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The War Pigs Are Finally Revealing Themselves – And This Is Just The Beginning…

Brandon Smith
January 9th, 2020
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This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.

In 2016 during the election campaign of Donald Trump one of the primary factors of his popularity among conservatives was that he was one of the first candidates since Ron Paul to argue for bringing US troops home and ending American involvement in the various elitists fabricated wars in the Middle East.

From Iraq to Afghanistan, to Syria and Yemen and beyond, the Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs at the behest of their globalist masters had been waging war oversees unabated for over 15 years. The time was ripe for a change and people felt certain that if Hillary Clinton entered the White House, another 4-8 years of war were guaranteed.

There was nothing to be gained from these wars. They were only dragging the US down socially and economically, and even the idea of “getting the oil” had turned into a farce as the majority of Iraqi oil has been going to China, not the US. General estimates on the costs of the wars stand at $5 trillion US tax dollars and over 4500 American dead along with around 40,000 wounded. The only people that were benefiting from the situation were globalists and banking elites, who had been clamoring to destabilize the Middle East since the day they launched their “Project For A New American Century” (PNAC). Truly, all wars are banker wars.

The Obama Administration’s attempts to lure Americans into supporting open war with the Assad regime in Syria had failed. Consistent attempts by George W. Bush and Obama to increase tensions with Iran had fizzled. Americans were showing signs of fatigue, FINALLY fed up with the lies being constructed to trick them into being complicit in the banker wars. Trump was a breath of fresh air…but of course, like all other puppets of the globalists, his promises were empty.

In my article ‘Clinton vs. Trump And The Co-Option Of The Liberty Movement’, published before the 2016 election, I warned that Trump’s rhetoric might be a grand show and that it could be scripted by the establishment to bring conservatives back into the Republican/Neo-Con fold. At the time, leftist media outlet Bloomberg openly reveled in the idea that Trump might absorb and destroy the “Tea Party” and liberty movement and turn them into something far more manageable. The question was whether or not the liberty movement would buy into Trump completely, or remain skeptical.

Initially, I do not think the movement held onto its objectivity at all. Far too many people bought into Trump blindly and immediately based on misguided hopes and a desire to “win” against the leftists. The insane cultism of the political left didn’t help matters much, either.

When Trump started saturating his cabinet with banking elites and globalists from the CFR the moment he entered office, I knew without any doubt that he was a fraud. Close associations with establishment swamp creatures were something he had consistently criticized Clinton and other politicians for during the campaign, but Trump was no better or different than Clinton; he was just an errand boy for the elites. The singular difference was that his rhetoric was designed to appeal directly to liberty-minded conservatives.

This meant that it was only a matter of time before Trump broke most of his campaign promises, including his assertions that he would bring US troops home. Eventually, the mask had to come off if Trump was going to continue carrying out the agenda of his masters.

Today, the mask has indeed come off. For the past three years, Trump has made announcements of an imminent pullback of troops in the Middle East, including the recent claim that troops would be leaving Syria. All of the announcements were followed by an INCREASE in US troop presence in the region. Consistent attempts have been made to foment renewed strife with Iran. The build-up to war has been obvious, but some people on the Trump train still didn’t get it.

The most common argument I heard when pointing out all the inconsistencies in Trump’s claims, as well as his direct links to globalists, was that “He hadn’t started any wars, so how could he be a globalist puppet…?” My response has always been “Give it a little time, and he will.”

One of my readers noted recently that “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS) actually goes both ways. Leftists double down on their hatred of Trump at every opportunity, but Trump cultists double down on their support for Trump regardless of how many promises he breaks. This has always been my biggest concern – That conservatives in the liberty movement would ultimately abandon their principles of limited government, the end to banking elites in the White House and ending illegal wars because they had invested themselves so completely in the Trump farce that they would be too embarrassed to admit they had been conned.

Another concern is that the liberty movement would be infected by an influx of people who are neo-conservative statists at their core. These people pretend to be liberty-minded conservatives, but when the veil is lifted they show their true colors as the War Pigs they really are. A distinction has to be made between Bush-era Neo-Con control freaks and constitutional conservatives; there are few if any similarities between the two groups, but the establishment hopes that the former will devour the latter.

I’ve noticed that the War Pigs are out in force this past week, beating their chests and calling for more blood. The US government has assassinated Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani, retaliation against US targets have begun, and now the Iraqi government has demanded that US troops be removed from the region, to which Trump has said “no” and demanded payment instead. A new troop surge has been initiated and this WILL end in all-out war. The tit-for-tat has just begun.

How do Trump cultists respond? “Kill those terrorists!”

Yes, many of the same people that applauded Trump’s supposed opposition to the wars three years ago are now fanatically cheering for the beginning of perhaps the most destructive war of all. The rationalizations for this abound. Soleimani was planning attacks on US targets in Iraq, they say. And, this might be true, though no hard proof has yet been presented.

I’m reminded of the Bush-era claims of Iraqi “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, the weapons that were never found and no proof was found that they ever existed. The only weapons Iraq had were the weapons the US sold to them decades ago. Any government can fabricate an excuse for assassination or war for public consumption; the Trump Administration is no different.

That said, I think the most important factor in this debate has fallen by the wayside. The bottom line is, US troops and US bases should NOT be in Iraq in the first place. Trump himself stated this time and time again. Even if Soleimani was behind the attacks and riots in Iraq, US assets cannot be attacked in the region if they are REMOVED from the region as Trump said he would do.

There is only one reason to keep US assets in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria at this time, and that is to create ongoing tensions in the area which can be used by the establishment to trigger a new war, specifically with Iran.

The War Pigs always have reasons and rationales, though. They say the Muslim world is a threat to our way of life, and I agree that their ideology is completely incompatible with Western values. That said, the solution is not sending young Americans to die overseas in wars based on lies. Again, these wars only benefit the bankers and globalists; they do not make us safer as a people. The only moral solution is to make sure the fascist elements of Muslim extremism are not imported to our shores.

The War Pigs say that we deserve payment for our “services rendered” in the region before we leave, echoing the sentiments of Donald Trump. I ask, what services? Payment for what? The invasion the Iraqi’s didn’t want, based on fallacies that have been publicly exposed? The US bases that should not be there in the first place? The hundreds of thousands dead from a war that had no purpose except to deliberately destabilize the region?

We will never get “payment” from the Iraqis as compensation for these mad endeavors, and the War Pigs know this. They want war. They want it to go on forever. They want to attach their egos to the event. They want to claim glory for themselves vicariously when we win, and they want to claim victimhood for themselves vicariously when our soldiers or citizens get killed. They are losers that can only be winners through the sacrifices of others.

The War Pigs defend the notion that the president should be allowed to make war unilaterally without support from congress. They say that this type of action is legal, and technically they are right. It is “legal” because the checks and balances of war were removed under the Bush and Obama Administrations. The passage of the AUMF (Authorization For Use Of Military Force) in 2001 gave the Executive Branch dictatorial powers to initiate war on a whim without oversight. Just because it is “legal” does not mean it is constitutional, or right.

In the end, the Trump bandwagon is meant to accomplish many things for the globalists; the main goal though is that it is designed to change liberty conservatives into rabid statists. It is designed to make anti-war pro-constitution activists into warmongers and supporters of big government, as long as it is big government under “our control”. But it’s not under our control. Trump is NOT our guy. He is an agent of the establishment and always has been.

For now, the saber-rattling is aggressive but the actions have been limited. This will not be the case for long.  Some may ask why the establishment has not simply launched all-out war now?  Why start out small?  Firstly, they need conservatives psychologically invested in the idea.  This may require a false flag event or attack on American civilians.  Secondly, they need to execute an extensive troop build-up, which could take a few months.  Declarations of a “need for peace” are always used to stall for time while the elites position for war.

War with Iran is pointless, and frankly, unwinnable, and the elites know this. It’s not just a war with Iran, it is a war with Iran, their allies, and every other nation that reacts negatively to our actions.  And, these nations do not have to react militarily, they can react economically by dumping US treasuries and the dollar as world reserve.

The establishment wants the US embroiled in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc. until we are so hollowed out from conflict that we collapse.

They also need a considerable distraction to hide their responsibility for the implosion of the Everything Bubble and the economic pain that will come with it. The end game for the establishment is for America to self destruct, so that it can be rebuilt into something unrecognizable and eternally monstrous. They want every vestige of our original principles to be erased, and to do that, they need us to be complicit in our own destruction. They need us to participate. Don’t participate, and refuse to support new banker wars. Don’t be a War Pig.

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Author: Brandon Smith
Date: January 9th, 2020
Website: https://www.alt-market.com

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  1. Clown World says:

    “… shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness. And their word will eat as doth a canker (gaggraina, ie, gangrene)”
    — from 2 Tim 2

    “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you…”
    — from 2 Cor 6

    “… distinction has to be made between Bush-era Neo-Con control freaks and constitutional conservatives; there are few if any similarities between the two groups…”

    Both are examples of endless consensus building, regardless of the social costs, and in spite of absolute morality.

    Whether Machiavellian color revolutions are instigated abroad, or the different branches of tyranny are pitted against eachother in a balance of powers.

    Had Qassem Soleimani the correct papers, he would be your moral equivalent — nay, replacement. Job appointments have never been better, vital resources are for sale, and our internally displaced are expected to trust the process.

  2. Trump's Ultimate Aims Un-knowable says:

    You might be right about Trump in the long run, but this latest round has ended about the way the previous ones, like the Syria fake-chemical-weapons scare or the drone-attack last fall. Trump took out one guy, a guy who, rumor has it, had as many enemies in Iran’s government as he had here, and Iran “retaliated” with a bunch of missiles that landed on the ground. No invasion and we’re onto the next non-adventure. Trump is certainly taking his time getting our troops out of places like Afghanistan and Iraq, but who knows what forces are working against him. Is he leading them on, or is he leading on his followers, or both? Only he knows for sure. Nonetheless, Hillary was promising to “take on Putin in Syria”, a near guarantee of 4 years of war-mongering, making even Trump’s zig-zagy record to date the lesser of the evils. He is the only game in town at this point.

  3. You might be right about Trump in the long run, but this latest round has ended about the way the previous ones, like the Syria fake-chemical-weapons scare or the drone-attack last fall. Trump took out one guy, a guy who, rumor has it, had as many enemies in Iran’s government as he had here, and Iran “retaliated” with a bunch of missiles that landed on the ground. No invasion and we’re onto the next non-adventure. Trump is certainly taking his time getting our troops out of places like Afghanistan and Iraq, but who knows what forces are working against him. Is he leading them on, or is he leading on his followers, or both? Only he knows for sure. Nonetheless, Hillary was promising to “take on Putin in Syria”, a near guarantee of 4 years of war-mongering, making even Trump’s zig-zagy record to date the lesser of the evils. He is the only game in town at this point.

  4. OldIron says:

    There is a small group of peaple that want our money,blood,property,souls and ideas. They think as if they are Gods and some believe it to the point of using past lives of the rich and powerful.They hide as much from us as they can and they fear we the people are doing it as well.That is why the survalance grid they know a civil war is coming and want to be ready for us,it just means they will be even more surprized by it.

  5. Anon says:

    War is hell. War is a racket. All wars are banker wars.

    However, all the world’s a stage. Sounds like these counter-attacks are staged with prior notice. On the other hand, rumors are that missiles have struck secret western operatives. Let’s hope all of this will set the stage for a peace deal before more blood is shed. Perhaps it will de-escalate like North Korea.

    These are amazing times. Will these collateral murder means be justified by some benevolent end?

  6. cranerigger says:

    Look at HISTORY. Does anyone believe pacifism would have removed the Muslim hordes ruling the Iberian Peninsula? Does anyone believe Neveille Chamberlain & Charles Lindburgh had the right approach to dealing with HITLER? Should Pol Pot have been allowed to kill folks in Laos forever? Sometimes folks have to stand up to the latest bully.

    I don’t like imperialism or adventurism all over the world but can we recognize there is a time & place to try and preserve our nation and our culture (of course I do NOT mean the Hollywierd version). Semper Fidelis.

  7. Frank Thoughts says:

    We have been under heavy attack by radical Islam since 2001. They took down the World Trade Centre buildings and nearly took out the Pentagon. This is serious stuff.

    Islam is vast, violent and fascist. It is not friendly to the West and our ideals. They want us dead like yesterday.

    We have fought these wars with historically low casualties.4500 troops is nothing. That many would die in two months in Vietnam.

    Thanks to two innovators – Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld – the US has been able to operate globally with minimal loss of human life.

    The coming conflict with Iran has been on deck since 2005. We have waited for Iran to bring it, and they will. At that point our bases which surround Iran on all sides will strike with unholy ferocity unseen in the history of human warfare.

    Iran will not have a military capability ever again.

  8. Bill says:

    Pigs are often thought of as gluttonous. TPTB (neocons, Zionists, Mil. Ind. Comp., Intel Comp., certain senior officials (elected & non-elected), a group of multi-national Corp., quasi-secret organizations, and a large number of other “insiders” and “elites” have a gluttonous appetite for power. They feast on American lives, blood, and treasure. Due to their degenerate nature, everything they take that is good and wholesome they must corrupt, twist, and debase, to make it suitable for their own appetite. They must take that which is good, and pervert in an unnatural way, to make it palatable for their own purposes.
    They are a parasitic creation, devouring vast resources, in return contributing absolutely no constructive or beneficial purpose to the world. They devour all manner of resources vital for a functioning humane society, and then defacate ruined nations, ruined societies, ruined lives, death and misery. And, they have shown they are altogether indifferent to the mass suffering of innocent peoples. Nothing is off limits as to what they will do to maintain their warped perverted existence. They do not bring or even desire progress, they want a world where people are ignorant, powerless, having no rights, existing only to supply resources for the parasite, the masses ultimately contributing to their own demise. They do not exist for you, you exist for them.

  9. Brandon you should be running, the Democrats don’t have a chance without you.

    Satan has a say in this world today, very soon God is going to judge the planet.

  10. Brandon you should be runnung the democrats dont have a chance without you.

    Satan is running things at present. God is coming soon to judge the planet. Bank on this God wins!

  11. Tony says:

    Civil war has started in Virginia. These war mongering monsters won’t be in power much longer.

  12. Willydogg says:

    Looking at the “greater Israel project” ancient king davids boundries encompassing many modern Arab states and the “plan for the new American century” calling for a new pearl harbor type event “911”?? And lastly 4 star general
    Exiting a pentagon briefing in 2001 planning the overthrow of 7 arab nations..2 left from the list..any missile or provocations against Syria or Iran’ is greatly suspect since its been in the planning for 20years or more…War Pigs for sure

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