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Our community of readers and contributors returns to regularly for news, information and commentary covering a host of topics that include preparedness planning, investing, geo-politics and self reliance. We wouldn’t be anything without our community, because they’re the people who drive not just the content, videos and features we develop, but the entire SHTFplan user experience. With out them, we wouldn’t be successful. So it goes without saying that our focus is and always has been on the people who come here for a unique, informative and trustworthy experience.

To supplement our always-free content we offer products and services from some of the world’s leading companies in their respective fields. We’re always open to new offerings (especially if they’re American owned/operated/manufactured) that can help our community with the tools, products, services and information they need to succeed and make their goals reality. If you’re interested in advertising with us, you can find details below. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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Our website supports between 2.0 and 2.4 million monthly pageviews.


Advertising Rates and Ad Positioning

One of our goals is to provide our visitors with reputable, quality and cost effective products. We understand that the marketplace is extremely competitive. We strive to make our advertising visible, fair and affordable for small business owners and individuals. You can review our advertising opportunities below – if you’ve got some other ideas, please let us know and we’ll certainly consider them.

Where will advertisements appear?

There are several areas of our web site that are dedicated to advertising. As a general policy, we try to advise our visitors when they are looking at an advertisement by tagging ad areas with notices such as “Support our Sponsors”or “Sponsored Ads.”

Our web site has several advertising spaces available in various blocks. Each block, ad requirements and price is described in more detail below.

The following web page template provides a visual reference of available advertising space at (click here for larger image):

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What are the advertising rates?

The following information describes the requirements for each ad block and pricing model.

Please note that, unless otherwise noted, prices are based on a 30 day interval.

*Advertisements will be approved at the discretion of As mentioned above, our intended goal is to put our web site visitors together with reputable businesses that provide relevant products. Our community is generally a vocal one, and they often let us know if they’ve had problems with their shopping experiences. We reserve the right to remove any advertiser from our offerings for repeated instances of bad customer service, unresolved excessive order delays, or other issues. Advertisers who have been removed from our offerings will be refunded at a pro-rated amount based on days remaining for their ad that month.

BLOCK 1: Horizontal Banner

Style: Image based
500 pixels wide by 62 pixels high. This is a smaller version of the typical top banner that is traditionally sized at 728×90, so conversion should be simple (we can resize the banner for you) if you have an existing banner of the larger size.
Images Types: JPG, GIF (To keep our readers from being annoyingly distracted no flash banners, no animations, no blinking effects are allowed)
Display Rules: This banner will display in a random rotation. There are a maximum of 5 banners allowed in this area, which means your banner will be shown on 1/5th of the total web site pageviews, or 20% of the time.
Cost: $250 per month
Maximum advertisers allowed: 5
Status: Currently Unavailable


Style: Text based
Size: 25 characters (including spaces)
Images Types: none
Display Rules: Your text link advertisement will appear on 100% of the web site’s page views. Text ads are randomly rotated for equal exposure.
Cost: $300 per month


Style: Text based, image based, combination
Cannot exceed 250 pixels wide or 175 pixels high
Ad Types:
jpg, gif, html, combo
Display Rules:
Your advertisement will appear on 100% of the web site’s page views. Premium Ad Block 3 will always appear above Premium Ad Block 4.
Cost (Block 3):
Contact Us
Cost (Block 4):
Contact Us
Maximum advertisers allowed:
one advertiser per block
Please email for waiting list


Style: Image Based
250 pixels wide by 125 pixels high OR 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels high
Ad Types:
JPG, GIF ((To keep our readers from being annoyingly distracted no flash banners, no animations, no blinking effects are allowed)
Display Rules:
Your banner will appear on 100% of web site page views. The position will change randomly on each new page load.
$175.00 for 250×125 ;  $300.00 for 250×250
Status: Available


Style: Text based
60 characters (including spaces)
Display Rules: This is an exclusive text advertisement that will appear on every in-content page view on “articles” or “posts.”
Contact Us
Maximum advertisers allowed:
one advertiser
Currently Unavailable

How To Get Started

To get started, or if you have questions about any of our advertising offerings, please contact us.

Please note that we currently only accept Paypal for advertising payments, but will be adding some other payment methods in due time.