seeds you buy have the following critical features… otherwise you dont’ know what you’re getting and you could throwing away your money!…

            1.Triple-Layer mylar pouches.
            Some competitors use single-layer mylar or even paper pouches that don’t provide a reliable seal or adequate protection from air and moisture.

            2.Properly-Labeled germination rates.
            Some competitors don’t have include tested germination rates because they haven’t tested their seeds!

            3.Moisture-Controlled drying process.
            Some competitors don’t control the moisture content while drying which leaves seeds too wet so they rot or too dry so they won’t germinate.

            4.Hermetically-Sealed packaging.
            The federal government closely regulates “Hermetically Sealed” seeds to ensure the quality of properly preserved seeds. If they are not “Hermetically Sealed” they are not properly stored and most-likely not properly dryed!

            Our seed experts have done EXTENSIVE TESTING to ensure you are buying the very best open-pollinated, non-hybrid seeds available anywhere. We also make sure you know exactly what you’re getting by adding a label according to federal regulations with the packaging date, location, germination rate, weight, and purity of the seeds provided right on every triple-layered mylar pouch. And remember…each of these pouches can also be resealed with the sturdy zip-lock top, so it will be easy to re-store harvested seeds in these already-labeled pouches!

      2. you must always plan for the worst and hope for the best!
        If you live by this credo you will survive.
        I have been planning for something my whole life and never knew what it was until this last year or so.
        Always thought to be a ‘crazy’ or ‘just a little off’ isnt that far fetched as of late.
        More and more are recognizing just what is going to happen and have not planned for it.
        We have always had a min of a months food on hand.
        Everyone always remarked at ‘wow you sure have alot of food’.
        I never batted an eye and said “yeah we will be eating if anything ever happens”….will you?
        I have been telling friends and others to get 6 mos food supply NOW!

        • This was a fantastic article thank you for posting it!

      3. Learn to can foods. I didn’t know squat about canning till last summer. Bought some books, did some reading, canned 2 months worth of organic veggies. I sleep better and its fun to teach the kids. A lifelong skill.

        • I have been canning food for several years. It is very good knowledge to have. Just make sure you are careful and can properly. Water bath canner and a pressure canner are very nessary. Just make sure you use the right methode for the food to be canned.

      4. This past summer my son started waking up to the fact that the world financial system is a ponzy sceam. He has started to grow his own food in his small back yard.

        He now realizes just how fragil our agricultural system is, being at the mercy of God and Harp.

        With the devistation in Russia/China/Astralia last summer with droughts/fires and the floods that have hit China/USASouth America this past spring our agricultural industry will not be able to keep up with the demand for food to sustain life, let alone gourmet foods many purchase and consume for pleasure.

        Waiting until catastrophy happens before you stock up your pantry with packaged foods, or trying to garden to bring more foods to your families table is a path to failure.

        We should all have 6 months to a years supply of food in our homes at all times. We should also have a working knowledge of gardening to bring in the healthy fresh foods that your families need to stay healthy.

        God Bless and keep on prepping.

        • Exactly. In fact, if I may go a step further…

          We should never have been in this situation in the first place! We should all have been farming over the centuries. God intended for us EACH to grow our own food. TPTB, however, don’t want us to be self-sufficient. That’s a good enough reason for me to become just that. There’s little else I’d like better than to stick a thumb that’s been in freshly tillled soil in the eye of those who would control us! Grow your own food! As much as you can! Can your own food! As much as you can …er… Can!

      5. Maybe now you know why Soros is buying up African farm land for 83 cents an acre. I’ve bene trying to figure out how to get a 1,000 acres at that price myself, but I guess its only for the “in” Soros’ crowd?

        • All you really need is the money to hire a couple hundred people in every country to grab up the bargins. Soros has one problem, maybe two, he’ll be 81 this yr and like all old people, their days are numbered, his other problem may be that who ever takes his place may not be so crazy and help the world rather than distroy it.

          • and his death can’t come soon enough

      6. Without Monsanto approval nobody will be eating anything.

        • The UN has a law the prevents people from “storeing” foods.
          The US just passed a new “food safety” law that could legally prevent anyone in the US from growing, storing, sharing or giving away(like to your church or food bank) or transporting food. The law says these things can’t be done right now except under stict regulations but so far it is not enforced against citizens. But though they were asked to put in a clause that exempted private citizens gardens etc, they would not. So technically it is now illegal to grow, store, share etc purchased or home grown foods.
          The mark of a police state is to have so many laws, policies and regulations that if the government wants to, it can arrest anyone on something and make it stick. Did you know that we have thousands of governmental and departmental policies that are used and applied like laws. They were never legislated or passed by elected officials. They were written by a department of some part of the government but they can and do send people to jail. And unlike laws the judge has no ability to use his judgement to make your sentence lighter or heavier. It is a written policy and must be followed exactly.
          Quietly we, the US, have become a police state. But most people still do not understand this.

          • Another reason why America needs Ron Paul in office, he said Congress makes our laws, not the UN.

            “””Quietly we, the US, have become a police state. But most people still do not understand this”””

            the people who do not understand it are on some social program, either Welfare,SSI, HEAP,food stamps,low income housing,drugs,ect. people who have been on the tax payers teap for generations only understand one, get in line and get your hand outs.

            • Actually, most people that have their heads stuck somewhere besides the truth are conviently ignoring the truth…those on the gov payrolls somehow (and this includes government workers, contractors, etc.) those who are the corporate types who can’t afford to materalize the truth least they have to do something about it (and this applies to gov workers and contractors too) and that might mean loosing their job and then you have those who can’t do a damn thing about it because they are too busy just trying to scratch a dollar out to eat and keep a roof over their head…its not just those who get handouts who don’t understand…to recognize the truth might mean that you go to jail, have to change your lifestyle or do something about it and most people are SCARED TO DEATH because they know and understand on some level.

          • “The UN has a law the prevents people from “storeing” foods.
            The US just passed a new “food safety” law that could legally prevent anyone in the US from growing, storing, sharing or giving away(like to your church or food bank) or transporting food.”

            Who gives a rats backside WHAT the “UN” does or says ??

            If anyone wants to tell me I can’t store food or grow food, they will have to send SOMEBODY to enforce their “law”……and then send either a body bag for me or a replacement enforcer for him. It’s really as simple as that.

        • You should watch this – The World According To Monsanto

          What an eye opener!

      7. “Group of 20 farm ministers agreed last week to increase agriculture output, ”

        I doubt the group of 20 farm ministers have ever grown anything in their lives. They are doing nothing more than trying to downplay a terrible situation the “elites” have created on purpose, and make the sheep believe they are on the case and everything will be fine.

        There is plenty of corn if they would stop forcing it to be used as “fuel” for cars instead of people.

        Until the G20 no longer exist, the food situation will be at risk, not the opposite.

        Get all you can NOW. Develop your ability to generate electricity so you can cook it using solar power. has info on that.

        And the one thing that nobody ever talks about is learning to live with less food to start with. In the old days, you ate once a day, or twice a day if you were lucky.

        If you train your body now to skip a meal a day, or even feed it once a day, you will need that much less food when it is harder to get. By then changing your eating habits during such a stressful situation will likely cause illness.

        Also, get some whey protein powder. You can pick up two pounds at Walmart for about 15 bucks if you can stand going into that store. It has a long shelf life and is very high quality protein your body can use to make the essential amino acids that are not being gotten with the rest of your diet. It can be mixed with water and each scoop gives you 26 grams of protein, more than the average meal.

        Lastly, don’t forget to stock up on the vitamins to keep deficiencies at bay.

        Good luck to us all….with the G20 on the job we will all need it.

        • Sam’s Club has whey protein powder.

          • Just read the label and make sure it’s whey protein powder and not a lot of fillers in it.

      8. You cant eat worthless federal reserve notes either

      9. GC: Yes there is plenty of corn, particularly if the US didn’t use 43% of its production for ethanol production. US Citizens have plenty of corn.

        The Globalists want the US to eliminate ethanol production and the industries (and jobs) that have grown up around it to provide more corn for export so China and India can have cheap corn. Also to eliminate an alternative energy option for the US.

        China is 95% self sufficient in corn. Why give China a rock bottom price for the 5% of corn that it imports?

        Who needs corn? The Arabs. Saudi Arabia bought lots of wheat from Russia after the fires outside of Moscow and had to pay a 20% premium for the wheat.

        I say its time to barter. A ton of corn for five tons of oil. You can’t eat oil; well, with the exception of the plastic feedstock they sell at Taco Bell.
        I would also suggest that an ethanol industry even as inefficient as it is, does give US a bit of a back up in case OPEC starts feeling a little too proud of their oil.

        Let the Muslim Brotherhood eat cake.

        • DK, I have no idea where you think this ethanol production is good… it is a warped subsidized market. Besides it being a Government subsidy’s giveaway of cash, it takes more oil types of fuel to grow corn than what the corn produces..

          • Blacksheep: I totally agree with what you say. Ethanol is totally inefficient and a giveaway of cash. (At least the US government is giving that cash away to American farmers as opposed to all the money it gives away to .. well the list is endless isn’t it?)

            In a rational world ethanol from corn is irrational, but we do not live in a rational world. War between Israel and Iran is not that far away. The “democracy revolutions” in the Middle East may be inspired by a freedom movement, but so was the Iranian Revolution. What the results are going to be no one knows.

            WE do know that it would take more money than Uncle Ben has printed thus far and the transfer of more American production jobs to the Middle East to employ the masses of humanity in the Arab world without employment, to keep the docile.

            My point is this: when oil is squeezed and gasoline is short, and the petroleum reserve has been tapped out in the first six months of WWIII, that ethanol capacity is gonna look pretty good for our national defense.

            • cool, I thought it looked like you where defending ethanol.. sorry, this ethanol jazz has coasted me allot in feed prices for my hogs over the past years to the point I cant feed them now, so I now have none 🙁

              sorry. I get itchy on that subject, it is messing up many things… I tell others, if there is “truly” a market for ethanol then that is fine, but creating this market with subsidy’s is wrong and creates a non-real market for it while destroying others.. I see now in my hindsight you know that.

              I agree with you on the squeeze reality, but to use it for ethanol instead of straight alcohol gives back less… the first tractors ever made ran on straight alcohol and then the production of energy out of it far surpasses ethanol.. we need full conversions of motor types to run on straight alcohol imo.

              in any event, I see where on the same page so to speak so it all good and I agree with you on reality.. we will need alt’s no doubt.

              but hey, if I make anything out of corn other than feed, I want, preferably to the crown royal kind of taste.. 🙂 it is actually very easy to do and there is massive enjoyment sharing it with others.

              yes that list is endless..ugg
              have a great evening !

            • o ya DK, I almost forgot… the subsidy’s do not go to the farmers, their only gain is the rise in prices due to the increased false demand (that increase has been offest really due to fuel prices themselves and seed cost, fert, etc.. their increase win is a sliver of pennies really)..

              the $$ go to the corp makers of ethanol, not corn growers.

      10. Hit the books…keep your job…stock up on education and you’ll be in better shape to survive tough times. Stocked yes…and also on college degrees and being a heavy hitter at work will find you the last to go. This last week I’ve been feeding an unemployed guy. He finally found a job. But i was there for him for a few weeks. Remember your neighbors folks. Regards

        • HTB: Atta Boy! That is the American way. Pull together, and look out for your neighbor as best as you can. WE are OUR brothers keeper. That is what separates US from the lower animals.

          Its OUR humanity.

      11. People say the you can’t eat gold, but you can sell it and buy more food later. If you think that everyone will be poor if the SHTF you are mistaken. There will always be a market to buy PM’s. I watched the movie “The Road” also, but lets be realistic.

        • Tony—why would I want to buy $10 green beans?
          $15 dollar butter??
          I do can butter now for 1.25 a lb. and have green beans @.40 a can!!!!
          I just don’t get you guys and the gold thingy—for those (us) just living from paycheck to paycheck, it’s not as easy as you make it to be and it belittles us who can’t buy gold.
          Don’t get me wrong, I started ‘saving’ (that word is for the govt lurkers here)about 3 years ago and then moved to hygiene, water purification, cooking needs, heating get the point…but food and water were first.
          People, get your basics now, not later.

          • JJ

            You are not alone. Most of us have to struggle to put up extra food. At most, little silver money is all us average folks need. Silver has always been the Peoples money, which is why its price suppression has been so strong.

            Those with 10’s of thousands of FRNs to spend might consider gold. It is and always has been the bankers money and they will use it to retain control (they think).

            Don’t fret if you can’t do everything, and don’t feel unprepared if you are totally prepared like you want to be. The best you can do is prepare for what you think might happen, not what actually will.

            Focus on having food, being able to cook food and make clean drinking water. As long as you can do that you will survive. One day you may get a $20 gold piece for a gallon of drinking water from someone who prepared for the wrong thing.

            This is sure not about a currency collapse.

      12. This is my second year of serious gardening…and my proudest moment was when my son was walking around the garden, looking at the corn, squash, and other veggies growing, and he asked me “Where did you buy the veggie plants from, Lowes? And when I told him, no, I grew everything from seeds, he said “Seriously, all this from seeds…really?…good job mom!! I felt like I’m doing more than just growing food…I’m actually learning a new skill that I can pass on to my boys 🙂 And I’m teaching myself how to dry the seeds to use next year, so that I don’t have to keep buying seeds…the Gov’t can’t police ALL of us…and I figure if my neighbors are hungry, and I can give them seeds to feed themselves…they won’t be so inclined to squeal on me…But, if I can talk my husband into relocating to the West…I might not have so many neighbors to worry about!!! 😀

        • That is great SML.. it is a lot of work to learn but the rewards come in many ways..

          I cant help but laugh when I hear people say “I will just put in a garden”… haha that is not that easy and takes years to learn, and the learning never ends.. they look at me crazy when I tell them they will have to go to “war” with some things to keep what they have planted. (bugs, deer, animals, people..etc) most noobs to gardening give up after the first year of trying 🙂

          I found the combination of having a garden and raising chickens to be the biggest thing to learn.. (free range chicken my arse, not for, only in the winter for about 2 months when my sweet peas, cauliflower, cabbage and such are not in yet then it is time to butcher or cull the herd so to

          anyways, Congrats !

          • Agree on the garden thing. People think they can just clear a spot in the yard, scratch in the dirt, throw down some seeds (that they don’t even have), and later just gather the mountians of food. Good luck with that.

            Some people spend their whole lives learning to make things grow better.

            I have heard stories of people who slept in their garden with a shotgun during the last great depression.

            • Yep, it’s not as easy as it sounds and the learning never ends (same goes for the chickens). It’s July and I’m sitting here thinking about not only the Fall garden, but next Spring too. Work baby, work! Love it!

            • very true, even during WW2, people kept their shotguns handy, if the dogs barked,you fired the gun, that woke up the nearest neighbors and the neighbors all fired their guns.within minutes the rd was sealed off. you knew that someone was raiding your garden,smoke house or root celler.I can even remember one time when I was little, a family of gypsies stopped down by the creek and thought they were going to make camp for the night. I don’t know what the farmers done or said, but I heard the the band was in the next county by morning.I know that if the milk cows were left out side at night,(we only had 4 at the time) there was a good chance of one ending up dead and a hind quarter or half of it gone. today that wouldn’t be a problem because family farms,root cellars,gardens are history,

            • Great way to harvest deer!

          • Thx BS! (LOL..those are some initials, aren’t they?) Anyway, I made plenty of mistakes last year…didn’t plant enough of certain veggies, planted to many cukes…you can only eat SO many of those, lol! Plus, I wasn’t paying attention to the garden all that mcuch, just thinking it would grow on it’s own..and I was invaded by squash bugs that pretty much wiped out all my butternut and crookneck…but this year I was ready! I’m trying to do it all organically, so every evening I’m out there, checking my veggies for bugs…and I remove them by hand…it’s tedious work, but hey, someone’s gotta do it!! What people don’t realize is in the SHTF…and you don’t have a hose that has running are you going to water the garden that you “might” have growing? I’m fortunate to have a creek in my backyard, so we’ll do it the old fashioned way…but do they even consider this..nope!
            And I hear ya about the chickens…we got “the girls” in February and they should start laying this month…I’m so excited!! 🙂 Next on the agenda is…bees!!! We are going to a bee keeping workshop in August, and we also know someone who has hundred’s of hives and so many orders he can’t keep up…so I’m hoping to learn more from him! Storing and selling honey and learning how to make beeswax candles are next on my list of things to do to help my family get off the grid!
            @Ben Dover…I’ve wondered about that…it things really get that bad will we need to sleep on the deck to protect my garden, apple trees and chickens? Thank goodness we have a Border Collie who hears EVERYTHING and our deck is several feet off the ground…makes it more secure…hard to imagine that this could happen in America…but it is what it is! I’d rather be prepared…

            • @Ben Dover…I’ve wondered about that…it things really get that bad will we need to sleep on the deck to protect my garden, apple trees and chickens? Thank goodness we have a Border Collie who hears EVERYTHING and our deck is several feet off the ground…makes it more secure…hard to imagine that this could happen in America…but it is what it is! I’d rather be prepared…

              Just set out the M18A1s’, they’ll protect your garden and make compost out of the thieves.

            • Learn how to become a sniper to protect the girls.

            • SmokyMtnLady,

              Congrats on the gardening and other efforts. We all started somewhere in the learning process and you now have a couple seasons under your belt. Wife and I have more than 30 seasons experience, and still learn things every year.

              Bees are fun, I’ve had them in the past, and will again, as my new little orchard comes on, I’ll need them. Problem I found with them last time I raised any was the mite and disease problems that have cropped up in the last few years….makes raising them a real challenge.

            • Diatomaceous Earth…kills the little critters..mix with water and spray around the garden.
              Food grade is for your pets.

            • You have them facing out?

            • Have you tried cayenne pepper/water sollution for the bugs? My wife spends hours a week killing bugs in the garden!We also started our flock, about 20 (three roosters), just had our first clutch of five chicks. I think that we will let the little ones in the garden to help for a month or so.

          • Black Sheep: Its true that the money goes to the enthanol industry, but it also goes to the farmer via higher corn prices due to higher demand. Higher corn prices mean more production for the rest of US at a still reasonable price and exports at a profit for the farmers.

            At least all of the money is spent in America and circulates within OUR economy.

            At 3 units of energy input for one energy output by ethanol it’s not exactly a cold fusion perpetual motion machine, is it?

            Still I think the day will come and is not far away when WE will need that capability as a nation. See Robert Redford in Tree Days of The Condor. One of my favorites.

            • DK, the money paid to the cash croppers for higher corn prices increases them by a sliver of a fraction, their costs all have increased as well for their supplies to grow the cash crop, not to mention to feed themselves… fuel prices, fertilizer and equipment costs all have risen due “in part” to food costs that all other producers must bear as well..

              they are cash croppers feeding the ethanol game. (I don’t call em farmers) cash croppers grow what ever they can to get the most for it, on a per acre basis, thus destroying other things in the economy… that is forcing all other products to match corn prices or it wont be grown.

              for a cash cropper to make pennies or dollars more in profits, cattle, hog, all livestock producers get killed with costs and pass it on to consumers… sorry, but I don’t see a win… I see the little guys being destroyed for the gain of the corporate giants…

              it is another rigged game.
              ethanol subsidy s and the ethanol mandate of 10% added to gas all needs to end..

      13. 1 of the first things Soros stated at the begining of 2010 was to watch commodities prices. Grains were gonna sky rocket. The shortage is to hick up prices. It’s man made.

        • Rachel: Man made shortage yes, but not a scam. The rising real incomes in India, China, and other places (from the American factories and jobs shipped offshore) are creating a greater demand for meat. Animals require grain for food.

          The US is not over populated but much of the world is, like China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, and other parts of Africa and South America: particularly with respect to their resources.

          The demographics show more mouths to feed. The riots in Tunisa started over a lack of SUGAR.

      14. Monsanto is pulling this crap on purpose. Watch “Food Inc.” and you’ll be sickened. It’s all part of the corporate scheme to ruin our lives and take our money and rights. Don’t tell me about your guns guaranteeing your rights either, that’s a load of crap. Besides, I have more guns than you. Just bought another one in honor of Ted Nugent! Gonna be a hell of a show, rights or no rights!

        • Jonny V; If you think Congress is under fire (pun intended) wait until some crackhead takes out Monsantos Chairman or CEO.

          The PTB will get the message real fast. You would think they grasped the facts when the Egyptians took out Mubarak.

          What is that great American saying:

          “You can fuck some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fuck all of the people all of the time!”

          Didn’t Lincoln say that? just asking ….. 🙂

          • I read some where that Bill Gates owns Monsanto can anyone confirm?

          • I think they’ve figured out how to fuck all the people, all of the time. I know it seems incredible, but nothing is too far-fetched for these greedy assholes.

          • I think the exact quote from Lincoln was: “payback is a muther!”

        • Jonny V; WE know you have more guns than anyone else here. Afterall one should have a gun for every personality, don’t cha think? 🙂

          • Just got another 45/70, a new Marlin with the full length magazine. What a beast!, you’d love it! 🙂

            • Jonny V: Save your money for that new assault shotgun coming to a dealer near you this fall.

            • One of your problems is that all the wrong people know about your guns, after one of those 2 AM visits, you’ll be like some of us, not even a rubber band to make a sling shot.

            • FYI, I have a weapons grade slingshot. After the hoodlums wear themselves out trying to get in through one of the doors, windows, or walls of my little compound (which I’ve been tearing down and rebuilding now for over four years) I plan on using the slingshot to nail the bastards in the nutsack!

            • How many solar panels do you have? How many batteries to store the power? How many inverters and 12 volt appliances?

              People who have too many guns are not protecting themselves. You can only shoot one or two at most, and only one is needed for hunting. Maybe another for each family member, but they should have their own.

              I can see you now sitting with all your guns eating cold beans out of a can wishing you had put your focus on things that would have made your situation worth protecting with all those guns.

              If you are focused on defending yourself with violence and investing in the means to destroy, you will be left totally unprepared for what is coming no matter how much food you may have right now.

              Of course, we all know you have everything you think you need already otherwise you wouldn’t waste your money on redundancy to ensure your capacity for violence above all else. Or maybe we are preparing for different things.

            • I like VanKamps beanie weenies with tobasco sauce.

            • If you’d been reading my posts for any length of time, you’d know that the overall goal is to make the entire house/property area into a secure location that can house and feed the entire family. I’ve been on the steep learning curve of gardening and canning for some time, but my real expertise comes from two things.

              1. Service in the USMC. I have a fairly good grasp of my position and what it will take to defend it.

              2. 20 plus years of commercial construction. I’ve been working on building high security sites for many years (casinos, banks, courthouses, jails, etc) and have put that knowledge to work on my own house. Admittedly, my budget is smaller than your average government project, but by doing it myself (since I do know how…) and buying wisely, I’m nearing completion of the house. My place won’t stand up to a D-15 loader, but it will defeat a very determined (SWAT type) forced entry attempt. I’ve posted up numerous links on this board to products that any of you could use to do the same thing, but I know, it’s not much fun looking at steel studs and engineered lumber and metal roofs and stuff……Maybe you could upgrade your deadbolts, that would be almost the same thing, right? And oh yeah, food storage, my new pantry is 15 feet by 5 feet, with secured walls and a security door. It also functions as a natural “root cellar” due to it’s location.

              Before you go on with any more of your deleterious comments in my direction, you should know me a little better. VanKamps are gross by the way, Bush’s are much better, if you’re in the habit of canned beans…..:)

            • I like Bush too.

            • God, Country, and Corps, right?

        • This is interesting – it maybe out of context but I found it to be enlightening.

          • Scoot: No such thing as “context” here. Have at it.

        • And my weed/grass killer—made by Monsanto–wasn’t paying attention at Lowe’s…they can’t own them all??? and I won’t make that mistake again!!

      15. stock up that pantry….for at least six mos to a years worth of food…grow your own veggies and learn how to home can your own stuff. remember those old diner plates that were used in the 30’s thru the 60’s for meals? well, they were much smaller than the plates used today and they could hold a serving of meat and two to three sides. people eat way too much food these days. one of todays meals would have made three meals years ago. no darn wonder we are all so fat and unhealthy. one way to help you afford to stock up your pantry and freezer is to quit eating “out”. a family of four spends a min. of $20 at mcdonalds…that is still alot of beans, rice, dried milk, canned veggies that will go alot further than a couple of happy meals and big macs. as far as fuels go…we waste fuel, food, and time and energy of all forms with the lifestyles adopted today. we are a terrible inefficient society, that has forgotten how to sustain itself.

      16. I’m glad you guys are around.

      17. I would never complain about a farmer with my mouth full because I was raised on a farm. Marina fuel is 89 or better with no corn fuel to sponge up moisture in my Honda tri-fuel generators. No road tax either. Marine fuel extender will keep it fresh for a year.

      18. The UN/the world bank USDA/FDA the FED reserve,the WHO and Monsanto/Cargill/DuPont/ADM and a slew of others are the reasons food production had fallen!
        Many of the worlds nations were food independent until one or all of the above stole their ability to feed themselves!
        All around this planet the elites have been pushing policys that decimated world food supplys….and whilst they caused the problem they also have the answers mainly in the form of GMOs and other ungodly and unimaginably evil products that will give them and their cronies the power to decide who lives or dies!

        I have been raising most of what I and my family have eaten over the last few decades…my Dad did so before me,my kids are starting to..Ive spent alot of time and money going to state capitals and working on legislation trying to get farming out of the chokehold agribiz and govt have on it,mainly because farming and independence are my passion and my life…the two go together hand in glove,so I got into the fight…I have seen firsthand the attitude against farmers…the stacked deck that favors agribiz and destroys small family farmers.

        Ive watched the so called defenders of farming like Farm Bureau FFA 4H and others throw their support to the govt and industry and against real farmers who help support these groups believing they are there to help…its sad.

        The goal seems to be to destroy the real farmers and gardeners and then move in and take over….all the while lowering the quality/supply and raising the price,making everyone into a sheep in the real sense that they are the ones you must go to to eat… if they get that power then they wont need any other power because by default they will own you!

        Learn to grow something,anything you enjoy and then grow from there,we farmers are almost an extinct species here in America,if/when we are gone they will control it all…I cant stress it enough,find some way to at least learn about farming the natural way without any imputs other than what you can provide for yourself because there wont likely be any you can afford/obtain when tshtf,it could save your life and those of your family,at least give yourself a fighting chance and remember no corporation or govt entity out there cares if you eat or not…seems they would prefer you didnt then after you starve they can use your death as an excuse to save us all from ourselves by taking total control…because they care,.dontcha know?!

        • I thought as I was reading the post about the so-called doomsday seed vault. What is it’s real purpose?

          Perhaps they know that after a couple of decades there will be no more heirloom plants growing after the culling of the population and they want to return to natural foods AFTER they have killed several billion people needlessly through corp sponsored starvation.

          Those “elites” are sick people who could just as easily use their stolen wealth to benefit society rather than destroy it. I know if I had a billion real dollars I would certainly not contemplate the things I have witnessed.

          • GC….that is what it seems to be….it didnt take them too long to construct the vault and I understand its quite secure and has alot of biomaterial stored in it.The other possibility is that they know their GMOs will eventually destroy our food supply and thay plan on eating and living beyond that eventuality….actually those two possibilitits are entwined to an extent.

            Its my understanding that there are more than the one we hear about in northern europe,some are privately owned/controlled,but by far the largest “seed bank” in existence is the tens of thousands of ordinary people who have seeds stored….especially the ones who have seed they have been saving for years and even generations…we are gonna need these seeds when TSHTF because if as it seems they plan to start over after starving us out or after their GMO crap has proven the danger I believe it to be…whatever the scenario,they wont likely be allowing the peon serf survivors to have access to the good seeds.

      19. Black Sheep; Want alcohol? Check with Country Girl. I think she has a still stashed in the hollow.

        Energy wise WE should be moving to solar now that recent technology has a converted efficiency of 90%. Now WE need to mass produce, and subsidize THAT at the RETAIL level for homeowners: see SHTF Energy.

        You should definitely be generating your own energy on a farm. If I had a farm I would be growing that corn keeping some for myself and generating my own fuel.

        Just saying.

        • good thoughts DK, I agree… solar is he future for power creation.. I have a few panels and 2 windmills I made with ac delco modified alternators.. I want more panels badly.. I want as many as I could

          when a storm rolls through my batteries are fully re-charged n/p thanks to the WM’s.. my battery bank is 22 golf cart batteries.. I can go for about 3 weeks with no grid power and no wind for my windmills, if I take the solar out of it, I can only last about 10 days…

          I don’t need a, I have one, what I need is some kind of motor that will run on straight alcohol. I would make that run my recharge generating needs.

          I have 18 acres with 12 tillable, but to produce the corn I need, I am lacking in equipment and such.. one John Deere only does so much depending on what PTO equipment you can get/have and maintain..

          anyways, I am with you on the solar, that is the ticket for the future.. have a great day !

          • Solar is the future because it can be done on an individual level. That’s why the corp hates it so much. You don’t need to depend on it for power.

            I put some solar panel building videos here that cover the whole process of building them, and then some. They be free.


            • Thanks GC,
              That is great info, I am watching them now.. my main question would be, where have you found the price of the cells to be the cheapest or lowest cost I should say ??

              I know they have them on ebay but is their cheaper options that you know of ?

              Thanks !

            • Ebay is about as cheap as they get, plus they come in kits with wiring accessories making them a bit easier to use.

              You can get a whole kit for about $50 bucks.

      20. I miss mushroom..
        he’s been so ok bud?
        or just prepping like a mad man?

      21. My neighbor and I have been hatching a plan for a killer garden, I dont think we will be buying any veggies from kroger next year.

        • Booby traps?

          • That’s what i said! Booty Traps!

      22. Just had Bok Choy, Zucchini, red skin potatoes and Carrots for dinner. Nothing like wholesome, organic, non GMO fresh from the Garden. Yum, yum. Can’t wait for the Crenshaw melons from the greenhouse.

      23. where would one go to buy “real” seeds?

        oh and F the UN..
        they are not the ones responsible to feed my family, so they can K M A

        I ,for one. Dont need someone to tell me how or what to do, when it comes to providing for my family. been doing just fine without them.

        • Baker Creek Seed Co.

        • VRF, get a chance and pick up Nancy Bubel’s “The New Seed
          Starters Handbook. Great info on starting and saving seeds from heirloom veggies and herbs. Gonna try a small greenhouse this winter growing cold crops, greens and the like. Picked up two interesting books by Eliot Coleman, “The Winter Harvest Handbook” shows how to successfully grow crops in an unheated greenhouse. Coleman is quite successful doing this in Maine. The other is “Four Season Harvest”. Both interesting reads.

          • Thanks Patriot..

            I have some seeds , but unsure if they will regenerate or not..

            tuff to grow somethings to find out if they will reproduce after all that time (somewhat wasted)

            I was also looking into that winter harvest deal, may give it a go too.

            still wondering if there is a source for heirloom seeds..or non Monsanto death seeds

            • will teach you much!

        •…I’ve always bought my seeds from here, great prices and fast shipping…

      24. Hot Tip, do not save seeds out of store bought cantaloupe, I did and planted them this yr as an experient, they aren’t doing verg good compaired to the heirloom seeds.My blue hubbards,butternut,zucs,and pumpkins are growing faster than the weeds.

      25. The article is stating that we are about to witness a world wide food shortage of unimaginable proportion.

        Unfortunately, These facts are true, the only thing propping up the financial markets is the vast amounts of stimulus money, trillions upon trillions of dollars pumped into the economy to keep it afloat, not only printed by the United States but by all the world banks combined.

        When this money runs out and it will, then all hell will soon follow.

        What will this hell be like?

        Those of you who cannot tolerate a disaster scenario please turn away now.
        For those of you willing to take a glimpse into a nightmare hell that is about take place then read on;

        The riots of LA and Katrina will pale by comparison.
        When the large banks fail one by one like dominoes and your money cannot be withdrawn from ATM’s the rumblings will start.
        You will hear it on the news first, “bank holidays” they will be announced weekly and growing more frequently day by day.

        Take heart for this is not yet the end.
        Food will be hard to come by and life sustaining commodities will cost you your days labor.
        Most of You will not be able to make it into work. Infra structure will soon shut down.

        Looting, home break-ins and car jackings will be like a locust plague across the nation. Millions will be murdered, raped, robbed and left for dead.

        Seniors will be the most vulnerable, they will be targeted first because they are easy pickens, compared to those of you who are well prepared to fight for your life.

        Marshall law will be declared shortly after,
        Our national guard will be overwhelmed, and the president will call back our army troops from around the world to enforce Marshall law.

        By that time most of the worlds boarders including our own will be closed, No one in no one out, there will be massive arson fires and great plumes of smoke in all the great cities, thousands upon thousands of bodies strewn in the streets like a massive road kill.

        No one you know alive will be recognizable, you will see dirty, scarred, burned faces on everyone, torn ripped cloths, no running water or food anywhere.

        But the end will not come yet.

        Once the army of the Untied states has gained some footing in the larger cities, those alive will be rounded up in those cities and brought into detainment camps by way of the US army using shipment trailers to transport citizens.

        These FEMA camps are where the very basic life sustaining supplies of food and water will be distributed to those who somehow survived.

        After 6-7 months of these horrid conditions, those of you who continue to survive will start to see a slight resemblance of social order but yet…a very different social order.

        You will be told where and when to eat, shower, relieve yourselves and sleep. This will go on for years and years.

        Those who survive all this will witness the New World Order.

        God help all of us.

        • You have already conceded to the banksters…

          You account is the worst case scenario if the banks win. If the bankers are stopped, the people can return to the levers of government and do the right things with all the assets we will have returned.

          Since you have given up already, your services will not be needed in the fight for liberty against the banksters.

        • Interesting thoughts but if its a WORLDWIDE food shortage the rest of the world will suffer much, much more than America. We have food. It will be the starving masses in Africa, India, and Asia who will be rioting and plundering en masse.

          And all of those troops? They will be needed to protect DC, New York, Boston, Chicago and LA.

          Where I am located plans for the Rodeo and parade will move forward as they do every year, there will still be a fish fry every Friday night at the VFW, and the bands will still be thumping out rock and country music on Whiskey Row.

        • The picture you paint Mr. “are you ready” is very bleak indeed. I ask you then if what you say is to come true and these are quite dire predictions, then is this the time now, to get our self’s in some sort of financial order or fiscal shape? or is it too late? Is there anyway to avoid this?

      26. We have traditionally had mostly hybrid plants in our garden – you know, seed packets from Home Depot or Lowes or seedling plants from there. This year we went 100% non-hybrid seeds.

        The results were less than stellar. They attract more bugs, they don’t produce as prolifically and they are not attractive (for example, tomatoes are odd shapes & sizes). The latter issue is not important to us but the first 2 are.

        If you have not tried growing heirlooms yet, you’d better get started. It is much harder and you should educate yourself now, while you don’t NEED the food for your table.

        • Victory Seeds has treated me real well.

          …and no, I’m not associated with them. I’m just a customer.

          • wow Charlie!! I just checked out….think that’s where I’m gonna place my next order…prices are just a tiny bit higher…but you get a lot more seeds then with seedsavers… Thanks 🙂

      27. My husband and I have been trying to think of ways we can make money without being taxed to death. The small business owner is getting crushed and don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. We’re looking for ideas to create cash flow and started researching the possibility of buying land near homeowners with strict HOAs that forbid them from having a garden. What if we rented garden space for them to farm? What kind of things would we need to consider besides zoning and water source?

        • I’ve hear that marijuana is a great tax free cash crop,

          • It is, in fact, the #1 cash crop in the good ol USA

        • Our neighborhood rents plots. They are well fenced to keep critters out. Each plot rents for about $25 or $35 per year and they are about 5′ x 10′. Nice dirt was put into each plot by the neighborhood. They have several hoses available for renters to come take care of their plot. So far there has been no vandalism but I’m sure that could be an issue. Teens are always looking for something stupid to do.

          You would probably need insurance in case someone goes out there & trips or gets bit by a snake & sues you (filthy laywers & courts!!). You’d also need some sort of clause in your rental agreement that says you are not responsible for crop theft, damage, weather or vandalism.

          We own our own small business and I agree. We are totally squeezed for taxes. It’s insane what we pay.

          • Did you really mean 5 x 10?? I don’t even have a room in my house that small!!

      28. Until it’s legalized. Then the FDA could regulate it as a leafy green and an additive to food for consumption, while also regulating it as a cigarette product and medical drug.

        • BJ You know I have an opinion about everything 😉

          Sure sounds good until you think of “donating” six days a week of hard farm labor for a place to park a travel trailer and the privilege of living on his property (which can be taken away at any time).

          It’s a far better day dream that in would be a reality.

          In my opinion, of course.

          • Yeah, the more I thought on it, the more it didn’t seem too good.
            I got to looking at (I think that’s the web addy?) adn was looking for good bug out locations….of course at this point it’s just dreraming, you know our financial situation. But wanted to look anyway and I found some great land in the UP of MI for good deals. Some had nice, real nice cabins on them, just no bathrooms inside, they had outhouses. One place had no cabin or house on it but it was good looking land, mostly wooded and it was 113 acres for 99K. I was thinking if you could get say 30 families to go in together, you could divide it up to about 3.75 acres per family and it would only cost for the land around $3,300 per family. Then you could all work together like they used to in raising up cabin/houses. Get one persons done and then you move on to the next. There is some communities up there already that are grouping together and even starting there own currency

      29. Speaking of food, what is meeshell putting in that caboose? Where “is” the Surgeon General?

        OK, booty traps…

        • meeshell has the biggest booty trap I’ve seen. I think she maintains it with pepsi and cheetos. Plus the occasional (daily) lobster and filet mignon dinner. It aint easy stayin’ in that shape!

          • Puffs, Paws, Twists, Balls, or Whirls? I’m guessing crunchy. Judge Wapner is on at 3PM. Can’t miss Judge Wapner.

          • it ain’t easy being cheesy

        • Put that smell down boy. Won’t come around without the smell.

          • You got a name, boy? l will call you Caleb. lt is a name l have always …

      30. So many experts and so much BS.

        Go ahead and grow hybrids. Any seed you save will be different from the parent plant. Usually not for the better, but better than nothing.

        I’ve only been saving seed for the last 10-15 years and it ain’t so easy as many claim it is. If you are just starting, better get a book and expect a steep learning curve. Learn to do seed germination tests and storage techniques for viable seed.

        Any attempt to maintain a particular strain of veggie will probably be twarted by neighbors within 1/4-1/2 a mile growing a different strain. Cross-pollination will result in hybrids. Usually it only affects a small percentage of your saved seed.

        Cool to cold and dry is the only way to save seed for any period of time including over the winter. You can make an excellent dessicant out of scrap drywall. The white stuff is gypsum or hydrous calcium sulfate. Heating it in small chunks above 212F for an hour or so will remove the water and convert the gypsum to anhydrite which has no water in it just anhydrous calcium sulfate. Put a few grams in your jar with the seeds and any moisture will be absorbed by the anhydrite.

        Learn rain harvesting techniques. Practice water conservation. Never water the NOT-veggies. Practice good weeding: remember never water NOT-veggies. Save surplus water in plastic lined pits if nothing else.

        Read everything on vegetable culture. Same for seed-saving. Practice, practice, practice. Gardening is hard work. Get use to it before it is too late. Time is not on our side.

        Learn food saving techniques. Canning is good, but what’cha gonna do when the lids run out? Learn food drying and salting. Most of the salt can be reclaimed. Why are you canning peas, beans or corn? Have you considered grains? Yes grains take acreage, but do you have a dependable local source after the shtf?

        Just a brief on fuels. Tillers can be modified to run on propane. It lasts almost forever in the bottle. For tractors, you can use a gasogen to make producer gas. Usually you will only get about 40% rated horsepower, but it works. And having a tractor for heavy tillage makes larger subsistence gardens possible.

        Unless you have large acreage, forget draft animals. In my area, a horse or cow needs 3.5 acres of good pasture/haying ground per year on top of gallons of water a day.

        Back to seeds. No sense in buying seeds from some survivalist-oriented establishment. There are lots of dependable distributors of good seed. The specialty outfits have premium prices and each is typically selected for the local area or are just generally grown. None of them are selected for your particular growing environment. As an example, I select based upon cool-soil emergence, drought resistance and short growing season. Some fail miserably. Much of this is due to photoperiodism common in Alaska; too long of daylight forcing the plant to prematurely set seed. Saving seed is covered above, so buy more than you need and rotate it. Oldest seed gets planted first.

        So am I successful? Mostly, but even after 52 years I still have problems with carrots. The problem is drought and carrots lack the reserves to continue growing if the soil moisture drops before a healthy root system develops; usually a few weeks. I have some nice tobbaco growing in the greenhouse from saved seed. Why? Seed and when the shtf, sin products still are in demand. Think nicotine fits.

        Pot as a non-taxed cash crop? Uh-huh. Try telling that to the tax man after you get busted. Sooner or later you will get busted. The reason? Greed is a powerful motivator and the crop needs a market. Within that market are plenty of loud-mouths ready to brag about your productivity. Greed and OpSec NEVER go together. Now imagine knowing that there are loud-mouths out there telling non-need-to-know people about your grow. Are you ready to defend your crop from thieves? Every week or so a commercial grower gets busted in Alaska. I just went over the reasons why. And after the shtf? I’m not willing to predict what the gov’t will do, but gov’t won’t ever go away. And few if any laws ever go away no matter how silly. What if the PTB decide to seize your crop for redistribution in the refuge camps? Ooo, fair market value just got slammed and you are hungry because you went with a cash crop rather than a subsistence crop. I like potatoes, mustards, tomatoes and peppers.

        Stick to crops that have high nutritional value and have the greatest potential for success. Sure, have a few specialty crops for variety. Boring complete diets beat the snot out of being hungry. Pick half a dozen crops and get good at it, really good. Trade your surplus to others who selected different crops. Never forget, commerce is what limits conflicts over scarce resources. In times of hunger, can you imagine a more dire scarcity?

        Greenhouses are essential. First you need room for growing transplants and also warm weather crops. Make sure you can heat it and ventilate it. Don’t think window sills will do it. To small and usually each window gets only 4-6 hours of good lighting. How do I know? I have light meters. Those who try it, ever notice the transplants get leggy? That is light depravation.

        If you only take one thing from this, start growing veggies now and save seed. Or you can gamble on being able to start next year. Those who can – do, those who can’t – teach, regulate and redistribute.

        Oh, better add this. In drought, be ready and able to do triage on your garden. Let some of it fail in order to keep alive and growing the most important. You might save everything, but get no productivity beyond the plants surviving. Hmm, that doesn’t work out so well does it?

        Do or do not, I don’t give a shit cause you ain’t my kin or neighbor. I offer my knowledge base only because of self-defense. The greater the success of others, the less potential for conflict over my productivity. Mine is mine to do with as I see fit. Your failure is NOT gonna become my long-term problem.

        Last of all, if you don’t work, neither should you eat. With this in mind, is your time really productive? Or is it productive only for your employer and you take home a few shekels to buy what is NOT available. Your choice, choose wisely. I may have inadvertently chosen poverty level subsistence, but I eat regular and I’ve grown quite fond of eating. Everything beyond that is gravy. I work hard and worry a bit during the growing season over production, but sound management choices always carries me through the bad seasons. And in interior Alaska at that. What is your excuse?

        • Well said OTE !

      31. Your failure is NOT gonna become my long-term problem.

        or as I like to say

        Failure to plan on your part does not create an emergency on my part.

        All good stuff. A taste of reality for many who think it is easy.

        I prep for three things. To be able to have food, to be able to cook food, and to be able to create drinking water from otherwise undrinkable water, and to do them with no outside input from anywhere else.

        I have a few luxuries that I hope to keep, but even if I have to give them up I can eat and enjoy the show when many will not be so lucky.

      32. These three ‘Gs’ which is GOLD, GUNS, & GET AWAY PLAN according to Gerald Celente. I agree with him 100% but I think what he also meant under the GET AWAY PLAN is also being prepared such as storable food like the other posts indicated here. Still when the total global collapse do start, it will be difficult to know where to run to.

        • I think he meant to have a Get Away Plan from the corp, wherever it may be. Get started now. Become invisible.

      33. Why do so many people think growing food will be the way to survive? I know if I see, hear or know about my neighbor is growing food, I and many others will steal everything from their garden and empty their closets of all canned foods. The same will happen to those holding Gold and Silver. I know if I am hungry and without money and food, i will rob and even kill to survive.

        • Jim, if your neighbor et. al. had the foresight to stock seeds and supplies to grow and preserve food, what do you think they will do when you and others will show up to try and steal it? I am fairly confident that along with those food stores will be a heavily armed, organized and fortified group of individuals…

        • and you are why we have blackberry vines sown all around us, a solar electric fence, a couple solar motion lights, battery-operated wireless driveway alarms in several key areas, a couple dogs and enough ammo that none of that stuff is truly necessary. Bring it on 😀

      34. Jim,

        You must feel like a pretty lucky man.

        One word for you, man. Respect. You’re going to learn it the hard way.

      35. sure Jim, youll eat well on that plan and die full….of lead.

      36. I have predetermined (out of pity) that I will give folks (animals) like Jim here a warning shot at the 1200 meter mark when I see them swaggering through the meadow, pimped out M-forgeries in hand and full of (soon to be realized) false bravado, mentally divvying up the fruits of my labor……..only one.

        • Listen up Jim,

          I know that at least some of the guys on this forum don’t care much for me and likewise, I probably wouldn’t get along with them much either. But we all have at least one thing in common or we wouldn’t all be here. And if I was need and had to ask any one of them for help, then I would do it in a humble manner, say thank you, and ask what I could help with and gladly roll up my sleeves. I sure as hell wouldn’t try to steal from them and if I did, may they promptly end me. Everyone here is someone you want on your side, not to be enemies with. Likewise, anyone who has had the foresight, wisdom, and fortitude to take care of themselves and their family, should be looked at as someone you’d like to have as a friend, not someone to take advantage of.

      37. Black Sheep; I agree with what you are saying but right now WE need the fuel capacity that ethanol creates in case the Iranians can seal the Strait of Hormuz where 60% of the worlds oil passes. If only for awhile.

        If We would eliminate the trillion dollar annual tax subsidy for hydrocarbons and start transferring that subsidy to the new 90% efficient solar cell panels and wind energy for individuals, that industry would grow, create jobs, lower OUR dependence on imported oil, and give American families energy independence on the individual level.

        Imagine if every SFR was an energy collection center.

        • eyes rolling……….

      38. DK, I agree on the point of alt’s of oil but forget the ethanol is all I am saying… go straight to pure alcohol then OR drop the embargo’s on Brazil and their massive sugar stocks and capabilities if they really want this ethanol (not to mention, real free trade).. you can make far better/more alcohol or ethanol on sugar than corn, also far easier to not have to convert the starch through cooking… what good is gas if we cant afford to eat.

        corn takes more oil products to produce than than it makes, it is a loss..

        I am with you on your thought train of the overall picture and I really do respect you and your thoughts bro.. all I am saying is, ethanol is no savior, it is hurting us and killing the little people.. 5 bucks or more for 2 pork steaks in the grocery store is the result of this shell game..

        I agree on the pumping of solar, it is the way we must go for household power..

        • This is correct. Ethanol produced from corn is a losing proposition all round. Uses more energy to grow than is obtained. Drives up food corn costs, not only in the US, but around the globe. Cost is ridiculous.

        • BlackSheep: Yes, you are right,sugarcane is much better at making ethanol than corn, but We don’t have any sugarcane, or very little of it. Corn? We gots lots of corn!

          Anyway, can’t remember where I saw it now, but the 54 cent per gallon (?) tariff on Brazils ethanol imports is due to expire shortly (this month) as well as the subsidy for corn ethanol.

          Its a mute point now unless war breaks out…..

          • DK, you probably read it at WSJ but it is not already written… it is part of the deficit budget they are trying to put together.. the alternative ways to do it, yada yada yada plan this etc.. (link below)

            there is not a 54 cent tariff on Brazil, it is on ALL imported ethanol… we have embargo’s on most of South America really.. You must not know about the games Reagan played to keep imported sugar out of the USA.. that is another whole

            anyway, the only reason sugar is high in Brazil rite now is due to weather on the last season… but their is many other places who’s sugar is very plentiful (same as things go here in the states, one area does bad but another does good)

            Corn prices have more than tripled in less than 10 years, you might wanna think this is good for cash crop corn growers, but what it has done to your food bills is what you are not understanding… pork prices tripled, beef prices tripled etc.. and it will only get worse…
            (efficiency increases have hidden some of this but the main drain is still there)

            as more time goes on, all fields in the USA will be growing nothing but corn for ethanol until the other products such as wheat, soybeans, alfalfa.. etc, all will pay as much as ethanol corn to the cash croppers….

            mmmmm, coming soon, $5 dollars a can for green beans, $30 dollars a bag for potatoes… ya this is all good..LOL

            Drop the embargo’s on the countries who wont play the Central Bank Scam and you could have sugar for ethanol at less than 10 cents a pound and have all we wanted but that wouldn’t fit in with the plans of the slave plantation owners of this once great country.. (international bankers, UN and Agenda 21)


            btw, Obama speaks with a forked tongue.. he wants auto makers to increase mileage to 50 MPG and that sounds good, but then he says on another day, he wants to raise the mandate to 15% ethanol in fuel to others.. I am not sure if he know but, you get LESS MPG with ethanol..

            The Redneck word of the day: Obama
            I went and gotta myself a 12 pack, Then I drunk it obama myself.. LOL
            have a great day brother 🙂

            • Black sheep: That was really good! Yeah maybe that is where I saw it. I am not a cheerleader for high corn prices, or ethanol. Its economically irrational, but if the Iranians ever close the Strait for any length of time, the sheeple WILL want US to plant only corn, ya know? Iran gets stronger every day.

              Fortunately, there is alot of progess being made in electric cars and new battery storage technology. Another process that should be receiving a serious portion of that annual trillion dollar subsidy to hydrocarbons.

              The key is to buy enough time for these technologies to mature a bit more. I think another three to five years could do it, but I don’t think WE have another five years before the SHTF.

              If Exxon would buy a battery manufacturer you can bet your ass it would happen; and tomorrow. The Dual Citizens in the MIC do not want America to be energy self suffcient. If WE were We wouldn’t be entrenched in the Middle East and they want US in the thick of things.

            • I agree with ya DK.. These dual citizens are here to make sure we stay in the thick of things in the ME… ya, you are correct, we will be lucky if we get 2 or 3 more years before the SHTF.. I don’t see 5 either.

              I like how they call them Iranians.. back in the days past before modern civil worlds they where called what they truly are, and that is Persians. I don’t know if you ever seen that movie 300 but that is who the 300 Spartans and King Leonidas where up against.. that is a kick A** flick to me.. I love their motto’s…

              “Spartans, Prepare for Glory.. ”
              “No Surrender, No Retreat and NO Mercy.”
              sad, their wasn’t any Spartan blood left in Greece now.

              them the type of people we need now in America !
              anyway, enough on this ethanol jazz.. peace out 🙂

      39. Forgive me if this was mentioned above (I didn’t read all of your comments).

        I just heard that WALMART is now going to 15% ethanol in all their fueling station to keep the price .10 a gallon cheaper. They are already doing it in my area of the south. Okay great….so we save 1.50 for a single tank of gas but end up spending an additional 15.00 for groceries. Where is the sense of it all?????

        • correct, it only drives the cost of everything else up and kills the small producers of livestock..

          Also, your MPG will be much lower with 15% than the 10% Fed mandate… YES, MPG falls with ethanol. but they don’t care.. they will get the Fed subsidy’s..

          the real sense in it all to them is, Agenda 21 if you ask me..

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