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The Truth: “Governments Are The Biggest Criminals In The World, And They Don’t Want Competition”

Mac Slavo
June 16th, 2020
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In a recent video posted by Richie From Boston, he connects the dots the governments of the world don’t want you connecting. “Governments are the biggest criminals in the world,” says Richie. “And they don’t want competition.”

This video is likely to upset people still stuck in the left/right paradigm who believe that they have some sort of a voice during the (s)elections. This is meant to wake you up, and the angry responses in the comments of this video just go to show that people are still brainwashed by the mainstream media and falling for the political divide and conquer.

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“Remember one day when it was the election or the selection period in America? And Americans were presented with two choices because it’s a free country. Choice A was a murdering, psychopathic, scumbag, evil, man-hating, witch named Hillary Clinton..the other choice was a multi-billionaire, who was a billionaire twice in America, who is also an actor on a show called ‘The Apprentice.’ ‘You’re fired.’ Now, in the religion of freemasonry, when you’re trying to transform someone, something, a country, a continent, a world; that ritual is considered ‘The Apprentice’…Donald J. Trump, who is a Israel first, zionist, capitalistic, maybe father-in-law of the anti-Christ, who knows…they used him to get to the disgruntled white American.” –Richie From Boston

And Americans, like the predictable sheep they are, fell for it.

“Many of us said long ago, that because of what things like The Economist magazineand many other hints the elites throw out there in publications, that Donald Trump was going to be the last president selected in the corporation of the United States of America.” –Richie From Boston

I agree with this one.  Trump will be the last president. It’s up to us how to proceed.  We either realize we don’t need any other human beings to have any amount of power or control over us and become the free sovereign humans we were always meant to be, or we become slaves to the New World Order.  There is no gray area. History has shown there’s no gray area. Power corrupts. Period. Those are the only two options.

Love him or hate him, Richie From Boston does not mince words. He is trying to break through that cognitive dissonance most Americans have that will ensure we are all slaves to the New World Order.  The only hope we have is for more people to wake up and realize what’s been done to them, and how they can break free.  If no one takes the NWO’s one world currency, it will not exist for long. Wake up! Humanity depends on it.

Everything is one huge psychological operation. “They’re doing this to piss off the same people who thought Donald Trump was gonna fix, ‘Make America Great Again.’ They’re gonna keep pushing this til we have all-out civil war.” They are using your loyalty to politicians and the ruling class (government) against you.

The fact that people haven’t figured this out yet is just more evidence that the television programming and the school indoctrination to obey the government at all costs has really worked.  Humans are easily manipulated and controlled are hating those who are trying to awaken them before it’s too late.

“The elites can’t have you ignoring [the psyops]…if white Americans continue to see Black Lives Matter all over everywhere like they will, there will be another ‘event.’ Even if they have to manufacture one. They do it all the time! The government is the criminals!”

Not all of them are criminals, says Richie. But the vast majority, because over the decades, they have weeded out anyone who would stand up against the crimes they are committing against humanity.  The United States government is helping the elitist usher in the New World Order. “They did all this so the government can consolidate power and buy more of the Earth.”

“We’re all being played!”


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Author: Mac Slavo
Date: June 16th, 2020
Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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  1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

    Wake up and read the constitution! The Economist also said that Hillary Clinton would be president. I am highly suspicious of those calling for anarchy, because I suspect that they have a secret agenda to rule over others themselves, and are enlisting useful idiots to overthrow the government for them so that they can take command. They would be worse than what we have already, most likely. I know that it is hard to believe that it could get any worse than this, but, that is because you are Americans and many are naive and believe that you can just incite a revolution based on outright lies and magically transition to some other Utopian government, but revolutions are by and large long, bloody, violent, highly unpredictable, with a sucession of failures prior to any concensus, because it take generations for those that supported the incumbent regime to die off, but, even Marco Rubio still has not given up on overthrowing the Castro regime, and many in Taiwan and Hong Kong are still in disagreement with China.
    Andrea Iravani

    Andrea Iravani

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