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YouTube Continues To Censor Alex Jones; Bans Secondary Channel Over NZ Massacre Opinions

Mac Slavo
March 21st, 2019
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The censorship seemed to have cooled off, but only for a moment.  Now, YouTube has taken it upon itself to ban Alex Jones’ (the creator of InfoWars) from his secondary channel on the video websites.

Resistance News, which was a secondary Infowars channel on YouTube, according to Media Matters, was banned from the platform because of how Jones described last week’s New Zealand mosque shootings.  He called the shootings a “false flag” operation and opined about Muslims.  Jones continues to operate his website in the wake of major censorship.

Sadly, Jones isn’t the only one being censored.  The New Zealand massacre has lead to massive criminalization of free speech worldwide. Governments are demanding social media platforms such as Facebook censor anyone who doesn’t toe the line and spout the government’s official narrative – the only narrative you’re allowed to ponder.

According to Engadget, Resistance News had more than 64,000 subscribers by the time YouTube killed the channel, which exclusively hosted Infowars videos. Articles on the Infowars site also embedded Resistance News videos. The now-deleted New Zealand video included footage from the gunman’s live stream of the shooting, according to the aforementioned report by Media Matters. Jones also included a clip of Rush Limbaugh promoting the false flag theory, while the video reportedly ended with ads for Infowars products. The Resistance News channel had posted several other videos related to the attack.

YouTube permanently banned Jones’ Infowars channel in August of last year, and they announced that their algorithms would no longer suggest “conspiracy videos” to users.

YouTube expelled Jones from the platform back in August and later removed some other Infowars channels. In January, YouTube its algorithms would no longer recommend conspiracy theory videos.

Eerie Censorship Precedent: Big Tech Proves Alex Jones’ Motto Correct

Free speech has been under attack for a while, and efforts are ramping up across the globe to silence anyone who thinks outside the box.  Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang has even taken a Nazi-style approach to attempt to ban free speech.  Yang has promised to try to use the long arm of the government to “crack down” on misinformation.  Or information you are not supposed to think about.

“We must introduce both a means to investigate and punish those who are seeking to misinform the American public. If enough citizens complain about a particular source of information and news is demonstrably and deliberately false, there should be penalties,” Yang explains on his website.

*Only government-approved opinions beyond this point…

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 1,349 people
Date: March 21st, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Let's say it all together says:

    There is no such thing as free speech on a privately owned media platform. Facebook, YouTube, whatever. They can do whatever they want.

    if you don’t like it, either ask for governmental regulation or make your own platform.

  2. Bert says:

    You can post the absolute truth,
    have citations from official scientific sources
    to back your statements,
    but yet your channel will be taken down
    and some places you’ll face fines and/or jail time.

  3. Totalitarianism is on the march. By the way, in Europe, the truth is not a defense in court, when the topic is the “Holocaust”. In spite of the truth, you will be sentenced to 5 years in prison for asking too many questions. Many have learned the hard way. Never give up your guns. The second amendment isn’t about duck hunting.

  4. Menzoberranzan says:

    Christians are murdered daily by the islamic savages and not a word said by the evil msn. This was no doubt a false flag given the enormous media coverage it gets every day, all day.

  5. The 1st amendment is dying….the time will come to defend it and the Bill of Rights. Prepare

  6. Anonymous says:

    Alex Jones is opportunist.
    Alex Jones is a fear monger.
    Alex Jones is a LOUD Mouth.
    Fear for profit is his game.
    Stir up the sheep with fear, and make a dollar or a million. AJ Poor role model, Dubious credability.

    Half of his stuff is total nonsense.
    The other 1/4 is eye opening and somewhat spot on.
    I don’t like or believe half the BS AJ puts out.
    I personally believe Alex Jones is CONTROLLED opposition.
    Works for CIA?

    But all that being said. This is America. Anyone has a right to make an ass out of themselves. And AJ does.
    AJ has a right to be a jerk.
    AJ also has a right to be heard.
    I won’t listen to his rants. No thanks.
    But he has right to rant. I would defend him even though I don’t agree or like him. AJ is Used car salesmen selling fear. Same as MainStream Media liar fear mongers. I listen to neither. We Just cancelled cable.
    – – – – – – – – –
    Might want to skip this?

    (My off topic Rant: as ranting as AJ? I’ll try….
    We only had cable for football. NFL got involved in politics, they support cop killer thugs, “social warriors”. NFL players Won’t stand for the Flag my brothers gave thier LIFE for. Flag I gave my leg for.
    Flag myself and family gave decades of our lives for. NFL players are spoiled overpaid criminals.
    Dallas Cowboys just had player quit because he wanted to be a pot head instead of play football for millions. The NFL knee takers, overpaid spoiled criminals that can’t stay out of jail, pot heads. Not role models for my sons. So I cancelled NFL tickets/cable. Boys now days like soccer and video games anyway.)
    – – – – – – rants end….mostly.

    I was paying $200 month for cable. Now that money goes to silver rounds/gold. Gifting to sons when they are adults. Should buy them a house when US ponzi scheme dollar collapse? gold $10,000 an ounce then? What do you think?

    Censorship is Wrong.
    Censorship is Anti American.
    No one should tolerate censorship.
    Congress should stop deplatforming conservative voices.
    Internet is public utility. Like electric, phone, water, cable. Congress should reign in TECH Mafia mobsters that censor. Break up their tech monopoly. FORCE tech to respect American free speech.

  7. george says:

    Brain Force sales must be hurting..

  8. aljamo says:

    Free speech is the last remaining natural human right separating free people from becoming obedient slaves. The people have no nukes. Police state civil forfeiture still robbing motorists with a smile from the top. The plot thickens in police state America as the citizens realize the loss of the fundamental right of freedom of speech. Do Americans protest? No, they don’t want to make a scene.

  9. Anon says:

    Anyone know where I can get some “Vanishing Brass”?

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