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Twitter Ramps Up Censorship By Shutting Down #ExposeCNN, Just Like They Did With #PodestaEmails

Mac Slavo
October 17th, 2019
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Twitter is not known for its being a platform of free speech. They were busted shutting down the hashtag #PodestaEmails a few years ago, and now they are squashing #ExposeCNN to keep users from hearing devastating information about the mainstream media outlet.

Though the recordings from inside CNN by Project Veritas are generating a massive amount of interest, the hashtag is not auto-completing or showing up as trending on Twitter.  And if the hashtag is being throttled, and it likely is, it wouldn’t be the first time…

Project Veritas, best known for making undercover videos of mainstream media figures saying things they’d rather keep private, have released a flurry of videos from inside CNN since Monday. With the help of a whistleblower technician who worked for the network, the recordings show CNN as being obsessed with “resisting” President Donald Trump, according to a report by RT.

By Tuesday afternoon, more anecdotal evidence began coming in from other Twitter users. One shared a screenshot of a search returning no results. But people are catching on to the massive censorship by companies in order to manipulate public opinion.

Twitter has not officially commented on the allegations. But the company has admitted in the past to hiding certain hashtags – such as those accompanying the release of DNC documents in July 2016, and Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails in October that year.

Testifying under oath before the Senate Intelligence Committee in November 2017, Twitter’s acting general counsel Sean Edgett revealed that the platform worked to stop the #PodestaEmails and #DNCLeaks hashtags from reaching users, using automated detection systems to hide them from searches-RT

Twitter has engaged in the very election meddling they claim to not appreciate and are now attempting to hide the evidence of CNN being a straight-up propaganda outlet for totalitarianism.  Twitter can and will hide hashtags that come forward that they dislike or don’t follow the official narrative in order to brainwash the public. What’s disturbing is that freedom of speech isn’t being killed by government force, but by private companies who claim certain things cannot be said because their “higher-ups” disagree.

We live in truly disturbing times.

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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: October 17th, 2019
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. SmokinOkie says:

    Today’s social media isn’t my cup of tea. This site, and a select few others, are about as ‘social’ as I get. It’s just a matter of time before technology allows us to interact in ways that will sweep the pinko commies into the dust bin where they belong. Imagine a new platform launched on Monday. A million users by Wednesday. 100 million by Friday. All using the existing infrastructure. No expensive servers and ‘clouds’ to support them. We’ll use what’s already there.
    No, I don’t know much about technology. But, at fast as things change today, it’s probably coming. Imagine established giants like Twitter, Facebook and google going from dominant to extinct in a matter of days! Replaced by something better! Makes one smile just to think about it…

  2. Angry Beaver says:

    Hey mac grow a pair of balls.

  3. Plan twice, prep once says:

    Great article Mac.

  4. Without mincing words, I’m a reasonably active locally in both politics and prepping. I have found myself under constant legal attack over the last year on several fronts, particularly by the state over taxes (regardless of my proof that I have filed and paid) for multiple years. I have now become legally involved in other trumped up matters and have come to realize I’m being specifically targeted. I am abandoning all media and social platforms related to certain activities, and am leaving for my ‘plan B’. Thanks for the good community and good conversations.
    Anyone with my contact info, assume others have it as well.
    Without further adieu, best of luck to all and maintain your opsec.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What about the CENSORSHIP on THIS SHTFPLAN website?
    Why comment? Censored.
    This site used to be great. Used to be.

  6. Clown World says:

    h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJog7PfkNRY

    Troubadours used to collect ballads, myths, and legends — like fake newsmen, who get the material from social media. Leftist and rightist mouthpieces, alike, without a creative bone in their body, actually need you, the reader. You, or someone just like you, is the source of the controversy.

  7. The Deplorable Renegade says:

    Everyone needs to abandon social media and go to alternative media only. That’s the only place where you’ll get the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please tell me where that truth is. Can ANYONE point me in a direction of FACTUAL-Verifiable, truth? Please do so.
      * Politicians LIE, Steal, Feather their own nests, ALL of them seem to be communist control freaks out to intentionally destroy us all. They want Nuclear war. INSANE.
      * Police Lie, Steal, Bully, Rape, Murder, with little accountability.
      * Judges are bought and paid for by Mexican Drug cartels. Most also seem to be communist.
      * Mass Media Lies, Forges, Misrepresents, just plain makes stuff up out of thin air. (“Trump did it. Russia did it. White males Bad, very bad.” Now you know everything Mass Media has to say.)
      * Internet. Are you kidding? Really?
      The Deplorable Renegade
      October 19, 2019 at 12:54 pm
      Everyone needs to abandon social media and go to alternative media only. That’s the only place where you’ll get the truth.
      – Showman profiteers of fear, like screaming yelling ranting Alex Jone?
      – Conspiracy nut jobs that see boogey man behind every bush.
      – Alien invaders behind every unprepared goof that gets lost in the woods.
      – Flat Earthers. Seriously?

      Rabbit holes leading to more rabbit holes. Endless waste of TIME and mental energy. Every idiot with a blog now a “expert” and “social media influencer”. Alternative media? Clown world.

      The original Internet was to pass useful information amongst reasearchers.
      Then DARPA took it over. Militarized. Command and control.
      They made the net into a intelligence gathering, surviellance tool, tracking tool, and Psyop Weapon. DARPA, Spook agencies, and the controllers use the net to monitor and control YOU. YOU are the Target.

      I would encourage everyone to ESCAPE the screens. ALL of them. They have made the technology addictive. People are getting really goofy and strange, because of the screens. Like dopeheads. It changes people.

      Escape screens and do USEFUL work, excercise, and preps. Get squared Away. While you still can.

      Thats exactly why I’m signing off. Time is short. Life seems shorter. You are 18 one day. 87 the next, if you are lucky. Then it is over. Good Bye Friends.

      The KJV bible and the Teaching of Jesus Christ are the only truth I'[ve found. Nothing else seems to hold up, Long term.

      (Except maybe the old Sears Craftsman Tools. But now even Sears is mostly gone. And their tools are now China junk.)

      You Must Escape the Screens.

  8. Redicetv was removed/censored by YouTube.

    On bitchute Lana talks for a few minutes defending her marriage to an “immigrant” from Sweden, and tells her own families’ story, which is quite compelling, and may be the reason the censors acted.

    Go to bitchute and watch this. Have your kids watch it.
    This is real drama. Her family escaped the Bolshevik Communist takeover of Russia on foot, drinking their own urine to survive. They wind up in China and the Communists are taking over China so they go to the USA.

    So yes, she and her family were real refugees not just economic opportunists like most of the so called “refugees” flooding into Europe and other European Countries like Canada, Australia, and of course, the USA.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Twitter censors my account the month before every general election, so I can’t campaign. They have a list of rightwing accounts and they shut them down during election month. DRAG JACK BEFORE THE COURT!

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