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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not much you can do about their censorship.They are, after all, a corporation and freedom of the press does not apply to them. Freedom of the press only applies in the case of government censorship.

    Much the same as SHTFplan has it’s censorship rules (see bottom of page), so does twitter. Stop crying and find a new platform to exhibit your writings and videos.

  2. Cueball says:

    The atmosphere inside the House chamber….Trumps demeanor…it was uncensored and noticeably uncanny.
    I’m still tingling



  3. Clown World says:

    They open up gas lines, in abandoned business buildings. A fire burns within view of my house, every so often.

    I am torn between the belief that anyone should be allowed to work, in a developed country, vs. the belief that there is no explanation for most of the people holding jobs, here.

  4. CD045 says:

    Our country is deeply divided. This division is a result of two objectives of the communist manifesto of how to control a nation state, control the media and you control the narrative, and control education and you control the the future. Communists are not stupid. They pitch the controlling laws they propose as something that sounds good for all. History has shown that communism has and always will be a slavery of the under class. Communism always follows Socialism. School districts have been taken over by the graduates of those “educational” facilities. The government has made it so families are forced to capitulate to the government’s idea of what education is and should be. The founders envisioned this
    and developed limitations and controls on the Federal government. Not sure this fits, but it is the root of the problem. We need good weed pullers and folks who are dedicated to our founders and willing to be part of Oath Keepers and 3%ers. DJT is the real deal. Thank you for listening. God’s speed ad grace to all patriots.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The real freedom of the press violation that everyone should be worried about is the US government prosecution of Julian Assange for whistle blowing war crimes.

    Private corporations can restrict your posts whenever they want, but the first amendment gives the people freedom of speech and press not to be interfered with by the Feds.

  6. Mr_Yesterday says:

    Well, same old story. Is it irony to complain about censorship, when you’re purposefully relying on a monopolistic censor whom profits from your voice?

    If Okeefe would have just issued a printed publication on paper, he would not be having a problem reaching anyone.

    James is a leader in investigative journalism. If he can’t help transition people to different platforms… Wish he would already.

    Welcome to the club, these companies have been censoring for a decade if not longer but somehow it’s always ‘new news’ when it happens to anyone individually. Think about people like me, people whom refused on principal to ever have a login in the first place.

    If you have to login to have ‘speech’, you have already lost. What I like most about printed publications is nobody knows what I read, what I may or may not have agreed on, if I even looked at it in the first place, whom I may have shared it with or redistributed the message to, how long I lingered on a page, etc. Targeted advertisement data collection is the most thinly veiled excuse to violate constitutional privacy rights I’ve ever heard of. Who gives a flying you know what about the solicitors. I slam the doors on solicitors faces and lock them out. You should too.

    Posted from my mozilla, using adblock, ublock, in cognito, do not track, auto delete, do not save encrypted, scripting lockdown, and with prefetch, cortana, and bing associations completely locked down and turned off. Boy, setting up a 10ware was a lot of work but it can be done.