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World War 3 Coming? Israel Is On The Brink Of War With Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria And Iran All At The Same Time

Michael Snyder
March 15th, 2019
The Economic Collapse Blog
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This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog

About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

On Thursday, rockets were fired at Tel Aviv for the first time since 2014, and Israel responded by hammering Hamas with airstrikes.  This latest exchange has brought Israel closer to another war with Hamas than ever.  But as you will see below, Israel is also on the brink of war with Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.  And on top of everything else, the most pivotal election in Israel in many years is on April 9th.  If more rockets are fired at Tel Aviv, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cannot afford to look weak because that could cost him a lot of votes in this very tight election.  But he must walk a very fine line, because a military response that is seen as too harsh could potentially spark a major regional conflict.

Everyone knows that Israel is simply not going to tolerate rockets being fired at Tel Aviv, and so it was quite a shock to learn what had happened on Thursday.  The following comes from the Jerusalem Post

The Israeli military confirmed that two rockets were fired towards central Israel on Thursday evening, with at least two loud explosions heard in the Gush Dan region.

According to the IDF, although the Iron Dome missile defense system was activated, there were no interceptions as both rockets fell in open territory.

It was the first time sirens were activated in Tel Aviv since the last war with Gaza in 2014 and several Israelis were treated for shock.

It was inevitable that there would be a substantial response from the Israeli military, and airstrikes were conducted very rapidly.  According to Fox News, a Hamas naval base was one of the primary targets…

The strikes were occurring in Khan Younis, roughly 15 miles south of Gaza City, according to The Associated Press. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

A Hamas naval base was targeted, the outlet reported, citing Palestinian media.

Originally, Hamas had seemed to deny responsibility for the rocket attacks, but the IDF later confirmed that they were fired by Hamas

We can confirm that the rockets fired from  at earlier tonight were launched by the Hamas terrorist organization.

If Hamas doesn’t fire any more rockets, this will probably be the end of it for now.

But with Hamas, things are never truly over.

Meanwhile, Israel is also on the brink of war with Hezbollah in the north.

In recent days, Israel has been dealing with massive tunnels that Hezbollah has constructed for the purpose of rapidly moving military forces into northern Israel.  So far, five tunnels have been discovered, but there are probably a lot more.

We are being told that the tunnels are absolutely enormous.  Reportedly, they are large enough “to move heavy military equipment”

For the first time since 1973, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confronts the very real prospect of a sizable incursion. Years of fighting alongside Russian and Iranian forces in Syria have transformed Hezbollah into a formidable military force capable of launching such a raid, relying on coordinated infantry, artillery, and even armor and drones. This represents a major leap from Hezbollah’s small hit-and-run tactics in the 2006 Lebanon war.

The tunnels are integral to this new threat. Built in violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701 prohibiting Hezbollah’s rearmament in this area, they are reportedly wide enough to move heavy military equipment and large troop units.

Hezbollah’s leadership continues to threaten Israel with a new war, and it has been estimated that they have built up an arsenal of approximately 150,000 missiles for the next conflict.

Israel is roughly the same size as New Jersey.  Just imagine what would happen if 150,000 missiles were suddenly fired at towns and cities all over New Jersey, and you will have some idea of what Israel is potentially facing.

Of course the Israeli military is far superior to Hezbollah’s forces, but if Israel has to fight Hamas and Hezbollah simultaneously that would be a real challenge.

And then there is Syria.  After eight years of civil war, you would think that Syria would have had enough fighting by now.

Unfortunately, as I pointed out in a previous article, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad just threatened to attack Israel if the Israelis do not leave the Golan Heights.  The following comes from the Jerusalem Post

Syria vowed to attack Israel unless it withdraws from the Golan Heights, World Israel News reported on Thursday.

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad submitted an official warning to the head of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) Kristin Lund, in what seemed to be an attempt to prevent official US recognition of Israeli sovereignty in the Golan.

Can you imagine the stress that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must be going through right now?  A major election is less than a month away and he is literally fighting for his political life, and meanwhile several of Israel’s neighbors appear to be preparing for war with his nation.

And Iran appears to be eager for a fight too.  A few weeks ago, a top Iranian general threatened to completely wipe Israel off the map

Asked by a reporter in Tehran about Israeli threats to strike Iranian forces deployed in Syria, Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami was quoted by Iranian news outlets as saying, “Our strategy is to erase Israel from the global political map. And it seems that, considering the evil that Israel is doing, it is bringing itself closer to that.”

He added: “We announce that if Israel does anything to start a new war, it will obviously be the war that will end with its elimination, and the occupied territories will be returned. The Israelis will not have even a cemetery in Palestine to bury their own corpses.”

And Netanyahu also seems to anticipate that a conflict with Iran is coming.  The following comes from NBC News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu startled Iranians and even the White House on Wednesday with a strident call for Israeli-Arab action against the government in Tehran that was translated by his office as urging “war with Iran.”

Although Israeli officials tried to soften the reference by altering the English translation, the provocative comment was likely to further the perception that Israel, its Gulf Arab neighbors and the United States are interested in using military action to topple the government of Iran.

I have been warning that a major war is coming in the Middle East for a long time, and now we are closer than ever.

Let us hope for peace, but as we have seen in the past, any peace in the region is always just temporary.

Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are all fundamentally committed to the complete and total destruction of the state of Israel and nothing is going to change that.  War is coming at some point, and it is going to be extremely bloody.

GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming.

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Author: Michael Snyder
Date: March 15th, 2019
Website: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/

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  1. A large asteroid is heading toward earth and reliable sources say it will land somewhere in the Middle East, possibly. Around the world people are dancing. No one knows why.


    • GETTING REAL says:

      I want to have a beer in one hand and a good looking hooker in the other, pro or semi pro I WILL BE DRUNK.

    • DMONIC says:

      Pray tell, where are these “reliable” sources from?

    • TharSheBlows says:

      9-11 Never forget the 5 dancing 3ew mossad agents sent over here to NY City to film the planes crashing into the twin towers, then dance in celebration. Then flew back and got a hero’s welcome in Israehell. 9-11 is the best thing that ever happened to Israaehell. Oh and the art students on the entire floor of the towers where the detination blasts took place, well the vacated out of the tower just a few weeks before they blew the towers. And remember every 9-11 hijacker went through a US Airport was run by the same Israehelli Security company under the TSA. Why is there foreign companies running US domestic security at US Airports? The Fix is in Folks. We been duped for decades. Operation “Pull the wool over your eyes.” And GW Bush’s Brother-in-law ran the security at the Twin Towers on 9-11, and got rid of all the dog sniffing security a week before 9-11. Coincidence? pfffftttt.

      Never Forget the USS Liberty False Flag Attack.

      Never forget the Boston Bombing False Flag Attack, and where the DUAL Israehelli Citizen Michael Chertok who was the CHIEF of the DHS, selected the israehelli security detail to work and be in charge of a US Domestic Boston Running Marathon. Gee what could possible go wrong there..

      Why are foreign security companies running US domestic security for events?

  2. Old Guy says:

    Ok giant space rock hitting in the middle east would solve a lot of problems. we need a few more in other select places also..

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      more great insight into what’s happening by michael snyder. sure does look like this middle-yeast infection will result in the shootout at the oy-vey corral. it will be like shootin’ fish in a cracker barrel.

  3. The Deplorable Renegade says:

    Places like DC, NY, Shitcago, Hollyweird, San Fransicko. Hitting DC and NYC alone would solve a lot of problems.

  4. Yea, Hezbollah tunnels are against UN resolutions but so is Israeli occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights. There are no clean shirts in that mess over there.

    Let them kill each other and hope the fallout doesn’t drift this way. We already waste too much money between foreign aid and useless wars. Shut it down and bring the troops home.

  5. rock and roll says:

    False flag for Bibi? Election time.

  6. Kevin2 says:

    “Shut it down and bring the troops home.”

    If the region derived its income from coconuts the Us wouldn’t be there. OBTW what country is the greatest exporter of coconuts?

    • rellik says:

      You know it is Indonesia so why’d you ask?
      For my preps I keep a large stash of Coconut oil
      as it keeps forever. Cooking, hygiene, and what not.
      I also like the flavor when it is used to
      fry foods.
      Thai Coconut oil was the cheapest.
      go figure.

  7. Just Wondering says:

    The DemoRats will send U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota on a peace keeping mission…

  8. THe Preacher says:

    NeoCON-USA – Planet’s Earth #1 Terrorist Entity

  9. Old Guy says:

    I wouldn’t care a bit. If the USA military stayed out of this (War?) but you know that aint likely.

  10. Sgt. Dale says:

    These silly turds have been fight for 1000 years or more. I say let them fight it out and the winner takes all. USA Russia China stay out of it, but you they we won’t.
    For me I’m thinking that its going to come down to how uses the nukes first.

  11. AGENT SKINHEAD says:

    lol, Presibent Trumptard has just signed the 7 Luciferian ordered Noahide laws as active… get ready to spy those guillotines up real close you Jesus lovers – off with their blasphemous heads!

  12. AGENT SKINHEAD says:

    Never be afraid of calling out those Jews who hate Lord Jesus and His repentant followers – God bless.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mac.

  14. Traitor Hator says:

    Don’t forget The Sampson Option, Where Israel threatens to fire all its nuclear bombs and contaminate the entire planet if they think they might loose a war.

  15. Frank says:

    Nukes are the real reason the US kisses kosher tuchas every chance we get. Israel has long had the “Samson Option,” a scorched-earth policy regarding their use of nukes. This policy says, simply, if the Third Temple (Israel) is about to fall, we push our button and take out the entire middle east, ourselves included. Implied in that threat is, hey, you US goyim, if you don’t give us whatever we want, when we want it, we’ll start a nuclear war and you’ll be dragged into it. So we pay. Can you say, “protection racket?”

  16. The bottle rockets into Tel Aviv have been going on for decades. They aint gonna stop. Casualties are rare. A bit of property damage here and there. Nothing more. Nobody is getting into a major war over this. All Israels enemies know that in a real war, they would be obliterated. And Iran would be NUKED. Much like KJU in North Korea. A lot of sabre rattling (rhetoric and a test missle launch her and there). KJU knows all too well that war w/ the U.S. would be suicidal. Just as the enemies of Israel know that a real attack would be the end of their regimes. Nothin here….move on please.!!
    This is all politics and propaganda….

  17. Lamont Cranston says:

    this author is a goof.Israel is protected from above and no force on earth can disrupt His plan.

  18. Sgt. Dale says:

    Hey guys don’t forget how close India and Pakistan are to going to war. Muslims vs Hindus. Muslim vs Jews. Does anyone see a theme here?
    Don’t forget Paris is burning but no one is reporting it.