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YOU ARE BEING TRACKED! Massive 30 State, Real-Time License Plate (ALPR) Database Revealed

Mass Private I
September 13th, 2019
Activist Post
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This article was originally published by Mass Private I at Activist Post. 

Our worst fears about Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) are much worse than we could have imagined.

Two months ago, I warned everyone that police in Arizona were using ALPRs to “grid” entire neighborhoods. But this story brings public surveillance to a whole new level.

Last month, Rekor Systems announced that they had launched the Rekor Public Safety Network (RPSN) which gives law enforcement real-time access to license plates.

Any state or local law enforcement agency participating in the RPSN will be able to access real-time data from any part of the network at no cost. The Company is initially launching the network by aggregating vehicle data from customers in over 30 states. With thousands of automatic license plate reading cameras currently in service that capture approximately 150 million plate reads per month, the network is expected to be live by the first quarter of 2020.

RPSN is a 30 state real-time law enforcement license plate database of more than 150 million people.

And the scary thing about it is; it is free.

“We don’t think our participants should be charged for accessing information from a network they contribute to, especially when it provides information that has proven its value in solving crimes and closing cases quickly,” said Robert A. Berman, President and CEO, Rekor.

Want to encourage law enforcement to spy on everyone? Give them free access to a massive license plate database.

RPSN’s AI software uses machine learning to predict when and where a hotlisted person or a person of interest will be.

Rekor’s software, powered by artificial intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning, can also be added to existing law enforcement security camera networks to search for law enforcement related hotlists as well as Amber Alerts and registered sex offender motor vehicles.

Rekor admits that police in thirty states are probably spying on more than 150 million license plates each month.

The Westchester County New York Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center alone collects more than 25 million license plates each month.”

An article in Traffic Technology Today revealed that Rekor will go to great lengths to convince police departments to track millions of motorists.

In 2020, the RPSN will be fully compliant with the federal 2019 NDAA law, which bans the use of certain foreign manufactured cameras used in critical infrastructure.

Rekor’s 2019 NDAA sales pitch is both disturbing and despicable. It reveals just where they and law enforcement stand when it comes to using ALPRs to spy on millions of motorists.

Police use license plate readers to track motorists in real-time

An article in The Newspaper revealed how police in Louisiana use license plate readers to track motorists in real-time.

Eric J. Richard had been driving his white Buick LaCrosse on Interstate 10 when he was stopped by Louisiana State Police Trooper Luke Leger for allegedly following a truck too closely. During the roadside interrogation, the trooper asked where Richard was coming from.

“I was coming from my job right there in Vinton,” Richard replied. The trooper had already looked up the travel records for Richard’s car and already knew it had crossed into Louisiana from Texas earlier in the day. Based on this “apparent lie,” the trooper extended the traffic stop by asking more questions and calling in a drug dog.

The article goes on to say that police had no reason to track Mr. Richard, but they did so because they could. And that should frighten everyone.

Rekor lets law enforcement know where your friends and family are, where your doctor’s office is, where you worship and where you buy groceries.

How is that for Orwellian?

It is time to face the facts: ALPRs are not about public safety, they are a massive surveillance system designed to let Big Brother track our every movement.

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Author: Mass Private I
Date: September 13th, 2019
Website: https://www.activistpost.com

Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.

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  1. Seminole Wind says:

    ” American Thinker” site has a very frightening article by Wm. Gensert entitled ” Whoever win in 2020, there will be blood”, which all Preppers should read.

    • Thanks. Right after I watch Boris Badenov and Natasha outfox those Americans.

      • Genius says:

        I miss partying with Moose and Squirrel. They can track you with your cell phone the same and even better. I have read that you can foil plate tracking by illuminating it with IR led’s. I know they sold baseball hats with IR led’s in the brim to foil facial recognition.

        • I don’t like being tracked, but if they want to track the license plate on the car I’m driving they’ll find out my wife (it’s her car) goes from the senior citizen center, to the convenience store for lottery tickets, to the strip club, and then back home.

          Shame on her…

          • Plan twice, prep once says:

            I remember as a small child, at a middle of nowhere USA, highway rest stop, seeing a man painting his license plate. He was turning three’s and sixes into eights with black paint.

            My father told me to just keep on walking. It was an amazing moment.

            I interpreted it as a moment to grant freedom, or slavery. I saw the power, the weakness.

            The look on the man said, please help me. It was amazing. I knew my father read that man, and saw his soul. We walked away.

    • Clown World says:


      “They will flood the streets after a Trump victory in their Antifa costumes looking to bust the heads of anyone near enough to become part of their 15 minutes of YouTube fame.”

      It’s always been like that. Noone, except the enablers, remembered leftist demonstrators as being pacifists, who vandalize, cheat, lie, and commit violence, in their private lives, up to the present time, tbh.

      “Most gun owners will hide their weapons and most local police departments will accept that, *not wanting to jail their neighbors.”

      They run background checks on good Samaritans and do jail them. Never stop counting coup / sht testing their neighbors in redundant encounters.

      Most gun owners have been praetors, deputized, for all intents and purposes. Gun stores never typically cater to the privative, non-state actors, the financially independent, but to pedants, usually.

  2. Well. of course this is good for the police state’s bottom line to help fund their pensions and buy that nice milsurp Humvee with all the soldierin’ gadgets on it. What’s not to like? Mebbe even some toot for after hours that they got by asset forfeiture.

    Just remember, when it comes to women or the state, they both have the same three rules:

    !. They always get bigger
    2. They never have enough money
    3. They will do whatever it takes to get more money

    • Genius says:

      “Title to your car” = giving the state ownership of it.
      “marriage license” = state contract giving the state ownership of your kids.
      Signing a document swearing your a US citizen = swearing your a corporation and giving control to the state.

      Anything you have a “title” to or register with the state makes it state property.
      “Birth cert” = giving your child to the state to be used as collateral for the debt. You will NEVER get your original birth cert., only a copy.

      Signed: Genius
      “without predjudice, UCC 1-207”

    • The Deplorable Renegade says:

      JRS, the day will come when asset forfeiture will get a cop killed. Someone out there will refuse to go along with it.

  3. It is important to nip a weed in the bud. When a policy is established there is no resistance. This makes it possible for it to be easily expanded. As it becomes expanded, there is no effective resistance, and so on, until it becomes excessive. This applies to every policy that is not curtailed by natural process. When people have to rise up against something, in order to make it stop, they are extremely reluctant to do so. This limits the outcomes to only two possibilities. Either the subject population will eventually resist in some way, in which case additional force will be brought to bear against them, as in China for example, or the people will become more tolerate and allow themselves to be abused further, until the force over them gives them no other course. This possibility may include the formation of various sorts of resistance individually or in groups, but even in this event the policy is not overturned. When a weed is small even a child can pull it up by the roots with very little effort, but when it is fully grown it is difficult to get rid of. And then, if it produces offspring, things get even worse. Because of these facts, weeds need to be pulled up immediately, without delay, and without mercy or regret.

    • Mr_Yesterday says:

      People were all about beating the radar, beating the camera. See my post below, after mod eventually approves it.

      The guy whom put out an effective ‘line of sight blocking device’ mysteriously died not long after marketing his device and then his wife had mystery identity theft and other issues to make sure they did not bring this back to market. Probably just a coincidence that happened during the run up to traffic camera’s everywhere.

      How powerful would a laser need to be in order to simply shine it at those cameras and destroy the optical equipment inside. And where would a person buy those? One could get creative and load up paint ball guns with glass etcher or get really long clippers and clip the cables up there. Just brainstorming but it’s clearly an extremely unfair objectionable unconstitutional practice to track everyones habits and movements and store that data indefinitely in online databases. Researchers have found that persons of interest or persons of special privilege are mysteriously omitted from those databases.

      Traffic cameras are just the first wave of extremely destructive privacy violating devices coming up everywhere. Also keep your eye out for smart street lamps and such. Another note to the cellular addicts out there. You paid for it. You continue to pay for it. So don’t act surprised that more devices than you perhaps expected are suddenly thrust into your every day life.

  4. We are not free. They don’t have to round us up and put us in a camp. We exist in a digital gulag. Think about that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    They got free access when the first red light traffic cameras went up. That was back in the 1980’s.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Creepy Peeping Toms.

  7. censored comment time says:

    another banned comment

    1. Location Transponders are in ALL newer cars.
    2. RFID is embedded in all vehicle tires. Tire inflation sensors are also transponders to road sensors.
    3. Toll Tags are tracking devices.
    4. Key Fobs in newer cars are person location transponders.
    5. Credit Cards that are “chipped” is RFID tag.
    6. Cable tv boxes are surveillance devices.
    7. Electrical smart meters are always watching and reporting.
    8. 5g is a military grade surveil/kill weapon.

    Technology is the tool of Tyrants. Technology allows the few to control the many. You have been notified.

    How do you like that commie beto O’dork? He finally cooked his own goose in Texas. Now you know what happens when you are too lazy to vote. Do you want beto in office?

    – – Come and Take it. – –

    Firearms are not for target practice.
    Firearms are not for hunting.
    Firearms are last ditch, nothing to loose, protection from government sponsered Genocide. Imagine if the jewish people ALL had Black Rifles in WW2. You best remember what happens to cooperative peaceful people at the hands of sick tyrants. Never Again.

    This is why NWO wacko commies like beto want your guns. So they can impose NWO communism on you.
    First tyrants shut down free speech
    Next they take your guns.
    Then they round up the unarmed sheep for slaughter.

  8. aljamo says:

    I want to drive out west but feel that I would not make it out there in one piece without being hassled. This is not freedom in any shape matter or form. This all a result of 9-11 to eliminate all freedom to cover those inside job crimes. Call it nothing but treason on an unimaginable scale.

  9. Mr_Yesterday says:

    A man invented a really awesome license plate reader blocking device. He mysteriously died not long after his infomercial debut. I researched this extensively, found the patent, and even found similar devices on black ops vehicle photos around the net.

    Build one yourself, market it, sell it, give it away. And just don’t keep your front plate on your car anymore. Instead keep it on your glove or other area and slap it on the front dash if you happen to get pulled over.


    And in unusual form, the ACLU actually published something helpful on traffic cameras and privacy, worth the read. A long time ago, aclu actually cared about everyday Americans. But today they’ll hit you with a bleeding heart save the migrants or alphabet people pop up though, so be forewarned.

    Redflex technologies among other groups have been caught bribing local officials for the past decade to get those cameras up everywhere. Farmers in the rural areas put linseed oil on the plate to help obscure it. You can build an actual Loover as linked above, or just weld on a clever step plate over the top of your license plate area which extends beyond the bumper slightly. Municipal rules are that officers must be able to read the plate from ground level, there is no requirement for it to be able to be read from up high. Photoblocker and crystalline sprays are ineffective, led blockers don’t work. Plastic covers only obscure and rarely work unless you wear them to the point of near complete obscurity before putting them on. It’s not a coincidence that big tech has partnered with auto and insurance companies to track driving behavior more aggressively. New models have plates set at easy upward angles for camera reading. Dare you to re market the loover…

  10. Anonymous says:

    9 years ago I worked in retail in a large strip mall anchored by Target and Kohls. Occasionally, I’d see a car driving up and down the parking aisles, one by one, even if there were no cars parked there. Then I noticed 4 “apparatus” (apperati.?) mounted on the hood and trunk. One day I stood on front of one of the cars and stopped it, asking what the driver was doing. He claimed to work for a repo agency and they tracked cars they wanted to repossess in large parking lots. I know that was BS because any car made after 2007 has tracking built in, through “performance monitoring”. I stated conversing with him and he finally admitted that their info ties into a national database. We’ve been being tracked for far longer than we are aware of, and they know where, when, how and in what you travel, 24-7. 9-11 was a tool to use to begin their totalitarian rule over all of us serfs. We’d be dead and buried by now if hitlery would have won the election. I suggest Trump in 2020….he may not be the best, but he’s the best we’ve got to give us a few more years of existence

  11. Kevin2 says:

    Computers or not how many people are employed in this domestic surveillance? Where do they get them? Who watches the watchers who watch the watchers? Things are really creepy. In the meantime John Q Public plays golf in ignorant bliss, not knowing and worse not caring as long as it doesn’t interfere with shooting par.

  12. reper slepr says:


  13. cougar says:

    they already got you. anyone that has a credit card or smart phone can be found easily; license plates are just one more bit of insurance.

    sorry, but anyone thinking they can go out somewhere for a week and not be tracked are fooling themselves. 1984 is here now and it will only get worse when the democrats no longer have to fear losing elections because enough states have become blue enough from 50 years of unchecked immigration.
    given that Colorado and Arizona are now swing states, its very likely that trump will be the last republican president and the journey to a government like central America with 21st century technology to keep you under the thumb is the future.
    sorry, democratic socialists; Norway and Sweden is not the future of the usa as the usa has not been bringing in people that know that socialism, the hard socialism of central America is coming. enjoy the last days of freedom we have under trump, it should be the last.

  14. Clown World says:

    They would really dislike for their face, purchase history, and license plate to be recognized. When they are droned, it hurts their morale. Yet, they cannot figure our whether it’s an adversarial situation, when asked directly.

  15. Billy Jack Galt says:

    Apparently the Constitution of these United States of America is as worthless now as our currency………..

  16. Mike says:

    You are being Censored.
    * First they shut you up. “for civility”
    * Then you are “red flagged”. “because you don’t believe in NWO colectivism communism”
    * Then they take your guns. “for your safety” “obviously you are not right in head if you believe in constitution and that American values matter” That is what the NWO collectivist open border commies will say. Red flag laws are directly from communism.
    * Then you will be rounded up like cattle and slaughtered, GENOCIDE. Beto’s party believe in murdering little babies in their mothers womb. They call this baby murder, “choice”. Do you think for a moment these same Beto clowns wouldn’t murder you?

    Study your history people. Communist ALWAYS use Famine and Genocide. Of course Beto wants you helpless and unarmed. They will also use demographics as a vote weapon.

    TRUMP is now coming after your gun rights. Trump just lost my vote. You also lost my vote and donation Tx gov Abott and Patrick. Black Rifles Matter.

    Your gun rights have nothing to do with hunting. It is to keep you from being slaughtered easily like helpless, mindless, following along, livestock animals.

    Free people also have open conversations and disagree peacfully.
    Free men are allowed to speak without Censorship.

    My plan is $5000 donation to NRA this week.
    Everyone in our very large family is already a lifetime NRA member.
    – How do you like that Beto?
    – How do you like that San Francisco?
    Last week I also found suppliers for our company other than California. Please “Stop giving aid, comfort, business, money, to the ENEMY.”

    Please Go watch the video of man getting stomped by savage animals at Target Field in Minnesota. Link is on DrudgeReport. (That will never happen to me or mine.) Man should have armed himself and NEVER gone somewhere where being armed in not allowed. How did he like his Police protection as he is on ground being stomped by savage animals? I wonder if the man survived the brutal attack by violent savages? That is what happens to unarmed people who are surrounded by violent savage animals. “Police are Minutes away when Seconds count.”

    If you allow the politicians to take away your God given rights. You deserve what comes after.

  17. Archivist says:

    There aren’t any cameras here. They cost too much.

    We don’t have smart meters either. They cost too much.

    We probably won’t get 5G either. It costs too much.

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