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“We’re In No Danger” – The Iranian EMP Threat: Who do YOU Believe?

Jeremiah Johnson
January 18th, 2016
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“Today marks the first day of a safer world.  This evening, we are really reminded once again of diplomacy’s power to tackle significant challenges.  Thanks to years of hard work and committed dialogue, we have made vital breakthroughs related to both the nuclear negotiations and a separate long-term diplomatic effort.”

John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, 1/16/16, in Vienna

iran-emp2 iran-emp1

The following information should shed light on this false statement by a sitting U.S. Secretary of State.  There’s a lot of information here that is beneficial to keep in mind and save for your records and studies regarding EMP’s.

This dialogue is taken from a June 4, 2012 interview between Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project, and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, one of the world’s foremost experts on the EMP capabilities of foreign nations.

Dr. Peter Vincent PryIranian military writings openly describe making an EMP attack to eliminate the United States as an actor on the world stage.

Ryan Mauro: How far away is Iran and other enemies of the U.S. from having the capability to carry out this kind of attack? Some experts say that Iran would still need a year to construct an actual nuclear bomb after acquiring the necessary highly enriched uranium and would need years after that to develop a nuclear warhead that can fit onto a ballistic missile.

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry:  Any state or group possessing any nuclear weapon and any missile capable of reaching an altitude over 30-40 kilometers can make an EMP attack.  An ICBM is not necessary.  An EMP attack can be delivered by a short-range missile launched from a ship, such as a commercial freighter, operating near U.S. shores.  Iran has practiced such a delivery mode.  Iran already has missiles, such as Scuds and its Shahab-III, capable of delivering a nuclear warhead. 

Officially, the Obama Administration claims that Iran does not yet have nuclear weapons.  Personally, I have written several articles warning that Iran might already have the bomb.  Our intelligence on Iran’s nuclear weapons program is not good.  Historically, our intelligence community has a bad record on predicting the advent of new nuclear weapon states and was taken by surprise by the development of nuclear weapons by Russia, India, Pakistan and North Korea.

Supposedly, Iran has been trying to develop nuclear weapons for 20 years, yet during World War II, the U.S. Manhattan Project developed the world’s first nuclear weapons using 1940’s era technology in just three years.  Why should Iran, with access to the now declassified Manhattan Project papers and copious other U.S. documents on nuclear weapons design and helped by North Korea and others and equipped with modern technology, not be able to accomplish in 20 years what the U.S. accomplished during the 1940’s in just three?   

The difficulty of miniaturizing a nuclear warhead for missile delivery is often exaggerated.  Pakistan deployed nuclear warheads on its Ghauri missile just one year after its first nuclear test.  Israel, according to the respected Wisconsin Project, has developed a sophisticated array of nuclear weapons, including thermonuclear warheads and weapons miniaturized for delivery by missiles and artillery–all without nuclear testing.

Firstly, regarding the article by AP with the Kerry quote, this US-EU “triumph of diplomacy” … who reported this?  Here are the two main protagonists: the article’s content is self-explanatory and the slant not merely obvious, but enveloping.  George Jahn and Bradley Klapper of the Associated Press (with Associated Press writers Ali Akbar Dareini in Tehran and Josef Federman in Jerusalem contributing) are the reporters.  Jahn was involved in leaking information back in 2012 from an “anonymous official from an IAEA member-state.”

The leaked information pertained to allegations concerning the Iranian scientist Rezaeinejad, murdered shortly after Jahn’s article came to press.  Klapper is an AP “reporter” handling DC metro politics, also featured regularly in the Washington Post, Time, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, and others.  Jahn, incidentally, is Bureau Chief for AP in Vienna, where Kerry made the aforementioned comments pertaining to.

In this AP article entitled US, EU Lift Sanctions against Iran amid Landmark Nuke Deal, where Jahn and Klapper announced the lifting of the Iranian sanctions in the most fawning, glowing terms, as such:

“But the deal is also a boon for the White House. U.S. President Barack Obama’s greatest foreign policy triumph, it has turned tensions into a first step toward cooperation with Iran, a major regional power instrumental for ending the Syrian conflict and other Middle East crises. It aims to increase the time Iran would need to make enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon from several months to a year, primarily by capping Tehran’s ability to enrich uranium, which can create material ranging from reactor fuel to warhead material. Under the deal, Iran committed to reduce its operating centrifuges enriching uranium by two-thirds, to just over 5,000 machines.”

The sanctions were not lifted through Congress.  Obama signed an Executive Order lifting the sanctions on Iran instituted by Congress, on Saturday, January 16, 2016, on the weekend as almost all of his executive orders are done.

In the meantime, the North Koreans have a satellite that passes 300 km (about 180 miles) above the earth and continuously passes over the continental United States.  Dr. Pry pointed out back in 2012 that the technology then in existence was not difficult to miniaturize such an EMP weapon.  The administration with “point men” leading the way as Obama and Kerry tell us we’re in no danger and a miracle of diplomacy has occurred.  In their eyes, the Iranians are now our friends; in their eyes, the UN is happy, and we can all believe what they tell us.

Or we can believe the words of Dr. Peter Vincent Pry.  Obama and his staff have been weakening the U.S. for the “Sunday Punch” for seven years, now.  He has made Iran more of a threat with his executive order.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one summarizes the concept: Iran is not a “friend” of the U.S.  The only question is, are the Iranians more dangerous to the United States, or is Obama?  The latter choice is probably the winner, although not by much.


Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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Author: Jeremiah Johnson
Date: January 18th, 2016
Website: https://www.shtfplan.com/

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  1. PO'd Patriot says:

    Who am I gonna believe? Good question Jeremiah. I could give a more accurate list of who I don’t, but it would be lengthy.

  2. Ppod says:

    Don’t worry…Be happy!

    • sixpack says:

      “The difficulty of miniaturizing a nuclear warhead for missile delivery is often exaggerated.” — What is exaggerated is everything you read in the MSM about foreign countries. The only thing any of us know about Iran IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN TOLD BY THE MSM.

      Haven’t we learned anything yet? If there is one applicable rule of thumb when dealing with the MSM, it is:

      “Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.”

      I like to add my own ROT: If the MSM is for it, I’m AGAINST IT. If the MSM is against it, I’M FOR IT. Consider these things:

      We now know that virtually ALL of the people historically demonized in the MSM ended up being not necessarily a demon, but a U.S./NEOCON TARGET for geopolitical purposes. We found out AFTER THE FACT that we’d been LIED TO BY THE MSM. Mothing they have ever told us, ended up being true. NOTHING.

      We also know that the U.S. and their complicit lapdogs the MSM, have been supporting terrorists, murderers and savage dictators for their own ends. The government supported terrorists with OUR tax money and training…the media suppports them by blacking out their terrible deeds, unless they want to whip up a war real quick or get public consent to go bomb some more hospitals, schools or drone some weddings.

      So I’m sorry JJ, but your article falls apart when you use the MSM to stroke our fears. WE CANNOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT THE MEDIA OR JOHN KERRY/OBAMA SAYS, positive or negative. IT’S ALL LIES TO MANIPULATE US. Every word of it.

      We bought the same shit before. The MSM said the same shit about Russia. The MSM said the same shit about Syria and Assad. Now, since the warmongering neocons have destroyed the rest of the middle east – NOW WE HEAR THE SAME SHIT ABOUT IRAN.

      NO Siree Bob. Not this time. Uh-Uh.

      I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I’d just watched as my neighbors were all rounded up and executed while their homes burned – when they came marching up to my door, I wouldn’t wait to see what they wanted from me. I WOULD DEFEND MYSELF IF I COULDN’T GET AWAY.

      Iran is no different. What is a threat to the neocons, is ARMED RESISTANCE. They’re using the same platitudes on US here in the U.S. Show me one middle eastern country that the west has disarmed, that they have not attacked and utterly destroyed right afterwards. GO AHEAD. Name one.

      WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY IS THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT. Just like it was in the rest of the middle east. We all like to quote all of the regimes that disarmed the people before they slaughtered them. Have we changed our minds about that, or is it that ONLY WE ARE ALLOWED TO THINK THAT WAY?


      I’d be arming myself at break-neck pace.


      Only a tool would deny it. They are no different than us. They see it coming and are trying to prepare to protect themselves. I think I can safely assume that some of US would have a nuke stashed away if we could – just in case the govt aimed one at us, right?

      JUST IN CASE – it’s not just for preppers anymore.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Sixpack, I totally agree about MSM. Most people don’t know they’re owned by only six corporations run by a certain tribe.

      • Sixpack – very well said on your part ღ ❤ ღ

        How does the Western Powers stop or reduce a threat to the United States and it’s Allies?

        Stop screwing around with other Nations!!!

        Last time Iran invaded another country, was over 200 years ago. Can any other Nation say the same?

        Iran does not have a Central Bank.
        Iran does not want to sell their oil in US Dollars.
        Iran does not need a nuclear weapon to fuck up Israel.

        Iran does not want to follow the NWO Agenda.

        As Sixpack mentioned – it’s all lies, and if people want to continue to get suckered into more propaganda … then you’re are not as smart as you think you are – don’t be that dumb fuck ..

        I couldn’t finish reading this whole article – it was bad from the very start … the middle was questionable … and the ending was just plain idiotic.

        Don’t get me wrong, Iran has it’s problems too, but at least they are not going around screwing with their neighbor’s – unlike some other countries they we all know so well about.

        So yes … boo on this article … it has CNN,FOX,MSNBC & Tel Aviv written all over it.

      • Mike in VA says:


        The MSM says this is a wonderful deal. The crowning glory of Obama’s economic policy. Therefore I know that the deal is horrible and does put us in danger. Secondly you don’t have to just look at media here. You can look at media of other countries. Is the US totally innocent in this. Heck no. But when the MSM is promoting Obama’s foreign policy and echoing his words. This tells me that Iran is a true threat and all you have to do is talk to people who have lived in that area of the world.

        If you want to prevent war and trouble then be as strong as you can be. We are doing the opposite which history will prove is a mistake.

      • Tacoma says:


  3. Stars & Bars says:

    Great read JJ. I understand that N. Korea may be doing some “testing” for Iran?

    Happy Jackson-Lee day ya’ll, may The South rise again!

  4. watching and waiting says:

    Who do I believe?

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said “That Israel will not allow Iran to have Nuclear Weapons.

    In an after thought, North Korea possesses the capability
    to launch a Nuclear EMP attack on the USA, now.

    I think we should concentrate on doing what we can do to prepare and be as safe as we can and any contribution a person can post to help another is what is needed. We seemed to have gotten away from that.

    It is starting to get desperate, friends. For some who do come here, it is already a desperate situation.

    • Hilldweller says:

      W and W

      Thumbs up ditto’s!

      We need to remain community… It is closing in fast… And forget the “election”…


    • “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said “That Israel will not allow Iran to have Nuclear Weapons.”

      These ‘tards that resides in Israel have been claiming such a thing since the 1980’s about Iran. It always seems to be the …

      “oh … Iran is going to have a nuclear device in about 6 months.”

      It would seem people would get tired of hearing this constant decadence of fear mongering, and nothing of the matter comes from it.

  5. I believe the US is going to have repercussions for decades of Imperialism. Like the endless waves of immigrants from every country we have bombed. Like nuclear warheads and EMI strikes. Bullies pay when they meet someone worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Imperialism?”- written like a good little Useful Idiot!

    • Braveheart1776 says:

      Rebecca, I agree. BTW, I would ignore the moron who called you a useful idiot.

    • moxie says:

      who do you think the bully is, we protect innocents, and never take the spoils of war, losing great treasure and lives doing it. There isn’t one single war America has been in that benefited the US. It was always to support someone else, and to defeat monsters. Your coolaid needs an icecube.

      • Kevin2 says:


        I don’t know where to start as one needs to separate the US (as in us the people) from what the US does.

        “There isn’t one single war America has been in that benefited the US.”

        Your reasonably correct in the above. The problem is the US is controlled by Internationalist Bankers and they have always benefitted even if “We The People” did not. The US is their enforcer as two time Metal Of Honor recipient USMC Smedley Butler wrote in his book, “War Is A Racket”. It was true in 1935 and its only got more true as time
        progressed. Read up on “The Oil Peg”. Nations are literally coerced at gun point to use the US Dollar in international transactions. As the people of Libya, who had the highest standard of living in Africa where their gold went and why their infrastructure was bombed by the US when it backed AQ terrorists overthrowing the country. Ask the people of Iraq if their better off now. Where are the WMDs? Ask them if their present “government” (if one could call it that) if they are going to think about trading their oil in Euros again.

        • Dave says:

          You Know Your History.

          • Kevin2 says:

            Ever see the cartoonTV series, “The Simpsons”? I worked in a power plant. I had considerable “down time” so unlike many who played “Pong” I read and read and read.

            I have a brother that doesn’t know, doesn’t care and doesn’t care to know. He lives blissfully in ignorance entertaining himself with “worshipping the sphere”. I asked him once in a test, “Did the US loose more people in Vietnam or WWII”. His reply, “Vietnam”. This is what you get when you don’t read. OBTW, he votes.

            I learn a lot from this BB especially the links.


        • Kevin2, you are right. It is a mess and I don’t know what to do. I do know that being blind and ignorant isn’t helping anyone in this country.

          • Kevin2 says:


            Being ignorant and therefore illogical which facilitates a devoid of cognitive reasoning appears to be on the increase in a time of virtually unfettered (for now) access to facts. 25 years ago truth was difficult to find requiring hours in the library. Generally people today are intellectually lazy preferring mindless entertainment.

            If 1984 is the template for society we may see a day when, “being blind and ignorant”, will be an asset, possibly a lifesaver.

        • Anonymous says:

          Surely you can not separate “we the people” from their democratically elected government? To do so is absolving “we the people” of any/all culpability. It’s rather a facile argument to blame international bankers etc when the whole of the US population has been willingly in thrall to them while times were good.

          As much as I admire Smedley Butler one must question the lateness of his repentance. He was an intelligent man and yet still did his masters bidding right to the end of his career.

          • Kevin2 says:

            Are the people to blame for inaction when the media and by default its editorial policy is either outright controlled by or at a minimum influenced by the internationalist bankers? Everything was sold as being in the best interests of, “We The People”. Its difficult to blame one for inaction due to ignorance while the other has conspired knowing full well the ramifications of their endeavors. In the end no one is criminally prosecuted for failing to put out a fire started by an arsonist.

            I don’t know if General Butler came to that realization in his twilight years but in no way does it diminish its content.

            • Do we have a democratically elected government if all players are shills? IMHO we do not. Aside from the poor results… people voted Obama in because they wanted to change the status quo. Ditto with people wanting Trump to change the status quo. Nope, I am not blaming the people on either side of the media created divide. Those at the top created this with malice.

              • Acid Etch says:


                We don’t have democratic elections (one person one vote). America is not a fucking democracy. It is a republic (each state gets electoral votes).

                • Kevin2 says:

                  Each state gets the electoral votes of their number of Senators (2) and Representatives (according to population). Once someone gets 50% +1 vote they get those electoral votes. It purpose was to stop too much pandering for votes in the heavily populated states. Its a brilliant system as the entire Constitution is.

              • Anonymous says:

                So everyone in the Senate/congress are shills? How on earth do you come to that conclusion? Please clarify with examples. Or are you going to give us IMHO examples? In the real world IMHO does not hold much sway.

                In the main people vote for self interest not from deep seated altruistic motives.

                Just like the Romans, people, 2,000 years later, are easily won over with bread and circuses.

      • Kevin2 says:


        Here are Smedley Butlers words. True then, even more true today.

        “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

      • Kevin2 says:


        Tell me who the bully is.

        h ttp://www.globalresearch.ca/destroying-a-country-s-standard-of-living-what-libya-had-achieved-what-has-been-destroyed/26686

        Anyone have a justification for the above?

    • John_Allen says:


      I concur. If one wants to read what a twice MOH decorated USMC major general had to say about the imperialism he participated in, take a look at the late Smedley Butler’s War is a Racket.

    • Kulafarmer says:

      I agree, the government and their puppet masters have been sticking their fingers in all sortsa places they ought not be messing with,
      IMHO make sure your own house is secure and in order before screwing with someone els’

    • Acid Etch says:


      Islam has been destroying civilizations for 1400 years.

      Non-whites have been invading our cities and turning them into shit for decades.

      Shove it up your pussy you communist tron.

      • You talk so Muslim little man.

      • Ketchupondemand says:

        Acid, didn’t you say you were going to be nicer in this new year?

        Rebecca, pay him zero attention. He has obviously Mom issues. Engages in oral, anal, and heaven knows what other kinds of sex acts with other men. And he’s proud of it.

        • Pay no attention to Acid Etch –

          That boy ain’t right in the head.

        • Ketchupondemand, too late. I just noted that he talks like a woman hating Muslim. Is he actually gay or just trying to puke men as much as women? Muslim.
          I usually do ignore him, forgive me for responding… I am not normally so dumb as to respond. Sigh.

          • Mike in VA says:


            Never be sorry for confronting something that is so wrong. Acid has a huge hatred and disrespect for women for some reason. I think a lady really hurt him somewhere along the way.
            So don’t be sorry. He needs to learn the proper way to speak to the female people on here.

            • Hi Mike in VA, thanks for the support.
              Muslims have not been hurt by women and their hatred is legion. I think that kind of hatred is more likely the shirt rolls downhill variety. Law firms are vicious places, have you ever worked for an attorney who just got whipped by baas hawg? A person’s character shows. Some walk away and redesign their career. Some take it and get better at their work. Some come back on you, because they perceive you as powerless. I think Acid is eating dirt somewhere in his current life and rolling it downhill. Until Acid changes his circumstances, he will continue his abuse. IMHO, Acid needs to reconsider why he is eating shirt on a daily basis.

      • Mike in VA says:


        Even the so called invading of our cities is caused by the policies of our government. If people did not live off the government then there would still be a culture of hard work. That is true for any race, sex, religion, ect.

        • Kevin2 says:

          Camden NJ is an example. It was a thriving manufacturing center that in many respects was ahead of its time de-industrializing, having beat Allentown of Billy Joel fame by two decades. The underclass moved into cheap housing filling the vacancy produced.

          Cause and symptom are sometimes difficult to ascertain.

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Acid, behave or I’ll get the trolls after you.

  6. Wouldn’t take much for NK to miniaturize a nuke and have it already in a satellite orbiting earth. Just waiting for the right moment to detonate it over the central USA. Keep prepping and enjoy every minute of life you can, because things could go down hill at any time. I my opinion, NK and Iran could join forces to cause chaos on two fronts at the same time severely limiting our ability to react with anything other than a nuclear response.

    • Kevin2 says:

      “Wouldn’t take much for NK to miniaturize a nuke and have it already in a satellite orbiting earth.”

      Quite to the contrary. It would take an effort far beyond North Koreas technological ability for the foreseeable future.

      To date they had a pre fission fizzle. Then a fixed fission explosion that was far too small to be a fusion bomb as they claimed. The weapon needs to be miniaturized which is a major endeavor in itself. From here it needs to be hardened for the G forces if used in missile.

      All of the above are MAJOR TECHNOLOGICAL HURDLES.

      • Mike in VA says:


        If China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Korea, Israel, and possibly Iran have nuclear capability then what makes you think it is so hard. All it would take is a defection of the right scientist from China to Korea.

        With the evil in the world and the desire for wealth it is just a matter of time. The technology exist’s. It does not have to be developed if you get your hands on it. Do you think some of those countries really care whether Korea gets there hands on the technology or not?

        • Kevin2 says:

          China and Russia have ICBMs. As I am aware Pakistan and India have only aircraft deployable nuclear weapons. Regardless NK so far hasn’t had good results in their nuclear tests. One pre fission fizzle, one fission explosion recently.

          I would say both China and Russia damn sure care. China is stuck with NK as an old aged friend from a bygone day that has the potential of senility. Catastrophe there at a minimum spills over to China in a refugee crisis. They both could be unwillingly drug into it. Actually Russia (actually USSR) was far better at hoarding nuclear technology then us as its power plants were staffed by their own people in foreign lands. Israel has no desire to see another nuclear club member. India has a lot to loose. Pakistan is a probable exporter.

    • sixpack says:

      More MSM bullshit.

  7. Blackjack says:

    Whatever this administration says, believe the opposite

  8. SmokinOkie says:

    John-Weasel Kerry reminds me of a certain chap named Chamberlain. Peace for our time, anyone?

  9. Tennessean says:

    I highly recommend “Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms” by Dr. Arthur T. Bradley. He advised me by email on hardening a PV system. I used a length of flexible aluminum conduit with three wires inside to connect the PV panel to the charge controller. Both ends of the aluminum are well grounded. The internal green ground wire is NOT used. The PV panel is completely wrapped in aluminum screen wire which is NOT grounded. One may buy type 61 ferrite cores (www.mouser.com) that will snap over wires to provide some protection from transient pulses and I also use a gas discharge device just before the charge controller.

    I have read of government tests on newer vehicles that appear to show that most would be functional following an EMP but with the dash display fried. I note that the internal car’s computer is heavily shielded to prevent RFI to the radio. Many vehicles stopped running, but could be restarted. Temporarily disconnecting the negative terminal to the battery may be required to reset the computer. With no power, steering and braking will be a hideous problem, and a LOT of crashes would occur, like if the nuke were popped at rush hour.

    I take the NoKo and Iranian EMP threats very seriously and think that JJ’s advice is darn good and complete on such preps. Small devices I put in Faraday cages are first put in plastic bags, then wrapped with aluminum foil, then put in a second plastic bag.

    • wendy says:

      I asked awhile back if my aluminum horse trailer would act as a Faraday cage? never seen a response Anyone?

      • Mike in VA says:


        Just wanted to let you know that I see your question. Don’t know the answer but will try to help and find out.

      • Acid Etch says:


        Put a cell phone inside in and dial it from another cell phone. If you hear it ring, then it isn’t a Faraday cage.

        Thrust those hips when you post the trot.

        • wendy says:

          ha youre a funny one, its rise and fall with the leg on the wall,,,,,,,,,,,,, ok will try that when it warms up,,, have a feeling that it wont be and will have to make different plans

      • WhoKnewIt... says:

        Wendy, A quick way to check is to see if you can get a radio or phone signal while being inside the trailer with all the doors closed. Start there, then close the open gaps. Btw/ horses are EMP Proof. Ha.


        • wendy says:

          For some reason it wouldnt let me answer this one eariler,,, yes they are, all should one at least one stallion 2 if feasible ( for diversity in lines) and 2 to 4 mares, mine drive also so they can take me different ways and work in the garden,,,, actually might be good on that that the tractor is old enough not to have that computer crap in it

    • Dear Tennessean,

      Thank you for the compliments. I take the EMP threat seriously, too, and when someone such as Peter Pry states that Iranians or North Koreans can miniaturize, I believe it.

      The way I do it…two sets of everything, and one set of everything goes into the cages. Also, thanks for the recommended read…I need to check that one out. Now’s the time to prepare for the EMP, not later. I believe that the EMP will initiate all of the bedlam to come.

      Stay in touch, and thanks for the comments…I need them from you…they’re very valuable and helpful.

      Respectfully Yours,


  10. slingshot says:

    I going with “Shorty” from North Korea. When you look at him you can see the hamster running on the treadmill inside his head.

    Squeak, Squeak, Squeak.

  11. Jim in Va. says:

    Its the easiest and cheapest way to cripple this country. Whoever does it will be “gone” when a nuclear sub lets loose. why the government isn’t hardening itself against this possibility is beyond me. The public would be the main casualty,they are not protected at all.

    • sixpack says:

      THIS GOVERNMENT ISN’T HARDENING ITSELF, BECAUSE IT FULLY INTENDS TO STRIKE FIRST. Plus the fact that it already has it’s own COG underground, hardened cities waiting for the only people who matter to them – them.

    • Philosopher says:

      Actually some parts of the government are spending money on this. Ep. 451, on http://www.caravantomidnight.com which was Friday’s program, the guest did talk about how the government is spending a billion USDs on hardening Pike’s Peak. This was not the first time I have heard about the facility being hardened, I read an article (no link saved) last year that said the same thing. Also, certainly Mt. Weather (and other COG sites) are hardened as well.

      I have read about the nice shiny badges (with directions on the back) that are given to essential personnel. I can’t see anyone from DC hoofing it the 48 miles to Mount Weather (even with directions printed on the backside of their plastic badge). Nor can I envision any of them lasting more than a few days before everything inside goes to shit. No nanny? No maid? No assistant? Sure. I can envision the first murder happening within two weeks. Plus the place would stink to high heaven and be disgusting after the first week. Who is going to clean the showers? Cook the food? Take out the trash? Make the beds and change sheets and do the laundry? Mop the floors? LMAO. I can see senators and congressmen getting pissy when they are told to make their bed, to detail the shower, or mop the floor.

      There are a couple of good books that talk about living underground. “Level 7” is an older short novel that explores this idea. The best, and most interesting series I have read that explores the government and this concept, is the Wool Series by Hugh Howey. Mr. Howey allows readers to write riffs on his original books and some of the fan-ficiton is excellent.

      “One Second After,” “One Year After,” “Light’s Out,” and a “A Distant Eden” (series) are all novels that explore possible scenarios that might happen after an EMP.

      As far as launching a small nuke into the atmosphere in order to cause an EMP it would only take three to cripple the US. One in DC, one in NYC, and LA.

      • PeterFrancisco says:

        I’ll add to your point about the three nukes. It would take three nukes to cripple the US if they were at an altitude of 30 to 40 km, the minimum altitude necessary to achieve any kind of EMP. They would also most likely be launched from some type of inconspicuous-looking freighter. One would be over the East Coast, one over the West Coast, and one over the Midwest.

        The model of the EMP device matters. The three-nuke scenario would require three North Korea model Super EMP/E1 devices at 30 to 40 km high. If you do what the North Koreans have done, dress one up to look like a satellite, you can position it over the US, then give the command to de-orbit before you blow it up over the US; all you would need is one nuke and you would have total and complete infrastructure failure in the US.

        • Philosopher says:

          PF: I agree. Launching an atmospheric nuke from a freighter or cargo ship off shore would not be that difficult.

          After listening to Jeff Nyquist, author of the book “The New Tactics of Global War,” last night on http://www.caravantomidnight.com Ep. 452 (this is not a free site it cost $5 a month but you get immediate access to all of the previous shows and it isn’t an extra charge. Plus there are no commercials) everything finally fell into place and made sense. I had not heard of Nyquist before but his depth of knowledge and research were incredible. The gist of the show was that the US has been infiltrated with communists and was stunning. I am going to listen to the interview again because this guy paints the picture and fills in the blanks. It doesn’t look good for the US, sadly. I expect the US will be thrown under the bus, sooner rather than later and there isn’t going to be anyone that is going to rescue us.

  12. rellik says:

    ” The only question is, are the Iranians more dangerous to the United States, or is Obama? ”
    The answer is Obama and his enablers in the Democrat party. I have more fear of the Federal government than any foreign nation. I fear Democrats in federal police departments, far more than any terrorist.
    As for EMP, we are upgrading our B-52’s with newer rotary launchers for newer cruise missles(eg. MALD/J – ADM-160C) that can carry EMP weapons. My point is, for EMP weapons to work you have to be very close and very precise, as the effect is very localized. I don’t think Koreans or Iranians are even close to be able to threaten the entire country.

  13. 2isone says:

    Even 25 years ago, we had people who knew how to do without electric and electronic items, who could have passed skill sets on in a time of emergency. But now, I doubt most people under the age of 25 know how to read a paper map- people don’t save them anymore.
    The emp is the most logical weapon available to nations. Total chaos would ensue after a pulse of even moderate size.

  14. Seminole Wind says:

    EMP? How about the cheesy “rescue” of our Sailors by Iran, if that wasn’t a set up, I’m a frick’n bull Gator.

    Anybody besides me see the movie “13 Hours” this weekend? Made me think that some of the conspiracies on aren’t so wacko after all.

    Have to agree with Acid Etch on ONE THING: It’s time for us “Boomers” running for President to sit down,
    (Sanders, Trump, and Hitlery).

    Put Bernie next to Trump and you have the two old guys from The Muppet show up in the balcony. Complain-complain-complain!

    Dump Trump/Choose Cruz in 2016

    • Kevin2 says:

      Sanders is correct on a few items that everyone else avoids like a case of the clap.

      1. The demise of Glass-Steagall and the necessity of its reinstitution.

      2. The contribution of “Free Trade” for the economic downfall of the middle class.

      3. The Trans Pacific Partnership and its ability to further #2 above.

      4. Useless, unjustified wars for very ostensible reasons.

      • sixpack says:

        Just about ALL of the candidates (except hillary) make some good points. The only reason I except hillary is because everything she says is a lie, meant to manipulate the people to vote for her.

        Trump and his unwavering defense of the second amendment is supported by GAO and he makes good points on immigration and trade deals.

        As you say, Bernie has some good points. The same with Rubio and Cruz.

        But what I look at, is whether or not the candidates would be for or against continuing with the wars in the middle east and rushing into WW3. All of the best economic and domestic policies in the world will do us no good, during a nuclear winter.

        That’s how I look at it.

        • Kevin2 says:


          The Second Amendment for me is not negotiable regardless what a candidate is doing otherwise because I believe like the Founding Fathers stated in many of the Federalist Papers that its the teeth in the Bill of Rights. That being said the evisceration of the 4th, 5th and 6th and the virtual ignoring of the 10th is not comforting. I don’t see anyone changing what has happened to the 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th but Ray Charles can see the attacks on the Second and “We The People” political ability to thwart it.

          Those 4 issues of Bernie Sanders are vitally important. I’m glad someone is stating them.

        • Braveheart1776 says:

          Sixpack, when Hillary opens her stupid mouth, her nose is just like Pinocchio’s…..it keeps growing, growing, growing…..

        • Tacoma says:

          Sixpack. thas how you look at it and i agree

      • Kevin2,
        I have to agree about Sanders. He is the only candidate that addresses the real issues, then again he is the only candidate not owned by the Boyz. He could not correct those things on his own, the House and Senate would eviscerate him.

        Can you imagine a Socialist is the only one talking about real issues? Lord Have Mercy on the United States of America that tptb are so stupid they pushed us in that particular corner.

        • Kevin2 says:


          The world is upside down.

          TPTB are not stupid. The only person addressing the financial issues is a Socialist that has zero chance winning. These issues have been pushed off the mainstream agenda. Bernie Sanders is a vent, a safety valve that has his followers at least saying, “At least we have a First Amendment to discuss these issues and we’ll do better next time”. In the end its, next time, next time, next time…………next time.

          • Kevin2,
            I hear ya. Sanders and Trump are both safety valves. The safety valves are getting a lot more support than they expected. They aren’t safety valves designed to protect us, they are designed to protect TPTB. Cruz reminds me of Nixon. Too much money from his wife’s Goldman Sachs… and her being so suicidal after he dumped her in Austin to make babies, while he milked her career and contacts for his career. There is a story there. Making him a bankster owned Hillary Clinton.

            • Kevin2 says:

              “They aren’t safety valves designed to protect us, they are designed to protect TPTB.”

              Thats a given. There isn’t an institution, agency or department within government other than the Fire Department that puts you first. I have a soft spot for firemen, especially volunteers. They turn in their bad actors, perform a very dangerous job, and don’t get a state funeral when they die in the line of service.

            • sixpack says:

              HERE IS THE WORST DAMAGE THE NWO HAS DONE TO OUR COUNTRY. Things are SO screwed up, we’ve been LIED TO for SO LONG, that we don’t even know which end is up anymore.


              Experience has taught is to doubt everything and expect the worst. Good is somehow bad, and bad is our only choice? There’s something wrong with all of them, and if there isn’t, the media will make up something.

              Maybe the problem is US. We ain’t seeing a good candidate, because we don’t EXPECT to see a good candidate. We’re too busy trying to debunk the lies and deceit that we’re so accustomed to.

              Don’t we ALWAYS find out the worst shit ONLY AFTER we elect them? I know I feel like I’ve taken one too many leaps of faith, ending up on my face in the mud. I’m so tired of mud in my eye…

              • Sixpack,
                I am tired too. I always believe in my heart that 62 people cannot control 7 billion human beings. They have declared war on us, and they have enough money to skew the truth and hire thugs. But really? Paper tigers. Smoke and mirrors. The Wizard of Oz.

          • sixpack says:

            I think we’re just about on our LAST “next time”…

    • Makemyday says:

      Cruz CONtrol= Goldman Sachs. One of the 5 biggest donators to Cruz’ campaign.

      But of course he wont support the GS agenda……their filthy fingers are every where destroying the world with their Gold.

  15. PeterFrancisco says:

    I’m one of these people who can’t get enough information on EMPs. If there’s one thing out there you need to self-educate yourself on, to the highest level possible, this is it. Most people will look at you like you have three heads when you start talking about this stuff, but it’s the stuff you need to know to keep your backside alive. The threat is that real.

    Not too long ago, I listened to both parts of the prepper recon Peter Vincent Pry podcast. Some outstanding information on the different types of nuclear EMPs. The first generation nuclear EMP is your standard Starfish Prime variety: put a big nuke on a missile, shoot it into space, and blow it up. The second generation variety are what North Korea put in that satellite. It’s a low explosive yield nuke (3 to 10 kilotons) with gamma ray emissions that are off the charts. The technical name is Super EMP/E1 EMP weapon. It’s the gamma rays that cause the E1 EMP.

    The numbers on North Korea’s EMP capabilities are eye-popping. A 3 kiloton explosive yield puts out up to 8x the E1 EMP (gamma rays) produced by a 25 megaton nuclear bomb. In terms of voltage, that 3 kiloton North Korea nuke puts out 200k volts versus a 30k to 50k voltage output from a 25 megaton nuke.

    To make things simple for someone who doesn’t have a solid knowledge of nuclear EMPs, gamma rays = E1 = voltage. More gamma rays produce more E1, which produces more voltage. That’s how nuclear EMPs kill anything electronic.

    Pry also went into a concept called coupling, which is what allows all that EMP voltage to kill small electronic components. E1 does not directly couple into microchips because they are too small. E1 starts by coupling into large electronic parts to couple down into medium-size electronic parts. From there, it couples into small electronic parts. E1 keeps coupling into smaller and smaller stuff until it kills the microchip and things smaller than a microchip.

    The reason why Super EMP/E1 EMP weapons are at the top of the weapons food chain is because with one push of the button, you can finish countries, cultures, races, and continents in a millisecond. Unless you know what signs of EMP attack to look for, you won’t have a clue what happened.

    Americans have what I would call a fatal fixation regarding nuclear weapons. They are conditioned to think someone is going to detonate one 1000 feet above a major US city and kill upwards of a million people. They are fixated on looking up and seeing a mushroom cloud in the sky. Anyone who thinks that way is dead wrong, and on the fast track to just plain dead. There is no mushroom cloud with an EMP. It kills by killing the infrastructure many Americans can not survive without.

    In the first 11 days post-EMP, at least 1/4 to 1/3 of Americans would be dead, many because the infrastructure that keeps them alive isn’t there any more and they would not have the slightest clue how to perform the functions that infrastructure performed for them on their own, such as being able to manufacture themselves a safe drink of water. What are they going to do when there’s no functioning water utility? Maybe go down to the local river and fetch a bucket of water so they can boil it. Will they have the know-how to filter it first? Probably not. They’ll just boil that water with whatever’s in it, drink it, and probably end up killing themselves.

    • sixpack says:

      Not to mention the people with special needs, like heart and diabetes medications, and with home devices like oxygen units and so forth. THOSE people are doomed if there is no one around with some know-how to help them.

      I still get a pain pill, but I can live without that.

      • Tacoma says:

        six you are correct. i am diabetic but manage.

      • PeterFrancisco says:

        Absolutely correct with your point. Anyone who has the conditions you mentioned will be either toward the tail end of the first level of die-off, or part of the second level of die-off.

        People who need oxygen or breathing machines would be dead within a matter of a few hours to a few days, post-EMP. So would anyone who needs dialysis machines.

        People on meds for diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure and asthma would all be in that second die-off. Once their supply of meds runs out, they’re on borrowed time. They may last a month or possibly three months, but they stand little chance of staying alive beyond that point.

  16. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:


    Yes, we barely missed it the last time. And because my govenment ex agency source told me that Dr James Garrow was former agency, and that he, Garrow is legit, 100% on the money, i knew that i had to prep and get ready for this very event again, because according to him, they the cabal, the administration, and the United nations of muslims, are planning to get another country to use the EMP on the continental United States. Think this is bullsh…..t, listen to that audio. This almost happened and had it happened, i would not have survived it at the time. This time if it happens, i am ready. I know what to do if i am work, what to do, i am in the middle of a freeway 50 miles from home, i have a plan for every damn senario you can ever imagine. Walking the path to escape to get into battle gear is the createst challenge, because i may not make it home or to the BOL, and will get killed. I am just as volunarable as eveyone on this site and am nothing special. I will need to make the best of it. I have already told my girlfriend that we might get seperated and if that happens she needs find a realiable Red neck fast for protection, that will be her new boyfriend if needs to survive. It sounds crazy, but i have to be realistic. Ofcourse she does not prep, she has preps because of me ofcourse. Becuase if it’s and EMP, this leaves only 12 hrs in all the major cities before all hell breaks loose.

    The agency source told me that North Korea is a US colony, run and owned by the US to use make us believe that they are our enemy so that they can say that North Korea is going to attack us with and EMP, when infact the United States is allies with North Korea and is using them to launch the EMP. According to him, following such and event is instant martial law, Nato, UN soldiers, Chinese, and other Rogue faction countries, such as Latvia, that broke away from Russia, and has 1,000’s of soldiers in our country will be used to take out the rest of the population.


    I am posting this link to let you all know that i have talked to people and chinese soldiers are massing in Mexico 60 miles south of our border that is just awaiting orders from China to cross over our border and this is a fact of life. And it gets even worst, our air space in Texas is not controled by Texas, this is why they keep massing foreign soldiers, they just keep flying them in and deploying them every month. And estimated over 10,000 muslim jihadist fighters are in Texas. That explains the reason why the jihadist at Pam Gellers meeting were dressed up like combat soldiers and had AK’s

    I also been told this by the scientist. We will be going into a gun battle within the next 20-24 months, period. This is not just some piss rant on my part. I even had retired cop confirm to me in person, that this is really going on that the soldiers are in Mexico..The cabal is just waiting on the right moment, busting ass, doing everything in thier power to get the event thats needed to declare martial law, and wipe us off the map. And for you chinese soldiers who like to just jump on here on my board, taking crap to me, your only talking crap becuase i am not standing in front of your ass with combat gear with my rifle pointing in your phucking face. Who is behind this invasion, is none other than that administration and the united nations of islam… Like Dr Garrow warned, the concern that the chinese are having with us, is that it makes thier job difficult for them to come in and kill us, they are worried about casualties, mass casualites, that will prevent them from achieving those goals. Acid is right, the solution is not that complicated. All you need is one of these.



  17. aljamo says:

    All three Democraps praised Obama, Hitlery lying that he saved the economy, she has deceit mastered. A vote for Hitlery is a vote for war. Colonel Sanders has some good suggestions, the establishment must be laughing their butts off at his proposals and the chance for their enactment. This is the first debate I have watched. It was pitiful, the truth just rolled off Hitlery’s back as meaningless. All of the candidates are warmongers who plan further destruction for America. Where are the antiwar candidates?

  18. John_Allen says:

    SAVAK, the Shah’s equivalent to the CIA, didn’t overturn our 1956 election as the US did when we deposed Mossadagh, popularly elected Iranian ruler circa 1955. Which put Khomeini in power and led directly to the Embassy seizure in 1979.

    Iran (Persia) has been a power for thousands of years. If we learned to mind our own business and stop trying to dominate them, we have far less to worry about than their number one adversary.

    Which is the KSA. The Shia and the Sunni have hated each other for about 1400 years.

    Let’s wish Iran luck in decapitating the House of Saud, because they, with their Wahhabi fanatics, are far more a danger to us than is Iran.

    In 1400 years Sunni Islam has murdered 270 million people and annihilated dozens of civilizations. Africans, Christians, HIndus, Buddhists and polytheists.

    North Africa used to be Christian and identify with Europe. In medieval times Turkey was known as Greek Anatolia and was Christian. Afghanistan was Buddhist. India, pre-Jihad, was twice the size it is now.

    KSA funds and sends imams to most of the mosques in the US. Fifteen of the nineteen September 11 jihadis were Saudi. The Islamic Saudi Academy in northern virginia trains children of Muslim diplomats for Jihad.

    Islam originated in Mecca, which before Mohammed was a religiously tolerant town whose people worshipped 360 gods.

    Mohammed’s first order of business, when he was asked to leave Mecca because he was antagonizing everyone, was to go to Medina. He returned to Mecca and wiped out everyone who had in any way opposed him.

    Mohammed is history’s most successful warlord. Nobody these days fights in the name of Caesar or Alexander the Great.

    If Iran keeps KSA up at night more power to Iran.

    Center for the Study of Political Islam politicalislam on Youtube


  19. Phil says:

    You know what the Bible says “when they say peace and safety, look out!” (this quotation is definitely paraphrased, but the message is clear). Let’s just hope it’s not in the dead of winter – would be harder to survive then.

  20. aljamo says:

    Today is MLK jr day. Murdered by the US government before the massive rally planned in D.C. against the Vietnam war which was to last until the war was ended. All those are known facts. So in the 1960’s the peoples voices who were for peace were smashed down and ignored, with JFK, RFK and MLK murdered by our very own government. Sorry, Oswald, Sirhan and Ray were all patsies. War is our biggest enemy, until enough American’s stand up and say No More War the decline of this nation will continue. Love your neighbor as yourself, the 2nd commandment. Yeah, that seems impossible in 2016.

  21. the Lone Ranger says:

    Aljamo, excellent points.

    They killed Dr. King EXACTLY one year after his prophetic, famous, April 4, 1967 Anti-Vietnam speech, one that still holds up as an analysis of our sick policy that continues to this day.

    I encourage everyone to go to startpage.com (it’s google but startpage does not allow them to track either your i.p. address or your topic.)

    War makes money for the FEW in government who hold stock or power in the defense industries, the companies that make the tanks, the missiles, all the weapons and gear.

    The powers that be arm both sides, while manipulating/controlling our media and whipping us into a frenzy to hate “the other side” using Lies and Scapegoating as the bedrock of their evil.

    “Peace” is a DIRECT threat to their bank accounts– they get rich off the blood of our young servicemen and servicewomen. The last president LIED about weapons of mass destruction (distraction) and how many of our young people died as a result?

    Our CIA created “ISIS”– we needed a new enemy on top of the terrorists we gave birth to by engineering 9/11– OUR OWN COUNTRY brought down those towers. Otherwise, the powers that be wouldn’t be firing TENURED physics professors who prove jet fuel cannot melt steel and TENURED professors who prove nobody died at Sandy Hook.

    It’s one big magic show for these people.

    But they can’t fool US!

    Nor can they fool Almighty God who sees Infinitely more than their NSA-controlled google, facebook, smartphone software, flatscreens and more!

    It is only fitting to let Dr. King himself have the last words:

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

    For those in the so called government who read and track us at shtfplan.com, they KNOW where WE stand!

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Dr. M.L. King, Jr.

    – the Lone Ranger

    • Ketchupondemand, too late. I just noted that he talks like a woman hating Muslim. Is he actually gay or just trying to puke men as much as women? Muslim.
      I usually do ignore him, forgive me for responding… I am not normally so dumb as to respond. Sigh.

  22. USMC1982 says:

    There is no doubt that Iran would love to do it. The only questions is will they have the balls to hit the us.

    I say they will not, but I do believe that they will attack Isreal as soon as they get a bomb.

  23. Thor 1 says:

    What if the navy boats were an illusion to make it look like Iran was being nice to return our soldiers and boats? What if the were ordered into hostile waters intentionally? These boat were designed for rivers not seas, but still they can travel at nearly 50 mph. If they were in 15 miles it would have taken them 20 minutes to get in international water. If you think about it Iran would not have opened fire on them and jeopardize 150 billion in sanction relief. Not to mention the boats can have 6 mounted weapons. This smells fishy, just like Sandy hook and fast and furious.


  24. LMAO
    all these articles about a nuke/emp no one notices the “date arab women” adds all over the place on this very website. It tells me that everyone here is asleep

  25. Observer says:

    We are told that the Chinese and Russians have viruses already inside our national power grid. Every week they have someone on TV telling us the power is going to go out sometime soon. For a long time. The MSM is the voice of TPTB. Should we be concerned? Possibly. Maybe. But always be prepared.

    • Mr Smith says:

      Thats nothing and Israel has biological viruses ready to attack both freind and foe if americia does not come to the bankers aid.

      Read up on the “Samson Option”

      Africa is their testing ground for some of the weaker stuff

  26. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf says:

    Boiled frog, the arab women are the not the problem, its the men that we need to get rid of. The persian, iranian people, the women and they are good women and i have done business with Shia’s and they operate straight, and are honest people. Even with my look, the women seem to like me. One persian chick needed a jump start and i had to help her out in the Galleria. I had to hire a hot looking persian women lawyer 5 years., who solicited me for her services, and one day i had to call her to get someone off my ass that was causing me trouble. The persian women are Americanized and will date white men, and are cool with us. It’s the sunni’s you have to be concerned about, and not all sunni’s are bad, so i wont generalize like that. I don not like the way they do business, so i don;t do business with them anymore. You wont be seeing iranian jihadist coming into America starting trouble, but you will see sunni’s that will attack us in the near future and these bastards are sick insane people.

    Its the sunni’s that i dont do business with, becuause they lie alot, the commit lots of fraud. One of the commited a fraud with one of my vietnamese customers, who came to me for help, and i told him i would call the phucker and in introduce my self, told him that i was coming for him in person, he got scared and dropped the suit. Sunni’s and Shia dont mix. Mac has to run his website and if comps need to advertise here, then Mac needs to make a living also. Not a damn thing wrong with that.

    The problem is the extremist muslim jihadist, that need to be shot the phuck up and removed out our country.




  27. Carol Mar says:

    I became aware of EMPs several years ago when I read “One Second After”. It scared me into prepping.

    Then I read someone point out that EMPs that went off over nuclear power plants operating in North America would cause power delivery to be interrupted to those plants, and meltdowns would be the likely result. This of course would cause even more human fatalities but would also possibly contaminate wide areas of land and water.

    So sending us EMPs would backfire on any enemy who wanted to be able to get hold of our resources of land, water, etc., which are way more abundant that those of many other places (think China, polluted and with degraded cropland, and almost anywhere in the Muslim world, crowded and with resources being used up fast).

    I hope that this risk added to the likelihood that our military would nuke them into ashes in return, would make it completely not worthwhile for an enemy to do this.

    Stay safe and well!

  28. Mr Smith says:

    Iran has no reason to attack the USA because it would cost them more than it would cost us but they will continue to wipe out our ISIS terrorists who we supply with money and weapons via Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

    They got away with 9/11 and then using that as an excuse to attack Libya, Iraq, Syria instead of Saudia Arabia who they say did 9/11 but now Russia has been forced to step in and they can meet fire with fire because they have 5000 nukes that are targeted at the USA.

    Ho yes the bankers in Israel that run the USA will be taken out as a warning shot if amaericans don’t stop the traitors in Washington that rubber stamp anything the bankers ask them to do.