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U.S. Politics At Its Strangest and Most Dangerous: “Postponed Election Would Trigger Massive Chaos”

Brandon Smith
September 15th, 2016
Comments (98)


This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com site.

Editor’s Comment: Brandon’s point here is that 2016 is spiraling out of control. It feels like we are approaching the end of an era of relative normalcy. Events are taking place that reflect a society on the brink of collapse or civil/world war. If the pressures are allowed to explode, rather than vent, and nothing gives in the way of better conditions and respect for the rights of the people, then we are reaching the tipping point of revolution. And it won’t be pretty.

How many have made preparations for the off chance that the elections could dissolve into total and complete civil unrest? Hillary’s health issues have proven to be a wild card event, and it is being paired with the other wild card – Trump, a bombastic outsider who no one can look away from.

What exactly will happen next in the elections, or by the time the “losing” side finishes reacting? What if Hillary drops out, or people protest Trump’s win as illegitimate? What if Hillary takes office with a quarter of the country suspecting that she is already dead, too sick to make rational decisions, or criminally liable for a string of an unethical and illegal behavior for which she was given a pass?

What if the economy crashes, or terrorism becomes rampant? How far can things spin out of control? How badly can the American people fall?

Will this country break out into violence and unrest? Shame on us if it does, especially over something as theatrical and symbolic as an election. Police state violence will be the only response. The price of restored order will be a suppressed and impoverished people. Suspension of rights, etc. Be forewarned, and stay vigilant.

The World Is Turning Ugly As 2016 Winds Down

by Brandon Smith

I have to say that the negative reverberations in our current economic and political environment are becoming so strong that it is impossible for people to not feel at least some uneasiness in their gut. I imagine this is the same kind of sensation many felt from 1914 to 1918 during World War I and the terrible birth of communism, or perhaps in the early 1930s at the onset of the Great Depression and the rise of fascism. Some global changes are so disturbing that they send shockwaves through the collective unconscious before they ever hit the mainstream. People know that something is about to happen, even if they cannot yet clearly define it.

At the beginning of August in my article “2016 Will End With Economic Instability And A Trump Presidency” I stated that:

“I believe a softer downturn will begin before the election (the U.S. presidential election) takes place, most likely starting in September. This will give a boost to the Trump campaign, or at least, that is what the polls will likely say. I would also watch for some banking officials and media pundits to blame this downturn on Trump’s rise in the polling data. The narrative will be that just the threat of a Trump presidency is “putting the markets on edge.”

Unfortunately, it would seem so far that this prediction was correct. Currently global markets have crossed into severe volatility with a vengeance after around three months of eerie calm. Why? Well, as I warned in the same article linked above as well as numerous others since the beginning of this year, the Federal Reserve is determined to continue raising interest rates into a recessionary environment as they almost always do, and equities markets addicted to cheap debt cannot tolerate even one additional rate hike from the central bank.

So far all evidence suggests that the Fed plans to raise rates again soon; I believe at the end of this month.  The only seemingly “anti-hike” voice at the Fed so far has been board member Lael Brainard, but even her statements promote a false narrative that a America is on track to “recovery”.

Many normally “dovish” members of the Fed have openly suggested that now is the time to hike.  Voting members at the Fed have been vocal about a shift in policy.  The latest example being head of the Bank of Cleveland, Loretta Mester. She argues that rates have remained “too low for too long,” and rejected notions that lower rates are necessary to maintain stability.

This is the same kind of language Fed members used right before the rate hike in December 2015, the first rate hike in around a decade.  And, to add to the fervor, even JP Morgan Chase head Jamie Dimon is calling for interest rates to rise.

Get ready folks, because all the naysayers that claimed another rate hike is “impossible” are probably about to be proven wrong yet again.

My warning on an accelerating Trump campaign being blamed for weak stock markets has also come true. Already, Bloomberg is launching the meme that the idea of Hillary Clinton losing the election to Trump “because of her health” is a “landmine for vulnerable markets.”

This is some incredible spin by the elitist controlled media, but again, very predictable. The globalists are setting the stage to blame the economic collapse they created on conservative movements. Clinton’s “health issues” are being set up as the scapegoat for a Trump win, which conjures additional social unrest as many on the Left will argue (in the event of a Trump win) that Trump prevailed on a technicality. That is to say, the extreme Left will argue that Trump’s presidency is not legitimate.

Another scenario is also possible but I think less likely — the potential for Clinton to bow out of the election due to her health, causing a rationale for a postponed election. I do not think a postponed election really serves the interests of the elites, but it would certainly trigger massive chaos if it occurred. Only in the strangest of any election year in American history could this even be thought of as a legitimate danger.

Another global indicator, oil, is tumbling yet again as all the jawboning from OPEC on a “production freeze” has failed to boost crude prices for more than a week at a time. Frankly, no one is buying the hype anymore. Those who bet on the WTI index shooting past $50 to $60 a barrel this year should have been paying more attention to alternative analysts. The only other factor that has kept oil from crashing down into the $30 range has been random inventory draws. These reports, though, are little more than a stop gap. Companies have been shifting crude to different facilities in order to create the illusion of inventory draws and higher demand. But usually within a week the reports catch up to the real supply and an inventory spike sends oil crashing down again.

Add to this the latest news that Congress has passed a bill allowing the families of 9/11 victims to sue the Saudi government for their part in the attack, and you have a recipe for a dumping of the dollar as the world’s petrocurrency. Even if Obama vetoes the bill, I believe a two-thirds majority of congress will override that veto. A catastrophe in oil markets is inevitable.

Whether in oil markets or other sectors of finance and social stability, make no mistake, catastrophe is exactly what national governments are preparing for.

This is most obvious today in the European Union. The German government in their first revision of their civil defense plan since the cold war has warned the public to prepare for an unspecified event by stockpiling at least 10 days worth of food and five days worth of water. Germany is also debating the idea of placing troops on the streets to “protect against ISIS.”

And Germany is not alone. French presidential candidate Nickolas Sarkozy has made some highly disturbing statements on security in a recent interview, outlining measures he believes will best protect the public from “militants.” From Reuters:

France needs to get tough on militants by creating special courts and detention facilities to boost security, the country’s former President Nicolas Sarkozy said in a interview published in Sunday newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.

Every Frenchman suspected of being linked to terrorism, because he regularly consults a jihadist website, or his behavior shows signs of radicalization or because is in close contact with radicalized people, must by preventively placed in a detention center,” Sarkozy said in the interview.

Sarkozy, who announced last month his candidacy for the April 2017 presidential election, has said there is no place for “legal niceties” in the fight against terrorism.

Even in the face of Islamic extremism and terrorism, the concept of “detention facilities” where people are held without charge and without trial on the mere suspicion of being a danger to society should horrify anyone with any sense. The fact of the matter is, these violations of personal freedom and of due process are NEVER used for only one group of people. Totalitarian governments ALWAYS use one group as an excuse for the police state, then over time they expand the police state outwards to oppress everyone.

This is the kind of rhetoric that liberty movement activists in the U.S. fought against in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA); but it is making a resurgence in Europe and in America as well. If you think Sarkozy is a marginal example, I recommend you re-watch this interview with Gen. Wesley Clark, who argues that “radicalized people” who are disloyal to the U.S. government should be placed in internment camps. He suggests that Britain, Germany and France need to take similar measures. It would appear that they are doing just that.

Never forget that “radicalism” is an arbitrary designation, and the label can be applied to just about anyone for any reason. A trend in police state language is growing in the mainstream in the name of fighting terrorism, but the abrupt urgency in Europe is rather odd. Only a few months ago, EU leaders were using some outrageous mental gymnastics in order to avoid confronting the notion of Islamic terrorism. Now, they are suddenly concerned? Why?

I believe Europe is about to witness a catalyst for financial crisis, and they are using terrorism as an excuse to preposition martial law resources before this event takes place. They don’t care about stopping ISIS, but they do care about locking down and controlling an angry citizenry in the wake of an economic downturn. If a few more terrorist attacks occur in the meantime, then hey, that only helps the elites in their efforts to pacify the public for the sake of “security.”

Official preparedness warnings from Germany, for example, are of little use to the public. A supply of a mere ten days of food and five days of water is useless during any sizable crisis. But, the German government can now say that they “tried to warn people.” Sarkozy’s statements are the most blatant call for a police state I have yet seen from an establishment puppet politician, and this should worry people. The fact that he is being so open and honest about the end game indicates to me that a dangerous shift is imminent.

It would appear, according to EU government behavior, that whatever is about to happen globally is going to hit hardest in Europe first and then spread to the U.S. and the rest of the world. I recommend readers watch the EU very carefully over the next few months. If you have any financial or survival preparations you have been putting off, I suggest you take care of them before the end of this year. From what I see so far, geopolitically and economically the global situation is only going to become more unstable in the near term.

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market.com site.

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Author: Brandon Smith
Date: September 15th, 2016
Website: http://alt-market.com/articles/3012-the-world-is-turning-ugly-as-2016-winds-down

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  1. Isn’t that why we prepare?

    Life is uncertain. Many things can and do go wrong. We should prepare as best we can for ourselves. An independent, self reliant lifestyle rather than a frenzy of activity wrought out of abject fear will be our salvation.

    A belief in the power and mercy of a Divine Lord God Almighty is a comfort in times of tragic circumstances. Even non-believers can acknowledge the magnificence and beauty of the vast Universe and the potential to share in Creation by postulating Peace and Harmony and good will toward men.

    Have a productive and happy day all at SHTF.


    • I think there will be chaos if the election is cancelled or not lol. I will be away from home on election day, I hope I don’t have to shoot my way back 😐

      • Braveheart1776 says:

        Genius, I’ll be back at the BOL before election day.

      • WhoWTFKnows... says:

        If Obama suspends the election, Americans will go ahead and Vote anyway from their Rooftops. The most dangerous job in the world will certainly be a Federal Employee.


        • Mr Reynard says:

          First.. Obongo will declare Martial Law, then cancel the election & then unleash on American people the American Sonder Kommando a.k.a. Homeland Security, which will be going from home to home confiscating weapons, those that resist will be killed with their all family, those that object will be deported with family to FEMA Death Camp Gas Chambers, those that lack moral fiber will be allowed to live… Repeat of the judeo-bolshevik holocaust on Russian in 1917/1930, but this time 2016/2018 on American people …

    • Nailbanger says:

      Yes, yes it is

    • Acid Etch says:






      • WhoWTFKnows... says:

        I don’t have any daughters. Ever see the DISMAL VOTING STATS on the US Elections?

        US Voter Turnout Stats
        YEAR %-age
        1828 57.6%
        1832 55.4%
        1836 57.8%
        1840 80.2%
        1844 78.9%
        1848 72.7%
        1852 69.6%
        1856 78.9%
        1860 81.2%
        1864 73.8%
        1868 78.1%
        1872 71.3%
        1876 81.8%
        1880 79.4%
        1884 77.5%
        1888 79.3%
        1892 74.7%
        1896 79.3%
        1900 73.2%
        1904 65.2%
        1908 65.4%
        1912 58.8%
        1916 61.6%
        1920 49.2%
        1924 48.9%
        1928 56.9%
        1932 56.9%
        1936 61.0%
        1940 62.5%
        1944 55.9%
        1948 53.0%
        1952 63.3%
        1956 60.6%

        1960 62.77%
        1964 61.92%
        1968 60.84%
        1972 55.21%
        1976 53.55%
        1980 52.56%
        1984 53.27%
        1988 50.15%
        1992 55.24%
        1996 49.00%
        2000 51.21%
        2004 56.70%
        2008 58.23%
        2012 54.87%


        GOT THAT?


  2. stevor says:

    well, yeah!
    That’s o’bama’s plan!
    If the sheeple don’t start rioting on their own to give him the excuse to declare Martial Law, he’ll just have the CIA (with the help of Soros paying Black Lives Matter commies) get the ball rolling.
    Then … he “saves us” by keeping the country stable under HIS “management” as top puppet

  3. soulson says:

    if martial law is declared there will already be a lot of people missing

  4. Dr. Strangelove says:

    You people have been trying to predict mass chaos for years now. Hoping it will happen just so you justify all the prepper shit you bought, because some dork is ringing his bell again, saying the “End is Nigh!” Where would be without a corrupt government? Just a another profit of disaster. The government is gonna do whatever it wants because you let them. So you can keep on ringing that bell.

    • Paleface says:

      ^ This guy again =D

    • Lone wolverine says:

      Maybe . Maybe not? But to depend on society or the government. Like a bimbo? Not me . I don’t mind one bit spending money on food that I know I will need . Do you think a can of beans will be cheaper two years from now? Be a bimbo. Not me. Through out history the smart survive . Because they plan ahead. Not depend on the government . Who would tell anyone to not be prepared? Hurricane earthquake flooding . What special kind of stupid are you?

    • anon says:

      Dr. Strangelove

      I agree we have been saying lot of doom and gloom for years. We have pointed out many laws, programs, wars, interventions, and world agreements etc. that has not been good for the country. It has been the full accumulation of ALL which has been done that will now come to fruition. It might get bad too.
      You don’t feel we are at a crossroad in this nations future, to survive as it was intended to do so. The money debased and our Constitutional rights under attack. Then those that twist the Constitution so they can commit immoral acts within society.

      So, you can ring the bell.

      I will Lock and Load. Just a matter of time.

      54 days and we will know which way the country goes.

    • Charley Waite says:

      Just skip the mediocre articles next time. Just post a topic like FEMA camps or Cancelled elections, and the posters will take care of the rest of the entertainment.

      I mostly skip the articles anyway and go straight to comments

  5. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Kevin,agree,the middle class will “resist”,by any means necc.

    Again,what the fuck is with the German Govt.10 days of food and 5 of water,hmmmmm…..

    1.Formula backwards,longer supply of water then food.
    2.Is no where near enuff.

    • Kevin2 says:

      If the election was cancelled Mark Dice will ask people along the beach in La La Land Venice Beach or whatever and the reply would be, “There was supposed to be an election”?As long as the food and circus is maintained only a very minority will express any kind of opposition and in this event if asked to disperse they’re going home. Middle class America lost their good jobs, had their 401k / IRA crash and had to withdraw it at a low point and now they’re the night manager at 7-11. Violence no. Conversely let some underclass inner city savage get dissed and lose $5 and they commit murder.

    • Deplorable says:

      And I said to the voice…”what is this”?
      The voice answered and said…”cake molds”

    • Kevin2 says:

      Warchild Dammit!

      “Kevin,agree,the middle class will “resist”,by any means necc”

      Either you speak in jest or misunderstand me. The middle class is law abiding and it would take literal starvation with the potential of death for them to, “Storm the Bastille”. Over an election? Hell they’ll have more opposition to the Super Bowl being cancelled.

    • Deplorable says:

      And I heard a voice say “come and see”
      I said to the voice “what is this”?
      The voice said…” cake molds”

  6. Jimbob 327 says:

    Prepping is wise Regardless of government actions. Many of our forefathers naturally prepared as a matter of daily life.
    A old fellow told me his grandparents used a cistern to bring water into the house. His grandfather brewed his own beer and kept it cool in the cisterns water.
    We (i) have lost many skills our grandparents knew. Buying at the super market is much easier perhaps. Until the store closes. Then what?

  7. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Tis why I like mushrooms,snap a stem/beautiful blue/your on your way!I was probably a truffle pig in the last life!

  8. anon says:

    Excellent article.

    Tick Tock. Tick Tock.
    What you have is what you got.

    How much drugs will they pump into Hillary before she gets to the first presidential debate with Trump.

  9. moonlitemike says:

    I could be wrong but as long as the TV is working they could
    Pacify us through just about anything. Its sad but most people are fat, weak and stupid. Now if during that same time
    Period EBT goes down, I can see serious chaos there, but I fear a serious resistance to cancelled elections, so called martial law etc. If the TV works and the coke and cheetos are
    In abundance, well I just do not see much for chaos. Just more orderly compliance.
    I have found it very hard to convince people of the gravity of things, even folks that seem onboard will shut you down when you bring upnyhings like 9/11, Waco, bankers, the whole lead up to a police state, FEMA, chemtrails, mk ultra etc. Etc. Etc. People just refuse to accept they have been targeted…..

  10. Sgt. Dale says:

    If Trump wins we will have Riots right away. If Hitlery wins we will have a civil war by late summer.

    If the election is suspended all bets are off.

    Keep Prepping because we are going to need it. Been getting stuff out of the garden and dehydrating it. Been at the reloading bench turning out 223, 6.8’s and 300 Win mags. Going to be working on 45 ACPs and 45 Long Colts.

    The wife just add a new Rossi 44 mag lever action to her collection. What a GIRL!!!!!


    • navyguy says:

      My son has the same rossi in 20″ barrel… he’s 17 and loads his own ammo for it and a 8″ barrel .44 taurus revolver.. have had good hunting results with the 225gr hornady flex tip.. practice is using lee mold 240 gr swc using 12 gr blue dot. Happy shooting mrs Sgt.

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        Thanks for the advise.
        Been using 245 Gr. Horndy H.P. and S.P. for years with good results on deer with the H.P. and Pig with the S.P. I would say 95% of the time it is one shot one kill.

        Been using Blue Dot and 296 mostly. I also like 2400. I not picky I like all three. With these you can’t go wrong. What I like about Blue Dot is you can use it in almost every pistol round. From my 9mm to my 45LC and everything in between. target shooting I use the 240 SWC lead. Works great. Works good on Porky too.


    • Old Guy says:

      No matter who is elected civil war is coming. Just you wait. As soon as the cold is here ( before the new president takes office) they will false flag and turn off the electricity. blame it on a EMP the Russians or korea. They have pretty much told us that is what they have planned. That’s when everything unravels. The Grid not working will have a ripple effect. Better get winter gear. Learn how to stay warm without shelter or heat. When the grid goes down its very likely it will never function again in our lifetimes.

  11. Lone wolverine says:

    We will wait until we are surrounded with our backs against the wall. Then we will tell our bimbos to shut up or die. Then we will destroy the enemy. And most of the bimbos.

  12. Kevin2 says:

    Sgt Dale

    “If Hitlery wins we will have a civil war by late summer.”

    Why do you say that? What would start it and who would be involved?

    • anon says:


      I believe that if Hillary gets elected she will immediately ,in her first 100 days, introducing anti gun laws. Agreeing to U.N. treatise’s and proceed to enhance what Obama started.
      That could do it.

    • Sgt. Dale says:


      She won’t get the white house until around January 17th or so.

      By the time she can get the UN and other countries in line to help it will be around the end of March, because she knows that there is a large number of Military and Police that won’t go along with it! Unless Obullshit all ready has them lined up.

      Then she will make a moves on the Big Cities because of the population. Then with here executive orders chipping away at the 1St and 2Nd. amendments. and when she crosses the line to take away all guns it will be in July or so. Maybe the 4TH! Also watch for Texas and other states leaving the Union. That could be the spark to light the FIRE!

      Who will be involved EVERBODY weather like it or not. Two side Hitleries or the Republic. For me I pick the Republic!!!

      • Kevin2 says:

        Sgt Dale

        So its your belief that the UN will be invited into the US to facilitate gun confiscation and civilian control? In the meantime Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force Airman and last but not least US Marines will witness their families back home being subjected to the above.

        The picture you paint jeopardizes the control of TPTB. They need the US Military to do their bidding in their quest for global control.

  13. Lone wolverine says:

    The first rifle I ever bought was a Marlin 44 mag. Jeff cooper said a 44 auto mag carbine would be very effective . In South Africa they said the average combat distance was 40 yards . Sounds like shotgun country to me. No time to aim . To tired and sick to aim. Shotgun time. Under perfect conditions a rifle is fine . But you will not be under perfect conditions . You will be weak starving dead tired. No bench rest . No water. You will be lucky if you can get them with a shotgun.we are so well fead. So well sheltered. We have no idea.

    • LaManiac says:

      Lone,I don’t know who your talking to,I’VE been broke as cooter brown,ate fried bread.Don’t need a bench rest,avid deer hunter,rain,sleet,snow 400yrds your mine!Hungry,thirsty? Sawyer. Traps,snares,yo-yo’s ,hoop nets you go without food,your a pussy!
      Maniac –out

      • Lone wolverine says:

        LaManiac, foraging is easy unless there is 100,ooo other guys foraging too. During the last depression deer almost went extinct . The canibles might be the ultimate foragers? We will be shooting canibles just like the walking dead. Anyone who dosent prep will be a canible or. Suicide?

  14. Lone wolverine says:

    The domestic enemy is the real problem. The Obama voters? The gov. Employees ?what do we do with them? Mass deportations? Revoking citizenship ? What country would take them? No one wants them .FEMA camps? Gillotines? Mass extermination? Was Hitler right? What’s the alternative? I guess through out history this has been the big question. When do we lay down our lives? When do we sacrifice our lives for our children’s lives. We have lived long enough. They haven’t . Where do we draw the line?

  15. anon says:

    Obama working on getting more Syrians here and form a Plaestinian state before he leaves office.

    Both articles at End of the American dream site.

  16. Sgt. Dale says:

    Off Topic.
    Got info from the feds the other day tell us to watch the big Venues for an attack.

    So Please folks if you go to one be very careful.


  17. Lone wolverine says:

    Watch . The coming days . Esoteric Truthes . We have a domestic enemy. They are getting obvious .the Jewish mafia. Wake up or die.

  18. Satori says:

    here’s one for you Sgt.

    Black Lives Matter activist changes tune on police following robbery

    ht tp://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/09/15/black-lives-matter-activist-changes-tune-on-police-following-robbery.html

    LOL suddenly da po po ain’t the bad guys anymore !

  19. rellik says:

    I like this site,
    There are some real characters
    “Were are all going to die”
    “Buy Gold and Silver”
    “EMP will kill us all”

    I have at times made provocative
    posts, mainly under the influence
    of a few beers.
    You guys and gals are a hoot, but you
    are focused, prepare for the Black Swan event.
    If America elections are subverted,
    then to me, all bets are off. Even if Hillery
    get elected, it had better be legal.
    I’ll go silent if she does, but at least it
    will be legal. If they cheat the system,
    then it is the Declaration of Independence,
    and gun hating Democrats will not like it.
    I hate Democrats, and most Republicans.
    I have pigs to feed.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Anti-police state people can suppress and impoverish the government.

  21. Anonymous says:

    “‘Every Frenchman suspected of being linked to terrorism, because he regularly consults a jihadist website, or his behavior shows signs of radicalization or because is in close contact with radicalized people, must by preventively placed in a detention center,'” Sarkozy’s statements are the most blatant call for a police state I have yet seen from an establishment puppet politician, and this should worry people. The fact that he is being so open and honest about the end game indicates to me that a dangerous shift is imminent. …Correct! He speaks for the Establishment and, they have therefore declared war against the people.

    • Them Guys says:

      Sarkozy Was well taught by his Israel zio and Mossad masters eh. France stupidly keeps re electing ziojewry as its prez leader.

      Now the entire EU states are under the vast Hypnotizer effects of a hundred years or longer of ziojewry swindle controls…They all have been totally Hypmotized and Holohoaxed to the Max.

      Any day nuttyahoo will likley make a grand anouncement that the EU is Now the new Kosherized States of JWO.

  22. Never trust a man who owns a pig farm.

  23. skeptic says:

    Non laughable ball sacks and cake molds. Just no reason to ever leave this site! I really don’t think the people that frequent this site are, even in total, a threat to the democratic party. Don’t get me wrong, I try to be prepared and I despise the left but if he trolls that come here are actually humorous I can dig it. Lighten up and enjoy these guys. I don’t in the least think that the left considers us a threat.

    • Old Guy says:

      there are so few self reliant well armed well prepped folks. The government isn’t worried about them. And we are also old. They will not send any blue helmets after us. They know our trusted friends will stab us in the backs. History shows you don’t come after folks like us. The Reveloution was all but lost. And a british officer decided to go after some backwoods folks. And the Battle of Kings mountain was the turning point of the war.

      • anon says:

        Old Guy

        “There are so few self reliant well armed well prepped folks.”

        That is the truth.

        Biggest threat. Shut the EBT cards down and we will have riots within a week. Give Me Dats will be coming out of the woodwork. If the lights go out, even worse.

        Your neighborhood could become a war zone overnight.

        When do we draw the line? When we can’t take it no longer.

        Maybe never.

  24. NMprepper says:

    I think that if Trump wins, Obama will call the election null and void due to Russian hackers corrupting the numbers.

  25. TheGuy says:

    The one thing I do have to point out here… unpopular as all hell as this is absolutely GOING to be…

    You think… ya might be inciting it? JUST A WEE BIT?

    You like your free internet right? Push too hard and you’ll find out why we can’t have nice things, just saying…

  26. Simmon says:

    Just a thought, but if the Democratic team isn’t ready wouldn’t that be a forfeit?
    We can’t have an election if the candidate is sick. What?
    George Soros needs to be arrested and tried for treason!!!

  27. Satori says:

    Ford CEO Fields fires back at Trump: Zero jobs to be lost to Mexico

    h ttp://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2016/09/15/ford-ceo-fields-fires-back-trump-zero-jobs-lost-mexico/90424974/

    I gotta lean Trump on this one
    it MAY be true no American jobs will be lost
    but that remains to be seen ,corporations are famous for lying

    but what is a fact is that that 1.6 BILLION dollar plant will be going up in Mexico and not Detroit
    and 2,800 jobs will go to Mexicans and not Americans

    an inconvenient truth the smarmy CEO of Ford chose not to emphasize

    might be time for at least a little bit of a tariff ?

    • Rebel Son says:

      what Ford ment is.. No jobs will be lost at this time.. a year or so down the line .. definitely, but like Hillary it was a lie that was the truth “at that time”

      this country is getting gutted folks and those that arnt awake to it are going to suffer and really soon
      fact, were all gong to suffer to some degree, most more then others

  28. Mr Smith says:

    Keep telling you all we are watching a punch and judy show so enjoy the script and get ready to be stuffed a little bit harder after the election.

    The Hilary puppets does seem to have lots of doubles so all that bending of her joints when she kneals down must had warn her out

  29. swinging richard says:

    The political process has been corrupted by allowing two parties to control it. We have more and better choices. The election will not be cancelled because one party can not field a viable

  30. Ikram Rabi says:

    Things are really very murky, not only in America but also across the globe. And I agree that arenas and actors are different but the script and directors are the same.

  31. Samwlms says:

    Gasoline prices are going up, they will if not reversed trigger more unrest. The thing most predictions neglect to account for is the influence of ” bread and circuses ” on the public keep the masses fed and entertained they don’t care. Let food and football stop then people will wake up.

  32. terminator says:

    GET OUT of the market. Get out now. The crash will happen on 9/26/16. This is your only warning.

  33. The Chauffeur says:

    And the dollar dies on 09/30/2016 @ 16:00…?