WW3? Israel Claims A “Terror Tunnel” Was Found Under UN Agency HQ

by | Feb 11, 2024 | Headline News

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    Israel claims to have found a “terror tunnel” that was directly underneath a United Nations (UN) agency’s headquarters. They claim this underground compound was “vital” to the Hamas terrorist organization. This could most certainly be considered an advancement toward WW3.

    The Israeli military says it has discovered a Hamas tunnel and a secret data center underneath the evacuated headquarters of the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza City, according to a report by RT. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says that a shaft leading to the underground “terror tunnel” was located near a UN-sponsored school. The tunnel was half a mile long and 60 feet deep, passing “under the building that serves as UNRWA’s main headquarters in the Gaza Strip,” the IDF said in a statement on Saturday.

    The underground compound served as “a significant asset of Hamas’ military intelligence,” the IDF said. “UNRWA’s facilities supplied the tunnel with electricity,” the IDF added. The Israeli army also claimed that “large quantities” of weapons, including rifles and grenades, were found at the agency’s main office.

    UNRWA Commissioner General Philippe Lazzarini responded to the claims by saying the agency “did not know what is under its headquarters in Gaza.” He added that the UN staff was evacuated on October 12, and that he is “unable to confirm or otherwise comment” on the allegations made by Israel.

    “UNRWA is a Human development and humanitarian organization that does not have the military and security expertise nor the capacity to undertake military inspections of what is or might be under its premises,” Lazzarini wrote on X (formerly Twitter). –RT

    The UN agency claims to have been assisting Palestinians in Gaza. In recent weeks, several of its employees have been accused of helping Hamas carry out its deadly October 7th attack on Israeli cities. The UN has fired nine staffers and launched an investigation into the matter, however, the allegations prompted multiple countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, to suspend funding of the UNRWA.

    The UN has called for a ceasefire in Gaza and warned that the Israeli operation is creating a humanitarian catastrophe in the Palestinian enclave. The Jewish state has said it is doing everything it can to minimize the civilian death toll and has accused Hamas of using civilians as human shields.

    As more information is released by the rulers of this planet, it appears as though its all leading us in one direction: a global conflagration.



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