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The Venezuelan Collapse Is Now A Fight For Survival: “Never In My Life Have I Seen Something Like This”

The Daily Sheeple
March 14th, 2019
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This report was originally published at The Daily Sheeple

(Venezuelans scramble to find food and potable drinking water)

As Venezuela fell into darkness following an already tumultuous period of starvation and unrest, many thought things couldn’t get any worse.

But they did.

So bad, in fact, that local water systems are no longer functioning, which means in addition to a lack of food and medicines, the people of socialist Venezuela are now struggling to gain access to potable water.

“I have 67 years,” the director said. “Never in my life, I have seen something like this.”

There have been reports of stores being looted and families scavenging for food and water anywhere they can.

The crisis was on full display at one river, where families got water despite it being polluted.

Via: ABC News

This is what it looks like when your country completely collapses and fresh water becomes a daily fight  for survival:

With the economy in shambles, the US dollar coming under threat from China and Russia, and tens of trillions of dollars in unsustainable debt obligations, the United States could soon collapse in a similar style.

When it happens, most people will be shocked and unable to deal with the situation. Prepare yourself and your family accordingly, because as you can see from the example above, support from your local government is nowhere to be found.

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Author: The Daily Sheeple
Date: March 14th, 2019
Website: http://www.TheDailySheeple.com/

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  1. Paranoid says:

    “Support from your local government is nowhere to be found”? This whole problem is caused by Gov. If they supported the people any more they’d all be dead. Don’t know about scum sucking places like New Jersey and the Commie cities, Just had two feet of snow ,won’t be out for a few days, no problem. If it was a few months it would still be no problem. Live by socialism; die by socialism.

    • durangokidd says:

      “With the economy in shambles, the US dollar coming under threat from China and Russia, and tens of trillions of dollars in unsustainable debt obligations, the United States could soon collapse in a similar style.”

      FEAR PORN.

      First the dollar is not under attack from China & Russia. Actually, the REVERSE is true and China in particular is about to implode under a debt tsunami 15 times that of the US Dollar.

      US DEBT is sustainable as long as the debt to gdp ratio falls within historical norms. China’s Debt / GDP ratio has now balloon to around 300%. Chinese companies are financial zombies. Greece became insolvent at 400%. If the American consumer were to disappear, or TRUMP’S TARIFFS were to continue or accelerate, China would IMPLODE !!!

      Venezuela is a different story and to compare its situation to America is complete IGNORANCE !!! Who wrote this piece of shit ??? 🙂

    • George says:

      LOL.America is a socialist country.Government is our largest employer.We have public schools,obvious socialism.Property taxes document state ownership of property you think that you own.You might also research the reality of “civil asset forfeiture”.The banksters have received over $14 trillion bailouts.Trump recently gave corporations large permanent tax cuts,corporations who have offshored production to other socialist countries like China/Mexico.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Folks, this is definitely coming to the U.S. – bet on it.

  3. Jakartaman says:

    Hope you are keeping a list of the traitor Republicans voting against the Prez.
    They along with the demwits will be the death of our great Republic. too many welfare /democratic voters coming into our country illegally – SAD

    The elite are going to get there way – 95% De-population.
    We should start CW2 just to let them know we won’t go down easy

  4. Fritz says:

    Hopefully the people in their country have learned their lesson and will rise up and take out their trash. Hopefully the people in our country learn a lesson from this and take out our own democratic-socialist, progressive, communist trash before it gets to this point here.

  5. Sgt. Dale says:

    I have no pity for these folks they voted for this type of Guberment and they got it right up their A#$. Just like this country will get it if they put the Demorats back into power.

    People forget we are the government, and we let a bunch of turds take away from us to take care of the Give Me Group crying I want it. But they are too damn lazy to work for it. yes there are some folk that need help, and I don’t have any problem helping them. I just get so PISSED about the Welfare Mom the porch monkeys just setting on their porch waiting for their welfare check.

    Get ready folks because it is coming here if we put the Demorat in power.

  6. grandee says:

    We just rotated the pantry and medical stocks.
    We will be adding as well as replacing any expired items.

    Again I say, “2020 will be brutal.”

    Prep your soul as well as the earthly items.

    Don’t be a Venezuelan!

    We have this small window of opportunity.

  7. Seminole Wind says:

    Planted 3 Plum and 2 Peach trees, my 6 blueberries are full of fruit, our 3 figs are growing like weeds and our 4 Persimmon trees are starting to blossom. The garden goes in by next week.

    Bozo O’Rourke has announced that he is running in 2020. Every time that I see that little pr*ck I want to punch his lights out!

  8. Old Guy says:

    It wont happen here until the USA military can no longer enforce the Petro Dollar. Or the powers that be decide to collapse the dollar. Unless something natural or man made takes down the grid. Then it will happen over night. Its just that simple.

    • Seminole Wind says:

      Old Guy, don’t you know that it’s all a CIA plot financed by Juices, African Americans and little green men from Mars. At least according to the Dumbo’s who believe everything that they read here and Zero Hedge, or hear on RT T.V.

      Prue sarcasm, so watch out fur dem hogs!

      Pray for the people of Venezuela, not all of them voted for Communism and haven’t we all done something that regret later on?

  9. Seminole Wind says:

    we regret later on

  10. Water storage is muy importante.

    • Seminole Wind says:

      3x 55 gallon drums full up, 12 cases of bottled in my freezer, a generator to run our well and 30 gallons of gas to run it.

      Si, aqua is muy importante

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        SW: My wife and I just purchased a home and we are on a well and don’t really know anything about it – so what do I need to get so we still have water when the lights/power go bye-bye birdy time??

        • Ketchupondemand says:

          CC, look at what power the well pump needs/draws and design a small stand alone solar powered panel/inverter/pump to power it.
          If it’s a 220volt you might have an issue. Maybe you can use a 24 volt in it’s place…if it’s a submersible set-up, call Genius, or go to northern arizona wind and sun/forums and search. Good luck.

        • hillbillySC says:

          Evening CC,

          Yea, I’ve been down this road.
          You need to know a few things about your system.
          Drilled well or dug/tiled well?
          (is it a 6/8 inch cased, meaning a PVC pipe in the ground)
          Submerged or shallow well pump?
          Voltage of the pump?
          Horsepower of the pump?
          Gallons per minute, output of the pump?
          3 wire or 2 wire?
          (3 wire, will have an external control box, 2 wire is built into the pump)
          Depth that it is set at?
          Static water level of the well?

          You need to learn your system and what it takes to run it.

          My example is a drilled, 8 inch, well at 500 feet.
          The case is set to 225 feet. (meaning the PVC pipe is that long. All the way to bed rock. Info is on a plate on the side of the case.)

          I have a 1.5 hp, 3 wire, 240-volt submerged pump set at 200 feet. (it’s hell to pull out of the case by hand, yea…I know. min. of 3 people with one of them being a gorilla) 🙁

          I can run my pump on a 5,000-watt Coleman generator that puts out 240 volts. (Two seperate 120-volt legs.)

          My last ditch option after I finish off the cases of bottle water and the two 55-gallon water barrels, is those pop-up swimming pools that wally-world has on clearance at the end of summer each year. (have never had to use them, YET!!!) 🙂

          I have had to change my pump several times over the years because of lighting. 🙁

          I’ve had to shower with 1 gallon jugs of COLD water, until the new pump was up and running. That SUCKS!!! But beats stinking. 🙂

          Ask a question, someone can help answer any ya have.

          Y’all enjoy the weekend.
          We’ll be starting the garden, since it’s suppose to be nice in these parts. 😉

          • Plan twice prep once says:

            One concept, modern plumbing doesn’t work in freezing climates without central heat.

            If I lost power in the winter, I’d need to store up drinking water in freeze proof containers. Three quarter full zip lock bags would work. Then shut off the water where the valve won’t freeze. That is the valve in the street.

            Drain the pipes in the house. The heat will fail. Two days or ten days, with a generator, it will fail.

            Paramount, don’t let pipes freeze.

            Water damage can make you homeless.

    • A couple ideas for off grid water systems.

      Find an uphill water source you can pipe into your location. The more head (vertical fall) the better. Enough head will give you pressure for a shower and commode flushing without electric. To increase the pressure you can start out with a larger diameter pipe and reduce it down as you get closer to your location.

      If all you have is a downhill source, you can build a hydraulic ram pump out of parts that are available at your local hardware store. This type of pump uses no electric and will pump water uphill to your storage tank. Locate your tank higher than where you plan to use it and gravity will do the rest. These type of pumps were used in the woods a hundred+ years ago for logging camps and brick kilns. Plans are on line.

      There are a few of these systems in use around here, including mine, but we live in the mountain. Ideally, you should look for a place that has a water source that can be used with no power. Planning for a life without electricity is a good way to set up your place even if you still stay tied to the grid for as long as you can.

  11. On a different topic, Pelousey wants 16 year olds to vote.
    She seems very confident that that government schools have indoctrinated the youngsters.

  12. boomerbobby says:

    let the CIA supply small arms and ammo to the citizens and get things going

  13. Capt Sensible says:

    LET US BE CLEAR – Venezuela is the victim of Assymetrical warfare.

    The nation has been under economic and political attack by the Mafia Gangster States of the US and UK for years.

    1) Sanctions – a PC term for Economic Warfare – have been imposed on the nation which strangles all forms of economic activity, including the supply and flow of goods and food. This is intended to pressure the people so that they beg for regime change.

    2) Sabotage – From low level damage to civil infrasture (damage to roads, bridges, transmissions, etc) to high level destruction of critical infrastructure (such as the electric grid, the water supply, and financial systems).

    3) Disinformation & Psyops – For example some stooge ‘declaring’ himself president and then being ‘recognised’ as such is a Political Psyop of the highest order (imagine if Putin decided to ‘recognise’ Hillary or Biden).

    4) The modern siege – no nation will support the Government or people lest they run the wrath of the empire (santions on them, ‘accidents’ to infrastuture and family of leaders, etc).

    Make no mistake, Venezuela is under attack by the empire and has been for years. The psyop is to make the government look incompetant and corrupt in order to deligitamise it (and hide its replacement through orcastrated colour revolution).

    The only way the above comes to the US and UK is if a powerful nation uses the same tactics, or the Mafia running the governments turn the mechanisms inwards.

  14. Montana Guy says:

    I am so old that I remember US planes dropping food on children. Imagine the good will America could have gained if it had dropped $95 Million in food for their starving men, women and children? That would be just 1/10 of 1% of the US military budget But no, Washington chose to save the money for dropping bombs on them.

  15. 2isone says:

    Learned helplessness. It’s a tough adjustment to get pulled off the government teat.

  16. barbuto says:

    Venezuela is coming to America…..soon….very soon…Maybe 2020…I have been appalled how people have attacked Trump. OK he is not the brightest bulb on the shelf…but he got elected because he said he was going to actually do something, and he has. He has tried to take back the give aways that previous administrations made….that weakend America but left a spot in history that said Obama did something. Even if it was wrong ( Ex., deal with Iran)…Instead os saying you all are going to “fight till they take my gun out of my cold dead hands” you should be fighting and having your group contact the political bosses who we elect supposedly to represent us. Politicians are prostitutes. They do what ever the ones who pay them want them to do. If they think that they can follow the Deep State masters they will. If they fear they will loose their cushy jobs because they get one million letters or emails saying ” do this” they will “do this”. Not becasue its the right thing to do but because they want their job. So u must all keep after our “leaders” tell them the socialist agenda which is being discussed is wrong and like Trump said ” Socialism is not coming to America”…because if we don’t insist and act to prevent it…it will come and we shall become a broken country like Venezuela, like Cuba, Like Russia and all the other countries who took the Socialist Kool Aid….and died….