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Top Dems Post Identical Tweets: “Orange Man Bad”

Mac Slavo
December 27th, 2018
Comments (51) Read by 2,445 people

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Two top Democrats – Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer – have posted identical “orange man bad” Tweets, which has breathed fresh life into the infamous “NPC” (non-player character) meme. Pelosi and Schumer have both been accused of being Trump-hating automatons after the curious stunt.

The two politicians are now, even more so, the laughing stock of the Twitter world. According to a tweet from Mark Dice, they didn’t even bother to put the DNC (Democratic National Committee) talking points in their own words. Is this simply a matter of copy and paste in true NPC form?

Some even pointed out that these were not the only Tweets that were identical:

According to RT, Schumer posted his Tweet first, and within 30 minutes, the exact same Tweet appeared from Pelosi. Both were meant to be “Christmas Eve warnings.” The lawmakers also posted a series of nearly-identical follow-up messages, lambasting the president for shutting down the government and building up for the fear-mongering that will ramp up as the shutdown drags on.

The lazy messaging strategy provoked a snark storm on Twitter, with many users dusting off their favorite NPC meme to satirize the herd-mentality hatred of the president.

The NPC meme gained worldwide popularity ahead of the November midterm elections earlier this year. In October, Twitter deleted an estimated 1,500 accounts that used the meme to mock liberal conformity, claiming they were Russian bots. Twitter has been widely accused of leftist bias and censorship of conservative voices.

James Woods SLAMS Twitter CEO: ‘If You Want To Kill My Free Speech, Man Up And Slit My Throat’

While Schumer and Pelosi bemoaned the tanking stock market (and rightly so) they didn’t express any individuality when posting their tweets. Democrats have long been advocates of groupthink and conformity, so it really isn’t that big of a surprise that these two are exactly alike and have no individual thoughts of their own to express.

H/T [RT]

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Author: Mac Slavo
Views: Read by 2,445 people
Date: December 27th, 2018
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Sure makes it easy (easier) to hate the Communist Lib-turds don’t it?
    Brainless shit-holes.

    • Nailbanger says:

      Happy new year NRP

      • Historian says:

        Senator Chuck “Shomer Yisrael” must be Replaced by a Senator who will “Shomer” the U.S.

        “My name as you know comes from a Hebrew word. It comes from the word shomer, which means guardian … and I believe Hashem, actually, gave me the name as one of my roles that is very important in the United States Senate, to be a shomer for Israel, and I will continue to be that with every bone in my body.” (US Senator Charles Schumer interviewed by Nachum Segal, Apr 22, 2010)

      • Hi-Ya Banger-of-Nails
        You got it, Happy Nude Years ya old fart… HAHAHAH
        And I don’t want to hear a friggen word on you Sunbath-n over there on that rock having a Gin-N-Tonic… HAHAHA

  2. Infidel says:

    Well now I’m going to take a Schumer and wipe my Pelosi.

  3. Beaumont says:

    “Even though the government has been shut down, the Department of Agriculture still has some existing financial resources at their disposal, and they are assuring us that those enrolled in the food stamp program will still receive their benefits “for January”.

    • its still about political power for them at this point. They will continue to feed their hungry army of useful idiots.

      the Russia witchhunt will continue, benefits will keep being handed out, the military/industrial complex still grinds away…

      As a matter of fact, nearly ALL of the functioning federal government is still open and working to further the agenda, just a few things are “closed”… and those folks will still get back pay. Optics, baby. Optics.

      • NEC_Wrangler, no question it is all just another illusion created so people will keep thinking they need the gov for their everyday existence ? They don’t, none of us do ! We could cut the entire gov by 50% tomorrow and nobody would be affected at all except for the leaches that lost their absurd cushy jobs !

        Gov does a few things right like sewer and water. But gov does NOT build any of that. Private contractors do, I know because I was one ! All they do is make it cost far more money and complicate all processes with regs that accomplish zero except employ more bureaucrats ! Big gov is a huge part of the mess we see today. Anybody that still thinks all these alphabet agencies are good thing is just stupid and not part of any solution.

        Lets get on with it, let the prosecutions begin ASAP and start thinning out the herd of leaches !

        • Infidel says:

          D2ET, my city’s local government mismanaged the sewer and water treatment plant for many years and now we’re all paying for it in our elevated property taxes and water/sewer rates, so NO they can’t even do that right. Government fucks up everything, and I mean everything, they do, at all levels, no exception.

          • Beaumont says:

            It’s ironic, how people on the level of the Swiss Family Robinson think about water, electricity, waste, carrying capacity, but city planners don’t. They are more worried about paint color than where paint comes from, more worried about the use of native grasses than staple cereals.

          • Infidel, I am not at all surprised your municipality fucked up whatever part of their system. I was referring to the initial concept of actually building sewer and water plants which are a total necessity with so many people on the planet. Tell me something I am not already aware of ? There is no question everything the gov touches they fuck up bigly ! And your point was ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is like the dumb kid in class copying homework from the other dumb kid in class

    • Anonymous, in spades !

      I love that cartoon of the “orange man bad” series of memes ! spells it out perfectly and succinctly. Copied and saved and will be using it !

      Ask yourself in all honesty.
      How many people, do you know that actually really do think for themselves and then take action on those ideas ? This simple thought process answers many questions today and gives the correct direction to avoid the herd of Wildebeast jumping into the jaws of the crocodiles in the river, simply because the first guy did and the rest followed !

  5. Anonymous says:

    The amount of bigotry and hatred of the orange has gotten way out of hand in this country.

    Anti orange hatred dominates us as a nation, something we will have to have a serious reckoning with some day.

    • Menzoberranzan says:

      I heard some co workers saying that Hillary would have been the lesser of the 2 evils regarding the presidency and I chimed in that Hillary needs to be in a federal prison. They were at a loss for words as they couldn’t imagine her doing anything wrong. The media has done it’s brainwashing very effectively. I tried to explain but I don’t know if they understood any of it.

      • The Deplorable Renegade says:

        Menzo, don’t hold your breath on any of them understanding it. I’m sure they don’t and never will. I say Hillary and all the rest need to be dead but that’s just me.

    • Anonymous, wrong ! most of that supposed mass hatred is just another created illusion. If it is true as you say why do all of Trumps rallys draw so many people they do not have enough room and many participate outside ? Trumps real support numbers are far greater than they claim and the polls are crap because it is PRAVDA/MSM that creates the polls !

      You too have bought into the facades being created by PRAVDA/MSM. No doubt there is a left in rage, but they are NOT a majority at all and the rallys prove it clearly. At the same time the Clintons cannot get people to show up for any price and show me one DEM that even come close to the crowds Trump draws ?

      All of the negatives are created bullshit storys, propaganda, and nothing more. If you repeat something enough times some will of course believe it ! Goebbels 101

      • Anonymous says:

        They may not be the majority, but they just took over the house and seem to be seeing increasing support in the Senate.

        Maybe Trump’s supporters are made up of those who don’t bother to get out and vote while the leftists vote in mass and make their decision for them?

    • Anonymous, we are in fact right now having that reckoning, although in the beginning stages. Yes it will get more chaotic

  6. phicrapazappa says:

    Luckily, Obama has two dicks, so neither feels left out.

  7. M Edward says:

    I hate to spoil anybody’s fun here, but I haven’t seen SHTFP post a story about the Danish and Norwegian women slaughtered by Islamists in Morocco.

    SO I WILL ….

    It’s time to wipe Islam from the face of the planet.

    No mercy, none !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. aljamo says:

    Usually the SS COLA notification has already been sent out by this date. You know to those damn old baby boomers who somehow brought down this nation… and left behind this putrid dump exposed as read it and weep.

  9. can we do a screencap instead of links nexrt time? I hate giving twitter free clicks.

  10. grandee says:

    2020 is gonna be brutal

    prep on, especially prep…

    your souls

  11. Cat Herder says:

    Let me see if I can get this shut down thing understood…
    12:01 midnight (Friday 21 December) USGOV has no budget for non-essential people working for them…
    They’re not working on Saturday, Sunday; if memory serves me, Trump signed off on giving 24 December as a holiday, 25 December is a Federal holiday.
    With me so far?
    So, in my mindlessness-I’m thinking it’s only been 2 days; the 26th and the 27th…
    Why is the propaganda orgs saying it’s 4+ days?
    Be well, y’all…

  12. Maranatha says:

    For at least 15 years, the fake news media like CNN and MSNBC has directly used DNC talking points in their broadcasts. Twitter just made that more visible.

  13. When Muslims murder Europeans, do you question who is responsible for bringing them into Europe? A wild animal will kill. It’s the traitors who unleashed the animal that needs our attention.


  14. TheGuy says:

    Anything for attention huh guys?

    Unfortunately, what you are deeply failing to recognize here, is that much unlike the celebrity world that you’re trying so desperately to emulate… “any attention” is not necessarily “good attention” in politics.

    Everyone pays attention to Charlie Sheen when he goes on another drunken bender. Everyone pays attention to Paris Hilton when she washes another car in a bikini with that stupid dog in her bag.

    But you guys? Bad press isn’t equivalent to people liking you. Not in the slightest.

  15. Warchild Dammit! says:

    Tis why I love 4/8/11 chans ect. I watched and got into the forums on this as was developing,folks wanted to make it a open/public meme ect.,weeks later it worked!

  16. Grunty McPhereson says:

    LOVE the NPC memes! There’s so much truth in them, which is why they continue to have legs even though Twitter hammer-banned every one they could find. The MSM is beside itself that this meme hasn’t gone away (and won’t, since it’s such a truth bomb).

    Keep yr preps up and yr situational awareness frosty. When the food stamps stop, there’s gonna be MASSIVE chimpouts!

  17. https://bongino.com/ep-881-a-presidential-surprise/

    excellent stuff lately, by far the best pundit and analysis out there by far !

    !00 % reality based with no PC.

  18. Norman Oliver says:

    This is what happens when you have more than three people using the same two brain cells.

  19. Beaumont says:

    That makes politicians like frontmen or spokesmodels.

    Then, who are the handlers.

  20. Mike says:

    Sad if many in our great country buy into the bull these morons are peddling.

  21. Maranatha says:

    In the seventies, good parents were concerned when their 3 year olds recited jingles from commercials fearing it would lead to a horrible consumer culture of robots.

    Well you see the result when propaganda infiltrates the public school, the mass media, Hollywood, music, politics, and social media. It fostered the NPC generation.

    You should fear social media because it’s classic Orwellian double speak. Social implies friends, romance, and relationships…yet it’s all a farce as it’s artificial and devoid of meaning and even worthless. None of those followers are people you can count upon.

    NPC means non-player character and it came out of Dungeon and Dragons where people roleplayed having adventures instead of actually learning wrestling and using a firearm and camping. But at least that was using your imagination. The NPCs were like the Red Shirts of Star Trek who basically were ornaments or cannonfodder with zero originality or personality.

    The globalists turned a generation into puppets seeking other puppets to follow them. They speak identically so the other puppets know they are equally mindless. They have been rendered into human zeros.