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Video: Mushroom Cloud Over Tianjin, China: Massive Blast Sends Shock Waves For Six Miles

Mac Slavo
August 12th, 2015
Comments (118)


A massive explosion has rocked Tianjin, China killing 42 people and injuring 400 others. Reports say that the blast was so powerful it created a mushroom cloud and triggered an earthquake that was felt up to six miles away.

State broadcaster CCTV reported that the blast — which created a huge mushroom cloud and triggered a quake that could be felt up to six miles away — happened at Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co. Ltd., which handles the transport of hazardous goods. (Source)


Seven people were killed and hundreds were injured Wednesday night in two massive explosions caused by flammable goods at a container terminal in northern China’s Tianjin municipality.

They said the explosion have shattered windows doors, shook their apartment buildings and sent people to the streets. Some have reported chemical gas leaks.

The China Earthquake Networks Center reported that the first explosion had a 2.3 degree magnitude (equivalent to 3 tons of TNT), and the second had a 2.9 degree magnitude(equivalent to 21 tons of TNT).

Source: The People’s Daily


Several days ago explosions rocked northern Iran, with early eye witness and news reports indicating that a meteor was to blame for what one witness called destruction on an unimaginable scale. Most interesting about the event in Iran is that neither NASA or the mainstream U.S. media mentioned it in their daily news briefs.

In China, officials claim that the cause of the mushroom cloud explosion was the result of flammable goods.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: August 12th, 2015
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Many avoidable and needless injuries will later be seen caused by the lack of ‘duck & cover’ amongst population that with the bright flash had run up to their windows to see what it was, just in time for the delayed blast wave to arrive and shred their face and torso with an explosion of broken glass shards.

    Read, and share amongst loved ones, my “Good News About Nuclear Destruction!” at http://www.GoodNewsNuke.com for the strategies that’ll save them from any big explosion blast waves, nuclear or otherwise. When I get some specific ‘needlessly shredded’ blast wave victim stories from this event, I’ll probably add it to that article.

    – Shane

  2. clinthospo says:

    if that happened in the 4th Reich USA, they would ban dirt, politicians would ban rocks anything that can fly thru the air. You caused this program politicians by restricting people to everything they do. People live happier and more peaceful when they can smoke weed or do other drugs and just live life without police and government worry. But no that causes competition for you and you don’t like that. But you ruin peoples lives and people are soon going to push yours if you keep pushing them. Sad what has become here. It’s ONLY about money and everything else doesn’t matter to 90 percent of you bastards.

    • passinwiththewind says:

      Yea Clint, I think you hit upon two important points.
      Drugs and money. As long as the debit account has enough to pay the bills and buy drugs, legal and illegal, 90% of the people don’t really give a shit what is going on in the world, or even in their streets.

      What is happening with these explosions in China is nothing compared to what is happening with the explosive Chinese stock market and money manipulations.

      They say China’s manipulation of it’s currency is what is causing the drop in the markets here. Maybe so.
      I noticed yesterday that the Dow, temporarily went down to 17,125. I think that was the lowest point it has dropped this year. Also the NASDAQ dropped below 5000. Some economist say anything below 17,000 is the tipping point.
      Are these indicators of what is soon coming?
      According to economist, Harry Dent, the Dow will soon drop to 6000. Afterwards, the dust will settle somewhere around 3000.
      With all this (probable) collapse, I thought the price of gold would reach astronomical highs, as most believe. He says it will drop to a low of somewhere around $750.00 an ounce.
      Wow! If this prediction is right, and the dollar is still viable, I will be stacking some weight like many are doing now at double that price.

      He also claims that this market and gold crash, will last for about seven years, and then there will be a period of restoration. Why seven years? I don’t know, but the seven year shemitah cycles have been happening with regular predictability for many decades, with respect to economics/finances, and the markets.
      Evidently, the feds are now scared of weakening the dollar even more, since China’s moves, because they are talking of holding off on increasing interest rates. Before this week, they had been expected to increase rates next month to help stabilize and increase the dollar. It now could have the reverse effect, because of China’s manipulation.
      Something will trigger something explosive on Wall Street next month. It is almost unavoidable, I think. Whether or not it is a planned event, it is a predicted event.

      I guess we will see just how much damage the explosion, or implosion causes. Many different types of explosions are possible. Some are building underground right now, within the earth’s pressure points.
      It is gonna be interesting, and scary for most. Those of us that have planned and prepped for such events will rest much easier if we have made the right moves and shifted debt, or better yet, eliminated it all together, not to mention the spiritual preparations.

      Inflation will most likely be the fly in the ointment that kills most people, along with continued increasing tax burdens.
      For the first time ever, we planned ahead and started making a deposit to our “cash/cookie jar” last year, just to pay property taxes when they became due for 2015. The statements came in last week, and now we don’t worry about how to juggle tax bills along with extra winter expenses and Christmas expense. We lowered Christmas expense a couple years ago, by eliminating expensive gifts for all adults. Our families are big. They now get food/snacks, or useful items, or just a damn card. Bah humbug, lol. Little kiddies and teenagers get something nice. Ya’ll be nice.


      • pwtw, don’t worry about the stock market and the Forex. The plunge protection team is on it and the endless market manipulation wont allow true price discovery until the time comes when “they” decide to let the system collapse. EVERYTHING is rigged and I do mean every and anything of importance from gold prices, to commodities, to gasoline and houses. Remember, when the crash comes it is because the tribe decided it is time. Might want to study the history of the Great Depression and see how they did it that time.

        • passinwiththewind says:

          Oh, I totally agree, and have read the “whole”story.

          The last thing my commentary is meant to do, is cause anyone to assume i have worry over the status of the economy,politicians, world events, or personal salvation, etc.,etc.

          I have nothing to worry about. My future is complete and locked in. There may be bumps in the road, and tests, but my personal life is in complete order, and ready, for what is coming.

          i write for the benefit of others that may not be as ready as i. I write for the further help of those that may be struggling for truth, and some of my comments may help them find it. I can’t say all my posts and comments are 100% truth, because some points are based on accumulated facts and then combined into points with some conjecture on my part.

          The reader has to follow up with their own research and education if they want complete surety in their mind and heart.

  3. Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf says:


    It’s so good to able to post and earn my personal respect will all the attacks on me form DHS, CIA, Nsa, etc, to see what they are really hiding from the public. They really want to me to stop posing and move on.

    Like I have mentioned before about what the scientist told me. The tail of asteroids that is following Dilmon,…Nibiru’s star, is carrying a massive tail if iron ore asteroids and as it enters from the southern part of the solar system plain as it moves upward from Antarctica’s view, to the naked eye if the Western Hemisphere, and passes between Earth and Mars, it’s going to really upset the elites because of its effects on our evolution as a species as we nerve with the universal Martrix. The events I an told forces the evolution of a species to make then pay attention, and recognize that they are living on a planet in a hostile universe and that we must adapt to the changes or we will not be able to survive the future a species. My scientist friend told us last week that we will see impact knocking the crap out if the earth any day now, as these clowns talk crap hair my bad grammar..totally laughable..Nibiru’s asteroids are beating the crap our of earth and neigbouring planets and will begin to impact our moon for all to see..

    How does it feel to see it happening right for all to see, you stupid dumb f…j Agency azz clowns. just like what I told everyone. Ha, ha ha a, haa, haaa. The laugh is on you. I know, the crack pipe is responsible for the Iran impact and now the China impact. Is that right eh.

    Some of the asteroids will breakaway because of our suns magnetic pull. Trust the folks it’s not a nuclear missile from the US or Nato, it’s and asteroid about the size of and 18 wheeler is what just touched down in China. And of course r the chi-com government won’t be letting the people know what is about to happen.. 300 people dying does not mean crap to China. They ar busy lining up people in public stadiums and shooting then why. 50 cal..machine gun fire..

    Back to Nibiru. The annunaki winged disk is shaped like that for a reason because the wings represent the asteroid belt, the massive tial that makes that solar system old like a circle with two wings on each side. It nice to see that I won’t be getting laughter from many these days on this site as the environmental SHTF event horizon kicks into high gear.. next you will many more impacts, next time much bigger and some will impact the oceans and will cause waves over 1 mike higher, literally wiping out coastline As the tectonic plates erupts the athenosphere of the ocean floor. That’s the molten lava survival is refers to the athwnosphere. So the plates will collide and cause massive eruption of the volcanoes in the ocean flood of the Pacific and in our gold of Mexico, the whole planet will th destroyed at least most of the surface with have unbreathable air. It certainly took while for me to be taken seriously about the ” I have to see it to believe” and seeing is believing.

    Like USASECURITYGUARD, about the, I told you all that that it was going to happen and if you ever know what is about to happen you better get ready because when thing shows up in the sky”, all, well you know the rest..of what he said.. we are going to be hit with multiple shtf events simultaneously in to one massive cluster f….k of a fallout.. so we better master the SHTF TERRAIN..



    Walking a thin line between SHTF EVENT HORIZON And the engineered economic cluster f…k end game..

    • Smooth Criminal says:

      Niburu is a crock of shit.

      • anon says:

        I don’t think so SC, but think as you will

        • Anonymous says:

          So tell me how you’re preparing for it?

          Maxed out the credit cards, taken out all the equity in your home, and quit your job?

          If what is claimed about Niburu were true those would be the logical things to be doing since the obligations will be meaningless after it arrives.

          But I bet you haven’t and won’t be, same as with those Y2K nuts that didn’t do it either since they actually knew it was a lie and they’d be stuck with the bills.

          • apache54 says:

            I agree that the Y2K, was full of nut cakes because IF they had done there home work THEY would know that for the most part 99% of the computers had been corrected years ago.
            NOW as far as Nibiru goes THAT is a different ball game, there is LOTS of evidence from many sources ( history ) that show there COULD be something to it. at this time I have not seen anything that makes me believe it will occur BUT, i am not totally ignoring it either as I have seen enough history to believe there are LOTS of things we have been taught that is nothing but BS and so, not always a good thing to close ones mind!! can come back and bite you! have a great day!

      • Kulafarmer says:

        Thats funny,
        Short sweet and to the point,
        I know folks who work in Astronomy, not one of them does anything but chuckle when asked about the possibility of a huge planet coming,, and not a nervous chuckle either but a not gonna happen chuckle,,,,
        Destroyer planets are in the same category as leprechauns and the tooth fairy,

    • taxn2poverty says:

      You desperately need to have your flu shots and vaccinations spaced further apart!

    • The Scientist says:

      Hey Katy, I sure could use your help over here at the lab in conducting my latest special shtf survival data. Not yet certain if it’ll be the spider tests or your fave the pulling wings of flies experiment? Oh, don’t forget to bring your magnifying glass for burning the ants out in the back yard. See you soon, but watch out for the agency azz stooges in the Dodge van.

      Science hits the fan.

      Don’t you just love it.

      The Scientist shtf special report to come.

      stay tuned for data…

    • Dude you really should do something about that adhd. You cant seem to string a coherent sentence together.

  4. Mike in VA says:

    I don’t know if the asteroid thing is true or not. I do know that my son and I watched meteors last night. He saw 10 and I saw 7. One was the brightest most beautiful thing I have seen. It went across the complete sky.
    Just beautiful. Have never seen so many at one time.

  5. WhoWuddaThunkIt says:


    These new rules of engagement are to help stop Israeli soldiers from shooting Palestinian children in the back, if they throw rocks. Or spraying cars with bullets if they try to avoid checkpoints even though they did nothing wrong and just trying to drive away and not even trying to run anybody over..

    The coward jew soldies are furious they can no longer mow down Palestinians at will or with little reason. Go watch the Vid of rooftop Israeli soldiers shooting random Palestinian children playing on their roofs then laughing and giving eachother high fives when they make a hit. These snipers also love to take pot shots at drinking water tanks on the Palestinians roofs.

  6. ocelotwhoforgot says:

    Inquiring minds want to know. Re: Iran. Meteor shower my heinie. Did Israel give Iran a black eye? Re: China. Tactical nuke or two cooking off? I have no idea what may have happened. But I don’t trust the “usual sources” because they’re part of the government propaganda ministry.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lord have mercy for we never know the minute. Life is so short and unfortunately VERY cheap. Enjoy life the best you can.

  8. Old Guy says:

    I really don’t know about nibiru? However the magnetic poles are shifting. And we are having a end of an age earth change. it happens about every 3600 years. the last time was during the exidous. Its very possible that a planet that travels in a eleptic orbit could be the cause of the increasing clatyclismic events? Time will tell. anyway its a exciting time to be alive on the planet. We cant prevent or mitigate anything. So just as well embrace the new adventure.

  9. DUGE says:


  10. Centurion_Cornelius says:

    Pray for those killed and their families devastated.

  11. The Old Coach says:

    I’ve seen pictures of military ammo ship explosions during WW2, (we had several), and this sure looks similar.

  12. WhoWuddaThunkIt says:


    Want to Fight Tyranny? Start by cutting your Fascist ZOG Driven Cable TV Cord. Good article explaining how they rip us off year after year. Netflix 1/10th the cost of the cable bill and no insidious commercials. Anybody using Netflix? Hows that working out as an alternative? Thx.

    • Billy Hill says:

      I have Netflix and it’s pretty good for what it is. There are a lot of shows they don’t license to Netflix (Gilligan’s Island (Mary-Ann > Ginger!)) but being able to watch what you want when you want is nice.

      The only Cable TV I really watch is racing (F1, MotoGP, Indy, Rally etc) and I can’t get that on Netflix so I keep cable TV.

      I was this close (holds fingers an inch apart) to dropping cable until my wife’s work (AT&T) told us we can switch to Direct TV for $10.00/month for the same package we’re paying $60.00/month for via Dish.

    • You are still receiving tribal propaganda and lining their pockets with nflix. It is not long before you watch anything remotely decent and are stuck digging through the shit pile looking for gems. I usually get nflix in the winter for the wife as she hates the snow. Cold weather and I get along great as this is when the fur is ready and the hunting begins. 45 below zero last year in n dakota and if one is dressed properly, it is beautiful. Quiet, frozen diamonds in the sunlight and empty of humans. Pperfect.

      • buttcrackofdoom says:

        agreed on the winter is beautiful if you’re PREPARED for it!…but it’s unforgiving if yer NOT!

        • Warchild Dammit! says:

          Fools,stream everything for free!This includes movies/sports/tv shows ect.all free!You have a computer and still pay for it!?And yes,you need a wide screen hook computer to large screen,tis a cable folks,don’t pay a penny!

  13. For What It's Worth says:

    I agree with Old Coach sure looks like a munitions ship to me, and I’ll step out on a limb probably loaded with missiles and warheads, headed for their new islands or the middle east. Things are stacking up for WWIII for sure.

  14. Jim in Va. says:

    Maybe a certain someone is lobbing tactical nukes around…like as a warning maybe?

  15. Enemy of the State says:

    In other news!!

    Trump landed in Michigan

    It was incredible, enemies firing rocket propelled grenades and peppering the landing strip with ak47’s as Trump bravely strolled the tarmac. Surrounded by gun fire, Trump casually waved as mortars erupted all over. God, what a scene!!!

    Ooops, I’m sorry. That was Brian Williams landing at Tampa International.
    No…no…no…that was Hillary landing in NY, NY….

  16. Ammo ships don’t explode all that often. Wonder where that ammo was headed?

  17. slingshot says:

    I have felt the shock waves of explosions from Military demonstrations and fireworks but imagine what those people felt. Train wrecks with chemicals. Fertilizer plants, Grain silos. Petroleum and propane gas plants.

    Major explosive probability each. Might be one in your neighborhood.

  18. Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf says:

    As you can see I am under attack again to prove that I am posting non sense. Just take a look at the size of the impact craters in the moon next time and ask your self, how did they get there?. Anyone who thinks that we are going to just make it al the way to 2020 and nothing will happen, no wars, no planet X, and eventing will be fine. We’ll you wrong. All the military equipment positioning around the entire country is just a drill, nothing to worry about. Any retard cab tell that something big is about to take place and this is commons sense. Bob fletcher blew out into the open when he told this stuff to Doug Hagmannandhagmann.com

    • George says:


      So you think that when people don’t blindly believe whatever dribble you conjure up that they’re ” attacking” you? Sounds like you’ve got some serious issues to deal with concerning your self confidence, among other things.

  19. slingshot says:


    The beauty of it all is that we will not know for sure till we get there.

    Been that way for a long time. ;0)

  20. Enemy of the State says:

    keep your eyes on the fuckin ball people !!!

    Hillary Clinton’s email server reportedly blank

    Next we’ll hear about some trusted friend who would have known how to sterilize the servers has committed suicide in a one car out of control accident

    A First-Class “TRAITOR” To The Constitution !!

  21. fluffy1 says:

    How do we know these are meteors? Could they be nukes sent down from a spaceship or a nuke loaded satellite? We started prepping slowly this year but it’s time to step up the game plan. Volcanoes erupting, tsunamis, 120+ degree heat in Iraq, meteors, yellow water in Utah, GMO, HMO, PPO, ahhh, my head is exploding……

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      since we are conjecturing, why not a satellite laser weapon….sending a message to the chinese(i was gonna say chinks, but thought better of it, so i won’t) to not f*ck with U.S., and our monetary system…..or YOU PICK a reason….it would also be a message to ANYONE that we have capability to set off explosions just about ANYWHERE with those lazers pointed at the right pile of stuff.

    • Archivist says:

      They did show a photograph of one of the meteorites in one story I saw. It was large, black, and smooth, probably metallic instead of stony.

  22. aljamo says:

    Incoming!, now where did I put my hardhat? I read an article abot a 45 trillion dollar lawsuit filed against the bankers in 2012. I missed it, you mean this was and is being kept hidden from the American people?

  23. KY Mom says:

    Creative Accounting?

    150 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

    Every Daily Treasury Statement since March 13th has reported the debt closing the day at $18,112,975,000,000.

    “The current legal debt limit is $18,113,000,080,959.35.”

    CNS News

  24. secret squirrel says:

    I dont do this often but,


    -Keasby nights.-

    When they come for me ill be sitting at my desk,
    With a gun in my hand wearing a bullet proof vest,
    Singing my, my my how the time goes by,
    When you know your gonna die,
    By the end of of the day,
    Say hey.


  25. The Prophet says:

    Warning. Don’t eat Chinese food for at least a month. And stay away from those “steam and cream” spas. Toxic fumes.

  26. Kevin2 says:

    I grew up in the hub of petroleum refining and chemical industry. This stuff happens. One explosion in our area killed 8 or 9 guys when a wear house of military smokeless powder went up in 1969. It was followed by a smaller on killing 3 in 1978.

    No one “outside” has any idea how many close calls these types of industries have had that luck rather than skill avoided a “World News Tonight” moment.

    My bet was some safety protocols in handling and storage were bypassed for the sake of expediency.

    • Yep, those Chinese smoke alot! Probably someone fired up a Marlboro at the wrong time.

      • Kevin2 says:

        A rogue spark from static electricity. Two separate chemicals benign individually but reactive when mixed meant to be stored in different locations. Oops in planning and execution and a fork lift poking two holes; wrong place , wrong time.

        The causes are endless. It’s actually amazing the stuff does not happen more often.

      • Both my company and Exelon (the client) have banned vaping on an E-cig anywhere other than a designated SMOKING are.

        F’ing retards!!


    Off the subject a little.

    Did you see ISIS used WMD on the KURDS .

    According to a Germany newspaper.

    Will we be going over there again ????????????????

  28. So I read a website that suggest this was a nuke, and ALL the replies were the same…. ” if this was a nuke, no cell phones would be working” “if this was a nuke, it would have knocked all the electronics out!” So my question is this… Is a nuke and an emp the same thing? I thought they were different, but everyone seems to think otherwise? Can a nuke take out all the electronics in the area? Thanks

    • buttcrackofdoom says:

      makes a lot of sense to ME…good question…what WOULD happen to electronics in a nuclear attack?…would comms go dark?

    • Archivist says:

      If any electronics are still in one piece after a nuclear bomb goes off, they would be fried unless stored in a Faraday cage. Nuclear EMP’s high frequency component will fry individual components on chips. Solar EMP will only fry electronics connected to the electrical grid, phone system, or cable TV wires.

  29. Satori says:

    interesting read

    EMP Attack On America – Preppers Vs Non-Preppers In The First 72 Hours – Who Will Live, Who Will Die

    ht tp://beforeitsnews.com/self-sufficiency/2015/08/emp-attack-on-america-preppers-vs-non-preppers-in-the-first-72-hours-who-will-live-who-will-die-2493064.html

    how long does it take to replace one of those big transformers ?

    “Grid Facts: Via WSJ 2014:

    When FirstEnergy Corp. added a new substation in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago, a South Korean factory took about a year to make one of the big transformers, which then traveled by ship for 26 days to Newark, N.J.

    There, a crane lifted the 400,000-pound box onto a train to Pennsylvania. At the end of its 7,000-mile journey in 2012, the equipment traveled on a centipede-like contraption with 192 wheels called a crawler, used to keep the heavy transformer from cracking axles or the road.

    Total elapsed time from purchase order to delivery: about two years.

    Now imagine that on a larger scale with the majority of the nation’s grids being down and needing replacement transformers.”

    two years ???
    time to bump up the food storage

    • Anonymous says:

      oil filled transformers and OCB’s are shielded. But don’t let me take your fear away. Submarines are not connected to the grid. they generate their own power. If you disconnect your battery from your car while the engine is running, does it shut down…no. you bootlicking suckasses are afraid of your own shadow. Fat slob keyboard Rambo’s would piss if any of you (except a few like Ron, Net, Vet, oldguy) had lead coming your way.

    • Archivist says:

      Some of the transformers are in areas where the train tracks have been removed, so exact replacement is impossible. Smaller ones will have to be made to work instead.

  30. FYI, If any big explosion happens within 100 miles of us, we take KI…

    Officially, you are supposed to await the authorities advising you if/when you should take KI.

    Personally, we’ll all start taking it anytime any big explosion happens within 100 or so miles.

    There will likely be a time delay in determining exactly what happened and where it’s blowing.

    With that first dose, we’re all covered for 24 hours before next dose is due, while we sort out if it even was nuclear and if winds are blowing fallout towards us. If not, on either count, then we can simply discontinue taking any further doses, we’ve wasted little. No harm, no foul.

    Also, if nuclear, odds go up that there could be more blasts coming, possibly closer or where wind could blow fallout towards us, too. So, having already taken first dose protects all during that initial 24 hours while we see what it was and if more might also get unleashed closer, too.

    That’s our strategy here.

    Also, if forward thinking enough to have acquired KI for nuclear emergency, go the next step and talk to your personal physician now, before any crisis, to assure that there is no reason why anyone you’d be dispensing it to should not take it. There are a few medical conditions (like iodine allergy and some kidney & skin diseases) and medications (like potassium sparring diuretics) that KI is contraindicated for. Good to have that assurance beforehand that nobody will have any issues, as it’d be unlikely you could easily ask your doctor after a crisis has already begun or to get prompt medical attention if somebody had a bad reaction to KI.

    Make sense?

    – Shane

    PS – Read http://www.GoodNewsNuke.com for more practical nuke prep tips.

  31. Dan Morgan says:

    CERN did it!

  32. NorseMan says:

    When will NASA tell us about the Alien Mother Ship targeting the Earth?

  33. Ketchupondemand says:

    Tip: also time to dredge up an oldie from boy scout days.
    Emergency stove/ heater. The buddy burner.
    Take a small tuna fish can, clean it, cut strips of cardboard the same height as the sides of the can. Roll them up tightly and stuff into the can.
    Melt down old candles or paraffin wax and pour it over your creation until cardboard is saturated.
    Makes a good flame, lasts a while…ain’t the least pollutin’ flame but it could save ya.

  34. Houst/Cypress/Katy/shtf says:

    Hey Brave, Buttcrack, Sarge, and others, see link below and listen to this.

    Its look like several explosions happen in China and now Russia from what i am reading. I find it hard to belive that China had and accident that caused a mushroom cloud. These i belive are asteroid impacts, small asteroids the size of cars, buses, 18 wheeler type of projectiles. But ofcourse they tell the pulic that some chi-com employee accidentally droped a cigerette butt next to a bag of fertilizer and blew up the entire providence causing 100 poeople to die and 500 injured. The next 18 months is the real thing. Drop and EMP right in the middle of that and you can see what they really have planned.

    See this link below and listen to the Audio of a Free Energy scientist and what he was told as he explains to us, because it seems like they were telling about he needs of water and electricity, once the elites get everyting in place, that they will “pull the plug”, that we will need electrical power. Why? Sounds like what Buttcrackofdoom just posted and we sink into the buttcrackofdoom and into the SHTF EVENT HORIZON.

    Mr The Scientist, go f…k yourself you prick.


    This artilce and the audio is one MASSIVE BITCH SLAP INTO THE FACES OF YOU AGENCY AZZ CLOWNS. LOOKS LIKE your retarted dumb f…ks called the wrong dude, and now he spilled the beans proving that my post and my worries and the worries of my fellow SHTF-EFFERS is something to really worry about after all. I just told one of friend a few hrs ago, that i day will come that you are driving on the Freeway and car suddenly shuts off and you notice that all the cars on the road slows down to a stop, and that once this happpens, it means we just got he f…k EMP’ED OUT OF OUR AZZES., and to clear out, as the social break down takes place in 4 hrs, as all crap breaks loose all over the city. . If your not home within 12 hrs, you will be attacked by gangster and latino Dred Lock in mass numbers as they scavenge for food, water and women and girls. Not the kind of environemt i would like to find myselfe into. So you silly agency azz clown jokers just got your ass kicked. Why dont you listen to that audio to see that you are too late. BOOM. I listened very carefully to what my scientist buddy told me. All legitimate posters and non posters reading this commnet, prep your asses off till you cant prep not more, its giong to happen, all levels of shtf is on the Horizon.



    Agency azz clown moderator.

    Getting rid of one agency azz at a time. We own the Terrain in the SHTFPLAN.COM

    • George says:

      I don’t understand you. Now you’re saying it’s an emp event in 18 months? You’ve already said that we’re going to be victims of Jade Helm in the next 3-6 months, complete with massive starvation and a total collapse, oh,sorry, I meant “calapse” of the economy leading to martial law, prison camps, and Niburu is supposed to take us out before that too, that is to say if all the previous doesn’t wipe us before it gets here. And NOW it’s all been changed to an emp event in a year and a half from now? My question to you is what are you going to claim will happen after all your other predictions fall apart like a gypsy suit?

  35. By the way look at the cloud of smoke.
    looks like figure with its hand out.

    Wonder who it is ????

  36. slingshot says:

    Did you ever wonder what type of stuff your neighbor has in his Garage/Shed/Barn/Closet. How many have gas cans for lawn equipment. Spray paint and other chemicals to control pest. Maybe your neighbor does not have a fire strip between your property. How much stuff can be highly explosive and become flaming hot missiles that land on your roof or fly through your window.

    Not one sentence of fire protection or fire fighting.

  37. Houst/Cypress/Katy/shtf says:


    Here is the correct link, i posted the wrong one earlier. Listen to the Audio. We have something to wrry about for certain



  38. WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

    Re: Safety. Yeah don’t store your gun powder, gas cans, pressureized containers, propane tanks, carcoal lighter fluid, or even paint cans in or near your house or attached garage. Put that stuff in a stand alone shed a good distance from your house. And dont place that near any heat source or open flame is close by. You would be surprised the dumb stuff people do. OK Ammo in sealed ammo cans next to your bedside is OK with me.

  39. Jack Hammer says:

    If I lived in China I would have thought we were under attack from the U.S. and/or NATO.

  40. bruin says:

    the zog is sending the heavily gold invested chinese a special delivery ‘nuke bomb’ message.

    just as they did the japanese at fukushima on 3/11.